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Iifcido on Aulnimiuous Al
l.,ini;i With Scnian Coni
mcrciiil Soaporl.
Allies and Turkey. However.
Mny Hreak Off the
(dated 16,".P-fio, Ji'jo, bought by
Slll'll'lllO Poi'tt' II lU'll I V l.ikelv to .Quarltch; 'list edition of U.'.ak W.il
... .. ., '. , ' "The Compteat Angler." darted
IVf I )l tlU' iJesieacd engraved vignette on the title and
('j(y engravings of llsh. $::.,.ou; Shake
' ' ;spenre's "The Tragedy of (nhello, the
'.Moor of Venice, as It hatia liccnc diverse
.,..' robe ,..,,, , Tin. Sin j!!!n,7 "cpl1 ut, On OU.be nnd at the
i .,..,,.. .... .,, ,. I Black-Friers by his M.ilestlos Ser-
............. ... . ...- .. ..,
' '
t-owple ..f d.iys tended toward n rens- '
ii'iirrt'Mi i nnpr. iti n in inn ir.ui '
H'jianre of the prospects of Kuropean
ptaie received strong confirmation es.
iciday In.th in an olliclal communication
in legnrd to the results of the Am-i'
bassadois convetsatlons and In Prime
MlnlMcr Asqiilth's expression of his
'assured belief" In peace at the Lord
jiayors luncileon. The olliclal slate-
in-lit. which was tme.Npe. ted. is taken ' -"'." -
, ,, ., - , ,., I otilv three other i oi.les of whuh ale
vt an Indlcat on of t ie aivord with . .
. . . . known to be In existence, the rest hav
wblch the Poweis aie winking for i"nK Wn nnwA i,y ti. author on the
liiesrrvatlon of peace and the perma- ai)vce of the llev. John Hecber lm
ju nt settlement of the lialkan iiiestion. 'mediately after titiey were printed,
i As tegarils the peace conference the --"; tho TJmr.t newspaper from An
Xi.ii; Trlramnh vouches for the trust- L -'""f 3"' U" ,ln "
NAorthlness of the statement that ,,P volumes, .lldly bound In boar. Is. nnd
. , .the same from July 1 to the present
delegate.-, i.r the Allies after the ad- ' un,)ollml $53n.
Jeiirjiment of the conference on Triors- 1
O.i .- considered an lnteiestlng and Im-I
j.o.uint subject. Premier Venlzelos of SAYS WHO STOLE IRISH JEWELS.
.roce, Mippotted by M. Paneff of ltul- 1
L'arla, proposed that the peace confer
ence should maku an effort to get into
t onIlilenU.il contact with the confer-
t-nce of tho AmlKiswulors. Sperinl Cah'e Detpolri to Tnr. Sl-n
The Servian delegates agreed to this London. Dec. 20 Laurence Ginnell,
In principle, observing that it wa.' de-the Irish Nationalist member of Parlla
Mrable to avoid the possibility of the nient from North Wesimeatb. again
two conferences arriving at opposite I brought the theft of the Irish Crown
iVclslons on any question, but as It is I Jewels to the notice of the House or
reported that the Ambassadors havo I Commons to-night. lie made a speech
f.iready decided to lecommend to the , In which he said:
I'.ovrrnmcnts the creation of an au- "llefoie and during the Poer wnr the
Jonomous Albania, this may isisslbiy I P.rltlsh army in South Afi lea possessed
Jiiodlfy the original Servian viewpoint tlrst ns a private and afterward as n
und therefore they may wWi to reran- petty officer of tho railway guards, the
wider their position before giving a 1 greatest scoundrel who was then In
definite answer. South America. He was well known In
Tho situation of the peace onfer- j the army to be a icckless bully, robber
rue seems to be less satisfactory, j and murderer and otherwise depraved.
AVI en lr reassembles this afternoon It I -He could not be court-martialed be
Is believed the Turks will refuse nbio- ! cause none dared give evidence against
i ielv to code Adrianople. and if the 'him. Kventutilly, he was Induced to re
n'!ies nrers this point It is quite po.- ' sign nnd obtained a commission In tn
, .i,.. n..,.ihnn. win bo i,rol!..n off . Tliliil Battalion of the lloyal Irish
,.,...l,..'nlv ii. e ,,f the al.lest com- I
ii.entators on the situation says:
Top iittoiuan Kmplre s keenly de
,s r. u if and sm-.-ly In need of repose
a Mil leiuie for th- reform work which
indispensable lo Its population. The
I' .rie. therefore, Is doing lis utmost
i . ..hta'n it bv concluding peace, but
tN-ro must be an illtom.n Umpire
eft after Mils peace bus been arranged,
nnd the pea"e must ! stable, neither of
which conditions would be fulfilled It
Adrianople were ceded to Ilulgaria. The
t '.rie, Liini'inM', .-iu-.-j. . ttuini.ii.'
delegates tp sign any tre.ity or en
ert.'ln any terms which will Include the
v -sion of that city.
