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Probably light snow to-day; fair to-morrow;
moderate cast to north winds.
Detailed weather reports will be found on page t J.
0L. LXXX.--NO. 151.
NEW YORK, WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 29. 1913. vwvt. p-is. iu t.r .s,. i,Mntt a,i wiMing Aviation.
- ...7 IWV--")
ili illtlows of lloiilt' Offin
ti I Oilier riaces When
II in-led Click.
(0MMM5 til'IT kam.Y
Mr. Priiiiiiiitmtl iiml Slviu
r.iiiUmrst Alining i' Women
itc-.IhI in ItioK
f.-. i if ..xifcA Jn Till. St .
'an. 2s.- Tin- militant suf-
i . -i.i rt,',l in earnest tills evening
't . t .m ilii'lr warfare against society
.r. i nv in cause of tlio wltlulrnu.il
,,r 1 1 .mi lu-c liill.
1 M. g' III" polllO lllUtlo llallOllltt'
jr i'. i tons t prevent them from
i i ,i. it their plan! the v-oniou sue
ci t in MiLi-hlnc tii-tny windows nntl
jb 'i n-f nf them were artosttd.
A .llt'.s Msyinn lf tlll llmiso ot
". s i delegation of tin1 Women's
s i .''"! Political t'ntnn made a v love-
i- ri.ti tn i titer tin- I Itmso uf Com
I "uiniiionti. whose followers tall
! nil." tnarrlii'il at the head of
. .-..tun from a neighboring hull,
rr w, r.' a score t.t women among the
... r-. .minding Miss Sylvia Piink
i Hi.- younger daughter nf Mr:.
" i 1 !! I'jiikliurst.
v t' St Stephen's entraiue nf 1 lit
iiit Hall Mi'K. Drutiuuoud asked
. ., ice tn allow- tin- wuiiii-n tu otitei.
ltlU t'lllt IllCy Wllllled tU SCO Llll.Vtl
v im- lii-pi-i'tiif replied that l.loytl
r.-. ilil not HM.lily mi- them Hi. mi,
i'tl In tlio morning. Th" deputa-
-'-'d Upon .III ItUUIoiliato .liltllls
i .i.l ii-Kil to push through
Vf""i' nth .Hid coaxings l. the potin;
n -v .ilti Tlirn tlm women i r-
' it If llu-v persisted In trying to
i.ir way through they would I";
V Drummntid. who is a ."tout
i t'lfivupnn tlintM lirr hr.ivy l.nlK
ifi tli polliv. llor loll, anni's
l mi .iial luifhcil lirr forward In a
wihIri . with thp ri'!tilt that thrro
n.ly .-crltnmaui-.
?' Pnitntnontl. Sylvia I'anUlnirnt
uir nthirt vrn- .irri-iitrtl. Am .Mr?.
iinonil was li.'lnu l-tl away .-ho
l tl. "Sow, you onion, .sniafli win-
dt'Mrny proptTty'"
i n low iM-oplf had ultnos.-i'd 1 1 1 -
,ii of tlio deputation but .a crowd
.i.v Kathrrod n.i tho altcrrallnn prn
e ! Tlii nt'i'forth until thi ponph
' iivtl -r dtrtplliyilt-in tin- rain In th-
nroittul I'.irllami-nt Siiiarp tlo-y
-h i tho ivom;n thrmvlne j'toiu's hi
i Mdowt of tho Jlomr utile.', of th
tn and othor i!o rrnniftu depart-
IniMlInK until of toilirhs. w lio
n-.....,! In .Its.ir.lerlv Inetlps. Tli..
i. ,t. ......i.i,. .. .1,..
. . .. ., u. ,
e unit iiu.'o ill till.' ti.iiii'ii
.eT. pted i seorts of police to s.ivn
i .in the violence of th- illsordcrly
"e- nitiintltne isolated croups of
. tr.imp.il tlii'itiiuh the downpour
r in to the main West Km! shopping
! I. -uitishin windows wherever
hud nn opportunity. In nntlclpu
i ,.r the outbreak of the nlKht llie
n'utors of many stores liad boarded
it r window facing tlie .streets and
- -awd tlum from belnic w reeked,
r.. t ii i c I watclimen on truard, hut nev
u thin- will tlnd tn tlm mornlnn
b of thtlr plate k:.ism jrone.
tn their sens.'itltjnal tour of dostruc
'i -otne of the women poured cor
i h.iilil- into mall bocH. A packet
n ..f tin e post hoxcH was found to
.'.iln s ilphurlc acid.
' I rumored Hint t'rlstnliel
n ,
' 'i.o attentled tho meeting of the
tie ii - Srs'lal nli'l l'olltlcal I'nlon to
il is Known that she is not. at her
rl" 1 1 .-Idenee.
' ' women's tlrst day of wrecking
in iii their war on soilot wan
tl w n -ouiowlial ovvIiik to a terrlllc
nnpoir of rain. The polleo liad also
f 'ronK monnurcH to prevent the
t' work of destruction.
rthee,H tho women
i nlL.h i
. n " bo well pleased with the result.
'..iv that the limine of Commons
i 'nun the greatest' compliment In
areer by rising nt least two hours
'" 'hi usual time of adjournment
"lor to escape what they call their
vengeance. It Is certainly n fact
" the House rose Hs the silffragetteH
I- equally tnir that the lobbies '
' ' ited throughout the evening with
.on -i rumrirs of fcmalo violence, and
tie'vi i;i, -landing the army of police no-
i ild say that the enemy was not
1 ' n gates and that some dyna--nrprlse
was Impending.
