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1 '.-JH fV-'V-i.A'
ft Li.
ft -s&fr
Unsettled and probably rain today and to
morrow; moderate east winds.
Detailed weither reports will be found an page 17.
U)L LXXX. NO. 96.
NEW YORK, THURSDAY, DECEMBER 5, 1912 Comrbjlif, 10I2. bV the Hun Printing. and P.ibHaMtif AModalton.
Williams. His Business Asso
ciate, l iiwilling Witness
in Impeachment.
JtififCo Came to New York to
Sec Erie Railroad Vice
it ion II nil Neon ItYfiisrri Hc-
foir. hut Company Onvo
It Promptly.
v.. miton Pec 4.- The taking of
tfkMnntnx '11 tho Impeachment trial In- j
nlvtnc .liidce Itobort W. Arclibald . f .
ih CnHed Slates Coinmerco Court cut
nv in the Culled Statw Senate
The (ir5i wllnew was l,d .1. llllHins
of Punio ire. ,a, .UK. is niieEr ,o m.-
formed a partnership with .Indue Arch
lir) m nrrjulro options on culm dumps
and s'll them to railroads. The witness
,.,1 ... h.. nnullllmr unrt II lieriimi! I
' ,,,M"" '"
v"' ni "idou to crof-s-cxatnlno blm I'M
i.r.icr iiint they nilKlit draw from hlin !
he n.."s.-firy admissions on which to
ln e t . if . at-o.
Vi i.iin.. n'omed to have a bad inetu
Yi ! peaiidly Sennlor Paeon, the
yi nl ui; otllcer, hitd to admonish blm
to nn wor tho nuedtions itskod mill
t bis lostlmuny proved no unsatls
is ,.r or his answirs wcro kIvcii in
rw a low tone that Senators openly
,1 tinted and lho witness was directed
i nuke pminpt and iletlnlto ropllis.
I., i'.. re be had concluded bis tcstl
irri Wlliinms admitted that .ludse
.r, l.iii.i paid his oxpons. when he
K,int' to Wn.-hliiKton to testify bcfori
'a.liiiary Committee. Ucluctantly
Mttlwl 1 1 111 1 tin- lurlst waft the
' p.irt ' named In the tentative lo",u' ,lun ,,u' Administration turned
, which had been drawn up foril,"wn " rcipiost mado by UeorKo H.
11 of the Kntvdid culm dump to fltoldon. Ireasurer of the ltepublicnn
. ie.-a and others by the Hillside 1 National Committee, that the Treasury
n, iron Company, n subsidiary j rvpartmont come to the relief of the
. U Jt; Itallroad. country by nmklnK dei.oslts In'bnnks.
itnvss was drawn out m.-itlually ' known that Mr. Sheldon wrote
1.. pict-ontutlvu Webb of North j"'ott',r 'c tlll!" clwracter to Charlea
,n.. who conducted the iiuestlon-1 who was chairman of the He.
. i...ir ,.f tlio lions.. tnnnf.L-.-rs ' puhllcnii .National Committee, and Mr
.. admitted that he hud made .
-tforts to secure options on
, ,,.u n,, 1 tin, 1 nt 1. r-. . .11. . .Hi-
h ..I. 1 1.1 i. . Ir .V,
' i in, 1 ,1 r h,i, ,
i.jo 111m l -ltcrs or lutioiiUL-trtlHrj
r..i personal into ino nei:o-
.d !! .inn to wnom uic wune.-s num.
1 ti, an interest in the profit up.m
t the property. , ,
' 1. . 1.,.. . the most sensational a.lmls-
- n- i- l.e witness were when be t
u- ..... .. no uim lej,. !...-,. .11..V.-
.......... ....... , ... ...... ,
U.e II. ils. U
7 t th i.vi'e. t or l i 1 '
.wosed .0 mve an option for .he pur- '
.ha.se f a culm pile Judge Arehb.ild
ia tno witness he would go to .New ;
ri aim see .Mr. Ilrownell, viee-prer-i. ;
Hint a, id (ouusel for the Krle Hall
iiad who would see that May gave th
ptloii The witness said the Judge
int to N'.-w York at'J when ho 10- I
. i.i ..i i . .
uld give him the option und
i ,r..-eqii,.ntly the option wa given.
...,an.s .Itnlttod at the sumo lime .
iheii he tlrst npiuoacheil May fur
ou.-i ion- .mtige rcjll-aiil liiler- .
enni with .Mr Krowuolt May hud re-
ptloii iii-iore Judge ArcJil-ald Inter- ,
'le.i m ll.- wan auestloni-d sliarnly
ii........ l. . . . I
-.'-1II.--I IIIUllVO enn as to W llelUOr
.. .. . . .
a.i ,ii . i. nii Hi nail said to II 111 ttiat ll-
jid rin i:r,.ii-....ii i.,r.. H...I,
' '' t
UltriMWW- llll..ntt..rl 1. tl... tl....
I.- ligbieiage cases In which the rail. I
ddjw.r. interested wen. net.dino- I.e. !
I"- 'ti r.mmerce. Court, but on this
i- -Int the witness admitted that his
mem. r was not so good as at the time,
i.h Uhtliled hefoi,) the Jlouse- Judiciary
ex were taken In tho Senate!"1
mesilons relating to the admls-
V of ev.dence. When Itepresenta- I
W- .n ..ffered in evidence a tentu-1
c-r.r,,,, (,r IjUo for the sale of ;
K-i.tiid culm dumn to Williams
li Und and a third "silent party"
1 u i unevs for Judge Archbald ob-
j :, p.s helng received In evidence.
' docireii that Judgn Archbald
.' wh-n It was drawn and that!
'..,.! ll.l. L'UIllI Ulll. WUH fl.lL
..III 11,, knnvelndre ,,f Ita pnnl.nl. '
""I -iftr-r th. Impeachment proccd-
ia.) iii-gun, I
ti the .liisonce of testimony connect
nn- .iiisoiice or testimony connect-
udgo Archbald personally with tho I
on-in bis attorneys declared It I
admissible, but when tho ques
ii to whether It should bo nd
I was submitted to the Senate
i' Senators voted to admit It
led In opposition.
