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Fair and warmer to-day; warmer and cloud v
to-morrow; moderate south winds.
Dciilled weather report? wil! be found on pap,e 19.
ol.. LXXX. NO. 1157.
NEW YORK. WEDNESDAY. .lANTAliY lo, 191:. - "iiinplif, FUll, bi the Sun friittinn unit I'ubllshlvg Annrmtioii.
lo 15c Culled
I nk
ss Turks Aiiiec
lo Terms.
TO en iin.MK AT OXCK
Slill Held Out That
'e;itv Negotiations
Will Co On.
i i;i.m:t-- vkt to t
Ivinc IVnliinintl of Htil.-irin
lims to Alopt Army
i -ihU tfpntff to Tiii: Ms
!.nsTvv. .Ian. Tl bombshell
'w out liy tlu allies to-day by nn-
. .noinc that tliry were going luck
i icir respective countries nnd that
war would bp resumed, although It
,,r.od tto war clouds to lower mill--Ml"!e,
I not equivalent tn a rupture
i r the negotiations.
Not uiilv is thi' threat nf n rcsutup.
: on nf t ho war conditional on Turkey's
. -n-cntnplmni with tin- advice of tltc
'ewers, but at cording to well Informed
Irtts tin' note of the delegates of the
.!,.. to Sir Kdward Grey, tho Hrltlsh
foreign Secretary, la merely a rocom
nf mliitlim to their respective Govern
1'ictitji and It will have to be considered
1' thne Cabinets before It an be
i Tei'tlte.
This rather suggests the tall wagging
Vni.ther torFlon In that the delegates
. .utiug In obedience to orders from
i,..r Governments and have resolved
,i .i i-lan of action which they will
. j secret until the lust moment, ns
v .ne pledged to await the repre
- 'nations of the Amlmssadors at Con
.'.itititioplc to the I'orte.
His makes It look an If the Ambas--h...'1-s
bad advance knowledgu of the
.uiis of the allies nnd perhaps took a
and in suspending the negotiations.
" statement given out yesterday
.rnoon, though doubtless sanctioned
v the ilalkati delegates, was not a
!rrvt announcement nnd nothing of ill--fi
t consequence, has atided to the pre
ss knowledge of the early stutement.
H-. Ii.ineff. the leading Unitarian del
. . ii iiunted by the Daily Mutt ns
l" ate here to make peace, not war.
A'- t.mnot break off the negotiations
i lie Powers hae presented their
mil Turkey has had an opportunity
. .i. -uerlng it. The Hulgarlans. do not
. - in m il. We prefer actions to words
when the time comes we act with
uptness and decision. We have sur-
I the world once and shall give it
' . n greater surprise."
I i omiin ntator of the Unity Tric
rtnili.es the following to an tin -i-l
Italkan delegate:
We nre tired or walling vainly for
1 1 1 in v to tuiu up. If liurope would
,.!isMire enough on the Turks peine
'II be signed 111 II few llll.tS. Hilt the
i I the Pullers In miilked by hosl
i and their hi tlou is marred by
.-. '. s U e lire the sufferers thereby.
. ,i no propose to do Is to strengthen
hands of the Powi rs and add
W'isht lo their Intervention."
lo mi foresee a renewal of the
."' he was asked.
of intirse, If the Turks force us
i " was the leply.
V w liter further represents the
.:.!' s .is raying that an opportunity
1 1 r the matter might nilso
' li'eek Legation dinner to the
i -night and their Intention might
' iii.:i.-ii.
Inli Vi triKip!) comm -niaur Is
w- mutuant nvr the new move ot
it 'al.tng separate aitmn.' h s.iys,
i hate deliberately weakened their
' ,i.i, I occasioned delay. They have
. .id their prestige bj fotv.-tal.lu,;
Powers, embittering tli" Turks,
.long the Ttlple Allium c and pinr
', in el - i s In the position of well
1'iing amateurs, who to use the
i' i expression have pi 1 their
n ll.
"ii. suiice lias all thai was a-ueu j A f,.w. ,,nestlons from Assistant Dis.
'lent. Adrianoile and i t er thing ' t, ,.t Attorney Nott and general answers
w.iliii the victors will ultimately I fn,m th,. jutm-H that they saw no tea-
si iitnong the spoils of the war, sou that they should not try Jackson,
id hate fallen to them without a accused of getting J.'i.oou on promises to
i."f blow by an award of the deliver stock In a real eslate transac
Thev tier,, all aware of this, tlou, and the jury was ntvorn In.
their self-mastery falhd them,
.is soon as they became restless,
hi, Ihry received lrn ndly warn-
''.! Ambassadors advised, fxhorled
i adjured tluill to le.'lte well enough
Suasion followed argument and 1
"'lle at the sinister ciillSeiUenceH
'.' t.p they weie abuiil to lake
" " ii hinted tin-in as a ihienent.
'i ' they seemed to be contlnced or
.-'inlid and then they suddenly ran
- a tangent and dealt their cause a
nlng blow." i
1 ' liter nsci Ibe.s the delay III pre-'
the note of the i'owers nt Con-
' " i'le ti) the "deplorable ploced- '
"I Hie allies. I
' ilcdared in ileilln that tier
ami Austria ale cntlrel) opposed
"v foicible me-isiires,
i.v little news ionics from Coustau- 1
" Nothing Is known at tho trio-!
of cabling ns lo what decision
' I" "ii remind in regard to needling
" Hi illniid of the allies for the ces- I
"f Adrianoplo ami the ,Kgonn lsl- '
Turkish delegale.s here say they
noihiiig new. They are abstain'-'
" " 'ii diplomatic eiitertaliunenlH and
iiU'lid the lllnner of the Greeks
' t hunch tin ,t weie mi ited to'he .