' old otiiclal reason for the ending
' ' 'cnato, which was on the We.sh
' '-hment bill, was that there waa
. tllsictiss hofoin tho Ilottso
- t.d
t 'ti Mrf. Despanl. sister of tho
invalry General, Sir John
' r nntl two of her companions
i a-tetl the police ut the Traral
' -am meeting last night v.eto
'' 'M In court to-day, they r-
' ' i pay It. Thoy were sent to
'or fourteen days,
M - Despard told the Justice that
w.m'ii repeat her ofrencn when sho
' her time.
' tii.iv. Jan. as. Irish suffragettes
- d windows to-day In the Dublin
1 t' e olllclal resldenen or tho Lord
i.int of Ireland. Three, women
"' uih. rs of Parliament who believe In
i atlrage are preparing a bill dl-
nfranclilslng wutnen. The bill
" " introduced In April
si, Olio lliieb In l.eunl Aid nnd
Uli nil on Sim lllrlhilH.
oh II, Choate, who celebrated his
st birthday h-f I'rlday, hent
i day In the Legal Aid Society
' fur $1,001) anil ono for n llko
i'"11 to the New York Association
lite Wind.
M "I' Wl lit Is lllillnu
lln.ll.. Hurl In Itiiiinttiit.
W.VSlll.SV.To.. .Ian. I'S. Helen
Turi lull- llili, ttftei iiiMin saw mi I'M'lllnn
1 1 titiuwny, u hit-li instilled In one of In i
gilding ioiiiian,oii. .um , n..,st ft lends
i" nig Ihitiwn from hot- hoi-o ami b.ullv
(Jiijiir.-d. rito holm. in,. t.llliMl,
I .MIcm Tn ft. Mihx Marllin liowor-. I)r
, I'.iry iJruyson ami Mis. lunhi'l Vltn tMit
!llro. out to ;m; l lffl. fall,, Wht'lf
tnoy mount! d Iioim-m ami oujosi'd n
1 1". counliy :-U!o.
.MI 11ihmi.-'s h'.if hroaiiif unmnii
.iimIi!.. anil lir. (irajKon iuk-. ,; tha:
tltoy I'M'liaimt' iiionuir, hut Ml. llnw-
IT.M lli'l'llui'll.
tiolr.K d.uMi Sialolith 1 1 i h,;i on
tli ridi1 liniiii'. Mlx.s ltowor.t'." hoi-fi' sot
hfjond lief fontrot ailil daniril atvm
Tin- tldrr tUKKi-tl with all lirr niiuht on
tin- tfltiM, hut to no a . nil. Tho other i.r
Iho p.it t v wrto outdlHi' m1, althotlKii
th-y KpurtiMl to Mm HowcrsV a!st.
am o.
U'lifii II str.'.': was iiMt'hoil a ear
w.i.s rnyltti: S:t.ontii sttcol M'n
; liow. , fi ailiiK tlio hiiri- would tl.ish in
i lion: or tlio oar. m.innmil to I'lianuo hlv
iiHii'M- so that In- pI'ittL'cil ,nto tip' rear
Ml Itow.-rp vi hill ltd oxer t'lo ond
.of t t- oir. r.illlnc Upon tho pavt'iniiii.
ahout twi-itv ffft nway. Tin- hof-t-'s
nock was broken nntl it uns dead when
(lie car canto to a Mop.
lr Arthur Taylor saw the accident
atltl !i id MNx Itovcers carried Into his
homo, where he and Dr. t!raynu set a
friicturtil bone in her arm ami dtessed
, the Klrl's o'her Injut'i'r.. io nios!
ilanKerotis of which appenrid to b a
l.irRe scalp wound at the back of tin
. heatl.
Mlts Taft returned to the White
Hotfo nntl Mts r.owers was taken to
!arlield Hospital. Ml-s T.ifi appeared
at the liopltal xhortl afteiw.ntl to
look after the comfort of her friend
RECEIVE $4,500,000
l!ciii(l Is .Millie h h'oli--Hiiioiiii
of Kn
liind in Will.
Wii..- i
believed to lie 111 :.i:uet
I MllUie beiplest tor forelEll lllifs ons is
' illclostil in the will tiled her.- .i"terd.ty
of tlie estate t f llobi rt A : ihlucion, who
thetl at Toiiintnouth, Knaland. Mr.
At tliln'.'ion left an e-tate of hut r.tnni,.
, tMifi, ,md of this amount lie ttavo I. ."'.
mill lo b. devntisl to carrjins the t!i sipl
to eery lie.uhen tribe on earth. To
icarrv out the purpo.e. ,,f his will he
leave .r..".0i.t"vi to tlie It.lptlM MlsIon-
'aiy Society of London and i'.'.noii.uu'J t"
the London Ml lopary So-Metv.
In SettlllK Msllle the bti'.k "f '.iN re'ld-
' uarv estate for t tin tiurpo.-o Muted Mr.
Arthlntton -aid m his will.
I If pi I. tl. ,ll.e tile aieuni. "hall lie ap-
piled (OI tlie plllpo".: ot Kit IIIC to eel
w hhli snk- Ii.mu.iue I :.-t !t, I from
olheis. loellntte .tli.l faithful opier of
..li ie.iri hi,' ,,ri. in i,i
St loini .in,: si
'Lllke. together
AlHl 111" I I. of 'he Aon
of the Apo-tb s. printed in tie I i'r:iiiie
of tlint tiitie and to teaeli tn hihii .iy hi
bll-t tell or ttW'Pe person- of e'li'll j-l!" 'I
tiilie how to If el and perhap-' one It 1 1 --
of peopl'. MOlle of Wllolll l:tUW lis'W lo
n.nl. and hive pitnted tjo-p.l- may !
Ill (Ted to e Illlirel7.e -time other nth.
