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.Fair ami colder to-day and to-morrow; brisk
I west winds.
Detailed weather reports will bs found on page 17.
VOL. LXXX.-NO. 102.
NEW YORK, WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 11, 1912. CoPUrlVhl, 1312. by th, Sim Waling PubUshing Aoclal(0n.
Suggestion That Partners,
Soi Stockholders, Kulc
JVig Itnnks Here.
Walter E. Frew Questioned
on Voting Trusts and
... -
Inheritor nf .'lil,nol,noi to Marry
Mln C.lnil) Wnlatm Tn-iln).
Wllllnni '.leglor. wlin recently sue- '
eceded td a $.10,000.0011 fortune made
In the baking powder trade, went to the'
City Hall .veiierd.iy tuurmtiK with his
llancee, Miss Gladys Virginia Wntson,
In take out n marriage Ikriuo.
i Mr. Zlcgler put his ago down as 21.'
his father's name na William Zlegler und
his mother's name us Klccta Matilda ,
Curtis. When City Clerk Peter .1.'
Scully asked lilin his occupation lie
"Managing my personal estate."
.Miss Watson Is SO years old, the
daughter of .1. I'urry Watson nnd
Kllzabeth Spenrlng. SJie lives nt K3
West mjd street. Mr. 'lexer's ad
dress Is 11 Kast rifty-llrst street.
Mr. Ziegler was udopted In his In
fancy liy William Zleglcr. Ills father's
name wns llrnudt.
The wedding will take place to-day
at the Hotel St. Regis.
Mr. Clcglcr had other things to oc
cupy his attention yesterday. In the
ufternoon there was a lire In his stable
at 2 .It! West Sixty-ninth street. Joseph
Crane. Mr. Zlegler's coachman, and his
wife and lii nuinths old daughter, lte
glna, lived on tho third floor.
Mr. Crane was not nt home nt 4
o'clock when the lire started. The smoke
drove Mrs. Crane, and her baby to n
Wvsiiinoton. Dee. 10. rne I'UJO window kIII nnd the mother was pre-
rnmmltten took up to-day tho merger paring to Jump to the street with her
nf the Mercantile nnd Manhattan trust i baby when some one brought n blanket.
, , i, .i.rt tnita Trnur, I i oiiccinon rMiiuv.iu imo jmsseisuy in-ui
onrnpnnt.vs with ho In kws Trust. I thn
IliiKlnrrr llritliia l Install liitrriinl
Structure f Mrel nnd WimmI.
1'iiiMtiKi.i'iitA. Dec. 10.- Mayor Hlunk-
jeiiliurg has engaged Frederick W. Tay
lor, a consulting engineer of Chestnut
J.niiiis Heaviest With Money
IJiitcs Highest, Despite
Outside Needs.
' brought out that tlio Rankers nnd the
Guaranty Trust Company, with de
limits amounting to more than J300,
00("000, are each controlled by a vot
ing trust of three men. Each of these
voting trusts Is In turn dominated by
. the so-called Morgan Influence.
The voting trust ngreement unJer
which the stock of the Hankers Trust
Company Is pooled In the hands of
Henry I. Davison, (ieorge 11. Case nnd
Daniel (5. Held. Included under Its terms
nil the stockholders of the company and
a 1 of the titock except HO shares which
lire reserved to qualify directors. Hut
ien these HO shares, while In the
possession i f the trustee", .re subject
to the provisions of the agreement.
The terms of the agreement show
a that It was contemplated when the
parties to It utilucrlbed for their shares
i f stock. 1'nder the terms the stool.
not only Is deposited with the trustees.
but Is transferred on the hooks ot ine
lompiiny to the trustees.
"The trustees." says the agreement.
I child Into it.
The mother
The youngster was not
was earrled down by
Ynuiijr lleinl of Family Per
sonally Milking Thorough
Sonic Properties, Tinier Terms
of Lenses, Are Not Within
His Power of Control.
Kvcr since Vincent Astor becumeheud
of tho Astor family last month his ac
tivity In the oversight of his wealth
has been n surprise even to those con
nected with him In the estnte offices.
Hut recently his attention lias carried
lilm much beyond tho routine work of
estate management, for ho has under
taken a minute us well as a general In
spection of all his properties, with the
purpose of finding out whether or not
any nre used for Illegal or Immoral pur
poses. Mr. Astor has not begun his unlet ex-
amlnatlon of his own property without
outsldo suggestion nnd help. He has
consulted with several police officials
and hatt even called personally upun
Commissioner Waldo. Just what steps.
If uny, were seriously considered by
Hill, to lepalr the. Liberty Hell so huh
It may make the trip to the l'aliatna
I'aclllc imposition.
