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Rairt.and warmer lo-dny: rain lo-morrowind
colder at night; south winds, shifting to west.
Detailed either reports be found on page 15.
OL LXXX. XU. 139.
NEW YORK, FRIDAY, .JANUARY 17, 1913. tVpv' ijf., 1913 fAf 5 h 't i firty due I'll Mi'lMflp Jtuttif jo t
l7 tin1 Painter Names Ht'iiii
- f (inns: f Professional
lii.'ir.itii'C Companies Stiitl to
;ie Ht'cii Bled for Morr
I It i ti .Sl.OOO.UOd.
.nt i!,e monev I ran-. I nbutit
- " tii s lii the Harm weie after
n for idu there was nothing
-f mi of seeing flames Jump from
, m: I ti.nl set tire to tin-self ami
r' irmc the ftr engines clanging
. " 1 - ie street "
was the nay I sulfir Steinkrent
. n .n the "arson trust" n tr.zy
..nor anii as lxjsy Stein --began
t . ,11',... ion hefnr Alta nt District
,v "i.'v lioval M Weller yesterday, a
(n'.. n which revealed the Inside op
. -a -n f a conspiracy that ha cost
" e nsuranre companies upward of
' too tn tlm pat three years and
. ' an. I was responsible for more
re ihnuMtid apartm-iu house
, i the same period.
.lie Painter, 00 calied because lie
a fas.e paint and oil store so that
. ' . d get the materials of a criminal
j ile wi'hout exciting suspicion, was. by
. rwn statement, one of the most
. nrendlarles of a g.ing that num.
yil eight professional firebug und a
i-ii apparently 1 espectable agents of
n ranee companies and public ad-
e - He was brought from Slut
f z wnere he 1 serving a term of from
ie ic 10 twenty-four und a half years
. invlctlon for arson, because lie
'1 to tell h11 he knew about the
I'- oils buslnese In which his little
- t had been engaged
Ta 1 lean man with cold, blue eyes
"1 "pe.iklnK KnKllsh so Imperfet-tl.v
a' .in interpreter had to be employed,
'alked for five hours to Mr. Weller.
4 r story na not half finished The
nedlale results of his ronfesston were
ni re.ise of ball ilemundeil In the
f tieurne llruty. u broke! and
nnner arrested a few js ago after
let (iold's rotifesalon, flolll JU.UOU
.', 000 nnd preparation" by the
,) : Attorney's staff to attekt utld
r.t ' at least six insurance imeut
.1 i adjusters named by the Informer
Tr c.rand Jury will lie lms to-day on
of thee mse
v'ter a fre-h indictment for nrfon
returneil uRainat Ktelnkreiitrer on
,M n lay he sent wold to the Distrut
v nev that lm was ready to make h
meast If lm could be assured tlial
.nx would be lidded to the term he
a set-vine Without bat RuinliiK the
t Attorney informed him that he
, ter toll the truth and take his
Then Steinkiriiter '"id au
hanse of heart, or chill of feiu
-. tin eats from his accomplices
1 him tn SlnK Sinn and he wan
, he ould t- killed If he tmi--,iui
Cold and turned State's wit
1 .1 eventually he decided to lelv
l.i.itectton of the District Ai-
, nil after a talk with his lawyer.
A .m l.ev he said he was willing
f sh
..'l aid Assistant DiMllct
t Welter "we won't help ou
.. 1 te.l all the truth. Try one
1 .ii w ill be worse off than you
1 . s.nd Izr.y the RUnter "1
- d .nto the trouble anvway. be-
shrcml brokers knew my weak
- id persuaded rue to turn my love
s .i.to a means of netting rich "
1 interpreter translated Stein
r iddlKh into KnKli"l sufficient
pia of two stenographers' pen
Hi at ti I M.. with only u .small
' tn.. operations of the 'trust"
1 Mr Weller WHS able to carry
' . nfi.rm.uion to his chief to make
1 ..1! open III" eye"
lentzei IieKim b naming the
- w has been tin- prune movei In
r. mi, Then he named expert
'. benzine and Kasolcne, such as
1 - . utid added to tills list the names
-.nin e acents and adjusters, all
n tie said, were cobs of the con
, 1 whtel lie said that he came
nttv in ISO" from Hussion
ill that soon after he (rot
-t ,. began to have a mania for
-" c Mre to bulldillKO. At first he
'rf 1 notion of Kaln. hut when un
and broker who Is already under
ri.Kcovered his practice and told
I a he might n well turn It
a .int he wan willing, lie said, to
n endlarltm a trade.
" .Mme wad arranged In thin wa .
II " conspirators hired an apart-ii-.udlly
on the upper Kast Side
'!! Ninety-sixth and 126th mrect,
' 1 a few cheap articles of furnl
ai d a little cheap wearing apparel
.f Then another conspirator, the
w'1 asent. seemed Insurance,
" from l.000 to $2,000 worth. A
a sot for the fire and then It
''inif the business, of Ur.y the. I'alnter
' ' t,f ihe other professional incen-
slip Into the apartment,
casolene on a hunch of ruga In
"" cloet and hurriedly with
' ft "nintlmes whole building" were
envn. sometimes only an apart
'"' . urccked, ,inu more often the
wns Insignificant, owing to the
' ,iitn(f of the Flro Department.
