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I'liNt'i'ton Weaver Ciiiiiany In
Kiwi iurtiin'iil tit liC.lh st.
Opposite 7 1 h's Armor.
ST. )YI-:i,l,INf; SOI,!)
I ptnwn Apartment in Trade
fop l!l"il I.nts Dyrkmtui
Plot Sttle.
Pirk .-itontio directly opposite tlif
SmoiiiIi ItcKimiMH Armory Is to lime
.1 ncn her liluli c'nss np.it tmi'nt house.
Tue I'tillorton Wenter Itoolty Company
ji.'Mulri il yesterday thr slto fur It at the
i, of! v,'ot turner f l'.irk avenue Mini
S.My.sixtii street thrmiBli PtiiiKla."
i. i:iiimnu .; ro. u iioMciu ;r -t
Siy-Mth sitvtt frniii Stimtirr tletui'il, '
71 l'.i-i S!iy ith street lndn Dr. At. S.
l(ili!i'H, T.'! ll.itd S!iy.sltli -trrel from
Mis S.ila W. Kaliles anil 7.". Hast SK-i-.-iil
stte.l, wlili h Is the corn r
linii-i', irnin Wllllatii A. liiirlnc. Tho
follf lutlllllllirs COVt'f II pint froritiitu 0
f"i't on I'.tK at emu ami 7t feet on Slx
.1 -sixth street. Ail.n:nlii)j on tho I'.nk
.ivi'ini" front if tllo now home of to.
i'h.iilto.1 School, a ion sti.rv luilldlnu
erected a'n.int four year ami. The
ilwelllm; ailjolnlni; the pint mi SKtv-
ytstli street Is cuvmil hy Wllllatii i:
I.i i we.
The hrnkels n port that t'le cml.in (!
properties brought a n-w jejuni prim
for Park .1 tiuo vomers. The nut
Imllriiri,' will lie pi.ut.ally a duplicate
of that i rooted ly the Ktillert.in Weaver
Realty Company at the M.iithenst corner
of Park avenue ami Sit, lu'i street,
m the site of the 1. Adelaide apart
ment, which It purcha'-eil l.isi jear
through DmiKlas I.. II lltiiun A ('... It
Will lie of tW'lve stores, v.'tll .1 -Inuii
apartment to each Hour oonsi.-ilnt: of
foiirt'en rooms und four bi'h-'. It wis
he siteecss in tetit'iii up ,rt:n. tits in
the house on the illauonally opposite
corner that leil the rr.iliy companv to
innchase the corner lniimht yester.lnv i
as the site for another liuililliir. .1. '.. It. '
Ciiit nier will ilesiun the new house.
To the north of tliN proper:, begins
the hih (lass r -lilontl.-il uTtion. whir h
during the Ian few year-i has linn
Increased tlirotuili the absorption of '
many corners for tin" ihvellini; sites.
haum. Strauss & V have sod for
.Morris ICttllntier ami others, the five
story tenement, with stores, on lot
:'"i..i7ii, at the northoa.st corner of)
Pleasant avenue anil ll'th street, to'
Intrust Pchaeffer.
KAST 2D STRKI'T. Dorothy T. U;i;er j
. Hliout to sell 3 Kast Klihtv-ri'nnii
.street, a live story American Kisement
ilwelllniT. on lot :Tislft2.j, locateil H'.n
fiet east of Plfth avenue. The property
'as been hold at .Mr.u.OOO. The ail
t ilr.inu northeast corner nf Flf-li ave.
nue, a vacant jilot 102 2xli.0, owned'
hv the Trask estate. Pease & f.Wi. '
man noKotliiteil die sale. I
Wi:sT !2D STRKKT. Peter D. Stanch
has sold M4 West Ninety-second '
street, a three story und haoment
llwelllns. on lot In fivlfin ! niltntnlm.
the Central Raptlst Church, at the
southeast corner of Anistenl.un
nitOADWAY. Thn Kstey Piano Com
piny, John Bolton Simpson, preident.
