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I 1
durlrn; this Imm wnlt, Mit led the pro
tension of i-IkIiIitii around it very Ioiir
ellipse on the tilde sidewalk In front
of tile IiiiIIiIIiik. koepliiR tci iim reRtilnr n
track n tin- crowded cuntMlloii of the
district would pi unit
Two lenders WHO Well- III till plod"'
moti at iiiii siuro of tin' iifuTiiiiun de
. IriVil tn mi down tn Tu 1'iity-ilrit street
mill ini'i't ihi' Rlrls cnmlilR nut nf l I!
Midler's The) were Alin MnrRiircl
licmltiRton l 'lint let- nf South Africa mid
:tl U'it l-ft)-thli-d street, a wtlter, utiJ
Mtss Sariili Parks of WnshliiRton, IX C,
;inil IS Hast Twenty-second street, In
i 1 1. it. 'l In .i paper inllod tin' H'nmtit
Vvtrr, They nrk-il thr Hlcher Klrls nt
the iulltliiK hour urn to ro line); to
work iitnl I'olli'i'm.m Smiley arrested
Mr. i "iurd r nml Ml Parks anil took
lii'lli also to thr West Sevcnloen'h
street Mllltllltl house
Tntt-nnl ' o'clock kick iii Mk I.a
I'nllrtto'x procession in Twctitv-tlilri)
ctreot. Mill tirelessly winding about the
lltpso. thi- policemen Krow iinvlous ns
'In- Rirls from Dyers Ih-riiii to come
into Him street. Hut only one more
.hi cut was undo when Molllc Sohetmaii
f nt ItntKors aticct left Miss La Foi
H' to to late after a worker cumltiK
from the bulldltiR to try to lio.inl a cur
with the walker anil aiRUe with the k it I
not in return to work
The c towil twirled aenin. M.ss l..i
I'lillille iiiruln crleil out commands ami
protrsts .iiul In the eml lieeilhe Hill
lliinheH nt rested Jli Scheiman A
uniformed polUcm.m at the same mo
ment rushed nt MKs I .u Pollotto, )toiicd
ud Razed for nn Instant at the chin
chilla turi ihe diilnly blue velvet bon
no and l.inir blue cofduroy tout worn
hy the Senator's dnuchtor and changed
hid mind for miiiio i canon of Ills own.
lla.-liltL:lit.t of Mis- I.a I'ollette and
the sutvitots wl!h the IMeii Mifce an
h ti!t Itilrop ee taken when the buttle
unnke li.nl ile.ircd awn) about 6:i0
o'clock Then Mi- I .a I'ollette hail n
busty tilte niid huiticd 10 uIrIii court,
wide .h' pleaded so i loiiiently for
V,- Seh rm.m that Magistrate llerber:
decided thai the i-ii-l had not been KUllty
of dlsnidetly toiiiliict and illscliurRt-d
her Also the Mimlstinto discharged
.Miss I'arks and .Mrs Charter mum !
learninn .hat lhe were guiltless of
violence, but had m.-reh asked each
workum uirl they approached nut to
return to w rl. this mnnutiR
Miss l.t I'.illette stayed In the Jammed ::,ft,.r session or the i:illeieiic So
nlcht . uirt until Mtss Vunner Mln , .tv y,.sterda The xooletv ended its
Hlnchev and the plcke; prisoner stlh , lo.st unntml scslmi. two duyi, nt the
were nrr.iiKne.i ill one uik i
flock -if femininity Miss VuiiKei
pleniled that she merelv w. tnlkltiK
to a ri porter nt the time of her n-.
ret. itl.l .Miss , l-'ollett,. ti.tt ked thl
up i' Mntrlstrnte Herbert deddeil that
'he .M'se Vuncel and lllnclies nnd
rhe pi. kets nrrestfd with them hail been
millt of J- worth of dls.inle'- it' least,
end lined eich of the Krnnp that
nmouiit. which was piid
Antoinette t'oKtoKiilu of Stuyxosant
street ami .Mnrlu (ierona. strikers ar
rested .it Hro.nlwav anil I'ourth street
earlier In the duv for throw Ins ecss
that landed !n 'he laps of some people
passim: In a tavl. were lined MO em-h.
The eui; throwing mnet stop." Mats
Istrnte Herbert warned the court room
of ulrls and women "The ne
thrnwlntr striker that come heie will
trn to the workhouse"
linrtnent Worker Dnn'l l.lUe
of ttpttleniellt.
s urp the tenn' of scitl.tii.-i. i
' th-1
slilke of the workers on men's nml
boys' garments, which are to be put to
h referendum vote of the uiilon In
olvcd. were nciecil to b' the confer
ence committees of the I'nited iiar
ment Workers, the L'mteil .M.iiiuf.ii'tui
ers and .Merchants Assui i.itl.m. nml the
i oiitiuct.ir.s' ut u.inuatloii tlii.e d.ijs
Han a illusion . .f .-n 1 tin .-n I has arisen
amoni; the strike li-.iders as tu tin- a.
leptance of the aut eetlient
Itftore the refel eriillllll ote s ml -
thiirlzeil li the n.iiiiuiiil oltb.-is ,i nm -
lliar llf the lletflltlHtllinH l.-.ollii to the
prnpoM-.l s. ttbineiit will P.- en ctilateil
ii p,iiiipbb-t foi in aniulit- the -till;, is
t!i ii m.-etiim hulls, in Ii t. d In
Maiini. ileitn.in Vi.luish .itul Ihiirllsli
iind th.- mt:nt;s t.i take th. i.-f. leu
mini vot... will not In. ialleil i nMI the
strik-is hai. n tiood iipp..rtiinlt of
l-aiiiitiK its provisions
The .iiltc.it lenient a muni: Hi- nfn
ters s.i that tin- pioinisitnii, ii.s n,,t
lin far ee.iiitfh Th.n antf.-wei lumis
of work all. I a . 1 1 .i 1 1 . ttnK.. ii.lnliiiiiin
nml nft.-i a iin.-iliiu ul th- lo. il . . cu-
t ve ...inii.itt i th- um,, Ms t,. ,,u
Moiiilav e-nlnu H.-nJ.-iiiiiii S.-hw.iUei
oil- ..' t- II1K,11IIHK of the lllllull, all-
I ..tin. e.i that vhi.. th.. r.-f-i ..n.liim vote
would M on this X.-lll 1 1 I lllllllllttee
Voted .lu th.. iroiusei s. 'HI. -ill-lit
ll'-i Janiin sliw-clUer iind .Mav IMi.-.
