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Criilkshniik, nml
Tnko Hold of IM'opcrty in
nn Inactive Section.
(Mves Old Opera House in Trade
in Larsre Peal A. K. E. (.'o.
Takes Hiir l.ciisc.
An important hulldlnj; operation la
firojhaiiownl In thr sale of u group of
....... ..1.1 -I.... .Ill !.- ....-it. ..i.i. ...
Koiir.centl, Vr. mljolnl,,,- the north- J
.i!it corner hi c it i .ivciun. A t.ill loft .
luiilrtlliR. It Is uinlcrettuKl, will replace tho I
ilnelllni:i within 11 short time. The j
striii'ture will he errpted by .Inmcx II. j
(Tulk.1l1.111k unit Vx l. Kllp,itrlck, build-'
efs. who li'ivi' done much ti iimlv' !
fJTecnwIeh tllliisc anil the Weal Sid
JUSt almve (.'a'lill street one of
moot acllxe .-"vtinn.s In (lie ciirtcnt 1
rraltx mmkei. I
The plot l tak. ti I11 the mime ol Mr. i
lx'lMtrtoli. It Is l.:i,,,.i n l'.Vi ,
end "' W'ctt r.itirti'i iith stieet .mil l
purch.iM'il 'rum Sar.ili S. I'.illler. Sim I
'iay mvneil tlii pin: .'nv M.irc.i, 1'0V '
It rnmrrl.se three fun- nor ilwelllnc?, '
each, nn lnt IN jtn.".n, ui.iklnu In .ill .1 '
p'nl nf feet front.ise. 1 1 niljolnij
Jk tiar.-cl nt '.M v.'liteh Is ilseil :m .1 .
ehpel b the I'luireh .if tin- l..ulv of .
ti11.11ldl.1upe. riil-nmniiMi'itiMiientilcm,
fo- the hun-inenii-ii '11 fi r 1IP0'.
ro. tnr .nip.menini ,n t.1.1. ili.e. -(
t fitiik-'i.uika I k:i put rid, improve ,
Iheh pui-eliiim the lufereiHT. are t.i.it
It WOn"t be lllllr ii f.Ce ,nllli!l!ir i'lel.1-
lions will he nailer w,w on iliis i,.v.
The .iperatinti will he ill. ll. t lh.it h.is
hfen plantKil for ih.it u.irl of I'nur.
teenth rtreei, whlin up tn li.ilf a iii?e:i
rars ,iro .-Imweii pr.'inNe of helne one
of the leaillnK 'ni-lness ireet of tlm
,nn-er West Side Ile.trlctlolis In the
ie of proper! hail x.itnr I hliii; tn iln
x-'.; i I e llpin ir.iulnc Slnee Mien the..
retr!i tinlis liHve bee'i .ihinu.iteil. The
Impr.v nirnt of Hie sniirlie.ii corner of
f" Tlt'i avenue nn I J'o'inrelllli "feet
vh lo't bulldlns in. ilou''t h.i
sfnio'il fie street from I', lei h.ir.; v. 1
M .-. '"Mt.ni! mi. hnwe.r, l the con
np'.T. I impnuemeni hy i Yulkshanl.
-nd Klip itvii I., as these mui lire looke-l
upon '. We-i Side real'- men as irrcat
hoosti-t-. an I li' iuiise of their many
-u.cessf ii .iper.itlons will attract other
"l.rs, h i,. thi.tip'it. tn l"ourteen!h
u rrr.nT Tilt; ri i ft:.
l.n.e . P.iippej-t h the Wii.ver of tlm
Madlon Square llulhhns nt 1" to f
Eat Tw.n'-s-th street and 10 to It
Kr T.Vl nt -seventh -ireel. the sale of
which hy Henry Corn'n Kroywen Realty
ompan through tlm i diaries r. Xoves
'-mpany for upward f $2.00-).ooo was
rif.orted in Tits Si n iim Sunda-,. As re.
ported then ,.. hi, a trade end.
Mr- l!t srt --.no I,, part payment the
old Central i iper.i House propTt. a
seen story bulldlni: on the north side
of Slt -f.e cntli Stre.-I, H10 feet east
of Third avenue, coverlrc a ji'.nl 21',".
100. This hullillnc tUured in the irade
st $650,000. the difference In the eonltles
v,.. ,,,,.. ,lr, , ....... ,. , ' . . i
"tat the Noyea companv has a deal
pending for the leaslns of tit" open
house property for amusement pur
poses. This properly was .icquncd li Mr.
Ruppert In 1SD3 for i7a2.'jrl In a fore
closure procecdlni;. Is Is said t. lune
cost $1,000,000 tn pr.jdun. Til-re nr
lodpe and banquet rooms. tv.- and'
torlumn seating 3.G00 nnd a iMnl as
sembly, which can be itseii in .nrnee-
tlon with the auditorium!. !n-. .if the
property Is now used Iv. a motion p!" - bulldlri; nrd esee of the land. The cost
ture enterprise. lr estimated at $100,000.
The American Ileal ISstnte Companv ,, MorBHtl & ,-. nav ,,,, ddl-
has leased the new sd story store and t0lm quarters In the Mills Hulldlns at
office btilldlnR now belnK crecteil at the jj Hrosd street, pendlnc the erection of
northwest corner of 1'orty-secotirl street their nw bulldlnc on their present site
nd Vandcrhllt Hpnuc. running through adjoining at the southeast corner of
to Forty-third strict, from the fnlted Wrf" fl-oad street- The firm, which
rigar Stores Company, and haa assumed "P'1 orn.lr,'u, h v'.f "'1 soon,, ,,n!3
tt, .i, , ., .. third floors n this Ml ding, has arranged
he agreement covering the cost of con- , t;lk(. xhu bdK, f wrmA noor
struction of the building which tlm C,-r for tn0 velirs froln Mav , n,x, Tno
Stores company entered Into with tm. Morgan firm has oe-upled lis pi'sent
New York Central Itallriind Company. borne for the past fort: years.
The new building Ik being constructed
hy Wells Hro. anil Is to be reiuly for imr.M.INtiS HKNTKt).
occupancy not later than .lunr 1. lit 13. (Jondwln A Goodwin have rented for
While It is belnft creeled us a f.lx story Mrs. Margaret K. Mahoney th dwelling
building, the Hteel frame Is ileslgned to!"' ,23 w,9t 1 2JthstreeMo tioon S. Kee.
carry fourteen additional strries, mi that rmiunni
In time a twenty story structure In likely I " L i.kasks.
to stan.l on this idte. it M of atttactlve George R ftend 4 Co have pleased the
i. i i . . , . .i u entire six story building at 138 ana 140
design and the best of construction. The , WattlI ,tr(,rt to ,hP ...wenthal Company
exterior will be of Bedford limestone. for a )onB t(,rm f j-rarJ,
Tf.e area of the building la (IS feet on Mula Hchrag has' leased the store and
forty-second street, 200 feet on Vander- base meat In 230 to 234 West Seventeenth
bib avenue and 31 feet nn Kartv-th'rd street to tho Kreedman Print Company.
str,Pt ' j the store and basement at 134 West
number of leases In the building TWf"'-lh,1. a wim'enlT r
,,. , . . it. i and the store and basement In 3 no west
have already been made to high class rr..,.,v.,,ri, ,-. lo ,ho rtobert K.
I ermntR.
.iituiea iieuierinKiun. on
" " "."".".V:. "...
" . iipien wie cnrniT Kinrn ni ine 0111 :
ructiire on this elte and hari n ilrtiu
"ore in th H block since 187H. ia.i
.'used 11 storo on rorty-secnntl ntreet. : Marahall. National Fair Ajaoclatlon and
nnnectlnrr with one on Vanrlerhil' ave- Morence Booye ft Bettle Manning.
nit r- uVJ-f s I The Julius Friend, Edward M, Itxrl
n'.e Tlie I nlted CIKnr Stores Company I f.0pa1. na!l ,,,', M. M. amUh
Mil occupy the Forty-second ptreet cor- Co, - 500 feet In 161 to 165 West Thtr
ner and a small store at the Forty- Heth atreet for a term of years; also
'hlrd street corner, Charles & Co., .leased 7,600 square feet to B. Jaffln Co.
fruiterers, take one of the stores front- for a term of yeara.
-nc on Vanilerbllt avenue, near the I The Twanty-flfth 8tret Constnictlon
I'ortv-thlrrt xtreet end of the hntMIn- .Company has leased a loft In IBS and 180
n;L" Mree' cnrt nr '"f PU Idln-lwcst Twenty-ninth street to the Princess
tvh eh tvlll open through to their lnnrer ; x,vnst Company.
premises adjolnlltp. Wllllnm H. Mendel ' Frederick Vox A Co. have leased the
h,-i.N lenseel the stib-surfiice t-tores and n fourth loft In the netv building now near
Mr rc on Vanderbllt avenue nt nbout the Ing completion at 112 to ll Madison
i ntre of the building, which lie will , avenue, corner of Thirtieth street, to
f'e. npi us a restaurant. .Keener A Brownold ; also the seventh
When the lense bv the Vow Ynrk 1 ""n lfmn wnH ,n ia 10 JJ nPsl 1 niny
f. ,.,,i . .1 ,! . J. -J orK I fifth street tn Samuel M. Sehwartr and
Central to the CIr;nr .Stores company Mllr,in H. Weill ft Co.
sir cioyon several inonins ago 11
"xmh repnrtetl that tile deal called for
on unnuil net rental of about JlOO,.
nft0 The schedule of rents In the new
"'ructiire. as fixed by the ClRar Store
"inp.'tny, exclusive of tho space which
"ir company lu-elf Intended to occupy,
stnniinted to about $160,000,
M.ry II, Oueli't and others haxe
Parted n ut n the Supreme Court
to foreclosure u mortBane on tho prop
rrt in 450 to 454 Fourth avenue, be
ween Thirtieth und Thlrty-tlrst streets.
he .Ic-iiifi LensInK Company and others
' I
ore ,.,, n.s defendants. Tho plot Is
' tereij by a llW twelve story Htore
'mil Inft biilldlnn.
