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... Ht.
thare txttl Joined him. Hhe carried
u ijrnTjr nuucanen nnu toe two, in tnc I
taxicab and with thn trunks containing
the loot, drove downtown.
The detective followed them to the
Twenty-third street ferry. There VoRel
hurriedly transferred his trunks, hi
mi; tea hps and Lottie to another taxicab
and shot north BKaln.
The detectives followed, hut on the
way to The Hronx they lost track of
the other machine.
It was about 7 o'clock when Vogel,
with Lottie, reclstered at the hotel.
The detective had spent the evenlns
acarchlnK through hotels In The Hronx
and IntervlewInK proprietors for de
scrlptlons of guests who had reels
tercd there during the evonlnK.
Hficli Knit of Their Search.
At about half past 9 the two private
detectives, still accompanied by Kay,
reached the Klsmere House. They
looked over the reclster and nsked
Mondscheln for a description of his
newly Arrived guests. When Mond
scheln told them of VoRel and Lottlo
the three detectives decided to po up
aulrs. Ilutler, the waiter, was summoned by
Mondscheln to show the three to the
room In which were Vojrel and Lottie.
The waiter knocked on the door and
VoRel, lightly clad, opened It a few
"Who wants me?" he asked.
"Pome detectives," said Hutler.
As he spoke Voarel slammed the door
; wide open and Jumped out Into the
hallway, swinging a hlackjack. He
crashed this down on Allen's head and
then jumped back Into the room before,
any of the others could grab him.
Fay and Lulgt sprang after him. while
1 Mondscheln and Hutler came close to
the doorway to see what followed.
Vogel leaped to the bed, reached his
! hand under a pillow and withdrew It,
clasping a magarJne gun. The detee
I Uvea were almost on top of him and he
I allot quick from the waist Into Fay's
stomach. Fay fell and Vogal turned the
irun on Lulgi, flrins quickly several
When several bullets had beon
pumped Into Lulgi u stomach and downed
1 the detective Vogel took one quick shot
at Kay. who had regained consciousness
and was trying to get at his gun. The
hot hit Fay In the head and he sank
back again.
Then ftfcoota lintel Mm.
Butler and Mondscheln had started
down the hall when the tiring began.
Mondscheln had already reached the
stairs. Vogel Jumped out Into the hall,
fired once at Mondfcheln, hitting him
In the stomach, and then again, quickly,
t Butler, hitting htm In the stomach.
Vogel then stepped back Into the
room. Lottie was struggling at the
window, trying to open It. Whether It
was her purpose to scream out the win
dow for help or to throw herslf out
Is not known, but when Vogel saw
her actions he shot her twice, one bul
let hitting her In the right breast and
the other entering her temple. .
She fell dead, and Vogel. with one I
fiend and two dying at his feet, turned
h magazine gun on himself. The
first shot he fired nt his breast, and
t Ins- failed to make him unconscious, so
!i shot another bullet Into his head
and dropped to the Hour dead.
Police tirt Witnesses.
The shots hnd been heard In the
street nnd a crowd collected. This was
augnifnted when men and women half
dressed rushed screaming or shouting
into the street. Knrly policemen had
the presence of mind to grab some of
these persons as witnesses and herd
them back again Into the hotel against
their very vigorous protests.
borne got away, however, but
when Capt. Sam Price, chief of the '
detectles of the Mnrrlsanla station, 1
and Capt. Walling. In charge of the
uniformed force, arrived on a run they
had some persons to question.
There was no chance for the police
man to get nnythlng out of the live
wouqded. all of whom were unconscious.
t. Price instead went to the bed on
rhich the man who had started It all
was lying. Heslde him lay two revol
vers ho had used so effectively. It
needed but a look for Price to recognize
Vogel as a crook with a long rf.cord.
While the police were working
Father Wallace of the Church of An
gelo Mercl. who had heard the shots
from the street, put In an appearance
and he straightway began administering
the. rites of the church to such as
howed any signs of life.
He was still engaged In this when
inc amnuiance rrom Lebanon Hospital .
arrived with Drs. Kpstein and Wozen-1 .('!'n, .bray1"" Ives bought the "Conies
chelm Th t-x-n u. 1 Cholsls of ( ,uy de Maup issatii. printed in
scneim. The two surgeons found life ,SI mr the bibliophiles Conleinporalre,
In the five, but as for Vogel and the,for;f
woman they declared there was no i '".e lilghesi pri.s- reached at the atter
, . . ... "" noon ale was paid b Mr Sin Ih dr
chance of life. The five, were at once j the i holv de ( h.insons of J IS de la Horde
placed In the ambulance nnd rushed to The lour tolmucs were large paper lopies,
the hospital. I l,.',r!,l I"1",01'.1'' I'V l-"rme In
. ;. ' . ".iris. Inserted In tiie tolunies wen- inir-
llCtnt!l'A I. Q,. n't u nnnL'nlm... . 1- - . i... , I. I ... . '
ambulances arrived and told the story
of the shooting while he was being'
. ..m.t i.i,iii.iuiin worn inr
takentotlieLebanonHosr.ll.il. He was
In Kreat pain and hrouthod hravlly, titjt
seemed to follow the sequence of ,,
night's work well.
