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Midi warden nf .Viihurn prison m place
, nf Mr lii,am
The lijiiter... 10 I'm in tii.i n Mini ih.i
J the ret- I' wmilii ,-Jo.ir llir pnlitirnl at
ttiokplii'ii1 .ill hm'I Hi" State fur i he
" two yc.il
unthcr hitch (if itiipnrttinec incurred
In Alhany yesterday, nccnrdlntr to the
I ri liiriird Tnmtnnnv men It was tm-
iimmcd tli.il lint Sul.er desired to up
point Milton ('.IIiIim of ltichestcr to lie
' littal mrmln'r of tlu State Commission
of t.tllinc.t 'I'hr Mjil.irv Ik ?S.0'M1 n yefit
Mr Mutpli and lil" friends. It vn
ndded, ili'clmril Hint Mr lllhhs is nil
n n 1 1 -1 'In iii'ii 1 1 man nnd tli.it lie could
,l0t be continued liy tin- Semite If tin
' Uovernnr send IiIk name to Hint limit
Ml Mnrpl nml his ftlcniH. It ttai
mniril, Itlliil ill' iiiji, niiiiiiini "i i",ni
.Utornct -f.cncr.'il .lertv Connoi fur tin
trrt I'nllllcnl I'Meml. Iml Not Inn.
Htalr I'.
At. ban T . .Inn II i 'Mario V Mur
, phy nil' ri'in.iln In Vi.'iny until to
morrow iiftctnooh He spent the dat tt
' tta'K tis .itnl tMttiri wltli polnnnl
i friend" .u ili lintel Ti n lltcl.
Mi ln pliv ilnl not !! iiov Su,.er
' to dat I ! lia not hail .i p.-iliMiiil
i'haf tt " tin' iioifinoi' since lie in
' rlt rt ) 1 1 Slltllhlt tllKlll
Arrested. Ilo Tell Mimlolrnlr Mr 1
li l tin of I'rnmriip.
'l Cia'tr II. .' t. atv old. drhcr
t. ' f !. ."..ifli'il almost a
ott H -trrit estcrdii w linn
tnrm , n i ( 'li.mil'i r trrt op
a 1
, siiao
n pi
I'mlllc I'.illcern.in McK.iv
. it r- to reprove Tin ill iter
nn ..ff hi tlilcU Hi took tin'
n I McK.tt by i ic throat uml
.;. ike bitn Patrolman !nr
mi. in n-it anil was cut across
w.tii .i wlil Tho arrival of
in-itrn.mt with n p.itiol ad-
ii . j in. i iijo M inn mm" I'oiiri.
h. , . May. "irate rrrschl hi'.iril ecu-
l rn .l.'iinii" frotn til" prisoner.
I ! a fiatncup. nur Honor. " said
t'Jlll w
' n'on. '
rtJfonl. t
rnipon hi wa Knnt to trw
fni the il.i on n chimp of
E-tuenl of .lintlcr llrimrtinrnl t r-
i'iirri of lloldnp.
t:t l't." T" . .Ian. ! - I'.leven tnrn
who I'ad encaeed in a poker came In
Ihf Hotel Mefn.t here were held up i
lior nftrr mldnlKht thlt mnrnlns: hv
two men who telleted them of JL.'.nO
!.i monev and jewelry valued a' $4,noa
Th two robbers forced the door to the
loom .ind entered with drawn revolver
and wcarlnc tn-isks
I. I". It", former .pic!.il acrnt fo.-
the I nlted States Department of ,lus-'
tli e. nnd V 1, Schneider, manacer of
a deieotlte b'ireau. were arrested to-,
1 cl.iy nnd charged with the rohberv j
Asks fur lie pen I of l.nn VkhIm'I I nr.
, rr'nK t'onepitlrd Wrnponn.
Com Mint. S i'. Jan. 2 In his an
nual mes-aee to the South Carolina
Genetnl Assembly to-riac flov. Ulease I
Orerd tha. th law acalmt c.irrylnu
iMnrealed weapon." be repealed
' He srfld he would cut the legal rate
Hf Interest to A per cent, nnd would not
ullow banks to chnrse repular cu.
temers exchance on chrckx The Oov-
1 rnor also made an attack on cotton
mill mercers, trusts and combinations.
He declared hi would make It a ml?-
demeanor for a newspaper reporter to
mlsquete n public speaker
Pnllcrnmii Hnrneil When ttiimnu
I lints llmtlinnirK tlinl,. .
Mr? Ienni. Sllfkln. coIiik into the
Hit lo'ti "f her Hat at Hv.i Amteid.im
avenue hortly before mlilnlKlu lat
nlKie Miielled sa., and knowiiiK that
her husband li.nl sone to bed in an ad
jimiinu room became lilchtened tu.d
tfiimmonMl roltceman lleillv. To lmht
Rclllt int" the room the woman lit a
match Theie was an explosion wheh
tlnew Mi Sllfkin uualnst the wall,
burned Iteillt about the lie. l and fio
!tnd iiioused the othet tenant In the
.The beilroum door had been left open
nnd In the kitchen the lias was turned
nn. The woman'. husband was IvIiik
dead in bed. lie bad I u ileionilint
for some lime 111 wife said
Jriigrct . Igiioreil. Ilenonnee III
pnrllau lletil.