Tncy also declined to attend !
".oitiHuoj on Third rape.
' President, senl t .,. j ,,. , )n ,., t (,,.,,
tll Old doll Itnel..
! Pit: in I!.., .1.111 1 I The il'lo t (.!-- of
lb" ' Ionian National li.mK lo-tl.it
; dieted W W. Ilainni; pte-nlent :
; n Mui-i h I.'. ;i ii, Ihimsev Went t" !
Hie Wesll lll Cetllll lltl.ll . u hi'l'n he I
jUI'Vell foufliell lliollll's fill hH II. Illle. -.tiiill
Wit!, Kt.if 111 I'llt-lnilg
i Ihitn.se.v was lite.Mileill of the (Senium
j N'ntlonal In 1:mi;i Him l.nil; was one nf
!Sieial blu tlnait' lal Instil lit mas that
sought eitv tlepiinUN when I 1 1' 1 1 1)1.1 II
j.ll.lllt I 'line f 1 i.ll i his .el! espo-ed III'
, lisiielateil with him m ti e rntt iiptlnn
of the funnel! l:iim-e was nmoni;
iiio.-e f.nigiu ite vim loumi gul'.lv on
I'ehrilliri 1H. I'lO'l, of !ioletltlMU w.'h
intent to bribe
The p.ndoii board i;,ilp a panlnti to
him on May 10 mil Shoitlv there
after lie became a vi e. pi evident of the
I Third Nntl11n.1l Hank
I Puller seineli fur Phleliui Wlm l-
mii I nrrleil l.nrue sum.
The poll, e of the 'et lOOtli street
station have been unilile to illnnver liny
fine lo the movements of Dr 1 1.1 v 1.1 I.
ltaiii h of 179 West Kighly-eighr h sticet
since he left his home about T o clock
the evening of January In. He n!.as
carried a large sum of money and .1 gold
watch worth several hundred dollars
The doctor had been considerably
overworked lately and hH brother, Mo.s
II. Itaiich, with whom In- lues, tuinks
that his mind may have ghen way.
He Is CI years old, about .'. feet f.
Inches tall, with brown hair, eves and
mustache He wears a small Imperial
and ut the time of his disappearance
wore a dark blue suit, with a black over
coat nnd derby hat lie I of medcitn
build and light complexion.
Orders Court
Locked ami (
From Fifty
llooin Ibiin"
hoiee .Millie
JtlStiie Huff estllbllsaeil .1 IHW lei.ird
for exiiedllion In the extraordinary
term of the I'rlmliiid Hraiuh of the
Supreme Court yesterd.iv when he or
dered the doors of his court roam locked
and Instructed a protesting defence to
lioue a J it . from Hi- tlftv iiliZ"iic
present As a result a Jir'V was found
In five niinuti s
A Jurv .specially selected had Jist flleil
In at ;he opening of the aficrnoon ses
sion with a verdict of guilty ag.ilnst a
briber. Kdgnr H. Jackson, former head
of the Jackson Uros ite.iity Company,
was readv to he tried f..r arand Inr
ceni. Janus v. Osnitn,., nttorm-v for
Jn.ksoti. had hurried Into court
"I Jum arrtveil," exclaimed Mr o.
borne " am crv tir.-d and didn't
know that the rase was on trial I was
up late last night and am In no condi
tion for selecting a Jury. I -.liould like
to put my objections to proceeding in
the form of an allldavlt "
"Now, Mr. Osborne," sild Jistlee
(iofT. "I don't think you want to make
any allldavlt until yoi have recovered
from vnur labors of jesterday and last
"Hut. .mr Honor I itndrM,inl th.i!
the Juiy panel has IP,.n exc,,.,,,! unln
to-morrow." Insisted .Mi. iis.,,tne
"We hnve twenty-four Jurois from
fiener.il Sessions here.' went on the
Justice, "and there irte twelve good men
in the jury box-, while I ,s,... sweial
i-itb.ens In the court loom i iitk-er."
turning to the court attendant, "luck
the door. .Vow. Mr. Osborne. I think
you have nearly fifty citizens fiom
which to choose a Jury."
"It Is impossible." interposed the at
torney. "To tell the truth. I only capie
into the case last night and have had
no time to read the Indictment or to
confer with my client. If your lionor
would be satlslled I would gladly con
sent to the Impanelling or a single
Juror If I were assured that we would
then adjourn until to-morrow"
"Look around the court and pick
out Volir mall." suggested Justin, Cuff
I Ml- OKlu.i-n,. til, .If, ! ..ill l-le irl, .u 11
Harkiiess, foreman of the Jury that hud
Just come In
"He looks j.Ue j good man to me,"
said Mr. Osborne. Indicating Mi Hark
iiess "Well, If he looks good ti
the mallei with the otlu t '
you, what's
Justice Oolf.
I "Why, sure," Mr. o-butiie replied, "'u
I lake them all."
