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mooting, says the nulcsrlnn delegates 't PlIH I ITr III nMOnil
are very much Incensed ut the latest III hlull I Irr IN KKlMIIU
Turkish ptoposnls nnd nrn preatly Irrl- IU L IU L L M I lUOU l
mien over mo dilatory turtlos or the.
Turks. They my that If the Turku on
Monthly full to present more moderate
proposals the allies will have to recon
sider tho situation.
Saturday's proceedings, says the writer,
weakened the feeling originally enter- 1,1,.. Pltorno'S SoiliOllOO ('(Ml-
Fonr That Monday's Mocl-,mal,ernf "llaty of,,eiIce-l
Ing of Conference May
Bring Trouble.
finned by Itomnn Court
of Cassation.
Return Prom (inayatinll, Where lie ! ,.,
Went o Mtadv Conditions.
feated. Now Wants to
Lose Nothing.
Stnbbod by Her
..penal Vahlt Ttetpnlrh to Tint Stc
Home, Deo. 1!K. The Court of Cassa-
Bpeehl Calilr Oenpateh to Tin Sri.
Panama, Dec, 2S. Col. William ('. Ii .i.. ..i., .. i'i....
(Jurir.is. chief minlturv ofllrer of tl,n ! " V" "" 'in
I Panama Canal Commission, who went;
I to Guayaquil, Kcuador, to examine tho
Declare That Sultan, De-! h,,m "ii"in there m order to pro-;
u tiir .-Mimi s.ijiic limn tiint'iic, 1 '
turned hero to-day, but will he held !
up ut Quarantine for several days. j
Col. (loreiiM took two sanltnrv nviinrf
with him to look over (luayaciull, whleh ' h"" confirmed tho life Imprison-
Is a notorious pest hole. The Idea of mc,u "''"toncc of Ueut. Huron Vln izo
tho Am.rlrnn luinltnrv .n,mi...in,, u I'atorno. who murdered his mistress,
LITTLE FAITH IX At'STHIA to tices within seven miles , !'' '"7" Tr!T;,!'u,nJ' I1?.,!!
of the zone free of diseases such us'1" '-'"" Mnwh 2. mil litis
, ns mil! i)i wie inosi iraKiu ci mica oi
passion ever known here.
, The Princess Olulla Trltsona ill Kant'
Klla, it lady In waiting to the iluccn.
n niece of the Marquis dl San (lliilano.
the Italian Minister of Korelgn Affairs,
and cousin of the Prince ill Sella, Sec
retary of State In the Korean Ofltce.
vwm murdered In cold Mood on tlu; date
natned by Paterno, who was a cavalry
Lieutenant, 21 years ot age. The IIiikoii I
, between the woman and tho I, lent mi- I
Make Vnlnablr I ant had been going on for some time.!
It was n common scandal In Roman
society and tho husband of the l'rln-
Refitsiil to Demobilize Army
Causes Apprehension
in London.
Special fa't lietpaleh to Tnr Scn
London', Deo. 28 Tho abrupt ad
journment of the peace conference In
St. James's Palace here shortly nfter
noon to-day when the rcprcientatlvc of
the Hulkitn Povicis departed in high
dudgeon over what they consider the i
yellow fever, plugun and cholera, and
l'r. IJorgns went to the Keuadorenn
port to see what It would cost to make
the place clean.
The Punaman Assembly to-day passed
n bill providing for the establishment
of settlements In the Interior and the
civilization of tho Indians.
Roman Workmen
rilarnvrry ar Cirrus Mnxlmna
Special Cable Deepalch to Tnr. Sr
ItoMK, Pec. 2S Moro ancient ills-
outrageous counter proposals which I covcrles are reported to-day. Two
were submitted by the ottoman dele-1 laborers, while engaged In the work
cess had summoned her to court
separation proceedings.
