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Attornoy-Ocnptiil's Advice lx
pccfvd to Limit Scope of
.Money inquiry.
Ex-.Illstice Mrmvn Siis Commit
tee Cminot 'oniel Wil
!ieMs to Appeiir.
WwilMITON. I II V Tllill III" 1 "f j
commute", u mili-i'iimtnllli o of tlm
Hons" fommtttrc nn Kinking nntl Cur
rency. Ik wltluuil turner In rnmpi-l tlio
nttetiil.inre ir o.Htiiiin!i ot wltncsn. In
its co-i-nllcd "immry trnwl" Invi idlK.i
tlon. unleis II Ik hi Hiir under i'innly
ilcloKiiltd iiiitlinrlty "f III"' I'Vili'tnl i'mi
nt It ill ion. Is the enneliiHlim t inched m
ii brief iiilnpteil I'V Attnrney-rii'tirral
Wielcrshiitii Mid yitWnltlrtl lij 'illo
Hrnun, II .special iittiiriicy f'f tin; De
partment nf .ttiMice.
In addition ti brlmtini: t rwnrd var
ious I'linelililitns teat'illitK lights
nnd privileges nf the entiimutee, the
brief HpoelllrHlly uil tscs 11 fus.il nf the
request of tin" committee, iiiiule throuuli
its counsel, Samuel l"iitrrmer. for de
tails of th" business of national batiks,
which are not Included In the custom
ary reports already made public. This
action Is a cevele setback to the eolu
tnltlre. and Is epeeti'd to furnish ad
ditional grounds for the refusal of
banking officers to appear befote that
body In the future.
The Hmwc resolution iiutlinrlr.ltiK the
Riving of the desired Information in re
spect to the national kinks, ban been
adversely reported by the Senate Com
mittee on Finance, and .fudge lb-nun's
brief therefore concludes that the Comp
troller of the Currency cannot be com
pelled to divulge such Infot mutton ns
id sought.
It is understood that Mr Wirker
ham has submitted lus hint t" I'nM
dent Taft and thai Hi" I'r iil.nt I- inn
pared to use bis dtM ii'lloii in Hi" mat
ter Of the Colllpttollr r, i mi'lilk'!' of th"
executive I rani b or th" ( lu i't'iiiii"iit,
furnishing the niitiilenll.il data ili'sm d.
What ;..iih"r .n tlmi will I.,. tMk. n by
the ''iijo inminlll"u tliiuiich Mt. I n
tern.yer is not now known. It i- In
lieved that the il'i'lM"ii will inatiii.ilh
Mffiet tl.e .-nbseipii lit conduct of the III
vestlsatinn Itcsjdis ibidai'itii; lb.lt .1 i nuillllttte nf
the Hoiu. Iiim not pnwi.T " compel na
tional klllk nftieels to teSilfV ciilliilll-
in; the affairs nf national banking as
notations, the In i. f fuitli. r slates
"It. ts ulti.i m'i'h of the Comptroller
of the C.irienc.x to examine itilo the
affairs of nation. il (unking associations,
for the purpose of Miming mfoi mu
tton for tlie sole use ol a committee of
Concre.'-s "
The position of the Comptmilei' is a'so
detlneil In the . tinning miiiiiii.ii of a
poll Ion of the brief:
'The Comptroller of the Currency Is
morally, although proruiuly not legally,
ktutid to hold in confidence Information
united from national tmnltlng iiRFoola
tlons by virtue of his official nuthorlty,
iMept In so far lis Its publication Is
speeltli'iilly authorized by law."
The brief goes one to say that In
the opinion of Dm author there Is no
law authorizing the Comptroller to fur
nish information he has gathered, and
that he cnntiol be compelled to divulge
nich Information b a committee of the
House of lteptesentatles,
1 if the resolution directing a sub-coin-iniitee
of the House Committee on
I'.inking and Cutreuc.v of the House to
make an Investigation Into matters re
lating 'o the supposed control of the
money market through concerted action
In the operation of national banks nnd
'at orporatlnns engnged In Interstate
commerce, lh" bllef sajs:
"Tie resolution purports to author
ize an Investigation for the purpose of
.iiotiirlug Inforimtion from which to
formulate remedial legislation, nltliough
intuit of Hie Information that Is a
iurotit dcrlied tclate.s to affairs fall
Ina nn, side of the Jurisdiction of Con
gress, such as, for example, the opera
tions of the Xc.v York Clearing lloiie,
the New Yolk Stock I'sclintige .ind thu
insiitanie companies which tire not sub
Jeci to 1'edi tal i nntrol.
