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Suit fi
Rain or snow to-duv or lo-nihl; nov and
colder to-morrow.
Dffillcd leather reports wilt he found on page J.
VOL. I, XXX. NO. 128.
j'l-fiilent'N ldcii Is to Submit
iHiiie to Anglo-American
lionnl Alone.
I'oll of Sen.itor Shows Tlio.se
in I'm or of Arhitrntion
in .Minority.
t"V. .Ian f.- l"ifin the le
I" -ul.-nt T.ift to Washington
i'ii I'll'1 known that It I" nut
ui f I' fm.itftit Court of Arhllrn
. ii i -ri.il trllmn.il which ln has
n iiini-itlnn with hli proposal
l anatiui Canal dispute bo jiit-
' 1 .IIMt! Ml.
- ! 11 li-'.i-v.n till.- tribunal
in.nl- -ip equally of ritl.-.ons of
. - I x.ii.s ,-iiul fire.tt Britain,
in - in.il. m-rittrllnc to Mr. Tnft's
w - i .1 'c tin- nt'.i rent possible up-
n "in i u-i'.il luttrh. With the
-.n .-.only divided It slpmlu
) . for mi .- I 1 f or the oilier to
i mmiing iii-aiuuon: of the
' ,' HIT
it "f iliii 1 parties ftum tho
'i u.i.iid i.iinliuc tin- people
' I II t ll Stales II ml flie.lt
. . nt. iuli-.l. ,h.r i-.u-h Ci.n
n -I : i " '-. i' an A - I'u'.el'
:. ' . ; ill if .t- i,.lc, Als i 1'.
g in-uili.-rlili of thf tti-
inc I nn il St.iti.t anil (!:i-.it
i h- iti!n-.st- of tin' I' tilled
' t-' lurtlicr ptoti cti'il. In.iv
i - liiten t.-5 of all ttu- other
i" tun in o'i" th wm hi ai" "p
u I . th"... if ;h, I'ni ill S'ii'.is In
- i . .Ii-;. no i
. - p'-M 'inn- i'.i voted hj tite !'r--i-
v i - ' ii- uiK'i-r tli- llnuae - n-
i the upoi-lal aim i.iil.ni
. .-1 i w.-i n t ho I nl .1 St.iii- .nil
lii in l. Tit. mall tin- Mi ul'i-
...i, mi tioai proMii f that th" pi--.,n-
. .i.i i l at Tin- ll.u:.- iml
i .lor t'l- '. o'i" nf tl.c llaso" unlit, p is
nil il 111 the II isite tun- ntl- n tliu
p.nt a dispute may -r!"'t lif-
rPmnal to trv their wise.
While ii. . ilt.eillpl l.s ill, ulf to miiu
m.i.e Ihe iinpiirlani e of President T.ift'-1
u iliiiiiM -ii in favor i.r arlillratlon, In
' , ati'uis 111 Washington m.'ilte It doubt
that Ihe question ever will h.'
i-fi-i ii il to a ti ilmn.il
li- I iiia- aiii-Tj; S'-naimn militate
. .ii thorn opi nlv fainting ai'oitration
. m the small mlnorii Aicutiliu
m- poll. onl thirteen Senators favor
ratioii, tinny oppose .t npeniy .ni'l
. ,..n ate unwilling tn minmit tin in-
- i - - This , a total of nnl si.xtj-onc
i- 'nit tne division ltullr.iti"
. , artv tin- formiilalili' opposition
. i .1 nie.-t nnj piopii'iil to arbitrate.
i i . f it-asoii advanced by lhoe
i - iin-Jared themselves against
iposal iu that the matter of ennui
- a Moinestie ipiestlon in whim
- i liimiid to muskier anj other
.He! thai it would be Impossible
.-a impartial tribunal A few
I--, niBi-ie arbitration because
i.i. I nlted State would be
i..s, i nlier Senators have de
, ' .il they would ptefer to ote
i.penl of the canal act rather
twent to arbitration.
-mc ilinw who oppose arbitration
t . -i.'.i-. Towncend of .Mli-hlpan.
"f Indiana. I'leteher of I'lorlda,
- -I v nMiinKton. tiallniBer of New
Smne of MIsoiiii nid Horah
Vi. -i. ih i-i- favonnw in bltratliin are
k )'-' It. nit of New- York. Iturton of
- 11. t' :.. in I; of Nebrasi.a and ll.n-on
- ' -I Ai l
i - liii- been iIIm-iisIoii tii-du of a
' --il t-i aiiloK.ite the lit til 1 1 l t ii tl
- a lili-aus of evadlUK Ureal
' i i.-ipn-n for arbltrution should
.ml iot not be repealed. It has
- 'i ilopoi...i thill the 1 1 .-at be
w--i followini; its evpiiatlon by
n on .lime I 1913 Until of
i i- - would lie aliMiliilely futile. In
- a hi' ,nun familiar with Inter-
pi dure These men ilei'laie
' i' III ila In would piomplly te-
i - i-, i-.Um-i- iiieasiire was adopted
I u-i,n"t for arbitration was
' '- ilo- tieaty wits In fori;e
i' 'iiiM-iiientl the abrogation
' I - "I llle tti-.ity rollld have no
' ' ' n 'he obllKatloiiH of Ihe I'nlted
" ' Hi" i-anal dispute
- i nlier dei-laieil that the nbrop.1
' 'l'- arlilltallon tieaty for tli
I i nf ev.iilinn the Hiltlsli lequem
'i, iimn of the ii mi I iliHpute
v 'i iiul th" I uiteil Slates us a
' I- ,1111111k tuitions
- Impression here that Piesl
'' W I'xon leally will be Ihe mall to
mention of w bethel- or not the
- ' i'i- shall seek arbitration of the
' ' iliipute
another point mentioned was
iih.u many HenntorM might be op-
' ' arbitration at present the real-
" 'ill the arave Ihhiiph Involved
-' ' i nn iik-iii to ehaiiRe their minds
'' i ''i in.uter was put Hipiarely up
a wide laiiKe of art I.i n opin
Htitaln and the United States
-r.f.. iiKtee to arbitrate. Tli
:i- of the .special aKieement which
pii erle any appeal to an arbitral
on affords opportunity for preclso
' 'ion of thf? fiiiestlon at lsu,.
