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vtu,'t'.y','.fji ,wiicis,4:iX7g?.!'lii iiifr
theatres In tin- cntiiitrv It bus always
liren i onti nib-il tlntl vcllli ii tilulirr i (III
cation Mitt Tim SiiMU itti, with his Mint
executive nlilllt. vvniilil Imve been one
nf the Kri'iit thiiIiiIiih of ItnliiMrv nf the
lleprosint.-itiw Sullivan wife ilicil
K'Vnil vvcelcn nun lie Iiiim mi nrur
leliitlve snvn Liny Miilllttiui. Iii Mop
brother, and n ti'piti i iitnl mnitlier
ritepbrother The ilciith "f his nephew
Tlmntliv V Siilltvint. hi-viihI vents nun
ftcitn the ciime itml.-itlv which l now
In brltlK iiImmiI Hip III); l-Vllnvv . iIIh
xnltitlnn. vv,i mil nf tin' uti'ati'yt p.iiiisi
of hi life Thev wi ip Insi panilil" Their
f(inilnr-! foi lai'h nihi'i vvik mme than
fraternal H wns iilnmxt I 111 111 1 in m
Its tenilerni-
Tiiaellier In Clmi-lls Wiu-U.
Tocother foi vent anil jrnr Hips
hart lsiieil tin- ' 'hi iMinu invitiittnn tn
the pnor .ih' I tin- waiiilpriTM nt iIip I ;.! ;
Hide tn MtMlp nl Hip .xi.imiii'h li fill i
Tin In Hip happ or a li.iniipt nml tin-1
distribution nf ilniu-aiiili nf pan "f
hIiiipo anil mini ninfni talilp ami .nib
Mtaiitl.it Rifle- 'ii;i'llni' tlo-v hail run
trollPil tin- I ipiiiiii i .11 ir iiiiIiih" ! Hip
Kan SiiIp nml i'niiniliv I ' li.nl in-en
thp niHsii't niiml nf tin- I'.n.inl nf Uiler J
nu'ti Thev hail m I tnpthi i Ih mht j
torrether iitnl pimpi-teil imp-thei .mil ln-
Kelher lln' li.nl iliotriliiilpil hunilrpilt
of thousand nf ibill.ni in -hiirti v Thi'v
had I'ppti all. ii l.'-il Imp-tliei and thin
hml foticht Im'Iv tnc'ether and It 1
rll hnnvvn thai wIipii Tiiimtlix I' iIipiI
thi' Hie IVII-.m inli'ip"! In piilllirall
affslts heir.in tn w.iiip
Hp k.iV" tip ln sp.it tn Hip Statp.
Sennto ai AII..iii and v.pnl in Vali
intrton in . i ''nKti'nian. thinhiim thp'
rh.ini;e ttilyhi aivp hun a m-vv I'lnimn
mpnt (.Pin ll hp I anip IiipiI nf Wash I
InKlmi and ti I inii-il In Alh.inv l..niv
lai spinu lii iii-iit.i hpahh Im'imiiip ;
MUhtlv wpiiKpiipiI Hp IiiuU a run npri
tn Kiitnpp thlnl.lni: in i.nellt hnti-i If '
lp tiliiineil Miiiii-vvh.it 1 1 1 ) 1 1 1 v I and
rfinpntpil i.i rim fm i niim ei ulmIii '
In lla new Thlilppiilh ilMint Hp was'
rlertul willintit liftmn III-, hand As a'
tnatli-r nf f.n I hp was in Ur. IIimiiI'i
mi iilin rutin ni "si nf Hip tun., nut Iip
was I'niix uii'piI that his v tiltiiitiiiv nnn
fliitiiient wniild hp nf .-111111 ilnr.iiinn.
f'lrsl Illness ii lllnli-lr.
At first flpptpspiunth p Sullivan suf
fered from dlaliptps This turned lnt'
thp di i ad niiilini whli-h Is surely tn '
result In death lepreetltntlve Slllll
;n Is ii vp.iis nld His ilrst ehleft.iln
nf Tjnuu.inv Hall was ItlPharil frnker
mid pp'.uppii tin two nti'll there existed
Ihe mt intimate political .mil sncliU
rnlatluis TIip.-p samp relations have,
'on'mueil dtirmc the domination of
'l .irlei Mtirph.i
.s n.. more retnaik-
,,,HJ tiolltlclin I
iat of ltk- Tim Sul-
Tln'iP was perhaps
rhU Instance of mic
chi suui ps. uian inai hi ivm i nil imii- j
Hi in from the day he became an As-
mmhlytn.in inenty-llve years ao. Hp
na I'oinmonly known ns "pry Hollar "
Ktillhan sot thp nickimme of Pry Do!
br early In life. Ih- always lived m
thi Second district, which was known
(is Patrick Dlvver's district, and thete
tery youni; man hail a nickname.
