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Fair and much colder to-day; fair
Detailed weather reports will be Found on page M.
NEW YORK, SUNDAY, JANUARY 19, 1913. Copyright, mi. by the Sun Printing end 1'ubHthing A.soctatian.
VOL LXXX. NO. 141.
Sf'tlillillinll nf TsiliiiiHu IVnm
.(jmiuuoii oi ihianas nom
This Country Suicidal,
Ho says.
Ohio Society Thought Cor
nell Diners Had Kid
napped Guest.
axothek i"i:ti:
iMiirlips County Men Went
N ilhoiit II i 111 President
Here for Two Hiiv.s,
Relent Tnft. speaking befote the
. Society lat night (and this morn
i . at the Waldorf-Astoria, made whnt
v many believed was a strulghtout
, al t l'resldent-eleci Wllcon not
untcnance legislation looking to
e reparation of this country and the
. opine Islands.
I'lie President warmed to a subject
ih has alwuys been very near his
irt and spoke with Intense earncst-
r He "aid that the passage of such
o.U as the Jones bill, which content
te. a separation In tight years,
'ild be nothing less than suicidal,
i that the only Filipinos it would
M' would bo the rich and greedy and
.' .tlous and native politician".
Mr Tuft nowhere mentioned Mr
.'.son's name, but the tire of bis ad-i
.-j was not thu less marked.
Th.' President came late to his frlen
lie Ohio Soe!et. They had listened
half a dozen speeches on Perry's
i.r .n Lake Hiie, on the War of
!.. and had even heard an Impetuous
.i from Iteprcsentallve Hlchniond
,. ., Ilol,,.mas t, l,,.w,,,uch tlouble
hi. i.Uely to get Into it we don t nput
. ..i.hiis with luttbsiiips.
, when Mi. Tatt entered the prarnl
.in of ihe Wal.lolf at lU:V V. M.
:.ip.inUd b his aide. Major Thomas
iliuads. the i ihioails went to their
Mid let loose a rrxular Huckeye
i. A life und drum coris escorted tructlon of the Ijibrador current pass-1 I. M.and the local prophets say that'
'. T.ift down a side aisle nnd up a 1 ,nR (U,pr (jri,n(j Hanks of New-1 " nm touch the freezing point before
nt -.rO. men with tie' President, encroachment of Iceoergs nnd fogs la lnK t0 nilvcators to look for heavy,
Cov were rusln ii i ft their Ci-et by the North Atlantic, are the purposes of northwesterly gales from Delaware
iiili'iHUslr i ihi i folks. .1 bill Introduced to.tlav by Hepreseta- Hreakwater to Miiine.
ll un. not until midnight that Mr. tie,, i-jldrr of New York. The bill pro. I'p at Columbus Circle when the gain
i v.. ii- called upon to speak. I'y putes ihe cieatlon of a board to 1 1 was at Its helgat, at atmiit S o'clock,
i,. 'y there were addresses by Hear kn..wn a the Ijibrador Current tnd P'"'i.srilan trallic practli?lly ceaVed
.i.il Hubert I.'. Peaty. Judge John (;f Stream Commission, to be com- ' ''"'i'b' gathensl In doorways or hung
of Toledo. Lieut -C.en. Nelson ,,w,., ,,f nn v.il otllcer and "two other 011 to Wl'1. ,u" few dared to trut their
-vtil--s the liev. Dr. John Wesley competent persons to be appointed by f''(-
l.orough President Ccorge Mc- (j,,. President." A ,nul1 pushing a wheejiiarrow
. and Itepresentatlve ilobson T)le commission Is charged with the northward at Hroadwiiv and Flfty-
...,. speakers had In a way tilled in duty of Investigating and reporting as "''hlh strict caught tlw full sweep of
U.ng gap U'tweeti the time that Mr. to 'the feasibility and cost of causing the wind i m the barrow was an einptv
'i was evpected at the dinner, which an obstruction to the Iihrador current trunli and a suit case and they were
. : P M and the time he aetually nn t ascertain by practical experl- whisked clear off .mil bounced all the
.d ,in hour nnd three quarters ments the best means that can be em- way across the circle,
iiu The fact Is the President, as the ployed to create a deposit upon the, Hlx l,u,H Kln,! windows of the A. .