( , i.i I aKieentent must also de
'' 1 limn the powers of the nrbi
" Tht step Is senernlly reRarded
" - most Mini part of the entire. pr'-
-hurt of the actual areutnenta-
r"-i' llnlnin reserves the rlBht, ac
i i ni; i., . arbitration treaty, to te
" ''" i-iu-i-l.-ii iiKreement to the
' "f any of her dominions If It
" erns the Interests of one or inure
''! oioiur.s. in the canal dispute
' '"'"i.v mumestionubly would havn an
, ' ,'"rini'v to pass upon the iiKTeeiniMt.
0 i'w nf the biiterness Hhown in the
-trtiioan Parllatnent over the canal
controversy, which strikes haul ;il the
Intetests of raniulii, Is i,.e.d tioiible
may be expected from that iplarter.
London I'apera I'ralar I'rniio-nl In
tprrwl r,i(,V Hfupatrh In Tir s, v
l.osno.v, .Ian. The ilei-laiatloii of
President Tuft at the baniiiet of the
Inlet national Pence l-'ot tun ut the Wal
dorf on Saturday aftel iioon. to the ef
fect that the fulled St.Mes should nr
blttate the ntfstlon of tolls on the Pan
ama fiitial, attracts mui'h ntteiulon,
hete. Tlie tnoinlnR papers comment
freely on t
The )uij Trli'nrnith sav.- the Pivl
dent s speech was altogether thai of a
statesman and a lawyer Then- could
be Ilo belter hi'KlUlllnn to the plep.ila
tloiis for the celebration of the tihetit
treaty of pence between the KiikIIj-Ii
speakim; peoples The sltiintloii. Ihe
paper nays. Is exnctly met by tin- pro
posal to arbitrate the iiiestion
The nnltu .Ven-i tejolces oer Mr
Taffs aiinounceiiii'lit. which. It -as. Is,
a most welcome new year insu.n;,. to'
the world. The p-ipor savs n adtnlte
his line s.islni; that "the tune to att'l
tr.ite N when ou ate afraid that Mm
will imt win.' The Acut continues:
"It Is bee.niie Mi ciaiNtone r.-coi;-!
ttled this liluher purpose of nt bltratlon
that tne Alabama i.iye slauds out as
oil" of the Ki-ent landmarks of human
prosress and established one or lllad
stoiies pioudist claims to th- ur.itliude'
of mankind." j
Tin- oth r paper epres u. neral s it-1
.sfnitloii over President Tafi's an
iioiincrmi ut it I-, taken to indicate
that th- illpule alimii toastwlse vessi I
and tolls will be settl. d without inm-li
ililbiulty. thouiili It Is realized that the
American Senate lias j,t t,, . reckoneil
The Shimliinl sas II doe- not sup-pie-
that Piesldi-nt Taft will have lime
before Ihe e-,pillt!o!l of IlK term to lio
iinvtlilna but iioi" iii ii iiuist.oii
that I'le-ldetlt-ilect Wilson will follow
Mr. Tiffs leid. and thai the iu.-ii-can
Senate N ll;ej to a niv,. lo ar
bitrate atlMliliii; in the Panama I'.mnl
a.'t which iniuin! be sr.nl,., i .numb
the usual diplomatic n-i;otlatlo!i.
The Minnfin eniiiiiieii'l what ii calls
the ' hitihlv bonoi.iiil.. part pla.ied b.
the greater patt of ihe Vmeiie.m in s-tlii-oiiKhotii
t In nro 1 1. 1
Tie linn'j lin .i Hie Aiin-rii-an
PresirP-iit has ihIm n the rieiit, honot
Ib'e i nurse b'.t ' l-manis to l,(. ,xf.
coi. -till whe her Ine S-uat1 will follow
I. I .Ml If i ilo.-s Ine ;.; lo
thinks the i.iesiini js ns noo.1 as sct
Wilson Will ot Announce Any
I'nlil All Ai'eetttiiice
Are Keeeived.
P'i.s i: -ms . N .1. .t in r. pr -ideiit-
el'-l I Wilson Bil'.e out .1 lot of HCHiltlvc
liifni illation tn-da;. .
I'liM. he has not oifeinl a single per
son a slnKle -ippoliittnent l any kind,
t'abli.e: or otln-rwhie
Se. ond lie will nut make anv offi rs
mill hp decides on the m.iki up of his
mite Cabinet.
