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Raih 16-day, followed by fair and colder; fair
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LXXX. -NO. 146.
NEW YORK, FRIDAY, JANUARY 24, 1913. r,,url0ht. 191.1, by the fuu rrh'tlng and I'ubllthlna Association.
"hit l'i-iiii,-roii .frttcllrr Unci
I'.trrj rent In Wnll Mrpcl
Just ii tho inxt moving picture of
llic afternoon's cntcrtiilnmi'iit nt Pioe
torn TlRMtt.', Tlilnl iivcnili- anil Frftv-
eighth street, ran In Its close yc.Mtctil.iv
ltriiii-f Itccrlti'tl of Many "ninll
Hp tiliilliiiiiiry I. irilliu, ,
tnrrfal t'tthtr llr nivtlr.'i In Tlir. Rr
., liirr of Kiwt National of ";-; rXZ'""1" Committee Takes
Hwana, .In si. The C 1m cruor of
I Sont.-i Cl.tta province reports rumors
,ot a tcvoiuiionnry uprising in many 1'i-pci ili.ii Slinn f : A n llOlltieeS All-i ,m,,K 1,1 Riverside Drive, was ar
I1ev. .fnnnllinn '. t)nr. ArreMeJ,
lip Wna (IItIiik ('nnnsel.
A man who said he wns the Itev.
Jonathan C, Day of tin; Labor Temple.
I'ourtoenth street and Second nvenut
Midi Nridge Said to
Maw Confessed.
He Hypothecated SloO,
(mio in Securities With
I. Hudson & Co.
i:i;."U I! MM. FIK.M I K N I r
in a pocket was n paper with this
written n it: "My nam.. Is s.innirl
Newborgcr. my wife Is Mrs. P.. New-'
bergor. lr anything happens to mo
notify .1 Flnholstone, III Rust Fifty
seventh street " In another pocket was
n small bottle and a tlnv Kpoon. T !fJI'Kl
bottle contalncil a cyanide and the'
Kpoon seemed to show that some li.nl I
peon taken recently
j. ... , portions of that district. Similar rtnnors
' P "IR are coming from other provinces. The
Issues and Davison Kx
plains The in.
vniicc to ."5,000 Employees
nt Their Prill.
I Liberal newspapers are extremely
seditious In their in tides as to accepting
! the result of tln election
i The roiiservatle newspapers, ivhilo,
belittling the eelted icpoils in regard COST
to a possible revolution, htnme the Gov-
ernment for not taking action In the
matter of allowing the newspapers to MllltflSfOtlir'tlt I'lllllS to llodllOP
preach sedition. Tito uovernmeiu is
Mr. Flnkel'itnno, who Is an nndort.-i lor. I DetlieS CiUttmntCe and I'oilltS ' Oie mailer
rexerely criticised for Its passivity In
mm ine police Hint Now berger Was .'el
years old and lived with his wife anil
a stepdaughter at 132 F.nst Ninety-second
Street Some ears llgn he was j
a in osticrotis ln.i-,,11,-- nl.1i
llro.idwny and Forty-second street. The
building where he wr. had to I... torn',,,,
"(down and Nowborgor sold out for ahom
Out the Company'
I . !i'ilM'l'.
''ivn. 0i'l
With this lie went to Wall Street as'
At l'IISI'll llffil'inl. a . urh hroUer Ho lost all he had. ' ., rniiiiw.ll.wl Unnm.nU.
Uecently he had hern In money straits. 1 '
Plnkflstone said and the PreJ Sons of! Knnws of No Met I'Oliolitnil
luf.lr.1 I,',. I r I.I... 0 ... .11 , .
,, i.,-n nun in imp mm
It Is announced tit-day that a ureal
l.lheral meeting will he held to. morrow
uiuht lor the iiurpoxe of intlmld.itliiK
the Supreme I'ourt Into a decision null-
! lfyliu,' the elections The demonstrators
piopoe to hi- very severe llhollt this
I matter and sa that unless the elections
ate annulled a ieohitlon will ensue.
ITIiis i very liiiiiroli.iMe. althoimh some
small uprlsluus mav occui
Cost of Uvimr 1y
Hirci't Huyin;r.
rested last rilKht In n strike dlsttirltance
I nenr a factory nt 395 Kourth avenue.
I The rliartfo UKaliist lilm was Interfering
with a policeman,
Just before Mr. Day's arrest Louis
i Taylor had been arrested for dlsnrderll-
ness. Al the police station a man from
llm factory balled Taylor, saylns the
employer wna convinced Taylor had
been forced to go on strike. Mr. Day
said when he woh arrested Taylor was
trylnrr to Ret nwny and he simply went
up to him and told him to bo peace
ably. The clerpymarr said he hnd worked
much anions these employees and had
never been arrested before. He would
not seek bail since be was to ko to
night court.
S-J.'r.OOO in
PrnfrTl to I'tllllk.
Clnli Session.
N .1 .
