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Stntns of New County lo Itc
Arfriicd on Yril fur Mr
Kcidiii, Child Slayer.
Jlist.iro Scabnry fo Dccido To
iln on .InriMlirlinn of
Gonrriil Scs.sions.
The question of the Jurisdiction of thn .
courts nf iJi iii'rn! Kes"1 .iim over trial
of Hroti ii lirivn-b: iiffor" mem
sintv Ihn Hn-ns county bill vviih pjHSod
lutl ppHni; mid mull lho Hronx county
courts Muill have been onranl7fd will
no armicd to-dny before Justice ttiNubiiry
In the Supremo I'ourt. DKrlvt At
torn ry Whitman said yietordny that he
would probably prcHi-nt whatever Hronx
ensas he hns in tlm nlbce before the
Qoff .lohn Don tirnnd Jury In the Crimi
nal liisnrh of tho Supremo Court this
wtok t'e will do thin. Mr. Whltmtuj
explained, becuuj-e tho bill provided spe
Clflciilly for tho contlnuunco of the Su
preme Court to "pruvent an Interreg
num." Attorney KmnnuM Klein, who wm
oounwl for .fo?eph J. McKennn, con
victed of the murder of MtKrid Hrkitrom
on Juno ii liit. Is tho one who brounht
out the qutstlon of th- Jurlndletlon of
the court, for the KcitKtrom lrl wiia
Wiled In The Kronx MrKenna him
been broucl.t lmrli from the death houne
t fMnft Sine, whero he wnp :'entenred
to tllo on Meceiuber li. and JCleln Is
BTfruInK on liutwiiM corpun writ that tho
court which sentenced him hud no Jur
ladtctlon. If .ItiMlrn Senbury rustnlnn tho WTtt
nrt It Is upheld on further nppeal lr
Trtll mean that MrKenna rnunt bo re
tried nnd maybe no free and that nil
other criminal convjctlont !n Uronx
COfXVi bail In flomrn SeHlon9 Court
In Co April IP will be subject to ques
tion. I'sen the Iteckvr cap" will not he
overlooked, because several of tho
Decker turori came from The Uronx
another county. AMlatiuit District At
torney Taylor, who with Assistant Dis
trict ltornev Klchter la nrKUlnr the
enso for the State In the Supreme Court,
enld yesterday that he idd not belle-
the linker verdict wri'M bo upnet on
Bronx cninty Jiiror:, bfcuiifo the Court
of Appeals had already decided that
when h juror was accepted tho verdict
could ii"t ! up.iet because the Juror
was found not to possess the proper
property iii.ilttli atlon.
Dipt 'let Atmrnej Whitman explained
yrstcrd. v that although the Jtronx
county bll' wis not ns clear as he would!
wish In .--me particulars ho believed
that the lurl.-dlrtlnn of the courts of J
General s. sslons was provided for In
the clause that counh' olllccrs of Xexv
Ynrlt count v should have lurlsdlctlon 1
until lull. I
Mr Klein did not look nt It in this '
light when be defended McKennu for ,
murder. Mi Kenna was lndlctfd on
AugiiFt 9 for a hilling whtch took place
In .Innuary. Tho McKonna and Hecker
trio's were on. nt tho saiiio time. Mr.
Kliln -isl'.ert for a dismissal of the In
dliicnent on tin- ground thnt Thn Hronx
became u countv when tho bill was
paused on Aj.rll 10 nnd thnt section lfi
of the bill, whtch provided "Unit nt tho
nenernl el, ot.on in Noxembor. 1H12. there ,
fm.li ne su.euuieu to tne voters or 'inoj
Hronx lb. tiu-ni.in. '.Shall the territory
within the biro, gh of The Hronx be ,
erected Into tho i oimty of The Hronx:?'
nnd If 'i shall appear that n, majority ,
nf the i, Tern ar .igalnst the erection of
xvo.s iini.nnstltuUon.il. na It delegated a '
T,mrer whl.ti ih.. 1 .eu-ii.n n, .,nuhi. '
to delegate Ho urged this to Judgo
Rosnlfcky, who presided at tho McKenna
Judgo Rosulsky held that his court
had JurltltctJon and then gave this
I have examined very carefully the
cues that you submitted and Instead of
the proposition you ndvnne being against
(he rui ng of the court It seems to me
that It Is In harmony with the court's rul
ing. In icy opinion there is grave doubt
ai to whether the rennt act of tho Legis
lature of erecting n county !n thn Jlorouj-'h
of The Hronx In constitution. IX It Is
Unconstitutional under thn ciuie of Harto
S&lnst Hlmrod the Interests of the de
fendant cannot In any wtao bo uffected.
The Court of Appeals In liarto ajalnst
Hlmrod eald, "If a legislative at bi made
to depend for Its v.-Uldlty upon thn result
of a ropular eleetlon It lu unconstitutional.