SiMtr.i.MiHEUi. 111. .Ian H - The dead
lock In the Illlnol Senate was broken
lute to-night hv the estuhllilinient of a
bipartisan organization, which leaves
the, two Bull M(Hje Senators. Walter
Clyde Jones and Harris, out In the cold.
Hcpeated caucuses of both the Kepub
' llcan and Democratic Senator were
hstd to-day. To-night the bipartisan
organization wan, agreed upon, and there
were hitter exchanges between Senator
JoqfH, the I'rogresslte party leader, and
He vera 1 Democratic Senators
The smashing of the deadlock came
upon tin election of si "ecretarv James
N Paddock of Sprlnglleld wa placed
In nomination for that position Twenty
tl.e Ilcpublkan and a number of Dem
octats eager to organl.e the Senate
voted for liliu Senatot .lone. com
pared this bipartisan agreement with
the bipartisan agreement which n -fulled
In the election of Lorlmer an
L'nlted State Senator.
Cnnvleled Hanker I'.ipeeleil lo Md
I'roarentlon In I nlon Hank Cane,
District Attorney fropsey In Hrooklyn
nnd Louis Uoldstcln, one of his ttlstants
iad u half hour eonfeienre yesterday with
David A. Sullivan, the nnvlcted es-pies:-dent
of the defunct .Mechanics nnd Tiaib'tK
Hank, 111 the warden's rontn at tin- jail
Ills surmised that Sullivan has dot Med
to follow the Mllllple Of Joseph li Itrililli
and aid the prosecuting authorities in tie
many civil suit ginning out nf tin. I'nion
Hank collapse
The next fotiner HiooMn banket to be
tried mi a charge of grand Uircenj l
Uioc II. Siienrs. fnniier president of tin
HoroiiKli Hank during the two jeais tii.it
It wa leoptneil The trial I" to start r
tforc JiiHtko Crnne in I'art V. of tin Su
preme Court to-inortnw mornhiv
Home Inanranri Hurpln 1110,151,7115
'I h lintli -.etui nimiltil report of the Motile
Iniuranre Conipimv -liows Hint the com
pany hah a-cts valiud al i::, fio. t :i I and
IhtU Us Mirpliw a regniil- poln t IioIiIitk
If llft.lM ".'''. I Ins l iner item i made up
of IJ.OoO.fHMI ea.h ciiillal, SI .xOii.taiO tei rve,
a a onltugratiou eintilii- and SI .."it "V,
Xhf Ktirpbi) oter i oniiuKiMicies and all
billtlett luuludiim capital.
fVUR Guaranteed First Mortgage
Certificates are steadily grow
ing In favor with the Investing
They enable you without expense
to put out at any time any sum
from $200 up, payable In $10
monthly Installments If you wish.
They are the best example of a
conservative Investment yielding
4'j'i Income clear.
A'o investor has ever lost a dollar
B0jto$QRjfaCE (jUARAHTEE (
Capital a Surplus, (, (, oon
1 76 B'wiy. N. Y. 1 75 Rems-f n St.. B'klyn.
MO Fulton St.. Jamaica.
$67,000,000 ISSUE
Mock Increase Authorized
I'rnvide for "Construction
iiud Other Keiiiireinetils."
per cent
March 1.1
An in.ii of 5fi7.UOO.Oi Hs
l onvrrtlbli botul. to bo ilatcd
li'Kt. timl to run for twenty yearn,
wntt j
' iiuihoilzi'il I'stot cl.iy by tho illtcctorK of
the Aini'tlcan 'IVIcpliotH' 1 1 tut Tclcntaph
I'oinpaiiy. Tin Imnil will bo conw'it
ibl. Into tocU nt 1 "0 n Khun nftiT
March I. !!!. Thcv will I ffi'toil to
Ktockholilcis at par In tin proportion of
i.'n pot i. 'lit of tholr slink holiltiiKK
I'lc.-lili'iit Vnll. In nn otllilal clrcnl.or
to the KtocUholili'ts. savK that the lisin
Ik to provide for cotiKt ruction anil other
corpornte reipilieiui'iit' The bonds are
to be l.isueil In i") and J'imi dcuomlun-
'tloiiK for tin' bi netlt of imaller ImeKtor.
n w.ll a In th" ti'Kiilar I fotni if
i the S2.itni KtocMiolileij" of the cotiiiauy
'mcr SO.OOii own le tli in twent.t -the
Nliares each, and It I to meet their
1 iie. ilu that .tin bond tin to be i.i!ert In
tin smaller denomination!'