Mr. Taylor has devised an Internal
structure of steel and wood which will
remoe the dead weight strain that Is
rapidly lengthening the crack and pull
ing the historic bell asunder, lie has
assured the city authorities that there .
fcoXr From Close Friend
or apparatus visible.
He visited Independence
London Wo til en Take In "tending In
I'nlif Fire Alarms.
Sprnal I'atilf finp'trh In Tup. Si'V
I.ONDON. Dec. 10. The suffragettes)
have evolved another scheme for the
, detriment of the public welfare, namely
President to Occupy Kent (.'hair the sending in ot false nre alarms,
t i .... i .. . ii. .i.i t... I ..4.. . Within an hour nnd a half this evening
of Law, Last Held bj Late .;. 1r(i lirlBOdM wm. tlirtu.(, ml( ,n ,
K. .1. PIll'IpS. 'districts In different parts of London
only to find that the alarms were false.
The calls were generally given from
Hall nnd
stnrted work to-day.
"We will have the wooden und steel
Interior ready In about a week and we;
will then put It Im place," said Mr. ,
Taylor. "We will drill two holes In the
bell so as to fasten It together and
85. 000 YKAIt (50FS WITH IT. public telephone boxes, but In two cases
llhey weie sent In from street fire
one young woman wns arrested bv a
Holland I'ark constable who saw her In
the acl of breaking an alarm.
return mm
Or Members of Monument
Board Will Be Held
Shows He Will Not llctiirn
to Ciuciiyiati.
President Taft will not go to Clntln
natl and practise law when be leaves
the White House, hut has ugreed to ac-
Commissioners. However,
Put Entire Matter Up
to General.
these will be made along the course of , cept a professorship In the Mile law
the present crack so as to stop that j school. This statement was made last
spreading any further, so that the new , Klt (,y ,.st, f,.(,ni f president
holes we will make will If anything be
I a help rattier man a oemmeni 10 ui"
lie declined to say whether It was
true that molten metal would be poured
Into the new structure, ns had been
reported. He said he would meet each
condition as It arose.
I Taft, who said lie was acquainted with
I,incl Iteeordril Price In IMe Wnm
In lte nolilx Snle.
The lowest recorder) ''' 0 ''' 'i ! UK HAS I'. N'T I L DKCKMBKH -0
Kvehnuge seat since ll'ili was reached
estenlay when John II. Reynolds Jr..
sold his seat lo Frederick l.i-wlsohn for
Lieut. Dillon and Firemen Kennedy and . Mr. Astor nnd Mr. Waldo are not known.
Housmnn of Truck 3
Tile tlremen were told that a man had
gone upstairs In an effort to rescue the
woman nnd child. Firemen went up
after lilm nnd found the man. Frank
Hanre, 20 years old, of Ifil West Sixty
ninth street. King unconscious on the
third floor. He wa brought down to
the street and was revived.
Mayor Fitzgerald of Boston Says
Opera License Will He He
called if She Doesn't.
ISosTox, Dec.
10. When Vnnnl Mar-
In "Tosen pursued
. i ..if Bi..v.iu ... i ' t x i.i .tf iirijiu
shun Iiae oosession u, no ukiii." i i - . -
even- name and nature. Including the , Mary Garden, as florin Icca, around
$5:.,000. The previous low pike of till".'""' '" ''"'" .i-i. imi ..in
Trio Who Demanded S5.000
From (iovcrnor in Newark
Jail After Fight.
the President's plans.
TUB Si n's informant said tlial Piesl- 1 ,.(, nu!) jr.s.ooo. last week Three!
dent Taft would accept the Kent pro- weeks ago seats were sold at $73,000.
fessorshlp of law, which has not been .
tilled since the death of Kdward .1.
Phelps In I'.'OO. Mr. Phelps was ap
pointed In 18S1, and 'although he became
Minister to Great llrttaln by appoint
ment of President Cleveland In 1SST. he
.Make "Shortage" Oood
on Time.
Thiee members of a pang of muiin-1
mincers that for a long time has been ,
terrorizing the farmers In the ftnmapo
Mountains, In th" northern part of New
retained It until tils death. The profes
sorship covers lectures In both constitu
tional and International law.
Piesldent lladley was asked about the
conclusion of President Taft to accept
the Kent profesorshlp at his home In
New 1 lax en.
"Your information that President
Taft Is to come to Yale Is much mole
complete than my own.'' he said. "I
hadn't heard of it.
