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Ifcncrally fair to-day; fair and colder to
''morrow; moderate northwest winds.
Detiiltd weather reports will he fnnml on page 14.
NEW YORK, SUNDAY, JANUARY 5, 1913. Co.yr(,M. 1913, tv the Sun 1'rinUng and PublUMng Anociation.
VOL. LXXX. NO. 127.
Democratic Patronage Com
mittee Has a Plan to
Swing the Axe.
enns of All Administration
Appointees to Expire
ll Postmasters. Col lectors. Dis
trict Attorneys nnd Mur
shnls Affected.
Wtsni.Nr.Tos. Jan 4. The Deinociniic
.. us of the Scnat probably next
-turfdny will consider a .snnwwnat
ir'llnc patroniiK" cheme from its'
v'.mage ivmmlttre. This commit tee 1
i appointed to devise u plan of notion
tard the nomination!" which t'.-cs!-'
n. Taft han sent to tlu Senate since
defeat ami which the Democrats
uis far have held up. Its prolamine
adopted will result In vacating thou
. nil of Federal Jobs within ii fow
. nth after the Inauguration of Prest
in WIIon and the substitution of a'
s' of Democratic for Republican of-'
Tlie scheme oriRinnted. It t under -od,
with Senator Clark of Arkansas,
i II la said to havo the Hpprovnl of
"t of the other member of the pat-
iiuse committee. They ar all South-
ners, more or less hungry for rich
kuiss under the Ieinocmtlc admin-
i ration--Senator Martin of VlrKlnU.
o nominal Detnoerutle loader of tl.e
-int.!: Stone of Missouri. Owen of
kl.ibotnH and Moke Smith of (ieornla.
The lati contemplates the. enactment
'(inures of a law thut will tcrrul
e next July tlii- terms of office of
, I'rcHidcnUal postmaster, district nt
rneys. inar.hal.. revenue i olleotors
.1 other otllce holder? whose terms
inlnally were contemporaneous with
. a' of ihe President anil membcrt) of
i I'abinet The plan In to propose the
,-i.-saei. of Mich a law nt thin session of
onnrcss with the undot standing that In
oe "vnt of Itepubllmns suppnrtlnn it
. .it the l.S&u Taft nomination now
nine held up shall be confirmed lm
.irillatelt and that all fuither norulna-.on-
made by .Mr Taft up to March
' 'hall teeelve fnvoiublH consideration
the hand." of Democrat".
f course the cnuetment of such a
would throw open to the Democrats
.i block on .JtilN 1 next all the van
.. M of Federal patruiiauc. T.'nder pres.
' 'ondlilons many of the Republicans
t! . have been appointed to oltloo by
i -eitdent Taft within the last ear will
r, . d oer throtiKh most of the Wilson
niii -tratlon un'.es .Mr WlNmi n -n
to the removal of Republican up-
Meet, before their term- xplre. The
' -r nurse would Amount to a return
! . niot (l.iirrant practices of the'
. ..i sAMrril and undoubtedly would'
be i oiiildeied by Mr. Wilson. The
- posMlon to be atlvancd by the In in
n's ts In effeet therefore an offer to i
de a len.se on official life for nncon-ii'-il
Taft appointees, until .Inly 1 In
eluri fo- the tcurement of all He-'
.h'.i'uns mi that date.
Hop ibiiennK who learned to-dnj of
pr .position Immediately announced
i t would not be considered for n
" In fact, t .e Democratic plen i
. i r iel by Republicans merely a an'
. npt in afford a pretext for eon- 1
1 opposition to the Taft nomln.i
' from now until .Match I. Tin v
he Democrats Intend to offer an
,"i-n''!o propn'itio.i and then i.ilse
i '. before the ootlt.trv that thiV'
1 l-tflled 111 opposing the T.ift nolo,
on ihe ground that the lb-.
, i i .ins h'ie declined to accept a !a!r
me nf th Deinoerntlc inivoi .ne of
, I -- i . . however, eontend that If It i"
.ireiple.l by 11 1 ieptlbllcill Senate
..b (.iloii an effort will be mde
i i'e a law liaised lmmih.itel o. ,
bu. UK the IlliiUltlHll of the ll"W I 'on-1
when bo'h branches will be coti--o'lel
b the DcmoenilM. llNlim July 1
- ihe d.ite for the explli'tiull of Federal
t'i - of tiiit: character. .
'1 ,v feelint' oer tlie patronaite line",
'ti i beKinnliiK io acjiime serlotih pro-
'IIioiih and It is likely to came I'resl
! nt Wilson tnori trouble than my othei
1 1 " l!'-p iblb ans now have n inajorltv
i Uhi Iii fie Senate, but they base!
-i uii.tbl.. to a toiniillsh anything In
way of i oiiflr.r.atloilP since the re
.i cmbllnK of I'oiiKresy. i
It has beep impossible to keep the
f'.ll Itepubllcan streiiKth In the Senate
''iiinb"r. and Democrats have purposely
.iimenled themselves wh"in ver nomlna
' ium came up, so that a ipiorum w.i"
hi kin jr. The Republicans in order to
i' compllsh imythlnc will have to lme
'tie support of the Mull Mone Seiiatorf
id all the I'i'iiKiL'HRlveH, ami I' I' ,
loubiful whother they will do iniytblim
,i,'l t-ie Taft men
Th" Deinoeratie contiol In Ihe Senate'
"er Mnieh t will be by a not rower
Mt;,-in even than the prcnent Heiibll-j
hi control, nnd Itepubllcan .Senatois
already threatened to make re
i Mls on the DemocrntH when Mr. Wll-1
n.n beijini to send in his nomination!, i
was this situation tbat led to thnj
'iiointuient of a patrouai;e commlltee,
i ho I I'Tiiocratlo caucus to lecom-,
ud a plan of procedure It Is the
u-iieial impression Hint the member
of the committee came to the cotuiu-'
1 'ti that the country would (Unapprove!
