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Cloudy to-day and colder fo-nighf ; rain and
colder to-morrow.
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)L LXXX.-NO. 149.
NEW YORK, MONDAY, JANUARY 27, 1913. riviroi-t. nu. o:i thr sn iTintmo a,,,i r,thunia Allocation.
to Dccitlt
riiml Action
lie Tiikru.
Miir. HK1.IKVE1) A Bl.n'F
viiL'i:t'ii"ii ' lint Younir Turk
nhhi1i1 llmo Opportunity
to Kt'ply.
ri. v,
, . .f
i hi if ItntHitrh In Tnr Srv
.liii P.opo.itlng their ,
dats nco, tbo il"
tho d"lcjitf
intes to tlio peace con-
lt"'i a n,iioir."ni m un"
hate decided to bron
.t.i'.Mt. ami -no tlio stipulated
.v - mit.ee of tin- end of tho
T'iU ni.iv moan a ronowal of
I r n t'.ie pre.'OlU woo!..
, .. ' ill. it la.it on .Inn nry 1
. .illi. i mail.' i' "Itul.nr thro
i a 'Mlns !' I', although tlio
t.i a; th.-t so Inennsplounii.
w IS .iterlinkod. Tills present
. .,nil.irl fettercil nml may no;
.-..I n-.l-i;.
I'..ill.ill rnvo.vs ronforicil last
i. ailopioil ,i reniimion to tu?
Mir Tillki.sli l(l.i j were In
Hot ill lew ol' tlio publl-llOil
n- tlia. tlio new irox ernnien:
in liiople did not intend to com
Mi.' proposal.' of the I'nwer
.inlte.i should take sum" -d-hi
They therefore appointed a
. ..f live to formulate a note
- vir
'iii.in deles. .ten and to S;r IM
iir, tin I'lltMi rore'..;n Secre
uii i Inmorary president nf the
. mf. reiieo, doclarlni; th" nee itia-
p. ite will be reli-wcd nt a fall
I tij ' thr dclecntos to-d i.v. - lieu
k ! of the presentation of tho
t : i bo derided aa well ns other
. w'li. h will al.'o then i? do-
n. n d.
' i announcement iim:. thus be e.
i .led at present us a .ontlnnetit thrrnt
nmiive obviously Is to htirrj; the
" l.s to brinf thitiKS to a head
ii allies are trettlni; nver the pres-
t-r.Kpeetive tlnanrial losses of keep
. tio.ips in the Held and also nt eay-
i. be iiKricultuinl work in the conn.
Tiler.- is also pnssbl;, M.mo truth
' r s-;( stlon that they hope b the
of renewing the war to induce ih..
' 'tors to take more stern measures at
Constantinople 1
N nnr here doubts that Turkey's
IT. In the Cnwerx When it . fiilc. will
ir i i-rfnsal in rede .drlannple and nY-
t'io I'uwcru in nettle, tlio futc nf the
Cfan l, Irs nml so far the allies- posi
. 10 recHtrled an natural, but opinions
r . to tbo wiMlnm of the notion
' -lo the nntler is still In the hands nf
f 1'i.wers.
o i immriit.-vtor nf the l)n,t)i T-lr-wlille
ndmittiiis tli.-it the It.ilkan-
'm i auso for rninplaint that they
in en severely and nocdlesslv
t"l t.v the tlmr klllinir metlnMl.-i rf
' T irUs. rhdrKPs these losses asatnst
'can. is nnibltiniis and mistaken
n'f .niaubhip. Jlesiiys: Turkey iimv
novtne iiinrh tnn slowlv. but It will
ti"i nifnd matters if ItulRiiria rushes too
w ,'fl
T o writer remarks that tho fireeks
ti 1 s. mans have nothing now to gain
1 n rrnewal nf the war. and If it starts
"-i 'hoy will be e.piatlnK t lit; mis-
- t the Itulcars.
' Ambin-sadors. continues the
i rri'ommeml that the allies hasten
' i lie mjs let even the VollIlK
have ,i ehiinco tn show their hand.
;f the levnlutlon had not occurred
I wnuld tint yet be concluded as tile
' 'f Kiamll I'asha, former (irand
' was tn take the form nf a scries
"lions asking the I'nwers m be
1 M.li. it In their promises, tn help
the e-'l7.ler beliiK detei mllleil
r ' wild Adnannple wlthnut some-
i" "alance the aernunt.
vrier ures that the allies ran
' ' Mill afford tn wait until the
anient has spoken and then
ui m ii. annl-tlce If the nature of
r. . . .i necessitates. He muti'iids,
" 'r. that whenever the campalsn
wed. if it Is renewed. It will brim;
. t i the allies. The l'ower.s will
a frontier from Media to
' i' ' i nor a bK war indemnity and
')'an:tis can only expiate Hul-
inltakes by a further expendl
t f iin.noy and iives.
v I'sp.n.li m which the Dmly Trlr-
-fi rues prominence, may huve nn
"an' hearing on the situation,
" I.' hi OstroroK wires that paper
'o nsiantlnoplo a report thnt Tur
' .i ut to set financial help from
1 'i-rtmtns.
"lins to this statement Hiipruc
r " i inli. the Director of the Ana
n K.iilways, has been ncKotlatlns In
'" - ' i ' the Deutsche Hank fur n con
' i f' r the metropolitan railways of
1 ii . nupio. rno concession was
' I -inie tiino aK and tho Cor
rmhassy w'as informed of this
Hut at tho last moment certain
"Ml worn made which, on tho sub
n "f tho embassy, tho hank ie-
'nil the ratification was post
I -"loflnltoly.
natter, however, was HrranRed
uday and the final signatures
bp nded, whereupon HueKUeniu
indertook to cet for Turkey
he Deutscliii Hank an advance of
"f"'000. to be paid back when the
'in Is concluded.
""'II 'l llry Saa .Nrw linrrrniiirnl
l llnr nf IlesUlnnrr.
