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Ftlrand much colder to-day; fair tomorrow,
'felowly rising temperafure; northwest winds.
Detailed weather reports will be found on pige 13,
VOL.-LXXX. NO. 100.
Takes All Blame for Any
Negotiations With Grand
New Haven Head Says Xo
Other "Official Can Tell
NtMv lliunpsliifo
,,! (n
Wiints stntc to Own Itoiid
Tim k- Dcfomls MoIIpii.
Nlw llwnv, Iee It liecnme known
ti n,.ili, il. it i ,,i, , .!,,... u '
ti,r vr ! ;
Mr ten or me New ll.nen road wrote,
. Mtci f. t nlud States Attorney Wise,
t New VnrU asking that he le per-
f I to tctif befoie the (irand .lurv
Uons botween h
aim vnanii 1 1 uiih
In tli- lettd- Mr. Mellen takes all
t M'nsitilllty for all ncKotlatlons tie.
tuieu ti'e two ii.iid. and s.ts he Is
'I nnl New Haven orricu.l who knows
1 vthttiR about thoe tiecotiatlons.
.M Meii. n also m..kes u plain and
ant- : 'IKtln. tly understood" that he
uaives h'I cla.ni to any Immunity front
rimimil in i-titmn which mlKhl be
Ills thioiph !i,a sippearanee as a wit
ness. The letter to Mr. Vie reails as fnl.
lows. 1
"I understand that a IVderal Crand i
.lury s.tilm; within your district Is In-,
vcsilcr.m: the telatlons between lite I
tir.ind Trunk Hallway of frfnada and
the Ne.v York. New Ha-. en md Hartford!
uaaronu i.mp.mv.
. - .1 ., , ' .'". 1 i-n'ii uir
. "K"1U'',I",1,M '"-'"n these f three plays at the Lyceum Theatre
w,. ...mpinl.s h.ue bee:, .onductf,! on. last nlaht until Police Commissioner
ir. ,r i.,e New Max en rallioad by , Waldo threatened to Hrrest eve;-; body
,. n ', . ,','i.r.i v-11 '''"''Konnected w'th the undertakinu. had to
' '. ' .V.', " "' Blw '"' H" l!"f'll,,' "if
r , , V-ln l?" "(,s,,lU:l,,",,i ""'"" f'"' al theattc. So thero
n 1 .'n, !, 7 K",nK "" "hnw-
I I' 1 'V-i . 1! i!i v th,, ""ly J,1",lt,, McCa" ,i'"'"ue'1 a
who J. o.r nJ" 1 "'l',M, '""i wr Injunction te.nalnlni: li.e polh e
Ac?. ,', " kn-vled,:.. of the friltn .;l;irfe. Inc with the performance
re,,;..n ' VT''.,' r"f; I-'"," " ,' S.uurd.y
- vj.euu
i .t 1 .
-Vl.-h !t illllnelli- iol...-l.wl ilinl I
1 .1 .1... . ...1 ,.. . .
. ...., . ,,,11,1 in.. i 1 101K111 iiuw 10
in nwnu. i:o!u iriminal prosecution on
' ''ill! of in; testifying eoncernltiK
th mm. - ef re the (irard .lury.
"I have t, isk nf thai mv re-
quel., a- ini!inrtle,l in fis letter be' la'd
befoie Urn nil Jury f ,r Its action
thereon '
IVirrsMMTii, N II. IVe. S.--.-fnntlyman
Lew! W. Hrewster nf till
rltv will irtroiluce a b.l! net mnntu
lns m- the ovnr'hl-by the Stite
r i e II .!o:i nnil Main'
itRiiroau o-
! ii liorilon-ef the !in' as are operate I
In N nnmpii!re. 4
T'i : 1. -v:'! cnll..for the nppilntmeit
. ' i S'a'e ri,mmi.iih to Hpnra e ttv
in-., .11 i.r ti,e Nev 11 imph!re llnej,
-i.i' ,u nf cm lemnp.tlon luoceed-
.r j and Me appi l.: uii-ut of .1 hoard u!
- "ill iLreetor. -pi in to tie N-'.V
II '.n! -c.'-e (;il7.en nppolnteil liy the
era i en. i count ii "W to tie olthfns
i.' M....; h.i" it-, one from MaMne, pt.
v' I I Mjs.i'.iiietts put chase- the
'.nti' w'thln rliat Slat", one each In
'" n'ont s'id New York.
M' Mr. '.hIit s.ijs that In view of
'! !'' t-at 1,00'i'of the 2.2fi 1 mile-
' i ".id I'pi'rated b- toe Itoston and
'' ei. a'e la New ll imii-hlre.'and only
C7 in Masacliut'etts the provisions In
li-e I:,,, un tjllro.id holdlntr compmy ,
)' : ib.it It could not s"l! It stock with-
ni; pcrm'-V n of the .Maachusetls
I.'al-'.tlu:.. and that ti e State of Ma-a-
i I, sett. ,,,, rd luiv h ti, ,nv lime were
r ! i !l II'. I' '
'" II Hi
asteflll to the ll.'OJile of
ll ' k''ll f .i". -or that In raMrool mai
' .Massiirhti-inits wns really the rltv
. f Jto.-tiin. ami that Ib'ston appeared to
I' nk that the whole Huston and Maine
... , ,. . ..
v . i'-iii i I,- ireaieii ami is oeinR
op, rated for the sole it-., of the pen-pie themselves and the theatre protected
of Itn.ton l'v ii permanent Injunction. Mr. firny
1 Huston Mas- nrr S I uclus Tuttl" 1 w-41' n"1 prepared to sn what course
fnr sexent'een'vdrs' president of the!""""1 '" followcl In case the decision'!