' .iho. the loss In the rigged up
'-' iiv was. trivial because there
.' 1 'T mi) thing of value to lose,
(.it'ne having proceeded no far
i-cd iiuent, who was sometimes
" 1 ister or had Influence, with
djusters, reported a "total loss"
able to collect the full amount
' lic. In other cases and this
made the fraud so profitable
liusters would repurt a "aus
f 'e" but the companies, wish
'ml the annoyance of a legal
s' 'i a small elnlm, were, usually
wlliinc ! compiomise for ,"i0 per cent.
'' iiollcy. or anyway for a few
' dollars
'' ai tin: skeleton uf the plan
1 " .3 hrtn wcrkrrt r.o prnfltably,
CJaiaJueuUer. The district In
which tm gang worked w.i r.j.aiiU.
from Thltd infil l- ) the l;a' ll.ver
llllil ft, mi N. net', .alt''. t. i) l.'O -I
stret ictalonaiiv tltM pii set Hi,.
stile Of ll-MI o1 V The katlg some
time, fir t,i ,, ,1 it n rtnr incuts
in mi- veeu nnd wlti'ii it few nion'li
they wi i."ioti,h Tut fur"-. flr .11
one b'oi i.
Kaltilati New-mark 11 bto).-r and .id
t ! under indit'tiun! was cotnnili'.il
'o ili Tombs vesterduv 111 default of
$.! inn) bd .
Not t.keil l Ite.lmi, ljul IMillnilrl
11 Ills I uncern Drops III111.
I'llll M't.l CIIU .lull i', I.e. M
Shaw ! out uf 'tie rn si M,insj(
tiiiar.tntee niul Trut utnpnn II
wa rm: ajiied 1,1 tesign. but when "
a 111 e 1 me '.1 elei t a peldnt of the
bank 'o-d.i he wa uierelv dropped
'will no not.. whaletei WhJItotl K.
Il.lll." W.l" .lee'eil ire'liten' pro tm
' iintil .i,e dlfctur 1. in tlnd -i.iiie one
to sun them
When Mi Sb.iw 1 sine 1.1 the on
run It Wa bellevd ll those Who R.U'e
him the position that iindr h, man
jagctiieni Hie Kiit Mcirtc.ice li'iarnn
j tee nnd Trut I'onipanv umilil have
rapid growth
' lie wn mie,l Mp with Mm kin ami
.Miller In the now uvfuiui International
i Lumber and Development t'ompanv.
,and a few months hko came into pub
1 lie attention In onti"ition with certain
I flnanclne of the Western Steel t 'urpo
rltaon On account of this latter he
I received on Auis'isi 1.1 Hit 7.-..1 shires
1 of the coinpanv's stock wih 1 000
shares more to come
Srt'i'rtn HoltN Thiif l.ilifllinir
of Khir tiVorfrr luolil
Morn I Tni'iitinlc.
Wsmisiito.v Jan lti -!, m of
I'omtnerce and Ixibor Nacel to-da mis.
1 talned the recommendation of tin
board of inquiry at KUi" lsi.md that
t'dward K Mvllus. the wmni; KukINIi
nian accused of llbellin: N'lni; 1orce
I bv charging him with hiuutm b e.
(eluded from mis iounti a" .111 unde
sn.ible alien
I'tlless M litis 1 an 10111I to le-
' View this finding lie will be -ent tf
to r'inncc st the expense of th steam
ship iottipan which nnumht him hei,..
It is understood that an effuit will be
j made to nave the ptoceedings ie
vlewed. 1 In reaching his 1 uuclusioii tu exclude
MnIiiis Secretatv Natjel dei id.d that
MllllsM offence was not pulitnal, but
was a ri line Involving inoul fitpitiule
Itefuie teachtiig 'hbs 1 onclii"'.on Sei -IrUrj
Nuyel ur,e a hearing to Kdwatd
, II James, edltm of the l.tbrrtiiur, in
w hn h the alleged libel im published,
and whli h Mr lames said was mitten
, bv him and that Myltu merelv 1 iicu
1 Inted 11 in Knglund in the u.teiet of a
republican ptop.iganda
In Ills opinion Secietai Nagel says.
ThU Is not h cae uf a peii'li.n lui tb
letlllll of a plllltlldl tefiuee It Is the
simple CHSr of Htl all-tl Who See'K" MJ-
.mission to our atiutts and who lis- been
.subjected to the pinin i.st of the Ininu
grutlcn ls
1 That law exi hides ii.in, unless b.s of
i fence s puielv polltUal 1. ml doe. nol
Involve mural turpitude The law snips
Ithe ca'e of all doubt b) plarlng upon tlo
, alien the buideli uf show lug thai hts
'offence was In no sense 11 1 uinniuti rilin".
as.of a purely political ihaiaiter and
did not involve mural tutpltude. It Is
Impossible foi me to j.iepi that Intel
ptetatlon of his ait
1 cannot assume that a la liuh ex
clude, anarchists and prisons who advo
cate the ovei throw of gov eminent 01 the
assassination of public officials' was In
tended to admit the publlshei of a. false
charge of bigamy nlmplv because he ad
vances a political pin pose ur motive for
the ai't. 01 because the false ihaige was
illiected against a king uiiiong others or
because the court In w hb h the trial was
held legaided the polltUal aspect of the
vase as an aggravation of the offence
Oner r'nnion Koolball tr, I hsrsrit
H It h I hrrk Kranils,
Svrvi K. N V Jan H -James Mc
Clure (Jould of Albany and Montclalr.