.tan. 23 The l'lrst
i is ,r llu-b lirlilce d'.d not
.nr this nntrnlnc. The
-"t t t.l'sr.itn to the t'oinp
the riiticncy last nltfht ask-,
i Ho- i ti trr.e of the bank, and
m, r 1m ixpictol fronr 5lilln- ; ,
,n,ro. joniiMi in Crush Arninid flnr-
i , f the .ink said to-nisht1 gain Conntnr Whon Wrt'ck
. .iu .f the institution was
i Mr iMirtesslon of Abrntn 1..
t .ishj. r. lh.it he had em
'"'a nf the bank's funds. Ac-
, i lie .iciount of the confc-
tnmlnl Tries In Oeslrny Inmnses
In Niillinml linller.t.
rrrml ' it'iV tlrl-ttit' In TltP. 11
!.'.mhi. .Inn. 23.- An altenilil was
' mad" t -!. v i" ilcstt tj four aluable liallways t'omitany but also of the Ju
' palritlni-'s in th, Nation..! Cillery. ""t t torltnroitcli Uaplil Transit Company fit
i before Hie (lie.!tiu bolll' Itrm xt Welch, .... r ...u. I.. , ln 1. .n f.i,.t tn
,t.n- th., iti-.mn.Ml Hnnttrlim ,f .1,.-. tlTlt.. . ... .. ,nl " I"'-."'."" I
' s... ... iwnosam 're mi-a p.rrn.er or ran, some,
Onft.nnO .ssiie of bonds fur Inrildlns sub- j lorsetshlre. -lasbeij "The Cleaners" and
WtuiiiTov. .1. n 23 Menrv t'
Davlsnn of the llrm of .1 I' Morgan
i'n explained to the PuJo tomrulttee to.
I whs in New Vork
in Hii:iall of Mrs. I'mi-lable, by I'on
denied the Insinuation of Coring '.'' "Th" '.'-v .nl"' ' a" ,h,,'r '""""V!" "!
and Fire Cnmo.
SK'Kixnev. Te , ,lnn. 2."..- -Thirty 1 Issue of i I TO.Oon.ono bonds,
persons were killed ihd twenty irro-c ! Mr. H.rvison ald that the exnerrdl-
i' the directors to-nlsht nr n,wnK n., tiro result of the col- 1 ture of the $5S,0l)0.00tt by the city is to
.' he had taken Jl.Vi.floii worth nVfr. this afternoon of the three spiry be accontlianlcd step by step by the
lonalns lo the bank from ( iilldlrrs of the Mississippi Dry tioods ' spendinK of an equal amount by the
vo-.t aulis of the foal and Company and the two story building of ' compan .
.a, Hani; or .cw run; arm , . TnRlo ,m,olm.nl company. Tlr
' 'te.l Ihenr wllh f. I llud- tthk.)l fnw'd is believed to hau
mnioirs or rni' -ew . oi ii i,,lrM,,,i , .u,,,!, ,.. ..i, ...,i,i r......
been rescued otherwise. lp to ,s
1 1. ..t..;., t.i.. - I... ii..l,r,l W'Mu.mi
I rnrermjer that there was any rjuaran- ,. . ,, , "... .' , .. i i ,.i'.i,
i , ( ustodiarrs and students who heaiil the
I tee of the earnlnRs of the present Inter- ,,, lm wlll ,,, vllni., broke the
horo.iKh svstenr Irr the proposed plan. kUss mxerlirK the palntliras seized
or that the l.is.noO.UO'.t to be advanced ! Wi-kh before he had time to Injure the
by the cltv was to be "behind" the palntirujs serlnusl lie was cuttlriK and
MnshlrrK at the canvases, our the darn-
Theodore 1' Shonts. president of the
Inlerboroimh P.sp'd Transit Company
arid of Hie New York Hallways Com
pany, announced last nlc;ht at the six
teenth annual enter tnlrurreirt and hall
of the New York- P.ailwajs Association
at the llarlenr Casino, Second avenue t y,,,,,,, rnPlih. KP nnir With
and I2fith street, that tills company has; Fmher I'rniir Mnllott.
decided to e.rant Its molormen an.l con- J liArKSN.VIU.Bi rln .,,, 23i whpn A
ductors wlrii' will amount to practically 1 (.- n(.nP(lct f x,.w York arrived on a
a in jicr cent, increase In wages. visit lo his son at St. AimriNtlne this
In order to make the wages of the i rnurnliiR. he was surprised tn lind nt
.1.1,1m,.,. .,,.t ..nv nt ibe New York ' "ie stallorr a hydroaeroplane, with
1 J ! II.... !. tfl. I.. .1... t I
. ... j ..-.i.-iiii; i in iiif i e.inj lit
take hlin to North lleaclr.
Mr, Hrnedlct loaded his valises on to
the machine, tool; a seat brsltle his son
and the machine RrniV.olly rose In the
air to a Irclcht of ion fret and sailed
awny. Hay llenedlrt uses his air ma
chine for most of his trips about the
country, and out on the bay.
War Generalissimo Killed
in a Fight in Constan
tinople Street.
Nazim Counselled Cession
of Adrianople to the
Crash Follows Tortes De
cision to Accept Threat
of Powers.
cstHbllsh cooperathc stores at which
tlie emploees of these systems can buy
nue is said to be so sllnhi that t-.1f will
cover the cost of repairs.
The irrarr was arrested
Thl proposition Is to be put to a
vole in the next few dnys, every em
ployee KottliiK a vote, and If they should
approve the tlrst store will hu started
within three vxeclis at the Fiftieth
street barns.
About .".,(100 of the railway company'
employees, with their families, were
gathered lo see a vaudeville perform
ance, followed later by a dance. .Ml
New Movement Hns for Its Ob
ject Snvinjr f Km
pire's Honor.
