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Fair and warmer to-day and to-morrow,
cast winds, becoming variable.
Detailed wether reports will be found on pife 19.
MM,. I .XXX. NO. 136.
NEW YORK, TUESDAY, JANUARY 14, 1913. Copyright. 1013, v the Sun Prtuttng and PublUMng AuaHnUen.
I'ick Only Progressives
io Aid in His Admin
istration. Mi'sT KEEP VP PACE
ii Lu ni'hooii Speech President-elect
Snys People,
lime Made Choiee.
r.i i:i'i i' to hk sua hki
Mitti'nies4-. lie Snys. but
I ikc Id Fight for Cmiim1
Iliuu't'C Thiin llinielf.
.Ian 13.- Gov. Wilson.
,i: .i lunolipon given tills af
i ti tin- Now Jersey Prosl-
tors anil State Senators and
nun ! the State Democratic
i 'i . renewed his declaration
i.j.inl.i Ills election anil the
i i. majorities In both houses
tisr.s-i a" a warrant to tin- pro-
forces t assume the task of
; ! -: nb'iir those economic anil
-. , :i,i! i fortiis" upon which the
'..tie set their mind,
i.. in- n have been slow to oh-tin-
majority of us have
i.i. I. "that tln people of the
. m in i hac taken a iletlnltc
! ' .ppen to be one of the In-
' 'hr.nich whom that choice
, .1 but I am for the time, and
i ' i- for the on future. The
I the I'nlteil States have
I n.lr f.irrs In h definite dlrec
t imy party, any mini, who
k-i with them In that dlrec-
v M r-'JiMt ami they ought
'it; h'lll" 'f to be delegated '
, i i" !neipiet their purposes
mi' "'i tun to follow their In
.i -i s o and reserves the
i all to bis assistance only
!) l.ini. o' Hi,, matter In the
w.i He i'a'nl Indicated that ' l,!,rt ' tlrillf .tml ull tli ot tiinl jvorlt of
nnrl. s will m t short shrift In I tn" eatMn. This will continue until
i Im.n.st -at, .ii and tint no trickery i mniundanl Sladi n conies to acree
hc toirriited. because nt certain 1 m'nt wl,h ""' '"'"iiils lu WashliiBton
,p- of the course upon which he has "". best disposition to make of
d he Intends to count noses and
as well a.s I can the purposes of
! e of the l-nlted States and ,
is my choice determines the I
n ! ' f Vi rnilrrli U.t In jpilinnnl'illll 1
t.s w ho also represent that !
1 ne no liberty In the matter. 1
s.vn bonds, my sacred honor la
t. .iid nothing more could be in- I
Tn. reture I shall not be actliiK !
rtl, ,n when I pick out proRres-i
' I ..nil- hr'ii.ra.lt'". 1 ali'ill tin
I .inly tiriiirresslves. J shall be
- - i representative of the people
. k' .it country."
. .-p ve .if the American people
.- .1, he s.iul. I to brine those
' In iontr.il of Its resources and
t'i n realization of the f.ict that
- iy in. lonuer maintain that con
' tb. Ir particular lieneflt, but
n irue their activities and their
. i the Unlit of n broader human-
1'ie -p rli of an unselllshness that
th Mii.irse and enrich the part
th. v ,;,v m (lie American scheme
' 'I n i slntie man or set of men
' e I i,1l'i i.f how well the purpose,
.- nenjile is b'eiiiK carried out.
- si lo be done In the open nnd
pf iple Is to determine whether
coort or erll, he snld.
a i-e be feels that this I' H
MnicKle thnt the President-elect
tlulit. be said. He asserted
T" i rful tendencies so far ns fight
' "ivn sake goes, and he said he
I . '-.r ihe contest without bltter
f'il that nme of those who are
' ' uniihle to get his liolnt of view
' 'i' tho end clasp his hand. He
! .1
tore it i n matter of supremo pleas-
' find in every direction ns I
f nun one croup of men to nnother
n. mils nnd men's eoni-eii'iiees
1 ' r imrposes nm yielding to thut
' ' 'i i-e that now moves the whole
i i in. I'tilted Stutes. I do not fore-
rums divisions of counsel In the
' ' purtv ns a natlonnl body On
' I, flue every evidence of solldnr
1 " ' eery evideiieo Unit men who
luilierto yielded their judgment
inent of the age nre now iihout
1 'I "ir judgment. I will not sny
ii iliey (lo not Beetti to be acting
million, tlmy are beginning to
' ' 'inlatuent to the loniliion judg
' ' ntlon.