N .1, son of the late rapt Charles
Gould of the Alban Zouave Cadets,
once a West point tadet and for three
)ears a star in the nrmv football squad,
was arrested to-night ' "i 'inondaga
on suspicion of being a wottaless check
operator. The Syracuse police believe that
young (lOiild, despondent because of le
verses. wis on the verge of ending his
life when he was taken Into custody
Several letters In Ills suit case point
to this conclusion.
In one note the names and addresses,
'of friends and relatives were found,
I with the injunction that they be notl
, fle, "In case of accident ''
j A second note addressed 10 r friend li
1 Newark. N. .1.. read
I Dear Dickie I don'l expect to live
' much longer. I have done the things
' I shouldn't have done and left undone
the things I ought 10 have done But
1 I had and have a line affection for
you and I only ask thnt once in a
I while vou say 11 kind word for me
In l!01 young Ciotild first appeared
with the West Point football squad,
lie was an all round athlete and during
his three yenrs In the Army school
played at end In many spectacular
Ills brother at the same time was
captain of the crack Vale team which
made such a brilliant record from 1001
to 1803.
A suit case belonging to (iould was
taken to Police Headquarters ny Jictec
tlve Dnrner A search showed a num
ber if checks alteady drnwn and In
dorsed. oAr i,i.m:'s "n.oRinA Nri'.riAiv
Solid train 10 I slni IKsch hotrls; one night out.
all Heel eircmn illhle-l rulliii4ns, Irsvrs 12-M
noon. Atlantic Coat I Unt. UIJ llroadn). Mi.
llear. It Costs liouTiiinriil
SJIo.lMHI in Pension l'.llll'illl
Wildes A lour.
Ncm Yorker I'aiTj llooin to
Trt'iitou for I'oriurr l.icu-toiiMiit-iiovprnoi'.
TllK.Sto- lall lti l'esld-lll e.eil
Wilson wiov .1 letter to W.lilam 1 'or
tolan l'.ii.-ii". in.ilriu.in of the Inaugural
comml'.tee, to-d3ysas);ing him to ion
sldir the matter of eliminating the in
a igural bat; iliiv Wilson hears that
during 'he p rlod of pteparatlon fur 'his
function '1ioe empioved In tne I'enslon
Uulidmn. where the bal' Is usually held,
m i' un work and that the llovern
men' wts ti"..0ii0 In w,ic It ha.
been suggested that a building be
erected In wh'fh tu lio d l!i bat:
The flovernnr's lef.er fu'iow.
Mv Hi 111 Mil livns Mler 'astlig
fuuisel with a gieat mailt' peisulis und
asse.-iiig as oil j I in It general opinion
111 1 be matter I have 1 nine to the 1 on. bision
that it I- 111 Uijtv to ask u 1 to cn-idrt
'be feasibilitv of utiu"im.' the ,iia .gui.,l
ball ul'oelhei I lio f tit- wi'n n gieat !.'
of lie(nttnn because 1 io nut v ,-h to
iliterlcte with ettei pi.,. Iiie' 01 with
reasonable ev" '.Hioii" of those ,o
iisiihII' go to en ov the Inauguration In ' it
has 1 ome to wear the ji-it of a sort of
public d t bec.i'ise uf Ihe large indue, t
eviK-iisa upon the i.ovemmeut no Itleiital to
i' and bei a.nethe.e balls have iesed K, be
netes.aiv to II. e euiovinent ofll.e vi-itoi"
I hoie most sunerei. Hut this leanest wil,
111 no w.iv embarrass 101 ami that I have
not too lung deluveil In inaklllg the nlggrs
'ton " it h 1 otilial reganl "inreielv vonrs
W .lotieow VA it son
Thulitas 1' I'oliwav. who vva" l.ie.i
leliatit-Cov enii.: of N'ew Vork nndei
llov DK. was brouvb' to the attention
of the I'residelll-elei ; lb'" nf;e! Il.ioll
as a t'abinet possihllii v Judge John
it Itelilv .1' jttsuurg former State
Senaiol (ieolste It. Itu-d of Ituffulo.
.senator l.urln I' Wh :e uf Si henectadj
and Senatu! 1'r.inklm I) Moosewlt of
Diltille's (olllitv t .title vvll'l 'eltel'" Slid
l. sii'. lt.ons of tei olllllletldatloll and
gave ,.1: u statement in will. II Ihe fli
nt's K.' iV.nwav to be Attuine)
Henera, wj.s se: forth ill detail
Ciov Wilson made Imlliect denial to
da of 'lie assertion that he had named
lHldle.v l-'leld .Mlllone. nephew of S ll.'l
tor vi (ioiiuan. to be his seoetal.v and
tleolge tiuidoti Hattle to be t'nited
State" Altornev for the Southern DH
ttlct of New York. When tile iov
ernor vvu- asked alioin ihe-e sfate
Illelll.s he said
' To asi. me n nuest mi l.i.e tuai is
to doubt lllv velatit.v I hive -aid
lllallv times 1 11.11 I have lullle to 110 cull-ilii-ions
as to anv of mv appointments."