ri.iIIki oiuaiiizer. sai. I .-st-nlm j,f.
leiiuuiii that at in tims uf th- strlk-
in.. ... -in. .ii ii a ii i
been tnted iluwn ami another .ii u.,1,1,... !
said that a mil i all was taken in the I
halls and showed that the set tlement I
W as n l-etell
When I'l-siilioit Thoin,i . ftlekrt
of th- I ' 1 1 1 .-. 1 i i.-u ii,,.,i w'urki-iv was
tolil of this test-rilst he was iiuuit.:
He salil th,,t the ntl- of t)l luiai'
i xeciitne i iimuntti e ni-ant nnthlnu nml I
inai ii ine .seiiieinelit was taken up nt
any of the uieetiuirs it wa unauthor
Izeil Itickeit was one oi the signers of
thr settlement subject to ihe ief
duin vote
.Meetings of the h,tp K,M w,i,krH
and the kimono nml wiaii..r uinkerH
who are on strike wen- h-hl y.-Mndnt
In many halls. It win- aniioiiiu ed that
several Individual settlements bnd been
made .MIbs Harriett,. A Keysei, sec
rtnry of the Church Axxneinf im. '-.i
dressed n ineetlnn of the xtiiklnic whin
,,.,M,n i.iu.re in me I.iiliui Temple.
- j
,:..... ,,... ,
..i,..nnir order. I n t eHuni Inn,
M.iMNT. .inn '.'S din Sidner has ill- '
aircteii tin. Slate i.ah,,, ljp,artmei,t to
g make nn investigation into the tinch..si..r
CKurmeni niiiKeiH- stiihe A leport n-ucheil
. lo-uiij mat iiusluess was at ,.
atanilatlll ti a rrnull of the strike
Illrra Thrnfr In laale That Nun.
dy -MTllu ta lie Held,
1 The HUflruirlstH In I'nsHalc who have
b en trying to make arraniremcnts for
a tncetlni? nroct Hundny afternoon 1irv
hecureii a placn unil wn now after the
They tried for the IiiAIi hcIiooI. hut
the Hoiitil of Kducatloii tibjectMl. Then
they altnont m-curcd n local dniicltut hull.
Finally Curl M, Villi, treasurer of Vnt
liiKhntiHe, Church, Kerr a Co., lured tho
.Montauk Thentro for Hiiiulny afiiirnonn
and turned It over o the auffriiKlata,
.Mis, X rati Is una of tho nurfrnxlHis in
teresled .Mr. Vail la iinderxtood to hnve, paid
for the tlieiitrn out of his own pocket.
He explained vcHterilnv that he linn t-,.
sonii nml two ilatiKhtcrH nnd ween no
iciison why they Hhouid nol have enunl i
nolltlcnl rlifhts when ttmir heennm 1,1 ,
.Mrft. i). H P Hcliuonl and Mra. Ida
Himtctl Hat per can't et to tho meet-Inn-
Mx-Stale Sennlor Kvnratt Colby
and Mrtt. Colby, Mra. Cnrnllna H. Alex
Hlider of llobokcn and Mra. M. J. Rey
nnlilH of Newark arc to apeak and Ret
other speakers. Inex Mllholland may ha
There fs maic in the power
of ink.
Think of what one dip of
the pen can accomplish.
It can draw a million sabres
with n signature, and encom
pass the ruin of an empire.
But ink is constructive, too,
for it can put those sabres up
and restore peace as easily as
it destroys it.
An Owner mny imperil his
enterprise with one stroke of
the pen, or he may surround it
with the strongest safeguards.
A signature in our favor
means the second alternative.
Buildin? Conttnictioa
Kt'flHiMiev Society AppciiN to
tlw Medieil nml Tcclinicul
Studio Slioultl Go I'm Ucvonil
Accident. nml Their
Prevent ion.
Ueotiitions ndvlsiiiK a
couise In industrial hyRletii'
nt every
medical and technical school In the
I 'lilted .States were minuted nt the
t .iiKlneerlnn liulldinir. West Tlrtrlv-
nlnth street
Thi te Is a Kiowmt; nied for physicians
especially trained tu Industrial hytrlene,
s.ild Ihe rt'.-oltitliin. while few If any
meihc.'il schools provide such instruc
tion nf the population of the I'nited
States m; per i -nt or 4"..iiO.Oiiii tieople.
now dwell in titles and towns of over
-' r.uu InhalMnnts and t2.fi0ft.ii0i) of
them, more than half the wane earners.,
are eimated in manufactures, trade and
transput tatloii
With .the resolutions was n copv of
a letter wliii h will be sent tn the dean
and facoltv of -try medical and teeh
mcil m hool nskint; for Immediate mid
ciieful consideration of a course in In
dustrial htKlene, and irlvint: an out
line of such a COUISC
The subjects iR;estei1 K lutle sani
tary inspeetlun mecliunlc.it and cleri
cal work and their physloloclc-tl and
psM-lioloun al effects pretention of nc
cidi nt.s and treatment of aci Idents.
illsease nml itv prevention, fatlcue and
us .,ius...s, iiidustrlnl l-i-latiuu. the
elation of the emploer to the
pl.tsu i, in and the lelatlon of the
phtsiil.th to the employee, the latter
includlui; the phvslcal examination of
the employee and hl Instruction: thr
relation of the phvaii inn to the Htute
and municipality. Includlui; the leport
Im; of work, neclilenls and diseases,
an. I il.- i un. miii' anil --o.-ial results al-re.-idi
nbt. lined in the prevention of a. -i
lil-uts and disease.
