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Pair to-day; cloudy and probably local rains
cat rains
i pige 1A.
or snows to-morrow.
Detailed 'cathcr reports wilt be found on pige
OI.. I ,X XX. -NO. 1-50.
I .MiMi'ii of .Man Senl
i est iira to Atrocities in
I'nl uniayo District.
I . h' iil H.nerN KiK Official
, ml-. Ill's Wcport So(tn
(Hies l ('oiii.tc.ss.
l.iii. JT Tlint a t.om (
upon tli- Pin ..f -iKi'ius f ,
i . n.iii-.Mn.iMii ItuMn'rCninpanv
. . iii.'!loilly fulilo the Invistl-i-i
uic ly Stuart .1. Fuller, Fulled
i il In too I'lituinayii rubber
..r ivvii last summer will bo
.,1 u!i' n hi." tepnrt to flin StuU'
. ui i.m-iiiltlcil to Congress
n . W.:h fiN report will be other
, . l"n regnrd'ns atrocities com-
i . gmt-. of l lit- rubber cum.
ir .iii-i fit native Indian laborers.
,g'. Ml Fullers report ls being
.. d . aivfully at tlif Statu Depart-
1 . S'-v correspondent It arii
i i iivil Fuller charges that the
l tlm P. riiiinn-Amazon com
i'hI e crythlng possible to prrxi'iit
i"n; any Information regarding
' - i-M-n rnlfri'il tlir rutum.iyo
i Mr l'ullrr foiiuil lilniprtf
.' I lth t!i company of n-prc-
of Hip I Vru Ian-Amazon Ituli
' ir.p..;iv thr HrltHh concrrn whli'li
fti cncof-'lnn for Rathfilnt; tli
: of tlint ri'Rlon, but ac hf wax
a on oup of the company'.-"
i.: hi' ooiild malic no objections
,'i i'!c.i'nrp of ttio c'omp.im '.
i. whpn tin- nibbtv fn'M-i wtp
. Mr. 1'ullt.T ill.-ooviTi'il ibat pm ry
'm:!uii ui' attemptiHl to hold with
ii !i..ns wut- lirtcncl to by nii'ii in
. of tlif rubbi r I'oinp.iny. H-hiii
.npaiiv ini-ii prpfent. tin- Indiana
. talk, fcii.-riiuontly Mr. l"u'.
m' unab!" to obl.iln tlio sxiileiKP
.i5l HI-- ivport nill liow, l.ow-
.-. nn hail .ru"l pn-ttlci's ii..n
: . n w .(Ip In- wis in tlin I'utumayu
-i .... . i. iiimv I'-ru .ii i. i. .11.-- f
ri In! in.. re n..t mil Ml Kullet's i"
.lit also li'ilef ilocilliunts be. Ill
i th" statu lJepartiiieiit for trali(
... . oiii.-r.-s , si,.m iai ui"
lesar'n-is 'ii any airo- iues. are
.Iked bv llip rubber
l"'"i"'"J "
in-Joi a .lystem dllferlng very
r.'in slavery. Mr. Tullpr's report
w that the rubber of the I'utu
- iii-inn .ithered in regions where.
. ' ni.ii can survive and where
' Indians can successfully gather
. ii, that ilie rlks to life In the ,
an m. civnt ihat the woist kind I
v lit or. r.-. have bis-ome pmcilcnlly I
.! kind of in. 'ii the company i-aii I
.0 I as supervisors; that lnip.'ll.-d I
irrejt risks they arc taking, to- j
r wlih th" leniotene-s froin tli (
r-.tt.iin in: intluencs of civlllz;it ion,
!- .icents luve been accustomed to'
c .'in. ..i an loncths to gain creater I
ti..ri. th. l ompany in commissions j
i'ii.. of th" rubber g-.ithered. '
..!: I uiler was la,t yinr apitolnted
'' ' - Ill'll'os. I'elU. 1I til" special
i t - investurating lhe condltlonM
. " r ii. 'm il ... i.i iiii.s is- ui,. are.it
t ..n of l'el-11, '.'.T niles up the
rin )ii r ami it is one of the chief
r r rubber from the upper
1 '. ThoiiKh only .1 few bundled
uom Jama, the capital of I'eru.
., . Trt, by virtue of the Andes
-' os ili.iusanils of miles from Hip seat
: ' Ivi'ii i:ui c.iiiernment Mr. Ful
v '- 1 -pe.'ially commissioned m an-
1 'I lTeeilveness of certain ad-
' "laiH-n reforms which I'eru 111 re
' i ' 1 representations from th"
' -I stairs anil 'Ireat Itritiiln vas
I ' 1. lie ailopti1 for the icgulation
1 'iiiuinayo r. plon.
.g i-l 'I Consul Culler left Ifjllitos
' l'"tumayo, accompanied by O.
' 'I' '"I! llrlllsh Consul .n Iipiltos.
!' wire having tbej were
Jl the I refect that thp I'priivlan
.' would accompany them on the
'I'hei were Joined not only by
' n 11.11 olllt la) but b- Seiior Aranii
' "in of the heads of th" IN rn
'.."111 tompuny, and by Mantlel
iti' iheri.t I'eblo Ztiniai in. who
'' rul larKi'l in tho I'litumayo
1 tie c the Casement report on
nf 11 ic,. Thi company of these
i not desired by either Mr.
"i Mr Mitchell, the llritlslt
ui.- was, of cniir-e, that the
1 .Is got practically no Infiu
Th. . men followed Hum
- r Hi. Ir entire J.oiinev. The I
o! In., liarbaiilau ne-rroe.s left
1 Ulll.i.vo .111(1 were colseil.'tl
depend on Hie natives for In
Tims course of information
- .mi shut uif by the esilunage
1 bj the company's men. '
1 he I 'Ollsllls spoke to the
'Iii-iiukIi an Interpret' r, of
' found ihat .1 company Ulan 1
c a i ihcir flbow to listen.