When Itpptesentathc Sullhan was a
bn. he spied a revenue stamp on a
rhlskey hanel. which helnn Miaked
with the contents was consequently
p.is!b iemneil, and he Informed his 1
toy friend- that when It dried It would'
be a dollar
rie Trrtns In emhl.
HIk Tim served live lerms in tlif As
iemW.v and as m.inv terms as a Stale
Kenator. In his day lteprpeutntlp
Fiillhnn took an active Interest In r.ic
Inc and was principal owner of the
Metropolitan raectrael;. near Jamaica.
Tor mun eat. he hed at the c- . tellliiK a child not to crv when he is
Cidenta! Hotel, at l!ronip street and hunt" he nh.-prvpd. ,hut nevertheless
the Kowrr. Tlieie he held political I tin- f.irt is that the pipsptu hlKh price
four!. There the place hunters hp-1 ..el is hluli only by compaii-ou with
foiiKilt him for hplp. and It was there t. ptraiidlnarlly low dpplhs of the
ns well a in the Sullivan rluh on the prli p level- of the later years of the
ttocr, that the creat power of the "yi and tlinniKhout th" '30-. Hen the
Hiilllvan i "la n was built up. a power faun priep of beef was hlKher from
fu creat that no Tammany i hleft.iln si m ls.". and frnm 1 sail tn li'Ou
rarcd to antaxonlzp It. than In anv subeiiueiit year except U'll
How much Is nis Tim wotth0 Itlund It'll' We had b.-ome so accus
1 ir much cuesswork The uues I toined in the unusually low prices for
Jieard most fteipien'ly of late Is i1.oou.-a peiind nf twelve or llfteeii yeurs that
rnn. Must nf this fortune has been mad j we fnittot that those iiiIpp.s were ex
In movlns picture showf. for hp w-,is.eptintml in our experience and Blew
(nne nf the pioneer to uiasp the II tun- i into the pxpprtallon that they would
rial possibilities ni tin "nmvp-.
In tin- old da It was frequent iy
Ktated and nener.illv belip.d that I'.ic
Tim Sullivan mild at a plii'-h pmilurp
Ki.OOO jipople in New Yolk city, espe-
'lally on the lOast Slde.w ho wniild ntp
II nv ticket lie asked tllepi tn Mite Wlth-
nut lookiiiK at it. and heioiild in twehe
lniiiis, it wa- .is-erleil. u'pt .1,111111 nu n to
follow him on almost an pinn-iiinn
he wi-re In advance.
Ills lilm of il l.-Hiler
Ilppicsentative Sullivan's inn.nl
concerning the iiialitliatlons neies-ary
to be a leader of Mien Wele leeyllcil
jesterda1. This is ih.. way he e..
pr es-Pil II .
i No fellow woo ! leHd.io; .".ipl.. b i:i
.trick will get on far with the ' I.iw.l
behind II ai If In in t mi tile level lie 1.
noon be a water eunel ill rhoppitlg foil
der for lame imt. lien nu ask tin
to what particular tliliu I owe any of the
friends I've got I'll mi It's wink All
thls talk about p choloRlcal tniwer and
personal magndbun user men Is line busi
ness for pretty writing, but when ,m e:
down to hraJis tacks It' the work that
due the baslnfc. What would I'mkei's
personal magm'tlun have ainouiil".! to It
he hadn't woiked early and late?
'A' man who wants to lie n It-mler In the
political world has to fotego any lo.i of
living to do anything except what the peo
ple around hlni want I'll take an man
from th H.iweiy or the prairies and set
him down .iiitn liete and II he'll follow my
Inetl uctlotis he'll h a leader sootier ni
later, aivonluia to how tuwh aptliude lie's
got on th" Ro-m Mnt iiipii me lazy ,mi!
do onl what tlie have to do for their
Immediate comfoit, lot of tnni aie mi-
fortunateh bom without the ability tn
think for themselves, and nthei men. for1
no known icasun 'n the world, have to
have mime on to look to a a leader for
Kvery enmmunitx lias to have -otne man
who can take the tiouble to look for their
public interests while they aie earning
their IhuiR, and It doesn't make any dif
ference whether he's tall, slioit. fat, lean
or humpbacked and with nnl half his
teeth. If he'. willing to work harder than
anyone ilse he's the fellow- who will hoM
the Job as leadei.
Anil that's how Hepresentative lllir
Tim Sullivan held his innsterful Job
as the ltuiler of the Hast Side for a
ollnrter of a i-elltlirv lip never .smol'e.l
or drank HIh district changed from '
a solid Irish constituency to one of Up
most cosmopolitan dlstrlcta In the world.
