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for their anxiety to have the surrender
of the Turks tlicie Included In the
(trncco-ftnlunrlnn til Frrllnn May
Cmmc llWunler, In llepnrt.
Special Oii'lr Unhitch to True Sex.
1oniion, Hoc 4. The news that
(Ireece alone of the nllles refused to
pIrh tho armistice with Turkey last
night Is the culls" of pnifound scn-m-tlon
In diplomatic circles here. .Somo
say that It Is the licKlnnlnK of the end
of tho H.ilknn confederacy.
Other reports lead one to believe thnt
the aimlMlcc Is more than a mere
truce and really embodies certain arti
cles of the actual treaty of peace.
Mumoni arc also current that KlnR
rcrdlnand of HulBarhi as well ns aim
Ins at peace with Turkey Is aiming at
an Hvenlual alliance with her, although
there h no definite confirmation of
All along (Irerc has hindered the
armlrtlce proee cdim: .. hut it was
thought hardly prolmlile that she would !
tak the allies 1.1 their word and ko on I
, with th war alone.
lnnlnft, Salonltn and Adrlanoplc
th'i" three cltlen and their fate have
kept the Sr"k representatives from
Joining with the allies, nml their attiludo
was first foreshadowed when the Oneks
took Palonlra. There too inme n Hul
i gsrlan army, to lind the city already
.occupied by the troops of King Ucorgc.
(The cablfs told at the time of the oc
,' cupatton of that Kgcan seaport that
I Immediately there arose friction be
tween i he two armies of the allies, and
eventually the Unlearn left.
Vlenm "'nds a report In this eonnec
i tlon which is not confirmed from any
1 other quarter to the effect that 3.000
1 Greeks within the last few days at
twnpted to enter Serres, about fifty miles
i from aloiilo,i, which was already occu
1 pled by Hulc.irl.ins, and were repulsed
With a lo:'. of :r.n killed.
When the (ireeks began their siege
' f .Idnlna they were confident of ultl
' mate success. Hut wlien they sent their
' representatives down to the armistice
, conferences at ItaKhchctsh they were
'mazed and at the same time Indignant
! to discover that Servla, Montenegro and
Bylgarl.i were considering very favor
ably that clause In the armistice which
provided that all the besieged cities were
to-bo revlctualled dally. The Greeks
' felt that this was altogether too lenient.
They told their representatives to
hold out for the surrender of Janlnn
it any rate. Otherwise tho Turks would
Import ammunition, arms, coul and
. food freely by sea when the blockade
. on the Adriatic was raised, as was
' proposed, anil In the event of the re
r newal of war all the work would have
v to be done over again and Jatiina might
' hold out Indefinitely. Janlna, which Is
the most Important town of the Eplrus,
' has nlways bee;; sorely desired by
Greece also felt that If the Ilulg.-.rs
were content to let the Turks keep
.Adrlanoplc they would demand from
Greece land that they had captured
from the Turk as compensation.
On the islands of Chios and Mttylcne
too. where there was righting on Sun
day and Monday, tho Greeks felt that
they would lose all they had gained
if the armies remalnes In their posi
tions for the fourteen days of the truce,
and they demanded the surrender of tho
Turkish armies on those two islands.
Too Flashed With Victory to Henl
Itr nrapnnnlbllttr.
i Spettat Cable UttpatcK to Th Sc.v.
London, Dec. 3. A despatch from
Vienna to the Daily Telegraph says:
"The little kingdom of Scrvla be
comes dally more ond more the de
ciding point on which the peace of
Europe depends. This Is because she
and others believe that Russia will sup
port her through thick and thin. Vet
Russia has made every effort to per
suado Servla to adopt a reasonable at
titude. These efforts have been made
by secret diplomacy, and something
rnore overt Is necessary to bring about
the deMred results.
"The Servians to-day are too excited
and too overwrought by their success
to recognize the danger with which
Uielr attitude threatens Europe. The
European Powers unanimously and at-
multaneously should therefore tnke Sc. - -
avdcuallon of the Albanian coast, fall
ing whV.h Italy nnd Austria should be
empowered to turn her troops out of
Durazzo, Alcsslo nnd elsewhere.
"It can he said from nn authoritative
(wtili ce that Servla Is not necessarily
determined to remain nt Durazzo. Sho
might be willing to exchange It for San
Giovanni di Mctlua, for she merely
. wants her tlag to fly on the Adriatic,
.but Italy will not have the Servian flag
;on tho Adriatic at all.
"The speech of Dr. von Bethmann
Hollweg. the German Chancellor, has
deeply affected all Rurope. and for good
trtth the exception of Servla, who seems
to believe that she has everything to
win and nothing to lose out of a Euro
pean war. It Is said that she proba
bly will climb down at the last moment,
but Austria's patience Is not Inex
haustible, and It will be well for Sen-la
If she does not delay too lonir.