"1'isin the passage of the resolution
the committee proceed d to subpicna
tlm mamslng "Ulcers of various na
tional banks and atempted to compel
them to testify to the matters under In
w situation. These kink otllccrs, how
ever, refused to dhulg" an Informa
tion icgardlng the affairs of th" nsn
ilatlons represented li them, on the
ground that the same Js pri lleged by
lrtiie of section W J t ot the Itevlsrd
Statutes, which provides as follows:
" '."o nssoclation shall be subject t
any vlsl.orlal powers other than such
as ur- authorized by this title, or ur
v. sted In the iiuirts of Justice'
"The able counsel for the committee
argues that the powers sought to be
eM'iibed by the committee are Inquisi
torial rather than viMiorlal in tin Ir
tint in and therefore not within the
opct toil of this section. However this
nia !. the HiSti"! of Itepresentntlv es
Pissed a bill for th. purpose of remov
ing the iiinfroniing dlllii ulty. but the
Sen. ile Comini.t 1 I'iiiaiii" has ail-
v.rs.tv icin"tid llns bill 1,1 the Senate.
I laving thus railed to secure b glslatlve
sinitioii tor Ibis fialiile of the lincstl
a ili"ii or the Mi-iailcd 'money trust,1 the
11. nice 1 iimiiiittee 111 vv sicks to m i lire
Hi- lb sired Inrofiiflilon thioimh Hie
machine: y of the ntliie nf the t'nmp
lioll. r of the Curienev I am ,nh.. d
hv the 1 '1. nipt roll' r thai ho imw has
verv Hill". II" aiiv. or this Inforiuatioii
in Ids p.i-.i sion. and that In older to
s.iti-fv th" diiiianiis of th, p solution
II would be note -it iv lor blin to cause
-I '.I I cillir..l.ltloll f..f tile pl'po.-r.
"Ii Is fuii.la'n. nt.11 iliat the i'on-gr-.-s
i...ssewc ..niv sin h powers .is
me di legal, d In It lj Hi. the Coiistitn-
tHUl of llle I'llillll Suites.
"Tlio various povv.rs cmuossIv grant
ed to th" Congress, and the powers r-,ue-sy
granted to each house thcieof.
ale eiiunietali'il in Artlt I. ol the Co!i
".tul.oil All anal) -is of the l"SilattVo
lii.vv.rs nf c. ngt.-ss is not cs:cnti,il to
the .ropi 1 deiermliiation of the uuis
ln.li which is lien piesetited, but it Is
Important, I think, to conuldcr the prn
clso powers of the ItoitFe of Itepresenta
tlves, when nctlne Indejicndently of the
"The House Is specifically authorized
lo choose n Speaker, cxerciise the solo
power of Impeachment, Judge the elec
tions, returns and (inallllcatlons of lis
own members, determine the rules
of Its proceedings, punish Its members
for disorderly behavior, and with tlu
concurrence of two-thirds expel a mem.
"There Is no cvpies! grant of author
ity to the House to compel the attend
ance 1 ml testimony if witnesses In con
nection with any luvcrllgatlou which It
may condiu t.
"It Is unite clear, however, that each
branch of Consrcss possesses Implied
power to compel the attendance and
testimony of witnesses to facilitate
the exercise of the powers expresfly
delegated to It by Hie Constitution, nn
the some principle Hint the Congres:i
acting as n legislative body is clothed,
by implication, with smli powers as
may be necessary to the pirformanco
of lis prescribed f unctions.
"Hut lii'iny opinion the House Is with
out Inlieietit power to compel the at
tendance and tejtlniouy of witnesses In
any Investigation which Is not con
ducted In pursuanci of some power ex
pressly delegated lo It us an Integral
department of the Congress."
After reviewing cases bearing upon
and elucidating the question of the pow
ers of Congress, Judge Urown declares
his opinion to be, in the present situa
tion, that Irrespective of the question
of constitutional allowances, the House
Is precluded from examining Into the
affairs or national banks by a fair con
struction of th" existing statute law.