1 cniii.i-'"d with Hi" company
i. 11 known in th" Indians, who.
1 by their i.isUnidSters, were
p.ak finnltl 10 the Consuls.
1 .inclusion was reached that
1 r. very probably was not al
tu ni any se intjs organized III
.' of Hie Indians, the company
o. 'I' Il Impossible for Investl-
i'i l-.iln whether atrocities were
piM. tised or not. 1 'pun ihelr re-
. Itpiiios bnih men tlrew up and
1 .. Joint statement setting forth
'" company's ngi libs hail made
i lv fruitless their Investigations,
I (ill"i- arrived In Washington to
f,.r a month's leave spent at his
II Wisconsin. Tt Is not yet known
he will return to Iqulloa ur not.
si 110v111 ri.iiiniiA i.iMin.n.
'ii si sun in; v i Minmt.si noi'ii:
" timid, Hry VI ml, lamp.i una Inter
' i.'tiri liiq. list UroKlso)-. arff.
T.tlnrll- in,,, Inn; trier I i.IIMi.m.
l.cnilttit Others In Peril.
Nuriol.H. V.i.. .inn. '. Tivn unlit. '
iii.tihos crashed together mi Tanner
'Creek llrklgo ,-t Ii o'clock till- morning.
causing ih. ... .T. of Florence P.. .bin-.
"'II nt A, ii,, i;,,!), nther dge.
Ii. T. Wright ..: ' .' W. Crcb.itigh with'
W. S. Jenkins, ,m nystcrman who was 1
" th brldg. , im tti.tt imo of the
'r i. nl s'opped u,nK enough after
till' collision 1 , ,,,, ln in lt
tl'.i" water uml left tin. others to drown.
Jenkins i vm-himI Mb ! :t Upr !!. ami
Wright. ,
l-'nllnw :nir Ulo crush tho rar In which
t FI. rente l:ol!nsnn vv.i. a p.issenge"
r.'ingpd through tin- railing and
'dropped : .,- twenty fee; t.elon
TtfTTi .
Mops iclltm lor Inn VViU In He.
finer lli'i- Health.
itu ;o. .Inn H? .lulla Mari .. if.
!.ol in i 111 Mir hi. day and iv. ir to
tlin 1i.iii,i of i mIimiiI ii 2,i:t; I' .tntn.in
w.ilth avi'iiiif. wlii-ro p. -,i-i .iiiiinuin cil
tlat .ilio would I'pina'ii for uu wpo'kr. ,
n-'liiu- uid vpciippr.iiini; from an n:-i
tai'k of ptnui lino poUonlnc wiJi wlilih
.p w.oi .spIzhI in Si I.h.iN -a frldav
it ... .
' ii. ii'iuai'(i. i;. ii tvillTii. w.l c ui
t.liup on tour vi. i Ml- l,.-uorp I'hip
poinl,il" play lie .Mls m,,-i ,.v.'m io!'..
310111110(1 Police Semi
ItullelN After Car in
Mile Pursuit.
iiooriie NvIp. 21. Of fit We-: N.Jletj.
third street was .-hot In li.i neck al
mldnlnht la.-t nlshi a 'ip w.ii riilintr
(n a t.)len .intom.ibile m The lironx
with n party ynun men who were 'ry-
I !nc l20'c,ll,'' fr"m mounted -itiiceis.
; He was taken to the rordh.tm Ho.-p.tal
In a nrlotis co'iilltlon a prisoner.
; John ri.itdiiiin. i'.I. .it JL'ii W"H
I P.'d 1
"lleet wn mil down by llie machine
1 and he Went t.i tmipit.il ."Ufferlni:
l from eu. and bruije.- I
; N'y.i companion- wore .wt ted and1
ilo'Ued up In tin' IIiKhluviso polli" . '..i-,
n on a charco ..f uranil l.ircvny.
J n.V
ilp.Hcrlbi.l thi'in.-i'hcs a.s Wil.i.mi
Smith, i'S. "f West 1 tilth .sU'eit.
Allien ;an..r. il'. of Si. Nicholas
i-.-n ie: Wi.lluu Smith, i3. of 17ii Kat-t
Klcluy-llm ttreei. and John Mi l.auc.v
'. n IT. ot 2713 KIclitli aurniie. .Nylo!
a .son,.,..
, .-h.u . JMtetn,. of lVid ureet
nn. '. Vers . .. ir e rei.ortert t..
st i-oi'ty-se.iti sirei
erday that his touring car carrying ,
ll. en-e No, I1.1.',". hail been stolen fn 111
S'ty-si.th street atl Central J'.irk 1
W"t. .iiid a genera! .:'.ann .va seni out
for p.
.1 iit about mlun'.-iht r. Sergeant .loan
Ciiir.iri wis talking wl'li Mount-d ;
iitlker c.iine.v nt liuniv'tl.. and .Ii-r..iiie 1
aiilllies. Tile l!r..n. about llii stolen
niachlne an nuti. rolbd bv at an easy ;
gait. Cainey 1 spied the number on the.
re.r of Mi" macliliii ami -nltl to Caimm;
"There sues jour machine lu.w." r..lic-i- ,
until ' t'KeetV of the lc. Older n "ill.'
--t.it fn li.nl Joined I.I- fellow ..!I-ts
while waiting tor a cir ami lie to.,
saw the license number on the cur
All throe called after the auioisls to ,
I hall, but the man at Hi" steering giar
'put mi cMra spe-tl. ami then c.iigan
I 11 red a. shot In the air in scire them.
l.l'Keefe sent ailolllef bullet wlllrallg 1
'oei' the heads of the ni"ii in the now j
, .-wirtl moving cur. I
In the meantime Carney w.i speed- '
; ing on hi horse after the disappearing 1
1 car. There was a nice of a mile to the I
iMirdham road, and then the police .