"There Is good ground for the belief
that the Balkan Confederation will soon
be dissolved into Us component parts."
OIHclal Belcrade Newspaper Smym
' Khr'm Firm In Albania.
Special Cabl Dttpatch fo Tnr Scv
Belokade, Dec. 3. The Tribuna, which
is closely connected with the Servian
'Foreign Office, says no member of the
Servian Government haa declared that
'Servla will waive the right to Albanian
territory. Servla, the Tribuna says,
respects the Powers and Is ready to
meet their wishes and' accept their
Generally speaklnr, the attitude of
Belgrade circles Is calm and correct
to-day, the paper says, but according
to Information from various sources,
v"ithe war preparations of Austria and the
Jatter's concentration of forces on the
frontier are being carried out with such
baste and to Kuch an extent that Scr
vla will find It necessary In order to
safeguard her Interests to make simi
lar preparations.
Any unforeseen provocation from
Irresponsible factors on cither side at
any moment may render the situation
far more serious.
Violent Attack on tbe Montenegrin
Positions Falls.
' Special Cabl Dapatch to Tns Sex.
Wr-DON, Dec. 4. A despatch from Ob
Jlk dated Tuesday and sent via Mauri
can says:
"Toward midnight the Turks made a
(.,vfclet tejt on the Montenegrin pod-
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In Colors
Modern metiotinti in colon by S. Arlent
Edwards and other artists.
Etching by Haden. Whistler. Cameron
Haig, Fitton. etc.
I49ih and (nih Mrceisl
'Itor and admirer of Mrs. Nowlll, wno
Hons at Slrovsi-.l, Oora nnd Ohllk. j hanged hmself the day after she dls
Several batteries of quick llrora were appeared was mentioned by the Coroner
In the action. There was also a rapid In connecton wth the woman's death.
rifle fire for two hours. Harly In the
morning the Turks were repulsed nnd
retired toward Tarakasch, lealng rainy
dead on the field.
Attitude Toward ervla
lleclilc She Question,
Special Coble tieepatch to Tnr Si.
Hekmn, Dec. X Tin- Cologne Oasette,
which frequently speaks for the Govern
ment, In commenting on thn friction
between Austria and Servln says:
"If Autrla strikes her colors before
the stubbornness of Scrvla tho prestige
of tho dual monarchy would bo dimin
ished to such an extent that Austria
Hungary would forfeit a considerable
part of its worth to us as an ally. It !
requires one word from Itussla to ac
quire the requisite pressure for the Ser
world awaits
vlalis to start up
this word In vain. One has also failed
to hear that Russia's partners In tho
Triple" Entente have been particularly
energetic about giving St. Petersburg a
corresponding hint. So long as Russia
does not speak the spectre of war will
not be banished."
SI a n r I'ltlea nmtrtcd. tint IlrltUh
Capital Finally t'hoaen.
Special Cable He'pateh to Tns St.v.
London, Dec. 4. The Sofia corre
spondent of the 7'imr.ii. telegraphing
In anticipation of tho signing of tho ar
mistice, says a clause has already been
agreed to providing that the negotia
tions for peace shall begin within
seven days In London, which Is re
garded at Sofia as the most likely place
for the conference.
The Bulgarians at first suggested iopa ;
and the Turks Constantinople. The c
Orecks would support no agreement, so
the Turks suggested Rniss-els, The Hul-1
garlans finally suggested London nnd It
is anticipated that no difficulty will I
arise over the selection of that city
au the meeting place.
Condition. In Turkl.l. Capital Al.ont
.Normal. Says A m ha nail or.
Washin'oton. Dec. 3. The spread of
cliolcra in Constantinople ami vicinity
hns lessened, accordlnc to do.latche.s
iecelvcdat the State Department to-
day from Ambassador Rockhlll. General
conditions In the Turkish capital are
now about normal, the Ambassador
The American Red Cross to-day
tubled the sum of $1,000 to Belgrade,
Servla. In caro of the International bu -
, lea u for the aid of war prisoners.
Many appeals had been received for
funds to aid In relief work among the
allies prisoners oi wur,
Cnhnn President-elect Will Heqnlrr
ritneaa for Minor Post.
Special Cable Despatch to The Six
Havana, Dec. 3
ui an inii.1 1 ir i'uu -
Hhed to-day President-elect Menocal Is ,
quoted ns saying that he will appoint
as member of his Cabinet nnd to other!
1 positions men of his own way of think-
' , nr . shnrrtln.ite nlnces tit -
' ,,,,ss w, the sole consideration. , , the recognised leader of the Sel-Yu-
, ,.ar. affiliations will not be taken Into Kai, or constitutional party.
