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v, vj.jtam to-aay ana coiacr lo-nignr; iair ana
, , colder to-morrow.
Detailed weather reports will be found on page 15.
NEW YORK, SUNDAY, JANUARY 12, 1913 Copvrltht, 1913, it, the Sun Printtno mul I'ubltihlhp .tMocfrtiioii.
100 PAGES.
OL LXXX. NO. 134.
TlmiisitKls of Homes
IJcsciU'd While Slaves
Is Plan.
WoiiUl Shelter Victims Cast
oil' In Men Who Arc
Sent to Prison.
M'i i: rf.nr.KAi, coxtkol
ru .iti(tiinl A !! Proposal
i n cr- Kvcrv City in (lie.
Coiiiitr .
U'.-'i Mires. .Inn 11 An important
. iiiMiiuat of a private character
i i r t. be started In connection
ti.m ttitncnl's campaign
he while .-lave tr.illlc. Tho
'i m. lit contemplates the cstab
i n. v . r .i money foundation amount.
. : --.!1 to .i.i iiiuih as i ln.oijrt.ti00,
. .' wliu i will he used In
: i k Patures of tie- minpalgll In
. i". d. nil i!o. 1 1 nnieiu cannot
, ' M- 11 .
I irpuse or thin now movement
. . .u. tli- utifmiuiiito girls
iv.. Wen mad the victims of
i- iv. ir.Kllt.". While tlie i'ii-1
i.. in of the law ng.iin-l mtei ..into
" !' this character his Imv n sue- I
! ' r hevniid the aiun lpation of th"1
' . i "fin nf .Iii.-tlee, it 1mm Ii.ik he. n
I'. ! C',n ernmeiu ollicml" Unit tlm
- .1 ll'TS undel the l.i w aei.ouipli'-h. il .
r ilf l'ie icAl work to he ilmie Tie'
' man I- ininlsh.'d mult r the oper- t
l the liw. Inn his vUttm Is h ft
e iisi:m e- in an aliiei lifp. 'f
. ' 1 1 p
,. m Mipport home', lor women
i'vk .hiiHi t.'i' and to establish now
,, ,i,ii iho movement nhoui '
'i"l will nun Soni cities alie.idv
. ciil le'ieals "( lhl. Kind. Inn it
-i ! Ihlr fncllliies are not ndequ.ii". ,
u 'A i-nie places h.ive no ' sh'lt'r " .it
I' is the practice of niot of these
i m. to shelter iinfortiinate Birls for
' rm six months to a ear, then llnd
'r tor Until and Keep in cone-
rinndetiee nnd l rwmiil toueli w It h them I Two iiaiidmmelv dreed h.cblv in
'mil ll" v ,ne vmrt. .1 atMtn on th rlKht ' dmnaiii women wen l.xk.d up in the
load. All told then- ale about lofi of Tenderloin police station .vestetday
'here homes in the e-nintrv, while It 1 afternoon on eharpes pteferied aualust
"as been estimated thai tin re ouubi to.thein bv John lukin detei ttve fur a
i e at Itast J.."0ii of them. I dep..i tm.-nt store at l iitn .i venue and
It Is lindi rstood here that sufficient Tlurt -font th stteit The wnm.-u said
i. aiey Is In sll?ht to insuro the success , they wete sisters and rae the names
tho foundation and that nn announce- of .Mrs Lou Ward and Mrs Hose Davis.
' .-at of its stop..' and purposes mioii will 1 Mrt Waul said she . anie fii.in To
mad'. I ledo, filuo. and Mrs. Davis said that she
To Stanley O. Pinch, who has carried lived at the Until Imperial. No sii. h
the Department of Justice's white ' KUest was itnistered ni the Imperial.
! investigation, is attributed
the 1
'lir for this new movement. The'
i'i Is said i.i contemplate a supervision '
Mt. Finch nf the work of the founda-
n In i onrie.-'.inti with his official dutleu
fie dire.tin force In the (iuvern- !
M s pr..- .'iiti uis. Mr. Finch has his1
frt'-.i in Haltimme. When questioned
lay in riu-anl to tno new moveineiii.
..- .i.. ,ip.l to o.mmcnt on the subject.
I' ne (loveiniuent's enforcement of the
' .le .-lave law under the direction of
'..i in v-i leneral Wlckcraham ban been
k mi so quietly that even ofilclals
r Washington have failed to appreciate
- magnitude or Importance of the ac
mp; shn.entA A review of the facts,
tteer. shows clearly that this Is one
' 'he bur ;. hn lemeiits of the Taft Ad
i MMiatmn
I' w.is learnnl to-day that the flov
"'.irnii.' has ubout L'.'.O lnvestiirators at
..k si tri bine for violations of thl
i- . i ; . . These itiv. ptlirators are at
' rn In . very State of the Pnion east
'' Mississippi Hiver save New York
n.' l i le- .Vw LtiKlallil Stutes.
