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(rtid that all that lit neeesMirr for u to do
N to nil b'. ill in lu Ktuml put in IIih lioiiu and
l'll"f that Democratic iultakr or eeimral
..whirs depression will restore t tin liepnb-
iwn ntn.v to power
1 be lleve the fact tli..t t,w.WK, voter, who
rotetl the Kep.ihllnui ticket In pms refu
10 vote It In I n 1 reindict a .archil m.ii -
lderatlon as to tlio mason of their uctlon
ad as to what timr ! done to correct in-(
dttlona to whlili thev have objected.
Una of the condition which has been ths :
wum of objection within the paity for
years has been the prenrnt hisii of tepre- i
natation from Koulhora Mtnto.. another j
is tha party's attitude tord direct prb (
iiwrien bui iiiv piri'iiuu in uricjiantrn lu I
national convention. I believe niclirhatiKrH
should be niado In oxlsllui: rules for tho
ronduct of party affair In both these mat
tors that then can lie no question but that
tut wilt of rhe majority will control both
as to policy ..nil rs to candidate. We
ftepuhlicanH . who lielvti In prorennle
ollcles cannot nsk (tint tliovi who are
conservative, should chanco their opinion
but we ought all .to be able to acree that
the conventions that erttle the iiietlon.
hull be truly teprexentatlve of oteis,
hut not a political or oltlclal authority, and
that .they ehall express tho wllie of the
t what time and in what nay auch
chances should be m'ade it 1 In my opinion
too early to say There should be ample
time for the prejudice and feelings moused
by-the recent contest to mibside. I hcliee
that prior to the beginning of the campaign
of. ton, probably within the licit year, there
should be (sailed a national contention of
the llepubllcai party to rouMrier thee
tluextlmiN or any other matter" that It might
then seem advisable to consider
5qv. Carroll of loivu said ho felt after
short talks that he had listened to that
the situation of the Republican party
might not be considered iih bad ns cer
tain of Its enemies In tho other two
parties were. Inclined to think.
"I am not a prophet," said Gov. Car
loll, "hut I will say this much, we
hae not seen the last national Itepub
Hum victory by a long chalk, but I am
not so sure ns to Just when this next
tlctory lll be."
Gov. Joseph M. Cnrey of Wyoming,
emerging from the conference before
It wum ended, said: "I havo nothing
to tell tho reporters. J cannot Interest
any of you for I am a Hull Mooser mid
ou all know It."
lov. Gluswock of West Virginia said:
'"It was only a free and open expres
sion of the views of the twelve gcntlo
men oompiti!njr ihe session. We made
no plans. It Is altogether too early to
figure n plans for reorganization, but
ou mu.-n remember that we are not In
a position to figure on any scheme that
eliminates Theodore Itoosevelt."
Gov. U!ascck was asked If he meant
the cllnrinatlon of Roosevelt from the
Republican party.
"Of L'ourxr I do. but I mean more than
tht." he said, "t mean t lint Roosevelt
as a far-tur In our whole national life Is
a factor to be reckoned with by every
Imdy "
tiov Hartley In the courte of the day
had talks with Senator Crane and other
Taft leaders, lie Impressed upon them
the necessity of cooperating In any plans
for a calling of another national con
fnllon and the reorganization of the
( lumliln I'renMeiit Wunlil llntr ;.
u. I. (.ntlierluu; In mill.
A gieat natioiial Republican com en
tioii In I':; was suggi-hted last night
b Nicholas Murray Rutler. president
of i iilutnbl.i I "ui -rlt . speaking to the
Voting Republican Club at Its second
annua! dinner at the Hotel Astor. whero
Got. Dudley nt Mii-sourl and Gov Rber
haidt of .Minnesota had been asked to
assist lii Injecting a little of the vigor
of piogresslvlsm' Into the old party.
Neither of the Wertern Governors wn-s
able to be present, us ihey telegraphed
at the last moment, but 1 'resident Hut
lei as the principal speaker, as did
those who followed him. made the pro
gressive spirit and reconciliation within
the Republican party the burden of his
"There should be." said he, "a na
tional party convention in 1S1", when
no candidates are to bo nominated and
no election to bo held. It should have
a representation on the basis so nearly
adopted In 1U0H, and should In- open
to every man willing to stand tin the
platform of 1912, without regard to
which of the live 'residential candidates
ho voted for last fall. Theie should be
a reorganization of the part, a new
apportionment of delegates and a re
newed declaration of party faith.