It i.S 111 U'lhll t ll.lt eM'Wlle III all
AfllCil. Ill South Allieili.l. In I V, ,1
America, in Asia, In the South Sea Is
lands and In th" Indian Virlilpeliurn. all
ttlll.'S illld CI'Mlt peopllS. lieMlttlte of Sltlll
C!tl-p'lS. Shollld III Sollle llleillis be li'KI'hed
pioinptly i the artual heathen tlrsti and
pllt III ptlSSelsInn "f "'lid Jo.'N I lie.
sire tll tt tlie Mtlh.llllllleilHIl- errw here
shall be left to til" vat lolls Hlble acetifies.
1 desire that th" LlKht of Life a- n
lamp shall b" b'ft Maudlin; nmtniK tlum
until nt h tilbe lias foinietl a t hiirt h. ami
that thev Khali be visited HKiilarly b
devoted teaclifis until evuy tilbe in the
limit shllll live tlie Co-pel 111 prllll. .Ntl
delay shall occur in taking the Inestlmablu
tieasure tn very utiieacheil tribe
t ot. Shook. T.t, ioe. Three-.Uiirer
.Mile From Slnklnu Hunt to "Outre.
Paim lifjvctt .Ian. H1.- The hardihood
of Coi A M Shook, a veteran of the
..fell war and a wealthy resident of
i. hi
Vashvllle was put to test to-day when: atlng Incusta and gophers. Senator
c..isiniiu, , wa iiui , ..smith nromlsed to go deeper Into the
lie was lorceii itt svmih ichi . e,..,...
' ',..,,., ,,f iIIn tn shore
no.il iiii . ....... -
fot shook U nearly 70 years old.
With him were J. K. Kumboiigh of
Ashevllle, N. ('.. and Charles B. mil
liard of Chicago. The three reached
the beach exhausted. They had been
seen by Mrs. itoneri uunn iougriss m
Llewellyn lark, Smith Orange. N. J.,
and Mrs. Daniel Karsner of Philadel
phia, who were motoring along tlio
ocean rront. about tlve miles north of
Palm Beach.
The women and their chauffeur helped
Hie three men Into Mrs. D.)Uglar.' car
and went at top speed back to tho
P.ilnclana Hotel Tlie swimmers wero
absolutely unharmed.
Tho men were tlshing In nn open
motor boat when the propeller broke,
gaMiIng the boat's bottom.
Ilrotliers -nltl
Hiinu (.ot
A use! n.
I Aliruliatn and Samuel Solomau, cloth
' lug matiiifai'tui'cr. of 73ti llroatlway,
i were iirtesleil yesleiday and arniigned
before Judge Hand 111 the I'nlteil States
l District Court, win re they pleaded not
I guilty to nn indictment charging perjury
I nntl the concealment of ns-ets In con
inetilon with the bankruptcy proceedings
brought against iheir concern several
months tigo, They wem held in $3,000
ball each for trial.
Whet) Abraham Soloman wim ex
amined In the biinkruptcy pincecdings
concernliiK tho disappearance of 111,000
worth of the assets which hud been
estimated at $20,000, ho replied that he
liad spent the money on wine, women
and Kong, Ills brother .Sam test Hied
that he had dlaslpated part of the assets
In buying Jewelry for a young woman.
pki'.i:mim:nti.v iiii: ii.omm itotri:,
ATI.A.rH' thr I, INF.
Vdlh Srason nf KkirliU's flntM 'I'rsltl. "N, Y.
A Unrlttn Htrrlnl." IJ:.v noon. .1 other l.td. Train
l)il. Huticrlor Huadwiy. till U'way. Ait,
-MIIMI Jolts Inteiuletl ft. I' lleiuli
Until Will lie Killed In
.lolin Shiii-p Willinnis Kuterltiiih
Seiiiitors ft if HoillN Willi
Tn Ik tin HieUens.
WisiiiMiTov. .Ian. --More tliMii
nun Taft nomiuatloiis now peiidiui; In
the Senate piobably will die tor link
of conlliniatlon. After a partisan tttp
of war for uIkmu seven hours behind
the cloed doors of an executive ses
sion lo-d.iv, ltcpubllcHii Semtor
acknow letluetl that the IVtuocrnts ate
in control, and that (heio Is no hope
for the Taft men who hnve been
namiil for otlice
Tills means ihnt, mailv .111 of the
lioniliiations M.nt to tlie Senate by the
I're.-ltlent in the last three months of
Ids administration are to be held up
and thrown over onto the "pie coiintet '
in the Wll.-on ailmtnlstiattoii
Notw ttlistandln the ilt'i'oiirnuitiK
outlook, I'lesltlent Taft Intends to uo
tneriilv on sondlnc tn tiouilnnttons tor
vncani'ics up to the cpltatlon of hi
term, and lus licpubllcau support! is in
the Senate will see to It thit the re
sponsibility for the Heiiiocratic mid
of Itepubllcnn otllccs is fed before the
While tlie Kepublioap.s control the
Si nan-by a narrow nurnln. tlie Demo-
as domiinstratetl lty to-daj's pto-
llnKs, are d, termlnetl to bWk all
nllrmatlotis etept in the ca:"S of
milltiir and diplomatic appointments.
. t'lroiiKh resort to a lllilnister. I'or al
most .-even hours to-day Hie Democrats
di.-cu-si d evefithliiK tin .itlniiblo from
tl iny in. ii hlncM to cliaraet, rs in Da'k
ens'it n.i i is.
The Republicans had determined to
prolong the tUht a'.l niuht. If nee. -.-.iry.
until the forei d tlie Dt itinera t- to a
-how down. The battle was joins uUma
in line M!o until .-rveral Senators re
calletl that all the Sen.it' hail invita
tions to aitend a State rcoi ptlon uh en 1
liy l'i. -Idem Tall at the White Hou-e
to-iilyht in honor of CoiiKros. Wlwii
tins f.nt il. lulled upon th. contending
force- tin y adjoin tied. Tlie Democrats,
liowt vi r. after partakltrj to-nlpht of
th" I'rc-ldcnfs, punch and hn-pltalltv
le prepareil to re-lime their llllliilfter
to-morrow at th point where it was
j left off and block hl nominations.