, "Theie's more time wasted In these
, courts In selecting Juries than in any
.other way," concluded Jusllco Goll' as
j he adjourned court hntll this niotnlng.
ollllllcc red scrt Ices nil Train litnl
lli-eonieM llleli Man's llrlile.
PlTTs-Kll-.l.li, Mass . Jan. II - Miss Maij
Keimeily, daughter of .Mr. and Mis.
Michael Kennedy of Lre. Mass., started
last month for California to practise
her profession as a trained muse.
A woman passenger was taken III
and Miss Kennedy volunteer! d lu r ser
t Ices.
The sick woman was the mother of
Francis Praliie, a wealthy ranchman
of Merced City, Cal. Miss Ken
nedy gate attendance to Mis. Prnlitc
for seiiral nights ami Mr. Prairie also
watched hy his mother. When Califor
nia was reached .Mrs (Tallin was re
i overlni; and Mr. Prairie had proposed
marriage to Miss Kennedy, They weie
married on January In Merce'd citv
and aro returning eastward on their
wedding Journey.
llu- Itriiiillitlnn if Krerfiuil I rtrin SHii.,mr '
inn. caused iimiis Imitations Kimnliie tin-1 i7i
lifriu.it he mire son tti ihi-OIIM l.xi: the tinei ,
.lir '
K iili'Mci1
Now tiiiulil
I'l'iMiiiiinit iii
'I: A N'T cr.T Til SUM"
,,.. I
OiitMiMi'il In histi'ifi
nt'.'.'s Men Who Take K-llo-li'i
KoopiM' lo Ti'stif.
I Us'.
.last,... li.ff, (Hand .1.11 v..fd !,,,!. VmioliormM,rVblglnmei WtniiiNiitiiN. .inn 1-1 -TI,.. Indlia
teiday 'o inilli I IVitrolniati liiigene l'os, ; jlr( ,, ,lV mi mbers .if aii parlies. t.ons now ale that William Rockefeller
who was licensed bv ieofjte A ,-!pp, the liullcati'itis are the nlfnii' will be 1 eld 1 will not appear In Washington as a wit
Harlem hotel pri.iiii. to! w.'.o testified t "''"ill ''" bruan I.".. Senator John Sharp 1 ness belore the 1'u.lo committee and il
licfuio the I'.irr.in cmntnltiee tli.i
had collected gralt. The Jury 1? expected
to take Dual action to-day.
The names of two p.i'he .initial
whose rani; s much higher than that
of I 'ox were brought Into the tenlmoiix
ghoil before the Jury liy Slpp anil ins
son, .1. Howard further witnesses' will
be ipii stlniied bv the i Irani! Jurv next
.Mondav. Slpp has ghen the luilld of
prisons who ma., tell something of
value in the case, and the uty has
i ailed witnesses who may throw light
oil the leiellt charges against Slpp
The mtiiest ot the jurv lentres n.
th iiuesilon of w.iether or not thete i
ground loi a o ispiracy cnarge againsi
the olllii.ils named by Slpp 111 cotitiec-
tn.ti with the iiceusatJniis against him
in. pii.i.nesieii iigui netween tile Uls- nrllvll, , i.nc,m f i-aphael's master
trict Attorney's men and men ot the ,,,,.,. ,.i . m,.,!,,,,.,.. i.m., ,.,..,.
I'ollco iJepartment began when Slpp i
onin uepai imeru ncgati w nen Mil'P
ain"u i in- i i imiiiai i out is tiuiiiung i
at i: 30 o'clock,
i'i ss hud passed
.br.se on their
delphl.l Assl..'
With his son the wit-
a night ot two In New
wav tiai '.; fiom i'lill.i
ant District Attortu-y
(iroehl nnd simmiiI other
men were
looking out for them
A line of ilelectie was w tiling
whin the automobile dtove up, hut n
Hying wedge of the prosecutor's men
i.irrled the witnisses past this obstruc
tion and through a .shoiter of white
papir, winch might have been sub
pu'im Inside the building there was
very nearly a free tlsh' A few hats
went uif and the air was tilled with
The District Attorneys men pushed
and pulled their w ltuesse- toward the
elevator and shoved them inside. Just
then reserves at rived but the elevator
was on Its way upward. All the police
r. rt es could do was to clear out the po
licemen who h .d iron tied the ftround
Hour of the building. One suhpo'tia
wh'ch was thrust al Sipp as the elevator
door closed, was pit ked up and carried
off as a souvenir.
There was another mtv w hen the ele
vator got upstairs A subpu'tta server
got near enough to Slpp'; m.i ih poke
,i Mibpn-n.i part tt.it Into his coat, but
the pap. I, .ii it was said, lluttered to
the Hour. When the alfray was otet
D.ieciltes Jn!.u J. Tail and Conway re
ported to Commissioner Dougherty that
the siilipienas had been served. The
DlMrht Attorney's nun teported that
Vo far .is '.hot- knelt- thete had been no
sen Ice
The police 1 1 i.ll ot Fox h.L' been ad
journed to Friday of this week. If th.