. ... . ....... ' i
.. 'V.. ".'J? .T'V:
.in ii nu io, l.iiii r. in it ., ,
line. Gjlllnger and Guggen-,
i i i '-mi test vote, Involving the
u i' si Inn, lii which Senator Poln
''' ' oi 'M-i thai tl'o document be
1 i nn pl.e-i d In tho record, reserving
in. Senate the light to determine
n whr-uier it would admit It In nvl
... .... ..... .
n i.nreo fsenuiors voicil mi , nrsi snooi- i.r. , wi,.nli,,1i,i.nT,lni.liirnwinnmnttsr
m.l- x-ier's motion-Polndexter. , keeping yostorday morning and humm.il uita 8
' i Dim ,i. I.'irty.seven Senators ' fowsnatcl,osfromtlionack Fencosonnta. I ?n.rl,n ',or",. ",, ,,, ,?., i
.. i.v Mr. Poinilextcr. This was Do I.ona rubbcl his eye cursed tho car. 'lair's suit. Mr. Meuor said hat ho had
ii. Hnt has boon taken in 1 and then saw sinoko curling through the . called unon Mr. I'.rlatiRor In thn nmt In-
wnrb niw.wf-d nn all-n-1 'l,,' window stanco not so much to discuss tlio St.
- n . r's wbi, m-o Hnnnosi d to v." K"a b".nt..in i1)'"1 '.n nn1 UXn flir cao us to book tho theatrical niana
o .i irs win aio "jupposiu io through tlio buililing to warn thn , . . , flnol1lr M., H wua ac.
i.iv .l,l:d party, or Pro- ,.,.,,;,( 'fho rmr of tho sfion.l Poor g r h aid in uuonii r nu " was ac-
i rent. Senator Polndex-
'ft n; motion, Is nn avowed
d ,
' 1 i ' men mil tho two colleagues
i i with blm are known to be of
IT, f.Hth
l'e tmnos.s William prosed to be a
in-' resrim chaincter. Reluctant of
"pforh. manifestly n. very great admirer
.,( jU4y Archbald, he aeemed from the
outset to lio afraid that lie would make
some admission that would 1k damag
ng to Ills friend, lip Haiti he had boon
In the roal mining business man)' years
nnd knew nil the coal operators and
that was why he went Into the business
or buying nnil selling mini. At time he,
was unwilling own to admit that Dm
testimony ho gave before tho Houo
Judlolary Commltteo mis oorioct. Fie
quontly hl. responses wore maili. liv u
nod or n shake of tho lioad, and the Son.
ntor.s finally became ho Impatient at this
form of response that Senators Nelson.
.oiiko, i iiiii.Tsoii nnd others ropoatodly
protested and demanded that the witness
Ik- required to iinsuor verbally.
Finally under the promptings of his
i niicnKiies who made up ihe Imard of
riiiiiiuger on tlio part of tlio I tonne.
winesoniauve Wrlili uk.ed and re- i
celved permission to oross.oxninlno tlio
witnesses It, rdcr that by leading .pies- ,
tlnns he could brine out the Information
While the questioning was under
111 e tno fitiestlonliiK was under way
l f M,irosM ,im 'fc.rilol!''
.ml wl.hlu ten feet ,V!l,,LI'r: .'
1 11 0 1
"n" wiiniti ten fed ,,f Judge Arch- !
o. in. in tlio gallon- .IiiiIko Ar.Mib.ild'. .
Wlfi. anil j.m llu...r.... ... .1.-
while sltilnir in iho .1..1.. ' ,1 . 1
onl whs tils older son. Hubert W. Arch- 1
bald. Jr.. who appears In the nrm-redlm.-1
i.- nor in rounsei rur his father.
- ,
j Chlrnicn llnnril In l,.. Oprii Murkrl
Sol frier..
Cimjno. Pre. 4. Setllnc of Ihe prices '
" J''"'': 'y ,.1"',-''--" l-ntler and
.ffits ImmkI iih abandoned bv a vote of
Its members t.,..lay when imnnunceinent I
j ,.,,, ,,,, H ,,, ,,nlllllt,.
,n0 nren illssolvod until Maich 1, CHII, ,
and that prices u he o ab Ishrd bv
,.i.i ,.. ..i.. i r .
ino mil uii'tho.l of rec. lvinc offers to
buy nnd coll In the board room
iliti..... .. ..... i.. . .
'-"nionnoii lliai'""-i .ik-hmi r""'" " " '
nils action was not Influenced ti the
suit of the Covernment auainst Ihe
ln.rl on the charo of rlvlni; pilrcs
nrbltraHlv, bin because of the deslro
' i me iiieniiieis io reiurn to old con
Wnn ted S20.0P,0.0(H Disrrili
uled KuriiiK" Money
Wasiiimitov, Dec. I. -It was learned I
I'lll,.s referred the matter to Secretary
'oi nn- iroasury .M.icxenKH. ji is 11
ported that Mr."shcl.lou wrote n similar 1
r'Tieu mill .ir. r-uei.ioii roio ti similar
I''T to PrcMdeiit Tnft. and that Mr.
'r' ''' ' communication lo Sec-
, J(r jnt,v,.aKM low,.v,.Pi declined
.,.,.,.. .,. .... ,.. '
; funiW ,imotll. . b.1Ilklj (lf . eunlry
'nt this time. lie has maintained that
, ...-celved a slnslo request .
r.Mut..n.-.. ,.f titu -h...ne 1...- fi.....
onv ,ank r tln,UKal Institution. Ho
i-0ntenils mat tin- money stilmjency Is
v local in character.
uiuiersioou mat .Mr. no u.in su-
,, ,hat $:hi.0oo.O0i. He His,,.,,,,,,,,. y
tho Secretary of the Treasury to banks
n the different Stales outside of .New
York city. He maintained that the
prff-ent money stringency was in no
wise due to siieculntlon In Wall Street
for the good und sullii lenl reason th.it
"speculation in Wall Street Is dead as
i. .it.... , . ' ..i. ti
car. - of Itself.