Tilt' ItepnMti'tftdteld a ciineu- early
in tlie day and ut Its coiiiiuston word
was p.iseil out that they wi uld move
for I'M'cntlve Ions dully ami hold
th" Senate U'hind closed doors until
midnight each day if tiece ary A
' number of progressives. Including Sena
tor ll l'ollette. Were oppo-ed to side
tracking tho Important hnsim ot the
'Senate in an etfott to rontlim appoint
ments and th" Tatt Itepiiblican- It -ceivetl
little Mipport troni them
Senator John Shatp Williams of
Mississippi spoko for nearly two hours.
i on tho development of aeronaiitlcn in
the 1'niti tl States. Me was Kiipposod to
be tiddres-lug himself to n motion made
liv Senator I'ullom that the Senate take
up the list of nominations to which ob
jection had not been made and conllrtn
When It seemed as If tlie llepubllcans i
could not s tn in I the aeroplane speech
any lomrer Senator Williams turned
from lUlug machines to light Motion,
He asketl Senator Lodge, who seemed j
to Is- particularly fretful, how ninny
I Senators he thought really had read
i Dickens. Senator Williams cave notice 1
I that to-morrow he will open u school or
' Instruction for his colleague- on tills
. subject with a view to enlightening
! them, particularly In regard to Nlchola.s
j Nlckleliy, David Copperlleld and a few
tl;r favorite characters.
j Thu Republicans' disgust deepened;
.when Senator Hoke Smith of Oeorgln
. al,1)t.ir() wjth ,,,, ,)afUet fu ()f j
, (.JoVernment documents nntl relieveu !
' Senator Williams Some of these duett-.
, ments dealt with diseases f the horses; 1
others rel.r.ed the eplciirniu delight of,
. . ,
clotheH basket at future executive ses-
Princeton Mm llnve IIiiIIhii I'xprrCa
aa Operator.
Princeton, N. J.. Jan. 2 To help
pay their expenses through college
three Princeton undergraduates have
opened a students' shoe shine stand on
the campus. The enterprise, like Hie
university fnrui. t under th" supervi
sion of the Student Bureau of Self Help
anil the university authorities have
given It room in the basement of the
Administration Building, where It Is
doing well.
In addition to furnishing Individual
shines the stand contracts to keep stu
dents' shoes lookim,' well for ii year, calls
for them at night ami returns them
,-hlued up in the morulmr.
Tho actual ith'nir.g Is dime by three
Italians who Inn b i t specially Im
ported for the purpose.
DARTMOUTH TO GET $170,000. !
Plrree llctiiet nllalile it I llenlli
of 'il.l tirntlnnle,
A bequest of $170,000 to Dartmouth .
College Is provided for In the will of
William A. Pierce, who died at Ports-I
mouth. N. II. The appraisal of tho.
estate tiled li"te yesterday shows tha! '
Mr. Pierce left personal property of
$tiS,fi!i2 and roil estate of S'S.Slfi. Hit
left tll'i residual V estate of 170,000
U his willow, Susan M, Pierce, nnd'
alter her death It goes to her son,
Joshua Wlnslow Pierce, for lite. .
I'pon the death or the son the entire;
residuary estate Is left to Dartmouth. '
to establish the "Joshua Wln-linv
Pierce, Class of litO.'i. Fund." to Iu
tired for the benefit of poor student.
AMiOHTI'IM niTTI'.IIH prevent- III effect,
from over-lndulfencc In food or drink. Ait.
Veliioeil linl. I'll kIih Mnietilnu on I
t'lillKtll III Inolile, In lleporl.
prria ' iihU Hi )itrh In Til M n
I ti:.NS', .Inn. :'!. The iiowspnpoi s
I'.'iir prtimlueme to rnmots. wlilch pro-
1 ft'SSedl) lllle been IMTlml ftolll Coll-
i stiiiitliiople. to the ell'ecl that a toiMitet
leMllUlloll lilt - llloloMl olll
; Achuieil Abitli I'nrh.i. with the l''ourlh
1 Army Cotp", Is lepoi'otl to be tiritih-
Inc. on (he eiipitnl 1 1 (ni 'l'i hiitiililja.
whole n bloody fonllhl Is s.ild to have
taken place Ik Mm nil the inlln rents of'
Na?.lm I'aslut ami Hit- iiiiiik Tusks. j
I'onllrinatlon of these sioili s unob- I
'ttiluable, but
tin- newsp.ipel s leganl
thetll lis till"
I i M'KssA, .Ian.
11 erect of tile
ami nine otlu r
a'e bote,
." NadJI Ismail lle .
t'ollsl'llltillllpll' police,
otlhial-. fugitives who
that the Young Turk
tloverniiii nt will -uii'lv be of brief
IVspairhi- ftoin i:.itoi"ii. Km.- ami
TroMzutiil state that the Armenian- in
Anatolia In I lineiit peril nt the
hand- of the fanatical Kurd''. They ate
imploring aid tliioiigh Hie itussl.m I'on
snls anil reports per.-l-t hi'rc that Ilus
sin n occupation ot th Armenian dls-ttlet-
i- Inev liable
LostioN. .Ian :'! The i orr- spiitident
of Hie 'inn record- the altival In t'on--tairuiopl'
"f a b'l 'ii tn I b mi of otlicers
ti'.oo T. ha'.ildla Their ohjei t I- utl-
l.l I'W II
liuriiess Hickin-iin .M a llnve
.himpetl in Tit of Jlclimcholy.