Recount, as he Is absolutely not bound
, by any preelection promises. I RnnfJACi C ATT TNR FflB TTIIAT)fR
The President-elect says he will urgelb0KUAS !AUllwl, UAUOK.
! -r..i,m of ,hp electoral census, which I . . .. 7.
was obviously padded nnd falsified at
the last election.
President Gomez returned to the capi
tal this afternoon from a week's fishing
The police are closely watching Span
ish Immigrants, of whom 1,500
whom 1,500 arrived
whom III suspected
anarchists. Somo of
are under close sur-
to-day nnd among
there are several an
the rer-ent arrivals are under close sur-
velllance. Ono is a youth of 17.
Antonio Hevuella. a Zavlsta attorney,
to-day presented an app.-al to the Su -
preme Court against the recent na-
t...,oi ..loMinn nn ti, ,rrr,iinil thnt the
electoral law enacted during the second
Intervention of the United States under
v i. .tw.itir.n.1
Gov. Magoon Is unconstitutional.
Merchant Elders of Berlin Take
Strong Stand Analnst It.
Special Cable Vetpatcli to Tbe Sex.
nsnuN, Dec. 3. The Merchant Elders
of Berlin, an organization of the most
lmnortant and most Influential mer-
chants of the capital, have'eomo out In
opposition to the planned petroleum
monopoly bill after a thorough Invest!
gallon of the subject. They declare In
a comprehensive statement that they
have not been convinced of tho neces
sity of the planned quasl-Government
monopoly and greatly doubt thn prac
ticability ond feasibility of carrying out
the project In lt present form. The
merchants demand numerous changes
In the measure as drafted, among them
being the Inclusion of a provision which
will prohibit the monopoly from becom
ing a competitor In the sale or the
handling of benzine, machine oil or any
other oils.
The German petroleum monopoly bill
Is aimed at the present feared monopoly
of the Standard Oil Company. The new
organization as planned will obtain Its
uppllca of petroleum from Independent
sources, Including American, but the
Standard Oil Company la not excluded
from participation.
HADntD. An EnflUh aviator it Inttruct
Ins King Alfonto In thn acltnce of avUtlnn.
nnUE!,S. Albert, Ktnr of thf net.
glann. In eonflnrd tu till brd nlth a anwra
attack of Influenza,
I'AHIS A nw typ nf automohllr,
quipped with aeroplane propelltra, proved
highly aurri-aeful on a 136 mile tryout acroaa
the Algerian ileaert,
MAIllttn Ntrodemm Mender, rhlef ee.
cutloner of Spain, died of grieving fnr 111"
daughter, who died of a broken heart be.
cauae her father' tailing eatranged her
Coroner' Jury Met urn Open Vrr
illet In Welsh C'nar.
Special Cable Hcepatek to Tan St
"New Quay, Wales, Dec. 3. At the.
conclusion of the, inquest to-day Into
tho death of Mrs. Sidney N'onlll. tho
handsome wlfo of n Slieflleld manu
facturer, who disappeared from the At
lantic. Hotel here on November 1!3 and
I whoso body was found yesterday In a i
covo at tho bottom of a precipitous cliff,'
. the Jury returned an open verdict of
I death from drowning. There wast no
' evidence adduced as to how Mrs. Nowlll
l got Into tho wnter.
I The name of .Inmes Delay, the sollcl-
He stated that he had no doubt that
Delay had behaved heartlessly ond
cruelly toward Mrs. Nowlll, hut It was
Impossible to go beyond that.
Mr. Nowlll In his testimony nt thn
Inquest emphasized his previous state-'
ments of his absolute confidence In his'
wife's fidelity. Physicians testified that ,
the body showed no sign of a struggle
""' I""' "-
It came out during the InveMlgatl.m
that Delay had travelled much In
America. A photfigrnph of an unknown
handsome woman, which -Mis taken In
New York, was found among his be-
11" codicil lo ueiay s win, iv wiuro
he bequeathed Mrs. Nowlll $150,000. ,
remains academically an unsettled point,;
Th" codicil to Delay's will, by which
because If she died on the night she
disappeared her death precedrd that of
Delay, who bunged himself the next
,laJ' 1,11(1 "1P ,0';aP' would lapse, even It .
It was attested, which It was not
Snlislttr Agreement Itetneen Mteam
hlp Company nnd (itivernnien t.
t'ARts. Dec. 3, A postal subsidy agree
ment between tho French Government
and the French steamship line from
Havre to New York was signed here to
day providing for the construction of
four new fat steamers.
The agreement covers the next
twenty-tlve years. The new steamshlw
are to enter the service In the year
lflfi. 1921. 102 and 1931. They are to
have a speed of twenty knots in sum
mer and eighteen In winter. The sub-
sidy to the company Is Jl.200.000 a year
for the nrat four years after wlc
Is subject to revision. The Government
agree not to subsidize any competing
line so long as the V "ench Transatlantic
ompany Keeps us line net ween Havre
and Canada.