Heston and Maine Railroad, In a slRned 1 of umW' ,''1Kn ls "BnlnM lh IK'ly-
sta.etnent vlRorouBiy defends President!
answer to the. charge of Louis I).
Mr. Tuttle says:
For five or six years the attempt to
destroy the New Haven lallrnad and Its
nianacrment has been peisltent. almost
malicious What caused this nttack?
In 1907 leadline Interest In the noton
and Maine Ilallinad exchniRed their stock
for the stock of the New Haven, share
for shnre, and thp same offer was made
hy the New Haven to all Hoston and Maine
stnekholdeis. Thl exchange was opposed
chiefly for n'ronal rather than for (Iran
eli reasons, and from that day to this
men of ability, backed hy ample financial
mcani1, In eaeon and out of season, have
puhlloL' and privately attacked the ft
ranees of the New Haven railroad and
thi InteKrlty and rallioad ability of Its
Louis I). Hrar, 'f, than whom no law
yer in Jioston ! more expert In Attacking
corporations, wm at once engaged by
the opposition. Nobody bettir than he
rould have heen found to lead this attack.
Whether Mr. Tlrandels Is employed by
somebody or Is acting ns n public splr
"n citizen, devoting hl time and re
Mouroen to this attack, Is not known hy
the public. That he Is not actuated In
all his public movements merely by "love
of the people" Beems to me to he the case.
It seems to m that the desire of the
opposition Is either to depreciate the se
curlllei of the New TUven railroad to
HUch an extent that someboly else civn
bu.v that at bargain prices, or If txi
(hie to divorce the Hoston and Maine fiom
the New Haven In order that somebody
or iome syndicate not yet disclosed may
get control of that road; at least It seemi
to deslro to drive from the rallioad Itn
present management.
Mr. Tuttle pokes fun at the Massa
chusetts Legislature, which In grant
Ins; a charter to permit the Grand
Trunk subsidiary to build In Massa
chusetts refused point blank, to plue
any safeguatds in It to Mm! the Cana
dian road to carry t .it t ll.s alleged plan.
lie says the .New Unvcn Is the greatest
I Industry In New Kngland inn sajs,
"The people seem to forgi t Unit In at-
niCKing lUf railroads of New Fnglaud
we nr attacking ourselves." Ho con
tinues: In publishing t' the woild thtoiiRli In
titvicws and Inxplt fl articles, tlit miuti
Congicsslnnal Investigation ami other
wise, stoilc. ahcady fninlllnr here fnun
frequent IPpotlllitti nil,, HI the ullcitcd In
adequate tullromt rachitic (,f New Kng
Iiltiil unit the alleged film (comings of .Mi
Mrllrn, nie nut the opponents of the rati
loud really Injuilng the itmriufaituiliig
ntr.1 other business Inlcicsts of New Kmc.
land even mole than thev are injuring
the inllui.nl or Mr. Mellen? 11.1 .,.11 h
time arrived when our builmss men
should cry a halt to this peislttrnt at
tack upon New Ktwlaiid"
Chairman Flee from Wn.htnul.m
to ll.enpe (inter irrkrr.,
Wamiiimitiiv. Dee s.- Demncivit ic
National t'linlrmnn McCombs Is having
''I Hft taste of behiK a patronage dis-
I Ho arrived In Washington yesterday
and found about half a dozen faction's
'of the District of Columbia democrats
waiting to tell him whom to name for
chairman of the Inaugural committee
"'""'inn .Met oml,s escaped to his room
,,m rln7 un hrJm hron
and bombarded with de ecates.
To-nhshl arpaten.ly as a means of
' "rl'-protectlon he cave up his mom at
I P .Vw. Wt,.,,,t "ol01 "ml """"PPcared.
I It Is expected that he will announce
the selection of Kldredue K, .Jordan, n
Coin 111 iNionei's .Mc.;i".e
That Kinpire Mhrht l.o.s'e
The Stase Society of New York
i,.,.i ..i.,,,,! ... i. i
niKoi me "ocieiy expecieu in Rive trie'
' nerformancu as ulaniied. Then .lohn i
t u ...... --
. : . . .' v ,
-j Meatre, nottiieii Henry li. l.ray. chair
man of tlie society s execiitl e coninilttee.
:hui the offer of the theatre would have
to be withdrawn In cause i.t th" altitude
of t'ie pel. re. CommlS'ii'inc Waldo. Mr.
(iray whs told. I'imI int'iimed the man
agement of the theatre that the thea-
, 11 Ji II. ll!-" M'UJI'I "'" l"IH.i"ll II lilt-
II. 1.1 1... ...... .1 ...1 1. .1...
show was put on and If the mcletv lost
the argument to make the Injunction
prrmanent. This aiRiiment Is before
Justice PaKe In Spei-.al Term Pan I. of
tiie supreme Coin t to. m crow.