Hut Mr. Sholdon urizvd
that if this $20,000,000 were efficiently
distributed among the dlffeienl national
banks of tho South am! West the mer-
cnams oi mose coiiimiiiiiues wonni w
i'iio.s ... in."-.- , ...... ....... .v...n.
greatly benefited and the money strln- :
''ncy which Is now paramount in most
u.n.no 1.1 t,n v., 1 1 1 rniii.vi.H
r,i--..r .v.........
-nr..r. w- ,-
. . ..... '
of Human Willi eo.
To help determlno the ownership of a '
nail white poodle dog Chief Magi.,-
ate MCAdoo ordered Mrs. Sophie Item-!
ich of 332 Hast Twelfth street to stand
I one end of the K.ssex Mnrket court
"" "f ,h" V' Mnrket court
room yesterday and KUvatore Marsh -
' r u ' . 'I'A
her c I: I.e., hehl I the pood le and
re leased It t in older "oni the miiiiJ.
Here Daisy, Daisy." cried Mrs.
Uemhach "como to mamma:"
Here. Itaby," cried Salvntore, ;
Tho poodle hesitated, looked about.
and then mado for Salvntoro, paw-.
ing tno mans legs i.iieciioni.ir.y.
' I
" as though the man ha t
Stronger Claim oil me lioit, Kliu mo
Mm. Hembach, how
nUnnEanu ii'li,, .ii'iir., ihi. dnLT hoIntllFPil!
, :; . 7 ,
hpr' r,"'i' I'lpntlfled Daisy by a whlto'
I10' on llln left eye. .Mrs. Itembach as.
sertcil ner pel was stoieu irom ner a :
year ago.
Magistral McAdoo then awarded
Daisy to the woman, and Salvatoie loft
i wi rmifi unvtntr irmi 10 wiiM L'tiinir m
i,rin,r n-tlnn niralnt her for $5 ho anent
mi- .ra(b .. ...... ... n n --
have h, dog cllnned and manic, r.,1
- I
iTiikoiiH .Mnii, Who llUoovom rirelasktsj about tlio truth of Krlanger's
mid Iteneues Women.
A common, yellow torn cat jumped on
tluVlasI In the rLr room at WW.t Thirty-
.i.... r,..,i..i ii,. t
Wrs ocoupii'd by .Mr. A M Vtotyol and
Miss C Moyor. dressmakors, l) Lena
tA tliuni ihrniliTh tho h.'lM linrl Into thn '
street, wherotliey foil unconscious. Most j
. .1 . ., n , n Ihn In,, flnnru n I tl.n I
OI III" tel...." ... -, ,.... c ...
building escaped by way of tho roof.
The namago amounted io s,uou.
iOc. per ctK of I ilait" iloppered botUe. Ait,
NitMicr Testifies That Ft Em
hiiiiipiI From Hip Mind
of Klnw.
Mi w T , v ' . T.c '
IAIIMN M. lit I l lt IftAlO
I '
WIipii Told to
Xllllies Of Parents Erlnil-
sror's Letter to Stcner.
Mar I) Stoiior, who was eoiitisiil for
Kdith St. Clair, nn actress who wayw that I
S11""1 '' Krl.in.r contracted to pay
her ,:i,i year for ten years, was ao-
llnr -Von a year for ten years
-11-011 yoMordav by William Trnvors
',,'rom"' r"1""-"1 fr Mr. trlansor, of 1
1,r,iwinc m regular old Hummel form
"t oontrael. tho kind invented by hitn "
vj.tfl ()f )tlspjnK.y in coiiiieoiion with
tlio llmlco-Mon-e nmrriiiKo and divorco
M'nndal and fored a term on lllaok well's
, Island, was brmiRht into tho prooeodincs
iH'fnni .Iiistico Pendleton in tho Supreni"
Court, where MUsSt. ClairV Milt ncnlnl
KI(1W ,v KrlnnRer Tor n balance of ::..Vn
. .
,,n ,1,,r ro,,,r,"'f '"''"K tried.
Mr .leromo had boon qnestioninc Mr
Stoiior nl lenirth conivrninc tlio lezal
. . , . ui . ...
pociiluntios of tlm contract which Mbw
', , .
' ( '!' cot from Mr. hrlamtor. In I ho
....:.!. .1 i.... ..r ....!.- ... i I
Mr .loromo apkifl abriiplly;
"You know .b lliimnie, didn't vou?"
"I did."
"Voi., you know him well, didn't you?"
snapped Mr .leromo.
I ,'iiry and onlooker l.-iuch-d when Mi
I Stoiior shot buck.
"Ves, bin not half so well as you tlid "
I "I want to say." continued the. witnohs
i "that while I hold no brief for lliiintnel
uiero are worse .eopio in mo worm man
he i
To which Mr .leromo replied with, So lmporli.nl I- Central Pacific t"l
otnl,.-lsi."aKroowithyo.i."andraisi.iK!Sonthern Pacific. It was arm.-.!, thati
his voh ' demanded i tl" Sot.ihern Paelllc m..nae,n.., nfler
-IW, ;o,;aknot ,a, this contract leas,nK" the Central Pad.,- road fortl.led
wnu r...,i.. i,i r,.rm . ,f ii. ........ .1
- i
contract, invented by liiniV"
Mr Sleiier ni.id h didn't ki.nu- nnv 1
m,h (hinKi (U1(1 )((1(K, lllt ,n whoU;
wirld might lm searched in vaiu tot'
j anotlier such contruct as that ho drew
j for Mi-s St. Clair
llcforo Mr Stoiior took tho stand to toll
his story of th.i contract Miss St. Clair
t undonvont th" cro-oxnmination ordeal.
i she had boon verv calm on tho provioua
i(LlV( 11t Hho iM j,,,,. 1P1i ,m ,jUhtioH
. VeDdlotonV lnch and criod when tho
jTO rulp(lthat s1m. mlwt Bivothonamos
I . P ... , ,
of lier father nnd mother
She had said that she was bom in N'ash-
v"t' - Tn -ndthat sho was 1'2 years old
, , . . .. - '
wh," sh" ,lm ""-t?' 1'f" contrnct
"11' Kl ,w -v 1-rlanKor. but when Mr
Joromo asked what her "riulit namo" was
laltomd nnd turned to her counsel. 1
i.Mm,i 1. ,,- n. ..,,,.. ,.r
tlio ivninc!.. Is-twom couns,. that followed
Mi - k St Clair whisiierod her namo to tho
Menouraphor. who mado It out to Ut
1.M..1, ....- i..,....