He defines the vlsltorlal power of the
(.loveriunent over national banking as
sociations, together with the power of
supervision and control, which powers,
h" says, are vested in certain officers of
the executive branch of the Ooverntnent
and In the courts of Justice, "to be ex
ert Iscd In accordance with the spirit ns
well as the letter of the national bank
ing laws."
It Is unlawful to assess national
banks for th" expenses of conducting
examinations tinder the banking laws,
the opinion states, nnd then goes on to
the following exposition with respect to
the supervision and control of banking
"The Comptroller Is chnrgfd with the
supervision of national kinks, and ho
is clothed with such authority and
only such authority as Congress con
t elved to be necessary for the effective
exercise of this supervision.
Ii would constitute usurpation of
power lor him to attempt to utilize ma
chinery of his office to tnaki any in
vestigation of national banking asso
ciations which is not 1 0)1 1 .'til pl.t t I'd by
the national kinking laws.
it would fall vvhollv outside of the
purview of these laws, and t.icref.uo
tieyotlil the ptovince of the Coniptloller
or th" 'iirrenc.v . tor 1)1,11 otlKcr Ii
examine into the in!, rn.il affalts of na
! 11 .11 .1 1 banks for the purpose of securing
Information not coiMd.-icd niri"f,irv
to the pciform.ince of bis legitimate
function for use of a committee of
the House of Itepreseuinuves In th"
consideration of new legislation."
Itegardlng Section f2ll of the Itevked
Statutes, limiting the vlsltorlal powers
to which national banking associations
shall ho subject, the brief says they
were enacted to afford protection to
such iissot IntliuiH from Investigations
other than those spccillcally provided by
tlio banking laws, and continues:
"There are many relations arising out
of the business of hanking which are
universally trealed as confidential In the
world of commerce, nltliough they have
not yet bcn recognized as privileged In
the courts of Justice: and It was in all
probability through fear that these ton
ihlence.c might be unduly violated, tui
well us lluoiiuli fear that national bunks
might be oppressed by arbitrary Inier
frrenco. ftom the Comptroller of tho
Currency, or some oilier oilier or
agency of th (lovernmcnt, that Con
gress Incorporated these provisions Into
the national banking laws.
"In my opinion that part of the reso
lution of the House of Representatives
which presumes to direct the Comp
troller to exert bk olllclnl authority In;
behalf of its eommltlce in securing In
formation relative to Ihe operation of
national J'nnks Is squarely in conlllct
with Hie statute law and, to that extent,
devoid of legal force or effect. National
hanks ale creatures of the lawn of t en
gross and the I tiles whereby they shall
live and move and have their being aro
prescribed by the luwa of Congress.
Surely thbi elaborate nnd well consid
ered scheme of organization and opera
tion can only he Interfried with through
legislative expression of the will of Congress."
Scr-remit lMddell of House of
Ii'epresentjitives Thinks End
of Clinse in Sifrlit.
Oil Man Mny Aecept Service To
morrow, but I'liysieinn Sny.s
He Isn't. Kit.
Will fin to Wnnhlnuioil lo He (jurat
of .Nntlunnl CJrOKrmihle Soclel.
Having received In Kuroti" Hie honors
Ii. illling bis achievement, it is now mi
lio.liiceil Hint rapt llonld Vliitlliikeli,
who on December It, mil, with four hardy
companion, iiitaliieii Die vo.ll that lias
aspired tlie ftinbilions of so iiihiiv explorers
the South Pole, will Mill from Southamp
ton nn the St Paul 011 .liiliunrv I for an
American tour Aire.nlv plans for his
reception and the coiifetriug of further I
honors have been perfected.
In rc (ignition of hk niiileveinent this'
Norwegian explorer has alreadv received
from King Ibiakou ll of Norway the
(Srmiil Cross of the Order of SI Olnf . from
III" King of Sweden tile lir.llld Cross of till!
North Slur, from Hie tierin.m r.mperor the
tireat Medal lor Art mid Science; ftom
ihe (icographicnl Society ol Merlin Ihe
llumboliil .Medal, Hie highest distinction
possible, lrotn Hie tieouraiililcal Society of
v ieiiii.i Hi" ll.'innver Medjl, nnd from Presl
dent Kailleres of I ranee tlio Itisitiis ol a
(iraiul Officer of the I.eginn of Honor,
and Prince Hnnap.irtc, in behalf of the
t'eonraplilciil Society of I'rHtice, has pre
sented him with the ( iraiul Hold .Mednl.
fter Ids arrival in New 1 ork Cnpt.