Wl.ti Senatur-eicvt Itobert Mionssard
of Louisiana llov Wi'suii lalked ovei
ihe adv Isabil.t v of tetalii.im the Com
merce (."unit as a part of the machine!
that deals with the trust prolilem Mr
Hroussard tirf'eii the tetentn.n of ihe
cotl't vlov Wiison said lie had no
opinion to I'.ake poblu as to In. atti
tude toward it
( bslruiait liuslls Wilt liefer Letter
to Whole I Ollliultlre.
W.siil.MiTON. Jan IK -The news that'
tiov Wilson had written a letter tj 1
Chairman William B. Kustis of the In- 1
augural committee suggesting that the I
In.iuL-urol ball he abandoned flabber
gasted a large part of Washington to
night . I
Chairman Kustis declared that he wga
not prepared to say what response he'
would make.
-The Inauguration is an affair In
which all the citizens of the city are
Interested." he aid "It Is not u one
man affair, and If the Oovernnr has
written such a ettei it Is a matter for
the consideration of the whole in
augural committee '
The inaugural ball Is the basis upon
which the Jubilee Is underwritten. The
natigural committee has succeeded up,
to date in raising SSO.000 of the J100.C0O
needed for the Inauguration With the
President-elect requesting that the ball
be not held those charged with the sue- 1
cess of the celebration frel shaky over
the outlook.
I.alrat "le a.t 1,0(10, I. arrest Price
since ItiOH.
Th sale of a Stock Exchange seat
has been made at JSLOOU, which Is ihe
lowest price recorded since 1 90S. The
last previous sale was at 153,500. The
s,rlce had dropped from $115,000, paid
several weeks ago.
In the last of November the price
of n seat was $63,000.
The last seat posted for transfer was
that of Drayton Burrlll to Arthur M.
Threaten In Unlit lllm Arcimnlahle
for Calling senator Trnllnr.
Col.t MIUA, S. C, Jan. 16 Onv Cole ,
I,. Blense sent another special message,'
to the Legislature to-day In which ho.
denounced I'nlird Slates Senator Till
man In the bitterest terms, styling him
a tniltor and a man who stabbed In
the back, The message has enraged
the sons and friends of thn Senator,
und there are threats to-night that they
will hold Bleose to personal account. '
Tnn Legislature has been In session
two days und lilease has sent three spe
cial messages, In each of which he at
lacked his political opponents,
Blouse also attucked Capl. W K,
Gonzales, the editor of the Columbia
Hlatr, to-day, alleging thnt ho was In
conspiracy with Tillman against Mease,
The attack on Tillman and Oomales
was caused by the letter written Juat
hefnre t'ho primary for Onvcrnor by
Tillman, In which he denounced Bleaise
for making; the name nf Smith Carolina
n "byword nnd a hissing,"
i.mi e iniirtil Tears riterMl lleniil
lit Melrate fells Ills.
wo ',it, i,ea"'. re Tni
Mt.MCO ClTV Jail IC The (ioVelll
meiit has 1. reived advices which leads
H tn believe that another ronsplrncy Is ,
on foot vvlnrb involves all the forces
111 the State of era I'ltir. It Is said
tl..f ' gattlsotis at '"otdoba. Orltaba
nnd J.t la pa In that State have made at
tangetnents to rise at the same time
and that troops in other parts of the
lepubllr ate Involved In the conspiracy
H Is said that one of the chief rnuses
fot the uprising Is the dissatisfaction
with the Minister of War who Is pel
sonaltv verv iinpnpulat among all
1 l.ises
Unlets wete issued to-dav to 1 batige
all the 1 hlefs of Ihe garrisons in the
Slate of Vei.i Cnir. and teplace them
by men of mote known lovalty An
other statement is that the guatds at
tee rpia prison have orders to ahoot
down (ieti l'e,x Din., the leadet of the ,
ti-cent uptislng in eiu Cruz, at the
first attempt to liberate him These two
points put together seem to indicate '
that the lo eminent thinks the follow- ,
ers of Diaz ute about to make anothei
attempt at a revolution 1
A despatch has been teie.ved here'
b.v th British Legation from the com-1
mandet of tne British warship Shear- ,
water, which is si Aiapulco. In which
b sa.vs that man) fou-ss of rebels te
nppioarhlng that puice and some oft
'hem Hre wlth'n twenty urometers 111
If not thought MiHt thev w,ll make an,
attack wh.lc a warship Is 11 tue harbor
The Shfarwatr vvm remain there
unti1 tie atrv ..f toe Amerii an '
itoisei Denvei
I'im'IoI- Has Hint 7(111 .Missives,
mill Now I-Vmi's Writer M
l lack Him.