T".ini vahtt liftpitrh in Tnn St
' ""', .lan. -'7.- Tlio Constnnllnnple
r P'linlent of the l)nllu TrWnrnnh
HadJI All Hov. the new Minister."
Intet inr, as sayliiR that the reply I
'iblnet to the 'note of the Powers
likely to be sent In very soon. !
' 'tetnment, he said, was fully
" no nf ihe terrible responsibility
' l' fur the present rnndltluns and
' r the history of Turkey.
T ie new Government," he said, "will
Continued on TMnt. rage,
Itelntos ui f.,.r t.ifl.
nml li-tlin l,mr !..
i 11ITTK. Mon.. .1.111. SO. I'or fifteen
, limits Prank Kngstinm, II tears old
I "f 'ii,KitnvM. it mining ramp ten mil.).
( ri'Mi Anaconda, was ir I tty a mmin.
i tn.n tii.n n few niKiiiM K hn thr
thermometer registered .ir, degrees lie.
I"W Stein.
J Tn-il.ij t Utile fellow was brought
j I" Ulltte mid two frozen Ires li.ul ( hf.
.lminitiitril ill mi effort in .u.. hi. if(.
;Toe Inn. uusiiy little mmnilnlmcr.
I was sent mi an errand from hi hotnt ,
jli Aiiainnd.i. About midway between '
tile two place, mi the shores .if 1.VI...
I Lake In- mnv
me HKiiiKiuir tnrni or
I a lug linn ami i'llml.'il a pine tree
l Hi- beast tiinli up a waiting position
at the r.Mit of tiir trey ami for five
limns kept up hl hungry vIkII. The
c;tcliie i old dtiito ,. l,in hack to
the I'm est, hu; while daylight remained 1
'"" ""' roillil see t!i. boast keeping
iw.iun mi a sheltered Knoll omo dl-
I t ..nr.. '. if .
l.iilo III tlie inc.. I.
pli..lcal Ftirfri'inu ovei'i
llesietldeil from !bo t:
Ills win to ..s itnllte
liott tlio bov'
auio bis four, bo
' 1 mill totrareil
in I'.roiiietow ii.
rrawitnr most nf tbo u nn.l teaebiin;
Ii failier i.ibin i,-,te in tao murium:.
Coinptrollor Win. Stilinicr ami
Sheriff lliirliuruor Kitt-li
SiiltM-rilic .Slim.
If a conference that (Jen iMnio ;
Sickles N to liaxe this mornlnir with)
his wife and his son Stanton brlnus
aliotit certain ciincesMnns on his p.irt. '
the liole.iEiired oieran will probably,
come happily out of the undo he f
In with the State because of an ad- '
(milled dotlclt of :'3.i;; in ,h account-1
as president of th State
i'nnunlsion. Mm if the i
yeMorday afternoon asked
to talk with him to-da.
tiiiinl iipaln. he will be loft
leiioral. who
.M's. Sicklns
c.iaiiKos his
to the inor-
'oles ,,f Sherltt .Ic.lltis ll.irlmriser.
! With the po-slbillt;,- .if Hon. Slok!o
Mielnc moved to I.udlow street Jail to.
in. persons intrrostoil In Ins wi-lfaro
wire deilsinc ways and means oster
l.i to prevent his Incarceration. The
tno-i promlrlns of tins was evolved
hy I'oiiiiitroller William Sohni'-r and
Sheriff Harbinger. ; M e., ;, ,,ro. i
poal than that a national fund be
ta:e.l. Comptroller Sohtuer has hoaded
tlie list wltn Jlno and Sheriff HarhiitKor
u.i Klven another $10.1.
The Sheriff "aid ho was confident
l.ie would ralsi fiS.diiO In ton day.
Anjbnih .inywliero i.iu ulve and. as
fie Sheriff phrases it. "help 'n keep1
the only survhinr .Major-licneral In
the civil w'.ir from tin- zn.im!n of a
, prison "e!l."
The eoiuession that Mr- Sb kli". d- ,
in.inds of tile C.eneral s that h diml- '
I from bis home Mi-s Wilmerdlns,
bis i
Hip I
noti.-eiipeper. ir he will consent
tninrv he owes the State will be forth
rnniinu Sn far ho has rofuied. HI
son Stanton thoiiKh: yesterdav that hi
fn Iter's rnptest fnr his wife to enni"
to 'eo him Mils rnorn:n;r Indlcatod that!
a satisfactory ntr.iticement would be
When Sheriff Harhursor 'was asked
i i.i; nicm ii no is Rninc tn make an
I effort to erve th" warrant tn-dav, he
.said he'd hale to "Hut If I have tn pu:
that Brand old man In J.il!." the Sheriff
added, "I'll cort.i! ily che h!m the flno.'
cell In America Take I: from mo he'll
be ns comfortable as anybody In the I
world so lone as he Is In inv late" !
Hriupr tleels I, unit I,
tern fur First Time,
'i.stinn vrt. .lan. SS. Mis, D.
Kassel, 1
TJ Itockdale nxenue, Avondale, Cincin
nati, and Mis Lena Heller of McKlnnof
ateniie. to-day hate as their fciiest their' ,
Ioiir lost brother, Prof. A. .V. Farmer of.
.Vow York, of the State Hoard of dura
tion of New York.
I ills Is the first time he has t l-lted I
them since he was found. He arrived j
lure from Columbus list nlsht after n
tonrerenoe with Gov. .loseph Cox andjt,, throw th? matter over, for Is the"'1""'8 Wils taken for exiiniln.itlon,
school experts. i lived belief here that the contracts will' I'hVHici.iti" from Christ and Ihe City
I'tltll September Prof. Parmer had nut be sluned before Kebruarv I. If he ! hospitals helped treat the bitten. Sum.'
been lost to his family for thirty years. does this the Governor can then do
At a dinner one nlRht early In Seplem-i clare befote Mr. Hearst that he has
ber In New York lie related the story I done his best.
of his life. One of the listeners believed Hut as has been sn frequently said
him tn be the brother nf Mrs. Max hefme the Governor tan if he chooses
Miverstetn or I'eeKsKiil, unit confirmed '
mis ny n ioiir instance telephone con- i
Moiui.e, .Ian. 26. "Tills is the happiest
moment of my life!" exclaimed Mrs.