Aniimiken will go lo Washington, where
on .lanuary 11 lie and Peary, Hiedkeov erers
of the South and North poles respectliely.
will he I lie guests at Hie eighth annual
dinner of Hie National '.eogr.iplilc Society.
I hk is not the first 1it11ell1.it 1 ant Amund
sen has been honored by the National
iteographi' Soiielv On i'ei ember f It,
I'in7. Ike -oiietv's gold modal one of llie
1 11 1-1 trophies in nil gcngiiiplili ,1! honors
...is awhrded lain foi Hie 1I1-1 every or Ihe
Sorilivve-t passage st.ei nil gold medal
villi now be .ivwiithd lor lik in liiev etnenis
III smith polar eioriiion. and il will tie
placed in hi- hands In Pen v. who has
t-i i .11 ili oilier end of I lie earl Ii
Many hundreds ol oeiii members,
lh- Piesnleiil ol He- I iii'.'d Slates. Hie
members ot 1 he t abinei ihe .lust. , h of the
Supreme Court, Hi" tiii loiiiiiln Cot ps, meni
bei s ol ill" Senate and Ibm.e ot llepre
rrntiuives, reiire-en'ing Hie society's mi ni .
betslup in everv state fill lertilorv, ii nil
a number nf foreign geographers will wit
ness 1 his eercnnuial.
I lie dlle ol I apt. tluUllllseli s visit to
Hoston s riie.1 for i'uesil iv January '.i, ,
and iirenaratloiis are in progress hv Hie'
Norwegians of I his city (o giv e him a fitting
IiitiTesllng developments in tlio search
for William llockefeller, who lias been
pursued by sleuths of tlio I'ujo investi
gating; committee ever sincu ho was
served last summer with a submenu
to appear at Washington, may be looked
for lo-lnorrovv.
This, at least, was the declaration
yesterday of diaries K. Kiddell, sergeant-at-arms
of the House of Hepresetilatlves,
who arrived here on Friday Irom Wash
ington with several deputies to tuko
personal churRi) of the search for tho
desired witness,
"Close personal friends of Mr. llocke
feller liavo promised inn that they will
feller saving that his patient was unfit
physically to appear nnd testify, and
and furthermore, he had hew told by
J. K. Jones, son of the late Senator Jonex
of Nevada, who is local counsel for tho
Standard Oil Company In Washington,
that .Mr, llockefeller cannot speak above
u whisper,
"My personal opinion Is that Mr. llocke
feller is not ill, or at least not so ill that
lie cannot npiwnr l-efnro the uummittee.
1 am iiersiiarled that lie is in town and
we're certainly Bolnc to find him," says
Sergt. Hlddell.
Dr. Chapell said yesterday at hlH homo
at 7 Fast Fiflv-tilth street that he, hud
supplied Mr. flockefeller with a formal
certllicato at the latter s request, tun
that he had t-craonally had no corrcspon
dance with the I'll o committee,
lie further declared that he thought it,
would Iki unwise for the oil man to ko to
Washington and try to answer questions.
SerRt. Hlddell said yesterday that ho
had 110 idea Mr. Untennyer would want
any answers to hh citiesllonH except yes
and no, nnd that, in his opinion, the wit
ness could make these simple wordi
sudiciently nudiblo without much effort.
I.rsves .Meitlenl Hiiwutnrra tu II end
Clilropndr fctiool.
l)r Maurice !. 1.el of this city, for initio
tli.ui twenty ears secretary of the Stale
Hon id of Medical Kxaniliiers, has resigned
lo become president of the School of Chi
ropody of New York. The resignation
Is to take effect ilatmary I. The Hoard or
llegeiils has selected Otto Von Hoffman,
at present clinical professor of pathology
tit th" College of Physician and Surgeons,
as i Lewi's successor.