The Princess was one of the most
Clearance Sales
At Reductions of Half,
One -third and in many instances
More than Half former prices
Fur Coats and Fur Sets
Svening Gowns and Wraps
Dresses and Blouses
Tailor-made Suits and Coats
Ao Sale Coeds sent on opptocal, rtstntJ or exehanttJ.
T Dry Goods Carpets Upholstery Vv
A Silk Sale
Of Great Importance
10,000 Yards
Kates, us nlready outlined In The Scn, i of demolishing the foundations of u l,,'nu,lful women In Koine, and utis u Paterno 11 check which he turned over
has Klvon rise to Kravc doubts as to' medlnval wall near tho Circus Muxl- l,romln,nt society leader. She was 30 to one of his creditors. Tina man. In-
tho ublllty of the contending parties to mus with the object of wldcnlnn th ??.aM r,a'''e' bul luokisl much youiiKer. stead of cashing the check, used It,
make any advance toward a settlement ' road, discovered an earthenware urn K lclor ,:,nmi",l,l "m jueen accordlni; to reports at the time. In an
when the conference is resumed on i which was tilled with Kold coins. The I,l'Irna ,l!ul ,rl(tl t0 reconcile her with attempt to extort blackmail Jrom the
Monday afternoon, lly that time the 1 laborers divided the coins secretly '"'r llU!llHml without success, l'lnally Princess and this led to tho iwsslp about
Turkish representatives will have heard I amoni; themselves and sold them for ' ,liratH were resorted to and the Prln- tho wiud.il at the court nnd eventually
from Consantlnople, but It N not be- several dollars nplece. The news of c'", wus lnIor'1',il that unless she cut to the tlnal tragedy,
lleved that their Instructions will uu- the llnd leaked out and the police ' off ,l,'r n,rlBu" with Paterno sho There Is no ileutli sentence In Italy
thorlze any .Immediate chanire In the arrested the men and sequestered the would bp banished from tho court. Sho an(1 Paterno when convicted got the
position they have taken. At best a coins, fourteen of which were recovered. wus llvlnK t tho Qulrlnal all the time, limit of thirty years Imprisonment. He
holdup In the negotiations seems In- Four of the coins had been sold to u ! A" 'li"Hy d the desired elTect made an appeal on various Krounds and
evltable v.hlle the Uuropean situation trarhaue man. who bad resold them in ' "1'un the Princess and she notified tblK was the leKal point decided to-day.
is becoming hourly more dangerous, ' a dealer at J20 apiece. I.ieut Paterno that their Intrigue must The appeal was principally based on the
owing in Austria's Impatltnce The coins lire now In the Natural em1, "e demanded a final meeting and absence ot I nterno's orderly, who Is In
The disi u.!on of Macedonian reforms I History Museum. All of them are very -""feed to see him. They met at Tripoli and whose evidence was con-1
at this time proved particularly odious 1 rare nnd very valuable. Thev diit'e tm Hotel Itebecchlno, a third rate sldered very Important. The court ruled ' WO.M EN
to the iJrei-k representatives, anil that back to the llt'teeuth I'enturv nn.i nr.. house. Tue liaron had engaged a nrl- that the evidence of the orderly was un-
deleration was the Hrst to leave the pic- the best specimens of the Papal mints , vat0 room, and after they were together necessary, since 'the crime had been suf-
ture gallery In Si. James's Palace, where , In the republic of Florence and the be locked the door. The hotel people tlclently proved. i 'I'lll'V Hill) o CliniH'P of Vs
the sessions are being held. Tip Ir 1 grand dukes In the kingdom of Hun-1 not know that they had such a Haron Paterno was not present In I '
leaner, l'remler cnl.ielos. characterized gary , prominent couple In the house and no court when the Judgment was delivered,
the Mtuttlon as most deplorable. "What The wall where the discovery was attention was paid to them. hut fainted In prli-un when told ot tlje
Is the use," h,; asked, "of our staying; made evidently belonged to a convent., What happened between the lovers dccKlon, which Is now Irrevocable,
here?" and In thai query seemed to 1 The exploration of the place Is now Is not known mo fac as the details go, Sassarl. the convict nrlHon which has
The Naming Reaches London
After Bitter Fljrht Aprainst
Colored Taffeta Silks
and Black Taffeta Silks
In the fashionable colorings, from the light,
delicate evening tints to the dark street
shades, suitable for Waists, Dresses, Skirts
and Linings. Regular 75c and 85c qualities
kcape. Assert Several
voice the doubt felt by most of his col
Cither com.T.ents heard after adjourn
ment Indicated the extreme rerrntment
which the Turkish plenipotentiaries have
I aroused by the bold terms of their pro
posals. "For whom then have we
being carried on.