" I tlnil In diseiissing iiiuwiimiH of
" ' nirsry lo (lis Impression which
i omn editorlHl rooms, thst In
' " men of business I hiii speaking
' I - vlilon Is swinging around
t'l' wftich Ihe nntloii hns inurked
' ' elf This nation Is'full of honor
l'o have been engaged III large
- .i wny In which they thought
i'l riiiitti-d to do so, both by their
mid I lie laws. Hut they have
1 ' t ies mi cliim to their lodgers,
1 i'iid their energies ho absolutely
i in ilin undertakings with which
' idhlduiilly iileutlfled, that
' " mi. until the nut ion spoke loud,
' i eies from their books and
I ii how llie tilings thny were
"oil ii'lnled in lliti fortunes of
"i. v nm beginning to see those
-' IP-, nnd as i hey sen thoso rela
nn v nm beginning lo feel the
1 1 1 or men hIio look iiwny from a
' 'a-k mid extend their eyes to tho
"t ihi ii h'tnc oulslilii I heir usual
"ml i heir Hiiliii, the great, bodies
iu imiIiI, along niili lie 'Hi, l.opA
' srlnieif on Fourth Page.
Jure that every man Is keeplnB , i is seheiliited for Januarv lu." tliromjhout I-.nKlnnil, anil when the ap-
h tin, pare the people have or-! 3 Few women In Xew York society are pea. came up to-day the curt was Und
Mm to set. i V: , M.rrtn,e of cadets ....Min. ,! to make a success in i densely crowded with spectators. Many The
refore." he continued. "In looklnc .... 1 . . .. 1 1,.,., n,n Mi.i llnrninan. who wus ' who attempted to enter were unable ; w
I to the responslblltlcs that I m "r. 1 "Hl "'i I, r i.rrl.,,,. Florence Jahr.iv to do so.
I'.ivsnme I fenl tlrst. Inst unit it 11 I oint. lie nail Is'i'll awnv tor two, ' ' ' ,. ' The lltlllleme included a number of sh
v that I nm actliiK In a ri'iire- . : . A .. '. .. . . . .. ,.,,.. i,, .,,..v..m. nts for . fashionable women. Williams's purii-'ofs
capacity. I am bidden to In-.: 1. V" 'nV.'n":" ,.i em,..,, Iter interest in Im. , mour. .'lorenc 'eymour. who was
llrnoUljM Man .Nlinol Her In Their
' M In litllfiiriilii.
HS KllAVrlMi-n .Inn 11 ll. .,..,1.1 f.,.1
win of the Auditor's ofllce to-night Mhot '
unit killed hi wife and then kllli d
himself. It Is supposed that Jealousy
wan the cause. Ills wife was Mlnn.i
Vnnbergen, and her ulster married
Frank II, Anderson, president of the
Hank of California, she married .l.nl
wln only two years ago. The wedding
whs u society event,
Donald .Tndwln Is the son of Or
lando II. Jntlwin. the head of it. H. .lad
wln & Sous, wholesale druggist of
Cortland! stteet. The family lives at
11! 6 dates avenue, Urooklyn.
It was said ut the .ludwln home last
night that they were nt u loss for an o
planatlon of the shooting, ns recent iei -lers
from California seemed to Indicate
that the young couple was very happy.
Donald J ml win was educated at n mili
tary academy In California, iind while
there met and became engaged to Mln
nln liergon, whose brother was at one
time an oillcer In the National Hank of
California In San Francisco.
After he left the ncndeiny he o-imo
Knst to go Into the drug business with
his two brothers. Palmer II. and Paul
Miss lierKcn's brother-in-law got work
for hhn last March with an oil com
pany of S.ut Francisco, and he went
back to California.
West Point Hend llcfiiM's to Ac.
cept F.liner K. AIler
Klnier K Adler. the West Point c.ulet
who left the Military Academy on Jan
uary 9 to ko to Tarrytown, where he
was matrled to Miss Florence K. Davis.
returned to the aeadeni yesterday and i
was Immediately placed under arrest '
and sent to his room lie was also i
stripped of bis rank ns serKeivut.
Adler reached the academy it few
hours nfter his letter of resignation
had been received from New York.
It was not accepted, however, as he Is
not of ane. and the consent of the
parents is neiessarv before a i.idct
Is permitted to reslmi
In the inean'lme he Is conllneil to his
loom when not uctuallj lu classes or In
chapel and Is not permitted to ko out
for cxercbe or recreation. He still takes
Mcr' ''nT "P" m."5' ," IM,r''''.
;'" ; " '
' A'ndMii- nntl ev dently rettirned with
.. ...... i . ..
. "y ' . " -
nuiii.. i.. ihii iiiiiu.-.imi.-u Ml' mill'
," " ,to ",,ffil10' Il,,n?p ,f h" '";lrt" "
vurcnta. and ko Into bit-lnp.- there
"B ,mn "or" " "' M"n
relefniiLrn Company Transmits Net
oral Words :i,KIO Ule. I
The Atlantic Communication Com
pany of !I0 West street announced yes-
wiu.i iii.il uii .-juiiu.vj. ix iiiuh mi- "in.-
less station or tne leietunhen company .L., of the effectiveness of the ussiwia
at Sayvllle. 1. I., hud Ihm-ii In communl- ,1(, uaH lu, t .r initiative. As a
cation with the wireless station nt , frlend of Mrs Woodrow Wilson, as well
Nuuen, Germany, a distance of between j
3,ri00 and 3, COO miles. They were of
the opinion fiat this was the longest 1
land and sea connection east nnd west.
on record.