. ,.st ,,f lieorge C. Iloldt, hiul Ik'i'h hav- (Jra'nd Hanks of the sand and other sed- Hf-'marest Company's and the Mack-
c so ihonuighly a good time In an- Imenl carried by the Labrador current. Sallr,'r Company's show rooms at the
lor part nl the hotel that he was The commission N further Instructed southeast corner of Hrondwa) and
alb to have. to report on the effects of such an ob- I'lfty-seventh street were blown In at ,
Th. i Hilnans during all this wait were structlon: " ,IS,M "f M.im. one of the windows
- "iiig mote and more uneasy and they First Tn preventing the encroach- of ,m' K"ov Automobile Company nt ,
pat hid numerous scouts to see if inent of Icebergs nnd fngs in the course i 19S': Hrondway was broken, causing a,
iv rival society had abducted the travelled by transatlantic steamers, 1 ln"H "f :m- A window In the sta-
ie pal guest of honor. id The effect upon the C.ulf tlonery store of Alexander Forsteln In
Uhei, the President was anally In- Stream and other currents. ' Thoroughfare Hulldlng. at Fifty.
e mi by Toastmaster William S. Third- -The effect upon the climate of ) ''Khth street and Hroadwa, was de
.. I.s there was a line burst of cheer- countries In the Northern hemisphere !,,ro','tl with a loss of Moo.
Mr Taft almost Immediately n Isith sides of the Atlantic. I An electric sign on the roof of l?l
"I .'..ivvii Into the steadv business. Fourth Th" prnlmble effect upon the Uroadway was blown down,
'..iiiiin.rlng at what he considered fogs of the coast of the fnlted States. ' An electrically llmmlnnted sign twen-
.-b Philippine policy. 'Canada, the Kritlsh Isles nnd upon the -"' f"f't ami eighteen feet wide
i 'ad intended," he said, "to Invite I waters thereabout!. was hl,,wn frt,m t,p r""f ,,f " W' story
..mution to a matter Unit might Fifth- Any other effects of such oh. at W TMriX avenue, apposite
e I, r.iught to the att-ntlon of the structlon. not specifically mentioned, "nromth Hall. In The Hronx. and falling
. i, adiulnlstrntlon. There were which may be discovered nnd deemed '""'ough the roof of an elevated railway
,.i tMiigs settled bv the last dec- worthy of note for scientific or other 1 "nt,'n underneath Into the street
n Among tl.es, was the t .rilf. purposes. w,' i , '. "1 " "'7' i''""' shat,,,,n",1 "
lor,, then was the matter of the Her- s another direction given the ' ' ,K W " th" "rf"
s ,Ivre U was settled thai we of commission. "" r f ':," '
!! publican party were not to do
. i- in b- dene, so we gracefully
t-ilr iini aw.iil tile perfnnnanee.
wer. oi her iU"stknH which the
di ntl.il election Itself settled,
v.' iw I am not here to ask for a new
- i.' ii apply for ,i wilt of error.
ii- ai' other ipiestion that can
: - ii'.-nl You hear the gentleman
. Mnii.iiiia I. Mr. Ilobsonl. It seemed
m. that he was appealing to us from
1 1 liiiicrals.
I ...niiir wl.li hi... ii. thinking we
,!,. . have , quale mv.v. Hut
! ihII l u seems to be Democratic,
i in favor of pearl and I bcileve
i i i be broilglll about by the united
' nn ni
or naii.,,,,., eve,, wi ut the,
In in;.- Hi' ml thinkti necessary.
' I lll'i lltll
i laveti t got peace .vet unil we ' , wires or the rniun Hallway Cotnpnny.
,,t vet ,lls;,ese with our nrccs- Meet l.nekunnnnn a. Si.nnt- whc ar attaP,1C(1 t)) , pvntrd
'v ili feniis. 4rr " "nff"'o 'e. ture. The other end of the algn dang-
Vainhrr subji-t we may talk about, Hitf.vui, Jan. IS. A company of In- llnK about the wet pavement established
i i.tiei the venint or November Is fnntry from Fort Porter to-diiy took Hn fl current which charged the
Philippine polity Tvvelvo years f,,rclble possesBlon of the Uickiiwnnna ' KrHUn(1 for a I,Jt'n of twenty. rive feet.
ii wan a paramount Issue as to ronl trestle at the foot of Krle street, i ''"'Iceman Keating of the Tremont
mi ihrc in not wo should hold tho They marched upon the property fully 1 avoml0 station, who had discovered all
M,,' ppl, ies. I-Ilglil years ago tho Issue equipped to do battle and to stay a year tho ,r,lu,,''' niltl ' hnnds full sum- (
v.. eoiisldniribly inoillllid. Since then . if necessary to enforce the tlovernment's ; wnnin ambulances, attending to faint
v haven't hiaid of It nt nil In any I decree of ejectment, ,nK women and warning personal
r'ei Him.
1 1 (-coined that our Democratic
f. en.j.s wre taking the wise course nnd
'c saw nothing to do" but go ahead
rud v imllcato tho hiiccet'sful solution of
ine problem. There has been lltt! dls
' 'isslon reci ally and only a few mills
end water references In the platform.