Ilrrnk t'p nf Cabinet Mny Follow
War MlnWtrr' Mo-re.
i ohio. wee. .. i in- .luiiaiit-ar i uuiivi .
j .Marquis faionji, will resign io-niorro,
U Is said here, because of the dltllculty
of fllllnir th, vacancy made by t le
i , V, , t....,V ,'.,, 1. h
resignation of Lleut.-Gen. I eher. the
1 War Minister. The W ar Minister re-
signed when he found that tne cabinet
. ivonl.l ,ni niminrt his ilem.iml for un
increa.-e of the armv. J
Marquis SahuiJI "appealed to Prince
Arltomo Yamagata. President of the 1
rlvy Council and one time Minister or ,
, War. to accept the portfolio again, but
,P refused, chiefly. It Is said, because tin; ,
militarists are boycotting the portfolio.)
. There Is much criticism of the action
0f the Prince on the part of the Japan,
, eso press.
i The news that tho Premier would re-
'sign came as a surprise, ror ne nau ine
i ....... u..i.i.i 1.1... i i.i
1.U1I; ou Hie Ufa I'v.iiiii linn in ills.
policy, which he declared to be the en-
hancement of the national credit and
the development of Industry and Inter -
national peace. The war party opposed
i ne war party oppoeu
stnrt and tin. Internal
politics of Japan Is be -
.. I,, ,
him from the
struggle In the
- tween muiiary nnii-consiuuiionaiisni
and the adherents of the Constitution.
Marquis Salonjl formed h! Cabinet In
Animst. 1911. Hiirreedlnir the Katsura
i mlnlstrv. He had been Premier from
! i..nR t mat n -, ,..n, int., ...
" " ..... .............
for (i on no,u II Work.
Special Cable Despatch to Tnr. Sex
Panama. Dec. 3. Col. William C.
Gorgas, chief sanitary officer of the Isth-
Ittilnn f'nnnl I'nmmkM nn will suit fnr
j . ..i- m, ti- t 1,-1
i"-ii"ni" iw-m" " mm i imu -
Kcuailor to-mo-row with Prs. I.e Prince
and Noble, sanitary experts for the ,
purpose of making an estimate as to,
f ""' cost of the sanitation of Guayaquil.
f the cost of the sanitation of Guayaquil,
I 1,r- -" I'rince was formerly engaged In
sanitation worn in uuua anu ur. .ooie
I uus ongnped In similar duties In Porto
...... .
It Is the Intention of Dr. Gorgas to
, f Southern ports within seven days
f Panama as free of disease as Is the
Canal one.
Will Outline Commercial Policy
ToTrard V. S. on January 1.
St. rETERSBtmo, Dec. 3. It was of
ficially announced to-day that tho Rus
sian Government would publish on Jan-
uary 1. the day of the expiration of the
Kusso-Amerlcan treaty of commerce
anu navigation, a siaiemeni outlining
Its commercial policy toward tho 1'nlted
States and nlo u provisional tariff,
which will not contain any great In
creases. Tho policy of the Russian Govern
ment, It Is said, will not he Imbued by
any spirit of animosity, but will be di
rected solely to the protection of the
Russian markets.
nierlean Interested In Syndicate
Xnvr tluylnir Land,
Special Cable. fietpatcA to The Sc.v.
Madrip, Dec. 3. An alluvial gold field
has been discovered In the province of
j J" n? ' "l"!, f,J?Paln' a"d
prospecting la being conducted by a syn
dlcato In which Hugcne do Sahla and
Krnest Wlltheo represent American in
terests. Thn syndicate Is buying up land In
the vicinity of the discovery.
War Can't Stop for Tola.
Special Cable Tletpatcn to Tub Son
London, Dec, 4.-Tho Salonlca corre
spondent of the Tlmrs telegraphs that
the Austrian cruiser Maria Theresa left
there so hurriedly this morning that thu I limn honored rule of permitting ost
laundry of tl)e officers was left ashore. I ina,ters to servo tho full four years for
l Willi II uit-y aiii i-uiiiiiiinniuiit-ll 1 lll
., . .... . . , would carry tho postmasters over to Uta
lei File In Mouth Amerlra. wxt Presidential election, and tho pros
Special Cable Deepatch to Tub Si n J iwct Is not pleasing to Domocrutlo Sona
BL'KNOS AYRK8, Dec, 3. -Corporal Kels ... .,
flew In n Hlerlot monoplane from this ,I5 lr tiX-?lI -""-.J'"011 t
nlao lo Montevideo lln irii iv. n.wi w"! 8 'P'' "", postmaster situation
- S?f. e nie Ti, h y' ' nnd may 1,0(1 u0 N)'no "f President Tuft'tt
a dls ance of -to miles. 4 appointment- of more importauc.