The Telcfunken company, n wealthy
German corporation tnado tip of a com
bination of other German companies, Is
erecting nt Nation, which is u suburb
of lterlln. one of the most powerful stn
Hons ft will not be completed for sev
eral months, but it bad advanced fur
enough for the preliminary tests Sun
day evening. Chief nnglneer Viinder
wude, his operators and electrlclnnH ar
ranged by cable for certain code words
and tests for the evening, as It was
about tho most favorable time of tho
week. They went to tho Sayvlllo sta
tion ut 7 o'clock, which would lie. some
thing like I o'clock In Herlln. The time
hnd been nrranged bororchand by cable.
With threw or four men nt the receiv
ers nt the hour mentioned nil plainly
Kot the word "Nouchn" repeated a num
ber of times, after which ramn other
words. There were no messages.
It was said nt the ofllce of the At
lantic Communication Company yester
day that when tho station is completed
It Is expected that u commercial service
will bo established between the United
States nnd Germany, several hours
faster than any now in xl8tence.
Itrprparntatlve Defeat Mcfall In
I'anem for Crane's Place.
Boston, Jan. 13 Representative John
W. Weeks of Newton will succeed W.
Murray Crane uh the Junior United
HtateH Senator from Massachusetts.
Tho deadlock botween tho Weeks and
McCall forces among tho . Republican
memberH of tho Legislature was broken
lato this afternoon, when (.'apt. Weeks
received 97 votes to C7 for McCall on
the thirty-first ballot. This was three
moro thun were necessary to make tho
Newton man tho Republican nominee,
for Henator and the caucus, on motion
of Senator Allen, leader of tho McCall
forces, seconded by Representative
Sherburne, the Guild leader, proceeded
amid much much applauso to make
the nomination unanimous.
It will only rcqulro 110 votes to elect
nt th Joint session to-morrow. The
Republicans had Itil In their cnucus
when tho final ballot was taken.
code, iiIhu to nuppirfca tile piesenl
v&t$$XS&i I "Hnlln of the Frenchmen's . polltl
"d. i cal rights by unscrupulous politicians.
lliibniiil Suffers Itrvrrscs mid
l III. So She Will Open
Host ('lire.
will rsE rorxTiiv home
Society Woninti Who Hns Hepn
Civic Worker Announcps
I'lnns for Venture.
Mis .1 ISorden Harrlmaii has nn
lioiimed thut she Intends to tto Into
business und to Join the ranks of those
prominent New York society women
wlm rather than nccept uld from mem
bers of their families have Interested
themselves In money making enter
prises when overtaken by reverses.
The necessity which bus prompted
Mrs, llarrlmun to lake this step Is the
III health of her husband, one of the
partners of the firm of Uurrhnun &
Co., bankers and brokers, which Is
shortly to bring about his retirement
from active business
The ventuie upon which Mis. Harrl
maii Is to embark Is the conversion of
her handsome count! y home. I'plunds.
! near Mt. Kenslco, Into u rest cure re
sort, where under the supervision of n
resident physician tired out city people
miiv recuperate while enjoying outdoor
AM the details of her plan have not
yet been worked out, Mrs, llarrlman
told a representative of Tub Sun last
I night. She hopes, however, to base
j everything ready by January 1J, ut
which time the opening is to tuke place.
In addition to the resident physlrl.ni,
who will havo entire charge of the. t
tabllshtnent, there will he other doctors
, In town who are to act In an advisory
capacity and who will utilize the re
sort for their own patients. Mrs. Hnrrl
man herself will not. i-hi! says, oxer
i Iso more than a very Koncr.il super
vision. "I am Kolnp Into this buMnrss enter
prise." said Mrs. Hnrrlin.iu, who l
president of the Colony Club, last
ulpht. "because Mr. llarrlman has met
with some financial reverie and his
health Is Impaired so that he must re
tire from active business We have
decided to turn I'pland- Into a rest
cure place.
"1 am not yet ready to make public
all the details of mv pl.tn. for there is
much to be done In the way of eom
liletlnK the orguniKittnn. The name of
the doctor who will tuke charKe cannot
lie disclosed just now. A
a matter of i
fact I had hoped that the whole thltiKl
.nlifht In. kent secret mull 1 was ready
to announce the formal opening, which
proVlUK the HvillK conditions of the ,
. . .. . i . I
i::isi oe icti in r io inane ihidhc ice-
ivlHeh she pictured Kraphically i
.. . ....... ...... i
III iaMllllIliinie .lllllieill.c;i llii ine l.i.m
Side I ives" !