"Turkey Is willing to look nt any
nipromise which Is seriously siig
t.'ird In a favorable light. I consider
t 'in proved this when she accepted
in Hi.- armlcttce the proposal that Adrla
i .pi.. .-.liould not be rnvlctualled
1 irir.s Hie pourparlers. This hard con
.1''...n was In no wis" a corollary of
V m'lit.iry position, but the Porte re-
.-.ri Adrianople ns n vital organ of
. ."..man Sute which cannot bet
io I without ruining the whole po
''. l i ntlty.
, ..ri . t,, a standstill with the resultl-"
' . :'iingi now stand, Hurope rcjratds
-r i.itence of tlio (it toman Empire p(.(ir nt the healing in bis case yester
.i ii. esslt. The guardianship of,,ay H(.nrl Hochette, the famous ram-
. !.! d.iii' lles mid the Sea of Mar- puny promoter, who was out on ball,
u .- ..'. i.f It International func-iwin savu three years in prison nt an
. n- Y i' role Implies certain condl- expense of live years expatriation,
.i. f which Is that In the hlnter- which was prescribed for the offences
' . hides Adrianople. Turkey , f which he was found guilty. Ho-
. ami. t
i policy of extension, but
VI:' n.iple the Ottoman Em-
i.l.rs tlie residue of her Euro-
i 'n
. an pos, sinns (,f so little account that
she would rather risk them in tho hope
of gaining the point of retaining Ad
riannple .ip.l 'he port of Pedeagatch and
would still (l.i'tn I' een If the city fell
cff n pein e was concluded.
T'.ih ihercfore, seems to lie tlio point
. n which the conference is likely lo come
a sundht dl, with tho result of failure was rocently engaged by the f.overn
jjom wlihoul." I meat of Mexico to reorganize Its
finances, or at least that was the re-
pnwrns' official note
tUiyL.no UIIIK.IIL. liviu.
Agreed nn Antonnmiina Albania
and Servian apapnrl.
FperM Coble Vetpatci to Tnr. Srv.
T.onpon, Pec. 20. The first official
Htwtement In regard to tho "conversa
tions" of the Ambassadors of the Powers
in regard to the Halkans wns given out
tit the Foreign Oltlco to-night. It says:
"The Ambassadors have recommended
o their Governments, and tho lattur
have accepted, the principle of Albanian
iiutonomy together with n provision
guaranteeing to Rervla commercial ac
iinsi to tho Adriatic. Tho fdx Govern
ments havo agreed in principle on these
two points."
T.nnrlnn Official nf Coropanr Haa
Heard Nothln nf It.
fpeeM Cable Perpatch lo Tub fleN.
t.ontion, Pec. 20. Regarding the
Various rumora In circulation that J.
Frure Isnmy would resign from tho In
vnmtloiial Mercantile Marine Com
)...n nnd that his resignation waa al
le.oiv In the hands of the board of dl-
tors, an official of tho company to
day said:
J haven't the slightest knowledge of
! Your Inquiry is tho first I have
ieard of It."
While Grundy.
'penal IWe Oetpatch Jo Tb Sex.
IIuhhat, I)fc. 20 Ml B1U Grundy
..s married at tho Cathedral to-day to
, Harnard A. White, on of W. Nicholas
KhltafttW yorlt.
"I'liMlinmnna Papers of the Pick-1
nick t'ltih" tiring )IIO.
Special Cable tepatc. to Tnr Six j
London, Pic 'JO. The Ponsonbv col- '
lection of book plates, the property of
the Countess of Mny, In thirteen folio
volumes nnil comprising upward of
1.700 specimens, with n specially drawn
till"- page, u.id carefully prepnrn) In
dices, wuh bought by S.ibln, too. enllcc
tor, for $2,s.ui nt tin nuctlm ealo of
manuscripts and undent mid modern
printed books nl Sotheby's to-day.
Other articles sold und the prices paid
for them were us follows:
A first edition of Dickens's "Postliu
molts Papers of the Pickwick Club,"
with n sotles of original drawings by
Ky.l, $110; ThncUer.-iy's "Vimlty Fair,"
Htsl (Million. "The History of Penden
I nls." "The Newcomrs" nud "The Vlr
Iginlans," hII Hist edition, .7.'.; Otho nnd
ottohono's "Inclplunt ( 'pern .Super Cos-
tltiltlones Provinciates and Othonls,"
.black letter, and Ciivton's device on tllio
; reverse of the last Irnf, tl(0 ; Richard
i Lovelace's "Luciist.i," Hist edition.