I" lleluv VioOllvVIII. H pIlVMimn f
S'.iplnon Sta'en s.int! obtained a
summons yest-ida.v afternoon from Cltv
Magistrate Matsh for Miss Mary
Streamer, a leather in the Stapton ,
in, bile schools
The plivsi. 1.111 s attldavit seis forth
lb it hi patietii e had been e'ia isted
bv mm than Tun letlie from ih
teacher in the lai four v.-ars seeking
his advice on evet) 10I11 elv able subjeit,
detailing her troubles and the troubles,
of ever) othel prison with whom she'
tame 111 contact
Inasmuch as the last letter, le-
velved 0,1 .In Hilar) c intalned Ihe
decollation mid query : "The time l.aa
1 unit', what do yon Intend to do?'' he
lememlieri il the case of District Altai
nev l-'aih. wliu was shot by a woman'
lasi August
Di tJoodvvln. whose tesidenre Is .111
lluhmond road has been connected with
various institutions and Is a friend of
Mr Kadi, who has all the letters extant
In Ills SHeksiiin
' bout four vea's ago ' he told the
court. 'Miss Streamer wus sewing . 1
broke a needle off In finger 1 was
called and extracted It A few days
later I iclved a letter from her asking
for Hi return of the piece of needle,
which I happened to have retained 1
compiled with this request
"A few days later I received u
other lettet which asked my advice on
something that had occurred In her
si hool and the following day came a
third, which asked me for advice about
the class she was teaching In the Sun-1
day sihool of st John's Kplscopal
Church. ;
"I stopped trading the letters about j
that time and did not answer any. They
began to come regularly, sometimes two
a day, sometimes one. One letter I did
read, however, which stated that she
had reason to believe that my mall was 1
being tampered with, as I never an-'
swered her communications. When I
paid no attention to this she wrote to
the State Superintendent of Public In
struction, making the same complaint 1
In return she was advised to stop writ
ing to me entirely and she did for six '
"Then she started again and the let
ters have been flowing In with great ,
regularity I considered It all harmless
until the letter of January h "
Miss Streamer Is about 30 years old
and has taught for Ave years In Rich-1
mond. She comes from Albany county
She Is gtay haired and quiet In manner. I
but talks very rapidly and somewhat '
She boaids at 71 Beach street, Staple-!
ton, and was playing the piano with
great animation there when a reporter
called last night She half turned when I
she was questioned and showed no signs'
of embarrassment.
"Yes," she said, "I have been sum
moned to go before Judge Marsh, and I
am going I will be there and I will 1
tell my side of the story I won't say a '
word about It to-night, good-night"
D: Goodwin declared last night that
In all the letters he had rend there was
not one wotd of love or effectlon.
suffer .ladimrnl Halher Than Klaatd
Kxpenar of Trial,
When a suit of the Gotham Company
against Mrs. Kvelyn Nesblt Thaw to re
cover $2,041 came before City Cotii'i
Justice Green yesterday for its second 1
trial Mrs. Thaw's attorney, John Rellly,
told the court that Mrs. Thaw was un
able to stand the expense of the tilsl
and that slie couldn't even afford to take
a taxlcnb to court to find out what 1
became of the case. '
Asked If Mrs. Thaw was willing to
have Judgment given to the plaintiff by
default Mr. Rellly said:
"That Is quite correct. My client finds
herself In such reduced circumstances
that she Is unable tn bear the burden
of a second trial."
The Clorham Company then got Judg
ment and as soon as It Is entered and
the execution Is returned unsatisfied
the company will examine Mrs. Thaw to
And out whether she has any property.
Her attorney said the examination will
show that she has nothing.
A pony iiaaa or aM.ttaniKA nirrKlts
Me morning after a dinner-party.- Ait,
JMiiiiKulnl From Clinton Prison
Into Ktrciifivr ('liiiinlirr
Hciirinj; 'I'o-ilny.
I'miiIoii l l.ookfil F'or After
I'liii'iuii linn ,1111,0- ,,f id,.
I'li'stni Inniiite.
Ai.kA.st Jan 16- I'liilll.e lingel
Biundt vvus 1,1 ought to Mbaitv to-dav
by Wanlen K:nei ot Clinton prison
and for two hunts was in seri.-t . oiifer
etice with Cov Stili-er and hi" legal a
Nlstmit, (iwen I. Poitei
Brandt was smuggled into the Kecti
live Chamber about f. ocloik and for
two bouts he talked villi Cov Sul-.i.
The liuvernoi tetlred from the main
loom of the l-Isecutlve suit,. ,,M Hi
plea that he was going to ill. tatc let
lets What loiiver.ation took pla.e m ihe
ihamber Is not known, but It , sup
posed that the Governor and his assist
ant tried to get from Bianrit a promise
that If pardoned he vvouiil iave the
Country, tiov. Suizer 1 fused to dis
close Brandts presence lie said all
he had to sav on the Brandt case vvoitnl
given to the public to-uioi 1 ow after
noon at 2 .to 01 oik the hour s... for
a public blaring of the whoe ll'iindt
. a.e
It was no' un I an l.oi ,,l .,, nef.ue
midnlitlu 1 bin Itiaiut; anil Warden
Kaiser !.', the lix-i til a . t'hanioti It
was given out that they did nut want
to face a syuail of phot ogiuphels who
reina ueij for hours In the corridors
outside when word was passed about
tha' Brandt was -edeted inside mid
was talking with the Governor
When Brandt and the watdeii came
out they did not go to a hotel as e.
petted, but htltried Instead to a private
house In a rimote port of the rjtj, walk
'ng all the wa.v There thev remained
fur the night. .