Tho legislature cannot delegate to the
people he power conferred upon It by the
In the j eople against Aheam Chief Jus
tice Cullen said: "While the ultimate
eouroe from which nil jswer Is derived Is
tie people, sMll tho peopl? by their act
when adopting a constitution have limited
their own power, that Is, the l.eg1lature
cannot delegate to the people the power
of making u. Uw "
In tho Hronx act Uie law took effect In
April, 101 J. The provision of the at con
tains a negat've. If by a majority of thn
votes It should be di-tennlned that The
Bronx should not be erected Into a county
Oien the bill fhall become Inois-ratlve and
void, in r.y JuUgment Is hlmply a play
upon words, the eilcnjt la Uie frame It
must necessur'lv follow that If a majority
of tho people niprove of the law then the
Jaw Is opei.itlvo and eflectlve. If not It
beoomi'S lniH atlvn und not effective. So
It the law h uiieonstltutlonaJ, as I have
aM Ihn lnlr..l. tliU ,lli.n,l ml u r. i
said, the interests or this defendant are In
no wise alfc ie, l uitber, If the courts i
should dele, mine that it la constitutional
nnd If 'he people should approve of the
acta of too Legislature, then In my Judg
ment Hie la-gilds turn had the jower. If the
law Is i 'institutional, to provide tempor
arily a ii ii, foi tho trial of defendants
who rf'c 'Liifd with violating the law In
the i inty uf The. Hronx That pio
vlBlon of the statute to which I refer
among other things aa: "that Immedi
ately upon the p isagii of the act the Hu
pieme Couit ah.i.1 have Jurisdiction and
on and after January 1, 1814, the county
courts of The Hronx shall have Jurisdic
tion" Thin la- statute contains excep
tions nnd mioni: them Is that the courts
of ei.ui-ial Jul luiiciion within the Ci-.nt
Pepaitnii.it land the Couit of Oneiu!
Sessions m within the IHr.-t Department)
shall h.iw jurSdletlon to try nil rases up
to Jnnu.uy 1, 1911.
Assistant District Attorneys nnd
others, who havo cone over the Btonx
county bill call attention to section (,,
which prmliies that; "to pievent an
Intriresnuin loiinty ofllccrH of the
county of New Ynrlt ehall have Juibt
dlctlim. except as hereinafter provided."
That w mid have left the mutter clear
enough If one of the "h erel tin 1 1 1 r" pro
visions w.ih not tn the etlint - In see
Hon 0 'ha' "from and nfter the time
of in' in'; i Ifect nf this art the Su
preme fi n!!, and on und after Januuiy
1, lliJJ i.e ih) courts shi.ll have juris.,
diction cuer all crimes nnd ms.
clruneannt s committed within the ter
ritory o' the county of The Ilrnnx."
Hut wh"n (lid The Hronx heconin a
county? Mr. Klein Inalsts that It be
came ii coiinty Immediately ufter th
avct was tmfrsed by tho Legislature jn
April and Judge Rosalaky asreed wllh
ITitm that the referendum clause, was
Ineffective., but tho Judge did not t-r
what difference that made with rcRiird
in , he trial of crlmlnnl cases.
The doff flrnnd .lury Ikih now ntilv
i vvenl v-n-in members, hut the others
van easily be added fr"'ii I tin rv'sinf
panel nul to tin (iruiul .lurv Mi
Whitman will be nhlo lo pre flit til len-t
,,ti Hronx cuse for rrltidlo'tiiont, that of.
I. Iv (Jellcr, nlrc.nly I ttdt.-t for In- I
murder of his euipliiyor, 11 dellcnlcss-n ,
i Hurt hoc p:r. In iiiiobor and September j
them were three homicides reported to 1
Tin tlrntix t'oroner's oflhe
Summing It all up. on,, of the A..-;
,;, District Attiirncis explained.
lit Dm uilnt. frnillitm I lift nv!r; . r I
tlMtint District Attornrjs explained
that the whole trouble, the eMru wiitk
for tho .lohn Doe (.rand .lury, the
poPFlblo tnltr!n'. tu the McKennn ca"e
nnd another exception for Hecker. all
come from four words "except as here
inafter provided." In The Ittotix county
ItetirPniPnt From HaNkethall
nnfl Unnlnt- PlMnifo T.,..,
ana iioeupy ( irnuts Tart
Of DpfitlitO Plftll.
inie. in maruwinr from the Tntr-
eollenlate Hockey I.euRiie, In follow ItiK a
well defined policy for th mHnafem.nt
of Its minor athletic fporte. The new
order of thtn" at New Haven first be
came apparent when the Hlue retired from
the Intercollegiate rinsketball l.eaue.
in" wHiiarnwai or tin Yule ne un.
looked on as belnc ciiUiieit more by th
fact that bnfketbnll uas unpopular at
i lue, ruiuer Hum UerAtlse It wns an out-,1"
ward manifestation of the openlnK of a
new era In Yale athletics Yale.s retire-1
meit from the hockey leaeue has nude
this point stilklncly clear,
No n believes foi a minute that Yale
hncforth will abandon horkey n
epnrt, althouKh many clleve that ba.sl!t
ball la dooniiL In the last winter the
Yule minor athletic iuoi'laU"n Client
severnl thousand dollars In biilldlnc and
eulpplnc a hockey rink on Yale Held
Vhen It woe thrown oren for np thi
rink was so popular that epecl.il reeul.i- , I'1' h foncition, and Incldentnlly he did pet
tlor.s reRnrdlnK Its usr had to he drawn inway v.th one poil one Saturday onh to
up. Therefore hockey may well be said iilbsl b n k become there hud been hold
to be more flourlshlni; at Yale now th.m Ini! More ue of him in that way and less
ever before, and the fact thnt the team .as a line breaker, which doesn't seem to lie
h.ia been withdrawn from the learue his forte, nin:lit hine been a wiser pollcv
should be taken to mean that Yale 1. ocas. I , ,,e llanurd ifamo. provided there h id
InK to lay much stress on tntereol'.ejrl.ite , ,,,. ., ,,, pr .paration of the pliv in
f.0 d in" J!"d. t.h"t h7r-,f,',r1 , Vale ; orilrr tp , profleieno-. Hu, ale's
Lame, VllVJ,'", "",7'' "f 'aekflel,l play was f,y M ..... .rude
Baiiifl frn prison nui tfan 1 that nr" i . .
natural and geocrapl.lcal rlv.Ja of the ""I unM",,-! nio.llv. and that w,th I in
Blun, ; pellv, who so far n onlookers nt ins
That thin step did not originate at Tale ' oberve. wns th bi-t back ale I id,
Is enow n by the fact that for the last ' "lllv ut breaklnit. tllllnc the tole
four or five years Harvard urnrtually has of a Kceor.d Uo phyer. Moreover 1'iim
withdrawn from oompetln promlseuouslv pel.v I a cpnble punter,
with teams from any and all sections of since Siiturda.-. with Its thorough drub
the country and has retired from leagues I him: of the l.lis by thn Crimson, the
ami conrerer.ces or nil Kinds. The Critn-
eon withdrew from the basketball leiguelinc svstem is more nrorioilneed llnio e r
before the game was dropped nt Cam-1
Z!"J iV also gave up Its member-j
, "r,'... T "T ""' ,'"""
,X ", the .hneiTnv i.,. L ? i'1 ,
more than iw.sihje that as time -oes on I
. . . . .