(if ihe doren or mote speakers who
occupied the afternoon sei-shm Dr
(ii'iiiKe .M I'llie. in.-dical Inspector of
the .S'ett Vuik I'.ictorv Itn estlcntion
( 'ouimlssion. s.ild thnt cnndltlon In the
m. inufm Hire uf caustic potash of nod.t
at NluKai.i I'nlls ate a disgrace tn the
Si tie. He -Jld thnl the t. its are not
tniiiriloi) nml that he saw workmen there
without itloves i,r any protection balllnt;
pniash from the vnt
utlo-r 'peakeis were f T (Ir.ili.ini
l:.ers. I'.ictoiy .Medkal luspis-tor of
N'-tt Vol!.. .Mrs I'l.'derlck Nathan,
ptesldent ..f the Consumers I.eastle.
l)i. S Irtlnu t'l irk of the Niut.ui Com
p.m. Worcester. .Muss.; I-'redenck 1..
Hofliuan. statistician of the I'ruilentl.tl
l.lfe Insurnnce Company; I'rof Charles
I.. l'Mr.on. chief nf mineral tn'linnlocy.
I'nited States iiurenu of .Mines, Ktlunr
T U.it les. i Inef of the factory luspec
' tn, a but-, hi of Illinois, I'nited States
i ,
-M.-.II. il I iffa er
Wllltntn ,t. Mnnnlnu.
l.-e K. l-'rankel. sixth t lcc-nreiiilcnt of
the Metropolitan l.lfe Insurance I'uin
pin. Dr ThomiiK D.trllnKton of the
Iron and Steel Institute, Dr. Hosalle
Siaimhter .Morton Dr. II M. Clark of
llrhli;(-polt, Conn.. I'lof C K. A. Wins
low To the American .Mtisoum of Nnt
ui.il History ami William It. Webster of
the llrlduepoii Hras Company
:iijn.t MiHiiHIesa llrnina and apet-chra
at I'lflh Trnue Vrbool.
Tile I.IIKH audience Itlllcll Katheled ill
the asenibl mom of the New- Yoil
School for the Hard or Il-aHm: at i.mi
I Fifth nseiuie. wheie a ilraiiuitlc skit was
lltlt-n fest-idH arteiniiiui hy th- pupils.
"a- inn in ine nasi iiisiurn-ii in the on.
"t'ttil bii77. of talk- and the mils., mml- ,v
tl,.. late nnlvals Nol-- tts nt ,ls-
'""' 'I was Itteialls oteiluuK-d , ,
spectatois. who sal with
fusteneil llpou the phljeis
Mobile, expiesslve lips wee busy,
and nleit, e triiinid ..yes ati-ntlte
Nut a sylhible of the soundless diamii
or the contests which piiieiled It, s-em-il
lo escape Ihe watchful Up le.uleis
The contests cunslsteil of questions and
sentences, which appealed lo be tend
aloud, but wlili h wen n't. nml sum-, dia
logue of the same kind upon which the
pupils were expected to make a verbatim
repoit i:. II, Nlti hie, the pilmipal of t.
Hrl.nol, Ktonil on the platfurui. and it ad
flnlll his piluted nut-s. Ills lips moteil.
but no sound came fiom t lu-m. and when
he had finished each contesiam tuitu-d in
a written reconl of tthtit he hud nlil
.Mrs. ,. .1 Holly, Jr., who won the
lont.-Ht and the llprcailhu,' chaiuploiislilp
fur the yenr, reported ncciiratfly all save
two wolds out of inn which All Nltehle !
"lipped" .Miss Louise Howell nml .Mrs.
J T. Clark" were not far behind In prnfi- !
The p renilliiR skit, "commem cineiu
Uxerclses at Topsv Ttltvv School," (jate
Mis i:. Iditliel I .a lie, one nf thn ncIiuoIh .
Inatructnra, opportunity to show- what 1
could bo done without the aid of the '
In utter silence classes were culled '
'.'!"' '"""f11 arlthmatlc, elocution nnrt
"'"" imnuoiii niiinem wiih PunK-
.,h, Pl,,nn nccompunlment could be
t' ami its a nnui ncmevenieiit an
old fHdhlonert ppelllnt hue wna held with
the usual excitement inlnua the noise
Mew Traction Line Open.
The first trolley car over the new tml
iY 1. 2.' ,h' lnnhttan and Queens
Traction Company made a trip over H13
road last night. Tho i-unuiuny will run
car over the Queensboro Brldf plaaa.
W on ll T.ike Ten Vems lo I'm
Until I'lmi Tliroimli. M
Aiieiix Det'lnri'v.
Still .short lit l.ilicml Kslilllllle
or.s;((i.iiini.uiMi increioe in
l!oiTn i it Cniiicit .
If the .subway contracts xluiuM bill
thronch and not u man In titlthotUy,
cither In the Public Service Cominl.Hsluii
or tho City Hall, believed Inst nlKht thnt
tlicy were in i nil pel II It would take
the i-lty of New York tit basi ten jcars
to build the lines with its own motley.
In other words, New York is n ncur
the limit of lt ImrrowltiK capacity Ihul
It could tint undertake to build the sub
ways unaided nml finish the Job under
ten rears.
' It would tnk nt ieist ten ears to do
It." said llorotm'h President .McAnetiy
lust nlKht. "Ten years Is a vcty liberal
estimate. They ate member of our
board who believe that It would take
lonutr perhaps fourteen sears or eten
The fact Is, as has been pointed out
by city ollicers, that New York will have
Its hands full to supply the money for
Its sharo In the undertaking as pin
posed under the dual sjstctn Horotiirh
President MeAncnv In his report on the
dual .system last .Mny estimated thnt the
cltv'.s share In subway construction
would amount to $12-1.372,200, of which
S.V.fi4:i,2.10 was to ro Into the Ititcrhor
oukIi system and 0 l,722,!'.MJ Into the
Ilrooklyn Itapld Transit line?. In the
tlrst year the fit) "a borrow Iiik capacity
would tn- $100,00(1,000 for suoway pur
poses, nml that would Involve drawing
upon tin- reserves for general munlclpul
purposes to the extent of $3.772,nOO.
