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inc Imli'l wi.rl."i v
III) tl'Uli'stli , IN. '
lllli! .MliRl'Ir.il.'H
tlirimeri .lll'l M. i
sleld.i wind
ii- 14 iin l I. ii. in.:
' n si-riling I'll' I.
I Ill-Ill. IM In UP
tirlihiii. I
Tin' linin.ili.it. !'.- 1 1 1 1 if .unit mill,
police 1 1 1 ii u.i mi ii 1 1 1 ii r n H ii L
In the gem-ml situation. While there'
ucru twit it llirni mivuki' light between
Hip poller hihI piIvhIc watchmen on iln
inn' liinil Hlnl llii' slilker" mi 1 1n- mint
Midi uti tn.iK llil ut IiIhiii) III). lllllllil'
hour outside "f Hi"' Wulilurf -Astoria,
there vcrr fi'li.T Mich cliioiintel thuii
uti Frlda.v.
There wns nndctilHbh- proof Inst nlahl
tli.it tin: strike I -n i li i ll Us iicsl mi I'm
tiny night, itmt Hull Hid rlib liii'l begun
j esterriity.
Although iiimi.'rmi.s lintels mul rev
iminintH laml in viilu.illy even rni,
these wire Hh. 1 1 1 1 I - uiitl i iMtii tirn ma
Unit liui) iiulonlr.i-d their plin-ei) wcM
Itv-omtnodi (I. mil ono uns put mil nf I
r.vrn the ii'NliiiiriintM Unit in i" mint
affected managed tu give some suit of
.iprvhv t'n llii'lr lulu ma. Iji.-i night
Hhrrry'M mul Iteiiiir's und tin- lintel
Mi'.Min which win' hardest hit i.r nil,
..will- tei-clving iiiiliinis mul lut vliii; Utile
(llftlcllllv III lilting t.'i Mill
Th.' hotel mul ii'hi.ini mi nun vven
MiylllK r.itltlll" III l Hi. il . I -f-1 . t . III" pie
ties i.r lh" lniliif.tri.il Win U. i - i.r I hr
Wnrlil tin1 hiiiKi u. i ii i ii tu i ti . .mil
Hint Ii) TiipsiIh) in' W.iltiesd.iv ln t j
Cnndlllntlh Unllltl III" illmllt liul in. it I
IIIIiMlH'tli (Juili'v liviin mul nllur1
Klrlkl' l.'lllll'l- mill Iill!ll7. I HlMstl ll j
1 1 til t tllnst I't llii- In. I. 'In mul Ii -tamam I
Would li lagging lur i.i'iii I.v Mi in - .
iliiy. Intl tin ii' was n. t littler in smbi '
In I'i'iir mil thi'ir n hi t Ii hi-- W.i 11 j
buses mul Mli'lirii i iiiif.i. n'.s mi-i' di .
urttiiB tin- stllkc lllnl M i'ii'llv upplvlngi
tnf llll'll ll!tl Jobs h'lt' I llll'll .Nllll I
Tin- Itlf.-Ciit It.iti llii' Will. lull tli. ,
Kiii.'Im'I tin. k I . I i.'lni.inl. . mul 'In
Aftlm- wi-i-.- tlif Tch.it.ildJ i ilrl. u. . - nf '
ihe hull I nn'ii. In iln ... as in Niti. ii. ir I
places .in tlir l.nti-t tip- thin mul
It rfi. tin- i ii n i nf Hh' -trlki' organ
lci lli.it H tin. help In t In-..- Initi is '
t'linlil In- drawn .nit it uniiM .,. imsj '
til tllsulll'i'1 till' Workers 111 till- Mllllll.T
liufo .mil i i'.-l.i iiiiiut w places where the
tip M ill.- Is .sinntli'i
Mill Hi.' Kit unil Hi" Wuldnrr an. I
tho other di-icntcs were Inipri'unnl'li
strikers unil picket howled withimt
but fulled In ill-tnili the hiniiiiih i-ii ti in in.
of buslno-s. Thai is whv iln- li.ii. nu n
were mi i nnllili'iil I.iM night in miiiii;
that lh" slrikc Is i.n tin. ilnmi i raili.
Pursuing lln-lr campaign nf p.iradi I
.'Min liitltnlil itl.iii tlic lntiination.il 1 1 - t i
Workers I'lilnn unil tin- lenders nf II,
Independent Workers nf the Wnrlil m i t
nut iiilniiiiis tn attack lintels anil l.s
taurnnts whore the help hail tcmniiii 1
Those demonstration leu in-d thi-iri
climax f linrtly uflei- r, I'. ,. at tin Unl
liorf-Astoriii. ulwru Criii'Kii i'. iluiiit
)rtHte U'Hlohini ii, rvviifnrcisl py pnli.-i.
re.sorvo.-. fniiKht a moh n :n'
Tim tri(erl nmri'lied tn the Wnlilorf
frnin l'likm Siintiie, where ihe) linil
lieon aildressiil liy Kll.iin.th (Itiiliv
I'lynn, I'utrlrk Ijtiltilan, ehlef nrKitnii:er
if the I W W. mul iith.ru lm imIIi.1
I'ullee 1'iiinmlfsiui i r WnMn, fltcliict t
Inrney Wliltinan. Slu-i iff I l.irluirui i .mil
iliont over) ImIj i-Imj in aiithiji lt) mail)
."lHNl nillllefl.