but the general theory is that the hitherto been iim-I for solitary confine
woman told the young man that the meat, has been abolished and the con-
thing mu.u stop and that there was a vlcts have been transferred to a contl-
.-t.tcml tallt tletpaleh to The So
Ixj.vpon, Dec. 18. The disastrous storm
violent scene. The tiring of a revolver nental prison. Tho people petitioned thc'on tlJe EnR,in and French Coaste which
Operatlm chance Amerlrnn Park- ! atracted the attention of the hotel man- Government to close up the prison on wro,led many vessels placed thn lives of
era With Dishonest Practices. 1 "K"r- i,n" ""' !""'. who were called, the ground that the convicts used to
i hrnkn 111 Mm linnr f h. rmm Tin i. .t. i. . . ..
.M Cltl AmmiM 1. Tn. $r ' : ." .'" "- 'e I" le Kina in Wie ueigllDor-
tn nark .tm r.'tnin mi'l iviitMtn tiy tit...... 1 HIH''.
st the fn.nt" Stojan Novak'cvitdi. Tht' Krlevanee which Is mostly corn
whom the Servians call iheir liisnun li. , 'i,ah"'11 ,,f N ,hnt ": "1,iul spinning."
remarked with hliterm-s-: "Tin- Turks T'"" "I'eratives complain that ..wing to
have not vet learnod that honest v is 1 ,i"' speeding up of the silnnlng m.i-
the best iiodcv." ' chlnery It Is impossible to spin without
Naming In danger for a time.
The Naming arrived at London to-day
and the pjingers told thrilling stories
regarding the precarious position of the
steamship at one timo and also of the
sending out of a distress call.
The steamer, which wns hminrl frm
to kill himself, lie was found on the j liutrrnmnit Ceia anirtent tmle- the Far Ka-t. came In contact with the
imor wiiii u nuiiet wound under his' rll,irt pi, ivom A.nrrlea. terrific gale off the French coast on Christ
ear and his hand covered with blond, mss morning. Immense waves swirled
over thn decks from end to end and most
fought?" demanded with excited - M;i DCr-A a ineeting ,,rlnCf'" 8 wn" f",lml ,I,a'1 ,h" 1,0,1 l"o'l. 'o sent their photographs to the
tures Dr. S. Danoff. the Ilulgarian dele- , , I l.-i i' , .h,. lm)1 .e:l Ptalhed In the neck with .onvlcls
gate. "What Is the return from i,.r "f J.-ratl e hpinners Assoc to! m .h , ,
victories?" was . ked by another And "d" U,"dS ,prl,lcd 1" 1 bed. Sh was uudi-e.l and her nlshi
from l.aZar Ml uskov Itch, the Monte-' '"'f'"" n"' GERMANY HAS ENOUGH OIL.
negnn. came th- threat: "I ant going ,"".' - , T,. , ,,,j ,.,, ,, ,,v ,
Itechad Pashn presided st today's
meeting, which opened at II o'clock, nnd
threw the delegates Into Immediate con
fusion wh'n he began nt onee to read
the counter proposals submitted by the
Turk.-. Intense dissatisfaction was ex
prssed by the representatives of the
allies by gestures and by , olamntlons
in then- several mrlvc tongues over the
very hrst artirle of th" Turks' demands
- that the province of Adrl.uiopie wus
to remain under the direct administra
tion of Turkey. This contention prom
ises to be the most senous siunihllng
block In the path of the conferees.