Han-ard teams will ramn,t. r,nK- i,i, ,
other teams which In everv n.nse of the '
word can be termed rlvaJs at Cambridge.
"y advancing this pen- policy Yale and
!,UrVnrJ ,n .R" Probability force j ,,! '
iii ,rih niilH'T li U'llliw rim. I OMllllOia
and Pennsylvania are already feeling the !
Inadvlsablllty of Malnr In the Intercut-I
leglate Ilaaltetball I.amie and It Is not I
probable that the Hookey League wi'l
survive if J'rlnceton, Columbia. Cornell
and Dartmouth remain Its only members
Of the smaller I'lirrues th swimming
and wrestling associations will probably
continue for some time, although thu lat-
aw-lmmlng league, because of the
croinf str-ngth of the New Hngland
college teams which are not members
of the league. Is likely to find that It
will lose nt leust one and maybe two of
Its members That Is, of course, when
"'"'r crappuuim cuisine ni in
league than It can by remaining a mem-
I J' l . .1 ,o linur, nn'i. Mitt, u,-, -r-i
It has gone out of tho brmketbill and
horkey leagues, will continue to mt
J'rlnceton and Harvard nnd Its other
large rivals In thesa forms of sport
wherever possible.
Pennsylvania's rowing situation da giv
ing Quaker alumni and students a great
msJiy cipportulntles for discussion, the re
suit of which probably will be that the
entire rowing system will be overturned
and reorganized along radically different
lines from those that obtain at present
II. K. Lamberton, one of 1'ennsyH aula b
football stars two years ago, who now Is
a candidate for elecUon to the athletic
committee, tins this to say of tho rowing
Hltuatkin In a letter which he has ad
dressed to the members of the athletic
i-usiiclatlon f
"It would be far batter for our prrs
tlce and for our pocketbooks If rowing
were dropped entirely, and Uiere hns Is en
much talk ever these lines of Into. Itow
lnc ta sure to be abolished at Pennsyl
vania If the flump continues much
longer, nnd It It to save this grand sport.
I In which PcnmylvnJila at one time was
supremo, that I am advocating radical
"Rowing at Pennsylvania for years ha-s
been under the control of a little coterie
of men. They have In times past clvon
generously of their time and money and
have done good service for Pennsylvania.
Hut of late years they have got out of
touch with the undergraduates and have
fallen Into a hopelesa nit. The result l
that rowing at Pennsylvania Is dying of
dry rot."
Wits victory ahnoit la thrlr crimp Uie !Trw
York i rltlra n-s-rrr team went down to drf'M In "4:,,n l-ak".'r" football, with all fine uggre
tor lat ten minutes of play at the (hands of the l-'atlons under the rules then In voguo and
1" rainill'S oi piy in' nana oi mr
ht (;forrr p c by J t"ls to :. hi Marqurtie
oal. Hrmiklrii, yesterday The rontet lu
Ihn nernnd round of the Alnrrlran imilrnr
cup tie rompstltlon for the Drwar rbailrnKr
trophy and the M (irorres by thn victory be
came one of the eltbl traina rlldblr lo ruler Into
ibe third round.
At Van Cortlandt Park the Kur-ka r. C, met
anil dr ff atrd the Over He as K. V Uy I oals to I in
a U'tropolltan l.ratue rhtnplnnhlp itame
Ixird I'eured two of the reals tor the winners,
while Jeans and Ilnrne added one splrre 'I he
point tor tho ui er Seas was the rt-Mill of a penally
In a aeeond division game of the New York
Slate League played at Tafi Oval. Ilnioklyn,
the ftpanlfth A, I' had no dimeulty in Huhdtilnir
the l.onf fellow eleven by .1 iroals too
A tie game resulted In the ierond round of the
Amerlran amateur cup tie rentent between Ibe
I'ulion I' c nnd the rian Mi'lmris at japer
Oval Kaeb team secured nno goal
Hy foals to ? the Herman I' C eliminated
the .Sheffield 1 'fitted F. C ai t'olumhla Oval In
the amateur inn tie series. Heklmjcrr senred
two goslsfor ttiewlnners. vvhlle A V'nnder Wephe
nnd I.ftnibnrg added one eiilrre I'arkrr and
Held frorrd for tue fthrfBelils
Thn nroeklyn fellies were eliminated from
the amateur rup tie rerleh by the llnlbwnoil
Inn r i'., by 1 goal too , at lldlsnn rield. Ilronlilyn.
At Marnuette Ovnl, Ilronlilyn, the ( l.in Me.
uie nmaicur cup lie eonipriiiieii bv wliuilin;
ilnlr game with the Washington F. i' by the
i ore nf i to n
Wiimicr .Iiijs He's Too Old,
CoMNEi.Hvii.u:, p.i Nov :t Llmiiliiit
from the cnge In Hie second half before
the gains was over Hans Wngnei, the
woilil's ntemler shoeisi.m , Jh.A
win oh piemiir shiirtsiop, Mghed
Un nil In. 1m getting too old for
his '
lie sent a substitute Into the game In 1
his place nnd went to the rim-alm- rom,,
Wagner brought a basketball team from
Pittsburg leuit night to piny tho piofeh
sloned team hern, He played a fair game
but was winded before the end of the sec
ond halt
,u -naniueue nvn , iirncm yn, me i i.-in Me- .. .. , i . . V .. . V.'.