UrilSON STItKET.-TIm Durosa Com
puny ha sold for Klizalieth T. Wray
' a rlient IB to 175 KudHon street, a
iex. Htory wari)lioua, on plot 02. tx
100 lii'tween LaiKht. ami Vintry atieeta.
This property has not olinneel lianda
"1 oxer alxty yeiirs, Tho liuyer will
fenoviite the IniildiiiR anil hold It as
an intestmcnt
W T.ST isTII STRKCT. T H. Hoberlson.
tnjiresi'nting Cliarlea l.iillonetto and
J other, iibr Hold 7o West Forty-lhth !
i i.,' ""ry ana iiasement i
dwrlliiip on lot ?ux-f,.i, located 30.6 feet
east of hlxt i avenue.
Kallmann have Hold for Edward B.
1 orey to u clinnt for investment 608-00
,PN.1, ,,7,.n "Mroct. located 125 feet west
or Hrrmdway, a six story elevator
WKST I52D STUKOT. Tue Plalnfleld'
i-Hiiu unu iiiiikiuir company, A. I),
Thompson, president, has ootd" MS
and 520 West 152l street, a flvei story
fiat, on plot 4l.8xeo.lt. between Am
Hterdum avenue and Broadway. Thin
khIo dispone of the last of tne com
pany's lioldiiiR-s In Manhattan.
Nnritnnc Construction Company, Max
l.iebesklnd. president, has bought from
Meyer Solomon the plot, lOUIOOx Ir
regular, at the northeast corner of
fort Washington avenue and 160th
ft rift. comnrmitiR about four and a
hair lots, Tho buyer will at once begin
the const rurt Ion of a six story elevator
apartment limine, The J. Romaine
nroixu t ompauy whs tne broker
ft : j, "lv 1Silimb?;
.......... : .. .1... ... ....
trtlKtee for the Allen Const met (on
Company, has sold the flvo storr flat,
on plot KOXISO, on tln east side o'f Ver
milyeu avenue 200 feet north of 207th
street loan investor.
fl 4 l; I M 1 1 I-v t ft. ...... ft .....
" ' '' r.. ne u.u..)arKson
- iMiinii imi. ihiiikiii imin tne .Martin
hilly Con; mot ion Company the north
east corner of Bussford avenue uuil
lK4th street, a live storr tenement,
on plot MMon. In part payment the
buyer Rave a plot on Anthony ave
tiuo. nuitiitiR thniUKh to Carter av.nue,
mi ret south or 174th street. havliiR
a frontage or 76 reel on each avpnue.
The Tully Construction Company will
imtirove tho latter property with live
siory tenements. A. .1 Madden nnd
. Allrnan i-ret lie brokers,
"v ANT , , KNt'K. Smith t Phelps
i,8"1' .'T, ,,UliaV wilII"m ?
"rlM l.h thne three storj- bulld-
1L.fc ,1(,r,.on ,1t the southwest ronu-r
of iTMliMttrot anil Brj-ain uvenue.
WKBSTF.lt A VEX UK. Sheffield Farms.
st.iwriMi-Pn-ker f'onipanv have boimht
eiclu lols at the soi.'hwesl corner of
..i,-tpr avenue ant' itMlb street a a
site for n milk storilizlns plant. The
property i Vuo feet on Webster avenue
and UN feet on 160th street Th iin
jKiiveiiient will be tile larReV of Its
Kind in the world. It will b the second
station to lie established bv th" com
pany in T)v Bronx.
; mtnoKl.w fiWRl.l.lvi.o sni.ti.
A .1 Nalflrnn has tr'oM for Mnr A
I'.llls afiii Mudl-eii ireef. n thrre story
frimie house, on lot 21.l(ift, to a ellnt.
Menrv r. laln ltd. u.ilrl tlie Imi .tnrv
,iii; at tf. Monroe Mi-rt.
. -
Hi,. j. founlrk Is the tmr of th-
plol, Iu3.7xt30.10v Irresular. at the south-
t rumor of Hrondnuy and 2Hth street
"old recently by ihe i'furles Vesbei"kr
ihroiiKh the J Worrulne Itionn
c'miian. - .
1 nuries .i. i.aer is ine puyrr ni ine
jtlve stor flat nt the southeast eorner of
ernilleH Heliue iim! Ae.Kteniv stirrt.
the sale of whloli hy the lala"rdl Beal
KM.ite I'onip.iny n as erronourl reported
In Tin-Scn on Sunday as heliin the north-
"a!"' enrner of Aeademy and Hawthorn
i:i.tv company kokmki..
s vv'"1 Fortbth Streel Corrors-
' ' WJi
r.,,,,.,.,, r; j,atlrt,r,
Th- .rnpertles at ;. end 10 Wei
Fortieth street, thr fixe story-biilldiiic
on pint I'S.SxnS.?. are notr on ped accord-
Inc to Ihe records h ilcrtrude rt. Mil-
Whether the formation of the
company Imi testes an llwndlnR rhanRe
f onnernlilp could not he learned jes.
Ii Kl:llN IUII.I1IM. OX ttTH WK.
Stii' t.i-i Sloan, architects of Phila
delphia. I'.i . Irive tlhd plans for the con
struetlnii of a ihiee i-toi fireproof hak-
-j mi tl s.enliui-t cotnrr of Kltxenth
aenue a-il Klftict'i street It !ll bne
a frontage of S feet and a depth of B!
feet 'ind will be tiullt so as to provide
fin- thrie additional s'orlfs hen neees
, slt rerpiln William Waldorf Astor
Is the owner of the land. The Horn &
IlaHart Company Is the owner of the
.Maokay Company.
.acaa . onip-u,. , , . I
Tho rrnsa Hrown i. ompany naa leasea
spare In the Heldelhers Rulldlnc at 14S5 I
. . a-. n Si m 1
Hroanxvay to it, n. urspras. ,nor
rnrrKBDAY inn i.kaskd.
Taylor Bros, have leased for Mrs. J.
J. Thompson for a term of years to
Madam I.uer. the Pepporday Inn and rot-
'tages at the eorner of Main street and
Kc'no avenue, New Bochelle, on plot 120x
240. Tho lessen will take possession after
nxtenalxo alterations and Improvements
nrn rompleterl.
Jacob Iltnrr has leased for James F.
I Median to Morris Melster 841 Beck
street, a five story tenement, at an
BKBretrate rental of $7,020; also fur
1.. M..l,un . S f .. t
YVovihtruei - of Sena axenuo unS
1 in-in street at 1111 agregate rental nf
$6,260 ; also fur tlm Ittner llealty Com-
!lany to Morris Florea 923, 927 and 931
I Avenue St. John and 671 Kelly street,.
I threo four story and one flx'e story
houses, at an nggregate rental of
I - 7.'.'0ti ; also for Baylla A Kan
born lo Morris Florea. 612 Kast
Slxtenth street, a five story tenement, at
an aggrogate rental of $$,760 ; also for
George Hooks to M FramaitaUl 63 Cres
tnn avenue, a five story corner, at an a
arregiite rental of $32,200, and for M. I..
A- 1'. Krnst tn A. Mlstrettt 16fi Brotrn
place, a Ave story tenement, at an acuro
sato rental of $6,630.
I'nhllc Offerlnss Yester'dar Mun-
hnttan and The Bronx,
(AT 14 VKSP.V BTftKKT. )
tly Joaph I'. Da).
RtDiin ST. II". w s. 17t n Hlvlngton l.
SSilOO, !) tnt and mr--(tro llrueatle
agt I.ouls i'nhtn et all dua M.ass.j;; tnxfa,
r. 11,327 93; sub tn a 1st ling nt 3.000:
anjniirn-ii in ,or it
I AT 320 10 AVKNUR.)
Hy Charles A. HerrUn.
:tTH ST. J4 ti, a s, e nHrnrs sr. HilOO
Jim I'npp agt T r Ilellly t al; due
It. 131 HI, taxes, Ac, 1147,43) auh to prior
mtg of I? 5"0 tn Krank Oon for 13,000.
(With name and addrs of o-rtier and at.
torney, When ntlorne)' namo la omlllcd
adilrena party of .ece.ri.1 pari I
(South of fourteenth t )
MdNltOG 8T. 171, n s. ii tOxloo Wyoinlnn
Itralty Co to Miles ltralty Co. Wllllaui
t. Nov 15. atiys. fa.. A. 6 William
M It
MADIHON ST. tdii. a. .'JvlOO III'Kil Waeht
lo Jacob Warli' l'.ni Mudlpon rt, intc
oyo, Aug h, atty, S Wjiln, Jr. ,! Naa.au
st 1100
I.AKA VKTTI" ST. It, w s, Mh n (iraml at,
Ji 1100 4, bafayptie at. 17h, w s, 1S0.1 n
Urjnd at, :j,KI00 P Michael llrlgante tn
1U(K It. alt) i"n, 74 llwiiy. all llen. Nov
Mi attva. Ulra.bourr-r. V. A .". 74 llread-
way :..lt!