Delia Hyron of Now York, shortly after
she had met her sister, Mrs. Louio
lilenvenii of this city, late this after
noon, They had been reunited after elehteen
years. Mrs. I'.yron reached the city
this nfternoon from New Orleans.
Mill VUlt I'blllpplnes mid I'MiiMinn1
Wlillr I'rralilrnt, !
Wasiiinoton, .lan. L'fi. -WashliiRlon
otticlals expressed interest tu-nlttlit In
n ruinnr tliat nrlRlnated with persnnt
wlio have seen Guv. Wilson lately, that
the IncomliiR President has already do-
''ideil nn two and possibly morn trips
nut uf the l nlted .States durin
administration. These nro to
Panama Canal and the Philippine i
The President-elect Is said to have
expressed the Intention of vIsltltiR
Panama after tlie close of the extra
session of CniiRiess this year to
witness the completion and Informal
npenlllK of the canal,
He also Is said to be anxious to make
study uf tlie ! ilipinns lit first blind,
before endeavnrliiR tn have CniiRresH
rimt tliem freedom. This trip would
necessarily be put nver until lifter tho
close or l 'uncross In If 14.
lie is iilsn understood to be desirous
nf visitlnK Alaska some time durliiR ills
Cut friiltt. tolllos, uairr-lrp made Uclllloue
with ANtiOSTl KA B ITTEKS, .Wl.
Will Hlock Contracts fnloss
Sulzor Ximics Willeox's
Succcsm)! at Once.
Bet worn Murphy and
Me." Ilis I'ltimntutn to
the (lovornor.
Auhs-t, .Inn. 26. -Within fort-ellu 1
hours (low Sulzor has ncaln hoard
from Mr. Hearst on the matter of the
subway contracts. What ho has heard '
has born fur more disiiulotlin; than the
messago which Clarence .1. Shearn
hroiiRht hero last week. The Governor
now knows that Mr. Hurst has not
been deceived and will not be deceived
liy any kind words or piotetatlons of
sMiipathy unaccompanied by effective
action, lie has ni;alti and In still more
emphatic fa Mi In n been askrd tn iloni
onstrate that he is Mr. Hearsts kind
of friend of the people and that his
own drclaratlons that he was State
leader were mnre than mere word"
Whatever the (lovernnr thought last
week about the matter ho s able tn
i mil hide now that Mr. Heatst Is In
oarnet. and that this week in Nov.
York he means to demonstrate thl
oat nestiH".s by takinc .such le,:al steM
as lie ran to delay the sIcnlnK of the
mntraets. Tile Albany Mow is that he
will ask for court Injunctions to prevent
.... "ihiimi. "i in- . i.niiii. i-. in.- rneei
of which will Ih" tn del.iv the iietunl I
rln.nnr nf the affair and in'ak.. t. neoes. !
Niry for the C.nvernor to indicate
wheiher In- is willliiK tn let William It.
Wlllrov i em. nu
nry I. when hi
In nftlce litter lVblll-
term epitc". tn sikii
the contracts.
When the Legislature adjourned on
I'liday the iinilerstaiidim; between the
(iinernnr and the lieitio-ratto loadets
was that the name nf tho successor'
to Mr. Wlllcox would not ! sent to the
Senate until Tliursd.o. In the ordinary
toutine of Senate pinceduto tills nom- .
Illation wnuld then be tefcricd tn a enm
mltteo and as the Legislature ndjniirns I
nn I'rlclay
would be
no meetltlK nf tlio committee
possible until the followlni;
Tuesdav and the matter could not come
befote the Senate until Wedm-dai, , l'et'- j
ruary Meantime Mr. Willcnx would;
continue in office and thus have live ,
adilitlon.il days in which to complete ,
Ills task. j
I'.ut Mr Hearst i ipilte a" well a ware J
n the GuiiTiiiir uf the tonseiiuenccs of
sm h a coiire and the (Smernnr now
knows that If he fails to send in a
, l.Dtnination early this work. In time to
permit tile Senate tn confirm I'. If It
chinnes. Air. itiarst win accept in.ii at
mi iininl'tiikalile evidence of tre.ichers
to b in and to tho people and an tin-
fiioiullv ait whli h wl'.l lead to itu
' mediate reprisals nf tile sort tile Oov
ernnr m i"t fnrs.
j In addition Mr Ilea::, who wai
ilaubtful last wek a ' w nether Mr.
M'jrphv and the Demm rntli- orcanlza
Hon were actually Interested In the sub
vav contract questlun to the extent of
lnlstlnK upiui the slitnlim of thy con
tr.uts. has now deoldi d that thc are in ' "aucoci. ntcinie ,n zirz.ii- course to
carne-t and Intend that tint shall In sna!' ;i! whoever cajRht l-s eye or to
slKtird Consequently Mr. Hearst moan" ! Ji"I' from a to'e of missiles. Several
to make the attitude of the Governor m"n n"1' women escaped with damaged
now a test whether his recent declara- j sarment.
lions of State leadership were honest or VounR Klelschoitr turned from flrlf
more talks for purposes of political ad-, ntl1 street into Hancock avenue in front
vertiement. If the Governor falls to,of rnonpre:. The shout" of "look
send In a nomination parly In the week!""1' """1 'I"" confuted him and the
Mr. Hears, will accept tills as proof ' dog was upon him befoie he saw It. It
that Got. Sulzer I" subservient to Mr. 1
Murphy and treat him as u "Murphy"
Tho Albany tlew l that the Guv-1
ernur. faced by till" Insistent demand uf
Mr. He.ust. will send in u nomination
eatly In the week and thus sad-j
die upon the Deuioiratlc member.