.Masqiieniiics; iiauiis ,
Aiasc.i rail, a collection or Jit. pun
beautiful v colored bv hand, nl'o 1
... ... .......
of the plates engraved In outline, dated
1751. JS'JO, bought bv yunrltch; lird
l"",'t''' lul'V "f liidlenu's "ueuvres.
V", V. , - , V,L
dated Paris, 1740. with a long article
' ,.,. , , , I,lpr11i,.
.1 ....1.. I-t..-. lfdt.ip.liin.j
consisting df a comparison of the writ-
lugs of ltolleau. 5.540; fugitive pieces, I
oy j.oru liryon, a iirpirmiiiu.ii v"'''
I.niirel.i-r nlnnrll Agnln 4Unrk lllr
rell In I lie Cumiuniia.
Iteglment. He got congenial spirits In
Dublin Castle to admit him to their
socletv and then when the opportunity
ofTered in conjunction with another
man. he stole the Jewels fine of his
friends in the rastle is a lieutenant In
the Third battalion of the lloyal Irish
Mr. Itlrrell. the Chief Secretary for
Ireland, angrily repudiated the sug
gestion that ho chrank from doing his
duty in order to avoid a scandal. He
complained that the names and facts
might better ! communicated to him
privately Instead of the case U-lng dis
cussed upon the floor of the House.
Mr. C.innell then shouted out a cou
ple of names. Mr. Itlrrell said that no
doubt the police were In possession ot
. namr. I. nil t If lintl . u.f n imqqlbl.
to obtain evidence against tho men
tbev would have been proceeded
against. Every effort, he said, had
been made to recover the Jewels,
French I'roninlrr Doran'l Appear at
Trial ami Hucapen 1'rUon.
fiprctal fable Detpulch to Tn Siv,
Pahim. Pec. 20 liy his failure to np-
. chette. who according to tlio Mntin has
stolen 130,000,000 of the savings of the
I French people, is believed to be on his
way Kick to Mexico by way of Eng-
land. Hy his failure to appear yester-
day his ball of J40.000 will be for
feited. This man, who rose from n stable boy
at a country lun un'1 wUo bos used
every device and procedure to keep out
I of prison since, he wa-s arrested in 190S,
'",rt KlVP" ,n,t 110 ,",'',l,l,r"rc,,
onmtcHt flnanc er now nrom ses
to afford a subject for lively debates
In tho French Chamber. The. Minister
of Justice to-day iBstied n warrant for
bis arrest. Meantime a telegram from
St. Nnzalro says Hochette Is nearlng
Franco on lioard the ntenmshlp Navarre
from Mexico to fnce tho music. This
Imbroglio will be used as a weapon
against the Government.
.Voted Slnirrra "all.
Special Cable Deipatch to Tnu Rrv
London, Dec, 20. Among the pas
sengers who will sail for New York on
the Campania to-morrow besides Mrs.
Whltclaw Hold and Mr. and Mrs. Ogden
Mills Held are Elena Gerhardt. the
singer; the Hov. John McNeill, Justice
and Mrs. Joseph Emery Robldoux, H.
Kennorley lltimford, the vocalist, and
Clara IJutt, the contralto.
TOKIO. A freih difficulty hi nrlun In
thu formation of tlio iw C'ablnrt uwWr
l'rlnce Tro Kuliura. Vlct-Admlml Ilaron
Mlnoru 8lto, thn Mlnlaler of Marine, ho
lion been rotalned In offle l.y I'rlnco Kal
sun, now refuies to ronnln.
VBSOIII.. Franor. Tho Oerinn aviator
who landed at llarnay In hla blplann and
whoas machine waa aeUed' by the Prrncli
police haa proved to lie a Herman non-com.
mlailoned army officer named Zlffa, The
French military a-overnor of the fortren of
Helfort haa aent a detachment of tho flylni
rorpa to atilit him In the leaumptlon of hia
r'AYAI.. Til' tlrltlah aleainahlp SI An
drew, from Havre for Ualvenlon, pul In here
daoiaKd by aevere weather.
Hiftlicst, Except Hoynl Honors
Shown Liito United States
.Hotly on Hritish Cruimr Nntal,
Letups for America
special fable tmpate.b In Tun Sr
Los-dak. Dim'. 20. The nations of the i
world sent representatives to Join the
groat congregation which assembled In '.
Westminster Abbey to-day to do honor
to Whltela-.v Held, the late American
Ambassador. Nothing that Knglnnd
could do to show honor to the country
which Mr. Hold represented had neon
omitted. The King's message to Mrs.
Held was In autograph nnd not. as usual,
conveyed thtougli a secretary, and It
was at thi- King's own suggestion that
in.il'ji-'u ....n-ii.. win hold In England's
Vt,lhalla. Westminster Abbey.