It Is Thorn lit.
llmgr.-- Dlt kin-on, a stutlen'. -inil
cotiipo-pr of niu-le, and hrnther nf llnw
aril ('alter Dlckin-nn, an A-slstntit DIs
trlit Attorney, roll nr jumped from the'
Mth Ib.or of tlie H.'tiedlck nparttnents
at su Washington Square Ka-t last i
ulglit and was killed
Dickinson lived on the ground tloor
of the house, but he ami L'dwlu. .inotlnr
brother ami an art student, and Howard
had been together In lalwln's room on
he -lull tloor. Howard and l'dwlu left.
Ilurgess alone in 'In- room afti r din-
while thev took a .-i.-ter, who liad '
hi en v.-ltlng it. tlie cltj. to the Criinill
Central Station, where she boarded a '
train for Hnltalo. Their father is the'
Lev. IMwin II. Dickinson, pastor of the
North Presbyterian Church of ItutTato.
, and Ml.-s Dickinson lives with him.
When the brothers returned they
found the room eniptv and the window
'open. .Dickinson's body wits at the
bottom of the iilr.-luift
llowaid Dickinson said last night that
. Is hi oilier, wlio was graduated from the
Yale Sheffield Scietitlllc School In l'io7.
was n devoted student of music, hut was
Inclined to be melanciioiy at limes over
what lie legardetl as his lack of progress
In tin' art.
Ills friends Haiti, however, Hint he
showed great proml-e and orignialitv.
lb- wa- engaged In some original work
in counterpoint nntl harmony. The
brother said that If liurgess hail Jumped
from the window ho was undoubtedly
'demented The dead man was L" years
' old.
I offlcfnl tlfMi'imtT Itrnolic v tinh
Inulnii One ln l.nle.
Washington, .Ian. '-'!. - Wilfred T.
Webb, bearer of Arizona's four elec
toral votes for Wilson ami Marshall,
arrived In Washington last night. The
time for tin tlelivi ry of those votes to
the clerk of the Senate expired by law
at midnight yesterday.
Tlie four vote.- from Arizona were the
only ones missing .vesteiday. Nobody
could tell what hail V's-ome of WMili.
The Arizona Seiiatot.s knew he had left
the State with the votes nearly two
weeks ago and they traced him as fat
as Kansas City, hut from there they
could not tlnd a clue.
As Webb himself explained It to-djy
lie did not realize he was famous until
he woke up In New York this morning.
Then he read in the papers that the
time for lllitig the votes had t Milled.
This was till news to him. ns nn Arizona
'lawyer hud told Iiliu thill any tlmo he-
; fore February 1 would tin. f,u.t nlnt niasketl Intruder was hiding are belnn convoyed by the gunboat "as-
The law allows messengers 2. I cents , ,. (xt ,., ,.ai,.,i PolU-e Heatl- . tine and the monitor Tonopah. The llt
I per mile, and Webb was entitled to igniters. Hondiiunrter.s buzzetl orders He boat are to play a prominent part In
1 something over 7n, but failure to live ' jnMnntlv to Hie Fast Thlrtv-nfth street the mnmrnvnvi planned for the Atlantic
up to the laws makes him liable to a
penalty and the forfeiture nf his mile
ago. It Is not believed, however, that
the-e provision, of the law will be en
liiiveroor til oniiecllciit Iteconi-,
ill ell lift II tit l.eulslnlllle.
II.viiTKotiti. Conn.. .Ian, 2V Hov. Bald-,
win to-day nent tu the tlneral Asembly i
u message In which lie appruv oil the plan
of (iov. Fo-s of Massaihiisetts for a rail- j
road cniifcreiict' boartl to discuss the ,
ttener.il rallio.ul situation In New Kng-,
land nnd urged that an appropriation be
made for incidental expenses.
Salesimut Will Itesl IiimIciiiI of I'nj
, lim Itael. illiuoii.v,
Ibindoltili .lo.-1'iih Nathan, a shoe
salesman living at 701 KaM l.'Sth street,
walked into Hie SheiilT'. olllce yester
day with a suit case ami said;
"I've Just In aril thai my wife, Augus
ta Ccrtruile Nathan, lias got an order
committing me lo Ludlow street Jail for
three months because I owe her, i7."t ali
mony. The shoe business Is a little slow
now. so I've obtained a three months'
leave of absence nnd am ready lo go to
Tt..i i-,....,!-,lu ..r lit., r.lll,... -liMU'.wt tli'it I
j ii order for the arrest of Nathan
I.r. t
come 111 n few minute define, so he
was accommodated. He said that trade
will be Just setting In again when lie
gets out on the road with Ills samples.
I Try a iwii-itouiiu imckavr, linraro ot imitation.
.Striker.". I'm' Stone Ayiiin.st
Uepllties' i'.nllft.- nntl Sire
tiiltir. Are Victim.
hel'iffo Sei'lt Silfet V ill .Mill. hill
I.ViH'w llattle in liiiiikin.
Til. Street.
I'tiTsti' tin. .Ian. "S.- ln n light lie-
l .vi i'ii deputy -herllts, tittned with re-,
I vuh f is iiml t Hies and strikers from the ,
i Itaukln plant i f the American Sted ami I
Wlto Company armed with stones. I
to-nlglit, one man was killed, two fatal- ,
I.v In lot t il and ten dangerously hurl.
j All tlie wounded, with the xceptlon I
i of three d. puty sheriffs, wet e spectators,
j Not a sttiher was Injured so far as Is j
j known. A chllil si mouths old and
'several uotnt'ti wcie Injured. The tight
t out lulled for more than an hour audi
i ended only when the depulv horHTs, led '
. iii Shtrilf Itruff. tetrratctl within tin; I
I fence id the big wire mills.