of the Senate the sob- responsl-
bllitt- for the sluninir of the nin.
tracts. that event ihe Senate com- '
nut lee. If the contracts are to be sated, '
will have to resort to dllatorv devices!
remove Mr. Wlllcox on chai Res and I
has charces on which to net. He has i
I, said thnt he would not do this. Hut if
: the Senate holds up the nomination and
Mr. Hearst delays the siRnltiR of the
contracts by enjoining the commission u
Is morally certain that Mr. Hearst will i
I uegianu mai ine uuvernnr taKf tlie one
iour.se open to hltn and end the aetlvl- ,
ties of Mr. Wlllcox by removinR him. I
If he declines to do this exactly the
s.imo suspicion on tin- part of Mr.
Hearst as to his real loyalty will be pro
voked. In a word Ihe Governor Is now fully ;
aware that Mr. Ilenrst means to mnko
him take a decisive position In tlio
matter. Thnt Is the one thins lie has
been eudcavorlnt, to escape all alone. '
Kvorv word lie has said publicly and
privately has Indicated his extreme
anvlety to keep Mr. Heatst in Rood
humor, but to save the comrade, lie'
does not want to Interfere; he believes
that such Inlerfereme will brlns hltn
Into co'lIMun with Mr. Mtiiphy and the.
i., ,.,,,.,. . , '., , .7 :,
I te, ,.e 1 1 1, I . rr I. Iti 1 1 1 r.i l.i. .... ,1...
,'.,, ,, ,u ,,, '., ,, ',
....... ........ ,." .- ..... ,3 (III til. I If.
Mr. 1 learnt and the runout belief hero
j Is that If he Is forced to rhoose he will
break with Murphy In tills rase.
' AriiIii the question of the man to he
I nominated Is raiisltn; Gov. .Sulzor Rrcat
I anxiety. It was understood in ndvauso
that lie should name John II. Delano;.,
who was appointed to the Carlisle In
tistlRiitltiR committor mainly to rIvo
hint a. little public attention. Hut Mr.
Hearst will not accept Delaney and thu
Governor knows It. More than that, the ,
Governor knows that Mr. Hearst will
'- . '
CuHllnui'il on I'ourth J'aoc
ATLA1S ril! OAMT I.I.Ni:.
4 Ltd. Tmlns Daily lo Florida. C'uln. "toulli,
8.1S A. II,, UH noun, 331, 9M 1'. It. lilt U'ltay,
tnsr) I.eKNInlliro Mn Turn llnlin
Srnalnr 'rn-iniirriMt
Col.t miiia. S ('..Inn Jtl Tlio friontl
I of Setiatoi Tillman ale i.'.illi;n,i nt anil
atarnieil nt tile ill.'Oloaille of n plot to
jllffeal llilll for leelorlioll In tin- I.ckI.s
latnre net Tuei-diiy. ye.iulor Tllltiliin
was Itiiloised fur leelerllim III tile pri
mary, but tin- legislators liavo been so
inxornl by his reront Httiu'U on tliem
tliat the) lire propllteil to (llM-oRal'il tile
'primary vote utnl defeat liim If possible.
It Is s-iiil that tin- enemies of Tillman
'huc llxt-il upon (!ov. Cole 1.. Hleaso us
;tlielr rumlliliite anil that tliey will nip-
port bim for Senator on Tiiesilay.
Tillman In Ills recent nttaet on the
l.eulslatuie rli.ii'Ked that II v.-ns iibso
lulely rontrolleil by the railroads and
was dlsKni'dtiK tin? State. Tlio (oi
ernor has taken no part In the move
ment, but tilt- passam' b the House ot
n resolution rnllinj: on Senator Tillman
to lurnlsli proof of hl eb.nrKe Is vlev.cd
as tlio opeutnn cun in the llht to pi.
vent Ills reeleetlmi.
Tillman Is pobilr.'ii- ieukrr in Smith
Cniollna tluiti at any time since he
entered public life and Ills enemies be
llow they have a Rood chance to rollte
him from (he Senate
Woman ,-iud .Vine Children An
il N iiit- in .Fer-ey "it
A inoiu-iel doc. nappini; ! or;
..no ho saw. bit a v.nmiin and nine rhil-
!, iron In .Tersey City HelKhts yesterday
. ..... .
It finally was killed three
ml,C!1 from lts point
The Injured are:
itl'.nlttli: i 'A 1,1. MIAN. II o.ii-. IS:
LoiIImv .uenile. nil the left Him.
.IdIIN CAIUilMi, IS ji'ji., ri Central
.1 t lino, on tlie Ir 't arm.
IIK.N'HV l'ISIIICIt. 11 ejrv. P3 Web
tri memie, on lti- rlpht hand.
.piSKf'H l"I.KISrilt)Clt. 14 ear. TS
ll.meoi'k aenuo. In Ui" left ami.
MIIS. ANN LdfltSIVKI. :i: yeai
old. of
Jcffer.on atomic, bitten on thw
lift .inn
ri.nltKNi'i: I'lmti'K. R .tears old,
I'a'tsml" at. mi-, 'e ihe f.ioe.
I'AVIti Si'HI.r.lN. , te..rs. 32T I'.ill
J.ido atfini". on tlio !ft hand.
.inllN SWANSON, .". oai5, C Webster I
at"iiu. in tao rUhl arm
HHNV MAY TA.M1', ! ifr, D3 New-'
kirk street, on the Ifft ihoek.
MAfHAN WAGNKIt. ! tears. &i
Waterl.t, on tli rlpht hand.