T .. i.- have cativassfd nearly every
r...i, house In this vast territory
f.i !:. m.ny Instances they have com
l ' r.-ecrds of the inmates. Not only
.1. ' ut tiny record the movements of
" wntn. n from city to city anil Statu
St.it'. So thorough and complete
lists K.itliered by tho (Jovern
: - investigators that In many cases
i e in tho cities now seek In-
"n .'.ii on this subject from the
' .nil luireuu. Most of tho Govern-
s niM slltratorH como from the
-i. n .:i. ". s in which they are selected
' : ih.-ir inquiries.
' i wtate slave act htm been on the
i I ks sltico June, KUO. The
. i' i.. -i ieneral Immediately after tho
h w..s p.i'sed beean to receive linn-
".-i f i ' 'tn plaints and n most cursory
1 - a atiori convinced him that there
1 ' ln.iis.itids of people In till parts
mtry who were vlolutlnir this
. ' iti niey-(!eneral found Immedl-
it the plan of Invesllirutlon and
. . .ii was bo comprehensive ttlat
i imt be carried out with trio
tureen under Ills control. He
' re appoint! d .Mr. Finch for tho
i of otK'inlzliiK a force of Investl-
' ; 'her rn and supervIsInK und (II-
u.i in in carrying out the cam-
i .
..Hn es were established In the
' -..in. is found that In most in-Me-e
women wero willing to
' . I inlnrmatlon to tho Government
ii'.rs In lact they hnvo come
-'I the Department otJustlco
i .i a protector.
I .mil has said that ho hoped to
i ' Install the Government's sys-
' pie ai woik In New Y'ork und
' -v L'tiHl.ind .States in January
1 ivi. n in fore throiiKhout tho
si, iiis befote the end of tho
' -i .il vear
.ii w.is passed the Gov-
' ' obtained 337 convictions.
. live have been acquitted.
nd penitentiary sentences rc-
stilting frr.tti Miuli convictions aggregate 1
more man tiiii joins.
VlllCInlS Of till- Dcpatttllellt lf Jus
inn contend, however, that even with
tin. alii of private philanthropy to help
win for unfortunate women them In
great need for a strengthening of tlm
present luw.
In tlil.H connectl in It has been learned
that nn ..ffott , m:l(u 1)Ini,,,i,j.
tin- present session to have certain
nnii'iHlnicniH adopted. These will In
elude within tin- condemnation of the
law any attempt to Induce anv woman
or Kill to travel In Interstate commerce
for unlawful purposes, or to detain or
hold any woman or girl against her
will In connection with the white slave
The Government ofNeialM believe nlso
that the law should i...
j drastic tn regard to the use of malls
.'for white slave purpose, and that the
i urn eminent ought to I hi authorized to
.Issue search wiirrant.s for the purpose I
i-.-. in iiik eviuenre, nirtliermore. that
'the law ought to he iimeiided no as not
only 10 nut llir ze ll uimu.n In i...,ii..
against her husband in a white slave
nice hut also to enable tlm (iovcrn.
Illellt to coniliel u woni.-iti in elv.. sn..i.
I teMlniony.
The Government Investigators have
found that now the w hite slavotruITiekora
lane taken to marrvlin- ilw.ir i..ii..
as a means of self-protection under Un
Aldermen Houl.l AimhiIiii loniniU-
lM tn A lit .Nnllnnnl I'IkIiI.
OncAiio, Jan. 11. A national llsht on
vlco w.is recommended to-day at a
meeting of the council vlcu committee.
Alderman Mayer moved that a com
mltteo bo appointed to study the ipies
lion In New York.
'If we can inuko this a national'
problem, starting with fhlcnsn and!
New- Vorli," Alderman Maer said, "1
belleie w e may In. able to reach some j
son or a bouillon nf tiio question, or
at least to Und the real cause."
Alderman .lames 1". Hunts seconded
the motion, which was adopted unan
imously. The committee has not been
appointed, but will be at a Inter meet
Ins of the vice commlltee. At the open
Iiik of the meeting a letter lrom .lohn
I). IJoi'Kf feller. .Ir. was read.
Aldermen Albert Jt llfuss and Louis
Sltts both spoke In f.uor of Alderman
.Maer's motion, dei'lailm; white l.tiery
fie worst olfenre on the iriinin.il calen
Arretted h Kiftli Avenue store
sleuth, (hie offers Hills'.
n Security.
They are
charged with
takiiic aitieles
from the store valued at Sl'.'.T.I
Ijirkln was nn the fourth tloor of the
store when, he soys, he saws Mrs.
Davis lean over a counter and slip a
foot IiIkIi electrolier into a fur muff.
He says that he followed them to the
second lloor and tnat he saw a waist
valued at $l"f disappear Into Mrs.
Davis's muff. I -irk In followed the two
to the street nnd asked Mrs. Davis and
her companion tft come back to the
In the .-tore, Lnrkln says, he recov
ered the electrolier, valued at flS, and
the waist.
Ho took the women tn the police sU
tlon, whero they begfred Lieut. Mulligan
to release them. Mulligan was adamant
although one of the women asked that
he accept her diamond rings ns security.