Stricken With totlpxr In Timet,
rutin tnrlntenl I lunar.
filarial Cablr Impatrhtt tn Tnr Siv
Hi:nr.!N. .iHn 24. A Constantinople
i despatch received early this inornlnfc
Gustnv Carl l.uders. composer of the Fiivs that Nazlm I'nslra. tho Turkish
Prince ot Pilseir and other comic
New York
', iiise. for 7"t,0t.i which Ire I
..- nut pins for speculations
ii.ii' named in the lonfesslou
JT...O0O lost on double th.:'
f rhe barrk's securities hj
i Hitorillrrc to Heavers, with '
t u:e tit til . and a note for T.ouo
. n.ts uemttlated through the
it into and which because he
lurneil over to the bank all bis
i - r.i make up for the defalia- '
unable to meet. The various'
icndi red by him irr o estimated
'tank's directors to be worth
. ..eon
'Vst National Hank ot llisli
eas organized Irr ISOo with r. '
.It'.'JdO. Directors of the bl
ast ninht save Heavers, who
ashbr since Ita foundation.
Miiich of the success the bank '
J He was one of Ita ot -
a nil has devoted more time
f tire other mm interested
- up the institution
lent of rhe bank Is I'erclval
Shonts In nn Intermission In lire vaude-l "iwrus. died suddenly of cerebral apo
ville was introduied from ono of the I l',,,!(-v ' 1 oVloil; this morning in rhe
o'clook ro-nUht elKltteerr bodies had
b en taken from the debris and more
have been seerr.
Sevenc. -live customers and ciKhteen
clerks were In rhe deptrtrueni store
when rhe walls caved In without warn-
In takinE exception lo Mr. Truer
myer's question recardlnr; a itrrarantee
by the city Mr. Davison said that theie
Is to be a rtreference. not a Guarantee
prov iiluiK rhe earnings are suttlclent
i tut of the earnitiKS t"i,.'t3."..0n(i will be
set aside as the lntorbornui.'lt's prefer
ence. T.iat Is the only preference, and
Is based on present earnings, Mr. Duv-
Iiik. The crowd of shoppers and (he Isorr told the committee,
weakened condition of lire burldlnz are; In the tourse of his testimony the
nsslKirfil ns causts. A special sjb- was ! witness said that he believed the so
talilnK place, and the victims are chiefly colled "trusts" hail been a "creat bless
women and children , Iiik" to this country. II" Informed tho
The tinn. r lloor was used hv lire loal committee that the Covernnront could ' at
Odd Fellows lodK
falhnc surashrd the
store. Many of
bllrneil nntl nititil.ir.'fl thnt nromtit tilnti
tlttcttlon has been !mpoalble. Several ! 'lem ,s ,hrolKh Uovernrrrenl resula
I'ierks ..scnoetl bv itiimilnL? fnttit tli. non. rap
second story, sufTerlnc sllcht hruists "' woul,J rather have tonrblnatlnn of the Caletv Irr 1S9J and for years ile
rtie niiii.ii.so ..einr.r i.t i t xr t'i... 1 m ' re(julatlotr than trncontr'' t; com-1 ottd ltlruelf to fire marraKemcnt of his
first body wns taken out nn hour later. ' 1,otllIon'" w,ld llr-
A mother and a ont-vear-nhl Irrfnnt . t, i n U'
Mr Davison proved me of the inor-
Kiillrry boxes by Frank lledley, ice
preshletrt and Kcneral mnnuKcr of the
New York Hallways Company. He said:
"In appreciation of services during
the first v ear's ortera'ion the board of
directors have authorized an increase 'me Loroner s ottue. lie contlrmcst the
in lire writes ,,f conductors and motor-' "leath by telephone from the apartment,
Generalissimo, was shot dead In front of
tho Porto last night.
Times Court apartment house at '.'i:.; -Nazlm rasna was snot nean rn
West I'lfty-tltst street. demonstration outside the Porto before
Dr Matthew' lteattle of 23S West' the rcslpnatlon of the Klanrll Pafha
tiri.v-nrsi srreet was cauea 10 nrrenu pni,inr.
Mr. l.trdtTs, and he reported tho case to
.Author of "The Broken .Melndx"
Kails head on Hris;h
lon Stay;e.
).ffi t' 'ctVV itrtpatrU lo Tnr (
LttMNi.s. .Ian. 23. Aucuste Van ltlene,
ncror. coinrinsir arul musician, tiled sud-
tlenly orr the siac- of the Hippodrome, me. t-ouieness costs nornrnK out pays
Hrlshtorr to-nluht. where lie had oic urv.uenus. n pays rvvrcc n pays
mm rrrai kivcs auu nirii tour receives.
went on to tell of the plan
his speech ..'he wns i
men. The Increase, though small to the
lirrdividu.il. "will add to the payroll ap
proximately $1.'0,0(IO u )W.
"All we ask In return Is your con
tinued cooperation with the officials
irr our efforts to give the public the
' urost reliable, safe and etllcient service
in the most courteous manner posI.
e. The buildmK in n" morp disintegrate these ti ll' is than been pi rfornrlnc In his piece "The Mas- him that Riven a
endiicent implement " c"u1'1 I"11 North American con-' tcr Musician." whlclif had replaced his, Mr. Slrorrts wei
the dead were so ' tlnetit on the other side of the Pacltlc. j famous "Tire Hrokrn Melody." for cooperative
.. .1 .1...' . 1.1... , llh believes the onlv wav lo bnnill.. I ':in UlnnS eummenced his career as a Twice during
iru tout orutiiut men- 1 ' - . , .... . 1
Jtreet plaver on the cello und Went up smi'Peu o ut-iiienuuus npinause.
rapidly. He became temporary manascr , Tlu , :.a,Lnr,':,!t wnK1' wln 1'fec,
hut the superintendent of the apart-
It seems thnt Knver Bey and Talaat
Pnsha had Biven explicit orders, that
there should be no bloodshed, hut Nazlm
were found dead with rhelr arms around '
each other Other women were found
coverim; the bodies of their children.
