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independent union, hcraiine neither w
nt liberty Itself to i'ontrnt the c-nnat nnd
thereby obtain the exi'luMvr control whlrli
Mirh ntiMiiKtlon would ronfer It Is alo
rlear that II Ihn ennui had been constructed
tvIiIIi' lu t'liiytnii-HiilttiT trcnty uni In
force, II would have been open. In accord
mice nil'i rilcle . in Hrlll-li and I lilted
.Slate on I'Miinl term and niinally
Hoar, llii'iifoto, Ihnt Ihe tolli IhHIi on
mien ilili would liaM' been Identical
The imrM)i' of tin1 I lilted State In nr
L'otl.itini: ilir llny-l'.nitii rfote treaty was
to recov.oi I heir freedom of action anil ob
tain tin- rn-'ht which they liad Mirrendered,
to oiitiuii tin- canal iIipiiikpIvpi. Tills
1 piri'ki-il in Hip irpamlip to the trpaty,
lull tin' i empiric UImti - of action ioiiv
iilfiit iifoti oiipIi i onslrni Hon was to lie
liiniii'il l I In- mainli'liaiKP of I In' KPiieral
in Iih IiiIi- I'lnlMiilii'd in nrtk le 1 of Hip parllpr
it im-fon llnhicn treaty 'lliat principle
wis one ol ( 1 1 11 1 treat nient for liolh lit 1 1 irli
Mid I niled Males sliips, and a Mmly of
the l.iiiBinitfp ot nrllcle " shows that the
wont iientrall'ailon" In die preanihlp ot
the later ttPiiy l not therp confined to
tirlliueu'fit oMTalloiis, lint refers In Ihe
usieiii or eipial rUh's foi n Inch article
a provides
lr the wnrilinu of tliP article Is examined
II will he seen that therp Is no mention
tit licltiucrriit a'tinn in It at all lolnt
proleition mid eiiual liealnipnt arp t tin
only matters alluded to, and It is to one
or hnth of these that "neutralization"
must refei Sneli .mint protection hint
hIwhjs lieen iindeistood hy his Majesty's
(iovprnniPlit lo I"1 one of the remits of
the t U tnn-ltnluer treal, ol which the
I nited Slates wa mot anxious lo kpI
lid and Ihey can siati'ely Ihereforp
believe thai II was in Ii Joint protection
thai (he I lilted Stales were wlllllll,' to
keep altM'. and lo winch tlicv referred
In the plcatnlile of ihe llHy-l'i.illicefote
It lertnuils was not the intention of his
lajcl s iioveriitnciit (hat any rPpons.
hllltv for ihe ptoii'ctliin of the canal should
attain to tlietit In the future. .Neutrallzn
linn nu:i. theteforp.lrefer t" the itctii of
cuual null!-
Ii in iiptears frotn the lueninhlelhat the
liiiention of the llay-l',iuti efote tn'.ily was
ili.it "i I tilled Males was I icinvcr the
! It-lit "i.itiuci the iriiii-Mlittilnti "iui.il
upon tie- tetnis that, when lointrurled. the
i .inal v.ii. in lieopeu to Hntili and I ml " I
Mates ship- on .ti.il terms
Sir Milwnril proceeds to state that the ' in,; wits ree.ileil. Th jewels ltonol
nnsiiinti I'l-eitoil hy the Ijay-I'auuce- ' , ,lt, or(ir (,f St. I'ntri -k iitnl were worth
f,.',",."',1M.!V..W'", HnV.' tlr..,,V,VV V,'l'n v 'oW u .pnuter of a million dollars,
about iv th' boiHitlarv atT- tint , . ' ... ... ... . .
or Iflou. which piovuleit for .Kinal treat- ! h Arthur tours. I'lster Kinc of Anns,
nipnt or ships of both nations in reganl 1 was the man who lirst round that the rp
to their p.-i-saii" through (..mills within j gnha had le'ii taUcti from Hie wfu in his
l.ho terntorv or one or the two countries, tlfi(v , d,,),),,, i-i.i,.. 'I'lu- loss was
It is also declared that th" situation is ,..,. f ..:, iIlt.i,i ,!, i i.
siinilartotli.it btoimht about in the I rc.it y 1
or l7l. follow inK which the United State's
made objection, wlncli was sustained, ow llij; lo iieKUKenrp hp reiusen aim on
against Canada kivihk relul's or tolls jlH clcinand u court of inquiry was up
on treicht through the Welland Catuil. .,0im,,,
Montreii !
(Merrinc to the iiriiment in I're-idput '
Tart's; inemorandum tint the Cniti-d j
States is pM epteil from the application I
of the iihrawi : tuiMons" in the Hay.