Donalds gained a pUre In the third louml nft.u"H Vi" s .? '''i ".'".'I1 ",r. "" "'.. 11 (l.l,,,n 1
,.,, ...
IllM'OilS all' S Until I'll I)"i)lliy
'unci' Makes KM Men
Penn vs. Cornell anil Tlien Hip
Curtain Mix I5eleen Army
anil Navy.
Why, what li pronounen the bel sns-
tnlned enhibilioti of offenee of the r e.ir did
not show ii.elf uiiill the Inst period of ihn
l-t u.iliie of he eliediile, arid then ton late
to do iiiiv eood except to ho th.1t It "lis
'there, mm a point broueht up bv .i former
player esteriliv, referrlnc to Hi" 1.11
In the foiirth ipimter nUHlnst Harvard
Ilien acnin be pointed out tlmt tho ".tuff '
UtiI by 1 1n r viii il on the offence, the same
-cinittriK of a run from a kick fornuitlnti
!wllh ndrl1 eflectlve execution mis done,
, Jus, Khnt Yie used m good effect
snlnl Prinietnn nnd llnrvard In 1007.
' It will be recalled that nfter Princeton
lluid n lead of ten points In that csnie nle
ned an end run from kick formation. e .
rr.il times from n place kick formation, and
tli.it this with ( oy's line hrenkltu: enablid
Hle to miike twelve points and pull out a
vlitory. Ilarvii'd as beaten th.it er,
12 to 0 lint ale seems to have ceaned to
levelop that play, nherens rluils hiiM' made
fl"11 of " ,f 1,1 ,in''
'audi that ale has not kept p.vo with rivals
P'HMeni miv nioioaii ns nun iie niisn i
lt"l p.n e with herself 1 he plnv has bei'ti
'rlitt by a'e -nice then, but It linsn't I een
l done, nnd one reason therefor is ih.it
the ab' interference hasn't been as itooil is J
Harvard'" or I'rlneelon's. In fail it ba
be, n poor Nor has the Interference tor
rumim? ti.ielt punts been as flood a umuil
tin- ear, and vet It wasn't so lone an thn!
it w is excellent
I Ivnn Is tin1 trp of runner who oticht
to be nl 1n b,.nt on theo w ide end runs from
sentiment at 1 ale for a chance In the coach
and It was preitv active before thai Manv
of the graduate footbnll players think
it iti.ti titiii hi iinn" a, iiuiu iii"liii's,-iiii
It hlsh time to cut away from the present
H ',,''m ,,r ,,lrk,ne r",,,,nt roaches from
,h'" '""" "f ,ho vrar Mnt" """ "
', " ''1"1 n"0, for he rlsht man
nmI "PPolm him head coach for a term
v,'nrs If the movement l started and
'hrotich at ni- to tlnd a IlaiiKhion
'here w ill be no creat troublu In flmli.K
"."i. I'i'"i-'i ii-- ii ,,,. i, c iiiv inline
"I Howard .1 ,nes Is mentioned more than
anybody eUe's .Innes is rated a smart
football man, did well as head couch of
'lov's team, nnd liven m .New York. Il
Is nut ur'ikelv that he will bo approached
on the uuitier Krank llinkey also has
been sugitentcd. but he Isn't as recent
an output of fool ball as .tones. Ho al
ways was a keen student of thu game.
lilven two lines In whlrh there Is so little
difference- in lho forward play as to be
practically equal and superiority In the
bin ktb'ld will be a big factor. That was
the ease at Sew llaxen Saturday Har
xard's who'e bnekfleld play was vastly
superior. 1 lie line piny too was splendid
fl lit for the gamn to have been much
closr had there not been so much difference
between the two departments combined
A striking ibiiill. in which the Harvard
bni kfle.il wan better, win In the luhd.1
tuei.iiil of i.M.illin,- the bull atrlung puma,
as w i- ,it ;-,iii nt t" e ervbody
It wuei i iii mere itilnldiial skill that
the lhirwird backs were b'tier IndiMil
un.ly thev were rpiu-ker. surer and morn
ills, . riling, but ii, addition they pluve,
'ne'lnr better li an a treat to win,
hem and the wl llurxard team, Us
poise, precision e. ,il finish Now that
, ii .itioiiiil first ,,upi ei-siins are over It
.un be s. en t'.ai II was u rattling good
I s. rap between the two lines It was so
iiuliMcfiii.'v. tin' with liars urd f he smoother
whole on the rush line, with a line whose
strength Wile more evenly distributed
lh.it Haivard eleen. wi'h Its speed,
an iiracy. foci ball sense und power -the
power impar'ed bv Individual activity
in cooperation was a hummer Not much
siook is to be taken In thn assertion thnt
the mnieim wasn't un to tho standard -not
with Wendells, lliickleys, Parmeiilers
Storers Hit' heoe.s. Hartlwlcke and Trum
bull lying around loose
'I he present Harvard champions better
than Dibblei s team of ifiB nncl better than
( iimpbell s team oi I nor' .Maybe, and then
again maybe not I'll, to were Hallowell
mid Cot hr.inii at ends on the lbtiii team,
anil a belter pair of ends they were than
(i linen and I elion. There also were Daly
and lubblee and Hill Iteid and other sterling
players, und that team's plava worked
more i otmisiently against YiiIh than did
Suturdav'n Harvard plavs. Hie lss team
was not equipped with a Ilrli Idey to kick
uoiiIa and In general one of the best backs
the game has produced, and also the ma
terial on Hi" ale team that year wasn't
as good us on this year's Hlue team. Still,
Tor polish, team work nud accurately ap
plied power Hibhlee'a team was u model
T he work of the latest high class team to
appear nuturn'ly stands out morn clearly
than that of those which have gone before
bui before ruling the mn; array the bo.,t
ever, such elevens ns Harvard '01, Vain 'no
and 'o; and teams of the past of Pennsyl
vania and I'rllu eton must not beoverlnnl, ...I
lho Harvard and laic tt utile mentioned,
and Princeton 'na and '01, and Pennsylvania
neb enough in muterlnl to have given a
good account of themselves undur uny
Take n look at aomo nf this material and
compare it with that of the 1919 Harvard
learn Take two teams, for Inelanoo
Harvard 'ut nnd Yale '03 On the former
were Campbell, the best end Harvard ever
had llowdlleli, lll.igden. Cults, Len. Htruard,
l.reene, .Marshall. Kernau. Itlsllne and
(ipi)clon. on the latter were Kheviln and
Itallenj, llogitu and Bloomer, (ilnss nnd
Mil's and I toil and llnckwell, Chadwie.k,
Mi'tcalr ami How man behind tho lino. ,
lltsi class man In every position, In actual
physical power elthe or those teams had
more than the luc.ient Harvard team and
speed wllh It
I hose were tho days of the Ave yard rule.
