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fr-ti-ntliin nf Commissioner Wlllcon In
i ntlli i
Dislricl Allornpy Is II Jim iril
lv Kfforls lo lllnrk
Mr Wlllrnx know when hi term was
'Mlllc,' V.) , Mi tl.,,,1,,, "nn.l if 1,1.
milAITnil l.nm nnmnu nn.!:':!':' Ml- ";""'. " i
,'' "'' I ii'Mw.iiy when tlipi ctititiiut
HI" hUii.mI iih, -HonM Iihm- I .ti taken
i-niii" linn- IICII
Tnmsit Coiiipnii Offin-is iVep''71 MORE FOR WILCCOX'S JOft
No I'ncasincs-i Coiiiiruiiiu
Outcome of lis!nlo.
Entire Project Miiy Hi- Nullified
if (tovci'iioi- I'niN In Hi-iip-point
The "'iliwiiy plan nm i ; .1 .iml
yet It l nfe Tlmt Is hnw th- iliy
official nml tin- nilki'is if tlif u.ini;
companies ftlt iiliiuit tin' Unit; ilNputo
yesterday. Tlu-v tcnllnl Hint nc .on
ttm'cnt oontr.iilli'int tti, oiIut, but nic
rirurd Hint tluTi- tt,i. nn lunnllili'
Itroiitiil for fc.tr tluit Hip i!,in wmilil n.it
BO through
Hut when they c;inii' to .ttt.it li dn'e
to their "proi'liptliw tliov .mini lh.it tlirv
had a different proliMtu to hhIm- W.mlil
the contract lie si;niil liefnie 1 11 1 i.
nlcht not Prlil. iy wIumi !,. term of
William It. WIIIcon. cli.i.i rn.m of the
I'Ubllc Sen!,,, ('aitiiiilsil.iii. isp'.re'.'
That nn a pmer Tliov couldn't to',!.
Would the time required for whipping
the contracts Into .shape, ),lu tin- me
chanics of pawnee liy the ll.mul of
Itlmn,te mid n'.tim.tto Imi.iiurn. 'nrty
the ronc'iHlon of the dl-Muce well Into
the tlret week ol lV1truar '.' lvrh.iiu
The ej.'ence of all this um-crtalni v
had no political tlnce. nlthonu'h t win
n" profound political Important e The
rc.i.on ( -r me unci rtaln'y w.t re
solved ln't ecr.il element., ve-uerdav
' th I'nb W Porvleo f.iniTiillon. In
the flr.it place tlu time that l.. liov T.
Ilarkne Inwvcr fir tho cmtr.N!,tti.
tllchatd Old I!ocor. lawyer for the
Inltrbotoiiuh, and Oenrse P. Ynotnan.
lawyer for th. Hrooklyn It.ipld Trnnlt
f unpany wmiM takp to put Into Ir.m-
ad plitaslnc the eonrlusion ro.u-liod
' tli nutiiPio:!" rotifi-rono" tv.m uu
torta'n It w, rnppopd at tho rnd of
thp oonfprrnrp l,i: I'rUlav nlirht, when
.1 P Mnriran .If KraucN l.yndo Sic'
on and T I Sh.uit. twin oer the l.i.-t
ri .pii'od point in (otitr.it"x tvlih
th iMty ofllO'r' tnai tho Uvvyr could
do thp to?:.
Thn npxt point or iini pitainty th
mnunt of tim- Hint Hi" Hoard of 1MI
mat" would tnlio to nppiov. the ion
ttact I'mpha-os w.xn pot on i'ic
"tfitomrnt that adoption of th iri . ,.-
by th" Piililio Sci vli i- I'omml'-MiMi o..
not innn tho adoption of th.. plan It
Hip 'ominKion ivt'ip .ibl- to aiU.pt tl .-
tontrartK h) iho middle of th U.
thpro would ."lill ! n nood siieP h i f
rn.ul nh. ail before the .otiinicti ran lie
pxecuied i 'orpora t Ion iuunel V.lt n
must approte them Mr. WatMiii ha"
lorn at .-eter.tl of the I went ronl'if
enc and i in teneinl aiconl with
the pl.ill Hi.' he tlllsht tir.d tlulilo'ix
ilau.-ei to win. h he would taUe e
rpption. and the tonectioii of theni
ould take tune. After he has siven
Ills approval the Ho.ud of Ksi.nin.e
must pass them, and Mayor (Jaynor
tnust nfllv his sisn.ituie.