"What w.i your inothor's naineV" con-1
imueil Mr Jerome
wun M. Mo(my 0,j,.,.to,l ihat Miss
t?. . 1.1 .. ..1 1 n: .......
- w, ' J In 'mi St H-ir!s m e
V ,, . i. ,' 1 1 Mr 1 111.,
was old and in poor health Mr Jerome
insisted, baying that ho didn't sec tli.a
then. was. any de-grace in U-ing attached
,( he V."1' ... , " I
wo.. ...u..,. .... . -me. ...i .Mo.i.iey.
I hero followed anotlier long wranglo
Mini I III! It . IlKtKli l'iwl itTitri ril IpiI I li tt
. . .. . .
n'stlon mti.st aimwrriMi. hut tliai 1
tlio witness inignt wnio Hie answors on
. .. .
a slip of patior hho Jiait htupptnl cring
anil was about to write when her counsel
iiisiriicicu uer 10 s-an up in us iniin a
um,. ,-i r.jn-,ln ,., 111 un i, ,!..
voiii as you ran" and shu did so, saying
that hor mother namo wan Hotton nml
.u... i r...i . ni i i.,
lliai .l.'l ...llll-l il.in ..lll-.l.ir-l lltiAll...
...!... i-.. . ,.,..
me n-niiiliiui-r iii .hiss ri l 1.111 s ii-su-,
...nnv hid i,. d with tl... w..klv iv.
' . ".V. ... ""' '
other managers
tiniri r - in itr I f tit rrri'in rrr r nmi I
When Mr. Stoiior was call.vJ io tlio (.land
i.nm,.rMnnui..ti.i,.m!i. r lniilii road. These n ppolntincnt s will go
b , wit,,esH in answering lines-
lV, " tat ,
" "'.l" Krla. ier who
' ?r;rl7 i." mi . n
,,,.,.,., ,
that Steuer, acting as her
blackmailer. Among
Inn other accusations Mr. Krlangor bail
.,.'.,. .8cllntor Frak J. (Inrdnor
...... . , . , . i. , , i
nn c-ni.-iiuiui rnum . ..iiii......
on a cnargo oi iinury ai uio nine oi mo
rue. tracK legisiui, .,. ug.u ,
r. aiooney asKcl uio
if ha. not represented (.ardner at his
..... .. ."'-
ir, nieuer sam-t.-s, anuwas men asKca:
. ... ..... h . .. I. ..
wi.l'yuu over neur li. UKKii i"""-
I you or anybody elso bribed tho twelvo
men that wit on that jury?
Mr Ktnii.ir .n 1,1 Im litulii't- nml fr
Moonoy rnntinued:
-( am ashamed toask you this question:
Did you briho tho Gardner jury?" ,
r not," replied tho witness. "I
noVPr miJ. ()t tj,0 jUrorH ,oforo or
aftP1. th(J trial am) neVP. ,,.)okB to tJ,,.m
. . u , . . . i ii. .
! mv urn OYfvinr tvtion i onv wiirn in iiii
. ' ' I
II I'll .1
Mr Steuer had answered in thn
iamrmatlvo tho question, "Tho chargos ,
,.,..b...,, ,.,, ....!.- i,,.!1,u "n
mado against you to tho Har Aswcintion 0f Hervice, forwarding bill for sumo tu ,
I worn mado by Mr. Krlangcr?" ho waa;me," j
charges that Steuer had broken up his
ho - wit"T i""?" rLnoiln th..
. No ,,uf ''H10 rCnCil th' h
iwu rtconiu us i jiuv".
coiwiiosr .n.i ..... ..u...i...., .'...i
wan lnterestel then in a suit itrouglit
hi n man nnruoil ITnfTftinn llfrnlrtuf ttia
(.irc0 Production Company Tho suit
hinged on a question of what constituted
a prompt or delayed delivery of a msnu-
Cotiflttiied on Fourth Papa,
Mrlhndlnt nml l-'iiUropnl I'nmnna
llUnitrpi' A limit II.
The llov. William V. lturgwln, pastor
ol tho Hcmp-dcnd, li, 1., Methodist Church, (
has written u loiter to tho llov ('buries II.
Snedokrr, root or of St . George's Kplseopul ,
Church of Hcmp-dcnd, (Indini; fault la'- ;
cause St (looruo's Chili, a linti-sectnriall
'body connected with tho church parish, '
1 Intend- to have botlng and wrestling '
i liintehi'H at nn entertainment in tho club's '
gymnasium this ev
slum was presented
Hnrrlinan In m
Myninaiun. tills ovonl,, 'Hio -
to the iiliib by Mrs.
Harriin.m in meniorvof liorhubaiid,
I31i woo wtti norii 111 ri. neori;e s ro.aor
ltll 1 ui,.lM 1iU fniher was rerlnrnf the ohiirob.
.... - f. ... et .......
(AukiisI llehnont is junior warden of tlio
cll,.'h . . . I
.iiuiouKii inoin noil. M'cieiiiry 01 ,
tb" club, declined lnt liiuht. to ivix'at
what tho Methodi-t par.son said in hi- '
Mlor, it is understood that bo said ho
llif"', -'"8 "' roMllnK bonis ;
"TV " ,rjl,?,t.!.T,"ir f?"i T.'!'.'.?! '
'of a ubliroli club. Ho feared that tli'.",h.. .M,l,..-.i.n.ilo Invmlunilnir Commit
,vvrH and wrestl-rs might attract th !
town'muid'Tworld to tho uyintiasiuin.
H.n lln.. Mr !ln..,I..L..r I,. rlv. I. 1
said to have e.xnressod nn ooinion" that ,
t t. ..... 1.1 .1.. r ... .1 it .