'ono of Uie teams named would be able
to eat up distance now as they did under
tho flvo yard rule, but with the material
surely would have beuii able to do as much
wlih ten yards ua any present team. Con
sidering whin football bus been played
under present day conditions, however,
the palm must go to Harvard, and that
allowing lor the added down this vear.
Wendell's team is the most reiuirceu! ami
the In si producer of results developed
s nee the ton vnrd rule was adopted II is
dinieiill to tnnke comparisons between It
mid good elevens that pri led Hie leu
v-aid rule 'I he besl tootbull lentn n,-i,ir
lo this viar and under the ten yunl niln
hive the attack oi' the Wendell coiiibina
tion, but was resourceful, nirong In m
letial. well coached, ulerl and didn't iniiir
punin or make othei mistakes
Passing on from imst hlsiorv of football.
It in u y be noted that there uie two mines
of liloiiien. yel lo i oi II e 'Ibe Harvard.
ale-I'niK elou batllea ate over, hu) Peiiu
,,i .I s .'"'" " "'" " t mix
v"h "'" Nnv'.' 1 or aiiioii of all sorts,
e i uemenl and spectacular scrapping all
nv i r the lb Id, coiiuuvjiil us lo Penn Cornell
fames S'exi Katun ly tho Army and
S:V,V "'"' their encounter has the
.","hf Pi'urwnip setting of nil. Against
h mouse
icuse ami ,ow ork unlvnreity re-
livelv. hnl h Ihn Armv nml Nnw In
tlielr lust nrncUwi contests showed that
they have been coming alonr well lately,
llolh huvn been backward, the Navy epe
uially eo. but have hit up faster stridt
within the lust k.
Plillnitelphlit Poller Aatint to Pcr
iii 1 1 (Ylcliriitloti fler lletorj.
IlllUA. N V, ,ov 54 l',Mllllll Willi
pr.nl in; on tlii'ir on Held for I lit vcar.
1 tlio forni'll football ti-um tested lo-div and
i In- nii'ii cot lovvilnT their lii'lonuimf find
I ked up for I ln lrii lo Mlnntir ( llv,
jlii'li will ho tn.nli' lo tnoiro't met''
I f t c r j i it i ri In v 's t: t n 1 t i? v orl.oni , v tut li
I wns bv nil mills ih,. IjiimIi'm of the i fit r, Hi"
I I oai In iiii on h.inl nik and i t tititmiuiti i.
laliil i'M'i tl ror a lilin klio.iid lull, lo-iiioi tow
'"'";"' J1'"'" HI be m.llntu ilo.ni! : III
1 y' J' ' , '2
I. . .
i hotel.
All but the Inrntr een tIa.iers, the
lloHer of (lie iti:i, mIH,Ii mil iniike thn
Atlatitle Cllv trip. btoUe t t.iililtu; lut nlcht.
I lie iinili rur.iil ii.ii n plmi (o vend tlie scrubs
lo I'lillndelphia m npprecintliui of their
worli thtouitli the season, imil a Mibscrlp.
Hon for that purpoe is beltitf taken up on
the Hill Coei h Mi.irpe lo dnv irave out
the o1!i:n t of plners who will be taken
aUniltonthi'lltinl trip of lhese.ion. Co.iehes
H I and nn Hrnian and .link .Moakby
will also he in the purl) I he sipmd fol
low h
Left ends, r.j rich and I'.ees. left taelde4,
f!iter. lllianisunnml rratiUlln.leftirunrds,
Manns and ( ollver entre., .I S Whytn.
.Mi ( un hon and Wllbatas. rluht truards,
'hntiipnlirii nnd Weldenthnl. rieht tackles,
."sli and I.ahr, rttrtir ends, ohenrn ami
Mehnfley; ipiiirtet Imcks, llnller, Smith and
I rnlner, left halfbacks, O'Connor and
labor rlFbt half backs, Henneti, fritz
and It II Whyte, fullbiicks. Hill. .Miller
and I nderlull
i orach's attitude is hopeful but not opti
mistic I Iim,. i one lovul Cornell rooter,
however, who hu, mi. h firm faith in the
team tlmt tin li.i.. r ,.,iti..Ml .1 nn.,i.ul,.t, n
hiM'a I otnell parade provided the Ithaeatis
w in
mis eniiiiisuMi is blent. I lieoilote
I wesien, the university nroelor. who u..il
to b" n I'hlladelplui polieem.in 'Iwenten
w ns l onfldeni l.i-i fall and iti.ide all nrrnnce.
incuts for p.ii.ule, bin the I'ennsvlvntn i
fooibnll team iii.onsiileratelv spaded all
bi plans I id. mi. ted. however, he has
iiliplled to Superintendent l IVIice llobln
son tor i eriiiissinn to have n pirn, I, of i i)
men it I ornell wins nrwl Mr i'.i, i.,.
ai.roveii pr.wib I the eetebr.itloti does
not take the form of in(:,e dam lug
Humor tins Wolerlnrs nUloc I'll
AVIth Conference.