Henry Flshcr'.s hand was treated at,
Christ Hospital. The othur victims
w i attended by phylci.ins nlonr th":
The d.iR wa brown and white, a
cro5 of collie and spitz, the poiic
think. Tin- owner of It h.i not been
fo'ind It wa noticed flr' In South
strrpt which ! three b'.orks from Wes.
lloboken. near Hntienck nvenue. A:
S .nth sire.-t and Hancock
lore tin- face nf the fierce
dashed by her pursaed by
atentie I:
Klrl. as It
men and.
The tref' wie tll'iod with men.
; women and children s-ilm; to and from
ohurch. Stones and c'u -s flew at the
i iIor l's nppear.iuoc lef- no doubt In
the minds of sin - tator that It was mad
. YelpltiR and frothliiR I: ran south In
slra"; l'" n's '""'i" "nn locked its
" a semnd un his uplifted arm. His
I father took him to Christ Hospital.
A crowd of several bundled pursued
the iIor. 1'nllcp rr serve" from the
Central atonuo and Oakland avenue
and West MmtKomtry street stations
Joined the chase, l'.itrolnun Arthur
IC.'Iv of tin- Wes MnnRomeiy street
station sprinted after It on the lloule.
t .ml and down Duncan aienue. Near
the Hackensacl; lllver at the foot of
Duncan Avenue ho shot It to death. The
will take the Pasteur treatment In New
I Yoik city All the bitten so fur as
known recelvid prompt attention.
maid scares burglar away.
Mirronml Knit IITIh Herri
lnl Fall tn Find I'liullltr.
A hurRlar broke Into tlie home nf
' etdlnand sulybei cor. meat pa. her. tt lio
lives nt i'l i;ast sjlxty-sevent h street
last nlRht and ro ?35.C". before a maid
'iriRiueneu nun uway.
At 10
1.' o'clock the' servant ueiit to
tlie tup floor of the house in retire for :
the nlRht. .lust as she reached her door
she heard a commotion inside and hes
itated. Then she threw the door wldo
open and flashed on tlie elootrlc llRhts.
There was no one there, but plenty of
evidences of a btirRlur's recent presence.
The bed was totn to ploies, the mat
tress nnd blankets worn on the flour,
dresser drawers hail boon pulled out
and dropped. Cinthes from a closet,
were heaped 111 n corner, Ind'c.itlir; that
tho visitor had taken his time riiIih;
IliroiiRh them.
A black leather hriR. In which the
maid had her pntlnRs, Sflll .Jr. was lyliiR
empty on the sprliiRS of the bed. A ',
window was upon.
Tlie ervant ran down stairs and into ;
tho Hi reel.
latin of 7
where she met Albert O.il- !
Hast Sixty-seventh street. ,
HemcmberlnR thnt a thief had been
trapped on the roof of the house nt 5
Kast Sixty-seventh street only throe,
weeks aRu Mr, Gallatin hurried home ;
and telephoned tn the pollie.
A few mlnutcn later tho block was I
surrounded by all the men available atn henrlnE lo-moriow nnd LocndcH was
tho Hunt SIxty-M-ventli street station ' let ro.
nn.l iutleoiiiim wore MPt-nnilillni none Itiul - - - -
I houses, but thev did not And the. llilcf.
Sltewri lte (,'ranil Cential ilslly 7 P. M.
PafllcuUm irioilruaduay. I'lianeUlOMtdlsaa.
dolpli l,cwiM)lin Oives $1.10,
0110 for Work, iintl Trus-
tcos a tltl $ron,oon.
lM Abrallltlll .ilicolli IVsPrillOS
I'ropfrei Made Since Start
of Institution.
Tho nnnil.il nicotine nf the directors
of Mount Slur.l Hospital was hrld at the
hospital yesterday.
Dr. .Mini bam Jaeobl of the medical
board, a former president of the Academy
of Medicine, urped an active campalRn
to raise money to build n pathological
laboratory and nu extension of tho hos
pllnl nn the pint opposite the hospital
on l'ifth nvetltle between Ninety-ninth
and lOOt 11 streets.
It boon me
known after the moetlnc '
that Adolph I.ewlsohn, the banker, had
Biven l.'O.ono for the work spoken of
by Dr. .lacobl
Several weeks k
trustees felt
the enthusiaym shown by l
Mr. Lettisohn nml "went down Into their
pockets," as It was descriptively said
yesterday, and contributed somelhlnR
otor J.'iiO.OOO.
It Is intended to mid 200 beds to the
hospital In the contemplated extension,
and to Include wards for children and
women. The laboratory Is for the study
of disease!). It Is expected that II will
lake $1. '.'5(1. 000 to carry nut this scheme
and the aid of the public is asked,
' After the reelection of the old Imard
' of off ii ers Dr. .Iambi was asked to ad
drc the meeting yesterday. He said
in part:
Mount Sinai llo'pital was established
at the time that miulv'n medicine was
dot cloplin; into its niot progressive epoch,
'The hop!tal was Matted foi the tre.n
nipnt of needy .lews by .lows wiio wore
.better off In the matter of wealth. It
was soon made misectarlan In character
through the activity of the medical board
'and has since teninitied i-o.
I Tho medical board had a.nion; its mom-
beis fume of the inot noted men In t lit
inuiiti t in the medical piofes.slon : Val
online Mutt. Wlllaid Talker and others I
o' equal fame Ther men hate p.i?od
aw a.t
At tliat time s;i Ker.v was not a specialty rinse tun. ll any noting shoyuhf occur
apart from medicine. These men were 1 the police will promptly clear Parliament
ploneois In surcer.t while tlll belns Ken- j Square. Tlie member's of the Cabinet
oral p. ictilloners. The development "f I will lie Riuirded at evert- move hv two
.Mount S ii.il 'v.i alsiut oolnclilnt with . . .. , .. . . .. . -
the work of Pasteur and l.lst-r. who Rate tectiyo and their homo- will be pro
such impetus to antln'P'ls and the treat- i tccted by the police,
incut of norm dleases. That wjs about
roncV'h.,ro,. ho.p.nn-h..-4-veioprdlEVA TANGUAY BACK OF ARREST.