"The Kent professorship has been un
filled since tile death of Mr. Phelps, but
there is an endowment for Its contlnua-
(leii. Ha'il.l K. Sickles must r t l. t
to the State Treasury be'ween S-7.1"
and $?.2,iiii) of moneys approptlafu
the N.nv York Monument Commas w.
of whlcri he I chairman, or each mem
ber of the commls-lon will be held tj-
iervev. were lolg.d In the F.-sex County ' ' 1 "'t -"'" ' l ,,f 'I1"
Jail In Newark la-t -light on the charge endowment without consulting the
t ....ullni? teller lo Gov. Wilson, d.- 'l'-'l'eis ill oi uioer,
mirilliiL' tr. 000 In robl. with death
i ,!. ..r r..fn. .1 ' that
un: I'vitu'iJ ' " ..........
YoiniKler Knr Ahcml f Mlier of
Tile sitatenielit was made to Tllic KfN III Triiiler ite.
the Kent endowment Im about i
and this sum, with Presl-I
PltOVlnKNCB. Dec.
10 - Providence lias
The trio were arrested in the after-1 " " "u i a eugenic Imbv." Il Is George Her-
in the wild district known as "cnt laii s prixate income oi "" rl(.k jr., 4 nu)ti,s d, son of Mr. nnd
1 .. it I . I . lfl Unnli.ll
Ford's Mine, near Wharton, by Chief ,ear. is sain to m reiueu " MrH (je(rg llerrlck of 0 Sackett
Postal Inspector .lames T. Cortelyou. 'sufficient for the needs b'mself and I ,trf.;,t He Is far nhead of the average
Inspectors Prame A. Hutler and Clinton bis family
! ehlld of his age In body and brain.
right to vote."
It Is provided, however, that the trus
tees shall distribute the dividends on the
block after deducting any expenses that
have been incurred by them.
If any director of the company ceases
to serve, he I bound under the agree
his room on the stage at the Hoston
opera House a week ago last night,
seized her In un amorous frenzy and
threw her upon a couch a part of
cultured Hoston gasped.
A great many disapproved of the
scene and soon they were heard from,
- . - I, ...... nn.1 u..w..tw..-u .1 1a.
ment to transfer his ten snares or siovk j oo.Mioio'iB ........
back to the trustees. This Is the section , ters of protest to Director Henry Hus
in the ngreement which gives the trus- sell and complaints were made to Mayor
tees tlie right to vote for mergers: Fitzgerald.
"This provision shall not. however. i no .iniyor. n-inuim mm ..us w.n.ivu
effect or limit the right to vote for or j and Mareoux were to sing in "Tosca"
rff nnv mercer of the comiuny with again to-monow to-night, sent word to i
but It Is pretty certain that the two
men are working together o the end
that the Astor estnte may learn of any
possible Irregulnrltles carried on In the
Commissioner Waldo has nt hand the
lists compiled last Hummer of all pieces
of property In the city, together with
the owners thereof, which have recently
been Identified by the police as gambling
places. This list wa.s published late In
August nnd In It one piece of property
was mentioned ns owned by the William
Astor estate and known to the police a
a gambling house. A list of disorderly
houses, with the names of the owners
of the properties, was made up at the
same time, hut Its publication was with
held for various reasons.
Mr. Astor has been seen lately scout
ing around the upper West Side, where A Larrabee and Fulled States Marshal It Is understood that President Tuft's i,Vsiclans who have examined lilm pre-
his holdings are extensive. He has,imiH (j. Heckmnn. The Inspectors motive In accepting the Kent professor- ji,,, ,1)at development will 1 more
looked over his property, at leust parts
of It, and ha.s made personal inquiries
us to the conditions of Ills leases, the
character of his tenants and the uses
to which they put the rented properties.
The amount of work entailed by his
personal Investigation will not prevent
him from carrying It out.
Somo conception of what this under
taking Involves can be got from
glance at tho Itemized list of the Astor
properties, running Into several
columns, which wns printed at the time
of the transfer of the esjtate last spring.
Kvery piece of property will not re
quire looking into, of course, but com
paratively speaking Mr. Astor has
barely mnde a beginning In his task.
The results Mr. Astor has met with so
I I'.nullsh Aiilhnr to l.rl llrilrr (
I llerll. Newspaper ii. J
fptrlnl 1'itUr Hrpni-h In Till: Sis. ;
I.ivi:nrool t)-c. in Ths 'o says ,
that Mrs Humphry Ward. Ih author. '
will receive the Order of Merit when the j sponsible. This 1? the opinion nf Attor
New Year honors are announced I n .General Carmodv. Members of tha
I The Order or Merit was instituted by ,,,, ,h) , nBri,,. u.,t lh( At.
i!:. torncy-General. They put the entire
' i. iiiiill..e im L. I'..,n Cl.L-lo-
in war, science, literature or an ami is '- i-
limited to '.'l ril,( "lx made public In Albany yra-
Tho badge is a cross of red and blue terda the particular of the State's
enamel and bears the words "For Merit" , norts to str.ilghlen out tilt! tangleil
in gold letters within a laurel wream financial affairs of the Monument Com-
nnv other corporation or corporations,
In return for the stock the trustees
have Issued certificates
The trustees are empowered to fill
any acancy. nnd a decision by two of
them shnll be binding.