I lie pnlll'e lllil r.nl Illll'lllpl In lile.'lk i
up lllo nuetlni:. aUlnmi;li lh. miiki
nitnr shmiteil i'iiinnn nf iliiiu;. Hint
wouldn't hull; well tn print, i me nt the
mildent nf the uilenmi ei. was tviunlmi .
advii f! tn the strike! ' If .m.u nn
ho.iton k Li U tn wnrl, and ilay
siiliottme " S.ilitilKO means the MTret
inmhiiu; of i lilna mid classw-nrf, Spoil
Inn of rbinl. delays III M-rvii e any Hltle
trick that inlKht hurt Imnlnenn or an
emplojer'n credit.
After the nieetini; I.Suo strikers mid
sympathlzer.s separated Into eutnrtalii
mrnt comtllltle. anil ftalted nut to
make trntilile for the lintels anil rc.
tuurants that had iletj. thorn. The
main column hei-tored the Hn-Min,.
.Shanley'c rcsiaurant ul llroMiluav and
Thirtieth street, the' Ilofbruu an I other
plaresi. mariiieil eastward tiV the Hol
land House, where they nmiisheil win
dows und friBhtenoil patronH who weie
at tea and then headed for the Wal
dorf. Police Captain Thnr. liavini; seen the
column Ret under way. sustierted that
the Wuldorf was the rial point of at
tack. He telephoned for the auto patrol
TVBHon und fifteen of the r.seres and
ordered them to -tlio Waldorf on the
The police Rot to Astor court ami
Thirty-fourth street Just in time to take
part in a hu ml to hand encounter be
tween the strikers and Mr. Holdt's pri
vate watchmen, who were captained by
House Detective Joe Kmlth, an old Scot
land Yard mnn.
This watchmen were hlttlnK out with
their fists ami knocking xtriker.i end
ways, hut i-ome of the Holdt KUnr'H
were not faring very well. Tlio po'tloe-resen-es,
herided by Uotit. Mulligan and
afterward by Inspector l.ahey, sailed
In and fouuht It out with clubs
They used old time Dtivery tactics
and forRot for the lime heliiK that
there was any such place a Pity Hall.
The result was that the rioters were
routed tn ten mlnutci and scattered.
Three were arrested.
While this Ilfftit was on other columns
were attacking the Hotel Lafayette, the
Brevoort, the Wolcott and the Hofbrn.ii.
A atrlke onrnniier penetrated to the
Hofbraii's main dlnlnif room and
about 6:30 I' M. suddenly threw tip
both hands and yelled, "All out, boys'"
The only pert-on who went out was
the oriranlzer. l-eon I'lncim of 1C6 Knm
Thirty-third street. J,arn Cierman men
hurled him Into the nlftht ami I'ollco
man Frewln Katherid him up and took
him to the West Thirtieth street station.
At the Lafayette tho strikers scared
.iRht waters from thrlr duty, but nt
the Hrevoort they were repulsed by pri
vate detectives after a stiff flKht.
In spite of all the demonstrations,
disorder and threats, the hotels and res
taurants, assisted somewhat by the (rood
nature anil sympathy nf their patrons,
were dolnp business Inst nlKht and plan
ninir extensions of service,
.MannRer Wilson of Sherry's sdld that
the muln trouble there was a defection
if the cooks, but offered his patrons a
fftw hot dishes and u variety of cold
things. They had all the waiters thoy
Ileclor's opened the prill room, which
had been closed the nlsTlit !efore.