HI.'nUO.N MT, e , 31 s ponilnlck al, :u;
Ohas and I.oul.a I.IiHk tn fortune Iteally
l'o. Inc. 11 Wall St. Nov M. al'y, T U Co,
17H llnay I10
3H ST. 100 W. s , al li p Silllllan st,
:SxS5 1 - Anihon) ilrli en in mlre Trnl
alio, 147 Stllllian al, iiilg H.'.OoO. .Nov 14.
am. Joa vl Ocmr. 10 Wall si M
Ka.l Side.
iHaat of Fifth . W"n I'mirtrcnth anil
1 1 0th ala. i
:tii st. p p. :i:ii e ri j. ii!. au-
gu-Hne I! .McM.lma, rrf. tn Ahin-r It Mllia
. iruslpe. at lte. N , Nov Iv ally. F M
Tl.h.luir, 3( Park rni IS.OOO
:TII .IT. II P. 1?.S :d hi :Sx,s.!--Albert
.sainl.ch i.i Sop'.ile . tlu-kiy. Ill I'ltt-un
pi. far rtortiawaj. I. I mtg l:n.:S0, Nov
l.. ali, Itu-kuy A II 31 r.ilxrt.v ri $ 1 04
MfMNOTd.V A. 10IP-31, e . 3U03?
Ure ndel.irln ;o Haniu.'l Newman, on
prrml.ei,, mtg .1n.00i, s. ally. H f.
xeieln, H'i Nh.p.'iii at. 1 10
tkTH ST. 11 a, ? e A A. .".Ok : Ifnr--i-lopure,
net 23i-Jas A f ol. y. rpf. lo Kdw
ami nnl- Hackmjnu. If ll.irrmr pt. Joint
ln uts. Oct ally lien A Hlink. ;7I
Ma) . luO
I'AIIK AV. till, n r cor 'In pi ro.Sxt"
Mary p ilerard lo I V I'Vlpf stoke. ll
It 27"1 at, q c. Not Is. .iltp. Stnar A
Sharer. 4.1. Wall ft M.000
.sAMi: PltOI'HUTV- 1 X f and IMI'h N
Slnkn to Helen I. fhel. Sink... 3.10 Mad-t-en
a, N01 ? inie I'JOiio mid.
atlvj 1100
West side.
iWeat of fifth ai . between fourteenth and
110th pi. 1
MTU fT. 413 W. n .'S: Margt A Tro
Ian et al 10 Jnn T Stanley, ll W 33d st
all title-. Oct atty, 1. T I Co. MO
llftay II
SAMK rnOPHRTV Alice Sh-illn to same
all title, Nov M atn nll It
HAMB 1,HOI'KUT Kalh. wife Will f Tro
lan, lo PAtn, all tlth i e, Nov It, pani
nt .... II
STII ST. 110 W n P. .'JaslOOl Julia T
MeKentia and aim tn AUtanre Itealty Co.
Hi Ilwal, nits 130.109, Nov 11; atty. I. T
l'o. MO Bwa . 144 0."l
04TII ST, 1 4 W . . 17x100 t.-Cliarlntie
Hauptner to f'ord II S.-h-dr. 43 lrr
pt mlg 115,000. Nov M. atty, t. T Co. t.O
f.saj . tied
(Manhattan Island, iwrth ef noih si.
Htm ST, SO W. r s It 10x100 11 Jacob
Hluasteln m .Iop Hlrarhfeld, 17 It 107th
llllg I11I.S00. No IS. all. Slglliiind
Solomon. 30, llway ..100
HUTU ST. Sr..'. W. li p. I.l.tl 11- -nexenue
llealty l'o to Kptelle C, Wlnsleti, 31 I'anal
st. Nov H all. .M J KII. 370 Prolrt
May 11
13JU ST &4 W. s p. :,1xM1 -TIMIe Jl
onark tn f,.trl. l! Wln.ton, 353 Canxl "I
mtg 133.000 and all liens, f . b t! alt
J! J Katr 330 Hwa. . II
1.-4TH ST 140 V a a 13xl!l1x Itreg
Sophlr. H Wohlrs t oCaillu M 1 Prrly.
"S3S V mth si ,o--l 31. stiv. fd P
Sl.ltie. 3S W USth st . . II
Sf X1CIIOI AH XV. , ? ,pr 1T41h K Mi
100- Anna M and xrthur" II Sohl .-prs
Hi A Sohl. In Tho. Smith. :3?l Wsltnn
s Ne It, lt. T I! l'o, Its Ulead
. ... I73.VO0
(Horoutb nf Th Bronx i
4TII ST. a. 31 3 r 1st a. S ;tl13 fxJOx
132.1 -Molly Ruggletn to la-one Ituaglero,
1444 narnpi av. mtg 13, Sou. Apr so. ttv
Ailolph Clanehettl, 1 llei..rv. . Ulio
5T1I ST w a, lot a: map Mt dim. sao.
aln Walton x. n . . or 17d at. s ,
hi Hx.tO 3x73 11 IMwln H Hivp... r.f ln
Harold Sw-nln Mo i nnenu-.e. t ,
att Title A T Ce. ' T1 llnav 3.:il
H3I ST. s p. lot 4i. map S.i llelmem SOx
100. Antoinette 1. Slaali lo Slanb Con.tii
o. II..1 llo ax attj. nitdolpb l.oewen
thal. 1347 Ho. ton rd . 1100
ANJIKKWS av 3341 w p. .".OxIOOx Irieg -I'urtlPj
! Hyron In ijulll.r Mergan Co,
793 llftay. nils 147.000. Nov IS. atty.
Hrry Haer. Ill nax upo
AM. R. T I IN KT.Tr .Mar- A fan
nlng and Aaron V llendrlcka. Jr. al
fnlnnport Jesple i; Taler In l.llltim !
Hull and ano, 35S I'hauni-ey pt nkttn.
Nn li .. . . i
MtAKKSPKARi: AV. e a, J fi H lTOlh .1.
20x114 -Guptax- Plerii In Jacob Stern
Summit ax Nov 15. ally, lien Mecr li:.
HS ,. lion
SSMK I'HUfKRTV Jacob Mrrn In l.al,. I
Stern, 015 Summit n. No- is, mo
alt .. XI no
r:TH ST. .. lo; I'arpenter IrtH
111 -Jap -Iea ti. I'a'k .1 Muleabi Xen
krp. N y, Nov is, mtg Ii OOP am ol
Slmmnnp, 3J hwv ' noo
1IHATH AV n c enr J.tnth pi Tlxtno
l.ouls Cohen to Slgnnind rjrnpt, 31 i:dr-
nmb ai Nox 11. nug Hpsn. ati. , ii
Krnpi. 170 Rway tn,o
WOODVCRF.ST AV. 1(03. ft p. '"J ',o
I'll"' I Loughman to Jaenh Mr-lfl-r Co
IISj Intervale av, .Vol IS. mtg IS.OOO
.".LUi.. If llPtranrter 03 Nap.a'l pt 110"
rtllSTON RD. 1335, w JOxISi. -Win II
i hrlaie to r rank H H.inl..rt. H.dford
at, Nov 1, mt JS too any. John Jt
Uuck. 271 lift ay
DnCATlTl AV, w a. 100.4 n 195th at. SOx--
i.-oncnurae Illdg Co n Herman l.le.kr,
40 Wall al
a a. 1S3 1
S I.ydla A Kalahoxen to l.y.ila
"Ml "P PL Nov 15. mtg 15,
Clifford S HoPtwIck, 41 Cedar Pt
Aniiiony at.
000: atlv
TtNTO.N AV. 12M, e sr.taiJTi.vVrf.Vi'ek.
7.UI"C.. i.. "i,-k"on' 1,00 Chl.holm
06 l.lbert at a.
PA HKl.R AV. lot. as and 40, map st Ray
mnnd 1'ark Annie M Decker in i'hrlatlan
nroehan. 1580 -.rega at. Nnt 15, "tij
hraiik llaap. Wrstihepter. .V X tioo
KAHi.NAII AV. 4125. 2uxr. i'la'ra x Ward
.'x",".. "rf''ch: w Hetg.n pi Hkl,n
2, mtg 16.500. att. Thoa .1 Hradt. 20
LOTS l and 20. man Van r,.U. i
ri linn
,,. Hy lllllehrindt to Arbria lira it- 10
42 William st. Not- is, attya, Phllbln n'
i I f e, Hi ll. . ' ' '
,r-J"I,'St" ''.'" : " - - - . . II
JKXIIP PI., e a. Ill 111 n ira.k .. in.