When the matron searched Mrs. Davis
she found the card of Dr. II. Du Hois
GoetehttiB of the I'lnehurst Apartments,
at Fort Washington avenue nnd lSUth
street. She would not tell how she got
the card. Dr. Goetchlus could not be
reached last night.
Tho women were sent to the night
sent Onl n Seoul in Alii In l.oenllnK
I'liKunrileil Homes,
A pigeon trained to nltght on fire
escapes and so give Its owner an excuso
to peep In at windows and see If any one
Is at homo Is said to have aided four
boys In robberies, for one of which they
were nrrested yesterday.
Peter Blnyne, 16 years old, of 2197
Fifth avenue, flew n pigeon on Friday
nnd gained information while recover
ing tho bird which led to the robbing of
an apartment on the top tloor of the
Nobel apartment house, r4 Hast 129th
street, whero Miss Helen Cronln, a
nurse, and two other young women
live. When Miss Cronln enmo home,
sho reported Hint IjOO worth of clothing
and Jewelry had been taken.
Detectives yesterday questioned
Michael J. Dealy. I'i years old. of 43
Fast 131st street, the elevator boy at tent emplo) ment at Terra Marino Inn,
tho Nobel upartment house, nnd thev I on Stuten Island, and that he would
say lm confessed that he, his brother ! I'11 Himself In readiness to testify fur
rntrlck, Peter Hlnynn nnd William !' 'f "''('ded.
Klncle, 21, of 105 West 137th street, -
lobbed the apartment nfter the quest for BLINDS GIRL AND ROBS HER.
the trained pigeon had shown them ,
that Miss Cronln nnd her friends were j ,,, ,,,, ...einnn'. Son, U.c
""Later the detectives nrrested the I Itrd IVpuer u. Wenpon.
three other boys, who wero carrying Camiujv. Jan, 11. -Miss Helen If. Jef
two suit cases In which most of the i ferles, daughter of Kirhard W. Jeffcrles,
stolen things were found, All ore said i president of tho Jl. W. .Infferles Com-
to have ronfcsseil except Klncle. He
waa locked up with the others. '
Prrmlrr 1'itrrler of lh outh
lletvtrtn .New York unit el i let and rei-nrU South
also Tela. Mexico, California and Panama:
Tako It for pleasure, for business. It attorns
the- quickest lime anil thebei.1 nervlee. ltn equip
ment li luaurioiis. lliujrilicill mm iiiimciu. 11
own dtnlnr car M-rviri i lw nislnlstnc.1 at
hleli puini or aunrrioniy. inn i.ionn imr nj
Wlntfr Tnirliu. N
V- Office, 34 rirtn Ave.,
cor, SBth St.--lr.
M unlock Swears His Wife In
spired Suit, lint Was Not
to Share Award.
1 M ( ll i r v
Into Murder mid Sui
Kiids No Kvidcnce
of Conspiracy.
Siniu.K, L. 1., Jan. 11. -The lines
tlKatlou Into the deaths of .Mr. und
MfH. Henry IMey which hetran last
week In Heliport cime1 to an end here
to-day. so far as the authorities of Huf.
folk county ate concerned, with the ex
amination of (lardner Mtirdock. the for
mer Heliport liveryman. .Murdoch's tes
timony falli d to disclose the sensations
expeen.il. District Attorney Italph C.
C.ieene declared at tlm end of the hear
Iiik that sutllelent Krouiuls for establWIi-
Inc a case of conspiracy ntjalnst IMey 1
had not been found. The tlrand Jury
which has adjourned does not meet'
analn until early In April. If any fur-,
ther action Is taken to show that a con-1
splr.icy was Indirectly tesponslblo for1
th retired broker's death It would 'have
to come from the New York county
authorities. District Attorney (Irecno
said, the papers and tho allldavlts In
tho alienation suit havlni; been drawn
up In New York city, us wits broimht
out in the healings to-day.
t'oroner I'.. S. .Moore's verdict was
that .Mis. Catherine laley and II. C.
Hiley had met their deaths bv Kiimrtmt
wouniN lntllcted by the 'ijtlet.
.More than one., in the course of the
Imiuny winch was londucted by the
District Attornci, M unlock declared
1 false the testimony KHen last Saturday
by Inr. wife In regard to the existence t
of a "wife iwappniK" plan and of nn ,
ni rails, nieiit uiul. i
Siiiile the proceed
uit Mlboiich I'ot
repeatedly with
s' ranees, shoiitlnc
Ivins here and w.
w h ic h
of the
lie was to
alien, llioll
in r Moore hi. .ke In i
itnl:i;tiani lemon- '
that ".siiiii.bndv Is
will Uiul mil who
b. foto we are through," Mimlock -HP".).
hi' siotv. lie Ii.pI brought tin- suit
l.ti:l at lis wife's liioiiguUiin. ill
llioiirfli he shJ.', coiitr.H. v in Ills wife-
uiiimiu. tin y !i.n iwt 1 rsiuin 1 marital
rein: em- after the Ldeys were leiotl
ulr.l It was Ills belief that she was
prompted by her desire for revnge upon
tb Kdoys. Asked If the suit, which Is
f.r .M'lO.nna. would be pressed anv fur
ther. Murdook .--iid that he didn't know.