It was related yesterday that only a
short time ago in a contest for prnnio
tlon for school teacher In the illMtrlc.
thirty-two languages nml dialects were
spoken. Hut with all the change, of
creeds nnd race.. In his district the
power of Ilepresentatlve Sullivan n ver
waned, He mingled Just us Joyfully
and freehandedly with the new creeds
And races as he did with thn Irish con.
stltuent.s of his boyhood days. Willi
Hie untimely fate overtaking the-"'tg
eVJIow" It was thn substantial opinion
In the district that State .Senator .Inliu
f I-'ltrgeralil wniild bo hhi successor ns
lh dUtrlct'B political maatcr mind.
id Vl'PII IIKMI I KvtlfTt SlIVS Vuv-
'''00(1 I'ritMW Were F.V-
trani'iliiitirilv l.ow
lncri'.i!' in XiiiiiIipt nf I n pro
iliiiMivc Kkmi(" lio.vpoiiildo
for Iliirh Tricix.
The I'atna iMuh's iliacnoyers of the
hluh en.-' of hviuc wpip hhoekpil at thp
Hotel Manhattan last nlfcht when Pr.
OpoiUp K. Holmes, who has bepn Mllily
InR this hiiKiilioo for the Department of
Aurlpultuie. came jiretty rinse to sayltiK
that then1 Is no uch thlnK
He hail the tlcures to prove thn' to.
dii's prices of necessaries are not at
all unprecedented "It may spem like
IlllnilP llldetltlltPlv NpVi'I theless the
ieestablisliinpiit nf fumier plleps s paln
I fill
I Pr Holme counted "the enormous
I Ini n-a-e In tin- atlet nf expenditure
I I'n r unprodiii tl'.e i "iiumptloii, for
j tile.lsllle, for liisiuy," a nlle of the
;.iualn faiini In boosting the price of
jlXl-telllp ill leient CealS. He blalllell
surh tnlligs .is movini; iilctuips and
' in h oppnrtiiiiillp- for iliopplui.- nickels
, and dime fnr. iimmeiitary gratltlcutlon.
lie -aid thai the family automobile
. lias added a group of exienses miW-
lent to annihilate a comfortable savings
account'' II" mentioned also card
p.nty prlz.es, more frequent calls on
the family phvshlriu and tipping.
I Hp ln-lstcd that this siibjpct has not
I n .-ullb tenth emphasized by those
are tlx i ii u m lln.l out ho w e spend
. I si much mone without getting any-
where. It is unproductive consumption,
I he ald, that eats up the lat dollar be-
fore Ihe next pay day, that -scrimps the
housewife In finding the wherewithal
to keep the family in food and clothes.
"It Is about time," Pr. Holmes added,
'for the consumer to stop playing the
pan of a man with a grievance. Nearly
all his grievances that can he correcred
can be corrected by himself. He can
buy with greater economy In pi Ices
through cooperalh e efforts-ami by pay
ing cash and by avoiding Ihe expensive
ne.ss of petty iti tbiitlon by not buying
things In small packages. Then there
am th" costs of pleasure, and It may he
that the -Ituallon is so bad that pleasure
should barken In Income.
"Consumers spem to be taking 11 for
granted that everything In the way of
favors should be cnuilkig their way
without any elfnrt on their part to pro
cine them. They are making u most
radical mistake and In consequence are
getting the worst effects nf a period of
high prices "
Miss Hllcn I.oulse Johnson said she
thought Pr. Holmes had been too cour
teous to women. Their Ignorance of
marketing, she added, Is a wasteful
thing for their families.
(IpriB llnnerr Performs "Anirrlran
Toe llnic" Willi I.IkIiIs I.oit,
Cmi'Aiio, Jan. 10. Two thousand men
and women attended the Arabian Nights
costume hail for charity held In the Klrst
Itegluieiit Armory to-night, making It the
biggest thing of the kind seen In Chicago
foi years. Society was well represented.
The general splendor was enhanced by
several novelties, Kleanor de Clsueros of
Ihe grand opera was borne Into the hall
room on a gulden litter enrrb-d on the
shoulders of four members of the opera
lompaiiy. She sang "Mon Cicur" from
"Samson et Pallia," Itoslna lialll, dancer
of the opera, danced what was called the
American loe rag, Meanwhile ihe guests
sal on the floor oriental style and the
lights were turned low,
lloilninn ,aT n "Movlr" IMItii n
lnlher I'nrj's llonatrr,
A bipVine fluttered for a moment over
J the waters at Midland Heach, Siaten
Island. yesterday afternoon. hunK
"n I'lnlons and then suddenly
volplaned down to wlu-re a young worn.
an held, up her hand- In the water and
cried for help,
SSwInrclnK from the skids benejin
I the plane was a yotinc man named
Hodman haw, who will jump from any.