Hllfil Althoupe to Mario f Althouar, ;7t
Craaton av. Nov II, atty. H C Knoeppl.
t Ileekman at li
M2TT- 'i.V'. C?-" ,,4,h " V0 The
?.aVNi.M..K""' .r J"may Realty Ce,
ME ll. Nov U. mtg I2.00; atty
t Mayer. SS William at.. 7 . . . .' "it
TlffANT 8T. e a. 475 a 13d al. 151 lx
liVCi .O'l'ilhau Co to If 51 Conn Co,
MT B Hid at, Oct 10; atty, F A Snow, 15
Wall it 'si
GRAND JIOULEVARD. n e cor Kcho ol. 104
x2T.T-l.abf I H .Mulligan to ClamJnt II
Kmlih Co. 414 Treniont av, Nov Hi atlv
I. T Ina T Co.. 140 Hway. .. .IX
IT6TII ST. a a, 45 a Morrla av. 27 1U100
A Wllaon to John finger, 414 Treniont
v. Nov 14. mtg $6,000; any, I, T Ina & T
Cn, 140 Hway. 11
ANTHONY AV. a xv cor Vt Hope p), jox
101.4- -J M Shellaharger. ref. tn Kmll w
Klapprrt. ITS Weat Bnd av, Nov is; attya.
Weaaelman K, 55 Liberty at, . I1H.250
SPUVTKN DUTVlJ. nOAt). pt. lot TS, map
annex to report of aale In action Wetmore
xa Wetmore tlon la Dash Realty Co to
Margt K Putnam. 16 W 77th at, Nov 14:
attya, Wlnthrop A, S, 3," l.lbarty at... Hot
(With nam and addreas of lender and of
Ipnder'a atorney )
iSouth of fourteenth at.)
MONROE ST. 171. n a, 3M0il Mllea
Itealty Co to Mlchl II Marka. 511 W ISSIh
I'.' S?,V..'4, demand 4 p ci attya. Caps A A.
wiiiiam at.r-rrr. ..t7.:t
HHDSON ST. n a. II a Honilnlck at, 21x10
Kortutie Itealty Co lo Cliaa l.ltllg and ano.
J0 Hudson at. Nov 1 4, due aa per bond,
atty, T il T Cn, I7D Hit ay . ! . , . M.000
fa. I Side.
(Baat of fifth at. between I'oiirlernlh anil
1 10th ala.l
2D A V. 145. e a, 26xll.Iohn P McDonald
to Rva K Jliiller, 245 K tut al, Nov j.
yr, 6 p r; attya. Knox A D, 27 Cedar
t 11,000
Weat Side,
(Wait of fifth at. between l'ourlnth and
110th at a.)
2ITH f4T. 143-47 W, 11 a, 6S.I !!). ; STth al,
a a. SOT e Oth av, U.HxIx.D. also land al
Jly Hld. t' I -Thn. I, llamlllnn lo Wilfred
P Klllaon, 141 l.ailngloii av, Nnv 12. due,
y.0'.." hnm'i ally, Chaa It Huffman.
II Naaaall at J00
4TH ST. 310-13 W. ka.ehold -Antimlri l.n
Turco lo nenedlct S Vltale. M46 4llh at.
Hklyn, Nov 12. demand. 4 p n: atty, II S
Vllala W Park rove 1101.05
TH A v. 44 Paul l Wahne In Then Mu.
ler. I.yniihrnnk, I, I, Not 11, Inatula. p
11; attya, I. A. a Hiiren, X02 Hroadaav.
Hklvn 11,100
1ST ST, 316 W. 1.I010 5 Wm J Moore
n r-redlt Wens el al. j;;;' Marlon av, Nov
li, duo ap per bond! atty, T U T Co, 150
a'y 32,00l
l ptoixn,
(Manhattan Itland, north of 110th t,
,Tisa.AV;.,w,' llltiS at. 51.10s lrrg
rtdw frlPdman lo Wm I. Condlt, Hoboken,
N J, Nov 1 . 5 x.p X r. ... -,.. ri a.
T Co. 170 Hway., .V.'.ias 000
ST Mr-HOI.AS AV, a w cor 171th al. 2x'l00
-Thos Rmlih to Anna M Sohl and ano. Mt
Vernon. N T. Nov 1, 3 yrp. J p ci attya,
II A C 17 llpydt. 27 William st... 111,000
(Horoiigh nt Th llronx.)
V0J$. H: If11- ' s. !5100-Cath Keelon to
Bllj Meilann. 120 lat ax, illoierivllle,
;N. : ,N"J'.."i. 6 P i atty, John II
llarria, 35ft II wux 14 ona
,,(iTH 2., .,"a, s' 'ol" Maetav Av Realty
Co Ictorla d'Aiidrea to John J Ruck
ley. !1 mils av, Nov It, a yrs, al. p 1:1
...,l.,!ti..';d?..A Arker. 770 I'oreat ax.
IttrilllfM AV. e a, 13 3,i 2x100
Altr. Cnnklln to l.oulaa Hnehn, 1227
Tlnton av, Nov 13, 2 rp, p c; attv.
flank Haas. Inc. vmrh..i.r. thiio
COPNTRV Cl.UH AV. 11 w n.r John al.
aOxlOO Itnpn A Mullen lo lien .Kobler,
Jr, 2041 tialy st. Nov II, 3 yrs s p c;
atty, f Hasp, Inc. Weatchaptpr, ...11.000
SSOTII ST. 11 M .cor While Plains rd Chaa
Vaker 111 Kaatchesti-r Sav Hank, Mt Wr.
mm. N V, Nov In, 3 yrs, if p e; ally. J M
Hell. Xlt Vernon, N V II "00
Mi ITT AV. f a. 60 s 144 st. f.xlOO Jeniia"
Itealty Co tn S W M Really Cn, Inc. 52
William al, Nov It, pr mtg 132.000, ilu
Nov 1. 101(1. p c; alt, M Mater, 53
William "at ,', S0
l.OT 47, map Unlonport, 100x200- llrleii
l.e Hoy I'earpKll to John Weeks. Nor
walk, Conn, Nov 15, 3 yrs. 5ifi p c, ato,
I'baa I' llallnrk, 9X0 K MOth Pt . 13.700
Jf.SCV PI e a. 205,10 11 170th St. 50x
Frances Allboupe lii f.llpn Althoupe, 3;
Crealon at. Nov 14 3 yra, 5 p c, ally,
II 1' Klioeppel. r. tleekman at.. ..IS.000
SAMi: IMtoi'llRTV- Same In Harold 1'
Kni.pppel, 1t5 Mnrrla at, pr mtg 16,000,
Noi It, due July 15, 19131 atl.
pMlne 11.500
l.OT .t. pel 10. map suhdlv Hal Wm II
Ogden llose Marllr lo Manhattan Mori
gaife Cn, 200 IIixk. Hue n. per bond. Nu-i
l II, too
Huston tin. p. ti.;, , m,, ti s,-svt30,r
Win It llnnih to Title liuar a T Co. 17
Itna. Not It, due as per bond I7.00Q
TAUT l.OT 122. map Morrlsanla 2.-.xino
Cbarlotte M H.iydpii tn Mlnnl'i M Hops,
1210 franklin al. t sr. ' p c. Not 16
iitt), Robert i; llergmnn, Htlh at ina
.1.1 at' .. . It. 000
WKIlSTHIt AV. n e enr 17Slh l. 101 ilxSI -I'leimiit
II Smith Cn to Mart- l.ngbcln,
5HS It 175th pi. 5 yrp. 5 p c No- is
u.lrtres. ill, 40 Tromonl at- 11.000
WCHSTIIlt AV. a ft enr tttth Pt. 200x100
ltoekledge Cont Co to nollar Sat Inge
Hank. 2.0t 3d av, Nnt IX, 3 Vl.i S p t,
all)-. I.nn-. M A- W. 43 i'ednr st 121,000
TlfPA.NV ST. e a. 476 a l.1d si, 1 .M.lx
II A M Cen.ln l'o m Clly Atig Co, 15
Wall at. Nov It, demand 4 p e am.
f X Snr.ft, 15 Wall at Is:, ojo
SAMI! I'HuffllTV- -Same t,. llenr- M..r
genihau fo. is", Htta. .iei 10. prior mtg
IH.oon, dua Apr 10. 1915, p . . aitv,
N M Wpi hsl.r. M5 Rft.l.. . 112.000
ANTHIINV AV. a w tor Mt Hope pi, f,nx
101.4 -f.mll W Klappert lo Jacob A C.els
penhslner and ann, trtts, fieelmM, j.
Not It, 3 jra. 41. p e; atlta. Norwood
M. r,X William PI II2.500
I74TH ST. s p, 45 e Morris ax, 2t lliloo
John finger to xi oil. on, 144 f. j:ih
st, Nov 1, prior mtg Is. 000. 1 jr. .". p c.
ally. Jos T Hronn. J.. 55 l.lhertv
st I :.noo
C.RANtl HOI'MIVARN n . inr f.rho pi.
104x20.7- Clftneni II Smith fo lo Isabel
H Mulligan. Vnnkirp. N . rs. i
li. atty, I- . linnoghue. VenUerp,
110 000
!TIMF1KII MIMtT(ii;i.s.
iWlih n.imi. and add-e.j of lender.
100 n Hextrr p runs
R5.s a 12 ft 2J x n 3: a x: s i.. n
Pt X 25 to beg, June lij, 1904 --Samuel
and Rosa Mandrt to The Sheltering Vrm
a eerpn acyp. Iloo.etell A Knbbe. II
Wall pi , 13.1. 300
140T-U ST. p a. 17.1 e Uol.blll. at, 75x100,10.
tpr IS 1905 Hro.ds.iy Reliance Iteiliy
Co la C S Itealtt A liupt Co of N J. am.
rt 1 llahbaar, lit Ititav .. . IS -,on
GRAND ST. n p, 2J 4 e Mni si, 231lxlon
Ala- 22. 107 Salvslnre Thir.-arn .1 al 'n
Hnnlenlcn I'andela. llr... follarl A '..