' Therefore I think that the verdict
of tho last election was not a verdict
'h.it wn should sejiaratn from tho
islands, give up the problem anil turn
the Islands over to perhaps unfit na
tives. "For somo reasons, as a Republican,
i uminiicu on nccona ragti.
l..i.,.v.Y.10:.)A.t..rrlvMPalnl,cli0:lil'. M.:
i vn'iiie") P.M.. tirUnitoflu'. I'.U. nnt day. and
piirr u-Mirli quirkly. luq. 1IM
I'lll.l.iim Mi, ii lull,.,! in H ihiiIic
j n mi in rimt ii i:iij,i i.Huith.
As President T.ift was entering til" I
I Waldorf apartments In tin- Waldorf,
""i '"Kilt on hh way to the private
dinner given liy George C. Holdt he
,n't ",,,lrv I'lill'I'-s In tnr cotrldor.
Th i'i(.,i,i,.,lt -mii..i m,i .,.i ,mt
his hand
I "I low iln you ,1, Mr, Philips," lie
said cordially. "Ilmv arc yiui'.'"
The steel tnun looked at the PrisI-
I dent, ami without extending his own
hand ami with 11,, sign nf recognition
: said: " ,u'i .,.V,. recall your
fare. 1 don't believe I have met you."
Tin- Picsldctit laughed and n.ilil he
thought that IT Mr, 1'hlpps would cxer
else his memory he would recall him.
TOeie w:i. n minute's p.iuse, Mr. I'li.p
grasped Hie situation, uut out his own
hand ami Joined the President In a
Ilrollirr lliiltoti llnil iieerrileil
I'iiiIiit Dnnilrii hi MolnUal.
Ni:w Oiii.kanm, Jan. IS. - Hrother Ira
H.irnes Dutton, succe-S(ir nf Father
Damleii In t he leper colony at Molokal,
Is dead of the disease, nicordlng to ad
vices which have reached this city
from London.
Hrother Dutton had bten connected
with the colony since lstf. when. In-1 April, Folks wt nt about without over
splred by the stnriiM of the wonderful ! coats, with u tccllng that spring was
sacrifice of Father Uimleii. he left hi-1 ,,lltln(, lnl(1 Ul0 ,.aiCU(1;ir nlll.(ul 1)f
I'liice as a lay mcmnor oi ine I.e.,
detnptorlst house In New Orleans to
Join the martyr, lie assisted the noted " of winter, and i ven the llu-
fatlier for three years and administered "'llt Hudson, which persists in Its tlu
to him when he became .stricken with ency. beatlnn all lecords for the month
leprosy, caring for him In his last j since the dus of P.lp Van Winkle, may
hours. Then upon hi- death Hrother i be pliiwii in i'pot by the diop in tem
Dutton took up the work. peiatine
Hrother Dutton was the son of New, The wind in the petioil of Its greatest
I'liKlaud Methodist parents. He be- force, nnlv a little less than hurricane,1
mine a Catholic in 1SSS, relatively late j c-auseii lots of trouble to people navl- '
In life nnd entered the local Hedemp-1 atln: In the open and blew light wiik
torlst house a n lay member. ' ons "'', ripped the roofs off buildings
Previously Hrother Dutton had fought i wrecked big signs and stove plate glass
In the civil war. After the war he was windows, it was not a local disturb
n Lieutenant In the commissary depart- am,'- "K' "' from I'levelaml down '
inent until he took up his humanitarian : 1,1 eiillailelphu the Must, arylng in
wink I force fiom fol t -.lirht tu sexeuty-eight
I miles. kniK'ked things about and tore
, up trees and shrubbery
(. , , ,,, , s( , s
StetniHliips From Ti-
tAllic'S Fflte.
Wsmi.mjtoN, Jan. IS. ArtlfUial oh-
"The commission shall also make a1
'.i i. i u i .., .,
I no I it in . v.k.. ... it ... iii.j iiiii.-oi 1
'mill KIlli.lMirreMls of the neen n w,lnh!?V" ' " in .lll.nl III ine Sign ICUeil
would be Influenced by the proposed ob
.structlon. and especially the prolmble
effect ii I the disintegration of the
warm, north (lowing C.ulf Stream, which
now occurs by Its meeting the cold
fiowing l--.bra.lor current."
The sum of $100,000 Is placed at the
, ... , ... .
' ' - '
. .
'Ihe ('aider bill was pre,,ared by Car
". I-lvlngstone inker, M. 1
Of New
York. It was referred to the Commit
, tec on Naval Affairs.
Tho land, which parallels the harbor I
entrance for 1,000 feet und Is valued
at $1,000,000, has been the subject of
litigation for ninny years. The (Jov-
eminent alleges that tho Iickawanna
Is merely a squatter. Tho Attornoy
General's office, requested tho War De
partment to make to-day's move.
Tho next move Is up to the Lacka
wanna, It was said to-night, and unless
they movo quickly steps will bo taken
to tear down the trestle.