The trust ngreement Kites the
trustees full power to select the com
pany's directors. t
"In voting the stock," says the agree
ment, "tho trustees will exeicise their
best Judgment from time to time to
relect suitable directors to the end that
the nffolrs of the company shnll be
properly managed, and In otlng on
matters which may come before them
lit any stockholders' meeting they will
exercise like judgment, but It Is under
stood that no trustee Incurs any re
Fponslblllty by reason of any matter or
thing done or omitted under the agree
ment, except for his own malfeasance."
These are the principal stockholders
who have signed tho agreement; H,
). Davison, "10 shares; G. W. Garth,
1M0; A. H. Hepburn, 1M0. George W.
Perkins, 1.240; W. II. Parker, 240; J.
V. Thompson, fi.140; Albert II. "Wlggln,
240: Sam Woolverton, 00.
Tho facts in regard to tho merger
war brought out when Waited K
VrAur. nresldent of the Corn Kxchange
Hank of New York and chairman of tho
clearing hotiso committee, of the ow
'York Clearing House Association, wus
on tho Btand. Ho admitted the growth
of the Hankers Trust Company from
un Institution having 5."00,000 of
deposits and u surplus of K'00,000 In
1903 to ono with $168,000,000 of de
posits and $10,000,000 of surplus wna
phenomenal, in fact the most remark
ablo development of which he knew.
Mr. Frew, who Is a director of tho
. Hankers Trust Company, was not pre
pared to ascribe thU nbnormal growth
1o tho Influence ot .1. P. Morgan & Co.
Ho believed It was partly due to tho
remarkable nctlvlty ot the olllcers of
the trurn company.
The committee also took up for thn
first time tho question of the effect of
Wnll Street speculation upon Interest
rates during the usual periods of stringency-In
tho money market.
With Mr. Frew still on the stand tho
' . . ... ... ii. -.1 iiw.
committee nrougni oui m.- ......
the opera management that unless the I far are not known. Nor has It been given
performance was modified he would see
that the license was recalled.
Director Huisell sent out word to
nlcht that the objectionable details
out how he will follow up the Informa-
imsed us Congressman William K. Tut- ship Is chiefly his fondness for Yale ......... .. ,.. .i.m . ,,. ider,
tie and repieseniames or uie peniou iimeini-j- mm mi mi innt-uv j fw iby s parents nave niaue ine
bureau to get near the men they have alumnus Is held In higher esteem by the
been trailing for weeks
The mountaineers were homily armed
anil there was a sharp light before
they were subdued, several shots being
The prisoners nre Warren Dunn, alias
Pete; his brother, Jacob, alias Nig, and
Peeley Davenport, alias Snake. Jacob
Is understood to hae been writer of
the letter to Gov. Wilson and of otheis
to Thomas P King, an artist with a
place at l.fdgewnod, anil H. .1. Melsel
of Dover, whose death was hastened
by the thieats lie received
The postal Inspectors secured n pir
tial admission from the men that they
hud sent the letter to the Governor.
Clll November 11 the following letter
lion he gathers. Hut. as was pointed out was lecelvcd by Joseph P Tumulty,
yesterday by one rather Intimately con- Gov. Wilson's
nected with Mr. Astor, his control ovei (Trenton.
private secietary,
would be eliminated and defended Mar-a considerable part of his property Is "The .New oru Society
couvs Interpretation or ine roie. lie not absolute. .Much of It is let on iongj".vtr vvooumw vviisou.
compared the seen In Svariiin'n room term lenses, the terms of which allow. "I am not agoln to w:
with some of those In musical comedies
which he says pass, unclu llenged.
Mayor Fitzgerald still demanded that
"Tosca" must be modified, lie said that
Miss Garden should not be nllowed lib
erties denied to other public performer,
and that the management of the opera
house must see to It thnt those perform
ing there must maintain a proper stand
ard of propriety.
Mareoux said that be thought the
scene whh the very best part of the
opera nnd expressed the opinion thnt
the protests from the Mayor nnd other
Hoston Deople showed their stupidity.