In the genera t d.si iisMnn of the Otto
man proposal which followed all the
Chief delegates of the allies, spoke. They
pointed out thai the !.,i(.;s of the counter
propo.-ais was entirely different from
that oho.Mi by the .ilbrv in framing
their pe.ico terms.
Th" b.iMs of t'n Turkish proposal? did
not recognize the fact ,,t the situation,
argued the delegates of the allhs ine
of them, speaking to the Turkish mem
bers, said. "You must remember that
the allied troops ite still at the Tcha
taldja lines. I'nless you are willing to
negotiate on the l.n.-Is of the dismem
berment of Kuropcun Turkey an, dis
cussion will be futile.''
The Turks dirt not take Into consid
ers: Inn, they urged, the territorial
r.lnlms of thn iillbs. This was par
ticularly the c.i-e In regard to Mace
donia, where reforms seemed to he th
object In view of the Italk.in war.
The speakers In behalf of the Halkan
rrtnfr.rlor.itlMM 1 rwlten te,I flint fji I
posuls were entlrelv unacceptable and
could not form the basis of dls'-usslon.
The Turkish deegntlon was nsked to
submit new counter pmpoals which
Would take Into consideration tho basis
of the terms of the allies.
Tills dlil not appeal to the Turks and
they argued their point of view stoutly,
st the same time promlt-Ing to transmit
thi observations of the Balkan dele
rates to Constantinople and to give an
answer by Monday
The Turkish delegates were xskrd If
their counter proposals constituted their
last word, but no definite nnnwer was
received on that point. An effort wan
Iso made lo Impress upon them that
any discussion of Macedonian reforms
was quite unncfoptablo at this stage of
the negotiations, nnd tho Greek Premier
proposed adjournment ut 12:30.
The situation as It now presents It
self Is thus described by a leading com
mentator: "Turkey's counter proposals,
which entirely withhold territorial ces
sion, wero declared by thn allies to hn
unsultrd tn constitute a basis of nego
tiations. Meanwhile thn Kuropcan sit
uation," says this writer, "Is bocomlng
fraught with danger to Austria, who is
continuing her mobilization she can
not wait much longnr and the Inter
vention of thn Powers must corns soon
to be efllcaclous."
He irocs on to say: "Although pes-
almlsm Is spreading, I am convinced ,
STiat the Powers will shortly act, Tur
key's terms aro as follows: Absolute
Ottoman sovereignity ovor territory i
which will leave Adrlanople In tho
rutnds of Turkey, and autonomy under
Turkish aurevalnty for territory which
will embrace Anionics; Tlulgarla tn havo
a port on thn Xgcan Sea similar to thn
port which Is to b granted to Servln
on tho Adriatic."