' m... t ..",..i.i. nf ni.in. vir
.-.u. ii'i.i. ..,.. .... .
i Association, a director of the Fanning-
dale Preventorium for Tuberculosis, n
leudiiiK spirit In tin- women's welfare
committee of the Civic Federation and
l active in many charities.
-he occupied a conspicuous held In
the recent Presidential campalKn ns tho
nresldent of the Women's. National Wll-
H.n and Marshall Oi g.inlnitlon. in whose
i.h.,if ..i,.. .,.,i rr..r.i...t ......... .I,.,
.nalf Mie iniide frequent ep
., l()Ut partisan, she will have a place
among the prominent women under the
Democratic Administration
I.ust fall Mrs. Harrlmuu hnd to go to
St. Luke's Hospltitl for u long time ns
a result of Injuries sustained in nn
automobile mishap some months prevl"
mis, In which she and William G. Mc
Adoo nariowiy escaped death, as they
returned from an Inspection of the
l'arnilngdale Preventorium. In spite of
this Mrs. llarrlmun did not abate her
labors ns head of the Women's Nil
lloiial Democratic Campaign Commltteo
or wlthdiaw" from any of her philan
thropic activities.
In olferlng to fashionable New Vork
ers nn up to djto and wull appointed
retiring place upon terms which will
Insure Its excluslveness Mrs. Harrlman
bids fair to eclipse tho daughter of tho
late lawyer, Charles Coudert, who Is
said to have made a fortune In cigar
ettes while she was the liurone.si IJren
nig beforo marrying recently W. M. D.
Dn Peyster. Mrs. Josefa Osborn, daugh
ter of William Nellson. who built up a
prosperous dressmaking business, was
another who becajne successful In busi
ness. J, ilordcn Harrlman Is the Stock Kx
change member of the Harrlman firm.
Tho date set for his retirement Is Feb
ruary 1. His brother, Oliver Hnrrlmnn,
a partner, said lust night that tho busi
ness would not bo affected by tho with
drawal, "My brother has not been very well
for a long time," ho said, "and ho feels
that ho doe8 not want to go along any
further. He will ?o away somewhere
for his health. There will bo no addi
tion to the firm In his place, and we will
of courso retain our seat on tha ex
change." Tho Harrltnans havo a town house at
3K Fast Forty-ninth Htroet, where they
live with their young daughter Ethel.
Victor .Vapolron Urgra Election Ac
cording to Napoleonic Code,
Special Coble Detimtch lo Tun Sun.
I'AniH, Jan. H. Tho French military
organ, L'l'.cho do Paris, publishes an
Interview with Prlnco Victor Napoleon,
tho pretender 'to the French throne.
1 Tho Prlnco Invites Krenchmun to
chungo their form of government and
to insist on the rlglil to elect a Presi
dent on I ho lines of the Napoleonic
I'naara Honor! Sin Ke (lorn tit l.nrda
Speeial Calilr hnpiteh lo Til 8i
I .uN i.o.N , Jan. 13. -The lilsb home
rule bill pussed the leport singe. In the
House of Commons by help of the
"KUlllotlne" nt midnight. The third
lending was lived for Wednesday. This
Is a two ilavs nrocess. and 111 accord
ance with the allotted time the bill!
should be ready to ko to the House of
Lords on Thursday nlKhl.
To-day's debate In the House was
mainly occupied with a discussion of
the possible happenings between enact
ing the law and the coming Into opera
tion. The (liivernnu'tit had attended to the
date of operation, making it Impos
sible for a meeting of the Irish Parlia
ment to he postponed more than n
year after the bill's passing, although,
us the Minister showed, a whole year
would not necessarily elapse.
The ptospect of wultlug a year with
a chance of the I'nlontsts coming Into
powilr In the meantime und repealing
the home rule law moved Tim llonly
to wrath, lie s.ild : "This twelvemonth
has been Invented for the purpose of
submitting the bill to a general election
und on the leslllt of this election the
Irish p.itty members are naiiilillni; their
"Ill a twelvemonth." he roiitluued,
"the Government may disappear throiiKh
a trap door ami the bill lu a puff of
In the course of his speech Mr. Heuly
Kot off one of his characteristic nulps.
"Uoth sides tell lies," he asserted. "If
one side were to tell the truth the other
would have n wreat udvuntUKC over the
members of the other,"
He then Insinuated thut the year de
lay was due to an arrangement between
the Government and the opposition. Mr.
Healy's ilnhteous unKcr, however, wua
wusted ns the Government's amendment
tlxliiK the operation date was curried by
a vote of to !)&.
Appenl of Williams. Who Killed
Policemnii, Itefuei
by Court.