' arbitrary action on the part of this'
D 'iiociats in refuslnf to confirm num.'
it ions unk ps the party could offer
i' p-nr'ienl method of deallucr wiui
ill.ure Tit Di'iniicrnts believe they
t'otttlfitrrl tin Hrvnml I'mjr I
lrlcr (IiiIiib I'tiroouli I'.onte
J " lo llute S,,,l n lllm.
' I'oi'diiki.Rcsn:. N V.Jan. (- Vincent
' Astor 1 in I the unusual experience last
liilKlit of helm; mistaken for u hluhwav
I robber and it Is leportcd that he had
a close call from beln shot, but tills
(iiunot be continued The man who
tliouttht he was beinc held up was
Robert Forbes, who was taklnc a short
cut across the Astor domain In Ills
IlKht ri? behind a fast trotter
The Astor estate covers eerat thou
sand acres and there an- two or tluee
roads leaillin; thmunli It thai an- con
tlntiatlotis of country hlKhwa.s nnd at.'
open for public use. althoiiKh on private
lands. Mr Cu i,. ,. ,, til
wuKon and was in peril of the automo
biles Mi Astor was lakii ;: .i walk
when he licit il -'oi l,e's horse belilint
him and tutniiiK in tl.e nud bailed the
driver nnd asked lum to sin,. A he
did not so he urasped at the bridle but
Forl.es wiil(ipe,i 1,1s iior-e up and linm
l apldlV to lthlllebecl. He (. III. tl.Stt
be pulled a pistol nnd shot at Ins h..p.
posed assailant
Mr Astor wn not Injuied The lat
ter hurried back to I'ernellfle and cut
out one of his rai inc cars in whvh
he sped to Ithitiebe.k. travelling b
way of Flalrook, so that he cot then
about the time that Mr I'mtv arned.
In Ihe presence of a lame erow.l that
liad uathere, mutiml esplnnatloiis wet
made and Mi A-tor -aid that Ids rea
son for wlslilni; to slop Mr Furls was
to ret him to put n I'Bht on his wason
so th.i' he would not fiiue tumble .ir
himself or others
Mr. Forbes apo.osi.cd nnd anl that
he thoucht that the pmn who tted to
stni his horse v a a tobb-'i
Hut Only ;i Test t'ae. lie mix-.
ii She Hits Xo riinnce
(if Klect ion.
,,i ( ihle re,ifr. oTnr - .
I'mus, Jan. I -Considerable amii.e
iiient was created nnionc politicians un
til! afternoon when Maile Denbuird
shied lor bonnet into the rlnc and an
nouni ed that lw was n candidate for the
l'p'Md.'tley if Fiance as a test of
whthei ,i woman could hold that bls-li
Tllele ,s le.ilU llotlllllS iletllllte 111
th French ('(institution which would
pievent a woman Ik-Iiu; elected wlnn
the National Assemblj meets .it or
sallies on Jatmary IT to select a suc
cessor to President I'allleres Wnim n
have lN-eu jiartlculaily prominent In
till eitmpali;n beenuse of the personality
of Mines i'oliicrfiH and Rlbot. The
former 1 an Italian and the latter an
Amefi, ;m although both of course Inns
au-o ii.sutnd th.-li busUtnds' French
Marie Denixard a cood Sirakei and
posed us a candid ite for tlie lest Far
llamcntjr election Sim has also been
promlnenl in tinine iiml itCfitlrs in lo r
home. Arnieii She nn active femi
nist .mil ha Is-eri prominent In that
limitation for tlfteen yenr. The I'l.-ni h
feininlt, however, must not be con
fo md'-d wttli the nilllt.mt Knulish suf
fracelte. Mile Denizatd woiked hard on a re.
port as to women eiigiblliti to the
stiff f.lKf Which Deplltv I IUS.S.IOS.S. y
iresented In tlie (iiamler of Deputies,
wiiete it ti awaits discussion She
says- "M Rilmt declares that a Presi
dential .-lection is not made on u pro.
Bititiune but a personahtx 1 need not
then pretent a pioKramine present
myself I have no illusions It w-,n not
be m who will replace M Pall... res. but
it will allow the feminists in th.. Cham
br and Senate to recon:ze un candi
diture '
London Woniitii Driiett to Kee.l lit
IIiiiij, hler' Continuous Illness,
sir ' nh'r Ajmu ' Till S'
DoMioN'. J.in -I There w ns a new
aspei t of euthanasia on S.iiuiui, r:
the i ierki nwell police coin A Woman
named Mr Woods was charged with
murder In havltic stranplnl her tlur
li en-- e:ir-iilil dauu'hter, who appeals
Irom !e " I'll tit to have suffeieil fioin '
t.n ( til.it eil brain and hence .a ion-,
Stiint!;.' i.l. The I lllld's sickness lesuUed
In iiKouhiliu; (!('.