.The third point of uncertainty Is
itTiPthpr the enntraet.s. when thev mme
brk tn tt 1'uUl Sei i, e
"pmmlsson for onu'm w.ll
find a new chairman m Mi
WIIIcon'.s pl;iee If (Jot ivAti-r vhoulil
name a Miccpssor to Mt U l'l to
take otllre at mldnlKht on .lanrary 31.
the new man. It was said yesterday,
would I robnblv p.ii"s upon t'r mi
tmrts Went he would do to tlipin can
not be foietold It was oieai. how
pvrr. thai .t liomle man could nullify
the lilan whether the opi'r.itinK con
trnr's ate .signed or not.
A foul i h point hail to do with Mr Will
cox himself li was said je-terd.iy that
If r,ov. Pul.er should stand lli some
day and m. I il kh-- Willcn ten
dayp nior to finish thep nefarious
cntra t!" ' the h.urman would he
otroncly umpted to reply to Mr Sul
zer, Mv tune Is tip. tmi ten d.ns hence
but now. 1 w.'l not pull out ihest
nuts "Ut of the lire " The effect of
hucIi nil notion would he to put the ie
HponMMIIty for the contracts squarely
up to the tlmcrniir. for with the coin
mission evenlv divlileil the Cnvcrnoi'i
appointee would have the decidliiK vote
It was pointed out to Mr Wdloox
jestpitlay that onlv In this wav would
the sincerity of Ml Siilwr's attacks
upon th" contracts he demonstrated
There were no conferences yesterday
nnd none wele expected for to-il.i
Mr, WIIIcom and Mr M'Aneny lunched
wltli Timothy S Williams, president of
th" Hrooklyn P.api'l Transit I'ompjii.x.
but Mr. McAtienv said that their talk
wa tint in the nainie of a ionfeiene.
Mr. Willcox said'
I don t want to say that ail the points
are settled, hut the main siiBcestlmiH innde
Ht the pllh'lf henrlllKS hate been piovhlid
for. 1'rolmhly the nniioinieenirnt will Ira
marie in the open hesimm of the nun-
mlsflon when the .ontrnets me leady for
ndoptlon Tin' laveis are now drafting
clauses for the Joint opei.itlon by tbe
H. It. T and the Intel borotnth of the lines
In Qurens , count The an anseinc nt must
Im flexible, for th" future mi)' show that
one company Miould run twice as miiiiv
trains over those tracks its tin- othei.
Hut Hi" question Is a simple one anil
can be easily derided
4arrn Tmirr J-fiiil 'IVIrBrHni
In iil.rr fler leellnn.
More than llfli civje. tnxpa ei s' and
tmprovenient im.soclatlons fii-tu diffi'iinl
parts of Queens weio represented at a
apeelat meetlup held In the Chamhei of
Commerce of Que. hp, when plans weie
made for the holding or a muss tnevtltiR
In favor or the hIkiiiiik of the contracts
for the dual subway system In which
Queens Is Inteiesled
In addition to aiiaiiKliiK for the man
me'tlnc. which Is to be held on Wednes
day or Thuisd.iv of this week, a teleur.ini
was pent to dov Sulzer lecoinmendlnB
that Urn contracts for the dual suhwjy
ystcm b slcned without del.i
' William II Williams, president ut the
Chamber or I'oiuineice, pieshied, and
James K. Wilkinson of the Lome Island
Hi Kstato Kxchanpe acted as pprre
tajy. When the iiuestlon of holdlnc a
hum meetlriK oamn uii for discussion
Jatnea IS. (Jlonln, repieseiitlnc the Astoria
BailnfSK Men'a Association, said that the
altuation changed so rapidly that within
tho next twenty-four hours a mass meet
ing might become unnecessary.
"I tHkn my Information from TllR Nr.w
ToK Hu.v saJd Mr. tllonln. "1 consider
THB flUN ubout ouo of tlm moat consorva
tlva and best Infoimed papers In the city,
n4 thla morning It stated In a leadlnc
rtlcle that the contracts are ready and
couM bo signed within the next fuity
eight hours."