The icmalnlnK $21,372,200 would have
to be made up out of Increases In the
city's borrowlnR capacity in the next
two years.
At present the city's debt limit Is re
cedlni: at the rutu of about $23,000,000 a
j ear. If the city has t,, put in new
pavetn-nts and build docks and con
struct a new ci!c centre -and all of
these things and more the utithorlties
hnte in mind - the amount available for
subway construction would be relative
1 little. Perhaps, a third of the total
amount the city could hot row would be
available for un foi this purpose J
333.0") a y..Ur or less
S i If the total amount tin ii. It. T.
nml the InterboiouKh will put into the
dual system be taken and divided by
the amount the city could ine for new
subwas it Is easy to .see that under
the most favorable terms the city could
no: build tho lines for Itself In many
years. The B. It. T will contribute
about 103. 000,000. Tn.- lnterbornUBhV
share In thu new lines will cost about
$77,000,000. All told the two companies
have arraneed to provide $142,000,O0n.
Now supisislni: thnt New York's real
c-tate shall .ncrease In value fimter
than at pi event and that the averace
for fifteen years will be as nich as
$300,000,000 a year the hnrrowlni; ca
pacity would Increase at the average
rate of 130.000,000. I'tnler the law the
city cannot Isirrow more than 10 per
cent, of the total value of taxable prop,
ertv within its boundaries. .nd sup-pu-!nK
that this $30,000,000 could be
split into such parts as to allow 510,
OOo.unu for stibwnys nnd $20.01)0,000 for
other municipal improvement" It would
he more thnn fourtet n years before the
city could let all the contracts which
will be let in the nest three yenrs tor
.subway bulldlm,- And the fourteen
yt.iis would not beeln until PUB, when
the greater part of the dunl s.tstetn
will be in operation.
"(if cotiri-e." said Mr Mt-Aneny lust
nlcht, "some sudden hlft mltrht como
so that the city' borrowlni; capacity
would lump very much more than $30,
noy.ooo a venr In that ca.se the Joh
could be done In ten years. Hut tlieto
is no present Indication that real t-stutn
will stand It. Already assessed value,
approximate markot values and real
estate owner -would not welcome hlcnrr
I'he real point of th controversy
mer the contracts has been put in this
shape by Public Service Commissioner
lieiifKe V. S. Williams "If we are not
Rulnis to nccep: prltate help tn this
business we enn't have Mibwnys. And
If we aie roIiir to cut down tne lines as
they into been mapped out. which ones
are you roIhk to lop off .lust try to
leave any of the lines off the map and
see what you Ret for vour pa Inn.
Queens and Hrooklyn and The Ilronx
would come down here In a liorty "
.Mllo It. .Mnltble. the member of the
Public Service Commission who bus
foURht the dual system from the be
RlnulnR. hns siiRRested that the linen
which should not be built rltfht away
are the Seventh avenue line, In .Man
hattan; tho two new tunnels to Hrook
lyn: the Hastern Parkway line, In
Hrooklyn, und most of the elevated ex
tensions. Mr. Mnltble nays thnt tho
Queens lines could be built by local ns
sesmeni and thnt the companies would
soon come (ilomt with offers to extend
their own lines much as laid out nt
Tills plan would protnle for a munlci
pal siibwa) tu .Manhattan by unmeet.
Iiir the l.evlnKtnn avenue line nnd the
Uroadway line, both of which are now
under construction. Tin trains, would
run over the Manhattan HrldRe nnd out
the city's new line, now nearly com
pleted, under I'ourth avenue, In Brook
Ivn His opponents In the Public Seitlce
Commission point out that the Intir
boroiish and the II, It 'I', would be very
diary .iliutlt eMeml'ilR thi-ll lines, espe
ilnlly into districts which would not be
immediately piolltable. The point to the
whole dual system as i.l present laid out
Is that the companies each Ret n Rood
line in .Manhattan and In consideration
for Ii undertake some dubious lines In
tile l iilllltrj
11 Is these reunite lines that the city
authorities look to as the mentis of ills
trlluilltiR people from cniiRCKtcd ipmr.
tei over a wldo nrea, and nlso as tho
principal means, of IncreiiHliiK tax val
ues un thnt New York will have the
money with which tn carry nut Its bin
plan of municipal Improvement.
l.iuti'iil I'luure fsintl,llo for
Dual Snlinnt I, Ink,
lllds weie opened yesterday for the
construction or tne first link In the new
'".".'k'm if.a"S" rv,m' Th" hn-s, Improving rsplrtly .
which the Public Henice Commission have Mr. Mackay went with his wife to
under construction under Broadway andjthelr home. Harbor Hill. Ro.lyn, L. I,
l.exlnntoti avenue nnd undrr Fourth ave
nue hi llrouklyri could bo Joined to form
a onii.e illy operat-d m. In the etmt
in n the limn svslem Ii .in s llllllll fall
IiioUkii. Hut ia, w in,,.. f,,r whli h tho
olltrnctots ..n n, ,uu testcrdav ale
out and out dual rtstem roads.