"And I challenge any fair minded
man to say that that plutform of Chl
tngo and the platform of Saratoga do
not deal In most progressive spirit with
the problems of tho day, or that they
fall short of committing a great party
to u policy of cons'stent advances."
President Hutler went on to nay that
the. Republican party as a minority
purly had a rare oppoi tunlty for a
lilgh minded opposition.
"What better chance could the Re
publicans of Now York .State want,"
he asked, "than will be given In the
near future by Tammuny Mall? Keep
your eyes on the bills which will soon
bo reported from the committee on
titles and other committees. It Is our
business to keep before tho people the
true character of every bill which Tam
many brings forward "
After his Introduction by 1'hlllp J.
.McCook, president of Ihe club, who re
minded tho 20i) member present that
'hey had Inst only six "throiiKh the
recent political upheaval," Mr. Hutler
dismissed, us he said, the opportunity
10 make a post mortem and consider
what had happened. He preferred, he
explained, to discuss, as the Germans
put It, tho "leal pnlltlk" things as they
arc, und what may be done. And ho
wished, he said, to make two points:
first, thut the Republican party was not
a defeated but a split purtv, not re
pudlatod by the American peopje but
split from within, and second, that pa
thetically enough It had beep split not
on principles but on organization, and
thut on a point vv'nlch had been nil hut
settled In 190s, tho question of the ap
portionment of delegates.
Other speakers were Congressman
William M. Calder nnd Assistant DIs
trlct Attorney Frank Moss, and amnng
gnests were I'nlted Stales DNulci
Attorney Henry A. Wise, ICnmry I
Buckner, R Howard Osterlioul ami
Ogden M. Held.
Detained In Washington by the meet
lug of Governors, both Cqv. lladley and
Gov. Kbtrhnrt of Minnesota sent letUrs
of encouragement to the young Ite-ft)-ltcaDH,
whlch'.w'ere rend aloud by Presl
jtant McCook. Tho Minnesota Governor
Mid. In part:
"There never was a .time In the his
tory of 'our counlry when the oppor
tunities for achievement were greater
than they aroto-day. hut In .'order to
ocuro them wo must bury the hatchet
and light together In tlio raiika an ope
nrty nlwayH lighting tr tl,e r,fcnt and
in oppasitlon to the wrong.'
"A close analysis of tho recent cam
palb'n In all tlio States proves conclii
slvoly that thn great rani; und tile of
the party Is ntlll Republican and voted
et only for tho President but also for
Col, Itnoscvelt ns n Iteptlbllran, What
eter of principle nnd puriy management
liui been wrunjt inn and must be made
right. Nothing luit selfish leadership
I, .K
'oval K"l'"lllenn to Work In the Interc.-t
"f securing milled action.
I'riink Moss, following fulled States
District Attorney Wise, recorded his
can prevent this and It behoox'ea every
opposition to the recall of Judges,
blob be said hnd become less Imml-1
nenl through the recent conviction. 1
which hud helped the. muse of Justice1
in this city mid In the country at large. I
P pa, the following tribute to Justice
f jiitT: 1
"We should look for a minute at the
splendid figure of that old Judge an he.
sat on the bench. Broken In hcnlth, j
bowed down by terrible bereavements, j
he ctlll saw tho situation with trained
mind and the courage of n soldier.
Wearing us the trial was to the attor
nets of both sides we slnjply couldn't
play tired In the presence of thut em
bodiment of Justice Hnd royal man
hood. "If the courts of Justice stiffen tip,
nnd we ure made to understand that
the law will reach the gangster and
the financier; that It feurs neither the j .
bullet of the gangmnn nor the reprisal , , , . , .
uf the banker, there will not be soM'I'PPKS A ISO Lftnd FOITCS TO
much of an outcry for the recall of ,
Judges und such things."
I ii no AildiiniH Will Prrsirlc t
Tnpsiliiy Afternoon Ses
sion in riiirHpo.