The society wns taken un.iwarei by
this development. .Mr firay s d the
other ottlcers together Immedlatelv. A
confen ni e was held at the home of Mrs.
William Ator Chanbc. v te-presUlent
of the society, at ltl.Kat Nineteenth
street. The lieuluniiv of the perfi.rm-
ance after mlilnlaht was not coiiliietid
F.ITorf then wc.e made to Ret In
touch w'.th other theatre manaRets with
the Idea of poai.ir.y llndltiR another
pln.v house. Hut It was RettlnR close to
mldnlRbt bv that time and the efforts
Acre not successlul.
There was a funlier confetence yes
terday afternoon at the home of Mrs.
Henjamln S. f!ulnnes, president of the
soc.ety, at n asninKtoii Miuaie .oriit.
The memhers of the casts which have
been tehearslns the three plays were
called to this conference and the matter i
' esplalned to them. Al-ti steps were
taken to notif. all the inembets uf t lie
iielety of the postponement.
Mr. tii..v. who Is i ininsel for the mi
cletv as well as ilialrmnu of tin. execu
tive i oinmlttco, "aid after th" second
conn Twice mat the otmers or tile s.
t':f,,v hoped to be iible to put on the
iiriiilni.f Inn nnll SilinilAV nlptil. with
1 "
taft may visit canal again,
President A I.o M Knlertaln Wll-
una nt While llonse.
W.vstilNnTON, Dec 8. President Taft
may make n final Inspection trip to the
Panama Canal during the Christmas
teecss. He Is contemplatltiR such a
trip, but no definite plans have been
made yet.
The dreadnought Arkansas Is ached-
II It'll li) inn im- n i 1 ntnr n i tin- urni
Indies and the Canal from December
20 to January 10. If Mr. Taft decides
to make the trip he probably will go
on the Arkansas.
.Mr. Taft some time bro olTrreil the
use of a battleship to President-elect
Wilson If he wnnted to visit the canal
1.I..I MAA n OKI 1 1 li.. ,. Milt tl'nl
before March 4. flov Wilson sent a
letter declining the offer, hut thanking
tho President for his rourtcsy. Mr,
Wilson explained that his trip to Her
muda will be the only vacat.ott that he
will have time to take.
The President nnd Mrs. Taft will
probably Invite (Joy. nnd Mrs, Wilson
to the White House for several days In
January to permit the t.evvly elected
President and his wife to hecomo fa
miliar with the executive mansion.
The President's offer of a battleship
to Gov. Wilson and his disposition to
Invite the President-elect nnd Strs. Wil
son to Ihe White House havo' caused
n lot of favorable, comment among
It was learned that the President haa
gone even further. Hn haa ordered all
his Cabinet nttlctrs to old the Incoming
administration In every way possible.
A pony lk of AMillNTI RA BITTEBS
tbc moral n i jicr t aiaocr-pun .-Adr,
YORK, MONDAY, DECEMBER 9, 1912. copvri-iht.
.limit's Slillniiili Kstnlilishos
Kit ml for Students in
I'm tier.
M. .IiismtiiihI .M tikes Aniiouiiee
nit ii t nt Institute's Month
ly l-lvli Edition.
Announcement was made yesterday
by .Miles ,1. .lusxerand, the French
Ambassador at Washington, of n gift
of 500.0011 francs, nearly $100,000, from
.lames Stlllman. the linker, to the
Museum of French Alt. The Income
from the gift is to In- used for the
maintenance of students In the art
schools of Fiance.
The letter announcing the gift was
by Ambassador .lusscrand at a ro-
coptlon privcdltiB u luncheon to the
-UtL .11.... r the mus,.,,,,.
, ... , . , ., , . .
S,W1 hy ,h" '"""" ,,f ," ,"'a"1 "f
dlrectots, McpouKiill llawkes, yester-
day at his residence. S lC.ist l'ifl -third
Mr. Stlllman, who s chairman
of the board of dilectors of the
National City Hank, wrote to M
.lus-scrand that he had heard the
Amkissador speak at a dinner recently
and had been Impressed by the fact
that the lnlluence of I'rench ait on the
art of the world had received scant
WishinK to show appreciation In be
half of one American for all th,i l'r.mce
has done for at l and art students in
I America," Mr. Stlllman wrote, "I here
(with hand ou m check for oUO.ooit
Wll S . francs, the Income to be applied to the
upkeep of students of I'rench nrt in
the att schools of Krance."
M. .lusseiand also read a letter In
which M. Poliuare, the I'rench Prime
Minister, announced the Rift to the
museum on the part of the t rench
. , .. ......
iiaiioo 01 11 i-ejieciitiii ei wiiuanic inxin?.
some of whlth are pil.eless because
thev are out of print. This collection
supplements a former clft of the French
Cmcintnci, of $:, ona worth of b,,ks
for the llbrarv of the museum,
The organization which was thus re-
1 m..mbered yestenley was founded a year
iHst June for the purpose of "ox-
, ton(,IIK ,, .K.puinrUinK" knowledue of
I rr,,nch nrt n Amor,a. )t purposes to
,,,, nll exhibition of French works oT
'art each month, arid an nnnonl e-
i.o , ,. .