I'oiice Commissioner takes the giunnd
that set t Ice was had .teslefday and If
I Slpp and his son do not appear at
Police Headiiuartiis on Friday It s
probable that au application will he
made to the Supienie Court for an or
der directing that the.t appear. Dis
obedience of such an order may bring
lirospectlte wltn.ssis Into contemnt. 1
Hut the belief is Hint If an indict
ment U leturned against l'ov to-day
It will put an end to his ttlal before
wepiu v i oui iiii.s.ii itier wa s I for t he
"ine being
Tin- District Attorney has heard that
I the .illldavlts and testimony on which
I Slpp was an.-sted In Atlantic City were
J obtained without the knowledge of
1 1 '"tuinl-slnner Waloo ,,r of otliers at
j Heailill.irti ls. The ol.l.TS to get the
' aliiilat Its are alleged t.. hate com., from
I another of the deparnuent with-
lout conference lih the Commissioner
per-ons friendly to Slpp hate said there
was no Intention to use the nltlilatdts
against Slpp, but that the charges were
't.. be held our his head In case he
i.iiiie.i in. stor.t .iiiout ceii.iin
' olllclals to the (irainl Jiit-i.
I II Is said that Inspector Si hiiilllliet -I
get- heard of th,. .iin,,,WI a, ,,) thu
, Coiiimissiiiuei Wheri-iijion various d-.
Iteitltes were oidi-r.-d to I leailiiuai let s
I with then- allld.it lis ,s tesnit the
matter was il, lie, I before i'It,.f Magls-
Irate .McAd'io nnd a tt an ant was issued
.for Slpp. it is reported tii.u tho.,. who
cau-ed Hie .-illlii.it us to be obtained did
not know of tin- new tin it in affairs
( until Ship was iiriestnl iii,- Grand
I Jury has taken up these rumors to learn 1
whether of not the deteiilte work pre-'
oiling tin- charges on which Slpp tvas
arrested was ordered In the heads of
i the department or not.
Ipp has said that he got $7U0 the
oilier day and that In. uiiileistandlng
was that he should keep the inonev and
istat away limn the Sinie. He added
th it he
understood .fl.ooo had been paid
to a man lor tills niiriiose and thai the
ialter had letained HO'l. II., Ill I'idward
I New. II. counsel for hu, j,K'nb
Itonss, counsel for Fox. said last night
thit tile story was ridiculous
Aflif conslili ling the Slpp testl
mnii v for a few minium this afternoon
the jury will bo engaged with other mat
ins until next Monday. At that time
the Witnesses named hy Hipp will he
c . i I Ii I.
Luii.s J Giant and Jacob Itoiiss, Fox's
1 1 1 n 1 1 .-1 1 , said that he has told tlieiu the
charges against him weie iai.se nnd thai I
there was no possibility Unit he would
till II State's evidence.
ul sum i iiiiii win
Spring, N s,,
lit-ntll f utile llrliivli tn TlIF St'X
I'AWH, .Ian. J 1. The 7Vwi;ii curie
spondeut at St. Petctsbiirg says the
Catina Is expecting a visit of I he stotk
In the spring.
She is Hie mother of four gjN mj
iP Czarevitch, who has been ill foe
"' '""'noil, mil uas in ( ll for
some time. He is the youngest of her
war, born In 1004. Tho eldest
Blrl Is IS yearn ot ago.
Monster t'nreuell lllnner rrnimeil
lur I'lirmer eler.
Vy.iiMiTo-. .1,111. II I'm le Joe
1 '.him, ,11 iiittner Speaker of the llon.'i.
w'l; ! 'he g'les: of honor at a moii.i '.
i intu i'i oe i:h en in 1 in miry lr. lb -
piio n.'ii anil IV'iiioctntii m.'iiibets . '
I 1. Iillll 'ti e if !VenlV. liHpoSld lit .1 j
Iv . '.i '!! and i .Mi lie, mill. i ,111 . we
e.i to-. lay lo nuke 1 1 1 aif.inje
ilrpr. :n i in .lput cy of M." .
Ppi. a Oenioua:, w namiil chair-
Iillll'. Mrpli'seiil.iilve Mooie of IVtinsyl-1
arua n i:epiiii!i"in ice-chaltiiian ,
CepieSi tliatiM' Copley of Illlliois. He-
I pnuiican. serretat v. anu Kepresemati v
'ivlnkeao of New Jersey. Demoirnt
i 'feanu er Alt I'oplry H the on!', '.n
"ui lien' Mlm-i Heine app'ai'. m the
' . , T . .. "
I'i ni'iiiPiv imu i ii n it i u lit1 I fr
Miiunu'li'l "in f I fa l.i miii! II id
ileii iii London Hotel
Is Itppoi'l.
s-r ,.i I ,i'i'f til f patch tn Till M
Ijistuiv .l.ni l.Y 'tin. .liimlmit
nm, g dlsplav of the .story of thel,u"1 '"' ,l,Ul'n 1,1 u' rlllM'
,. i,i,.i, u .it.,,.. .,f,,.,. .. ,.r
w lilch. it ileiiat.
ippeaiance imii
discovered in the
chapel ot an Italian nobleman and after,
having Is en smuggled out of Italy was
lilouglit here b stlalegj
Accoiillng to the .siuiiiiinf t story
covered wagon arrived at the
Cecil .arly Monday morning Two
police detectives watched half a dozen
men carefull) temove trom the wagon
a huge packing case under the agitated
superintendence of a foielgn gentleman
and iarr it Into the hotel. i'hl3 i-oti-talned
the picture, which had been In
sured the pievloiis tla.v for a huge sum
A well Known arust presently arrived
on the si ene to diten the unpacking
and the masterpleci Is now hanging In a
specially resorted loom at the Cecil
It is guarded by detectives night and Ja I
while awaiting removal to a sultaMe
place for exhibition.
