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Fair and warmer to-day; fair to-morrow and
colder by night; southwest to west winds.
Detailed weather reports will be found on page IS.
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VOL. LXXX.-NO. 82.
NEW YORK, THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 21, 1912. CopvrlgM. Ml!. l the Sun Prbitlns na VubtltMug Atioriotton.
rUy-Clinmbcrlnin Helps Tick
Men for Bribery
Defendant's Counsel Pleads
Against Putting Him
in Jail.
Trinl to He Hushed nnd Hox
men May (Jet Case
WAI.It-f TINSI '. . co.il dealer.
10S l-'aH l.sth -itreet; residence.
-'.! I?dcr avenue, The Hron. - 1
I urerran.
W II I.I AM O. .MORsli. cofiV. -
pue;. SS Wall trftt: rw-
d' -,;i. IT! UVit Sfrntv-tlvrd j
reel .
IM !.i:ON M. .Mk.liAL. ir.sir.uice j
riiKpi. ?n .Maiden Line, rCM-
!' ., l.7 West Seeiit-.-itlt j
U. i. ADI-:PSi:n. ca-liier. I
I at a; ettc street : rei(Jcn:c USJ ,
Mt.i'-oi. avenue. '
' KX-M N. RA.MSAY. Ho.,r
t " chant. Stone -treet and l:ast
lJw-r. rouknec. (-00 West KkW
II IUY l:. IXJNNkU.. architect,
lifth ,iveii..e: residence, .il"
Wfi' UTt'i atreet.
V. I I.LI AM H. I- RSKINH. retired.
le-irlcvc ?Y$ F'err aven.ir,
1 h Brorv.
'OIIN l.'. IIANKINSON. builder.
It" W'att.s street; residence. S.7
West lllth s'rcei.
r'PANCIS . COl.lON. architect.
'I hiriN-tourth street and Broad-
w ;i; . The S:!CC Foundation.
Al.ON.O B. BRAD1.HY. cot
Mjltmc engineer, member firm of
Charles I'. Hraillev & Sotw: reii
dencc. Jo West 'lenth street.
Ml'NPY S. LOUD, mechanical en
Einrcr. 175 Broadwav: residence,
J2 Vct i-'ortuth street.
l.Ml.A DUN I: . banker, lis
Broadway, reiidence. 1ST West
I.'ig'uJ-v.,,i s'.reet.
H took J.ifit fi. ir hour and thirteen
minutes yestcrlsy to secure n Jury to
try Cbarie jr. Hyde, former City Cham-!
ber'aln. on a technical charge of re
ceiving a bribe as a public official. In
tiv. Cr.mlnal Cranch of the Suprema
Co art.
only fifty-nine talejimjn of the panel
of l.'.O summoned were called, and the
box flould have been filled twenty-five
m.n iles before It was If It had not been
t.iat "no man already selected dozed off
t ."ii after laklng his seat. Both sides
wrte afraid that he might not be able
h. r.ep awake during the trial.
I:trkt Attorney Whitman will open
the mse for Iho Peojile and will briefly
0 it:ine thu charge and tho means by
v 'in a lie hopes to establish It. Hydo
h mielf for the preyeut will be allowed
l' lunaln out on ball, but his further
t eeuijm depends upon his own lawyers
kim i ie prosecution.
.Ijst ds Justice Goff was about to
d'Hir tho defendant In custody, as Is
n. custom, tho picas nt his counsel that
ti.e forniei Chumberlain, himself a law
: i was his own chief counsel and
1 Incarceration would delay the trial
i'l 'he court to extend a privilege to
:i man on ono condition. That Is thnt
' " be no delay?, no (Uhtlns for time,
t' . n -d fait work.
n'lmatlnn yesterday was that the
' . 1 1.. . bo ended on Saturday night.
M v.'man hns declared that at th
ii'Hsloi re may not take more than four
0a- v, .inu It may bo only two,
The defence aiya that It will not
nd moro than two days and that It
may not he necessary for Hyde to put
In auv defence, It nppears confident
that th prosecution will give way with
th tebtlmony of Joseph G. Robin
Inasmuch us the Hyde case has, been
nn the point of nolng to trial ever since
Ma. 1011, when the City Chamberlain
wms Indicted, It was not altogether cer
loin at 10 o'clock yesterday morning
thit Ci case would iro on. A writ of
toni kind was looked for every minute
Mnd even after Assistant District Attor
ney Clark. John Ii. Stanchfleld and Max
D Stcuer took seats at the counsel table.
Hydo himself was not there at first.