Al th" trial to-day tlie woman's litis-'
baud testified in a pathetic manner as
t. bow his wife p.... tei ,!,,( i., th .
child for tears. Lately, he swore she
hud I. me o erwrottcht under the
strain. He was absent at the lime
when Ihe mother, becomim; ditrnui;hl
when tin- child was seized witn another
somto lit. took a cord and strangled
her In bed.
Mrs Woods said in a dazed manner
after her husband had testified "Did it
put her out of her misery'.'"
The case was not concluded.
Itefiisrs In SIiik lleeiinar l)lltel ttsks
Inn Much WnrU,
Clin t.i.0. Jan. I. Carolina White of
ihe Chii ai;ri-Phllndeplil,i (ipem Com
li.iii , wllo protested to tlie directors he
inute Manairer Andreas Dlppel risked
her lo slnr; loo often, went on strike
Sh' withdrew from tlie cast, which
will Kill's' "Alda" at tlie Auditorium to
iilKllt. She kiivo as h'-r reason the plea
that hrr olce needed a rest after the
onerous employment which il lum n
celt ed under Mr. Dippers direction,
Man.ii.fr Dlppel iiulckly substituted In.
rlco clay, a San Francisco ulrl. In the
title role.
"I'm loo Hied to sliu:," said Mine,
Wlilte "I am booked to smi; at a con
cert ou Siiudiiv. Resides, I am rehears
hit; with my own concrirt company.
.My contract with the CIiIciiko company
Is to end with the .Sunday concert."
roMPl.irrin.r appointkh fi. intuit
1IIAI. I. vs. N V. in. Hi A M.ibilll mini I'fiiu.
Mm., cniniiiriiiiiiir Jn. A, nr Jsekvinillle lltk'i
A l . Tampa 800 I', ,M , Palm Mc irli rr. P M
nem ill) vi rhfunre to Hi Aiiitiimliir, iiriniiii'l,
llAVIiiim, Mlnul Key r And ntln-r Ijisi ('nasi
luilius, AlM'lv ii ilrl.lv for aet'iimmiiilntliiiit hi
heuhiiiirii Air Line f ( list H'ay, m-ar :ili si,
-Adr, I
'London t onfcrcncc Postponed
I nlil To-morrow Porte
l.ikelv to Yield.
i Caliiiicl Totterinu. iiml War
! Willi linlufiriii ,Mn I'o I -low
Its Full.
jell,'l 1 llh Si .N's .Sll cltlt (' i I .l.'O.i.'l ilf
1 I.o.M.os, Jan I -III spite of to-ill'S
, adjoin mucin of the pinto confeience
otiti! Motiiliij without the acceptance
lb- the Tut '.s of tt.o conditions imposed
I by the e'.l.i.. 1 am still of opinion th'lt
the Ii stimptiotl of hostllitle.t between the
belliueletils is exili.dtd iroln conldel.l
j tion
I learn thai whin the iitioiuuti m b
I e.nes leiles.-d a postponement o! tile
I fol.feler.ee tills Ml tint) Was lllkell. 1' IS
I ollleetllted III tile stlltlsi'Stlon of the
Ainbassadoi s who thouul.l it would Is
,wl-e to wait until tile Powrr could
tMIt tllttliel plessllfon Ihe Porto
rniti h i;rar il.inuer is now thre.it
(nttl than the resumption of hostilities
between the allies and tile Tilths The
. oinplicatlou arlsiiu,' fiom the dispute
i as to what t ompeiisatlon Ituniama shall
,i eie foi her neutrallt durinu the
'war is ralsinii .1 most seiiois iiiesiion
in t ween that .outitty aiid lluhraria Tin
lluiL-.iis ,ue not willlnii lo i . tie liie
tttritory whi'ii the I'.iiniaiuans deiiumd
I'll of what it 1 oupci'tnl Will be Klen
no b Ttll'kt The ItitU.irs in fact
Imh' their own opinion as to tin- ih-.
' interesteilnes of tin- neiil in liu of It'
! mania The iesi.lt i that tin Cabinet
at llin'haiesi ,s tottt rlni.- and il u is
supplanted by a nationalist .itliutnttra
,ion moblllalioti will order.'o b tin
hotheaded Ituinaiuans at one. Tie llul
earl.ui ('.(bluet at Sotla is usn ,. Ik r,it
lm; caietullv iw-fure takini: the fattrul
Some people thitiA that perlnips the
I'owtls requested lool.lt 's pus t pi ineluelll
Iii order to look iv.r the I'HItn.itum of
th" allies and see If th- territory i lalmeil
was all rimu m whetle-l the needed
it themselves
M. Vonenilos, ii,, Cieek Pi-em.er. who
wa to If the pvesident for the day
'i-taitnl at H oiloeh io pay a visit to
a fii-nd Alb r till he went to St
James's Pal.li'e for the confeience bill
, b-ai neil on the wn that the i ittoinan
tlclt Kate ,ni uttnesteil a postponement
of tlie session till Monday
It will Is- recalled that at esteidny'
I session lit -hid Pasha, the leadnm t"f
' toman delotaiie, stated that Turki v tint
'rot I nuli until Mondaj to answer tin
1 ultimatum' nr the n!!le- ttc -sliT
lit W'llllll be leillh to leplv ,1t 4 II ' lo, k
; Sitt'iid.t afternoon
Hunt lllthrr "l" ttr ii" I'ioiii
TiirUs 'I ii-miirm ,
, i.jl e,,,',. flffHit,-: ta Tnr M
l..'M.o.. Jail I The tnieitni; of the
I tonft relict betw.en the Tuiks
and lie- allies srh-'d'.ib il lor till .itt'-r-noon
wa not held because short 1 be
fort tlie hour tlxed for it assi-mbllm;
Reihid P.ish.t. tlie Turkish badim;
d.iteates, sent a cotiimiinicatlon 'o the
otllet r si he.lllled to pre-lilt to-ilat In
whi'ii In- reiiuesteil an inljouriiinent till
Mond.t at I o'cloi I.