To-night guards were mounted and
nro patrolling the boundaries of the
Government's property.
iiomi: hki:kkhh
iikai.iii nkkkkhn
Will Unci wonderful nnpnrtunlllrs South. Travel
lln MllITIII'llS IIAII.WAV. Nn u.,U, T
n nn
kenis surii epienaia wivniarea. ivj Y
MiHtthc. t'uri win at. Mi,
Wreck Windows ami Sins ami
Tumbles People Alioiil
on Itroail w n .
Sudden Drop, in 'reniperature
Act'oinpnuies Windstorm
iener.'il in Kiisl.
A Aim m that was ceuttal eierday
morning. over Luke Frio, dragging Into
Us maw f lusty breezes from the west
and northwest, was responsible last
night for the swift shifting of wiuil In
tins ncighboi hooi'. and the creation of J.
riotous nut thvv ester that fol ten mill- I
hte or mi galloped at II seventy-eight j
mite rati, and tor two and a half bouts, i
or from 7 to :::t'J o'clock, howled stead
ily nl seventy-two miles
The air up to the time the ealc bigan
was almost like that of a humid day In
Kclndiile. Hut to-day maybo there will
Prof. I'reiikentle,l, chief forecaster at!
Washington, said the "heat wave" that I
preceded the blow that killed it in the I
Hast was due to "an unusually low at- j
inospherle pressure in Alaska and over'
the Northwest and an unusually high
pressure through the South." lie said
that high temperature records had been ,
smashed everywhere In the country e
cept of course in the far Southern '
States. Washington was steaming
under 6S degrees. In this city the high- I
et temperature was breaking the I
' record for the date, but it seemed higher
'lirnliMe nt fh. hnmllli.. 11.,. ... ....
dropped almost to wintry coolness at 11
u.ij, .11.- Illfl 1.-111
, . 7 1
street, was the man hit. The heavy
, , , ... .
I him and when ap. ambulance from Ford-
! 11.,,. .U.i .i i. . ...
.'.'.'" ' " ' " " " lln" ,n'"'
Kr" " ,r ' '? Wn". tr;lcll'r''t ' , f
' M ''"',. If ,'' "'" tu . I
,r',,""1 '" t,, "V '
, f'"'1 '. "nc . ,1,H 1 r",1 ",,r ,"f
' " " , ,, , "f 'T I
lers cage sear the window when the
sign came crashing through
She fainted
and lay nearly burled under a shower
of glass, while the occupants of the
place rushed shouting Into the street.
The woman was revived by nn ambu
lance surgeon.
Meanwhile there was all kinds of ei.
cltement in the street. Une end of the
Ign In falling had caught on the feed
"Tcr"ulnB, lne miilrs not j
,"t" , cl,nrK1'' ,nrrn' Tl reserves.
cmn ' ruooei- dooib. arrived soon,
some gathering about the sparking area.
Others blocked tho "L" stairs and closed
Tremont uvenue to trnrtlc as far 170th
street. I
Two boards which went to make tin -
a sign on tho roof of a building at I9U
Third street were blown down, striking
Mrs. Sadlo Fell and her daughtcC
Kmma, of 309 ISast Forty-sixth street.
Hoth were cut and bruised on theft '
shoulders, fnce and hands. They went
home after receiving treatment. '
William Hchalillln, 22 years old, of 1
136 Stlllman avenue, Brooklyn, and I
Harry Dandy, 23 years old, of iOt West I
Twenty-tlTth ntreet were caught In n
shower of glass which fell from a win-1
Continued on Second rage.
I'natiir lliipes "Tnr l-'eherii"
Talk Isn't i'nl.en l.l ternll'.
Piiii,Mn:i.i'MiA, Jan. lS.--The Itev For
lest M, Dager, pastor of HI. Haul's
Church, who last Sunday night attacked j
Mr, nnd Mrs. I'. T. Stoteshury nnd tie- j
dared they were lowering thu standard
of morals by encouraging the smoking
of cigarettes by women, has apologised
for that portion of his sermon In which
ho referred to the banker unit his wife.
"I see now that the remarks 1 made
weie taken too literally." said Mr,
Dager to-day, "and 1 have written to
Mr. Stntesbury tisklng his pardon and
assuring him i meant nothing personal.
Tile harsh expression 't.ured and
feathered' was pieceded In my utter
ance by the word 'socially,' and what I
meant was that they should be criticised
for their social customs,
"liven so, It was an Impulsive utter
ance, made when I was trying to appeal
to my audience, and no one regrets
more than I that tile remark was In
terpreted as It lias been.
"My absence from the. city early In
the wei k prevented my knowing that
such wide publicity had been glcn to
the sermon, and 1 wlh that this state
ment be given as wide publicity as that
which may hae Injured Mr. and Mrs.
"1 will refer to the matter anln In
my sermon to-iuorrow, as I never Inten
tionally advocated the taking of the
law Into one's own hands to rectify any
abuses, nnd I should nnt have advocated
a method that would have done Injury
had any one been Incited to take the
matter literally."