I're-ldent Vail sa.ts that It I expected
ihtif Mir. otirnlMftt frnni tlir pninlovniPllt
of the proceeds of the bond will meet '""' "'' "ui'miiicu to mem
tin ndd.tlonnl mtetest cliarK-s neces-i The members of the Dres and Waist
sitated so that the s.ii plus earninc of ' Manufacturer. Association, represent
the comiiany will not b" disturbed lnC i"0''1 nf "'e larce concerns In the
The rlCllt to KUb.- rlbe will cense at trade, have been expecting the strike
the close of business on l'ebruary 17. ft"" months The execntlte committee
IMS The Issue has been underwritten , "I the association met yesterday and
to- i. avnriirnti. e.mnioscd of .1 1 Morcan i decided to take no Immediate action
r 'o and Kidder. I'eaboily ,V- Co I The association met as a body later and
tin the iiitb jesterdat 'there was a ttete itHtructeil b.t the committee to
soot! demand for thee securities The see how matter worked out
liond. when issued Mild from 104 to Preparations for this strike have been
1US In the amount of J.mnOn The cnlnc on in the union for two years It
, rlcht sold at puces tancinc from i was to have been called a year aco. but
I to 1 . 'at the last moment It was decided by
l-'or the eleven months ended Novem- the executive committee that eondl
ber 30 l'.'U". the i;ros earnincs of itlons were not fa vol able and the walk-
the American Telephone nnd Telecratdi
'Company and associated holdini; and
lopcratlnc comi.inlfs In the 1'nlted
, States were $isl.tll.i3. ncnint I1C3.
I 3 1' 9 for IfU The net earninc were
j lei' 1 l.s 40. acainst JlH.t'fj 111 for 1P11
i The surplus after deduction and
dividends was Jl:"'f' '.'3 1 acalnst Jin .
S27 '0.".
Pari lloiilfitcf Win sn of ."fur j
1 iirkrrn (or It Milled llrrn.
,W, Obit IIKIICl, lo Tilt MV
I'Ants, .Ian 14 An American couple
described as Mr and Mrs. .lone. of New j
i ork appealed In the courts to-dj.t In
a suit brought to recover $juu. which
w c.r.il lo l.e the table "f a gowni
worn by Mr .lone on cntlstmas etc..
which. It wa claimed, was destroyed
while he was at dinner at a Mont
mart!, testaiirant
Mr .lones complained that on this
festlte oica.-len two Spanish dancing
gills, who were balancing a tilled
(.hainpagne Up oil tllell toes. Spilled
some of the liquid on Mr .lones'. dres.
which was leinneil.
The proprb tor of the restaurant chal
leiiBed the claim for damages. II.. at
giied that the glrN were Irresponsible,
and a.--iri-d tna' Mr .l..ne wa re-
-poiisibli. f a the mi.-hap ot
to pirn h them
The iniirt defided ,ig:ilnt the
.lull-.- litnl a..s-..(l them the mt
r lllllltlreil I'ansenufr s,. On In
N etv l ork.
1 Iltiartv. N. S. Jan. 14 - Tin- steam
is tup Cranium Is still hanging on the
I locks at t'hebticto Head tine hundred
1 1 in of the i at go ha h.en t emoted .in I
nni'tlnr Ifot will m..de at the p, ;
high water to get hrr off
It is now be'iited that the teani"
will be sated. Knur hundred of her pat
sepgers were -iMi1 on to New Voik
llulu Hold All llrarrtr.
pftal I'oblf Hrsixilcl ti Tnr Srs
Sr PKTWtsHiT.ii, Jan. 14. The (lovern
rnetit has decided to keep with the col
ors all the men whose term expired to
day These w'll form two clHe of
r i ot . c
Vtn.llcnie t llaiiMi-r TaUe. Until
Compiin? Ilnan'l llarneil lnerrl.
i lie llud-on mid Matilint litu lialltimd
('otiipniiy I tn be i enriMtilzed bv a syndi
latent hankers composed nt Kuliti. l.oeb
(.o . Ilartey I i-K A Son- and Hubert lietn
Ing .1 lo of London i In reason i that
tlieeoiiipatit Ini not earned the full interest
on its Sttt.4s:t,rMi oiitslaiidlng '. per cent
firl in otliiiiKe bond-
The rea diiihtuient urotldrs iliut iinlders
of tlie' llrst mortgage bonds hliall eti liange
hall for new fi per i ent fltt mortgage Ootid
and half for new .' ner cent iel in-Miient
tneonie bond Stockholders ate m pay
s ;,(i per share aosesmueiit lor vtlueli Diet
are lo receite t' III new Hri-1 innrtgnKe
bonds fni etetv Jl.noo thin paid
I lie liaulier sMiillcate nv imreliiiKliie
Die new bond which the llud'on cotu
ti.inii's will teieive will enalile ilieiu tn pay
nfl tlie s,.-,.-,!! iiimi note tn lie met this year
It is likely Unit Hi" new imnkets will lie
given i epr esenlal ion on the hnnriK of the
i oinpanie at tlie nilinurtied miiiiiiiiI taeeiiiig
ot tlie stnekliolib r on .Innunrv Jl tthnii
t cut nt ei limit te-1enln
Cnllee ( lilef's Allln Kill llo,
I'riovtiiKNi'h. .Ian. 14 An aiitornoblln
owtiiil and operated by Police Commis
sioner IMivard .1 .McCaffrey struck fleorgi
Slnininns, aged d. In llrancb avenun to
day, causing Injur lei, from which the boy
died at the Itlluile li'limd Hospital two
hours later.