"I coul.l tis the money' was the only
admission he would mike
Murdoch was Hecnmpnnie.l by hts
coiinse', .t..sri,i T Wood of S.ivvllle.
Whetl he entelel tile ll'tle otlll e of '.'
Distill t Att.in'. air. arly crovvd rl bv
i'rnt.int villagers.
He s.iid ili.it he had known Mrs IV. -v
'tm live ears. He had taught oT t
i ride an. I the two families had been .hi
intluiaii. terms, lie bad seen her lisi
' ii Septeinb. r 1 In Gnlvetnii. Te
when. Mrs. I'dey told him. her hits-
' band h.oi sent h. r
1 C!-eiy iiuesllon.'d the willies.- d -
clareil that he had nude no nrrange
, melit to meet Mrs. Hdey InTevas. Thev
i had met In the station hi Galveston for
not more than an hour, between the
t time of her arrival at 11 and departure
at l.:0 ocIocK In lite liinrtung.
I "What did she come down I'm
I "She came down to tell me what was'
going on at home. Ami I told her sne ;
had better go back on the next train." '
"Were you paid any money to go to!
Texas with Mrs. F.dey?" j
"I was not."
Tho alienation suit. Murdoch said, ,
was based on what his wife told him '
about Mr. Udey's having Induced her ,
to leave her home and about the pres- '
cuts he lind given her. j
"Were there any other nets com-1
mttted with Mr. IMey which you knew
and which might be made the basis of,
snrOi n soil'.'''
"Not that I know of
ivi.ni iv..ie vour reasons for min-'-!
Ing an action V"
"liecause he had wtonged me nnd
broken up my home "
Mtirdock said that the suit was based
upon the affidavit which his wife vol
unteered to make, she was ',ot to share
In the proceeds, notwithstanding the
fact that she visited him on Staten
Island to suggest Its being brought.
Ho could not, he said, offer any ex
planation of Mr. Filey's net In taking
his own and his wife's life.
"Do you think he was crnz.y or In
sane?" "It looked like it "
Mr. Murdoch testified that he consid
ered Mr. Fdey a man of unusually
qulol4 temper. Ho had been present, he
said, on several occasions when IMey
had threatened his wife.
Counsel Wood for the witness re
ceived permission to ask one or two
questions In order, he said, to complete
the record, I
"You never had any Improper rein- i
Hons with Mrs. IMey, did you'.'" he In
"No. sir," said his client rmphatl
I'pou being teleaseil Mutdock said
that he expected to remain In his pres-
pany or mis city, was tun viotim or n
bold highway robbery to-dny when At-
1 mi. Yl' I Alunn .le urin tr a eumrlan
I tiolleemnn. threw red nennor In line niw.
as sho wns returning from a bank,
blinding licr, and snatched from her a
satchel containing $300.
Colson wns caught after a chase, and
, h , j
In court without luill. Tlu satchel
and money wore returned to Miss Jef-ferles.
It ll n n n llrookl.l n Mlaa Mnde
Hi Monlrrlll With llllll.
Ilnzel (livens, I years old, who ran
away lrom home last October when her
iinienis ueie Ilvlntr In Hooner stteet.
Wlllliimsbiii K, was nrresti'd "vestetday j
In the rooms of a teal estate broker or
the name of Le Hose at 107 Mast ltSth
street. Detectives who inadi; the litres!
on a warrnnt secured by the kIH
mother s.iv that Hazel had been po.lnt;
as l.e Hose's Min and had dressed as a
Le Hose, who Is eals old. Used
to board with the (livens family In Will-1
lamshui'K. Until he nnd the Klrl insisted j
that In.' had acted toward Miss (livens
as a father, and after questioning them i
separately the detectives decided not toj
arrest Le Hose. I he Klrl was lockid
lip In the (latex avenili! police station
and will be nrralitned in the Oates ave
nue court this mnrnltiK.
She said that after lcavlm; home she
met Le Hose by chniii'e. and asked him
to take care of 'her. This ho consented
to do. Tlicv went to Montreal for a
short stay and white there, Hazel said,
she cut her hair and put on bay's
(lothes at Le Hose's silKKestlon.
Tho Klrl protested against )eln taken
ft out Le Hoe, Who, she said, had
treated her as If he wero 'her father,
teachlm; her prayers and nadliit? the
Hlble to htr.
State Official nnd f'olleye Senior
(5nir Vassiir (iraduate in n
I a icii li.
Ai.i.kntown, I'a., .Inn. 11. Miss Anna
H, S'.erkel, only child of Heuben 1'.