192 nnwery u -i. o
MOTH ST. a s. 24 e llnbMns av 73xO0 !
I IS.Sxll ,., Apr H. 1905 Same lo sarm
patne ally . . llt.nO'i
SAMK I'UIJI'HRTT. (let .11. IJ0 -llemeulen
Calil-la 10 Una Httllnger. .am..
Attv . ... II 1.500
COCRTI.XNI-IT IV. la.', e s 25x12. feh to,
1012 xtathllde Freund 10 Reman) Kebn
ally lien Xt S Schutx. 3t Park row ll.nno
I31ST ST 4 K. p . 25x100.11, ,an v is
Nellie A Kell) In Xlorrl-, It Stang S't
.hap I. Rirck. .It 1'ark rnn . tl.ooo
BOSTON ROAD OU V n p. "to 1 a MStb
Pt, i:.l1"Sx3xU4.S. riei 1, 190S T-lborn
R C i 10 the Irving Sav In. in alt..
Haldft-ln W hlte, ftn .t ISO.ooo
0TH ST. n p. :eo 1 Mt at. 26x10; ,iUn
1: 1310 -Chsrlot'e Hergfeld 10 Xdolph
Supxmann. att, Webbr A Co, 7 Kev.
"an si . , , . 11 t.xn
SAXtH rrtOPHRTV Not 22. loll Hr
ll.u'.r 10 Hren-. See rt ro 3oo
tatT 47s. map ae 'e Iln He feh 2s
1904 Mart H Venn In ll.r 1 -...I II i-n.
11-P ait;. I-ran. 1. tl Halo... tjo Nh.piii I
s II 001' I
HIT 4ii. map Van Nut 1'ark Ma; 20. tun
sta Ualxfn tn Ottn and Cannt- hafka. !
it)' "'hap If Haxhler. 1124 ttnlk.r 1
at II. ".sal
WAVrUtl.Y SI. s .. ,1T5 e Coulllalidt av "5x I
ion. jtj 23. 1912 Jarnb an.l He. k'ei
Oh'ti In r.mma King. man all Cha II
llaechle . 1128 Walker at . .. K.Odo!
1 1 a p. ipn rroni s w cor 1st ax, 3"x
IOO II. Var 1912- Mellllo i'nn.l in I.i
Unlfgang Welnhart and tugu-'a .lull -af
M I Katx. .120 llnay. 2oon
t.fiT 3. map It ISA nf lot lots I'o.te- l.
ta-,e. Nov 14, 1909 Xngeln Xlasor.111.
Ho, lion P Ro.e Co, 32 X 4S'h .1 I30O
MSTll ST, Ml, 11 p. 20x50, s- , isjo
Wm I, and l.lxrl. Katx m I.tr.le aii
Itlper. atiyp. Thall A Ti.itn. IX w.i'l
st .11. '00
ST I'HTf.RS A. n a, Mt.4 e W.i rrn
rexd IWalker avl, runa 11 llnna e s lots
' , map uj'. xiaeiat vt It.ali' i'u
let 5 X e Xlong aame 2.. in ft- lor
oc.r. in n s at ft sf, n ner. May I., tins
x Ictnrla d'Apdrea In Wa-h Sat llnk
.lltv. E.l A A.-Uer 7?ri l.r..l . Ire.
ST Pf.TKRS AV. n .'. 173.4 e'We. fir ma
rrl. '..'.-.Si! XI.. 11 lar.t - 1
nllv. aame. . ' tr.t
KSSf.N ST, 144. e s ;oo I, Rlvlncle,, ri. .r,v
100, Not- S, II0S - S.iniiiel Shk'llnlV In I i.'li". Ilarrj i.hh ,i,l .lhn N'arnni. ,nt n
Mortimer i' Ropenhsuri and ano, er., " "n. . nitra.-t'ir- ... IK,.'
attya. flelprhman A fex. S' t.therp "TH ST. s tt mr Xt It. 5s ;XIS.'0- .ii'hn
PI It. 00.1 , '".lilies I'n agt Nxtniua Atilll.eme.il i ,
HI.I.1HTT AV. ii e enr fllsabelh n. s;,sioo I "f nr and contractor . S1.T17 in
being Intp 21.1 and 21b. map 2. I libit lib '. 'ITII ST 'Jl 10 I: t.aa.. Met agi stutv
March I, lt. Hy l.lt.pa. .1r, tn Hi i.lii , 'i"' 'n. ncner and contractor Is:
and .liillua t.lpps. irua, a'ly. Snillh Will-I'xATUN XII AV. n tt c.xr 2S7th a'. 7.".f
lani.nn. 344 Alexander at . . 12.000 I Iluggern Slanrlilni ngl llerb-rt i' Sim
RIVINilTON ST, 204. ;0t. n p. 17 e Rld.-e i 'nonila rt ul, r.v in ra mid rotilr.ictn-a I r.
Pt. 40x100.9. April Jt, iio JIax .nentali . .... (ti
fannle Ilium to Jullua Mrnilel.nn. iilttp. ' '"H ST, L.u-41 Vt Sorimin flndl.-v lai
Hnupe, i; A V, 115 Hway I0,0oo ) finance l'o of Pennsylvania, mt-ner: '.Inhn
FRANKLIN AV, e a, 57 u 4th l I6!hl al. ' " '"urtla, eonlractor. ... ... ,;
11x100. Oct 10. 1910 Alherl i: nml i CON IIN'T AV. n w cor 1 4 til at. I'Jllxl?
Adelaide M Hayden and ann tu l.nulan
Bernhardt; atty. Albert Aache, Poatui
Telegraph Illdg ii.ooh
ST ST. a a. 200 w Pnrk at'. 1102.2. Not
14 IbOft lull, fl ttlf. Wr.t 1. lt-,.11. ...
Caroline II Sexton. alla. Noble A I'linp.
2 Wall at ...... .110,11110 I
HARNKTTO Ifox) ST. 17I. t. a, i29 a Ifilth
at 25x100. Oct M. 101 -Slllchel Slltels
sleln In Wm H Doolltlle utlj, ,no H Hal
rlsoii 2S? Hay . ..14.000
fix. ST, e a, 149.11 a from se .or Heme
PI. 50x100. Nov l. lain -Mlchele and
Antonio Rarone tn Max fl.trck, SR Park
row 12.500
3D AV. 59. mort nn leaae. c, Feb 3, 1912
Murk Aron to Melville II Hearna. . . 15.000
44TII ST. a a. 175 e Ith av. 25I00.5, Nov
12. H0 Klla . I, and Hmlly Hach In
Agues Young Cole; all) a, Welia I S. 34
Naaaail at 1500
I4T1I ST. n . SO.O a lllb av. 16x10.:, May
II. 1118 Opo W and I.llllan Rogera tn
Kmma F Tyaon. adtna, atty, Robt A H
"Daytnn, 15 William at $11,000
LOTH 26. $7, 17, 51, man 1115a I'oatpr eatate,
Jan 37, 1101 Raffaele arid Antonio San
terre et al to ltudaon P roa Co. 32 W
46th at . . 1725
AMSTERDAM AV. n t cor "0th at. 100.6.
100, Dae 22, l904P.lehard 1. Howell to
Jno J Dillon, attya, Irons Todd, 127 W
tzn: at 150.000
14tTH ST, 104 W, a a. 30xBD.ll. March 1.
1114- Madeline Tlerca tn Metropolitan
Life Ina l'o 111.000
LOT 47. map Unlonport, Nov 3, 1909 .Inn
J and Marg't Hlllles to Herbert .1 f rot .
att, Herman lioldinan, 13 Park rotv. $3,200
Oeffera. Cleo, lo Marl .1 Family II
MeNaniara. Matthett. I N Y Proteatunt
Kplpcop.il Public Schoe. . ,.,123.623
Irona, Henry I', nnd ano tn Jnhn .1 Dll-
Inn 144.100
Revllle, HIpppI Co to Joa A Cohn ..$1,150
Spltrner, Chaa II, lij lieo W Spluner. ..II
Cohn. .loa A, tn Adntph Ondrlcek . 11,400
Title Ina Co lo Rdtc c Schaefer and ano.
trua, 3 apitp IS2.5O0
Hunk, Otln, tn John Hnpp 125,000
Muller, Theo, to Pranrea Mullrr $1
Olhaon. Jaa. Jr, and ano, rxip, tn Margt
(llhsnn 12.511,07
Plachlnwiti, Abe, to 8 W Jl llealty Ci..,l!
Hepa, ndtt 4', to I'haa filiiek 1500
De Wilt, Joslah H, gdn, In riwjera
Mtg Cn 162,000
Title 11 A T Co tn (Jen II Allen.. .$160,000
Canlnr.o, ICrneat A, to Till? U A T Cn, 15,500
Llppman, Mespr, In Lenti Tnehniann. . .11
l.orfer. I'rnlk C, to Morrla Maar, . 14.000
Lawyers T I T Cox In La n vera Mtg
Co 121,000
Lawyers Mlg Co to Hlanchn H Iinern-
harg 1:7,000
Same In .li-rr.rpoii County Hatlnga Hank .