-ffrml I itUe tiepntth lo Tur. m
l.iiNHo Jan. 13. The appeal of
Jiilin Williams from n sentence of death
was rejected to-dny Williams killed
a policeman nt nastbourne. and his
case subsequently nttracted Rrent In
terest owlns to his plea to marry his
mistress lu order to leKlthnlze their
child, since born. The plea wus dented
by the Secretary for Home Affairs
Since the murderer's plea to marry
hi" sweetheart was denied the case
attracted Increased Interest
l,r, M "' cxcnailKeil occasional smillllK
irhineei wlili litni l.nt alt,, nmli.li'
" ' i
w'lt,,,"-l "l"' -'udKe. followlns every ,
utinl villi, lot.K.. r.nvl..l- Wlmn I Iw.
appeal was i ejected she collapsed amid
a paroxysm of sobs.
lie: .in,. wir iii.u unveil nil in iiiei
House of Commons this afternoon when
h',l,1"rf AMor, cinntst M. P. f..t
i I'lvniouth, urKC.I Home Secretnry
I I tt.Lrttl.'ltll Mf.Ivonn.1 fit nvnltiln u'hv t
li..,. i.. ..i.i t..i.-..., ,,. ...r.ii .. h,. i,
refused to permit Williams to marry
his sweetheart so that their child could
liuve a legitimate birth. In reply Mr.
McKenna Justified himself on the
ground of precedent and the fact that
MoKonna Justllled himself on the
ine nun ri.igu woiiiu pronamy nave neon
prevented by Mr. Seymour, who was
the chief witness for tho prosecution
and who wns being called to testify ut
the heating of the appeal. More
over the marriage would havo Intro
duced into the case nn element likely
to excite strong expressions of senti
ment not bearing on the prisoner's
culpability, und therefore It was not
to the public Interest to allow the mar
rlaKo. Sir William P. liyles, a member of
the House, thereupon Interjected "a
brutal decision." but tho matter was
not carried any further.
I'ller l.rarra llnaton Willi llakrd
Henna for Jim York,
Huston, Jan. 13. Harry M. Jones
with his aeroplane parcel post started
for New York at L:1'J o'clock this after
noon nnd 45 minutes luter wus hovering
over Providence, which Is his first stop
plug place. Jones rose from the refec
tory ut Franklin Purk against a brisk
wind of ulKiut 11 miles nn hour. He
went up straight to a height of l.r.00
feet, and then pointing bis course duo
south, disappeared over the summit of
Great Uluo Hill.
Jones carried with hltn a parcel post
mall fiaolc containing nlnn packages of
Huston linked beans, one of which was
from Postmaster Manslleld to tho Post
master of Now York: a letter from Gov,
Foss to Gov. Pothler of Ithode Island,
and a letter from Mayor Fitzgerald to
the Mayor of Providence. Hn also car
ried n number of letters lo personal
friends In Providence.
PnoviUBNCE. Jan. 13. Aviator Jones
landed in Providence, the first stop of
his flight, shortly nfter 3 o'clock this
Ho alighted nt the Providence base
ball grounds In tho Klmwnod section.
He Intends to spend tho night hero and
to proceed to-morrow on tho remainder
of his Journey.
Mar Ro Mounted on Queen i:ilabph
Clan ut llatllcahlBt.
Special Cable Deipatch to Tni Bps,
London, Jan. 13. According; to tho
Evcntno liewt the Admiralty recently
perfected a 16.2S Inch gun. This may
be mounted on the Queen Elizabeth
class of battleships.
The Run, It Is stated, has a broad
nldc flro of 17,600 pound"
A pony fUu of ANGOSTURA 8 ITT Kit II
before mtU If a ipltndltl tonic AO.
Council So Itcsolvcs hut Plnn
Would Take Year anil
Cost 95,000.000.
Whitriiloe Promises to Send
Strike IJrenhers if Itestraiu
iii!r Ortliuniice Is (Quashed.
Yo.NKins, Jim 13 The Yonl.efs Colli
nion Council met to-nlKht and on
trlbuled toward seltllm,' the street car
strike, which Is costltiK the city bin
sums dally and handlcuppliiK every In
dustry, by passltiK n resolution to huve
the city puicliase the street cur sys
tem. As the. I.eKlslature would huve
first to pass an enabling net and the
city hold a special election mid expend
about jr,,O0O,000 decision In this matter
cannot be reached for a year at least.
A resolution Introduced by Alderman
John S. Davis to repeal the tlfteen day
ordinance which prevents the brltiKlni:
In of strike breakers wus tabled until
January 27 It was openly stated that
only two of Ihe ten Councllmen favor
the repeal.
Despite the failure of the Councilmeii
to do much of unythliiK thrre was a
moie optimistic feelltiK to-nlKht than
ut uny time since the strike beKun
thllteen days iiko. It Is believed that
the up-State Public Service Commission
anil Frederick W. WhltrldKe, president
of thii Third avenue and nllled lines,
hne come to uii understanding whereby
there may be n speed v colli t declsIo;i
on the ordinance which compels Mr.
WhltrldKH to shut down every street
cur and compel citizens to depend upon
the hnckmen nnd their own Iiks. The
plan suggested Is for the commission
to apply to the Supreme Court for n
j mandamus to sompcl Mr WhltrldKe to
stall up his cars. Mr. WhltrldKe will
, reply that he would do so were It not
for the ordinance which forbids htm to
employ a man who has not had fifteen
days tralnlnK on the Yonkers cam.
