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SATI M. ) M in I. ini:i
t'nirinl at I hr IWfiniii' v New oik a Sri mi it
i ! Mull MuHim
Slllit r 1 1, Itin bv Mull, Postpaid.
PAHA Per Mm "i IMI SI,
ll.WI. I'd Vmi . t Oil
MMDaV. Per r r . . a SO
HUM IMl.M MH'.J'rtVfir .MI
Postage ti) fcirlfili iviul'dn rirtiiil
All check, tnnnev nub r .if in tic inulf pij
able lilTUF. Sl',
Publlshi'd tlaili lm Imliiiii M'liuli bv 'it Mi
I'rlnitnff and Ptili'litui Vs-nel until .11 tin Nassau
lieei (n the fiitii'imh tif Manhattan. New V nri,
Pirelilem and I'tasini nlltiii i lliit k. IM
afsau lirn Iff lirsMiiil I'dwiudP Vtllrlied
I TO 'asau sllee, fitH im t tn stri S I tint, ITil
.Nassau ttlrrl
1 otintiii eatr. rniltilll.llli llu'l.c t Vl'ltnlt'i
Olfr! Strand
Pan. timtf. f. Itllf He In MU liitillt' If. nit I tut- illi
Cuatie septi 111'ur
n lilnc-in nffiir Uibbs I'liiitll'i,.'
Pionkltii t'lTli f I'V, I Incursion Miff I
ft et.f ' emf" v'la tarfi' t.c tc tt iflti'.frlpri rtf rf
tl'iiU'fl'.ittc 'i iit!'' iltinn 11 ih tit tmrr frsiHii
ftrttclf rt'ifu(t t'ifu t'iil i all fit.ti rrnt stnmpt
fef in purii'Sf
'lite liiivrrimr or tlir 'liner'.'
Uf observe tli.ii our nmi'iiHiii-. a if I
iliseernmc llli'llds tin1 i tit tooiiists alt
no loiirvr fmiil t fii'i"M iitini: 'lii' linn
( It A S 1' Ml IIPIIV Mlll Ills lolimtr
in In- t lift l and thf t f- uf sophis
ticated niiiti'iiiii'fit 111 In eves a hr
ont"inil.i''- i!if Imnif now 01 ctipyitm
Ihe (iovernor's i'li, tir (In tin- contra' y
ilie IlKllf tlecplellt IlloltVC III ll(l(llllll
ommt'iit mi t.'.f .itii.iiinii i -in li a- tn
HiiEiti'-tf "onli'l appi vlii'ii-um on tli" pail
of Mr Mi itpip 11111I oven aliii-i t t.-i i or
on the pa it of tlif li.'i
Hie same i li.'itnv ol I'vtifi latum '
Iprlirttted liv both MfW-papi'f tii.tl pop
nliit rctnai upon d'ovci nor St i.kii's
spirited ami i ! t J annmim etui hi ol
Ins ititi'iitinii to I'f tlif iita-tff of Ins
own thouulits it 1 it 1 a t . while at Uliniij .
The pulilii li.'i- not lifi'ii -low to iii over
h rmc ol -ii'i t'i'".v in Mr St t.i.it's
phraser, even iliuuu.li ll.i-y seem some
time. a tt itlt' lioinlia-' n or 1 In- it 1 it .il
Wp roiiKi.itulntt 1 1 1 1 1 1 upon tin;, men
step in Ins ptoti . lovapl t !. n."f.
Moil of tlif entito t onlidem 1' ol tin- pi'o
plo who oIi'iIimI Iiiiii to l,i' ilii'ir -t'lvaiit
hi,( ugi'iit. not Mr Mlitpin'- not tin--tripfi)
In t li- ivim' of ati ilc lai. ition ol 111
'Ippentlpui'i' it i tlii-tai t ol Mnli-pr'nilcm i'
nnd not tin- ili'ilntation that coiii.t-
Thp (ll!-lltl( llllll lift .M'l'tl pillpOM' llll'l
ftllfiltnoiit wan i'inr1v I'xpluitii'd in Mr
SPl.hl!'s ri'cpiit oli-rval iop op the-roniparativi-
ponderosity of ptotniM'tind
pprformani i
Mpanwhili' wo adtnii that w at jit-t
a little pit..li'd iiliout tin- (to"i'tior'
altitude toward hotii-t pulilio iiiit ri'i
itl the mutter of the I'lilihe Servile
CommisMoni- What he i- repoiifd n
MVing with regard to tlif eoen ton
I iy the politician-, ni.'.itinm the di
rect or indirect m afters whuh ac
romphhed thf etalilihmenl of two
'ommu-Mon niMrad of one in (iov
ornor IIpokks's tune i not borne out
by the record of Governor Hroiir.s's
own original recomtnendation that two
hoards should be created. One was
intended to Hiipeied" the local Ho.ird
of Hapid Transit ('oiiiinisionei"4 and
to exercise functions specific as to this
metropolis and distinct in (haracter
from tl)o" of the other body Governot
Sn.ZMl expifsst.s the upnitoti that it
in a "net esst v " fop t hesje of economy ,
by reducing tin- total number of Com
tnisstoneis from ten to seven, to i on
sohdate the two departments
The merit of this proposition is by no
means obvious. On the contraty it is
lpasonably rertam that such reorgani
zation would opprate adversely to (he
interottts of rapid transit in New orl,
intPWts reeoeined not only by the in
telligent public but also by those ()f ih,.
municipal authorities, ltifludin we be
heve, the Mayor and the Hoi ouch Pres
ident, who strongly favor tin- reap
pointment of Wjujam R Wit.t.coT ns
ehaitmnn of the loial commission in
order that the present work may be
properly finished for the benefit of the
city and its citizens
It l scattely neressary to say that
when the fulfilment and the perform
ance are manifest Thk Sr.v's constat il
lation to Governor Si lzkr will be as
the ton is to the ounce m comparison
with tho-e we now feel ourselves justi
fied in od'erinc. An immense burden
will be lilted from the minds and hearts
of most of the hotiet and disinterested
citizens of New oili.
Francis Joseph' Health.
While the late despatches from lleilin
nnd Home which declare that the death
of the Kmperor Francis Jiiskpii of
Austria is at hand may easily provo
prcmatute they are in part conlirtiied
by a long seiies of similar rumors which
Jiavo been current in lenna lor many
wpoks and do much to explain the con
linucd nppriiheimion in diplomtitio nnd
linaiieial iiiarters alike over lint general
European situation ct eat ed by the pres
ent Balkan war.