Kainn lo lloht II Hrrarh and nun, irua..
i ,.16.000
Hume tn Lett la Duacnbor)' 152.001)
Cnnnoll), llrldgrt, gdn, lo Mary A nrnvin,
gdn IS.100
DnernlMirg. Blani he II. in David 61 ll.-v
mat , , -.
llegrraeii, frank, Jr. lo Herniaiiii and Merle
bfcKiinp .' IS.OOO
Win Slnnali Cn lo Il-nry Merekle. .1.14 son
Columbia Hank to Flnreile i'.i:iatn Co .11
llatru, win in .lane a stxalmen, l
SITU ST. 12 W, all -Hartford Really Co
to Antonlno la Turco, on premtara, from
19, 1912.
Absolute Auction Sale
Thursday. November 21
438 Sixth Avenue
(tlrtwrrn Mth and :?th SI..'
318 A 320 Weat 26th Street
(To be sold arparalcly and then as a whole).
310 East 24th Street
231 East 22d Street
S. W. Cor. Second Av. and 34th St.
and Adjacent Parcel
iKnuim as 010-21 .Second Av.l
(To be told aeparatrly and thrn asa whole),
N. W. Cor. Weat 4th & Charles Sts.
(Known aa I Van Next Place),
S. W. Cor. Jane A West 4th Sta.
iKnnttn a 40 Klghth Av.l
858 Tenth Avenue
ifletwren 50lh and 57th Sir..'
247 Bleetker Street
iflelft-een Cornelia and Carmine Sts.'
8 Downing Street
Adjoining ti. W. Cor. tlleeckrr st.i
70 nlf lemaln on mortgage cm
,v '0 for three jeara at 0
.SAVi:H3 IIH04.. Allys.,
31 .Nassau HI., N. V. Clly.
Send for Booklet.
Further particulars and booklets from almvc
atiorneys, or
at AR.Hoi.int: rini.ic avction
on Ntiritnr. iti:i-i:MnKK i. at n
o'clock 1". M.. rain or ahlne. on the prem
ises, the l.akenoad lintel, allualed In Ihe
mid at of the wor td-famniia pine wnnda nf
l.akewood, N. .1.
'Ihe prupcrti consists ot a flve-siorv hrlcl.
Miodern hotel, tilted ttlih every up-ln-dale
eontenlcnce, cnnialnlng .lift bandsnniely fur
nhhed bcdrnmix and 1(p". balhs. There Is a
special building fn? Ihe hlp. stable .! I table
fi.r automobile trarag". 'buses. A full In
stallation uf lltdriillicr.ipy and P.lrrtrlc
flaltis. Oac of ine tlnest artesian xtclls In
this country laittn Tennis Cnurt, Squash
Court, (low line Mleji all In the hullillnc
05. may remain on Mnrlgage.
Send for Illustrated booklet gltlng full toi
tleiiUrs .insf I'll P. nT. Auctioneer
;t assau St.. X V Cllv
Mortgage Loans
on improved Real Estate j
In Greater New York will
be considered and quickly
acted on by
- 84,000,000
IflO Ilroadrray. York.
lf.8 Mentacne fttreet, nrtpoklyn.
3HT I'nltun Streel. Jamaica.
Horace S. Ely & Co.
21 Liberty St. 37 W SOlh $t
HT.Ala TATK Kill .t.f,.
$7,500 WORTH $10,000
I rno.i, iiMti .ton rrrj tiuitrnr.rrni nml
coin ?n)'ii' lurec vrnnl'ts, op-n Orrplspr-.
on pint ivli trrv, In rlol nrlfEhlKirhoiTi
to mllrf. o'iif . nilnuir. nilon; low tjnr: no
ns4mrnt till lnirM Ixicatrd nmr
prHnt" pnr-: and cslftf, iertMns "Knptly
vr. it. ri(Hii.!,
Mt 'TI'mf nulMlne. Srv: tU
fall, wrllr or telephone 1 13.1 Itr.tanl
tug I if! to Xnr ;n imp 11 000
fi il.f.tiHIA SI ox ,,n lit 1st M11 H itch 11
in .les Scb'tnrlr JS 1'oltllnl la at, Ks vrs
fioni Nn ' l"12. II -ijO
2D llll ain.e ar tlanl .1 l.i.lti-t
in Hltrn f,.j, in- 2d in f. j rp fn.i .
i".-l I IH.' :ntt, .Ins .1 fiend IIP
ttw.it son
fnRT sriirn.ltlt HP. 1". acres m Tbreggp
Neck Xlprceiiea de K"i'nrl.i7H mid ano in
l.'llrln ll'Allgel.i XSJ lltiiistH.l ax.
rp Ir.im Not I. tal2 ellt l-'r ink i'ji-
lellann 412 H lo.lil al Jt0
MOTH ST. 11 a, IO11 tt llmieett ell nt ItO.IOO.
ell Tnmmapn Ijlnrduliii -u .lap 11 ,-snntt den,
f29 V. ITPlh pi, .". trp frnm H, 1 ml'
Hit Max ii UIMnnli.-r. js lft;i, J 400
I.I'lT lis, letl-rd map Seneci IVrll. sinp'
th. or end lellnr XI Keiitpf Renlit i'.i in
MargareM Linker ;;ij 1: I., in M. " u.
trnni N'n I. 1X12
I W HST ST 140 ..II I'alh P,ele. hii.I sue '
, . r. ii. .... i.uii-1 I,. tt pi i , t r. line.
Nn 1. IMI nddres., ihi x r ni p. i. 00
MwiiiMiv i,ii:n.
t1.1t. and USth t. JI.1 f. lie
'nln Jtsplan Hgt Antbnny Mxnril.n, It...'.
I enua Sand and ilravel Co .iri tleniltre 1
' "'" 1 " owner iluaiave Si h.irmhuri; ,
' nniriemr .... Hi ,.n
"TI' -"T. s ., 1 54, to Hrnailtt.it M.r.xii..
.ticker A Vt ll:t(.r i.vt II llr.l.r.l 1....
John I! SiliiMjn. lib hard C llurn. and .li
Stlnann Ir'laleea, o'tner. .Inpepb M
4.'lrlrnlwrg, iinlr-n-tur . .In.cpb Kott n m
l.'.iri Uli-ltl. r. .In.eph D'C.innnr. Ilarn
binillnii... fiolle Realaiir.lllt .nnl J-llllls
Si-htvart. ti.sevs $1.1'- ss
mohniniwih;: mtivK. -i;.iwar,i ni
A l'o itgi S MnnilngsM Drill Cn. ii.t.i
Sinuiel (Inr Inn. ennlrurtnr SKl-o Ml
UTH ST 221 211 W ui-ker eV Wllner mc 1
Martin Hek. nnner; Joseph XI Sei.i-,.
b"rg, .li.aepb Kn.lman, l.nus nichler. Jo
o Connor Harry ilondm.in nnd IVnilc
Rppuu-anl leppe ami i.nnlraclora 1244 H7
S7TII ST. 135 W- I'lshPll Ki.er Conlrjc. log
in agt Ida fauPner, on iter und eontrar
mr ....... ... 73- I
fOV ST. tc . 112.4 n 13th sti 20x64. lit
Irreg in 149th pt P J Heaney Cn agt An- i
lliony Maneuso, Harry Lhr, ottners and
contractor,. John Haro. ownrr. Drehl
(tonal Co. conlraetnr ..... ..$1,267 x9!
431) ST, 217-19 W Alpha Portland Ce. 1
tnsnt Co agt N V Tlmea TtuUdliig Co, 1
nnner. Stanley (lolllek Co, contrae I
tor ,, I T tK. It 7
I47TH ST. 61 4-1 K W-Alpha Purtiiiml Ce. ,
tucnl C. agt t nied Klectrlc Light and '
Pntter i'n, nnner- Stanley (tnlllrk l'o. con-
lrelnr I2.K75.95 I
lllil-illi'ic ST. 71 and 7.1- Alfred f. Ni.rtnn
l'o agt Wlnr Cnnatructlon l'o e al, .lult
I'. 1912 ... 14.635, 3A
.'AMf. PIIOI'HHTY Stamlard Arch Co agt
aame. .lulj in. ; 12,000
S7TH ST. 173 tn 177 K Louis fle burger
agt Hear, II, llreen-.tald rt ill, Oct 22. 1912
iby bond i .. it-,
53D ST :i7 11 William Vail, In.-, agi eMiile
if Cnlllna I, ll-.li h et ill, Oct I. Il'.;22l!..10
WP.HSTf.lt AV, li tf cor 179th tTheo-
dors F I film i.gt (.'... inn I 'nuatrilcllon Co.
!ne. et al, lle 30. 1912 tup
I05TH ST, lit In fit W--William Clin agt
William lleddenilorf et al, Hpt 1.
1015 1131. 1.
Ma I'rndrna.
MOI1I1IS I'L. a p. tn fl e nf Vdiid-rbilt nt.1
ISxXO -chas liner net i:mll Heckci
et nl irnre.li.siire of timrlgagel: any,
II II lilltil".
4TH AV, 460 tn 154 Mary II lloplet el al
agt .leanit 1 t h slinlil Cn e al Ifoucloauie
of tuurigiieei; ally. T De will
CI(A AV, 1041. francla P llatiney et al
agi Urneai Weiilgnianii et al i foreclosure
of innrlBi-ge); any, s rt Jnhn,
ir.TH ST. a a, pari nf lot (x, map nf Hur
ling eplnte. 26x100- Cheater A I'awnod Hgl
Aiigualn 1) Can nod tt nl (petition): ally,
H c Lay.