Tliltil. lie 'III not nnnoiiuie any
names until he h.is i-ii-IiimI all the no
cepiances and can make a bldtikel mi
nouneenieiit of his fablnei
fourth, he has not told a -itii;l" per
son, in WashhiKtoii or clrewluie. just
what he has in mind for the special
session of I'onirreys
Some on" iemarked In hi- pieenie
that to wait until the lust minute b.-.
fore Match t mlitht Inteifeie Milou-il
with futifre Cabinet members
"(lb, well," said the President -elet t.
"the men I'll piobnbly appoint will be
footloose atid able to straighten out
their affairs ipilcklv They could eien
be sworn In on March I and spend a
little time afteiwnrd wlndlnn up tln-lr
petsoii.il alfalrs If necessary "
The business of makltm" up a Cabinet,
the President-elect said, was not only
linpni taut but "very difficult."
"Sometimes,'' he said, "I hear snine
llilnu about a man whom I may not
lime been sellolisly considering I jil It k
up my ears and want to hear more
iibmii him Th" (ied of cholie Is con
stantly widetiinK "
The fiovernor has his mind open mid
Is still cotisultliu; people about men
and policies for hN administration.
From the men who hn me to ren
him thus far be has spit inucli Informn
l Ion, but has dUiilued his own ibimnhts
sparingly, lie has kUi-h no nssiirauces
as to ptoKfamnies or peisons He Is
still thlnltliiK out problems mid sees
nu pai tli-ulnr haste for fminlim- con
clusions The Presldent-elecl said he would
send a npcelal message to the new Con
gress ImllcatlllK some of the Sllbjeds
which he would like to see that body
take up. He said that both his procla
mation Tallinn the CoiiKfess loKi'ther
and the special message would be brief.
Mr Wilson will brink his rulo about
speaking extemporaneously and read
his InatiKiiral address. The Inst speech
ho read was Ills speech nf acceptance
at Sea (Ilrt. Throughout the cam- I
palftn and since then his utterances '
have been Impromptu. i
The Ptesldent -elect paid he only had !
read the headlines of President Taffs.
speeches yesterday and offered no com-
ment. I
He spent the duv at home lendlnp.
(internment linnilurnlliiii l.niineli
line lln iv n In I'Holtlc. 1
Sa.n UlKiio, .Ian fj Three boats, in-1
eluilliiK the (iovernment IminlKNitlon 1
launch KlUahcth, went down and ten!
lives were lost on the coast between
Imperial Pencil and Point O'ltooks last
night and thin mornlnit as a lesult of a
AinoiiK those lost are Federal Imiiii
Kratlon lnspectora (ins T. Jones and
Dan Klrltnndall and KnRlneers (1, Ulro
la ml and A mono llelso.
AMiOHfl KA 111 n KIM prrvrntt III tBtfiB
liom ocr-l'nliilrctiec In foixl or drink,-.1 if t.
York, Monday, janizary (, i9ij. , pi
rrit'iid S.is Will )isiniio of
His I'l-oppi'ty Wits Mntlc
Tut'lvp Vein's Autt.
To Hp Tied I p in Triisf l-'iintl
of W Ii it'll lieiicfifiiirics Will
Kt't'cive liieonit'.
The etillre estate of the ate .tain- It
Kiene will be Inheiltcd b Ills l.illllll,
iicconllni; to a person who was In close
and Intimate touch with Mi. Keene for
many ,oais.
Accotdliii; lo this man, who did not
wish Ills Identity to be dNi lo-ed. theie
Is no iiason to licllox e that Mr Keene
died Intestate A will ts known to cst
Imt the family. It Is nelli'Ved. knows
little or nothlin; of Its provisions and
no ntinnuciiient have jet been made
for Us te.'lillllK.
The man who was authotlty iMei
d.tj for the htateuient that Mr. K.-eue
had mad" plans fur ttu- disposition of
his piopeiiy said that a will was imule
t wilie years nun and that In It the
entile fori line had been disposed of In
Miih a way that ei opt for a few ery
mu. ill l'i'ii sl.-i to filemh prni'thally
eery. mr had been lift to Mrs Keene.
Ills .-oil. I'oxllllll Keene. Ills ilailllhtet
Mis. Talbot .1 T.ijlor. and li"i ihiee
Tile ivt.lte Will be lied op -111 IMlst
fllllds of Mill, Il the l-ellellilai lis will
leu lie the liliotlle Nil pall of the
pltm-lprl. Tub Si 's tnf.u inaiit said
will cntiie Into the hands (,f Mi Keeue s
No sjieti.il pro suii lias In en made.
It was slid, f.u tie- cue of Ml Ke.-ne"s
tables, but that matter was to be left
ill the uo'leir.l l ale of the e.M CIItos. If
ii. i no 'sum fni this t.is made in that
will. Il Is improbable. 'X'-n If .1 Inter will
bad been made tii,.t am n.,il-i,m ha.s
I" n made for the stables At the time
til"- Mill W.l.sillaWll Mf Keelle's stables
w - at then height and with r.tt I n it
In uiir!i.i on the decline am new w II
w .i'.il prubnlih likewise pioilde for the
M Iblis olllv as p.-ilt of the i tate
This will ti i.i v base n. en superseded
I.v a new one within a few jears. but
the new will undoubtedly loutalus the
same pro l-lons.