For nearly a Kenemtion it has been
n familiar prediction that the death of
ihe Knipeior, who is now v.', would bo
tlif signal for a general Kiiiopcnti con
flagration His influence and Ins popu
larity have been not unjustly held lo bn
the chief K'slianiitig inllueiKes that
hold together a dun! inoimichy made
up of many races c l,eri..hug Intiei at't
caoBitii'S towurd each oilier and looking
.forward to nationalistic plans desttne-
1 t.o of impel till IIII
I 'I o this geticial iippii'lielisioil the
piogiess ol events 111 tin' llalkuti war
I has added new uiuses lor alut'tii If
the iii(hl"tii e of the aged Ktnpetoi' lilts
been never more sin i elully or (iinily
exerted lor peace than ill the piesi'til
ii isis all Km ope has recognized in the
ionise ill Ills hell, the Archduke FrA.VZ
' I'KitiMV.vVD.aiieiitiielv divergeni poluy,
''I'hiis tin- incoherence in Austrian pur
f pose in lecent 1 1 . t y has been m-I down
1 Imrdly accidentally to the altertiuie
, iredomiiiaiice ol the Knipeior and of
'he All lidiil.e, who in the p"riods of
I l'i!.v.svi .Iiisi pu's weakness has re
j placed him in the direction of Austrian
loi'eign ml n it's
' 'To the Atihduke ate atliihiitcd
! tnaiiy atiilni ions designs. Tli" aiiiieMt
1 linn ol Bosnia and Herzegovina in iims
I was 'ii 1 1 pled as the Mist step m the
I newer "I'm wit rd" pohi v which was to
, 111, ike iistria again an aggiessive I'm -
ior tn l'.ui'op",'iti all, ins. In the same
I lashion the tei "in mobilization, the
j e.vi hatigeol threats with Ittissiu and the
I harsh and provocative attitude toward
j Sffvia h.'iM'lieen ititet pieted as meaiiing
1 that the Atchdiike was steadily gaining
j conliol of Ausli'ian alliiirs
j 'I he pohi v of the F.tnperor, on the
0'her liuiiii. ha been steadily and in
, 1 t'easingly p.ii ilic In the sixty-live
years that he has reigned l'lt.N('ls
(.l(isi.t'ii has seen thf Hungarian revo
! lut ion. the loss of iitriati provinces in
1 haly and of u'riau power in Germany.
Two gi'eit and unsuccessful wins and
one rebellion, crushed only by Kiissian
'Hid have served to discipline his spll'l
'aiid temper hp- ambit ion Thus lor a
I generation he lias been he si I iillgi'hi in-
llue'nce lor peat f oil the Continent
I lniii li . Old s 4e anil New.
So iiiui h has been said trulhlully and
' sci much mole in erai iolsv ,'ImiI ".lef
1 Ifi'soniaii sitiipln'ity" in 1 onncctioii wuli
I iiiaitguial i f 1 . monies that even the 111
' ' 'it ions, may limi iiileiest m t In-oos -tug
cxtracl limn an A Ibany ilespatcli
to 1 11 1! Si n ol .lantiary . is:i.
J 1 tt .,) net 1 1 1 t t it's iiucu'iir 11 1 ii.i t .is
I .1 l,if'l ui.tl -nnelf ! ret t-uieiiy a- 1,, nil
j li i 1' tli'.ileil Jt inoK il lie uf ,i, ,,.if
' li-tiif ,it,, 't is in 1 I -11 ,,iileVl thai litiiiitlftl
jtil ,t'iiilt tin eMti'i li'tl lii If i ..-..t ,1, I),,.
' t 11,1111; uf 1 let ...11 li in i erl iii iiiiii e u f nut
I I he iii" 1 ln el ti.tr iii-iii II I 111 1 ih ) n e
I -'i iiniii'r i pi n't let U Mr 1 i.nii eii
( 11,, I In- tiulii.irv t,(q IM, Ml U, ( ; ttr .1 ti
1, ttni'f al's ntlli e in ilie tiew r.-ijiittit nnil t,.,i
j '11 1 he I ..'i nt , e Cli.initit'r. n tif tf (Inveriiitr
ItillNH.I ,'llllt -IllfT t,'le JiW.lltlhU tlltMII
j M't'i lertiml k'rfi'tiiujs lent liefn ,inu',',l
I llt'l e W ,1- -llllll' I li 'ill lll.lt l.'l'k ll III I lie iinltT
IttT 111 III I) tn Ihtt Sell. le 1 lillllllier II M-
lll'.IMCeil lli'll t Iltei t,t ,1 (111, ,.ts ,tt
( 'lie s.,-1 m. -.ml, -Imiiltl ,ilK ..brt'n-i . a e h ihe
1 it' i'ihiii? .mil lletiiinti tiriviltier .1' in.
; ii 1 1
1 To loinpleif ih" leionl it may be
! noted that in the Senate chamber Gov-
ettior CniiM'ii. ninde an addle, wlinh
was measiiied by live patagtaphs and
flovi'iiior t l.i:'i:i.v.vii n'phed in two. a
1 shott otieadiliess..( k, his pi edeeessnr. a
! longcronc to lua'idieii( e. Thereafter,
'as Till". Sr.s's despntch concludes, "a
I plaise gteeted t lie i onclljsion of Gover-
, nor ( i.KVKi.AM's remarks. The march
was then taken to the Kxectitive Cham
' her. where Governor Cl.KVKI.tNI held
a reieption until ' I' M. Thousands of
1 itizctis 1 alleil to pay their respects "
Can it be fairly as.erted that ".leffcr
siuiian simplicity" has actually uiider-
I gone ativ sinking simplifiiatiou in the
thirty years that sep.itatc the inaugura
tion of GltuvKi! Cleveland from thai
The riiliia of llnllt'v.
Senator Ktu.KY of Texus had an
overflow audience when he delivered
j Ins much advertised valedictory in the
1 hamber on the tirst wot king day of
I ill- new year, and ih" reason was two-
10111 a sensational out Durst was ex
pected of him. and his reputation as the
Wning Man F.looiiPiit still survived.
j Not lung lasts so long in Congress as th"
orator's lame, it is proof agutnsi loss of
personal inllucnie anil the decline of
esteem. Mr. H.vn.F.Y had censed to be
a useful and a respected Senator, but
people (locked to hear htm talk, also
10 see him for a man w ho had assaulted
a brother Senator and was always will
itig to resort to fisticufls to vindicate
himself had come to be a spectacle.
Mr Htn.KY 1 ould always talk in flow
ing periods and melhfluoijsly, when he
was wrong or right, whether he was
; tittering common sense or buncombe.
l.atteily he was often in the w-rong, and
since his first appearance at the Capitol
he had spouted luimbug for home con
sumption without a blush mantling his
smooth round cheek. Never did a
young member of Congress seem to
have a more promising career than
Joseph W. Haii.ky when at the age, of
twenty-nine he made his first speech in
tho House, on January if), mvj. The
Washington cot respondents of that day
were loud in hi? praises. He was stal
wart, wholesome to look at, hand
some 111 fact He had a fine pealing
voice, his enunciation was distinct and
pleasing, lie knew his subject, he pre
sented it cleat ly and his logic was un
answerable. Best of all, although now
11 seems luci edible, he bore himself
modestly. A report, of that maiden
speech says that "many members from
both sides of the House crowded about
the new orator and extended cordial
Iteprcsentiitiv!' Uaii.k.y'h reputation
waxed piodigioiisly for a lime ho was
even made minority leader almost in
the first flush of youthful statesman
ship, a term used advisedly, for who
was a sturdier and more euphonious
defendi'i- of ihe Constitution' Hut Mr.
Haii.ky did not flourish as minority
leader, his modesty had worn off, his
charm had proved evanescent, he was
intolerant , choleric and perversa in his
gloomy grandeur. The spirit of con
ciliation was not in him. His colleagues
must be either for him or against him
he would not compromise with I hem.
His popularity waned, his influence
Vtilii-hed and tle'l" wete no regrets,
when lie was translated to the Senate.
