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ueiauca wcatner reports wm be found on pige 17.
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saaww sav n w w w i i v i fWHHHWviiB avai
Atliu'Ks by Bulgnr.tu.s
Ti'hutaldja Kepulsed
With Losses.
Serbs Occupy Turks' Strong
hold in Macedonia
50.000 Prisoners.
Unconfirmed Report That
Montenegrins Have at
Last Taken Town.
Said to Hnvc Mado n Personal
Appeal to the
"rrtai Cobtf tletpntcK tn Tss Stn
IxiNnov, Nov. 10. To tho south and
centr of the Tehataldja linos the Bul
(car? again pressed their attack yester
day nml, according to tho Turks, were
acaln thrown back.
Monastlr. the Inst stronghold of the
Turks In Macedonia, surrendered to the
combined Servian and Greek armies af.
ter a Moody struggle.
The Sultan l. said personally to have
appealed to the Towers to step In and
Hid the war.
The battle for the Tehataldja lines
recommenced early yesterday In front of'
Turkish centre. Thero Muhmoud
Mukhtar Pasha, the Turkish com- nll)r, froml'th '"Jr
tnander. led out his troops In a spirited 1 than their elbows. Men of I'.ov. Wll-fr-intal
attack through heavy tire from son's political faith view with alarm the
it-." llulgar urtlllery und, according to I t-rnilntr months when the army of otllce
i'! man reports, broke up the lJul
Karlan formation. Hung the Invaders
oai!i In confusion nnd cjptured several
i ine soutnern end or tne lines Hot
men ucwiopeu anu nero too .Mississippi und Jack lleall of Texas f.i
lie Turks claim the victory. They say vor the method and have already an
tev took six batteries and four machine pounced that in making recomniendu
Kim. before nightfall. j tlons for the appointments of postmas.
i-.fy thouand men laid down their ters In their districts they will ask the
arm when Jlonastlr, the lam Turklsn , people li. every cojiimunltv concerned
ronghold In Mauedunl.i. Miriendered 10 .ndloate their choke In n primary. It
and the Crown Prime .,f Serv.a er'ered Is their purpose to limit such primaries
u' the head of nls troop. Zekkl I'asha. t. regulaily enrolled Democratic voters,
c immander of the Sixth Turkish army t It Is understood here that they will sug
carps, and DJavId Pasha, who led hH ! g's' to .Mr. Wilson that only primary
Seventh Corps to that Important city Indorsed candidates for post oftlce up.
af'er the defeat of the Turks at Ckub
together with the Fethl Pasha, who was
formerly Ottoman Minister ut Delgrmle
handed over their swords to the con
Hefore Fethl Pasha left Belgrade for
the front he aald Jocularly to Servlnn
acquaintances: "I will woon be Inviting
my Turkish friends to dine with you
Cholera still threatens the Rulgarians
at the Tehataldja lines nnd King Fer
rtlnand has asked the Berlin specialist.
Dr Itoth, to ko to tho Bulgarian head
qusrtera to superintend the tight
acmnst the disease.
, The landing of the pallors from the
foreign ships has done much to cstnh-
lirh iiulet in Constantinople, and the
foreign commanders feel that all neccs
Bdrj precaution for the prevention of
an jitireak In the capital have been
Among the sailors who landed were
inn from the United States gunboat
Morplon, on duty In the Bosporus ana
.1 -ne Hie Asiatic coast. British sailors
are helping to guard the American Em
Tiif I'oltiika of Belgrade reports that
tr.i' MjntenegrJn captured the city of
S .'an In AlbanLa, yesterday. The re
p ' cann.it he confirmed. Scutari
.Ic l.as been long besieged by the
u-'n'enegi.ns. has been reported enp-
tur. ' eral times and there la nothing
ii -n. st recent despatch to KU'e it
1 .. .
The r iKgii. for the town of Monastlr
as mojt bloody. One report has It
thai the Serbs alone lost 2,500 during
first day's battle,
f i.i hi Pasha, commander of tho
firm., t.-onpu concentrated In nnd
-f.oui Moniistlr, succeeded In throwing
I'ii'K ,. ..i.isj. n tf Greek troops idvanc
''E ugh tlv defile of Kirllder about
'n miles liom tho city on Sunday,
"n .mlay night, however, the Servians
i' i.n.icnng through mud up to their
rif-cx made a scries of spirited attacks
wf meir urtlllery covering the in
'in'rv from the heights of Oblakovo
ral Kchista, from which the Turka
t.1 i.een swept.
