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Hjlin to-day and probuhty fo-morrov;
V&ir-,. warmer 10-day; southwest winds.
V ? Detailed weather reports nil! be found on rac i.
VOL. LXXX.--XO. 138.
Three Inspectors ami C'apiaiu !
slid In Jlave
2b.m for
., ,.
Pllt I II
. 1
ttiiind Jury to (insider New
I idenee Walsh's Cast'
That I'att'olniiin.
- iim
,n Collector. Mux
on other.
, i" officials'. tlllOi li.-p. flnrs
--..'n. uho-v imv h.iic been
i' the pr.:.-i ni in. tt .ii of the
V'ornoy legardlug graft have
L.'-hrr ami tiavo raised $2.i,u0ii
. fence of Policeman Kugotii'
i w..s lmllct''it o.t. rday. .u-
Infoi tuatlon which readied
Attorney late last night.
u. en known for d.i)s that at
'f t'te four wouM he linpP
S.pp's charge as mail.' lii'fori
n.l .lury. :ni.l the names (if the
v.. 'i,ne been mentioned freely I
-trlct Attorney
l.ef uuiom; the tiuv stIi.ators i
that I'ox uilcht be Induced to
b-'ianie of the Kraft nnmey
i i
hae b-en eollceteil In liar-1
.n.l tho belief was ami still is that1
i. in where this money went. Ton who .-ny.s he f
.1' Im beep ilescrlbeil rptrulcdly us h.l.s been hotdlir.-
man nod the description lie, er J
u uipineo. .
iMtn.-..j sund bofor.. th- Out-
." ifiuKOO iSoorue A. Hipp, who
. F... -Mid thiu Po.s told him
ie.il.il an) of the nnmey
ted. There ll.le been stories I
Cut l'ox narr'iwly had rs- '.
I e letion troin his home and that'
a ..'kjii! nil he could ih lo keep
-her l
,i . d that iiad kll.iAledi;.' of,
. .if- in Harlem, it has s.vnnd to i
'.ptrlet Ailoiney'.- null ti.nt lie)
l win ii". for Ko to ulve u t ,
i,r l;new Thin I.iM nlcht came,
finite n nor: or i.ie ra!itn; or V.io
' .. r. pollet man's defenc. .
i- r tr.ioidin.ivy linind .tury vi"
ii u -Mo- ni f Monday in eon-
with the ipiestion whether or M
Is sufficient ctniinil In in-- ' Ii
111.11 lHO' l-eil lO.l.ie I
pp auainsi i inni' i .ii'wuii i
W Walsh to warrant tin Mild-
: ..ii indictment. Several w it-
ul"i-c names have not lieen I
i ii.. the present levelatlons 1'-
. I. failed
jt nid .In.) al-'o will take up for I
- - oil'ldenil'.iitl thi ohariio lh.it i
it, nil-' d bv certain police j
. .(ii.l pa-.-ed thro'm'b tin., hands I
i iii-n to S.pp, the sum luvlior!
-I 10 TOO when It reached Its ,
1 eoi-fii 0. un.j in,
1 I.- ! ii
I- i n;
le f- l
shall b-
or liol.
w.i- a law)er unit the
me .ii.eoaie wnisioo
to ueeine wnciner mi;
allownl to continue to
Meanwhile thO (iralld1
, eoiuini-. ii.s own nivcetlR.itlon
-n- trin-.n Hon Indepeialftit of!
',.! Appellate Division may or
i, mi. s nf irmus uptown Jioli-
ii.. eppeanni; more often than
o . re brotiuht nil" the ca-e
'i It also was said that the
Homey ha.-- ki on n,ls for a bo
.' . . or the bustier civilian at
a the Police Department mav
.1 nto the mutter b-t'ore the
I rx Ms llni.-hed Willi Its wotk
1 .-inieiit uKuiu-t Policemun Ihi-
named by Slpp on tho wit
, .1 before the Corran Aldermanlc
" n (he colli ctor to wtiom he
- flmjii month protection money.
' u loted on Tuesday, was
I '.p (o Jiistleo rioiT al i:'::tn
e-tenla)- afternoon The hour of
' i:n i.i used some surprise, as it
n reported that It would not
i.L-i t 111 lieful e 3 o'clock.
I'aiuro ijavr' now zest to the
'.i.n I'os would not bur the
"i iii" c larire alone hut would
it- m-ii htuher up If he received
m-.s of tleineiicy. The Dlstrirt
' '! left his otllce for home early;
.men iow wlt!i him was pos-
if the arriilKiiment was,
' iM-s known that Fo:; and his j
1. 1 lis .1. firant, hud un ap-.
te.'i.t lo meet the District Attot-
oviiik the arraignment.
the arraignment,
was arralKiied In the
Fox was arralKiied In the
' ' in. onli of the Supremo Court
"-i .tried for an adjournment
' ' ei M: The time for pleadiiiK
f 'i II o'clock Friday inoriiiiiir.
Vf.oiii'.v Whitman asked ilia'
' - -n at "I". 0U. Luwyer lirniit
' 1 i l a! this was exorbitant, .lus-
tui.illy Hied bull nt S,"'I.
' i ion!" chainber Fox and h!"
i . n. with Mr. Whitman to th"
- .'Hie, wlieii.. lliey spent only n
ci I. as been op.'rfi'.ed upon at his
i West 3oth street, and now Is
I. -clni. Tho operation Is said to
I.. I'll of ii nlin,,i' chiirnel.ie Hove.
' a may pfevpnt the appearance of
" ' -"l mini at tho police trlul of Fox
' I this matter bo messed to-nior-
'" spde of the fuel thai Fox is now
' ' ndictment.