has houcht thn Cynthlin, a seven
story apartment house at tho north
east corner of Broadway and 125th
street, on plot P9.1U7C. The seller,
he Hrown-Welss Realties, tnUe-j n
'xchanco the Mock front on the west
side of .Southern Boulevard and
Cypress avenue from 134th to 133th
street, a plot fronting 121 fee,t on
Southern Boulovard, 125 feet n
Cypress avenue. 23 feet on 134th
"reet and 12R feet on 133th street,
lid ward I.. Kin Co. tvere the
15 1 ! n A D WAT. Hall j. Hoiv & Co. have
"ld tor Walter .1. M. Donovan tho
plot 31x101 on tho west side of
Urondway 60 feet north of 207th
street, to thp Mare Realty Company,
which owns ndjolnlnc property. An
npartment hotiso will he erected on
the site.
vysi: AVB.Ni'R.j,,m,ll j, n.lf.P(.rt..
ias iild fr CnrolliiB rs. Flowori to
Dunlilll Thompson H77 Vyxo nvenue
ono family delnclird frame ,iWf..'
mn. on lot iT.xlOO.
r.r.NVO.MH AVKNI'K, F. V. Kenehol
h..H sold a plot lOOxl-,0 on Duncomb
.ivenno to Klncy V, Kapp.
T,Un?..r'k,S;nT hav" toI'l 'nr ' Frank
?.iior tar. Flfty.iier.inil Mrret, a two storv
h-i. r.mlly brlrk .hwlllnf,-, on Joi joxuo
to a ellent for in'cupaney. '
rt. .1. Kforza haH bold for Fannie Palermo
thn lour family home at IC33 Oraveseid
awMiii", on lot tiOxlOu. 1
A K Clifford and P. J Iteynolds liavo
n.ld for Aim-list C. Haw to Mary n,ra
tae four Htoiy hrlck ll.n, on lot oX7;, ,
ine nortlienbt rornur of Sackett and IlicVs
tie.tH. for P. J. Iteynoldi to Manniri't
.he. lian "its to 127i Myitli. aMMiile. thn-..
tlirec story inii ,11 the mmiIIiwi-hI n mer
of Ce.l.ir Ktreet, mid for T. Tuft to P ,1
Hiyn.iliU Oa!l Hast Fortieth Ktn-ct, u two
tmailly fram. Ihmiio.
Tl.ill A; Outtle have Fold fur the Sunfet
liealty and Cnimti urtlmi Cimiii.iin the two
nory front and ie,ir hoiisos at ill Sev.
nlh avenue.
HTATKN loi.AMI VI tT liUra
fornllufl t!, Kolff has Hold for Isahel
yt. Bonner to Uerjld Uaravy u plot 176x
s Ski Sfiiiii!
42.1 stui:i:i nt ii.iiix;
S. W Cor Mmll.en vc.
Nos. 126-132 WEST 46TH STREET
Between Broadway & Sixth Avenue
i'i 01 n o . mo ..
Ready for Occupancy March 15, 1913
The Lnts ii tin- u.i: r;i l.iv!nit liuil.il! .: at. t u .a. f. . --j ; .11 -i
cpotifii f..r ilcrf.rinstr.it ton that the l.c.n't: IVulJuit; the ; -n- Ji-ir ''!c ot
t:ian' C j.tim crial BuiUiuks recent ; crc.-int 111 the I if. s -s.il'. t. if.l 'he I !
Awmio S'Vtions.
Thf I iro InsumtKe r.'itos fur tin- i-uiMinu atid fur contents will Iv alnluttlv
PLAN or It! II.I)I.(!
Apply to your
107 West 46th St.
300 on th Old Stone roflrt at Htillihoad,
Statin Inland.