W i the capture of Monaatlr the
'fK t the Serbo-fJrcek army In the
- i rnctleally done. Marching south
"! ihur borders the Servians met
ntlnued success until they struck
an... rt t, the Greeks nt Prilepe,
1 uody batllo was fought. Into
inu r iiy ,imve the various acat-
ilons of tho Turkish army
"ffun. 'r..m I'skub, which fell to the
"mns and from the pressing Greeks
nwreh.ne north,
Thfe came DJavId Pasha, the com-
ramur t ,I10 seventh Turkish army
'Mps wot, his troops, who were
nir.r,..(i u- rskub, to Join with Fethl
"rid 'be commander of tho Sixth
clt?" M" "'"JluartiTH In th
The T
Wkeij .
thai 0,
'tran ,
'Sir .
ris lii Monastlr wern dlscour
helr defeats, disorganized and
s th capital of tho province
namn and Is an Important
e it has always been an
n for travellers, lying In, a
1 'he shadows of high moun
1 ' ful with its minarets and
t'nii(nHfc ,, Third Page.
linn. Inn Kr, After light With In.
fantry, t'ntnlry nnil Artillery.
pretal CihU vW(rA to Tn-. Slv
c kstck'howa, Russian Poland, Nov.
IS. The notorious bandit Koslowskt
held up n regiment of Infantry, two
squadrons of cnvulry und h battery of
nrtlllery and tcrroilzed hundreils of
monks here laxt night and to-day be
fore he was killed.
Last night a policeman attempted to
arrest Koslowskl In the street. The Int
ter shot the policeman and also n pass,
erhy who nttempted to assist the olllcer
and then tied tn the lelebrated Pnullst
monastery at Jasnngniu and hid with a
companion In the bastion. From this
place the men threw two bombs nnd
nreu voiieys at the approaching police,
who soon found the work too hot and
sent for troops. A regiment of infnn-
tr, two squadrons or cavalry and a bat'
tery of quick flrlnw guns soon stir
rounded the monastery nnd began an
assault, to which the bandits replied
Tho tight was kept up all last night.
Early this morning the soldiers mncln
breach In the bastion wall by means of
a bomb and went Inside. Koslowskl was
round uenii. Having been riddled with
ouueis, nut llie other bandit escaped
Meanwhile the monks and thousands
or pilgrims wero huddled panlekstrlcken
In the church, which they were not per
mitted to leave. It Is believed that tha
other bandit Is hiding somewhere about
mo vast monastery and searching par
ties arc looking for him.
Democrats Evolve Plan to A void
Venjreanee of Disap
pointed Ones.
Washington-, Nov. IS. Confronted
with the responsibility of assisting the
next President In disposing of thousands
.of Jobs throughout tho United States,
Democratic Senators and Representa
tives have hit upon a unlquu plan to
solve their problems.
It has been sixteen years since the
Democrats have had a share In Keder.il
Patronage nnd thousands of the faithful
' believe that the time soon will be at
' lltiml 'htr. Mint, ti'lll f.-....A.n Ul....
'SHK.ru rdflPTHM Wll uh nnlnn ,i .1 u....m .
them have decided, as far as possible, to
dispose of the Jobs allotted to them
the medium of the primary
Representatives Hen Humphreys of
polntments be recognized.
"1 do not believe It Is practical to ap
ply the primary In the making of ap
pointments," f.ild IlepresentutUe Henry
of Te.nr to-day. "So far as I urn ton-
cerned I shall make recommendations
on my o .11 honk. If I cannot Und
enough friends In my district to fill such
offices as may be allotted to me It Is high
time I quit."
Keprcsentatlves Humphreys and Henll
or. nevertheless going ahead with their
plan. They have seen ..cores of Hepub
llcans fall victims to the wrath of dis
appointed oftlce seekers nnd they want
to avoid such difficulties If possible.
They are firmly convinced that unsuc
cessful candidates cannot hold them re
sponsible for defeat.
Prospective Father Was Told None
Would Be Tolerated In llnlrl.
When cilnton S. Dow was living nt
the Falrmount Apartment Hotel In
Jersey City he told tho manager, Car
rlngton Shaler, thnt he wanted larger
apartments becauso a baby was on Its
He was told, it Is alleged, that dogs
might bo tolerated in the apartments,
but babies never. At which Dow moved.
He Is now being sued for (300, the bal
ance on his lease. The case will be
heard Friday morning.
in the meantlmo the baby, Edwins
Dow, has arrived and the family Is liv
ing at 23 Duncan avenue. Tho baby's
mother Is a daughter of I. S. Long,
head of the firm of S. R. Long ft Co..
egg dealers In New York. Mr. Dow la a
stock broker.
Wife Sara Mini Cat Her Face and
Then III Own Throat.
Alfonso .lerolomo, 68 years old, and
his wife, Cecilia, 63, wero taken to the
Kew York Hospital from their homo at
337 West Twenty-sixth street, early to
day, tooth dying.
Jerolomo's throat was cut and his
wife's face and neck were slashed.
He Is n retired fruit dealer and had
a competence. Neighbors heard him and
his wlfo quarrelling all evening. His
wife said that after slashing her he had
cut his' own throat. Tho knlfn was
found near him.