J'atrons ordered and served their own
drinks, roIuk to the bar and earryliiK
hack tray loads of cocktails and other
liquids, in tlm main dlnlne room the
captains were tu-tlnn as waiters, tho
bellboya as buses, whllu tho chuniber
inaldn were on kitchen und dishwashing
The Rltz-P.irlton, a main centre of
attack, was unaffected. Di'lnionlco'H
was unruflleil Louts .Martin's, which
lost 160 wailois and kitchen employees
on Friday, hud Kniteu h'ick miiiic nf the
deserters and had hlie.l leerults
At thu W.ililorf-Astoria, uscar, the
manager, had his stuff in perfect, con
trol The hotel was hummltiK with
ViUHlllrs,-. Tliu eailii. Wan line ul thu
llott) Astor. ,
Ckurchlll'ii was crowded at dinner and
supper P,ipt, James's -nearo waiters.
seventy-flM. of thfttl, wnrked well. The,
llnlcl Mi Alpliiand Hie Vamlnbllt Hotel,
which had been utmost tlentldtd of
help on I'Vlday and yesterday mornlmri
had nhtnlneil the nucleus nf staffs and
wt-ie striiKKllnii tn Ket hark to normal
i tilu-r hotels mul restaurants reported,
similar conditions llv.r) hotel man'
und tcstiiuriml proprietor who talked I
t.i Tin: Sin i ep .rter s,i, lie was,
Ihrmii'li w'lh unl.. lis i'id union lll'l -
lueiit These men pointed In the fuel 1
that the men who uiilealz. il their places!
aflir till UT.' strike, er Hie (list tn
lie iiMatked ibis )iiu ; n'l Hint the men j
ililligiB j
who had stood otp imalnst the union
and who hail weed.d unlnti men nut of
lln-lr piaet s wire comparatively little
nlfee'ed In III. new SCI1.C
Theie was a me.tum nf the executive
iummltt f me Hotel Men's Associa
tion yesteniay afternoon at tho Cam
bridge iiiiililuii.-. Fifth avenue and
Thirty-third street The plan of orjran
IzliiK all hotel and l estauraut keepers
Into a tirml) weldi .1 anti-union or-an-izitlon
was ill.n ussi'd favorably.
It Is said now that Churchill. Hector
and others who cave in to tho union
last year are now uuxlous to stand with
liinri!"!' Itoldt.Musehenheim and others
who ilcillneii at Hut time to make
terms. The possibility of employing
iii'Kro wallers was discussed, but no
dellnlte action was taken.
Proprietor Kred Sterry of the Plaza
would be able at ati) time to brlliK from
the South Muffs of trained colored
nnlttrs. The hotel men said yesterday
that their help will he asklnir their Jobs
back In a day or two, but that no man
will be reemployed who Insists on re
talnlni; his membership In the Interna
tional Hotel Workers I'nlon and Its
wilding organization, the I. W. W.
Magistrates Porrlgan mul McQuade
sent to the workhouse jesterday several
strikers who were arrested on '"n.rsday
nlcht for lulck throwing and window
smashing. In the rase of Htnll .Mezeilo,
who made an attack on the Hotel Astor,
Magistrate Porrlgan said:
"It Isn't that I wish to make an
example of you. I would Ilko to have
before the court the agitators, whbse
tools you and your associates are. They
should be punishid. Kvery llmu there
Is a strike you people think that law
and order are suspended. And because
.of the laxity of some persons In the
city administration affairs ensue which
rival for vlclousness the violence of a
border town. Hut 1 am going to give
a workhouse sentence to every purson
brought heroin mo mid convicted of law
lessness." Magistrate MrQunde In the Jefferson
Market court gave thirty day work
house sentences to three, hotel workerh
who were arrested at tho Waldorf on
Friday night,
liroadway, Fifth avenue and the side
streets wheio largo hotelH and restau
rants art) located were heavily guarded
last night by police From tho West
Forty-seventh street station 800 extra
men were sent out on special duty, and
from the West Thirtieth street station
J00 men were detailed as hotel guards.
i;il.iilu'ili Uurley Flynn gave out last
night that thu number of hotel workers
on strike Is LfiOO. Tho hotel associa
tion places the iiumbir at about L',000.
fii-rmnn l'oininn Pinna Cominrrelsl
Slem I'onipelliiK Hllli Mnretinl,
Sffrint ftibl hfimtch tn Tiik Srv
Hrw.iN .Ian, '.'5, With the object of
inaugurating a commercial wireless ser
vice between licrm.uiy and New Vurk
In i mi xt i i ii hi with the Murconl Com
pany fteneiiil Mannger llrodow of the
lierinup Ti'lffunheu Cotnpany hits sailed
for New Y"rk The Cerman ternilniih
Is ni Nuiion, iifiit- li.-rlln, wlttr tbeiv.
la oini of ihe tuoMl powerful sttitions
in the world.
I'ol.ri' Sceinv Wiirniiits mul At
tiifk nnmlilniV Furl With
(fowhiu's unil Axi's.