Tli" Mls'-c Alda and Anna Lestur nf
f'hteairii re th tmypm of the dwlllnB at
20 Vi-t Sovint-llrfct sin-et, thf Mlt of
whlfh hy M.'idrlln .laokfon through I'casi
A. i:illin.in was r'T'Ortod yrtiritar. Tho
MIsfs I.osti1!' nri Rt iir"rnt Monlni; nt
tho llotfl Itcctnr.
Morris Jnrolxioti li the buyer of the.
llTi'llillK at !)! Wl tlSth treet, the sale
if which hy the Tllmll Itf.ilty Company
wan reported on Sunday.
Cross A. Itrown Co. has mi l fur l.ewl.s
Utown the plot OOxl'JO lit the Hotitliufrft
rornir of William iiiul Henry mreetn,
I.oiiK tsl.ititl City. It tx uiiili'istood th.it
the puti'iiiiHPr Is to IminedlateU lmpiue
thin plot.
Moore & l ind"leilel, Hn hlteets for the
Waller Itealty Corporation, Herman
Wauer, in sldent, hiive filed plan fur a
live story hilck teii'Mnent Ikiii-h f.OxS1 mi
tho eaM side of Xouthetn lloiile.nd 4na
feet noith "f 1 71M ."trtet at an estimated
cost of J50.U00.
Kdward .1. HoKan has leased to the
Marconi WlieWH Telegraph Company of
America for Its executle offices, tho hoiiiIi
half of the eighteenth tloor of the Wool
worth Hillldltr.', for a term of yeais
iii'isi: i.i:.sk
Ciiiiinaim, Vooiheis X J'Io.mI hale1
leaded the bullilltm at 1"1 I'i nut sllilt to(
Fiedeilek II. Cone, the bulldlns at !U :
Pentl stieit to Invader d CompaMy. the
biilldliiK at '.'"il Water striel to Imooit ,
Chemical Company, litilldliiK at V. i.v'
siieel lor Ihe ;,i.ais to lliinaiil Kieize,
l,i a.sln Company, store and hanenicM at
171 Peal I tiei t to .loyc Sum t st ,; Co.,
store and basi meiit at ,1 ( ulai' stie't to
William I', llarkley, stoie at fin iVntie
streit to ,1. Ili.iilM, stoie and hmem'iil at
I r,3 Peail street to Jcisi ph Vli'toil, Mine
at '.l Miinay stieet to C, . & M. Hlni;.
fidder, lofts at 127 and 1211 Water si net
to Diamond Ulue Company, and Manuel
Caianol i. Co., loft at k" aud 4 n (Jteeu
nleh stieit to l.ilili &. SlmoiiK. Ilul loft
a! 42 C!f street in Xoiibain Wr.iren.
Aitliur It Cohen has leased in i'iii and
ioli Aiadlboii .ii.im.. ibe .-.Mtre store 'inn
Ihiheinenl und the rem part of the necoud
tloor to L. U. Uutlor & Co. for ten years.
tit.' mmi'mmi, a the bitiUn s r .t
alone thornushly liroproot iti c.crv p.ir
tK'tilar. but ha. in .nklittoti t" .".'I the
reciuircmetit.s of the Lire lns.:r.it'.e
l;ch.inpe ami New YorU IVnr.l ot l ire
l'tit.rvnter, a coirp'ite aitn'mtr
-pi inkier ..stem.
The Const rue tu iti of the ti.11M1.11;
of the hif-hest tyjv in even partu'ilar.
mi! the lie.itini;. Iitthtitij; aiul plutf hint;
sstctTi- o.vc'Cv! the orJinary req'rrc
nicr.'s, insiiring .romple" serv k" if. t'n-.i
The Oti.s t;!cator Piiuipineiit otia t
of two IiirIi sptvd elf. trie p.is enRer ele
vators, one cotnbtnjlion passenger nitd
ficiQht elevator, anil one hcv.y lo'al
treiulu elevator.