The bids Wete on section 2 of the hew
le,ileil line tu simin and Corona In
I Win el, s i uiniu ls- ninst of the As-
'lot in llnr, which I mis from the IJurehM
end of the Qll-i URlinto ltrllle lloltll
jlhlouijh S-romi in- 1 1, l,i nl,. avenue lo
KlttnarH avenue, Astoria. Section 2 be
trlns In S-cond menu- south of the ct-ntte
, Hue of lleebe avenue nnd extends lioith
inroitKh Seioiid atentie to within 310 feet
of Dltmats nteiillc. It will be nil elevated
inllrn.nl W(, tWl, i1nrt till (- tracks nnd
will hnve local station! at lleebe atelilie,
wiiiIiiutoii avenue, Uroadway, (Irand
av,'m"',nlVl "Ittnar- n venue, and an ex-
press ifttloti nt llott avenue The Ren-
ul plan of constructliiii will be similar
lo that of the Van Cortl.imll P.uk eMeii
Ion of the evlsiltiii suliwaj
The road will be between two and tluee
miles lung ntnl will contain seven and a
half mil f single track. It will be
operated under the dual plan both bv the
Ititerboro mid the ltrook!n Itapld Transit
I'oiniuiti.t .
Til.' lowest bidders weie Cooper -Hvatis,
220 Itro.ulwn.v. JxfiO.flOO. Snare A
Tilet Company, 143 Ulierty stteet, k:3,
(iiln (iscai Daub Is CiimiMny. J'nrk
Comn,,:,'v''!'-T'iii:- .1r'l"Ji-nnl.,tnV;,l"K
t ompanv. .1 llioiidw'av, $Mi,000: Peace
Urns, 2d .Main stteet. I'luhlnr, JOH'.iiOa
Un- contiactn, s hat.. eiKliieen months
In which to complete t ie work. The com
mission refel led the bids tu Its ehb f en
Klneer for tabulation
Opposition In Si,,, t ..lilrly
Poll tic I Trick," lie ni.
H.itotlKh Piesldint .McAni uy and Plibbe
Set vice Oiinuiilssluner Wlllcox eave
issuramv to the two bundnd meintieis of
the Chamber of Cntiinieice of tlie llnrnuuli
of Queen at their anniinl bamiuet In the
Waldorf hint iiIkIU tint the aiKUtnents
upon which the eleventh hour opposition
to the dual sttein of inpld trunslt con
trnrts wns based eoulnliied nothlnK now
and would hnte no effect upon the re
sult "When ou ro back to Queens yon
may t-II oui iiilKhhois that they need
have no feat.' .Mr Mc.Vneii) said while
the diners shiitiiid "Whether before or
after I-'ebruaiy 1 these contracts will be
slRtied. The) will be sIriiciI fpr the
reason that their defeat would mean
black iiU.imlt) to the rlt) of New Yolk,
and because for sin-h a calamity no man
or men directly answerable, to the people
will dare to accept iesponlblllt) '
Chairman Wlllcox went further ' I do
not bellee. ' said he. "that for the most
part this opiMisltlon beam the ntHiiip nf
honet.t or desires the teal welfnte of the
i-lty. It Is a bran-ii attempt at the last
day to wreck the dual system which in
hale tried for two eiirs to make the tl.xed
policy of th" clt)
It Is tlie dirtiest sllnil.-t political
lllote ever uttempted In tills cllv I veil
line to say heje In this presence that
never bus it munlclpul barKnln been so
wisely and safely made ns this with the
two companies. Its critics un. of two
class-s, thus.) who do not want to know
and those who know better
' I hope and piophesy that the Hilltlc.'il
plot hatched to defeat the contracts will
be o far dissipated tlmt the contract will
pet over to my friend McAnetiy so that
lie can vote upon It '
( oiiprr I nlnn Auditor Drmnnils 1
illelmrut nf Onynor.
' A Cooper t'nlon nudlente heard itrRii
ments asnlnst the subtvuy lontracts Inft
ii Ik ill from Public Service Commissioner
Mlto 11. Malthle. John Purro) Jtltrliel,
principal opponent to the contracts In the
HoHrd of KatlmRte, nnd J Asplnwall
llodRe. attorney for Clarence II. Venner
In freuurnt suits iiRalnst rnlltvav cor
porntions. Theie weie a number of dis
turbances, and several hot verbal nttneks
upon public ollicers
One of theFe wn upon Chairman Wlll
cox of the Public Service Commission.
This came early In Commissioner Mnlthle's
speech Mr. Mnltble wan explaining that
tlie contracts were liunultable and con
trarv to the city s interest
What dots Willi ox set"" shr.uled some
one from the floor
"t think you said what )ou didn't In
tend" replied Mr. Mnltble.
"I meant exactly what I said.'- came
the voice from the audience
"In answer to that let ine nsure you
thnt Mr. Wlllcox believes honestly nnd
slnierely In these contracts as honestly
and sincerely iir 1 disbelieve In them I
am ieinliitle.1 of other charKes against
public ofliclab. If )ou rend the news
papers this mornlm? oti saw that tertaln
nubile official yestrrdny were called
scamps. I consider that an honor, real
IzIiik the source from which it came
Later, when Mr. Mitchell wits ar
ralnlnK the contracts, ns hostile to th
city's Interest, h man on the floor Jumped
up nnd vald :
"Mr Mltchel, you said that Mr (in)
nor, Mr. Prendergast nnd Mr McAneny
were honeitly convinced that this wns the
brat plan for runnlnc the new subways."
"That's (tolnt a little stronR," said Ml.
"Well. I move that Mr Mltchel with all
the othei men on the platform head a
deli-nntlon to-morrow iiioitilnK to the
(trniid Jury to ask It to Indict those time
men fur malfemance In office "
The suggestion rnleed u stoim of uilu
Kled hoots and applause. Fredeile C
Howe, director of the People's Institute
nnd chairman of the meeting, did not put
the motion. Tho peuker persisted, how
ever, and Anally Induced him to put u
letolutlon calling for the repeal of the
Wagner bill, by which the present agree
ment with the tinnslt coinpnnles wns
matin ponslble. The tesolutlou wns
Knrly In the meeting Luther It Bedford,
the "mlnuto man." was put out of the
meeting by four policemen. He had been
circulating n petition promoting Ills own
candidacy for the chairmanship of the
Pnblln Service Commission and wanted to
peak from the floor. Tim meeting voted
not to listen, and he wns led nut.