'' ' 'piestlon whether or not Slpp was
'"I with a siibno-nii on Tuesday Is
! ' pen and depends on whether the
i" " of view of tho Police Department
' ' 'o District Attorney's olllce be
Theio wtm a report of apparent
' .'o iiy yesterday that the so-called
na" which so many detectives
' ' i lolipiarteis woni tr)'lniT to nerve
' wiuio no -was in tno hands of t
t'i 'tlct Attorney, was not a suh-jsof,
po-na at nil, tint a warrant b. . upon
"lie of the old charccs .,im..M..,i m.
, lil- running or the naitio n,,i..i. n u
this form of toltc-f activity that Slpp
r-ertleutnrly loars now, since the ('.mini
Jury has put a lather emphatic noci-
wiiloh Klpp was hci.i . it- a shoit tlni",
in Atlantic citv.
'"'"." ',i,H ""' ,,l!,ri"
, v. , '"uui imii noieis in
t.1"' ,ll,,lrli (ommnnded l,y Inspector '
MVM-mw wtiUh who paying sm.i ,
'""nth for police protection; that then '
wore others Which li.nl no II. in
"...in i a tiiontli. and (hat Hut-
"I uuostlonalilo .h.nan.r paid v.u a
I'-v t. in.iiiioil m i ho Criminal Courts
, Hlllldlitg until tho lull bond ilonartnii n'
...- tm.-vii ior tn. iiav. In the
that rutlsfuctoiy u,,d ( .,
ni.-ii.Mi, inn i. Haaiij.
unit to tli"
loniiif, anil t.-.w th
Justice Coif a Creel I
was fnrthoumlnir In
ii late la-t night
lli.it If lllf Silt i t V
' would appiovi- it
, at Ills horn
u ii v hotu.
! I .if llron, ami ha Wn In ih.. .i..i,...rt.
, i m.Mit for slxtncn i.M. i ..
iflcncd hy Mr.-, fa'tilln..' k ic. ..t
M.nry Kimu.-.-. , hut.-h.r. with a i..
i 'Ji Thin! i.,.iuiu in Jlail. ni. li
,im ,r 1,1 ' """ UI '
Last uit!i 4tri...r. ... i i
nuo an.l on,, a. i!3 1.1 . " rX.
.with an f.itlty of SI-mhIi. l,,' tho thr''1'"'' ""al" ""' l'",t"'
i'.uri..-. .mi nut s.,.,.i niottiraci h mi !
i.i-in. nourvor. nu.l .lii-tlr.. .;it n-or
aon ptf. proportv nubi... ; ,,, ,i
nii.ttuaL'.. as Mtrrtv
S. :. n...n tiv.......
ii'-v Air. II) mHt h!i
S!pn li.i l .:.! him of th
.a), ho nvi.Jvott to s:
.Vw .irlt
M''Pi.e that
e'JT'l'l 'ii, a Ii,.
l.U n;v.i. lroti
liotli. - l..
tiamlit Mrjiii of Hoh.
i r.i . i ii i
1insr IM; s in Several
l?o.iij,, J,m
t.i'l 'mine
lb sji'Tado
up ei.ress and
n nd ticket otlloes In ItulTalo, .Ww
l-lillndelphla and J'!ttuui?
r.. - ted here this i.fl. m .
was ar
r a '! e
I loiiowuit; an tin.-'.n.'ee.s-rul attempt to
jrol) the Hilton nnd Albany Itallroud
ticKet otiico In the did ou!h Hulldlnir
on Washington street
The ptl-oner -aid he was William .1
I'layton. i'L' years old, of San I'laneisfo.
He Is ; feet .". Indies tall ami weighs
17" pilllllll.
'I.- had a diary Its rhlcn were
i onli il details ,,f rice
tICi iflll holdlllwl
1, I- ... . .
' "'" -o iiieemes anne naiileil
, .... , '".. .o.-r i, auu lanuary 13
.'.in. ooit-ii i layion in i-onrt
, "oasteii was cor.-..i. to,l ,,r his
11 W es. arL-n otpfi 111 Veil
Vork on
lef-inbrr 1
- hold up
of '.'ilto. i in
lit c tuber I'll
on... oi iii" lit I. I'.alltond ill
U' l.el .HR..S 1JJ HUITllllI nilll RlK
a w a i" i
- iiu j.i.-,. ii,i .1 mtiarv hi' irot
at one of the LVies ottl. es In v..- v...i
and ilsnt days later a Philadelphia
olllce of thn sain- ra1r,Ml yielded Jllnn.
in .lanuary 11 mi unnamed railroad
otllce Iii I'lttsburL' wnn robbed by clay
ton of .', nnd two days later in Chllii
dolphin ho hoi,) no on.. ,,f the Southern
Co lli, s oiriee and not JtL'T.
Kn'erlnc the llostoii and Albany of
lice to-day he said lo C!..l.- l., .
Kitzii raid:
,avi. a revo V"r in mv rlL-ln
linn, I
,,el(et. t' am Kohls" lo 'u-e it
If I
i,llV.. to. I want )oi tn walk
IO nil, 1
.,,eU f the store and keep
v ,m'. i ...io shoot -
llllot If
William A. Mocker ih.. ...A
stepiml out of his
similar fommaud
fJiuo and received a
.Ititnc.s (jlynn. a
cb rk. was iisIiik the telofihoiie. Clay,
ton swum: the sun nnd told him "to
-hanu- up or irot shot." Then the pro
cession -low!) nini oil toward tho rear
of ;he olliie. and as II ill,) so ritu
coralil said in a low tone "There Is n
man with n irini here.''
