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Cloudy and warmer lo-slny. rain to-niRhf
or to-morrow: s'.outlirly winds.
Detailed weathct reports w'Jt be founJ on i-:.,,o I.'
VOL. LXXX. - NO. 148.
Latest Reports Deny Ru
mored Itoipcn of Terror
in Constantinople.
a. .
on i s Attni'k on
is Revenge for
oli Defeats
iionrr kkxkw.m. ok war
iii'ojm'hii Diplnni.it.
Nfitlicr Side Able to
iinit Fi-rlitinu.
fr a' i obir Dttimlrf, tu This .Si
l.n.vtinv. .Lin. 2.1. Despite tcports th.it
rave been coming nil day from Cou
untinople telling of terrorism and
...loncc on the p.irt of the Young Turks,
n .iv m control of the Clovernment, the
te.t advices, and apparently the moil
u r.llentlc. lire that the city is quiet
.. nlciu and th.it there Is little violence.
V-wrtheteSH three Italian lighting
.p are steaming to Constantinople to
1 itfct Italian residents of tha ciplt.it,
r. u In the hands of the party that has
. .is manifested the inii bitter
.itred fur things It.illnii.
I'miii Pjris tin re comes word that
l'.cnch ihplom.its l'.'U. . the war will
r. 't lie renewed. Hitlguri.i Is too crip
t 'il financially. ;hcy say. to attempt n
r newal of hostllltl, s.
T.ip sudden and dr.imn'ii entrance of
i loans Turk .Ipntl the st.ie of til"
ii Has: has caused the mint lively
.nc .i! .ilat.ii In cver.v i.ipltal of
,. P.a: e-p..c!..l'y this true of I
ih" time f a; n.-aw n.-.-o-1,.
i M:iis to the m".
Til, mil were llild.
iil'nt of the
way It was
'i ,c Turks win, put eiery o't
iii fie wa of the peacemakers.
mi V Ituci- lilll. tn rnit.il
:n!..is..idor at i 'iiisiantin.iple,
. he found Dj.ivld !, y, then
i' of I'Tnanec. now on.. (Jf the
i ,i,i.i 1'iaisi . irieioai'l a-'
!", d ..'Id a t ii.i i time thai Tui-'her
void li.-ht its.lj whii, there Was
'i "ttom.ia s ihllcr lei'.. Tile ho,-
... ..
"f the Voiint: Turi.s lowurd the '
rown niort bitter nnd In-Us
th..: fin,. . ,11, i.
lie ua.. cn.a back ' into i
back into I
!'' foars foi rh . !fen r i,- '
fears foi rh . ift of her!
uiKr.vtneii in Turk, y '
lie I). hi cruiser Sin .Marco audi
unl i iie Kuuim.i: Archimede llll.nl
n I lej.i' kcts are now on their way
'..' lt.iii.in snu.idion at St.imp.ilia
.i Unites is bclm; he,'. In teadiness
. ,1 res; of the fleet at Tarnaio
. n easy call
I' iilniuats insist that a teiiewa! of the
t.xntms:. for which tin- Voiinu- Turks arc
f" i ' iiiHiiou-. would be practically lm-
s i,:.. They believe that the Itu'.-
who bore the brunt of the war. 1
liaut.d tinrmilalo. They piedlcl
be tt.-ilk.in Slates will aitree to a
i-aiiz iiion of Adrlniiople. Itiimanla. I
JtatcMiien. would be ,iilck to
a .i:v .int.ii:, of JSiilsnriu'ij condition
.'i- iln- war Is renewed and the
' ?V...- ..f the lluliinrs would then be
, po-d'on to dletate terms as to the
' i.-.-: ni of SdlMrl.i
i Mpl'iiiiatie opinion in I.'itulon is not
n, d to place much faith In the new
' I" i iim.-nl at '.'onstaniinopl,.. its
.1 .l.,h'ii. nul Shei k-t Pasha. Is com
i .inv leferreil to in cerlaln diplomatic
" as the in'iranl.-!, ,,f defeat. It
s ,, .,, asserted that from his Knulal: at
'in he manipulated the strings
Ii linv i now brought him Into
wir Mis alter eu-o. Ilnver li,y. has
ii called hero by a nation which
'I.,. s ilartnit for coiirace. The truth
- Hint he Is only an niritator. l-'or
'e r, s thev ficnipy no place in th,.
...l.i,e.i annals of their own country.
"i iMnetl, the leading Huluarlan dele
' s,iy a formal answer from Turkey
t islriK lo cede Adrinnople could oily
interpreted an an Instruction for the
iniptloti of hostilities. The armistice
-r.einrnt provided for four days notice
reward to a resumption of hostilities. 1
not tiuiuKlit that even a postponml
" to this effect can lie put back
' ond .Monday, so there Is si me prolia
'iitv tliai the war will he resumed be
b ie tho end of next vve"k,
n Indemnity wnulaj be demandeil by
ir alllei not only mifflclcnt to cover the
. .st of the war but also to enable the
fes to take over responslhlllty for the
' "toman public debt so far as It applies
i Macedonia and Thrace.
Neii n III art In Control, la It r port
In Washluict'in,
V4.S111KOTO.V, Jan. 23, -Order jirevalls
' 'onstnntlnople and measures have
11 taken for the protection of life
id properly of foreigners, accordlmt
il, Hpatehes to the Ktato JJcpurtment
lay from the Turkish capitnl, TI11
j.'W Koverument, It Ih hald, Ih in en
ie control of the city following its
'rihrow of the former eublnet nnil
" killlnte of Nnzlm Pashti, lata War
limstei', and three other persons.