"It Is probable," said the pei son who
knew of the tlrst will, "Hull a ihance
lias t -n made in the document
i ectlted twelve- veals npi I lieev e
that Mr K"-ne has bad ten sun to
c-ilk n th' name of one mnii who
was n.mi'-il .'i an eei ntor Whet hoi be
did llus. If Ii- old It at all. b a cur
icitioii of tin- orlninat document, or
win tlu r I.- ilesirojed tin- latlei nl
tocether. I do not know 1 am cer
tain, nev i-rthcles.-. that If In- did make
this iliatiu--. It was the oiilv one made
The pun islotis of the w "' uiiiloilliter.ly
tiillaln the sjine
"Know Inn Mr K.ene a.- I did. I inn
coiilldent that tluie is a will In lst
iice and thai II Is this one wl.lih was
iliawn In New York ami sinned there
Later a b cal technicality was found
which made It void and n new will was
drawn bv the lawyer This vas sent
to Mr. Keeue in Ihliope and he sluned
It thele
' I am ns much in th" dark as to the
sle of lln- estate as anvbodv I defy
you lo tl ii I a man in New- Votk who
can tell mui witli any denu-e of cer
tulntv Jio-l what the estate will amount
to Tlie Unci nations in the niaiket af
fect it enonnmish and Hit Is undouht-i-dlj
one of the reasons wbj Mt Keene
has made so few provisions for anv one
outsple of the famllv
The funeial services will be held this
muinlni: at in o'clock at (iiace church
illld Will be COIlllllelell by the Itev.
Chiirles I.. Slatterv The honorary pall-bi-atei's
will Include .1 Plerpont Moiw.in,
II K Knapp. I'" K Slilli;s. Alullew
Mllb-l. Solonioii llaiiforil. MePhersori
Keiin.-il.v and lr. St Clan Smith An
nus! liellllolit .1 Ci I 'ollaiisbee Illld I )
Colli -ev I'ol'bes who ere asked to of
llcfate. Will be unable to reach New
York III llllle
AlBi-rnon Painm-tib-ld Mr Keene's
nephew-, who has been condiictlm; the
funeial ati.iniieiiients for the family,
will likewise be unable to be present,
as he leti New Yolk earlj this mornliiK
for l.extnutou Kv. on hearliu; of the
death of his lather. Major I'oxhall
The fnmllv will be repiesenl'-il at the
funeral by I'oxhall Keeue. Mrs Talbot
.1 .Taylor iiiul her two eldest children.
Mrs. Kcetie will not be theie She Is
now 70 yeats old and in a weakened
condition, and has not left t'edarhiiiHt,
I.. I , 111 several years.
Mnjnr I ' m till 1 1 Onlnuertlelil iue.
eu in lis In I.oiik Illness,
I.KMNdTos. Ky . .Inn a - Major Fox
hall Daltmertield, brother-ln-lnw of
.lames It Keene. for many yeats mini
alter of his hreedlnK farm, Castleton,
died here to-day after a lomi .Illness,
He was an ex-Confederate soldier, n
member of the Statu HacliiK Commis
sion and one of Hie best known horse
breeding Authorities: In America.
He was taken sick while acting aa
steward for the raclntt association at
l.utnnla two years atto and had been
several times since In a dangeroiiH con
dition, He was n Virginian by birth and
was ii courier for (leu. Hubert I-:, ,ee
and was promoted fiiim private to
major, but refused to accept tho latter
rank, dfsttitiK to lemain captain of his
original company.
He married Miss Henrietta Hender
son (Jtity of ItockliiKham county, Vir
ginia. A brother. .IiuIbh William Jt.
Daliik'etileld. resides in California, and
It was thero that Mr. Keeue met and
married Miss Elizabeth Onitik'f rflcld.
Major KalnKerlleld leaves besides u
widow several children, The eldest,
Alk'ernon, Is assistant secretary of tho
Fastern .lockey Club, while Keene 3
un attorney practluuiK nt tho local liar.
IIiiiiiihIm Mips on le siileitull. mill
Is KnneLeil Senseless.
1 .1111 1.111- Illil. ,1.111 i'i I lent IP1 Alle'
Was kllocld il MUlseli ss to-llaj Wllell lie
tell mi an li i sidewalk ,
I'asM-isby picked lilm up and ear-
tied him into a nearby iImiu stoic
idiysiclan lestoieil him to coiiscloUsiie.s
mui lie was taken In nil iitnlmlance to
tile hollle of .Indue llelll) St Itlloll, W lilt e
lie Is VIMIUli;
Mr Aile Is seieiely bruised and. M Is
feated, may bae suffered Internal In
juries. To-nlKlit he was somewhat Im
proved Mr Aile has bei n bete several
dais and had intended 1-mliiK for his
home lo-iiioriow.
Iiim . I Inn ii I tl il A v M rt It-it
l.4'Ul1llllt II 111 l't.
Sis-ri t-i:. N M . .Ian ." In an opinion
niven to tbiv Mclliiiiald bv Summers
Iturkli.ifill. h: len.il adviser. It Is said
that the -ecoinl election of Senator Al
beit It Fall bv lb - Mist Stale l.ei-lsl.i.
tuie at lis iiiill.il scr-slon il vear iiko wa
Invalid ami that to i imply with the pio.