' horse began to show signs of 1 lug
' wlnilnl. '
I Policeman Canity, f cuing that hi'
horse was Kolllg to give out, blew Ills po
Ice whistle and Mounted l'olire.iuan
' Smith, who was Mamllng In the l'ord- 1
bam road, dn-lii-d up ami took I'.irne.i's
place 111 the chase. Smith shot several ,
I times In the direction of tile auto, which
1 was by this time going straight along
I Jerome road, and with his fresh hnr-i 1
was able to caln on th ce.ir. He gul- 1
1 loped f..r three-iiuarters of a mile to '
I the Kingsbrldge road, where lit: caught 1
up to Hie fugitives.
! Imlng hi" horse ahead of the ma-;
rhino Ii" wheeled th" animal nr. uml
' anil thri -itencd to shoot the drhcr If he
I OHIII l sitt.. ine 10.10 in ui.- """
' snui on im it.iviei tuni to. ' in i.tiit.- 10
11 snip, poiic iimn Miuin was joined ny ,
the olhcl
ofllcei-s. who had Hissed be- ;
Nyle w.is found lying In th" lap of one
of lu- companions, faint from the loss
of bp. Ull. Ther. weie several liullei
holes In the woodwork of the machine
ami .Mel.iliiEhlln. one of the men In the,
etc. hail two bullet boles In bis hat.
After the prisoner was locked up
Di-. P.uerno visited the station ami
Identilletl the auto as his stolen ma
Action I'nllnnK III Suuuesllon Tlml
t iiurehi- nf Counlr lip I'lospit,
' MimiMtruvvN, Conn., Jan. ST.- Prof,
i Willald C. Fisher of Wesleyan I'nlver
Pity, who last week while speaking bo
foit! a church club in Hartford sug
gested the closing of the churches of
1 the country for a period of years as an
! experiment, to-night tendered his reslg.
'nation to President William Arnold
' .Shankllu.
I Neither Prof. Fisher nor President
J Shankllu would iIIfcuss the matter, but
i It Is iiiidi rslootl that llie remarks,
' coming a.s they did from a member of
I the faculty of a Methodist lust Itiitlon,
aroiised such a storm of protest that the
resignation was demanded.
Prof. Fisher came lo Wcsenn In
UfiJ fiom Cornell, siicccfdlng Woodrow
Wilson in the chair of political
YORK, TUESDAY, JANUARY 28, 1913. rw'i'.
Women Keep Promise to Make
Trouble I'olloMinsr Parlia
mentary Defeat.
(ii'iiii)iiti'atiou in
I'rafaliiar '
iiiare l.rnkcn l'p With
tjiri , t ,iftl ht)Wlrh tn In: .i .
I.OM.ON'. .Ian. JT.- Making khoiI their
', promi-p that If thp manhood suffrace
I bill was killed In tht House of Comiiion-i
, to-day they would reivw their militant
i tactics, th" siiilra;etti'.s started trouble
to-nlKht. Si'Vetiil arrei'ts were nunle at
il'Miioiiiirntlons of suffragettes, ami nc
liordlni: lo .Mrs. Ilinniellne I'anlihurst.
lh"lr Ip.-ider. they will now co the lltni.
In order to fori e the flo rriimetit to
U'IP them t In- Into.
A i rowtl of J.OnO people witnessed
I -'tleii, ions itfolt- of the police to pll
Mi:t tie- women from holdlni; denifiii
. -trillions In TrafalKar Sipiarp latp to
nlulu As foon as tin- MiilTrnKPttPS scat-
ii d from tin' tlrt meetlns uiidr th
i. ip.i of the police they reassembled
, ill iitioiher part of the Mpiarc and ,
attempted to address the crowd.
'paln '
1 l,1M
was iIoup rcpeatedl . llie women raiiff
bells to attract irudlences, but the clanvr-
Inu M-ncd little purpose beyond nttiact
I inir the police.
I .Mrs. Uespanl, an elderly suffranette.
' islio h.is b'i'ii conspicuous In the move
. incut, took up a position on the steps of
! St. .M.irtlnVlrt-tlie-rields Just opposite
the siliiile Tho police ordered her to
jmoe. but she refused to budtfe Mrs.
Iepard wab atiested with a man l.lld
I two women, who remained lujully tv
I her "ide. All were taken to llie Itow
tHet pnllce station, Whele lhe wcr
balled out f.ir fut tiler appearaucp
Ii M i nis that the snlTrac ft. s had '
, acr I that in c.im they were ani stedi
tlic weiild pose as wives of members
1 of th- Cabinet, line woman taken Intoi
I custody to-ninlit Kave her name a Lady ,
1 're wo. th
wife of the Mnromls of .
r.'W e.
b-fre n.idi.li:bt a voumr
woman who was s.tMnc In St. Sti phen's i
Halt, a public part of tin
Commons, threw a stone at
Hons" of
a palatini;
..n one of the walls iter aim was cood.
hut the n lass was not broken and no
dam.iire was done She was arrested,
but was rooii r'leased. She was Ideiltl
tbd as Sylvia I'aiikhurst. the )nunRr
daiiahlef of Mrs. nmmellne IMiikhurst.
The apprthnnjlons of the police that
tin- suft'r.ipettps would Immediately re-
I sum.'
their campalui of .innoanre. pn-
sibl resoriing to mure violent tactics.
appai ent:y was justltieii uy ine iieciar.i
tlon of Mrs. Kmmellne Pankhiirst.
lead, r of the militants, as soon as she
hear-l Diat th' tin name had been with
drawn. ''The nitlnn of Premier Aitltli is a
siandaioiis iftraval ..f tho w..ni"ti of
Ihi-'land, and w shall resume our nilli
t.ii.y forthwith unless the (loierrtneiit
1 011-eiits tn Introduce iii il.l Parliament
.1 'illl specifl Mil? providing for enuai
-uftruge.11 Mrs. Pankiiurst lU'dared.
t a uiieting of tin- Women's Social
ami Politic.! '.'nlon nils eveiilni; Mrs.