The temper of the Unitarians in the
face of the T.irkNh attitude i shown
by the uiteiaii. e .' t" ownlm; of a hi ;n
ltiile.iii.in oiiltial v h i i In cry c'.isn
t mc'u with th- delegates. He said
"' i, Monday afb i tiomi our envoys win
tf.t to St. James's P.tl.uv Willi tile h pe
of hearlni; Turkeys last woid. but that
l.i-t word call only be simple 'yes' or
iin' It c.innot ben demand for fuithei
i oi-sider.itlon oi auv iiiillile or h.ii'
aliollt better term.
"It is the united teellmr of all our
in'ilinli" that We h,ie ,.ad i noilsTli of
I . ,.T.itinat!ou and that we are not
k ,ii- to stand an.1, nioro foolerv of tin
ii.t s-rlousni is of the situation t.iu
be K.itiKed fiom the f.o t that a ineeiini:
of liie Ambiissadois was urKcutly .slim
lie, i, ed at the iiini.sii.il hoar of II till
iiioinlm: There I reason to believe
tll'lt tin- Ibll'opellll CobUuts llilll been
tnfoirueil of ih- situation wlibh had
been i rented In the ultimatum of the
iillbs and that ib. Ambassador. met
with the lev of stein'; whether a
rupture could not be aoM. d b titmiv
aihlie from them, or falllm; till
.'bethel- tlie powers should illterf.-le.
It remain to lo seen whether the
rupture will lend to a resmnotloti of
hostilities Tin- majority of opinion u
the IiIkIii rt diplomatic cltcles is that
it will not Some diplomats N In ve
however, that the poweis will (:u no
fllllher than to uive fllt'inllj aihlee
owIiik t'i Hie lealoiisles which further
action would en-ate amom; them As
in tlie case ot the delimitation of the
Albanian inmtleis (lie Powers may find
mme aetlie intervention too risky and
the Ambassadors mlKht be ImttriHicd
to leave tlie eemellt to tlie belliger
ents themselves
To-dav's ilespaU lies fiom Colislan
titiople aie all of a bellicose strain. ( hie
news aiicncy sas Hint Hie Cabinet met
ou Satutday mornlm; to discuss tin i im
port. fiom the Turkish plenipoten
tiaries at London and dechleil after a
session of a couple of hours to Instruct
them to n lect the ultimatum of the
llalkiin confederation.
The .l;emc dttummi denies tint re
ports of a Cabinet crisis over the itn:i.
1 1 1 1 n and a statement i unit s by wn.s of
Reiiln to the effect libit Miner Hey, Hie
former Yotinit Turk leader wiio con
ducted Hie war In Tripoli against Italy,
after reewini; the otloman troops at
Tchatnldja sent a Ioiik telck-rain to
iraitil Vizier Klamll Pasha. .iKncd by
twenty-live veiierals, deiuandliii; Hie ie
sumption of hnstllltlef. The latest re.
port via Vienna Ik that the Sultan will
shortly ko to Tif.iataldjn to meet KltiK
I'erdliiand of lltilitaiia.
It Is noteworthy alto that there is in
London rv sudden Increase m the in
surance on Imlldlnis's and their contents'
in Constantinople, Smyrna. ICavalln.
Vnrna and ItustchuU,
lioii-rnor Will ol Nu Mr U ttreou
nlril na Stnie l.eniler,
Ai.iianv, Jan. I When !ov Sulrer
was iislied late this evenltii; whetlier or
not he had lecelved a telcuratu ft om
(!ov Wilson rccoKiiUliiK him as State
leader of Ihe Democratic party, the (iov-1
erimr said that he has received a mes-1
sawe from tlov Wilson, but that he has
shown It to no one, nud that he will
not make it public until next week
Such ii iccoKiiltlon would mean that
Wilson, iim President, would confer with
Mow Sulzer In making appointment for
New Vork State.
'arlslllll surd for lle-
ol Old I.okii,
Ca'jl? ltiitcl tn Tilt: m s
PaiiIs. Jan I The kit bets of Palis
have alwaya been noted a aristocrats
anil they have sometimes been wealthy.
A Hood example of this is VuiidenbcrKll
who has an establishment mi tint
I'll. mips lllystes and who has, been
shiiviiut ami pou.l. tine, and pnlnttni; the
ini Tits? and old bloods for years
i me of Viiiidenhori;h'.s In
cust. utier?
was M. l-'ubiy. who Is allied to some of
the wealthiest famllli In France
F.ihrv induced the barber to lend him
11.' nuo franc?, or about SJtiOftu which
was to nil er a period of tive years.