Toe Kmbassy teportH that the coup
"ai will not necessarily result in a
tievval of hostilities with the Hullmn
'.in s It Is expected that a new
' r, lament will be convened at an early
iillile Wllnncc Nnl l.'nnaldrrlnK
flan, II l Snlil,
prunl I'alilr Dt'iKitlU tit Till: Rrv
'i.iti.iN, Jan, LM, 4"'nnflrmlnB In effect
' despatch to Tin: Sun on January 17
u legaril to the conversation between
Muwr nmi tn,. Minister from Mu
tniitilii it... i .... .. ..
v.: " ' """.inn i,n:rtir irinln a
Menim despatch which i stated tu
(emanate fmm ,i high dlplotiinlic source
."ml which states ihut ihc Triple Alll
,"'' "I" not p.ntlelpato in i. h.ivnl
demonstration against Titikc.v
I'll.- r,,!,,,,,,,. (incite ulso pHuts Whilt
l" apparently nit luspltcd Merlin
H.-xp.itfii in the ,.,.,.( (,t him h ii pi.-ni
juinnnt . ciitrlcil cm
I'l-mlerliilii Iln.,,
tu iii ..i
Vlnsonl,. Ilium
I.N I rlllU. I lltltll III .Kill.. lv MM...
mice the coiimiandet ,,f 1 1 1 . Tenderloin
I'leelnet. ieeli.,1 ami fell n. the ii,, r
"'" talking nh friend- at the re.
in Ml preceuitlg (III. lllllller of Hie
.Mii.-onle Vclotntls at th. Hotel A-tor
la.-l iiiuhi.
II was i.iKen iii an umliiilani to tin
Pol.vchule Hospital, where he was still
liliionseliius late l.m nlclit. Ills con
dilioll Whs consldeleil serious.
The foi met- captain I now i.i: jeat
old. lie retired from the Police li.'parl
in. tit on .Inly si, i:n,j. Th. latt. r pan
of 111' cat In the i. piiinn tit brought
I'll" fleillelltl in,,, pili, notice.
'-apt. Price was an . ulisti i limn In the
I 'tllteil Stale-, i,l I ill. rv '.i fore ellt. tltlg
'.lie Police I lell.lt'lln. tit .lllll Was wit!,
his hattery at Sltk , Alaslm. when the 1
tltst Anictloun tlir: was h,.:ie,l there. ,
Me was appointed a ., ,11c. m. in on'
Decenilier -I. ISTt. lie was wanlman
for ('apt. Wlllliims n ih.. Tenderloin,
was a nteinlief of th- hendoinirteis
siiuail iiiii.'i.r Inspector Hrn, s and ws
tint In command of the Tenderloin hv
fhlcf I)eery In 1VH l. ter he mi in I
oharce of the Krooklyn detecli e 'oiroati
lA-Pri'Mili'iit of UrooUlxn Homo
PitnU Mny (ii'i Ten p.ii-s
in Prison.
I .
j Uidi.iin i' li.iiiiroti. fi.iiuei y
(dent of th Home It.inu ,,f Itrool.lyn.
now clo.ed. was found i.'iuliy of larieny
I in (1... tl...i .1. ..- ........i.i ,
i,,.r,,,.. i,',..,,.. ' ,
.lustlie rratn In the Sum eioc 1
n' .. , ' , .
'o:irt. He w.is cliiru-ed wltli :t.il.n;
iS.li'ii fi,m a iec!a! fund of th- bank
wliiie lie was it., president. The tnui-
niiini penalty is ten x ars iiiitirts,.Min,.!it
but the Juty tecomm, nded letiiencv.
.!l Il.ini.ei li.w'1...! ....
., ., ... . .
i.i' hi. ii. a iiun'ii i. was-
., .
WHS lllleat, tll ll Willi
I I,ll. tlllleltlv III Hi,. c,n.,. Ih, .',...
iwn,ii si, ll.t,.w..,l .....l ,1., rt ...t
liiiMuml. aheartj in ill health that
John i .ii'tiii, , nuns, f,,r the d.-fence
' rclus-d n. nermlt him h, n, ,,..i
I'-'. .11,.-. ..-I,"
The news ot the eonvletlmi in. ..... ,
en broken to Mrs. ii.imr..i, n .-
...... i . "
more e.,i ilv "
was rest In t
more e.n i!y
The birv r. i v.
The iiir w.i noi nl,.,,,i ,t.-..
mui h longer t hint tin ur In either of
the other cases In whi, b i, r i.mi.
pre'iil. nts wet nvI'Med In the ah-
s-nce of valualle vltinsses the ,r,,s,..
cut. mi r. Ihil oii;...r,ii'ly on th" bank's
lion!.,, wlil'h In some rcsp,.ci. were
Kullv latitled. Uamroti's claim that the
luink owed him num. th'in the nioti' v
he was iham.il with tukintr may In v..
Inlllleiii ed Sonic of the Jurors. !ilth,ill-Il
.Iimtiee rain- In hi- ohurKe had in
striiclcil tlifiu to disncard the claim
If It was .shown that the defendant had
iietuully taken niot'i j without comply-
liic with the usual f,.im
The .ij.:,inj wa- taken ftom a fund
known as the "V i". Ii.imiou Special
Aeeoitnt. In will
n i.nnis,. ..,n,i otiier ;
I'Mlii protits were pooled, ll unl-., n sal.l
I the fund owed hhn money. !
' I '.Huron Is the third former I in ink- j
lyn Kink president to Is. convicted of
Kiand lurcci!' within the past tine,,
weeks. Theie me several other Indict
ments oiitstiindinK that have to do wlih
the failure of the t'lilon Hank, whii h
was the .Mechanics and Trailers heforu
It was r orwinied v. .th Howard M,
lirotit us president
llemj vnlnaelies In ( nseiirtr loun
tnlna, lltoek lintn irnllle.