Warden Kaiser ueated Brandt j.
though he alreadv wei free Brandt
wore a gtay suit, a slout h hat nnd
looked nattv tin the way down to Al
ba n In the train from Piattsb.itg he
said he felt ns though "Gov. Sulet
would do the light thing "
111" persona, belongings ha.c been
em from the prison to Albanv and this
makes ii appeal that he will be par
doiiej. The train on which Btandt hiiiI War
den Kaiser lode vva" stopped at a sta
tion on the outskirts of Albany so the)
Xuld avoid a crowd
A Jailer was btought along by War
den Kaiser The three went tliiouh
ihe streets unknown to an) one and en
teied a hotel, where thev had a meal
Then the warden and liiandt slipped
Into the hack room of the i:ecutlve
Chatnliei. which hitherto has not been
used Ii) the Governor for conferences
The utmost secrecy was preset ved.
P.uutlne matters went along us usual in
the chamber and no intimation of
Blanch's presence could be got from the
emplo.vees At 7 o'clock Gov Sul-.er
went out. his presence lielng required at
the "People's House' where he was giv
ing a dinner for the Court of Appeals
and Judiciarv
He refused to u a wotd about the
Biandt case His answer i questions
as to whether or not Brandt was In
the chamber was that everything in the
case would be made known 'at 2 3u
ociocK io-morrovv afternoon" Then
Chester C Piatt, the Governor's private
secretary, came out. He had nothing to
say. After this all the lights were,
turned out and Mr. Potter, with his.
assistant and a stenographer, came out
as though leaving for the night.
In an hour Mr. Potter returned, how
ever, and found the watcheis still on
their Jobs. Several times ufter fils
one of the clerks poked his head out of
the door to see If any one was wall- 1
Ing and nrandt and his keeper finally
came out only when told that the
photographers had left the Capitol
There was much talk to-night 1 s to
whether or not Oov Sulzer's action In i
bringing Brandt to Albany Is legal lti
ha been supposed by Attorney-General
Carmody and other lawyers that the
onl.v way tn get a man from prison
is to pardon him or get a writ
of habeas corpus, but the Governor, an
nounced that he would brush aside ad
technicalities and have the man at the
Lat tn-nlght Oov Sulzer admitted
he had a long talk with Brandt He
would not discuss the details. ,
Prof ftVolt .Searing In Haer
ftalcld TalL.
Pi of Stotl Nearlng of the I'mverslty
of Pennsylvania, speaking on the sub
ject of eugenics last night In the Meet
ing Houne, Sixty-fourth street and Cen
ttal Park West, under the auspices of
the Federation for Child Study, told his
audience that If 1,000 Harvard or Vale
graduates were segregated from the rest '
of civilization they would at the end of 1
tile sixth generation have diminished
to fifty persons.
Prof Nearlng said that as long a the
unfit children of society are helped on
to life this age rannot expect to attain
an) thing lll.e perfection. Ho quoted
statistics regarding Chlne.ne society,
where no medical aid nas been given to
keep weak chlldien alive, which showed
that the average Chinaman Is far better
able lo undergo physical hardship than
the average Occidental.
"The great crime of Ihe. age." e.
claimed Prof, Nearlng, "Is the fact that
no attempt Is being made to Increase the
efficiency of the race. To show, for ex
ample, how rare suicide Is on the In- ,
crease, In 1S00 a family of eight chit-1
drcn was a common thing, while to-day
one of four Is a matter for wonderment. !
The lamentable part of It Is that on
Fifth avenue children are a scarcity,
while In the tenements they are quite 1
"No 'American whose wages amount .
tn $600 or less should have children.
That nmount Is not sufficient to main
tain and educate them. And us half
nur families have no more frage. than
thl" half of our rhlldren may be enn
vldered calamities."
SeSi,,,, s, (,. 1 1 fn 1 Cniler
Her till 1, l,tier.
Hv. 11 1 s in 1 ? The -1. am
hlp I'r.'ttl til VVIts p., '.led off -In- locks
ai t'het. c 10 .. ml : If, 'bis illum
ing. l till a' nil, n sti'.ltil.il to H.Ulf.lN
I ,00.0110 I'riioes l.ollerv I IcUel tins
No t Itiliiiiint.
V'W' ,th r ,.;., ', In Tin
ItoMt.. .Inn It. Tile Bank of Itnlv
believes ih.it the winning hitter) ticket
Hist pi. ol ! ;oo.iifiii finite was lost
on the Titnnn lust April with a batch
of other tickets Willi Ii were sent to the
1 uitfil States nn that vesc All efforts
o ttnoe ih. holder of the 1 clt have
been fluid .
It bus p.. 1 irpnttnl th;. tb.. vviininfg
ticket was s,,l, it, s, , 1; , 1,
t II list.,.
has so lm tii'iinl no ,,n wlmttt i''e
1 iHim soicild 1 e p.tiil
I'lllllllllll I III- .llllll
slilesu Ipi'il tiv
SI'I.IM.C l.t.f M,l-
per"oll vvel 1 " 1 inns
twelve ntlti'ls siilTet'id
I I net. 11 oil Is
.I.iu li iiiuht
v n ull i-ii mm
mlnot hurt tn-
1 .If nf a pHesi'tl
l'..iMiii fnl .