(Ipclares that the Veasoniiir; uiven above i hitluential in havitiR the matter hushed up. ..summoning Austria's two leadlni.- sol-li-proves
Mr. T.ilt's loiiteiiiion !n He reareil a seandal dior to the hlchi st military positions,
tins oonneitioii he iles the statement I The London papers have indirectly len. von Anrfpnbi'rc anil t!en. Sche
of Secretarv or State Hay to the Senate connected l'rancis Kobert Sliackleton. I mua probably ri'SlKlicd of their own ac-
coticerninK lie rules adopted for the eon-
trol of the canal in the Hay-I'auncefotn
treaty as (..Hows' -Iheso rules are
adoptm in the treaty with (ireat Britain
A cnsidera.ion lor gettin,; rid or the
Vlavton-Hiilwer trraty-
Sir Cdwavd then firclar.- ,
11 the rules ..'! out in Hi-llav-Paiinipfote '
ireaiv secire o i.ieiu urn; i ni'ii(iii mar a mourn Ujo no was arresusi
niot limned nation treatment the value on the Continent at the instance ur tlie
nl the conciileiatlon iIipii lor supersedim: uuilioriU-s or Scotland Yard,
the I hi toii l!ulet tiealv i not apparent A few- days ac Uiurence flinnell, a
tn hi Maiesti s iniM'tntneiit Nor Is it Nationalist member or the Hoitso of
ensv to see ,u what win th" prmeit.le ot ' Commons. addri-Msl a row members on
iticle s of the i laMon lliilwer treaty, tie' cir .' .itmices atteiidm the then
which proM.les tor oini.il tieatmei.t ot , an.l wu on th.. point of makuiK acriiNi
tlntish in.l 1 i.iteu Mates slops ha- been . Uo"H " astotindinK sipmlicano.) when he
ml lit ii e 1 WU! forc''11 u fct"l' ' 1,,L'k of " Muorurn
Tlie arpinien. made ,n the Senate that j mT ml1 TW ltJ)V AT ment has protested to Austria nt ; the
tlie pluas" "all nations" could not pos-' OIL BILL IN DLATH HOUSE. arrest or many Setl vlsltlnc Austria
niblv npplv to the UniKsl Stale. Ixcause 1 I Hunsary on business who have been ar-
certaiti r th rules prohibiting; the exer-
l'ie ol anv riRht of war it applied to tho '
United States would st up an intolerable ,
Hituation, is di-possl or briefly by Sir
hdward (ray He leclares that the
acquisition by the. United States of sov-
preiKntv over the land tin oust, which
tho canal is built alter the situation J
n"ll?riollr -.
"Now; 'that the United Mates ho says ,
or the ( .. ml Ills M.'i lyVflovi'rntnV i'vV lorm m" VT" "T," "T,
does not question their tills m esercise , lor'n' . , , ,. , ... , I to explain the nr Minister e resiKna
belliKerent riuhts tor its protection." lMnni? the debato t ount von Westarp ,, , lt ls n,r,. natural to explain
The purpose or th words "just an(, the otily h,K.aker who expressed the ! lt ,,v . cuntrast between tho pacific
equitable" in the clau-e or tho Hay- '"'hef that there will Ixi any positive re-! policy pursued by Count von Herchtold,
1'aiincefote treaty Kovernin canal I suits in committee. Dr. Frank, the Social- lm. Austro-llunKarian 1'orelh'n Mln
ehares. hir i;dwaril declare-, is to limit is leader, declared that there was not istcr, and tin- active and continuous
the toll- to the amount representilii; tho von (l minority for the bill, much less a preparations for war made by the mlll
luir ahie ot the serviees rendered; thut ,.. ' , ,.,i-ii,..s
II. Ill 1 III' lll'l'l M I'll I III" V.II'IUII n ,rn'l, l. i
and I tn t .- ol o'irat)ou and iiiaiuti'iiance,
..I . i 11 .1. ...... I......
l till' l.lll.ll ll Mill 1,11 U III-. ,,,.-,-, wi -
'hat the si- i'I.iuoii that the toll -hall la-
Mist ami ..qiiiiat'i.' win u HKimy umter-
s.u.... em ,,e.. oi- . ajes. " '
to deiiiBiid on b.'hall ol llritish shijipinK
that all es-el- pnssiim throiih the canal.
wliatevi-r their Han or tlieir cliaracter,
shall bo taken into account in fUing tho
amount of the toll- "
Applying this ntKument to tho llritish
contention that it makes no difference
whether tolls aro not charged American
vessels, or whether they aro paid and ro
tnitted to ships passing'through the canal,
Sir Edward states:
His Mulpsty's fioverntnent do not nue
llon thp naht of the l'nltpd Slatps (o vrant
mibsiilles to 1 lilted Mate- shlppini; Ken
nrnlb. or to anv particular branches of
thai shini'inir. bat r d ies not follow, there- i
Imp. iIihi the I inied Slate- m,ir not lir
debarred bv 'he I I'll -l'aiiiii"fo' e treaty
from ar.iiilini; a -nh-idv lo ei nun -hipplni;
In a pariii ulai ..'. il theene- l or lipmethnil
chosen for iraiiting siuh -uli-idles would
he to impose upon IIiuMi or other foteign
Inppii'g an iinl'iir ihare of Ihn liilrilin of
the upkeep ol Ihe r a 11:1 1, or to crelto 11 llis
eriiiiitia'tiiu n, ie.p. ,i of ihe condition-, or
i liNigi ol HaUlc, or othiTWl-e lo iiri'JIldlce
lUlus heciirnl to IliiU'-h -hipping by this
II h.is been nivi eil Ih.n ns the coastwsy
nude ol i he 1 luted Si.-m s s confined b
law In I nlted Males ves-els the pjemptlon
of vessel engaged in it mini the payment
of tolls cannot liij.ue Ihe intercuts of foreign
III Ihe hi-' l.l.lie Ihe eeniptiOII will ri'
(l ii It III thejo-i ol Hip woiUiiigid the cana
jping hoi ne w hollv h) fi n lull going ve-selsl
ami on such ees tlierelnie will lull the
whole iinhleii ,i raising th" revenue neecs-
i i iniiiiii i he i ot of working and main
taining tho i. inul. The po-sibillty there
lore in living tlie loll on -nth vessels ut a
lower tlguie than l '.'', per ton oror redui'lng
the rate hi'liiu that Pgur. at somn t.lturu
lime will he i uiisiileiuhlj Icssi'tied by thu
Injustice may alsojie done to Hrltish
Interests, Sir F-dward points out, Ity
t-ansfer of lrelght destined for n United
States port beyon tho canal, in either in
direction, Trom a ship engaged in foreign
trHde to an American snip engaged In
coastwise trade, to be carried through the
canal exempt Irom payment or tolls, thus
depriving tho vessel engaged in foreign
trade of traffic which it would otherwise
carrv Ho lurtJier states that he knows
of nothing in United States laws which
prevents an American ship from com
bining both coastwise and foreign trade,
and thus eonifieting directly with foreign
vpiispIh while enjoying exemption from
payment of oanal lolls,
It is stated in the. note that Uie volume
of Hritish shipping which will use the canal
will Ixi very large, and that it is just as
hnKrtant to Gloat llrltalii to protect the
interest of that shipping an it is lo the
United Stales to encourage its mercantile,
marine and establish competition between
'coastwise, tratllc and transcontinental
The note concludes with Ihe statement
that flreat Ilritain appreoiatea tho emo
tion with which the oM'iiiiig or tho canal
is. looked forward to hy citiwns of tho
United Status, and that it is only with the
greatest rehi"tan(si that it has felt eoin-ik-IImI
to I'.IQII' these olijeelious l tin.' act
JJfcT tuntK.f.3 '(iu.(i t'jlla.