"""" ",r ",or" '"'' I
Hrown's eymnn-iuni will furni-li two 'onlrrly houses on tlio upper West Side,
wrestlers and two boxers for tiMiiqlitV , , ii, i,..f, ,.,vil,.ii tbla story :
Solltliem Pai'iflVs Stm'kllolllerS'bo trouble."
Will Enjoin in I lie Courts
if iVi'Vpssiiry.
Plans for a formal protoh, aualnst
the .-.ale of Central I'acltlc by Soiithorn
Paelllc lo Cn, in Piclllo Were discussed
ostordn al a niietlm; of represcnta.
tlve.s of minority stockholders of South
ern pjclllc. Thou lepre.-etilntlM's de
cided without much dlrsont that sab- of
the Central P.ieliie would bo Inimical to
ino mi. rei oi .-...imierii i .1. on- Mi.iro- j
ItHo f bv acuu r iiii iiructlcu l.v all of
. ...
,ii-i ui... .......i ...... .1. . ..... .. 1
Central I'acltlc stock, and It was the
consensus at ttlo nieetliiK nun appiicfl-.
lion would be made to the courts for I
" r.-stralnliu; order In case the Southern
j in in. oii.ix.Kt-.ie'.ii iii.--i.iii.-... .. ,
of tho company's holdings in Central'
Southern Pacific owns) ? 1 7,200,000 1
common and f$7.S7.",(iOO preferred stock
1 of the Central I'acltlc. That Is practl-
cally all which Is outstanding. It Is ; llceman must be nsslRned to this duty
pledKCd under an issue of Southern on each tour, In the West 100th street
I'acltlc collateral trust bonds. tttntlon this was not done and tho same
According to the decision handed down policeman was kept on tho won; con
on Monday by the L'nltid State, Su- tlnuously. Some days there was no
nreoif. fmi'rt tn tininii Pnetilo nmv luiv entry In the blotter to show w at he
th(1 e(.,rnl p.lrtC. Hut there was '
me v. .11111.. 1 ..1 oil. nu. ...r.. ....o
notMnK in iho decision even to Intimate 1
,n(lt ,he southoru Pacltlc must sell, and
h,.re t t3 that arises the tlrst confu-
ion ln a r.-orcantotion that may ho
very much confounded.
ll. II. I'olluek to lie (i.-nernl Mnn.
.... ,. t .
"""" 1 """
Nkw Hires, Dec I - -The New Haven
road to-night mauo announcement of tenant, all of that station, were ordered ; IIe .jji ))0 entitled to his share 0f I t0 Ia,e ln th' aV for tho Greek emls
evernl big changes. The announce- to llond.iuariers, where charges of vio- the $20,000. pension which ho would ' B"rlf3 to -'onsIder the protocol favor-
......r.. o .m.. ,n, V'l,-.. I lr 1.1 t.n t 1l..rn
.(il... ...,.
nml ivi.M n or. .nt snnii-lso t,i mini- ut
lhD ,m,n m ,,. ,,,.,
.1. D Gallary. who has b.-en train- ,
nla8,,,r ,, the Providence division, has
i.OM ;.,,t,.,!nt.-d siitierintondeiii of tho
- - - - -
i ...1.1 . .n..t, i., ..r t v
iroi'i:. who sutwnls C. S. WoiMvvar.l
superintendent of the shore line
division. Mr. Woodw...l has been a;.-
,)(1ntod to succeed H. P.. Pollock as
general superinu'iiui-r.i oi me eiiuro
m-iu-rai hiii.ei 11111-1...1-1.1 ui
system. Mr. PollocR ha li.-cn appointed
general manager of the entire New
i ...i.i. ,..n... i.. v.,. ti,,,-., i
Il,..'ll l.i.m ill... .-..ti.f ... ......a,.
....... i..,
11 i.i.- u.m " .. v
ncor of the road since General M!ia-
- .n....i , i..
uri tiiiiiiit-i iiii.riinn n-wr. iuwhuui
about n car ago for hi health After
n few months (ibsi.nro ho reblgn.-d from
-... ..er.. .... n.,...ml,...
lnto v"ect on. December S.
Tim offlclalK of the road denied to-
,,ml c,,",,,;f'f, nr" ln ""I'0"""
recent criticisms made bj- the pub- '
lie on tho nianngenient of tho road to
,)p vf(t,vi tbal w operating dejiart-
' l
'" '
, at a
l.J' '
has been neglected of late and
number ot the recent wrecks on
id were attributable to want of1
.... ...
inspection in tno roauoeo .
.. . i . . vi. '
cltv. Prom 100th to UOtli street
Bnnvo TT?flM J. P. MOROAN. -
,-11,.. of IV.i.ik Hllr. 1
-.t m.,,1.
rln'ii Work tin Shiikoionro.
Mitchell Kennerley, a publisher, yes
terday sent 100 conies ot Frank Harris's j
"Tho Man Shakespeare" to free public ,
libraries and colleges In rj'sponso to n
request from J. Pierponl Morgan con-
talned In tho following letter:
"I have read with much Interest the
book by Frnnk Harris, entitled "The'
Man Shakespeare," which, I hao oh- -served.
Is published by you. 1 um of
uir i
tho opinion that tun contents of this
book UI O ot SUCH vnilin lo HlUtK-niH of
Hngllsh llteratu.o that I .would ask
.()U , Hem, , ,bo Hhrnrles and
',... u-hero vou consider It will p., i
Mla YnunK nnrl Otbrr Chlcngo ON
n. iHU in Tumi. !
... ., .,. .. .
Miss Llla Hagg oung, Superinten-1
dent ot Pub le Schools of (. ilcag.i. cam,.
here yesterday with several of tho men
new yc'H.er. ny w in several oi mo men
oflicers of the Lducntlonal Department
of her cl y to study tho New- rk pub-
Uc school system. Sho called on Sup.'
Maxwell In Scliool Hall, l'lflviilnth
; ., V.: ui K I
talk with him.
Miss A oung Intends to devote most '
W 1.17. Fill ... U n uv w. n iu n ni.l.ljr
of the clty-'s schools.
Dacldedlr HrelT ul witty. Sure to prnT
uelirntpiir iv in r.ve. wona or ANATOI.
it tne 1,11 in lid inc. nai.