The Building is assured of perUs.1
liRlit, n. it is Mirroundcd hy low struc
ture"; tiiul h.is the ;idvatitat;e of the
spacious court of .1 Public School on 'he
easterly side.
own Broker or
GEO. R. READ & CO., Agts.,
3 East 35th St.
aij iiitt.r
The lessees have been located fm thtrtN-
five jear.s at 3?S Fourth avenue
i:. S. Wlll.ird A Co., agents fm the
Kiihn.I.iM-li Hiilldlnvr at 52 ami fit Will inn
Street, lejiurt the fo'.lowltiK leises: To
Mdlelt. Itne H.iKen, banker, the entire
font tit tloor ' to tie estate of Itob'Tt K
Weytvott and the Hxeliuut'e llnffet Cot
potatlon, the tlfth tloor, and to C.eorKe
l.eak .. Co. and i:er , Co. bankers, the
sixth Hour
The M. Morseiithau. Jr., Company has
lea-ed the stole and basement In 141 and
1 43 West Ti nty-foiiith street to the
Trappers ami Shlpp-rs Comp.tny and .1 A.
U'Ni 111 A.- Co. ftnrleis.
The Cio .. lliown Company has I ied
the biilldlnK at Mm M.i.ll"on avenue to
Nicholas M. u tin, Itni'oiter of .mtbpio fur
nltut" and d 'itlons, for a teini of
J i-arf.
.Iilllus Friend, lldwanl M l.ewl Co
hae leased the i nllre bulldliiK at
Sixth a'.eniie foi Samuel liloom to Sidney
A. Williams.
Clol-S ,V lliown Co. has Ulised Ihe ftoie
mid basement at Hlfdi l!io.nha to
.Mei le) i I'riHsin in and the store at IMn
llio.nhvav to the Miller Itllt'bm- Conipinv
for ,i ti I in of yini.
l.i:.W I.AKK Pl.At'lll OTT.M.K.
Allen k Felitsteln hale leansl the Cnap
man eoltaco on SIkii.iI Hill, I, ike 1'1.,,'id.
N. V., to Feidliiaiid Hess ot New Vntk
nkw jKiti;Y ii.N(it: nrrii r.H.
At the annual unetlm; of the .Ww ,ii i-sy-Neii
Vork Ileal Instate i:.chaiiRe lold
III Jersey city last week William A. Lam
bert of Nulley v..ih reelectid iresldent and
Philip I. Hover of IIIiIki.-.v.mi.I se.Tetaiy
and tieasuier for the eiisulu,: .viuir The
foil. .'A lim weie elected iroi einors : W. ,1.
Shearer, F.lU.ibeth; W. I. S. ott, Orange;
P. S biH. Ilulherfoiil : A. S. Corbln. Pas
sale (!. I). Coisa, Hound llrooli , S
llliseliurin, Niw Vmk city; H. I. I .t ullii,
I.eonla : It. II. Walkei. Ib.lioUen ; 1'ialik
Stevens, Jersey CMy ; J. V Masee, llobo
keii , C. I'. II. Johnson. Passaic: H, t.
llolden, Wc-sttlelcl , .1. V. Huollttle, III
Moia : Joseph P. Hay. New Voilt; I'. A.
fladdlH, Jersij Clt ; W. limbert, Nut
ley; 1.. I' .Meiiajte, ltalma., and I'hlllp I.
Holer, ItlilKCHooil.
IIKttKKKAIil'l Mil l.
Tin Uuroo c'niipany iveie lie irokei s
III the sale le. ouleil ycst.clai of 2."il i nt j
,-.. in., nii.- t ii, i i.anio ii.ijiin
In tho chllcls Company, The buei oiiu
th two bullciiiiKs adjolnlnk" to the vuul.
'THIS office building has a
subway entrance inside
the building to the present
Sfbwoy and Grand Central
Depot, and upon their co:v
pletion will connect with tlic
n civ Su b way, Si (in wa y
Tunnel and Mc.'Uloo Tun
nel. With the sutfnee cars
pasiiinR this corner, there is no
more accessible location in
the city.