Fajr'a Stor of shootlna.
"The three of us Lulgi. Allen nnd I
had trailed Vogel from a furnished room
nouse on i wenxy-urin street, near
Seventh avenue, In a taxi nnd we found
them stopping at the klsmere
"We gave them plenty of time to get
k,,... i... i ,
' me. 11, ui nun iu iiiiurn
.tar-U.Wh?'n. ndscheln:
anu nuiier snoweu us 10 meir room on
the top floor.
"Hutler led the way, and the three
us burst right In after them.
"Ah snnn ns u-a ..n .,.,.! ti,. ein
began. I was well In the room at the
time and do not know whether the
woman assisted Vogel In the shooting.
"We three returned the tiro and
blazed away for all we were worth, and
then I fell, As I staggered toward!
Vogel he was lying on the floor.
"We had neen huhbicious of Vncnt for
ome time. Our suspicion had been first j
brought about when two weeks ago 1 1
sweated Hoplilo Rreckendorf, who was
arrested charged with stealing from
many people for whom she worked.
"There had been finite a big haul, in
volvlng a great amount of loot, From
what she told me I got busy on Vogel.
I picked up his trail In the Twenty-fifth
street house, where I kept shadowing
"To-day he left that houre In a taxi
cab, and we followed also."
Coroner Jerome Healy refused to allow
the trunks to be opened. Ho said that
ha would open the trunUt 8 o'clock
this morning. Capt. Price put two de
tectlvea on guard over the trunks.
Capt Price found a large diamond In
Voxel's pocket.
Coroner Jerome Healey arrived and
aftar looking over the frightened wit
nesses ordered all. of them to be taken
to the Morrisanla pollen station until
he could question them. At his orders
the police took charge of all the personal
effects of the man and woman and
then the Cgroner ruihod to the hua
mssmsnU not mmiai mm
III ST7 , '
32 M. 9. Taurine and Roadster $78.
filly r.uuirriio
v n Speed
.?!? jPHEiAsr'JV ;".
Axfi"" M""D'
Raklah ntn. All Mnrlna lart rnetcmeil
1709 nitnADWAV Cor. 54th St., N. Y
NKWAHK. N .t 2UI lla.ey St.
rt Ornnte. Mntrlalr lloMon,
pltal himself to et any ante-mortem
statements poslblc.
statements possible. He will examine
seven of the arrested witnesses this
morning. Four of them are women.
The bodies of Vogel and the woman
were taken to the Ford ham morgue.
Ily midnight the Ktwnere hud quieted
down, although the police were still
In charge. The hotel had not been
closed, but the police were keeping curi
ous persons away.
Tea-Year-Old (ilrl Tells of
pnndent's Visits.
Bessie Oardner, the ten-year old daugh
ter of Charles N. (Jardner, a wealthy lum
ber dealer of West Hoboken, was a witness
in Chancery Chambers, .lersey City, yes
terday afternoon against her toother,
Mrs. Kliza Proctor (iardner. who is being
sued for divorce. Jocko Mitido of West
Holwken is named as corespondent.
Thn girl told of frequent visits to the
Oardner home by Mindo during her
father's absence ;She also said that her I
,.,, ,;,.!. ...... .iw. ..-i . 1 in h aim riwiuueu ..ere m nuniuii auu
,T.11k one time and thought , KO(X, (W1(ltlmi is conf1rmed by
tinker t'?ifli hi. wiru n, .,,.i (" ' Klwell, engineer. of the Public Utilf
t,Ti...LrX.( 'I"" romtnlssion .,f the Slate of Conneo-
with a tit of delir'um tremens one niifht
and imagined that she saw "headless jack
rabbits and lloii'i cavorting about her
Gardner said he sent her to a sani
tarium and af'or she returned home, it i
claimed, she oegan to drink worse than
Demorratlr Mrhntaa of .Mnntenrgrn
VUlta Third Class Coach.
p1al CM, vwteh to Tsr Kr.s
Ixikwn, Nov. IS. A European mon-
arch travelling In a third class railway,.
car was never Heard of until the other
day, when the democratic King Nicholas
of Montenecro was on hli wnv to Antl.
, v. .
Hearing that
America were
train, but In a third clas coach, the
King, who was anxious to talk with
mem, leu nis suue in me nrsi class anil io trie nexi adjacent wneei tor tiie pur
entered the third class coach, which on i l0"" "f equalizing the action of the load
this line, from the viewpoint of clean!!-
nes and comfort, I- notoriously the
worst In the lwilkan.