ANN Ariioii. Mich., Nov 24. As a re
sist of a meeting l.it nl lit In Chlcaco
b' twien repre ntntles of MlehlKan and
other Western colleges It irnnn llkil
that th Wolveiine Institution is bii.i
to make a bid for l e.nlnilssion to the
conference The mertlnc Inst n!t;ht, two
wnks before the annual ineetlnR of the
conference. Is of Itself slcnlllcint Whit
ropn'ssluns Mlrhlirnn will make Is caus
Iiik the main dlseu5lon.
Michigan will sininl firm on the train
ln tab'". That Is M.m-thlns that Mlehl
Kan cannot see her wav clear tn do wit.i
nut Ah to Hnstein teams Mlrhlkr.in ban
contracts with Cornell and I'ei n th.-C
rinin be filled, ni.d thn sentiment Is
htrong here against breaking these and
also of taking an position tint would
prohibit Michigan from renewing these
relations when the present ones are
IW.n IT..,-.. , I . , .
) Kf' 's reprrsentntlve in the conference
h'1"'" wolienne, w-re nn-mbeis ,f
,1-ni, ,i. uiiir,, oii iin ,w rin-
'"'". 'ruf" me roumving smtetnent
I would like to see Michigan
pmyiiiK some or tne western colli tcs
who are now member of the conference'
but I should not like to see the relations
with Cornell ,unl Ivnn bioken off ''
Navy Supporters Think Chimera
With Army Are Cirii,
Annapolis. Md , .'ov ;t - The Naval
Academy foothnll team will .start to-morrow
on Its final preparation for the game
against the Military Academv eleven on
Franklin Field, Philadelphia. The sub;
stnntl.il victories over th- North Carolina
Aggies and the Cnlverslty of New York
encourage the Navy contingent greatly
and It Is believed here that the chances
of another victory this year are at least
It Is held that Individually the Navv
team is stronger than the Army nnd thu
the team work will improve greatly dur
tng the week. Herman i ileutt, the old
Yale lineman, who has -insisted with the
Niivv eoaehlng em several occasions, fin
ished his work with the Cnlverslty of New
York on S.iturdiy and will remain with
the Naval Acndi rnv team until after the
game. Jack Cates. nis.i former Yale
player and Navy field coach, will devote
considerable time to the learn this week
The team will leave Annapolis foi Phila
delphia on Thursdaj, a day earlier th in
usual Thl will aiford an onportunltv for
practice on Franklin Field Friday The
party will stop at the Hotel Walton.
Spnuldlng, Plillhln nnd Itomrliler
Only Itruulara to Quit School,
New Hvvb.v, Nov 14 - Yale will have
most of the present team back and eligible
for the team next year Hy graduation Yale
will lose Uomelsler, end; I'hllbin and Spani
eling, halfbacks, and Sheldon, substitute
end, and baker, substitute halfback.
Henry II Ketoham likely will be chosen
enplaln to succeed Jesse Spailldlng. There
also Is some talk of I'lynn for captain The
members of the team came out of tho gnme
In good condition except Uomelsler, whoso
knee and shoulder were hurt
Head Coach Howe is going to Now York
to go luto religious work. Klmer MoDevitt
Is going lo Annapolis to help Wheaton get
the Navy ready to meet tho Army, hriilly
will be here until niter Thanksgiving and
then will return to his home in Pennsylvania
The attendance ut yesterday's game was
the largest over at Yale Field The receipt
were lu tho neighborhood of i;o,0W), lie
recelpla for the season will not total up to
the usual' figure, however, beoaue of tho
omission of the Colgate game.
Former Carlisle star Didn't Tell
Any One Ills Identity.
PiitLADiUHtA, Nov, U. Little Bear,
that sterling Indian football end who tn
his day stopped Smith of Pennsylvania,
Hurley of Harvard and other back Held
heroes, eat as a substlluto on thn side line
for the Aoenleen Athletln Club team all
yesterday nfternoon, undiscovered hy the
a.nes) people and the managers of tho two
teams which battled lor the champion
ship of I'hlbidolphla Aberdeen won,
deieuting l'.wlng It to 0, but Mllle Hear
had no chaiicn to pluv
Little Hear said Just aa the game was
ending that he gi.i'ssnd ho wouldn't li
given a rhauce. 'ihn old tlmo redskin
warrior only wont out lor lho Aberdeen
team on Friday and ho illdu'l tell any ono
that he used to be a star at Carlisle, He
never complained when Manager llaniim
didn't put him in, although he wan crazy
lo get a chance to show them how hu and
l.lbby tooled tho big Harvard team way
back In 1105 and 1WW!. when they tucked
the pigskin under Llbhy'a sweater and
scored enough points tn win.
V Tont NriTinnrUet Winner,
Sprcial Cabin iMpalpA fo Ta 8rs.
Paris, Nov. 24 Va Tout, owned by
Kohler, an American, won the rnco for thn
Ptix Newmarket at Auteull to-day from
a Meld of tiltm starters, The same owner's
Catnyre finished tblid In t lie race for tho
I'lix Ardent. This ewent was won by
liruiiuessac's Anderson, with Powers up.