(iivc Kisses if You IWt Afford
Anything1 Klsc, Sh.vk
Mrs. .lohn Hays HiiiiiiiioikI unci
Tim llcnlv Lend the Urn ml
Mnreh Too.
lst night about 1,301 spurh had one j
big time at the Metropolitan Assomniy
Hall. Mrs. .lohn Mays Hammond and
Tim llcaly. president of tho h'templ
imiM.ni "p, the grand inarch
MHm ,,, l.jbbev, who aks onlv to
1)p al ed to n-S8ist heaven itt protectinc.
workini? Rrl ,. tif- talk
i. I,. h rnii mmniw eiilhiis asm .Miss
I Kate Itarnanl of Oklahoma got an ovation.
And th demand of spug buttons was
something llerce.
til... M.l . I I I I... . 111... I.n.f.lr
k -"7 , . m. ,
I 11 toworiiiR irfille hat. white, dre hi .1
,11100 girusii pins roseues. I lit- jmmn
.'om" m mi-,.-, , .,, ,
, . , , , , .i .
" P" hr idol and know that
at last, they saw her In tho fich Oh,
quite an unmistakable amount of flesh!
MihS l.ibbey ahsiirrd the assembled
1 Minus that nho loved all women! Hut
nearest to l-iura Joan's heart are Ihcwo
- ...
who toil and struggle Sho knows all
about their lonelinehs. sho siiid, and she
feels for them.
"Hut dlnn.i forget, dears.'1 said Miss
I.lbbey. suddenly dipping into Scotch,
"when in your kindly hearts you want
to do for others' that there is such a
thing as lining too good a fellow
"Ihng-a-lliiK-a-litig! Ding-a-ling-aling!
tinkled Laura Jem coquettlshly "I hear
the Christinas lieIN! dive those to whom
you can afford to give. If not give a UUs
to your lather, to your mother, to any
This bit of advice made a great hit with
tho girls, who apphuded tremendously
1 hen Herbert Kaufinann introduced "MUs
Kate" of Oklahoma. He tild she didn't
weicll llltl"h
"Hut dynamite doesn't need to! h
explained "And Miss Kate has I'laMo,
rt.ifii .it'll (lllfltru rT (lilt innr trtfltl II 111
bunun 1-eTng I ever knew."
, U(,1)( ,mH introduced Miss Kate
, proo)MK,x to explode ns dynamite
' generally does. She knocked spug eu-
iniiMasm mm a iwmh iwi lammuuu)
! bv niviii sho didn't w much in tho
movement Hut she declared there were
I things behind it that did apie.il to her.
"If these rich women want to neip you
girls," she said, "be patient with them!
Don't get discouraged too (illicitly. Per
linns iliev don't know lllst how to reach
! von. when thev come down here ull fixed
l mi in their silks and diamonds. Hut give
them a cii.incoi ii you win go n.uiway
i m suro uiey win go me min-i nun.
, '4'1i''';:",'1" ii'feimt
riNl lurm ine.se poinieii reinarss oui.
Mls Kate duln't care Sho dd she
,ik , An1(. jj.J. Kau and wished (iklnhonm
, lm(, srjtn WOmen like her Miss Morgan
was dret-wsl verv simplv ami iiuuttly in
. black, with a black hat "trimmed with 11
bow of imide-t proportions, so Miss Kuto's
r,'L.am17,'"V"; ' ""v'fiainoirdringson mv
(, Vr"' ',lo vu-! leiZXd tK little
Oklahoma girl "Vou never will, mi help
me God! so long as there is ono ntarvmg
haby in the world!"
Tho hundreds ur working girls, with
''"V ' "i'.SV.n'.'f th,"?l,Z Ti!'.!
j ,,', ,vlo s 11,lno, Uvilv , tlm a 'n,t0
, Km,. airn.nd, took tho sick and tired
spo ikor under her wing and went with
ner om m in.- m-- n,,,.. . ,
I rose nnd cheered them out of sight
- . i . r ... it.
; tJXW$& wa's'furh
, t)l,.onh 0f Kjrs sqllel tho cirds. Paid
, jq cents and got n button. Then Mis
Morgan made a mogiphone of her hands
.Morgan matie a meg ipnouo ui nui u.uhi-s
and willed for Mr H'"il.v
1 "I -Mr- l'al' h,'IV' K'touteil Miss
1 Morgan, for the spugs .were getting very
,...i ,...,, -ci.,.
1 ' Thereupon Mr. Healy looking as proud
ns a 'thanksgiving turkey thut doesn't
, know his fate offered his arm to Mrs.
, John Havs Hammond '1 ho band (.truck
, up and the hall was cleared for dancing.
' FuAto llealy were
I0 "g o la
R iMie al.ka iw.""5d thflnl'.