I'ppeV W'OKf Side Ifeffioil Said to
Tfn.. ""t...... 1'.. fit-11 1.
llfMP Imlll V
S7.i.n00 ft Year.
r,vrUX SiltT K'TC.Tl '
I liey lintl TOlir MeilieilRIUS l.p'n Oovernment position, l'rof. Mooro
Oil Clllirae of Violating Utiles ' "nwered that he would not I surprised
. nt nnythlnc
Of lite Department. President Hutler of Columbia said that
bo knew of no leave granted to l'rof.
A story of aliened police praft that U
said to have boon uolim on boldly all 1
throuch tho excitement generated by,
l,1P ""-nl"' '"llr""r n'1 lho ."'l,
. nnr..,, . ,...1M r.limmlssloiier
... , , , . rf ... ... ..... r .
........... .v.. ... -
1 "ll win.. ,.r nr.... ...
Investlitatlon, It Is said, he found ;
1 t.i itf ttilu -rtti f fitit-it til. in
'.' ' , ' , Z '
fu ..".. ii.is ocoii i ..nil if. ....... ...r-
... ., I
oi bi-iui cnuie oni o.issn'iii . B ,
ears In an unexpected way. Two pa-
llceinen arrested .. street womnn who
pi-otei ted porously and demanded that
tliey leave her nlone. I
"1 Imvo been p-llnK - - - for protec- j
tlon," she js reported to have said, "and j
ll you laKo mo in me ooiiso mere win
When this readied Commissioner
Wal.lo thioiiKb In.speclor Uwyer ho
stiirted an Investigation ni.d Is even ,
roportid bv those who are fanilllar with .
police mailers to have omployi d Pit-'
ato detective.'- !o Utcu ovety one no
spected of knouini.- ..iiMhlni; about '
rt nlloued Kraft. Follow Inn closely as '
.11.1 1... I, ...I. ..I .llul..u... ..r,.l
ll did on Ihe Rosenthal disclosures and
'the trl.il and dismissal of Tnspii-tor
illavcs. who had ch.ituo of that ills-
. .,... ...ll..,.. ... ill z.', lnl'l I
,, ' ,.'.,, ii,,t. wt,i ,-.,b
ani) fp)( (,( (( ,e could trust no one.
I An attempt was mado to Bet tlio .
V ,m 1 ''' ' "
h" " , ' 1 m" '
" , , - uSn.TlM'
... , .,.. ,,.
in base a charKo of Rraftlnc
...I ti
that would hold In court.
,.. .,vlimlM!.tl..n of tho books of the
Htnl,m mU!l. uiscloned that ft patrol-
in ,.v,.r Hnct. ul,ij- the summer
nmi iK-on uopi on one ueinii 01 uuiy
ot invcstlKatln; complaints. Unch
cuptnln Is nllowcd to ditall one ponce
iniin n uniform for this purpose, but
under the rules of the d( pnrtment and
the three platoon law 11 different, po-
was dolncr.
1'ollowlnB h
reBul.irItles in
Zimmerman, w
"In West 100th i
the discovery of these Ir-
thc blotter Ca)t. John L.
,-ho bad U-en In command ;
street up to the middle of 1
Vs.... n..l r..,,.. llntrlf.b- (Wi-ni-'in
.... """-?. T"', j'" "
who succeeded him, were relieved from
dutv. Capt. Zimmerman was assigned
to tho Cltv Island station and 1'apt. Cor- I
coran to tho harbor souad, where they !
report uan. ;
ir.-ivnio.i ..(-
1,1,-uts. Alphonso Hhenume. Albert Ma-,
son, Abraham ltafsky and anotlier lieu-
t 1 1 M r 1 1 r.f t lie dollHl't lllOllt 1 tl aSSin- !
Imr one man to a continuous detail of
dutv were served on them. An nddl-
tlonal charge of neglect of duty was -
made against i api. iiii ..iei.ii.ui -
L.iuse during his term nt the est 100th ,
. , . .
t Mf nH.tti f htrt Vr 1 Oil navs in I
wMcli IMp pairoinmn s name wu mu
entered in tno oioiier. i ne Lipuunn me
supposeii to sen inai an in. ruas oi u .
department are compiled with In t lieir
i - - - - . -
for the proper detailing of tneir men
n"iw on mem.
Since llistu'ctor pivver succeeded 111
- .. .. . . I
su.-.-lor Haves ll the l-'oiinh lnsiiectlon '
- - - , -
district bo has nii.do a special eftoit lo
,-l,.s.. th dlsor.lerlv houses and clean nil i
----- - . ,
the sl.cets In the West 100th street
precinct. . . aiiminisir.nion i.e-'
'gun no special attention was paid to,
tli.it ui-ftlnn lieeiins.i or Us otilwnld
that section because
orderliness. Ho is wo
'"- "f ndslone
tlnd out just what tber
working under the '
,.,r w.u . '
there I In tho graft
story and to get evidence that will lead
to charges being made against men In
that precinct if lie tlnds that there has
been grafting.
Graft In this tuitlcular inlchborhood
,wouid is) easier man nnywnere else in
... . .
, . . . .
nn" ,rom "-l",1U111 1 t,rK ,M ' ,m,m"
,us uyenue there are many apartments
In which disorderly women Uvo. Street
....... .... ....... ........ r. .........
nmi mere is nine in tno streets) to in-
dlcnto that thorn nre disorderly apart
ments there. This quiet and seclusion
has favored their extension so that In
the last six or seven yeais these places
have multiplied greatly.
tt Tn pni, C TTTTTfi RUN Tfl nnv
IniiiiKntcr I se.l Well poll PlnlllK ln-
dill n ii nil Shot llrollier. j
The prosecution of sellers of danger-'
ous weapons com tu eu yesieruny in t lie
Tunili court with tho holding In $500
ball for trial of Jamen Casey, clerk
In tho New Vork Sporting Goods Com-1
nauy. at Hi Warren street, charged with
selling two revolvers to Walter Mo
' Urlde, ii minor of 133 West Nlnety-
seventh street, on August 15.