CeorK" A. Tltiomb. city ticket uirctit
of the Canadian I'aeltlc Kallroad. heard
the remark and dived throiiu'li a rear
door. Clayton yelled to hliu to halt,
but did not lite, and thou said:
"It is all ou r. That escape has .Mu
lshed this work."
Clayton bached out of the front door
keeplnu' nil hands covered
weapon, and beiran to run.
Kiive chiise. 'I he quarry ran Into a
barber shop, seated himself In a chair
and asked tor a shave Then he was
The prisoner was Identified
later !
as ( orporal William ,1. Manoiriie of the
LUlli Compan), Coast Artllleri. now
i...... a ,,i i.v.n v ...i... n. ., ,
,or. Ho deserted here on December 11
told the pollc. that his downfall was
due m women, MiinoKUe had onlv
Wien arested. His total stealhiKs In tho
four cities he had totalled In his diary
ns f 74K.
The ticket olllce of the Kilo p.allioad
ut l7 llroadwav. one door from the
,.,,rm.r ,.f P.i-onilwo v im.i 'rhietc.ti.u.i
street, w.is robbed on .lanuary ;i by a
yoniiK limn wl' overawed tho clerk
with a tevnlver nnd went about his
work untroubled by the Klare of the
electile IIkIiIs or the rrowds that himtlcd
by a few feet away. The robberi ot
JOo and lefl a cent "for luck."
WEEK'S PARCELS 6.000.000.
Iteporl Indicate 'Mint .Vumlirr linn
illeil In First Set en lln,
W.isiiiNuvo.v, .lart. 1.1. Reports r
ceiled hy Postmaster-Oenor.il Hitch
cock from 1.394 of a total of l.fi.-.o
post olllce liavInK city delivery ser
vice show that 4,068,824 parcel post
packan.es nero handled In those oillces
In the llrst seven days tho system was
In operation, Of thin number 107,561
paeknRcs wore Insured.
Although no reports have been re
ceived from other post offices It f
safe to assume from the figures at
hand that the total number of parcels
handled throiiRhout the country in the
first week was not less than f!,ono,flOO.
jirt ruse of t Um ntnppernl bnttlcn. ,4tff.
l)t'iiioiifatioit in Coiisiniiti
ii'M'l'' lialkcil hy ViirilittD'f of
Police iintl Troop..
I '
V IKI.lt,
-M llll-ll'pilll Crisis, H. s ltollVvt'll.
Win t't. . i . . '
... "HI" .l',ll
lo Allies
i 'i a.
I..-Vlnis. .I.iu. J,;
"'-patch ( the Mrt,,
I'ost went by
.iy or kiiMciiilj,. say,, an att.mpt wa.
maile on Monday to foment a disturb-
hlch uiipareiitlv had for in oh-
M,',,t "'
oer;hrow of the Cabltiei of.
l,n,n" 'nr Kl.miil I'a-ha
' '"' ""'""tr.ill,m , ,., ,av
h been j
It the I
' "', l''"'-t ni:.iln'l
peace !
l,r''' -' t hi tho alll. - in Loml-.n
..,...,,,1, . ., .,
I"r' - """ Mr. Mulk.l l.y
the work of n 1
KtlollJ folee
which para. I
"f f.iiah-y and Itilanirv ,
1 the !. la and iii.thiUL-1
A coup d'.tal was uiidoiibieillc
.uiieii i.y tn,. f',,iinitti... of l nion and
fiotn-M iVoiiin; Turk-j and aimed at
maklnc Said I'ash.i f'.r.ind Vibr. It
..- ai-o l-IauneU (.. ie,,laee Xay.lm
.i.-na. in. .MiniM.r ,,t War and Com
mand, r in Chief of the forces at the
flout, with Maluuoiid Shevkei fasha,
(l.e foinier Minister of War.
An Inquiry at thr forte diew th" of
th lal an.-wir that the position or Crand
Vizier Kiamil I'ash.i was as stable as
oir. btp that lo-.siy (wo pottfollos
, would ihaiise liands. It s under.stm.il
that thes.. are the MlnhtrUs of War I
and KoreUn Affnlrs. j
The Constantinople rorr-iioruletit of i
the l'iilu I rW.jrui.n -ends under re- j
, servo a report Hut th Tort- . ith ai
j view to iivoldlns blood-h. il mav
j mm
I to the wlsln.- of the Cowers In r
I .-ui'iillllllli; 10 uio nine-. J lie Cot to rei -
ou-nlyes that nttoiu.ui llnances ai,. In a1
1 d. plorahle condition and wMild I- w.o.so
j if the war ett. oontlnin.il The mill-i
tniy situation is excellent for defensive .
put poses, but not so promlslm.' foi of..'
fenslve action
If. howevir. tho Covernnient Hints it-.-elf
unable to modify tie- Instruction
to the delouali s t London smne of the
Mlnlsl ers win. f'...... l..t.li.... ... ...
"..v ..j.-i.iin iu me
Cowers will re.sKn after th.
note hns i
been preuted This
will provoke a ,
crisis and permit tin- for- .
ni.ilton of
;i ii"W I ablnet, wbteh
be unnblc to ilo otherwise than eon
elude a irtaty of ponce. If. however.
teslinilnc .Ministers are no-relv re-
plac. il without nrntinluc the Cabinet a
national nsseinbl) will b- convoked The
i oriespoiiilnt Is lleics that the niseui-
bl) W ill do. lare fl peace.