32 H. P- Touring and BodUrt78.
rti.i-Y i:qi'ii'I'ed
Alii"' '"tSP MiUdo.
Itaklnh ne ln. All Mntln Part rnrlntrd
1709 IIUOAIIWAY, Cor. Mth St.. N. Y.
NUWAHK. N, .1 : 201 llnlnry St.
fsst Orange. Miintctalr. llnMon.
Kt'jiort Sn.vs Tlioy'vo Boon Ho
pliit'od In I act in Utililin
lirtttlicr of Kvploror SliiicUlctoii.
Act'iisctl of Kiililicry. Af
rotcd Ht'ct'iitly.
I.ONPON, Deo. 10. -Tl Daily Tchgraph
print ii report th' t Hi Irish Crown
jwMs wliioli were i-ioieti from Duliliti
I'jusilo early in .Inly, H'. I a,ve lHen re
ilius il itituct in their original position.
(.'otiliriniition of the ptnry ninnot lt
The theft if the Irish Crown jewels
from Ihllilin Ciuitte in It) has U'pn u
mysteiy miu' lh" ii'viirrenis-, and al
thotich nn investiirntion was iti.idi' noth-
"i;"" " ; ,. '
mately Sir Arthur was akel tc re-inn
IV-plto the public interest m the cai
the results or the invetiKHtion never enme
to the eye- of the llritish public and as a '
consequence it was rumored. without ton-.
trlli(,on , tht )af,. Kint Kdward was I
,rothfr or Die explorer, with the mvsterv. cord in the .-pint of hlnh patriotism to
At ,h(. t,mo of ,j. rot.ber)1 ho wus lleUast imaUe wav Tor the better num.
hrjll(1 in tlle lju,in ColleKo or Arms and t,w. ...r.,,.,,,,,,,!,.,,! ad.ls- "I Rather
frieiid or Sir rthur Vicars, He declared 111 -""espo i'i nt .okis. i f-r
JK0; well informed circles tl... It would be
take the jewelsir ho had been so inclmisl. totiK to Int.rptet th" icsiKiiatlons as
.0thln was proved at that time iiKain-t I Indlcatlm; that warlike counsels are
Mr. sliackleton. but it is siirnillcant to! iifev : lltllLr."
(;,,,, tlrnaurr linn l.lllle ClniHrr
...... ...
"lh"r onmiHlpe.
srrrml fable lie'potri. to Tnr So
Uf.m.i.v, l)"e. p. .Uter the ondlnc of,
, ' ' ' , ,, ,,, . . to-dav on the I
J11' ,1",,u,, ln tl,p a ,0"la 1
("ivernment s petroleum monopoly liill
lbMSlir -aSr..ri.rrrl loarorammi
f tweity-eicht membrs, frotn which,
j. ,
ll-rr Kahn. the ItnporUl Treasurer.1
r.lr..n,l tl... ,li.il.. tl.. sil til tliilt Ii.. liooeil i
-.- I
tlu- ( omniitiee would bealil" to sha some I
klmi r ,, i a,,,; n,,. ,..rt aid down bv '
the C.overnmenl tl the pres.'iit measur.
' !
Murlnl In (iermanr unit Offlolnln
Hint at Irrnlclonni-.
.Sperint Taftlf Detpatrh to Trot Sm
Lo.suo.s, Dec. 9. Tho rumor In regard
to the safety of the Cunard Klne steam
Bhtp Mouretanin, which caused anxiety
yesterday In England, France and the
United States, originated in Germany.
The ofllclals of tlie offices of tho Cunard
I.lne heru Haiti thla evening.
"Tilts Is me secouii nine wunin
,rief period that unfounded rumors
have originated In flermany concerning
tho safety of the Cunard Linos ves-
i., "
A wireless message from the Maure-
tanla at noon to-day, when fi"0 miles
west of Queenstnwn, reported "All well."
llnicrnvlitKa Sold at Sollii-liyU,
Special Cable llnpntri In Tna Srs
London-, Deo. fi.- At an art rale at
Sotheby's to-day the Colnaghi art firm
paid SI, 000 for an engraving of Miss Far
ren by Hartolozzi after Sir Thomas Law-
n "Cpair or William Ward engravings
retched W25.