I .ittkhiirst lvnf.vi il her fulmlnutloiis.
the d.nkl fsri-sliatloweil suae special
uleie of militancy tor whlcii she In
temli'il b" tersonally responsible.
She s.i ,' t .it f .t were to in s ii'ies.sful
il w il.i !ia" t 1 .1" il .ne i.lt'i dNiTPtlnn.
Sh.- ..lilnl it. tit ului" th" suTraireties
wo .Id regard 1 -.im.ni life as sacred the
vo. .el stop at nothing short of destroy
ing Ir ul.il would use all methods re
K.r'etl -.n In war.
Miss Annie Kenn. who ..as b-'en very
prominent In the 111antruv.es of thp mili
tant", tleclared that the women would
"make the lives of public men impus-
si')le,- itntl in reply 10 an interrupter
"If you nre a shopkoepi r you had net
ter look out. It Is not Just your windows
which are going to be attacked. It Is
something else. We are going to get
this iijesilon settled once for alt.''
Man shops have already begun to
board up their windows
Th" Hoii-e of Commons was crowded
this afternoon In expectation of nn lu
ll listing scene at the death of the suf-
fr.ige bill. Il had iioeotnc known 111.1:
the c.ih.net In the forenoon had de-1
elded to drop the bill III consequence nf
i'.e riillne fcreshailnwetl by the Speaker
tll.it week.
Wh"ii Premier Asqultli announecl
the withdrawal of the measure lt was
received merely as a formal conllrnia-
'Iln ,,f
11 foregone conclusion. Tho
tn. Int u.m Ih.-ii Sir l-Mwnrd flrev's
...11(.nan.t nioie.l to eliminate- tho
Ulin ..,,, ln tl, ,,Im-l.in for grant
ing tho suffrage to Mil male persons
without properly ciialincatlons as here
tofore. I
Premier- Asqultli, In referring to the
Speaker's statement which he s.ild was
a complete surprise to the Government,
asked which amendment, If added tot
the bill, would constitute it a new
measure and make necessary Its re-!
Introduction. I
The Speaker, Mr. I.owther, replied
Hint Sir Filward Grey's amendment I
would not have Hint effect, but either
the others, which woulil directly
enfranchise women, would, as they pro-
vltled for the addition of a large class
10 lhe electorate and woulil establish an
entirely new principle, ,
Premier Asqultli accepted tlin ruling
without hesitation, although ho saJd
that he regretted tin decision of the
Spi-aker, as he had Imped there would
be a discussion of the matter, to which
he, as an opponent of woman suffrage,
looked forward without the least fear
of the result. The Government, how
ever, he said, now realized that It would
be useless to proceed with the bill,
The Premier went on to say, speak-
Ing of woman's suffrage, that there 1
were now only two courses left open
to the Government, ("no wius to In
troduce a bill definitely enfranchising
women, "and that," said tho Prime ,
Continued on Thinl l'apc.
-5tfeW jl12l!r TOfl! Tn L"e'
I In I in Mnili- lij I'nllnl. fin III"
llli'flrlp IIpIip.
.V ii"W ini'tliod of romblnlni; ilpctrlc
Ity and piiotoiiniphy for the tranxniW
yloii of mi'.i"ai:p!i bus brcn dpvltiril by
Alituitip I'oll.il., :i Hungarian, who It
rxp.-i'tpil to nrrlvo to-d.iy from Vranpo
on thp Kronprlnzp.'sin (Vi'IIIp. Hp Is
I cntnltiK to iioinonstr.ilp thp wor!lnif of!
i hi invi'iitlon. lt !i oI.iIiiumI that n t
hjippiI of 411,0110 words an hour lias been j
' attalinil In I'laiii'"', when t!ip yntln '
ivii trii'd buforp rpprpxi'ntatlvns of thp i
tlovprnmoii'. I
l)r. Interne I'lunion. who ! VlaylniT
"; ""'"i v.inuprbiit. said yp.-!ri'ii.iy
lllill IIP fill! lill' Illt-kilWll 11.11 III U Jl.
V'r.incp nnd tliat It would bp of rnt
ailntatirp In ci'iullim iotip: riCipaU'h''. i
iiluiiif; any di.'.iiK'P mi-r ordinary telc
!?rapli o'- ti'lrplioiip wlrpH.
"To kp' an iuim o: top ipopii o; ;ran.
mlttlnR wnrd. by till nn.tliod," hp said,
"It ii only nniT.snry to rptad tii.it only
nbuiit ",.'i00 woriN an l-.oiir can bp ipIp
crapl'.pil bv i'ip ordlnarv inpthod. Hy
thp l'oil.iu niPtiiod 40,'i0'i word. can
bp ei'in i:i an hour. In tin- trans
tnlttpr an ptpctrjc 'i;;'.'.'. -pot is projoctpd
upon . d..rU 1 1.1 fl round tiptwppn two
mirror, oup iimv itiic prtlcally mid Hip
o'.'.ipr 'oriontal'.v. The Ms'.it pot,
wliu !i di'iiotp- Mip c'virattiT to bp
traii.i'iilttcd. ih caught on a roll of pii
.ntl.'.pil p.ipir and : automatically
photographed "
Tliprp alp f.ipp part.i to Hip machine.
Dr. I'tilmon ppljliiPd, the perforator
the iransmltter and the receiver. Thr ;,, l'rpsidpiit-plect
jllrst is ''I'.il.d llkp a typowrlter. thp' (, n()l ()bj(,c ,
I iwo olliers vuri .iuio.ii.iiiv.ini. i ie-
'oLerator tuinehcs nerforatioiis In a rib- .
linn .if n.ioer nnd nt.irrs this ribbon on
L r...1i...t.. I. !.. l itiwttilll..r M'lirt eel.