ihe last session of the lglsliitme passed
urge him to accept service by the Fuji) a law which put the licensing of chiropo-
eomrnliie... and 1 fu v exnect tnnortant me stiaio imam 01 itegeni
This took effect the first of last September
One requirement Is that persons seeking a li
cense imihl nas an examination nt the liiiuds
of the State Hoard of .Medical l.tamuicrs
under the Jurisdiction or the Hegents nnd
another is Hint the applicant must hnve
completed a coutse ol study In a school ot
nropouy npproven uy wie iiegeuis.
i lie New X. ork school iiumedintelv reor
ganized, established a course in chiropody
to comply with the requirements of tho
hiw nnd chose Dr. I.evvl a Its executive
head, ihe Hegents passed a resolution
of regret when they flcirptcd Dr. Lewi's
developments by Monday, " declared
I lie sergeant, lie said that he had talked
yesterday mornim; with Mr. Hockefeller's
friends in the Standard Oil office at '-'fl,
Hroadvvav and thai ho beliccvod they
.u- 11,. .... ,,. i,.! ,.,, compieieii a couise 01 siuuy in a sc
would acluall) tr to bntiR some pressure ciroiM)dy approicd by the Hegenls.
tu invar upon trie 011 man, wno nii so mr
gunred all communications, official and
otherwise, in regard to his coining to
Washington as a witness,
"I know that Mr. Pujo, chairman of
the investigating committee, and the
Speaker of the House of Hepresentatives,
have personally written to Mr. Rocke
feller urging him to appear before the
committee," said tho sergeant.
I'.iddi II declared that he did not beliox'o
the stories that Mr. llockefeller wan
staying at his home, HockwiMxl Hall, in
Tnrrytnwn, unci that he was amusing
himself along with hi neighbors by
laughing at the sleuths who were watching;
his house. tThe sergeant is persuaded,
li says, that Mr. llockefeller is in town,
if not" at hi Fifth avenuo home, at least
not far away.
CoiistMiicntty the i-ergeant is confining
his efforts to this city. He xront the
other afternoon to the ofllce of Sherman
A- SterlinK.nl ,v Wal I si rem, and. it tempt id
to see Mr Sterling, percental counsel for
Mr Hockefeller lie was unable to securo
an inter-. i-w, lie said yo.terd.iy, but
instead talked with .lohn A (i.irver, 11
member of the firm .Mr. t,arver assured
:i,44ll.7SN Pounds .Made In
Ktrrrn .Month at Iflll'.
There was manufactured In the United
Slates In the first eleven months of 1912 a
total of I24.41D,"hh pounds ot oleomargarine,
according to the official (lovernmcnt reports
as shown by the sale of revenue stamps.
The output for November amounted to
i:i,H2,0l0 pound). The largest monthly
output was In January, when 17,003,1.10
pounds were made, and the smallest in
July, when 7,017,1(1 pounds were turned
These den its arc of Interest in view of
Ihe so-called Lever bill, favored by the
oleomargarine interests, providing tor a
-evislnn of I lie Federal oleomargarine law
1, pending in Congress, i he oleo
ma, Mrine men claim ili.it opposition to
1 tie 1. 111 comes irom trie usiry interests
Heport to NhrcI Snys Land
SlHiilitcr Ts Nccpusnry
to Snvc Herd.
W.vsiiinoton Dec. 2S. tieotse ,
Clark, secretary of thn Fur Seal Cerni
mission of the L'nlted States of 1135
and 1 807 nnd speclnl Investigator of
the seal Islands In 190:1, who has r.
cently returned from n trip to tliei'rlt,.
lof Islands, nnd Dr. David Starr Jordatf
former commissioner In charge (,f fU!!
seal Investigations, have Hied vvith
Secretary of Commerce and Lubor
Xagel a stnlement selling forth that
the suspension of tho Innd killing c(
seals on the I'rlhllofs has resulted n a
large economic waste and financial Ins,
besides depriving mankind of a lora)
tnodlty nf comfort and utllltv.
. Mr. Clark, and Dr. Jordan preten
against the enforcement of the law 0f
t!M2 providing for the suspension ef
killing for Ihe years and urge Its m'.
ineuiuto repcni. 'iney contend that th
treaty entered Into between the Fnlita
State:', (ircat llrltaln and Japan, which
prcventH pelagic seultng, Is sufficient
to conserve the herd Hnd that Its. aboil
tlon. an demonstrated by tho cxpr.
encc of the past season, Is nn atlequat
remedy for the decline of the herd.