Tlore is no known development in
the peace moienient heli I Ive r) t him:
s..tiis to nualtlnc the pi e- mat urn
of the note from the I'ow.t- .it C.ili-
stantltiople to the i ittom.in t ioi emmcm
The outlook on the whole, however, i
reiraiiled us mine favorable tot peaci .
ThW s mainly due lo the s'lppo-i-d
i handed attitude of the allies' dele
irati s bo are t epresetited as realiliu.-
ll.-.i .!.... t.....l., ,. ...........1 i.i ...
iillowlnir Tuesday's statement to ! pub
llsheil anil an- now easthik; ali.ul to see,
how tin )- i an repair the mlschb f.
The It'ilhi 7e(f irnpiN commentator
says tbat the anib.issadors hav. been I
wiyiiiK shnrp thliurs to the delcrates I
of the allies and have thuatolied them
with serious coiuequenccs If thry do I
not keep ipilet peiullim' developments I
nl Constantinople
The responsibility for the urave error,
-ids the in iter, lies wllh (he it,i. !
Kiirliins. iilio-e mole diri-cily prompted i
KiliK l-'enhnaiiil to make his Journey
(o Musi.ipha Pasha to consult the Uni
tarian (b in rals. ThlH is auotln r uar
low Instance of the slateciaft which
has had sinister eonsoriucnces tlitutiKli
out tin- noKotlatlon-
"Ktirope," says the writer, "has now
with Ills I iniimaieu n.s oispn asuro ami iviiik eer
Pollceiiieii dlnand's spokeiunan at the conference
1 Is iiKaiii asklm; lu.-titii Hons as lo how
i to deal with the new- conjiinctuie
I "The ollles will hale lo letraee their
, wli.i.u Mini e.-it liinnlile me. Thov Inn e '
espond.'d their pnwers nnd damaned
their own cause in sac i iiiciiik tne reality
which th" Ki'eat Poweis were strlvliiK
to obtain for thoin to the ttlumphant
display of diplomatic skill which they
fancied they were oTtiuk to the world.
Now they will have to wait lonKer than
they ever anticipated They arc the vic
tims of bad statesmanship.
"They will meet iiKiiin on
for the purpo-e of rivlsliiK
lecllllK as far as possible the
The Ktimaiilan and HuUintian ques
tion seems to be still .'it n standstill,
but thero is no reliable news to nhow
t hut it has chanired for the worse. M.
Joncscu intended to slarl for liiiohurest
)eslerd.i. but remalni d ovei al the re
quest of the .iinha-sadoi s.
lint criimriil Sh ' tiillnn Deport
r. '
C'llilf Hiifrh lo Till, sr
I.oniion, .fan, 11. Lloyds' iiirciit at
Sullnii, In Itiimnnla, says orders have
been issued there for the mobilization
of troops.
On tho other hand a despatch from
Itucliarest says with n view of stoppmi;
the recurrent nlnrmlnK reports about
trouble with Huluurla tho novornment
papers havo been Instructed to stale
that Kumanla will not mobilize, that
the noRotlntlons arn unlng n In a nor
mal manner nnd that the war alarm ki
L.va..S'.Y.i0'0 M rrlv-l'lin nAoh B UP u
Tmp s1 P.M.. Orlinilnsv5 P.M nmi day, and
Oinrr rrreria qioi'Mir. inq. ii-. u way. -yar,
JANUARY 10, 191!'. Coiwrtaht,
Ori'fU l ifi nitort. l'ornirl) I'rntit
i'H Xorl., Ilui'i llon.
'""'' ' lrffl.'lrt tti Tin: Si -A
rm:s!. .I .n I.. The 'I'lirki-h onii-f!'
Mfil.liillo salhfl out of tltf Dattl.intjllivs
In tin- fou la-t uUht and otf Syra
to-day ntt.irioil and canlt tho (iici'U
morcliaiitinaii M..rfdimlii. which had
tifon armed hy tho (Jrcefc (toornmcnt
n n traticpnrt.
'Pile Meiljiiho Hull ailed to the iat-
wanl. The (iteel. llnl ha. hi en warned
to lnleiff.pt hr
Tho Meil.li.lle, or MiJIJIeh, which tj
! 'milt hy tho (.'ramp of Philadelphia.
llomlrdwl the tnatrar.lno at Syra with
"'it effc't. but partly wrirVitil tho olec
trie plant, and an u le.tult tho town N
In dirknev. Tuo tiien working In the
leelilf plant wero killed.
The Ma Ionia was heitiR repaired In
tl.o harbor whin (ho Tuikleh Warship
alilieari'il iltnl tired fifteen roitruls nt
n,.r pi,,, commander of tho Maeednnld
oul.-red hN ship lloodfd ami after dlM
etuhirklnc the eiew .-ent her to tu hot
The MedJIdlo did not attack th town
The .Maeednti. i of tho Greek Steam-
h!p I.lno .alle. f.-otn this port with
a cirao of le.-.-n St." for the Plniiuc
l;t (.let iiber -I. Sao Mas scheduled to
carry l.f.ini of iln. hotne)rolii(j warrior?
In her I'eniplcnirnt. but at th" la.it
minute a I irao tiutnher of tho.-e wm
had booked Until i-lavi p.issitJe had to
nlve up r.tiiriiinu- by her becntife so
Illllell .' 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 It t 1 1 1 MH Mercl 111 tier
hold i hat It w. consideiud danueroin?
I to put a lain., number of nickers
near Iho hold.
I I'll her passage to rireeco she nr
i ill oil at Aiders Octobir t" and thorp
was met by n convoy of four lrfj:
1 destroyers, who accompanied her to the
, j.,,
The Mai'donla wn. n vessel of 3,."i4n
tons. Sho wasn't a yo.ir old. havlnc
been built last March at Sunderland
hy the ilrm of Sir .1. I.alnc A S.ms.