' "Are you going to ask me. Mr Healy?"
-Am , )ri ynu ,ulWi Mrs, llam.
momi?" says Mr Healv.
i no; Miy.s i in laui .
! "Will you do mo the honor?" says Mr.
' Healv.
"The pleasure s mine, says tlm lady.
"Will you do the turkey trot?" nAet!
the reporter.
Turkey trot: exclaimed mo president.
of tho Kxeinnt Firemen, with fire -not
i . ,;. n.if.. i,nt
r-,"i" ' "c . "',
-''J wVrs.T,nl
-v will." said the ladv.
They didn't, but it wasn't
I Tliev didn't, but it wiin't localise tho
' i-pugs' iiie-s-nt last night woien't feeling
ready mr any Kino oi urn.
Philadelphia tltlleer Illaappears Af
ter llavlnic Family Trouble.
PitiLAnsxriUA. Dec 3. Sergt. Law
rence Inschwcllcr- of tho Falrmount
avenue police station, who haa been
missing slnco November 12, was found
unconscious In tho Reading Terminal
Station this morning, with a bottlo
labelled poison by his side. At the
Hahnemann Hospital little hopo Is felt
for his recovery.
inschwellcr was connected with tho
department for more than twenty years.
A few weeks ago ho and his wlfo sep
arated nnd ho was held In ball on
charges of desertion und non-support
sho preferred ngalnst him. Ho got a
leave of absence In which to recover
from his nervousness, nnd falling to
report when It expired was ordered
before thn police board for tho first
tlmo In hla life. This seemed to ag
gravate his 111 health. Ho was not
seen or heard of after his disappear
ance till he was found to-day.
Senate Democrat Ileaent Batch of
301) Postmaster.
WAsniNOTON, Dec. :t. The first signs
of Domocratio opposition in the Senate
to tho confirmation of somo of President
Taft's nominations were shown to-day.
Senator Oore of Oklahoma and Senator
Hoke Smith of Georgia, wlfh other Demo
cratio leaders, were stlrrod to resentment
by the action of tho President in winding
to tho Sonato nearly 200 recess nomi
nations for pohtmnsters.
Jf thoho nominations are confirmed the
nostmasters will hold for four vears pro
vided President. Wilson adheres to tho
If for no other reason, the
fact of our being selected to
conduct the biggest and cost
liest structures in this country
entitles us to the consideration
of every Owner who has a build
ing operation in mind.
It is hardly feasible that
property owners who have the
courage and the brains to under
take such enterprises as the
Woolworth Building, the Hotel
McAlpin, and the Equitable
Building would jeopardize their
Investments by poor judgment
in selecting a contractor.
And you cannot afford to
Jeopardize your investment in
that way, cither.
Building Construction
Sntpreira Pontifical Konrtlon
( hnrehm Kollcm lng tlnnrrrl,
tperal Cable lleHiteh to Tnr. St.
itir linn Tin. t,in tn.iluv Kane.
"" Dr. Th. 1 op. o da sane
Honed a decree of the Conslstorlal ton-
gregatlon temporarily suppressing the
pontifical functions of all the churches
In the nrchdlorese of Genoa.
The decree Is considered on act of re
taliation for the delay of the Govern
ment In recognizing the appointment of
the new Archbishop of Genoa, which
delay Is alleged to be due to the In
trigues of the modernist!-.
The trouble In Genoa started last
September, when Mgr. Caron. an Inti
mate of the Pope, was appointed to tiie
Archbishopric. no of his first acts re
sulted In the summary banishment from
Italy of I'adre Giovanni Semerla. a noted
pulpit orator and a great favorite at
court and In society generally. The
charge ngalnst Semerla was that ho had
been guilty of modernism, hut the real
reason was said to be because he had
criticised the appointment of Mgr. Caron.
The Dowager Queen and others trlrd
to Induce the Tope to relent, but Plus X.
refused, nnd In retaliation the Govern
ment delayed the Issue of nn exequatur
to Mgr. Caron. t'ntll this document Is
Issued ho will not be able to retain the
tee nnd It was thought at the time that1
the Pope would have to recall him. In
stead of doing that he has evidently de
termined to fight the matter out.
The former good relation" of the
Vatican and Qulrlnnl hao been seri
ously compromised by this case. The
nwulorntsiH. It Is uttered, are behind the
. Uovornment.
I'ormer School Teacher, RO, hnr
Paper Denier, 71 Vear Old.
William Hughes, 70 years old. n paper
slock dealer of 179 Lincoln road. Plat
bush, was sued yesterday In the Su
preme Court by Miss May I. Mclntyre,
who was a school teacher. She asks
$160,000 because, she says, he promised
to marry her. She Is 50. She says he
llxed October 2 last as the date of the
wedding, but notified her that his chil
dren wouldn't let him take another wife.