Ta'-om v, Wash . Jan. 2.1. Another
ri.s of avalanches has stopped trallic
on th" (Irent Northern llallroad throiiRh
the Pascnde .Mountains. Iast nlKht
slides burled the (ireat Northern trucks
west of the Cascade tunnel lo a depth of
forty feet or mote with snow and
bris. Tlio UurlliiKton passenger raln
from Kunsaa City wiia held under snow-I
Hheds at Alvin this mornlni?.
A rotary snow plough on the Mil
waukee Hallway wuh canitlit by an uvu
lanche and was completely wrecked last
nlKht near the summit of Suoiiialmle
Pass. One snow shoveller was killed
and forty saved their lives by JumpliiK.
The slide was tho larRest yet cpcrl
enced on the Milwaukee road.
Heavy ruins on Thursday nlstht and
on Friday caused yesterday's avalan
...rmrr ,n...f...e ... .-.. ...- .
tnlinnl llaim Thrnajch llomr t
'.mill fiihlr lieniMtrh tn Tin ?i
Paiiih. Jan. 2.1, A lion which formed
part of the evening's entertainment at
a popular theatre In the HcllovTllo ipiar.
ter plaed more than its part to-ni;ht
by leaping mil of the control of Its j
ki.eper and landlnt; in the nilddle of the
auditorium. The animal did not at
tack any one, but the sight of the beast I
wandering, da.i d from the bright lights
of the stage to the semi-darkness of :
the body of the theatre, caiiMnl a punk
III the audience. ,
Tile lion tiiiide for the diior and lib-1
erty while tin; audience Jammed every j
exit in a mad rush to get 0111. Women
and children were trampled on, and 1
seven were badly hurt. The police I
llnully caught the lion, which was wan-1
dcl'lng aimlessly about the street. The
lion was an added attraction to a mnv.
Ins picture show representing tin.
Hoops reluming from Morocco,
AIKKN ll'ilJT4 FKOtllM
.SOinTlllllNll.MIAVAV.SNuiillK.ikliia 1.1 uluni
Iriiv,", New ark dully P.'1W P.M. I Ira vi Inn illiilr
room, Slrriilnir ft Dining l'm. ,N. V Iftlec
PUth .We., cur. :'9lli St. Ail.
NEW YORK, SUNDAY, JANUARY 26, 1918. rninirlv'it,
Ki-iii' Kinl Collision on Third
Avi'iinc Kills Volirciniin
loli n M. (iciiiiii.
5-N ,N M 1 1 1C
jSoiith rcn-y l.iii'nl Hitlit'il li
i I'liiiriinui Ittiiiinipil at Tliirly
! M't'oml Slrccl.
A .miiiiiu poll, email was Uiln.l and
foiii lecn passeimeia ivcte Injured lit
! oclocl; yesterday aftet iioon in a tear
end collision between oiilh!,oitnil Irnliu
on the Third nvenne elevated railroad
lietweetl Thll tj -secotnl innl Tllll l -third
, ' niy tnr, , tltos,. h . wer,
lo a hospital at let- 1. :n.ih. Tw
' liiiniiil, hut the ilcad i,.k and th
. ti
. r
.lured victim,
lot., th,. Ham
li.id lie.. a taken otr
em eloped tlletn
Tin- llrml.
lit mxiv, .lulls M.. sineie
man attaelied to M.(cloii.il str-'ct
lilt Kust n.td stfet.
I i.i int
uitu, n
Injured llelletne IIiIIhI,
Hi:aiin-, .MioiiAKi.. so. niotortnati of the
--.irid tr.nn, i:,it 14iith Mi,."t, The
ISions . lio.enittoiw and contillolis about
t'ic lie.nl, iiodv atnl f.ie...
Huiscit. SaMcii.. 21. cotuliiitn -, 1 Vfi 4
W,,s-h.ii3toti .iveiiii". Th" lironx . ilitht
Ot IlllUte.l.
I .t:ivii. Simon, if., -chnojlioj . ;n5 II. nt
Sixty. lh itleet. I.kt an, I left f.),.t ill!
.in. I . iltlllo!i utl :lKloini'll
Injured Weill llnine,
.-t !
nvs, KttSMtTit,
itikle sprHltied
!'. I'll 1
atnl po
1 .'. 1 h
llniscl! .Mis. llo:. -. tl V.,li-
n-'t.ni .i.-iiii". The llii.'i : jliocV Mrs
Ilir,-'i l tin M-'fe of Satiuel lllr'.ll, alo
' U fPt.ri:. Kic.inv, n4 I'.ilriiiniint
' i'1"1'". T!"' "r-.n-i i at on iiaiiii" and
I .'lie, "lis.
1 I.inwubn. T. r.e .'in Aitlur nv
ue. Tin- lnotis . i.i.-i. .ind oontitiiiti.
i.ANcia:, ai mi. , i . o. nnintifia
ave-uie. Tile Mrnir. . entitlliiu.-i no head.
Alct IONA1.1.. Ill '.V.Mlli, )if0!l Itleper
i H!:i lew, 1P I-l.nv.l. :t:t I
: i.-i
-tf. -t . I.i erati ei of iin-v
Itiail.l . John, clelk. K. I
!! h ..id av.s
nu,. urooi'.iMi . tci on on .
ruia.iiN. i..i-i.,.. -w.
!to. II". N .1. .
1 ,,..,, . l,r,,l,v
I-, .VI.- I- .... n,,.rln. .-
. i ,. t, ..... ....