breakages und the consequent rslue-
f om .be knlte with which he had killed M" '"" 'mwio-A to Tin Pes
the woman. I Heiu.in. IVc. 2S -The .semi odlclal : nf tho mbinu m-or.. lti -ik
There wore many other stories as to Xorth (Sermon Gn:ette says that tr.e 1
tlon of their earning power. Th-v de- "J.1"1,, '? '!" r-,KedV- :1ne "f 'l'p"e tlove'rnment now has snlticlent orders leave their lierths and to sit for many
clare that the operatives lose from 7.1 tint tlw lover w "haTl ! t " i' i " I for Independent American oil to insure hours in pools two fwt deep. Then came
cents to sl..-,o a week owing to the In- m'nu,u.ti tllat Uie Vtlncess sunn Iv h im ''imuny a full supply without nny,a,,,il? wl,icl ,,r,lolt ehip and
ferlor material which Is furnished them wlth ,,,, sh a j,, ' ,., flom ,,. Alwlrtatli ,!umanlan or "llplet her. Immediatelr wireless mes-
to work on. The employers say that , previous summer wbh her f.vo liusslan tlelds. j sages were sent out calling for assistance,
they are not ptlmarllv to blame ter the daiightets. 7 and it vrnrs nf ae re. The miner intimates that nnv bill ! nut " hnort tlmri nf,er ey were rescinded
bad material. leiuently, they assert, spectlvely. when she r. iv.-,l a c ,4 which Is lntrodticc.1 In the lteiehstac ' " captain had managed to get hi.s
It is the result of the work of INbonest threatening letter from Pateim
He for the purpose of putting an end tn
packets In America who throw Inferior could not J..n h.r. hn said. Icause his the present inonopolv will be acceptable
cotton Into bales of the finest grade". creditors were worrying him Th- 1'i.n to the Covertiment so long as It does
1 in trouble offtctB ISO.UOOmen. ce.ss was moved to sympathy and sent , not mean an Incrcai-e In price.
Danbt Torkry'a nlnerrltr After Her
l.atrat Tardea.
fptcial Cable JoipaleA to Tsa Srs
London, Dec. 29. A writer In tho
- '' erf la commenting on the peace
J S naa- iiiiili I in fT-TI'll'Tf f . .TIHsT.-lini I'TI.i.Trr ... ..I. If .lrAL.,J'-rr0CJaJV Tl fi. .
"hip umler control. Ho then made lor
Iondon, orriring to-day with his ship
at a deep angle. Kverythlng on the
decks was demolished or carried awar.
Many other vessels which had a hard
time with the storm arn arriving nt the
Southern ports. Thesn vessels have been
badly damaged nnd numlmrK of them
havn been obliged to abandon their
. vnyuRc.
j P. Marcon, who was a passenger on
board the Naming, soys the women In
the forepart of the ship were Impris
oned In their cabins In such a way that
It was Impossible for rescuers to reach
them or for the women to leave. "Wo
were between life and death," said this
passenger, "for when the ship turned
around our rail was down to the water's
edge many times. In another hair hour
It would have heen all up with us. The
i water was pouring Into the cabins
through all the doors and ventilators,"
Another passenger said that those on
1 deck or within reach of thn wnves were
washed about like corks. Their clothing
got caug-ht In tho Iron work of the
! ship and was torn from their back".
No woman could get to a safe place In
any kind of decent appearance. Tho
waves would catch her und wash her
about the deck until shn was practl
rally denuded of clothes. About the
tlmo sho was exhausted a man w mid
grab her and hold on to her or other
wise sho would (havo gono overboard In
a moment.
"I was In my night drejis for two days
and two nights," said one woman pas
senger. "Our trunks wern smashed
lo bits and everything was washed out
of them."
Krem London Punch.
youWeEgonRewton8?W ,hC"' 0" W"h X0Ur ,'P,, 'nd Wbe" VU'Ve flnishd ,hcm br,n ,hem ,0 me ,nJ 1,11 sbow V"
Itnmnr Mnch Wanted rinanrlrr Col
leeted Fonda far Madera.
Special Coble lietpntch lo Tsa Son
Paris. Dec. 28. Tho .Vnfln charges
, that Henri Rochette, the financier, who
la wanted here on several charges and
who Is said to bo on his way to Mexico
undoubtedly In the latter months of
1912 placed In France the greater part
If not the whole of an Issue of $6,000,000
of Central Mexican Hallway stock
, through certain Intermediaries. Ho
icliette was supposed to bo acting aa
, flscnl ngent for the Madero Govern
mnnt. Tho Mexican Government, according
to the Marin, apparently did not use
!the money for the purposo Htated, hut
V, unaa internal politics.