The statement seta forth that at th
time of the transfer to the United ytttes
of the T'rlbllof Islands the seal hrrd
numbered about -fi00,00f) and that In
IS!8 it bad been reduced to about 10,.
000. It number.; in tho present reason
about 2Ii,000.
The report says that beginning v-rHh
a catch of about 8,000 In 1S!, the num
ber of seals taken by the pelagic hunter
Increased steadily on account of th.
tension of tho licet t 61,000 anlmito
from tho Frlhllof herd In 1SS4 and that
slnco that Uate tho pelagic catch haa
declined with tho declining herd, until
In lull It riumtiercd about 10,000. Ex
amination of the skins of the pelade
catch, flic report Faye, and InvcTtlrallot
of the soxe.t of eeals taken by vesscla in
Hchrlng Sea and counts of pups starved
to death on the rookeries show that II
to 85 per cent, of seals taken at sea art
.MrHidihil thai 1m would Irv to arrange , In commenting 011 the stHtement in Ihe
Willi I'ercv Hockefeller lo tell where his
father was sieving
"1 haven't heard a thing from either
Mr llarver or Percy llockefeller." Mr.
Kiddell admitted mourn! nil v. "and it
doesn't look as though 1 should hear
rennr! ol Stecreliin- nr Ihe Irejisorv
MaeVeagh lo the President Hint the pro
posed legislation would ndd sj.onn.nou to
the country's revenues arid that n "vihole
Miiuo and cheap article nl rood would lie
within reach of the people or moderate
.means nt honest prices" the . uri'mm?
I 'roiisinnrr said edlloriallv yesterday I hat
ihe sergeant said he wok aware of the! .rpoii-"",.n.kr i"1'11".1. ?L.rf. "!!'
fact that Or Walter F.tn iyia iZ buVier thai is
sented a certificate' in behalf of Mr. Rocke- fit to eat."
Dnnghtrr Who Wonld't Learc
Them Cnrrled Ont.
Michael Kvers. S" years old ; his wlft,
Mary. ST. and their daughter. Kllzabttk,
ftrt UI.IH lietolnnllv reseiteH hv Am.n
when their home in Jersey City burni
, last e vening. The nged couple were
, hcmiiifd In by the flames and their dauch-
tor 11 fused to lenve them until help ar
, rived. '
It I supposed that the flte slatted from
paint cans sloted u the cellar by painters
1 who have been working In the houw
1 The building is ownd by i' .
Dsvls. willow or Hob Davis, a well kri6vv:i
lwlitlclan, who lives mM door. Her own
house was slightly damaged, It Is r.il
that 15,11110 will cover the damage to bot
Mid -Day Cabaret
Singers and orchestra in
our duyligh'; restaurant,
4th floor.
Special. Luncheon
Bed n In mnd-.,l'nunH'HV(r I'nl- yry
nnninc. Corn Fritter. Ilnmr-tiiuttr (
Apple I'ir, Tea. CatTic Milk -,v
Women's Blouses
of shee r white lawn, entire
front of shadow lace,
finished with scalloped
cdint? and fine pin tucks;
turn back collar and cuffs,
trimmed with lace and
small buttons, ha
Sizes 34 to 4 2. Val. ilr
Sl.SOjspe'l at I t
i.v m: voiik's siioppim; cirtti:
Demand Mcrt'liandisc Stamps from your tradespeople;
no matter irom whom you get them c will redeem them for $2.50
Worth Ol merchandise from any of our nJ departments, or your
choice ol beautiful premiums.'
DOUBLE STAMPS until 12 Noon
SALE now in progress
We hare tlir reputation for tin lot mvthv hulmuor taints in Grtater A'nr York. We may atsvre you that this event will, by far, surpass many sueeessful sales in the past. You may expect marvelous values. Our muslin underwear is
selected with the greatest care and ciery ijannnit ia 11 on perfect lines and correct proportions. Latest models trimmed with choice patterns of fine embroideries and laces. All Spring models will be conveniently arranged on 100 tables, and
v;hcthcr yon buy 11 be garment or a $15.00 one, you may depend upon it being selected with the same good taste and care.
Gowns ef Crepe
it Chine.
$4.95 (9
Jg- Intants'Lono APMKS tfg Extra Size French Under- Jffi MM. csfe
jasKMKtfTW- rnnmrrrl v32JWSa oarmrms j&ZS!!rtfr wear &5SSSSuz irousscanx ivm-h.