Blow on Head Said to Have Deprive)
Man of Speech,
Baltimore, Nov. 18. Edward J. Hoi-
land, 22 years old, was run down by an
automobile while nt. Newark, Del., yes
terday, and as a result of the accident
Is deprived of the power nf speech, He
Is now ln bed at his homo here suffer
ing from Injuries unout tho head and
How the accident occurred the mem
bers of his family have been unable to
learn. Tho young man was ln search
of work, nnd after trying New York
stopped off at Newark on his way back.
His physician attributes the loss nf
speech to the blow on the head.
AT IBn viaitinM nu nmaii.nr
YORK, TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 19, 1912. Copyright,
rests for
Federal Ar
81,500,000 Swindle.
International Stock Guaran
tee Just a Bluff for
Fee, Is Charge.
Accused of Acting as Now York
Representative in Victim
izinar Promoters.
Simultaneous arrests In ten cltle-s.
Including New York, yesterday smashed
mi alleged International stock fraud
scheme to victimize corporations which
were about to put stock on the market.
After months of Investigation by Fed
eral agents In Kant, West and South,
In Canada nnd In Kngland, Information
was tiled before, t'nltcd States Com
missioners nnd In several cases Indict
ments obtained from (.rand .Juries, nam
ing officers or brokers' agents of the
American Redemption Company of
Rochester. N. Y and the Chicago De
benture Company tf Chicago. I'se of
the malls to defraud between 1500,000
und $1,500,000 Is said to have been ob
tained was charged.
Then, when everything was In icadl-1
tiers, nn exact hour was agreed upon
for the raids In the ton cities. Yen
terday to the very minute Federal offl-
cers raided the various offices and theleen from dealing In dla.-.onds. and ln
arrests were made before warning slg-
nnls could be Maslieil from one clt tn
In New York. Rochester. Chicago.
Cleveland, lluffulo, Philadelphia. Boston
Newark. Dallas and Dubuque, la., tin
alleged offenders were taken by surprise
and within a few hour. they had been
taken before a United States CommN
sinner for preliminary hearing or were
on their way to face Indictments In
Cincinnati and Ituffuln.
The ring, with Its international con
nections In Canada and Kngluud, Is said
to have had an easy time defrauding
promoters and buddlug companies
through fees received on promise of
guaranteeing securltlo nnd securing
their sale through stock and insurance
companies controlled by themrches.
The post office people sav fees ul
were secured for "Investlga'tlng" prop-
erty and that some excuse nlwuvs was
found by the men under arrest for fall
ing to render the promised service.
The scheme, which was launched In
Cincinnati, Is said to hme proved no
successful In netting thousands of dol
lars from Its dupes thut It soon led to
the organization of the American Re
demption Company nnd the Chicago De
benture Company as "clearing houses."
The men who wero arrested in the
ten different cltle yesterday merely
acted as the agents or "cappers" of these
two central concerns, say the post office
Postal Inspector Entemann, who
caused the nrrcst of A. Price Crane of
Hunter & Crane. S00 Broad street, New-J
urk, n one of the brokers alleged to
have been Involved, gave an Interesting
description of the International Syndi
cate's methods last evening.
He explained that the brokers adver
tised, saying they were ready to dispose
of the stock of any mining company on
a 2 per cent, basis. In answer to these
advertisements tho brokers received
many "lends." They then would offer. It
Is nild. to handle the stock, bonds or
certificates of the applicant company
"after they were guaranteed."
Several days later, the Inspector
stated, the firm wishing to dispose of
Its s ock would receive a letter from
the redemption company announcing It
was willing to guarantee the stock.
It Is alleged that the firm, after pay
ing a certain amount for that purpose,
was informed that the money wns only
a retaining fee. This Is the Interesting
pol... In the negotiations at which the
International Syndicate entered.. Moro
money was demanded for the payment
of n representative of tho Interna
tional company to Inspect tho applicant
company, after which the redemption
company would consider guaranteeing '
tho stock Issue, After more money was
duly paid nn engineer would Inspect the '.
proi rty, It Is said. In almost all cases.
It Is alleged, an adverse report would be '
mude by tho engineer and "tho nppll
;atlon would ho dropped.
The post ofllcn Inspectors cite nn
Interesting specific case, In which they
allege Crano was involved. It was that
of the Pittsburg Superior Mines Com
pany of Pittsburg which Is said to havo
heen duned out of IS.f.OO. '
Transactions Crane hnd with the I
PlttshuriF eomnanv nre said tn hiv. A I
up to his arrest. The company entered I
Into negotiations with Crane for the sale'
of $500,000 worth of stocks. He Is said i
to havo notified It that tho stocks '
would have to be guaranteed, and a few
days later the Redemption compuny In
a letter to the Pittsburg concern Is al
leged to have expressed willingness to
guarantee the Issue for $1,000 for each
$100,000 worth of stock,
The mines company communicated
with Hunter & Crane about the Re
demption company, nnd ln the reply tho
former concern received It was stated
that the Rochester firm was bona fide,
Negotiations wero then opened for the
first Issue of slock und, It Is suld, $1,000
was paid for the guaranty. No uctlon
wns taken to dispose nf the stock, and
It is charged thnt when the mines com
pany made complaint about 'the delay It
was put off with various excuses.