Steckel, n retired business man of Allen-
I town, prospective heiress of n fortune
I of more than a million dollatx, was kid
tnniiped late this afternoon by two men
ulm were arrested soon afterward and
identified as Samuel Sinclair. .10 ears
old, supervising Inspector of State high
ways, with headquarters In this city,
and H Walter Starr, a senior at Lehigh
I nlverlst.v. South Hcthlehem. '
Sinclair. It la ilei lured, wan tn.idly In
fatuated with the girl and the nhduc
t n was th- cMmax of her refusal to
nurry blni or permit him to continue his
visits to her home Miss Steckel us
brunette and handsome and rs agradiiati
nf Vns-.ir College, elans of HMO. She Is
a b ailer In the younger M.iial set In this
Miss Slerkel had just returned ftoni
,a shopping tour and stopped In the ves-
tlbule of her home on West Walnut
i street, a fnslllonable lesldence section of
, the city, to gather up the mall. As she
, did so she was sel.eil hv the two men
I uiul notwithstanding her cries was half
inriieil across the street in a waiting
1 laxicab lit ihatge of C. W
West llethlehetll. I IIU-C lnsld
Sherer of
the girl s
aims vv.ie pinioned, a
blanket was
tliiowu mir Inr load and the tax leal
tltiVer was otiletell to lllive IIUO me
Icoimtr.v as M'l n. he could. I,ds out hv saying that It was the llrst 1
I Sin rer later diclared that he had no i tmu, epenenee that he had heard'
l prior knowledge nf the plans o' the r ()f ., piekpocket opening liandKigs while 1
t men and at tlrst thought the w iole I walking I
itfair whs a J..ke. Hotll Miss Steckel! ,mna the muses and eai.l eases I
ana her aged father als,. believed thi'i,
a; llrst. but when the gltl found her
self hound and gagged she tenllzed the;
seriousness nf i he situation. Trying to
scream fm help Miss Steckel finally:
i made the taxicab driver utilize that she!
i was be.ng kidnapped and. instead of i
dt p Ing Into the country as he l.ad been
ordetul. he put on full speed toward.
the police station half a mile distant
(in the w.iy he met Policeman Charl
lloyle, who arrested the two men, ac
comparing the taxicab to Police
Headquarters. After the girl had told
her story she was sent home, where
she is now In care of a physician. Tha
alleged kidnappers were locked up.
Sinclair says the glil hud agreed to
get married and had consented to be
kidnapped to deceive her father, who
oblected to the match
Slncluir Is n graduate of Swarthmore
.College, where he was
Ue Is nlso an ottlclal
!i football star.
referee nf the
National Football Association. Ills
home Is nt Kennett Square, Pn. Hi
parents nre wealthy Quakers
To-da) Consists of
Nine Sections, as
Follows :
-Gentrl Newi
-Foreign, Fashions,
Litatf, Financial
Pictorial Magazine -Fiction
Children's Magazine
Automobiles, Part II.
-Society, Drama,
Books. Queriu
Readers or nttcsdealers who
do not receive all of these
sections will confer a fa tor
on "The Sun" by notifying
the Publication Department
at once by the phone (2200
Beekman), and the missing
sections will be promptly
forieardtd, if possible
ny.sl p(
With U.i nd in Worn-
mi s
Purse in Depart men t
Store District.
'' VC 11 1
rocket hooks and Many
Trinkets in Posm'smoii of
Yoiins- Thief.
MatyliLi (1. Nlenian, 20 .v., us old, was
locked up In the West Thirtieth street
station last night following her arrest
at Thirty-fourth street and Sixth ave
nue yesterday afternoon by Detective
Cassassn of the I'entral (Mice squad,
who grabbed her as she withdrew her
hand from a pockethook hanging from
the orm of Miss Lillian Hiinihaum of.
no hock street, i in; iiroux.
At Police Headquarters n large hand
bag belonging to Miss Nlenian wa
found to contain mole than twenty
pockethooks of all si.es, containing In
all $60j.J7. Two bank books, also In
the handbag, showed that the prisoner
had accounts In the West Side Hank
and tho Hudson Trust Company
amounting to Jii.Vj. llesldca the bills
In the pocketbooka were bills and cur
rency amounting to J71'.0L making the
total nminint found on her at the time
of her arrest and the bank deposits
In one little black pocketbnnl. there
was $117 111 bills, In another $170, vvh'le
a third luid t0 cents, mostly pennies.
There were numerous trinkets, one of
the number be.ng a miniature ill'.
tlounry In a silver charm ins... In oiie)s((iB
(lid of the case lucked among leallets.
were two large unset diamonds.
Detective Cassassn was standing on
the northeast corner of 'I lurty-foiti th
street nnd Sixth avenue when Miss
nurnbaum. accompanied by hei mother.
crossed Sixth aveii'io and walked
Thlrl.v -fourth street. Iietcctlvo Cas
sassa first saw Miss Nlenian place her
baud In the pocketbook of Mrs Hum
baum as she was walking and with
draw It.
A few fret fiirthet on Mis Hum
Kium met two friends and sti.i.d i.ilklnrr
to them It was then said Deto. t,ve
(.issnsa. that Miss Nieinan apiUo.iched
nj,,P daughter, unfnsieiied hei liandlug,
nnd took out a card eaae The dele
live then arrested hei.