3 developed subsequently that he was
r mg to get there, but keen police'
n.in on the door was holding him up.
As Hyde was about to enter the po
IJi em.in stopped him.
Vro you a Juror7" "No," was the
Ant you a witness?" "I expect to
h was the answer.
"Vou can't go In: no witnesses Is '
There waa a laugh by those who over
' I am afraid I will have to go In,'
M Mr Hyde, Rrlnnlng. "You nee, they
cant start anything until I get there."
The policeman collapsed and Mr. Hyde
entered thn court room, still smiling.
He haa grown much grayer since his
troubles began and somewhat stouter.
Hi brnllod and shook hands with his
counsel and some friends and nodded to
ethers, apparently the most composed
man In the world.
Ton trlsJ could not begin at 10:30 be
rauso the Gyps, and the Iitftle tn4 their
oilates had to come over the Ilrldge
Sighs to give their pedigrees, and to
1 ' nf that the defendant In the other
' lUtened with Interest. Apparently
ConMnustf Third figs.
l.'seo ftholaoo to II Iridic Three
Car Thnt Croaked Animal.
Krik, I'a,, Nov. 20. Because a touting
car ran over nnd crushed his do Into
ttih nftrrnoon, Lloyd Pnstorlus tired
both Ivarrcls of n shotgun nt the rear
end of the auto, and as a result three
persons arn In Hammet Hospltsl riddled
with the fine blrdshot. Poatorlus Is a
prisoner at police headquarters:
The victims of tho shooting arc:
FORsrKK, WILLIAM II., 3d, president
of the Hays Manufacturing Company-, and
of the Northwestern Pipe and Supply Coin
puny, head and shoulders wounded, will
wife of William Korster. left side of head
and face hit by over KM shot, condition
ci it lent.
KKIXF.H, OKOIIOK. chauffeur, hands and
oark of Jiead filled with shot, will recover.
Korster and Keller say that 1'astnrlu
Mred at the automobile while within
twenty feet of It. The, shooting oc
eurred nt Walnut Crek bridge, fifteen
miles west of the city.
Paslorlus rnme to the city and Rave
himself up.
TUrn iirrnor-rlrrt Sails fop Short
Nonlhrrn Trip.
Gov. -elect Sulzer was touched for a
quarter .lust before he sailed yestcr
ila for Norfolk on the Old Dominion
liner Princess Anne. With him went
Matthew Horgan. Mr. Sulzer Is taking
j this means of making n roundabout trip
J to Washington, and before he goes to
me eiipltal he will start from I'otcri
burs on ii bunting trip nnd hopes to bai;
".'; ' .
The Oovernor-elect went to the pier I
about half an hour before the stamvr
Sailed anil utonri ItV 11m PAnpu'iH' tniu.
Inis to the olllcers' nnd" shaking hands '
with all comers. A stevedore whose '
hand he shook returned and got a 1
quaiier. wmcn was Riven witn a goon
natured grin.
Convention Condemns the
lection of J)r. Silver
of Kansas.
At mny, Nov. 'JO. The elecllon of the
Itev. Iji r. It, Silver of Topeka. Kan.,
as Episcopal Hlshop of Kansas was
specifically disapproved at the closing
scilon to-day of the convention of the
Kplscopal diocese of Albany becnuso
he Is a dhocced man.
The Albany diocese Is one of the
many throughout the country that must
approve or reject Hlshop-elect Silver's
selection before he can be consecrated
Hlsbop of Kansas.
The Albany convention refused Its
consent lo bis cons'-. ration after I
imlntedlv condemning Hie weleetlon: tile ,
personal reference lo him In the resolu-
Hon adopted was eliminated. The '
resoluiloo lniroilute.l hv tl. I!ev .
Paul lllnlsall of Albany una; ,
Krsnhril, That the convention cor
dlally nppiove the action of the stand
lnc committee of the diocese In refus
Ing consent lo the consecration of the ,
Hcv, Mr. Silver as Hlshop of Kansas j
because it Introduced the uestlou of
divorce and remarriage after divorce."
After the i evolution had been adopted
Dean Urookman of the Kplscopal
Cathedral moved lo reconsider It. "I
don't like the resolution as adopted."
he said. "I never henid of Dr. Silver
until live minutes ago. It Is said there,
Is nothing detrimental to his character.
Then why pass this resolution men
tioning that unfortunate gentleman by
Tho dean's motion wa-s seconded by
the Itev. ft. H. iirooka of nt. Paul's
Church, Albany.
Hlshop William Croswell Doane. ad
hering to his well known aversion for
divorce, declared that there was no rea
son why the resolution should bo re
considered. "It was forced upon us,"
said the HIsliop. "He la a divorced man
and that Is sufficient."