.1: Chantnn de
uv an casthnunil
v hull .if W.l I
Vut I, vv ho sof -.-mil
Tlinttms H
' I. t at 111 vva"
night vv hcti a I'nlln, 111
get- iis'ti liniiiiil fi-otii
b.ltiv 'iitnpd 11 .,!, !
pot an. I s i- si. sw in,., 1
Vmoiig til. e; I., i"
ter S Itnbi'i i i,i , w
feinl inr:i.il ,niun-
Kllllllfl' nf liosion w'.'
Ileal Iv sv '!,!
Miillier Hint liner llillilren llnve
same I' illnrliv.
i:n.. Pa.. I i-i lti i,im of Mvo
In at t lu one lioilv. s.,1,1 bv pliys, un.
to .,. the tit-- in medical s, lence. vva
dlscoveied hete vesterdav bv Dr. Jutne
A Mo!gn-trn when he vva called to
the tesldeii' f Bei-ton I'erkln" to at
tend mie nf the children, who was stif
fs ring from maIlpov.
When the phv-lrlan placed' hi" hand
on the right stile nf the child" ihcst he
was amazed to tlnd a heat t heating
thei and a moment later wit" aston
ished t.i tlnd anothet heart on the left
It. .id h.m to icq, iti Mr" ivtkln to
a. low an om. nation of lie! self and the
o. ne: i luldren and the phvslclan found
that 1101 onlv the child but the mother
and two other ihlldieti In the family
a. 11 had two heart"
'reilleiliiii thai stimuli- sirnioahli
1'n.ll Will Hrrak t o.
P'i-iii t'atdf btritrh tu Titt St v
Antwtkp. Jan. lfi. A dissolution of
th Atlanta steamship pool .. Immi
nent, according to the cpfuii. which
predicts th Immediate beginning of a
rote war as a result of the Canadian
Pcltlc comp.inv's nriimuiiceil Intention
of putting on a new- service ts'tvveen
Tries? and a Canadian port and a sim
ilar announcement from the Hamburg-Am-rlcan
Line uf a new Hambut g-Bos-ton
The Issue will come up befote the
convention of delegates ftom all the
Atlantic steamship lines which meets
in Betlm on January 2
Ilrinil-en I liMilfTetir' Hill deceive
i.iiv ernors MniiHf lire.
A'.bvw. .l.t ti lti Gov Siilyer to
night signed the I'it7.gerald drunken
chauffeur'' bill, which pi ovules a pen
alty of not more than a year in prison
or a tine of not mm tl..tn S.'.on. or both,
for a pet son convicted of tltlving an
automobile while intnxliated This thus
becomes the (list law of the year
When the bill came tn tb t iovci nor
for his signature he teiiiui ked-
' I'll sign this bill. A ili tinkrn man
has no business ililvinc mi iiiitoniobllr
It's hard nougli to dodge thm when
the chauffeur Is sober"
The measure was the result of ,1 de.
cislon bv New York 1 ourts that the
Callnn law provided only ,, tine for
drunken chauffeurs
trlhnr s. Vllllrr niul U Ife llnilli I'm
Mitchell Mil? In Wreck.
Ml anil Mrs Arthur S Miller, of :.T.
Fifth street. Brooklyn were lutllv cut
and bruled earl) thl" mm nine when
the tnxlcnh in which they were lemm
ing to their homo went Into a shallow
excavation about the street car tracks
nt Canal and Centte streets.
Mr. Miller Is secret nr.v and tieasuter
of the Bankrs Building Buteau With
Ills wife he had been to a threattv with
a party which Included Mitchell May.
Sectetar.v of State, and Frank I Cohen.
Clt) Counsel of Glasgow After the
theatre they had supper at the McAlpin
and then nartetl for home
The chauffeur, Alfred Derllng of 235
Kast Thirty-second street, said that he
saw the red lights scattered about the
excavations, but tried 10 go between
dtem The front wheels went Into a
hole, biluging the ab up short nnd
throwing Mr. anil Mrs. Miller forward
through the window
Mrs Miller had a deep 111 thief
Inches long on her net k and Mr Miller
was 1 111 on the neck.
I'nrler Charlton' Seliemr l ulled in
Prosecutor' Mlrntloii.
A report thnt Porter Charlton, who
Is in the Hudson county Jail on a
vharge of having murdered his wife at
Lake I'oiim, Italy, in -I tun-. IHlu, has ar
ranged, with Ihe iisslstiuuc of county
employees and huiigersoii about the
County Court House, to raffle off his
set of the Hncyclopedla Brltannicii re
ceived the attention yesterday of
Prosecutor Pierre P Gnrven's ofllce.
Tickets have been sold for the raflln
to be held Saturday night ut a restnti
rant In Newark avenue near Hin Jail In
Jersey City. Assistant Prosecutor
Jumcs W. McCarthy said'
"II would be disgraceful to pet mil u
lottery lo be manipulated liorn the
county Jail This nfllco will Inveslleut..
the matter thoroughly." '
Sn.vs Monopoly Will Tumble
Mis! ns Did tho Touor
of Hnbcl.
"Honor Than Laws, anrl
Individuals Arc Superior
to Pools."
'liie.'ii:i Hunker Admits to Cons
mil lee "Present Credit t .
tern Is Mrnaee."
WlsHINOL.N. I 1,1 h J,,,,. ,1
Si luff of Ku'itt. I.n I. f iv, t,,,i t
I'U'O nllltlllttee lo-il.iv th.t i-e w , , rj
! .iv monopolies i f.n f ihf.r ory n
"eltflii. .Mi .- I. rt vv.xil.l teg.slat.