.M.'in.v DiMii'.s llnttciTil In lii'fdic
Itooni With ; Men in It
Is Ki'iirlicil.
t'ni penters at wot I; MttiliK up n house
at t! Sluvvi sunt stieet as though to p'e
piire the place for u sl.'l'e atllin leil the
notice of the polli e of the Klfth street
station a ft w weeks ann. P.ipl. Itnhrli',
whn cnliininlnl.s In thai pieiinet kepi an
e)e nn the place and bis suspicions
KloMllitr tiled sexernl limes to lift II
mail illt the house In collect evidence
lint the folks inside were watchful
and uilulil have held mil ns I.mir as
Ailrt.inople has if Papl liohtlc; h.nln t
resortt d in struteuv
Ite bnllnwed Iwn lliemon fimn Pom-
mlsslnner Jolinson on Fridav ani' the
(lrenieii ilenmnded entrance ,u in.. Stuy
vesant house on pretext nf m.ilung an
Inspection. The lcfll-al to let them In.
it was thought, would give the police
the chance to fi.ni. an entrance with
out breaking tin- law. Hut Hie fores
that held the house atti r lefusin, as
had been expeetid. tn let the llielllen ill
changed their minds when Hie reset ves
marched mi and in the liriiueii went,
while ihe police were told that they
might slay outside unless they had a
wan a nt
What the llremeii saw. however, was
sutllcleiit to iiiiivi.- Magistrate Hallow to
grant a warrant earlv esteril.iy morn
ing charging Alfred l.evy of 1 S Seventh
street with maintaining a public nui
sance, and armed with this warrant the
pollen moved to tho attack at 5 o'clock
yesterday afternoon.
They took with them heavj artillery
or crowbars, axes mid sledges, and they
were lit filed. All outside dnnr yielded
rather easily, but Just itisulo was a
heavier vestibule dnnr, and when this
wiut down there was another door
blocking a narrow passageway In hi h
there was scarce loom tor a man to
wield a sledge. And bejond this wi
still another icebox door that withstood
much Ultteling before It fell
It was Just one hour after Hie assault
began that tho police succeeded In
carrying the place, and by that time
the sound of lending wood und Iron had
drawn n great crowd that blocked tin
street. When the last door went down
Ihe police found themselves In u large
room In which sixty. five men sat or
stood looking pensively at a handsomely
framed dinner granted in V.wi to the
Amity Club. There was no gambling
apparatus In sight.
Hie end or the room was partitioned
off and there were silts In the partition
such hh me of use in n poolroom.
Hut what Interested the police more was
a raised platform in which they ills
coveieil a secret sliding panel, (tut
or this hiding liljce the pollen drew
sets of dice and linker chips, the cover
and rrame for u crap table, racing
charts and wvcr.il telephones.
Having round these things the police
picked out Mr. Levy and took him and
thu things they found in the pl.itrorm
to the station house Hut first they
looked the Stiiyvesaut house over and
wondered why they hud found any
one Inside since there were so many
cunningly contrived "getaways." At
one barred window the bars npencd out
ward nt a touch and made room through
which an agile person could slip to an
ndjolnlug roor. n trapdoor in thu rear
disclosed a ladder leading to an empty
store beneath, rrom which a door opened
Into a rear yard, and there were other
ways or leaving tho place without al
tractlng attention.
l.evy was looked up charged with
maintaining a public nuisance. He had
$l,.'IOii In his pockets and when lie stud
he was a elKiir maker the police laughed.
narniillnrii Hrlde-eleel Appeals,
I'ltli.At'KI.I'HIA, .bin :Ti - Miss Margiie
rite Ifaiml has appealnl tn the State
i 8ipreme Court to allow her to leaw. her
,apattment In the Newport, whom she Is
I Held in quarantine tor eignieen nays he
ruuse she rurused to bo vaccinated on the
va of her wedding. i
BROADWAY, Pirk Place to Bircli? Slrttl
DUtinctlve in Character
and Tone
Has International Reputation
At Reasonable Rates
Tenants subject to trictet
ConrortATioNa , i.a wterb and
all Office Tenants investigate
before renewing your present
RtptttmlaUnt tn Prtmlta
.1 Park Row, opp. Astor House
trie plume R'i'tt f'ortUnilt
lYw Foreisrners Prepnt. How
ever I in tiers and Incep
tions in Home.
riat Cable Penpateh to Tnx Sc.f
Home, Jan. 5. Three thousand In
vKatlnns were sent out for th first
court ball of the season at the Q ilrlnal.
The ballroom was so crowded that
dancing was lmpoalb!e. Very few for
eigners were present. The only Ameri
cans seen wore Mr. and Mrs. Nelson
(i.ir, I'rnf. Carter of the American
Acadcinv, Mr. and Mrs. Wurtz and a
few other residents. All the American
visitors whose names have been sub
mitted to the Qulrlnal by the American
i:mba.y for Invitation to a court hnll
wilt be asked for the second ball, which
will be held later on.
Sir lilchard and Lady HaJflold, th?
latter formerly Miss Wlckcrshnm, sis
ter nf the American Attorney-General,
arc here for a few weeks.
Lieutenant-Commander Richard Drace
White, the Naval Attache, and Mrs.