Indi-r is rpvnlvd and the messaKf Is
leproilnced on another slip of paper at
lhe recelvimr station.
Mr l'ollok I accompanied by Otto I
y.f, .in eUKlm-er They will demon- '
strut" tin- new method nt the Hotel ,
W li'liCI'thllll! May lt Illll'aW Op-
position to rrest of Stand
ard Oil Officers.
WMi!NUTON. .Ian. 2T--A -l.ltement
Issued by Attorney-tlcneral Wlekersham
to-nlpht intimates that possibly .lohn I).
Archbold. W. i'. Teaple and II. I.
Kolnor, .Ir.. of the ftainlnrd oil Com
pany and others may be in rested and
taken lo Tpmis for trial on IndUtinents
secured in the Pederal court charging
violation of the Sherman anti-trust law.
The indictments wep returned In tho
Ctlltisl States District i.'ourl for tho
Northern Ol-tric, of Texas on June ITT.
llili on chnrgiH that tho Standard
' '11
Company conspired with the Magnolia
Petroleum company, the latter a Joint
stock company of Texas, to restrain
interstate trade of tne Plerci-Kordvce
1 til ssoclaVion A certified copy of the
Indh tmi iit was forwarded to the I'nlted
States Murshiil for th" Southern District
of N"W York and bench warrants for the
arrest of Messrs. Arcnnold, Teagle and
l-'olger wen- Issued
After Mr. Wickersham's attention had
been call. .1 10 the meagre character of
the vlileni" 011 which til" Indictments
wele founded h" directed the fnlted
States Marshal not to execute the war
rants until he received further Instruc
tions. Several vv.clis ago W. 11 Grey of
Houston. T-x . who appiaieil as 1 no of
the pii.-et uting vv:tnis-es l tore the
Grand .lirv, tumid up in Washington
with tire 111 his .... He demanded to
know on what nutliority Mr. Wicker
sham had heltl mi the service of war
rants based on Indictments handed down
by a IVtleral Grand Jurv after the evi
dence had been presented Mr. Wkker-
sh.1111 frankly acknowledged that he was
ol w,uKW thai tho
result In convictions.
evidence Would
t.'nltid States
Attorney Atwell of Texas, did not con
cur in this conclusion, and asked for
a further opportunity to discover and
present additional testimony.
lteports reached here to-night that
Judge Mack of the Federal bench In
Texas had Issued nn order uirectlng
that the warrants be served on the de
fendants. Thut Is supposed to be the.
reason for the Attorney-General's for-
,,,,,1 utatcmont to-day.
ii.u.w t.-... Jan. 1IT.- Pulled States
Judge .Meek in Hie IVtleral District
Court ciitl iseil Attorney-General V Ick
ersliatii for holding up the viirranm he
hail Issued tor Hie arrest of John D.
Archbold, lb ui y c. I'-olgt r nuti W. C.
Teagl" of the Standard nil Company. I
The wair.ints were Issued last sum-1
mer and the cases were called In Judge1
Meek's court to-ilay. The Judge said
II was a new tiling lu his experience for
the executive department of the Gov-,
eminent to interpoiie itself between tha
courts 11 nil null who havo been In
dicted, lie ordered that new warrants
for the arrest of Hie defendant!! be is
Two onrli Sn Will Ik VII ItlKhl,
hul Vlnllier SHU I'lKhl.
; nnv: ,,, .The suit of Mrs. 'oe
...,...,' i, ,1,,. t,ri,iulti..L. ..f the
will of her stepdaughter, Candace
Wheeler, bequeathing her estate, con
sisting of jiL'.ono life Insurance, to her
fiance, Otto Meyer, has been dismissed
In the District Court. Mrs Wheeler
also lost her contest In the County
Mrs. Whecler'n iillorney says this
will not ties the tight, and another suit
has been filed In the County Court on
bchair of .Mrs. Wheeler nnd three minor
children, based on new evidence charg
ing Meyer with unduly liitluenclng Miss
James Cooper Wheeler, the father of
Cnndncn Wheeler, who died hero pend
ing a contest, after being cut off with
tho nominal sum of f I, as a resident of
Great Neck, Ii. 1.
Miss Wheeler was drowned near Den
ver last June while boating.
I . ANI,;",M:!ll'J.'i.WLViLe;m;n...
AnVm?uhiT5. 'lulilc. Uios'
wis. 0...i mmi.m...-;
Ttvemen Need No 0 tin nitons,
Title Flo. Selects for a
Notable Article.
1" l V M t-Vfl" '
i0 I'.ltN .'I KN 1
President-elect Says They Have.
Heen the Capitalists anil
"Tim (lovernment of tJie Unllcsl Slatoa
at present in a fostpr child of the sppclal
Interests," Woodrow Wilson says in an
article, "lYei'mcn Need No (liiarili.ins. "
in the I'ebniary World' Work. He sii?"1
that our working theory of Into has been
Alpxaniler llaiiiillon'i tlieorv that tin-
only men nualifled to condiiel the (iovern
llient were the nipti who had tJie lliuuest
'llnani'ial slako in tlm country's com
! mercial and industrial otitorprlwi.
I "ll.uniltoii mn r.rcat man but in my
ijiidRinpiit not a Kreat American," com-
like big i
bankers and bi manufacturers
ronsulteil at Waslilnr.toll. but he doi
object to their beim; chiefly consulted
and to compliance with their demands in
every critical question. Ho in-ists that
in every matter ofliTtitic thp wholi- iitib'n.'
the interests of tho whole country be con
Milted. As a matter of fact. dov. Wil-on ob
serves, the thought of these I'iR men
does not cover tho procees ot their
own undertaking. Ho says that as u
university president he learned "that
tho men who dominate our manufacturing
processes could not conduct their business
foe iwenlv.foiir hours witliout th" as
sistance of the experts with whom the
universities are supplying them."