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Sensation Throughout Aus
tria When Field Marshal
Follows Suit.
Servian Press Continues
Attack on Her Big
l.niitl in fiulf of Saros, but He
pulsi-d lv Turks. Is
i ahlt i.r(ri In Tim Si v
I.omhis, Jiec. '.i.-i:mperor KrntH'ls
.liiM'pli received the resignation or (Jen.
Von AnlTenherK, the Austrian Minister
of War, to-duy. (len. von Krobatln, who
xviih Under SinTetary of War. has been
made Ilia uuivessor.
The news of the War Minister's resig
nation caused tbo Kreatest s-ensatlon tn
Vienna. comltiK uh it does at a tlm?
or mich unrertuinty as to Austria's atti
tude toward Si rvln. So far there ha
been no olllctal explanation of the rea
sons lor th" rpslcnatlon. Field Marshal
Scliemua, chief of the Austro-1 lutuwrlan
(leneral Stuff, has also resinned, anil
H.iron von lloef.end'iff has been mado
his MU'cc.-i-or
The pteclsc '.iile ot the leslcnation of
the Ausrtlan Minister of War and the
Chief of Stuff is not yet clear, but it In
said to be of a political liiilinr.
The Vienna correspondent of the Dully
Mml i-ay that th- clumne.s In the Alls,
man ji my ihlcf.s Is lo be reKitriled as
measures runulitK parallel to thp mili
tary pii'caullons nlicaily taken.
Cen. ou AutToiibcnr, the res-lcned
War Minister, and lien. Sohctnua may
i. rop,,rded a fully ad quate in normal
times, but w hen war Is on at two fronts.
which is within the tejilon of possibility,
lt is reL'iird.Ml as a sulllcient warrant of
Atop ot this now.-, wiikii inoicatefi
that theie lias been some serious up
heaval in the luanaRcmont of Austria's
arm. comes the word that bitterness
toward Austria lias so Inflamed the.
Servians that their press is frankly dis
cussing war and darliiK Austria to move
her troops i;at hit oil "Ioiik the border
hind of Servla. The Servian Gnvern-
rested us kiiIcs
The lielKradp I'ravda c.iy.s: "If Aus
tria drslres war with Serla let It come.
It will b. the most bitter tlsht In hls-
tnr ' Sl'I"v1'"1' mjn and woman..
voum: or old. will take part In it and
ull, ,mw. to (,x.rminate the
n,lllm, llf(iiro ,,,, ,,,.
,!,.-,,, h t the 7in.'., fi on. Vienna
The cot respondent adds that In ienna
I lie uelll'l' ll ienueil-y M-riun is-
leK.ird the ihaiiKe as Implying a vie-
tury lor tlie tnunury p.ni
I 'reparations for the peace conference
and Ambassadorial nnotlns at St
James's l'alace went on apace here to
day and the diplomatists chose to look
upon the belligerent attitude of Austria
and Servla aa assumed more for effect
than anything else.
The Turkish delegates were to have
left Constantinople, to-day, but they had
to postpone their departure until Thurs
day owing to the refusal of Tewflk
Pasha, the Ottoman Ambassador here,
lo act as the premier member of tho
delegation. Tewflk Casha at the' be
ginning of the war said that ho would
rather lose his right hand than glvo
. an acre of Turkey In Murope to the
allies, and no one was more surprised
than ho when he was Inronned by tho
Porte that he had been chosen ns the
head of those to dicker for terms with
the allies. His refusal was prompt and
emphatic. Tho Cabinet has substituted
Naht Hey, tho Turkish Ambassador at.
Home, to fill his place,
In spite of all the peace talk there Is
still desultory lighting In the Near East.
Tho Montenegrins are still hammering
away at belengured Scutari ana It Is
rumored that tho Greeks landed on tho
Uulf of Sares on the .Kgean near tho
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Darilenellen and were defeated by the
Turks while cndcavorlnK to march on
Won't AIIoit Osntoii ot Any V 1
hnnlan f'oaiat Territory.
Swial faille fetpotrh In Tint SIS'
London-, Dec. 10. A Vienna despatch
to tho Dallu TfUgraph says:
"ln spite of the misgivings nnd
doubts still entertained by many Kuro
penn politicians Austria-Hungary ad
heres consistently to her single policy
of peacefully safeguarding her inter
ests. "Count vnn Mensdorff, the Austrn
Hungnrlan Ambassador at London, will
come to Vienna to-morrow to receive
Instructions for his part ln the con
ference of ambassadors of the Powers,
the localn of which has not yet been
olllclally settled.
"Austria's pulley Bt the conference
may be denned as follows: She will re
fuse to discuss the cession of any ter
ritory on Hip Albanian const. Albania's!
Independence and Integrity arc regarded
by Austria as beyond the Held of dis
cussion. The rest of Kuropo recog
nizes this, even the civil government of
Servla, although the military circles
are still Inclined to ho recalcitrant.
"The vested Interests, outside of the
Powers, In what hitherto has been
Turkish territory must also bo con
sidered, especially those of Oormany
and Austria. Among these Interests
the administrations of the ottoman
railroads are Important. The roads
from the Servian frontier to Constan
tinople and from Salonlca to Mllrovlta
are practically owned In Austrla-llun-
Igary and (Jermany where the funds for
thplr construction wrtc raised and
where a great majority of the shares
are held.
"The Ottoman compnny. which nom
inally runs the roads must either be
bought out entirely or arrangements
made with the new owners of the ter
ritory not to hinder Us management
of the administration.