Whl e gave a luncheon during the
week fir Ambassador and Mrs. tVItrlen.
Among the guests were Mr. and Mrs.
I'nM Wheeler. Alexander lienson, the
Count and Countess di Vnlmlnuta, Capt.
llheluUideii, the German Naval At
tn, he. Pol. Dunn, Commander and Mrs.
"Mini, the Princess- Llchtens-.eln and
Sir lilchard and Ladv Hadlleld.
Mehllle Day of New York gave a
dinner in honor or Mr. and Mrs. Eno.
Mrs S F !tlrh.irdnn, Commander and
Mrs Itrace White. Mr. and Mrs. l'ot
Win clef. r.if ,md Mrs. Carter. Mrs.
Kie. Major C.irley. I'. S. A., and Am
bassador o-iirlen.
.Mr and Mrs. Kno and Mrs. Hlchard
son, together with Mrs. S. S. Holland
and Mis. W. S. Itichardson, entertained
Pol und Mrs. Dunn and Mr Hrown
I'.trrl.sh nt dinner at the Kxcelslor Ho
tel. Ueeinng J.irvls had a brilliant bridge
pattj during the week. Among his
guests were Mrs. Dunn. Mrs. Holland.
MI.-s Florence Waterbury. Miss Sturgls
mid the Huron de Hlldt.
The rollowing Americans are retj
istered at the Kxcelslor: Mary MucCor
mlck and AIlss c. Ityan of New York
Miss M. Cohane of Hoston. Dr. and Mrs.
itnsnioru Dean. Mrs. H. .1. Chlshnim, the.
Misses Hojd and Uiura Jay Kdward nf
New York. Chief Justice Howell and
Miss Howell or Winnipeg, Manitoba.
The New York artist, Kdward M. Mo
ld v. and his sisters have settled In
The Mara Jah of Jahore ae a dinner
to Captain and Mrs. Courtenay Stewart,
the latter formerly Miss Story, and Mrs.
Waldo Story.
The Mnniuls and Marquise de W'cnt
worth had an audience with the Tope
I his week. They will spend the winter
In Tunis, where the Marquise will take a
Ambassador and Mrs. O'lirien gave
their first diplomatic reception on Tues
day. They will have smother one next
The Marchesa Dusmet de Semours,
formerly Miss Oliver, gave a most suc
cessful fancy dress ball during the week
to which all members of the tinman no
bility were Invited.
Mrs. Frederick Itronsnn has returned
I from Kgypt und will remain here until
alter Master, which comes very early
this year.
other visitors to Home include Dr. W.
S. Johnson of the Arkansas I'nlverslty,
Pen. and Mrs, W. A. Oreely, Mrs. Wood
ward Illspham, T. H. Woolsey and fam
ily, Mr. und Mrs. Frost and Miss Ilertha
;rnnrt TtmUr nana Off Wltk Unllet
(ilrl, Celebrated Beantr.
Special CuMe peipntch (a Tint Brx
IIRRMN, Jan. 25. A new mesalliance
Is threatened In the Itusslan imperial
house. The Grand Duke Andreas Vladl
mlrovlch, the youngest son of the Grand
Duke Vladimir, has left Russia accom
panied b'y the ballerina Marie Keschlsa
Inskaya of the Imperial Theatre, a cele
brated beauty, In order to marry 'her
Southern Railway
Premier Carrier of the South.
All Winter Resorts South
A I Ki:. At lil'N 1.1. Ht'SIMKR VII.I.F,
t.Mii: ll.l.i:. n:M)Lltiii. ii.i.i:
I ll UN. 4 (H.I'MHIA. .savannah!
I.IUNH, rlc, altu
Texas, Mexico, California,
Cuba, Panama, Central and
South America.
Write for Kn rlon Fre, ahetolet
llrMTlptlve and llluttratrd Literature?
Rastrra Pasjrnser Aceat.
304 Klflh Ave., (or, XUIh 8t
Nrw Vork.
Jlnrburjror Has State Warrntit
Ut Serve for Misappropria
tion of Funds.
"Over My Dead Kody!" He Says,
From llehind Hamparts
Family May Aid lllin.
The L-oubles of (Jen. Daniel K. .Sickles
culminated yesterday when the Stutu nf
New York sued him for V3,i'i and
obtained a court order for the civil
arrest of the veteran.
Sheriff Julius HsrhUrger has that writ
now and will sene, It to-morrow morn
ing, ir he can. Then tho defendant
will either have to put up n bond of
$30,0tm to pay any Judgment that may
be obtained tigalnt him. with the costs,
or else go to Ludlow street Jail.
As desperate as the sltilatlun seemed
tn be for Gen. Sickles, there were In
timations lust night that his f.unlly and
certain friends might agree to puy the
amount for which hu Is sued upon one
condition. Fromstate mutitsmadoby Mrs.