In his answer Hughes says he 1h a
widower, broken In health and ex
tremely nervous. It was at his house
that Miss Mclntyre camo to do some
sewing, having given up teaching
She was at his home for three days
In l-'ebriury, and a few days later,
Hughes says, she sent him a letter
suggesting that he meet her at a Man
hattan hotel. He accepted, he says,
and later entertained her at Manhattan
hotels nnd restaurants.
Hughes says that In April Miss Mc
lntyre asked him If he Intended to
mairy her.
"Oh, let the matter rest until fall."
he replied. Miss Mclntyro assumed
that an engagement existed. In Sep-
i.-iniM i iiuKiivs wciii. in .name Willi
his daughters. In order to keep secret
his "Intimate relations" with Miss Mc -
Intyre be bad her letters to him sent to
tho general post office, addressed to n
fictitious person.
W. &
Best quality Brussels, Axminster and Wilton Rugs, in sizes ranging up
to 11 ft. 3 in. x 15 ft., at greatly reduced prices.
6 ft. x 9 ft.
9 ft. x 12 ft.
6 ft.
6 ft.
9 ft.
9 ft.
9 ft. x 12 ft.
9 ft. x 12 ft.
Regular Price
3 ft.
3 ft.
3 ft.
9 ft.
12 ft.
15 ft.
Three Men Arrested In tloboken
TtiooKtit to Be fnnr).
Tnree men whom the police there
believe to he members of u. band of au
tomobile thieves that haa been operat
ing In nearly every city of tho Hast
for a year were arrested In Hobokcn
early yesterday. They were accused of
stealing ti car owned by Hernard X. Dcg
turn of Newark while It was standing
In front of the Continental Hotel In
that city on Saturday morning. Tho
lloboken police found the car In the
barn of a roadhouse. It had already
been repainted, nnd It Is said was to ho.
taken to Boston.
At Hobokcn police headquarters the
men described themselves ns Oeorge
Lapp, 40 years old, rigger, of 300 Cen
tral aonuc, .tersey City: Arthur John
son, 2.1 years old. a sign painter, of
432 Hroad slreet, Newark, nnd Georgo
I,. Gnut. 18 years old, a machinist, who
gave his address as K07 Garden Htreet,
where the trio was arrested, but who
the police say" belongs In Connecticut.
Last night the' men were taken to
Newark, where they will he tried for
grand larceny.
I Lapp, the records show, -has been
sentenced to ftcrve from two to seven
years and pay a fine of 11,000 for tho
alleged theft of an automobile In Tas
salc county. New Jersey, a year ngo.
He Is enjoying liberty pending the out
come of an appeal taken to tho NoV
Jersey Supreme Court.
lilt HIIUI WIIUVIT", nillM UIIIK 1'J III" r"-
lice, have had working with them two
young wotimn. whose business It was
to become acquainted with tho owner of
a motor car and go for a drive with
him. While the party went Into some
cafe for refreshments, leaving the car
standing alone, one of the band would
nppear, hop Into the cur nnd spin away.
The Information on which the arrests
for tho theft of Degnan's automobile
were made was given, the police say,
by two girls who rode In the machine
on the night It was stolen. The police
would not give the girls' names, but
ndmlttril tliat one of tlicm was nc
qualnted with Dcgnan and nfter learn -
Ing Mint It was his car that had been
stolen offered to help him get It back.
They lead the police to Hobokcn nnd
showed them where the men Uycd.
Ktb-rl II, Sumner
Light In Storm.
St. .Ioiin, N. B.. Dec. 3. The three
masted schooner Kthyl H. Sumner went
nshor-.- a little after midnight In a heavy
Morm near the breakwater at Water-
. ns folloi;.'
HOPKINS, Joseph, West Sackvlllc, a
PATTKHSO.V, Wesley. Shulee, Nova
Scotia, the captnln.
STATU, Horace, Shulee, Nova Scotia,
second mate
STLIll.lNG. Fred. West Saekvllle, first
The rescued arc C. M. Goodwin, West
Saekvllle; Arthur O. Johinton, ad
dress unknown, and 1-Mwlii Hreau, Fin
land. The Sumner left Shulee Saturday
bound for St. John with a cargo of
scantlings. She passed Waterside 6n
Sunday, but met a heavy storm. Turn
ing she endeavored to reach shelter In
side of the Waterside breakwater, but
mistook the lights and ran upon the
The schooner was built at Harvey.
Albert county, for V. W. Sumner of
Moncton, who some time ago sold her
to the Koblnson-Wright Lumber Com
pany. C. V. Koblnson and Mayor Kob
lnson of Moncton hold shares In the
vessel, as also K. C. Klkln of St. John
und Capt Wesley Patterson, who was
drowned with the vessel
Cnnnellmnn He 1'loiirUlici! n
Pistol In Mectlnit.