An it Senator Mr. Uailky lias never
shown any teal promise, and certainly
no performance. He has said sonic of
the most foolish things ever hrurd In
the chamber, he must have known they
were arrant nonsense. He has talked
ubsiitdly about art, the automobile, the
telalloiis of tlir rich and poor, nnd on a
score of other subjects that came up in
debate. He has si ill rumbled inngnifi
lently about the Constitution, anil his
views on some public ipteittiops liave
been sound enough, but so marked by
bitterness of spirit and violence of epi
thet thai as an advocate he was of little
value 10 his cause. He has been a dan
gerous man to cross, as Mr. Bkvkiiiikik
learned to his hiimiljat ion Asa rhetori
cian Mr. Haii.ky is still attractive in
occasional passages, but the truth is lit;
has never been eloipielit as I he late
Gkoikik F I n vil was elotpienl or as
Mr l.opdK, is to-day In his prepared,
speeches. The Senate will gel along'
very well without Mr. Haii.kv, he will,
be missed only by those who have taken '
him seriously as an orator. I
Taking Chillier-,
Many things could be said about
Iami;h H. Kkkn'k, and many sulcinii
and possibly edifying oracular lessons
and sermons read over him. An easy
task for any tiphfter of the voice.
We leave 10 others the homilies of a
virtue that we hope is never envious or
imiitst or put in ticklish situations, and
to lime to expand or diminish ttiis part
of the American Golden l-egeiid and
burnish or tarntsli the' names of Us
heroes or villains once or still fatuous
1'ISK. old I VS'I H. Dhhvv Jay (iot l.n
and the tcl of them, besides later and
gt eater men who shovelled or juggled
millions atoutid to the mvstilu atiotiand
woiidei ol the world
K i:i:.M 1 hough not a native American,
possessed in the highest deglce the WOI -ship
of t he 1 w 111 A met 11 an goddesses of
1 'ham e and Calculation The teadiness
to "take chalices " accompanied by the
shtewilness that foll'sees II ol III I 111 II it's
or piolils by 1 In- uiiexpei led, the stoical
endurance of losses and teverses, the
iinconiiierable tesolve to "come li n k":
these ate American iMlalilieS Thev
may bf Ilfil ill 01 well, thev inav
wasted on doctored roulette or build a
traiisconi menial railroad
W h.il I- Kc.itU Nee, leil.
Governor W mis w.is iiioled ye
I'erday as having said, when he eaiu-d
thai President Tact shook 7 li or so
hands on New Year's I My. thai
si, in,, i, ne ,111, h t fillet ii iHfM Ine me
if lie i it ' i ' 1 1 iiieii a -el ef st-. flnitr or
,' -. el" Kim r
Neil her a set of st..,. (ingets nor a
steel glove would end (his petty bit of
snobbery and serious imposition on the
fomfort and health of the President
What i needed is a man who on enter
ing the While House as President would
serve not tie that he would not yield to
the vamiy of promiscuous handshakers
during his term of office, but would re
turn to the excellent custom of that
gentleman and praitnal believer in
demociacy G Fount; Washington, w hose
place in the affection of his countrymen
was not won by allowing every Amen-
nn who happened along to squeee In
thoroughly capable hand
Fire rrerrntloii Hefore lnlr.iil of'
After the '. ent. !
The recent action of the Bureau of
Fire Prevention in otilering certain.
theatres in the city closed pending im
piovements in const ruction that shall
make them comply with the ordinances
of the Kite Ueparttnent will be wel
comed by all light thinking citizens.
Instances have been too fiequent in
which the inadequacy of precautions
in case of fire was only demonstrated
after fire hud oTtirrcd and lives had been
lost, and the present action of the bu
reau in enforcing the ordinances before
instead of after a catastrophe and with
out any popular clamor demanding it
will go far lo inspire public confidence
in its ellictency, a confidence that was
Henonsly shaken by the disclosures
made as a result of the disastrous shirt
waist factory fire.
Sympathy will be felt with the man
agements of the closed theatres on ac
count of the inconvenience and loss to!
which they arc exposed, but they, as in
a special sense servants of the public'
should bo the first to appreciate tho
fact that the safety of ihe public is of
prime importance, and in the end the
increased popular confidence that they
will enjoy ns a result of putting their
houses in order and complying frankly
and readily with the city's ordinances
will compensate them for any temporary
loss that they may incur.
The .Next American Arctic FJntcr
prlses. The two expeditions that are to leave
this town parly next summer for the
Arctic regions north of this continent
have one purpose in common One
party, under Mr. Macmii.i.an, will head
for Smith Sound and the west coast of i
Grant Iand to ascertain first the extent I
and nature of Crocker Ijitid, if it really
exists, the other party, under Mr. Stkk
anhson, is going to Banks Iuncl and
Prince Patrick Island, in the northwest
ern part of the Parry Archipelago. As
far lis is now known, these two regions
mark iheeusiern, western and northern
limits of ihe Parry Archipelago. Both
expeditions will be equipped for a three
years sojourn, and each has a full and
adinirabltt programme of work for that
period, and ihe scheme that will enlist
their joint efforts is the most important
yet attempted in that region.
The Stefansson party, working east
ward, and MtcMU.i.AN'H men, working
westward, will endeavor lo establish
the edge of the continental shelf to the
north of the Parry Archipelago along
the live hundred miles between their re
spective headquarters. The continental
shelf is Ihe sea floor covered by shallow
waters and extending out from tho
continents, for example, from fifty to
a hundred milea along much of the
eastern border of North America. Its,
edge i where the sea floor descends to!
oceanic depths
With the exception of a Very few small
islands like Jan Maycn of volcanic ori
gin, no land mass has been discovered
in tli Aretiethat does not stand on the
coiitinentalHlielf. Shallow walerMcxtctid
nil the way from thp consls of Kuiopa
lo dm land masses of Spitzbergen and
Franz .Josef lind. Tim long drill of
I lie.ileaniictte was over ilm continental
shelf and small lands were found.
I'kary and Nanskn on their long jour
neys north found no land rising out of
the 0"enin'e deeps,
.Stkpa.nsnon will endeavor also to
travel ovrr I he sea lie to t he norl hwest of
Hanks I .a nd and Prince. Patrick Island
lo seaich for land and for Ihe edge of
tlip continental shelf.
If tlieso expeditions arc able lo carry
out thflr design Ihey will practically
settle the question of the distribution
and extent of lands in (lie Western Hemi
sphere. It is litting that American
explorers should solve the problem how
far land musses may extend iiorihwatd
in Ihe American Arctic
Mr V11 nut Meiiiioi'K hnr under lili lint
tin1 orlfliiimmi iirniiml mhli li Mm nrUltuil In
sitritPiits In Cnncress mllleil Ki mini) I'ntt
The red limine of Kims
Will kI'p Turkey twenty-four lionr
A conci'sslon nt last
Tho Itivestlftators of tlm Hon Wii.mavi
.Sttlj'.hH might ihiiforiii n useful service
by Inquiring Into recettt nxx-nditiiieK of
the tStitto for liivestigatinni
If there were only a Progressive party
in Ailrlnnople the HulRiiri.inH might cap
liue II by fusion
sntKKr UTim:xr..
tn iit'Hl fur (tip I limn I IIIkIiwh)
I'riilei'tlte Sueli-I).