Sickles and others this condition Is that
Miss WIlmerdliiK, for years the
General's housekeeper, shall withdraw
entirely from his hous-ehold.
Mrs. Sickles said last night that with
the obstlnncy sometimes exhibited by
tho very old, the General, who Is now
f6, had so far declined tu accept the
condition. Miss Wllmerdlng was not
Visible Jt sterday
Kven If Gen. Sickles remains ob
durate to the pleading of his family,
still the Journey to the civil prison may
not be made to-morrow morning, and It
Is possible no bond will be forthcoming
either. There wag every Indication last
night that the doughty old warrior Is
going to try to prevent the service of
any papers on him. Sheriff Harburger
yesterday admitted that he had no right
to break down a door to obtain service.
And last night the Sickle part of the
home at Fifth avenue and Ninth street
was not only tightly barricaded, but
there were evidences of a stout gnrrl
son within. This never say die look to
the premises was heightened by the
appearance In the windows of a number
of American flans. Also the curtains
were raised for the first time In a long
One report even had It that the
Geneial's ilnal declaration had been
that "the Sheriff could only enter over
my dead body."
Attorney-General Carmody. who hn
been looking Into the case since Comp
troller Sohmer found tho $2s,4"t; short
age in the accounts of Gen. Sickles as
chairman of the New York State Monu
ments Commission, brought the suit yes
terday. He sets fortfi that the chairman
personally handled about $445,611 In
twelve years for which he turned In
satisfactory vouchers for fill but
Thl shortage wns discovered last fall
about the lime th General was having
more financial troubles about the levy
on his war relics, the mortgage on his
house nnd the accountings of estate! he
held In trust. At that time the
General's wlfo had agreed to save the
war relies and thero were dim proapects
or a reconciliation.
When tho shortage wns discovered
Stanton Sickles, son or the General,
paid IS.OOO to the State, whli cut down
the Indebtedness by that much, nnd said
that ns soon ns a Spanish estate or
his mother's, had been settled the
balance would be paid. Hut the marital
difficulties of the heads of the family
have not been smoothed out and no
more payments have been made.
As soon as the suit was tiled yester
day, Deputy Attorney-General Kennedy
obtained the writ ror the General's ar
rest rrom Justice Itudd of the Supreme
Court, made nn appointment to meet
Sheriff Harburger here at 3:30 o'clock
and then took a train ror New York.
Jn the mean time word or whit was
to be done got to the Sickles home and
very promptly the warlike preparations
became visible. The old negro butler
who guards the front door would not
open It more than two Inches nnd there
It was caught by n chain. Stanton
Sickles, who had been reported to have
gone to tho country with his mother,
showed up from somewhere with
several other persona and all went In
side. "You can't we the Gln'ral," was the
negro's only answer to Inquiries.
"I have important news for him,"
said one visitor, "he Is going to bo ar
rested." "I don't cate If he's going to be shot,"
was the answer, "you ain't a-goln' to
aee him."
Stanton Sickles stuck his head out of
the door to speak with a man and was
ordered back Into the house. Hvcry
window curtain all around the flrfct floor
went up. so that not only Kirth avenue,
but Ninth Htreet could be carerully I
watched to prevent surprises rrom rrnnt I
or flunk. The American flags small I
silken banners on short poles were
placed In the windows so that to enter
In that method would mean to trample
upon the flag, which no patriot ever
would do.
Deputy Attorney-General Kennedy ar
rived at tho Hotel Holmont ut 6:30
o'clock. He said he had the papers and
the order of arrest, which he would give
to tho Sheriff.
"The amount of bull demanded Is $30,
000," Mr. Kennedy explained: "that
means that tho bond must guarantee
the payment of a Judgment If tho State
gets one with the costs."
The General alone was sued. It was
aid, becauso he had signed a paper
setting forth that he alone had charge
of the moneys and wns therefore alone
responsible, Mr, Kennedy said he was
very orry, but that the Statu could
follow no other course.
Sheriff Harburger arrived fifteen min
utes later dressed in evening clothes,
This, he explained, wua In order to be
suitably altlred to go to the Frank Moss
dinner and was not In honor of his
other duty. After a short talk with Mr.
Kennedy ihe Sheriff suld:
"I've got the papers in my pockets,
boya. I'm going to serve them ns soon
as I can."
"Are you allowed to butter down the
door?" he was asked. I
"Oh, no," was the reply, "1 must I
employ tactics. You lcue It to me."
It was ni.t long before It becume
known that the Sheriff wan not going
to risk his coatuinn hy an evening an- .
nault upon the Sickles home.