Offices to rent to approved tenants
from April 1, 1313.
42d St. ana f.'adison Ave. Co.
ulTIt i: N O '!,!) .;
Irl. orl Vlnrrai 11.11.
The Monolith
45 West 34tli Street
a 11 d
Roo m s
Iiivestii;ate the
olleret! Iicre iM'furc
special advantages
von move.
Ideally located for the Business or
Professional man -on :?4th St., near
Broadway, close, to every line of
transit and every his hotel.
Abundant Light
Best ot Service
Very Low Rental
More for your money than in
any other high-class btiildlnic.
Sunlight Building
SnltahU fur Inporttri and kin
dred hlgb-cUia trtdcr dvilrlng room
far ofB.ru romlilnril with ipaco for
torie 9t BirTt'haadlts or Itibt Bin
urarturlni. Oaly thraa floori left.
Thli !i teallT aa Ideal bnlldlnt far
hlib-claii taaanta, having aaanj u
traordlaarr aad tniltTldaal faarsrat,
iDclidlac Low Rratu, Light oa roar
Nldi, 3.root Fronlait, 4. Fait
Klrrator. rentrally Located at 3o.
JSO Wert 10th lit. I'- H. WIIXARD
CO., Agrati, t riao at. Tel. IM3
I'oblle OiTei'liiKs Yfotlrrdny In lnii
hntlnn hiiiI The flroiii.
I at ii r.suv stki:i:t i
II. Iletirx llrioU.
IlltO 1WA V. V'.l I'i inr SIM si itt Z
12s sx IrreK. in, am Met l.ifr Ins io am
lI'Mll mill L' !el S I-,, t ,, illif. I4tr,
IIS CO. tlie. A. $J1 Lt3.,".b WllhUritnn
H. ,lese.li I' Day
.Til v, .in. -. i.in s ism ki, to m;:.,
I HI dttS P.MlllllH l.,rllfer am .1 A ll'll
nssv ! h!, .In,-, tin a.',; taxci- jCe.
t;i..'. II. ti, th il.ihi!irt . ..tto.emi
101'TII ST ;:. I:, n Ml purk nv. St.4x
I0D.II. :, HV i,t ,., rt I' Tboinas
HKI H.lllil S.Mliaei l . lift Ion I. due,
13 "I-. I,ll.es. j. SIJU'.iu. Pill, tn pr HUB.
ISl. iiihi: iii II' ,tnlritlir j.'n.xoi,
I T n.ns TilitiiJ a r.NPi: I
It. .Iia.e)ili . 1i.ii .
SA.r. AV il,liti. ,i. mn) n e roi- I
r.l. ;r..u7''.i cio'i I. .in Net -i, m trjiiiinr
lift Mli bl .M.m,ili.iii ,1 el: due. i. 7.I11.
i.ues, f.v. J5s'.i.:ii; i.i ih iiijiniift s;.unn
lly 1 I lni;raliillii Co.
I.VUN AV. ''.H'i n h 3m p.irki'r iv. S5i
Hill, lVi i.li loni l .11 S Stem HKt T.lios
eirill el ill. ,u lt.M7.SJ, l,r.
I lie sr.; In Abucm Trlecell f-.t.-iu
ll Hi .ii) llr. ..Ii.
iisi: v in; . uei n .irnntnr.s, I'Silcif.
" i"' . till .'..I slu ,ilnl 1 1 o, ill1'
""l'.s l.,ll!l I- Ml, iluo. j:..l7,"ftj fixec.
.v. Klin r?, t ih" i.lnlntlrr . .. Jl.SOii
li .lumis I, Wt-IU t'litiiiuny.
..".Tit nr. ii n inr Piiiilillii: nv, )!itll
Ariilei ll'tieknei aul II II Ir.lni; el al.