J-'or his part (iov. Wil-on says lio ab
solutely rejects the tru-ten theory, lie
iIops not challengp th" character of th"
men who hp mi waul to b" commi-- .
iomsl to take care nf the Clovernmeiit
and the people, but ho doe.- challenge j
their point of view. Hp says that "wo
cannot afford to be governed, a- wo have j
been governed in the last gem-ration. .
by men who occupy so narrow, so proju- j
diced, so limited a point of view " Hi"
refers to his pxpcripticc as pro-iclenl of.
Princeton as a caso in which Iip could
iiavo accomplished more by dealing
directly with th" university than witli a
board of trustees.
Parts of Oov. WiNon's article followt
Kor indesil. if you stop to think about
it. uotliliiL-coiiM b-u furtliprdpp.irtiiipfrotu
i ' V"""':." ill . nd'in .e!
iltlllle nf ;i pontlilelll.
' r...wl..ttl iwonle than lite lllSCOlir.'lltitlil doe
' trine th.U snmebod has ifot to provide
j pro"peritv for the rest of us. tin! vet that
1 le.n tly tin; doctrine on which the (.ovcrn-
incut of the 1 lilted snate- hi- I II eon-
' dui'teil l.ite. Who have been 1 oitstilted
when Important tiiea-tiri's of 1 .oieniment
like tariff ru ts and currency arts raid rail
road nets were under consideration 1 The
i ople whom the tariff eb.e'h affeits. the
ocotile lor whom the eurieiiev Is stipjio-eil"'
tn exist, the people who pay the duties mid
'ride on the itiilroad'; lh. no' What tin
' th-v know about s 11 h matters' Th" gentle- I
I men wlio-p Ideas have beii sought ale th"
! big lllillllllilrturer-. til" li.lllkeis it lit I the
Ileitis 01 me ere.it raiToiio 1 oitii'iiuiii'Mis ,
'lhe masters oi the iioveriiiueat ol the,
I nlteil Mates are th" loiiibliu'd caiutiillt
uml m.iiiiifiii tillers of the 1 aited simp's
It is nlt'Mi over evei intimate p.iit" o! th" ,
1 .-1 nrds ot Coiigrps-. It N w ill leu all tin ouch
th" history of coiileieiit es at Hie White
Utilise, that the suggestions of ecoiiollll.
pohev III this country have tome from one
source, not fiom inanv sniines. i he benev-1
olent guardians, the kimlhearleil trustees 1
w ho have taken the troubles of gov eminent
ofT our hands, have become so eoii-plenons
that iilmosi 11 in body can vvilte out a list i
of them i hey have heroine so conspicuous
thut their niiines are mentioned upon almost
every political platlorni. 'Hit- men who
have undertaken Hi" interesting job ot
lultlng care of us do not lore" us m lequltc
them with anonymously directed gratitude.
We know them Itv mime
Suppose sou 1:0 lo Washington mid in
to get at ymirlioi eminent v. 011 will alvn s
find Hut. win!" you are politeli- listened to.
the men re.illv iniisiilied are Ike men who
jhavp the biggest stake the lug binkers,
1 Hit; big m.iiiiilatiiuers, the lug ititisieis of
1 01 11 1 ii. 1 i't. the heads ot rallrotnl mrpora-'
jtlons and ol stealiwhip contentions
' lhe (iovernliii'itl ot the I idled Staus nt
! preient Is a lostercliiM of lhe spicnil n.ier
' ests. Il Is not allowed In Irtvc 11 will of 11s
joint It is told at every move "I'oui do
I ihat . on w ill uiterlere with our prosperity." I
1 And when we ask, ' Wlu-re i our pro-peiiiy '
lotlgtslV" a c 111 1111 group of gentlemen su .
"With ii." 1 lie (ioveniuii-nt of lhe t idled
I States in recent ears has no! heeu ndmliiis- .
' terett by the common p.siple of lite t idled
Now, I don't want a smug lol of experts
In sit down behimt closed ilmus 111 W.i.-h-'
uiglon and pluy I'lovnleme to ine I here,
is a I'lovldi'iice 10 which 1 inn perfect 1 1-j
willing to submit. Hut as for other men ,
selling up 11s I'rov itli'iieo over mysell. I.
seriously object 1 never eiiuie mil of a
seeing more of the question that wus under
discussion than I hud seen when I went in.
And that, to my iniiitl, isan imugnof govein
lueiit. I am not willing to be under lhe
pal tonjge of lhe trusts, no inslter how- prov
idential a gov eminent presides over
the process of iheli control of my life
I believe thul lhe very wealthy men who
htive gut III. 'ir iiliiiiP by ceilaln kinds of
iiiipoi'uto eiitei prises lime closed In their
hurlon and that they do not see and do
not understand I lie rank ami llie of the pen
pit;, It is for Hint reason thai I want to
break up the little toleile H111I has ib-ler-mined
whut the (loviTliineiil of lhe nation
should do, The list of Hie men who 11-ed In
(li'lennitie what New Jersey should and
should not do did not exceed hulf a doen,
ami they were always tlm same men, ilune
very men now- arc, some of them, frank
enough lo admit 1I1111 New .letsey has Unci
energy in her because more men arc con
sulted nnd Hie x Im lo Held of at Hon is nicj.
cued and llbeiallited.
We have got to ivlleve our Government
from the domination of sieeln classes not
becuiise those hhcIii Husiich are bad neces
sarily, but because 110 M'cl.il t Iu-h tan
Continued nn Nrrond Vam;
Atlamle Coail Line, "N. V. tc florid Mnrrl.il."