I. Id. Hir owners were Kmhlricos Hro.
and sho was commanded bv Capt.
Whistling on His Fin errs Helps
111 1 I I II II V II lk .III
Avenue Chase.
Soiomon ft Kohu. a retired business
man, re.u bed his limuo at 334 West
Seventy-second street a little after 4
o'i 1'K'k yesterday afternoon. As h" was
fhuibliih- his front steps a jouni; man
came out tho front door, bumped Into
Mr Kohu, didn't ripoloclze. dashed down
the steps and made for ltlverslde Drive,
' a few feet away
I Mr. Kohu In his vestibule perceived
that tho Inside door had hoi n Jimmied
, Then lie went out to look for the yoiiiuf
man. He had disappeared.
Mr Kohu st.it toil lo ctitnb the stairs
ouaiti lb- was half wav up when a
! s coihI man tame throunh Hie door.
I bump, d Into him. ill, In I ai'iiloirie. and
d:i-he. down th. steps, lie was Jn-t
iiti ritiu the door when a thud brushed
him In one side and followed the two
otb. is down the steps, hut turned to the
: ea-i toward We-t Kml avenue
Ml Kohu followed the last man who
'whi mum; and well dressed and wore
c:.,.-.-is lie was a good runner and
Mi. Kohu t i m in 1 .ri n lt an art of his
niitli. bleu- ii shrill blast on hi- tinners
which cans, d Traffic Policeman Haw
' lei at West Knd aicliuo to Join In the
i chase.
j The hunted man turned down West
Knit avenue. Ho pulled a revolver and
'hen threw it away. At Seventv-llrst
street he threw away his overcoat ami
lm'11'11 ' Seventy-tlrst street, only
" nm into the arms of Policemun Itose.
T," ymiiiK man. taken back to tho
Kohn home, denied ai llrst that he had
,"M'n t,ll'ro t'-l'T". hut in his overcoat
wa-n silver hatpin bo with the mono.
crum or Mrs. Kohn. The llnlni; of th
coat lovealed a gold watch, a "old
i Ioi Kiiette and some smaller Jcwvlry,
The prisoner said he was Fred tlloh
ardson. L'J j.ars old. a laborer, llvlntr at
I 'J3.1 Hast 137th street.
Coiiiiecllcot'n Ihlrf .luatlee lllra Af
ter Ciitlim nt Hotel.
ll.iiiTroia., Conn, .Ian, tr. -While
''It ' 'H
with friends In the dlnhiir room
ot the Hiiebleln Ifoiel to-nli?hl Chief
Justice Fled, rick II. Hall of the Con
necticut Scprcnie Court of Knors was
trick. -ii with a MlntliiK spell and died
(i fi w minutes later while beliiK helped
to Ids t m on the fourth floor.
S. vi tal d(i)s niro Chief Justice Hall
in-, ited Charles Loiran and Dr. C. Lin
coln Hanks of Hrld;:cort, the Justice's
homo city, to havo dinner with him ut
ind cor- '"' m""' i-'-'if.V' i he llrst courses
t iors f I were llnlshed when Dr. Hanks re
inatked to Judge Jlall, who would have
rotlred this sprltiK because of ai;e llm
Itallon, that he was not eatluK as
heartily a- was his wont. Suddenly
the Justin jjiviv limp In his chulr and
as two ualtcYs helped him quietly to
the lobhi he slopped to as); Manager
Lie lo see flint to Ills room. He never
spoke airaln.
Medical KMuiiiher W. W. Knight
I gae heart falluie as the cause of death.
' Tho body will be sent to thn Hall home,
St! Mill Hill nieime, Hrldgeport, on
1 Thursday. Ilesldes his wife Justlco
Hull leuics two sons und ono daughter.
! Niirne Confuses Medicine Willi Denil
I' Mixture) nuil Chilli lllra,
1 HiKTronn. Conn.. Jan. 15. Through
the confusing of a physlclnn's'modlelno
with n poisonous mixture, which the
nurse believed lo be paregoric, Robert
Rnnnlnff, the Infant son of Mr. and Mrs.
Jrt Hanntng nf 420 Garden street, died
this afternoon In anony.
A trained nurse, who Is reported to-
night as dangerously m with nervous
hysteria, had, been attending the child i
and Mrs. Hannlng, and following the in-
strttctior.s of Ir. Kdward Demlng hud
j been giving pnrifroric at intervals, j
UU, by the Sun PHnllno and rublliMiif Association,
Kf forts to Keiich n Sottlc
tnenl of Difference
Have failed.
Hiiilioiiils Iteftise tli rpoposal
l Arhitrnte I'nder the
Kt'ditiiiu Act.
Tlic eit'iuts of t.'nltrd Stales l.tbor
Commlsslonor Charles p. .V.-III nnd
Indp! Martin A. Knapp of thr- tntor
stiito rotnmercf; Court to hrlnu nbout
a settleiiiont of the differences between
the n-islcrn railroads and their firemen
lmv: failed.
Piestdetn W. H. Carter of the Hroth
erhood of I.tKomotlvo Firemen and l!n
Kltiemen and the commlttco o'f ilfty
two representing the llretnen last nluht
ordered a Vote on tho rpicMloll of u cen
ernl St 1 Ilto of tho J.'i.ilPO llremell on the
lloth sides were wlllini; in nrbltralc
the differences, but n clash cumo on tho
MUcsllon of the methods of arbitration.