The postnl inspectors said that after
ninety days tho mines company was
! notified that the $1,0C0 was only a re.
tn.ner. When the broker was appealed
Continued on Fourth Page,
Tennialrr DUeiit era l,r,(IO Hoot,
siiilrn IN 1 rnrt .ko,
lUn lUunoit, Nov. IS. Silverware
worth $l,."0i) stolen from the summer
home of Oeorge V. Vunderbllt In
August, 1894, was found to-day cached
bag. Altogether thero was a gunny
sack full, consisting of several dozen
knives, forks nnd spoons, silver tea
and coffee pots, trays and ladles. Knelt
piece Is mar'hcd with the Winder bill
Initials O. W. V. Tho silver was
blaekened, but In a state of good pres.
...... . ""-"" 11 Ml'IKe VIien roKer.S Uaise llie Sheriffs Jury occasioned by tho death
Kd.n street, opposite the Willows, a, , nf fntnp. .... fol,0,vln M.fr
I .1 ,. .1.,. !.,... ... . ,. ... .
Mi . 1 v,1 , 'w,u T c,on!,,1,t,l"' , '' r manage on ran- , le Sllerlrr ycBtpnlay ,n rpply:
SImo. lolette. a teamster, dNcve.ed f . Prodnctfi " ' Pleasure that I l ave re-
lVu?! fo.njajhi.ts. .Ztr
Kdward Kirk, who was caretaker oflKrio Ituilroml vesterd.iv thero were l.V)
the anderbl t estate when the rob-1 , , .
hery took place, says that It occurred I CBr" f ral,for,,ift frl,lt wor,h -im-when
the family was occupying n,P I but not a box of it was sold. Tho Fruit
hom-o. The thlevrs entered the chain-1 Uuyers Association, repres"ntln? about
her In which Mr Vatulerbllfs mother hyi whoiesalo fruit (ImIt. h.vl Ron on
sum of money nnd valuable lewelrv.
Then they descended to the ground floor
nnd carried off the sliver
nr III II IlinilW lirinmnn cnlirornla fruit will leave th dock and
111- IN AIIMIIWV ULhU WP?'.... i ....mi....
Ul 111 riLIHIUm HLHmilUO,
Aiijriistiis H. Hall. Who Was
Hririier for Stone. Conceals
Name of Purchaser.
A diamond weighing 113 carats im
ported here from Amsterdam by an
American syndicate and sold recently
for J123.000 to n man who refuses to
have It known that he owns the dla-
mond figures In testimony filed In the
supreme Court yesterday by Alfred
Sleekier, Jr. as referee to determine
the amount of alhnony Mrs. Kmma I.,
Hall Is vntltled to receive pending a suit
for separation from Augustus H. Hall,
formerly a member of the drug firm of
nan & uucitei.
The referee found that part of Mr.
1 "all's Income In the past rev years has
three years he bought $170,000 from one
"Tin. ir tills amount $11:'. ,".00 was
Icharged against his account for the Hr.i,., .. ,i., u,,i. i,t. .,.
I r;""at stone. Mr. Hall said that he yold
the diamond fur ll!s nnn hut ih .t l...
"made only $1,000 profit hlm-elf." 1
"I took the dlumond from the syndi
cate In my own name Iw.-cause the nun
who bought It didn't want to appear In
the transaction." said Mr. flail. "We sold
thu diamond for much less than we sini
posed we would because 1 had originally
tied up 1100,000 In the purchase of the
stone and got the $100,000 by hypothe
cating stocks.
im, nu-resv was rnpiu.j eaung up
the probable profits, and although the
'The Interest was ropldly eating up
diamond market wns Imd at the time
we let It go when we got the offer of
,-:--)0- . .
When asked why be wouldn t give
j tm" nm1' "f i-ur.haser. Mr. Hall,
1 "It was a most unusual transaction, ;
and If It wns generally known thnt the'
diamond was In the po-srsslon of the ;
lna"elTln U" ' nCUUy
T"J! J,.,' .i ,1,,., ... ,
$.3.h00 111 real estate. $231000 in cash'.
securities allied at $30.7.16 and that he
innkes on average of $4,400 a yeur ,m
stock market operations. The referee
reported that while Mrs Hall has re.
celved $ IS. 700 in Jewels from her hus
band In the past few years and owns
' property nt Asbury Park worth $6,000
' nhe bus pawned some of her Jewel?.