. number of s;icrtaltle w ith much ml- ! -
ta.itne to the patients. Th. is esp-clally , wlrp Sn, l,lTrllil Annnje.l
i n . hi h . 1 1 " i .
Tlie woik 'n the ho-pltal In the a'ly
das was mail" illlTlcult liy the objec
tion w h'eh in.vit .lews hold tn autnnsles
Tn nn the dosil body of n relatlte or
friend was sunvthlns not to be toteratnl
then and in i-onfeipienco many obseuro
dleae lomaliied obsruro after the death
of Ihe patl"it tl'hen th" people iealiz.il
that th- autopsies wore for the benettt of
theinseltf s as .ll as for mankind In
Sonera 1 the objections diminished and
dually ce.is.d The practice In lepard to
autopsies l rr.it the same in Mount Pinal
a In other hospital.
l'oity ea-s nan unbolt had ant decent
luirsltiu, either in hospital or in private
pmrtlee llellovuo lli.siial was the flit
to establish a school for nurmnc. Since
tlion sohisils hate beu . stabllshed all
otor i lit- land and It l now possible to
Ret ualni-d nurses in or the eounft.
Tne teaohliK of medicine in this 1ms.
pltal should be confined to iinderRr.iduiiti s
and should not compete with pot Kr.ul
nate enlb-RO" The daiiRer l that th"
hosit,il feature would b lot slclit of In
puiliint- the coIIoro iiart
Vile in in
.ii..ii nsefuines. of a hospital
ict a liiri-e number "f men who
: lo instruct
L-o into the i.iunirv t. iiraollse modi. ino.
in till" wat the hospital Is a hp s:u;.
Tlie hn"pltal Rlvos an oppoitunlty for to,"
student to b- ei(lllil d for Rellelill Itle'Il-
eal iractlce, w lilch ha' falb n Into such
disfatoi .
General in actltione'-s don't amount to
iimrh nn" i.d.it s In the public cl!uiatlnn,
as the ptsiple Into learned tliat special
ists hate taken hold of medicine as
well as the tiaib and ait. TI.e ri until
praotltlonei i o ad;i a is only an agent "f
the spis-lall-t. The R.nei'al p'aotltlonor
."luls In the laliiif.itoi.t i f the siiei lali"t
the HOlk he should do hllllseif. Tin: I'n
pUtllte Is IllsiliK confidence or Ills lost
riiiitldeliee III th- Reneial pi-acl.lioni'i- Is
the fault , f the peuetal pi.ietltloiier li'm
self, who shlik pa t of hi" wiol- It Is
possible to reR.iln till" imbllc copfidenoe
and Ihe hospital ." itneie such w ol A
hould biRln.
The annual leport showed that tho
niiinber of p.ulenls treated at the hos
pital last year was S.'.'Ut. Theie were
..;:"! free patients, l,0"o who paid a
nominal tat" and l.'llj full patliiR ia
tlents. The death rite was ;i per cent.
The ilt!.penan looked after S.tS.SfiT.
The recflpt.i for the .tear wore
Jllt.2!) and the expenditures $ lao.f.i.i
I'len urirlses dmlKe Frees ClerU,
llnlils Mleur.l alliinl.
When .loseph Locades, ll clerk. '.'I
years old, of 17:1 Meeker ateniie. Wlll
IiimsbiitR. tins nrralRiied .testerday In
the Manhattan avenue police iinirt on
n thnvRo of ItithtliiR he sin prised MiirIs
irate Niisli liy satltiR that h.it nrre-'t
was un nilttilRo, because nt the tine
PoUi email Lour nf the lletbert street
rial luu nabbed lilin lie was ilel'enilliu;
himself finm two rubbers, niic of whom
blackjacked him.
Lucniles milled thnt he was nn his
way home and reached a dark spot at
Meeker avenue and Suttun atrecl when
the nllcRcd ihleves attacked him.
"1 was reslstliiR fiercely nnd shoul
InR for help." said Locades, "when tills
police man unite iiIoiir and arrested mo.
nnd this other fellow,"
Tho other prisoner, Stanislaus Skra
dllles. n Pole, L'.'i years old, of HI Ulch
unison street, was oharRoil with felo
nious assault nnd earrylnR concealed
Skradules was held In lL',000 ball for
vii o-CAl.ll'llll.MA
1 Mitt Olll.Kft!
StHWVlillAMiMrVo-xllne at
w Orlcani wlili Sunsi-i ll.i'UR in the Pacific
Mosoiht Cnniilr. Until I'enelnlf I'ro
fentoro, I'IhIiI With llnil.-r.
Sprrlnt t nhlf limiuttrf, hi Tnr Siw.
Moscow, .lan. I'd, Mine, Nndlii I'tito
klti killed her husband to-day In n I
rapier duel, to which idle hnd formally I
rhallctmcd him. I
The J'utoklnH were both professors of
fenclni; and their rooms worn crowded
every day with fashionable people. One.
of thoho was an army officer, who
'aroused the Jealousy of M. I'utnttln. This
led the officer tn Issue u chnllenRe. but
i Mmo. l'tiiukln, deelarlnK that her honor
1 had been insulted, sent .seconds tn her
husband and Insisted that he should
IlKlit her first.
In the ucttial duel Xadla made n vie
nrnus attack. The husband contented
himself with parryltm her tlirtists, but
In the third bout his wife's rapier pierced
his heait and killed him Instantly.
Wnnlilnulnii In ln lt." n Motill. foe
Mrl C lillil nml I, llaeh for l tiers.