"ii "o'o fiiouiiK" nim stuipiini
1 ruin uie nauonai
museum of France
will be on view.
The tli st of these monthly exhibition
held y.wterday In the hall of the
t'nlted Fntlneerlm; Sncet(i at West
Tlilrtv-nlntb street. Ambissador Jus
serand pivldcd and lntrodme.1 In
t-l',,ni'li I.. 111.. ,i,,il,nn,." ,.f n.,..rl'. ( i
" ''"'.' 11
hiimlf.-it ,...('
the lec tiller. M Louis
lloiirtloi. Inspector of tine nrts of the
city of Paris, who spoke In I'rench on
"The Pnlntlni: and the Manners of the
Kiahteenth i 'eritury."
Mr. Itnvvkes sat on the platform, and
with him wire pr. fjentite F. Kutu,
chairman of th mtmittee on lectures.
William I-.'.inckljn p.u.s, chairman of
Ihe committee on ml literature. M
Umelle I'teiiih Coti'u'l In New Yolk,
and Joseph II. Ft i . dl.ind. r. one of thi
ll i:sli es nf the mus. urn.
utile:." In the iiinili'iiie wete Mr and
Mrs. Clrules H. Alexandei, Mr. and
Mrs. Hiiijamln lialnness, e. Senator
William A. Clark. Mr. and Mts. Hubert
Ftiderwood Johnson, prince Troubet
skoy, Count SecketidorlT, Knrun del
Itosio, Chevalier l.'inneschlare. Count
.Meronl. Lmly KnUht. .Mr. and Mrs
Hamilton Fish, and the M!scs Ward
McAllister and KMe lie Wolf.
Siiniln) .,.,.r, Mil) lie TnUeii
I'oiiM Iii.iIii.i.
Ahhoiish oliee insjie tors denied re-
ceniiiR any onus ial ordeis for tl i-
llllcelllelll or tile eCH laws yeslerd.lv
it is wild thst they were dliected on Kat
turday to forwa'd iiistrnetlons to the
various precincts that If a patrolman on
u i . .
" f itso i emer a saloon
"PP'I i ! closed or observed him
In tlio act of druikiiiR or rarryitic nut
what api-ared tr, !, an intoxleatinKli,u0r
mwrh""''' "'Port the facts to his
iiP'-r.or or entry on the station house
of thn saloon to court.
In the Tendeiloiii detectives watched
thirsty folk walk in anil out or barrooms
and mudo notes in thuir handy rofeieiioo
books for com t use.
Tho police of the West 100th street
station saw to it that thn excise lid was
held clown tiijhler than usual yesterday,
'this Is the precinct whete charg-a of
dereliction have been preferred recently
against superior officers. Most of the
i , ,
, "f100' l were orde red to .hut up
B'10 ' Promptly at 12 o clock on Saturday
!, rhB r"0"1 arreata or Sunday shop.
' wrJ w",p "ot duplicated yesterday,
f',r" , "f activity haa lwen
""ddenly checked by an order from Chief
Instiector .Sclimittherger. This Informed
the patrolmen tliat in oases where the
shopkeeper observed another day as the
Sabbath Insteed of Sunday the police
were not to take any action.
limine .Man Shot .lglilior AVIio
llnlered llonse liy Mlatakr,
San Kihsi ihco, Deo h. Walter
l.'ocks, a retired business man of .Ti, died
yesterday of a broken heart following the
accidental killing of Ids friend James ,1.
Ilyliind on November 1 1
Cocks was awakened by some one
breaking a window in his hoiiso ami,
seizing a ruvolver, went down to investi
gate, As noon as he saw tho intruder lie
tired. Cocka waa horrllled to lind he had
shot hla lifelong friend, tlyiund, who
lived next door, had inibtakcu the
house for bis own.
I The SI. I. mil Itrnclir Pl loom Ii
I Willi Disabled I limine.
J fiprrml I'nlilr tlcultrh to Till: Si v
I Pl.VMoiTjl, Dee, S. The Amctlcan
I l.lno steamship SI. Louis, which f.i Hftl
f roiii New Yolk Nov ember 30, arrived
here this evening In n partly disabled
condition. There wan n breakdown In
the engine room last Wednesday, a pis
ton blowing out with terrific frco. Tent
liorary icpalrs were made by the en
Kino room force and the vessel was able
to continue the voyage at reduced i peed
It will take two months to make com
plete repairs to the ship.
IIIk U'e Ho Nlluhl Itmiinitr to Si,
l 1. 1 11111I 1. 11 liiirrnlnr.
Three transatlantic liners which reached
port yesterday ft out Kuropo leported
fairly boisterous weather which did slight
! ilnma';e to two of them The French liner
I Lorraine stuck her nore Into a northwest
Kale the moment after she left UHvre. and
between that poll and the Lizard an ex
ceptionally high wave carried hwuv, about
thirty feet of the starboard rail of the
promenade deck
The Ametlcaii liner St Paul struck the
same sort of weather, and on th way
nerot- a Riant comber mounted hiRh over
ihebridRe and smashed in the door of t ho
captain's oil in. dins h" placo.