Tlie ti'Mtl man wa- (Seorgo Ko.ley. '.'! j
yen r old. Flits: lteck. Iti, was shot In
the head ant! I- dying. Annie Lelu,
aK"il D, win shot In the stomach nntl
Is llkclv to die. Chief of Police Walter I
, Harnett of ll.inkln was htut. I
ShortL lit'for.' ,'i o'clock ItttO strikers
came from a public hall after holding
a m i. meeting ami gathered to pose
jftr a plitutc. At about tho same time
! eighty deputy sheriffs led by Slierltf
i Itnrge-- MIlllL-nn and Chief Harnett I
left the wire mill and marched up the
' Tlie plctiiie tlni-hed. the strikers dis
persed and wen- startlttK for their j
Homes v.ll.'ll tlley W"le met UJ llio
.111" oi uepiliy snei ins iiuiri'iiuiL; in i
mllltarv order Some one thtew a lump
of il niiiong the rank.1 of Hi" strikers,
and the battle started
foal, bricks and missiles of all kinds ,
Wire thtown nod tho deptfWf hoCiti to
use th-lr ?uii- and levolvetv. ItiriTieJtp ,
weic torn up by Hi" strikers In their cf- i
forts to get stones. Apparently beaten.the
deputleH roon retteiited ilow 11 til" hill
, l'lfti'in minutes later ill" deputies
.appeared ncf.ln Tills tittl". I' Is said.
I they were supplied with shells loaded j
.with buek-hol. Soon the buttle vvaw on
again and was kept going for more
than a quarter 'if an hour until, ap-
parontly h.'Wlng exhausted their am
'munition, the deputies again retired to I
safety liehlnd the mill walls.
('oorgo Kozlv, who was killed, was a
-.pectiitor irruttn-rm "way Identitled with
the strikers. Michael Kntchmer. pro-
leiO Ol III' lIIU Hill! I II!' Il'll rtlt,
. . . . , , i i .1
that he and his wife had escaped death
. ..... t .. O.....I u 1,1 i
bv lving on the floor The hotel Is
i....Ai iu
riddled with shot
After the riot Sheriff Hruff made this
statement :
"j have only six deputies here nntl
the oltlcetK In the riot were not mine.
The men were employees of a de
tective agency and were In the em
ploy of Hie wit" company. 1 have
been told there were thlrty-elght special
1'iiiici.- ,'iiK.t.! o 10 ..it- .iho.iios. ... ;
my elTorts to unlet tho men I was fired
it three times." i
Mischievous Mnlil'a
Poller I'hnlam lo
Tlie doorbell of the
Joke Brings
Mllm Home.
Alfred tirahum
Miles residence. S'.i Park
avenue, ranc
j aimut 9 o'clock last night. The Mllesea
were out, the cook was In the kitchen,
Fstinr Nelson, the second tnald, was
leading "Tlii'lma" up In her room, and'
Itertha Walley. cnother maid, was no 1
one knew where, for It was Bertha's !
night out.
Hst her Nelson decided at the end of
the chapter to go to
any one was there.
the door to see If
Sure enough, sonic one was.
The per-
son wore a cap pulled low over the
brow ami a mask over the eyes and
no- . The masked doorbell ringer burst
past L-iher Nelson ami disappeared
back Into tlie blackness of the dining
Ksther Nelson screamed, then ran to
n, iii,r,... t..i,.i,h.in.v unit ilesnlte the
'station, which rent Detective O'Brien,
Sergt. Itelch and Policeman (Ireenberg
on the run to KMher Nelson's assist
ance. Also ns they ran they picked
up a policeman on fixed post In Park
avenue, and Ksther's shrieks brought In
addition two policemen from the West
Thirtieth street precinct, which beglun
on Hie opposite side of Park avenue, lo
tlio Miles bouse.
Ksther was out Iu f-ont shrieking- as
the bluecoats and detectives Hew past
her. And the cool; was coming from
Hie kitchen to take a linil.
When Hie masked Intruder saw that
w.tli this Immediate iihseniulage of
policemen the jig was up, out of the
black dining room came the person, and
pulled off til" mask sheepishly.
Il was iione other-than Bertha Wal
ley.. wlio had dressed In her brother's
clothes and had put nil the ten cent
Hallowe'en mask, "Just to scare Ksther."
Tlie detectives and policemen all ,
started bark to their respective posts!
and not one of I hem said ft word to J
liertlta Walley by way of fatcvvcll.
Illulr Arnilrmy Student Inspected
l.nae Night.
Hiaiiiatowx, N. .1., Jan. 2S. Hubert V.
Armstrong, the Blair Academy student
who tin last Friday cut open a golf hall
from which the acid core spurted Into
. 1.1. I,.u.i l.lu ul.rl.t '
1 .' ' 111.1 I ' ' ! Of e.p.,,. ,
' V 1 limil IIIIK 1- !(.!- 1.1 IFIMJ Wile ... I(,..,,r
' that havo come to tho attention of I
tibvslclans lately. Ileccnllv a nhvsl
clan wrote a letter lo Tun Sun stutlmvl
that he hud known of seven cases where I
persons hail been Injured by cutting
no one has lost his sight en-
from 8Ucn an acldcnt.
William llojil Cnriientpr Think
I'lf-miirr Shonld .ot Hr for Mm Only
t'.MliltlPt;i:, Map., Jan. 28. The Hev.
William Hoyd Cnrpenler, Hlshop of
I Cititin. now at Harvard a- William
Meltleti Noble lecturer, favor Mnoklng
by women If thoy like tti do ,o,
"If the men flntl It it plen'iire to
stnoke why should that pleasure lu
telegatetl tn tlto men and not to tltn
women'.'" said the llrltlslt divine tti-day.