"Austria-Hungary Is again deeply
concerned as regards her commercial
position. Shp ls thp greatest exporter
ot sugar Into the territories now pass
ing from Turkey and as Turkey has
no factories Austria ha no competi
tion. This no longer will be thp casp,
for Ilulgarla and Servla will soon be
victorious competitors In this market,
and also ln textlIVs, with tariff legis
lation. "The revision of commercial treaties
Is therefore necessary for Austria, who
considers that she should now bo
treated Justly and fairly ln Return for
the support she hitherto has given Ser
vla and Bulgaria.
"Tho aovernmenU concerned havo
not yet considered this matter n any
way, but Austria will raise, the points nt
tho earliest possible moment and hopes
to find Servla frlendlyi
"There has been little frlendllnes bp
twepn Austria and Sprvln In rpcpnt
years, the latter has provokpd crisis
uftpr crisis.
"I have alrpady pointed out the blt
tprnpss of feeling caused throughout this
country by the present crisis between
Austria and Servla. which Involved
widespread commercial and Industrial
loss and entailed the hardships of war
on the thousands called to the colors.
"Public opinion Is growing more and
moro Inflamed and Servla will never be
allowed to provoke another crisis. A
Well established friendship lietween Ser
vla and Austria Is the only alternative
to war. It Is hoped and believed that
Servla recognizes this and that such
u friendship will be firmly and unmis
takably established ln tho forthcoming
agreement between tho two Powers, "
Another Vemlon mt Reported Orero-
nalrrlaa Claah.
Special Catlt Despatch to Tni Sen.
Athens, Dec. 9. Gen. Danglls of the
Greek army, In den patches received
hero to-day, charges the Bulgarians
with firing, on tho Turkish troops while
they were disarming after tho fall of
Salonlca. He says ho warned tho Bul
garians when thirty kilometres distant
from Baionlca that it was useless to ad
vance as Uie army in Baionlca had capitu
lated. After the second warning to the same
effect the Bulgarians, who had con
tinued to advance, passed the lines of
the Oreek second division and fired five
or six gunshots. The Turkish soldiers,
who were disarming, and the Turkish
commander protested to the Greek Crown
Prinoe, who again oommunloated with
Uie Bulgarians, who then halted at Aivoli.
Previous stories, crobablr of Turkish
origin, stated that the Bulgarians and
Greeks had fought one another at
Tnrklih Commander Determined
Continue Ills Defence,
Special Cablt DtipatcK to Tss 80s
London, Deo. 10. The correspondent
of the Times at Cettlnje says that Has
san Rlza, having rejocted the notifi
cation of the armistice between Turkey
and three of the Balkan allies, Is ap
parently determined to defend the city
of Scutari vigorously aginst the Mon
Montenegrin official accounts, says
the correspondent, state that part of
tho garrison again attacked the be
siegers yestorday, hut the operation was
InhnbllniiU Want Town Hennmed
for rrh rrnnn Prlnrr.
Special fable t'etpatch lo The 9c.
FllxoiunK, Dee. 9. -Tlie inhabitants of
Uskuh, which was capturod by the Her
lians, have petitioned the Hervlan Gov
ernment to rename Ihe city Aleiinac in
honor of the Servian Crown Prince
The rumors telling of King Peter being
in ill health are not tru.
Vast Tliroiifr Attends First Ses
sion for Disposal of ru
inous Collection.
$l2.n00 Hest Fiunre KeaelieTl
During: Day onlit
I y Knttedler.
.')frnT fable fteeptttrh In Tar Stv
Pints. Dec. 5.- -The spacious Man.!
.toys nt tindery could not accommodate
the vast throng of nrt lovers iinil buyers
who to-day flocked to tho first i-esslon I
of the sale which Is to disperse the j
famed collection of ancient and modern,
paintings gathered together by the late
Henri llouaft through n period (if more
than forty years. There will be three
days of tho sale this week and three
days next wepk.
Well known collectors and buyers
were on hand from nearly evry conn
try of the world
only the Metropoll-;
tan Museum of New Vork was without ( t:,ui'ii, K.'ooo. " .
a representative unless some of tho I .f""'". 0()g""",n Vlir",,"f rh'l'l." iort.
dealers present bore commissions to do h'htVh. 'ipmi! Uenepiiillng from th
Its buying. I Town" Cnrnt. ii.non ja.oon.
To-day's sale Included the even catu-' ,,J 1"'"'"1" '',(""
logiie number of the work or modern ,'Ti.p Outklrts of Stheilngcn." Coiot,
nrtlsts, many of whom were friends of , ,fl?."ril, 4,?.Vv,i,r-itp with ttfd Kloer." Cornt.
the deceased collector. In numerous l.i.fioo, ri.ooo.
Instances the canvases had been so- n'jU"'lu" '" Cl,m":,nU" CoTO- "W
cured long before n full recognition "vhupb Wnmuti playing- a Mandolin,"
came to the painter, for M Rouart was
famous for his "discoveries i
In all 101 lots were disposed of. many j
ot which wero bought In by the codec- i
tor's family, n step made necessary by
the iiiinroiii hliiLr illvlshoi of Ihn cstiile '
iiip upproaitillli, illusion ol llto siiup. ,
The day's sales, aggregating 3.i'J,7'J.t,
were notable not m niucli for the total I
amount realized ns for the uniformly '
high level which tbo prices maintained.!