At tho Hiiggestlon of the Rev. Dr.
Taylor of 8chcifctady the resolution
wan amended so as to avoid mentioning
tho name of Dr. Silver.
The rtev. Mr. Hlrdsall explained that
the resolution meant no reflection on
the character of Dr. 8Ilver.
"The only thing I regret about this
convention," said Bishop Doane Just
beforo Its close, "Is Its lart action. I
think that the resolution should havo
been adopted s It was originally In
The Hlshop said that both he and
Bishop Nelson had approved of the ac
tlon of the standing committee. He,
however, added that he believed the ac
tion of Dean Urookman In moving to
reconsider the resolution was the manly
thing to do, as It brought out how the
convention stood on the subject
Magistrate Kara Man Had No Right
to Carry HrvolTcr.
Joseph Giordano, ono of Sheriff Har
burger's special deputy sheriffs, was
brought Into the Tombs court yester
day for an altercation at thn foot of
Pier 14, Fulton street, on Monday, when
a shot was fired Into the thumb ot
IouIh Trumblt.
Magistrate Freschl entertained two
charges against the deputy, assauland
carrying a vveupon. The assault caso
was adjourned to November 22. and on
the Bulllvan law charge the deputy was
committed to the Tombs without ball
I for the Grand Jury,
"I have received numbers of letters,"
said the Magistrate, "asking me whether
a special deputy may carry a revolver.
I hove not answered them heretofore,
not thinking It within my province to
advise, I will say, however, that this
special deputy sheriff has no right under
the law to curry n weapon. The ap
pointment from Julius Horburger, which
counsel produces, allows him to carry a
weapon within his premises at 60 Mul
berry street,, not outside."
Says Mrs. Szabo
Overboard After
Short Tussle.
Lawyer's Ann Was on Upper
Part of Companion's
Kinr of Now .Tprsoy Asserts
-Mrs. Szatip Died of
Goalies', Nov. 20. Kvidenco of a med
ical nature tending to show that .Mrs.
Szabo met death other than by drowning
nnd testimony of eewltnesses of tho
tincedy nt tlrecnwood I.uke were In
troduced at the trial of Hurtn. W. Gib.
son, accused of murderlnir his client. In
the Oranue county court to-day.
.lolin Mlnturn, storekeeper of Sterttnc
,,orf(1, ,,,, , , . ab ,,,
. the ?7.ibo woman with his left arm as
tnp - v ucnt ovpr ln lll" ,,0!,t- H1 s;,IJ
"Jv he lawyer bring up his right iirm
to the upper part of the woman's body. I
Then he saw the woman plunge Into tho
wattfP oaekward nni, Gu,tori forwurd.
There was splashing beyond the boat.
One of the two had not come up. Then
Mlnturn kiw Gibson swim to thu boat,
right side up at the time. He clung to
j one end of It for half a minute.
I Then ho turned the light craft bot-
tnmslde up, Mlnturn watching him al
I ternately throw his right arm over his
St'-lleft shoulder and his lett arm over his
right shoulder, ns thtougli lemoving
the bathing suit Gibson says the woman
stripped from his back In a struggle
! under water.
After thefo movements Gibson dived
beneaih 111
lake's surface, and after i
some seconds ren-ppeared, to cling to tho
keel of the boat until he was taken Into
the launch Torpedo.
.Mlnturn wan the tlrst witness. What
he saw he explained graphically, demon
strating Gibson's right arm move
ment'on Joseph Mahler, a process server
of DUtrlct Attorney Whitman's olllee.
Mnhb.r lm. iwi, r..nrv...,ir..i ii. ..i"" pernapsn new iving
irir, ,..ia,.- ,... m, i,i,i t.n, '
" - i
Minturn was donn with malaria fever I
In a hotel heie yesterday. He was only'
,lv" minutes m leiuug wnut lie saw.
Glbon twisted bis lingers nnd nibbed
hlM ,mm1'" nervously. When be put his
,mml 10 hls f,,L'5 ln wltl l""k ho1'1 "f
"is lingers ami puueu u down, iookiii
Into bis eyes. Then she turned to IJlder
and watched his gruelling ero-.s-e.xani-Inatloti.
The witness was accused of
I falsely testifying. His reply was:
i "If I saw where I made a mistake no
'man could be quicker to rectify It than
I would."
'Well, have you ever been sick In tho
head?" demanded Uldcr.
The wltners nsld he had once been
delirious und further testified to dis
prove tho imputation of Insanity.