Taioma. Jan I'd WasliltiRtnn will Im
the llrst State tn pay pensions tn mother,
Tho judiciary enmmittee of tho lower
Iioiim. has acted favorably on the. hill
and a majority of House and Senato
fnvnr "I" mloption.
l no hill nrnvitles imyment of !.. a
month for tho suppnrt nf the first child
ntld S., Innnrlilv nrlflil ifilml for ...loll ndrli-
(innal child nf .lestltuto mothors.
Th llnus.i judiciarv committon has
reported fiivornhly a bill providing for
the payment by the State or county nf
$1.50 a day to destitute wive nf inmates
nf penal itihtittitinns for the work of
prisoners in prison or in road KnnRs.
Thin law will cause a larcer ue of pris
oners on Statu road work
Tenr Trouble Tn-ilny From tintTrn
uelles nt I'rnnrhlse A otr.
Sprail I'ahtf llrtptltth tn Tun Siv.
; LonpoN. Jan :6 Owinc to tho threats
of the MiffriiKettrs us to vhat they will do
. in case the amendment nf Sir laltvard
I C.rey to the franchise bill is rejected to
I morrow tlie police are taking extreme pre
: cautions In preserve order nhout tho
I'urli.iment huildiiiRs Two thousand
constables will he concentrated at West
minster and there will he inn mounted
There will he undoubtedly a IiIr crowd
drawn liy the hope of fun witli a lot of
women who have no interest in the fran-
Her Ify Mnll.
Hvn TatiRiiay had William .1 Trahey.
a tlilrty-two-ear-old shipwilRln of 1711
1 ul. email stivet. Hrooklyn. arrested yct--tenlav.
She savs that u .tear iiro bo
wrote. tellltiR her that she t-.as child
of the sun and that for a pi lee ho cmihl
Rive her an nstrnluRcr's nadinR.
She was nppeariiiR at the I trlcliton
Theatre' at the time. She sen! him a
dollar nnd Trahey sent back word that
the tars had told him that tho was tn
be his bra!. .
Then a woman in the South advised
her to bate "Willy" alone.
She didn't write any more tn Tiahey.
she says, but he kept on wr.tins tn hot.
and last week she Rot a letter adtlsiiiR
her tn pay Trahey the Mini 'hat lln
writer said she uwed him. Then, says
the actress, she turned the letters mot
Hi her lawyer.
erU rtee in eerel n r nr senate
Siipporloil li l.ul.r l.oii,
Wasiiisotux. .lan. 1'ii .losopli li. Wil
son nf Nashtilli 'I'eiin.. In m Mel- of
President- lect Wiisun nnd c. newspaper
man. Is a candidate fie- "ci r.-tat of the
I'liilnl States Seiiati .itul is s ippiirnil
by Sentitnr Luke Lea nf Teiiuosj.,.,.,
Mr Wllsuii was ei.ipln.ted nt the na
tional 1 lonincriitlr lieadiiu.il ten- in New
York my iliiriiiR the I'lmiptibtn.
There ate .several nthor r indolate. In
the field, nue nf thotu Ib.liert M. Gales
WashitiRtnu cnrrcspninlent nf the Mem
phis t'nmwcrrtiil .tiicif. Ilnb.rt G
Wonlley fotmerly runiiocicd villi the
WashiiiRtnti bureau of a New Ynik
newspaper and a native nf Hen' in ky, is
iilsn In the race.
Willi llilslinnil she tiienil lfm-iiliiv.
Tn lee In Tnrr tint n.
TtititYTows', .but. 2(1 Mr. iitu. Mrs.
'"iiilev .1 Shopatd intended services
i his nioriiliiR In tlie IrviiiRloii Pros
hytorlnn Church mid heard tho Ibv
Dr. Daniel llut'scll. who married them,
preach the sermon.
After the service tile riiiiRiVR.itinn
R.itheicd lirniilld Ml', lillil Ml'.. Shep-
a III and showered Ihelll Willi ft I
wishes. It was tin- Hint opportunity tho
people nf live ihlllrh had nf tuietitlR
Mr. and Mr. Sin paid, none uf them
hating been Invited tn the tveddlllR. A
social half hour was enlnyod. after
whli h Mr and Mrs. Shopnr.l returned
tu L' nilhiii'st.
They walk-il tn and fiom Ihe rliiirrh
at the stlHRostlnii nf Mr. Shopatd, wliu
v.'antoil tn Ret tho benefit nf the innrn
illlt ti It. Mrs. Sliepard wore n darlv
blue hroadclolh suit with a small hat
tn match.
' Miinll tinmlilers rretcil nt I'liinniis
Sum in or Iteinrl,
NmvrottT, .bin. "0. That Wllliain
MacLeod, now Mayor of this clly. meant
I what lie said In Ids campalsn speeches
' that the Riniblors could expul no
quarter from hltn is shown by three
' raids, two of thcin earl M dot
, Tho places tlsitcd lo-iin.v are otnal',
one of them rti.i is ncRi'nes. where nln
"rr" ".'lercd In for shoo.l.iR Clips.
The other Place WHS a Mi-ctll til
were taken pliylng curds,
r. W. W. Affitfltors Admit De
feat and Tell Men to
Oo Ilaek.
Hotel Owners Say They Will
Uar fhe Union and Its
The Roneral striko of the hotel
workers, which was promoted nnd
nursed by tho nRltators nf the I. "W. ,"W.,
collapsed yesterday. The striko leaders
admitted last nlRht tliat tho flRhtlnR
spirit had oozed nut nf their followers
nnd that within forty-eight hours
waiters, buses, cooks and scullions would
be scnimblliiR for their old Jobs.
Tho oi-Ranlzors sent by tho Industrial
Workers of the World tn show the hotel
workers how to flRht nccordlnir to tho
tactics of Haywood and Httor wcro-tho
first to admit defeat.
I'n trick Qttlnlnn, the Rcncral nrRan
l7.er, and Miss KllzahcVi Guriey Plynn,
the principal spoechm.iker, were hard
nt work until afler mldnlRht last nlRht
tryltiR tn convlncn tlie leaders of tho
International Hotel Workers Pnlon that
he who flchts nnd runs away live, tn
flRht another day.