Tile barber shaved Fabry everv day.
but the latttr nexer returned the loan '
FlnalU anilenliereli IiioukIii suit
acauist lum and to-day tli irirls or-
tleretl l-'ubrj to i)ii up with Interest i
and eosis
Kit Unlton Tells Stor. of Hurieil
rreasiire .lu-t Found In
.Ml Mi'iii-. i'. un . .Liu I Kit Da. ion
former mi nu r of the James Uo.s nu.)
l. lit, m siini; of bandits said to-day taut
tin jIIT.imiii found by i!up llattlsook.
a labour volk'ni: on a plp(. hue rreiich
n.-Hi chut, i on-, iiki.i. was pirt of iti.
ana takdi in .1 Missouri Pa. Itle tialr.
roblierv in liM 1it.1t Miwi rect, a town
that has been abandoned.
"Tin- tnbber was made one nltlit in
'totober." said Daltoii. "The cam; was
...1 b Jcs.se James, ami with him was
Dick l.utle. .Pin Ciitnmliis. Jim Cohin
.ind four olhiis. Collin and Little
boar'le.l Mo- Mind at .1 water tank .mat
Wt st of M iscl-eet.
"When 'he train had passed .!! sta
t'.ui ihe , 1, mitt d o. er tin water tender,
point il t.io r.MiUer at th.- t riKinet r
and tlrom-Mi. . ompellcd ihem to unroii-
! it- limine from the train and hall
iiei oie oiler, w bust name I will not
mention lot- he ' IIMll-'. ellteietl the
express i ,tr o erpoWert d liie MlessellCer
ilu! ...ilil" 'l"o him lo opt n the safe.
' Tilt x not im ui JTlMUMi, most of u
b Ini; in .'n old iilice. considerable In
sllvr ami t'o balance In jrteiib.icks.
'They esiaptll III II IHXIIle while th(
Mini: was to be divided Deputits aib
a p.,-.' l hi n presslm; them so hart
tllej si'Ji.ir.lted to meet al an 1 llllla I
camp at I'lairmore, Indian Territory.
I'nit'il Suites Marshal Kot wunl if
their wiiereabiiuts and beK.iu to stir
loiiiid them.
"The silver anil Hold was o Insixy it
wa troiibiefoiue and as all had to i;et
away qim k .bsse James Imt it-tl the
mom t noii a Hi; tr(,.. Tin- balance
was inkeii to a place on the bank of
I .it t It lib..- Illiir. Jarkfon county. Mis
souri Some of the mini; returned to
Indian T. rntorj after the mt'iii;, but
the maikers had been movnl and as It
was not safe to illy .Hound there much,
they K.ue n tit'
Strange 'o mi-,, tliat money hid in
Jacksiin conniv Mistiiiri. was also lost."
Will lllseiis. Iltillttllt s,, Mth
Nc, i;nulmtil llxccnl I,
IliiiTi'v, Mass. Jan Io Fos has
as Ml in.nl" no iiinie toward a con
filelli'e Villi tl.e other New Filmland
(!otenioi.s m n la: em to the railroad
situation, but In- nil. nils to
It Is stated to-day that instead of
Issiilnu aiii formal tall for a cmifen nee
(Io l-'oss Wll! ilslt the (ifli'elllors of
the I
tli"i' New Ktiuiand States and ills-tin-
mattei of a iolnt meetlm; and
In- wi'i do this within a few dr.ys.
To-Ja) Consists of
Seven Seel ions,
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DcmtUips nt Inquest Kxcliiins:"
Vrransred by Fdey nud
Her Husband.
Trip to TexiiK Mnde lo (Jet Di
vorces on lcMrtiou (irounds,
She Says.
.Mis. .Nellie Murdock, wife ol (Inldlier
Murdis'k, 11 liveryman, testified yester
day nf ti t noon at the continuation of tin
llUliest In the Heliport, I.. 1.. vIllllK"
corporation office beforn Coroner II S.
Mount for evidence louchltiR the deaths
of Mr. ami Mis. Ileniy (" IMey on
j Tliursd.-iy last Mrs. Murdock wild that
there had been an nrraiiKemetil whereby
1'dt.v induced Ills wife to Itaxe home
with Muidock and that lalcy and she
herself were to liave been married after
Murdock and Mrs. Filey had Ncuured
dlvoices in Te.xa whither the couple
lied. She iipeated her story, almost as
the Heliport Kosslp have bcttii telling
It for weeks, without any ureal em
barrassment. Holm; Into tlie minutest
details m her answers to questions.
Mrs Murdock was accompanied to the
Ulauc hall by her foiirteeii-jvar-old son,
.Milton, ami her patents, Mr. and Mrs.
Ilenrv Corwin. Durinu the narration of
in 1 unusual stor of a iil.in to exchange
wives Cm oui-t Moore suxKcstfsl thnt p t
haps lr uiluht be a Rood Id.-u if the boy
was sent out of the room. Mr'. Mui-
I01 k n creed and the ouni;.ter. who had
1 1 Kivitm- clos attention to
niothir testimony, was hsl out
(i. miller Murdock did not attend he
l.ntiiet. Tlie coii-tabl-s had 1 n un-
'a'.le to stte a siibpieiia on him 111 ad-
i.iournlm; the inipi -st without llxlnK a
dite Coroner Moore 1-.1I1I lh.it he had not
m.itle up his mind whether or not he
, will call Murdock as a wltnes.