Chicago, Dec. ", Dull Moosr enthusi
asm promises to transform the confer
ence scheduled to he held here Tuesday
and Wednesday Into the magnitude of a
national convention. Communications
by mall and telt graph that poured1 Into
Progressive headquarters to-day and
to-night caused them to change their
original plans for a gathering of ISO to
arrangements to nccommodate more
than one thousand delegates. It Is ex
pected that about 1,500 persons will at
tend tho "family" Hull- Mooso dinned.
i'arty managers declared to-night
that virtually every member of the Pro
gressive National Committee und every
Stuto chairman will sit at the tables.
Arrangements of the room will bring
every person present within easy hear
ing of Col. Roosevelt, ex-Senator Uev
erldge and other speakers.
Col. Hosevclt will arrive about noon
Monday with George. W. Perkins of New
York and 150 delegates from the Now
I'ngkind States. Incomplete lists of
visitors according to reservations al
ready made show the following delegates-
New York and New England States,
ISO, Colorado. 24; Michigan, 150; In
diana. I7i".. Wisconsin. 100, Illinois, 226;
lown. SO: Kansas. 20, Missouri, 34;
South Dakota. IS; Nebraska, 30; Minne
sota. 20. Ohio, r.0, Pennsylvania, 45;
Idaho. 5: New
Mexico. 3: Kentucky.
nlu and West Mrglnla,
Tennessee. Virgl
ti each. Louisiana. Montana and a
lo7."ii other States have nnnouncert'
they will send delegations.
Among those who are said to have
communicated their Intention to be
present and participate In the delibera
tions are Gov Walter C Htubhs of
Kansas, William Allen While, Henry J.
Allen. H. A Van Valkenburg. Olfford
Plnohot. William Fllnn, Pennsylvania
leader; Dean Klrchwey, and ex-State
Chairman Hntchkl.ts of New York; ex-Attorney-Genoral
Charles J. Hona
p.irte, MJss France3 Keller of New
York. .Miss Alice Carpenter of Massn
chlisetts. Col. Roosevelt nnd Mr. and
Mrs. Medlll McCormlck will be the ,OIn r worphlp officially assured to
guests at Hull House of Jane Addam. Mussulman Greeks In Armtolla and also
National Chairman .loseph M. Dixon ! to Christians,
will call the conference to order Tues-, of particular Interest to diplomatists
day at 11 A. M. Col. Roosevelt will Lhere Is Greece's second proposul,
speak nt 11:30. Miss .lane Addams wherein she would have transferred to
win fireside at the afternoon session. .her all the places occupied by Hulgnrs
Remedies for existing economic Ills from Kavala to Monastlr. The dlspo
nnd plans for the effective organization 'sltlon of the Bulgarian troops from
of tin party will be the most Important .Kavula, on the Aegean to Monastlr,
topics. In n paper sanctioned by th (Would seem to be a matter to lie tie
lenders Walter Weyle, writer on eco-(tided betwen Greece's representatives
nomles, will describe the organflcatlon of jand King Ferdinand's, rather than Tur
ihe Socialists In Germany nnd the I.Ih- key's. It Is taken here as proof of
eral party of England. -the III feeling that exists between Greece
and Hulrtarla. If these terrrm are ac-
CUBAN MAYOR REFUSES TO QUIT. '','I't,',l by "ro''c,,
u very grent territory with very little
. " lighting. It was her ships. It Is true,
lr " ' MirfM.orOn.if. ,mt 1v UMr blockades did milch to
I'reiinrr. Vlanlfrato, defeat the western iirmy of tho Turks,
S,-r,,l ral.lf ih'ihWI, to Tiir. Srs M'Ut It Is thought that Hervia and Mon-
Havana, Dec. 7--Th people of Sa- itenegro, who have lost so mnny of their
Imnllla, In the province of Matnnzas,
are greatly excited and a violent out
break Is fenred because the Mayor of
the town refuses to give up his office
to his Conservative successor, who was
returned nt the recent election. It will
be necessary to send a military force
to Install tho new Mayor, as has nlreudy
been done lu several other places.