No Coiifirniiition of Story Here
or in London Left iuepnH
town Vestertltix.
-lr "i r.i.if llfralr'f" In Tllr. Si v.
Pvms, loc. There is a rumor here
that ihe siiamshlp Mauretauia, which
Milled ft'itil l.tterpnol eMerdiiy for New
York, has met with a serious mishap.
I.0M.0N, Dec. !. 1:30 A. M. -It Is still
Impossible to obtain any confirmation nf
the rumor about the Matiretanla. Tut:
.si .s's Pat Is ofllce Is ,iIki without fur
ther Information beyond the rumor. The
Pails correspondent of the Itaily Mnll
sends the rumor as printed In the Paris
edition of the New York llrrttUt, but no
further Information.
The tumor may have Rrnwn out of
the follow Iiik teport whli h has Just
been tecelvid by the Kxchanse Tclc
Ktiipli Company:
"lit tx.ssTowM. Dec. S Some of the
passeiiRers who were bound to America
aboard a train last nlRht from Dublin
to (iueenstown, which was In a collision
near Cork station, on the Southern and
Western l!allay, received shocks and
tirules. They afterward embarked m
the Mauritania and proceeded to New'
Charles p. Sumner, New York scent
for the Cunatil Steamship Company
said at the New York Cluo last night
that he bad hoard of no accident nnd
that be win sure that he would have
been the Mist to have heard from the
rurelsn offkors 0f the line If there had
been any.
He had received n ciblcsram at 6
o'clock last night saying that the
Mauretanla left (iucenMuvv n at noun
esterday and that all wns well aboatd.
it.ibert S Valn"f, another official
of the line a'so itmstloned the truth
f the report He had a i.ihh- that the
M.liiletunl.i h.nl .eft Liverpool In safety
on Siiturdav. He said that she had about
l,!0ii passengers abo.iui. Thele were, as
he lenieniiie'.f the eulde telling of her
dep.irluie. ii'ioii! .Ti lust tat'ln i.is
seniters and Ju In the second cabin.
The Matiie'.aula has on hoard an un
iisiihI!) I.ite number of American tour
ists romini: home for the Christmas
hollihi.vs. Hi r taldns are full.
Mine T. :iir.:zln!. the prima donna,
embarked on the hi? ship for a tour of
this cuuuti.v.
utlier on the Maui etanla are George
Duveen of lluveen Hros. of New
Yotk. Mr. and Mrs.' Charles W. Fade
of New Yotk, Joseph P. Mottlssey. A.
P. Mo! row, l!. D. Foster nf Chicago.
Sir It.iduioiid It iliiin. Pi line Minister of
Maulti.b'. Countess c.im.lla llojus
Shut!, who recently married Charles W.
Hhv;!! nf ci'ulnn.itl: Sir James Whlt
iie, the Maniuls de Hrejer.u, Dr. and
Mrs. James Itlshup. Dr and Mrs. I'yne,
Dr I. o. S'oaue, Dr K. H. W tte, .Miss
Kllzaiieth Wltte, John M. Mcl'adden,
James McCormai k. Will.itu S. Kramer,
Major Crelclitoti Webb. W. F.. Mandel
Ick, seiretnry of the FnilerKfoiind Flci'
trlc li.ilhvavs Company of London nnd
of the tjener.il Omnibus Company, MI'S
(Ireta llostetter of Alleghany, Pa., O. P.
Vr.elll. Dr. P.iirton S. Itooth, Mr. nnd
Mrs. F. H. Hun, c.eorge .1. Jackson, N.
H. .Mncelver, Daniel Muyer, Mr. and
Mrs. W. S. I Ntcnlrn. .Mr. and Mrs, J. It,
Ttnckentlorfer and Mrs. A. Swabacher.
Weather I'oreensl Inrllenle Colli
1 Wn . h f,.i- V...V VnrL.
A snowstorm Is due In New York
early this morning -ought to he here
now If nll Indications point right. Yes
terday afternoon the Weather Hureait
sent out warnings from Sandy Hook to
Huston light for northwesterly to west
erly storms.
There Is a disturbance over the St.
Lawrence Valley moving east, which
will be followed by high westerly and
northwesterly winds, accompanied by
snow Hurries.
The temperature atarted to fall last
night. It was said It would probably
get down iih far as 115 degroea before
morning, as a cold wave which hit
northeastern New York State last night
was moving this way,
CmcAqo, Dec. X. Winter, moro than
two months overdue, got a grip on tho
Northwest to-day.
To-night tlio tcniperaturo nt Chicago
Is IT and falling rapidly. It Is 21 below
zero In .Minnesota, Hi below at Quap
pelle, Hi below at Winnipeg, ti below
in Duluth and t! below nt Huron, Is. D.
At Des MiiIiicH and other Iowa points
It Is 12 above but growing colder rap
idly. Oklahoma is below tho freezing
point, Cincinnati is within two degrees
of freezing, while St. Louis, shows 22
nbovo. Snow 1h falling in lower Ohio
and practically all ovor western Michi
gan und Wisconsin. Rain la reported
along the lower Atlantic coast, whllo
Know prevails in eastern Canada.
nm. ., n,r Mutiny m,t lutuumnn
j Five rp'iin itinl I'rosoeutions tt
I Follow Sundn.v NItrlif Visits
to Fijrht.v-two Thentvcs.