HI. A M K' thine at all the hlcher the better. It
1 was roIhk to pull thai younc woman
out of the water, no matter If the mo".
Inir picture man In a nearbv rowboit
did Insist upon taklni; his picture a
he did It.
Law prefer Jumping Into the water
feet tlrst, hut I.eo Stevens, who w:i.
driving the plane, was letting her scoot
along at a mighty fast clip. As a con
sequence when Law let go and Jumped
at a place that he figured wa. nearest
the young woman In the water he
didn't land feet tlrst at all. Rither he
landed sitting down, and he kept right
on out to sea, hitting nil the high
spot? anil leaving the young woman
still heseechful and the moving picture
man frantic
It made a good picture, even If Law
did have to swim back to complete thn
rescue, and they can work It In on an
other Mini, they say. Call It the "Human
Seagull" or "Mother I'ary's Itoostrr la
Two Keels
Court Holds Thnt Site nf llotan' la
Worth I IIO, Olio.
That the property at .13 Park Row.
used for manv years by the te John
' Median as u beanerv nnd earlier
by Its founder, Patrick Polan, Is now
worth JlM',000 is .-hnwn in a case
before the Appellate Division of the
Supreme Court yesterday
Tin- i oil r t heard u suit of Walcott
C. I.ann and l.orlllaiil Spencer .Id as
trustees under ihe will of l.orlllnrd
Spencer against Km nils lltistace,
which set forth that mi Dei ember :,
It'll, the plaintiffs aranged to sell the
propet ty to Francis- IhiHtace for Jlt'O,
OUU, but Hustace later refused to abide
h- the contract.
Ililstnie was satisfied with the price,
but he refused ti buy tm property be
cause there were only two surviving
trustees uf the Lorllbild estate, while
the will provided that there should
never lie less than three.
I.lrul.-l nl. Simmons llrmnnils In.
illeiitlnn From Snlrer.
Ai.hant, Jan in I.leut.-Col. C A
SlmmotiF, the Assistant AdJutant-GeneiHl,
who had to do with the publication of the
.Vllitiu .fouriinf, which was published for
the Hist time last November fioin the
office of the then Adjutant-Oeneral, Ver
berk, has Itiforineil Adjt -Gen. Hamil
ton that he will be within call of the
Sulzer committee of Inquiry at any time.
The accountant working in conjunction
with the committee of Inquiry have been
unable to locate the money received from
advertisements and subscriptions.
Col. Simmons says: "Kvery rent of the
money received is In the Home Havings
Hank of Albany In the name of the .iflff.
fin Jottnuil
"If ,vou desire to be fair with me,"
wiltcs Col. Simmons to Gov Sillier, "von
will give as much publicity to thl letter
as was given the Insinuation concerning
my connection with the Militia Journal."
Net Genuine
wilhtmt the werd
A delightful tablt
wattr with highly
medicinal qualities
Aik your PhyslcUn
iwmtNCH HCPUBiie PKortnrt)
Kxpecicd l He SH I'itc
Assistance He (nvc
May Avoid the Ten Months on
the Island That His Simi
tpneo Moans.
Joseph (1. Itobln, the one time lianker
who pleaded guilty of the larceny of
J'JT.OOO from the Washington Savings
Hank, wearing the fixed sneer charac
teristic of his public appearances, stood
ciuletly before Justice Senhury In the
Supietne Court yesterday morning and
received n sentence of one year's Im
prisonment In the penitentiary on
I'.lackwolPs Island.
If Itobln's conduct before and after
his sentence Is an indication he was
nut calm within. From early on Thurs
day nfternoon. when he was told what
his sentence was to be, he had been
raging to his koopeis, .to the police
men who were with him and lo his
neighbor. In the cells near by. Hp had
accused District Attorney Whitman of
Ingratitude, had licensed one of his
assistants of deceiving him; had railed
at another assistant for turning on him
after he, Itobln, had made the young
man's leputation for him. and he had
accused certain other pet sons nnd In
stitutions for whom he had done much
service uf falling to keep an alleged
promise that intiuence would be used
to save hlrn from u prison sentenre.