'11... ia.l- ..I,.. .....,.....1 .... !.... .1...
Mr. Chrystre's health became u.irKll) .,,,; .,i its heRh't and that '", "I'"'"'""" "f '"'
.,eml,er last tl,at-l,e went to, u.)m(n ,.,., liromi(1 thJectsand it was ev Iden. rh,,. tl
IrrterestlttB witnesses that th: Pu.io enrrr-
miriee has hail. He
I pla "The Hrokrn Melody." with which
he toured the world and which Ire him
se'f plirved more than 4.fjfn) times.
Recently lie took up his new play.
"The Master Musician" Speaklns of
the ciiirnue from "The Hroken Me'.ody'
1 al . hoping to K'Kaln it
vl flir.. stle left he ami Heavers
, at v olllctrs of the bank who
! the sife deposit vaults In
1 ml Iron National Hank, the
- institution' New York cor
1 ' hd where the New Jersey
is sicurillcH. All of these, or
1 no were railroad securities.
,irei tors of the bank learrud
, ,r 1 nnfesslnn about .luce
- ile cashier Invest, sonte
5 o ,,f his own money rn
ni nean venturo which proved
wildcat variety. A year no
- ami' convinced that the in-
wa losi completely. When
the president, left for the
.v-rs sard, he thousht ho saw
fur speculation which would
l,,.ses rn the South American
1 l.iiruary 1 Heavers told the
r 'ors. accordlnr; to their story,
Mint to the vaults of the Coal
e Vit.onal Hank rind took out
' Una! belonclm; lo the IIIkIi
i .a n i. This, he says, was the
' I defalcations. He took the
I Hudson tc Co. at ."5 Wall
rr.l bur towed fa.OUO on It. This
.' Hi no as a margin on trans
wli.th he begun that day. He
i 'unit another bond from tiro
i". heeatei It, wagered on the
' " the money and lost. I'roc-
. v ti isiness day since .lanunry
made his first venture Into
"f tlnatrce, Heavers said, ho had
a , fioo or lO.OOfi bond from U.o
rel gambled with what he could
n I arrd lost eve y time
eon the habit of the directors
have driven me Into a lunatic asylum."
referring to tire fact of his many per
formance Irr his original work.
"Tin- Master Musician." like "The
Hroken Melody." afforded Van ltlene op
portunities for showing his wonderful
Wis otiispo! en in
all sub.
Hie sup-
counters. Suddenlj Hre east wall '""""" or concernment or racrs was
creaked and 111 teen seconds later both , forelKn '" M thoughts,
walls caved in upon thorn with a crash. Mr Dilvlli"n ,ook advantage of every
Screams of women were stilled bv the "'',s'on Mress his faith in the mo
hllndlnir avalanche ' . lives which had actuated Morgan
There is small chance for airy ,,f ; o. in ineir ast ruisiiress transactions I work with tho cello. He had three
tl ose still buried Irr the debris tit be Mo"t ,,f ,lls references, of tourse. had , tire Inst of which had the same
taken out alive, but rescue work will ''" wl,h ,ieai" ,,",t ,"'"lt" reiody a "Home. Sweet Home." Ai
conrlniie until everything is cleared , u'if,".r' ,'n,'ro1 ,,,p fll'n' . ' the conclusion of this the curtain goes
avvav. -Doctors and nurses have been! "You think that J. P. Morgan d Co I down orr 'I hr Mumrinn, who has col
sent' for from adjoining towns. Mnnv,c"lll(l wrong?" was one of the j lapsed In his chair. Van Hlcnc had
came frorrr Dallas. To-night there Is Q'leries jurt to tho witness by Mr. Fir- Kimi, through two performances in corn
sorrow nnd desolation here. Hundreds 'vrmyer, the committee's counsel. .pressed form at the Hippodrome, which
are frantically seeking wtves and I "' Kmnv thiU ' ' Morgan & to I is a music hall. When Ire fell back In
fathers and daughters. could do no wrong if their endeavois ' hs chair at the end of the second per
il is believed three of the employees j "n,i tl11' circumstances permitted ".rem I formam no one In the audience
Irr the Tingle establishment met death.!"1 1,0 n they wanted to do," was tire ; thought it was anything more than the
T. M. Tingle, head of the concern, es- witness's reply. j usual finish to the playing of 77ic
caped. arul lie .-ays three of his men Tl"' committee's counsel In the t ottrae , Musician' last melody. The stage
were In tire oltlce at the time. "f lo-tlay's hearing sprang a surprise manager, however, noticed that there
The following dead so far have been when he attempted to show that for n j was something more taan the rrstral
Identified: Mrs. Mary Stiff, clerk; Miss '. lotur time the representatives of half a i prescribed dramatic finish arrd more
Rosa Welch. Miss Kale Mulligan, Miss , dozen or more Dig tinanclal Institutions than the usual realism. He therefor.'