,. ,,,.., nf uinrv nrevented his
I. I . . ..nlni. nrni.nl rill
to represent him he nominated Prince
Arthur of Connaught. the Prince of the
royal blood, who has .so often repre
sented K'ng Kdwnrd f.nd King fieorge
when th highest '-epiesen'atlve only
was telt to be fitting as when the
Prince recently went to Japan to rep
r(,S(nl ,1P .-nK , tn(1 funeral of the
late Mlk.ulo
The onl wieaths id the Abbev to-
da;., save those from President Taft
unit Serretary of State Kilos, were those
of the King and Queen and Queen Alex
andra. And as to-day Kngland's min
isters, prelates nnd diplomatist, with
Kngllshmen who ate most prominent in
literature, science, art and commerce,
assembl-d within the Abbey's ancient
walls to pay a last tribule to America's
representative, so to-morrow and until
the mortal remains of her late Ambas--iidor
are safely return-d to America's
shore, the Ilrltlsh army and navy will
continue to pay the nichest honor to
him and the country he represented.
The great church was crowded. One
half of the big congregation -were
Americans who live or are visiting In
England. The entire staff of the Amer
ican Embassy and of the Consulate
(leneral were among the mourners. Hun
dreds were unable to gain admission.
Pesldes Prince Arthur or Connaught
others In the front pews of the chancel
wete Lord Howe, representing the
Queen Mother Alexandra: the Puke of
Argvll. Prince Louis of HattentsTg.
the (5rand Puke Michael of P.ussla, the
Vice-chancellors of Cfoid and Cam
bridge universities. Premier Asqlilth.
the Foreign Secretary, Sir Edward
(irey; the Home Secretary, itegtnaut
McKenna. the Colonial Secretary.
Lewis Harcourt; the Lord President of
Council. Viscount Motley: the Indian
Secretary, tho Marquis of Crewe, and
the Prcs'dent of tho Hoard of Trnde,
Sydney Huxton.
The tnourneis Included John Hubert
Ward, son-in-law of Mr. Reid. the Karl
and Countess of Grnnard and MIsb
lireckenridge of San Francisco.
The steamship Kronprlnzessin-Cecllle
with Mr. and Mrs. Ogden Mills Iteld,
the son nnd daughter-in-law of the
dead Amluissador. arrived nt Plymouth
this morning H had been planned
that Mr. and Mrs. Held would be taken
to London on a special train, but till
ing ship docked too late for train con
nection to be made in time.
From Dorchester House. In Park
Lane, the coffin bearing the body of
Ambassador Held was conveyed on a
gun carriage to the abbey, accompanied
by a military escort of cavnlry und
Infantry. When the cortege reached
vte-simin-i-r ,ml. ,1
a throng
which resembled that which gathered
i for the coronation of King George
Immediately after the processional
was played the Archbishops of Canter
bury and York, In their robes of white
nnd scarlet, took their places with tho
night Hcv. Herbert Edward Hyle, Dean
of Westminster Abbty. In black and
gold, as the choir chanted the opening
of the burial service.
The music was furnished by the great
abbey choir, assisted by the choir of
the royal chapel. Sir Frederick Hrldge
presided at the orgun.
Wesley's anthem, "He Will Swallow
Fp Peath In Victory," was sung, after
which Pean Hylo rend a pail of the
burial service.
A choral orchestra played the funeral
marches of Heethoven, Chopin and
Pun ell and the "pead March" fro.n
"Saul" during tho service
At 'the conclusion of the services,
which were of great beauty, dignity
nnd solemnity, the body of tho Am
bassador was taken by train to Ports
mouth, where It was placed in tne.
evenlnc aboard the Ilrltlsh cruiser
Nntal Tlc. rCOrt from tho Abbey to
the Victoria station consisted of a hat
trry of the Itoynl Horsn Artlllory. a de
bichment of thn King's Household Cav
alry and half a battalion of Foot
Guards. The Coldstream Guards met
the body nt the station and acted as a
guard of honor.
The Natal will sail to-morrow wtth
flas-s nt half mast for America on Eng
land's mission of love nnd respect to
Atneilca'n representative nt tlio court
of St. James'.
Mrs. Whltelaw neld and Mr. ana .Mrs.
Ogden Mills Reid will sail for America
to-morrow on tho steamship Campania.
tlnmnr Jrvrlah Surgeon Demanded
Urn-aril for Counlrjruten.
Hbrun, Dec 20. It Is reported In
medical circles hern that Prof. Israel,
a noted Berlin specialist on kidney dis
eases, recently performed at St, Peters-
bum an operation on the llusslan Czare
vitch, whose mysterious niness nas oeen
variously explained. According to the
story now going the rounds, Prof. Israel
removed a tubcrculonus kidney from the
Czar's eight-year-old son, the heir ap
parent to the UuHBlan throne.
It Is said that not only did the spe
cialist receive a fee of $25,000 for the
successful operation, but he also asked
that a royal decree be Issued rescinding
the order of the Czar by which Jews
were prohibited from hettllng In Odessa
and Kleff. The professor is a Jew.