(ilntl Tralnliind Is (Julim to Talk
lllm lioul ulmns,
K II. DuteibrlilKn t Ice-piesident ol the
Mei chants Association, heat d yisterday
from Hot' Holier that the foil ei nor will
lie Kind to see. the ib-leRiitlou of business
men who will ro to Albany on Friday I.!
to in Rile for the protection of the dual
system. Already eiiouRli. men tn till elRht
cars have sinned up for the trip. The
train leaves r.rntul ( extra I Tiniiliinl nt
s 35 o'clock next Kildny morning
IMward C. Ilium of Abraham A Straus
told yesteida) why he Is Rlad the dele.
Ration Is roIiir lie said "I believe im
plicitly III the Rood faith and Rood JudR
lilt-Ill ot i mil! man uuo nun hinceii i '
neueve . teiy senois nustai.e win no.
limiie ny i.nv. .-uuei- 11 i.e ,1 ii-s 1 ,u ,e,a, o
IIIIII until toe nun, ni-i- un- niKlieii. 11 , 111
mean tinii toe pnsent niieiiiaie plans i"
the solution of the transit nrnhlem will be I
Iliiieunue y posiponeo, 11 not 10s lou ver
New York would thus be set liHik n score
of yearn, The city ennnot afford such a
blow to Itn prosperity "
llelricatlnn of NiiRraKUts tirrels llrr
nt the IMrr.
Mis. Clarence II Mneka). wife of the;
president of tho Postal TelcRraph Co.,
with her dniiRhter, arrived yesterday
by the Nortji Dermiiu Lloyd liner Kron-
liriiixernin ..i-eiui-. n oe irmu ion ii, sin-
frnRlsts with flaRS and Mr. Muokaj met
her at the pier, Mrs, Mack ay said the
ii-aiin in r, imuniiii, iieirn, ivno nan
been operated on fnr appendicitis, wns
sfiniewhnl ilMlente. but llm- ulw, ,. u
Miler liefies llearnt Itj le-fen-hi"'
Noininntion of
Nol lo He Confirmed Till Feb.
. When Snliwny Contracts
Will I'rolmlily He Sijrned.
Atms-v. .Inn. 28,- The fa. t that Gov.
Sulzer fulled lo send a nomination to
the Senate of a successor of William It,
Wlllcox, and thus added one more day
to the period In which he has resisted
the pressure of W It. Heurst, supplied
"t I1"""' -f tnlerctt to-day In the
matter of the Mtibwny contracLs here
The (lovernor has mill two days In
which to act before the LeRlslattire ad
journs on Thursday, which practically
murks the end of the week's session,
but the time has now passed when, lie
can hope to cnmlnce Mr Hearst that
he has done his best.
That there mlRht be no slip In the
plan to keep Mr. Wlllcox In office until
the subway contracts arc slsned, the
Senate l-'lnaniv Committee, which held
ItH rcRular meetlnR for the week to-tlay,
adjourned to meet next Tuesday. Since
the nomination of the Onvcrnor must
be approved by this committee, the ef
fect of this action is to make 'It Inevi
table that Mr. Wlllcox will hold over
until l-'cbruary 3 even If the Governor
.sends In n name to-morrow or next
tl.i). Besides aereelnR not to meet .iRaln
until next week certain members of the
committee ulo announced that business
would compel them to ro to New York
to-morrow or Thursday, thua taking
thoni away from the scene and leaving,
no chance for any chntiRe nf plans.
The best Information here to-nlRht Is
that the tuimo of the successor to Mr.
Wlllcox has not been decided upon, but
that John J. Delaney Is out of tho run
nliiR. rTqually positive Is. the assertion
that (he man named will be a Democrat
and satisfactory to Tammany, while
possibly better known, nnd thus likely to
command Rrcater public approval, than
Is Mr. Dckiney.
Meantlni" the Governor continues to
receive messnRes and emissaries from
Mr. Hearst. He indignantly and cate
gorically denied thnt he had talked over
the telephone last night with Mr.
Hearst, but the records here do not con
firm his .statement His anxiety over
tho affair continues to be noticeable nnd
to show Itself In many ways. Yet so
far, to the surprise of many, ho seems
to be resisting tho Hearst pressure and
permitting thlnRs to follow the course
desired hy the Democratic organization.
The general belief here to-night Is
that he will send a nnme lo the Senate
on Friday, which Is the last day of Jan
unry. On that dny there will bo not
more than half a dozen Senators In
the city, and after the nomination has
been referred to the I'lnnnce Committee
the Senate will adjourn until next wtk.
When It reconvenes it is expected tho
contracts will hnve been signed.
Then the f lovernor will Issue long
explanation, really nddressed to Mr.
Hearst, setting forth his reasons for
non-lnterferenre. This document Is
waited with no small Interest here.
Senator Klton It. Brown, leader of thn
Uepuhllcan minority, made It clear to
dny that the minority would take no
hand In any Hcnrst campaign designed
to force action on the Governor's nomi
nation in advance of the signing of the
contracts. Apparently any such effort
will meet the unanimous or practically
unanimous opposition of the Pennto.
Actually the subway question at Al
bany hax become Interesting rather as
a matter of detnll thnn otherwise, for
the outcome him been prearrange!,
Measure Deslmied tn Keep Cleinted
KIT lleilfnrtl Avenue.
ALBANY, .tan. :s Tlie Assembly Cities
Committee to.ihiy Rave n hearlnR nn the
bill of Henator William II. Caiswell of
lliooklyn. which would prevent the con
struction of an elevated railroad on lied
ford avenue or In its Immediate vicinity
In lliooklyn The bill chaiiRes the ptesent
iestrlct.il district so that It will Include
eteiv -tieet between I.exlnRlon, Atlnntle.
ltedford and Uriind ntt-nues, which bound
n residential district
II A Mullock. lepresenthiK tlie Iliook
l.tii ltapl'l Tinnsll Couipiiny, and 1'.. A.