I ontti s on f""t-
Si"i'ei'V. Mr-. It. 3!. 1.11 W -i Piist
1 strc t. .Mount Vpiikhi null-""- about the
IIi'.,..-J. 1. 1..... 1. ',- ...
o.-cnn nvc -
.. . ,
t,".';TT'-.,:.w""T.1':. .'
, ro"i'i. i-s ...ju ..
' 'I-'1" mlnuto tli.it the smtn.i came
1 theie was n short clrcultlnu- or wtrs.
.ind blue tlniiles wlcb-d the'.r way
through the tloor of the cars and tplut.
I terrd Ir an the vvrerkul cjiitmll. r box.
I setting tire to tile IVo.idW'ol k.
I Tin- rammed train, a live i.ir s mill
Kerry local, hud been I, il l-v .. II. Io
nian slandhiK uu.iril r.ver tm-a miil.iii?,
1 track tep.ilrs. The cill'dlnt; train, a
I seven ear '"Hv Hall Imal. luiniped haul
I enoiiKh to Jam the tear car of tli" tlrst
i train several fee: l:;si,e the tlrst car,
of the second. '
I It wa- nenentllv aaieeil after lie ac-
cidi'tit that had th olid tram been
, lilttltic up speed the ttlms.v cars w.-uld
. have been torn apart and there would '
I have beep meat loss of l,fe. As It was
(the two cars that stood Hie brunt of
the rammlmr spl.niered and r'pp'-d and
I telescoped ach o'hcr
The South Perry local bad pulhd
away from Hie Tlilrty-foui th stieet sta
tion and the head of the train with .1
.1. Shelly in th" inotortiian's box was
about Tnirly-second stnet when h" re-
:ceve,l the slcnal lo stop.
Passcuiiers were vvoniierim; what the
j delay was all about w hen the heavier
('ttv Hall trad! luini;id into the rear
j I'olk In the car that did the ramminc
j ami the rear ear thai was lammed weie'
the ones who eNperielli'ed tile burden l
of the shoe!;. Hach car contained a
score or more of persons and all were,
thrown violently from their seats. ,
llearn. the tuoti.rtuan of the si road
train, did his utmost to stop when he1
saw that a crash was Imminent and
then he went tliriunth a wludovy. He i
pl,l thioiiKli tile air head tlrst and struck '
iik'utnst the iron raillm: of a lorn,' plat-1
form running nlnm; the west side of t!,.-
de-(track. His scalp was cut He was out
. befote the smash.
Policeman Okus'in was siiilm; a1
short distnnce from the In ad of the,
train that did the dainaue and was ,
Jammed III the wreckiiR, . It is bellev, ,1
fmni the nature of hl Injuries that ,
deatli was mercifully Instantaneous. :
Ills body was not found until after the'
tin men had doused the blazlpi; cars. I
Fire Chief Kenloti found the dead'
officer, hut It was not known until after j
the body had been taken to the Host'
Thirty-I'.fth utreet siaiion and police
men with bowed heads were standlnK
beside It that the victim w,s Identllled
as 11 policeman. A policeman's regula
tion pistol nnd his shlt Id. No. S!i2, were
found. M
As . as the passenyels ..t their
bfi.rlUKs after tile collliilon tney picked
Ihemse'ves olll of the aisles and seats,
nnd pushed their way frantically to the
car platforms (iuard-. wh 1 mill kept,
their nerve, uiti I iVm to take thlncs 1
easy and not crowd one another olf the
narrow platform nvc tin street Those
I" H" 'I'' ""l worked thlr way
Illollg the pint form to Hie Twenty-eighth '
sticet station and the passRicers In th" '
second train walked buck to the Thirty.
fourth Mteet station.
Persons In the strei" heard the smash
and saw the wedged ends of the cars I
uangefously mar tiie edge of the!
elevated structure ind frantically run!
10 got mit of the wn, thinking that the:
ttaln would topple into the street. 1
Firemen ume and 1,111 up their ladders
against the elevated structure, Tli!"
gave many ,p:iFeng rs a short cut to 1
the street. Tim power was turned off.!
putting the elevated system ont of busl.
ness south of Foiiy. second street. The'
firemen saved some of tho woodwork of,
tho cars,
While the tinmen wore ('hooting out
Continued on Sixth l'aye.
I .
Is I'll,. Mo,', S, Illlllil'liu ill :t
Ihisl "Mlli Mreel,
.lo'itl ll. Cjati, pieslilcni ,,f ih,
AmalL'iimated I'opper Compaiij ami te
Uiltileil lit W. St:, el .is tie slii.e, sor
lo the late II. It. It, cicfs, has piltchaseii
Mr. Ihcers's fortner icsldetirn at :: Mast
S. veiity-elubth slrccl and will make his
homo lliete, Tile piopitly was ,-,,(!
yesterday by the lingers esliite. the law
llrm of Sliei tun n ,v StcrUm- netltn; for
, .In- c.'rs
I Tile binliliim Is a Hv,. t,ifj s'otic
front Minetnre and .uljohin the new
marole home of .lames It. I)nl:e nl (lie
.north conn r of I'lf.li avenue and
I Sectit -eluhtli slleel. It Is an estra
larite hollsc. occnpylnt; practlcnily all of
n plot ftotiilnn thirly-llve f. ct mi
Sci etr.y-' mhtli street and riinnitiK li.i I;
1IC.L' !eet. It o.'eiipie.i a pall of He
latnotis old i'ooi. iiii.cl.'. whii h Is r'v.i !.! I
I i's one of the lliii st tevld tillal Kiiuarc
in the city.
.Mr. Itouess piircli.'sed the lioinc ftoin
.William K. liinjamln about ten )enrs
ami and lived there until his death. The
, cii plin s a Miluit'on on It for tuir-
In s, s of t.i itioti of s.Vhui, but th,.
tulce ..' v.ud i.. ,i v,. ben ne.nlv
i iitli.iilln m i e.