V Islmis of the Sale Cons) t u lion a lid the
l-Vilei-.il statute Kovcrnlntr the election i
of I'lilted Slates S- nators the sc..s.lon
of the l.cL'M.'ltui c which convenes .lallu- '
n ry It inns! elect a successor -o Senator'
Fall fur the teim 1'ri-iniilni; Marih -1 !
the Mi lion, i ,d iifi.nd at th time to
is- ie I lel lt'uati of election to Setl.lt it
I'aP and "o- Sitia'e Commlitee on 1'ilvl
li'S' s and lllei iiniis has In v i passed oil
the e,;a'il of hm second elect Ion
Hues inn to M'.i i iisciii'i't'd ii ti
Niulu in I he Cli.'intiel
Tie bin llanibiirn-Aiiieiii-an liner
Alllerika, which tllollll'led ill tile upper
bav. east of the mam ship chaniii I. off
Tompkin-ville. Slateii lI.ind. on Satut
day murniui:. was tio.iti-d w ith the help of
a "iiiadlon ot tuns at it 4. i o'i lock v ester,
dij ntiUiiinu and sailed later for flier
bniiri:. S, hi i li.i m r-t i in and llambutK,
clearing Suiiilv llook bar at 1'.' J.'i P M.
She was un-caired bv her nUhl's
rest In lb" mud and sott sand of the
chaiiii'-l bank A tuu of Ih- llamlniin
Anieiican Line i.inii' down to her after
slie had been assisted Into deep waler
Illld dellvel.il to llel passellners oil the
H ii ii.l.iv iiioinlm; pa pets telling about
her t limbic, with pictures of her
The pjssenn' rs looked on the accident
us of a nil-humorous sou i'ltej had
spent tin- nliibt with as much sereiiltv
a- if llll'V llllli been ll.llH aliillKskle tin
piir in I lulu il. -11 nl bad In-ill sleeping m
all iliclinrless hotel N"V el theless they
said lli-v a ppi .-! i.il-il the kindness of
tin- line In btuiulni: iloivu lo tin in com
i!ete .ill, mill- of their pliulll .illil pos
sible pet II. '
They ItlJoVed tile Mlnrles Tlle.V
never had known Imw sweet a thiiiK
It was to be "caM nboii" hi the watery
h-ari of a Ktc.it , ; and then have the
pi n lleue of kiiovviim' all ah, mi it In the
next motnlni;'.- p.ipeis Tln j will lm-p
the iapers as soivi-nlrs
The unpi essniii of the n.iiiti-'al talent
of the I l;i ml hi ik - A i in 1 lean I. ine was tliui
Willi the iioimal hiuh tide of jestenlaj
moi nine tin- Ainenka would tloat al
most without help: but lo make slue
that llii-re would ls no bitch In sTettlnt;
her oir she was lightened foivvatd bo
fore hiub water I., the removal of alout
3Srt tons of eat no and n pa it of her
bunker i oal
She i. itne off easilv her own power
ful engines lielpnm the ambitious ntt'e
tun" She ilropped down the bav to
Quarantine and the buhteis that had
taken out coil aud cal no came alonu
sld( .iKaln and tlie coal anil canto weie
lestovvell The lues nave her (il-eful
toots of mioil liv and she blew- her own
whistle jubllantlv Then she stood for
the open, with passeitKeis still read
Inn the mm nliii,- 1 1. 1 1, rti
Il Is seldom that a liner siheduled to
sail on Satiirdav has the privllei; of
tuKinc the bin Sunilav eilltions nway
With her ISesldes stlVllm' passetiuers
the Sunilav papers the line also ex
tended to them the coin Icy of seiidlUlT
to tln-lr friends win-less messaKes to tn
dlcate that they vvero feellm; ipllte -.veil,
thank you. and enjoylnn till extra
llle.lls at the expense of the line
Tells I'miiiec ilcnl len In shun l-Itlli
splrlls mui lleiiililleiins.
lUiiTt'oKD, ,lun a. - Positively un com
promise or alignment with evil spirits,
Democrats or Itepubllcans was the ad
vice Riven by Col. Ilooevelt to the elttht
Proures-dv e Hepresentatlvin-elect who
returned to Conneitlciit to-day after a
visit and luncheon with the Colonel In
New York.
Itased on lecent pnst performances
this plan means that Connecticut will
have a l)i-inocr.itic' Senate by u ratio of j
three to two and that a Democrat may i
be elected Speaker of the Hoilso next I
t If the -.'iS Itepi-fsentatlves 130 are
Republicans and I 'JO ate Democrats.
The other eli?ht hold the ualanco of
power The Itepubllcans cannot aureo
on a candidate acceptable to tho rail
road and allied Interests. So It Is sen
erally expected that Kepubllcan bolters
wilt vote nt the secret balloting for tho j
Democratic candidate, who will Ho. Will
lam K. Thorns of Waterhury. The Pro
Rtesslves will follow Roosevelt's advice.
The Colonel expects hh supporters to
be active In the passant- of(a sufffaite
bill for Connecticut women. This propo
sition is Incoiporated In Ihe platforms, of
both the ProKresslves and the Demo
crat h.
T I'lissenKers In A emplane.
sfjrcci l ahtt Drtvtitch In Till. Six
IlKiiMN, dan. ri Fallcr, tho aviator
who bioke a record yesterday by ie-
.....l..l...r l,i III,, nlr fue iiiot-A ttllltl lltl
lll.lllllllh .1." ..I. - I
hour with live passengers, broke another
record to-day Ilo nscendcil Willi seven
passengers, who weighed with himself
1,213 pounds, and remained aloft for
Hcvcn minutes
n nu vnnunn mui nt.;i'ii,; .t
Ileililis Action to lift $:t!l.!Hi(l
Atlvnnt-eil for Opcin in
linpresiin'o llei'iiltletl Cenerosil v
of liimKer in Two Cities
nl I lie Time.
ll-l.ll I lilllimi'l-'ll-lll Is Ihe llefi lln.llll
111 ii il action on for tiial befote .lusiiee
Majer In the Fulled Slates DlstiU-t
Coin t this morning. I.j It l-Mivnrd T.