Humor has It that Prof. Israel wan
not permitted to cross the Husslan
border to perform the alleged operation
until the Immigration laws were set aside
for his particular benefit.
It was originally published that the
Czarevitch had been wounded by u
Winston (hnrchlll nml l.nril t'hnrlra
llrrraford In linn.
London, Dee. 20. "Skulking." "bribe
and thrriits," "b.'U'k stiilrs methods" and
"gross Insinuations" were somo of the
terms bundled buck and forth by Ad
miral Lord Charles Berosford and Wins
ton Sponi-er Churchill, First Lord of the.
Admiralty, this afternoon In a wordy
war that In It language was ns vio
lent as the rules of the House of Com
mons allow.
The debate was concerning the re
tirement of Vice-Admiral Sir Francis
C. Rrldgcman Brldgcman from the po
sition of First Sea Lord of the Ad
miralty. Lord Charles Bereiford, In opposing
the retirement of Sir Francis, accused
Mr. Churchill of pursuing a policy of
bribes anil threats. The First Lord of the
Admiralty. In a stinging reply, said that
he tinted the retirement solely because
the state of the Vlce-Adrnlral's health
rvX him Incapable of fulfilling hi.
duties adequately.
Lord Charles Heresforil, he said, had
made n number of Insinuations of a
very gross character. "ie has skulked
In the background, 'waiting for an op
portunity to make charges unsupported
by facts," he said. He lias levelled
scurrilous attacks of espionage, favor
itism, blackmail and Ineftlclency against
me. but I have never taken him too
seriously. lie does not mean to be as
offensive as he really Is. Since I h.ive
been nt the Admiralty 1 have dls.-overcd
that It would be very dltllcult to get
a board of nnvnl men to approve such
an nppolntmf nt."
Amrnililr i:iirer Sorrow nl Drill li
uf Former Mlnlntrr.
pecinl I Dfpolel- to Tm: Sin
Panama, Dec. L'O. The National As
sembly to-day unanimously adopted a
resolution expressing Its sorrow at the
death In New York of (Sen. Domingo
Dlnz. the former Minister to Paris, who
was prominently Identified with the .
cession of Panama lrom Colombia. The
Assembly also oted to biing the body
home at public epene and to give the
General a public funeral.
The flags on public buildings will be
nt linlf mast for eight days as a fur
ther mark of respect to Gen. Diaz
mt ii nl UnriTlnna
M st
Attain Wnlk Out.
Ktirclal folile limp'itr. to Tun Sin
lUr.cBt.oNA, Pec. :0.- The railway
men threaten to strike again on Jan
uary 1. They accuse the Companies
of not keeping tlfrlr promises and also
complain of a company which dismissed
the secretary of tho men's federation.
The Government has recalled the
h-oldlers who were on furlough nnd Is
hastening 'he organisation of the re
cently created railway battalions.
Hrarlllan (loirrniiifiil ii.riiil
Action In Land Concessions,
Special fable Deepatel. to Tim Pin
ttio he Janeiro. Pec. 20. The par
liamentary committee of Inquiry into
the question of land concessions lias
telegraphed the Governor of Govaz to
suspend all action In regal d to such
It Is understood that this is directed
against the syndicate headed by Percl
val l'arquhar, the American promoter.
I'tan In NholUli llra-eney ami I'rnn n
I'rlner I. minis.
Special Cable VeepoIeK to Tnr. Sex
MfNicit, Dec. 20. The Speaker of the
Bavarian Diet and the leaders of the
various parties; were notltled to-day by
the Bavarian Premier that an amend
ment to the Constitution will be sub
mitted to the Diet providing for the
abolition of the regency. If the amend
ment Is adopted Prince Ludwig, the
new regent, will bo crowned Klnjy In
place of tho mad King Otto.
Philadelphia storage Men niaaarer
and Prlrra Drop.
Pllli.Ai.r.LrillA. Pec. 20. The egg
crusado went on merrily In Philadel
phia to-day. A good grade of cold
storage eggs sold for twenty-two conts
a dozen In nearly every retail storo in
the city.
Mrs. Peer says the Housekeepers
League Is still active In the crusade, but
If It Is not, apparently It has accom
plished its purpos and has aligned
the cold storage men ugalnst one an
other, so that they nre glad to sell
their eggs at a reasonable price.
PlTTSBL-noil, Dec. 20, Pittsburgh Is
going to get Its butter and eggs through
tho malls. Arrangements have lccn
made by ,tho women In the Federated
Mnrketing clubs, Mrs. Alvnh Stewart
announced to-day that the committee
of which she 1r the head has called upon
100 farmers' wives In Alleghenj county
Those have agreed to send butter and
eggs to those In Pittsburgh wlue-e
names are on n list left with each.