Ciipliiin MfXnlly and Two l.it'il
tiiiiiiit Vicliiiis in Philip
pines I'iulil.
ill t lir-prt, I. Iii T 'l "
.Ian. 2(i. -Tic i.iptiiin ,
M inis a tepoii lo whi
that Scout i 'apt. .Mo.Vnll. two lieu
tenants and sl privates lime been
lillled and foiirl.eii uu ii uniir.il, d in a
ilf--ht with the luiuiiiles In Join.
Thele have U en vev, r.ll Inns With
these lnoiintes In the last lew weeks,
and foices ,,f cons4al,ul.iry and regu
lars have l.en sent nsntrt-l t hem. This
is the most mi imis affair that has i
been leported
AKUinalilo, the lender ,,f the rexolt
aitalnst the Atiier'cnns In the Philip
pines, wlio has feuitfied po Idles, has
hren taking aetl.e putt In i evolutionary
propaganda. Mthoush he bus told the
iiooliitloii.ii ii s in the conferences of
chleftnlns that hW Mile put iom. 1 to
orcdiilze th" natives for iicconipllshliu;
their Independence It Is believed that
his leal motive for activity comes from
a fear that the Jones bill. proldlni? for
Plllplno independence, may not be
passed and that he plans to forestall
; control of the exported discontent of
' tin1 naiixcs.
Hirili-r m iln wvel; .. baud of half
Hiivnire inorrotes ran mntirk and fit ml
on rapt. Ulini. who was in a boat on
the Abuliiir ltlvr. Their inilletn went
wild. A detachment of ootntnbulary
w.is '.nimedl.'lleiy M'lll olll to pursue the
tribesmen r,ml it Is pn..t-!lile tli.it C pt.
.IkNaliy and his men wen in this de
ta. .'unon:.
Patriik ,McN.;i was t.orn .11 Sio:!niid
111 !."; He em, Ted the army in Septem
b. r. IS!,1, as a private In the Second
Cavalry. II,. r,ne to be first Serife-int
111 Troop P. Second Cavalry. He won
Ids commission as Second Lieutenant
In the Philippine Scouts on March ".
I!'".",, and three years later was mule a
1'lrs' Lieutenant.
I'niinil llend in a,llr(. Willi PorUel.
Killed Willi I, mil.
.Michael l'Por.. .vear.s old. of ilfij
N-waik .street. Hoboi.in. was killed by
eleitriillv icsterilnv morniii;; in the
fruit state of Antonio Maiu.l at First
and Monroe stta-ets. Hobnken. whith the
police say he had filtered to rob.
It was found that the chair on which
the body lay rcsled asahiM an electric
lltfh' wire which coniniiinlc ated with
an arc llrht In the centre of the store.
The hands of the dead man were badly
County Physician Dr C.eorRO W. Kins
and tile police say they found clear
"tus. cmdles ami fruits in the dead
man's pockets.
To-day Consists of
Eight Sections, as
Follows :
1 1
FIRST General Ne's
SECOND -5porting . . . .
THIRD -Fire lnuunc-. Real j.
tte, rinnciii
FOURTH - Pictoriil Migaiint
FIFTH - -Canltn Manizin;
SIXTH -Children! MEi:ine
SEl 'ENTH Foreign, F.rhion" Reiotti.
Cames .
- 14
EIGHTH Society. Drama. Music.
IWu, Qurri:. Scinch
RtaJers or ntusdcalcrs who
do not receice all of these
section will confer a fasor
on "The Sun" bit notifying
the Publication Department
at once by the phone (2200
Beekman), and the mhsinn
sections will be promptly
forwarded, if possible
1011, I jf the .Vim I'f'vtiny ami l'uWM,'j
iiini- rp
Willi nl
Ciistonici'.N Aiiiiinsl
I'Nlol Point mid
Strip Tlicir Poi-Ucl-
o.vi: shoots at ovni;k
Piii'li'iiilcr innl Pinoi'lilf I'lti.M'is
li'olilii'il I, ike Otlici'. Ti.r"
AnioiiniN to llmiilri'iK.
A Jt.ltlM of llli'll II I I'lil lZl d I lie ','.
Sid" last llllll ui'di r the rioes of police
in. 'ii by holdlnu up the men In two sa
loons at tli" point "f rcvolxern and vrM- 1
tlim away with several hundred dollars,
i About 7 : 1 r. o'clock Willie crowds werf i
cmnliiK olf fi i ri lioats at West Twenty-,
third slleel 1 ... it II, 1 for the llielllres tlllci
iii, n tit, i . il Ilcim llohteirs 'I'rans-Al-
Inntle I'af" nil lie .-ollll'e.ist I I'l'Ilel' of
Tivctit -tilth tre,t ii nd Tliii tietilh ave
nue, two blocks from the moving iIiioiir. '
Ilnlsieti and his bartender, John
fi'tuuken, a 3 years old, of
114th street, were waiting on custom
ers. There weie eluhl or ten liinir
, shorenieti in the place and most of them
.'.id their week's pa envelopes In their
The stratiKi'is, tall stalwart men. who
needed shavhm, entered the two slieet
lours with nuns clutohed In their iiiinds.
i in,, adiiinceil m the bar and Klowfr
lim down I. p ill tile tllitsty men. w!io
were iliwdllin; over liielr beer ahi-se,
! said In low but iiicnnoIiiK tones:
I "Atis..'. nentleinen, and stand with
your faces to the wall. P.,ieL up now
' ami do It gracefully."