Mcllrldo Is paroled from the Chll-
dren's Court In custody of his fat hor
aml hIs mtlp twelve-year-old brother
,K ,ylnk. mor(nUy wundedln tho J.
,,00 l Wi-ght Hosnltal. followlnir a hnt.
lln0(1 w,.,b11 noSplta,, followlnK a bat.
tle w,.h ,, tnat occurri.(l , tll0
h()mL. n Novcmbep 27
.,. ,m)au rlllpf fl d Rm, so tru
was his aim that llttlo brother fell, shot
twice- In the side. Heforo Magistrate
Mnyo In tho Children's Court fifteen.
,ar.oU, W(lUel. ,, of havnK )r.
chased the gun from Casey, and the
court recommended his arrest.
Before Magistrate McQuado tn ths
Tombs court he hart nothing; to aay for
, , i ...ii...
U'aahlttKtnn ltriort A lion I Colnmlila
SI mi la llrnled llrrr.
A despatch from Washington last
night stated that the retKirt was cur
font there that Prof, .lohn Itassett
Moore of Columbia hod obtained a
fr yearn leav? of absence from Ids ,
iviiaii ui iniernaiiunai inw ami tnat ne
was to aecept an Important iiost under
th?, "n "Jmlnlstratlon.
I'rof. Moore when called on ast nltrht
been crnnll n fnnr v-m llv. nnH
j did not expect to ask for one. Awked
ir no wmini ho surprised nt tho offer of 1
I Cnltlp flrotrr llrnnk nml Snmkril
j Itrnill lnrrlrri TIipop Tlmri,
prrini i nr. lifMVOirP lt 1 II R 3.
Pii.nv I l.. A tll.,. U.lll, n
imfl., ,,1, nd cnttlt- drover, died In
UA l. . . - a i i.ii.. a .
" . ,W' ,. ,a B V, .' "?Z
.... .,,- ... ...i. i. ..i:4ii
mid smoked constantly. He was mar-1
rl".'1 tUr'" ""les.
"o slept very often In the open air'
., ,I)(J )( u.()rk thr(c farc
I'lrM lre.hj (rrlnn I'linrrh 3lnkr
cirTrr i r,i prnnr-r I.tI.
a. ....... rw. i ,....,....- w..i.
zer hai written to the session of tlm,fr"".",'r,n I'''ropc will be much further
V li st Presbyterian Church accepting ItsT" "o.nwnra man it wan suppof-ed
offer "f n pew In that church while be, any of tho nlllea were wIIIIuk to allow,
' In Alfj.ni as Governor. Tho correspondent states AdrlnnopLi
Th" ,mroh frontf on W.ishlncton j will be Included In tho Turkish domain
''!irl- c""'"r St"tP n'"i V:nirn !"rcc,s' I In Hurope. and Hint rcrhnps country
HARRIMAN ESTATE $130,000,000.
. 1 1 -V ...
Apprnl.nl hourly ( oniplrlcil Indt-.
enlei This 11lt1ntlon.
That the ivlatc of K, 11. llarrlinan
was even larcer than those who bad
b.en encased In computlni; It were
awar- a made known yesterday when
-nic Mi.l that the Mini of
fi"5-n0" wlllch w" P"M 1,1 " an -
. !.
iiicro.ihou. it was sain mm 11 mc iic.m
sum paid In was Inillcnllvo of tho size
of the estate It would probably bo Home-
where In the nelphhorhond of l30,r
A hearlnc w.is held ynsterday ln re
canl to certain matters pertnlnlnK to
tho llarrlm.m estate, but It was ad
Journeil until December in.
.Mr. Harrlman died Scptemoer 9,
11)09, and his estate ha been under ap
praisal ever since. Certain fluctuations
In stock value? In the rstato have hin
dered the appraisers in their work, but It
wns raid yesterday that all of tile eiUte
with tho exception of one block of stock
lias now been appraised.
Mr. Harrlman left hla entire Mtatt to
his wife, 3fr.. Mary Harrlman.
Hellrlnu IVnirnj lvnnlit I'rr.liUut
tu i.rt 41111,111111 n ear.
PtiiL.tijEi.pniA. Dec. 4 President .limn
McCrca of the Pennsylvania Railroad
. ompany. wno win retire irom tno ser-
ILC ill HIV Cill Ui mi- ri utiiurt" liu
),a.s reached the age limit, will not lose
),Is pension.
V, , ..nAl ...wl I. n .1 I. - t ...I . U .U.. .
n.,c ic.nt t-i, i.uu ill- I cill.llltu w.l.l l.lc.
rullrnnd until fiVitl ntro limit I
Aeoer,iim. , , nt ,hJ
penslon buroau, he wU, ,,e able to lraw
!f ne, car0H to in Ul(. neighborhood of
,,,.,.,. ilfi nnn nnd JiT nnn fnr fortv.
- ---i--- - i - - --r--j
iinnkPM dnHi tn thfi mmnanv iwlnlpd
, , fact that Mr McCrea was prob-
- ,
()f . rJclet rililroad nresl -
(lpntH )n ,ho country aml that i)t.calisf.
of this the rumor may hnve started tnat
oi mis mo rumor may nave star
h)i wou(, incline the pension.
credence was placed In this suggestion.
., York l-n...i.rl-
lliirk l.fy
n.-.pHe Phbo AiUorlUniionl.
Wasiiinutox. Dec. 4. The New York
Democrats In the House liavo decided to
support Heprcentatlvo Jefferson Levy
in nis ngni againsi ino resolution mint -
dured nt the Instance of Mr. Martin W.
Littleton looking to tho purchase by
the Government of Montlcello, the old
Virginia estate of Thomas Jefferson,
now the property of Mr. Levy. Tho
measure has been pafsed by the Si-nnto
and Is pending In the House, with n
r.n-nnin i. rennrt rrom rne i nmmiiieo on
Wn.shlnSton newspapers I
- . imir, advertisement!, sinned bvl
Mrs. Littleton, urging Democrats to sup-
port tho Montlcello resolution. At
meeting of the New York Democrats to
day ao formally congratulate Heprn
sentatlvo Suliser on hh election as
Governor of Now York a resolution
Indorsing Mr. Levy was pasaed. Mr.