Mr. Stotesbury's secretary said Mr.
D.igen's letter h,il been received and
that as far as the banker was concerned
the Incident was closed, but that his
family appreciated the fact that the
clergyman had puliliil. onfesu'd his
OF 25,000 AT CANAL
TelN Naval Committee IWir,
Permanent Force Js Xeees.
arv to fiiiard Locks.
WMiiN'iTov. Jan is -Members of
the House Committee on Naval Affairs
were stattbd to-day when It was In
formed that It would take an nimy of
".".olio men to guard the Panama Canal.
Col Ceorge W. r.oethals said such a
guaid was necessaty. He pointed out
that In case of war It would not be prac
ticably to send r.enforcemtjnls to the
Canal lone An armed force ample at
all times to deal witlr'ertlWweneles must
lie kept tbele. Col. lioethals told the
committee that while supplies might be
rushed to the Canal Zone overland it
would not be practicable for nasons
that be outlined to tush troops to the
Isthmus In the event of war He said
that an naval power that retained
control over the sou would as a result
maintain a certain control over the
rami I The foi tllicalmns now building
would pi. vent entrain o to the ian.il.
Col. Corthals admitted. The enemy,
however, would be able to laud an army
on either eiutt and if sir mg enough
could take the waterway.
Col. Coi thal" would have the army
in an intt "Sailed position nt each of the
locks, t'ni (io.thals's statement made
a sttong Impression on the committee,
inasmuch as it was plain from his ie
marks that in order adequately to guard
the canal It would I- necessary for tho
I'nlted States to enlarge the navy as
well as th" at my
Col Cocthals's address before the
naval committee came up for discussion
in the Mouse later In the day Incident
to the di lute on the army appropria
tion bill Ucprosenlatlvo Moudell of
W.vomlng expressed the belief that the
proposed addition to the at my would
inciease the cost of the military estab
lishment at least .3."i,OOO.O0O a car.
The plans now being framed by the
liovernment rontemplate sending only
eight thousand soldiers to the Isthmus.
In the coiitso of bis testimony Col.
Coethals took occasion to commend the
personnel of the Marine Corps, saying:
"Although an army man 1 am forced
to Kiy that the conduct of the marines
has been exemplary at all times. I have
si i'ii many drunken i-oldlers in the
Canal Zone, hut 1 never have seen n
marine there in that condition."
To-da) Consists of
Seven Sections, as
Follows :
- 8
- 16
FIRST -GtntralNewi .
SFX0ND -Sporting . .
THIRD - Automobiles .
FOURTH -Pictorial Magazine
FIFTH Foreign, Fashions, Real
Estate, Financial -12
SIXTH Children's Magazine . 8
SEVENTH- Society, Drama. Music.
Uooks, Queries . . . 2
Rtadcri or newsdealers who
do not receive all of these
sections will confer a facor
on "The Sun" by notifying
the Publication Department
at once by the phone (2200
Beebjinan), and the missing
sections will be promptly
forwarded, if possible
Aecidentnl Dropping of Weight
on One llevenls Convlets'
Mel hod That Has Unfiled War
dens of (he Country Hcvcaled
at Sinir Sinn'.
OasiMMi, .V. V., Jan. IS.- The acci
dental dropping of a weight has cleared
up n mystery which has been puzzling
tho wardens of Sing Sin prison from
the time of Wstrdeti Sage down to John S.
Kennedy, the Incumbent. Tho weight In
question showed how drugs like opium,
morphine.cocalneln powder ami plllform
and other things got to the convicts.
The discovery will be of benefit to tho
wardens of every other prison of the
Slate and to the keepers of city prisons
like the Tombs In New York.
Drugs have been shipped in In plctuie
post cards. Further than that from In-
. v.! lt!. Hnnu filrr.n1v mail., liy Wjirlon I
I.. . .
'Kennedy it appears that so far ns tno,an, ... ,f n .-,,,, ...,,- ,,.
New York supply Is concerned one
woman has been the principal manu
facturer, having a large Block of
diugged postals on hand, which fact
was known to the friends of prisoners
who Use drugs. i
That convicts addicted to the use of 1
narcotics have been able to rcoeive a
supply Is well known to every person
who knows anything about prisons. In
New York It has been the subject of re- ,
peated Investigations In all State Instl- '
unions as well as In county JalK '
Keepi is and ptlson physicians liave
been dismissed from service mainly
upon the testimony of convicts, trus
ties have been sent lo dark cells, and
.ven wardens have facod charges be
i cause of the fact. Successive wardens ,
' have adopted plan after plan for break- ,
I lng up the smuggling, und while they i
I 1... I...I I ..In.. .1. ...... .1...
have succeeded in cutting down tin
amount sent In they never have been
able to break it up entirely. Despite
eveiy precaution convicts known to be
morphine fiends have broken In on tin
systematic attempts of physicians to
cure them if the habit and have been
found from time to time showing every
symptom of having received a "shot"
or a dose of the drug preferred.