1 The cttstonii'i's tlioiifilit nl ihst that
ininebody was playlni; a joke, but an
other Inok at the Kim convinced thcni
that tile slinnuer was ill e ll II, 'si. so
they lined up as directed.
"N'ow touch tic I'clllmr. ' KfoWled the
man beiilnil the shooting iron, and In
terprotliu; Ills order correctly they all
raised their hands' above their head.
1 The second man sear, hed the pockets
of Hie men tiniui; the mn t i; and Kath
ete.l in their loos,. ehaiiKe and pay en
, lopes. The amount which chaneil
hands was estimited to h" ahoul $2U'.
The tlvrd man sniiKKled up to Pro
prietor llolsteii. on whom he had lici n
training a revolver, and told him that
"It is time for you to shell out."
Holsten had Just transferred $Mi from
his till to his pochetH. preparing lo so
home. He meekly handed over tlnv
cash. The thief also took llolsten's
keys to the empty cash register :f?.d
refused to teturii them despite plead-
Orumken. the bat tender, was also.
unarchod' and !iis pocketH yielded up
$20 to the holdup men s treasury.
One of the men then leaped over the
bar with the agility of an athlete, 1
.drove flritmken Into a corner with a
, wild llouVsh "f his gun and grabbing
$2n more out of the till Jammed the
! bills and e lns Into hl iroiier pock
I ct.
I Then th" tr.o. w eplns the four
' pupils ,,f the onnp.iss with toeir re
volvers, linked out to the sidewalk
through tin- Thirteenth avenue en
trance. 1 in the sidewalk they were Joined by,
two other eiiially lough looking men.
'who had been standing guard outside
untitling the movements of a policeman
standing two blocks away at the corner
of Twenty-seventh street and Thlr- I
. teenth avenue. '
As soon as thev got nicely together
thev took it on the run through Twen-j
'tv-llfth street and didn't stop until they
1 cached Tenth avenue.
, After a long delay somebody took tt 1
1 Into his head to blow a police whistle
I and a policeman came In to the cafe. H-
was Patrolman Kelly of the We-t Seven.
, leenih street station. Kelly untitled
; Ids superior olllcers and l.ieut. Ite.n '.
hur.tled down will' a iiia,l of men. en
1 listing of IMcctlves lloyle, P."tnl!e and
I Van Cott.
In tiie meantime the desperado," had
made a 1 lean gotuwav.
one of Holstens customers said In.
lost lust as much as the saloon keeper
did. He was mad all through.
I Two hours and thirty-live minutes
later thtee holdup men, supposed to
'have been Holston's callers, drifted Into
' i Patrick J. Me Dermott's saloon nl Ninth
j I avenue mid West Seventeenth street,
1 1 walked up to the bar, ordered beer and
''were Joined by a fourth stranger.
In the barroom were tlfteen customer.'
I and In a back room a pinodile game was
I I In progress.
; I As McOermntt turned to take the
moiii y for the four beers he found him
self looking Into the muzzle of a re
volver. Another of the men went to tho door
;of the back room and pointed a gun at
the pinochle players, while a second look
. care of 111,, ciovvd.
. McI)."mot was ordered to "shell ,,u,."
The propriilor hacked toward his otltc"
' within a glass enclimire, near the sir, et
land aslonlshed the thief by slipping In
1 side. Tin. man tired a shot through
j llie glass. The bullet n:trrowT missed
. McDermoit.
Then one of the gang Jumped over
I the bar nnd look $20 or iW from the
t'll. Ilv ei ybodv slutted to move about
j tills time, and fo'k In the street who
; heard the shot re 11 up.
1 The holdup men rliurg.nl on the ia
. ipiisltlve folks outside, nourishing their
1 Runs, and escaped.
I Policeman Kgun, who was standing at
; I'lghth avenue and Seventeenth street,
'also chased up on the double iiick. but
too late to pet even a Heeling glance of
j the daring iiiiattet, who mad
1 their escape.
"' I !
'I' el tin lie
mill (Inncey Vgitln I'nll
l'railr Cnmicll Offlrrrai,
Los Aniieixs, Jan. 25, Olnf A
Tveltmoe and I". A. Clancey, convicted
In the lalsir dynamiting case, have been
reelected ns odiccrs of the Stalo board
1... .l.n L'Uiln ll.tllrllk. n INHnd ,-n....,.l,
by tiie State Itullfling Trades Council,
Tveitmoo again Is general srcieiarj
I treasurer anil Cluncey a member of the
Irionerul executive board.
Or. I'rleiliiiiin,,, , , latin. nlicr-
eiilo, ( itrr, in I. s. Ilcpl,.
"Hunt! I'al.i, l,r. ,.!,!, in Tin: s,
lll.lil.l.v. .Inn. '', 1),-. Piledin.iiill. I'
is sain, wants a million dollars for the
American tlshts to his tuberculosis
MTiim cure. That Is the statetnetil late
lo-nli;ht. (icrmaii physicians stiiitmli
I'ondetun what tliey call hN non-eiitical
iittltuile. Tiny un so far as In sav
that he 1.4 more concerned In the
monetary than the liiimanlta-laa . ,-
l.ect of his d.'sciHel'y.
Dr. Krlediuaiin has no far failed to
i airy
it h,
out lus pi, mils., of siilimhtim; a
i- to the (ioVeltinii.it. I),. , v
arioits esi iises lor not iIoiiik this,
oeines lliai llllj ineriCIUIN mo-
b..iiti,l lil.- nctloii. I),. ..oliiill-
that he Is w;."Jiik a reply from X
ll Is beconilllM paltirullv evlil,
w Voi l,.
in thai
the doctor ! Inure ln..: est , , ill the
tlnatii'Ial leuiins of hi ,llcovi..' than
111 the benellts which mli;'it nteiiie tn
the hum. m race.
relllltsi.il lteirls Vi'li
Oeteliel I.