Our Killed. . Hurl hy Kilolnn,
I'ri'ivinf.M'i:. Jan. H -One man was
killed and om I dyliig while tlti nre
..r,,Uu inot as the result id the ex
plosion nf a big steam ii'"li"inl' i' at Hie
plant of tin Saylesville bleacher)' In
Haylesvillc. H. 1 thU afternoon,
Litlit' Wnht nml Pi'o.Miink(!r.s
I nioii .Mt'iiilxTx .loin
Hip I'ii'lil.
I KllllloH Willi liVfllM'tl In (,luit
' I Incited In llinuN f
The lone threatened strike of the
Ladle. U'nlst and I re.iuiikerK I'nlon
tv.lt ilccl.lt cd last lllMlit h the executive
loiutulttee of the Intel national Ladles
(iarment Wotlioi. I'nlon It oes Into
effei t al in o'clock tills mntnltiK
A committee of "mil will Mart out nt
7 o'clock cnllliiK tlie strike and doslK
untitle the halls where the strikers meet
rweiit.t -one hall have In en eiutiiMeil
AinonK the larce hull. In which the
strikers will meet In Manhattan are
Webster Mall. Kletonth sttert mar
Third nveniie, Lenox Assembly P.oonts,
"Si". Second street and Manliattnn
Lvceimi. ilii l'at I'ourth street.
The tote for the strike was by ballot
The llnnl lixitlK of the date of the strike
was left In the hand of Abraham
ItoienberK. piesldent. .lohn A Pycke,
'secretary-treasurer, and H I'ollakoff of
the esecutlte contmlttee
, AccoldillK to the membets of the
execntlte cummlttee at least Itti.UOO will
'strike, but the membership of the union
I e. than half of thl number In a
i .statement made on behalf of the union
It was said that for the last week new
tuetnl'i'is have been enrollinc at the
rate of ftom nOO to l.yuo a day
The d"tnatiils of the waist and dress
'tnakeis include ni'tea-e In wanes,
sanlt.irt shoiiv. the establishment of
j tvuK boards to leuul.ite pat when con
dition of work or styles of Karments
'chance a shorter work d.i and a col
lective hariialninu with the union a to
waces The demands were ratified some
1 time .'iko nt a number of mas mei-tlni;..
but the manufacturers n.t the) have
out wa postponed to thl year
lloth sides of the strike of the gar
ment workers appeared yesterday to be
settling down for n long struggle. !n
spite of the effort by President Samuel
(lumper nnd other officer of the Amer
ican lVileratlon of 1-ibor to bring
about pea.' between the striking cm
plovees and the element of the employer
represented by th- ft.ed Merchants
nnd Manufacturers Association, It wa
denied esterdav by Thomas A I'.lckert
president of the mild i.armeni ttorh
crs of America, who was in conference
with Mr. Oompers on Sunday, that any
conference with the l'nlted Association'
representatives had be n arranged, as
far ns he knew, looking towatd a set
tlement t mass meeting of the striking mens
and bov's garment woikers was held In
the afternoon in Iteethoven Hall. :10
Fifth street, and was addressed bv sev
eral ptomlticnt clergymen
letter was read at the meeting from
Mator c.aynor. In reply to a te,iiest for
information on the subject, notifying
the striker that a patrolman ''
whom charge had beet, made Ur
tvn had l'en suspended pending trial
!u, ..,e .'harge of beating striker. The
Mavor said in hi letter that every fa
;.IMiv would b- given for the summon
, witnesses and that the police are
"a i-rmiu-:.! . Mvor .tl,.-. -M.. "
1 ,St kep the streets opell.
i ....... .,t worker who bate ie-
,in,.,f ' talihful t- their -l'";;;
m,d th- streets between ''"7
, ., ..u..v..ii!h stteets tilled Willi
. ,i,..v oult ttotk last night
rti .i-i -
i.'vtr.i lHtllt WiTe on duty
, and although
thm trlHi to t nfori-H ord
... i i. .. ..c nt.ft.ssai v
without anv
to make three
;;;:.; : m;; tna.. 5 inking km
were on hand to Induce tl.e workers to
walk '"it . , ..... rk,,.
t .1..I. elit e irolll one '"' "
of the
agencies was
ortlng two garment
workers along Twenty-mini mm-. . .
Sixth avenue win u they were set upon
i .. .. . or anoin iein-.,..