" Julius llarar-r, prrrltJent of th United
Otvlo Aasoclatlona of Queens, which rep
resent! thirty associations, was not In
favor of boldln a meeting to urge tte
'resident l'iinnoll f tlneens
llorimul, (iltes .Nnnies lit suiter.
M-iitst. Jim. '.T, Maurice II. foii
nolly. President of Queens liormiKh, coii
felled with (!v Suler (o-dav oil the
siibwat sin, nil, ill
J!e - ibtlllttcd a list of llvo lesidenls
of Qllcon boioimli sa.MiiK the aplfoint
llielit to the Public Service ( 'ommlssion
of li ll one of them Would be aci'eilable
to Hie boloUKll lesiilenti'
lie ictitsed to sa whoe names h,.
i.'ae the tloveiiior
riiiviils Siiiil lit- Asked ."SI.IMIU
for ICel urn. lint Coui-i
Ii'nii it-s Ciisc.
A stoiy Hl.it Hip foster falhel of a
tliild had t. iiiaiided tl.uon fiom ti.e real
p.ii entd to sin tender the child and
ilnall.t had loweied his deiiiaud to 17."i
was told to Supreme Court Justice
llindtlck jesienlay In a pioceidinn by
l.eo .Vnck anil his wife. Anna, to regain
possession of their etaht-ye.it -old son
liiir. .ils,, known as llanv I'oheti.
T.it. b.jy is no.w Willi a foster fattier,
Solomon l"elisein.
.lustlce (lendiU'k dismissed tin) pro
ifeduiK on the ground that the patents
had abandoned the boy vhett he was an
infant and that the foster lather has n
licit lo Ids custody. althoiiKh the real
patttits mnv he better able to care for
The case was heard before Maurice
.Meer as leferee, whose recnmnu'lida
tion was continued hv the court Th.
testimony showed that the hov wa.s
born on June 11. P'ol. and shortly af
terward his father diappeatert Mrs.
Nark took the bo to (lotiverneur Ilos-
pit.il whei he wa- fo il months old nnd
ielst..ed him under the naitie.of Harry
l ..'on. She .nd slie sine t!,, Imy a
tl.titlous name because she had dirir
reibd w.ili lor leljtnes and wanted
t ie boy to herself. When she did not
claim the boy he wa.s sent to a foitnd
llne hospital and was adopted by I-Yld-sleln
and his wife
No i k lemalneil away from New York
until I'.'IO. hut when he returned to ht
wife they started a search for the ho.
Thev tinally found him In th posses
sion of 1'ellNleIll. W.'ose wife had lust
tiled TI.ev alleged that peldstetn made
the nff.-r lo leiuin the hoy for a money
eons. deration, nnd offered testimony
that I'elilsteiu is a eamhlr and leaves
the till!, I alone at IlitilU.
Tlo' leferee that there was no
ploof that the hov was neglected. eeif
on one on.si,,n He criticised the par
' :r.s and said-
"The father was most callous In as
(ertalnliiK the whereabouts of the t h!M,
and eiiuallv Indlfrerent upon the sub
ject of his wife. The sudden solicitude
of the-e parent for their offspring was
shown lu 1011 I cannot fathom trie.