Miss Nieinan was sent to the Hedfnid
Iteioiimitoty on July -'.".. l?nn. following
, ...i , ,. . .. . ihitiiiiiu ii'i. ii - ,nitii -
,.::''ul,,l.,'nln ''"""K'y'' .""" f'"'!derer: Stephen Avers, murderer, and
picking pockets. She was released on !
July 11. 1 ni 'J. and since that time the
police sa.v she has made at least l I'On.
She told the police that she was of
Husslan bit Hi and that sitne her te
lease frniu tne reformatory site had
win (nl .u (he Martha Washington and
I King IMw.ud lintels. She persistent
, denied tint the monev in Pel tmeses.
,,., -tnl,,,. Tlie noil, e s.v nho Is
the shrewdest woman pickpocket in Hie
i ,.,.,,., .. ,,d I.,..,, .,. l-nssns.su Imie
found In Inr large handhag was a card
bearing the name of Miss Fiilth L.
Janhne. gem ral secretary of the Insti
tute fot Voting Women at 113 Fast
Thlity-fourth street. (In the card writ - ;
ten In ink was 'Miss Nlemiin has 1 een
recommended to us as thoroiigbiv le- !
liable '
Miss Hiirnbaum will appear in the
West Side court this morning to press
the complaint against Mlm Nieman
(llilhiim sH r Wns Mnriieil lo
Mrs. I)nl I Irleh.
I'liii.viiKi.i'iu.v. Jan. 11.- Chatles n.
Oldham of Coatesville to-dav denied
that he had married Mrs. Daisy l'lrich
Ople Grace at the Plaza Hotel In' Neiv
i ' "I k last Monday, although In
' know ledged that he had man led
1 Dals.v t'lrlch
Mr. Oldham refused
to give any in
formation regarding his bride lie de
clared he whs acquainted .with Mrs.
Daisy l'lrich Ople Grace.
"She Is n very tine woman." he said,
"and 1 think she has been very badly
Mrs. Mm tha K l'lrich. mother of
Mrs. Grace, who lives at !.l Smith Six
tieth street, said she bad been talking
to her daughter over the telephone
that Mrs. Grace denied that i-he
had I
been married again.
Following her acquittal on the eli.irgo
of shooting her husband at Atlanta
Mrs. Grace returned to Philadelphia and
on September 19 Hied suit for divorce.
William A. Carr. her attortuy, to-day
said the decree had not been handed
Wp Minister l(eslMns iflei- Iteln
slatlliK Col. I'll!) lie (iniu.
Wi'Kil libit Utkimlri In Tllic Si s
Paris, Jan. 12- There Is a sensn
tlonal split In the French Cabinet on
the eve of the election of a new Presi
dent. M. Mlllerand, the Minister of
I "iir, reinstated Col. I'aty do Clam, who
was very prominent In the Dreyfus
m a tidal, without consulting any of his
, j colleagues in the Cabinet. This ere
j ited a tremendous sensation nnd many
I ' newspapers scmed M. Mlllerand se
verely for placing Col, Paty de Clum
back on the army reservu list. M,
Mlllerand became Indlgnnnt over the
attacks on him by tho newspapers, and
In splto of the requests of his col
leagues insisted on resigning.
Tho Cablnet'isat until 2 o'clock Sun
day morning and endeavored without
success to Induce M. Mlllerand to with
draw his resignation,
' The vacancy In tho Cabinet will be
tilled on Monday. Gen, d'Amude, an at
tache during the Finer war, has been
mi-: hi'.aiiimhd n on in a limited.
, lir-NT I KIM'li'Ulr-SlT A Nil M IILOI'LIC.
1 1.V1..V.V t0 'in, M..iilvel'aliii HearliDiM', M.i
i Tampa '.on P.M., Orlando -ri P.M. neat day. and
olher resorts as quirk y, Inq. I1M U'vray, -Adr.
Mnlil In Wife ill Time of Ulnck
Mloslnu Trlnl IVIirimrr I".
AtKK.v, S, ('., Jan. 10, -Although no
vet definitely set I he trial of Frederick
'". lleach w ill probably be called Mon-'
day, February 10, or the next day. The
case Ii regarded as by far the most i
important on the docket because of the
prominence of the defendant and the'
sensational developments leading up to
the arrest.
It will be the (list time In the history
of tho resort that one of the winter
lesliU'iits has been tried on a criminal
charge. Asked how much time lie,
thought the trial would conntne the I
prosecutor answered, "One da v." :
Charles Woodbrldgt'
and his w Ife, two
of the Slate's lmp..rtant witnesses have
disappeared. oodhrldge, who Is nn
HnKll-hman. was nlct for Clarence1
,i. i, . ,, ,,
I'lunn, niiti ins inn" was in .ors. iie.iei) s
employ as a maid at the time of the
assault on Mrs. Heaeh. When Mr. and
Mrs. Ilencll sailed for Kuiope Wood
bridge's wife accompanied them Wood
bridge was released under bond.
Mini on lln.vnliiek lii Ills ppe
llle Willi Mil Urals.