'strikers. The gill
and rushed Into H
liecame frightened
millinery store on
... Lioiltli q I ( III
Twenty-third Hiro-H
nnd their escort stood on gutird nt the
nnill the arrival
of rntrolman
Glleman of the ICast Thlrty-nfth street
station, who arrested Ida Huchmanes
of 137 Suffolk street and Bella Hrodcr
of 22& Hlvlngton street.
In Ttventy-llrst street Lucy Lleber
man, who, the police say. was leading a
mob of about llfty women and was
armed with u stick, was arresied for
attempting t attnek two girls under
the escort of another detective
, Alderman Max Levlne. who is a
lawyer with otllces at 30 First street, is
,-Kilng as the garmetit worsers rainin,
i. nml Harrv Lindermnn of IS"
Del.mcuy street, who has given nan nn
l the arrested strikers, were kcu nun
i yesterday hurrying from one station
house to another In order to get their
clients out of trouble.
All the women arrested wero mem
j bets of 'he White Coods Workers No. 02.
1 allonalll o llae Band OnUlde
I'arllainrnt llalldlng.
Sptrial I'ablr )pofA fo The Sr
Lonpon, .Inn. 11 Tho third reading
and final passage of tho home rule bill
on Thursday night Is likely to be fol
lowed by lively street scenes.
The Irish Nationalists have arranged
to gather In forco outside tho Parlia
ment buildings with n band which will
plav "Opd Save Ireland," "Tim Wenrlng
of the flreen" and other such nirs,
A rocket will be net off to announce,
the llnal division nnd the erowti will
then give vent lo Its enthusiasm In
irluinplinnt yells.
Then Is home fear of a DonnybrooK
fair row, as, It is reported thnt the
Unionists are organizing a counter
llnla Order II M
tti'ria' t'tthU f)tpatft'
Itait.tv, Jan. 14. It I
lo Tat si'..
reported here
itiissin nan given an oioer mr in
military aeroplanes.
tletli'iui ItelieU nlil to llnte lie
eoteil tin ii) tr't'ilcrnU,
III. I '.too Tex .Ian II Not onl.t wa
Hen .lose i:. Illanco killed at llnvlcora
la! week but fourteen onicer.s nnd one
liitntlred nnd fortv privates of the .Ntexl- j
enn I'edernl tolunteer.i were either
killed In Untie or tnkeii prisoners and ,
later executed.
ccordlnc to a tellable teport r"itcli
I lis? Ill I'aso last nlcht tin retx'l forces
nttttcked the I'edernl" In the moun- (
taltioiiH passes between Pearson and
Mntlern. It Is related, nnd Illanco In at-'
tempting to escape wns enptured.
Persons nrrlvInK from below .liitiri".
say they counted eluhty-Hve hiirnd
hrldces on the N'orlhwestern bekov O'U
mnn, Xo effort has been mnde by the
load to repair the latest il.imnce The'
load wns onlv repaired Inst week I
Aldcriimii Who AsUs 81(111.0(10
nmniitrcs l-'rotn Mii.vor Uet
Testimony I'iled.
Testimony tiled In the Supreme t'outt
yesterday shows that Just tiefote H.
Commissioner of Accounts lliytnond It, J
I'osdlck salleil for Kitrope to Investi
gate police conditions he wns examined
as a witness for Aldermuu Henry tt.
Currnti In his $100,000 libel suit against
Mayor (laynor Mr. l'odlck tcstltlcd
that at the time he resigned last Sep
tembef there was nothing to connect
Curtan with newsstand graft He said
that he and his successor. Comtnl.
slonvr I'.lce. regarded the Aldermanlc
graft IntestlgHtlon as llnlshed at that
time, but it was reopened aftr Mayor
Onynor wrote the letter accusing the
Snmuel .1 llosensohn, counsel for
Currati. got answers to some of his
questions by threat of delaying Mr.
I'osdlck's trip to Kurope He nsked the
witness to testify ns to conversation lie
had with Commissioner Hlce after ho
left the office concerning Hive's teport
to the Mayor.
Mr. I'osdlck said he anil Hlce had
talked things over In a friendly way,
but he did not feel called on to tell
whnt was said He then testitled he
had called up Commissioner Hire and
asked If hi office had discovered any
thing more, and Hlce said tie hadn't
and had so leported to the Mayor
"I give these answers under protest."
said Mr l'odlck. "but it doesn't seem
to do any good 1 think It Is absurd
that Mr Hlce should come Into any
troifbie through this."
When asked if he had Investigated
thu system adopted by Alderman Curran
In giving his approval of the Issuance
of licenses. Mr. I'osdlck said lie had
Stephen C Baldwin, counsel for the
Mayor, asked If the card Index system
did not show Jut when the licenses
expired "and If It would not assist an
Alderman bent on grnft "
"If an Alderman wanted to use It
that way 1 suppose it would,'' said Mr
llneennrrr said In Plan llencem
trmiirrd Klrel.