Itobln expected a suspended sentence
and liberty. There Is no doubt of that,
for with Kobert D. Ireland, his attorney,
he had been preparing suits to he
brought as soon ns he was out of
Jail. He started work actively on these
soon after Charles 11. Hyde was con
victed, nnd he never dropped them
until Thursday afternoon, when it was
thought better to tell him whnt was
In store for him and thus prevent u
The word of the sentence came to
Itobln when he was over In the Dis
trict Attorneys office working on his
hooks nnd papers. He made an effort
to see Mr Whitman, hut the District
Attorney was otherwise engaged. Yet
In his greatest rage Itobln could not
say that thb prosecutor had ever given
him any promise. He did see Frank
Moss, It was slid Mr Moss had written
a letter to Justice Seahury that In his
opinion Hobln was not morally guilty.
Mr. Moss also before that had given
Itobln assurances thnt he would do all
he could for him. His interview was
very brief.
Itobln only looked In at the door of
Asslstnnt District Attorney John Kirk
land Clarke, who has borne the heavy
burden nf the prosecution of the Car
negie Trust-Northern Hank case. Itobln
had worked many months for Mr. I
Clarke and the latter had written a
letter to the Justice saying that In his
opinion Itobln was gully and respons
ible. The ex-hanker only went as fur
as the door, where he bowed pro
foundly. "Thank you for your favor." said
he, "you have done your best for me,
I see "
Mi. Clarke bowed as profoundly in
return and Hobln went bark to the
Tombs, where he talked to the keepers
he has known In his twenty-three
months In prison. He would not talk
to reporters on Thursday Yesterday,
after his sentence he railed at them and
demanded to know where the promised
aid from some of t hem was at the
critical moment,
Hobln did not go to the Island yes
terday, nor Is he going to-day. As a
matter of fact he may not have to go
during the ten months, which Is the
lime he would serve unil-r his sentence
If he can get court orders slaying
execution for the time, in order to push
litigation or to appear at hearings nf
any kind he can remain In the Tombs
and receive credit for the time he
spends there. Justice Amend yester
day signed nn orib-r directing Sheriff
Julius Hnrburger to permit Itobln to
remain In the Tomb for the purpose of
being examined before trial In his suit
brought against the Fidelity Develop
ment Company and the Assets Utiliza
tion Company Hobln Is trying to set
aside transfers of the pruiverty of the
old Morris Park racetrack. If this and
other cases should require it he can
remain where he Is for several month
at least.
Hobln came Into court yesterday
with Mr. Ireland. On the part of the
State were District Attorney Whitman
and Assistant District Attorneys Frank
Mosa and John K. Clark. Mr. Whit
man said:
I am sure that all the facts regarding
this rase are within the knowledge of
the court. The circumstances are most
unusual. After pleading tnillty to an
Indictment charging grand larceny In the
tlrst degree the defendant represented
that he could lender services of great
value to the Statu In connection with other
It is my duty to inrorm you tnat lie nas
rendered these services. He has been of
great value to the people of the State.
1 respectfully submit that he Is entitled
to consideration at the hand" nf thin
Hobln made his appeal In a low tons.
1I protested his Innocence and said
thnt Assistant District Attorney Moss
had signed a report that he believed
Hobln not guilty, while Assistant Dis
trict Attorney Clark had declared him
Hohln'n accusation of unfulr trentment
was based on the eighteen months ser
vice he has rendered the District Attor
ney In the hank cases. Ho has appeared
before nearly every Grand Jury called
to hear any extra cases; ho has testi
fied ngalnst William J. Cummins, Joseph
Helchmann and Charles H. Hyde; ho
has been a Grand Jury witness ngalnst
all his former associates, officers or
trustees of the Northern Hunk, th
Washington Havings and other hanks,
In all these cases Indictments have been
found, beginning "with the Washington
Havings Hank trustees nnd ending up
with the recent indictment of Frederick
T, Wood, Ho has worked clay after
clay In the District Attorney's office
aiding by hla expert Knowledge In the
straightening nut of hooka and the anal
ysis of memoranda. He always as
serted that no one had promised Im
munity, hut that ho expeoted It any
way was, apparent when he learned
that he would not get It.
On Wet Streets
Anti" Skids
They Do pre
vent skidding
and you don't
have to bother
with chains.
2541 Columbus
1763 Brpadway
Kellow Alumni of Viee-Proi-ilciit
(iatlier for Annual
Iteiiuion Here.
TIip Hamilton College Alumni Asso
ciation of the City of New York held
Its forty-fifth annual reunion nnd ban
quet at the Hotel Savoy Inst night.
About ISO members were present.
James 1 droves, president of the
alumni asoclatlon, acted as toast
master. Dr. M. W. Stryker. president of the
college, speaking, paid n hlqrh tribute
to the life and work of Vice-President
Sherman, a Hamilton alumnus.
Frank Davis of the class of '7t urged
the young men of Hamilton not to come
to the city to seek riches and easy po
sitions but rather to plunge Into the
struggle for the welfare of humanity
and make themselves felf In the
thoughts and the deeds nf life.