LOTS IID and 141, niiiii of Mcljraiv eatalc,
llronx -KlUnlielh II f rleilrlih.eu agt Wm
II Hurkhard et al (pelllloni atty, W II
Hi w h rt
LOTS ITT and III. map of Hunts I'nliil
Realtv Co, llronx 4'hailotle A O'Shea
ngl Henry Hundlach el al I fnreclosuro of
mortgage), ntty, W C Arnold.
UUONN TKIIIIM'K. e a, lot lkl, sore 101
and part nf lol tl0, insp of tillage of
XVakefleld, llrmix --III I l.l A ford agt Thoj
1' i 'onc.i iiiinii ci al i fnr.closuri) of moil
gugei ally. W ' Aninld.
JITII ST. 135 IV Itlphen flaer Conolroit.
lug Co agt Ida faiisncr initlou In for.'
clnaa mechanics' lien) ; atty, II V Nor
man, i
t i
long Island rial kbtatr for nAt.r..
Mi.-illallv I.XTtte
vour Inaetetlon nf 4mr
"Itafetenra l.lbrarr" on
Arcbttectural Pealrna for aub-
urhan and country botllea. now
' on exhlhlilon at the American lautd
and Irrlratlnn KlDoeltlrn. 71at Reg't
Amtnri. 34th at. and Park ate.. Nov.
1Mb lo Dec. 2d. Afterwards at our
office. All Information regarding the
bulldlag of frame, ortck, nair timoer.
concrete and atueco houea and bvin-
gaiowa treatpn in a eoinptie. maa-
terlv way or in e"t aicnuecia
an.i nuuuers or me country, .xipo
aneclal inforinaimn eonirring
tanflpcape garn.ning i r r r.
write ror e i a i o g u e,
xirlinlgnt Heslty i n.,
'117 Dth Avenue.
N V CltX
Till! WAT ill MI?AI.TII
Just Think ! An Aor Land
il ,uat lit I 7 lit I "I.
, i HHjcniwAii:!! rvitxts
djnlnlnk' the most prgiele rnttiinunliy
nn laing Island. Hint can um artnid tn ms
this golden iipiinrlunlty xtbeti nnti a small
amount In rash Is required?
Write fur Particulars, Miipand Honllct N'n I
r. ii. ai'Ki:iimo in..
,Vw Vnrk lllflcep: I West .nth SI
dfllitlilfitl i'rromnl home, In
trcn in-rnti tM haj Unnrf.llu and
iltK' rri j' for iirrlp,llir t'flJUKIlt
IlUn rent Write for tiroViVt
1 West :ilth M.. Nee X.nrl
imiii:im vi r
Purchaser Wanted
iHurr Allarnr-io'inl liitMvr vltuatt t In
liMtr fiiily r"lrlrr(i rrstdrrittnl pirl Iti
IitMmntAlns if .1 Noiir lHilon on Pa I
AU II. It., ''th than hour from N fill
lrcr ntot of bioiiikI Alt rlt mi u-iil
Irnrrv will mi r I flc-e lo iiulik lMiirr.1
1 rMf rot trmitcrnp!i nun tilnn AM(', a
r. a. itn ;ini. . t'nt.
Look to New Jersey
for comfortable home
IV..ft-'. will huj 7irn-Mti hour with all!
niodrn ttl i-onxnlMirPH H.tnlufVHt I
itrlHK trni hr.Tt, irn n-NMrlrUj. Mi'
. ill iU p.ij rncnt. I'iltnc iltc rent
i1ilrp ltltl. l.
I. O. Iim :tf)l, . I.i.
I'4)K -11 I-:.
Kcv Gardens
111 Minute from Trim. Irrntlnl.
Ilmisc nnd rorunKKlloninotlrrn rottacr
avn'tflhtr .ipnn rftinjdik IT:.. I'lan,
Ai nlll tn fnrnWlird nn mipt'rat'on to
Ivpm 'Iflnli'ns ('uriHHHtlon, Inthtllpr ntdc , 3lih
ItKAIi KHTATK FOK S.M-K U lrhf ittrC.
s.c-.r.dal I. slat s
IHIIIKKI K. I'AIH.i;. I'res.
:s: mui xe .m.i wmte riain. v s
Kenneth Ives & Ho. 7 E. 42
Dt'l I0i:s. '. up. furnlshisl. intntis ld up'
Imprterients .M'KI'RM N, lt7 ijreen'tlrh st
.tKt.ixT .r.BTxti:N i.
there MH, Wr! Mid.-.
Ell Central Pari: Weal
(CORNER eVril ST.)
Modern Fireproof Buildinp.
I'tert opartrtent In Ihe l'rt-.s.la
enlnys an e.xti-lldc 1 t Sew ni
i entral Park, Modern hi exett
re .pei t. Ihe I'r-t (do Is eipilppel
xx 1 1 ll two hlCll ppeel elretrle
eletalntt, fur da and Illicit
scrvlre teparnle refrleralln.l.
mall ch'itrp, lillrrnl tvatei, Ac
eVc In shorl ctcr co'icc) I'll"
Imp' in mint for the eoeifon
ti Id imlti-llleni e i.f lis Klinnl
Arranrfcil in Suite, of
8-9-10 ROOMS
1 & 3 Bnths.
Rentnla $2,000 to $3,800
Apply Resident Manager or
PF.ASF. & ELLIMAN Ajtents,
16") V. 72d St. t el. 8503 L.01. M
no iif.i
ninth si.
Isirje Harlt t niMlern afarimen's, - A s me-n
flrvainr etc . eunter.letll l.tcallml best serxlee:
Ina rent. JSVSJi) ppl nn premise, ur UnbcrtJ
iri"i, in. i.iu.t ttc
S. . lor. Madison At- and 2Wh SI. nftcr ,i
few drplrable aultea of parlor, bedroom and
bath, al ttry attracttvo prices by the t.caxnn
nr car.
I'.DWAIII) I'l'HCHA.S, Manai-cr
I.'!.'l-l.l7 llext -431b
Ihrnugh tn 4sib S.
.Ne-.v ailillllmi nnix (iinipleled.
I.jeepiloiially f iiri.l-l.cl apariniciiix. ttlih pri
vate bath. Irnm Ml) tn 510 per ticek. Tin. room
.Siiltea, sis in J24 per tuck, Transient rnlrs
Kniini, ttlih prltntc bath, from SI. 60 tier day up
want HOIIAi'i: It SH Mills, l'rnp
B'way and 7 2d St
Kuril pcan flan.
Redecorated and modcrnlrrit Ihiniieh.iut.
New lirptaiirant. Kn.c linrden, drill and
Cafe. Business Men's l.iinclicon
Ilnomx rlnglc nr en pulie Prices eiodrrale
N. I linm. Mannger.
Two blocks from expresi stations nt
fubwar or elevated; a new family hole':
over 300 rooms. aireptlonaUy large and
light: unnptial rlopeix; ml in ot ettir xl:a:
rrntalx frogi Jaon per annum; renlcU only
by Ihe j car, unfurnished.
A. WAVHIIIA I'LACK. 101 Furnished mom,
ttlih prltatr bath and mraU; 616 tteel; hotel ar
tlce. fll-TH A .. 46 Desirable alnirle rnnni. rn-i-l.
lent biianl: Siu up; strain heal; ti Icphijiic, l.iM 1
"'sai.ks nv Attrriorx.
I1Y VIHTl'U "if clialli'l nu.rlgagi:. I. Ik-rtixteln,
aucllnnrri, sella Nnv IV, llll?, I) A M al II Del
nuailcn place, HrcHiklyn, hnrsea, wiigntrs, figures,
Ac. U order of attorney for mortrairc.
WAsnmaTorx; piikdictioxs run
I"or raatern Xexv York, fair and
XTnrmer tn.da;- rain or adoxr
nlaht or to-morroxr In northern por
llnui fair In annthrrni moderate
xx eat to aonthsrrat xvlnila,
for .Ve Hngland, fair to-day and warmer
In fte.tern and pnuthern portions! local rains
or ptiott-s at night or to-morrow In northern
portion, fair In pouthern: moderate north,
ttepl ftlnila. becoming tarlablr.
for New Jerppy, fair and warmer to-days
fair to-morroit i moderaln went to aouth
NMW VORK, .Nov. I.,-The pressure con
Untied high yesterday over all parts of the conns
' tr). xxlth Its principal centre In the Southern and
Southwestern stales.
' ilepreNslon from western Canada moved
easlwurd to a central position over Manitoba a ad
causcil higher temperatures throughout th
Missouri S'alley and from Colordao norlbuard.
It was also warmer on Ihe middle Atlantic al I
N'rw England coasts, but cooler tteattvarJ ovar
the lake rrglona.
fleering temperatures prevailed In Ihe western
P1rt of the. Atlantic States an I In northern part
of Ihe east tiulf stales an.l Texn
A Utile rain fell In WaxhlntUn, but g-urally
fair neathi-r eb.etvhere.
In Ihlsrlty ihe day was fair anil ll-h 111- warmer:
wind, brisk noltliwesl; average humldlly, .M
per ccnl.i barnmeter, corrected lo rea 1 t,i pea
letrl, at a A. M., .1.1.14; 3 P. M , .1111.
The lemiieralure In Mils cltj yeplmriaj, a re
corded by Ihe nfTlrl.il Ihermorneter, I. bown In
the annextrd lablc;
191 1
a P, l
n P vt.