worklnR of their minds"
olnnlal RaMa Dells-tltf ol far
ties fftillteli Srai,n,
TtMPt. I l.i . .Ihii ::. Mnndir evenlne
Hie In m i.i llnv Hotel was the cenn of nn
e.peci.illv prettv ball the (list annual
l olonlal hall to be irlten in 'Intnp.i 'I lie
ro'utne-. neie innt picturesque and all
tho.e daiiclm; were attired In the quaint
stes ptcvailtiitr In Colonial tunes V
lomnutlee an.inled iri?e for the prettiest
and alo the oldet lostuuie the latter
,i,e noini: to Miss Willie Louise 1 otvrv,
the diiurhter r Mr and Mrs Sumter He
Icon l.owit, formerlv of South Carolina
Mic o'h a tin mil tronn which was worn
In yeai-. pat by hei irreal-irreat-itraud
mother Special italiciiiif features wele
plPttf etelils of II,,. evelllllt; Korty little
hot s and tfirl dte-.sed in t olonial cntiiuic
djllied the llilllliel t! r,ti ef nil V 1 heir in
finites were eiabniate nail rhev attracted
coii.ider.tble attention mid lominent Utile
.Hss I ontiince l.eioiix of Atlanta, who Is a
tt inter visitor at Hi" 'lampa Hay with
her mother, data ed the Micnonettp Flow pi
Until with unusual trrnce
liu-dio eteiunc the officers of the I nlted
Stjtes uuuhnat Wlipellne werir honor
euests nl a special hall ulven by Mr Stan
ford at the 'lamp.t Itay Hotel 'Ihls wis
Mrielt attended by hotel suests and city
re-nlen's and proved one of Hie niot n
lovable balls of Hie n inter
ediie-il.iv uioriiimt the I!nde club on
the 'raiiiim H.iv hid a decldedlv Interesting
cune. eiu'ht tables ilaymic and appropriate
pries beinit awarded The regular Wednes
dav and hatiirday evening dances ttere
lie-Iil at the liolel a- usual this week
Mr- I vt liohert-. a eue-t of the I ampa
ll:i . cave a deliL'htfiil aiitu par iv to a mini
her of her hotel mends and several friends
in Hie citt l uesdav, evenlnt: 'I he moon
light etenlni; was i'rfect and the party had
a delightful dne to all luterpatllitr (lOlnta In
the (in. later hat lot; a charininir supner
! sorted i hem at tho 'lampa Nacht and
( (unit ry I bib
j Ihureday of nett week, .l.inu.irv .'.n. the
annual charity ball given hv the Klks of the
1 1 1 1 v will occur at the Tampa Hay Hotel.
I I his is aluat's one of the ino-t ruaunitlcent
M. I ii-l.lio in lie nuri nm-uii ,111,1 iintniuru
hv all unusually larite croud The pro
ceeds ale used for benevolent purpose.
Several committees are now working to
complete arrangements for this function.
Hie golf links at the Tampa -kutoniobile
I bib continue to be quite popular in aplto
of the summer weather Florida has been
eiiiovinu lor the past few weeks Parties
are 1 ontlliually on the course and greatly
enjoy the sport
Votes of Hip Social Warld.
Mr. nnd Mrs Hubert Vos will give
this afternoon lit their studio, U West
Sixty-seventh street, a lereption for Mine.
Julia Culp
I Members of the Daughtpra of the Cln
Iclnnatl will Rive a reception nnd tea at
i thf Cotham on Wednesday afternoon.
Mrs Alphonso Jongers will give a
dance for her cousin, Miss Trances Mon
Iiiku Wind, on Saturday at her house,
40 West Klfty-nlnth street.
Miss Harriet Ashton Clarkson. a
daughter of Mr. und Mrs. Ashton C. Clark
son, will he married to Lieut. Iiuls A.
Ileal d. I'. H. A., In Ht. Agnes Chapel on
Kutuiday afternoon.
In JVptt VopU T-4a7.
lUhrcw Sheltering and Immigrant Aid
u,.nli.ii- mfellnir. Piihlle School 2. Ifefiter.
coiner of Kssex street, 2 P. M.
Hebrew f ree jntn nocieiy, Hnnuai meei
lug. 1 OS Second avenue, 2 P. M.
ll.uf.l .if rtlrentmu nf ti
..IT'flllllB ... .....
Sluul Hospital, administration building,
. , , . , ... , i. -.-- i.-t ft i. . . , , .i i
Until SIICPI, liemcoi A-,,., I -.i.uiauil
iivenups, lliltl A. II.
Color Conference, John W. Alexander,
Colony Club, 9 P. M,
American Hebrew Aid Society, dances,
Hotel Astor, 8 P. M.
Public Km urn, Manhattan Congrega
tlonal Church, nddress by Chairman
Curran of thn Alaermuniu toiiuiiltlei,
the Investigation of the Police Department,
r. u
TIMAI.S to rn.Mi: nkxt
CiHTiiii ('(iiimiiftri' fti Invtwli-niift-
DclccHvos Tills
llM'oits published rterdnv that fhn
investinatlon Inlo iiollre gtaft was pine
lU'iillj at an end unless some of the
men Indicted confess nnd Implicate
otluis were not received kindly by uti
or the iif;eiices tlirough which the In
vestigation Is helm; cat l ied on. Tim
ieiois came out or the adjournment of
the est i ,n iril I tin ry llratid Jury until
I'ehiuary IT.