' nr,,nit 3 .".00 tn J 000 mcil firninn nn,r rin
ductors of the New York Hallways
Company, comprising nbout two-thirds
of the surface railroads Irr New York.
The vearlv increase for each man will
bo about U", ur approximately a 10 I
per cent, raise. I
The plarr for the establishment of
he said. "If I hadn't chansed It would '""Pt-rmlv.. stores will concern 20.000 , Mmy tu prIee pll)(1 fof Jn
".'.s soon as they get going," said
Mr Hedle.v, "we're gotng to get otrt a
price list anil circulate rt arrrong the
errrplojees and then if they can't get
to the store they can send up for n
list of the stuff they warrt anil when
they get to the liorns they'll find It
there and they can tnke It home.
"No name has been chosen for the
stores yet They're going to bo run
morn denied any knowledge of a death , Pasha's aid fired from n window of th
In the house and refused to say in whose : porto. at Knver Hey and tho lire was
apartment Mr. l.uders died. returned, with the result that Nazlm
Mr. l.uders was born in Bremen, Ger- . , , ,,, ,
many, on Dec. 13. ISM. After studying ra!,,a wn" klllei1' , t
under Henry Petri he came to America 1 There were no disturbances elsewhere
tn 1SSS nnd jioon became known as a 1 In the city.
composer. j Constantinople. Jan. 23. Nazlm
He had lived at the Hotel Seymour, ' rafUnt commander In chief of tho
H West Fifty-fourth street. , , , . . , u., , ,,, ,i ,Kl.
Turkish forces at TchatHldja and tho
j former Minister of War, was assassi
nated to-night during a demonstration
I on the streets by the Young Turlo.
Nnzlm Pasha told the Grand Council
yrsterday that he 'would like to con
tinue the war provided he had tho
funds to do so. As the Powers re
fused lo provide any money in ca.te or
tho war being continued ire yielded . .
the suggestion of the other menrbe.a
of the council nnd advised the surren
der of Adri-rrroplc.
Nazlm Pasha hail been crltiiizjd
,a seat on the exchange which Is about 1 somewhat severely for hl conduct o.'
to be sold Is $45,000. The high record ,h0 operation at l.ule Hurgns. c.ihjl'..iI. '
,,:rir,fr ?.!,fal,?l",e, CX,C,,,",,S0 w:,slby the Young Turk ofticcrs.
io,vui' jJitm in itiur, j 1 1 j iv u eal
I.owent PrIee Mernrdptl In $1 lle-
ernl Nnlra.
The lowest price for n Stock Ex
change seal thnt has been recorded in
tiro present selling movement was that
of $50,000 announced yesterday ns hav
ing been paid lor ono of two seats
posted for transfer. This Is $1,000 lie-
low the Inst previous price nnd J2.000
lf'08 jrr9t nfler the pnnic of 1007.
orr it seir-snpportmg oasis and we ex- , j()hnson to George H. WugularT audi
iiel In r.iinn nitt ol'.in If ,. .tnll'i. .n . . .... '
Is made somewhere we will out tho
price of another article to even rrp.
TJre company's Idea Is to make the
working conditions of tire men nnd
their pay as satisfactory as possible."
A crisis has nppenred which look - like
a revolutionary coup d'etat and mav
bring Into powtr again those v,i,j
brought abnni lire revolution of 11" .
which depord Abdul llamii!. It a, I
Thotims A. Gardiner to llnw.ml .1 cuius u,u n if. ..... ........
Hlldt. The four new members admit- ! Turks to the decision of tho Coiimi, io
ted yesterday were Austin .1. Feticht- I surrender Adrinnople nnd leave the que -wanger,
Gernld M. Livingston. George tOI, f n, .v:gc.in Hlamls lo Hie I .
wur sold for $30,000.
Six members have disposed of their
seats in this declining marker for them.
The two sents posted for transfer yes
terday were those of Dentn.rn F. H.
roup I r In Audience I. earn nnrular
Hail litjnrptl llnnghlrr.
I.Izzle Wade, Jiussell Hlght, aged 4; , m -M'W -roil; have met at I clock on . ortlered the c.irtnln down In a hurry i Hoontcin. N. .1.. .Inn. 23. When Mr.
i Mls Hva Searcy, clerk; N. Ii. Crealoy, Thursday afternoons regularly at the; nnd hastened to the chair of 77ie i and Mrs. Norman lirowers, who live near
c en; ; r .. v h snort n.inupr or a en .ieu iiiiuoiiio . out m ttiscuss oaiiKimri rr n .i,-.. 'rii. ...list lin.i i,i,,v,.,r r.i. i.iiiui. rtriiien unrn nt n mneint? nie. ....... t .. i .. i
' ' ' - ......... ,,, . . .. ...... , ..... r. ' rtMUl, UIH" ill uii; fturpip, i 1.1 is i t no.t i en . , , , , i.. .. . , tl t ., ti . - .
, All stores and offices closed this nf- affairs. j Inst tune. He wa dead, probably from true show here last night, they saw on him on what he had done ro Improve I umi,lu 1 '' mtomii.Ull'Io wll.i r..v-
ler noon and employees helped In rescue 1 " urriinanon was mat a system or . heart disea.e the screen tho hastily scribbled words: ti,0 National Guaid. I Uonul bono:.