She lives In a hou-e owned by Mr. Hall
(at 316 Vst Ninety. eighth street.
The referee recommended Hint Mr.
.Hall pay $175 n month alimony and
$S,"i0 counsel fee.
'I'i)f Kmployrr of lloail to Our
Sl.l. II . I rt a- III..
n .......
Bniu-.KPonT. Conn.. Nov. IS.- While
. ..... .. . .. .
coming inio 1111s city irom .ew 1 orK
.. . .. ... .
i New York
which Pres.
struck John
inis aiurnonn tne train on
Ident Tnft was n passenger
McCarthy, a railroad section hand, nnd
threw him to ono Hide, breaking two
ribs and fracturing his leg.
The trnln was halted for ten minutes
nn the bridge over the Pequonnock
River while tho injured man wns
picked up.
Witness Snjm l,O00 Was Sapposril
to fio to Bench for l.lcrnae.
HijjbMSHi-iio, Pa., Nov. IS. A year
nnd n half after proceedings first wero I
insiitiiieu tno uecic was cleared to-day
fr the hearing into churges of grafting
In license rases preferred by District
Attorney Small.
Before the testimony for tho day was
concluded the names of Associate Judgo
Krickbaum and ex-Associate Judges
eager and Fox were connected by
witnesses with the receipt of graft
money, although thtls far no testimony
has been produced to prove the money
actually got into their hands.
A. B. Shobert of Nescopeck. a former
Columbia county license holder, testl-
lnal ,n lJU ne "lla oul lor -wcnaei
Me llett, president of the Columbia
Brewing Company of Shenandoah, then
mo,K,nf, an enofl i?.Kel a fotnoiu in
(-olumh,1? col'"l: $1'100: half of whlch
wa" pn d t0 u "llam, De ,,er";k. "f
to, be turned over to Associate Judge
Krickbaum, with the other half, as he
understood It, going to the then Asso
ciate Judge Fox,
Jnrr Takes not Fifteen Mlnotra to
Deelde oil Ilia Damaa-en,
A Jury before Supremo Court Justice
Marean In Brooklyn after fifteen min
utes deliberation yesterday awarded
Max Ginsberg, a carpenter, of 25 Mes
ernle street, a verdict of $15,000 in his
suit against Parslialsey Bros., Inc., for
personal Injuries.
In June, 1911, Ginsberg was run down
by a new automobllo Just purchased by
the defendant, and sustained a fracture
of the skull and Internal Injuries.
Number 6 MAdel BMCKKNilDRnPRR Type
writer (Aluminum, (We pounds) for Ihome and
travel. I'hone, saw UtreUy. Office, Jtt Broad
way, Mt,
1912, bv the Sun Printing and Publishing
, -,. , . ,
NO l-rcsll Sfllff i rolll Ooldeil
(inlc State Can lie llonlit
at Markets.
i On the piers and In the vanU of ilu
reuchod hotels and hous"holdrs yesler-
dnr nnmn from !.nl wilr'rt Honnli
. ,. '..,, ,
,.. .r.- (i ...
I the snipper or tlie rruit in l antormn come
!to terms the buyer sav that not a bit of
mm" ""m ,"tU",, "
i ln Mriko ih tlin re-M.t or tti-atWTn'?-
jtlon with the methods of tho receivers,
who nre really tho brokers for tho Call
1 fornln slittinerA
For five days a neek. beijiiiniiii; Mon
day, the California fruit is nuotion.l at
tho Erl Railroad piers at tlm foot of
Chambers street lluvers have had to
i pay 4 cenls a cafe to have tlw fruit carted
' to their places of business. The receivers
or brokers have enijiloyeH the boss truck-
men and while th" buyers psltl the freight
the buyers complain" 1 thit th" receiver.-
cot a rebate fpvn the truckmen of a cent
n box This would mean l on a cirloud.
which is alnvit WO boxes.
The complaints of the buyers became
'. ) insistent that the Cnlifomia Fruit
ifirnv... Kxelmna,. nhleh rni.reois
nhm.t Ail tint ,'jnt tt tlin fruit nhiiilt,wl
in il,u ,-iiv imm Califnrnln n.rUn,i ih.it
r.nl.- i... ,,i,i i, nilnr.,i i
tlio'lmvera for curtuKo 'llie buyers felt
i..,....i .i .i...
...il 1....1:. 1.
A week alto yesterday the receivers
i , . . ""'MM oi iH'iiifi ii uiriiiui'i ui man n
.jumped the eartago prico to .1 cents. ' Ttockefeller. brother of John D. Bocko
I l'ho fruit buyers held u Meeting. A feller. Is too 111 to appear as a witness
' committee of eight, with Joteph H. Stein before the money trust committee Is
hardt of Steinhardl A Kelly, lnl Park Indicated In Information received by
'place, as chairman, was appointed to ' officials of the committee.
confer with the receivers, the California,
Fruit Growers Ktchange. tho boss truck
men and the Truck Drivers Union.