Mil". t.S(ii,.r.li tj:,es. &c. r.44.lii. In ,1ns
P It.ii-imii .... .i ;o(i
.ATlll'llll) MOK'ni A(ll)s,
clll'h ii u ii-. tin.l .i,ilrem of lender's at
torney, i
IIII.M'II .T. n . r.xino, Nov ti, 1.07
l.o.ilse II t'ri .fiinl i.. T Ci T i"n. i;c,
lliv.iy I1.II0U
SAMU I'ltucltltTV Sept -i. I'jOV .su,,,. Ilp
hash: pi'tur'iir.Ti
.Ins II K" 1 li, !i h 1 1 1 1 ' i
1 1.000
Auk J'i. IDIO ;hiii m
, . I .IK 3 1 1,0 1 1, ,. -.n n.
111..: Nov
INthet I'
IS. Pitt Clelanil Ken 1 1 v ' Cn In
lull. i'i. ; any, I, T I Co. litn
lla.,.- .... f.
Ilt'tilf i:s AV. i. . n imith si, :,o,vn
I'i.',: Nov C,. 1011-s.une iii Alir .1 Mwor.
ky. .ml. Il.irul.l II Snail', ,, lleekiuin
st ir,,Snn
MUTT A, m s, t:r. s l.'.oih n, JSklOti, Minh
I. tini'1 'riien and I'lnn-iieo C Hiur.i lo
lllll! l.iUlir. mtis. T (1 i'ii, 171! IlrciHil-
, ',? 11.0011
I.ijI' hi., mini S7! Si Itajninnd Park Keli I
I'.o." Hinllle Conk in .l.ieiili anil cb-nrulae
Si lunk. i(lh, Nnlil.. A- lliii, J v,i
211 A, I ('. e tUv 00 IrreK. .'l.i'r"l'l!
I9l N.llriillnn Lapp to N V t.lfe Ins
Trust Co. trustee, allys, I loners ft 8. .11
Nfisiiu t . m.otn
UUIGUa AV, a . M&SOI.ltitOsiOU; Ost
BROADWAY, Park Place to Barclay St.
Corporations, Lawyers and all Office Tenants
Investigate before renewing your present lease.
Desirable Floors
To Lease
681 5th A v.
(Between 53d and 54th Sts.)
12 Stories 42x125
Highest Type of
Fireproof Construction
Conctaled Sprinkler System
Extra High Ceilings
Unobstructed Floor Space
Exceptional Facilities for
Receiving and Shipping
lllfhe.tt Standard ol Service
Pease & Elliman
340 Madison Ave. Near 43d St.
i lull SM.i: 1H T 1.IWKK i:nHr- liui'ilinr
I 4'nKi. tut UuMnr-vi p iipo'c Ml 3Y hi-sl ;:ul j
11. jnni- Cii-o aril M.iry Ititsno.an
1'iedli II MOtir llli. Tllos I' Oeuoll i.it
i;mi Hi I run. I . I.' no"
7" rii st. I' w, . :'stoj;, ,iui -t. i'1".
- clr.i.'e Wat; in Ituultiilile Life Assur .1.
clity. ,u;e. l.tttb-lield 1.. 11 Pne
,t 5 Id nun
S VMlV llll'i;itT4 . Ian 1-. I'-nS '.im
eiirn . it '. .l"s V Mt'lr. II Hi.-iy II"
SAMH l'lllll'i:itT . I.HI SI. 11" -s.m.e l
Thomas i fornu rly lir.iti. Mu-i t.. sun
.mis. 1,1'itenil.l A 1 tl l'lae t $ J .. -
I.uTs 14-1 nmt il., map 1105 lliuu.-i .
ii'iiitiiry Itealty Cm, Do . I no jl
I'liumls to N V T I Co. IS". Il.i JL.'iu
tITTll ST. Ii s. -T,. i' Alnler.l.itn i !',
1U0 1 1 . Hrl I. 1001".. Tirill A iii i I I.. A.b-.-C.
wife of W'li It Wai.is. mi) f5 a' '
II Mullcson. : ll.i 14 "on
SAMi: I'HOI'KIITV. A pi II lti'.-, -Ilur')
k s Wem i.. r s Tuuo ('". f y v. ,it.
sivtari ti slii.ini. C, IVall n ln.ii.ni
HT1I ST. II s, 150 e M iiI'h.iii av K-'st I,
M IM i Ii 3. 1!KIH l.nal. Stern -o II. .''