Stoii-burj . Philadelphia hanker and
pat t on of gland opera, seeks to recover
$"'.', lu.o. which he s.ivs he advanced to
Mi I laitiiner'-te'u in enable him to com
plete an opera season In Philadelphia
Mr I lallimersteln's defence will be
that tlie immes vva- not a loan, but wjs
paid In pursuance of nu ugieeiiieni.
The case will be tiled by Herbert C.
Sinvth. I.i Wall stii el, acting for Shear.
Ill.ill Sterling. .Vi Wall stleet. Counsel
for Mi. Stotesburj . Mr llamuietsieln's
counsel is I. mill .1. Yutiiuils of 115
It Is lolltelliled bv the plaliitllf that
he made an at rutigeiiieiit with Mr I I.i in
incivteln wheiehj in- agreed tu advance
.0.UUi tu meet the deficit In the opera
pav r-ill The amount of the advances
Was not deltiiltelv ascertained until the
lid of tile season.
Mr Siotesbury contend-' that the
iinioiini was considered In the natuie
of a loan, the same un an advance of
jtii.iii.iiUU wbii h be had pieviously imule
Mt Hamiiierstelu to cairy on the I.i t
ti r s op.-ratlc etiterpi ise.i, but which
was sfciin-il (if this amount (200,000
has li.en paid back. Tile balance Is
set tired by a mortgage on th" Philadel
phia I iperj Home
The dav nflir Mr Stolesliury made
his ariaiiKeineiu i nelp Mr Hammer-
stellt olll Wltll the Weekly lletlllt 111'
stai ted foi Mexico. Shortly afterward
Mr llaminersteln iespnndel to a cur
tain call and In the ionise of a speech
l ilil the audience ll was owing to Mr.
Stotesbury's generality that Hie con
tinuation of gtanii opera had been
made possible.
It Is now asserted on behalf of the
plaintiff that because Mr Stoles
bury uevei deiilisl the Impresai Id's
statement as to his "generosity," Mr.
llaiiimersteiii Insists that It was an
admission that the money was a gift. i
Mr Vorbuiis. counsel for the defend
ant said last night that Mr Hammer
stein's contention is that Mr Stotesburj
agreid to pay tne detbit of the Phila
delphia .) ii up to ; 10. mui and did fur
nish the tiii.it.- m a loidanee with his
nitrei-nunl and that's all there was
to It
Theie was a ear slnke in Philadel
phia ill i r i n c Ihe opera season of It 1 0."
he said, "and on Febiuaiy P." Mr lliiin
metsteln was obliged lo eliise the house
Ml the last night the receipts amounted
to only il"." Mr Stotesbury. who was
much liiteiestid tu opera, asked Mr
Hullllllel stelll to I .-open He was also
Interested In the Philadelphia street.
ra'.Iwajs and feared the moral effect of
having th" opera house i-luied. as other
houses might also follow suit After
Mr Stoieslmtv made bis arratiKeiiient
with Mr Hamniersteln the opera house
was teoponeil on March 26 and Mr.
Hainmeisteln publicly announced that
opera had been continued because Mr
Stotesburj had paid the money to meet
the deficit
' He again made Ihe same aniuiunce
ment ut the end of the seaf-on and Mr.
Stotesburj s action was generally ap
plauded The nevvspapers were full of
it at the time and theie were many
editorial comments hole and In Phila
delphia "
it Is understood that while the car
stilke was mi and tlie opeia house was
closed it was found necessary to pay
(l.tiili) to the chorus and also the weekly
saluty of the Idle olehestra. besides
other amounts for trani-portatlon These
sums were provided by Mr Stotesburj 's
tepreseiitatlves i.Mr Stotesburj- was
then In .Mexico) and they figure in the
3'..;i60 total which the huker sajs was
a loan and which the Impnsjiio says
Mr llammersteln i mphtttlcally te
fnsed last night to discuss the suit
Ilellerlne mill Ilia Son V ui-Lril In
Villi i lml V. Ilnliheil.
Antonio Dellerlne, who has lu-en em
ployed for nine years In the singeing
department of Mill No. 2 nf the Silk
Finishing t'otnpany of Anieiica at 174
Worth street, his sun l.ouls, also nn
emplojen of the company, and another
son. Mario, an umbrella maker, were
tu rested yesterday In connection with
the theft of several thousand dollars
worth of silk goods belonging to the
silk concern.
Detective Mangln of the Kllnibeth
street station, who made the arrests,
has been shadowing tlie DellerineH ever
since the silk goods were taken from
the mill somo time between noon on
Saturday, December 28, and the follow
Ing Monday morning. Laat week he
says he saw two trunks carried nway
from the homo of Antonio at 26 Mul
berry street. They -were tagged to
l.ouls at Catlstadt, N. J.
Mangln seized the trunks r.nd yester
day he arrested tho father and sons as
they worn coming out of tho house on
Mulberry street He took them to tho
police Million, where Krnest Albciue,
malinger of the Silk Finishing Company,
wns Identifying the contents of the
trunks as part of the goods his firm had
lost. He said that (2,000 worth of silk
was missing, Tho prisoners had noth
ing to say for themselves.
Alberutie believes that the Dellerlnes
have U-en robbing tho silk firm sys
tematically for a long time. The
fitlhef hud been h dusted employee
up to the time of the disappearance of
the largo hatch of goods last December,
tho manager said.