The ehmrnltte reimrteil that It tlbl not
fimi tlm r.oivnru r--.nnn.ivo with th
1 exception of otm or two. 1 he committee.
1 made n report to the rruit Buyer Asr-o- ,
eiatlon in which graft and Illegal methods
( were mentlomwj m connection with the,
, cnrtiign iiueHlon There was n hint I
that the Interstate Commerce Commis -
1 sioti hmt Ihniii r.xiii.stei to lonW Into tli
cpiestion of rebates,
When the committee's report had been
r,.Jlti it Wilrt .lecidotl that tlH fruit lmvor
W0"ld Btrik- " H"Rh Connoll-v' uc-
tioneer at the Erin fruit piers, had any
I I0,ion of wha,t waR coming he did not
' H.how u '".",rda- morning when he faced
' n Jou iruit nuyerit. auoui 00 per cont. !
' of th California fruit that comes to tills I
, market is sold on the East Side.
"Am 1 offered $.1.50 for a box of
'oranges?" asked Auctioneer Connolly.
(No answer )
, "Am I offered $3?" (No answer)
"Am I offered '.'?" (N'o answer )
"Am I offered $1?" (No unswer.)
"Am I offered cents?" (No answer.)
"Will you take. It for nothing?'" de
manded Auctioneer Connolly.
"No!" was the answering chorus.
Then tho buyers loft tho Dier and held
a meeting nt which it was decided that
they would oontliiuo the strlko until the
,i,tn, inn. 10 .1 wiiw M nil. Ull nil inill.
. If the receivers do not come to terms it
eartago rate is .1 cent a box on all fruit,
If the receivers do not come to terms it
1 ...III l. .. t .1.... 1
'"''" ""v -- ajn, nm i.ujnn bu,
I I. .1... l?-J lll 1 ...ill 1
I ew uays, mo ouyers suy,
I'efore the Mo Itailroad will havo many
cars of decaying f ruit
Plillnilrlphln Poller Itetnrn Prniii
I'limnll nml riiul let I in (iiinr.
PllHAMxriiu. Nov. 18. The local no.
murderer, they have witnesses who say
llfl, Ilill'M fl IIP unt.n U'nn ui,.a Iia I. n
they saw murder done and still they
cun't find nny murdered man.
This morning Frank Doran of 29.17 KiPloyec around nt tno tune, remembered nnd und skip out
.street ran out of a Franklin street house ,,int l,ls employer's two children, Sidney This woman was nrrested by Detec
closely pursued by a man brandishing ! llni' Hurry. 7 and 4 years old, were alone tles Donnelly and Qulnn and was In
an nxe. As the pursuer was about to I ' ,he printer's apurtments on the upper dieted yesterday. She was positively
strike Doran pulled u revolver from his ,loor- Identified by Dr. Augustus Iloscnbloom
pocket and fired three times. The man Hplch slarted to get them and while I of li West Ninety-second street ns
with tho axe dropped In Ills tracks, i
The police nnd crowd pursued Doran.
Thev cantured him and then tin. nn. '
Hco went back to get tho body. It was I
not there.
"Sure. 1 killed him." Doran declares
"Didn't I see him fall? No. I won't tell
you who he Is. We fought over a
woman. Vjn no squealer."
Cornell Says lie Will Hare r.lu
the 1,117.1, OOO by December at,
"When November 21 comes," said
Edward Cornell, the lawyor who snapped
up the Fifty-ninth street nurfuce lino
when the New York Hallways Com
pany had stretched out its arm to get
it, "tho sale will be conflnribd, And
lieforo ten days nro gone 10 nor cent,
of the price I bid will have been paid.
By Decemlxir Si 1 will pay $1,873,000 nnd
Hio road will lie, mine,"
Mr. Cornell was in his office yesterday,
Blill smiling about the way ho got hold
of tho road. He thinks it was u good
purchaso and ho is going to stand by
Ills bid. He thinks a good profit can be
mude out of il.
"I have received a draft of the transfer
agreement, into which thu road has
entered with the Third Avenue, the New
York Railways Company and the Second
Mr. Cornell's idea Is that n transfer
agreement is a apod thing and will be
a means or increasing rovenue.
KrTPtek Tsrlc KniliiHi, set tn atvllsh
mountfon. at Uprncer's. 7 Mslden lant.Attt,
t liprerlatm Honor of Ileitis
Third Panel aa rather DM
Vincent Astor, who was notified on
his1 twenty-first birthday that he had
been named by Sheriff llnrburger to Mil'
the vacancy on the third panel of the I
ll0ll-v Pi'' I am glad of the opportunity,
of niltnc the nlncn which he held "
.lira. .Inlin .1. f. Vmllli nf I' . n I n
.stricken at Olebrallnn Sapper,
PA8SMO, Nov. IS. Surrounded by her!
nine children anil husband, John .1. C.