All "Iti-I CihisI" Is.Uils luailiril. All Klrrl Klro
Hie l.lllilcil I'ulluiuit, t trains dull), l.iS u'nny,
I.pllrr In Wllli'in llr Trlln of
Milnin It'iml liinr,
Tho linn of .1. I' Alorwn A Co., cmr
nut ii litter at 2 : 30 this mornlnp: Iti
Jwhli'li they csplain their nttiti.de with
Jiferpiicp to (hp Imip of new mi tinny I
bondi tliroimh tlicir company. The let
ter kuIiI In patt ,
I'mli r 'In- ceiii-ril ininii finally .irranced
between the iity ulid Urn ttiti-r lil ouirli pom-
P'"U "'' inr"rMI' ,l1''1 t'l- Ill'llp.ltlV
would i I'HU'lf the -inn of .itiprnxltiiati-lr
SIi.o.iiiiii.iMin, ot which about (.mi.iiiiii.uOU
a ere to Le iim-iI lor ref muling purpoMi-ti.
"f'lli nieaiil Hull new bniuN woulil Ii.iip
In I" l.'Mlrd lo an approvhuate utuniilit
nf I"rt.,'0.i)mi To provide tor (.liikliic
tutid ii'iiulriinentji the bniiilt were to be
illablp nt Jy. prnvlileil ll;p miiipany
should not Im ablp to purchase tliiin In
the lii.nliet at a lower pike. This pro-
M-ion woulil in in. way forio the nun-
pan, to it. the price of lift, hut would
pieieiit holders of l.or.ds lioin esactlne
j lilKhi r premium J i cm the louip.iny.
The letter mentions tlin- the Issue of.
$IT0.O'J0.iiUO Is i ho largest tingle eorpornto
transaction ih.it lhe tlrm cm recall, and
says: "I'nl. ss the likelihood of a i
Minable and substantial protlt were held
oiii no group could have been found lo
undertake u conir.ict of this se and
"According.-, we n aitlcd the Interbor-
nigh -company that we and our Im
mediate associates would buy the Issue
at '."'il1;. being mi a basis lo net to us
a h per cent, per annum, l'urther, that
we should plan to form n syndicate
to lake the bonds at t1'!, reserving lo
ourselves and nssoelaies a compensa
tion of "ij. per cent In return for our I
original undertaking to purchase the
bonds, for our work in forming and
managing the .'ytullo.ite, and for the
general .services rendered In a trans
action of such magnitude and complex
it. "PfspHe the fact that, at the limp,
thcip W'prc other large demands In this
market for rapid transit purposes, we
promptly formed a syndicate, i In which
we participate) for thp lull amount,
wiui auoiu p.iruc pains, i.oinesiic
aim LHii'imj. iiiih ?yiiim.ut im wimii'
will protlt to the extent that th" price
1 less iNpeiisesi at which the bonds ale
sold rxceeds the syndicate's cost. And
It s 10 be noted that the Interboroiigh
Company Is 10 receive one-half of any
pi Ice obtained for the bonds above par.
"Theie can be no tpiestlon that the en
tire financing Is for account of thn Tn
terboroimh Company and comes out of
us llM-il the cents fare."
In linn In Wrrkd District
sriinior to (nlt l)nlnr.
Hoston-, .Ian. :T - -Samuel V. MeCall
will not be a candidate for Congress
for the place made vacant by the re
Irement of Senator-elect Weeks. Ho
said to-day that if hp had wished to
remain in the House of Representatives
hi: would li.ne stood for the district
which has s.i strongly supported him In
Hi kinds of political weather for twenty
It Ij reported that Senator-elect John
W Weeks s to retire from the banking
Hi m of Hornblowcr & Weeks on reb
ruary 1 so that he may devote his
entire time to his new public olllce.
(iieeii Leaves for Tniiiins Iniin
liiins. Where II iisIiiiiiiI l.
Spnat rnLle iin-pnxrl. to Thk six
Aiis-Ti:r.DVM, Jan. T. Queen Wllhel
mlna left the palace to-day for a resort
!n the T.iunus .Mountains, where her
!i 11 sb -1 nd. prince Henry, Is 111 She
travelled Incognito n.s the Countess de
Th" Queen's uddvn departure has
leen interpreted t 1 mean that tho con
dition of the Prime Consort Is serious.
siuilrlil l.nspa I, Ifr In ThiiU at I'nl.
Ipjip of City of . V.
fsidore Thomns-chefsky, a student In
the high school branch ot the Coll-gp of
the City of New York, was drownul
yesterday while swimming In the gvm.
n.isliim tank. He was in years old ami P-"Mi. ,
lived with his pnrenis at 130 Avenuo C ,r ,llf ('ovcrnnr sends a nomination
The use of t.e swimming pool s 1 this week, It will be referred to tho'
denied to the high school students, but ! "'i""'1" committee of which Senator J 1
Mime of them have slipped Into ihel'1- Fmwioy of .Vow York Is chairman,
building through a subway. Yesterdii I of "," riftern members, seven with the
afternoon Thonvischefsky with hov - chairman, Pollock. Ciillen. Fitzgerald,
eral comrades went In to take a i-whn. I Sullivan, .McClelland nnd Wagner come.
He was missed by the others when the lr'"" N'w York, and arn nuro to stand
time came to leave, and after a short 1 whh the Democratic organization and
search Prof. Lionel Mackenzie, the In- I against any iiltcmpt to cnntlrm tlm
-true-tor, was notified, lie found tns Governor's nominee In advance of the'
kill's body on the bottom of the tank signing of the contracts. With them
beneath the spiiiicbo.ird, where tint will stand Itamsperger of 1-Trie, 11
water I" eight and a half feet deep.
sppelnl lltivn-- sit lam nf Mmln
l orltlil Such 11 VUII.