Then the commission will say It con
siders this ordinance. Invalid nnd it will
be up to the court to decide.
If the decision Is nKulnst the leKallty
of the ordinance strike breakers will bo
broiiKht In nt unco and lu sufficient
numbers to run the cars.
One scheme proposed to-day Is for the
Third ii von up line to continue Its cars
up throiiKh the Yonkers section under
u guard of mllltta and there seems little
doubt that If this Is done Yonkers will
herself fiuinK n series of strikes,
local Federated I'nlon of Labor,
hlch hns Indorsed the trolley men,
threatens to cull out all union men In all
ops nnd factories as a demonstration
Iluslness men, who ate loslmr lare
sum" 'i money uuuj , nun lesioeuis. no
are comoelled to use the street cars lo
: -- -- - --.
Ket to and from their labors, have about
COine III tie OOI1C USlOll t till t tie nil I'
, ., . ,, . .. .
hope of eudlnK the strike and their own
'troubles Is In action by the Public Scr-
vt C'lmmlxlnti ntul Me WlillH.le.. If
' ' " .r. .
nnthltiK comes of the present suKKostlon
many are ahead suKKcstlnK a demou-
stratloii such as wns made In Phlladel-
tibia some years iiko. when the citizens
j descended on the Common Council, some
" u" "coses meir ounon-
lmpH- A trnctlun problem wus Involved
,,"'n nnu ,n'' 1 "U,K" IooK no
caucus oemauneii.
Mr. Whltrldgo Indicated to-day that
he believes the courts would declare the
tlfteen day anti-strike breaker ordi
nance Invalid, when he addressed n let
ter to each of the 300 strikers, ottering
ouch his old Job buck nnd telling them
they would make n big mistake If they
do not accept. With each letter was a
blank to be returned to Leslie Suther
land, Ice-president and Keneral man
ager. Hy signing the blank the opera
tive pledges himself to roturu to work
"on condition or with the undei standing
that the company will gle me ull pos
sible protection."
Mr. WhltrldKe In the letter said "It
appears that the C.oernur has de
manded action which. 1 think, will re
sult lu declining the famous ordinance
Invalid. When that declaration Is made
It will be necessary for mc to resume
service on the road, and It you are un
willing to work for the company we'
must find somebody who will.
"This means what you call 'strike
breakers' and before wo arrive at that
point I deem It my duty to urge you to
return to work l think you are now
persuaded that 1 have no reason to bo
afraid of mui. On the other hand, I
have no false pride or false dignity nnd
therefore I beg you to return to work
for the sake of your city, for your own
sake and for the sake of your families."
Tho Whltrldge letter wns received
this evi nlng with smiles by the labor
"The ordinance will not be repealed,"
they declared. "If It Is and strike
breakert' are brought hero there will bo
a Keneral ftiike lu Yonkers which will
tie up every wheel of tho city. The
local labor unlona are all federated and
they have Indorsed this strike. Hack
of them are tho unionized employees of
nil other Westchester trolley roads, who
will go .out at once."
Mayor Lctinon had a visit to-day from
a commltteo from the Hoard of Kducu
lion, whose members told htm that If
the strike continued much longer tho
schools may havo to shut down. The
schools have been open for a half day
only each day since January I, and the
board has been at great expense to pro
vide transportation for tho teachers,
some of whom live at great distances.
Then rnme members of the Chamber
of Commerce, hosts of small merchants
who deelnred there would be bankruptcy
cases in plenty If the Intolernbln condi
tion was not soon ended. Heal estate
men who are getting ready for tho
spring rush and assorted citizens fol
lowed. The Mayor told all ho hoped the mat
ter would come out right.
Full of purl lv and ulrciuih-hmi expression of
tie In Antrdlluvlta. Luytlae broj., N. ,A4.
The niierittlllons liny Kind ililer
In Thin Iteenril.
WiisiiiNUTo?;, Jan, 13. Kx-.Iudce
Uobert W. Arcbbald, formerly of the i
t.'nlted States Commerce Court, may '
not be superstltltous, but he hns rea
son to dread tin- cabalistic number
13. It was on February 13 nenrly a
year iiko thut the formal complaint
was made lo President Tuft by Com
missioner Meyer of the Interstate Com
inerce Commission uK'ilnst the respond
ent. On July 13 a messuK" was re
ceived In the Semite from the House
s.iyliiR that the House hnd Impeached
JuiIko Archb.ild. There wete thirteen
articles of Impeachment In all and the
vote was taken on the 13th hour of
the 13th day of the month In the year
Iff in.