Sal Hank. ,llty. Firm K t C. 411 Wsll
. fv.i.iiuo
ISSTH ST.' s v. llatlu.1 Ii.'. ,.'.
.Inly c. Il'll'.' -Hubert Ii ItnKi'ts I I Iii"'
t, lllll. Mtts. Cnei.-v 4. Itepiis. t.i) l ill
,i . . . .. .la,
IU.TII ST. s, luu .It ellK.oi ,t :ivt.
IVh 'J. mil,' Kstliei A IVIieitnn '.i llu.-n-b.if
K Sheridan, nustn .it. J- iime
S. Itlk.i. It:, N iK'iu 4ITt.no
Itfcil.vitliSDN AV at pt tun in. in s .- ...i
ibeie.if mill ;uti si :i"M" t M.u ! I' U
Win and .Mar .1 S.iiei.til.erer m I! is,
hsii .Sal II. nk nf Ml i.i on: uiit .1 M
Hell. 'I So a I i v Ml Vera ill XI. l .en
simi: I'ltiH'liltTl .tune j:;. mie
...ill Susiu Mouioir. lo sum
'. I'll A V s s. a. 1 1 mi in'iu. i inn 1 1,
tleiil. .1,14111. Senl IM1 ll
Hie P.
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U al-.e.
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li t At Co lo Abel KlnB und alto Mil,
.In. i Kuliniaii. U W ISSth st.. . (2.70
t.'iSTll NT. n n, i w Kllon ay, liiSO. Nov
Hi. U91 Jiicob llerker to lluphenila H
Cnftln; attv, K I'otttli. Jr. 107 Btiav, .11,1100
BOSTON AV, I M II o i l'tral (t, run
ii:i.i:i'iiom: nam coktlanot
Lofts and Offices
Also Splendid Show and Salesrooms
Oppenheim - Collins Building
34th Street
(Between Broadway and Fifth Avenue)
Most Central Location in Manhattan
Easily accessible to all transportation lines.
Across the street from the new McAlpin Hotel.
But a few steps from the Waldorf-Astoria.
Several Extra Large Lofts
(12,000 square feet)
Unusually Moderate Rents
city nrc.u, kstatk.
XG3 Paik Ays. Nw York
urja i : -t at k ''J " K
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I'rnl, ill Ii iiloteniiiiis. rlit'iint ili-i-nr.nl.Ki.
I.iiitliil I 1Mb .t. and e. ,t, "ii fee t Horn Ma
Hon '. i. biutes to I'nik i-ert by llrkrili.n Pe.ii-h
"I. ' lo.r.ei ell iiiiMr.be.
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Tl.i o bi-iT lute 1'.' liil. .Ii.h una .lelilile
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CIHlJl; ST. l.'l. e l.,(i Slalitoti rt r,
ion. .Inn T.l. Il'll,; lni rls AiiisIpi .lam to
Wolf Itns.-n
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CI'NTI'.i; .sT.
William SI.
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Sninl It llootb: atl. Inn A Flees. 3029 "Ii
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'III. Uli'S !T :,.V. n s. M.ln Trlnlli
I'I. inns n :t" :is -. H 3S.4 V e 31 '1 It,
tec. D.M ,'n nut -ora McCarthy in
Cthsle .1 l)o)b'. Kill Kiln; ntt)e, Mans. T
A I . -1 Nassau et . . . . t-jno
i.is mniiss.