Dr. George W. King of Jersey City
testified that It was not until after lib
had performed experiments on other
cadavers that he made up his mind that
nothing but strangulation could cause
tho condition found In the Szabo
woman's throat.
Dr. King told how ho put a cadaver on
an undertaker's frame which fastens be.
neath the chin. After many hours, by
vigorous manipulation, he tried to se
cure n post-mortem condition elmflar to
that In Mrs. Szabo's throat. He could
not approximate the condition and
finally decided that no undertaker's
handling of u body could accomplish
the feat.
Dr. King gave a minute description of
the autopsy, which ugreed with that of
Dr. Schultzo. The defendant mode much
of the fact that the kidneys were en
larged. Jlrlght'n disease Is ono of tho
many causes from which the defenco
claims the woman mny have died. An
Inkling came from tho defonco as to
evidence that may be submitted.
"If the tongue was forward," asked
Dr. John J. A. O'llellly, Gibson's med
ical assistant, "a few days after death,
and fifty-four days after death at the
autopsy was back ln the position you
found It, would you say the position of
tho tongue was a diagnostic point tn de
termining cause of death?"
"No." said the physician. "I should
say a different cadaver had been slipped
ovor on mo."
While Dr. King was testifying the
court gave an Intimation ns to tho sub
Joct uppermost ln his mind. The doc
tor testified that Gibson might huve
killed his client by pressure on the
pneumogaatrlc nerve.
"By sufficient strength and skill," sug
gested the court, without the Interroga
tory Inflexion, "If pressure on that nerve
was the cause ot death the diagnostic
conditions In the throat might have re
sulted from continued pressure?"
The physician went on to explain. The
defendant asked Dr. King to repent
much of his testimony. To nn objec
tion by Mr. Wasservogel the court re
sponded, "Let the doctor testify. He
seems to like It,"
Then tho doctor repeated: "Nothing
but outside force from a band, cord or
hand could have caused the death of the
Dr. King as ho left the stand was
called to the counsel table ot tho de
fence and introduced to Mrs. Qlbson.
The physician was embarrassed. Not
so Mrs. Gibson. "Ah oh I am sorry
for you, .Mrs. umson, i iruiy am," tne
doctor said, "I "
"This Is my husband, Mr. Gibson.'
said tho wlfo, nnd the doctor shook
Continued on Third rage.
rVtMSEsaauis November Mth Pnllmui
mesl car k iff. jot Tors osier u
I'rlsoiier roitfesHea Murder Ills
Kneni)- Whs x.-nlenceil Kor, Is Mpr.
I'l.KMi.Nimiv, N. J., Nov 'JO. The
eounty nutliorltles have started mi In
vestigation lo learn whether thele Is
nny truth In nn ulleged ndmlsslun nt the
county JjII by frank Hunt, n prisoner,
that be Is (lie man who murdered Man
nliiK lllley on .Inntiiiry tS. 1007.
l-'or that crime .lobn Schuyler, twlco
convicted, W now servlnt? n llfo sen
tence In Stnte prison,
Schuyler wiih convicted on circum
stantial evidence. He was sentenced to
dentil, but It was commuted to life lm4
Iturd nnd the murdered man were
known to have been enemies, the au
thorities say. Hurd, who Is servlnc
sentence for a minor crime. Is said to
have told n fellow prisoner that bu was
I,nn)rr ln( l Work I'lranlnK
lirel of Itlker'n lulnnri.
D.in riMtellly, who Rave himself up to
Wiinlfti llaes at the ninckwell'a Island
penitentiary on Friday last, was trans
ferred to Itlker's Island on Saturday
and on Tuesday was put to work by
Warden Murtha as a street cleaner on
the nvenUM of the Island. He wears the
regulation Riirb and partakes of regular
prison diet, which Includes beef stew
three times a week. On Sunday chicken
nnd mashed potatoes are, on the dinner
bill of fare.
M de Thebes Says Pope Will
Die anil I'rinee of Wales
Will Kciirn.
tnrcat Ca'jlf Dnwtri tn Tits Rrs.
I'i!is, Nov. SO.--Mine, do Thebes, the
well known prophetess, whom French
women consult on the future, luut who
was a friend of Gen. lioulanger, Duma
Ills and other eelebrltle". has brought
out her 1913 almanac, which Is'always
a Parisian event. The prophetess fore
tells a series of ominous events for next
year among them being
The mairlage of the Queen of Luxem
bourg, which will astound the world.
Mr,"mV mirresi s pouuca iiy.
I'.irlki will li,. thu fonn nf u tffrll.lA
theatre lire.