The respondent was found ft ull ty nn
the thirteenth Keneral article and the
sum of the numbers of the other sepa
rate unities on which he wus con
lcted, taken In their nunieilcal order,
totals thirteen.
lilrl nl London lloMiltnl firls Klmt
liiMtirniicr let HriirfltH.
vrinl I'nblf Pfpatch to Thi Sis
l.oNnoN, Jan, 13. -Monday, .January
13, 11113, was a Kood day to be born In
ICiiKlnnd, ns on mldnlKhl of January
1L'-13 the national Insurance net, as
far as the maternity und sick benetlts
are concerned, came Into operation. All
babies slniultaneosuly beKitn enrnliiK n
bounty of thirty shlllhiKs for their
mothers provided that one of their par
ents nail been pnyliiK the premium of
f un pence weekly for twenty-six weeks.
Th" Idea has catiKht the public
ImaKlnatloti. nnd many wealthy people
are kIvIiik silver cups, porlnRers,
spoons and money to the first babies
who vcre born to-day In different dis
tricts. Tho rare was won by a baby
Rlrl. One arrived nt the Queen Chnr
lotte Hospital at 12:01. The, father
wns a house painter named Gouldtng.
Suite of Mnr Iloomn Prepared for
l r Afler March 4.
Nkw Haven. Conn., Jan. 13. Tho
maniiKement of the. Hotel Tnit an
nounced to-nlKht that :i special suite
.'.u l.Ini- nut In readiness to bo occu
lted by President Taft and his family
i . .. . .. . . . .-..i.. it... ...
alter iney leave me one iiuujib u.
March 4 next.
The suite Is on the sixth floor and
consists of nine rooms, living room, din
In;; room, study and six bedrooms, and
Is to be cut on" front the main corridor
of the hotel by a partition.
The apartment faces on Chapel nnd
CoIleKe streets and there Is a view of
fifteen miles from the window of the
When tlnntoii l.rta Italian Noble
Land llr Sri. I'p Drink.
Hoston, Jan. 13. The Duke dl Mala
morte, n liedmontese noble, who says
he has come to America to visit the
Alfred Gwynne Vanderbllts "and rela
tives." was detained an hour to-day
after he nrrlved on the lied Star liner
The Duke had a badly swollen face.
and n special board of Inquiry had to
satisfy Itself that it was only a tooth
ache When he got a permit to land the
Duko went to the Manltou's bar nnd
dtnnk to the hcilth of his friends. Ho
says ho Is nlso the Count Carlo dl Mom
bcrcelll of Turin.
$125,000 HOME FOR GIRLS.
In r. Weekly It a lea for Wnrkrra
In Mra. Drvln'a Nrvr Ilrfaae.
Mrs. Susan Devln of L'20 West 103th
street, according tn the real estuto re
ports yesterday, has purchased a plot
on the north side of 12Uth street, be
tween Amsterdam avenue and Morning
side Drive, on which she will build a
home for working girls, Mrs. Dcvln
said last night thnt there was nothing
to be said about the matter now.
Plans prepared by Lawior & Hnase
will call for a five story building with
accommodations for 100 girls. The struc
ture will cost ubout $12fi,000. The plot
on which It will bu erected measures
7,1 by 100, nnd Is only a block east of Co
lumbia University- Mrs. Devln liought
tho land from John .1. Fallhee for $50,
000. Itntes for rooms In the new homo will
be from J3 to $5 a week. Mrs. Devln
gave $10,000 some time ngo to the work
ing git Is' homo in Fourteenth street.
lii.lnt 'I'll (i I .pnr Haven's Wage In
rreane Shall Ho It clroaell ve.
Nkw Haven, Jan. 13. Just ns tho
representatives of thn 2.R00 railway
clerks employed on tho New Haven
system and the officials of the road wero
about to sign to-night the new wage
agreement that has been entered Into
and all talk of strike luul disappeared
there came a hitch and things are still
Tho clerks' commltteo demanded that
the proposed agreement providing for
an increase oi pay snouiu un reiroactivo
and should go Into effect from the
date of tho commencement of the nego
tiations about a month ngo. Tho com
pany positively refused to agree to this
and Insisted that tho new wage rate
should become effective on January 11,
More conferences will follow, but it
Is not thought there will be a strike.
Studrnta' lloom Hobbrd While They
! Sapper I'artlra.
Nkw Havi:n, Jan. 13. While Yalo
men entertained their ITom guests last
night at supper parties In the restau
rants and' hotels snenk thieves entorod
their rooms and carried off Jewelry
worth over $1,000.
A. K. Gordon and M. h. Wallace,
who room In Durfee, O, W. Watterson.
who rooms on Wall streot, and J, V.
Alvnrd of Vanderbllt Hall reported
thnfts of Jewelry nnd clothing to th
city detectives this afternoon. Sva
other students reported thefts to Don
nelly, th" campus policeman.
Tho thieves got In by posing
Impeached Commerce Court
Judge Found Guilty by
the Senate.
Goes Home to Scranton For
ever Debarred From Hold
ing Federal Office.
('iiiiniiiinus Vote for Ronwal.
Imf Sonntors Divided in Rnl
lutiiifr on Clmrfrr.