In .ilinosl ev.'ry Instance they suhstan-.
tlally exceeded the expert valuation. For,
nineteen different lots In excess of,
. .,. , n.i.ii ii.-i. ,
With Corot's "Itathlng Women Near
the lr.les of Horrotuies," the high water
mnrk of the bidding was reached nt
J-12.000. M. Knoedler ft Co. were the
purchasers. A lofty tree, whoso soft
foliage tills the miner half of the nlc
ture, rises from a pool of water. In
which three nymphs bathe and disport .
themwlvcs about the trunk
"The Villa of Kale at Tivoll," also by I
view of u distant mountain ;
seen from a terraced garden between
roWH of cypresses, brought $2,000, al
though tlie eNperts had previously
placed Its value at 14,n00.
In point of numbers tho work of
Corot enjoyed the fullest representation,
the collection containing nearly fifty
products of his brush. Hesldes the two
mentioned above, none of the eamplcs
was Corifts best, the two highest prices . nl
being I .200 tuild for the "Mew of Pan
aid for the "View of Pap-'
Igno." valued at $1,200. and $3,00. at
which llgure members of the Itouart j
family bid In "Naples and the Chateau
de 1'Oeuf.
.TeiLn Francois Millet, ji friend of the !
nnt..tr ,. n .ti ,ii.. , ii ...... !
" "
seilted. M. Ileruhelin bought "A Siiuiul
of Wind." depleting a mighty oak laid
Knv by tho storm, f t JU'.OOii. "A Peas
ant Woman," a llgure seated with hands
crossed at the foot of a tree, brought
Jfi,200 and "Wood.gatliere.rs," three
women returning from the forest laden 't
with faggots, sold for f.P-40. j
M. Heruhelm also bought a character
istic Manet, "llust of n Xnde Woman." '
for which he paid Slfl.lOn a young iff, ,10 pohtechnlc School nnd corn
woman Is portrayed against n dark pP(Cil his studies to become an artillery
background; dark curls cluster low i ofilcer at Metz. He. however, did not worth while to raise the wreck or al
upon her forehead and about her neck 1 enter the army, hut liecnme an Indus- 1 low It to bp covered over by the pro
Is a velvet ribbon. , trial engineer, being n nloneer In the ! Jected breakwater.
The second highest price of the sale use of artificial cold. In which depart
waw reached by "The Iiehcnrs.il for thej ment he took out many patents. Among
Dance." a canvns hy IVgns. picturing many things ln which be Interested
a violinist seated In n large room bril
liantly lighted by large windows and ac
companying the dancing exercises ot
three members of the ballet. M, Knoed-
ler Co. procured this picture nt tho
expert valuation of $30,000
Sir Hugh Utne. director of the Dublin
Municipal Art Chilli ty. puiihaseil "Cln
the Peach." n line work of Degas, for
$10,000. A nursemaid Is seated on the
sand combing out the hair of a young
girl stretched at full length near by;
figures In Hithing costume enter the
water In tho distance. Another Degas.
Tho Hapo of tho Sablne.i," after the
Lo Poulssln picture In tho Louvre, was
bid In by the Rouart family for $11,000.
A sharp clash between tho bidders
for the Luxembourg and Louvro mu
seums resulted in the acquisition by the
former of a large ennvas by Puvls de
Chavannes depicting "Hope." repre
sented by a nude girl seatpd on a small
mound covered with whlto drapery.
She holds in her hand a green branch.
Tho picture had been valued at $10,000,
but Insistent bidding raised the price
to $13,000.
Claude Monet's "A Winter Scene at
Argenteull," brought $i,04O. Great
blocks of stone covered with snow till
tho foreground; In thn distance rises
a clock tower; lealless trees frnmo the
picture, scene.
"A portrait of the Philosopher Trapa
doux," by Gustavo Courbet, nhows at
full face a black bparded, black haired
man, seated near a small table, upon
which he rests a hand grasping a pipe,
upon his lap a largo portfolio of
engravings Is being examined. The
picture brought $.1,600.
"The Lawyers." by Honore Daumler,
valued at $54,000 brought $5,400. In a
dark corridor of tho Palais do Justice
thrco begowned advocates confer
brlckly; In the background a sergeant
do vide Is seen and a woman In tears.
Two canvnsps by Plprro Augusto He
nolr brought $11,200 and $5,500. They
picture respectively a young Parisian
woman elaborately and stiffly costumed
and a woman costumed In bluo seated
In a garden before a trellis ornamented
with flowers.
A striking figuro study by Corot. a
blond young woman in a utrlped
tunic, seated In a chair and hnlf sup
porting hersplf by Its back, was cap
tured by M, Oppenhelm, who paid $10,.
000, or $2,000 more than tho experts'
j apprglsal.
A oizarre picture ny caul li.iugln en
titled "Papnele." painted In 1S00, which I
had been vnlued nt $.1,000. was pushed '
by lively bidding to JtUOO. it portrays;
Tahltans, men, women and children,,
culling fruit In nn orchard lighted by a 1
red sun.
A llbt ot tin nl I km pictures sold, with
name of artist, price paid and o.pert
valuation, follows. (In every iiie, ns In
the sales already given, the bidders I
paid the iisu.il 10 per coin. Ii .ilditlou
to the bid to ciiwT expenses mid Inci
dentals) 1
"HalhliiR Wnmrn ' rvririi", J5 iloo,
ll.ooo. '
"Kriilt Mhl Life" c.'nni llliin,
silll Life Thr ApnlM," ..Cci.inne,
On Wet Streets
Antir Skids
They Do pre -vent
and you rdorit
have to bother
Phone .
2541 Columbusl
1763 Broadway'
"I'livnllxr In Hlullt of
Village," i.'onit,
". ".ono.
",' .rnian'-Ureamer,
Corol. s;,t:o.