Special (ihlf IittpatcK tu The Sin
IimioN, Jan 1T. The ftmly .'jpicu
makes a feature of a story of the dls
covery of an amazing filibustering plot
In London to seize Hnd colonize li,t', 000
square miles of territory in Counanl,
north liraz.il. Tint affair is being Inves
tlgated bv the I'orelgn Odlce and the
llraxlliati Legation In London.
The prime mover in the plot, accord
ing to the .'rpictt. s Adolphe Hrozet
The plans, according to the story. In
clude a scheme by which n number of
Itrltlsh military and naval men will be
recruited. They will then embark on a
Meet of armored ships on which they
will proceed to Connnnl. where they will
seize the territory referred to. expel any
Brazilian troop found tlieie and estab
lish a I'toplnn republic.
Hrezet. according to the story, has
airiady enrolled a number of Kngllsh
men, to whom In ha given commis
sions He ha also engaged as Secre
tarv of Foreign Affalis an American,
wlio manages several small husiiies-ses
from a LoncW office. The plotters
meet from time to time at a vegetarian
restaurant nnd listen to Hrezet s state
ments in regard to the ability to rale
loans of f.'iO.ftOO.otiO They an-all n dead
While det.iting two .iluiuri t" 'tie
y.un tin Hrprrsi ptactlcally nullil'.'S
It by showing that Hrezet Is an adven
t irons Frenchman, posing at a noble
man. who has been Identllled with morn
than one abortive buccaneering attempt
in,. K,,t mto trouble In Marseilles in 100.'
by posing a a llraziliau naval officer
and Is Ilkelv lo renew his acquaintance
with ndverlty now.
ItrlehXaa Member I'rire l r nf 30,-
OOO.OOO, Idle 40 Year.
Sprrial Coble rteipntrlt lo Tilt Srs
DcitMN, Jan. 14 During the debate
to-dav befole the Helchstng Hudget
Committee on the question of removing
the present limit of the issuance of
bank notes and llnanclal mobilization
In the event of war one of the Centrist
leaders strongly urged that the Im
perial Hank take over the famous J30,-
000,000 war chest.
This has been lying Idle for forty
years In tne tower or .luiiu, at hpan
dan. Its administration Is In the hands
qf a commission.
This Shampoo Stops
Hair From Falling
"Alkali ohnnipoos will catiHo hair to
grow (lull and lifeless, stilit nt ends
and full out," wiys Mrp. Miu Mnrtyn
in tho Sun Francisco Herald, "nnd un
til hurtful soaps, or mixtures are, dis
continued there, can be no relief. A
very lino shampoo mixture can be
made, by dissolving a lenspoonftil can
tlnox in a itip of hot water. This
should bo poured on tho head slowly
nnd rubbed up well and it will nreato
an aliiinduiu o of whito, creamy lather.
"After a ranthrox shampoo tho hair
dries evenly and quickly, whilo tho
scalp is left clean, pliant and healthy.
It. is not necessary to shampoo every
week when ennthrox is employed, be
ruuso its effects are quirk nnd lasting.
Continued use of canthrox insure a
rral, hrnlthv nealn and an abundance
0 rich, Riowy, attractive- nair, cany to
do up and of an evenness In color."
W. . AffitlltOI' E'l)Ct'(ed II t
'ill. t i tt 1.1.. r
finite i int1 .iicc ti ii u oi
Hotel Workers.
Affidiivits Allee rn.siinitnrv
Conditions in llestimriinls
nml Hotels.
rhi was a lull yoMerrtav In tlir
, , , - i.l... it n '
I activities of the strlklnc Hotel worker.s. List with a cargo of ccnera niei chat disc.
hilt the leaders said they were marking ('"Pf Schlemeler Is her 'Kipper Mile ' (
'time until the big meeting Is held In'" ""' 'lnKI,, J",rp v ,i',-','b"., ' J' i
I Hrynnt Hall to-nlfht nt s o'clock. 30 t' '" i'"1 wns mllu 1,1 Jrt!' jj
.There Is hope that Joseph .1 Kttor Uench & Son In Isi!'. The agents or ,
i w il appear and create the enthusiasm the line h-re hail not received any news
necessary to enrry the meeting In favor
of the declnrntlon of a general strike.
Another meeting will be held nt the
same place nt I o'clock to-day to help
raise enthusiasm to the proper pitch. !
So far a formal call has been lsued
only to the cooks,
Atturo Clotannlttl. the I. W W. or
ganizer, said last night at a meeting
of the waiters In the Manhattan Ly
ceum that ICtlor was not absenting
himself through any fear of arrest.
He wns In Miissnchii.'etts nnd would
be here to give his assistance this eve
ning or to-tnorrow at the very latest.
In his speech to an audience which
tilled the hall liiovannlttl declared this
t i Ix: 'he opportune moment for n
"If It Is voted to-morrow night wc i
hate a good chance to win." he said.!