Payment Is guaranteed by the Fed
crated Clubs. After a tiilk to-day with
Postmaster W. II. Pavls Mrs. Slnwart
"The postmaster says hn Is ready to
handle, the farm products and will seo
that everything Is rushed through.
Morris lloehatadler Fires Rullrt Into
Ilia HlKht Temple,
Morris F. Hochstndter. secretary of
tho Admiralty Realty Company, who had
been III of nervous Indigestion for seven
months, killed himself with a revolver
at his boarding house, 46 East Sovonty
fifth street, yesterday afternoon. He-
turning at 1 o'clock from his office, 7
Wcat Forty-wecond street, ho said he
was going to his room to rest. Ills body
was found In a bathroom two hours
later. Tho bullet had entered his right
Hochstadter was a member of the
Harmony Club. He wns 60 years old
and "waa not married. His brother-in-
law, Adolph Wlmpfhelmer of 801 Park
avenue, took charge of the body.
Mrcantle In After ItoiiKh Trip,
The steamer Mefrntlc. arrived laid
nla-ht after a rough trip. Among the pas
sengeis on board were Mr. anJ Mis. John
K. Nash. -Mrs. Nnsb was Hell Hawthorne,
Hn actrrss.who first brought to inn alien
tlon of Scotland Yard detectives that Dr.
!" 01 " - . .u.,"r.V;. r,. .
wife Mr. Nash
l flrst time K,n? years on thX
?eUt whU'Tiok fenta.
to be convicted und hanged. Another pas-
senger was Mrs. Frank Millet, widow of
.he "list, who lost Ills life In the Titanic
Italian Pitt to Death in
Montreal Xnmes Men Who
Killed Detective.
White Slavers Who Fired the
Shots Are in Canada,
Statement Says.
What may prove to be the true story
of the killing of Lieut. Joseph Petro
si no at Palermo, Italy, on March 12,
190?, reached Police, Headquarters yes
terday In the form of a lengthy state
ment, purporting to be the confession of
the murderer, made a few months ago.
Whether or not this document Is true,
tho police nre going to Investigate. It
thoroughly. Since Commissioner Waldo
came Into office he has been working
persistently to find the murderers.
This confession was made by Carlo dl
tlattesla, who was executed In Montreal
yesterday for killing Salvatoro Maea
luso last July. PI IJallosta swore that
the story which follows was told to him
by Francisco Cassjlse. one of the alleged
conspirators In the Petroslno murder
plot, while the two were on a railroad
train travelling from Montreal to Van
couver, II. C. The story follows:
In February. 1909, Cassalso Maculoso
and Vlncenzo Messina, known ns the Pro-1
fesoi. left Montreal. whie they bad been
eiigHgiil In the white slave trade, for New
Yoik. There they took the stenincr Duca
del Abruzzl for Naples, whence Messina
went direct to Palermo, while Cassalse
and Maculoso proceeded to thu Villa San
Giovanni la Calabria.
At Calabria the two men found a boat
walling for them, ami they nailed for
Palermo. They were met by Salvatore
('.iinpliil. Casuals!1' brother. Camplnl
boie wind fioiii the Piofrssor that every
thing would be lea.ly an a few days.
Messina In tile meantime llflil got 111
touch with Petroslno. whom he had known
In New Yoik and had told him that a
band of N'p- Yoik counterfeiters bail
headquarters at Palermo, tie agieed lo I
tuke Petroslno to the home of the coun
terfeiters on the night of Mulch IS to
ploe his stoiy.
The place, he said, was In t lift count! y
about a mile outside of Palermo, and to
reach It they had to trmel a tinriow
winding loud with Inrge IicmiIiIith on either
side Mauuloso mid Cassalse were sta
tioned behind on of these boiildeis, their
levolvers ready.
When Petroslno and Messlnn teached a
Isilnt In the road directly opposite the
boulter the Professor stepped back and
tlr,.nri.l tt In. mll.trniltf I mmnilin I..K !h .
two i.i.u on the roadside open.-.l nie. or congress a recuai oi me iui o..i
l'i tiolno turned nnd tired linck Into tne fvred by Americans In Mexico, with a
fcliadows, and as ho did so Messina stiot i ecapltulatlon of each case of American
him In the heart
That night Maculoso and Cassalse took
a boat for Cairo. They lemalned there a
short time nnd fhen returned to Quebec.
The Professor lemalned l nind.
According to the. statement received
at headquarters yesterday Cassalse and
Mes.dna are now somewhere In Canada.
Although this "confession" gives no
motive for the shooting of Petroslno, the
police believe It for the reason that It la
the sworn statement of a man who
knew that he was about to be electro
To llreak I ,ftOO-Y ear-Old Itulr For
bidding Women There.