The French troops will rush to the
The German Kraperor may come to
fails, but not as a King.
i ne rope win uic.
Italy will witness"
political upheaval
Thu Prince of Wale
will reign.
Poland will be freed.
Hulgarl.i will piny a stupendous role
In F.urope
N neteen hundred and tblneen, taken
as a whole, vvil: lie a blood v year.
Hope Held Out for Mnrrland'a
llemncrnlle l.emlrr.
Wvsiii.moton, Nov. ;fl. - Senator Isldnr
Ka.vner. who has been III at his resi
dence In this city for several weeks, is
in a critical condition to-night. His
death Is believed to be only a question
j of hours. He has been unconscious
I throughout the day and his physicians
hold out no hopu whatever Tor recov
ery. William 11. P.ayner, eon ot tho Sena
tor, said to-night:
"The condition of my father Is not
ns favorable- us It was last night. While
his suffering does not appear to be as
Intense ho has been pructlcally In a
comatose condition all day. which has
caused us great uneasiness. Beyond
this I am not prepared to say anything
Mrehnnli-a ami Metal National Maid
tn Hare I'nld 1 .'Jr.O.OOO,
Forced to movo from 33 Wall street
beeaiise of tho purchase of that prop
erty by J. I. Morgan Co. for their
new bank site, tho Mechanics and
Metals National Bank has bought CO
Wall street and will make Its home
there after next May. Tho announce
ment was modo yesterday by Gates W.
McGnrrnh, the president.
Contractu for the property wero
lgncd more than a year ago. At that
tlmo thn prosent purchasers agreed to
pay near Jl.200,000, It consists of a
flvo story and basement office building
48.10 feet on Wall street and 120.1 feet
deep. It Is on tho north sldo of the
ntreet adjoining the Hank of New York.
H was onco the homo of the Royal In-
aurance Company and was sold by It
to tho Now York I.lfo Insurance and
Trust Company In 1902.
I'rogremlve Would Vote for Me-
Aneiir or Whitman for Slayor.
Comptroller Prendergast said yestor
d that .us a Progressive he would
vote next fall for George McAneny or
District Attornoy Whitman for Mayor,
even though Mr. McAneny Is a Demo
crat and Mr. Whitman Is a Republican,
Mr. Prendergast said that tho only
hopo for an anti-Tarnmany ticket Is
unity on the part of other partisans.
lie charged the Progressives with evad.
Ing the Issue at tliolr State meeting on
Tuesday when they declared against
fusion and did not take Into considera
tion the situation In New York city.
Col. Roftsovelt. speaking at the meet
ing as a "member ln the ranks," did not
refer to conditions here, leaving an op
portunity tor future declarations on that
William H. HotchWss, State chairman,
would not comment yesterday atternoon
on Mr. Prendergast or his statement.
His invariable answer to questions on
tho subject was, "I have nothing to say
about that." '
rvnnllTITWl iihuwi, miwuwi
14. lxsve renniYlvsnl duties f. 11.1 arrive
trsa raw . jsm ,
Xew Haven and Orand Trunk
Officials Had Iteen Sum
moned to Testify.
Has Copy of 2o Year Traffic
Agreement and H May
He Flawless.
Federal Grand Jury Investigation f j by all tbo Kreat I'owors.that Albania
the proposed Grand Trunk-New Haven ! , ,, ,
.. , ., v . i-..i.i ,. i Hliall remain inluct there Is no appeal,
railroad alliance In New F.nsland was .
lo have been started In this city to-day. j okn to establish n claim to be
It waa suspended yesterday by order of asserted in tho futuro when tho expert-Attorney-General
Wlckersham. Ills cx-( mcnt of autonomy, n her Stntesmcn
planatlon Is that bo wished to permit 1 imaRini', will havo proved n failure nnd
a complete examination by the H"V- result ill a recrtldesceuoo of the Halkan
eminent of Information supplied by ho , . . . , ,iir,0i.
railroad commissioners of Massachu
setts and Khode Island and also by tho
two roads Involved.
A Washington despatch says:
"lietween tho lines of the official I
stntement given out nppears an admis
sion on the part of tho Attorney-General
of weakness In his case nnd It In
believed that that was the chief con
sideration that led to the suspension and
the search for additional evidence."
The Government, through Its agents
here and In New Haven and lloston, bad
gone so far as to Issue sttbpa-nas call
ing upon officers and directors of the
New Haven road to testify before the
Grand. .lury. Home of the suhpienas
were served before tho order of recall
came from Washington. One of the
subpoenaed directors was .1. Plerpont
Morgun, who expressed willingness to
testify at the convenience or L nneu (
States District Attorney Wise, rimutny
K. Hyrnes, vice-president, and Alexander I
II. Cochrane, a director, wero unions
the others called ns witnesses.
h ' a r jl ho was dis-
charged yesterday afternoon.