President dmnuz has nrcnared n
manifesto which will shortly bo Issued Athens to-day thut it Greek naval de
to the Cuban peoplo explaining his con- tnrhment had occupied Kunlu Quarnntn
duct during the recent Presidential In ICplrus, on the Adriatic coast. The
election and defending himself against landing parties met with no resistance
the accusations of the Zuylstas. The
manifesto Is said to contain some very
sensational revelations.
The treaty between the I'nlted States
and Cuba extending the ureu of the
naval stntlon at Guautuniimo will be
signed next week, after which Presi
dent Gomez will send It to the S'ermtu
for approval.
o Out
:t,O0(l Lficiiiiinllve Knalneers (i
nml tlore Mar Hollow,
Vperml, Ciiblf tlfipatrb to Tim Sr.s
I.onuon, Dec. 7. Three thousand lo
comotive engineers of the Northeastern
Railway Company declared a strike to.
day because one of their number was
Lunvlcted recently of drunkenness and
recnicivl io running u pilot engine.
The engineers' union demanded hln
immediate reinstatement, but the com-
I l'un' refused, expressing Its willing-1
pens, nowoyer, to reinstate him If his
future conduct were good.
All trains tdopped at R o'clock this
evening. The frelnht sheds at New
castle are full of undelivered Chrlstmaa
merchandise, All coal trnins are also
tied up.
line In He Mailt lu France ana the
Other In CJrrntany,
XlriiVil Cabin Ilrtpatci to Tut 8i;v
I,o.Mo.v, Dec. 7. The Admiralty has
ordered from llin French Astra com-
puny n Torres non-rigid ulrshlp of a
eupuclty of about :!00,000:uWu feet. An
urdentiai alio been sent to Germany for
n nTAl-rlKld Pursevul airship of 350,-1
060. The Germun Government has three'
uf the latter ships und a fourth one Is'
being bulll. These ships will cost about
$185,000 each.
" HHt
Territory South of
Monnstir nnd Eastward
to Kavala.
And Demands Autonomy for
Aegean Islands Adminis
trated From Samos.
Occupy Town in
Sprrlttl Cabin Tlttptilrt fa Th Set
Lonpov, Dec. 7. It now appears that
Greece Intends to make her own peace
terms with Turkey apart from Bulgaria,
Servla and Montenegro, although she
will purticipaXe In the, peace negotia
tions to be held here next Friday.
According to the A'eue fVelc Prrsse
of Vienna, Greece has made five pro
posals to Turkey which have been con
veyrd to the Turkish Minister at
Vienna. Hllml Pasha, by M. Strelt, the
Greek Minister there. Here ure the
l-'lrst That Turkey refuse to grant
autonomy to Macedonia, because au
tonomy would be conducive to Slavonic
Interests only.
Second, that Turkey transfer to
Greece all places occupied by Bulgar
ians from Kavala to Monastlr.
Third, that the Kplrus become Gre.
with a frontier from Avion to the
Vlstrltza lllvcr.
Fourth, that Greece take the Island of
Crete without paying an Indemnity.
Fifth, that the itigean Islands re
ceive autonomy with the seat of gov
ernment on the Island of Samoa.
These things must Turkoy do, accord
ing to this report, If sho would have
peace with Greece and In turn Greece
makes the following promises:
First, that all property belonging to
the Turkish crown will be redeemed.
Second, that there will be freedom
from mlltary service for Mussulmans
on their payment of a defence tax of
10 to 20 francs.
Third, that Turkish landowners are
not to be liable to expropriation, but
maintain the right of disposing, of their
property m the captured territory,
l-.,urf1i that Ihn rlfhta nf Titrlrlfth
(, rrc,Bn businesses In Macedonia
ur , i, nutM nmi Turkish hnW
will be permitted to establish branches
In the now provinces.
Fifth, that Turkey Is to be granted
the most favored nation treatment in
commercial matters.
Sixth, that Oreek banks are to un
dertake a Turkish loan In connection
with the war expenses.
Seventh, thnt Greece Is to supply
Turkey with the requisite number of
transport ships, In return for which
Turkey will permit a friendly visit of
the Greek fleet to Constantinople after
the signing of peace.
Klchtb. that the nrlvlleces of Otto-
man fireelts will be preserved nnd free.
soldiers In tho hand to hand lighting
In Albania and Macedonia, will have a
very emphotlc word to say If Turkey
submits to the Greek proposals.