Thu llrenieii. on account of tho
l"iu?th of lime eon-tuned in tho arbitra
tion of tho demands of tho eiicliiccr.s
by a special at bltr.itlon commltteo of
feven, limited aibltratlon undor the Krd-
inan net. uhlfli provides for nil aibltra
tlon committee consisting of one from
each side, the two to complete the nrbl
tratlon Isiard by tho appointment of n
third man, and under tho Knliiiau act
this committee would lv reiinlred to
render a decision within thlity days
Tho railroads would airree only to the
method of arbitration followed tn tin-
Case of tho onirlnoors, and Messrs. Knapp
anil .Nein, havlne; l-cn unable to brln
nliout u chature of fuml mi either side
."ivi. the matter up yesterday
Th.. Hi Mm it's coniiiiltteo then met
and ordered the taklni: of n vote on the
iliKstloii of a muicral t-trlke. As stHui
tho ballots are printed the members
of the executive committee of fifty-two
will leave for tin; different divisions to
distribute them and Hie votinw wll!
In a statement which ho made hist
evenlnc President Carter of the fire
men and envliunieii's bro(hi.rliooil said.
"When It became evident that we
couldn't airree we tried to avoid a clash.
We tnude a second amended proposition
and advised tho mansers' committee
with which wo had been ncgotlatlm;
that If they could not uccedo to our last
rupiest In order to mold the turmoil
Incidental to a railroad strike our com
mittee would assume the authority to
submit till matters In controversy to ar
bitration tinder the l-'ederal law."
"I have ordered a vote of .1,.,oon men,"
aid President Carter, "fubmlttlni; a
statiment of the situation and also the
corresismdeii. e, .md leave it to the nn.n
without prejudice to vote to accent ,he
last proposition of the railroad m ins
K-'i.s conimlttie ..r to withdraw from
-erilce of tli- flit). odd railroads.
mniiMKers olfered rati s less than the
majority of the uieti arc now receiving.
"The otter Is altogether less than the
rates at present In force and our re
quest Is tor the average rates now paid
bv the Western railroads, which rut es
re secured in 1!M0 as a result of
arbitration under the Federal law."
He said that the men would begin
counting the vote on February 1 and
the result would bo announced on
February 10. Ho is invested with
power, ho says, to make a final attomut I
at arbitration In ca-e th" vote Is for a i
.strike. 1
Ones lot See si,,.r, llr., crns
llnll From II I in.
li.iuvv. Jan. t.V Chnrlts p. Murphy
did not return to New Vork to-day as
expected. He tetnaliied oiernlght and
will go to New York In the morning.
Mr. Murphy did not see (!ov. Sulzer
to. day. according to tho (lovernor's
While Mr. Murphy was dlnlnc at the
Hotel Ten K.iok m-ntjlit (tov Sulzer j
was addressing the editors of the New
York Associated Dallies nt their annual
dinner In a room opposite the main
dining room.
Gov. Sulzer said In his talk to the
editors that the modern newspaper bus
lost sight of the value of Its editorial
"The newspaper of this day seems to
forget," said (lov. Sulzer. "that tho
opinions of the people ntv moulded by
the views defined In the editorial col
umns of their newspapers. I am good
to tho newspapers, but 1 am, neverthe
less, a modest man. I want the fullest
publicity on very act of my adminis
Junips Into urth Hllrr While .Mere
('Ivlllnim Stiinil I'oollslilr AKapr,
Jotin K. AJmes, chief bo'sun's mate
detalliMl to the navy yard launch
Spray took a long dive from a pier at
Ninety-sixth street and the North
Hlver yesterday afternoon and saved
the life of Cornelius Kane, 7 years old.
of 15S West Ninety-eighth street.
The boy mtir playing rt the end of
thn pier and the Spray was lying In
the slip waiting for naval oftlcors who
were pnyliig a visit to the llrltlsh 1
cruiser Natal. Cnrney lost his footing)
and went overboard. There wore'
many launches about and o crowd ofi
sightseer, but no one mndo a move
as the fnst running tldo carried the
boy out.
Atmes heard a cry, got up on the I
pier and took his header, lie grabbed
the boy and started In with htm.
Men from the Granite State threw
htm a line and the two were pulled
In. The boy waa unooniclous. hut the
mn of the Bpray Boon had the water
out of btm and they warmed htm In
the boiler room. Almn n-erjed s )!ttl
thawing te.
Viiini.i moil
.seotllnh t.lrl
f"ii) vhc'
llinilly II.
Special r.ilU DttMteh to Tits Si s.
I.oniion. .Ian. IS. The story nbout
.Murjorlo Watson, thn London Venus dc
Jtllo who 1ms somethlntr on Miss School
of llrooklyn. has led to tho levelutlon
that (Heat Jirltaln Is tccmlni; with
Venn sis,
Tho newspaper ivhlih boomed Miss
Walson, the dressniu kef's model, Is re
i chins letters from runny uomen who
claim ability to show proportions Hill
more like that of tho Venus, do Mllo.
The most conspicuous of these Is a ulrl
who stipulates that her Identity shall
not bo disclosed, but Is desrrlbod as
"well known In the soclnl world and bo
InimltiK to oiio of tho best known fum
Hies In Scotland." Iter helKht. head,
neck, bust, waist, rums, hips and thhths
are said to bo Identical with tho meas
tirementM of the Venus do Mllo. Tim
other nioasinenietits are onlv fraction,
ally different.
rinn fop Her .ItarrlnKe tn Kluler J.
Mirlmril on VVrillleiln .