Itellreil I'renelier llenla Ills SuiiiH.r
Selionl l lnss In nnlest,
TlioMi, Wash, .Ian .V Tim Itev
I'led Itolisih. a letlriil eviimtellcal
preacher, liedaj tlulshed u leadliiK nf
Ihe Itible which Is thoilk'hl to be a iec- 1
ord In point of time. Mr liuiisch tend
the complete Scriptures In slxt) -seven I
bonis iiiul sl minutes.
A inembei of Mr Itousch's Sunilav,
n hool class, winch consists of twenty j
xoiitiK women. Instituted ihe contest ,
Their teacher was the llrst to llnlsh.
tin UK lilcc nf I'l-eslilenl-eleel Ail-'
dresses , M. . I, In Trenton.
Tnns'ToN, N ,1. .Inn .'-Miss .lessle J
Woodrow Wilson daughter of tlie,
Plesldent-eleet nihil osed at ge audi-j
nee In the Ceiilr.il Itaptlst i 'hill i'ii here I
this afternoon bv Invitation of the
Young Women's On Minn Association
'I'll- auditorium III the association blind
ing was to have been nsiil. but the
crowd wns so large that It became nee-
essary to bold the meeting In the
church Kvery seat wns taken and
theie were many stlllldltlg
She eliose for her subject "Tlie .loj
of Set vice'' She lelnted many pci Minn I
stories about her own settlement work
mid praised the V W. C A. for Its good
wot k among the poor.
"Any person who lives in a com
munity mid does not Work for that
COIIltllUnltV lllsv,..s one of the best
things In life." she said
I'nllce lleitril n sml mill ins h Ite-
i miter iirop I- mm Muff.
A levolver shot it ml the sight of a
woman s muff ablaze caused Policeman
Fallon to in rest 11:17.-1 Harlow of 207
Hast 12tith Mreet. who was held In (2.000
ball In Hatiem police comt je.steidaj
Fallon, standing early In the morning
in ft out of Joe's Restaurant. Tlihd ave
nue near I lath street, saw a party of
girls and men come out Ho lieanl a
shot and saw the mull' which one of
the girls was carrying bursl Into
Tlie joung woman, who Fallon says
wns tiss ll.il lull llir.iu lice lilnvlnr-
' muff Into llie gutter and ns she did so
a revolver fell out
Fulton believes that Ms.s Pat low was
catrjlng tlie revolver for some one else
Illld tiled ll by accident The wenpon
was a hair trigger" of the type gun
men use, Fallon saj s.
Illllht of Ten Iniiiorlril lor llnlel
roiinil In llnrrels.
Ten Oriental rugs Imported for the
new Hotel McAlpIn. nt Thirty-third
street and llroadway. and valued by the
police ut (2 000 apiece, wele stolen from
the lofi of the Hettor Company on the
font th ttoor of the Frnnkel Building at
3-tii ICist Thlrtj-tlist street. Christmas
ev e.
The matter tlrst was brought to tho
attention of tlie pollie by Ueorge
KlrsehorT. a butcher, who has a shop
tit fil.'i 1'ltst avenue. KlrscholT found
several Kirtels In the kick jard of his
shop, which ubuts against the Kick j-ard
of the loft building, on Christinas morn
ing He found that they contained val
uable rugs. Then he untitled the police
of the Fast Thli ty-tlfth street station
and turned tlie rugs there were eight
of them over to the police.
When (he lott was opened on De
cember 2S the loss was dlscoveied. Hur
glnts had entered the loft bj Jimmy
ing a i ear window
Detectives are looking for the two
rugs that are still missing
some MrnoUIrn Train In Go tinder
Jtuulelpnl HuIIiIIub.
Persons using the surface car lines
crossing Krooklju ltildge hnve been
puzzled for two weeks by the excavat
ing beside and under the tracks.
The work Is a part of liridge Com
missioner O'Keeffe's plans for Hn Im
proved bridge terminal und will form
a part of the Centre street loop.
The Bridge Commlrsloner plans to
have some of tho Brooklyn elevnted
tracks run Into the new Municipal Hand
ing and thus relieve the congestion at
the bridge Two tucks from the ele
vated road will slope down fiom the
place where thej now run, under the
surface tracks and then run sub-surface
to the Imsement of the Municipal
Hillldlng. Tile work will cost ubout
Although the changes have Just he
come visible the woik has been going
on since summer. It was necessary lo
alter the arches of the bridge approach
and to remove and Install ninny elec
tric ducts all the way across llrooklvn
Kventtiully trains from Hm other two
bridge will be run Into tho basement
of the Municipal Hulkllng.
Will Sncceeil l.nle llrr Von Kilter-
If n-Warclitrr In Hrrlln.
Kpreial Cahlr Dtipntili lo Tim Si-v
Bkhi.in, Jan. ft. -It Is announced to
night thnt Herr von .Ingow, tho Ger
man Ambassador nt Homo, will succeed
tho late Herr von Klderlen-W'aechter,
who died suddenly of heart disease a
few days ago, as the hend of tho For
eign Office.