While thesn proposals aro being con
veyed the Greek arms are active. From
Constantinople cornea a despatch that
th authorities at the Dardanelles have
sighted six Greek lighting ships lying
off the straits. It was announced nt
und were enthusiastically received by
the populace. Then? Is nlso nn unoffi
cial report thnt Delvlno and Syrnco, In
Albania, havo been occupied.
A Constantinople despatch received
here late to-night brought official news
that the pence negotiations will begin
on Saturday, December 14, Instead of
on Frlduyv December 13. There is some
doiibt us to whether the delegates will
he able to arrive in time for tho first
meeting. It Is continued from Athens
thut Premier Venezelo of Greece will
attt,n,j ii,,. conference, although It Is
doubtful whether ho will stay to the
end of the negotiations.
Tho tlolegntcs will meet at St. James's
Pnluce and will have tho spcndld apart-
Broadway, Park Place to Barclay St.
People .
More than half the population of the
United States pau the Wool worth Build
ing every year. With 1 at' customers
you are catering to 500,000 persons, nearly
equal to the population of Pittsburg. No
other store site in the world offers the same
business possibilities.
Edward J. Hogan, Agent, 3 Park Row, Opp. Astor House
ments vacated by the Duke and
Duchess of Connaught when they went
to Canada, These will Include a dining
room on the first floor overlooking the
The Government will atso provide for
general hospitality to the peace dele
gates from a fund to whlfih the Treas
ury grunts $50,000 a year and which Is
devoted to entertaining guesta of the
Government. The King will probably
receive tho delegate.
Another advantage of fit. James's
Palace as a meeting plaoe la that tho
privacy Is more complete than' In most
of the other buildings in Jondnn.
Hardly the faintest echo of trie roar of
street traffic can be heart.
The first meeting of the delegates will
be purely Informal. It will be a pre
liminary session to discuss the mode of
procedure and to elect a presiding of
ficer. The consideration of serious business
will begin on Monday, Deoember 16,
when the delegate will start to discuss
the matters outttned In the armistice
pourparlers on the Tchataldja lines. It
Is likely that the first subject to be
taken under consideration will be the ul
timate division of Thrace between Bul
garia and Turkey. No difficulties are
anticipated In regard to the settlement
of this point, as both countries are
agreed on the principle of a frontier
line based on the treaty of Ban Btefano.
The question of the possession of
Adrlanople will be a more delicate
point. Hope for a settlement of this
centres on a proposal that Adrlanople
he dismantled and remain Turkish.
There aro also such matters to be
considered as the revenues accruing to
the Ottoman debt and customs, hut
doubtless a commercial understanding
bctwoen Turkey and Bulgaria wilt be
arranged wjilch will embody all matters
of economic Interest to both.
The affairs of Macedonia will call
for more protracted discussions. It Is
likely that at that stage of the con
ference the meeting of the Ambassadors
of the Powers will take place. The
Ambassadors will follow the dlscuslons
and will guide and assist the delegates
If necessary on points where the In
terests of the Towers are Involved.
M. Daneff, the president of the Bul
garian Parliament, who has arrived at
Sotla from Tchataldja, Is reported to be
very optimistic about the outcome. He
thinks that peace will be concluded
within a reasonable time. M. Daneff
says he found the Turkish delegates at
Tchataldja very conciliatory, especially
Naztm Pasha. M. Daneff says he has
no doubt of the sincerity of the declara
tion of the Turks that they do not want
to waste any time In reaching an agree
ment. ,
At the same time that the representa
tives are conferring there will come the
conference of the Ambassadors of the
Powers, which It is expected will clear
the air of the rumors of European war.
It Is officially announced at Vienna that
Austria-Hungary will come Into this
conference proposed by Sir Edward Orey
and the participation of all the Powers
Is thus Insured.
Austria's attitude Is the moat vexing
problem before the chancelleries to-day.
An alarming report from the Berlin cor
respondent of the Kvenlno A'eir Is
prnted here to-day to the effect that
Austria Intends to send an ultimatum to
Servla between December 10 and De
cember 12. This ultimatum, says the
report, will be couched In such language
that Russia must Immediately take sides
one way or the other.