"There urn women in I-JnglanH who
are well thotiglit of who smoke. There
are tnnny color In the rainbow, so
, there are many tastes In peopln to-day.
i What may be a pleii-ttre to the men
may be given to the women. Mind
you, I am not discussing thli from the
' moral point of view, hut olely from Its
1 being a pleasure,"
w in
TnlU to I'ujt, Cnniinlltpe
.lekl IMnnrt,
Wasiiixoth.n, .Inn. IK.--After a con
ferenco between 'hiilruian I'tijo of the
Hanking anil Currency Committee of the
lloue and John D. Carver of New
I Voik, ,'ittorney for William (1. Itocko
feller. It has been decided that the ex
lamlnallon of Mr. Itocitefeller will take
' place at his residence on .lekyl Island,
' off the Ceorcla coast, on February it.
j Mr. Carver will represent his client.
I'and Samuel I'ntermyer the committee.
. It Is not likely that any member of the
I committee except Mr. I'ujo will go to
I Jekyl Island for tho examination
Wife Ilnbbril nf Jcnrti
Worth From r.,OOI (o N.tlOO.
Mrs. CJustavtia Sldeuherc. wif of o
banker and broker, of IS West Fifty
sixth street, telephoned to tho IJast
Fittjt-llrst street Malion last tvenlns
that sho had been robbed of between
rfi.OOO and 5S.000 worth tvf diamonds
I and other Jewelry She said she sun
I perted they had been Carried off by a
utility man In her employ for two yeats,
.,, j,llrt ai0 dlnappearfd.
Thp ma WH ff.nt , t,lp pp(,r pflrt
nf the hou-e to wash windows. It Is
believed that he entered Mrs. Slden
berg's boudoir, where 'ne had left th
Jewelry on a dresser. She last woro
her geinn on the preceding, nlsht.
When sh ."W.'olied for the man later
he was no? to he found.
The poBre re withholding the man's
name. He Is a foreigner, and they
believe he Iih.s left port on a whip.
Mrs. Sitlenberg admitted last nlchl
that she had been robbed, but, acting
on thn advice of tlie police, she de
clined to give any details.
Cnmllrlniiat Pardon for Mock Pro-
motivr Akrd by (ior. I'oa.
Boston, Jan. 8. The.lixt'cutlvp Coun
cil will nlve a hearing to-morrow on the
.l A
; nuestlon of granting a
'. ... ... ilf ...
pardon to Car-
KlnB-Crowther oil
I stock fame ttiwm the recommendation
i of 5ov. Foss.
i There Is likely to be some objections
i to the release of the promoter, who has
i already served several years of a long
'sentence King is afflicted will, an In
! curable hern!. fJov. Fos.s suggests
I that If tho Council hcps fit to pardon the
man it make a condition mat ite remain
undr , sllp0rv8oh nf some d
nated physician and that he be recom
mitted to serve tho remainder of hi
sentence when his henlth Is so far re
covensl that resumption of prison lite
will be no longer unduly hazardous.
District Attorney Pellctter has ap
proved the application for a pardon.
.Men Waihril From
Ilerk nf
Tnrpriln Hon I II'.'.
Norfolk . Vn Jan. -S.- Two men were
washed overboard from iiubmatine tor
pedo boat I2 la-t night and are be
lieved to have been drowned.
The Dl. r3. HI and 152 were caught
i 111 " severe gale below Charleston, S. '..
and according to reports received in tuts
j city were In danger of foundering. High
sens beat over the little divers anil the
crews were unable to stand on their
feet. .1. Campbell, an eject rlclatl, lirst
class, and L. Hurst, a machinist mate,
were the men who were Washed ov er
bo.ir.I from D2.
Tlie submarines left Norfolk more
than a week ago hound to Cuba. Tlvy
i llf't tww In tlitantnnatno, Cuba.
Nearly Spnlla Kntpernr'a lllrtlulH y
i Celebration nt Opera llolinc.
bprciat Cnlilt nmintr, lo Tur. Sin. .
; Bkhi.in. Jun. 2. The gala celehra
' turn of the Kaiser's birthday was nearly
1 spoiled at tho opera huuse by the olt
! stlnacy of a policeman In refusing
1 admittance tu the leading actress. Mile.
Poppe, whom somehow he suspected of
wishing to enter 1110 nousu iiuouBii
I wrongttll motives.
The actress was unable to convince
the policeman of her Identity. Mean
while the Kaiser and Ills guests wen
chilling at the dclny, nnd nn alde-de-camp
was sent out to make Inquiries.
He found the coil plu III a heated
i argument nt the stage door. Some
thing serious will happen to that pollce
Court llnlila (irlef nf Parrnla la Not
n (ironiul for lomaei.
Piittsv IU.K; Pa., Jqn. 28, A child's life
Is worth In damages to the parents
I Just the medical and funeral cost, nr.
cording to a decision in the case or
Chariot Kost against the Borough of
Annie. Kost, 8 years old, was kilted
when an electric light pole fell on her,
A Jury a year ngo nwarded $3,000 to
the parents. The Bupremo Court rn-
verged the award decision to-nay. ue.
clarlng that no datn iges can be awarded
for the grief or parents and tmtt post.
Prove In., or money before damanen
lean be decreed.
Twrnty-two Arc Arrested, hut
Slie Is Only Jnsl
Looked At.
J'irst Come First Arrested Till
Vehicle Could Accomnio
diitc No More.
Trouble and Miss Fola La Follette ar
rived Blmultanrously on the northeait
comer of Twenty-third street and Sixth
avenue yesterday afternoon. Miss Jm
l'ollette, who was an actress nnd Is thn
suffragist daughter of Senator La l'ol
lette, hnd come to the corner to lead
band tif thirty or forty girl strikers on
picket duty In front of the Twenty
third street entrance to fnc. Masonic
Temple. Building, on an upper floor of
which the white goods firm of Wllbar
M. Dyer Co. nre in the throes of
strike troubles.