TitKMON. Jan. "T. -Mnrnies de la
Yaga I ni'l.i ti, president of Hie Council of
J '.Madrid, who is the spec:
1 , .. i . ,1
! uVIl, ."C U n Alf.mK., to the Panar
1 ma
exposition at S.m Francisco ami who
Is now In this country arranging for
hl.s country's part In tho exhibits, called
on Gov. Wilson to-tltiy to pay his re
spei tn and those of his King.
He was asked If there were any pos
sibility that Alfonso might visit
America dining President Wilson's u.
ministration. H" said chat the laws of
Spain would absolutely forbid such a
Utilise t clt's Krlenil W III lleeoinr 11
Miishiiehimetts I'liriner.
Uoston, Jan. 2T. -lt Is back to tho
farm for Jacob ltlls, writer, settlement
worker ami personal friend of Col.
ltoosev elt.
! Ho may be president of the Worciter
I County Progressive Club, which will'
I be organized to-mui rovv afternoon. Pro
gressives have been Informed that .Mr. I
' ltlls will Rive up his citizenship In I
New York on April I and make
Worcester county his permanent home.
Ho hun bought .a farm In llar.-e and
Intends to live upon It.
to sign award
I Will
Pill Through Subway
Conl rncts, Albany
Now Hoars.
Senators Ready to Hold Up
Appointment if Sulzer
Makes One.
l-awrence Sees Him, and Sheant
Is to Carry I'ltiniatuin
Ai.ln.sv. Jan. "T. The Alkiny phass
I of the subway contract ritirstion hau
I been settled.
I William It. Will. nc Is to b permlttrii
to remain in olliec until the contracts
j 111,1 signed.
. The decision was made in
, and the city Iiemoeratic
New York
brought back explicit Instructions that
if 1 11 iv. Sulzer broke bis agreement with
the Democratic organization and si;nt
the name of n successor In Mr. WIIIcox
to the Senate this week, the Denioeratio
Senators would have to II mi a way to
postpone the continuation until next
.,,,( ml ,, ,,,,,,, ,,,
time when it is
believed the contmets will be signed.
, L'p to the present time the Oovcrnor
lias hekl out against Mr. Hearst's de
mands, lie inn not send a name to Hip
Senate to-night, lie has promised not
. to send It tills week, but thero are un
mistakable signs that the Hearst attack
1 Is having Its effect and no one will b
surprised If he surrenders and sends a
name in to-morrow- or next day.
j line evidence of the Governor's dl
(mlnlshed conlldeneo was revealed in his
1 talk with Andrew I-awrence, Mr.
1 Hearst's Chicago representative. Mr.
Ijiwreiice talked with the Governor nnd
ti,f.n W(,Mt to jfPW y()rk wI(n the 0nv
1 ernor's express request that he ascer
tain what man or men Mr. Hearst
recommended for the place Mr. WIIIcox
holds, lt was reported In Albany that
Clarence J. Sliearn. Mr. Hearst's New
York attorney, who brought the ulti
matum to tlui Oovornor last week,
would 1 ( turn lo Alltfuiuto-d.iy with a
new and more emphatic messace. but
Mr. Sheain Is understood to havo post-
,mm., ,,,, trJp ualll lu. ,, tn,icUvith
.Mr. I-awienco.
1 lhe present programme here Is for
the Governor to send in his nomination
a wti'k from to-night. The Senate Fi
nance Committee will inept on Tuesday
ami report Hip nomination favorably to
j th" Senate, If the Governur names a
j man satisfactory trt the Democratic
1 organization, n will then l conilrmed
i by the Senate 011 Weilm-sdny, February
' .'1. and the Albany information is that
tiese five additional days during which
.Mr. WIIIcox will hold over will be amply
sufllclent for the completion of tho
contract signing. If It is not, inorp
il'i..y in the approval of the Governor's
nomination Is assured.
Hut the Democratic Senators do not
In II. ve th" Governor's nerve will last i
until next .Monday. They were even ap
prehensive that he might send a name!
I to-night. They will be anxious every 1
day until the Legislature adjourns on ,
Thursday night. After that there will
be no possibility of any nctlon by the.)
Senate this week, it Is the next three i
days that are worrying the Democratic,
legislators. They do not want to qutr- '
rel with Hearst, but they know now.1
that they will have tn block his plans
If the Governur falls them and they are '
mortally afraid the Governor will. If Mr.j
llcnt-Ul llefitlJ 11.1 lllo ...I nn ..-.. !
'I I' inn. miu y 1 -.im-
I Murphy Democrat, and White of
Schenectady. They ore equally ".safe"
on this question. Miirtnugh of
Chemung is lhe only possible "insur
gent." All the committee has to do is
to hold the Humiliation up and ictus
to mi, and as It woulil take a two
thirds majority In the Senate to dis
charge the commltteo their action will
be final.
Of his talk with Lawrence 1 Hip Gov
ernor had little to nay. He miide tho
usual statement that ho vnhd Mr
Lawrence are old friends, and that
Ijivvrcnce hail interrupted a trip from
Chicago to New York to renew the ac
qallltiiuce. "Did he talk to xnti about the sub
way situation1.'" the Goiernor wan
"Incidentally," he replied.
"Dkl lie deliver nnother Hearst ulti
matum?" "I can add nothing to what I hnvii
said about the visit " tho Governor re
sponded. It Is expected here that Mr. Sliearn
will come lo lovvii to-morrow with 11.
fresh Hearst message, and possibly a
llsl of men whom Mr. Hearst will re
gard as fit for the place.
Up Will l I.Pt Any Mia'i
I'olllles lilterlrr.
Chairmen W'l.cox made his position
clour on the matter of holding over
alter February 1 m " speech last night
In FltishinK "p ""'I'1
"I won't let tho petty politics of X?

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