Seteral prominent commissions have
Inspected the plctuie ami nccoiding to
the stnmliiril itocumentary etidence a
to i's authenticity will be published in
London shortly. It has been suppos"d
for a icntury that the plcicre has been
in the I 'rndo Museum at Madrid, but
the painting in the Spanish .Museum Is
a copy. It Is deter, but lacks Kaphael's
supreme Couches. The Ntnndartt promises
to print a story of the smuggling of the
picture shortly
lleslaiirniit Pntron Uumtiire
i lllae llenentll Them,
Patrons in Colalzzl's restaurant at .17
I West Twenty-fourth street last night
were unaware that tliere was a lire m
the cellar iH-neatli them and they ate
until the arrival of the I-iie Depart
ment, iviich reached the testaurant ,
! after the blaze had been extinguished ,
i In some way a barrel of bread situ- t
' ated too near the furnace caught fire
land when discovered by some of the
lemplo.tees was blazing briskly Word
was sent to the proprietor, who ordered
the orchestra to play louder and the '
snigels to put more heart Into their
singing In the meantime employees i
I t .i u. ,. i.w.n,. .i,.,,i..
I,.,,, .:.,. ,1(,u..,M r .'i.tt;,,. ',
one turned in a lire alarm anu wiicu
the men froin the department entered
the restaurant they were met by Slgnor
Colaiz.i. who smiled and bowed and said
that theie had been a lire but It was
nil out now.
Two Ivllleil h Four Poiler Mills'
lllim I i nt llnnlt Hie.
llxi-it.t.ii. Conn
worst of a series
Ian 1 1 - tt v too
; lls-isii-oos evoln.
-Ions in the mills of the du Pont
Powder Company, at llazardvllle, this
afternoon two employees tvere hlniu lo
litmus. Finn big powder nulls w..e de-
sitoyed anu a raging tire slaiied, Willi h
Miilcklv spread to the adjoining wood
ami then to llazaidtillc. The tlllngi
was paiiially wiped out. Windows were
broken in llaiit'oid, twenty miles ills -
The ixpii.sioii mi lined in a section
where moie than loo small mills are
located .Mailt- people were Injured and
thousand, of dollars of damage done.
The (lend men are Charles lllundrn and
Jacob .Stotkci.
Thete wete four distinct explosions.
When the llir.l mill blew up windows
In houses half a mile iiway tvere shnt
, tered ami buildings rocked on their
' foundations. The lire spread from one
to another and In quick succession and
the other three explosions followed.
Prai tlcally every building In the til
lage sulTereil. All the Inrge windows in
the churches crashed with the Hrst ex
plosion. The buildings blown to pieces tvere a
press mill nnd three wheel mills.
The most seriously Injured were libiic
and Joseph Trtnleiiu, brothers.
Thrift Nen lloullinders lleiniiiid Per
ii pi I ii I'm in llrervr l-'unil.
Wasiiinuton, .Inn. 1 1. A New Kng
laud newspaper, which published an
Item on Sunday that the sum of 131,71!
Is now lucked away In the Treasury De
partment vaults for each man, woman
nnd child, tho per capita division of tho
tcserve sum now held here, was re
sponsible for u deluge of fiOO letters
received to-day by Director of tho Mint
The writers linked thnt Huberts 'send
them their $34.72 forthwith. One tnniv
even specified thnt his amount nhoulit
be sent In one dollar hills and pennies.
water for ladle and children, .lilt.
Or.il l'ciai'l til' l!.iiuiii.ilinii
Shows' rimiiii'irp I'll fit
for Ortlcnl.
('oiniiiittcc Wiints tti llcni' I'roiii
Spi't'iMin-y of tlip I.hIp
II. II. Ko-crs.'
Is altogether likely that he will not be
risked to make a deposition to a sub
committee. 111. I'haiiid W Klchard
son. who examined .M t lloi kefeller in
l''li.ridn a da or two ago ns the rcpto
selitatlM' of th" committee, has made
a veibal report It Is understood that
Ml Itockefeller is physically unable to
i comply with the wishes of the cctn-
The written repot I of lb Itlchatdson
will be in the hands of the committee
to-tnoiiow Formal notlie doubtless
will be given then that as medical evi
dence tends to suppott representations
made In behalf of Mr. Itookefeller that
I he Is unable to testify no further ac-
olllclals here say the committee lie.
betes It .would really gel mote light on
I he copper deal It ll had nil oppor
tunity to Interrogate .Miss Harilson and
M.ss Watson under oath. Subpieuas
have been Issued for Catherine Har
rison, who occupied a contlilential posi
tion In the ollice of the late II II.
. I. 1 I lln....l. ., I,.. lt' u ...(.
H...l 1 H ' . .lie. .nine ....-".., ..,-. v.,,
oiei i , , , , t...f,.n.... I.,,.
IIHiy.-U IIV H lllljllll 1,'ILM H III I , "ll.
I both ale in lilirope, II is belleted HoW-
ver. Samuel I'nterniyer has employed
idetertlt es to ascertain positltely.
Th. work of the House deputies In
' the search for Mr Itockot'oMer In New
I York was attended by so much pub
I lie Hy that It was deemed advisable to
- i m plot private detectives lo Unit out
about Miss ll.irrisjn and Mls Watson.