Smith, n manufacturer of castings, with
whom she was celebrating her fiftieth
wedding anniversary, Mrs. Caroline S.
Smith dropped dead from upoplcxy In I
ber home, IIS Paullson avenue, last i
' Hlght.
i Mrs. Smith had been nn Invalid for
.nine years, but was uble to bo about
I dpypitp her Illness and enjoyed the com-1
lng of her children. Shortly after supper j
i !""' expressed ner pleasure nt seeing tin
her children gathered about her for the :
first time In several years. Then shelSOfOHT FOR THKi'TS UK KB
( "ii itHcn huu uiri ncinrc a pn Titian j
llrlir lira." Aillo Itlm
Workman's lleail.
Wiiitk Plains. Nov. 18, The explosion
,,r im Inner tube of the ItartKdale flr
tympany's nuto-chemlcnl engine to-day
'fractured one man's skull nnd severely
Injured another.
Walter Townsend and Harold Drury
had repaired tb
tire und after repine -
j lug It had blown up the tube. They were
putting on the rim when the tube blew
; out.
' heavy rim was driven with great
1 force ngalns! Drury's head. Townsend
was cut on the head and leg.
I'njo Coinmlllre .Mas- enll llrputle
I 1... t 1.-.
WASHlN-nTO.v. Nov. IS. That William
Mr. Kockefeller was asked some weeks
ago If he would accept the services
of the committee. He replied In the
affirmative. Later Mr. Rockefeller's
' physlclun and his legnl counsel advised
Chnliman Pujo that Mr. Rockefeller
i,..i.,i 1.. .1. . m . .!..
,..... A sub-eommlttee mm- he sent
XoL "o XuX TrZ J
it Is the present Intention to hold all
c, i,,h. i w.-w...... St.
j j.j0 n, to.day that It wn his 'desire
to hasten the hearings so that the com
mittee could get down to work by De
cember 20 on the report that Is to be
made to the House. He plans to sub
mit the commlttpu report to the Horlse
not later than January 20.
Pnllee nn Cnnril In Upper anil l.nsrrr
A policeman was placed Inst night In
front of every poker club and suspected
gambling house In the upper and lower
Tenderloin as u lesull of rumors that
Hrldgie Webber wns opening a new 1
house nnd that others of the region t
had certain plans. 1
Inspector Dwyer told the guards not'
to let anybody Into the places they were.
. watching. Therefore most f ih, eluh
I shut up for the night anyway.
1 A policeman went to the tenth floor
i or the Hotel Ciernrd and made tho (Iros. '
' venor Club shut Its doors. When be !
ii'. nil- ii'iifi vji-mm nun niuiir i (it. 11.
! venor Club shut Its doors. When be
i ,.nt tl.vr. h .lllmn.1 K.
n..(.. v..... ............ n
1 ,v..M I.IL'Inw tn.Pr r,l nllnr. ....1.1
, - me nujipuseii mi., mi nuiei s
I were talking tnrllT and eating cold tur-
Key from a sideboard.
""' 'oer Them With t'ttat nml
I l.eaila Them Thronith Fire.
I After a fire had started from an nn-1
known cause yesterday In the printing
i Hhl' o( Murray Relchhardt at 737 Park
avenue, wiiuamsourg-, aosepu uoien. luwi
years old, a press feeder, tho only em-!
" W',N "'a"ing mem lown tne stairs tlie
"nies reached the hall. The boy cov-
ered the children with his coat nnd car
rled them through the fire and smoke
to tho sidewalk. He was severely burned
about tho face, head nnd hands,
The "re did $1,000 damage,
Abdul Haha Writes One In Alkam
nt Financier's Home.
Abdul Bahn, the Persian teacher,
called on J. P. Morgan yesterday and
spent two hours In Mr. Morgan's li
brary. 33 East Thirty-sixth street, In
specting old books and other treasures.
He was Introduced by H. H. Topakyan,
Persian Consul-General.
Mr. Morgan asked Abdul Baha to
write Jils autograph In the Morgan al.
bum. The old man not only signed his
name but wroto In Persian this bless
Ing, translated into English by Dr.
Ameen Fareed:
O Thou generous Lord, verily this
famous personage has done considerable
philanthropy; render him great and dear
In Thy kingdom, make him haDDV and
joyous In both worlds and confirm him ln
serving the oneness, the world of humanity,
and submerge him in tha sea of Thy favora.
The translation Was placed In the al
bum by Dr. Fareed below the autograph
of Abdul Baha.