No sect et has been made of the fart
that Hie District Attorney's odlce and
the furum AUU rnianic eotumlttpp Ii.ivp
met with ever sort of obstacles and
that ns n lesiilt tbe ln estimation has
juoceeiletl more slowly Witnesses who
knew of this have been loath to come
fin wind nnd tell their stories, fearitiK
h.iim ft cm organisations in the umlcr
wol Id
one of the fnemheis of Hie District
Attoiiie.v s stuff pointed out eslerday
-nine time must be taken to ptcparo for
the forthconiliiK trials, which will he
nut Willi that of Policeman Kugenp Vox
on Pebruaiy 3. The trial nf Slpp's for
mer law ei, I'Mwatd J Newell, Indicted
for a misdemeanor, prolwbly will be
moved as soon ns the Kox matter H
disposed of .Meanwhile efforts to pet
m touch with Tlioma.s J Dorian have
not been discontinued nnd It N hoped he
may he (untight before the extraordi
nary (Hand Jury when It icconvenes
In l-'ebtuai
The trials of Policeman John J Skelly,
Manny Miuis nnd Sol Wolf, all accused
by Mis. tioode, will follow.
The Curran committee will begin this,
week an Investigation Inlo the detec
tive bureau with particular reference
to how defectives are choen and why
and their wotk imp of the topics will
be what becomes of the detective
bureau's "big" cases, which receive
many columns of publicity In the news
paper for a time nnd then aftpr that
drop nut of slg'ht.
Another feature will bo a thorough
Investigation of the Patrolmen's Henev.
oh'tit A-soiUtlon and the Lleutpnants
Association The pension fund also will
come in for a careful looking over.
Among the witnesses, It s expected,
will be former Mayors Seth Low and
flcorse I! McClellan r.nd all the living
fw met- Police Commissioner.
The committee! also will make an In
nulrv into the cost of living ns It ap
ples to policemen, going Into specimen
f..mP.v budgets to find If they pet ur
fltietit wages and whether difficulty 1n
supporting their families Is not an In
centive to dishonest practices.
line. is Wear Finery That Was Ihe
tloile Klahlr Venn Abo.
M l:olei-i P Putnam gave a o.itume
d.it.e Hst night at her house, 147 Hast
Thirv-thlid street Tli guests, wifo In
cluiUsl many artist friends of the hostess,
were .a costume of the 1S30 period
Theie was general dancing and at mid
night supper was served at small tables,
with .in Impromptu vaudeville rntertnln-
ment In which some of th ruests took
Among the mejrts were Mr. nnd Mrs
!on liable. Miss Dable. Mr and Mrs
Arthur I Keller. Mr and Mrs Oliver
Mctjt Mr and Mrs Maurice Frnnkes, Mr.
and Mrs r.letnlen Campbell, Mr. and Mrs
Kdmunrt HJnrktu.in. !r and Mr. Hurt-
dlestnn, Mies Kdna K Wallace, .Miss Sarah
MeConnell. the Misses Denning. Harold
Dnnlnc. M ss Catherine Ilurrlt, Arthur
Cotton, ItoUrt Kdwards. Witter Itynner
ami John Kllner
Crleu nf the Warren Hndaarrf
llnnse tilte n arleit Hntertalnraenl
I'niler the auspices nf the Friendly Aid
Soub't) of the Warren Coddaid House, u
settlement at :i and IMS Hast Thirty
fourth Street, theie wns glten last night In
the ballroom of the Plaza for the benefit
of that organization a vaudeville enter
tainment, costume dunce nnd bazaar
called "I.lttle Coney Island." AmatPiirs
who are Interested In the settlement took
part In the vaudeville that opened the
carnival There were songs and mono
logues be Miss Minnie Davis and MIjs
Harrlft Fumade Miss I.llllan Itobertson
nnd John Morris danced Itimslan dances,
Ilrad Ashworth and I) A. Vaughan gnve
clog dances and Impersonation and Mrs
liohert McC'iiiin and Miss Mary Cdlth
Co.iniis sang, accompanied by Mme. Kath
erlne Allan I.lvelv, fdanlst Mrs. McCann
also dlrpcted the chorus
Theie weie mutiy fancy booth nnd side
shows, where refreshments were sold and
fortunes fold. Seernl other Interesting
novelties ntttarted the guests. Afterward
there was general daurlng, those who took
pint In Hie cuilvul remaining In their
Among those piesent were Mrs. Chailes
I.lndley and the Misses Agnes l.andon.