The subpieiia for Miss Harrison was)
tissued last June, when the It.nkefeiler
summons was authorized. The otllii.ua1
are Inclined to the belief that the two
j women Intend to keep out "f the conn-j
j trj until the money trust lommltteej
i mis passed out of exlstenci. i
Miss Harrison and Miss Watson no-1
cording to members of the committer,
ale familiar with tile terms of the big
i upper deal In which Messrs. Koger.s
and Rockefeller are supposed to havii
'nude millions, it was this particular!
transaction that the committee wanted I
Mr. Itockefeller to discuss
1 lloii'v oltlc. rs bun raised a iiiestton i
as to the authority of any one con-1
, nected with the money trust committee 1
! 'o serve subpo'tias except through the1
I ..Hire of the sergeant at arms. There is i
I no record in the ollice of the .ergeant
, arms that stibpicnns have been Is
; sued for the Misses Harrison and Wat-
son. House olllcers pointed out to-day
, that under the rules siilipienas must
i be serted by the sergeant at arms or
' some one acting by his authority.
The Kocki feller case will come up
for discussion before the I'ujo cominlt
' tee to-morrow. Dr Khhardson will he
' placed on the stand and iiuestloned pub-
, lldy relative to .Mr. Itockefeller' s state
or health
The I'ujo committee will resume tak
ing testimony to-morrow. Henry I'.,
Davison and Thus, W. Lnmnni of J. p. I
'.Morgan & Co probably will br the wit
, Will It emu In iiirre Seternl llna
1 nf..r -...,.i.. v.. ..
! "
. " ,;-T ''M I!f.', Fla . Jan 14
I " HHani Itockefeller. accomiianied bv
his wife and son. William G. Itockefeller.
is snipping at rami lieach. having nr.
riven nisi night fiom .Miami None .,r
Hie party legistercd.
Mr. and Mrs. Hockefeller were up
' "rly this morning and spent the day
eleili- .-i.ll,,.. .... .. . '
H-.-UIIK .ur itoi-Kc-
f"ll,,r NJS '"' 'M'Cts to leinaln here
several days iK'fote going north. He le.
.fuses to discuss the Pujo committee
1 - .
Ulliosl I i-rmlii Iteantl Woulil lie In
tlnl.e l Oenioei'.-illi-.,
; Wtsin.xiiTox-, Jan
1 1 Two additional
.iustices or the I nited States Supreme
j 'otirt ate aitthoiized in a bill offered
In the Senate to-day by Senator Goto
'of Oklahoma.
This would raise the membership of
i the coiut to eleven. The Democrats
'now have three members, the Chief
lusllce ami Associate Justices l.urton
. and l.ainai'.
Senator Goie was at Trenton .-ecently
to see the I'll slilent-elect. He Is one
of Hie Wilson leaders In the Senate.
One very probable result of the passage
of Senator Gore's bill would be to make
,tho Siipienie Court, which Is now l!o
publican ii lo II. a Democratic I oily, for
it Is almost cetialii that ut least one
vacancy will occur In the' next admin
istration. Justice lloljues now eligible
to retire, nnd others will be eligible. In.
chiding McKcnna and Da, befotc au
1 other four i ears.
I'hllnilelphlii Plans In lilte I II) iik"
i'wii WeeUs II ml.
I'liit.APKi.i'iitA, Jan. II. Kvery horse
in the employ of the city Is to have
n two weeks vacation this summer at
the expense of tho board of managers
of tho Ityorif intlrmary for Dumb Anl
tnnls. It will cost ll.noo to give the ; the Imy unaided and slowly made her self and Mr. Murphy might Just ns well
800 police and lire horses, this rest. Tho ( way Into the harbor hero at midnight. , come now as nt any other tlmn fur
board has appropriated Ihe money and ' A shift of the wind helped her consld- pished the Tammany men with oppor
appointed a committee to take tho do-1 erabl.t , but there was also some smart tunltlca for many observations on tha
tails of working out of u syslem j seamanship, outcome, and for that reason they
whereby the horses can be spared from . hoped Gov. Sulzer would continue his
their work. .,, , . ,.,,.,,.. efforts to. replace Col. Scott with
Tho society lias llgiired that the
has figured that
horncs nre entitled to a vacation Just
an much na tho policemen and firemen,
I lit rinluees llelieiiler of Prmlsloii
em pi I lie, iiierlinii shipping.
W.i.invi i,, Jan. l - Seiiatot Itoot
ut New Voil, to-day Introduced mi
nmendnnni lepeahtu' i'ie 'roe mill pto
Mslim in the I'anat'ia t'an.il net
''"nntor llooi's aineiidinetit . e.
pected to ipopen the entire (p.estlon of
T'e I'.iii.ima toll. now in conttoversv
with 'lieat lliita.n Senator liuot trotu
'I'." bi'Uilllilllg h,i opposed the exemp
tion of Amerlian shipping from tolls
Mr. Hoot save notlie that he will
speak In fnvof ir his amendment on
Janiiiiiy .1
Many members or the Senate have
said recently that they would vote I'm
a repeal of the free tolls piovislon
rather than submit the contfovi rs to
Mil II
n in. t.