The King approached the two travel
lers and carried on an ilnlmated con
versation about America for some tlm
A Rare Rnmnnep of the flnse" Sold
for BTOO at MKht Malnn,
The s.ile of part fourth of Robert l!n
llbrarj' wss resumed yesterday and the
same ener crowd of buyers ami buyers'
representatives from all oer the nnrld
assembled in the auction roomnt Anderson'i
for the event The total for the day's
sale amounted to $l7,.'.rt, bringing the grand
total of the sale up to f l.TH.B43.
The hlifli prii es began llli the first book
put up for auction In the evening Thlr
wa the rare "Kcfinaiire of the Ilo-p,' by
(iiilllaiune de l,orri! and .lean He Meung,
printed In l.vm for Vernrd In Pari and
bound by Trautz-ilaunnnet. it was finally
knocked down to the ltosrnbach Company
f,or I7i)0
ft. I). Smith was one of the mot success
ful of the bidders for rare works. He
secured the Iterne i;si edition of the stories
of Mnrxeret of Navarre for S.vm Me imIiI
:.H) for the works of Sir D ivjd I, indsav,
printed in hdinhtirgh in IM lie got the
Hvro and I.eateler that was lieuun tiv
Christopher Marlowe nnd llni-hsl lit
(ieorne I haptnan I London )7', Inr l:t.
and alo the comedy "Hollands l-e.iguer.
liy Marinlon, that was plnvwl bv l'ilm
Charley actors In s.ilhurv lourl. fur J.Mii
Mr Smith also paid l.'lo for the 'Knenrs
Hondnh. ' hv De Maiimanl. a llr-t islltlon
bound by Marms Muhfl, and ttii for iln
Songs of HilllK, by I'lerre liuys I'hls
list volume was ektri illustrated by iki
orU-lnal water color draw lugs by Andrf dee
Cat hims
William M Hill t'Un hunsl the rare works
of Clement Mnroi (v.ilet de ihHuibre io the
king-, Lyons, i fur ,ml the dnles-
cenre or leinenllii, hy tiie same writer.
published in l'.irl by nutlet, for l.i:o
sraph letter by Li ..Horde and the scane I
D A, li''1"' liie binding was b i
trails uy i..nii'iiri nuii .iioreau, ail an.o-
The well known I
,f'Htlon llarl-tn.') of li I ont.uiu'V "Cont ,
. Illustrated books of the eihtenth rentiirv. .
went to .Mr. (Juarilch for f i.;',iii ,e hooks
were bound In i old French led tnorocco, gii
toned rlentel e hnr-lers ,n llie ..lit:
edges, by Padelojip '
(i S Ilellman purchased for ivm the
larce pai"r copy "I in lontnine's "!h
n.;.v. .ii v....i.i
by Tildot In Patls in i-M fhe eiliti'on was
decorated with drawings by Moreau the
..iV... - Hi. .. 1.1..V11.... .... i.:.iL7 "J ' r"? .
'"i" - . "mi ;i "11111111K " 1 anciuiip nas mi 11
PJ indteorum.- be
fjin r. printed In l-omltm In leu, --old
for ;'i to
Ii S
' Hthfr hilTh nrlr. il.tr.nir tK a ft
.r!r,oir..1,iiari:.;i,vfrfr,si:1ojrK; '.v
Wriirht. and tl'it.'i for "TnrsU pi .
Sr H !outl.ni. ParN. mt. M.UI to t h
H "nf If .
Thn KHlrt rnntlntir ln.mnrr.itv nftAmnnn
and evening. "
besides time and vexation, if you'pur
chase your full dress apparel here, ready
to wear. We have expert fitters and
can guarantee all the stylq and perfec
tion of fit that any one could wish.
Full Drts Suit, $3C to $03;
. mi. Dinner
Dcclnnifion Tlmt Full of Equal
izer Bur Derailed Mer
chants liimited. -
Portland Express Aeeident Not
Due to Had Ties, It
-Is Stated.
Nkw Havk.v. Nov. 15. Statements
concerning the accident to the Portland
Kxnrrss 'Inst .Saturday tnorninR at Mil
ford and the accident to the Merchants'
Limited at (Ireens Farms on ;ho evening,
of the same day were issued this after
noon by the New Haven road here. ( on
remind the latter It 1 said: "The train
at the tlmo of the accident was running
on the outcide westbound track known as
No 3, and was on its regular schedule,
being about three minutes late. The
accident was caused by a piece of equip
ment, the equalizer bar from the truck
of the diner, which was the third ear In
the train, dropping down and dragging
into a trailing switch which derailed the
four rear cars. The eniiltimelit was
damaged very little, none of (he cars
being overturned ami only one passenger
badly enough injured t" be taken to a
"It should be clearly understood that
the train was running on a straight track
and that there was no crossover move
ment Involved in the accident
"The iiivtig.ition shows that the
track and roadbed wore In normal nnd
ticut. who was present at the scene of the
wreck soon after it occurred and who
stated that both the ties and rails ap
I ten red to be in ood condition."