It was said thai Mrs. Sickles hud
gone to laing island and had not heard
of the State's Milt uli. I tint lliiiiilneiice of
the General's arrest before she de.
parted. Shu Imd only heard that the,
lllnwcry Savings Hank had obtained the
appointment or Mlbtidgo I,. Ailatns In
tnttlpllti! the liliiotllll tllle on the til Hi
giigu held by the bunk on the Genciul's i
"I am very sorry the Gemini Is tn
lose Ills home." she said bernre she ten
estcrday, but really 1 think I have
ilnno cm ugh. 1 cannnt beggar myself,
Hu far as he iielsiiiiiilly Is inm-i tiled
he caiiliol suffer. He has his pension
und an upartment will be well within
his menus. I would very gladly havo
him make Ills honm with us, but 1 can
not put all my innney In saving his
home If It 1.1 to bu nccupltd by his
housekeeper, Miss Wllmerdlng. and
"Only two tlnys ago I called on him i
und wo had u long talk, We are goml
rrltnds, but he Is very oltl nnd he will
not permit any one In suggest to I-.lin
what he should tin. It Is his stubborn
ness that m.'.ki's him keep this wnmun
111 the linllse and exclude tile. I hint
said, 'I will nnt return tiere unless Miss
Wlldermlng leaves,' nt which he gels
very angry and declares that he will bu
muster In his own house." ,
Sale of t nUnonn Owner's Collection
lolnln r.7ff,IIOO.
Kieehl 1'il'ile llfMfnleh In Tilt. fix.
I'aiiis. Jan. L'iV This was the third
and last day nf the sale of Jewels of
nn unknown owner, supposed by some
to be the F.mprees Kugenle and by
others tn be n noble or the Ttalknn
Slates, Still others say the baubles
wore the property tr n daughter or
ANlul Hamld. now- the wire of n
Turkish I'asha, whn wnnts to realise
nil she run and get nwuy hefnre
things bo to pieces in the ottoman Um
pire. Twentj-two lots were sold to-day for
approximately $30,000, The grand total
of the sale was ",ftS2,810' francs, ov
about T'l'i.OUO. The expenses of the
sale ran up to $i!00,000.
Taking Into account only seventy
three lots, the sale compares favnnibly
with tho sale of the French crown
Jewels In 18S7 for fi SG4.000 francs, und
those or Sultan Abdul Hamld In 1911
Tor 6,980,000 fruncs.
A bracelet with one white, round
pearl, sold to-day for 98,000.
HI. Itev. .lamea Albert Dnffr llenil of
.VetT Krnrne)' Oloeesr.
Sperial I'Me lienp-ueh la Tim Si v
Homk, Jan. -P. The Conslstorlnt
f'ouncll has nominated for Hlshlp of
the new diocese of Kearney, Neb., the
lit. Hev. James Albert Duffy, the pres
ent Chancellor of the diocese of Chej.
enne und litis also named the Kt. itev.
Henry O'l.cnry fur Bishop of Charlotte
town, Can:.
$30,000,000 LOAN FOR MOROCCO.
nnrtloneil hy French Cabinet
fine-third for Cnnabtanen I'ort.
Special Cable Peepatch to Tim Srt
I'Ants, Jan. !!. The Cabinet to-dny
' sanctioned a Moroccan twin of 1. 10,000,.
000 rrancs, or $30,000,000.
I One-third or this amount will be de
I voted to the Improvement or t'he port
i or Casablanca.
I lacked by t'rench Kxprdlt lunar?
Force ar Moaadnr.
I'ABts, Jan. 25. Despatches received
by the Government rrom Morocco re
port that hundreds of Moorish rebels
were killed and wounded yesterday tn
a battle with a French expeditionary
force near Mogador.
The Moors, who nttacked in large
numbers, fought stubbornly fur several
hours, but at latt were routed. The
French soldiers did not pursue.
Durlnu the tight eight men or the ex
peditionary force were killed and two
score were wounded.
Msnr tn l.nnilon AtthHIiik l-'ntr of
1'rniiehlne Hill.
IJNPo.v. Jan. 25.- -That "war will 1m
resumed" Is the threat or Mrs. Diutn
mond, the general nf the suffrage army,
if it so happens that on Mondjy the
suffragists are deprived nf any chance
of winning by the defeat of the fran
chise bill amendment. They are now
rallying their forces from out of town.
Members or the Women's Social and
I'olltlcal I'nlon nre arriving here rrom
Scotland nnd the provinces. They seem
"to Im- enlisted ror special duty, which
lis tnken to menu that some form of
radicalism will be resorted to In case
they see their light lost.
The Spring Edition of the New York Telephone
Directory goes to press Thursday. February 6th.
1 elephone serviceshould be arranged foronor before
that date in order to have directory listings appear
into .rasuc vjbii, write,
- - W t I V ,
TeUptne ,,
Carutsilt 11004
nrrhard itow
tSprlm !'