Moi n't.vi.v Vikw, N. J. Jan 11 -John
Kubllek, a Hungarian trapper, was res
cued to-day from a haystack In the Hlg
Piece meadows, which me submerged
by the overflow of the Passaic Hlver.
Kubllek went out in a canoe to see to
his traps und was upset He got to the
haystack and the canoe dilfted away,
lie was Himli joined by two exhausted
deer that had been caught In the flood
He had with him two muskrats that he
had found In his traps, nnd he became
so hungry that lu ate them.
William Closin saw Kubliek's plight
and went after him with a. ruwbout.
The deer swam awn.v when they saw
tile lsl.lt cmiiing
nnieliil's I or ntul linnril
0ielln (inlr.
Ian. 11 - Two muiderers
i and a burglar
j from ten veals
who?e sentences run
to life Imprisonment
. drove quietiv out of the State penlten
j Mary at Juliet. HI, this afternoon In a
'folen automobile while a watchful
j guard obllgitigl.v .qiened the gteal
: bat red gab fur them.
i mtslile they thr. w on the high speed
' gear and whirled to freedom, south and
inst of the penitentiary, while the guard
, iv, is trvlnir to exiilaln to his sunprloi-M
,,... ,. ,.,,.. ,,. ,p. n .,, .,,
he dtd not guard more closely the auto-
mobile, the rasi machine belonging toj
A (' LooniK general accountant at I
tne prison. i
The three scaped convicts, all frnnnth? first things .that must be done before
s.u,l, . .null. Hlniiin.l lln..l.A -
Kdward Sheldon, luirglsr.
dilif of Police McWeeny sent out
automobile after automobile loaded with
pollrer'U armed with. rifles nnd pistols
from t.io south and southwest Chicago
niailotir. warned every chicigo iollce-
man to be on Hie watch for the men
and finally sen' nut Capt llalpln's
"own H'lles" which have eourc.l the,
'it In vain with ritles for auto bandits.!
P.lu I i iiixl In (in Trim or il Vi Pen Ii
! Seek eiilsim
' Nkvv ro.s. N. J . Jan. 11. Mar. u- Con-
right, game warden of like county,
, Pennsylvania, came over to Sussex
i (ounty yesterday slid trapped a Cana
dian Ivnx which weighed seventeen
j pounds A dead doe which had tll'l
against ,i lence ami Kilted itseit iv.i i
lesponslble for the trapping of the l.vnx.
The w at den dlsioveteil the carcas?
of i he d'e and Around It the foil-irlnts
ot the in:. Hv baiting several trap,
with venison the iat was raptured aul
ibspaichfd with a revolver by the war
den. The lynx w.is about ten month--
foiileiniii Case
(ore (iriiml
lo lie Put
Wvsiiisotox. Jan 11. I'mied States
District Attorney Clateitce H Wilson
I received to-day from Speak- i Mi imp
Clark a certillcale setting .nh th.tt
iGiotge G Henrv, :i Xevv t k banker,
had icfiised to give to the House nmne;.
trust committee tin names of iwcnlv'-
slx iiatlou.il bank ofileers who luirtiei-
pated In a syndicate formed to market
the nock of tin- Calil'ornia Petroleum
Company and that Henry was there-
fore in contempt of th mmlttee.
District Attorney Wilson announced
this afteinoon that he would present
the matter lo the Grand Jury on Mon-;
nay or i iii'u:i j ,
The District Allorne.v expects that
the Grand Jury will iiuedlalely return
an indictment and he then will arrange
for a speedy trial tor Mr. Henry.
j I. ll j i-i- Hits License o Weil ".loan
j of rc n( West llalilinoilil.''
I Clin .vuo. Jan. II James M. ISoyce, a
'lavvjir, of 373.1 Grand Houlevard, got
j n lid use to-day to marry Mlsn Vir
' glnla Hrooks. She la a suffragist nnd
reformer whose militant mcthoifs have
! gained for her the sobriquet of "Joan of
Ate of Wesl Hammond" When asked
about the license she said:
"The very Idea! 1 hardly even know
the man. I have heard of him In a
general way and mny have mot him
otico or twice Hut to be married to
him? Never!"
Miss Hi ooks has fought saloon keep
ers In the streets and In the courts.
She has very decided views about love.
"As I understand It." sho said, "love
Is a thing that grows on a person In a
time of leisure. I have had very little
leisure In tho last few years."
Pliysli'lnna sny She's Mnklnsl SsUla
fnrlnrr I'ronreaa Tovrnrd Hecovery,
Montbkal, Jan. 11, Tho medical at
tendants of tho Duchflsa of Connaught
atnte that her general condition hns
Improved materially during the past
twenty-four hours und sho is making;
sntlsfactory progress toward recovery,
Tells Commcrcinl Club Evil
of Monopoly Must Be
Sa.VS Rllllklllg K.VStPm NCCflS
'n Tnrlirif mnnt It! l
.... iiiiiii I lie in . i.s ,n
ready Convicted.