5- Majesty Corsets Xi Corsets S wscb W Corsets XsST ZJY Corsets x
EUewixtrc SI. CO EUtwhcf SI, SO 255 EltwhfrmJt.St Z.;." Chrivherc S2.Stf . SS EUwher M.50
for Irassleres.
Eltcwhtrq SOe
C. B. a la Cornetn; latest
and most desirable models;
cut extremely long; with
front and side
supporters. Value kQ
$1.00, for
CorteU; f unions well known
brand, Intent arid nm-t ilp.sinihlu
models; cut oxtrcinely low; ri'
ducin tho llRitro into f q
lender proportiom, Hnf
Value S2.00, for
Conttt; ffttnoiirt well known
brand, especially designed for
well developed llKtiros; heavily
boned; excellent inocl-t j
els. Vnluo :.0I,.4J
llraittifiil models, rliOmrnlilv
tmuintd, dm cut full ami lung.
Corset Covers I Princess Slips i Combinations : Skirts
t.'mwis ct nnlntook. run ml ni'rlc ntid
kiiiiiinii hIim'M'i, ilaintilv
lilniiiii'il with line i'iiiIjihIiI
riy nlnu 5lli', lor . . . .
(Jiihiu, of lino twiliiKook,
I'llcrlHi'h- trliiiliii'd Willi
I'luiiio nf rinlirolili'ry unci
mi 0 Valim J5e, lor . .
Iiiittii, of ltii imltifcook, 3D novel clo-
ihh-., ruiiiiiraii'iy iruililicci
villi linn liiitiiirti.cl muhrQlJ
unci IniiTtlon Vuluo
Mi.tto in M.ar., lot- ....
V",".1"1' ."' "'"' llfiKcrlu cloth unci
iiuiiiiy r.i.-iT Inulfrl.llH: 50
tyli", liliiiiiu.,1 with tlnu
hiciw icimI ..iiilirol(lor'
uIiim mi, 50, rur
liimini, Kxnrl u,io4 r thn cluhoratci
trlniini'il W.IHi lliioliircM und 1 ft
oinliioKtcrli's niuHtN3, lor
lltlirm nn tu Hio.utl,
Eupccialiy designed to bt worn with
u e pnncni sijic corsets,
Cortct Covtr. at fine Nainsook; '
itlectlvely trimmed with
val. and cluny laco inser- C
tion. Value Jic, for IDC
I'omet Cni'r, inaiir inl.
ly inoclcU; trliiiiueil wit It
inliroldcrli'n, val anil lliifti Z.JI
Comet Vo rn, of tine niiito- m v
rials, tnuny ilulnty anil elnli- nMn
iiraln nioilnU; trlmniwl with
linn lacoY and omli. Vul ISo,
I'orset 4'otrrn, of fine llntrorlo clotlii
pxc-f llent iiioiIpIh. effectively
trininiecl with linn lams anil r e
eiiiliroiclerles, Value !., 11 Wp
Corirt Cover, nimln of tho flniwl
niHipnaiH, nnecttvi'ly
trlinnipii with choli b pat
1 terns of pinbrolcliirliMiind
Miirpn. Vnluo S3,H, for
Cut on l.ieelleul Lines
Perfeet Fitting.
I'rliHTim KHih, niinle nf fllip Naln-
m)du. top mm liottom irliu
ini'il with I'lioico iinttpnii
nf oinlirolilury and liui'.
nluMI,0, for
I'rlni'PJH Kllim, lino Hoft nmti'rlnln;
iiuuiiiiy iriinnicHi wuu linn
lacpit and ciiibriildfry, nl
IIiih biiilHin in iti.llciiui ciil
utH. Vuluo tll.au, for
I'rlliPi'MH Sllm, madn of flno tnnto-
rials, 111PH ,v iii-cp iioiinco c m
triniiniMl with lino titi-o-t 91
1 1 no nni-Hi
Ollirri tin In m'i.llN.
and I'lnliroldery.
M'J.SO.for . ..