Miss Helen Miller Oould nt her mar
rlaire to J'lnley .f. Kliepard will have
only two bridal attendants, tier youiist
nieces Helen and Dorothy tJotild,
daiiKhtors of her brother t'runk ,f.
(iould, who will act as Mower Kills.
Mr. Shtpard'M best man will be Ids
brother Louis .1, Shepard. lint thero
will bo no iisheis. As has boon men
tioned tho iicddlliK will l celebrated
l " l.yiidliurst, Miss Oould's country
place. In 'larrytown, on Wednesday and
there u 111 bo present none but relatives
and u few Intimate friends, tt is Miss
Oould's deslro to huvo tho weddlnK as
simple as posslblo. Tho ceremony will
bo performed by the Itev. Dr
of IrvluKton. whoso church Mis. Ctould
attends n hen she Is in tho country.
(Iinnue Will Leave Oolj I'lin lllu
llnnils M'lttioot That er lee.
W.iiOitNiiTN, Jan. 1.". The New
York, N'ew Haven nnd llatiford Kaii
road has decided to discontinue Its own
sleepliiK. dining and observation car
service. The Interstate Commerce
Commission received milieu this after
noon that the N'ew Haven will turn
oier lo tho Pullman Comi-my Its en
tire business of (hut chuiactcr and that
through rates and routes will bo made
to nil parts of the United States di
rectly by the Pullman Company. The
evact date of the chaiujo has not been
No reason Is Riven In the notification
for th chnno. but it Is assumed that
tho recent reduction of sleepliiK car
rates by the Interstate Commerce Com
mission has causisl It.
The transfer of this service will leave
only tho Chicago. Milwaukee and St.
Paul and the Orcat Northern railroads
In the entire l.'nlted States runntni:
thtdr own ileopinir car sirvlcof
.Ills MhimiI llMlle.
the .ilnntrrrn
Mli WiipL Wllh
of mcrlcH.
Karl Month son of Kalllinxtnn Itootb
I head of (he Voluu'oors of America, Was
J married icst.rd.ii morning- In Si.
I C.eorge'.- Chnri ii, 1'07 Kusl Sixteenth
-treet. to Ml-s Maoni Sutherland ltilley.
! the dinghter nt Jo-ep.i llailey ..f Lock-
Hirt, .V Y Karl Hooth Is LTi jngi old
and th.. bride L'2. Tin l:v. Dr. Kail
Holland read the marriage ritual.
, Since he was graduated troin the
Montclalr Military Academy slv years
ago Mr. Hooth has ) en general secre
tary of tho pllson ilop.il tment of tho
Volunteers of America, of which de
partment ids mother, Mrs, Maud Hal
llugtou Hooth, Is the head.
The bible was graduated from the
National Park Seminary. Washington,
two years ago. The couple met two
venrs u-go while .Ml--i Bailey was visit-'
lug at the Mouths' summer homo on
I.ntcr Island.
The new member of the Hooth fam
ily said ye-terila) that after her honey
moon she may Interest herself actively
In her husband's work with the Volun
teers of America, but added that she
,ias not come to a definite decision.
It mil Hose ThroiiKli Dliilnu llooni to
I'lBht I'nt I'irr,
Patrons of Louis Martin's restaurant
who were late at dinner, or early for
supper, had their meal disturbed shortly
before It o'clock last night by an In
vasion of firemen, They enmo In nl)
doors nnd some windows, the majority
of them drugging hose.
Some fat caught lire in the kitchen
on the seventh floor and got away from
the houso fire fighting force. The nlatm
brought out fire apparatus which
Jammed Uroadway, Seventh avenue,
Forty-ftrst and Forty-second streets.
The damage waa ntiout $250.
llrr Machine Sitiaahvil IletiTrni Tho
Street Cars.
Mrs. August Ilelmont's automobile, In
which sho was riding up Fourth avenue
yesterday afternoon, was caught at
Tenth street between two Madison ave
nue cars and wrecked. Mrs. Uolmont
had a narrow escape from serious In
Jury. Itayiuoud .Morkln, Hie chauffeur, tried
to cross from the right bund side of the
street to go to Uroadway, and when he
was on the northbound track a car
struck tho machine from behind and
threw It forward against a southbound
car. The left front -wheel was torn off,
the hood bent and the loft mudguard
Mrs. lieliiiont wa thrown back and
! forth by tho double shock and was badly
I frightened, After the cars had come to
a standstill sho was held a prisoner un
til they backed away. Sho whs helped
to tho street by Morkln nnd Policeman
Brecn. Mrs. Belmont, -who waa Miss
Eleanor Robson, then called up her hus-1
band and In a short time ho n nne re, 1 I
.another machine and took her heme.
" ...
The wrecked limousine car remutned
on the tracks, blocking tnilllo for twenty
mtnutrn, until the e-.nr.rsency wufrnn
could be called to drag It to one side.
Money Commiltop Votes
Shall Give
Though Jll.
Dr. Richardson Testifies
Ordeal May AHeet Wit
ness Ultimately.