Meanwhile the heavy Austrian artil
lery at Semlln, opposite Belgrade, Is
trained directly at flervla's Capitol, Aus
trian engineers are building trenches on
the Russian frontier between Cracow
and Lemberg and Austrian trope occupy
the railroads at all strategic petitions,
says this despatch'.
An unverified report from Cracow
says that there was a mutiny among
the Austrian troops there when the
order was given to march to Semlln,
(mo officer Is reported to have been
killed and several Injured by the troops.
Many shots were fired by the soldiers,
who are bitterly opposed to a war with
This concentrating of men and muni
tions along the banks of the river oppo
site the Serb capital, this constant
marching and countermarching of Aus
trian lighting men, which has been kept
as quiet as possible, causes great un
easiness In Kurope and the fear of a
general outbreak In the near future
will not down In Home quarters In spite
of oltlclal denials.
If "tho ultimatum Is presented It will
do the healthful business of showing
where Russia stands.
Diplomats are very frank In saying
that Russia Is responsible for a great
deal of the sabre clanking now going
on, that It is the bear that walks like
n man that has In his paws the strings
that are moving puppets to the south
of Austria.
Mystery Reaaralnac Vandalism at
Barlnl Pine of Sardinian Kin.
Streial Cable tlttpatch to Tas 9vn.
Constantinople, Dec. 7. The Vail of
Adrlanople telegraphs that on Decem
ber 3, before the armistice waa signed,
tho Bulgarians made a six hours gen
eral attack with alt their Infantry and
artillery on the east, south and north
sldee of the city and also on the Ma
rash side.
The attack was repulsed everywhere
with heavy losses to the Bulgarians.
Hervia to Accede to Rnrope'a Will In
Adriatic Matter.
Spttlat Cable PttpatcK to Tas Sum,
Vienna. Dec. 7. Optimism prevails
here owing to the certainty that Servla
will obey the behest of Kurope In the
matter of securing a port on the Adrt-
The Southern's Southeastern Limited
Augusta and Florida.)
New York, Atlanta and New Orleans
Memphis Special Via Chattanooga.
Carrvlns Dining.
Library & Observation Cars. oITordlng superior service.
ui.ii. i.. di;-i xwimu. Nf.iv YORK OFFICE 264
In Ihe Soulh-i Fifth Ave. (cor. 29th St.)
BOSTON, am WaihlnRten HI. PlinAtllXPIHA. 1 "STi?!!1
BAL.TIMnKK.llli i:. lUltlnioreSr. WAMII.M1 IO.N, l. .'..?
IS. II. nouinern llfiiiw.iy ayiirm rmnriH-r. irrrtuiry uii.-.hk
unutuftlly alirnctlve unci rrmnrrMI ptarri for Investment In aitrl
culiurr, fruit cullurr. fnrmlni: nml inanuf.icturlnc
ilr- n(t the conviction that a treaty
of peace between Turkoy und tho Bal
kan States will shortly be concluded.
I am aware, however, that there Is n
strong Turkish current which Is op
posed to peace on the terms which
would be acceptable to the allies. If
this current should prevail at tho meet
ing: In London which begins next Fri
day the tactics of the Ottoman dele
gates will be at first dilatory and then
Meanwhile the Turkish War Ministry
Is adopting elaborato military measures.
Will Never Consent to Occupation
of Avlana, on Albanian Comm.
Sffcial Cllt lr.iMXtcli to Tur. Hrv
TlOMB, Dec. 7. Murutils dt San Crlull
alio, the Foreign Mlnl.iter, in replying to
a question In the Chumher of Deputies
to-day said Italy had amicably but for
mally warned Greece that she would
never consent to tho occupation of Av
lona and the nelchborlnf; Islands of Al
bania and that Greece cannot acquire,
or use these places as bases for mttltary
The Forelcn Minister expressed tho
hope that rhe controversy would be set
tled In a satisfactory manner. The In
terests of Greece, he declared, would be
safeguarded, while at the same time the
friendly relations of Italy and Greccu
would be maintained.
Ottomans Appreciate Relief Rrlna
Rztrnded tn nrftmeea.
Washington, Dec. 7. The relief work
being carried on In Constantinople, and
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tion, do their Christmas shopping by telephone.