"There are I'.O.OOO clothing workeis out j
and only 1,300 hotel worker, but we'
are making by far the greatest public
Impression. The waiters hit the capital
ist In Ills stomach, antl a capitalist only'
lives from hl belt down "
He said that he knew detectives were'
among his hearers to spy upon the pro
ceedillLf. lull lie had ndt'lsed the leaders
against holding the meetings In secret.'
aa they had nothing to say that count
not be said In the open.
Klizabeth Clurley Klynn teported the
results of the day s efforts to gather
aflldntits setting forth the alleged un
sanitary and unnppetlz.lng practices and
conditions which prevail In many of the
biggest hotels nnd restaurants, Some
of thoe which were rend nsserted that
rats In a certain hotel were so numer
ous In the kitchens that air guns were
ued to kill them off In another hotel
the butter which was left over nn the
tables was cleansed of tho cigar ashes
and debris and used for cooking and
that it was handled by dirty handed
Kniployee from two establishments
ate willing to swear that their Instruc
tions were to feed the policemen who
applied regularly for their thiee meals
a day free oS charge. Thesi allldavlts
are to le presented to the Hoard of
Health by the strikers' attorney Morris
The announcement was made that the
waiters of the Hotel York had signed up
with the strikers last night At Keen's
Chop House next to the headquarters
of the union In West Thirty-sixth
street, the coo'.s walked out quietly Just
after 7 o'clock.
Charles J. Campbell of 51 Chambers
street, attorney for the Hotel Men's
Association, called on District Attorney
Whitman yesterday to reoonjimcnd that
Kttor be called to account for his
speech of last Friday night
I'rrneh t'nort He la Free Belle
Itilta of rw YnrL,
spertnl table Iteipntc'i tn Tnr st
I'tr.ts, Jan 14. On May 14. 1011,
Robert L'Homme, a Frenchman, mar
ried In New York Helene
known as Hello Chlqultii. 1
parents objected to the wedding and
suit was hi ought In tho courts here to
annul the marriage.
The court to-day granted the request
on the groom' that the laws In regard
to marriage In the l'nlted States are In
compatible with those of Franco and
that the wedding took place In Ante, ica
solely for the purpose of avoiding th
publication of the kinn. which l ti"C
cssary In France.
Suitable for Living Rooms, Libraries, Halls
and Dining Rooms.
Sarouk, Keshan, Meshed, Kirmanshah
and other desirable Persian weaves '
of fine texture as well as India and
Berlin Rugs.
Indias in Plain Colors up to and including
?7 feet in width.
fa" iiiiiiiiiiiiiiliiiiiiiHiiiilllllllllllllllllllllllllllllilliiilillliillillllii
tin Mori Line Strnmer deported In
I' roil hie tluruan
Knv Wi:st, Jan. 1 1.
I.lner Oteriiue.
The Mnllnry Line
steamer Colorado 1 reported nprounu
on Kant Key, Torttttra'. Wrecking men
left here this afternoon lo try to lloat
in ii'' ' uioniu'i rittv.. .'
Went Monday for (lalveston. The crew
Ik said to be In no dancer.
W.tHMlNiiTON, .Ian. II. The cutters
i Miami and Wlndom from Key West nnd
:l!alteslon have 1 een sent to search for
the seteamer Kl Dorado, a freighter en
route from Italtlmntc to (ialveston,
lloadisl with railroad Iron.
a.UsI with railroad Iron.
The last heard of the vessel was when
ie passed Cape llntteraH .luntiary 30.
She is now four
days overdue.
The Colorntlo is In frelcht service be. j
tween this lort nntl Key West and (5al-
eston. Slio Mailnlhrmvi on W (Minnday
tcton. She sailed hence on Wednesday
of her mishap last t 'glit.
Fcdcnil Officers Suspect ''ujji
list of At tempt itiir lo .lump
S:!0.(Klll Hoiid.
Chh:ai;o. Jan. II. -Jack Johnson, ne-
pro pugilist, arrived In Chicago to-night " 'V" ' . . - , i V
' . . .i , i i ..i 'John II I-Inley. president of the Coli-e
In the nominal custily of t-eder.il otll- ( f h(, ntj. of Npw YorK ,,rf.,,,.rlr A
cors from Itiittle Creek. Midi. Lucas, director of the American M.i
To-morrow morning he will be asked, soum of Natural History, Prof. William
to explain to Federal Judge Carpenter Davis of Harvard University, Prof Nits
wily he went to an outlying railroad , worth Huntington of ' Yale miverslty
,, , . . ' . , Christopher Itavn, the Norwegian Con
station and boarded a train for Toronto. ' u.fJpnprnli ,.,, WBS present, together
Canada, while he was at liberty under wl, ilolin A CtnAr. president of th
$:in,noo ball awaiting trial under an In- American Scandinavian Society, and
diriment charging violation of the Mnnn 'Peter Benson, president of the Nor-
while slave act. Should his explanation
not prove satisfactory to Judge Car
penter the bonds In all probability will
be set aside and the pugilist remanded
to Jalt to await trial.