Sulzer said ho would deliver a speech
ln opposition to tho proposal that the
, Government purchase Montlcello.
SIGNS FOR $1,519,285,908.57.
oiv I . S. Trcnmiror Tlioinpanii OIra
lleeelpl for Thnt Sum ,
Washington, Dec. 4. Carml A,
Thompson, tho new United States
Treasurer, 'to-day signet! a receipt for
$1,019,285,908.57. which renresentB- tho
total amount of money and securities
In the Treasury.
Tho signing of the receipt closea the
administration of Lee McClung,. former
Treasurer, who resigned soveral weeks
ago, following friction with Secretary
, of the Treasury MacVeagh.
I The work of countlnc the monev was
i The wort of cr
d,inn lu nbout eh
whcn Is tnn
, by tlu, Treasury '
eight and one-half days,
pilckcst count ever mode
officials. Usually It re-
, quires from two to six months.
The principal Items composing the
immense amount ot money 111 win
Treasury wero: Gold coin, $2, 135, 56;
gold certificates, $3,345,030; silver cer
tificates, $4,013,739; standard silver dol
lars, $168,727,624; paper currency In re
serve, 1879,884,600, and bonds and other
ecurltles held In trust, 1887,646,451.
Holding Out From Armistice
to Capture Janina, Is
the Report.
Adrianoplo and Possibly Ter
ritory to the West May
Re Turkish.
Bnlffars Xiime Peace. Dele
ffatesind Turks to He Ap
pointed To-day.
fipf'M Caljlf ntpalrh In Tnr. Sit
I.ONPO.V, pep. Perhaps Ihe. most
Mgnlflcunt bli of news sejit to londnn
by thn war correspondents In the lint
kans Is n report which comes to tho
Unity Mall stating that us ri conse
quence of tho armistice, nnd the result
ing pencn iiPKotlaticnx the Turkish
veil to the xvest of this ltnmirl.ini
may return to Turkish control nfter tho
Wlir 1.1 OXCr.
The flaUii Mait'.t Informant says that
this Information comes from nn Indis
putable j-oiirco. The rnllro vilayet ot
Adrianoplo, including Isith the fortress
n"d Korl ldeaKateh. will be left undor
' '' "f " territory, for tho possession
'i V V V n Mri!"?, tn"-M
' lJ"
- . '' j.
Mountains. It Is nearly certain that tho
autonomy of Albania and Macedonia
will be settled and that Salonlca will
become a free port. Additional terri
tory will also bo granted by the pencn
terms to Servla nnd Montenegro In re
ward for tho military successes which,
their armies hve achieved.
News .that wuh current here yester
day to the effect that Greocc had llatly
refused to sIkh tho fourteen day armis
tice which nil the other allies aurred
to with Turkey, wan modified hero to
! day by Information that Oreeco would
ho willing pcrhap's' within twenty-four
hours to allow her emissaries at HafHt
chetsh to add their signatures to the
In a despatch to the Morntna Poit
from Constantinople It was stated that
the fall of Chios and Janina to the CrAik
was Imminent. It Is believed that
Greece Is withholding her approval o:
the armistice until the possession of
these two itown.s Is nssured. With
, theso uvo cnrds ln ''or hand she may
expect to play a better game when the
final treaties are drawn up.
Despatches from Soda Indicate tlut
official circles there do not consider It
rr... . .1 i , . m , ... ,
. ' u "
! herv a and Montenegro will nssemblo In
I n1 " on ".T." t0 r"1',!"
rM e.r7.ir , n.OnA
h w." reprc . Veac" nai on.
inn rorm er wr a Fmiaiinn n-hiii
i ,,,v -., niMiu
i.: .
i MuuiiLiirmii mi inn c.naiHiii in. 11 ncH
i W(.I some.iiat chanced before thi
1 ntnni....nti.,i... ..m.i ...i- i
,UI.es Tho CianKP( jncluclod some of
i the temi demanded by Greece, n fact
which also adds strength to tho belief
that Greece will soon Join tho armistice.
According l tho revised terms the
armies of the allies and of Turkey shall
remain In their present positions: the
besieged Turkish fortresses shall not
bo revlct nailed, and the formal peace
negotiations Hhall beg ln ln London on
December 13. The question of rcvic
' tunlllng the besieged cities Is disputed
In other quarters.
1 iuikui iu-hsuics imc uucnui
i been named and those of Turkey will
bo chosen to-day. It Is stated.
The Daily Mall's Constantinople cor
respondent states that It Is uncertain
yet whether or not the three 'delegates
chosen by Bulgaria to go to London will
represent also the Servians and the
.uomencenns. i np i urKiin ii cnnio-
I tontiarles will be of ooual rank with
those sent by Hulgarla. The latter prob-
nblv will be Premier GiieschofT. M.
Dnueff, the president of tfie Parlla-
ament, and either Gen. Savoff or Gen.
The news that peace Is nt hand In
particularly wclcomo to tho people of
Servla. The end of the war will give
them tho first chance they liavo had
of knowing the names of the thousands
of tho dead nnd tho wounded who bav
fallen In tho buttles Servla'e nrmlen
linvn fought. Theso desired and yet
dreaded lists following tho Government
order cannot be published until hos
tilities are over. The nation will thou
learn the horrible price sho paid for
the defeat of her enemy Turkcj'.
Tho cruelty of tho suspense to which
the majority ot Servian families have
been subjected Is beyond describing.
All classea of society have, suffered
equally. The heads of some of the
finest families of Sofia are supposed
to have fallen. And In thn Bulgarian
Armies the losses aro conceded to have
been aa telling. Many of the leading
business men aro known to be .lead.
The British proposal for a, conference
of Ambassadors who will act ns a kind
of clearing houso Is now received and
welcomed at all tho capitals. Including
Vienna. It Is thought that this confer
ence may bo held In London at the
same Jlmo that the peace pourparlers
aro being exchanged between tho repre
sentatives of Turkey and the allies, but
there Is nothing official as yet ns to the
pence conference. That it Is lo bo licld
In London eeems to lie universally aa
Burned, but tho Foreign Offlco officials
ond Premier Asqulth In th Houh of

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