He said that no one in the many cities
where ho bad sung Kmrpla had ever
objected to his Interpretation.
warn you of what
the lessor practically no t-ay as to what wo are agoln to tin to you as we did
purposes the property may be used for. ! Hot warn Teddy or McKluley either,
in such Instances the land was rented ' They got shot Just as the same and If
outright to a lessee, who made such Im-1 we dont get what we ask for ou will
provements ns he desired anil was In I get inn same uose
turn bound to hand them over to the
Astor estate at the expiration of the
Should Mr. Astor find Irregularities
practised on any of these properties
the only way he could do away with
them would be to give to the Police
Department Information that would
lead to arrests and criminal prosecu
tion. Vincent Astor Is but little over 21
years old. but In the month since he
became of age he Iuih put In long days
Say, Wilson. Mill have got the otlice
ns President. Yes. ami w are death
on Presidents. Say, now, Wilson if
you have gut $.'.U"0 In gold for this
party we will spare your life; if not
we will shoot you before you get In
office, sure as your namt'ln Wilson. So
we will give you lime to think the mat
ter over so )ini will no what you un
doing right or' wrong, but .f you don't
send $5,1100 you or some of your people
will be sorry voti didn't.
"Say Wilson we are not a bit back-
enlre graduate body than President
Taft, while the President on his fre
quent visits to Yale bad constantly ex
pressed gratltlcatlon over bis return to
his alma mater.
Aside from the natural desire which
President Taft would have for u post
such hs the Kent professorship, which
offers a somewhat wider field for lec
tures than the usual professorship, hlti
friend who talked with Tim St'.v said
the offer from Yale solved a question
that had caused the President no little
He has considered returning to the
practice of law, but many of tin- Fed
eral Judges before whom he would be
expected to appear have been appointed
to the bench by him, while he also has
appointed the majority of the Supreme
science of health a study. Mrs. ller
rlck Is a trained nurse und has never
In her life had a day of illness. Mr.
llerrlck, a Jewelry worker, enjoys the
same record, with the exception of n
few weeks of suffering from nn loeldent.
Mrs. llerrlck keeps u chart of the
child's progress nnd It Is examined dally
br severnl physicians of the city, who
nre keenly Interested.
Itesiiliillnn llefore Aldermen Allenes
I 'onleslnnts Are llriiguetl.
A resolution to put six day bicycle
races out of business was Introduced
vesterday nt the meeting of the Hoard
of Aldermen by Alderman James
J. Smith, wiio nrgued that riders nre
nils would embarrass the President ' 'r"gKed to carry them thioi.gh the or-
I ii the highest court In Hie land
: deal.
H Is known that talks the President His resolution piovlded that no con
has had recently with membeis of Hie i
Yale Corporation Iwre directly upon
the desire of the unlvcrsltv to have
him accept the Kent professorship, but
it was determined by the university
authorities to permit the President to
make the announcement when he felt
ready to do so.
Yale men feel tile Kent pruft tutor
ship Is one which appeals particularly
to President Taft because of tile dis
tinguished predecessor. Kdward John
Phelps. Mr. Phelps, who was a na
tive of Vermont, was president of the
American Har Association the vcur be
fore lie was called to Yale. Dining
his Incumbency the professorship be
came one of the most noted In the
testant In a blc.vcle race or other con
test of speed should title or run more
than three hours In each twenty-four.
It also provided that Hoard of Health
Inspectors ami policemen should be on
hand to see that no drugs were given
to athletes. Infractions are muile pun
ishable by $100 fines, and In case they
aren't paid, by thirty days In the Tombs.
The penalty can be Imposed on the
"proprietor, occupant or lessee of the
premises" In which the contest Is held,
anil upon the manager of the contest.
The resolution went to the Committee
on the Affairs of the Boroughs.
liovernor-eleet TrIU Club lo 1'lcU
Demi, Whose I'nine la Secure.
Washi.noton, Dec. 10. Gov.-elect
William Sulzer of New York believes
that tho n-mio of a live public man
should not bo attached to uny social
or political organization. Hu says it Is
safer to use, such n inan'u name one
hundred years ufter he Is dead. Tht)
Governor-elect expresies his views in
tills letter:
Itmlolph hlebirr, Ktq , 1321 ."ecotirl ure
mic, .Vcic York:
Vkah Mb Stkin tit Your letter just
received requf stlni; permission to use my
name for a political association to tie in
corporated under the laws of the State of
New York
All my life I have made It a nile nut to
allow any political, social or civic oigan
Izntlon to bear my name. In a govern
ment such as ours I do nut tlilnlt It con
sistent while the person Is living.
No one can tell what a man mny do
from day to day ami until he Is dead Ids
reputation Is never safe.