The statement concerning the Portland
Express accident says:
"Hie ties in this particular stretch of
track were largely creooted and the
rail fastened to them with tie plates and
screw spikes. Most of thet-e ties have
been laid within the last thrsi or four
rears and were in first class condition.
There were no ties in this stretch of track
older than from-four to five vears. thn
regular life of an ortlinan-tie being about
I t'wetu'v'vea'rs " "' li BboUl
"The company feels that it should make
clear to the public that t!v( standard of
j track construction and maintenano on
. its lines is of the hicheet character, fre-
I quent anil regular inssction being mad
, It is fur her explained that an equalize
1 bar iM ,,ar al,"llt f'vp f-' '""; flv.
quent and regular inssction being made
inches brand mi in, innhn. ihiU ...
tending from the journal box of a wheel
"n ,n'' lnlCK
Inierttnte Cnnimrrre Inmmlnlnn
tskeil to Prntrrt Pnhllr.
flendered uneasy by the succession of
accidents on the Vow Haven road some
of its regular commuter", n-sidlng princi
pally in Stamford, held an informal coun
cil on the wny in to the city yesterday
morning, which resulted In a (wtition
to the Interstate Commerce Commission
asking for its nid in securing the pro
tection of passengers,
Louis A. i.ehmnier of 7s tleekman
street, who was one of the signers, stated
that the action was prompted by no
motive up'on the part of the iietltioners
tuner than ttieir rear or a repetition of
Saturday's mishap.
"We all feel that our turn mar come
next." Kiid he. "and we decided that
something had to !w done to alter the
present conditions "
This is the petition which was sent to
the Interstate Commerce Commission-
The umlersluned patrons of the Sow York,
New Haven nnd llartfotd riailrond Com
pany te-riei-t fully represent that n series
of accidents on said railroad, including the
two accidents on Saturday, November s,
IIHI. in the State of Connecticut, hate been
supposedly due to unsafe and Improper
i rnsHovers, and by reason of this fm-t. in
the opinion of the underjigned, trntel on
said railroad Is unsate.
Wherefore the undersigned petition and
urge t our hoi.orahle body lo take the neres.
s.m sieps io protect the travelling public.
Those who affixed their signatures
were Louis A. Lehmaier, Xorwalk; I. SI
Hoyt, TheiHlore (. ()Pen, W. A. Kced.
K L Oreenburg, South N'orwalk; S
Merritt Skelding, Hulph II. Hiirlbutt.
John ItolsTts. M. C. Cleveland. Willard
II. Kemp. John K. Troy, William J.
rotumo, . J O'Hrien, V. " Starl;. A. S.
Sclioonmnker, Wallace fJ.Harklev, W. R..1.
Kirk. T. A. r)emarest,Stamford:"Joseph.S.
Stiill, .lr North Stamford; Charles C
Hoyle. Albert L. Ilichardsou, t .V. Lewis,
Cliarles Vol. Thomas Kenmslv, H, II
Downing. W. I). Kineli, (Ireenwieh;
j"",,. ,J ' , r' ?. w T
f SifTtlril' New Vork eitv ilnr?ttVi' vvi!:,'
" "
cn llatrn Adinlli ( hit rue Snis
....--i -nj
Improieinent Is I'nitilnu,
" ""iiemiin, lawyer tor the .Vow
. .. .. . .-. .....
V??,"' nntl "-ytford. pleaded
K'"lty 10 two charges or violating tho
Pmo1!" """""" Spoota" HMons
court vesterdav before .Instlr-ns ni.i.nii
- - -" 1
? ItttL. ' V. i
. T ' "l nna'n,
Harlem River, where the road haa a freh. h t
..! I . .
t.t th smoke ..i,, froni 171
'i'r'"" of the Roard of Health and
- iiiin - n nu. uiiiM-.irniiiu
residents near tho
.s) I ...l u i . . . "
lul' ' yh , T "n. '""i .
J s.... i.ub rn tun ihjv ivuie
Evening Dress
everything that
is new and
Winner Coats $18 to 38.
Vests $4 tn $12.
the engines were, nultchiti;;. .Ulor hear
Imr this testimony lhi court deferred
sentence until .lannury 21
Oottsman al(I tlmt t!ie railroad cvn
panr hnd nlrcadv imtiillod many e'eetrje
engines for freight tranfor and thrt '
shortly after the (lrt of th year there
would he no more smoke riufsntic'-'
Appropriate IMn- Will lie Performed
In l.mllntT Street .fnll.