McPourhI. lepn .seiithiR the ljueens Cham
ber of I'nmuieice and the Cmsstown
Itapld Transit Committee of Ilrooklyn and
ljueens residents. opposPd the bill.
The It It. T. promises to build nn ele
vnted load thioiiRh ltedford avenue for a
line fiom the nci'iiu tluouuh Iliuokl)ii, If
tho line Rocs thioiiRh any other street the
road would hate to build a subway
Seiiatoi Anthony .1 lirltlln. Democrat,
of The Itrotix to. dn Introduced his bill
lepeallllR tile prot Islolis of tile WllRtler
tan of last year permitting the city of
New Yoi It to ro Into pnttnershlp with a
lalbo.-ul coiporatlon In the construction,
operation and equipment of sitbwaiis
II, It, T. Until libra llesiilt of ote
ns l.'tl.r.lll in It.stK,
I I 'n T S. Williams, pieslilelit of tlie
II It. T. sent a letter to I 'hall man W lll
cox of the rublli- .-'eitlce Coiniiilksloii yes.
tenia) rIvIiir the lesult of a vote taken
on the lines of the company ten days iiro
is In wlielhci the
people of Ilrooklyn
wanted til" ptopni
il "Njunil to ocean"
rapid transit line
The number ot totes polled totalled
IIHJi, of which till. alii were marked
"Yes.'' ' tht'ieby liulliatltiR." says Cot
Williams "appnitiil of said line iiihi'.,Ms
ballots wi ie iiiaii.nl 'No.' indlcathiR lilsap
piota! ol said line Thete weie dlsoaidid
I. IIJ as llntllit, no adill esses. I'.l'illl as lie-
f,.,-t4t, ,n ;,; ,, duplliates '
.,,,,,,,,,11,,,, ,,.vl.o.eil at a publli
.,ft ,, ,,.. pioposal of the It It. T to
,,ltl,, ,.t, . itt, il ni
Most of the sneak'
oik n.ii.l they weie In fiiMir of 11 north und
mAUIi tiipul tiansll Hue In lliookl.tii, but
:BtioiRlv ills.ippioved of 111, elevated rond,
lihttn lloeiiineitls INissllil) May Me
ft en d In SIhii Krldn).
The I'ubllc Sen Ico Commission will
f bl-Rtn to-llllV tile work of nnnrnvlni- tl,,
subway coniracls The coimnlssloners
will ko oter the two contracts and the
certificates by which the elevated lines
of the II. II. T. and the InterbormiRh will
oe exienueii nun pass upon them wold
In word and clause he eli.iiun Ti.
speed with which the work will be dun,. '
nepeniis upon tne amotiut ot objection
which the mlnoilt will rnlse to their
,.,ln,,Hn "' "
Chtlrmitti Wlllcox hail nn rtnectailon I
last night thnt the work could im nnbd en
tu.day. He was uncertain ia to now long
All outside rooms
lightest offices in
Open Brys-nt Park is opposite. No tali build
inga are anywhere near. Ceilings are all eitra
hich. You can have choice of offices with
cither North, East, South, or West outlook.
Aeolian Hall
West 42d Street, opp. Bryant Park
Situation U in the very transit centre, and
within walking distance of every transporta
tion facility. Offices gladly shown to anyone.
Send for handsome booklet
Renting agenti hate after in building
Pease &E11iman, 340 Mad. Ave. Tel. "6200 Bryant"
It would take, but hi was sure that thn
Bonn! of Kstlmate would not hnve, tho
contracts before It until Thursday at the
earliest, or perhaps later.
Commissioner Mllo It. Mnltble, from
whom the bulk tif tho opposition to the
contracts may be expected, said that there
was no extctatlon of getting through to-
i1h There are many points to which tlw
Commissioner hitH taken exceptfon. Ho
hns complained that he has not been kept
Informed as to the progress on the con
tracts, und lie may muke an effoit to-day
to have action deluyed until he shall have
hail time to ro over the chaliKes.
Mr Mnltble went jesterdny morning to
Mr. Wlllcox with his complaint about the
wny In which the work of revising tho
contiaots hns been carried on. He was so
much in earnest In r presenting to Mr
Wlllcox that he felt that he should have
been present at the various conferences
that the story Rot abroad thnt thero had
been n violent dispute between him and
the chnlrman,
It wns explained, however, that Mr
Mnltble was assured that he would have
a chance to present IiIh objections to the
contructs ns they now stand and that
there hud iken no effort on Mr. Wlllrox's
part to push chanRus through behind his
back Mr. Maltble'n c-hnnce will coni"
to-day, and perhnps nlso to-morrow. The
commission will meet In private iess!on
All told there nie about 700 nrlntcd
papes of the contracts to ho scrutinized.
Ilotti i the I nterls.ri.URli company and the
11. rt. T. have received drufts of chaiiRed
clauses. It Is understood that the com
panies have URreed to most of tho subject
matter of the chiinRen and the only juob
able uround for dlsaifeement will tie upon
matters of rhruslnR.
-Mnyor CJaynor early In tho day saw at
his office Corporation Counsel Watson
and ex-Justice MorRiui .T. O'ltiien, who
represented thn Pennsylvania Itallroad in
tlie early conferences between th city ofll
. nnd the companies, Tliere wns no
word comlnR from the Mayor's otlice ns
to the matters discussed, but It was un
derstood that Mr. C.aynor wanted to know
nbout the progress on the subway con
tractu. If the Public Hervice Commission should
complete Its work on tho contracts In time
for the Hoard of Kstlmate to consider
them at Its meeting to-morrow thero Is a
chance that the contractu might Ret hack
tif the commission for final signature by
Friday, which Is the last day of Mr. Will
cox's term as Public Service Commission
chairman. Hut last nlRht the chance of
this was held to be very slim.
Mlchlran Oflelal Outi Them Prnra
Slate fnr High nttUl.
Lansino, Mich., Jon. 28. Commls
sloner of Insurance C. A. Ialmer to-day
barred aeventeen large flro Insurance
companies from doing burincss In
Michigan. All are foreign companies,
but their American offices aro tho con
cerns directly affected.