Hkiaipkiu:. N. J., Dec. 3. Harvey A.
Selfert, Mayor of Alp'ia, who was In
dicted for assault and battery, to-day
paid a tine of $130 under protest In the
Warren county court. There was a
rumpus In the council chamber at
Alpha some weeks ngo, and the Mnyor
and Councilman: Carl Felr disputed
over contracts for repairing the streets.
Th.. Councilman ltitlmnteil thnt i-mft
j tlriii-ol In the ileal.
, According to Felr. the Mayor opened
'n drawer of his desk and took out n
pistol. Felr says the Mayor flourished
this weapon unpleasantly close to his
Regular Price
$20.00 Reduced to $15.75
3o.5o 23.50
$25.50 Reduced to $20.50
32.oo 25.75
4i.5o 335o
52.oo 42.00
Regular Price
S6.25 Reduced to
Other Sizes Proportionately Priced.
Willcox's Successor in I'lihii,,
Service Commission Vital
to City.
New Mnn Will Hold Bnlnnrp He.
twcpii Corporate nnd Cit
Politicians have bien casting tir
oyes to thn fourteonth floor of tho Tribune
Building for a month now, wondeririK
whom William Sulzer would appoint
chairman of the Public Service Commit
slon. Tho term of William R. Willrot
whom Gov. Hughes appointed to forn,
and run tho commission in its early ytut...
expires on February I.
Tammany men and others who lui
a less dlrpct Interest in the appolntmni
havo been looking, around for th ije.
cessor to Mr. Wlllcox. Tho important
nf it-io elinfee ran hardlv be overestimate
j,r yu)i,pr has it in his power by thin
Uinglo appointment to put the Puhlif
Service Commission into the hnndu ef
politician who would milk it for all it h
worth, and it takes only a glance to .9
how valuahlo the control would le to any
political organization which chose to u
it for profit .
Klimin.iting the more obvious forms of
graft purchase of contracts, buyin
special privileges, Insuring a blind y
on this item nnd a cloar ono on that
there Is plenty of monoy in the estimated
cost of tho new subway system Con.
tracts will be let In the next few months
calling for tho expenditure of $277.1S6.0t.
Tho insertion of a clause In a contract
calling for a special material. thesuDnlir
i .....i ... . . ii i i" . i ( -
I oi which rauui n uy mo mtn
nt headquarters, would be profitahlV
And if a word to a contractor was enough
to put a man to work plenty of voter
could be kept going until the neit elec
tion. Tho real troublo that was remarked
upon yesterd iy was the question as to
what would happen to the subway system
if Gov. Sulzer appointed a man who
didn't follow the Wlllcox policies. As
the commission stands Mr. WiUcot,
John K. Kustis, Republicans, and Goorg
V. 8. Williams, a Dlx appointee, all favor
corporate operation, J. Bergoant Cram
and Milo K. Maltbie, Democrats, favor
municipal one ration.
If Mr. Willcox's successor should fa' or
municipal operation the majority of thp
commission would be against the plan
ns at present outlined, of allowing th.
H. H. 1 . and the Interborough to operat
the new subways under close contracts
with tho city.
The hoje of tho city authorities is thai
tho contracts for operating the new
subways will lie Hlgned beforo sir. Vi!ico
goes out of office, and that enough con.
htruction contracts will be let to hind
the city conclusively to thn plan as alread
tentatively agreed to. If operating eon
tracts are not out of the way by Kehruar"
t and if Gov. Sulzer puts in an unfrieiiill
man, then New York will have a chanc
to do its subway thinking all over again
Tho operating contract with the Inter
borough Rapid Transit Company is almn
out of the way. The commission and th
company are almost in complete agreo
nient. and a majority of the Board of
Kstimate. who have to approve the form
of contract before it can be signed, are
understood to favor the contract as it
Tho B. R. T. contract is in a different
condition. Mr. Willcox said yesterdav
that he had no doubt that the two or thru
disputed points that remained could I re
settled amicably. The main point upon
which the B. it. T. and tho conunsiMion
has split has to do with interest on the
1J. R. T.'s subway loans.
While there is every hope at the Pub'j
Service Commission office that this dis
pute will lie settled the delay is tnakini
oliservers nervous for fear the whota
subway system will be thrown into dang-::
MacLeod Circled to Give a "llntlnri
Administration." Newport, K. I., Dec. 3. Patrick S
Uoyle. who has served this city a?
Mayor for thirteen and a half year
was defeated In the city election to
day by William MacLeod, with a plural
ity of 433. MacLeod Is a young alter
ney, who ran on a platform of "a busi
ness administration for a business New
port." There was a big demonstration to
night for MacLeod, Including a parad
of 2,000 men In automobiles or on fool
Hl ' - ---a-HwWHHHHHawHnvWMMNHM'

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