I suggest that you name vour associa
tion after some one who has been dead at
least a century and If his memory endures
of work at the olllces of the John Jacob, ward in telling you what we mean toj country. In 1SHH ha was one of coun-
,stor estate at 23 West Twenty-sixth
street. That he has taken his respon
sibilities seriously Is more than appar
ent to those who work with him. One
of these spoke yesterday of his untiring
zenl nnd of his desire to be something
more than the nominal head of the
Astor family.
it has nlready been announced that
Vincent Astor accepted IiIh father's
place on the Sheriff's Jury. Kecently
lie nlso took Col, Astor's place as mem
ber of the Museum of Natural History.
He has been elected a life member of
the Press Club, ns was his father.
lo to you. So if you w.int to live and
hold otlice Just send $.".U00 In gold by
November 24. bv mall. If you don't
sentl It we will be on your trnck soon.
"Address P. J. Shadunk, Wharton.
N. .1., H. F. D. route No. 2, Hex 43."
The letter was at once turned over to
the postal Inspectors, who went to
Wharton and got on tho track of th"
HlrHie fn Ilia Detractors tun C.o
Along Willi I'tilislllulltin.
Conirreftniiirit 4!nali Oirr n Shirj
nf I'fiiinuin Trip
Wahhinutun. Dec. 10 House cloak
rooms buzzed .with gossip to-day over a
report that Itepresentatlve Fitzgerald
of New York and Representative Halt
lett of Georgia on the recent homeward
sel for the Fnltcd States In the ur
duration over tho lteiing Se i con
ttroversy. In which his knowbtUe of
Intel national law mad- him valuable
to his Government.
A piecedent for thp Invitntlon of
PieIden' Taft to the Yale professor
ship 'a found In the appointment of
President Cleveland u.i Stafford Little,
lecturer at Princeton.
i. .IM 1... ..nttlAil li IIim liruuii' Verv
Corn Kxchange Hank loaned about the truly ours, William Sci.zkr.
same omoiint, $ll.oui,tuu, to urtmeis
November 1 u It did on January I
..r iMu vear. when the money market'
was considerably easier, u vv.tn imn
oped nlso that the deposits of out of
town banks with tho Corn Kxchnngo
Hank were $200,000 greater on Novem
ber 1, w'hen Interest ratcsj In
Wnll Street were 8 per cent., than on
Juno 1. when money was bringing only
2 per cent.
The contention of the Investigators
neeniecl to bo thnt Wall Street specula
tors by running up the Interest rates
were Able to attract to or nt least retain
Jn New York money which was sorely
needed by merchants and other com
mercial enterprises In periods of strin
gency. Mr. Frew wns unwilling to con
cede that the money lent by the Corn
Kxchange Ilank nnd other big banks In
New York on Stock Kxchange collateral
or to Stock Kxchange houses was used
for speculative puritoscs.
Once or twlco rnferenco was made by
counsel for tho committee to tho possl-
Continued on Third Page.
Cornell I'rnfeMor' Null lit lleenver , t1U( W(. .Southern people are not negro
Vnlue Im DlainlKseil,
Supreme Court Justlcn Ureenbaum
dismissed yesterday n suit brought
iigalnst St. Thomas's Protestant Kpls
copal Church by Dr. it. A. Wltthaus,
toxicologlst nnd professor of chemistry
nt the Cornell 1'nlverslty Medical Col
lege, to recover $fi,000 ns tho value of
two pews In the church which were left
to lilm by his mother and were de
stroyed when the church was burned
Homo years ngo.
Tho Itev. Dr. Stlres, rector of the
church, was In court to testify, but the
court did not require witnesses for tho
defence. It uphold the contention of
tho church that nil rights of piiwholJers
were destroyed by the lire. The court
suggested thnt the plaintiff should have
carried Insurnnco on tho pows.
CoM MHlA, S. C, Dec. 10.- Having voyage from Panama came to blows,
consigned the Constitution to hell at the 1 Accordlm? to the story Messrs. Hart
Illchmond conference of the State Kx- lett and Fitzgerald were playing whist
ecutlves, Gov, Hlcisc, upon Ills return, when Mr. Hartlett look exception to a
homo to-day, consigned the Governors remark made by the New York member
who condemned his mob speech to the I nnd Is alleged to hnve hit Mr Fltz
same torrid place. , gerald on the nose.
"Those Governnm who condemned met Mr. Hnrtlett Is an elderly man, nnd
can go to the same place as the Con-' It was for that reason friends of Mr
stllutlon," Mid Gov. Hlcise. "I hopo ' Fitzgerald , say that he did not resent
thnt when those Governors hnve been the attack by physical violence. Some
repudiated by their people retiring them; years ngo Mr. Hnrtlett In debate In the
to private life I told them they soon """ " " n.m i t-in-
nflllillllt' ill liiiuii in . t'liiinj i i. ,,i. v.. i
another occasion he drew a knife nn the
late Hepresentatlvo George N. South
wick of New York, with whom he had a
j would be--that they will realize the fact
Ltd. Trains dully. All Hlcel. Hleclrlo I. In litre I
nillmam. AtUntlo Coast Uae, 1218 ll wny
lovers, as some of them seem to be.