Two by two, with Miss La Follettu
In the lead, tho girl strikers canto
marching up from the Lador Temple,
where Miss Li Follettn had Just ad
dressed them, Hie lino of demure mistts
suggesting a girls' boarding school out
for a walk. And as the girls stopped
In front of tlie building to wait pa
tiently until tho employees of the. Dyer
firm should come forth to be button
holed and argued with by the strike:.
along hurried another procession that
suggested anything but a girls' tchool
out for a walk.
This second group of marchers worn
blue tallormade trimmed with brus.s
buttons and their lives nre given tu
being cops. Miss La l'ollette early
made It evident that first of U she was
there to direct tlie picketing, cops or
no cops, and also to see to it that tho
pickets created no disorder but did
their persuading In a ladylike manner.
And Jn u very few minutes the pres
ence, of Miss La Follettc.'s pickets be.
gan to bother tho cops. Stralghtwnv
the cops began to unnoy the pickets.
Little whirl's of cops, pickets and half
Innocent bystanders converged into ono
large whirlpool of pickets, cops and
Just people, with the voice, of little MI".'
La l'ollette rising in a commanding
way, "Girls' Girls' Officer, how dare
you, sir! Girls, just keep moving up
and down!"
An egg, loose and no longer even in
fjie class called cooking eggs, suddenly
appeared from nowhere upon the ono
' I'Hi.lttPtlCfia ''ft "boulder of a police
man rrom the West Seventeenth strc t
wtutl,,,. Villi. 1. , l.,llr.ttn ,.t HlA ,.,..!!, I-
. . e . . .... w..v.l U . v.... ...u...v.b
was annul a nunurtu ivet away aim so
she coukl not stop the throwing of tho
egg. The policeman stopped It. but too
late; and his namo Is Murphy John
Patrick Murphy.-
Ani so Instantly one thing led to an
other. Crowded Twenty-third street now
was Jammed on both .-Ides of the road-
jway Whirlpool, whirled. Out of noth
ing came a patrol wagon. Miss l.a Fol
lettu was darling across the street b. -
'tween trolley cars and automobiles and
shouting excitedly back over her shou1
der. "Girls, girls! Don't do any-thin-;
rash' Wait till I telephone to Hit labor
union! "
! Miss La Follettn dashed Into a depart
ment .-tor across the street, lelephotr'd,
wormed hick to the tiring line ami again
cried, "Girls! Girl,!" IMectlv Bill
Hughes will' live other plain clothes men
from Hie Central t illlce Joiiil the party
Serct. I'nuei' of th' West Seventeen! i
'street station .mil half n dozen of his
' bluecoaltt began to ad, I .-puis of to if
' to the Immediate loregroiiuil.
i And 'lof.uo the ogg had llown nt a '.
ami. so lar as the Innocent b.viniul"i's
coukl '. Ii-foro i'tiy ilil-la Ji all bad
happened i xcept the orderly arrival if
Miss La Foil, tie and lie.' picket siiu.nl,
Miss .Maud Yiiugei, who 1- hall elui.'
man of the Lab.i.- Temple and -ayi -Mm
"lives on her own income." had hi en at"
rested. Miss Yuiiger. who I- proniia- nr.
, ill the Women's Trade 1'n'on Length a
'few moments aftei tin p'cho;- arrived
'was down at the . ml of tile bloi k ,.lv'.,i
' li"t- name and nddn s. II i:..st K!eeniii
slteet, ton ieiorter w lien Policeman Bill
'Nail reached m ross tlie shoulder or otio
of the Iiii!" knot of p ople gathered
about Ml-s Yuiig'f ami told her she waa
tinder at". t-t for obstructing trunk.
i Miss Yti-i-'tt started back nmUiioly
'.with the polli'tiiian nntl together, v.illi
.most nf Hun part of thn shopping tils-
t rlc t Jamming tees on hi ids ecstatically
1 behind pollu'iunii and prisoner, they
I came upon it very whirl v whltlpotil
Vhlrllng nboiit Pa I ml man Flood mid an
'iither leading prisoner, Miss Mnr
; gari't IHnchcy. al-o prominent In thn
Women's Trade I'lilon League.
I MI.-s La l-'ollelle stunned upon tha
I policemen and protested stormlly that
! neither of tlie ptlsoners had done any
' thing nor could have done nnythlmr
Inasmuch as the girls the picket.- vviro
i waiting for would not even begin tu
I count out of the building for an hour or
I half. But the patrol wagon backed up
! Just the same.
As near as can be remembered now
I tills is the time tho senile egg hit tho
'policeman named Murphy. In u Jiffy
inbuilt a dozen girl pickets were being
'Jammed into the big motor patrol and
they all went Into It Mlth tho ccstatlu
' Joy of zealots'.
j "Tako me. then, too! Arrest ino--ithoy
didn't '' anything. Neither did I,
so-nrresl me, too!" enmo feminine cries
j from tho press of Hying furs and
feathers near thn back step or the pollen
wagon. Tho policemen wero obliging,
and so when tho wagon clanged uway
out toward the enr tracks It bulged with
eighteen picket prlsoneru In addition to
I Miss Illnchey nntl Miss Yunger. And
! they nil went over to the station house.
Miss La Follelie nntl eignieen oinor
pickets who hndn't born able to got ar
rested now began nn arm In arm
saunter. Miss La Follettn In tho lead
with Local Chairman Augusta' Pest.
The policemen were back In n little
while nnd for nn hour nnd n half thoy
rnnged themselves nlong tho bullillng
wlth nothing l l '"it watch the two
by two procession worm through tho
irowds of shoppers until dusk. Miss La
Follctto never stopped for a inomolt
A li

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