MADIxiN AV. ?ii.",4- Dominion Trust Co .hi
bin It Mett.ut n al , lorcilnsuro of two inert
1 .. i-c's i ; any. I. V Item
l.iit' It'' iiiiifiidecl lino of llronxnoiHl P.irli
lircn.x- li, in. 1 1 Mapi-s. ,b-, ait Dietrich Wort
' nia. m l Id I fiileelo.lllr ot tlloi 1 .!.- ) ; nllv
I, (. 11 lli,-s
M VtlisllN AV. e s, C7 il ii i7,, . ,,04
. . I .imii, Kpa'.eln el id acl C!i.nlc Verne it al
I 11.111 Mi-are 01 in.iii'j.iji'i , ,i, L'olic-ll ,V
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llj'lieiilii iini i- nut PI11I111 l'liiki'lurm ei n
1 Inn closure ol mortnaiie) , .ittj It K Oaeea
3D A. 1704 llrnnan Wieb:,e ft al am Alice M
Line 11 al 1 forcilosiiit- of nioruukel ; alt)
W II liiiveiieb 1
JACKSON V. w s. vj, 11 i.v.,1, k( ri.i)..w
llibet isli-tio Itrally Uo uut .los.pb Kuriii.in I
el nl 1 sjioi'l lie pel'furill llli e) , ,t)' M Mill
br,s.ir iril ST. l.il W Jnlin Hard), etr. rut Matv
Murpb) 11 ill 1 lorcclosllre of nun t.-ase 1';
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n:tl) s'l s .'1 w lib av. II N' V Puii
l.dir.o) Aetni' l'iiin mid Tilileu Founil.tttoii",
a.t Marks Mims el al 1 fon limine ol mull
.-.iti 1 : am. A lbuil, mil.
IMII SV , lb. tv lib av, i.ii!i'i N V. Pubbi
Library, Astor, Isuiov and Tllilen Koiuiilviona
Hti Milllo Mchwarz rt al I luieOoture ol ihorl
lli(e) ; alt), A lUvilnutt "-n
Hct.iivn liuh .-.nd list Sttcv
l.ili.l nit- ' 5 r mil, b pr. . eni
C.iirt Qrclor Tiuir (li N.--'
Februnry 0th Next
.11 VeM-v SI . N . t
ion i ii tin r.s im ry.ri.. ii,-r,. n
fix; ill . lilt i.in'K, pt.iluil.ts .m .
: llcc-lor SIuti
IMrlleular- of ticlienrrr
ir.4 llriinilttn.i, lit
I IIKAI. ir.M'ATt rtir. H.il.E Vt .li s..l.r l .
.ii. i.ni u u uioM IK'tlMlile Mi ni.ii
, Belle Haven, Greenwich.Gono,
A llooiiis. 1'iiur 11.1
i.arsi;e. li.irJener's fnll.Tie Mill"
Photos ami tlesriipilnti ai efllu
Itailnle, .Innes A (initil, Mir, I'iflti
71(1 Murrov llln
Kenneth Ives t Co.
Hurt mm Htver
7E. 42
Artistic TBS" House
All city 1 aiilelileno- .
mouiit.ilns nt New Jt-re
than one bour from II' o
1.1 the liei.Hhixst em
Sen Ynrk Clt J bouse
se.,i ,v appoltiltnt'ik'
till MJIt, T 11. llos 1 0
l'.ST()ltA.Mil' Norlh Walnut St 1' r t"
family bouse, 11 rooms ami I. HI. sic r"
paiuuei ilunrs, Prbr 1.."sn. I.a: ir
iliilre l.'.t Pail. Ale. Past tiimnrr J -
170 witir Tn n.
""wo Movkt imn nrrix tat'e "
11 hwv or rleil: w ftmllr rt'
rre Vo rnomt, f jepilosllT Un
l!f M: iuu'ItuI rlot; mites of ettry
tali fram Mtn per tnnum: rsii
th ytar. mfnratttucl. -

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