Sheriff Harliurger gave permission
yesterday in the management "f "Our
Wives," now being produced nt Wnl
luck's Then ire. to perform the entire
second net of Mie play, which deals to
some extent with the question of ali
mony, nt Ludlow street Jail ueM Sun
day afternoon nt 2 o'clock before the
twenty-two members of Sheriff llnr
burger's "Alimony Club" and other
guests at the Jail who enn't get out to
the theatre these days.
The Sheriff miggertetl that the pr-
formance be given en Tlrtnkfglvln
Day, but the management of the plny!i Aiit-cles ri;is exiilosion. in joining
said tlmt two performances that xUyhU wifl. nw, children nml then eM'.ipJng
were nil mat could no nsi-cu m me
players. Nine members of thn cast nnd
all the scenery for the nit will ' taken
to the Jail Sunday nftenmon
Arrests Prevent Clash Ret ween
Forces of One Eyed Connelly
and Charlie KHh.
Tilings were all arranged for a battle
last night lietween One F.yisl Connelly's
gang and Charlie KellvV gang, sub
divisions of the notorious Car Hani gang
when some snitcher who hid his identity
behind an nnonymous telephone cull to
the police broke up the plans. Policemen
went along Sis-ond avenue, gathered in
the leaders of both gangs and confiscated
a large assortment of pieces of lJ.nl pipe,
sandbags and n gun or two.
The bitterness between the two gang
eaders goes back to the days when Con
nelly was called Billy. Kelly is credited
with having provided Connelly with his
nickname, On October 2 Inst after a
Harlem ball given by members of the
Car Harn gang, Connelly won the consent
of the girl Kelly took to the ball to allow
him to see her home. When he had gone
two block's after leaving her at her home,
in Second avenue near Fifty-second
street, ho was set upon with a blackjack
and one of his eves was knocked out
Connelly went to I'lower Hospital fr twir
weeks and before he got oir Policemen
Hottser nnd Oswald, who had picked htm
up after he was tiealen, arrested I env
In the Harlem police court I onnellv
hnd no choice after the statements he
had made lo the police but to make a
complaint charRing t hat Kelly had done
the blackjackinc. Kt-lly wan held for
forty-elKht hour and when Connelly
did not appear to pre the. complaint I
the MaRlHtr.it turnl Kelly lots,...
I-ast nlRht came the telephone call to
I.ieut. .Miller of th Kast l ifiy-lirst stre"t
station and he 'nt llousei and Oswald
around to 1'ifty-seoond street, where
according to the telephone call the butt!"
was to occur In the Second avenue
hallways south of lfty-sond wtrt
the two policemen saw' rough neclos)
yonnc men (oiteriiiK. They called other
policemen nnd a Roneral raid was made
m th hallways of the region. In one of
them they found Connelly In another
north of rifty-socond street they found
Kelly, .bout forty youtiK men who looked
likn nanKstera ran away. In the various
hallways were found the war implement.
Kelly wa held on the old chante of felo
nioim assault antl Connelly was detained
as a witneea.
Kelly nays he lives at JlfX Avenue A.
Connelly cave his address as MS Cast let cm
road. West Brighton. Staten Island.
ftripaprr Orgnnn Propone to r)l
pair I. an' l oiistltiitlonitllt j .
Spraol Callr rf patch In Tar. "m-.,
IUvana, Nov. 1. - The newspaper
orKnns of Ice-l'reclnent .nyup, wtio
wan defeateil for the presidency nt the
recent election, continue to assert that
he will not accept th" r'sult. which
must be annulled.
They now propose an appeal to the
Supreme Court on the uround that the
ouiirrnii' uui I nil ue kiiuiiio miiu "ic
....PS..... u.i. ..-I .ui. V-......I.-I mi. iii'iiiis own. inc t.-iegratns are signed i
and Oov. Magoon promulgateil, is nn
eonstliutlonal, although II Is the same
law under whlih the Liberals won tin
Presidency In 190.
Troops VnluntrerliiK fur s-ervler kii
.IoiikkIIm's Itehair.
fpr'ial Vti'ile Hr'pntrh. In Tnu Stv
London, Nriv. 19. The correspondent
of the lull; 'Irlrumith at Pe.;ln. tele
graphing from the Chinese capital yes
terday, t-tfttes tlmt the war enthusl.iMii
In reference to the Russian aggression
In .Mongolia Is constantly growing.
Divisions of troops nrr volunteering for
active sen lee In behalf nf I'lilnrso ua-
tlonr.lb-m hy the wholesale.
The troop trains on the northern rail
ways are beginning lo inovo toward
A despatch to tjie Timrx from Pckln
says the Government has concentrated
10. IUU irons at KaUinn ft
t.on In Mongolia! It L
lo.noo trops at Kulgun for a demonstrn-
s reported that
re.- it' Islons have been ordered to
Travellers From Vera Criif. hnj II,.