Vv-.ii.,nos-. Jan. ;.i n iimii-ntiiled
.anishlp. I'.lii feet loins, was t'outul pi
mld-occau to-day. bottom up. aecotd
lnif to a wireless ins.'ii;r uuelved n!
the IcVellll,. i utter service trim the
' P-rltish steamef TcnuyKoii.
i He tcntiyson said tile dor. Hi t was at
latitude ii dcKi-ees .Mi minutes not tli
and longitude t;r. drreos .1.1 minuted
west. The fate of the crew is unknown
The derelict is about Tnfi miles east by
miutlnast of L'npe llatteras.
An effort will he mnde by the revenue
cutter service to est.dillsh the idrntltv
of tie sunken "hip and leain the fate
. f Hie crew.
I'll It, itile .1. ..I'iiii,, Vliiiiiiiii, m
Urn mliim" I'ostnue I., (ems.
IIatav ia, Ohio. Jan. 2.1. Vernon 1 1.
I.vttlo, mail cari'ler ,,u Iturnl P.oute No.
.1, out of this plaio. U the first man to
ni ept and deliver a live baby by pan e!
It's a buy and he welKhs ten and
tiiree-ipiarter pounds, just within the
eievencTiiind w.lght limit. He Is the
son of .M:. and .Mrs. Jess,. Itpaue. who
live near illrn Kite.
Tile 'paeknue'' was well wrapped and
le.idy for "malllm;" when Hie carrier
Koi it to-ilan. Its infasurenietits reached
sevent.v-otic lurlies, also just wltiilu the
law, with h makes seventy-two Inchc?
tho limit.
l.ytile delivered the "parcel" safely to
the addi,s on the card nttnehed, ih.it
of Its Kratidmother. Mrs. Loids Iteastn
w ho live, about u mile from its home.
The postane war 11 cents unu the
"parcel" was Insured for $50.
; . .
I'reiiilent'ai -crrtsr Una I'nrineil n
nnnlnriai 4'nnurc Hon lti-rr.
WvtintNoTON'. Jan. 2S. -Charles li.
Mill-, the President's secretary, enter
tained President Taft and Kdmuml
rnvlght of New Veil; at luncheon to
day .1' the .Metropolitan (Tub. ll is
understood that Mr. llllle will establish
collections with 'he tlnanel.il linn repte.
sented by Mr. Pwight after Mat. -It I.
lMinutiil linlght Is resident manager
In New York of the Kmployers Liability
Assiirame Corporation. Ltd, of London.
Knglnnd. The otllces are at .1(1 Maiden
Msj Iteaoirt In Ctlreine Mensurrs lai
inp rrlnl Vltrai,
fr.,lt fiihlr flfililtfi I'j Tnr s(
Hi:t:l.lN. Jan. 2.1. Tiie Cut erumeiu
Its determined to slop spying by air
ships 011 the frontier, and tiie .Ministry
of the Interior lias Issued orders to Ih"
p. lire to compel foreign aerial cr.if; o"
whatever di'scrip ion lo land and even
I, ne, essary to res irt to eMreine meas
ures should un e.satnln.itlon prove theni
to be Hnsslan. and that the occupants be
1 placed under
( Hons from tlx
.11 rest ponding In-tntc-Mlnlstry
of the lnt.-rlor.
luintiMira nn,l I'mfoaadtmiilM In Cm.
pele nl rnblan Miibl. unir.
Andre de F.uniiilercs, the exponent of
Pails fashions, lias accepted the otlice
of honorary president of the Arabian
Nights Mall, which l.-i tube held In Madi
son Siti.1re Harden on Tuesday evening.
February 11.
Monsieur de l"oiiiiiIeres, who lias
been lecturing on the att of dress since
his arrival In this country two weeks
ago and who numbers dancing among
the subjects which claim his Interest,
will lend his ollicial gar.e at tills ball lo
a number of features among which is
announced a turkey trol contest for
amateurs and professionals.
The Arabian Nights ball s planned lo
be a copy of tiie Covenl Harden fancy
dre.ss baIN of London, with Oriental
lostttmes nnd the arena of the Harden
decorated lo represent a Persian gar
den. A caravan of camels and Kgyptlan
donkeys will lead the grand march.
si:trragrtle Mill Wcnr'llin nil Their
VI inch In Wliailllllulnn,
A 11 'W Jacket is the latest addition
to the uniform of the Washington ,
hikers, it is Norfolk style made of'
brown watei proof macklnaw with a'
liood to go over tiie head when 1.1I11
threaten!', the white fortv-nine cent Ink.
mg Ints, with their yellow kades.
TTie chief charm of the li"w Jacket
from a suffrage polli. of vT, vv s that'
ii has four large pockets In the front i
and Hides to be rtll"d Willi s'llfrage but
tons and ihenture. Them will lie tliii
room left for tood nnd so Utile bags
cnritnlnlng mulled mill: tablets tire 10 be
tied .to the Illicit atavwi, already notched
for every town between New York and '
Alhnn.v. Chocolate nnd nuts wore car-
led on that hike, hut they were not en-
',irev siitisfuctory
lo Palm lleaeh. Key W(.l, Tampa ami ir.'"'
tdlatc reioru. luij. IIM Broadway, tdr.
Charges Ten at the Kniel-:r-liocker
With Personat
iiiS F'olieeiuen.