Attornev-Genernl Wlckersham made a
statement In Washington last night In
"t-i!. tiin-n.n.n.rai hjjil aireefed a!
n,H ir,. imoilrv ln New York Into
..I 1H.A:U la nnd nnd M :lK.i Pfl II - 1
iiiiii ii nn- j.iiv- (
PVllP Ul 1 1 v i ......... -
the alleged agreement between tlic M1"' " -""'". "" ""
Vork. New Haven and Hartford lull- sraphs of the signers of the Declaration
road Company and the Grand Trunk I Independence. The volume Is sa d
Hallway Companv before- the visit to , 'e the only ono of Its kind in exist-
President Meilen of tho New Haven and "ess called at the White House to
President Chamberlln of the Grand I J'' llh?l,U
Trunk asking for on explanation.
Theao gentlemen have offered full access
to their records.
I "It was felt that a full and careful
! examination of the matter. offered by'
tho railroads and of the ""ttrnriltl
made hv the Ithode Island anil Massn-
I chusctts officials and of the sources of1
Information .suggested by them should
'first be made, and for tills reason nndi
for this reason alone the Grand Jury
Inquiry was suspended for tho time ; Mediterranean nnd Atlantic received
being." i.vestcrday frantic messages for help.
ln Hoston yesterday lYesldent Meilen, The operators attempted to locate Ho
of the New Haven caused this to be i soiirco of the messages, but the vigilant
snd; I lookout failed. Tho newspapers printed
'Mr. Meilen has signed what Is In 'special editions stntlng that a big
effect n iirooosltlon to Mr. Chamber- steamer was probably lost.
lln for n twenty-five year traffic agree-
tnent. but It has not been accepted by
Mr. Chamberlln 'and Mr. Meilen Is
without knowledge as to what uctlon.port
Mr. Chamberlln will take."
So far as Is known Mr.
Meilen and
Mr. Chamberlln have
not conferred
since Thursday of last week. Mr.
Chamberlln. who came to this city from
Montreal last week, at til has rooms nt
the Waldorf, but It was said at the
hotel last night that he bud returned
to Montreal for a short stay. Mr. Mei
len said yesterday:
Since the Department of Justlco at
Washington nppears to havo taken up
the subject It would hardly be fair for
me to attempt to put forward my
sldo of tho case In tho newspapers,"
Washington, Nov. 20. President Mei
len ot the New Haven has sent a copy
of tbo agreement to the officers of the
Department of Justice and has prom
Ised to cooperate with the Government
officials in making the Inquiry. Similar
assurances. It Is said, have been re
ceived from Grand Trunk officials.
Several of the railroad commissioners
who were activo In making a formal
complaint against tho two railroads aro
not bo euro to-night that tho Depart
ment of Justice will be able to afford
them any relief. One of them went so
far as to declare that President Meilen
of tho New Haven and President Cham
berlln of the Grand Trunk aro prudent
business men and Informed themselves
ot tho legal status of the agreement with
relation to tho anti-trust law before
they proceeded with the negotiations.
Will Ursa Workmen's Compensation
linn on t'onsres.
Washington, Nov. 20. President Taft
has cancelled his engagements for tho
next few days to begin writing bis last
annual message to Congress, Tho Fri
day Cabinet meeting has been called
off and Mr. Taft will receive no visitors
until he completes his message.
'He will urge the enactment of ,a
workmen's compensation law and will
also recommend currency reform. Tin
President Intends to send to Congress
a special message, recommending the
adoption ot a budget system of hand
ling Government estimates.
Mother Crosses Plaint With Corpse
Htrapped to Backboard.
I.as Vbqas, N. M Nov. 20. Mrs.
Kmma Fox has arrived here with the
body ot her eon Roy, 23 years old, who
committed suicide a tow days ago by
shooting himself through the head.
The mother made the trip of slxty
flve miles ln a backboard across tho
plains with tho body strapped upon the
seat by her tide. She was nearly ex
hausted when sho reached here.
Lchlrli Valley Railroad, Nottmbtr 34th. Sm
Ticket Anatt is Pvutwerw-Ai
I.ll.ely (it lilve Way on llellon of
A ulniiiitiiims Allinnla.
fVom ii .(irclof rorreiioilieiif of TllR RUM.