(lot An-nr.
Sptcial Cable Vet patch to Tnt. Sis.
Havana, Nov. 18. Passengers who ar
rived to-day on a steamer from Vera
Cruz, Mexico, contlrni the report that
lien. Kellx Diaz, the leader or tho lute
revolt, has escaped.
Cltlirui to i:reet Mrmnrlnl tn I.ntc
Utica, N. Y Nov. 18, The citizens of
L'tlea have decided to ptrpetuiito thn
memory of Vice-President Sherman, nml
with that purpose In view It Is proposed
to form u Sherman memorial associa
tion, representing the people of Ittlcn.
It Is pointed out that Mr. Sherman al
ways hud the Interests of the city In
mind nml he never lost an opportunity
to nilvnnco Its prosperity and aid In lis
development. It Is planned to erect tho
proposed memorial on tho Parkway,
marking the scene pf Mr. Sherman's
last public appearance, when ho was
notified of his renumlnatlnn iih the Re
publican candidate for Vice-President.
The Wall Slri rl r llll.ni n Tu. I'. i ..
i-Mi'slns All thn Daiinilai nmt. n. the n,i,k nnil
liiiiiil iniouil.i'ii. in ihr rinn,. of the murk, I . Thn
rltihliK iiunlnliniiK. Inrludliiir the "blit nml inke l"'
Pr"S with Inil.lll..-a.l new. iuntter. jirA Jon ,Te.1
ali la thai lllglil lul llnal llloa of Tim l.i KNiSa
witness Snvs Jolwu.nson Ac
eotnpatiied Family in Tveit
nine's Car.
Tall; Kan of "IMowiiur Up Seal)
,io!is" ii ml "Cleaning I'p
tlie Coast.'
Inmianapous, Intl., Nov. IS. How
O A. 'I'veltmoo imtl Anton Johannsen
nidisl O.ivid Cnlilnn. who assisted J. H.
MeN'ninnrn Tn the iireiiar.lt ioilH for the
from CnHtornU. was told on the witness
stand in the trial of th dynamite cases
to-d.iy, mid lw tho story of Kugetie
Clancy's admissions imdhow he fiiinjcd
when he was confronletl In u lawyer's
ofllce with flrtle McM.itiigal. lie was un
conscious so Ion,-; tlmt those present b
catn't frightened and a hypodermic was
ntjniinistered before he could he, re
stored. The e-enpe of David Cnplan win, te
tifieil to by Malcolm Litlhll!!, mi em-ployis-
of a taxicab company He said
hi. cmploer in July, mil, ordered him
to lake u car to thn ofllce of O Tvcit
moe, and w lieii he arrived Anton Johann
sen got in nnd gave him directions as to
where to go. Out, a little distance the
party picked up another man with a dark
mustache and dark hair and eyes, about
f feet 10 inches tall.
They went south and then northeast
and came to a canon where ho was or
dered to stop. Johannsen left the car nnd
soon returned with a woman and two
children, a boy and girl apparently 4
and n years of age. Once on the trip he
heartl the woman called "Flora," but
that was the only time she was addressed
by her name.
He took the party, consisting of Johann
sen, the strange man and the woman and
two children, to l'eno, Nov., where they
were Just in time to catch the Overland
liimited train for Chicago, which the par
ties Immediately boarded. As they left
the car Johannsen gave the driver a letter
to Tveitmoe,, which he delivered when he
reached San Francisco,
The man picked up soon after leaving
the .Metroitolis llilildmg in San Francisco,
m which I veittnoe had oflices, was David
t'apl'in. and tjin woman and little boy ami '
girl were his wife and children. That
was the last that has been seen of any of
them. I
Oscar Iiwler, special Assistant Attor-,
tiev-Cieneral in connection with the Is
: Aneeles dt'iiHtnitini; oases, was n wit
i t-il.iy and told of conversations witli
, Lunelle Clancy and .1 K Mutisey The,
, latter denied that he had holies! ,J It.
ioNam.ini after the Tinne explosion!.. t i ti i t
or that he ever knew hiui l-awler called 1 JlOSOllini, Her HllSbniMl,
hi attention to the fact that Mrs. Munev
Had inueniiiied n pnotoKrapii ot .1. is
McN'amani as that of a man who had
stopped at her house under the name of
Thus confronted. Mlinsey said ho was
willitiR to tell all he knew. He admitted
that lie went from ."vilt l;iki city to Los
.nceha after the Timm explosion
in order to learn somethinc of the senti
ment of the people towartl the p"rre
tnitor of the mitrace. and ho also went
to ws Clancy ut S.in KrancMvo. He
niadi thesH trip under direction of .1,
J McNamara, who wanted thn ground
looked over while his Iwother wan in
Arthur Veitch. Deputy District At
torney of Ix Angeles, said that Clancy
admitted to him on Decemler lR,.10li,
that he saw J. M. McNamara at Seattle
prior to the Ttmrn explosion and that
). II. told him that he was out 'blowing
up tome JoIih" and was out to "clean up
the coata."