ImlUon u. I
liirrT Mil) l km
It 07 Slrtfl
IM Orrhkrit linn
i Writ llimwon litfrtt
lit Win nth SlnM
9 Kill uth strrx
... " iJ..n i"wi
M F. iMth sum
WI Hrrlw;
J""' '- lvr-j
Mrtrow I1
KiTtiilite 'jn
' JOJ'KAWT-mrilMll
-. I ininpmiii At.
Arthur H.Hahlo& Co.
Hirst !
569 Fifth Avenue
llleln v iieel. l-eroiliiii. Mn I.r- Hi,.
Ilnrlnu Trip lit 1!. tllnitte.
lienit t'ahl liei'l ' 'I'm
GlI.SKVV, Jan. Jc.in liielniie. ie
Peruvian avliitur, left liiig. In il " i
nr Yiilais, at linnti tmilav mid M
live mlniiles luler hail ll.iwn mi. s
Swiss Alps and landed .it I t.niniil..-"-. .
Jn Italy. He used a innnoplaiie and
InWi'il the 1 1 ill I r-i' nf Ihe Sltuptnli I'.i.
(ienlge I'hllV.'K. whn ullt mpteil '
nitno flight In K'ln. perished after
had reached Ilnmiidns. nt.i II- i ..
rutally Injured wlnn landing
Hlelnvllicl had 111. lib' line pleililllM .it
tempi tn crnss the Alps in .larinarv It
but lifter ascending il.timi feet ..n
day was forced to make n hurried l.mo
lug owing tn a defect In the ni.ii.n .r 'i
In relating his experience In i-rn
Ing the Alps the nvhitnr snld Id- nmn
efforts were directed toward nvoldlm
the storm tossed Valle.v nf tlio (!onil
lie said the sen-atloli of ilslng high,
and higher nnd of the Alp-t 'iiikti.
lower nnd lower was sickening. i
two occasions he thought all was m..
but he managed to retain enntrot ..'
his machine. Then his engine stnpp. it
and he feared he was gliding in tie
structlop. Falo was good in him, how
ever, and he passed high over lie
famous Slmplon I 'ass at r.'.l" ,nni
reached a maximum height nf a ntm
meters a few minutes later.
The eternal whiteness nf Ihe snmv
nearly blinded him, while the cold at
seventy miles an hour was intense, lie
nppeurcd at Dummlnsnlla al U'.liP. and
fnur minutes later lauded in the mih"
In one long slide I'lo juidsj from Hie
stmt where Chavez fell.
Arter a rest the aviator Mew over
the town of Diimnilosolla. when- the in
habitants received 1 1 1 ni with great en
I.uril Aebeann Coinliiu in I U Over
Illinium Cnliil 1 1 lima.
Special Cable lie-ratcli tu Tin S
LoNpoN, Jan. 2.1. Many Weil known
persons an- passengers on lln fi
, mania, which sailed for New York in.
day. l.nrd Achesnn, whn mann-d M I
dred Carter, daughter nf the f.u-n.i r
! American Minister tn the lialk.in Stubs
( 1st one or them. lie is going In . w
iVnik to look over business i-ouilltnini
in tile United States.
I Annther passenger on the bout I"
' Harry Hrlttaln, secretary or the I'll
' grlms Society, who Is nn Ills way In th.
; I'tilted States tn attend the iinnlversan
of the lilgrlms. He will lepresent th
overseas committee at the eentenai v
celebration of the signing of the Irt-nn
nf Ghent.
Imbibition at lirnnd Palnl Miimt
NoIIiIiik Original.
Spectjl Cable Hei.patch to The Sc.-
I'aiiis. Jan. 2.1. The Association of
I'ainters and Sculptors opened its thir
teenth annual exhibition to-day at tin
Grand 1'alals under the name nf tin
Winter Salon, which has nn nniclul sle
nlficnnce. The assnclatlun is merely u
union of artists having for Its object
their mutual benefit nnd Is lnurfutHvi
The association has assembled 1 i'i""
paintings but there is no risk nf rals
Ing a commotion such ns the iiutunu.
salon for there Is no trnce of originality
or personality nnd no truce of the great
artistic movements which reviilittlmi
led painting In France. In this respect
I the exhibition might have bcill asleeu
1 since ISliO.
Goes to
or teiepnone to nearest
I Wllloufhhj KUMI Mtln IMHI
I2A MliUl strctfl ' SAiilh IKM
41 Nnllniid Alto Itrilfoid ItOK
III r'luli'i.H Atium fijtlinili l?m
tM UTfuii-jr st. wTlluiii.bun. con
I Mr4inbrak Arnne Jimilct i:k
71 Main Mtrcst Hoitiri l?.'it
r.nlr1 Avtl
Far Rftclawif ii
lomp.iiitttiia iAi
Wis lingbioii IUI

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