Que.sltoiis Show Financier's Ver
m'oii of Anial";titniied Deal
Wisitt.viirov. .Inn. I.".. -The Pujo In
VcStlKUtlllK ci'illiultteo of tho Hoii-e h;sl
decided to Insist on William Kookefoi
lor submitting to an c.xamliintlon hi tha
, cotntnlttee'.s counsel. ly a division f
7 to 1 the committee this evetilnc voted
I to excuse Mr. l'oekefeller from appear-
Imr befori; the full commlto e at Ps
hearlnirs In Washington, but to require
turn to uivo testimony at such time and
place a.s later may be riKricd upotu
This action of the committee followed
the presentation before th .ntnlttm
of the views of Dr. Charles W. IJIeham
son. a Washington throat speelali-t who
li.ul In en sent by the committee lo Flor
ida lo ...Mimlne Mr. I toeki feller. Tr.
lilchurdson's iesjrt seemed to I.i '-nine,
what cuifusiiiK At one time he agreed
with .Mr. Ilockefcller's own phi -tenuis
that the brlnulnir of the patient l.of-uo
the coinmltlee inljrht result in une
other il. 1 elopmellt vh. h nolild nl.
struct Ids In cathlnc. I le acknow i'-sli;. d
also that It was Impo-sibl- io v.
whether an x.itnlnation wonM int.
tnaiely le.-ull In serious harm 111
linally eiiin it as his opinion, lunieirr.
that Mr. Itockefelb r inlbi be .sul.t. c!i .1
to a short examination without omlia
KoritiK his life
Dr. W. '. Ch.ippell" and Dr. I.imert,
Mr. ftockefeller's two pliy.-icl.nis, bai"
lestltb d that to bilnc Mr. P.ociefe!ti -hi
fore the committee or in nnbjret hbo
to a rlirld esainln itloii iiiIkIii mM t
him to sudden death.
Mem i ml.
The one vote cast against
.Mr. lloolii feller to te-tifv
I'M 1113
Chairman Pujo. It if under-l ihat
Samuel I'nt. i nlyt r. Un- oiiiin.'t. e t
counsel, was opposed to acting iipi h
testimony of Dr. IMehanl-on iiltiiouh
ho took ho part hi the comtnl: t i '- di
lib. ration. That tiur wa- a tllil'i t in "
of opinion In Hi. Iiik rpi'i l.iili o ., re
Iticliariison's testlinoiiy was ibr1
fioiu this stub incut made by Mi. Puti
"'I loted ag.iltisi the resolution b.-.iiu-n
I considered the report 1. 1 D-l!leharil-oli
as a whole to e.siabb h i
iltfelellt set ot fact- I ban that bfli.-- '.
bj others on Hi. i oinuilt le... '
lu ( Viinlnlng Alb. 1 1 c. Ihii raue ..r vt,.,s.
! ton. a director of the Vni'ilgiiiiinti .1 ( "op
per Compan) , Mr. I 'no i tin er toil.ivd,-,.
closed what the chief purpose I' t'.n
pursuit of William Ib.ckeleprr 'i.i i
been Mr. I 'ntetini ci- ciiiit.nil.il iim
llislllers. illclUlllllg Willi Mil UocklTellr r
and the Into II. II lingers, mad. a
much a- 7."i.0ih).imiIi or iiii,nm una
tlirniigh the organisation of Xmnig..
niui.il and sub--eiiently thiiiur.,i Hi.,
sale of properties of thni coinpnnv Ibit
rage mi, nl, I not deiiv thai he ha.i n
celled as much as .r.,iiiio,ii'iii '- . ' i
share nl the pi-oiits from the ...il.. , r
t lie companies ih, u originall) wen' una
the Anialgamateil.
tteorge W. Pel kills was tl.e ..-ilv
other witness of the daj He was
'l.islvn wh"U It came lo the iiucnoll
as to whether or mil tho piifent con
centration of banking ronoiiroos .m.h
credit ciisHuiod a peril to th un-
Or, Illelinrilsnii's 'I'rsf I1110115 .
Dr. Klchardson testllled thai k
amlipsl Mr, Hockefeller alone ,it Miami,
Fla. In lieglnnlng Dr. P.icliaidson mid
Mr. Hockofoller's case was more m iioii
than Dr. William F Chappoiie, lo
physlclan, had Indicated In his atltilavC
"A medical man." said the WnhinH--ton
physician, "can sco that th, i. is
something further In tho case than is
! evident lit the nllUUvtl.'
Mr. Rockefeller's trouble, according
to the committee's plisiclan. datey bin 1c
to P.Hl.-i.
"At that time." said Dr. lilcJiard-oii,.
"a very serious operation was per
formed, one of as great magnitude as
Is usually done. I may statu (hat tho
right vocal cord is entirely g-one and
the anierloi' portion of Hie left cord
al-o Is gone."
The ph.islclan added that he luol
tlnnd Mr Uockefcller in writing snd
that it took him two nnd a half minutes
to write eleven words. His Inability to
write normally was caused by shaking
palsy. Dr. Richardson said that Mr
Hoekefeller's physicians feared that If
ho is brought before the coniiiiltteo do.
veloptiielita might occur which would
obstruct his breathing or he might suf
fer lrom a hemorrhage.
Dnnger lo Mr. Koekefellrr.
Q. Are those posslblo results? A. Thov
are probable n suits. In conclusion 1
would slate .Mr. linckofcller bus two vorv
serious nnd progressive chronic conditions,
both of which Impair his efficiency ns a
witness. The affection of his larynx has
reduced his voice lo a whisper which can
only bo heard with clearness for twenty
foot Through dTort nervousness or pro
lonped use Its currying qualities In all
probability would ho greatly Impaired Tin.
nun our MlTectlon ! of such n character us
to make 11 linpiHcMcHble to carry on anj
examination iluoiigh Hie medium of writ
'tig. I believe ih.it n short oMimlnntlnn
could bo cr.rtled on thiouKh the use of th
,, ..'til.ttiii Imminent I n no. i t ll.n II...
of 1 1ii- pntlont. i II liouuli 1 might bo eiy
tiling mid nf tended wllh considerable ex'
hmisilnn, A pinlongnl examination, en
during peer it iiioinlof nnd Hfternnnri
sinn of the committer, with Its arrM

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