Each company is declared to havo
violated the laws of tho State, In that
It wrote higher risks than the law
Tlie companies ordered out of the
State are the following:
Ablelle Fire Insurance Company,
Paris; Commercial I'nlnn Assurance
Company, Ltd.. London: Hamburg-
Bremen Insurance Company. Hamburg-
Kurnnce Company. Ltd. Liverpool; Na-
tlonnle nre Insurance Company, Paris;
North British and Mercantile Insur-
nnce. Company, Iomlon and I-Menburgh;
Norwich Itnlon Flro Insurance Socletv.
Ltd.. Norwich. Knglnnd; Palatine In
siiranre Company. London; I'ho'nlx
Fire Insurance Company, Paris; J'hic- '
nix Assurance Company, Ltd., IaiiIiIoii;
Prussian National Insurance) Company, i
Stettin, Germany; Itny.il lnurnnc. ,
v i.iii..ni , ,iu., i.ivci pooi; COlls,
Pnlon and NaUonnl Insitranco Com-
pany. RdlnburRh; Sun lnsuratic. nillce,
London; Sven Flro and Life Insurance,
Cnmpan)', Ltd.. Gothenburg. Sweden;
Swiss Itclnsunince Company, Zurich,
Switzerland, and I'nlon Fire Insurnnce
Company, Paris.
H. Aliuun .V I n
GEO. F. IIAkF.lt.
lhairnn I lot .S,ii-iM) Sank
t'rftiil.nt Sank ol Hit Manhillan C.
GEO. it. CASE,
W hoe AV Lr, AtlonitK
I'rntl-at t'niir.l Pry tK.M Co.'l
Ht.ritkl knt
l',f uleni
J. 1 Morgan A t'o , Rankm
Hail t.n 1'oiiilrui.lluii
l tu.rnnn r s siert CnrrK'ra.lii
l irtMrm I II. I Nalloaal B..
J r Moijia K Co., Iltntria
Ktal r.tau
Trustee for Personai Trusts
JVnc Xcpotlntlons Dcclaml 0ft
T. S. Troops Iloady to
Trotcct El Paso.
Li. Paso, Tox.. Jan. 28. Pfce negtitia
Hons between thn robels of northern Mei.
ico and tho Federal Oovemment aro oj,
and if tho threats of tho rebels, aro ravli
good tho third annual battlo of Juarez
will be in progress within forty-eight
Messengers wero deapatohed to-night
on motorcycles from El Paso to thn rubel
camp at Ouadalupo. thirty miles east ot
Juari', where tho forces of Gens. Iaej
.S-ila?ar, I-.milio Camna, David De !
I-uente. Antonio IIojii.h and several lewr
lights havn been encamped awaiting the
1 iv-aco pournarlerH. Thn mossem-eis, tnnlr
tho information to tho waiting rh.l
nrmv negotiation., were, off nnH ,),..
the movi) against, Juarez could commenco
at once.
(!en. Kmllio Campa, recently released
from prison in Arizona, joined hit old
command with Snlazar's Inat night. The
whereabouts; of Puacual Orozco. Jr.,
and hi command la not known, but Sdlo
znr intimates that Orozco will be In th
(UMiault. on Juarez, tho third in which he
hai participated.
Gen. V.. Z. Ktoever, commanding th
United Htntes troops at El Paso, issued
orders to his brlpudo of troops tonight
to bo prepared to tnko the field at a mo
ment's, notice. Artillery will be located on
tho heights, nbove I'l Pnao and every pre
caution taken to prevent the battling
armies firing into LI Paao. Juarez i?
defended by four or flvo hundred Federal
Two Oprrn 5lnera Arrive.
Willy nucrs and Carl Braun. Oerman
stiiRers, enRBRed by Oattl-Casaiia fnr
the Metropolitan, arrived yesterday bv
the North German Lloyd llnor Kron
prlnzessln Cccillo. Mr. Braun Is under
30. and blpr, blond nnd vigorous. He Ii
popular In C.crmany. and for sever.tl
seasons hns sum; at tho leading- opera
houses there.
l ...... ,. , , u
' u ,, 1 , .1 .mm'h "w"' '"
-n ir, fr- "'.""T -nmo,1""e. ''
i appreciate tthv thousands pr. i,
'feet skin remedy for curntlte property.
so rendv, certain and active that the end.,
cation or the most -tubborir skin disem-e,
. I" readily nci oinplished through Us u-
I'o-I.lin i- inv.iliialile to you il nfte. tit
with eceina, acne, heipes, rnll. 'cli
pimples, seiily M-alp. ilchtiiij feel, or an
like tllsnrilei. Ihe terrilile ilehiiii.' '"'
c.lllesi he.. p... iiirIiIs ol itRUM'SHrt.i
i- slopped at the erv mit,..
I'llsil.VM M).p improves the linii
',,,, .,.,,.,,. , ,,, , ,. ,..,,.
HVmn. render, the hand, m"'.
Ml druccists sell I'o-lnm (price ;,n .en
j nnd l'osam Soap (price. cent I
! free sampl.-s. write to the Ktnenfen
Laboratories, .u West :.ith stie." t
lort. t ity
It. in & ('., . Ilanltt't
1'ivil'tepl I tiruilcal NallPaalRiak
l iri't Mr b .nic.A M.l.ll Nal'l Biak
l'rfililelit Mi tat 1 .Ie Innraiica Co.
D. V.. I'OMr.HOY.
, We-I'trx lent Paakelb Tiutl C.
i. I. Mi.ran .1 Co . llanlietl
rreallrnt Lic,ertv Nalloaal Saik
K, k hlai.,1 Main.,
lied 1 (tale
t e rot imii
Vti - rie.lrlen, Maaaeie Tiuat Co,
I. e I'rea .leiit 1 il mv Co
I'm. Aniee an 1-1 Pi tel C,
i ies,ac ! taaao isauuaai llaatt

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