Federal oiHcials In Chicago fo-nlght
. i.i iB1Ai ,u, tt,.
s.tmed to be convinced that Johnson.
llii it,- til i i"H Hi. i lit, it , ui'iu i iium
speeding toward the boundary line, was
making an attempt to leave the t.'nlted
State. This opinion was strengthened
by the fact that the baggage of the
negro antl his white wife and valet con
sisted nf three Idg trunks, three suit
cases and an assortment of smaller
Whan the Department of Justice of
ficials learned last night that Johnson
had quit the city without taking them
Into his confidence they ordered his de
tention nt Hattle Creek and sent an offi
cer to bring him hack.
In Hattle Creek this evening Johnson
denied he was trying to Jump his bond.
"I talked with my bondsmen In Chi
cago." In said, "and they told me It
would be all right for me to go, and tny
attorney told me the same."
Tono.s'TO. out.. Jan. 14. Tom Flana
gan, the local sporting manager, was
greatly surprised tn hear of the arrest
of Jack Johnson. Yesterday morning
he got a wire from Johnson asklns him .
If It would be convenient for htm to
come to Chicago. Ills reply was thnt ,
he could not get away and that John
son had better come to Toronto. In the i
evening he had a talk with Johnson hy
telrtihone and the latter Intimated that
he hid practically settled his legal I
illtllcultles and that he was negotiating
with French promoters for a match
with Al Palznr. who wns recently de
feated by Luther McCarty. Johnson
said that ne had bten offered $23,000 If
he would sign, but that he was a little
dubious about the going through with
i the matter and would like to tnlk It '
I ot er with Flanagan.
Flanagan said he advised him to come
along and Johnson said that he would '
lcate last night
"He told me that It was his Intention
tn return to Chicago to-night," said
Flanagan. "Johnson'. sole reason for
coming here was to conclude tho nr
rangernents for the match. An agent of
a French holug club was In his party
and he was authorized to complete the
match " i
Admiral I'enry Present Nlim
rnioits Kxplnrer Keecie
(lentrrnphienl Society Mcilnl.
An nudlence which nlmost taxeo
.seallnc capacity of Cfirnezl lln.l . .
'"'" ' , " , . , '., 7, V
the "' I10''' '"'i1 ' n,'f1 'V"
illHi-ovcmr of tho south po,
Admlrnl Hubert K. t'reiry, illscovitii
lit. atrl.t III ( tin II tl I lift tl.1P(l .1U(
nltiK Htid In tor heard Oipt Ainuriti. ,
tell for n flrxt tlmo the Mtnr.v tt
latrjst and KerntoM nchlooninnt in ,
I tiiln -. It viiltn
.,.. u ..i- .k-
' IH'Il HNII1 xlllT-IIWllMI i till' iUt'en
f.0),raI,h,c, sd(.ty pr(.nt0,,
,,, ,0 Amundsen on behalf ef
the foclety tho 3,000 pctsoni In the alia
ence rose nnd uiipl.mded loudly Amunl
N (,)() fortn peIson to recem t ,
., lr(al of tu,t soclet.t. The otli....
are Admiral renry, sir r.rnest nnnexii.
I ton and Itohert Scott.
' The lecture last night, which i to I
followed by similar lectures throughout
tho country, was given tinder the ;m
pices of the American Ciengraphlcal sn.
clety. the American Museum of Sauna!
llltory nnd the Norwegian National
Many famous explorers and men nf
science were present, including Col
David L. Itralnard of the flteely ex
pedition, (ien. Thomas K. Hubbard
president of the Peary Arctic Club
Herbert L. Hrldgman, secretary of th
I'enry Arctic (Tub; Donald II. Mar
Mlllan, leader of the Crocker land e
petlltlon. l.merson .MC.Miiian. president
wegian National League.
I ytmuntiscn s story, wiuon was nrrom
It.nntnit li. colored tileture tlienu-ti nn ,.
.arKe ci-ppn nt thc rrar of tl,p MuRr
Iw-as simply told and extremely Interest
Ing. It was a chronological account of
he expedition from the day his parte
'eft Norwny until he nnd four of hi'
,',,, , ,,,,
Capt. Amundsen was the guest of th
merlcan Scandinavian Society at a
midnight supper at Louis Martin's lat
night following Ills lecture. President
John H. Flnlry of the City College w,i
tontm.isler, .
Admitted nf Short Wright hnrgr.
Frederick Schaefer. n butcher, of
i Broadway, was acquitted in Spei ,.i' s
lons yestcrdar of the charge of .!' ,
an underweight turkey to David Si 'un ,
an inspector of the lliirenu of Wei ji t . r '
Measure" Schaefer was Hirei-d . .
Christmas eve After hearing all 'he
dence In the cue Justice Mo. S'iiih
nnd Zeller acquitted Schaefer ib'ilar, t
that he had acted honestly In tin tranai .
at the
Not Genuine
witkoit lie ward

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