Specim! Cable Ileepatcb to Tun Srv
Viknna, Pec. 20.- A despatch from
Athens to the AVtr. H'fciicr Tagblatt
says Queen lga Intends to pay a visit
to the twenty monasteries on Mount
Athos. This will break the rule for
bidding a woman to set foot on the
holy mountain, which Iibb been observed
for 1,500 years.
The chances of war brought the pen
insula of Chalcidlce Into the possession
of the Greek troops and the monks
who Inhabit the mountain are now-
Greek subjects. The republic of monks
living nn Mount Athos has always shown
a lack of courley toward women, ex
cusing thwnselves by their statutes and
the legend that the Virgin Mary bear
ing the Infant Jesus camo to Indicate
the site of the monasteries, since which
time no other woman has been per
mitted to set foot where she trod. These
arguments were used ngaln't the Into
Empress Elizabeth of Austria and also
against a German princess.
The announcement that the King nnd
Queen of the Hellenes proposed to visit
them, caused a flutter among the monks
Hid they hurriedly summoned the Coun
cil, which decided that they would be
obliged to ulter their statutes in order
to welcome their Qjiecn.
Danker Iteenvera From llnaliand
Amonnt He Mient fr Maler.
A Jury before Supreme Court Justice.
Cobalau yesterday returned a verdict
of J3.97S in tlio suit of Ira Richards,
Jr., n member of the Stock Exchange
firm of Carlisle, Melliek .- Co., against
Tristram It. Collin, formerly a member
of Wagner, Plckerson & Co., lo recover
money lie expended to enable his sIMcr,
Mrs, Marlon Richards Collin, to divorce
Collin, nnd for tho support of their two
children, Tho verdict was for the full
Collin was not In court, but his at
torney, John F. Mclntyre, took the
stand as a witness und test tiled that ho
belloved ' ho could have affected n
reconciliation between Mr. and Mrs.
Coftln If Rlchnrd8 had not Interfered.
IN,llllO Applied For by 1711 Deposi
tor In This Mote.
Washington, Pec 20. Information
made public to-day by Postmaster-General
Hitchcock says that postal savings
depositors of New York havo made ap
plication for 1 18,960 of the postal sav
ings bonds to be distributed on January
1. Application has been mndo by 170
depositors, nnd It Is particularly Inter
esting to note that morn than $44,000
has licen applied for In the registered
form, Indicating that they are being
purchnseil as a permanent Investment.
Now York city leads nil other cities
of the Stato with applications for a total
of $16,400, and following In order nre
Brooklyn with $ 1.620; Deposit, $3,600;
Blnghnmton, $3,020, nnd Llttlo Fulls,
Freeholder Indicted In Slot Case.
The Hudson county.'New Jersey. Grand
: Jury yesterday returned Indictments
twe!,ty Hal00n kcP'" n charges
' running slot machines. Among those
iJTio haKra'hna70,
'r'"n' n'n?nn imt ?d L n? L SKI"
8v7' Unl.?n J,""' . forlner FfM'
I hoWw Y"L"""!$ V W '"'t'li,'"f''-' " suloon
I in"j.v. ... w--v.-v.v--
lam ps
Fifth Avenue
at this time would inflict on the nation
as a whole a burden not Justified by
tho Interests Involved,
However tho Stato Department has
taken all measures In preparation for
such an emergency, even though not
contemplating a resort to force. There
has been prepared for the consideration
loss of life and property besides the of
ficial correspondence showing what has
been said to Mexico, what she has prom
ised and to what extent she has ful
filled her promises. All this Informa
tion will Ik available for the Incoming
The Mexican reply to the note of Sep
tember 15, tt Is now disclosed, failed
to show not only any appreciation for
the assistance given the Madero Govern
ment by President Taft In continuing to
recognize It nnd glvo it his moral sup
port, but conveyed the impression that
Mexico herself Is the nggrieved parly
tnstenri nf the one to offer redresa.
I The note now lie I lie drafted will re
mind President Madero of his obliga
tions to the I'nited States and will In
timate that a continued disregard of
what the situation demands will bring
consequences which Mexico cannot but
greatly regret.
It was nnnounccd to-night that the
Senate sub-committee charged with the
task of. investigating the Mexican sit
uation will go to tho border during the
Christmas holidays for thu purposu of
making further Inquiry.
Senator Smith, chairman of tho sub
committee, and Senator Fall of New
Mexico will certainly go and It Is prob
nblo that Senator llorah also will Join
his colleagues. Tho committee's report
proliably will be delaved until ufter the
first of the year because, of this forth
coming trip to tho border.
It Is known that the Senate commit
tee regards the present situation us
very serious.
George Fred Williams of Boston In
appearing before the commltteo this nf
ternoon gave detailed testimony tpyi
cal of the indictment which the com
mittee has gathered. As part owner of
tho Los Arcos Smelting and Mining
Company In the stato of Mexico, 50
miles from Mexico city, Mr. Williams
submitted letters received from thu
munagers of the property.