Suppose YOU try Telephone Shopping
this Christmas? Just Buy Early and
By Telephone the business-like way.
Macon New Orleans Ormond Palm Beach Pass
Christian Savannah St. Augustine Summerville
Tryon Tampa and California Cuba Mexico Nassau.
Connections at New Orleans for Panama, Canal
Zone and Central American Ports! 2 Sailings weekly.
With All Steel, Electric Lighted Pullman Equipment
tAtken. U. o. rasi "
Birmingham Special Via Atlanta.
Chattanooga and New Orleans Limited.
Asheville. N. C, "The Land of the Sky"
Via Salisbury.
Drawing - room. Compartment, Sleeping.
Its vicinity by Americans has rosulted in
many cxprptkilons of thanks nnd ap
preciation upon the part of tho Turkish
press, according to a letter received to
day by Mis Mnbcl Boardman of the
American National Ited Cross from Mrs.
AV. W. Rockhlll, wife of the United
States Ambassador at the Ottoman cap
ital. Mrs. rtockhlll herself is Joining In the
work, which Is largely under the super
vision nf Major Clyde S. Ford. Medical
Corps. I. S. A., who, happening to be
In Constantinople on leave when the
war broke out, volunteered' his services
In organizing relief operations. He hns
been very successful.
It Is now planned to extend the work
being done by the Americans Into Aria
1 Minor, where thousands of refugee
Turks are fleeing, although without suf
I flcient mcuns of support.
, .lohn lleilmnuil Xhnntril Dunn
I.nmliin Home Hale .tlrrllnu.
' fprclnl Vabtt Drtpatrhnt to Tin SrN.
, I.o.NnoN. Ix-c 7. The suffragcttei
turned their guns on John Kedmond
' 1.-1lt .1M.I 1... ... ..
,,,u nun n in, i mm- mi h
thratro In D.ilHton, a northeiHtcrn Lull
don suburb, where hi ni.ulo a speech
on homo rulo. Mr. Ileilmom! was tin.
I able to deliver more than twenty sen
tence In an hour owing to tho con
tinuous nolb.v Interruptions of main ami
female suffragists anil the tumult
caused by the ejection of scores of them
from tho hall.
In his speech Mr. Redmond said:
"We cherlih and will never abandon
our claim to a separate, nationality.
No power at the disposal of Kngland
or of any country In the world can
turn Ireland Into nn Kngllwh country.
"The adoption of homo rule," declared
Premier Carrier
of the South
Aiken Augusta Atlanta Asheville Co
lumbia Charleston Chattanooga Hcndcr
soriville Hot Springs, N. C Jacksonville
Ifrv West Montttomery Mobile Miami
Mr. Redmond, "would before many
months succeed In burying fathoms
deep all traces of disloyalty or bitter
ness In the hearts of the Irish people
and it would turn Ireland from the
weakest into the strongest link of the
empire by the simple process of reooa
nizlng her claims to separate, nation,
allty consistent with tho claims of lm.
perlal loyalty and nationality."
Aberdeen, Dec 7. Four miffragettsja
who were sentenced to three days' im
prisonment for creating a row during
the recent visit of Lloyd George have
been released before tho expiration of
their term because they were exhaustd
from n hungr strike. There la no pump
feeding apparatus In Aberdeen Jail.
Itnaenthal Informer Threatened
With 'tenth In llarana.
fprclat Cnblti Dttpateh to Tm Sis, .
Havana Cuba, Dec. 7 Brldgle Wobber
und his wife are on their wny to Now
York on tho Ward liner Hamtoga, the
ship on, which they nrrtved here on
Wednesday lust. They ure booked ns
Mr. und Mrs. Louis Bernard.
Webber nald hlH reason for making
his stay short was that he had heen
threatened with death If he remained
In Cuba. He says ho has received as
surances from New York that ho will
not be molested. The ship Is duo there
on Tuesday next.
A report was published yesterday that
Webber was to uppeiir ns a wltnesa bo
f ore "the Currun Aldermaaie committer)
Investigating the Police Department.
Chairman .Currun nnd Kmnry R. I3uck
ner. counsel for thn committee, said
hirff night that they knew nothing of
any intention to havo Webber tentlfy.
.Ct OfiHiM

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