At the u Angeles Federal Building,
saitMeitch. there wao a conversation be-
twen Uiwlernndt-Uncy in hia presence)
ir;'".. " ' . , i 'j;t.i .S.rrhT':",
'""-l"n ir ' ao fr" a V. "Hl.I
if h had snt anv telgram.s fo J. ,1
McNanuirn with lefejvnoe to .1 H. Mo-I
Namani in Inly or August. 1010, and
' L!,.r'..Klil1 !,p ,,ot.
"ell, perhap,-. you liad tietter look at.
Iiim.. " nlfi'li unirl Iiu.-I.ji ronm vLr-ul 1
handine nlioli.i'mnlu, of three tnloi-mms
tn l,n i m inn nffini.ii rvUn i, iiav n tflf-.n.in..t I
in tlw dyn.im.to conspiracy trial
Veitch slid Clanrv adtiiitted that, be
. . ., . ;. . r i
(."lie." Thev are the .vll known
m tele-
to have
for th-
grams in wlueb t I'.ncv is alleged
akisl whether "Jim" had left,
coast yet, and urging that he lo hent nt
Veitch siid Clancy said he was nirpireed
at what J R. said, and told. I II he (lid not
want anything to do with it. that it was
not right, and whoever tried it was sure
to get into trouble. J. R.. according to
Ihi- story, reiterated what he had snid
about Clancy telling him whut was to Iw.
done, but Clancy said he would not have
anything lodo with it and terminated the
! hllrlren (In Seh..nli llnlelr.
'lli mil of liuxtnv II Schwab, nhudiod
at Litchfield. Conn . en November is, mi;,
leave hi entire e-late lo hU wife, hut it
provided Hint In the ev, nt of her death
Hie propert Tins In l-o lo h two children
ii'Wa Schwab and Mrs Kniils S. Merrick
lr Si liuab died before her hiKhnnd 'j'he
.able of the ,"late was not girn
There ARE new and
healthier conditions in
the card and filing business.
The ,old, very high prices
have been PROVEN unneces
sary, obsolete.
You CAN buy the highest
type of filing equipment made
;We ask you to see our goods.
Telephone, Franklin 32(1
371 Broadway
Cold Weather Comfort Helps
Sweater-vests of soft Angora wool.
Gloves lined and unlincd for street wear,
motoring and driving.
Underwear in all the desired weights of pure
wool guaranteed against shrinking.
Pajamas of outing and French flannel.
Genuine Mackinaw Coats impervious to
rain and chilly blasts.
' Ulsters of fuzzy cloth with an abundance of
style and warmth.
Warm Overcoats and Suits all at prices
which you will warm to instantly.
Astor Place &l Fourth Avenue
Old English Furniture
English Pottery and Porcelain
Sheffield Plate and Silver
of the XVIII. Century
Nos. i o & i 2 East 45 th Street, New York
2T7 Piccadilly, LONDON V.
tlcnvnrs Through Tnflupnrn
to Hush Up Scatitlal.
' ...
American Woman V Lawyer
Socks .MortjjujZP to Sr
fiiro Alimony.
Fpfctal Cable Detpateh to Twi Srv '
Rome, Nov. 1J. The Moschlnl scandal
arising out or tlio arrest last night of
MKnora .Moscnini. rormeriy i.uiu Davis
of Austin. Tel.. wife nf ft wenltViv rinn.
. .v company of a naval
, lieutenant. Is extensively commented on
I In the press. Most of the comment U
very favorable to the American girl, who
1 iy..,,i m..u i....v.j
ntt(.mm,.,, t0 divorce her. The fonner
Vin ly mor nltld tlmn blamM
I . .
'now that the truth of the affair U
known. Despite tho efforth of Deputy
Moschlnl to conceal the particulars ot
the affair It appears that when the do-
lice arrested his wife In the hotel she
W '""y dressed and had not even re
moved her hat. and hence tinder th. law
'there was no evidence of tlagrancy.
i-,.r,,,t,- tnMi-
" ...
t.. n..,r..
.................. -
l "lil ""s not guilty ot any onence ne
'tried to hush up the scandal. He then
spread the report that his wife hnd not
been arrested, but had mvsterlotislv dls.
Meut. nellenard, who is an nldu de
camp to Admiral Nlcastro and who was
arrested with SlKnora Moschlnl. was
released on ball to-day. Slgnora Mos
chlnl Is still In Jail despite the efforts'
of Ihi- counsel, Slftnor Vlnal. who was I
not allowed to visit her. The Judlclat
authorities refused to accept ball owIiir.