The latest letter, dated Pecember 4,
said that tho property was then sur
rounded by 1,000 bandits under Zapata,
who demanded thn unconditional sur
render of thn place. Zapata, according
to the letter, had declared he would kill
all Americans ho could catch on tho
place because the property was last
Mimmcr defended by a I edernl garii-
The manager said he and Ills assist
ants Intended to light to the last and
had no doubt they could .stand off the
rebels If there was any assurance of
ultimate relict from the Madero Go -ernment.
Hn was pessimistic regarding the
prospect of the Federals landing any
aid, however, inasmuch as the Govern
ment protection was withdrawn some
tlmo ugo. Since tiio dato of this letter
communication has been cut off und
what has happened Is not known.
Another eiu-o Is that of H, S. Steven
son, manager of the Las Palomas
ranches, who wns kidnapped by Salazar
ind released only on payment of $7,500.
The commltteo lins a letter written by
Saluzar warning Stevenson that ho and
nil his employees will bo killed If they
attempt to return to the Las Palomas
properties; that nil useful property on
the ranches hus been destroyed nnd tho
Federal garrison which was sent was
annihilated nnd further that all Ameri
can ranches, mines or haciendas do
fended by Mexican Federals will Iwj
destroyed as a warning against recog
nition of "Dictator Mndcro" by tha
United States Government and Ameri
can citizens.
Evldenco now before tho committee
shown that tho condition of many
Americans In Mexico Is dcplorabln and
that tho Inteiihn iintl-Amcrlcan feeling
is dun chiefly to the belief that front
tho beginning of thu Mudero revolu
tion tho United States Government
aided Mudero as against Diaz and that
since Madero took office tho Washing
ton Government has been unusually
vigorous in its hostility to Orozco and
Ills, associates.
The evldenco tends to show, it Is
said, that Urn'MexIcan railways In the
north are practically out of commis
sion nnd that American railway men
have been warned that Jf they attempt
to perform their duties thoy will bo
rihot on sight nnd finally that Ameri
cans who have remained in Mexico ttr
iinuii iimiiiuj uiiniii
uiiniiikin TA urwinni
( oiirniMru ;iora rusi i"a.
& Co.
&37 - Street
protect their propertle- have been left
without the semblance of protection on
the nart of the Federal Government
and that there Is now In Mexico' no
properly organized and efficient bov-
Male Department ItrllPTca Anxiety
of American shipper.
Washington, Dec. 20. Rumors of Im
pending Increases In the Mexican tariff
schedules have caused great anxiety
among exporters In the United Stntes,
who have appealed to the Department
of Stuto for further Information.
It was said at the Department to-day
that there Is nothing In the present
situation to indicate that American ex
porters need have any anxiety for the
Immediate, future. The Mexican Con
gress has adjourned without authoriz
ing Increases In the tariff schedules.
There has been talk of an extra ses
sion of Congress there for the purpnee
of revising the tariff, but nothing def
inite has been decided regarding this
proposal, consequently It Is believed that
it will be a considerable tlmo boforo
any Increases can possibly be author
ized. The Increases In the tariff schedules
are being advocated In Mexico as a
means of Increasing the national reve
nues In order to meet the heavy mili
tary expenses of the Federal Govern
Arenaed Wife nf Trinity Professor
Oppoae. I'rlvnle Hearing.
IlARTnonn, Conn., Dec. 20. Between
the array of lawyers concerned In tho
sensational divorce suits of the Rev. Dr.
Cranston Brcnton, professor of English
literature at Trinity College, nnd his
wife, Mrs. Elizabeth Alden Curtis Bren
ton. daughter of the late Dr. Jonathan
F. Curtis, before Judge Wheeler In tho
Superior Court hero to-day, counsel for
Mrs. Brcnton nnd tho corespondent
named by Dr. Brenton, Frederick Er
nest Holmnn of Rockland, Me., won out
In the preliminary skirmish.
No objection being made, Judgo
Wheeler granted the busKind'H motion
for authority to take depositions, Jan
uary a in Rockland, Me., whom tho
corespondent's father, the Rev. Will
iam Holmati, Is nn emeritus Baptist
pastor, and where Holman's divorced
wife, Mary Case, resides. Judge Wheeler,
however, promptly denied Brenton
motion for a private hearing betoro n
referee or a commission.
The lawyer nnnounciil they would
probably get down to nn actual trlnl
In open court, alsiut April.
Counsel for Mrs. Brenton said she
preferred a hearing in open court, be
cause she and Holman wanted to be
cleared from the imputations ns pub
licly as they hnd been branded In tho
at the
No! Genuine
witboit the wort
A Snappy Seasoning
It It necaatary to the full
njoyment of a dinner.
A saoarior r a! lata for '
I tat. QMK, a.
im ntTMCax'a Sosa, Asei.ta. N T,

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