Aet ions Will Ho First Kvor
Taken liy a Coniinissiouci'
Under I'resent Law.
Fire Commissioner Johnson has e
celved 'so many complaints recently
about violations of the laws governing
tdandecs In the large vaudeville nnd
moving picture houses In the city that
he decided on a cleanup last night, to
see Just how far the laws were being
F.lghty-two firemen were sent to an
many vaudeville nnd moving picture
theatres to see whether or not there
were any violations, rive flagrant
violations were found, and the owners
of these theatre! will be prosecuted
ot the other seventy-seven, neven
les flagrant violations were found. The
owners of these will be proceeded
against In the civil courts In an attempt
to collect fines.
The criminal procedure will he the
first for this class of violations ever
pushed by n Fire Commissioner. The
Crlmlnat Code says that any one respon
sible for a public nttlBancc which makes
the lives of any conidderablo number of
persons Insecure Is guilty of a misde
meanor, and It will be tinder this act
that the Fire Department will prose
cute. The firemen were Instructed tn count
standees at the heads of the aisles and
those outside thn tapes, where the law
allows theatres to have standees.
One group was sent to look over the
small moving picture houses. As the
police have been raiding these houses
In a search for violations of the law
forblddlntr the presence of minors un
accompanied by parents the Commis
sioner deckled that the houses were
playing safe. So he rent two men down
Third avenue to go Into any houses
they felt like. They visited twelve
small houses and found no violations.
Most of the big theatrea came through
the Inspection clenn. The Victoria, the
American and other houses In the centre
of the city had no violations.
The following houses violated the law
so tlagrantly that an attempt will be
made to have a criminal prosecution
The Audubon Theatre, 16Sth street
and H roadway. This theatre had no
tapes marking the limits for standees.
Flghty-llve persons were standing on
the orchestra floor and the heads of
the aisles were so crowded that In
ruse of tire It would have been Impos
sible for rhe seated audience to get
out easily.
The Lenox Theatre. 111th street and
Lenox avenue. This theatre had nlnet--two
persons grouped nt tho heads of
the aisles and passageways so thickly
that they were a menace to others
In case of tire.
The Halscy Thentre. Halsey street,
nrnr Hroadway. Hronkln. This theatte
had 2.1a standees on the orchestra floor ,
and In the balcony persons were stand
ing three tows deep The seated au
dience could not fight Its way out. the
report sn
The Amphlon Theatre, Bedford ave
nue, llttmklyn -Twenty-five persons
were icitslde the tape here nnd the
heads nf the nNles In the balcony were
so crowded as to mnke escape In case
of tlr.i dlltlcult.
The Folly Theatre. Manhattan ave.
line near 1 Iron ,1 way, Hrooklyn On the
orchestra floor standees were three rows
deep, 100 person; crowded the heads of
the allrs. tin the balcony floor there
wete two rows of standees and sixty
persons stood at the heads of the aisles.
Chief CI tier In was In charge of the In
vestigation. He says that the Fire De.
parlment will start criminal action
against those live theatres.
of the theatres against which civil
suits will lie brought Keith Proctor's
Fifth Avenue Theatre and Keith
Prnclnr's 12,-ith Street Theatre are the
largest. The nther are the llHth Street
Theatre, the Fnurteenth Street Theatre,
the Olympic, on Fourteenth street; the
Flghty-sixth Street Theatre and the
llrand Opera House, In Hrooklyn. The
violations In these cases did not amount
to a menace against tho lives of tho
seated audience.
The extreme penalty In case nf crim
inal conviction Is a year In prison and
JuOO tine; in a civil conviction $no fine.
"Last year, because of the newness
of the conditions, yloatlons were not
so frequent," Commissioner Johnson
said, "hut the fact that the Hoard of
Aldermen has permitted standees within
cerlalndlmlts appears to have heen taken
by the managers as license to permit
tin excessive and Illegal number of
Onnrl Flah l.efl In Sea, Sara Mia
fcprnarue nf ftnle.
RnttTH Norwalk, Conn . Dee. 8,I
won't sited a tear over the best man that
ever lived in a case of this kind, That is
not twentieth century style, and I con
sider myself a modern woman, There
are as good fish in the sea aa were over
caught," said pretty Miss Ethel Adelaide
Spraguo at her home this afternoon.
Miss Sprague refused to say anything
about what prompted her to call off her
marrlago to George Leonard Gale, which
waH to havo been held at her home yester
day afternoon. The entire affair is atill
considerable of a mystery.
MrB. George Clarke, aunt of Mr. Gale,
said: "I did not object to hla marrying
this girl, and it would hove made no
difference to him if I had objected. He
In thoroughly responsible. Mr. Gale
has taken a drink with friends in a social
way, hut he was never Intoxicated,"
she said, referring to rumors,
Walter J. Comstock. who works about
the Clarko place, was given a message
to deliver ta Miss Sprague Baturday,
about three hours before the wedding
was calfM off.
Gale, Mrs, Clarke said, was visiting
relatives in Nov York.