10 tue alleped lack of proof as to SIk-
nera Mo.chlnfs Identity and insisted on
ealillnp t,. ihr. I'nlmri u,.. .u .
object of .iscertn.nlnR whether she hn
any criminal antecedents. Stenor Vlnl
..Mn.i,. ,,.,
nintcd' pu.;;. ' whh "
trllmtcd to ,ho powerful. Influeno, ofl n" ,1 .r . ,h m 'a Z,
Slunor Mo-ehlnl. Plnally 'siRnor Vlnal ImSn i ih.l yol,n hi "
si.ecee.lerl in em,, innim- i.iL "i ' ' Ind1no1 ln i and the swordfmen wn
n mm
Ii InveMlKatlnK thn cases that she chouM
I be released on ball and her provisional
I release probably will bo ordered to
MKiior lnal is takln? steps to plac
ortsae on Deputy Moschlnl' prep-
y In order to i-ccuro the rccular luy.
ment of the nllmony Rranled by ih
court. He expresses the hope tint S'!:
nora Moschlnl, who Is without frlenJi
and without money, will be helped Uj
her countrymen and countrywomen
flKht her husband, who Is ti!;u hi'
wealth nnd power ae.ilnt the unliap?;'
SlKnora Moschlnl has a.sked Tut; J- s
correpondcnt to convey a ra.s.tir;nj
me.ssaKe to her need and Infirm moth:.
Mrs, f. B. Swain, of lort Worth. Td.
and to -ay that sho hopes her mother
will not be worried, since Innocence I:
pound to triumph.
Manr Parisian Attracted to Sale of
Actrc..'. Kffert..
, ' 7, Vm, is nV-.
. ' , , , ,Jr .
.-fr.M.i vuvie tospaicn IO IB at!,
crowds at-
' pnd(?:1 ot the late Mme. I.an-
Jewel" Bnd Prlalns at the Ho-
te Drouot to-day. There were manr
i'mi,r''' Jresaed women of the name pro-
' acirees ana tneir ati-
InmnhllAfl A fl 1 1 Mltatuil U- .Ji.l.l.J
streets all afternoon.
Many of the people at the sale wer
attracted there more out of curiosity
than through any wish to buy, for th
entire eiKhty-six lots realized but 193.
399 'rancs, or about $8,500. Of thU
! rancs.
' "mount ,hn Jewels brought 173,705 an.
'he porcelains 19.694 francs.
pcrBonB wonaereo. vnv ine tut
"c,u "na m6 any expIanaUM
. .0,.m(Hi w. tY,ut lt ,.
. ' , ucitohij i
rder to. se."le the
l1"""?" ' 0,300 '" n a valuation el
1 rnci Lot 14 fetched 24.0M
i tri"P on a valuation of 20,000 franc;
l.-t 9. 10,500 francs; Lot 8. g.010 franca;
Lot 3, 7.75B franca; lot 7. 7.200 franca;
i-ot ... ,,000 francs, and Lot 4. .tH
i rancs.
,,,Pt Too Late to Accept Iar1tntl.il I
to Part. Dae!
c., r-(., . ' .
1 Speeial Cable DetpatcJi to TBI dtw,
' ZvZTL1 ih! T
, VfJ.MM 1 know ""r Md Andr.
"ourdet. an engineer, both cracUl
rr:?: '"v,.w
i without an audlenc.
j The combM went on. however, an!
tno duellists prodded at one another
very bard. Finally ynurur Pozxl msa-
agped to find Bourdet and punctured him
'o Cine to the ntaanornrnner
Wealthy Hotel Mnnncrer.
Sptcial Cable Drtpatch to Tut Sl
Paris, Nov. 18. The police toilJ
nro still without a clue to the where
abouts of M. Wetzel, the hotel admln'f
trator. reputed to be n very wealtlifl
mnn, who has been mysteriously ml-
;ns since November ?.
His accounts are stated to be ln v
feet order.
Vcrjr llurr Hold Speelmro I oli! l
Special Cable PeepateA to Ins Si
I.ONPON, Nov. 18. At a sale of
tlqultlcs and works of art nt Potheby''
to-day a very rare ancient Kcyptl
necklace of Bold, composed of ttifrty
threo small pendant fluures of Isis rtnl
thirty-four spherical beads, ioil for J-l
treneh "Journal OOlelel" tlrdcrtl
II.-.O.IIOO Ktlocranis nf I'aper.
fAlud, Nov. 18. The Journa! OflHWj
to-dav Invited tenders for MO.OOd klio
Itnims of prill Lin sr paper for net f'
It may be. stated that the Kreiich otnci
nrKnn In perhaps a cnmprehensle t"
lrcasfoiKi. Record, but the iiialll n't
paper Is certainly Inferior.
u ' $ " I ' ""ll
, . :

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