I " i hi I in Min in I'm Kins, i
iiiiiiiiiI repon uf ihe ShiiiiiiiiI thulium
I'ttu fi i m hiM ieit ii.iIIi hi,'- Hie work llini
till- liecii iloilf lii I I ti 1 1 1 1 1 1 if stiitlpllcs re.
k'.inllllL' l!H I It -1 1 II ' 1 1 i's iii Hie lie, Is nf
New nlk illltl ot her ellle. nf I bf I lllleil
St.i'fs i,,t in ie unretiit.it etl or ill renil
l.iifil i niitlliinii nf H.'trin Iii iiilitilioii Iii
iiitifitui Hie :m,iil unf nnil sIkiiiIIi hlil
l.nts tlieitt ile'eliiiei l lie iM.rl tins ititlie
nun ll Murk lit,ilil the lllilllltetllllii'H nf
tfiillil Itl.li!- lieeeliHx Hie Hl,iel't sfere-
t.m mull' i tiiiir iiliiniiil fur Ihe Miriiis
nt - Milt in liireirn f .( nt leitulHiloiii inil
In- piesenieil a i "imrt i iini.'iiiiuiu iiteful
il.itii I tie i , inur"ner. Ims inuln-
t.iini'il ii K'lrilin nnil ilM.'rniiiiil. nliere
I lllltlrrll w tin wtlllltl nl lie tt ine tliv in the
ftrf"i inti 'iniiluv their HtiiMties iii
ht'.ililiv, Kiife .nut ii-cf.it fustiinii
U i tils hu- lieen iluiie vcli ,i ei stun'1
hiniiiuil nf nioiiev. iPie nlmllv 10 nirtiihrr-hip-
ahil )ttnie iIiiiimiidii uf it fe i'Ui
rvtir I hit nifiiiht'i.- i r 'In' Mii it'iv wluli in
ettellil Its HC f I vll lis mi Hill rAVi-livr ork
iii j lit1 dime for Hie nil' iiiilni' uf i . ro i j e r
i ra fit"' it'ifiilinitinit in iuuipi I life unci lunli
imi the urea I hivhuHvs nnil iliv ure nlu
ili"-ireii- of nliialnliiK 1 1 1 f 1 1 r ii l.1 1 1 1 1 for Hie
imhlle of Ilie inilllnn- nf ilnlliir- In lie e
("nileil for hidinnjs tn the Msie of SVw
nrk Mini Hiriiuclioiu the tiii'lnn I inler
ihfse iiri'iim-t nines we ure forced to
I'eil in nil persotiH Inlere-teti In lhl itiiclter
fur i-ntitrltiiilloni. In order Ihui the pro-nrHtimn-
above oiitlliiecl mnv tie ennteil mil
Uh that ilrgren nf pmrlvnev wliieh Ilie
ptespiit siiuntlmi ImptTMiiN eiy ileinamln.
mill the n(th-!ty for whieli rpepni events
hive piiitiHHellv ili"inoiilralrd
Vlniilicrship ami ilonaiion- ulionld lie
fill it Mrailley Marlin. .Ir . I VWn Tinny,
inirtli treet K it corntiii
CreildPtu. National Hihav Proteitlvp
N'rw oith . latniarv ;
lllra'r' ttllliiUr to the Con. I Hut tun anil
That nf Ihr tlmlltlonM..
'I it nil Knitoii or I'll i-Hi s ny I time
hem somewhat surmised nt no li.ivinK
-eeti it noted liv am nf the panel him the
leinurU of (imfinni llene of Month 1 nio
Inm .lUimt Hie I mist it mi inn so iniled like
an t ho nf other dn. d.ivs hen th.it p.in
of the I mted States noitti nf M.ion and
Invoii'" line re-o'inilril , for instance . tuth
ilttel.llli fi like lhee
I here l a lilnher ln Hian the Constitu
tion - William II .Sevtniil
Ihe I iinMltutlon i a ioenalit null
cleth and an SKieement lth hell ' Will
tain l.lovd dnrrlion
I thank limi that I am a traitor to the
Constitution ' Henry l Wrkht. piomi
nent New Ciudaml abolitionist anil re
former. We i on fen Hint we uilend to trample
tinder foot Hie oiisl 1 1 tit ion nf tins iniui
n Wendell l'hillip,it llu-ion. tun
I Ileum ei like thee came diiilv fiom
nt-' rum, pre- or pulpit in the Voithein
Mate- for miinv year and boie fnnt at Inst
in a erv bloody and destriict e xat. in
v luili Die tonii tit (on nut a ' tr.implini;'
flum which It ha nexer leeovered nnd urn
neei recover
Atiordlne to Hie Chief lilitlre of ihe
t tilted Mates Hie nioi prnmiiient nnd con
spn Minis of tl, l un-tittitinn tianipler of
hi time wan the Ptexiilelit of the tinted
States, thraham I.inenln. v ho nrni the cin
didate of the parlv nf which the leader
above minted w eie pokemen See I blef
lutire lanev's decision m tlie Merrvman
I iiil tlioiutlit it w on lit inteiest '1 IH St N.
w Inch shlnei for all. and its leader to lin e
their attention called lo the similarity b.
t'een the attitude of Oiivernor lllease wl'h
i atd to the Cmistltiitlnn and) that of the
fuiindeis and leader of the Vboliti n-lte.
publican party
I se that thte l a Wendell Phillip Mem.
nnal tocUlion In lloston. nnd 1 am nun,
del Ins wliethei It print- on Its statinn
eiv Ihe word aboxe qiinled front Ills t-ci
Hotrm speech or noid linni the speech
in which lie tanked 'l'oii.ilnt I.'Diiveiture
above Wnstilnuton T K Oi,i,imt
V ent si . (l.i , lanuarv I
I Ittle .lohnii) Mack.
I n i itf I. pi liin or Tnr Si v i, Wril
liur of the old iun snnr and danre men,
vour corretiponileiii liave oieilnnked one
of Hie mo'i popular and fuiunen refer
to l.llile Johnny Mark
I recall soinit lo Hie niliitrel Itrvaii' ',
I Ililnki with my dad an I seemir darfll', e
lohnnv and bemipole Seine Set'jnoiir in an
act called ' The l.oim and rthnri of ll ' On
Ihe ame bill .lohnnv appeared in Ins spe
cialty, a plantation soiik and dance Mav
lie mime o'd timer can remember the iille
of Ihe sonir he Mhif and datned lo It br
i.itne ver pMpipiir ihnniith ,luliiinr's ten.
tlii ion In i r
I'l I ism mi. Pa . .Iiii'iiiir.i i
Shiketrtir t ma,
In ma iltnroR or ; m y, s .sir iui ius
rele ot Ml' 10111 Sli.'ikr.pi'inr.lliiniii
flint tlir (re.it t'lilinuMii le, -ne in trurttuc the
Tuliiinr. Hut ll rnllrrl) inrili,nv in lunine
(t Imm It Uiic inn lurnlliii.' niiyllilnc nt llr
Clmilen W Wallaii-'s illiiiirrle. In thr IjimiIiiii
Puliltc llrcoril oltlce 1 tin t ,Slm!irronp lived mer
a win malti'r'i In Itiuikurll nliri l. or Sir Unity
Unwell l,vle' illtcovfry of tlnr Kail of IbitHnil'
ilftlti hmirhnit arroiuil book, ulinwlnff that
Shultdtpearc wan rmplayed to ilflrn an "lm.
prf't. " Bnth of lhee illcorre 1 firt I'linrrt
nf fiuin Thr Scn
TliMe illcrnverle iln'i'i ailcl anyllilne lo our
hrllrfs In Shakrapearo as ihe author nf "Hamlet"
and the mm plan, V.m ulll admit lliat liy
entirely overlnoltlnir their eltfni Mr l.nnit
linen not mid to our rnnfldenre In Mr. Uni u a
dlunr r Anally of thr dnuhtf r and the douhl.
New Vori, ,fnuary 3. J C MiCniasT.
Hate Klied.
Klllcker How old I .lone
Rocker- Ve II, he remember a winter Jum like,
thti.only more to.
I .SI.AI' l 1IIH I'MK."
Mr. Cilwln II, Mrml on riilnnrl ltnnr
veil' Vrtillrallon lew.