White 'tLrll:iiie.. wns nnreiniltinir. so
far as Sins ing was concerned. It had
come ut last to be considered by Wnr-,
den Kennedy to be one of those unsolv
nblo things like the underground wire
lciis in n prison, which enables prisoners
to know all the news of the day and
oven Keep more eiuds on a world's scries
In baseball. It couldn't be stopped.
No nun thought anything of it when
the postal card ei.tze manifested Itself
in the prison live or six. years ago. be-
cause the cum lets keep pretty well
abr.ast of the times. No attention was
paid either when the plomer photo-
graphs of places of Interest, seashore.
mountains, cities and persons began to
give wav to the eiierune.l cards which
proiiiun themselves made In Cermany.
Neither was notice taken when the en-
. i rusted i urds gav e way to the t-tnbossed
cards, the ones with the bouquet of
! (lowers standing nut from the sur
i face, with the woodland scene with Ihe
.trees sticking nut, with the personal
photographs taised above L!ie surface
; If the men preferred to receive a little
'message: "We are well at home and
think always of you," Instead of the
allowed letter, that was their own con
i corn.
i The mall that arrived one morning
a week or more ago contained several
seme of these cards and it was nil
' taken to the proper ottliial to be ex
amined. The man sat at his desk, the
cards before him. In some way or other
weight or a book dropped oil one of
i the largest post cards In such a manner
! thai the edge of It struck on the edge
!of the embosHlng. cutting a hole. To
, the surprise of the man nt the desk u
I tiny speck of while flew out of the
' hole nnd stopped in front of him. He
picked it up, looked at it curiously and
then started. It looked like the seg
ment of a small morphine pill, He took
It to tho prison physician and It was
such a pill. The embossing was ripped
loose and the hollow space or It was
found to be tilled with more morphine
pills, n goodly number of them a half
grain In strength and concentrated.
An examination nf every other em
bossed postal card showed that two-
thirds of them had some kind nf dope and Mrs. Gould attended the perform
In them, enough to last a fiend until ance at thu Lyric Theatre. After they
the next postal card was received. I
They were all small pills and powders,
out as strong as iney couiu oe mane
for tho size,
The Investigation that has followed
has convinced the warden that the con
victs of all prisons have been using
picture post cards for several years.
Not only has this been donn In Sing
Slug, but In other large prisons of the
Convicts have said that a woman in ,
New York city has the monopoly of
embossed cards In that district. Her 1
name has been sent to tho New York j
police and word received here Is that '
there Is shortly to be nn nrresl. They i
say she charged twcnty-tlve cents for
a card, with the drug extra.
She did a thriving business.
VrerUce .it Known W'brn Mie
Went lo Sec Friend Who Is III,
I Haltimork, Jan. IS. Sirs. Woodrow
'Wilson arrived In linltlmoru yesterday
I afternoon nnd departed this morning,
1 unrecognized and undisturbed.
I Mrt Wilson W..H the l?t.est nf Mr.
.Harris K. Kirk, wifo of the p.istor nt
the Franklin Street Presbyterian Church.
Accompanying Mrs. Wilson was her sister-in-law,
Mrs. Annlo Wilson Howe.
When they arrived nt 1'nlon Station
they were met liy Mrs. Kirk. Mrs. Wil
son came to Itallirnore to visit a friend
who Is III In the Johns Hopkins Hos
pltul. She and Mrs. Howe spent the
grr.atrr part of the afternoon ther;.
IlecaiiRo of the prlvnte nature of Mrs.
Wll.'on's visit sho was most anxloils not
to have her presence In the city known.
Shenra VarA m f. 1,000 CliecU nf 111
Itenllr Compiuir.
Eroc It. KheniH. n former State bnnk
examiner and president of the Horotigh ,
Hank of Ilrooklyu after Its reopening .
In 1908, which was closed for good
n short tlmo later, yesterday wan con
vlcled before Supreme Court Justice.
Crane on nn indictment for grand lai
ceny In the llrst degree In misusing n
check for $3,000 belonging to the Mollis
Park Itealty Company, of which ho was .
one of the directors. The offence had
no connection with the affairs of the
Shears had told of his Intention to
use the check. Hp will be sentenced
to-morrow. The Jury recommended
Comes nn f Innrelantil lo At lend Her
SUIer's Wedding.
The Cuiiiird liner Mauretnnl.i was 10."
miles east of Sandy Hook at !:30 o'clock
last night and Is expected to dock at
9 this morning. Among her passen
gers are Anna Could, the Duchess tie
Talleyrand, nnd her husband, who are
coming hero to attend the wedding of
Helen Could on Wednesday.