"I stand by every word I said and 1
do not earn what the Governors of nny
Stntes thought about it or what any
body else In the American Union thinks
nilmi it I wns rlirht and nm receiving
telegrams of congratulation from all!
over the country. The newspapers, ui
usual, lied In their reports aliout mo at
' Una! side Woman llml Hern Nnvlnic
Them Since 188a,
trier xHvlnir un nickels since 1883
The Governor says that he Is going I...- Kmllv Kuhn of 323 Fast Furtv-
4o Incorporate his speeches nt Ulchmoiid ; ,,Knt', street lost the entlrn bagful,
into n message to ine c.euerai rtssrniuij- ,50 w, a, to a uurgiiir last nigni. a
In order to get them Into tht) olllc Inl 1 fectlon of German coins was not
records of the State, touched.
Gov. Hlcnwn denies he was snubbed uesliles the nickels $50 worth of Jew
when he visited Vvshlngton nr that he:rr. wnH taken. The burglury occurred
wafl refused an Invitation to the Orid-j tho nfternoon while Mrs. Kuhn was
Iron Club dinner. I out. There have been a number of
"Just newspnpor lies,' ho says. small hurglurles lit the neighborhood
Wonderful Panorama Along Kntlrr Itoutf.
TraVfl .1Ullllll.lt llftllinni. n milium.
Mra. .Mints Knlla to Convince Cnurl
llnaliiUKl llml llinlhrr F.atnlillslimeiit
Supieme t'outt Justice Page decided
vesterday that 11 telephone number Is
not sufficient ground upon which tobnse
a suit for separation nnd denied an
application for $35 n week alimony In
an action by Mrs. Sarah Mints against
Carson Mlntz, owner of several cigar
Mrs, Mlntz told the court that she
was married twenty-four years ugo and
hud three children, but thnt, although
her husband has continued to live with
her nt 313 Kast Klghty-tlfth street, he
hasn't spoken to her for eleven years.
She said she saw In the telephone
directory u number for the residence
of Curson Mint, at 151 West 12Gth
Ktreet, nnd believes her husbnnd Ih main
taining another residence there. A
woman known ns Mrs. Carson Mlntz
lives In Ilm West 12iith street house and
hns severnl children, she said.
Mlntz told the court thnt the West
120th street ('arson Mint, was his
tans Malilf, Tenements, ColtnKi nml
(ireen liiinse 11 1 Neupnrl.
NKWTor.T, It. I., Dec 10..- According lo
plans tiled vvitli the building Inspector
Mrs. French Vnnderbllt Is soon to de
velop property she owns at Harrison
avenue nml Hrentun road.
H is Intended to erect a stable with
two tenements above on Hrcnton road
at an estimated cost of $23,000, 11 gar
dener's cottage will be erected at Har
rison avenue und Hrenton rood ut un
estimated cost of $8,000, and a large
greenhouse Is to be erected on the Hnr
rlson avenue side at an estimated cost
of $3,000.
trains tlally
M4 fifth Ava.
MiKlrm equipment,
N, Y Office,
ANdOBTURA BITTERS lrnrta delicious
flavor 10 (rape-fruit and Jtuiet.--.tai.
1,'rror llnlla I, tint Mnrrnj'a Intro
duel ton In House of l.orila.
Special Cable HeupuKh lo Tas Scn
1.UNPON, Dec 10. A curious error
wom discovered to-day when the former
Liberal whip, the Muster of Kllbnnk,
was nbout to take his seat In the House
of Lords ns Lord Murray,
It was found at the last moment that
the peerage wns represented In the
patent as having been granted by King
Kdward VII, Instentl of King George V,
This will neccs.'ltate the Issuance of a
new patent and another Introduction to
th Houa.
.Inr) vinrtl tin ner of HeUiln Its
Full Value.
Hi'KTAi.o. Dec. 10. A Jury In the
Fnlled States District Court lieie to
day brought In a verdict for $4,880 in
favor of George D. Hondrlght of Koch
ester against th Pullman Company.
Hondrlght lost 11 pearl stickpin while
travelling In a Pullman sleeper between
Rochester a nil New York, nnd sued the
Pullmnn Company, alleging negligence
on Its part. The verdict Is for the
full amount nnd Interest.
I.rnvra Bed nnd Hun to Church
Threatened by Blase.