Iluth Davis, Sybil Davis, Marlon Deorlnc.
Kllzabeth Duryee, Marlon Kldlltz, Dorothy
Freeman, I.llllan H. Frazer, Frances Wen
dell, May Vogel, Frances Thome. Viola
Townsend. i:ipanor Townsend, Kllzabeth
Itussell, Maude Ihman Jeanette Kissel,
Annie C Ooddard, Beatrice Clogau,
Dorothy Huny, Ileglna (ilogau. Abhy
Morrison. Alice Pine. Edith Pine, (torothy
Perkins. Kllzabeth Itussell and (lertrude
Schl liner.
Wilson Taylor of the Hohoken rtoaid of
F.dticatlon was arrested yesterday charged
with embezzling $r0 In mi Insurance deal
from llcrlwrt J. Wnre of Oradell. N J.
Taylor was released on 1.100 ball for a
hearing beforo Jtecorner .Mrt.overn next
Tuesday morning,
Judge Harry V. Osborne of the Court
of Common Pleas may bo named to sue
eppd Prospcaitor Wilbur A. Mott of Newark
when the latter h tprm puplres In April, It
Is said.
"I'll he with you In a minute," re-
marked Thomas Mitchell, a merchant of
ltnckawny, to a customer. Heforo he
could kpep his word ho stvnypd and fell
dend bPhlnd tho cnuntpr
After gashing both wrists and firing a
bullet Into his head to kill himself Caul
Clausen of Summit Is still nllvo In Over
look Hospital. He recently had financial
Assistant Attoniey-Heneral Unsklll of
Trptiton to-day demanded an explanation
from the Lnckatvanna Itallroad for Its
recent action In refusing to honor the pass
of Mnt'.lon Hr..-.glar.d, n member of thn
State Water Supply Commission llvlag
at Rutherfor.
are now showing Advance Spring Styles in
Women's and Misses' Apparel
consisting of
Tailored Suits, Three Piece Garments,
Street, Afternoon and Evening: Gowns, afso
Outergarments for every occasion,
introducing many exclusive and novel fashion effects in
the newest fabrics, including Brocaded Eponge,
Crepes. Charmeuse and Silk Poplin, Moired Crepe
and Bengaline, Silk and Wool Matelasse, all
at Very Moderate Prices,
Also for To-morrow, a Special Offering of
Woolen Serge and Canvas Dresses
Twelve new and distinctive One Piece Models, including
the Russian Blouse, in navy blue, black and white,
with silk lined waists,
t M1.75, 18.50 and 23.75
All Extraordinary Values
aie displaj'rg c'diticral Fpirg lnT-ortnti"cns of
Wool Dress Fabrics
comprising Brocaded Eponge, English Tweeds and
Novelty Checks, French Vigouretix, Bcncalines and
Bedford Cords, in plain weaves and mixtures.
Also for To-morrow, an Important Purchase of
4500 Yards All Wool Serges,
Dress and Suiting weights, in cream.
black, and several shades of navy,
At the Special Price of
, 1800 Yards Imported Black Broadcloths,
j Spring weight, high lustre,
j sponged and shrunk, Value 2.50 Yard, at
Monday, Final Clearance Sale of Women's
Muslin Undergarments
of the best class of materials and workmanship
At Large Concessions from Regular Prices
Gowns, at 85c, 1.10, 1.35 to 3.65
Combinations, " 90c, 1.15, 1.50 " 3.95
Corset Covers, " 45c, 65c, 85c " 2.95
Drawers, " 43c, 60c, 75c " 1.85
Chemises, " 65c, 89c, 1.10 " 2.50
Petticoats, " 89c, 1.25, 1.50 " 3.85
Princess Slips, " 98c, 1.30, 1.55 " 4.50
Later Importations of High Class Novelties in
Cotton Dress Goods
arc now being shown in exclusive weaves, designs and
colorings, also the following
Special Inducements for Monday
7500 Yards French Dress Linens,
double width, pure flax, yarn dyed.
in the newest shades, also black and white.