The strike was not officially declared
off last nlRht, but the I, W. W. leaders,
in the Joint conference with the hotel
wnrkers' unlnn leaders, made It plain
that they had had enniiRh. After heated
discussion Patrick Qulnlan. the 1. w.
W. Reiieinl otRnnlzer, put through this
Itrtolinl, That the Rrlovanccs it ml i
mauds of the lintel and restaurant
workers lie submitted tn the lintel pm
prletors nnd restaurant keepers nu Mon
day morning.
A committee of five was appointed tn
call on the hotel men.
Less astute perhaps than tho profes
sionals of the I. W. W tbo leaders nf
the hotel workers, who were spin red
by the fear that thu violation of union
agreements nnd Ihe sat age attacks nn
lintel prnprlelors who had boon friends
with the unlnn wnuld result in n perma
nent lockout for all concerned in the
business of disloyalty nnd violence, worn
struggling al last night's executive com
mittee, meeting tu prolong the strike.
Hut they were told frankly by tho
1. W. W. stratoRlsts that the battle,
was Ins: nnd that terms should be undo
as ...ilcMy as possible.
There were six principal ratise3 for
I the failure of the strike.
The llrst was nn ubseiico nf public
syinp.ith.t. People found It ditlleult
i at tlio start In fuvnr a ilass nf workers
who vole injo.tine bbeial litis. Public
I iintacnnlsni detelnpcd when indl.iput
, able i t ldence Wlls offered In I 'll
' prletnr IteRan nf the Knii hcrlmokor.
'.lames chiiirlnll. Charles llectnr and
I man others that sn-cilled "irmu-lad"
! asii eiuent.' had been tml.ned b ibis
1 strike. Tlie iilUagunl.-sitl was a. -i
rein iiaied In Ihe man;' lints thai f"'
'Inttid i.tteinpts of the stlike'-.s In do
,1'tfr: i.tnpitt.t and as.-aillt Walter- t ito
tt. lined I. ttiO'l.
A so nml maul inu.s" v.ir the alti
tude uf 7.'. pel' icnt. nf the mii mi
v.mtets. These bate broil satisfied w ill
their p.i-. .mil with th" runditti'lii" i 'i'" r
which the) '.tn'.'l "d. l-'ofi ed In ." 1 ,o
nn nccniinl if lllli.lt .iiid be. a. no nf
the f.-ar thai then- hen's ttm.lt bo
broken, tin: itite n't!;, ni.ld allei
' Many nf these hate bud nil r.ioag
private ,'iure. uieii's ,.i h lintel n::d 'e
t.iiiiiiut ptnpiii tniv. u- r.-i u.-iit.. t'c.t
tiny nu letuiu folk II tile) fop
nut nf l lnl". Slu ri'v'1 i'lid llertni s,
for i sample, bate : i n I m.tloi l.t., I,n;s
with tin lst ,.t tin 'i sti Iking tt.iin.ni.
Another rami- turn tin- in.ib:l t nf
tlie uiiioti tn dt.itv nut its ir.i-n f.nin a
lum ber nf Hir beat l.lli't.ll pll'.li .',t
." I i 1 1 1 1 1 i 1 1 s llptnw 11 loMlllll'lint the ll"' nn
tt. Itel.s v.'llii get Ii H'l.t. id tll.'ll"
chock- and Nil isfuclnt t tips, dei-ln.i .'1 tn
jo, 11 llle Mlike t-iiine nf tin V 1" a
, up their I'tilnn ranis.
The dot"! mined Mimd of .l.iiiu It.
' l!ei.an. fhii iliarliarRiil "iih tu.ilini
teiu and hired ettioigli men to Loop ,
his Imtel ruim'iig; nt .lanieM Chun iil
tvhn lo.iK on loo ileum waiters after the,
nllliill blnl. e itn n .-reelllel-.t ; nt" Chill let
Ceitnr. I. urns M.'itiu and i it her pro
' pl'i Inrs who had had enoui.ll nf
iln l.erlng v.lth the union, was a bird
blow tn tin- strike.
Those men v.rre icady til rlm.e their
pi ire. if neoo!is.ir.t . rather than si r
lellilcr (biirgo i'. Hnldt nf Ihe Wnl-dnrl-Aslnii.i.
William C Musrheiihoiin
nf Ihe Aiilnr nnd others wlm had
battled Mircrssfull)' with the unlnn list
tear were ready In light It nut ugnill.
This time the union wasn't able to make
a dent in the sorvli f any one nf
. those hotels nr of tlio Itltz-Carltnn.
Stl'.l another cause was kick of money,
i The I. W. W., while counselling Ihe
waiters last week to hold nut, wasn't
putting any money Into tlio oaii'o and
the wltes of the strikers wore com
plaining. And another very emphatic reason
was the dlscotery of tho strikers that
the police, afler all, weie not afraid to
use their clubs.
As the strike faded afler three days
of window smashing, of assaults on non
union waiters and of noisy demonstra
! Hons there was less work for the pollii
and for the private guards by whom
J most of the hotels and restaurants worn
; guarded. At the dinner hour last night
only one riot was reported. Thnt was
; outside tho Itilf.-Cnrlton.
! Shortly before t! o'clock the ISItz was
hedued nil three sides by strike pickets
posted In threaten the hotel's em
I pln.toes, Ten policemen watched tho
' pickets, but nothing happened until
I Angela tiioyoa. a Hit, waller, tried to
; enter the hotel, Klvo pickets made for
1 him and nftir falling to draw hltn from
, work heat him with their lists, knocked
, him down nnd kicked him,
The police sailed Into this entertain
ment eotnxltteo and afler a brisk light
arrested two, Walter M, McN.illy of
415 West llroadway and Anthony
lllanchl of 201 West Thirty-ninth sirs.,

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