'th inl ef Mat. Hravlly llrarileil."
".r,"!;,,; .Near Chantllly." Coroi. 1.1.400;
13 onn
"An Oberlanrl Lake." Oorot, U.SOO; IJ.100.
. jinming." Corel. l.3o. MOO.
linor. of Tre.-s i:enlng," Corol. tn0;
'S?V , , . .
,'nV'' "o?. s'.'ooo" "" I00,'n", "
" wooded Hills Camrmnl.i," Corot, i:tl;
':?.',,,i)n(,i lock. Conu ,..0i
..e f"- 'ZXl
"Hllll I.lfi.. fruit." Courbet. UOn. IROO
"Waier Carrli-r." Duumlcr. 12.000. f too
Vomer of a Theatre," Ojiimier, 15,000;
'Painter tn Ills Studio." Kiiimlrr. 14,300;
"Nlirht Stroller." I).ninilr. It. 400: 11,000.
.. "r"':r. '' lul11 "' Ju'"" "luinicr.
"sirpt Scne." n-iumlrr. Itoo: ll.ooo,
.,iJ)'l'i'jrh'r of villKe Church." Dauzau.
''.lir,r'!1-ii of the Artl.-t. Ap it,." t)ila-
crou, -.'.:oo. Il.soo.
or.. ""nS''' rrotn lM" Temple,"
Assas.lnsllon if John the rVarlenn."
IXlarrnlx, mno. ISOO
"Aiisin ami H Prlvpn from PAradr,"
Ilolurolx. I3.:00. 1400
"To lmltunii." Delacroix. 11.150. f 1,200.
"I'lowerH," UBlrrolx, n,o:o, II.500
"I.tul- l . rotitalni-bh-u," Dlu tie l.i
1'eiiH. i:.io. llfO
"NlKlit." r.inlln-I.Ktour. IS,I0, 1.1,000
"tlHtlilag W'oimin." Cantln-I.atour, IflO;
"I.Hntls'nle." llHrplKntes. ISOO. 1700
i.ainiM'Hiie. iiiinier witn 1'oir.-' u,ir-
'Portrait of Ki.lll.-r
ren." Inures, t s 4 0.
Al the Hall," iKiiliev, 3;n
"The Alclieint"t." Iwatiey. 1240
"l'lslillie IIohi." Ih.ibcv. IS40
"View lii Mollainl." .luiiKklnil, 110"
I 'Vmnt Near ltoltenlum," .loniiklnd.
I ll.ooo.
"I.- Pont Neuf." .rongkliiit. ISJO
.."Th" Templnilon of St Hllnrlon,
.Mil et.
ii . ii
Mother ami Child," Millet, 3,:00: 11,000
nirsnre to me Koreiu .it Harbison."
tl,.14l. II.0II.
"The Old IteuiMr,
Millet. 1100. ISOO.
MoriutiK la ia
I: I'm. is.ooo
on of llaire" .Monel.J
"The KaJrcrouniK" Monet. IC000 12.000.
"nn the Ti-rrare." Morljet, 13.400. 13.000
"A Nude Woman." Chav.innei, l00.
ft :oo.
Henri Rounrt was more than n col
lector, hp wus a lover of tho arts. A
few ve.'irs tiefore the win nt Ifitn iw.
himself were tho transmission of letters
by pneumatic tubes and the use of gas
nnd petrol engines for nutomoblles.
He liegan his collection about 1R70,
land tho sale catalogue Is a proof that
he was a pioneer ln art us well as In
Industry He often referred In later
life to the pity expressed by his rela
tlves and friends nt seeing him piling
up "horrors" In a house otherwise so
well appointed. These "horrors" wero
"rough sketches" by Manet, "carica
tures" by Daumer, "rusticities" by
Millet and "daubs" by Claude Monet
and Renoir, as, they were commonly
called between 1870 and 1900. Through
M. Tlllot, one of his frlonds, who was
himself nn artist and a friend of the
new school, Rouart wan Introduced to
Jean Francois Millet, and became so
intimate with him that he spent many
days at Ilarblzon and worked with him.
for Rouart wan not content merely to 1
appreciate art, but he became a water-
eolorist himself of irreat taste ns wils)
oiunsi iiiiiimu in Krrai a" w, X
shown by the exhibition of his works
organized nt Durnnd-Buel's gallery in
Paris by his family shortly after his
"As soon ns the day's business was
ovnr," writes M. Aracno Alexandre tn
bis Interesting profaco to tho salo cata
logue, "ho hastened to Rue Laflltto,
where he kept himself Informed nn all
tho latest news In the art world( tho
AN important fcaturelDf our stock
Ii large assortme
jewelry. Wc show
in great variety.
Hat Pin $ 3.7S
Brooch Pin G.7S
l.inkUracelet(3Topai) 7.50
Collar Tina (Pair) 7.50
Hsr Pin (5 Topaz) 9.7S
Topas ninic 12.00
crunvcr t.t lopau it.vu
FlliKrecBanglc(aTopai) 18.50
ICarrinics 28.00
Sautnir (13 Topa) 30.00
(impo Brooch 65.00
Link Bracelet (lfiTopar) 125.00
Topsi Necklace (30 Gc
eodoreeAlG)hn &on
JEWELLERS 311 Fifth. Avenue
t 3111a
gossip, the coming sales, what wortU
were being planned and what had been
completed. Ituo lJiffltto had a utronjt
touch of tho family about It In those
days nomthlng patriarchal. Art wan
tho truo occupation there, for prices
had not reached tho high sounding fig
tires of to-day and tho possibility of
some enormous Increase In the wiln
prleo not being then foreseen had not
become the criterion of enthusiasm that
It has to-day.