Others who spoke were Prof. Charleq
A. (ireen, Harry K, Taylor. Warren 1.
I.ee, Prof. Calvin Lewis and Prof. Will
iam Shepherd.
Officers for the ensuing year are:
President, Samuel F. Fngs. vice-presidents,
Walter S. Wlnelicll. Dwight Ho
brook, Joel 1,. Scpiler, F I.. Stevens
and fleorge S. Hrevver: recording secre
tary. Warren I. I.ee. trasurur. Hobert
. Patterson, corresponding secretary.
Kdward K. Stowed.
During the evening relics of Alex
tinder Hamilton, for whim the college
was named, were shown. Among them
were a portrait, a document grunting
the power of attorney, written by Ham
ilton on the eve of his duel with Hurr.
nnd a law journal In the hand of the
Ilrst Secretary of thn Treasury. The
relics were shown by the courtesy of
Dr. Allan Molaine Hamilton, who is ,i
lineal descendant
Knnsas CH AsUs Conacres lo In
unlre Into Thrtr Cninluel,
Wasiiinoton. Jan. 10.- Resolutions
passed by the Common Council of Kan
sas Clt. .Mo., urging Congress to in
quire Into the conduct of Judge John C.
Pollock of the District Conn of Kan
sas and Judge Charles Van Valken
burgh iif the District Court of Missouri,
were Introduced in the House to-day
by Hpprpsentatlve norland of Missouri.
The resolutions Were rcfened to the
Committee on the Judiciary.
The charge arp based on litigation
in which the Kansas Natural i!a
Company and thp Kansas City (Ja
Company were involved. t5n was ob
tained bv Kansas City from the former
company under u stlpuled price.
Natural product becoming e.hautpd a
higher price was demanded. In the
litigation that envueil the Kausa
Natural fins Company withdrew Its
The charge Is made in the resolutions
that Judge Pollock I depriving Kan
sas City of light and fuel and that
Judge Van Valkenburgh I aiding .mil
abetting him.
Ileiioriit lirri Thousands! I.rfl s.-.o.
ciiatles tazz,im Funk, a mine promote),
wli.i dlid at the Hudson -tteet hospital on
October beipleathisl eVe-.l thoilani
dollar to live peiMMis, Including-Clarence
II Macka A petition filed yestcrdav
sa that the estate l worth onl J."'i
Ei-tz Carlton
and Restaurant
The latest of the tamous
Bujup.diiuunueruio some
mrl-i riAJnt-. DULPiua
Pelrons of this hotel and
ino somo excenenco
.uw y. cuniiiu wiucn
ioiuuu mo otner
' , ,,, ,l
tutopci South America
LcikIci- of Iiiwitiipp Trouble Ail
di'c.sst"! Mpptiiiir of I.. ()( in
Ki'viinl Hall.
Kitelicn Help Also Leave Work
anil I'ptown Itestimnint
Is Closed.
Joseph .1 Kttnr, leader of the Law
rence strike, entile to town last night
to help the hotel waiters III their move
ment. He addressed II meeting nf l.aOO
uf them at Itrynnl Hull, Sixth avenue
near Forty-second street, nnd exhorted
them to strike and keep on striking un
til everv hotel Is closed or the managers
have come to terms. When he finished
he left for n convention of Textile
' Workers III Little Falls, Dill lie leu ne-
' hind him a number of his trusted lieu
tenants, who will sen that things are
' kept mining here from now on.
The pal t of Kttnr's speech that pleased
.his hearers most was this.
.tv advice tn volt Is to strike for your
I right and light with nil your might to
the bitter end Hut If ou are compelled
, to go back to wolk under condition that
ate uiisatlsfactoty 10 you. go back with
Hie determination lo stick together and
with vour minds made up that It will be
the unsafest proposition In the world for
I any capitalist to eat food prepared by
i members of nur union.
' That kind of tnlk wus what the
strikers wanted and there were wild
cheers. Utter was asked afterward
what he meant by It. but he refused tn
.answer. His words were read over to
him and he said that he would stand
by them. His hearers seemed to think
they were momentous, for they slapped
his back nnd nearly mobbed him when
, ho went out.
The meeting last night was strictly
an I. "W. W. proposition. The chair
man was an I. W. W. man, most of the
speakers were from that organization
nnd tho little red ribbons with the
letters printed on them were every
where In evidence. The Hotel Workers
I'lilon, its leaders admitted, Is In the
hands of the men who conducted the
Lawrence strike. There was little vio
lence yesterday nnd not much effort
wns made to extend the strike to any
more hotels or restaurant's. This was
explained nt the union headiiuartcrs,
72 West Thirty-sixth street, where It
was said that plans were being per
fected to begin a more forcible move
ment to-day.