120 Pieces Satin Border Voiles, ,
45 inches wide, in an unusually
attractive line of styles and colorings,
Regular Price 65c and 85c Yard
And in addition, a large assortment of
French Lingerie
hand embroidered and trimmed with the most desirable laces
At Radical Reductions from Prevailing Prices
To-morrow, Very Exceptional Offerings in their
Upholstery Departments
450 Pairs Cluny and Scrim Curtains,,
of fine quality scrim, in ivory
and Arabe colors, borders .
nd. corners hemstitched, at 4.Z5
Usually sold at $5.00 to 6.50 Pair
To-morrow, a Very Exceptional Offering of
on Voile, Swiss. Nainsook and other sheer fabrics
Greatly Below Actual Values
Flouncings on Voile. Swiss and Nainsook,
at 55c, 85c, 1.10, 1.25, 2.10 Yd.
Al lover Embroidery,
on Swiss and Voile, at 30c, 59c, 75c, 1.10 Yd.
Edgings and Insertions, on Swiss and Cambric,
sold only in lengths of about 44 yards,
at 5c, 8c, 10c, 12c, 19c Yd.
Also Several Thousand Yards
French and English Cretonnes,
Values from 28c to 75c Yard,
15c, 20c,25c
Attention is directed to their exceptional facilities for the re
modeling or furnishing of City and Suburban Homes with
Decorative Hangings and Lace Draperies.
Large assortments of materials and laces are shown at all
times from which selections may be made.
Slip Covers, Window Shades and Awnings
Made to Order, also Furniture Reupholstered.
Upon request experienced representatives will call to
make suggestions and furnish estimates.
Monday, a large collection of
Housekeeping Linens
in limited quantities, will be placed on sale at
One-Third to One-Half Less Than Usual Prices
Table Cloths, at 1.25, 1.95, 2.95, 4.50, 5.95
Napkins, Doz. 85c, 1.25, 2.10, 3.25
Scalloped Table Cloths, at 2.50, 3.25, 3.95, 6.75
Damask Table Cloth and
Twelve .Napkins, Set 2.85, 3.25, 4.50, 5.50
Damask Table Linen, Yd. 45c, 70c, 90c, 1.15, 1.35
Tray Covers, Each 15c, 25c
Show Towels, Each 75c
Also high grade combination
Lace and Linen Tea, Luncheon and Banquet Cloths.
Luncheon Sets. Centre Pieces and Doylcys
At Corresponding Reductions.
have now in preparation their Annual February Clearing Sale of
which on account of removal to their New Building. Forty-second and Forty-third Streets,
West of Fifth Avenue, will be offered
At Even Greater Reductions Than in Previous Years
The stock will be on exhibition next Thursday, Friday and Saturday for selection and purchases will be held
until required. The regular sale will commence on Monday, February 3d.
West Twenty-third and Twenty-second Streets
Baffalo Kail Celaferaata la Cat
ll.lon One- Dir. In Ila.pltal.
I,ockfoiit. N. Y.. .Ihii. 26. Forty pfr-
nom were Injurrd. on. fat ally, early this
mornlne In a collision brtw.en h trolley
train of two cars and a freight train, on
Hit track of tlie International Hallway.
The tiolley cam, both full of paiaenfem,
ner telicopd and th rear far of thn
Xielcht train wa demolished. The ttolley
tiatn was returnliiK from a trip tn me
celebration of the Buffalo Katies.
A flairmiin sent bark from the freiaht
train declared he waved his lantern until
the trolley train was close to htm, then
he had to Jump for his life. The trolley
train, he said, was running at a speed of
thirty miles an hour.
James J MtcK died in in nospuai
soon After the crash. Fred Hslmnns Is
nut expected to live,
ClianSJenr Raea Broker Tesser,
flarenoe II. Venner, a broker, who haa
sued tbe Interborouirti, the Northern Ia
ritir nnd other corporation In the name
of the Continental Recurltlea Company, la
defendant in a suit for IJO.000 brouiht by
Ills chauffeur, tleorRO V, Heeler. The plain
tiff fell through an elevaUir hat tn Ven
,,.(' twin nt 3AS West Seven y-flfth
atreet. Venner says that Ihe house had
not vat been occupied by hLs family, I
Jadce and .Mrs. ffeabnry (Sarsts at
tbe Klrknaod Uolf and l'olo.