,x. .-M'ligmun nnu aosepn x . ijarrrnran, ifs T)u, ln,.t M.,a rcsls.i.d a a I a
I new Mln!si:-y under' MnlrmoriJ Sin.,Mi
AST0R IS SULZER'S FRIEND TOO. ! Pasha, a Young Tur k leader. U bo.r.g
; fcrnicd.
(iiivprnnr firenlly PIphipiI Thnt 1 In- j The aim of the new Ic-uli i s. :o f-r
cent In me to III ItrcrtHlon. as declared, in to rotalu Aiiii.'.r.o... ;,
Ai-banv, Jan. 23. Gov. Sulzer an-; They profess thai they have no wu".
nottneed to-dny that at the public rcccp- ' to renew the war, but rlrnl pence winch
lion In the Kxecutlve mansion Vincent .,, ,,...,, ,,. s,.:i.-,der nf A.l-.-
work. The building was nn old one, bin rooperarrorr was marnralned through: Van Hlene was born In Holland In "Norman Hrowers wanted at home at
hnd not been condemned. Cheeves Hros. I ""'"'' meetings. Mr. Davison, who was! 1S45. I once."
owned the Mississippi Store. (supposed to have participated In them. I . ti1p message was the first Intimation
sali! he never had heard of any such ' Tfiirw T fiTTO utc incr m nrcc rhev b.-nl thnt Mr... Hrowers's dauchrer.
..n ...,.,.r, gatherings.
HIOO. U. nAUniJUAPI a UJilUD rJUnil, To-day's proceedings also brought1 "
'forth nn Interesting recital of tho ages of ! 'rhn,,u" """ Whtt.p I'on.elener
Wommi Cleaner In Theatrp Hp-jand other personal information In re-, Wouldn't l.pi lllni Keep Tlteni.
The Governor advised tire young man
to enlist In the guard and follow in Iris
father's footsteps.
Gov, Sulzer said he felt that tire visit
warded tnr Itetnrn nf llrnoelt.
When Mrs. Oliver Hitrrlmanrenched
her home at 34 East Fifty-second street,
Wednesday night, after witnessing "The
Argyle Case" nt the Criterion Theatre,
she missed a horseshoe brooch. It was
set with six diamonds nnd seven sap-
tl.gh Hn Igo Harrk tu look over phlres and was valued ot several thou-
minion's affairs about three sand dollars.
ar. ine of these exnnnna-
gnrtl lo the organizers of the Hankers
Miss Alma llfiiiiui. had been attacked' of young Mr. Astor was a nice expres-
I by a brrrglar nt their home. Mr. nnd'slon of the friendship that had long ox
, Mrs. John Vandetiroof, parents of Mrs. listed hetvvecn John Jacob Astor ami
It Is Impossible fit the present mo
ment lo Indicate the liTobablc io.'..ii
ot events, but one thing la to be sa.d
and that la that order at the capilul
has so 1'ar not ben disturbed.
The Committee of Fniotr and Prosr r .s
(Young Turks) to-night Issued a h ng
Trust Company.
i Hrowers. hud sent the message. The ' himself. , i i ... nig i uricsi ...-..... "-"
i young girl was found unconscious and i "This boy's father and myself." said , P'oiiamntron. of widen the .oinw.at.
:nsack, N. .1., Jan. 23. Jnmes 1 young girl was found unconscious and i
J Darling of Tarrytown, a student In the , bleeding from a wound In the head. Hire Governor, "were very close friends-. , ,h Kls,t
n , "i
Mr. Davison having explained that a 1 Newman School" a private Catholic In- The three were downstairs during
voting trust was created to protect the Ktllirtliin Hackcnsack, while spending early pnrt nf the evening. Mlrs Ha
the , I was pleased when I saw him at the
.,,.,11,,,. nnrlv- nnrt nf Mm nvpnlti'r Mips TTitnnn
young men who were storting their his New Year's holldav at Iris home at' was the first to go upstairs. Mr. Van
careers with the Hanker.-! Trust Com- Tnrrytown found a now pair of kid derhoof heard her fall, but nelrher saw
pany against unscrupulous promoters, t gloves- that John D. Uockofeller had j nor heard her assailant. Jewelry nnd
Mr, I irternrycr proceeded to review tho dropped from Iris automobile. Ho , about $50 were stolen,
personnel of these "young men" nnd, brought them to Hackensack and! Mr. Vanderhnof, who Is nearly 70
I iiotr mifwi rnr nroinfi nn mrinh t .. iu,. . . . .. . ,
The theatre was clostd for the night . warrrcu ro Keep tnem as a souvenir, lint' vears oai, ran nn ergrrur ot a mile to'
iv ennies soon afier th.. llrsfcl when Mrs. Harriman tried the tele-1 , . MT-1 cotiselencc wouldn't let hlrn and ho Hip nearest telephone, to send the mcs-1
- - - 'i , , ... liavison itiio rue .spectators,
uiii, man Government was
carrying on n victorious campaign Id
I Africa and Albania, where only a few
1 otllcers forgot their duty nnd fled to
! tho mountains. When the Cabinet of
, Said Pasha wns obliged to rrslgrr lu
Cnnnot Vnt- I'nsnnlc School Antlllor- j ordc r to prevent n domestic revolution.
, the Cabinet of Mnlrnred ihii.namnr
In January or February. I phone. Yesterday morning she tele
knew of tla's custom and ; phoned again,
w.th his continued losses and, Meantime Mrs, Mary lloherthon, who
to restore the bonds widen ' lives with Iter three children nt 4G6
Inm fnr ttun.lnv M ... f 1 11 u .