'lo IIH Cm nut or I nr Kl N So l olo
Hid liooierelt I lepotted a KavlliH-leceulh
tn Hojton "If .von lenrh a eoldler Ihal he
an uiblttnle n lni In Hie face be uon'l
llulil. and liki'ui-e, IT on leach a imltnn
Ihal ll inn ii I lilt I nt e a luntler of ltill In
tel el to . II won't fiirhl " 'I Ins Is so
t liiirue lei 11 ic of Hie r I it'll K c l - well klioun
Vleus Hull no one ilie-l lon Ins luivlliK
s.ild ll mid hi Ii it v i i ik cli'pliiied the truth of
ll, for he likes MkIiIIiiu and by no meaii
w.niti ll nbollshed I know tnv loiinlry
men; they will wn In war at Ilie ill o of the
lull If llielr iinlloual linnor I jfopniillecl
In ii ii v wav," he c out Inued 1 . t u nnnlyre
this i heap ml dmixcinii- talk, wblcli In
Hie eais not only of the uiniliidllm;, hut,
nliii., of uimiy InlelllKrnt iiiimi, siiuiicN so
valiant and patriotic
Colonel Hoo'evelt wuli the iiduillntloli
of the woild by bi elf.etniiiii when
nttuckeil by an ui-vi-tin s ll likely (hut
If Hlntipi'd in the line bv snme inwily he
would fi demean blmoelf a to be iliawii
Into a vulunr htreel bniwl eie Ihe tine
his own 'Ilie c Pi chIiIhiiI of Ihe I luted
.Stales nnd Hie Nobel prize wlluu'l cnti
Hiiiicely be IiiwikiiiimI in retitiim n child
lull spleen In a llsticuft eniounter in le
venire for mi lnult Pinlinlily lie. like
nnv oilier netil lectin n , hoiiIiI do iiothliiu
mine I linn pinion hi niaitaiit If tlii'ie
weie piopect of fuillier slnp and llllll
lilui ner to the police In lime the i i)e
aibltiated by a mint and the liitli.'lll -nillicllv
fined In a tecen! iiu-liiiu e a 'eutleiiiiiii
wlio for n inomenl fniimt bliii-elf nnd
"truck a neivanl wn lined l.'.no The nrbi
1 1 a inn Hint is, Hilludlcntloti of ii-saiilt
.mil Insults l pietiM-h wild I ballpens every
dav In out' iciiiils. nnil nnv hiildler ulm
1 1 iii,i s, to take Hie law into hie n limid,
fnllnwihir 1'uloiiel t((ine ell ' sinrseat Ion,
like any one elite who allempts it. run tin'
dancer of paylnit a fine iilonn with lu
III i use of no ibsiili lo the niitiou n loiikrer
tune fot- lelletilon elaie before ail'on
ol am kind i- pu.fihlc t li.ni nheii two men
ate lace lo l,u t1 aliuiis. i oniOsed of
penple act ii-lomeil lo semi to mull all
dilllcull le (I I st ii if beineen each cnhei
lust at, ball ptioeis send eeiv ipieslloii ol
foul play lo Hie iimpue on Hie bull kioiiiiiI,
iiiiiv dispense Willi Colonel l!ooe ell '
aiilmiiuled lull, about mil n l lul l nl mi: il.il
llileiesti. and Hieie beuur ' onl cine w.i
lo keep the peace -tlmt l, lo keep iipnii
ai my anil hum lo t he point lliul theie w ill
be no temptation on the putt of some one
lo tn to wnr wuli us ' ( on-iileriiitf lliul
no nation ever el wa templed lo open
will Willi Hie I tilled Hlules, bin thai we
beiran lluee fuli'iHli wills nui-tlves and
have III IlillHli'll tepealetllv i,lleson of
Mini Intel esl am) honor, Ho on I v wa
tciiisi lie ileiuetl li pel miiis w bo a re not but 11
bell liferents like Hie hero of Vt luaKeildoii
Men like rolonel llooseelt w bo IlltVe liot
iiseii to the tweiilietb ceiitniv epllil in till
lii'lllel. howeM'l piuki e-inc Ibef lite In
other uu, -Inn, III be c nl ei lil-etl uml made
lo tell inteuiil ll ally wbell. since tile war of
lU', t"ll n ii I lt.li lias ever had Its national
liounl jeopaitlii'd in , iiiv wav in w lilt h u
III Ihe Vlabamn t l.iiuis, ihe dillliullv v.i
nol "filled lionorablv wliliout bloodshetl
In Hu- veiv addles imdei iIimiiiiiii i olo
nel I ! it tse ell haul that be believed the
ieenl dispute with (ileal Hnliiln nvel the
I'n li u nil I 4li.il Inll should be aiblttaletl
I lilt Is a iiiel ion in w lucli be out suit, u m ,
assert Ihal l oinrrc-s lias ai led dibnnor
ably by open violation of ireatv ll i cood
lliul Colniirl l!ooeVelt I wlll'lii; to com etle
Hit huh h
(lur national honni wanesei jeopaidicil
except by oiiinelve We leopardicd it
In the Meilciin w,n, which deneiul (iiniit.
wlio foiujht In It. declmetl to In. one of the
most unjust wm ever IoiikIiI by a stioni:
lieople uiraiin.1 a weak one .Some of our
citlen have jeop.irdietl our hoiioi re
peatedly V nation that ban five time- a
in nils' murileiH and dlvoice u other tivl
lletl nation, that tnletnte without pun
ishment uch IvncliiiiKs and law letie as
have no countei pal t 111 Chrnitendom except
in lliiasla or Metico In time of levoliiiion
a nation In which Meckel and .McN'nmnra
ate seaicely more than a nln days wonder.
lij "tinill teaon to bbiter nbout flKlitiliK
tho-e ho ma v ieopanlli'e ll a national botnu
It l tltnn fin tins cant to cease
I.I c it V vi f s Mi (p.
llnto. lanuarv .1
Cleveland Centeiiarlin.
1 ti I nr I. ru ton or I u h si - ,sn I wa
in, nit lnteteled in the letter In till- Ms
of .siniduv which ih,iiiiiiiii the iiiithentnit v
of all teeord pretenditn.' to show that cet
talti teron have lived to be over inn veai
Mv uontl uld talher. Hubert Ciirrnn ie!e
br.ited b limth Inrtbdm iintiivers.it v about
tlitee week nun He, Hierefoie, ia at the
present w ru uur nv er ui vearultl (Ivei a
thousand uf the IiuiIiiil- men unci women
nf ( level. lllll luo'. pill III Hie i fit' I it ,i t ion
Hi pioof of In birth on December 1 1, lt;.
have been tepealedlv i,lnei'lei to the most
rinl ev.iiiiiii.ttioii uml nlw-.ivs have proved
absolutely authentic
If there ate nnv .'i mm reward hint.'
.Hound louse fcit pumiive inunf nf nn.v tin
evei havlni: lived tn lie uver one hundred
veirs old t run submit Hie lineament t li:i t
v ill brin b me that reward v ei v e,il Vnd
liivinir won il n e.i,i . I would nuiiklv
devote II to siltne deeVlntf lll.ll'tv
Iheie are seveial men in (levelnnd tu
dav. 1 1 it 1 1 p.il then anvellt 'fill b'ltlitlu.
wlm i an remember when a little children
thev viiled niv paieiiti' home Mv fitht
then wn encai-ed in busiues nii -niUi of
the present outliein limit nf Hie eitv
To-dn vat i he hum of iftfi v eat nnil 11 da v
h toes unattended about Hn cltv. walk
ing a straichl and altno-t a i,rlk'lnl" n
the avernse nuiti of in 1. ( ctHRvs.