C'oidkn, S C ,.Ian 21 Krilllant sunshine
and balmy ulr Inclrn wltli the fragrance of
the pine render the midwinter dajit niont
enjoyable to tlm Northern toiirinU in I'titii
don. Harsfleld links und tlione of the Country
Club ate dotted with enthusiastic Kolferx,
while tbe polo field presents a Hvely spec
tacle with thn trl-weekly practice games
In progress The I'muden team In justly
proud of its polo record and promises to do
treat things this ecu son Iwlce, they Iiuo
een winners of tlm houttiern Circuit cup,
which this year will be played for ut Aiken,
Godfrey Vreece of Sew Vork has been
elected manager of the loam and is ut the
Klrkwood with his string of ponies, c. M
Taintor of New Vork will arrive this week
with ten ponies from his .Montana ranch
and axpecta to make bis Iheailauarteiw at
the llofikirk Inn.
On Hunday evenlnir n concert was held
In the parlors of the Kiikwood la honor of
the birthday of lien. Holier! I',, I .en. .Musiu
wasifumlsbed by tlm orchebtrit of the Klrk
wood and vocal solos were Him? by Miss
Caroline R. Hroadfues of ih Colleen for
Women of Columbia, H, c.
.Mrs. Hoi .Smith itussell of New Voik,
who for soveral years has made Camden
her winter home, is again established ut
the Court Inn. , ,
Judge Hamuel Seabury and Mrs. Seahury
of New Vnrlr am aiiestH al the Klrkwood,
Cottagers here, for the senson include
Ut. and Mrs, Italph N, Ellis of Jericho,
I. I .Mis M l le.inor ltrown and Mls
Wall.i-. nr l.ne, I'll .Mrs Wlllurrf I'arkir
or Now nrk, .Mr. and Mr William I-,
Mtkcn or Montreal. .Mrs. Vtliltredue nml
.Miss Ollvv Whitredge of Summit. N. .1. Mr
and Mrn lolin .Mchoan of Philadelphia,
Ml und .Mm t Million of Clevelund,
Ohio, und .Mrs ( V iiiinliier und clillilieu
of New Vork
.Miss lliailotte I liompson has arried
from lliltltmire. ti ml ! occupying her old
Colouiul rcfideiHH, 'Ihe 'leiiaces, u few
miles Iwlow Cumdeii
'Ihe .Misses Clarlic of Saratoga Springs,
with their sen ants and tourltiK. cars, have
taken the North Cottuue on the llobklrk
Inn grounds for th senson. .
.Mr and Mrs O. W Nloola and Mrs. I.ef
flngwell of I'ittsburtr linif opetieil their
home on Klrkwood Heights for the Heuwn
. :yy; su.kh and rxbibitioni.
Rare Egyptian, Grtek and Persian
Fur ihe htst ttn nanieK for Ihe '.Seven
llwarft" In Ihe Children's play
now w mm.m: ri.i.ioiT'.s tihwthi'
PRIZES $25. $15, $10
and fivi; rm.r of a'j.itn i:cii.
Clrrulnr cUInK full rtr tnIK srnl In any chllil
under is
AOiirevi. liy mall ixili. UANAC!UI li.NOW
WHITK.JW West 41th St., New York.
Silo's Fifth Are.
Art Galleries
'.sii.o ut'ii.ni.::: -
S( Kltth Ave,
i, .'i snd it wr.sr 4BTH r.
The Collection of
it Mil Fllih At, a Syria
I holce siiecintens of Ancient III
dexeul (llasn, HIisgeK, Sultanaliad
nnd llakka I'nilerles, Hare Neckiacex,
or Kt'S'iituin Heads, Ncarahs, ('.villi
tlcis, Coins, Clay 'Intileis and oilier
MitliiullieH from ircent cxcavaiioiio
In ryrla, Kgypt nnd I'eixln
I'nrettrlrted Tubllc Hale
Tliursila. I'rlila) and Saturda)
an. a i cn. i u r. ii.
Mlt. JAUI'.S I'. SILO, Micllonter,
ian J

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