It had been expected to start the
demonstrations last night, hut when
word wns received that Kttor would
surely be here that Idea ns abandoned.
About 2,S00 waiter." are now out, and a
big part of them were In or around
Ilryant Ilnll while the meeting wns un
der way. Hundreds couldn't get In,
though n number climbed up the flro
escapes and several broke n window
to get ndmlslon.
To-night, the leaders s.iy, will see a
different kind of a strike. The 1. W. W.
men feel that the waiters have been en
tirely too docile and that they will never
get anything by thnt method. So they
are prepared to show force at every ho
tel where their demands nro refused.
I was said by one of them that dur
ing to-day attacks will be made on six
of the biggest hostelries.
The only place aiTccicd by the strike
yesterday was Motniuln's restaurant on
Sixth nvenue near Twenty-eighth street,
(though then' was n riot outside of the
Taverne Louis In the Flatlron Hulld-
lug. The trouble at Mouquln's wasn't
planned by the leaders of the union, but
i the were pleased when they heard of
) Shortly before 7 o'clock last evening,
! Just at the time the patrons In the
basement cafe of Mounuln's restaurant
! were settling to dinner, a brick whanged
through a window pane barely missing
the head of a man who sat near the
window and showering glass over him
and the woman with hlni.
j outside In Sixth avenue there were
i yells and whoop from walking dele
! gate of the 1. W W. and from waiters
on strike. A police whistle blew nnd
1 pr.seiitly Manager Chafford announced
t with Mime satisfaction that the brick
thinner had 1 u captured and was on
hi way to the Ti'iulei loin police station.
I lint the manager's troubles were only
beginning. Precisely at 7 o'clock, net
i Ing on a signal from the outside, the
' i lief, assistant chefs, scullions and nil
j Hip rest of the kitchen help, u dozen In
I all. null work and announced thnt they
I had to stilke. although, they said, they
I bad the greatest respect and liking for
I the brothers Miiiniuln.
i At villi I ' M. the foity waiters struck
veiy iiulcll.v They tallied until the
last demi-tasse had been served and the
last cognac sipped. Then they bowed
. to Manager Chuffurd of below stairs
I ! N
hotefspf tlio Rit.-Cariton
administration as those
restaurant oro assured
ot servico nnd perfoc-
nns aivvnys chnrnc-
noteis oi tlio group
ul" C-Ulllllicni OI
Mow York,
Arthur H.Hahlo& Co.
Three New
569 Fifth Avenue
and Manager .Schroedcr of above sun.
and withdrew. They said they didn't
want to quit, but that they hud been
forced to by their union and by the t
V. W. Then tin; managers locked up
for the night.
The man who thievv the brick vvaj
Klzlailo Kancion, HI years old, nf jnii
West Thllty-slxth street, a strlklnn
vvaltor. In the Night Court he was sini
to the workhouse fnr thirty days
Several striking waiters gnthered nip.
side the llroadwey entrance of the Tav
erne Louis In the l-'lntlion Ihtlldlru
last nltflit and distributed cards t-i
thoc who enteied, The cards silil
that there was n strike among tti
waiters Inside. A porter from the r
tntirant closed up the Hroadway en
trance nnd the strikers moved urottnl
to the I'lfth avenetie side. There they
engaged 111 ft scuttle with the porter,
who yelled for the police.
Policeman McMnntis of the i:,it
Twenty-second street station came in
his assistance and two of the waiter
knocked the bluecoat down. Policeman
Smith, on stationary post nt .eighteenth
street nnd Hroadway, came runtilns an.)
collared the two men. They were
taken to thp night court. They said
they were Victor Grandslre, 41 ye.ir
old, n waiter of 413 Kast 147th street
and Ormonde Dellsle, 4S years old, t
waiter of IMS West Thirty-fifth street.
The strike Is now In direct charge ot
Walter Kgermnnn of Chicago, nn I W
W. orgnnlzer; Elizabeth Curley Fllnn
the I. W. W. leader In Lawrence; Carle
Trescn of the I. W. W who was at
Lawrence, and Jack Ilrltt Oearlty of
the International Hotel Walters Cnlon,
Miss l-'lynn was at the meeting Im
night nnd so were Tresca nnd Koger
iiinnn. l-'rnnk I'nlorasky of the I. W
W. presided.
When Kttor enrne to speak It wa
getting late, so he wns brief. "If you
wnnt to win this fight," he said, "jou
must close up every hotel In New Yon
city tight ns can be. No halfway nnv
tires will do. You must keep them
closed and not go back to work except
on your own conditions. Without n
these hotels ennnut exist. You tint
work until every employee of them lu
Joined your movement.