Hired .Men From ex-Chief
('inker to Protect (Jnests
From Waiters,
ri.nts i sKli ox STIMKKHS
Hot I'io-ln Ontsido Wnlilorf
li'i'stmii'mils Still Poinjr
Pol,.. 1 1 'in miss lonf't' Waldo and Pio
prletnr James I !. Megan of the Hotel
Knickerbocker uuiirrelled lait night In
the old Teudetloln police station Just
after the Commissioner had personally
onduitfil tiie ari'ist of a squad of
Cmi.fr Fit,, pi event, on I intent: men
whom Mi. Ilegan I'.ad hired to protect
hl propel t.v and bis patrons
Tliii,. w:i trii ilnti between Croknr
nul Waldo when hi Ii wete In the Klin
I '1 pariiueiit. and Cud, or ipilt 11s Chief.
Megan was furious. He shook his
list under Commissioner Waldo's nose,
denounced tin- ariesls as an unjusti
fiable nnd high h. itiiled perfoi maucc and
told the Coiiunlssioni r that he would
tight the issu it m court If neces
sary. Capt. Watdo Inughed and re
plied nieiely that he was acting in ae
eoiilul'.ce with 11 law that foi bids tin:
Impersonation of policemen.
After Mr. Megan had picelpitntctl
the general strike by evicting 2'is union
wallers who had been hectoring him
for weeks, he went to i:-ITie Chief
Hdward P. Ciokn- and hind twetity
llve of the stoutest, most ii.e.able mo'.l
Croker had around the shop.
Some of these men were In nuiform.
a uniform that closely re emlilcs a fire
man's KMlb. others .vetc plain men of
muscle, recruited b the experienced
Mr. Cmlier--men w ho would tight at
the dtop of .1 hat.
Thi.se plain alothes .sentinels weie tiie
white ribbon guard, so culled hcuiupc
Megan decorated tli-'iu with knots ot
while ribbons so that thev wouldn't
mistake each oilier for strikers and
waste tiler uretitft'i. Situ. i!n' have
bteti em duty "njjti has had pence and
the strikers h pr unable to a inpllsh
more than booing and Jeering from a
Thereinto the Knlekci boil,. 1 man
was Intensely surprised when Commit.-
siotur Wal.lo, necontp.ui'eil by I'oitrt 1
Commissioner lillloti, dlnve no 1.. Hie
hotel at :i o'clock lust u'glil .,11 I .lere.l
pollcviu.in llnnd to round up tic c.oi.i'
men. For a few minutes it looked as if thete
Would be a tight, but the Cleker tllMU
deducd iilel.!y not lo r, .-.iqi Hand
collected tell of the white ribbons lllfi
with Lieut. Hayes waited lor p uforcc
ments. Meanwhile, the Commissioner motored
to the WcM Thirtieth stieet station and
ilKliiirid hurriedly for Cap' Tbnr. Thor
was out patrolling, bin In-pect,., L- liev
was in the house The Commisslond'
ordered l.aliey to ton out the tescives
for Knickerbocker II .: '1 m-ci ie.-
Out they went, but they had no
other work to do I It. 1 rt to ,.e,irl I lm
Croker pi isotters 10 the station house,
; There, ill the presence Ot till' Pollen
Cotnmisslonrr, iln dok, 1 rect tills w, i
.arraigned lor .1 vinlat.on of the liiv
iliat forbids cltl.eiis 'o iien mini a
policemen or to cniiv weapons shnllir
lo 11 policeman s. The f inker nu n had
1 11 'in l ying hand; clubs 111 their ltp
pockets. Tell of thelll Weie lo"ke, up.
Down to the stailon house 111 a hnliy
came Proinietor Megan, and 1 r. with
hmi was Manager I!, ban. Mr Megan
was Jus aboiil lm ohei eat i'ioiii anger,
and when he was told thai th" Cni
inlssioiicf could be found ia Hie garags,
lie la Illy sprint, d to lliai auto stable
For sonic mliiiitis policcim-ii listened
haul and didn't Mud b dlllictili lo
catch tiie drift i the 1 onvcrsatiop
'The least oil could have done."
shouted Mr. Megan, "was to nntif.v 111.1
that you intended 10 arret these men.
What's the niatler Willi von'." Wluit
kind of a highhanded piocecdiug is
The Cnminls Inner kept bis tenitier
ami explained Hun he had actcil under
the law. He turned away, got into his
automobile and left the station house,
Meanwhile the ten ptisoueis had been
taken to the night coiiti. so Mr Megan
and Mohan climbed Into a tacab, and
hurried to court to interest themselves
111 the cases of their Wl no Itlbliiins,
The men were discharged by Magis
trate O'Connor In the slight court
The Muglstrate said Hint the uniforms
did not resemble thoso of Ihr police)
force mid that there was nothing illegal
in ihelr being nrmeil with clubs. Form-"
Fire Chief Croker appeared in behalf eu.
the men and sold Ihey had U'eu em.
ployed by him foi' the Fire Piotectloc
and engineering Company, sr.2 FlfU
avenue, lo which concern Mr. Itegun
of the Knlekorbooki r had gone for help
in case of a raid by the ilrlklng wallets.
The ten Croker gitatds went back to
work at Hie Knickerbocker, but they
weie minus their night sticks. Tho
police had conllscateil these.
Proprietor Megan after a talk with
I Id ward K. croker made this statement:
"The men who were urresteil tell mn
thai they intend to sue Commissioner
Wnldo for false arrest. Magistral!)
O'Connor's decision shows how ridicu
lous the whole proceeding was, It was
outrageous that the Commissioner with-
- tt cause should luck a patrol wagon,
up tn my hotel door, alarm in guests
and leave my patrons anil property ex.
posed tn the vlolenee of th'tigs."
The pnliic iillciil) v.vftiT.d of resorvfi
1 duty nnd too much running to court,
j earnestly clubbed the atrlklng- and rlftj.

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