.'Kiiins: tin. hn.iiiti: ..itip.inv . hut ...
'at as th,. Iniiividcni .s .nmerned h
would lint l.in't h! f'-..,.(!..in It
would leave the law of nali.te 10 de
with individual action, and this, he ion
i.titled. would be ,1 linn ti better sv..e-i
'Ii. in any law- that nun can devise
"I would . t nntur,- take Its , 1
uofse." sUi, .m,- .s,.h,fr. "Tile ft r
inotiiipnly ever iittemptei) was in -he
bulliliiig of the Tower of Babel The
wanted to mug,. H monopoly of tn
guag and It brol.e down of Its own
I.Ik J p. Morgan and Geori F
Baker. Mr Schiff' believes that the in
dividual and his integrity are the bis
1 elements in the kinking bKslness of th
cniintt). Mr. SchltT In expounding hi
theories to the committee fa vol oil th
widest latitude to the Individual Judg
ment and prudence of bank dlicctins
No institution managed In an impru
dent manner would survive long and
tills fact alono would operate, he con
1 tended, to prevent nn abuse of power
1 even under the recently developed sys
tem of concentrated banking resources.
I Favors Pnbllclt- of Assets.
L'nlike Mr Baker, however, Mr. Srhlff
was in favor of the fullest publicity In
regard to the assets of national banks.
He also would prohibit the offlcet s of
national Iwnks from participating In
underwriting syndicates and the officers
und diicctors fiom borrowing ftom theli
own Institutions. He could see no ob
jection to Interlocking diicctors or In a
banking house selling securities to
banks that It owns.
Mr SchlfT was o.. the witness itand
for about thiee hours.
George M. Be) nolds. piesldent uf th"
Continental and Commercial National
Bank of Chicago, one o' the ,arge
tlnanclal lustittitlon.s of the cotinti).
was the only other witness of the ilav
1 He av kuowiedgtd that the present con
ceiuralion of banking lesouices and
ciedlt lonsiitutes u real menace to the
1 Mr. He) nnlds' s testimony was .-
most satlsf.icioty ft tun the committers
viewpoint that has yet been given 1
the opinion of thn Investlgatots 11 .'1--titles
the efforts they hav been ma ln-t
to uncover the present conditions In thn
banking and financial world.
It was apparent from the question'
put to Mr. nolds mil Mr. SchlT
.hat th committre Intends to liia.ve
; , oiutiiciiilatlons for legislation safe--tnariling
Uie public against the present
i'-uii.ill"..itlon of banking Inteiesi..
Mr, selilfT's 'fesi Inui 11 .
Mi Si iiiff begin l.v explain. tig tu
luacllie of lus liM'i In ailollint under,
writing partlcipa-.on." He thought '!i
i,s hit b) Kullti. Li b .X- i'o f h4.nk
cnrp.it at ion's and Indiv lilu.ils to vv hum
the banking huti-i milltiarll) cave p.v
tlclpatloii" i iniainiil probahlv : ",
names. Ktibli l.oeli , C.i, he testtlWil,
made few allottneiits individuals
Mr ScliIlT denied that Kullti. l.oeh A
Co had blinking alliances In B)'''t
and Chicago. They have corrcspnnden' '
and friend with whom they cooper'.
'We hatdl) ever have Joined In Isyu
nf out of town hanker;; and banking
houses." said Mr. Schlff. "Out of town
bankers or banking houses have Joined
with u."
q, Bow would you describe the banking
ethics iih between gieat bankers with re
spect to Interfering with one another s
business'" A I would desciibe It lit thi
vva That 11 Is not good form to crest
urn easonable Interference or competition
latge banking house or small banking
house should respect Itself After th
negotiation ha once been begun It rhould
not endeavor to set It awav finm some
body else That la not what 1 call ethics,
hut it Is done
Q Suppose the Cnon Pacific ftsllrnsil
was about to uiRke an Issue. Vour hous
,11 the rei-ognited bankers of the Cnlot
Pacltlc Would the banking ethics permit
of Messrs Morgan Co. bidding on tltoi
bunds-' A If they aie sperlnlly Invit'd
I do nut know what they would do Tit
I'nioti Pacltlc Company would not h
likely tn Invite an) body else because thev
ate satisfied with the way Kithn, I.oeh
- Co hnv e treated them,
Would ul Aerepl Offer.
K) That Is a iccogtiUed condition, Is It
not ' A I do not think that another
banking house of the standing of .1 p
.Morgan A Co. would accept nn offrt for
the I'nlon Piiclllc Company to negotlat
its securities while the negotiations was in
the hand 'f Kilhn. l.oeb A; Co.
t. But suppose tlieie was 110 negotia
tions 111 the bunds of nnvhoily, would th
banking ethics permit of Mesns. Morgan
or anv gieat hanking house tendering to
the I'nlon Pacific the 4ppoi tnnlty of bid
ding? A They would.
Q And .vou would not, for Instanr. If
you knew- Hi" Southern Hallway was
going to make sli Issue of securities h
willing to bid "il them, would .vou1
A. Vv'e woutil not
q, In other words these houses hvu

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