' Wln n Mis Murd n-k. who I n small,
..sj cheeked woman, took the stand
' she looked around the hall at a crowd
of Iniert.sted llie, f,.il; .mi tlld not
"win lo be disturbed h their Inteiuse
In'ere". In her
ill replv to th. tils' iiiestlon isked
b the c.rmi r, Mis .MurbK-k said she
left Heliport ill 1 ict ib.-r last and had
-een her huslfiid twice since then;
1 once at the home of his brother. Shep-
panl Murdook. In New Haven, and'
air.iiii at the 'IViia Marlu. Inn In Hta-'
it-ii isiiinu, ivuere nc was empioyro.
"Are you on ko.xI termii or not with
torn- husband" she was ake'd.
' "''' " ae.ii wn,"
i.i ion are on ino.l triotiyh ti-nr, 'o
liel'i lilir inline H llnn.oon rill"iiatlon suit
anauist Ilti'' A V.j. I think he de
teriisl :t
! II ti i litotlKht aiii at Hun
against tour husband? A No.
i.i Do ton know wlnn the par.eis In
.iP't .
-n.' litre serli'd" A Two weeks
I dun! r. tniMiibrr the exact date.
Ilmv did c h.ii'i'"ii thai ion were
m espt'e, illi friendly Prills with
iKfbinil anil yet you -.vote willlri; In
luai mil ' A It w.i Jut to help
ll.ni eul
i.i Hum i1.ii ton t xpei t to be benefited
b tic lllt ill K' ttlliC snllle Cinnpelis.l-
I tion.' A. Yes. that was It M husband
was to net ou.-tlilrtl. I one-thl and the
law ver one-third
Coroner Moore interrupted Assistant
; District Attorney Vmini: In his exam
ination by askiti'i Mrs. Murdock if she
thtnmlit her liusts-ind was justified In
i lirinu-lni; the suit.
i "Vis." she replied. "Uciufc Mr. IMej
thtl not fulfil hit plan "
l What ui.tile the pUnp doubtful?
Win. I wee the plans' Mr IMev ki
111" to lemt m home about the first of
.hlh lie S'ot 111 Wife to liave Home nldo
' sin- was to ko to Texas with tn husband,
i I wa to ko to my indent it ml stay there
utitil thev koi dlione.
i.l Ann men you weie to inuotn .Mrs
I IMej ' A. Y
I i.i You eave lour consent io th plans?
A Yes
ij And because this plan failed you
are Joining four husband In this suit for
alienation of alfet turns" A Yts.
The Assistant District Attornev
L IHil ion Know tint toin husband
I wis hvlriK m Texas with Mis IMn '.'
A Yes
, (. Win n ou intended to ko to ymir
pni't llts III liie .inn rellllt l-,ol;llt that
miii were bav.nK a liuslainl true to your
affections" A. Yes.
A. I'.iit u Inn riif hub.itiil was' resid-
. ln pi Texas wlili Mrs, IMey. didn't inn
have niiie tloiilit about Ills- faithfulness
;' A I did have foiiic doubts about his attic
I. mis.
i) You would have hen perfectly will-
Ihk in line had Mr. TMri fur your luis
i bind If .Mr. l-.Mi y' pt.in had koiic
throutli" A Ye.
Mr. IMey had cnmpletrlv won .iour
I , .itT.s timis" A Yes.
j ' iid ton bad no further loie fm
' J tour hnsliiind'.' A. No.
It was at this Juncture thai the Coro
ner sgnt Mrs, Murdock's son out of Ihe
i' Coroner Moore was plainly Interested'
I in the woman's testimony cmicernlnc
j the exiii.lllKe of wives and Mrs. Mllf
i dock went further Into details, explain
ft i n tr that the lrli to Texas was planned
I so that divorces could be obtained on
the Kioiind of desertion
Fdoi. however, spoiled the plan he
had Hindu by nettlim Mrs. Kdoy to re
turn from Te.xns and making up with
Mrs. Murdock admitted that she ex
pected a settlement of the nllenatlon
suit would he made out of court.
She said It had been Mr. Kdey's plan
after the divorces had been granted and
l... !,...( 1 Xlt-u l.',u,. ,.. I
'. . : :, ' """" "
llvinn In Re Iport. Mary Ldey. the
,.I.,,,,Kl,, Mrrn"fl MrM- IK,,,,;1W"" '
live with her father and mother six ,
! months .. the year and a s mllar ar-
irniiKcmenl Mrs. Murdock sal. was to
liave been made In the case of her son
M"wno proposed ,!s wonderful ;
scheme?" asked the Coroner
"Mr. Fdey," she said with a faint
"When he took his wife hnck II
looked as If he wasn't nolnn to carry
out his plans, didn't it'.'"
"Yes, Unit wan It. When Mrs. Hdey
returned and they were reconciled that
, spoiled It nil," answered Mrs. Murdock.
Order . Ilrrad to Walter Who I
crrad the President. I
Just about thn time Provident Taft
nnd 1,600 Republican at down to'
dinner at the Waldorf-Astoria la.1
nlht 11 committee of the. waiters' union
ordered a strike.
Tho committee won uptown, however,
and the regular house force, with 300
extra waiters, we.ro liu-lde the hotel.
Mr. Roldt and his m.mnKcrs knew nhotit
the strike order and every entrance to
the hotel was warded.
No ticket or messenger could deliver
the order until several hours later. It
was then too lute. The regular men
nnd the extra said they would not
have Rone out anywn The dinner
wu.s too profitable to be missed.
Tell I'rlneelnn Friend He VIlir
lie Mod Oeen an Architect.