( i.rvn.vsn. (duo .lannary .'
Sionr ot the (.real li ramlil.
To thf 1'niToii or Thk Scn Sir in nier
to Ihr Inquliy by David V Curll n tn whai the
tt-eat P.v ramlil are built of I will ny thr I I have
vIMt'il Itieni many llmea I have born inualilr
and Invlcle of thr Pyramid of c'heop. i hi re err
no 'rcni'reie block ' i he tnne I llinrvtttnr
nuarrlfd. It I 'rl at Vtnkattam, on the iiUit
bank nf the Nile, prrhap twelve nr nftrrn mile
Hnw Ihr alone were ciiiiveed ami plare.i
nnbotty know. It I only a tror v Tnr tnre
var In weliht fiom l lu twelve inna, and are
fiom five in nine feel nn. fiom three tn four
and one. half fret hlth. anrt ihe brradth I about
the Hitif a the helirht.
The) were nil hf'vn nr awed the llmfintie
helint soil when tiro quarrlrd. ipnie evenly and
monthly, and how jel die mark of ihe inola
or The .loin Is between Ihem vary fiom
nalhlnc to ihrce-quarlei of nn Inch. Ililn Joint
bebit lllled wltli llmr mortal
I ani a bnlldei and Ahu a quai-rvnian I havr
piece of tlir ou'lile and nf the nMi' block,
ami ali id the nie-tnr whltii I bioimlit bark
wlili tne I he only erf.tiltr lo lie seen nikc the
Inverirtl ' " arch i" r Hie entranrc ilie two
plere weigh, I liould ililnlt frinn hftren to
uteniv toriH rnrli, and were iinnnlcil m Vsviini.
more than U hunch ed nillr up ihe Nile
s't KglTClUN
1 o.i. IIIvkk. Mass ,1,'Hiuiry :'
Ihe Manhatlan l'hllnaphrr In I vnltal
M ti in en I .
To thr UniTOR or Tlir Si'v sir Vour cm.
ii'spnn.lent "H, I) li av. ' Take no ttioiurhl of
tn.morruw: ihe Lord will provide ' Well, the
"answer" l ihal any one who tollnw this advice
will very aoon Mtrve to death, and I am willlnr
tn bet that "O 1) II " ha a focitl at pocket,
book. I: 51 ,
Nrw- York, January It
The M.vittir.v nr Ihe Nllrk.
Tn ihk llnnoii or Tin: si i, ihr mhrr
dav I noticed an Hem In a nevthparei Iniheeteci
I tin canea were being necl mnre iMtcnlirlv In
New nili illy than tieietofnre. tnu that their Mtr
had fallen off In other r'ut nf the rnuiiti)
I have often vvoiuleiecl why men euro cane
(inriilRH rarry them, hm why iren' I ran under
aland a rnllezc tint, s carrjliij them, for Ihr al,e
of unartnem and appearance, but It la a nnslrrs
to me whv a full c rnwn man mie them nlmur
Ik ll pnlble mat he feels ihe need of a means
of defence, while snliuj prat efullv about ;
buklne? I'Aitii.t CiTii.irmi,
Nw Vona, January t.
Menrniiiiii' I'm II I'leilm-il I'realilnil
Nnine III Id lift llllleel.
Wvsiiinoton. .Ian. 3 .ilulfo Olaz wo.a
InHUKiiraled I'lislilenl of NIciirasiiH mi
New Year's iln.v. llccnlillllK to liclvlce
teceivecl at the State )ep,irimenl to-duv
I)lil7. was elected I'leslilcllt last No
vember, following the i evolution in N'U-
ariiittia. lie held the oltlce of provl-l
slonal Piesl'leiit pit illiig and diirinR .
the teVolllllnlt. j
Ills Cnblliet will consist of the follow- ,
lug: Minister u.' tloverniiietil. Alfutisu
Ayon of l.eoni .Minister of War, .lose j
I'treeho of Itlvasi .Minister for I'orelgn
AlYiilts, DieKii Chnmoiro of (Iranad.t..
.Minister of Interior, Salvador Cnlileron
of HeKKVlu, nnd .Minister of Aki U-iiltm . j
Pedro tlttnclrn of llranucla.
ItrlMilille' I iiloni Incrense ul
nlllisliitiilliiu ItiiiiK Civil Wnr.
Wasiiinoton, ,lan. .1 Despite the po
litical tiniest In the Dominican Kepulf
Hi; during the last twelve months, cm--turns
receipts for the first nine months
of IMS were a per cent. In excess of the
lec'elpls for the same perlnil of 101 1, ac
iiirilliii; to advices to the Htireau of Insulin-
Affairs to'ilny.
The total for the eleven months was
j;i,:'o'.',l,'i4. This sum would have been
considerably Inrirer, It Is believed, had
it nol been for the Icuif? civil war.
Cnrninil.o SiiKitrala ThMl SJ.-IOO l-nes
lie llenril b It el I red .Indite.
At.lMS'V. .Inn .1 The enactment of a
law to tltnisfer tioni the Stale Ku.iiil of
I'lulms to Hie letlred .lllrtces of the "out I
of Appeals Hie vvotk of li'iniliK claims
for ibiinnir.e nnHllit Ihe Stnli Kiovvlin;
out of the iipptopi Intloli of land for bme
canal purpn'es will be lecommemled to
the LckIMuIiU'c bv Altorney-deiiei'iil I'ai.
The A Hot iiev -rieneriil said to-duy that
there me nppioitlniiitely -'.Inn en mil
ibiluiH now I't'liillliK' iii;alnst Ihe State
and theli ultimate s.-ittsfactlon will cost
Ilie Suite minimi uf dollar.
ItetlrliiK ,ludi;c of Ihe t'oiirt of Ap
peal ore unilrl an enactment of 1011 eli
gible to serve a leferee In ruses In
wblcli Ibe Stale In u partv. tlie riimpen.!
tton iKlni; llxed nt Jil.mlil :i je.ir.
I'ronifii Ion sinpiieil lliul VV'tiolil
I, eiixe I, miter Cmirla short.
Vlninst a scute uf clerks, attendant ami
probationary oflit'ets in the Ma ifi-i rales'
mints were ill-nppoiiileil nl Ho bciriii
nltur of the veir lie Hie lefu-.il of I luef
MnsMstrnle Mi Ailoo lo let I hem have nibs
in the bicher court 'the men had passed
ctvil servne exaiiiiiuilloli- lor Ihe ptiu e
to vv lilcb I her nspired
VmoiiK Hio-e disappoint ed are two i lerk
of the .Ma if ii rates' courts v ho w ere vv illinir
to sacrlflie l heir I'.'.ciuo ,,ubs fur II. toil ones
In the Supreme I'ourl 'Ilie Inducement .
It was said, was that lliey would have untv
the days woik h week in the liu:ber coiitt,
a loimer vacation in summer ami I he chain u
lu I tecum Siitreme Court rlerk
I blef Mairi-trate McAdoo. il was snul.
did not like the way In vvoiklni; lone
was beinir depleled ami he civv Mavor
(,a vnor on l b iirsclav about ii
Ibe menus the Chiet .VlnuMrnte ndopled
to prevent Hie weakening of his foire, il wn
-aid, wn lo hold up Die resignation of Hie
men who bad been rerllfled for the new
ptaies llecnuie of lht) exodtl I hi ouirhoiit
Ibe last year of nilenilant from the police
lo Ihe hinlier rourls, 1 vv,i nld, ibei,.
remain I vv enly-ttve viicaticie In the lower
omi:x to m Altai ron wii.sow
nrTrtialt In lllalurle Coat nine to
He In I iiiniKuriil I'nrnilr.