When he heard yesterday morning
that the Church of tho Ascension at
South street nnd New York avenue,
Jersey City Heights, was on fire the
rector, the Ilnv. W. E. Howe, 111 with
tho grippe, left his bed and ran to the
edifice to help the firemen fight the
blaze. After tho last spark had been
put out Hector Howe returned to his
homo and to lied. He Is now hoping
that ho will not suffer a relapse.
The altnr, front of tho church and
roof were ludly burned. The loss will bo
$4,000, Tho blaze Is believed to liavo
stnrted from an overheated furnace.
The Itrpatatlonof Der-foot I rat aaaaas
r.ii.Mt .n.nv Imltallnni. Kiamlna tha Trrao
per and tie aurr yen gel the GKNUINB the nheit
pork aaiisate made. They contain all Ih peal
paria til ine pig. utivim siui v ..viviii By.v
mlssolon, which succeeded the Oottj'i-
burp and Chattanooga Uattlelleld Mon-
.iirt-nts Commission, established In 188.1,
I The correspondence between the Hlato
I I omptroller. Gen. Sickles nnd member!
! of the commission shows that while,
Gen Sickles had promised to return tlin
money It has not reached the State
Treasury and that he has asked for
an extension of time. '
Gen. Sickles declined yesterday to
make any stutement concerning the
new financial difficulty In which he It
Involved and which was outlined in
yesterday's Sun. At his home at 23
Fifth avenue the attendant eafd tho
General would not til Ik to the news
papers Mrs. Sickles and hereon, Stan- .
ton, left word at the Hotel Albert, where
they have been stopping, that they ,
would be out of town for a couple ot
Friends of the Sickles family said
Mis. Slckltw was wlllln.T to come to t'le .
aid cf her husband again. She was at
the meeting of the Monument Commts
tlon Monday and she saw her husband
.vesterday. There were Indications nt
Ger. Slckles's home Ihnt he bad nut
l.een left undisturbed by members of tin
commission because of the developments
r the day.
Among the members of the commis
sion nre Gen. Anson G. McCook, Gen.
Horatio C. King, Col. Lewis G. Steg
man, Col. Clinton Beekwlth of Her
kimer. Congressman Thomas W Brad
ley of Waldren and Gen. A. J. Za
brlskle, secretary of the commission.
Charles A. Itichardson leslgned on No
vember 27.
Gov. Dlx said last night that he had
been Informed by Attorney-General
Cniinody that the members of the com
mission could be held to account with
Gen. Sickles for the proper expendi
ture of the money appropriated to th
commission. Gen. Sickles has asked
until December 20 10 make a settle
ment, and the Attorney-General has
advised Comptroller Sohmer lo assent
to this.
Whatever tio view of the Attorney
General may be there are members of
r-ie commission who feel thnt the entire
responsibility ie,-is with (Jen, Sickle?,
"Attornev -General Carmody has ex
pressed his personal opinion," said Gen.
King last night, "hut we have been In
formed bv gootl lawyers that we nre
not lespotislble. For Instance, this lias
been going tin for twenty-six years.
I have been n member of the commis
sion for only a year. Do you think
1 should Ixi held responsible? When I
discovered what was going on I called
attention to It.
I believe that lnsldo of a month Gen.
Sicklen will make, good the $27,000.
Ho hns promised to do so. How is he
going to do It? Well, he haa on equity
In that property In Fifth avenue of
about $200,000. Ho can get money on
tbut. Ho and his wife, from whom ho
has been estranged, havo made up, and
now they can tako a mortgage on tho
property, I am confident that every
thing will come out oil right."
The word "shortage" la used In the
correspondence between Comptroller
Sohmer and members of the commis
It was explained in Albany that since
the commission was established in 1888
It haa expended $460,000. It now hu
an unexpended appropriation of $50,
000, for which no voucher have been
returned to the State Comptroller. The
last Legislature appropriated $275,000
to take New York State troops to the
celebration of the anniversary of the
battle of Gettysburg next July. None
of thla money haa been turned over to
the Sickles commission.
"Three months ago," said Gov. Dlx,
"tho members of the commission
threatened to resign In a body because
of the tangle Into which the financial
affairs of the commission had been
drawn through the operations of (Jen.
Sickles. I persuaded them not to re
sign after I told them I could not ac
cept their resignation, because I be
lieved they should stay on their Jobs
aa they wcro Just as much responsible
as Don. Sickles for tho work of the
"For tho last year or two we have
been looking Into this matter and
finally den. Sickles asked for time until
December 6 to make an accounting.
Neither the Comptroller, the Attorney
General nor tho Governor has heard
from the situation since and Gen.
Sickles, neither In person nor by letter,
made any overtures when December t
"What happened at the meeting m

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