Washington. Jan. 13. Unbolt W
Archbald of Scranton. Pa., Jiidse of
the t.'nlted States Circuit Court, de
tailed to service In thn L'nltcd State"
Commerce Court, to-day win found
guilty on five of tho thlttern ar:lel
of Impeachment charged against him
by the House of Representatives. Hj n
unanimous vote of the Senate tin"
Judge In his twenty-first year of ser
vice on tho bench was removed from
office and by a voto of 39 to 35 wa
"forever disqualified from holding anil
enjoying any office of trust, honor and
profit under the l.'nlted States."
It was the first time since 1862 that
the Senate has Impeached ft pubtli
official. Then Judgo West H. Hum
phreys of the United States District
Court for Tennesseo was removed be
cause he hnd Joined tho Confederate
army. The only other case in which
Impeachment proceedings were sus
tained by the Senate was in 1804, when
John Pickering, Judge of the United
States District Court for New Hamp
shire, was removed from office for con
duct unbecoming a member of thr
The conviction of Judge Archbald to
day was the first ever recorded by tin'
United States Senate In which a rca
defence had been made. There have
been, all told, only nine trials since thr
founding of the republic and Ave of
these nave been against Federal Judge,
Dased at (he Result,
The Judge whose official career cam
to such a tragic end to-day received
the news of his sentence in an ante
room of the Senate chamber. With hln.
were his wife and members of the fam
lly. Judge Archbald's friends had ex
pected the verdict and had tried to pre
pare him for the ordeal, but he had
refused to believe his case was lost
Ho t.ecmed dazed at tho result, but
bore up. maintaining that the puM'.i
was demanding a victim from the Jt.
dlclnry and that he had been saorlfl-c
When Judge Archliald left tho Capita
ho showed plnlnly evidences of kee
mental suffering. He was driven to h,
home In this city and he plans to Ie..
here to-morrow morning for Scranton
where he expects to spend the t
malnder of his days among the peopl"
who know him and who have stood loy
ally by him through the trial.
Tho sentence Imposed on JuiIko Arch
bald v.us contalifed In a resolution n'
fered by Senator O'Gorman of Nev
York, who was himself a meinlier
the bench beforo he enmo to Washing
ton. The resolution was in this form
"Ordered thnt the respondent be I
moved from the office that he nnv
holds and bo forever disqualified from
holding nnd enjoying any office o'
honor, trust or profit under the United
It Immediately liecame apparent tha'
there was a division of opinion In th
Sennte as to the advisability of Impos
ing the oNtreme penalty of dlFiiunllflci -tlon
In addition to removal. No ro!'
was called on the question of remora'
from office. The vote was viva vnc
and not a dissenting voire was rnlsd
On the question of Imposing tha -treme
penalty the voto was as fol
lows; Ayes- Ilepubllcans rinrnli, Dourne, Hrl
low, llrown, tinpp, Crawford, Cummin"
Dixon. (Ironnn, Kenyon, I,a Knlletle, raci
sm! I'oindexter Democrats Ashinm
riryan, Chamberlain, Clark (Ark, I, rulher
son, Fletcher, fiore. Hitchcock, Johnson.
Kern, Martin, Martlne, Nowlanda, O'Oot
man, Owen, Perkey, Pomerene, Reed.
Hhlvely. Simmon. Smith (Ariz.), Smith
(Mil.), Stone, Huanson, Tillman and Will
lams. Total, nn.
Noes Ilrpiibllcan: Brandegfe, Ilurn
ham, Burton, Catron, Clark (Wyo.l, Crane
Cullom, Curtis, du Pont. Oalllnger, ,Ione,
Uppltt, Lodge, MrCumber, McLean, Nel
son, Oliver, Penrose, Perkins, Richardson,
Hoot, Sanders, Smoot, Stephenson, Suther
land, Townsend, Warren, Wetmoro and
Works. Democrat; Bacon, llankhead,
Foster, Paynter, Smith (Cla, I and Thornton.
Total, 35.
Daeon Prononnre Kenlenee.
Following the voto by the Kenan
which resulted In Imposing the ex
treme penalty under tho Constitution,
Senator Uacon of Georgia, prcsldont pro
tern and presiding Judgo at the trial,
formally and solemnly pronounced the
following sentence:
"Upon the order Just passed the Sen
ate do order and decree and it is
hereby adjudged that the respondent,
Robert W. Archbald, Circuit Judgo of
the United StateH from the Third Ju
dicial Circuit, und designated to serve
In the Commerce Court, ho nnd ho Is
hereby removed from offlco and that
ho bo and Is hereby forever dlsqual-,
lfied to hold and enjoy any office of
honor, trust or profit under the United
' Judge Archbald himself was not
obliged to undergo the ordeal of facing
tho liar of the Senate when sentenca
was pronounced, but his son, who bud
orted as one of his father's counsrl,
sat through it all with bowed head and
white face.
Following the Imposition of tho bon-

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