Hro aer Wins Mherldnn Itnn,
II. Rrowner of the homo club, won the
Hherldan A. C. run yesterday after a
hard tussle over the four mile course with
H. Hllversteln, another Sheridan runner.
Hro ser won by 30 yards In 24 minutes
10 seoonds. A. Knoll, also of the Bherl
ittiC, was third.
Get in the game
with a Jimmy pipe
Hit the top notch of tobacco delight by jamming your jimmy
brimful of Prince Albert. Right there is first-water pipe joy.
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As a cigarette, Prince Albert is a
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tried to roll a cigarette or not, vou
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Prince Albert gives
77ie loppy red
5c ban
fly rJ"r- eg-
'op 9 nec rwej iiq
Scottish Americans Try Out Old
Solid Golf Sphere With
Poor Results.
7-J Hest Amateur Effort at
Oakland, bill White Is
Aff.iin Champion.
If those few remuininff chimplons of the
solid coif ball linil vieltetl Ihn public lltike
a' Van I'ortl.itult Park recently they would
have tceiveil further proof thnt the once
deur old cutty is obsolete-dead beyond
recall I he latest bodv of coif ere to satisfy
t henisclves beyond nil ciuestions of doubt
that the rubber corn can never be replaced,
at least by the eohd ball, were representa
tive's of the Scottish (lolf Club, many of
whom leartu'd the tramo lonit ito In tho
land of the thistle, before the lively ball was
ever thouKht of. In the opinion of Duncan
Maclnnes there Is nt least e rht etrokes
difference In an eighteen hole ound.
This player, by the wnv, m.ide the beet
score, o d:, In thn competition in question.
Ordinarily this Hcot can set round Van
t'ortlnndt close to 80 lie declared that off
the tee his drives v ere generally forty yards
or more short of the usual efforts with any
ono of tho many brands of "boundlnK bil
lies " Kiirthermore, the name became la
borious before the round was half com
pleted. Other players In the competition
fared far worse than .Maclnnes nnd If tho
matter were put ton vote n majority would
nay that tho margin in favor of the lively
ball would be nearer ten strokes than eight,
Tliey all ncrce tlmt the assertion of eome
of tho old timers that there Is only a differ
ence of three of four etrokes la ridiculous.
Seaeon'e records for the Oakland Oolf
Chib have been announced land show that
Marshall Whltlatch, who also plays a great
deal ut Dyker Meadow, holds thn amateur
record with 71, although (the club champion
ship was won for the fourth time by Gar
diner W. White. Whltlatch'e outward
Journey In SS beats the flguree for the same
holes made by Willie- Collins, the club's
professional, whosu 70 was the best mark
of any class made this season. Coming
back, however, Collins wan three strokes
less than Whltlatch, The amateur record
Ih an follows
Out X 4 4 S 4 S 4 4 4 .11
In 4 .1 5 4 4 4 6 4 4-773
Collins covered tho ,07 yard course as
Out 4 4 t .1 S A 4 3 4 M
In 4 .1 4 2 4 4 6 I 4 .M -70
The club championship this year was tho
seventi'iMith held in tho history of the cluti,
ami although Nhltn won the lit it lor tho
fourth times in uucceis.slon It was not the (Irst
lent of that kind Ah far back ns 107 niter
J Tr.ivls won It nnd held It for four yours
without a break. The chamlpoiiH of tlio
Oakland (lolf Club am as follows
Jficl, 1 Chiiuncey .Mclveever. IK87, Walter
J. Tt.ivls, imis, Walter J. Travis, isnu, Walter
J. Iiuvls. i poo, Walter .1 Travis, limi.
W Htuait llrown, ItKij. Stephen I' NiinIi
liio.i. Herbert I,, Illl.er; linn, Herbert It.
reck: Hi', llorbort II Peck, iikmi, I, .Martin
lllchmond. Ii7, I'm nit II Itosslter. iimv
William Ii lionni'll limn, miti, lull, mis,
tlardmor W. While
Robert C W atson, secretary of the I'nlted
.States (iolf Association, has Issued an
iiiinoiincement culling attention to thn fact
Hint active clubs desiring to hold a I'liiim.
pionshlp toumitiitfiit must tllo Ihelr iippil
catlons with tho M'cretary. 7n Hast 1'uity.
f I ft I) ettreet, tills city, on or before December
I, bocausn of lho rule that finch applications
must be included in the notion for thn annual
mooting of thn association 'Ibis applies
to tho national championships, tho women's
amateur nnd open held under the auspices
of the U H. ;... t
Proapetot Park Football Resolts,
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Boy P. A. ivtrywhtre in teppy Sc red
bag, 10c tidy red tine and handsome
pound and half - pound humiJori.
Winston-Salem, N. C.
Trotters Wllh Itrcords en el Pros
pects Will r.a In lllKhest Itlilele-rs.
Tllo show horse, which held possession
In Mndlson Square Ctarden last vvei'l-, will
give way this week In favor of the utility
animal. Trotters ,md pacers, many with ,
records and others with prospect.. will Pe
put up at public miction In the time hot,- i
ored Old fllory sale
That ndverse leslslatlon has hsd little :
effect on the trottlni; horse Preeillng In- I
dustry Is evldenreel by the fact tb-it there '
are S 0 fS horses seh,.(ueil to ,e sold under
the hsjirner betvveen this mortiln? at 10:10
and next Saturday night M.my nf these
are rovnlly bred wllh cng'igemi nts In the
futurities f ,r 'vMch viil'iab'e st.ilces .or
nffercil, sei t'l it frUevveis of the III. mil i ' r
cuit .ire Mi'e to put In an appearance on
the lookout t'U- an opportunity to pick up
n second Hnd"i '
The m.iniipe-tr.rnt of Walnut Hall Tnrm '
of IXineratl. Ii , announces that nwlns to
the l,iri?e number uf fnaN on the farm
this ear it bss been ueci-s"ary to mike
two consUnments. one to the Old Ulory
auction and one to the midwinter sale In
.lanimty. For the present week the Wal
nut Mall offerings will consist of the get
of San Francisco. 1 .0', Ozone and
youngsters by outside stallions, while ttie
offsprings of Moko nnd Walnut Hill,
2:0Si4, are listed for the midwinter sil
Mochester. son of the greit Moke, will
b the llrst horse brought Into the sales
ring this mornlnp. He hns a record of
2:lu-4 and though only 9 years old has
already made a mark for himself In the
stud. Mochester Is sent to the sale by
John Hull of ningharnton. together "with
many of his sons and daughters, several
I of which have made trials under 2,20.