Itiixincss of (irealesf Reneftl
Without Assistance or
('iii.'vuo, Jan. 11. Hefote an audb ree
of HOU Conitnerclal Club banquttets win
Included the iirlticlpal moneyed men of
Chicago, President-elect Woodrow Wil
son to-night expounded his doctrine of
"new freedom" ami told his auditor.,
that they ought to conduct their busi
ness honestly In compliance with th?
law slid with the sense of "mercy nnd
Gov. Wilson's theme was "The Re
lations Itetvveen Huslncss and Govern
ment." lie plainly Indicated that bul
tn ss need nut expect to be let alotta
If It wjs engaged In using or striving
to use tho Government to get special
hlp nnd particular favors.
The functions of Government h de
dared, were to serve mankind and not
any class or party, lfe said all connec
tion that retarded that end munt hi
Mr. Wilson was the only speaker and
when he was Introduced by Toanmater
Carr the diners rose and cheered.
Ills Ides of the present business situs
tlon In that tho hnneat business man
who wants a chance to display his et
foris and talents doesn't have a chance
because of the extent to which mo
nopoly has fastened upon the credit
and business methods of this countr:
He declared In lite speech that one Of
I.I.a ahI- A flU a! ll,. Am.rlAan n.Anl.
iin. - . f. nrvni. v.. . i ... .i id niii.i.aii i,w. '.v
will regain confidence In the busmen
I men of this country Is the elimination
I of this evil of monopoly. Mis remark
I wa not npplouded and tho Governor
I made mention of the fact ns ho. VtW""1"
'forward with the assertion that he hoped
j th time would never come when th
men of this country needed to b cod
dled by the Government Then ne got
'he iipplaiii-c.
The fact that ho v.,in speakinit befoie
an audience extremely "critical of an
thlng that might be said In derogation
ef p-e?nt day business methods did
not deter hhn from goltij ahead with
Ills outline of some of t.ie chimce" tiu
must come If business enterprises ar
i,i csivpc the censure of the great l'i'.
Jorlty of the people. Ills spcinii was
ilhillncb a spech for reform not only
of tin methods nf lni!-l!ie..s men but of
their attitude mw.iiil business and it
lelnUous to the Government
I'gintpng w.'.h the prhuiple llisi
business men must ml r the point of
view t.r.i tin!" business must be ad-mliil-fctcd
fur the mtnmon benefit !e
e. sert'-.l thai the l:t strji io be taken
In tint dire ''ion was the hiiandlii;
i.f tin r, routces of th' country, fnttl
Hie l.i's'.ness nil a beu.n In linsbatld the'l'
lesiinius and to .i.li:i,.n'-,.er their biui
ikss .". r the i omm '. bene.lt t iere will
b" to ci.ninieni.e ia I'n-s n i-mcs men.
Tin- l step ! i be taken In this
P'oRicf of refi-.tii Is to make It cer
tain thai tiie raw nuierlals. which tn
tP.itiur.ieli!i"r' ale lo ll'e shul! be at
tile disp '.tlo:i nf cer.vbnil on thfl
same le-nis. lie said ne did nut moi i
tlrst tin Gnvci-nnieiit should dictate tiw
terms but oii v that whatever thej
tii ins .r, .- i i ball be the same for
eveniioil.v When this Is brought ab.tu'.
siispk inn will be dissipated and ths
hiitllltv of i'i- rank and llle ot men lo
i tlie bultiess nien will illrapiiear.
I u.traung his point he said that ll
i wa d m make the common man
; believe that there Is not in our courts
1 i.iutte.. f.e- the i,i.i- :.i,.t minllir lii.n
j n(.e for the ilch. He did not believe
.,, Hu llim; ,l!t a wny men
I he. loved it bad the momentum of .1
I fact and must be reckoned with n.i If
It wete a fact. There are nipn he has
known, he said, whom he thinks would
fit Into the scheme of government, but
the public does not accept them hecaus?
It bus certain beliefs about them and
thrso beliefs liave to be reckoned with,
In the same way that raw materials
ale placed ut tho disposition of every
body on the same terms ho would have
credit at the disposition of everybody
on equal terms. He wns not Indicting
anybody. The banking system of this
country, he declared, dons not have to
be Indicted It Is already convicted,
There Is reason tn bellevo that there
nre outer and Inner circles of credit,
that them are regions where It Is chilly
nnd regions where 11 Is warm. On
must be on Intimate terms with those
who are running the game or 'he can't
get n chance.
When these, things ate brought about
there will be a dlsHolutlon of prejudices
against those who deal In credit.
Finally monopoly must bo eliminated.
Ho said ho had no objection to business
because of Its size, provided that slz
had been attained by legitimate motliotK
Huslncss must bo built up under condi
tions of healthy competition or It will
not have permanency. He hoped that
the Government would never have to
take business under Its wing; to conduct
In a country where business men are so
very able to take care of themselves If
they but get the opportunity.
The business future of this country
does not depend upon the Government
of tho l.'nltod States, he said. It tin
pends upon the business men ot tn
1'nlted States. The Government can-

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