Tho Duchess has not been In this
country In almost four years. Her son
Howard, Duke tie Sagan, who will be
4 years old next July, Is with her.
Anthony J. Diexel Is said to be among
the Mnuretanln's piissengers. It Is ru-
Mnored that he Is going to Phllndelnhla i
u,,r.. f.,V w.it .-,. , , t . i.. , .. V .
l.nnd.m if he f.MiK t ... i- ,m .
bo his mission to his old home it is ,
undcrstood that he will make a trip
around the world.
i'ulltlelmi's Wife nnd Mrs.
Ilrnll) In sol ii stimuli.
fiftuil Citl'le ttrnpiltvh to Tnr. Si
London, Jan. IS Mrs. Winston
Churchill, the wife of the First Lord
of tho Admiralty, and Mrs. Heatty, the
wife of Hear Admiral David lbattj.
who was formerly Mint llthel Field.
daughter of Mntshall Field nf Chicago
were injuied In an automobili
to-day, but no setious irsultit ate an
tlcipatid Mrs. Churchill was visiting Hear Ad
miral and Mrs, Heatty at their hunting
box' al Hrooksby Hall In Leleestei shire,
and went automoblllng with the Ad
miral. Just as they entered Melton
Mowbray they collided with another car
i ..J viiit i i ii i
Mrs. Churchill and Mis. Hcnttv were'
slightly cut about the fare. The other I
members of the party buffeted slight in-
. Juries
o Trees In Meel-Va Jo. Keen .
on Thlrvvrs.
Miovii.i.K. Oil.. Jan. 18. James It. i
tt, .in orange grower of Orovlllc, i
lucked by a syndicate, has gained con-
trol of two trees which hear navel
grapefruit and will make an effort to
make the new citrus product commer-
cmlly popular.
The fruit l a cross between a navel
orange and a grapefruit. Steps win be
taken to propagate the fruit on a largo
n ale and steel i ages will he built around
the trees to prevent buds from being
ronirlliiiiloii iniiist M ines tint iielit
f llnii loo, i I,, llosplinl.
lUnvmN. L. I. Jan. U.-The lUbylon
.Hospital will soon be free of debt ns
the result of a gift by Mrs. W. K.
Vanderhllt. Yesterday Mrs. Vanderhllt
gave a check for Si nn.) to Dr. W. It.
Savage nf Cleat lilver for the hospital. r
Last year W. K. Vanderhllt presented'
tl.ouo to the institution. I
The hospital is about' M..-,m In debt.
L. II. I'lshel has promised $1,000; Jullen
I '; ,1'7 ,' '.' .'. ,
! " n',,k' ,',H u Cutting, "
"f 1 ,,li'1'll'' r'0,0. "'' ,',e .)S l,n,an H A".V
Davles, $l,0ii.l; Fredetlck G. Hourno
lllary of the hospital. $:.O0. on Condi-
tle.li that enough pledges be secured ! wn,IMl "ndeavor to assure the safeguard-
for the paytne.it of the entire debt. ! lnK of Mui"""'i Interests at Adrl
Thls condition Is fulfilled by Mrs. Van- ,,()l'le and the respecting nf the existing
(lorbllt'a I'ftnlrlbutlnn.
she blisses In 'I'lientre
Found In Her iilo.
Mrs. l-'rank .1. (lottld lost - for a few
minutes a valuable brooch of sap
phires and diamonds last night. Mr.
got settled In their box .Mrs. Gould
V.i ..IT V t.omu
. hat the brooch wjis mining.
ket Is made up of eight big
The trinket is made up
sapphires surrounded by diamonds,
The manager was -notified und ushers
carefully went over the path taken by
the Gould party from Its automobile to 1
tho box. Then Mr. Gould telephoned
to his garage and asked his chauffeur I !
to search the automobile which had ,
taken the party tn the theatre.
Th. I.,.,lff. f.M.n.l llw, 1 U l .....
fry? -
I'lfll. enne Hoys Media llentrn)
Cirnss ItooH.
The Fifth uvenue lmys will not be
permitted in future to do any sliding
'down hill on the Klnderberg In Central
' Park between Slxty-ilfth and Sixty
1 slth streets.
I This hill affords a long slide in snow
i tlmv and has been turned over in the
.children since 1903.
So many children from Fifth avenue
nnd adjoining streets used the slope
en imieli on n thin em-net nf um,u ,,,,,
the grass roots were destroyed and the ,
sliding place was bare all smniner.
Scattered trees on the slope made tho
sliding dangerous. One boy wns scti-
ouslv Injured Inst winter. Ills father
demanded tlnancinl damages from the
Park Department. 1
Park Commissioner Stover ordered the '
sliding discontinued, but the boys con
tinued to slide.
When the Imys continued to use the
hill desplto orders Supt Heatty
boulders on the hillside.
put I
Beliuvo Porte Can Give No
Other Reply But Refusal
to Note.