VV imiivi, rov. Jan :t When the in
a nxuial parade sweepiiiK up lenusvl.
Minl.i nvenue on .March I escoil Pieldeiit
Von to the ( apitoi one nf the iiinn m
teie.tlui.' tcctiii'ies in the line iviU be the
unman surtraije i iintliiueiit . moot, in
tin it and on ben -el'iicl.
The ilecisiuri In wear various irarbs rep
resentuii: the different stnue of vvuniaii'
itevelopineni from early tunes to the pie-enl
dav wn made to-dav bv Mi, cleinia 'lm
lien, who i In chiiiee of the wonuin's di
vision of the parade
II. ere will he i-everal thousand women
In line, divided Into thr section, each sec
tion bended bv paire In costume and each
repiesetitinir some aspect of woman's nil
vuiicelnent Ihe fl I "t parade nf Hie siffr,ii;lst xmII
be held on .vlatcii :i nnd will be stric'.v n
snfliafe de'iionsti.i tlnn
liela I'ernilaalou in (ilvr Vlurlunue
for 'I'hnl 'mil for Improvement.
ihe Ilm , ml t'luli vol pel IUIH4HIII from
suiueiue limit .limine P.me vt'steidav
to inorliraire Us piopeiiv In Pot I '-fouri Ii
ami lor' Hflb ttecis loi K.Vi.iion to Hie
I'nnneis 1 onii iiiui liu-t i oinp.iiiv tor
live vents in enable the iiiiii lo p.'iv evi-t-itii:
innrtiraKcs. make alirniiuius ami build
an addition lo Hut eiiiblious,'
Ibe petition said that Hie tpiattris ate
lnsuftlcietil . I'he present clubhouse is mni't
cnurd lor J.T.o.tHii and Ibeie ate mortfiiL'e
iicreiiiius JtUHi.. "tlm on ciropertv bons'h1
a' a".' lo 1(1 West Con. v-Mftlu f.ii eet eiul in
:il West I'ortv linulli stieei nr ilieiultll
i ion Ihe iluli b.is H-'i'i ol mine than
lin.c.Otl nnd o't is bttl w een 7.'i.nuo hiiiI 5llm(iiini
lo memlieiK for inonee advanced
The club pnvs C, jter ifH niierrsi nit
the 7.'.o,tmn uiortuaKe uml ba Ihe niclil
10 pay '.'.V.nin) of the prlmipil on e,p b ,n
t cret day
-even Men In Circle I. lobe fnr 1'iir-
"ni'it Mil rlnc nl.
A (led pcrd oil dlnnei' fin Hie thiee
speaki'is and foul lnre,s who me golnc
nroiuid the win hi for the Men nmi fte.
IIkIoii I'm ward Movement vvns kiviii al .b"
Hotel Astoi lnt nlcbt. Aftet the dltiucr
Hie tinvrllei left fur San f''aiioen to
nill fot llnvvn1! Thev nte Tied 11 Smliit,
chief evangelist nf tlie movement., Itav.
tumid Itnhlris of liilcuRc. .hums K
l.Htluop and the Intei national male iiiac
.lame u. I'.iiinoii vva tonilma.ter An
Invncatioii vvu said bv lllslmp Curl
Heslde Mr Smith the upeakeis weie:
11 It I' Mrrarl.ind. the Itev. rniiil; Mnstui
North, I It 1 ll 111 Know lex Cunper uf VVicsli
lliKlnii, Itaymiiml Ktililiis ntnl the l!ev
Di. Chalks (1. AIIiim Hum of llochi'itei.
Vila ll llellly Will 'led nf I'IiiiIIiik
I lilldren nf it nl Work,
V vstti.M.riiN, .Inn .1 Chairman Henry of
Ibe House Hule Coiiunillee lii-dny IIvihI
, lanuarv ll for a lieurint; mi the resolution
Introiliii eil by llepi eenlaive Mien nf
(lino i iilllnc for nil invesliKalloii into mii
llililllis III lilt' t'llllllUIL' IihIikH v in Now Vol k
SI air.
Mat y llnyleO'Heillv, wholtivestlimlpil the
canneries, will testily as to what sliofoiind.
Hlio lias ciiaiifitl Hint ciilltlrcn as vouiilc
ii .1 years have been I'tiuiloyed in 1 lie cau
neriPH, Win. Herri lliigia "Mandard I nlmi,"
illl.ini Hurl. I li i ci ii ti h tlie piurluise of
the lale IMvvnid H. Smith's luteiest lb
the Hiooki.vii rnlmi I'ulillshliiK Company,
of which be whs treusmei, bus Income
Ibe sole on tier of lb Stiimlnril fiiuiii
with Hie exception of two shares of stuck.
Ml. Hull hns nisei piirchnsed from the
e.seciltntM if the Slillth estnle the ptop
ertlen lit 2!3. 2K unci 2I'T l.lvlnRRtnn
street, I'l nnd 2s Ciinve stii ii, tlie c
tHle IIHlr IllleieHl III l,l. il, ill lll '
lluiiceer p'liie, l.h iiiRsliin ttiect r.l'i.
V: Kiillnn i-tieil mil j;i", ;"j and ;Jti
Wanhlnston atreel.
(I. Holib Snys ('oiiiinimiiP!,'s
fpMirf Is MikIp l'i of
llnlf Tciilhs.
rmiiTs roMrv Ti.'K'KKifv
KpIiiiiiii' Miniii";r Tells (if Sufe
oiiiiriN "HciMU'liiirnt I n
ilcrcsliimilcs l.ds.sps."
I'iie Cotnmissioner .loluisiurs teptitt
the Mayor on incendiarism and the t ten
inis-inner's sts-ecli mucin at the opttiiiii '
or Ihe I'ne Dep,itlniMiil 's arson elnl,it
have lirnitRliI a ptotcstint; 1'ili'i It'ino
Willis O liolili. niiinam'r of the New Von
l'lro Itis.iiiilici' l.xehaiii;' Mr Hole,
write lo ('otnniissjiiner tlolinsnn that b
truths are only half truths and that "In
Inlerctici' you draw nnd seek to have th
Mayor and the public draw from them i
absolutely Inlsi "
As to the Commissioner's statement that
oiie-fouith or tho (Ires in New York nre
ol' incendiiiry oriijiii, Mr. liobb rephn
Ihal tho Inference drawn that otie-foiiit ,
of the Miliunit nr (Ire loss is dun to arson
Is wruiiR He mid that "partly Itecaiist
of peculiar local conditions and obstacle
Is'yotid Ihe control of the authorities'
all l'i iv Department statistics nre tin
tiitslvvorthy and that as a matter of fin
the volume of lire loss "has been nuclei
spiled every ye if for many years." I
would Ih a hemic Commissioner, says Mi
llolib, who would now lull tho whnl
truth, "even if lie could ascertain it
As a matter ol' fact, siys Mr ltobb, n-.