AUn fur Simple I nnnunrnlloii, Iml
VI n .Nut lie! ,
W.ISM1N0TIIS-, Dec. x,. An innovation
In the luaiiguiatlon of New York's (inv
entors may mark the Induction of Will
iam .Sulzcr Into ofllce on Jariiiar.v l.
It has been suggested by his friends
that he be Inaugurated nil n stand In
front nf the State Capitol Just as the
President la Inaugurated. The New
York Oovernor-elect always has taken
the oath of nlllce In the Assembly cham
ber, which sents about Lno, (inv'ernnf
elect Sulzer made no communt on the
Mr. Slllzer Intend. tl Innimnnl
be an slmplo aa possible. Ho hH ad
dressed a letter to the Secretary of
State, which Is pelf-explanatory. it
Dbar Mn. I.A7.ANSKT: As ynu have
charge of the preparations for mv Inane
uratlon the first of the ear, I write to
say I htipe they will be as simple and
as economical and a democratic as po.
slble. Very respectfully .vouts,
William Sitlzer.
Merlin or Missionaries nt Ipatrleh
I llrnkrn I'p.
London, Dec. 8. The Mormon mis
slonarles have of late heen very active
In Ipswich and vicinity. This has
aroused considerable feeling against
them and ended In disorder last night
when one of their meetings was broken
up by a mob.
The missionaries were forced to ask
police protection from bodily Injury.
Mrs. French VnniUrlill t Sunken nf ns
.ewnnrt Pnrcliaarr.
Nkwpoht. Dec. R Land on Weeden's.
Hill, comprising IM.OOO square feet ad
joining tho summer estate of E. L. Lud
low, has been sold by George Gordon
King, according to report here to-day.
Who the purchaser Is could not bo
learned, but rumor has It that Mrs. French
Vanderbilt is interested. The property
is Home distance from Mrs. Vanderbilt'a
home and could not be used to enlarge
her estate.
ConTlrled nf Marin- Fisher, With
Whom lie Went Ilnntlns.
Baldwin, Mich., Dec. 8. After being
nut alt night a Jury at noon to-day
convicted Oscar M. Auerbach of the
murder of Hnrry W. Fisher of Chicago.
The verdict was received in silence
by Auerbach, whose attorneys fully ex
pected acquittal.
AucrlKtrii wax convicted on circum
stantial evidence. He and Fisher went
hunting In September. Auerbach re
turned and said Fisher had accidentally
shot himself. Fisher died nnd tho fact
that Mrs. Fisher asked an undertaker
to prepare the body for Immediate re
moval out of tho State led to an In
vestigation. There had been rumors connecting
the name of Mrs. Fisher with that of
Farmer Plan n Shnrtrakr fnr Christ
mas Dinner,
HLOOMFin.r.. N. .1.. Dec. S. Straw
berries in December, grown In the open
nnd nice, Juicy and sweet, were picked
from the vines on tho farm of Henry
Herman In Hellevilln yesterday.
Herman distributed ji pint of the
fruit. He also produced several blos
soms that he picked from tho vines.
In an effoit to protect the vines from
the cold the farmer has placed the
plants under glass nnd expects to have
n strawberry shortcake for Chrlstmaa
Instead of u plum pudding. In some
parts of the town roses and dandelions
were In bloom last week.
Wanted Uurlnl I.Ike Tanner
l.llrrnrj- Properly to Ilnugbtrr.
Special Catle Dupaleh to Tin Srs.
Paius, Dec. 8. The Journal Uf.i He
hnt.i publishes tho will of Count Tolstoy,
which vvus written In 1910 on the ettimp
of a tree. The will leaves his ontlro
literary property to his daughter Alex
andra. The ilrst clause leads as fol-
llllVS !
"Httry me where I die: If In town
then In tho cheapest cemetery In the
cheapest totlln, like a papuer. Iet
there be no flowers, no wreaths, no
speeches. J't the funeral bo xvithout
priests or liturgy If possible, but If this
Is distasteful to thosn burying mo bury
me according to custom with the lit
urgy, but as cheaply nnd simply as
The second (clause reads: "Do not
publish my death In the newspapers;
publish no obituary."
The will concludes ns follows: "I nsk
nll, whether kindred or no, not to siieak
well of me, They will do It, I know,
for they have done It during my life
time and It was very badly done,"
Urelarra South Cnrollnn Man
rrrr l.n of III Oltlee.
Gov, Dix thinks that Gov. Rlease of
South Carolina ought to be Impeached
because of Hlease's "To hell with the
Constitution" speech at the Governors'
j conference In Hlchmond.
l ao not seo now tne Hinte. or south
Carolina, can help Impeaching a Gover
nor who talks that way about the Con
Htlttttlon which ho has sworn to de
fend," snld Gov. Dix last night. "It Is
true that women felt obliged to leavo
the hall while he was speaktng. The
other Governors were, of course,
shocked. Personally, Gov. Itleaso struck
us ns n Isimbastlo man who likes tho
centre of tho stage. Nobody applauded
him, you muy be sure."