Hi dm'Kht, Xov. 'jo. Happily Ki-rvin
li.'p consenti'd to n renewal of direct
relation between Herr I'rocliasku, the
Autro-HutiKnrinii (.'otisiil at Prisreml,
and his (loveniment. A Forelnii Office
fiinetoiinry started thin afternoon lo
meet HerrlWliasku.
I am strongly disposed to bellovo
Hint Serviii will also glvn way on the
Kivaler qiifHtion of nn autonomous
Albania und with lilto nbniptnes.
Servla liiiown that from tho decision of
tho Droihtind. whioh la now connurred
of disorders.
Her preent obstimicy, followed by
subsequent eoniplianco with tho de-
inandt of tho Powers, it is hoped at
thin anticipated conjuncture, mny merit
for her n mandate to reestablish order
in Albania and entitle her to tho ptne
tiwd corollaries of hiicIi a'inandate.
on I hp
In pan ear
$r'Clll Vnhle Itrtpotrh In ThR Srs
Tokto, Nov. 20. Twenty of tho crw
of the Japanese cruiser Nlsshln wero
killed to-day by tho explosion of ono
of her boilers. Tho explosion Is said to
have been paused by tho grounding ot
the vessel at .Shlmoda.
The bodies of the dead wers landed at
I'renenin tlnoU with Their Antn-
Krni.Ii l Congress I.lhrarr
Wasiiinoton, Nov. 20. .1. Plerpont
Morgan has presented to the Library of
TNitnam, Librarian of Con-
Taft, who will write u letter of thanks
to Mr. Morgan.
Thr,,,,,.,, sy Cblnrw Cren
"'ell" for Help.
.v."-iai Vahit Oupatch to Tiir Son.
Amjikrs, Nov. "0. ttadlogrnph sta-
, thins nshore and steamers on the
, Tho mysterious messages were finally
elucidated. They
came from the
. steamer lluy
Hogn, anchored In the
of Algiers. The captain says he
suddenly surrounded by his Chi-
. neso crew and menaced with death.
Seeking assistance ho hit upon tho Idea
of pounding on tho wireless. Tho Chi
nese bcc.nni) frightened by the buzzing
noise ot tho apparatus and skipped
nym roller Mast Prevent l.ltterlas;
of the Streets.
Mayor Gaynor wrote yesterday to
Police Commlsloner Waldo telling him
that policemen ought to keep small mer
clianta und others from throwing waste
Into tho streets. The Mayor said:
In going through tho Knst Side the
other night I saw ono street littered
with paper. This morning I saw one
block of Slyrtlo avenue, Brooklyn, on
one side of the street littered in the
same way.
"It Is now time to make the cap
tains, and patrolmen understand defl
nltely that this thing will not be per
mitted any longer. If they do not
stop it they must bo put on trial.
"It Is difficult to understand how a
storekeeper can be so nasty as to sweep
his refuse Into tho street. He must
bo a barbarian to do it."
Duane tines tn Workuoaae
to la
prove Ills Manners.
"Ah. there, sweetie," was the greet
ing Hurry Duane of Boston gave Mrs,
Rose Miller of 247 Avenue A, according
to her statcmont to Magistrate Freschl
in tho Tombs court yesterday, and
"thirty days In the workhouse" was the
sequel pronounced from the bench.
"He touched mo on the shoulder In
Catharine street," said the Uttle
woman, "and though I told him my
husband would be along ha persisted
nnd I had to use my umbrella and fists."
Dunne's face so testified.
Democratic Leader Is Kxpeeta to
Cntrrtaln on I.anrn Scale.
Washington, Nov. 20. Representative
TJndorwood of Alabama, Democratic
lender of the House, has purchased the
residence at 2000 O street Northwest, a
few squares west of tho Wblta. House,
formerly owned by the lata Major
Archie Butt, who lost his Ufa on the
The Butt houso Is a largo one cult
able for entertaining. With the Induc
tion Into office ot a Domncratlo adminis
tration Mr, and Mrs. Underwood, who
have beon .prominent In Washington
official society fo? years, are expected
to entertain on a large scale.
b)e ter cats ai sjistiteMwat fcatua Ass.
I'.Kiori.c.i i hiw!' nnnln n nrr Vi -
Hostilities at Tchataldia
Suspended, but Firing
Still Heard.
Report Says Allies Have
Abandoned Idea of Parti
tioning Province.