"The Perc Martin was the plcturn
dealpr of the Oohlen Age, always tnoro
delighted nt gaining a proselyte thnn
by c.irrylng fortune by force. Nell her
he nor thou- who frequented his shop
ever Imagined that the Cot'ots, Mlllcti,
Daumlers, which were then sold for
hundreds of f nines would one diy r p
tcsent not merely thousands but hun
dreds of ( linn -anils, u was In truth a
happy 'spot where collectors like Henri
Houart nnd Count Dorl.i sipped n gen
erous wine and where hp who poured
It out was so happy to meet with th"
appreciation which was Ihe bebt part or
his payment.
"How often would Henil lbiu.irt
carry home (arriving so lute for din
ner:) from these meetings f'omo work
that his Impatience t see banging on
his walls would not allow him to wait
until It could be delivered net day!"
One of llnuart's mrtit Intimate friend.',
not only nt IVre Martin's shop but 'it
his home. Was l'Msar Degas. They !tad
been college friends hut had lost sight
of one another, to meet again during
the slpge of Paris ns brothers In artnr
Houart sprvlng n.s captain of artillery
on the ramparts and Degas by ehnnc
being In hlH battery. From that time
the friends were always In tho closest
relationship, nnd five of Degan".-! most
representative works nre to be found
In the catalogue as wpII as hln wonder
ful copy of Pniisisln' "Itnpe of tha
Sahlnes" (from the Iouvre).
The presence In the collection of m
lens than forty-seven Corots, fourteen'
Millets, fourteen Daumlerw nnd elht
Cotirbets. bought whpn thesn palntern
were still scoffed nt, gives testimony of
lloiiart's Judgment, which needs no em
pha'sls. M. Ttnuart bought the "Music Lewison"
by Manet, which had been shown In th
lfc"0 Knlon. where It urouwed unre
strained laughter, nnd which moved his
friends to uncomprehending arruie
ment when he placod it In his
collection. He himself went to
Renoir's studio and bought "Thi
Tlldlng Pnthway In the Hols do
Boulogne," which had been refused hy
the 1ST.1 Salon, nnd when somo onn
naked him. "Why have you bought
that?" he answered: "llncause it plea--ea
mo greatly."
In ancient art ho used hlfi own tartis
equally and bought works by Greco to
place with hli DeLicrolxs. Manets.
Degnp. nt a time when this strongo ar
tist's name wa unknown.
Mine. Herthp Morlwit's "On the Ter
race," Miss Mary Cassatt's "Tea" (Ml.vt
Cawsittt bplng from Pittsburg), FWiitin
l.aliour's "Sleeping Diana" and Puvls
dc Chavannes'n "Hope" are a few more
proofs of Hoiuirt'n taste and Judgment.
Old I'hllnitrliililn, Sunk tlrT Trliutll In
I NO I, Utility llei'oiniiiiseil.
Special fable Hepatr to Tni Sc
ItoMB, Dec. a. Uleutenant-Com-mander
Ulchard Drace White, tin
Naval Attache of the United Stnte.'i
KmlKissy here, has returned from
Tripoli, where lie went to inspect tin
wreck of the famed American frigate
Philadelphia, which wus ?uuk during
the Jtarbary war In 1S04. He has re
ported to tho American War Depart
ment that the frigate Is lying sideways
and that her refloating will cost tl-,000.
Tho keel, he sdys, must bo raised In
sections In order to fiuilltute shipment
to the United States. The Navy Depart
ment will now decide whether It Is
Show It ruoKiil Hon of James Mtlll
inan'a fiOO.OOO Franc.
I Special fable lieipnteh to Tar Srx.
I Pahis, Dec. !. Tho Lntln Quarter
.was me scene or a monster "mon-
, om,. students' celebration to-night.
The students were anxious to show
their recognition of .Inmes Stlllman's
gift of 600,000 francs to the Ecole des
lie.uix Arts.
TALCAHUANO, Chile Th yacht Car
ngl. which haa been encased for come time
In teatlnr raasnetla phenomena on bthalt
ot tho earned Intitule at Washington,
arrived here.
TOKIO L4eut.-Gen. Count Terauchl had
not accepted the Premlerehlp tendered bin,
and It ai ealrt that the matter was un
decided. PAIUS.-
In accnrdancA with ih.
!,lon m'le hy M. Gain, president of the City
I'ouncll, revlctualllng tests have been cr-
ted out at FUmee. near Hhelme, by order of
he MJnlttcr of War. Twantv-ano nnm
nunfB in thn district wer summoned to d-
i-rr -11 avaunpie wmai na nau t Flim
11 mnnievn coraput-u, Ofiiverltir a 1 to-other
000 kilograms of wheat ami SA Ann wit.
ami of oat.
. LONDON. Tho American r&vlrv rnmmia.
lonern. with On. Kdwarrt J. MeOlernarifl at
Inr nrmu. vmnvn mf war Offlce. They
rtk Wflromml hv P! II II a lu.t.. i
If ?f cavalry, and were cuasta at luncheon
win ar umre Btart,
is the
en topaz jewelry
lirf Pin $ 2. 25
I'd!; (3) 4.75
Imb-bell I.lnlca ti cn
Srf Pin (Platinum) o'.OO
IfJpai RiDg n.oo
r Cutter
'aintcoat Chain
uifC (Curved)
I'.... . . !... .
'iiiiU-o.-it IlutlonWfa ;n nn
uff Links ss'oo
i Topaz) $325.00

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