Ti..l tlw. uiitlwii-ltv of tlin ftoievtllll lit
It. Dai... X- T 1 . ..o 1.. . ...... tn 1 i.e . ,, ...
sent the gloves o their owner by parcel sage to Hoorrton. He told the teleplrono ' ti,,,. rnded 'eiirlv' t'hls'mnrnlnu' the school ! 1,1 Albiinl"' , . ,
post. Yesterday ho received the follow-, n.tor there thnt the couple were nt i , rd ,1 " Htir. on lire part of the
the theatre. Tic, theatre manager War, tllP hlB wloo, U(,0,-i..m for a uf-; "'r.
informed and Ire gave the message lo ., ,..i., ... ...i,i.,i, m,. ,. tr n Halharr Poweis. Mukhtar s Cabinet gav o
Davison first tho purchnse by him nnd' S,T lr:.vr: James : I want to thiml! you u. operator, who Hashed It with tiro ii.,i,n.,t m,r Mr. i,i-. ir'nsa 'rinrner "'' l,nnl 1,low to ,llu Constitution and
his associates of the control of the ' ' rm"? ".i"oi s vvlikh , 1Uachlne. Mlss H.inna raid she did not , ,.r.. i,,. ..' . ;. ., ...'l- ,r .v 1 Its j.ollcy led lo the formation of tho
.nr. i.nvi.oti . irsllntnn,. 1(,t,(,r;
I'ntermyer took up with Mr. i
.km. the fear of discovery ' West Forty-third street, and who is "vrson r r.-r me P urennse i,y in,,, and -' ;,VV;;7.mi , "V,1, . ;i(,V V if. n "'" ,"''"'"nt',,r,' w '," mmei ll. wl '. ,lle ' IWmoiit and Mrs. Ida llusted U
... him dally, (in Monday night employed as a cleaner at the theatre, ! ".' t,fr o f . tn, !ie, c'v "ha ' " In pVed fm, ! ,UHC ' n', H'"T f"6 L"" ' wr" hl,vo "J"""' wcck fr"'"
, l Cat there was no hope of had found the brooch In tho box which '"aran' rrust,.( om'ai ' nMr' I!vl- ,. ,,.,,,,. ' "r"rrr" "'"lo the burglar and never knew what, .Sunday evening to give a new suf
k wlrnt he had lost and that hnd been occupied by Mrs. Harriman , "n ,'1 Vr!!,,i i rif i r nnn8 ,r''H v'""' Mi " 'etirrrr them Is typical , ftnick her. j organization a sendoiT.
tho directors of tho bank and lit r party. Sho had Just turned her i ,',"',, , . ,' .7 "'", '''' ' the average Anieilcan
able He telephoned that rind over to the box olllce when Mrs. ,'"; "' "',' ' '"","";. .... , , ... I
. ... .., i .. . ....i i t... ,.. road man, and that this gave them a I tiusl that you w III a uasa be aide to I
in v. ... itesicr, viL-e-,irer,. i larriuittii i.-i.-...t...oo. ........ .... ... - t , ,.. , , ,,,.,, ,h, . ., , .,,., ,i..H, , , .,, I
Halkan federation. Although lr knew
of this federation, the Cabinet disbanded
'e Central Knllroad of New , rlmnn rewnrded her,
id a director of the bnnk, and'
lt.sler that ho had Important LOSES $2,000 TO WIRETAPPERS. ' ers Trust Company
secretary, Georgo Dlckerson,
I' avers and tn tho secretary i
i ld his wholn story. ,
rsori reported tho disclosures to i
. r. nnd J Henry Hose, vice- '
of the bank, was notified. Mr.
innl Inlontlon was to liave the Gttnriintv honesty ale eoiii erircil,
I Trust Company absorbed by the Hank- """" '"' '""" America!
i ers Ti-ust Comnanv. I Mrrcer.ly yours,
i. . .1,1; ...a... ,i.. i. r....... ' l,l'tN l. ltofi;i:r-r:u.r:n.
I '" 111.11 .nt. i.ivisnn 1 ,nl,10S Moriin,. nVrt .,, ...
, nvivliilhn.l t IWi n liMlnclurn-iiiu nlt nl. A '
I llrfrrc .Nnmrtl to I'iiiiiiulr Imounl
insuea tnr ti,.. fr.. .., M, ni.iitnrio,,, carry out the luniwuvrcK nirlgarla oh-
It vvas refused on the ground tltat tho i J1" "'
ItiiHsIn wished the war post-
school building ought not to be used for
Vlrlltn Wonliln'l Ilpllevp
,.Pd Wen PnlleP Told ,n,. I
Tlie 0111 wiretapping gnmo witn an "Several younger bankers In New
Its classic features cost Georgo M. York," Ire said, "organized tho Hankers I
Drown, a retired business man of Clove- Trrrst Company In 1903, The voting I
line lu l-'iireelnsnrp Mill. a Stmdav moorlnc bavlriL' to do Willi anv
That Mrs. Daniel !:. Sickles does not political ma.tcr. Following the an
Irrteud to pay off tho mortgage on her I nnuncement this morning of the school
I better souvenir than the gloves could 1 husband's home nt 12 Fifth avenue was hoard's decision four women ot the
I indicated yesterday when .Irrstlco Green-1 twelve who with Mrs. voou nnd pell
poned until the spring, but King Ferdi
nand of Hulgarla said, "Wo shall nut
find such n weak Turkish Government
In otllco lu the spring."