1 2 Mill
Ijmext icmpcrauire. 111, al n P. l
htinrhrs r, ts inn se, 4 ut" Mien sets
iti4.it w.vrnit Tilts IA
Sand) H'l. .3n liov Hland 3:l'tfll Hate,
tti it.'
Sand It'l Hin iJox Island. lu IJifrll ttxte.. ,
trrlred MONDAY, nteeihn l
N Ijiiilaiiil, 2 A. M.. plnerp. November J
S.Taher, 2 . M.. Ilottrrilatn. Xoxember I.
.ss Ornb.i IS." P. l . Ilcrmnda. Nnxemhcr ia.
Ss I'.ili.inii. um I'. M.. (,'alharlru, Niitcmbcr II.
Ss Ma1,infas,n:j I' 4., I'nurcsn. Ncirembcr 11.
Ss e.tr.. T I M . ll.xrtia'Jns, .nlCDbfr IX.
S. frlnr I rledrleh IVIIhelm. i:in A. M., Orcmtn,
xi'telnber H
Ss s v ,i,-i.cnh.i"h, a I' M., San Juan. No
teniber l.n.
Ss San .1 ta't. 11 1'. M.. San .luan. Notemhcr IS.
Ss 'aiiillna. s.i c. M Sxn .liian, .Vnxemher 1.1.
Ss llitrgeiniel.ler lVlersen, In 10 A. M.. Ham
lung. .Vnteinber ?.
SsCienada. 7i: A. M., lirenada. Notember I.
Ss Alblngla. I A. ti tiiagna, Notember II.
NsTrtyra, In I. 4. ibiindat linlterdam, .n
trinber t
Ss r. I Mntido, tialteplnn, Nnvrmbei I?,
Ss I'rntrits, Ncit uri-an.. Notrmhcr II
Ss tttonptinr. Wllhelni, at I'Dri'j'ilh frrm ,'ew
Ss f Irxehind. nt llomha) trotu New Xor',
Ss lUrni'iillan, al llernnida frnnl .Nea- Xnri.
Ss Knrtilg Mberi, at lienna from Netv Xnrl.,
Sx MlnnetonUa, at Ivmdnn from Nett nrt
S i.enrce Washington, frnm I'hcrbonrg for
Nett orl
S II To-dar.
r- sclx
mm. . t
nn I' VI
mui A M
into A II
I m P XI
() I M
I co A M
l')i A M
U..1 14
I'. IP 64
: no v i
V ifl P M
I 0 0) .X M
I ir I U
Uitn M
I (ii I xj
:i ja p M
r, si tt
l.rospei liir(iiripl, tlrerjiell.
l-res Uncttln, Hamburg
Saxnla, llamhut g
lltndam. llettetrlain.
part.e. .lacbsnntllle
1 if Saxantiab. Satannali.
Jrffersnn NnrfplU.
Sail 1 o.mnrri'P .
I'ainrt.tnll lllenmol
1) w I' U
am M
Ortif.s. Itrrmnrta,
Vaxarl Km de Janeiro
1'bllaitelpbl.x. San Juan
Vlmlrani. Kliigstmi.
Adtance, Colon
Sanmree, Turks I. land
Varierland. Anlixerp .
Duca dl fJenota. i;enoa.
rclniftdo. ijxltcptnn
Mnrtiu. Net. Oilcans
a :m A i
v :m a M
11 so a ti
12 011 M
. Iliirnn, .larkpontllle
I I rlnces- rre, Nnili'lk
I "TueMlli
I Sxll Tbn-sds)
Nntenihcr "'
. i A t!
'. on t U
a r.i A M
I. On A M
I liarcsrn.-a nrcmen
franc-, ii.
11 ii X t
10 u. i A 61
l.'O' M
12 (XI 61
I 01 P 61
.ico I' u
Jl" I'M
It.tlllc Mt-erp....
Mexlni, llavaii
Alblngia. Inegun
It!. nfSt. Ixnls, Savannah
Hamilton. Nnrfnlk..
1 1(1 f M
inie in-tiay.
KiHitllsh I'rln
.Nov. t
Oct. 31
Nnv. 13
Nic. .1
Nnx. 12
N'n , 11
X..V, 19
s . a
Nn.-. II
Nov, It
o : 1 1
Vo' . It
.i-i :t
Not. a
Nov it
N'ec. I
Nex. It
Not. 19
Hull .
Turku Ipland.
Co ). niacrn
San (in, rein
It. tfllliel n der i!re..e.
I". I Tlelgrn . . . .
i'lotlill 1c ciiiteo
Bipii- I
i lly nf satannah.
Prltice-s time
f'.ixca del Tom
(ialtr.tni .
Sat anna.i
I'l'-mo v.iti
i "Inn
llarbailiei x,
I Irean'c.
federlra v
I'an l.n I
I rrul
I' fHel l'rlritl.-h
l"ir 'IhurMlaj. Noxer.ilcr 2!
Sa vanilla
Norfolk. ...
NT iv.
. I'rl'ii.i.h liene.
I Sania tlarla. .
. Madho'
II? Iliircnnl Wlrrlraa.
Ss Decani?, for Nen York, ttas aoi pil'ea oast
ill r-l"uy 11'IIIK ni I 14 X. '.
Si Al'cnna. f.ir Neti- 1 ic'i
was ioj niii-'i ea
of Sin ly Ilo.'k al 7.1) I'. M.
r-a .'.i 1 nn ii i, f.ir .N nt Y.irk
of Si lily Hook u(5St I'. M
was 71) inllji cit:
Xlut I'liii'iils nf Nnt ixl Vrt.rU,
' iBillNiiTON. Nov. Ik 11-e bnirltel h'i
.snitice I'tis nrrltej m New Y.i-k t ard, th njlllnr
' t'a .it Crlslnbul, the collier Promrlnsi. a"
Arap'i ci. the cruiser Abuny ,-u f-lianorlnl, iLe
siippl' ship, Simply al liiiam, Ihe supply .hlu
u.l.iclcr al sao hranclscn. Ihe ;at1ltPhlps I tan,
i I'liirlda, Ithnde Ipland. '.enrgla. Ohio, lillnnlx.
New llociishite end Idaho at I hailesinn.
, 'Ihe cr.li'er Slcillnc has palled from llaintoi
Hints tnr llntion and Ihe tuc- oiinrlo and So-
nim'airoiit .tm rniK inr .ctc xnrKinr.l.
rm nnd N'nxy Orders
W AMIl.NliTH.V, Nnv. I 'llrterriry eid-rs
were bsucil to-dav
i opt. ft;. I' Lull. Coxsi Artlllrr). frem orlll
Irn' dlalrlct of San Irancl.H-o to Slxti-fo-jrlb
i"api. W. H. Monroe, ("ov.1 Artillery, from
Slxlx. fourth company lo artillery district of San
I'rancl-in . .
Ceni, f H Callnp. Thhd Field Artillery. In
L'nllcd Stales Academy at West Point.
Capt. .1 .1. Ilan, (Jtiarlermaatrr Coips, to re
llete l.leut..i'nl, rnomaa 1. (iondman. In rharro
of AII.iiI.i nltlce. Ouxrlcrmastrr's Corps.
I.leui .(.'ul f. (.(Kidman, to Netv York cllv.
Second Hem. A V. Arnold, flghleenlh Iifin
tr, .s-'-nnil I.leui. W. Dexn. Twenli-ihlrd In
fuilrj. and fe-nnd I.leui. .1 s. Wotd. 'nitt
trilllcrj. frnm Mllllory Acadrui), West Point,
Hrlt I lent I' f Xil'itf. de.tl4l surgeon, fri'ii
1 1 rt I) v liu.pell tn Philippine, division.
Capl. It It fi.ildlhtialir Mcdlcl Corp.. froi
I'hlllniilnc. all tel in
flr.l Hem. .1. s. Coulter. Medlrjl Corns, frqii
foil Metcnttnrlli.
l-'li. i Mem i . ii, UI.H, Medlexi Corps, from
fr.ii Shrrlildii.
Iir.l Hem. II. II, Me; inn, Medlral llr'erte
Corns, fniin Key H est hir.'vkp
, flril IJeiit T M. F.ilaj. Medical Reierie
l.'.ipp. frimi I iti Mclnloeh, Tex., lo I'lilllnnlnri
riltli'n. "
I'lrsi l.leijts, I.. A, Ijivntitiirc and .!. A. Slmn
mil. frnm I'hllrpplnes division to the Unpad
Tbcpe navj mders ttere I. sued:
I.leui II. A U'iik. lo Ihrt Drlanarr ax ordnarre
ofTUei, llei-e'nbcr IR.
I.leui. II MrCsiiiilc... frnm Washington yard.
.Nevemhi'i- 24. in .Natr Deparlniein,
Itiisjtii M, J I'eierson. to Hie Souih Dakota.
t'llMlirn II. N. feert. mm Ilu. v... I...... .2 .k-
Critic r 1 "
Kti-lea K. II. (ii'muln. from .Sealile Corulr tc
linn and Dry Dock Company lo rnniinmd n
Ihe f.,
I'ayinaster II. Siiear, Irnm Philadelphia yarl
In Ureal IjiIii-. training piailon.
Capt. II. P. Williams, M, C, from Amerlotn
Icrnilnn, I'rldn. In Viaxhliigion ,
(ill TO
Larost "ttoc
Lrott Prion
isamlefcvat allvHy
31-35 SPRINfS BTBP.r.T
Near Broadway and lltkwaj.

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