He I p lil'ltnil lllll ll.i
Is Wllliiiul .iinils,
i f'ul ' nb t iHnJmlri, la Tin- S;
I.oMiiiN. .1,111 il A lill.ll tllatllllge
li'oniaii'e is I n ! I in oro. i dings opened
j ill the I : i ii in i it r t'oiitt li.-il.i against
Vomit I b i ii, an uMheim
i . This i.bscure title cmeis the nli ntlly
i of tin fotuier heir to the gi.iud diich.i
I of Saxe. Weimar, who In l!'T.i 1 einiiim ed
I hl. light to tli relelllies mid I'etii'.es
tlnteef ill order to m.iri Winida Lot-
. to. one of the Maxim girl" In "Th
I Merry Widow" prodtn Hon In lialy'n In
' London.
i He go iu ill. iw, line of $n.iinn from
hls royal Mends and managed lo get
'.along. His wile sued him fot dlvoiie
Mil l-'iance hi I ! 1 1 and got a dissolution
i d.'ii ee other lawsuits In lincland and
, Ueiiniim
ilmte tin Count Into Un
hands of a London unit or who to-day
j Ill' d
petition ngalnsi him
I'tiiitlim of ilt'ilcr oneliers llcwutls
in s(.ti.mi.in or Ills suit,
.Nntti'oitT. It I. Jan II. Suit
brought agaui't Mrs. o. II p. llelmoiu
i by P :'. liarri tlsiin, a Newport grocer.
Incoltlng a bill of goods alii ged bv the
'plaintiff to hate been purchased by
1 Mrs. Helmont last .summei, was .in
I liounceil as settled when the case was
called lor ttlal In the disinct court here
I to-day. The teasoti was the finding ot
i order vouchers, the al.cnee ot which
had caiiM'd Iter t i dispute the charge.
The case was settled for $1X4
Conferees ill
elite I pint
Wnr tl.-imrliiienl lle
llillneilllltr elloii.
Jan II The confer-
euces w iiu o hat e l
n liehl al the War
Department bt Si ci clary Sllmson and
the genet. il olllcers of the army ended
this afternoon. The (ieiicrals will re
turn to their commands.
Sectetarj Stlmson said tn-nlglit that
the meetings were the Hrst In which of.
Ilvis not .stationetl at the War Depart
ment Iii.Vi been consulted about pro
posed changes In armv organization
and administration.
The deiisluti of the oHiiers was prac
tically unanimous that there should he
a reorganization on a taitlcal basis as
soon as possible.
Secretary Stlmson said he would pro
ceed with the reorganization, though
'.e has not yet decided to what extent
It w 111 be carried.
Pcrtitinn I .mien llimii III llnrr
Is I ul njiirril,
ltHll 1 ilhtt llflltrh tn Till 5i s
ItiatM:. Jan. U. llleloiivticle, tin
Permian in tutor, started from itrigia
to-day In bis attempt to cross the Alps
In Imitation of Chavez's feat
Dotnodossola to I'rlgue.
lie ascended M0 teet, but was ioiii
pelled to come down III a hurry. The
atlator was uninjured, but the repairs
to the machine will require several
i days
I -
;i,-,,ooo Posiiiinsiers tin on I InsslUed ;
1, 1st Willi Deiiiueri.lle Mil.
W.tsiilNc.To.x. Jan II lit a vote of
1 Pi to 101 the House to-day indorsed
the e.xeiutive order issued by President
Tint on o.'toDer i.i. rai.-, pulling iiuo
the liassltled service 3."..on(i fourth class
m.iirt nun- uir years
postmasters 'been the warmest political and social
To-day's action .reversed the t ote of , frii nils Theteiure the Tainm.ni.v men
'yesterday when the House adopted mi1 wauled to know how Mr. Hearst will
amendment annulling and setting aside mho Gov Sulzcr'.i fii-ndllnes.t to Mi
that order of H'P.'. as well ns one Issued 1 osborne and Mr Osborne's friends anil
siepteiniier ..i. lai. i.issu ying assistant
postmasters in Hrst and second class
post otllccs
' Democratic loaders sa that I Ik- vote
to-da.t prcohiili'S limber effort to annul
the executive oiilcis classifying post,
masters and tlnii assistants.
Thirty-nine Democrats voted to sus
tain the I'lesidetit's order
The siiuttileii Itnnue Iiiiim inn
tlonllis I'roKNlnu lliiiille,
sim it t'nhte lrt)xtrh In Tilt: Si i
iji iiii.xsTow.x, Jan. I I The trouble of
I the iiutortiiiiate lliiilsh steamship
I Suowdeu I'ange, which left Philadelphia
on Not ember "Ii for l.eltli and has been
battel cd about ever since, are not yet
( over. She was In tow of two tugs nnd
escorted by tile steamship Welshman
off Haunt's Illicit this al'tcruoon. The
progress of the fleet was slow owing to down from Albany there Is little or
the prcvulcncii of n fierce gale. I no chance for insurnency in the State
Late tills evening the Suowden i Senate, and Mr. .Murphy and Ills friends
linage, when two tulles lo Hie northeast ' can for tho next two ycara conttol th
of Daiiut'a Hock, put out her amiiorH necessary twenty-six votes to conllrm
In eighteen fathoms of water and the 1 or reject Gov. Sulzer's nomination,
other vessels came on and entered the ' Gov. Sttlzer could irukn a recess ap.