It Is understood that It required con
siderable pressure on the part of the
Kaiser to induce Herr von .lagow to ac
cept the new portfolio. He pleaded that
tho condition of his 'icalth was loo pre
carious lo exchange Ihe climate of Italy
for that of Berlin, but tho persuasion
of his Majesty was Dually successful,
Dr. .lagow Is a bachelor. Ho is re
garded as amiable, shrewd, modest and
moderate without any mailed list ten-
lilt-Helen or temperament. Jt Is predicted
In somo quarters that hn Is likely to be
little more than an exulted clerk to
Imperial Chancollor von Hethmann
Hullweg or that perhaps tho Kaiser
means again lo become his own Min
ister of Foreign Affairs.
it might hn well lo say that tho ap
pointment is not announced In tho cus
tomary ollkial manner, hut that It was
Issued through the olllcial news agency.
Architect and Wife Dio in
Fire Scl by C'hrisdnns
Nurse Carries Ha by to
Hoof of Kiglity-lirst
Street House.
Undy nf Mini Foil ml l.enninff
Over Deiid Woman on
Tliinl Floor,
Hubert A. Itaetze, nn architect, and
his wife were burned to death in a flra
which ihsU'oj ed their home at 12 East
Flghty-ttrst street late yesterday afters
Mr. liautze's two children, Prof. John
Darunll of l.a wreneeville. who was visit
ing the P.netzes, aud the servants es
taped. The rite was caused by candles on a
Christmas tree on the ground Moor
which set tire to some blowing curtains.
When the bodies were found Mr. ltaetzu
was leaning above his wife ner.r an
open window on the third floor, as If
he hail tiled to shield her from the
flames that were roaring all about them.
Mr. Itaetze was 37 yeats old. His
wife was (iertrude Coles, daughter of
Kdword Oliver Coles of T.I West Flftj
llfth street and granddaughter of l.ouls
n. Hrowu, one of the founders of the
settlement at Klheron, N. J. They bait
Just returned from a trip abroad. Mr.
llaetze was n giaduate of Ilcldelbetz
and the two had spent much time theie.
When Prof Darnall went to call Jim
before .1 o'clock Mr. and Mrs. Itaetze re
velvet! him In the parlor. The Itaeizo
home wiijj a four story brownstont
house with nu old fashioned high stoop
tin the tlrst floor was the parlor. To th"
tear of the parlor was the dining loom,
with a Christmas tree in ono come"
near the window. It was aglow with
While tlie three were having ten Mare
(fiiilld, a nurse, returned with the two
Itaetze children, (JriswolU. 2 jears oit',
and Itobert, Jr. 1 year old.
She left lirtswold In the parlor nil''
took itobert upstalts to give lilm c
bath. She sajs that she had been in
the bathroom at the tear of the third
tloor witli tin- child only a minute
when she heard Mr. Itaetze running up
stairs. "(Jet the child out." he shouted "Tho
Christmas tree has s-et tire to tho
She snatched the baby fiom the tub.
Hinging her apron around It, and tar
ried It through the nursery, where a.
window opened on an extension In thn
rear of the third tloor. She did not
see Mr. llaetze come into the room.
The extension runs out parallel with
an extension at the rear of the house
of Dr. Samuel Murtland at 40 East
KIghty-flrst street. A short Iron fene
is set In between the houses.
As the nurse stood there ecrcamlnc
Kale Kenny, a maid In Dr. Murtland'
employ, ran out on the extension of thq
phjsiclan's home. She held nut net
hands and the Raetzes' nurse handed
little Hubert lo her. Then Miss Gould
swung herself across and was safe.
Downstairs Prof. Darnall, carrying
(Irlswold, had run to the street. By,
the time Knglne 22 from Eighty-fifth
street. Battalion Chief Dougherty, and
Truck 13 hnd arrived the llaetze homo
was a furnace. The crowds on tho
stteet saw the Mamcs shoot through
the roof anil endanger Dr. Murtland'n
homo and that of Charles Morgan at
44. So hot was tho lire that the fighters
were unable to get past the door of thn
itaetze home. All they could do was to)
see that the other houses were saved.
Across the street from tho house that
was burned ts St, Joseph's Industrial
Home, where the Sisters of Mercy were
marshalling about 200 children on tho
ground Moor, ready to send them to thn
street in case the (lames Jumped across.
The lire ended with the falling of th
roof, and Chief Dougherty ran through
tlie house looking for the bodies of
Itaetze und his wife. The smoke drove
him out at his tlrst nttempt, but when
he and his crew had got to tho top floor
on their second try they found what
they were looking for. The bodies
were near a window.
Mr. Itaetze had died as he was lean
ing over his wife, who was lying on the
Moor with her arms outstretched. The
tlremen saw that hn had been trying
to get her to the window and at th
same time to protect her from the
flames. Both bodies were terrlhly
The house was destroyed. Firemen
found much of Mrs. rtaetze's Jewelry,
which was all that was recovered. The
two children went to the home of their
aunt, Mrs, Samuel Owens Edmunds, a
sister of the dead woman, at 59 Eut
Seventy-seventh street.
Mr. llaetze was an architect popular
with th members of his profession and
his work was regarded as promising. He
wns of Oerman hlrth. He came to this
country eight years ago to practise his
profession In the Arm of York & Saw
yer Four years ago hn went back to
Berlin, and It was only recently thnt
he returned to this country and to his
old llrm,
The hoiisn had been recently redec
orated. Thn da ma go Is estimate.! at
Tho bodies of Mr, and Mrs. Ilaetz,
which were flrst taken to the East
Fifty-first street pollco station, went
later taken to an undertaking estab
lishment on Kast Twenty-third street.
I trains dally. All Meet eleotrio Itchled Pullmans,
Superior road y and tervto. UU I'WnMii

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