The Genernl Staff hnd prepnred a plan
for ntlacklng tho Halkan Powers, hut
tho Cabinets of Mukhtar and Klanril, In-
' is a rormer Mayor or High , anc. now stnylng at the Murray Hill trrrat vvas created to preclude tho pur-
' aided other directors, Includ- 1 jj,,tol, $2,000 Inst week. " chnso over night nf the control of the
v lav or. wort is nrcsinnnt nr i .... n i n.. it. i ..i .1 ....,nnn.. l... lai,.i,l,..,in ...t.. ...
lor-Whurton Steel
rue cmei mnnumcttiring con- Ptprtces who were watehlnrr the nlnv
thu town. and. in an economic niul difficulty In convincing him thit he 1 somewhat under question. They were
0 town's rhlef support. On , )liul )Pon rohbed. Flnnlly they did nnd i regnrded ns promoters. We wanted to
, iy morning Heavers nnd ) last night nrrested Charles Holt, who j protect our position. We had lent our
inm ..11. 1 nme, n nitecior, wiii .irt !, Wos a broker of 10 West 1 nnrreps to n nnnnciai institution nnd wo
Sixty-seventh street, on a charge of HI nt wont to wnke up some morning
grand larceny, They nlso locked up
Harry Davis of 101 Wesl 117lh street
ns a suspicious person,
Neither of the prisoners Is known tn
the police.
baton nnnolnted F.lbrldRo I.. Adams iniHoneti ror tho uso or mo amiiionum ,"'"'""""""''""'"""
'compute the amount due on two mort-'"aid they would have nothing to do with sH'ad of acting on this plan, appointed
gnges aggrogatlrig $SS,000 In n fore-1 trio meeting, One of those is Mrs. will
I closure suit brought by the Howery ; to' I'. Harry. "Vho wau to hnvo enter
tained -Mrs. iieunont nnu .virs. iiarper.
.Mrs, Wood says Mrs, Rolmont and
Mrs. Harper Hlrall hnvo a chance to
'Savings Hank, which holds both mort
..!.- ...fl.n.-. ..Mirnu
lark Grlf-1 The papers In tho case show that
"ok "f 111 Hroadwny, counsel
r kulil he was nnxlous in make
en and his. wifn Joined him In
Continued on Second Page.
nnd find those promoters hnd purchaser!
control nway from us,"
(J, You are all well known bankets nnd
Continued on Fourth Vage,
Washington H.rsc-i while Gen. Slcltlei and his wife filed nnlxpraK. oacaing .im. nn is mo wire
Hrownlo llrirke. tho rippenrnnco lu the enso through their m J'assnics .ayor, .yrn. vteorge
x president of nrmly wns Mr. llrown convinced ! trust company by Individuals who ut ...
el and Iron 1 of tho h,inosty nf the wlretnppers thnt , that time were active In New York nnd , mNN, ,,,, -.i.y
fnctirrlng con- detectives who were watching Ihe play whose credit and responsibility were '",' ,',"""K'1" "I 1 V Wa,sl,lr
IHUl 1 Hill, ttlltl IHOWIlin I
lUiHCOt )f Ihf
(tn tint IM'ORtitnr
talked ovrr tho b.-iBeball I amount duo on tho principal, with n. ; lilre a hall, they say.
J rtecmed Immensely pleased if rest from February. 1912. Ihe curt Mr". rwlimfa from the 1
,,.(,. will order tho properly sold to satisfy Suffrnge I.eaguo about four monlhs ago, '
dirrrlntitlvo mascot of the Cincinnati
Hods, called on the President to-ilay.
Mr. Taft
situation and
with ula callers,
attorneys, they made no defence,
! Soger, If they can't have the school
h soon uh Ihe refereo computes ule , Iioiibo for their suffrage rally they will
tho claim.
cost i.iM'.'s "ri.ouinA spki-iai,." nbout fnx.noo,
!rh Hrson to I inrliM h rlnr-.! Trnln. 13 : noon,
a other l.t Tralni llsllj i 0:11 A. M.. s j. 8.'rj
P.M. Superior Itnatluay nnd Mervlce, 1:1s ll'way.
Tho total nmnunt duo Is charging that the league was nothing
I more than n j.mit tea Bamerrirg antr
1 never would accomplish any good for
. .. a...u.,. i tho cause. S nee then nhe has brcn
Nn rnnnol.wur omit AM.OMTUitA Brr- 1 , """"' ' .,,,
TI'.KS.ln punrhes and fancy drinks. .titr. I planning a rival organisation.
most Incapable Generals Itr positions of
command. Instead of making war
against our enemies they began to pros
ecrrte honest men. The Cabinet ri'.
slroyed tho warlike spirit of the army
and the patriotism of the people. Thtt
Klnmll Cabinet, Inslend of occupying It
self with the war. worked to restore
th Hamldlnn (Abdul Hnmld) regime.
The Cabinet concluded an armistice In
favor of the allies, and In the peacn
onferonce In London tho Government
handed over Ihe whole of Knumel;,i In
the nllles. Seeing this wenknes.i tiro
allies have t!-?mm.!ed AUrlarrnple and
the nrchlpelago, The representative'! of
the nllles hnve won over the Povrert to

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