The I-ona Ulna Tl Cklaeaa Carta O.
are now exlilbltlnc the nml Ortesui art lewelrn.
sntloue run at iLi
tit thowroeau. 2M riiu Ave.
Robbery Suspect Uses Gun
When Sleuths Reach
Bronx Hotel.
'Hotel Proprietor and Two
Detectives Are Likely
to Die.
Vogcl Fires at Young Woman
as She Leaves by
Surety Company Started After
Him After Woman Prison
er's Confession..
Two persons are dead nnd Ave men.
Including two private detectives and a
city detective, arc shot so badly that
three will probably die a.s a result of .1
raid made by tho detectives last night
1 ln -"mere wine anu Liquor House,
u ucenseu noiei at !M courtlundt ave
nue, nt the corner of 161st street, Tho
The man who did the shooting, the
one whom the police were after, killed
his girl companion and committed sui
cide. The dead:
LOTTIE, known only by that name;
shot In the temple and left breast.
VOOEL, I1LWHY, 48 years; shot him
self In the temple and right breast after
shooting all the others.
The wounded, all of whom are ln
Lebanon Hospital and all of whom will
die. according to the surgeons:
ALLEN, JOHN, SI years old, known us
Spider Allen : former detective, now em
ployed by the Natlonul Surety Company ;
shot in the right side of the head, su's
talnlng a fractured skull from the forco
of the bullet.
lU'TLEIt, WILLIAM, a waiter em
ployed at the hotel; lives at 1040 Simp-
on street, The Bronx.
shot in thu abdu-
FAY. MARTIN. 1414 Bryant avenue n
detective stationed nt the West 100th
.street station; shot In the abdomen.
I LOL'IC.I, OEItARD, 7303 Crotoua ave.
nue . a private detertlve employed by tlis
I Nut tonal Surety Joinpariy ; shot -evcuil
I times In lli lower pait of the body and
I the legs.
I MONUPCIIKIN. I.OCIS. 38 ear old,
j 1541 Hoe avenue, propilttor of the hotel ;
snoi in ine iiiKlomeii.
The shooting occurred ns the result
of an effort thnt city and National
Surety Company detectives have he"' -making
to discover the buri.-l.iru
I have mado several downtown ha3
.men unu .tioncicncin were-placed itfi
I the operating table at 2 o'clock thl.s
J morning, but despite nil the surgeons
can do their death Is -xpected before
; Allen was shot three times In tlm
abdomen and has a fractured skull from
Vogel's blackjack.
I Mindschelii Is shot twice In the abdo-
men. Fay Is also In n dying condition.
! 1 lw" "lns- '-'I and Butler, may
erinnt tiniiie.
MM,,, iwtltro nlpl n1 ,,t, V....I ,.,.
., ' ', V, ' " f.i "CJ; 01 . " '. ."e?'
" " " "' l" V
. i,n..., 1.
. ( , . ., ... .
tntt Ml,,V.".0Vt. ,en thev ar
I , V(" u,,i;,r" This H.
who lias been In the country two ymrj,
managed in that tlmu to get the repu
tation of being alio of the sharpen
crooks In the country at .the dishonest
servant girl game.
Iler method was simply in apply for ,i
as It conk, tlri wnrl; vvhb h
' would lead u family to believe that
'they had at last obtained a real Jewel of
servnni. wnon suspicion was lulled
Sophie would tnko anything she couh
the servant who stolo $1,000 In Jewelrv
nnil $100 from him; by Mrs. Stella
Emanuel, 516 West 113th street, as the
servant who robbed her of $1,354 In
Jewelry; by Mrs. Richard 8. Stelnhart,
310 West Eightieth street, as tho girl
who robbed her of $400 In Jewelry, and
by Mrs. Solomon H. Qanz, 251 West
Eighty-ninth street, aa the maid who
stole $760 worth of Jewelry from her
These four made positive Identifica
tions of her, and the police say that tho
woman Is also wanted In Oloversvllle,
Buffalo and Schenectady for working
the same game.
Aftetr the detectives arrested her they
examined the content of her flat and
found two trunks full of loot. The police,
had Information which led them to be
lieve that Sophie had beefi giving the
proceeds of her robberies to nome man.
and It waa decided to leave the trunks
In the house and wait for the man to
appear and claim them.
The Plaat Bears Prw.lt.
Detectlvoa Fay, Donnelly and Qulnn
have been Tlan ted near the house ln
which Sophia's flat was ever since then.
Allen and Lulgi, working for the Na
tional Surety Company, which lost
money In Insuring some of the persona
who were robbed by the servant.
Joined them, and yesterday afternoon
Vogel appeared at the fiat.
He was In a taxlcab. With the taxi-
cab driver he carried the trunks down
solra and drove away with them. Fay,
Allen and Lulgl followed ln another
taxlcab. . , ,
Vogel drove over to The Bronx and

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