I'rliH'i'hs Nllps, cliurniUii: modi'N;
lacy 1 ratiHtmi put iioiiiicvh
and rhoico patlpniH of
pniliroldnry; tspro hIIU, all
ldIoim. Vuluo M.OO, for
I'rlncpM Nip, t rim -
tiled with Val. ImrM and
cmli. Vul, Wtl.tltl, for
Especially datignrd to be worn icith
tlx: present style corMs,
rninliliiatlons, of fine Nnlnsoolc; top
uii.i iHi.iiiiu iiuuiiiiy irim
uifd with linen l.u.j. UeK.
I lar priua HUv, for
I I'omlilmtlims, of flun N'nlnsooU, of-
iri iivnif criiuiiiou wuu lino
embroidery linen and cluny
liiccH, Vmua JSC for . .
('iiiillilnatlotM, nf fine nlieer mate-
iihii; itauitiiy tiiiiunoi.1 with
llim embroidery and Inser
tion. Valuo SI, 00, for. .
t'nmlilnatlniM, line llnccrlo cloih
and iiuovor embroidery
liiMirled wilh bow-knntj
and fine hue ineclulliou'i,
I Vnluo Ml. SO, for
t'otiililimtlniiH, coptpK of tlio clubo-
ruin riencii uarineniH;
liiinln of tin) flnpHt inii
Irriuls In iiiiiiBunl ile
hIkiih, Valuo H:i.OO, for
1 .
flo clolh
Cut for the present style qowns.
nun or uiinotii underlay.
Skirls, nf wort Nnlnsonk with deep
hu-11 Hi, line, IrlixmnH ultl.
Ulii, eniltrfililur,., l. , 1 .
ineil with lain 'and Inser
tion, Value Oc, for.. ..
Mklrli.orhoft Naltp,ook;ef
fectlyely trimmed with em
broidery tlouncn uiul roH
of disunion, Val. 7Sc, for
Skirts, inudo of Xnlnsook, wllh deep
.-iiiiiitiiuury, iiimj
models elaborately trimmed
wllh lace uud insertion.
v nine si.ihi, for
Skirts, with deep to inch
!. "ViT' 0 uni""i"c,ry;
...iKimii I'jniei. uuiinnis.
Cir ular or straight, also Marsctla
and Ijoroui'i modds.
Oravcers, of soft Nainsook, with clr.
ciiinr or Htratuhl leit; trim- Av
men witti cteup embroidery JWf
tloutice. Value 30t, for
Ollirri up In 1 1. tut
Hthers In MT.45.
.'.II l!
Value 1112.00 to KI.OO, for!
NklrtN, elaborately triin
mecl with Val. lueci and
Insertion, In Van Dyke
points. VuliinfM.SO.for
(Hlirm I'p loMIS.IIO,
llrawrrti, of fine material; trimmed
wuu (iioico naueniM 01 i nil
enibrolilorii's, laces and in-
hertlouH. uluo 7 So, for..
Draweri. made of fine lingerie cloth;
elaborately trimmed wit a 4 ft
tine laii's and embroidery. UUi
vuluo Ki.sorror . 70C
lira w em, made of line lingerie cloth;
Mi11111.1i)- iiiiiiuieu wuu
flnn laces, embroidery
and ribbon, ' nine
M3.BO, for
Drawers, ninny picity pattcniH and
ciesitfiiH: eneciivei)' iriin
meet with tine luces and
embroidery, V 11 1 11
M4.au, for
Muslin Underwear
For Misses and Children. Best
Values Sold. Eetry tiarmtni
HcaittifiiUy Made.
Lot 1; Vine muslin skirts mid
drawers; fine tucks and hem- m
8titchlnK. Also waists, tilzes Wn
I to Vi )eaiH.. ffX,
Lot 2 Consisting of fine
brio driiMern with ruffle.
hklrtHiind waists trimmed
with lace. .Sizes 1 to 1; yr.s.
Lot ronslMtin of children
Hkirtjc. trimmed with ruftli'd w'
nnd heiiiNtltchlna. Infants' vW
and skirt lacm trimmed, .MleseV ana
cniiurvn s drawers trim
med with embroidery.
,SIh 1 to 14
Olliim Dp to M.ON. I
Lot 4; (,'nnHlstlnir of mlsfs. n'1
children's cambrlo skirts and dr
ciiv, ombrolderi'd and lace
trimmed. Child's cow 11 fH
and Infant's slips, Siren K
I to 14 years idO

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