"1 never stopped to Inquire whet hi
your cause was Just or not. 1 haver,
time for that. I leave It to you I
I know Is you nre out on strike f-f
what you think Is right, so I am witli
you body nnd soul. You must light ani
you will win."
filrla nf Her Arnlng School Chip In
fnr WrdillnK Present.
T.cnnYTow.w Jan. 10. A unique wed
ding present that Mtss Helen M. (Jould
will receive when she Is married tn Tin.
ley .1. Shepard this month will be a sift
from members of her sewing school ai
Miss Winifred Walker has naked all
the girls to contribute ten cent
toward the gift. She said: "In that
way nil will feel comfortable nnd we
know thnt Miss Gould will appreciate
the gift, not so much by Its value, hut
by the spirit In which It Is Riven."
There am about four hundred glrl
In Miss Gould's school, and It Is rv
pected every one will contribute
HEi.ir.iors notices.
rtflh Ac unit I'lftv fifth Strfri
l'rcachrr lo morrow
REV. J. H. J0WETT, M. A., D. D.
Mornlnit service it 11 o'rlocii
ll Hindus free nl It o'clock
Vfiernoon service at 4 .Ti.
All sltllTigs free at 4::.1
The Mill week M-rv Ice will be held In Ihf l Ini"
nn WVdnrMUy evening at A:I5 nnd will Ii cim
dueti-il by llr Jovtrtt
i wi:st urn st
11 40 A M , llltile School Srlon
Wiunir Women's Class. Mr. Mrrrett, l.mif
Vounir Men's Class, llr Addison Mnorr l.'H'
1 1 A. VI. ,t K I'. W. Public Worship
Srrvicc-j arc held In the follovrlnr
Christian Science Churches
Sundays , 1 1 i M. ui 1 1. M. Wrtititfm 1 1.
I'lrsl Church. Central Park Weil nnd Mih .
Second Church, Central Park Went and ln si
Third Church, UMh Slrret and Madlnon '
1'ourlti Church, BOH West tMst Sired
I'lfili Church, .Madison Avenue and Jth Sum
Sllh Church. Park Avenue anil (list SirJ
Central Presbyterian Church
Rev. WILTON Mi:iIt.i: SMlTll. II. II. I'naior.
prcachm at It A. It.
ncv. .lAMUS n COCIIHAN at s V V
Rvrnlng Subject, 'Timer for Ibe Plain.'
IMS A, U. Voun Urn's lllhlf Simll c tub
3 P. M Sabbath School
Devotional Service Wcitnrnday at 1' M
i ai.i. wmrour,.
St. Cbomas'i Church
1'imi AV. AND Mil ST.
Kev. FHNKST M. STIHKS. D. II l''fi-
8 A. U., Holy Communion
11. Mnrnlnc Service and Sermon Urcun
4, Hvrnsonc A Address (lllshnp llecse nf ci
MI'.MOItlAI. lUITIsr. Washington mum"
I'.dnant Jiidmn, pastor, will prearh Mori; 1
III, 'Sweetness nf fnkollclled Sviiipathv "III
Thou lie .Made Whole! H, "MciVnen Hlfl
Are Ihe Mrck.
mauv lii HF.it nit;r. rim-iv , .
Ilerlceley Theatre. W 4llli St., near .Mil
Sunday Mornings, 11 A 11 Public Invlte-l
si'iuucT -nu: curses ur si cci
rnr.i: svNAficxirr.
I)t.VAUi:l KINiiili: AWAKIININCilll' I I'INA
AU. auk wnu ciMi:.
temple Modern SDlrlluallsni. I! l'a- '.'i
Sunday, ft Subject: iluiunii .Mini " fuMiiei"'
Spirit Mcssniien, ThurMlnis Splrll nn ."i!"
Snttirilnvi. Itiperlenrc tiiiiMlnir
i rlnltj Parish. Chapel of lb Inlcn e
nrnndway A I68lh St. llev M II time- '1
Vlenr. K. H.IS. I 4.'., PI to. It A V ' m
8 P. M.
(iHACK C III KC II, llriuiilw nml lM
Dr SI.ATTUItl, Hector. ll lib
4 lltnv Dr Turks), S 1 lUv Mr IMaiJ
ST. MATTHI'.WS lill lllil. mill "' "
Central Parle West. uv Arthur II .linlm "
rector; aervlccs a nml It VI . P. M
CMHIST lill'IU II IIiimiiIhiiv nml
llev 11, SliniiK. Iii-lor M , II v
tor: a P. M , Itr-v .Mniilci lliiivin v i'iin
SI. MKI'llltV.S.
ncv. iir. bU.vtil.i;
in :s wrM ;. i si
Hector; a. II. 4

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