Gov. and .Mrs. Dix arrived from
Washington Inst night nnd hpent the
night at tho Waldorf. The Governor
said that he had talked with Itepru
sentatlvo Hulzer In Washington about
the work nt Albany which Mr. Sulzer
will lake uver on January 1. There will
lie another conference when Mr. Sulzef
goes to Albany on December 30.
"And nro you going to retire from
politics?" nsked nn Inquirer.
"No good citizen over retires from
politics," smiled tho Governor, Ho
added that after January 1 ho will pick
up his private business acaitk
Governor-tiled So Advises
Applicants for
Sa.vs He Will Get Best Man
in New York for
t 1
Policies nnd Patronage and
Talks With Gov. Dix
Take Up Time.
Commissioner of Jurors for
Bronx Cnnntv to Bo
Named This Week.
Wariiinhton, Dec. 8. It waa not a day
of rest for Representative William Suiter,
Dcmocratio Governor-elect of New York.
From early morning till late at night
he has given his time to policies or patron
age. He is not to resign his seat in the
House until tho last day of the year.
Meanwhile, as opportunity affords, he
Is to give consideration, to his administra
tion as Governor.
4Jov. Dix had another long talk with
the Governor-elect to-day. Before leaving
for New York Gov. Dix announced that
on his return to Albany Monday or Tues
day ho would appoint John A. Mason
commissioner of jurors for the now county
of The liron.v Mr. Mason is now In Kuropo.
He ran over for a short sojourn after
election day. Ho has been Gov Dix'f
secretary and for years hus leen secretary
of the Democratic State committee. At
Syracuse last fall he waa an ardent ad
vocate of Gov. Dlx's renomioation. Mr.
Mason haa lived for a num her of yenra
in The Bronx.
Neither the-Qovcrnor nor the Governor
elect desire to speak specifically con
cerning th'o nature of the frequent talkn
they have had in this city tho last two
days. Tho Democratic friends of tho
two men profess to believe, though,
that Gov. Dix discussed with his successor
conservation plans, which havo been
dear to tho heart of tho retiring Governor,
By natural sequence talk of thesn plain
would result in ascertaining Gov.-eleot
Sulzer's attitude toward several of Gov.
Dix's appointees. Also the attitude the
new Governor la to take In tho future on
many of Gov. Dlx'a conservation ideas.
It may be said that Gov. Hulzer will not
in many respeota follow thji. conservation
plans of his predecessor. Gov. Sulsar.
it was said, has outlined a new nollor of
his own which ho will not divulgo at the
moment. Neither would he say to-day
what his attitude would be toward Otis
Dcmocratio officeholders at Albany and
others who have been favorable 'to Got.
Dix'a conservation programme.
At his ofllce Mr. Hulzer has worked all
day tabulating applicants for offloaa.
Ho haa received a dally averago of 60.
Scores of these applications oro for the two
tax commiaslonerships which will become
vacant early in Gov. 1Sulzer'ni adminis
tration, Tlio present , incumbents are)
Egbert K. Woodbury of James town j
whose term oxplrea January.fl, and Ben
jamin E. Hall of New Yorlt. city,' who
term expires April 20.
The Governor-elect feels that he should
give particular nttentlon to taxation mat
ters. He believes the taxes havo been un-
I equally distributed. Several visitors hava
s'lKHestecl tne appomtment-or oa jnae.
pendent tax commission to reportrente
dies. Mr. Sulzer, however, lstootfavorably
impressed with a special commission,
Ho prefers to rely upon men familiar with
taxation In all its details, and such ha says
he will appoint.
Then too there Is particular interest la
the retention orotherwlseof Bupt.Teck In
charge of the Publlo Works Department.
Stute Committeeman Kolly ot Syraouse
and others have advocated the retention
of Mr. Peck. The Peck situation, though, is
involved by the Kelly opposition to John
J. Cummiugs ot Syracuse, for up-State
Publio Service Commissioner to suooeed
Fred W. Stevens. Mr. Kelly is opposed'
to Mr. Cummiugs and favorable to Mr,
Peck. With Mr. Peck retained it is doubt
ful If Mr. Cttmmlngs would become Mr.
Stevens's successor Scores of competi
tions and complications of a similar char,
acter are arising every day as Mr.Sulzer
consults the avalanche of mail.
He has before him a tabulated list of
the returns on election day of all tho
count ieH In a number of instances thero
is a wide discrepancy between the claims
now made upon him by Stato committee,
men nnd the vote in their Senate districts.
These claims for official preferment must
be adjusted to tho actual verdict for the
DemoorntioState ticket on election day.
Mr. Sulzer ulso made It plain In conver
sation to-day that applicants for offlon
need not feel it neo canary on their part to
oall on Charles F. Murphy, but that they
should visit him not only in this city but
ut Albany. As Mr. Sulzer made this re
mark in walked John H. McCooey, Demo
cratic leader of Kings county, fresh from
Now ork Mr Mct-'oooy said ho came
over to discuss with Mr Suler selection!
from Brooklyn to the Governors mili
tary st tin' Of course other matters were
gone over, mutters pertaining to the
Kings county organization in tlio patron
ugo lino.
One feature of Mr Sul.er's day cannot
be emphasized too markedly. He recog
nizes tho prpblem confronting him con
cerning tho retention or retirement of
William 11. Willcox, chairman of the Publio

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