dependence call Iki placed on the depiri
incut's ja per cent valuation iissiRnud i ,
incendiary tires, and he adds:
"Cettaih it is that . whatever the numen
oal proptiitloii inav be, nil the Iraildulen
Itisstts tin lu, I mcieastt the loss Volllin
either of the country or of New Yon
by so much as even In js-r cell' . prolwbp
niit moie than il or 7 per cent That i
b.ul eiiotiith. heaven knows iv f l.cmo.iNi'i
in New York .inil ntrli.ips $ lO,ooti.iKii in
tin cciunliy nt Inrne every year, but
nothum is ir.iincd by UMftmfyuiK It four
diameters "
Couo'iiuni; the rh.irge that polic'i
aie issinwl without previous inspection
nr any attempt to ascertain the value ol
the pioterty, Mr. Ilobb writes that it 's
unite line that such is the riitom ei
insuring small household riks both hem
and in Kttrope. lie says:
To uo sitpiir.'iielv to each ut b risk al i
momelll ll Is ofleieil ii'nl Jit'fore w ru tlitr i'
is nol pos-ibte in ew V nrk except ar i
ma c ilium of co-f w lm li of i otii'si; nuit in
t,-.t..sfd on nil iitiplu an1 in tlie form .r
ailditiomil pi I'liinmi. No brief inspeeiion
will slum wbether Ihe furiiilure exhibit' I
belonir to the lennni. the 1 imllotil or Hi"
In' 1 1 in n r furniiiire dea'er uml Hie ureal ..i
I he at i mil moral liii,i-,i Ihe esvvlll Ilm
inspei ion rev e il nr s'lfecMl ird it .
The t wo chief offender ninonv; Ilie frnildu
lent household furniture lo clalnian'
aie Hie man who ba taken food enre ' i
linve full value present when he insure I
and hu made the insurance broker or wmi
olbir Kood Wllllfs. lake Hole of th.'ll be'
mid h,i then mnveil Hie ufl cmt of lintin
wav licloic t In (Ire. uml the ni.in labis. tnu
often ibe t'lmijiM, win, hits been milieu'
vuh a moib'-t nnil nistninble poliiynml h.i
tlnil wnrl.od lll ll I linrollLrlltTitllii: rln-et
tire and sworn a few hundred dollars w in ' ti
of vvearcinf ntiparel iiiiii It Ihnt prob.ib
never evislerl . a under of fact oriifina
overuisiiraiit e Is dnmrrrou chlelly in th..
bind ol iero'i nol deliberatelv crimniK
b i to wlioin ic Iuriillu's a suvaixHiiii ill.'1
Inav npen into irresistible lempliitiin
Vnd n, h person rnrelv have the ciiiu.il'
mid espei'inll' the skill lo 'net away ' vi i
an lm emii.irv iii I eiiuit .
(If tlie insurance policies that for r
part of the I tie I epirtment 's cihibit M
ltobb s iv-
i bit pi-epo-t erotis overuisiir.ini e repi --enteil
bv be ijT.'iti.' 'if iolnie you receii
1 in i ' I two or I lit re hundred dollars uf !'
cltv inonev fur nnd then hum; up ,
t'xliibi' would nol have been wor'h 'tii
Ibe linnds of lour ncninl iiti'lcvbo'ileis .,
riniiual in-'ineis rc-nlnn; in Ihe four lm
tiuiis w lu re i he -ev el a1 pollen'- cov er I I "
train! iiivnivicl in ibe merit attempt lo pr
i nre sut h mi iiiiiuuii nf insurant e tu u i
piotertv vin. ites a New V ork standi!. I
polifv nnil lm one vnulil ilreini nf Irvc
in i n'ti', n In- i.atler sueii c lit iim-'aiii
Iii coiicluilinu Mr Holib fires this shut
ill the Coinmisonuer:
Wbt ha- th" a't'tait In-, per lire i ,
N"' ot . m ei eat Ii nr i lm f w it v ear- ut
tiu.r ad nn ,n-t f ,t mn In eu tntir,' thm i
per cenl larcer Hiilll i ' tv I in Cternf t i ,
1 1 vv n pi t ett.niii: j t'.i r-
W T lliiiiuet. St-ite Supci mtenient
of Insiiitince. slid ye. mril iv tint bo
didn't nm'oe Willi ln" I "ii Commissi il"
tint uisiic"! iiiii befoie insurance t !
unlv ptoper tetnedv .'mains! inintidiarlst .
from liiiiiiuiK i heir pi-npirty in order to
collett excess it'Mitance. Slid lie;
i lie ti't'r.ii;!' taie tni pnlii ics uncpr,
ti'visehnld jnods i- nbuut Ave ttolUi- i
t linu-iiiid for three (ear i hi- I- no
l'i'.:e If tne i iiiip'iiues were ttbllkrd f't
inn U c 1 1 1 s tt't iiiiii- iii rv erv cae before 1
piillev vtiis isxueil the rat would nn ren an
ti figure whnh murh' double Hie present
rale nr more I hi would he imponnr
a hardship and nn un.int burden upon ev erv
propcr'v ov.iirr nnd evcrj liuiiselinldi r
in Ihe si im wlule s,. ill lailiuu to stop th
"fltrbiti: I'he perim who inkei out a
polio- for ?t,otiii or -o on propertv woti'i
I Mi wuli Ibe oli, eit uf linrniinr up hi place
nnd i olbt nn.' ihe Pit of the policy i no
infinitesimal mi amiii in Ihe urent iiisiirmve
world tint to pennlle nil other insurer fnr
t be piirno-e nf ki" i uu: nil of Iiiiii is r. remedy
allou'ether Ion drastic lo merit seriou
t oiisnler P ion
Cmialilri V ;iinllilllllMit nf W, R.
t.lllaiiii In bonis Into I'ollcle.
ai'iim, .Ian. ;s -v, uia, n it. Miiu.Ki
uf New Voti. iitv. funnel I'm iiiiHti"ii
C'tiinst'l uiiib . Mtviu Mtiiellau, prob
nblv wiil be appitintetl special cuninns
aioiif i bv lluv. Sulzcr to Inv esllKC- II',!
iiillt'.itit o policies ami to icpoi't lo tl'r
l.i'Hlliituif aineiiiluiciiis to Hie law ro
e.nlni: Ibtlr fiuin vhlcii will vvoili In th"
hi'iicflt uf Ibe pullc holders as well ai
llisiir.m mini', mie.. .Mi. KlINun be.
Ib'vis tli.it Hu pn.-i'iil piovlsioiia of the
Ilie lllsiu.lliit poliiie aie an lntHlciiueut
to til son lb' I'.inic to Albany lo-da.v In
iccoinmiiid tu tlie iloveiiioi' the appolnt
m.'iit uf a t niiiiiillnnei' lo lotHi Into the
in. Ult'i' mid Ibe Ctnvertiiir usUecl him if
be vvnulil n d tlie place. .Mr. Kllljon
pud lie would, and tint Uiivernor will toti
flilci Ilie pi'opii.Hllioii a day or so ln
fou in.iKliii; any decision.
"V wrc.it tnnn.v penple complain nf tli
i'atelesnt's In the liandllnK nf Hi,, in
sui'uiK'0 pnllcie," said Onv. Sinr.ei. "It
teenvi t.i me that New Yin k State slioul 1
have tire inniiaiice laws that would ly
sine public. a good ns llio.e of other
New Ynrl.er ' Vi'l'oiiueil I ,
' Ten llollnr.
WASIIINOTON, ,1,111 n "1 ll W lulls' d
tlie (ptv e limiU so euiii!.ecl pleii
s , e-
Jlo slid ii icttt'i 1 1 cnn .tvv ii
'eepiil bv Si'i it,, v of th Tna.i
, '.IKll tti'di.v Alllltliei l'i '. ! r,
I tontilbmlon" tamo from Waslnnstcii

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