' '
' .
C'ant Give Up Adrianople,
Because It Means
Islam's Prestige.
Ottoman Foretell Minister Pre
sents Draft of Kcpiy
to Cabinet.
iViim a Siifelal Correspontlrnt of T 8tnr.
London, Jan. IS. The war situation
' '-""-"; . .
! ' "e ' -owers wno nave oeen
I watching matters very closely nppre-
hend n renewal of hostilities after Tur-
: kt?" replies to the Joint note presented
to the Porto at Constantinople. This
reply undoubtedly will be in the. nega
tive to the proposal to surrender
Adrianople and the yKgcan Islands.
The dispute between Hulgaria and
Kumanla Is nnt going to bring on a
general Kuropenn war. but the Albanian
problems are really dangerous. There
outside Issues there which are not
tiuly ii ppi eclated.
Itussla nnd Italy are determined that
Albania shall not become n tool of
! Austria.
On the other hand, Austria
Is determined to limit tho ex
pansion of Servla, which she regard
us a pawn of Itussla.
The Ambassadors who have been
holding sessions hen; and watching th
negotiations between the allies and the
representatives of the Ottoman Empire
have decided to leave In abeyance all
. .. .
cinestlons In regard to which they are
In disagreement. This accounts In part
for the slowness of the progress of the
I. Idle I'nltti
I'nt In AsMirnnree
the Powers
Sjrmit i able letpatcti to tnr, 9rN.
i-omkin, .inn. is. npocuintion is rue
UK "0 nature of Turkeys reply
to ""' "0,c ,lf t1"' I'owers presented
1 yesterday, urging thnt Government to
'yield to the demands of the Balkan
States In the matter of the cession of
' Adrlnnople. nnd the .-Kgenn Islands, and
promising in return to look after the
financial Interests of the Ottoman Em- I
' l're. According to n despatch from
' Constantinople received late to-night.
the reply of the Porte will be com-'
J l.liJir JZX'Z
' sta nt inople.
' it Is generally believed that Turkey
will take every ndvuntnge given to her
j b- the vagueness of the note presented
J,rs. ' V,', T, ,. "n(,0"v"r " n""
,,n,p "r ln " her
"T ? , T ,S !.
' 1,1 urkish clrci,s in London there
seems to be a painful Impression nver
the contents of the note, which Is de- ,
scribed as Incredible, une of the Turk, i
f1'" , U,f' ';""CP, '
j u 1,1,1 B-wnt. has I urkey ,
""l ' " ei-i ic"-"
siirance in ine nisi inrimruni ni in:
note of the Powers will be carried out?"
o me cueci ...... . .iwers j
I Il.O.Hllirf, t'(IIWt.t'n llliu iHiit'i i 'tiK"'iii
' riniftortv In tin titivti. its Wfll nn tll( flir
ther assurance that n settlement given
bv them to the question of the IslaniLs
. In the archipelago will exclude all
menace to the security of Turkey.
(isman NUnml Pasha, the Turkish
Ambassador to Germany, to-day took
emphatic exception to the allusion of
the Powers to a possible loss of Con
stantinople nnd some of her Asiatic
provinces to Turkey in the event of -a (
resumption OI .lie will, Mill. Mniuvm
, , .llillcnlty In reconciling, he said,
, fnlr ,,
.... ,. ,,,,, ,,,, ,h
when they proclaimed that the
status quo would remain the same no
mntter what should be the nutcomn of
the conflict.
After this manifestation of thn Pow
ers' sympathy, he asked sarcastically
If It was to be wondered at thnt th
Porte desired a fuller definition of what
-. 1... .1... inrl n,l nial.plal
? Her I
the Islands of the Atecun Sea.
"Kven admitting tor the sake of ar
gument Hint Turkey is ready to yield
tho Islands In the Kge.111," said
' Ostium Nl7.iml Fasha, "how can shu
j cede them to tho Powers on the simple
I promise that their settlement will ex
clude all menace to the security t
Turkey when Kurope has Just given
such tangible proof nf how little her
1 promises are worth?"
' Meanwhile the situation at Constanti
nople Is regarded with grave misgiviniT.
I Judging by the latest developments,
Grand Vizier lxlainll Pasha daro not
yield on the question of Adrianople,
It Is 11 sit cil whether the Cabinet la
"""""B -Kl Klve 11 satisfactory re.
" mm 1,1 m"u
rllr,'l( ," ('"nllHeo of Fnlon and
I'mgress (the Young Turks) and the
"illltary party. The only hope, soemi
" 1,0 thni t'1" Precarious flnnntinl con-
union or tne iiiiumau umpire will de
fr th" extremists who want to re
some the war nnd resist thn demand
of the allies,
it tho reply of Turkey to tho note
of the Powers contains nothing tawjtble
11 is expected that the Balkan LftM

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