Forces Hcinir Sent Secretly to
Spalato in Dalinalia,
II Is Said.
fimial Caltlt Dftpntch to Tun M
1.omk)N, Nov. 21. Peace ln the Balkans
Is not quite so nenr to reality as des
patches received yestenlay seemed to
Indlcnte. These earlier reports stated
positively that a cessation of hostilities
had been arranged. But late last night
came word from Constantinople that tho
firing of guns could be heard frequently
by those In the capital and that negotia
tions looking toward an armistice had
not yet even been begun.
It seems to he certain thnt proposi
tion for an armistice Is being considered,
the proposed respite being Intended
merely as an opportunity for further
negotiations for an armistice and nego
tiations between the Turks and the Bal
kan allies which may result In perma
nent peace.
It was stated ln Constantinople last
night that Turkey's representatives at
this preliminary conference probably
would bo Izzet Pasha, chief of tho gen
eral stuff: Osmnn Nlzaml Pushn, the
Ottoman Ambassador at Berlin, and
Shadan Bey, a Councillor of State, who
will act as legal adviser.
It was reported earlier In I he day
that Nazlm Pasha, the Minister of War
and commander of the Turkish forces
at Tchataldja, would be the sole rep
resentative of tho Ottoman side at the
conference. The later despatches stated
that It could not be confirmed that he
would not bo one ot the representatives,
and It seemed certain that the whole
mission would not be Intrusted to htm
The Constantloplo despatches ear
that the names of the representatives
of the allies ore so far not known In tho
Turkish capital. It was reported earlier
In tho day, at the samo tlmo that thn
report of Nazlm Pasha's appointment
was received, that Gen. Savoff, the com
mander ot the Bulgarian armies and
tho man whose military genius Is cred
ited with tho victories of his country
over tho Turks, would represent the.
Balkan nations. Should Turkey decide
to glvo her commission to soveral men
Instead of ono it is not certain that tha
allies will not consider it best to hava
a similar number of representatives.
Statements of the relations ot Austria
and Servla are conflicting. A despatch
from Sofia to the Daily Mail says that
the allle have definitely abandoned tha
Idea ot partitioning Albania and that
they will assist tn establishing Albanlaa
autonomy. If this Interpretation of tho
attitude ot the allies Is correct, partic
ularly with regard to Servla, Austria's
main ground for contention will bavo
been removed.
Deapatoho; from Flume to tha
Gazette lxtuacnne of Geneva, however,
bring Information of Austria's continued
preparations for hostilities and thereby
ecem to Indicate a lack of belief on tha
port ot the Vienna Government ln tha
report that the allies are willing to
forego the division of Albania. Tha das.
patches to tho Geneva paper state that
for the last few days Austrian troops
have been embarking at Flume durtmc
the night, their destination being Spa
lato, in Dalmatia, on a peninsula pro
jecting into the Adriatic, Gen. Balls
von See, wis. It is stated, has arrived at
Flume from Vienna.
The some paper heard from Inns
bruck that the Alpine troops are belns;
mobilized gradually on the Tyrolesa
frontier, and that regiments which havo
completed their service are being re
tained while the Tyrolese reserves hava
been notified to be 'ready for service.
The fact that troops Inured to a winter
campaign have been told to ba In readi
ness Is regarded as significant.
Constantinople advices say con
firmation bos been obtained that tho
Turkish flro dismantled several Bul
garian guns, although these have not
been captured, as the Turks were unable
to remove them. A detachment of
Turks operating from Derkos, aided by
naval guns, Is said to have repulsed tha
Bulgarians, driving them back ten miles
toward Ormalt Karaburum, There Is
said to hava been a heavy artillery duel
at Derkos, the Turks taking many of
the rifle pita occupied by the Bulgarian
and seriously crippling the Bulgarian
left flank. This engagement occurred
on Tuesday, tha Turks returning to
their own entronchmenta at nightfall.
According to despatches from Sofia ot
later date than the Constantinople ad
vices all the Turkish reports of Ottoman
victories at Tchataldja aro officially de
clared to be untrue. Tha Bulgarian
Government advloes state that the Bui
gar forces routed two Turkish battalions
on the heights to tho northward ot
Tchataldja and that they fired on a train
on tha Dedeagatoh road and captured a
locomotive and fourteen cars loaded with
provisions, ammunition and horses,
A news agency has received a de
spatch from Belgrade contradicting tho
earlier reports that a largo number ot
Turks had been captured at Moasurtlr.
This later report, published in tho Bel
grade newspapers yesterday, had tt that
tho Turks at Monastlr did not surrender,
but fled In all directions, Tho Belgrade
newspapers demand an Investigation to
ascertain who telegraphed tha Inoomct
reoorts to tho effect that from 40,100
to M.OO Turkish, prtaoaora batl HB

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