PriivcrrroN, X. J. Jan. I -President-j
elect Wilson laid aside work In-day nnd
turned his footsteps Into the cold ulr 1
for a brisk walk. As he passed tluoiieh
the university campus he Indicated with
his cane the bulldlliKS with which he,
had it ureal deal to do either In the
architectural scheme 01 the lalsim; of
funds for construction '
"I often wish I had been an nrclil- '
tcct," lie saitl a.s he xa'eil proudly at the
college Motliic. lie pointed out the bii;
scheme under which Princeton' cmwth
for the next tit t v enis is planned. '
The Movcrnor isnmht some twine in a ;
hardware stole, but would not consent 1
to lie waited upon until the other ens- I
tinners had been attended to Ho didn't
Bay what the twine was for
t ill-moil,, lleclnres sinie Kin tt(t re
Oust Knit, lit, it Put.
Ai.ha.nt. .Inn. I
in iiu.lDtii,.!,, l,t
State cimiloveo of his sal.irv In become
due 1 lnxalld. accord I m; to an opinion
renfli.rtrl t.i-.l.iv bv- 1 1 , ,f n..v .C 1 ..iter.. 1
j Carmoily. who hoids rhat even in the
I f.u f an assignment the salary should
be paid to the emplovee. The opinion
; wa asked by Dr. William Malum of the
.Manhattan State llosptta'. who sought
to tltnl wli.it his tlutv w.is in tlie case
' , ' ", in 11 '
salary to become due within six months,
"The necessity of inaliitalm; the of-
fiileiuy of the publli- servlct- by seeinc
to It that public salaries r-aliy e to
. loose wno pertorni puiinc service is tlie
principle upon which the opinion is
based" .say the Attornc -!i nernl.
snlcllfTt- llr, III Illinois
l.rminil of lleserllnn.
Cincico. Jan -I- Mrs. II W. Sutcllffe,
iBi,t,.r of kin it II. Mary, chairman
of the I 'nlted States Steel Corporation,
has sued her hn.'J.alid for divorce In
the Circuit Court at Whoatoit, 111.,
charvlni; deseitioii.
Attoriie.i Ja.i P. Smith, for Mt Sut
cllffe, said to-day that his client has not
talk'-d with her husband for two years,
and In Hint tunc has seen him only
"Tins is a plain case of tlesei tion."
sanl Mr. Smith. 'She ha eumish prop
rtj of l.er own to live eotnfortablj .
Mr. and Mrs. Sutcllffe have a son R
years old who is in a business coUcro
in Chicago Dr Sutclllte has filed no
answer.'' '
MllllJ I'lirrel Post I'lii'Laurt Lost
When Tank 5ponl Klrr.
A isasoiene ui.it mi a mall truck
io.niisl with mall b.ics. tinny of which
contained parcel post paokn.es, spouted
(lames in the driveway to the post office
at Ho Pennsylvania terminal last nlKht.
A moment later th" bins were lmrniiiK.
Lw Is Terry, the chauffeur, who lives
nt U'x i:,it Rltih street, shouted for
help and somebody eru In a fire alarm.
Whrn rirenien an .ved the llariu s had
eaten thrmiKh the
bottom of tli t truck
and a score of kiss
ind their contents
I had been destroyed
Volunteers wet down
ihe rest of the
bass and the mail will have to be hunn
up to dry. The truck was practically
destroyed. The mall came in on train
Go of the Pennsylvania and was to have
been delivered to the tlrand Central
li'lur Make No Itcpl.t in Nelln Hrr
Hen'" ClinrKr.
Wolf Hopper's fourth wife. Nelln
I'.erKen. bona ii pult for alisolutc tllv.irco
iestcrday before Supreme Court .liis
I flee Scudder In Mlueola. L. I. Do Wolf
i Hopper wns not present, rind no defence
I was made. The affidavit was sjilli-
mltted by Simile; II. HamburKer of
' New York, counsel for Mis. Hopper.
I The mi xrs weie a.viled, and the court
i leserved division. No evidence was
I taken. It iva said that service w.us by
publication, Hopper Ivim; out of the
' State.
Mr. Hopper's llr.si wife. Ul.i Oardner.
a divorce soon after their niar-
rlniro. Then he nmrrlisl Ida Mustier,
n chorus rrlrl. A divorce followtsl.
and in IS0.1 he married IMna Wallace.
In ISdS he marrleti his fourth wife,
who had not a divorce from James D
Iternen. a cut nl.iss m.iriuf.icturer of
Hartford. Conn. Mrs Hopper Is an
n elves,
nvr Una V.III.I'J
tllK Increase
ItihnliltHiit nnd
cniiMco, Jan. I.
""" ' ooo Hits 11
popu at im of 2.2!M,R!n, This fin uro was
',0 , ,., I)r , . s, ,.,, ,a '
liB Ilk'Ul'cd the increase In .1.,.
M,ll,alloll of n,,PnKI, ,,. .",.,. r
d llhH1.tH tlm( , rJ , f
,, M3 m w . f "
, !.n.;..',J'.:',:!!!,::!.":l,:"r v:.
Stales t'eiiHlis Iturcliu.
The last Iwii
'counts, those for PjOii and 1310, worn
I tnken nnd the liicrenso estimated on
i the annual Increase shown there
roAti i,i.k' oh.oiuha nrr.t ui" ,
2IIh Mrimnii nt linrliln's Hni't 'I rnlii, IV .Vi unnn
ftti-cllie Jan. dth. II other l-linlieil i'ritln Dally
.3I A. St.. 3.34, 9 80 P VI Cm ll tity ,l,ir
President, Ouesl of l,r()0 at
Waldorf, Says Haulier's
L'p to Stay.