, harbor here I polntmeftt. but this nomination would
Shortly after Hie tugs and Hie escort ' come before the Senate next winter
left her the Snotvilen Knnge parted her Hut tho tuft that Gov. Sulzer In
i cables, but did not go ashore. formed Senutor Murtaugh yesterday
She managed to work her way out of i that the trial of strength between him-
mvi'toxa. iiltMDMi. Si' M'lii'.viiM:. over ;
t limns iiuli-ia-M m Mintni ami iMtiumi i lurMa
spiUI '
Covernor Tells Senator
Mnrtangh the Tosi .May
As Weil Come Now.
Tammany i.eiuler Wishes
Col. Seoit Retained as
Prison Ileirl.
T. M. osliol.WK WAN'h .lot;
eliii'i'ht iii Alliiiny KefiiM's d.
l niiiliiPill on Slll.ei's
i n I e it.te inn i.i.-ui- .a'' n..i '
si tele .inlti In tlf tll.llli-.tis l.r t .
Hot Sul!""! ainl Clonics I'. Miui.ot
Tl." fi(-l as i. lite. I ot- T.iMtnin- W )
anil iithi r. it ,ii mi l b'-cvi p. --. tj. In
Albmy for ine inn two il.is i j- He
purpose of paliliipnting Ji the cue
monies .lttetiilant on llif casting oi 'h-
. leeloral Hit" of the SlHte fol Wilo'i
and .Marshall were that csterd.iy Se't
aim John I .Murtnuah ol Chriiun:
"in ol .Mi. .Murph.t s e.isi.: lileniD
nisi-usseii ttltii tint Sul.ei the tetcn
Hon of Col. John F Scott of lihnlt.i I
Superintendent of Slate Prisons.
It turned out tha' Senator .Murtaua .
conteved the wishes of .Mi. Murpli) t
Ctoi. Sttlzer that i"til. Scott be retalncu
nnd that the appointment of Charles F
P.attigan ol Aubiltn Thomas Mott is
bo.ne's chief llrutenant. to lie warde.i
ol Auburn prison, to succeed George K
I'enh.un. was contrnry to Mi Murphy
wishes and should not In: cnlertalnod
bj the (Jovernor.
"Very well," lloi. .smxer was n.
tinned to hate loplled to Senator Mttr
taiigli, "tho lestlieliteeii Mr. Mnrihy
and mvself ns State leader may Jut
well come iimv on this appointment as
1 1 an.t future time."
tint. Sulzer's rmatk was teported ii
Ml Murph.t at the Hotel Ten w.mk In
Albany, but .Mr. Murphy would not fay
any thing for publication In reply
There were. Tammany men in town wIvj
piiifessed to believe that Gov. Sulzer'
determination to get rid of Col. Scot
was not only due to a deslie to appoint
Mr. Itattlgun to be warden ot Auburn
pilson. but that it went far deeper and
tlmt the Govern..- wished to appoln
.Mr Osborne to be Superintendent of
State Prl-ons to succeed Col. Scott
It was recalled that Mr Osborne did
not wish to be aj. pointed Forent. j-"ih
the Game ( '-tmmlssloner by Gov nix
in the early dais or the latter'" admin
(strut Inn. but that he desired the ap
polntmeiit of Superintendent of Stnte
Prisons and that this wih was para
mount with Mr. Osborne even after he
tetlied fiom the Forest. Fish and Gams
Commission. Mr Osborne has been in
of the bitterest critics of Mr Murphy In
the last few months
Immediately after Gov Dlx . etc ct mu
in l!'lu Mr Osborne was a candidate f
I'nlted Stales Senator and Mr Mil'
phy's support was rriimrteil In hi. in
half and refused Prior to that Mi
i oborne was a candidate for the Cube
juaiorlal nomination in the Itoehest-
..in eiiiiuii oi nun, out .tir. .tiurph.t n e
his friends declined to give htm the.
support. Mr. Osborne retltetj fmm the
pail he tool, for a short time in the Dl
administration in high dudgeon and h
l.as been a severe crit'c of Mr Dlx an'.
Mr Murphy ever since
The T.iiiiiiinnv men. going further la
nihl. said they could not iinijerstun
Got Sulzer's liieridllness to Mi. o
borne mid Mr llattiwnn. esiieclalli th
foimei. when It was. known that M-
'lorne had been an acrimonious crili
of William 15. ileaist and tli.i. M
Hearst had been iii ial't severe 111 h
i coinmeiits
i Snlxer and
in Ml. Onlsitne, and Got
M .. II........ I -
in,- efforts to teliabllitute Ml Oshurne
Hut these Tammanj people who wore
i omerant with what occurred between
Got Siilzcr and Senator Murtatigh In
AH.an.t .testerday tvere convinced that
Col. Scott was appointed for a term of
Hie years by Gov. Dlx on May 1'4, 1511,
and tat he, could not be removed ex
i f pi on charges. Kveh If these churies
weie sustained, these Tammany an
, horltles went on to point out, and Col.
Scott Is retired, the thlrty-ttvo State
i Senators are loyal to Mr. Murphy and
; would not contlnn any nomination for
1 Superintendent of State Prisons that
Mr Murphy thought inimical to th
Deniociatli Sliile organization as a
. present controlled. Therefore thete
would be no Superintendent of Stntf.
Prisons and the ollice would he in iiih
, hands of subordinates. The ollice Is
, powerful in intronnso and contracts,
j In the estimation of the Tammany
men who brought tills state of affairs
1 Thomas Mott Osborne nnd would pro
. inng ,ls Insistence that Mr. Ostium'
' chid lieutenant, Mr P.attlsan. "hall N

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