Tcmpus Fuglt, with .1 race record of
I 2:014, Main Gallant, an own brother to
the successful racer, Mnlnleaf. and three
'from tho stable of Tom Sharkey are
others on tho list of 132 to be sold to
Yonkrra Thnnksurlrlnsr riny Event
of International Interest.
An International flavor will be given to
tho Yonkors marathon, which Is scheduled
for Thanksgiving Day, by the nnnenrance
I of five Canadians who havo been attracted
by the handsome prises offered for tho
, long distance event which is only second
in importance to tho Hoston tlxturn In
the spring.
Itesldes the best men In the metropoli
tan district there are a number of en
tries from out of town, Including the
crnck marathoners of New Kngland. So
that the spectators may have an oppor
tunity to seo tho most exciting pnrt of
the raoe the last seven miles will bo run
on tho Empire City racetrack. Thn start
will be made at noon from (Jettv Komir,.
Yonkors, and the runners will traverse tho
rnaus or vv estcliester county for seven
teen miles before entering the racetrack
for the final test of endurance.
It Is expected that If the weather !
fine a crowd nf 100,000 persons will wntci.
the runners from various vantage points
moult me nun or route. Motor cars will
be provided to accompany thn runners sn
that any man that becomes exhausted
may be taken earn of nnd conveyed to thn
finish. Tho first eight men to finish will
receive ptlzca and the winner will be te
warded with a brnme flcurn of vintn.-..
standing seven feet six inches.
I.Hskrr Deplores Chess I'nllnrr,
Writing under dstn of November 11
from llnrlln Chiimnl,!., l..,ulH n ...
- - , f,i,-,,viy ill.
plores thn breakdown of the proposed
..1. lum-ii.itiiiiii inimicFs nun niiessiM
the hope thnt the masters who pledged
their iiartlclniitlnn icexivn ,.
.1 . - ',nii"'iii'a-
tlon. lho only fault which can bo found
.iiu inn iii.miHi is mo r.vt that thev
be Ilevcd In the sangulnn expectations o'f
the programme, which announced that
the tourney would surely conio off Now
they nm without nny engagements.
Another Win for Athleitlos.
Special Cabin Pupate, to Tirs Rtrs
JtsVeVXA. Nov. 24. Th Phlladejphlt,
AthltJC4i ftd Kv,na at btvMball
hara trteav hv m Zz -
. . - mNii ve in
Oooajo Kelit4-er th Tlsltorm.
! 'A
VL".i. -Arys.
Sixty Years of Experience
! Behind Hub-Mark Rubbers ,
Very likely our Rrandfather wore
"sums" Irnm our factory. VTo were
pioi crs in an mJusrr developed hy
American iitKcnuitv anil enterprise. VC'c
lime Ion?! since parsed the experimental
..eryvvliere dealers recninize Hub
Mark rubber as standard ttrst quality.
Try them yourself anJ compare them with
others nu have worn, You'll rind that
when you bay Hub-Marks you buy Ies3
! often.
Standard- First Quality
Illustrations of varlois m.Ics of Hn'j.:,Iar,
runners ate arpeartne Ii the slrret rsrs Tin'
cost no more than am ether ni eia rubbers
nnd are made In -i ics tn 't an shoe. Hub M.i-.
rubber fiiemear is resile term' purposes for mm
v omen. Tine s end, iris
The Hub-Murk Is TnnrJVnlnr-Miirk
' inl.r I,, r .nrl luBiilu ip-ii, ,
Boston Rubber Shoe Company
Khiebllshed IVO
"'.Men. Man.
llnekeiisnek Cluli tit liny Course.
Hackensack. Nov 24 Acting under n
call Issued by th tio.ird of povernon
members of the 1 lackenback Golf Ciu'i
will hold .1 meeting on Thursday, Decem
tvr r, to ratify the proposed purchase of
land now Udtis ue,l for tho rolf course
It Is understood the membeis aro prsc
tlcally unanimous In b..tr u, ,.,-, .u.
; proposition, which will bo financed bv Is
, suing bonds. According tn tho Informs-
Hon rent to member li u .u.
ptopcrty which It Is proposed to purchase.
ISSi" . nS6 I12 acr"s nt " ct of
?,i, I, . lhe,le!,( f " golf course Is
about to expire and cannot be renewed,
milk ng t ennmuUnr., e... -,. .7J '
,.,., . , " '" 'i'- rum miner
,to buy the land or seek new fields
Following thn
National Horse Show at
-Madison .Square Carden
. 25 to 30
Six Days and Evenings
8S!t American Light Harness
CD I Horses, Trotters and
yj 'Pncors, including many
World's Champions.
Madlaon Squar Oardan
The tidy red 10c tlx D
f-V's-'n... ".'-'"r'rrs.'l-. fi'S-
Cx I
; im 1 i
. V h
. to. i SlYiW'.c- w i "t . h
, cior.tt'-TTj Vi.tvM.cr a v.
3t3awncn3aaicaAninutjsvJ 2?

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