Cheered to Kelio by Party
Heads, Asserts Hattle
Will fio On.
Hopes Retirement
Tafipliobia" and Shows g
True Principles.
im:.ioki:s oveh hksi'IiT
Cnll Kefeiil of Foes of Govern
meiit All Importnnl De
fends His Course.
I'lfl.ell hlllldleil iitiilaunted Repuhll-
l-'M 't-s
nearly everv one of Uiem a man
notable In the country, paid a personal
tribute to President Taft at the Waldorf-Astoria
last nlKhl, nt the same time
reafrltmliur their allegiance to llveir
party principles in no uncertain tones.
At the word of SaniivM J. Fltler. presl-
i ,i0t f tin
Republkan Club of Mass-
chiivetts, they wer on their feet, thalr
I sinuses raised ldu'h. mouths open and
1 necks distended In cheer upon cheer,
y,.b, roars, .shout. and cries that shook
the chandeliers of the tiisr ballroom and
broke up the conceit In the promennd
two doors below.
There wa no difference m the eru
tliusiasm due io iikc or to position In
life. I 'nlted States Senators who hnv,
led their parly at Washington for yearn.
CotiKicssmen. bankers, railroad m't
financiers, lawyer.. Judges. (.loverncH
and eN-tiovcrnors. political leaders, po
llthl otllrcliolders past present and
retlrinir. all raised the s brans until the
man to whom they were pnylnn thr
tiibuti- ceased to snillo nnd for one
was hard put to It to conceal tho fnct
;that he was profoundly touched. His
sense of humor, however n came to
his aid and his emotion passt d
I KlllilT Mill, In Tltltr llefrnl.
Tile 1'nlon I.e.iKiie Club of New York,
1 the I'tilou LeiiKiio Club of 1 iill.idelpliia,
the Republican Chili of New York and
' tlie Republican Club of Massachusetts
nave the dinner last uicht as II wn
said, to show President Taft that th
Republican paitv knows bow to takn
defeat and does not ilci-pah over
schisms In their own ranks t iriclnallT
thev llioiiKht the L,-rnnd Killtoom would
do, but Inst uiclit thev not onl IIIIpiI
that but tilled the balconies uiib talde
the foyer witli tables, the creen room
and tile red room, while abmil 'iim men
who had tickets hail to make out down
in the cafe or other restaurants trust
iiik to siUec in somelio v when ths
' time crime for th speakuiK i'hex did
' ami made a nice fringe of men alU
around the bli; room mi the luaiii floor, .
In the balconies and up to t be i ...ii They
say a Federal .Indite manaKt-d to Njr-.
I row tlie chair of the bass drummer ln(
the orchestra.
There were two speakers last merit,
I Mr. Klder and the Prcsld.-n . while J.
, Van Vechten ulcott, pre.sldi m of New'
! York's Repulillcan Club, prt sided The
Presnlt.nl sal to his rlirlu. Mr Rider to
hi left. Samuel W I'liltcoiid. pn sldeUs
of tlie I'nlon l.eai;iie of Nm .nk city;
William T. Tllden, pi t Mdent ol I'hlU-'
delphia's I'nlon I.riiuiii'. arid HisIioih
'Charles Sumner P.un h, who pronounced
I the blesslnc, were the only orn s at tile I
llltllll table.
shout "Wr'll
Hack of the dinner
Co Hnck'"
l ist iiikI i III addl-
lion to the tribute to the liesnliiii as a
lucent standaitl healer a will as n onn
' tinie iletor, was the deterinin ition to
i show the world that tin old time lie
' pilbllc.ilis -tho standpatters, as they
' mlKht be called- wcie not al.uined for
thn future of Ihe Republit an parly,
i That was the kejuote at i n- outset
' when (tverj'hody ihat could i.ei u waited
In ii reception pallor lo ruclve tha
"Sore'.' Not a lit of ii. we'll conin
back." was heard ev cry win re. ami tlie
, heattlnoti. of the nicotine to tin- Presl
I dent when lie did arrive showed that
nobody blametl him for ant tiling that
He shook hn nils. I.iunlieil nnd joked
w lih runny there because he knew nearly
'everybody and certainly be had heard
of everybodi t hoi e He sat down,
chatted and then walked into the liall
room with Mr. ulcott. where he not an
other cheer, and then there Is no doubt
that lie cnjoicd the very liaboialtt din
ner. It wns ery much of an informal
, affair, foi between mouihfuls the Fiom
dent Ki'eticd old friends, dialled with
' Ihem and IniiKhoil with them ius a pretty
lively corpse, us one man put it.
Mr. ulcott ns toastmaster made a very
brief speech Iii which he not a cheer by
nddresslnn them as "Fellow Repuhll.
i cans" with nil accent mi Hie Inst. Ho
said that evei y man there still Ndleved
In the Republican p.tit nud "It will go
forward iih loun us there in life and
breath In the Fiilteil Slates." which also
received prompt approval
lint? nf lleiniblleno,, ,
( .Mt. (ilcotl then Introduced Mr. t:ider
wiio said he was nolnn to make a malic
toward none and chant towuid all
ppeech. hut there was nothlni; of th
surrender about It when hn lienali to
speak Mr Klder said il was the duty of
fcMiMfiMititilfMMa.fcMM , , ;

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