Rochottn therofore rendered the Mexl
can Government a great service
It was in connection with this affair
that Ilochette visited Moxico this sum
mer, when he obtained certain conces
slons and also a guarantee for tho
tr.,000,000 Isauo on condition that he
should not be extradited from Mexico
to France.
The Mexican legation officials say
that Ilochette Is unknown to their Gov
crnment He, they,,iy,'vJ-ra never
charged with a financial 'mission for
Mexico and would surely have been
extrudlted if France had made such a
demand. This would have been neces.
sary under tho provisions of the reci
procity treaty lictween France and
Mexico. Tho French Government often
granted extraditions at the request of
0,500 Yards
Pure Linen Cluny Laces
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t'nrnan'a Former ;krr Aecnaes
roller f ffrektaat Itevrnne.
fpecial Coble Dupatch to Ta StK,
Milan, Dc. 28. Uomatl, the former
chauffeur for Caruso, who was arrested
yesterday on n charce made by a young
woman, denies that he stole money
from her. Hn says the sirl, whose
name is Eplnr.l, willingly lent it to
nomatl says the police brought the
accusation against him out of revenge
for eloping with Blgnora Olachsttl. He
means by this that while he was work
ing for Caruso he was accused of
spondlng the tatter's money In enter
taining Stgnora Qlachettl. who boro the
great tenor several children.
LONDON. Tha crulta upan which Prints
Q.orif. tha King's ateend aen, will at aut
on January ! en board tha crulaar Cumber
land, may take blm to Amer loan porta. Ha
will than hava eampl.ttd (aur yaara of train
ing In the naral collcgta at Dartmouth and
HONOl.Ut.U. Tha liner Ventura, Sydney
for Han rranclaco, which arrived here,
brought newe at tha grounding of tha gun
boat 1'rtncelon In Vase Page heraer, Decern,
ber 12. The warahtp wi refloated alter a
frw houre and la believed to be practically
PAWS. Aeeordalg to etatlttlea pubitihcd
by the Mlnlitrr ot lbor there ware during
llio l.iot atrlkee In Vrance, taveWlag 111.
4il etrlkera. Ot thees Til were tar higher
wagae. Ot tha latter 111 were ueceaaful,
:tl failed and 111 ended In a oempromlae,
11EBI.1N. I'reeldent-elect Weodrsw Wll
non'e book, "The Htate," ahortly will appear
In a German translation by Oueather Thomas,
was obtained Ike author! pennleslea.
"Ig nreulla From Cnnilirldar I nl
veralty Mrhonl Prnrtn.t
Sperial Coble, DetpnfS tn Tsu Sr
Iokpon, Dec. !8. rurmi-rs whn r
experimenting with n new variety
wheat brought out by tho C.mbriil"
University School of Agriculture l"
pesr to bo achieving succens
One man named Klgr, n menH'f'
of tho Canterbury Farmers t'lub, hi-
raised a crop of whent on which 1
realised $8,380, without the vlue '
the rrtraw. rrnm the proflucr C'f one
Quarter of the seed which he puivlufil
two years ago at a guinea a bushel
He bought eight bushels, or a total la1
vestment of $42.
Arrive- la Cratra t Undcrao llrdt"'
Sptdat Cahlt Vtplek to Tsa Sck
Havana, Dec 28. The sanitary ''
ficlals were very much excited n-4J"
at discovering crates of rat traps which
had been landed on the wharf from the
Hamburg liner Corcorado. They cn
talned dead and live rate and wcr
to tha national laboratory to b
amlned for Indications of the buboale
Mlalater'a Cklldren's Nlarlea '
Well la t'ofenhaaen. I
Bptciat Cablt ItupotcK to T Si 1
riiimieiniu TW 58. M. 1' M I
the United States Minister hfrc, i
oently wrote a series of Illustrated w
dren's books. They have proved '"A;
great favorites in the glvliiK f Lbrmf
mas presents to chlldrsn. I

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