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t-iii offin-r Clunked With
I'licfl Was Ciiiluiii of Foot
lull I 'IViim in lilKl.
- ml In lliii' Admit Oil She Stole
(.'nuns I'roni dipt,
t Veil's Home.
i x - i Wyii.. Jan. Mctit. .lo
V.clr ol tln i:ii;hli.fiitli Infati
' vs. i.t niTcslod nt Sheridan,
vv 'life weeks npn mill hrouulit to
i . mil-. Im Im imi released nti Ills nn ii
, i iilMitci- Ills ciife will Im hroUKht
..f Hh Cr.iinl Jury nt the net term
' i'iiIi nil I'niirt. llo was arrested
. iUim iiiihIi' by l 'uj.it. .1. S. Cecil tif
. l, If'ltlmi'llt
i l iu.iis thai luM full on tlu nrrlvnl
i n anil Mr.. Weir at I'nrt Mc
K. n . dipt, anil .Mrs. i Veil, who were.
l Kill mi a visit, ntrcrcd them
' mini' at tin- post during their
l(i .in... When tlir Captain and his wife
r'li-ni'il I nun the lln'.t Mrs, Weir loft
.li'TdLin and went to Houston, Tex.
rh" i ''1'IN say Unit she look with tier
r,. o m.ii-iii of dresses tiolutiKlliK to Mr.
im Instlitutinn of Capt. Cecil prl
,iti detectives pursued Mrs. Weir and
.iri' .ii'l t" limi' ohtalni'd from her n
, rf. .i..n that iho liail taken tin cloth
whloli xln had destroyed when she
fo .i:d tlmt It was imposslhle to avoid dc-
k. ii Thf detectives say they found
tii ..f tin- hull miivns which Mrs. Wolr
I cmi Into iIIiIioiim m tho nsh pit of
'.. i.. niv. whore she mis stoppltip; at
ii 'l"ll
Mr U'oir was arrested somn day?
hi;.. ' it was released because tho All
i .eiitu ."aid that as no Indictment hud
"ji fmtnd iiK.iitiHt her In Texas It was
npoK'tito for them to detain her.
Tio niattor has caused a great sensa
t.on nl I'ort ltusscll, where all of the
imT. are well known. It is under
nl tli.it Lieut. Wolr Is making strenu-
i . rlfmti to have, his rpslenatinu from
he nnny accepted before the trial comes
up Armv otllcers are of the opinion
ihn ho ,". not bo permitted to resltn.
T'io friends of the Weirs have tried In
..i.n t htth the matter up and throuph
"lelr a led otlkes tho news of tho I.ieu
tn.im . arrest was withhold for a couple
f vve.ks. but after tho arrfft anil con-te-.
in f Mrs. Wolr the matter could no
-OC'T bo 1;. pt a secret.
Vtnrneys connected with tho case ele
. .im that owtnp to the prominence of
parties t oncerneil It lias more sen
Ki'..in than merit The fact that Lieut.
W .r was released on bis promise to
. ri'i ir when wanted Is taken to Indicate
h.it the charges nnulnst him are not
Lieut. Wolr is especially well known
' r one of hi rank. Ho was itraduated
ri m West I'olnt In lf'll and was cap
ut! of the West Point football team In
I" dpt. 'ecll Is alio well known.
11- l at present In Washington, where
o wont to receive a medal of honor
' r bravery displayed in the Philippine.
Hnilillnic of m.'.O. OIMI.IIOO 'I'erinliinl
lln Tnkrn $rm Vrnr.
!'.,( $SU.OOO,000 Grand Central terml--a
which has loon seen years In the
tu;. will be opened at 12 o'clock on
- . !a nUlit for the dally operation
wav of SOU trains and the accom
...u of 100.00O pax.-onRers every
n--fur hours.
ish -.000 workmen were puttlnK
:'.-h'ntr touches to the Interior yea-
iv, -he station was put at the ills-
- -1. 'f fiesta of tile road for Inspec-
. e l.i:.irs wore Impressed by the
.1 .1 fir.eotirse, between the waiting
1 .ml train ir.Ues It Is a liiuh
:' I "inll. S00 feet lone, blu enrniKh
-1 1 tlf'een telmetils of soldiers.
'..-a I.- an azure tinted arch on
'n llKurovi of sold are a heaven
' .f s-.irs ami the slsns of the zodiac.
r . - are no st itrways, sloplnw walks
i Ufl- and subwas takltlB the
. nf stfl.
'n I'lnc-'iirse are thn ticket offices
r adjuncts that Kn Jo make up
station. The waltlnK rooms
win benches are between the con-
and the .street,
v : e time that the bite terminal,
1 is really four stations In one,
1 n crowin-, the New York ('en
ii kept up its traffic without
- .-i .1 train becau"e of construction
'irulnr Mmle llnrri Fight unit Hit
11 I'olieenillll,
. - l: Ceitie, who has a lodging
' .'.'1 West Twenty-third street,
' .1 1 .! lit t In n room occupied by
. Ii last nmht and on onterln?
"iu'i paeKuiK up HsoIi'h cloth.'j.
ad other small articles. !e-b
' 1 htm but the burglar overpowered
...nl 1:111 down toward the street
tn Zerb.' In pursuit.
1 was soiiik out tin street door the
1 in omiteieil Ilseli 011 his way
K Ii lllld y.i'lbo together tackled
.'Kbit, and wete lielind out by Po
" .S'.itli!ition of tile West Svei--triet
station When It was evl-
i tlie til limi the best of him.
ri II- still ti ll to eat 11 piece of pllp. r
. took floio Ills pocket.
111. 111 NatliiinKiiti rescued ctioiiuli
t.. learn that it wns a Ktate prison
1 nt tlie name nnd date bad been
.in no cells In tlie West Seven
nut station, and while Nathan
' 1..111K Ills prisoner In 11 piuml
. ie 'I'etldelloill Station, tile plls-
nt il a' tlie policeman and lilt hltr
a ' 1 ' in in Niitluinsou whistled for
I two other policemen c.iitie and
.-.I the biting prisoner. He said
I dm Scott. 31 years old, with 110
it- wn charged with hutglurv
$18,000 IN TIPS IN 20 YEARS.
k' 1111 un .nn-TipiTd Do .Not
Let llrernl Mrrvlcr.
. .1.111 .-Tlt In tho last
is eo-t ! A I.orenien. a cigar
ti v hum Loi enzen bus Just retired
public the contentH of Hfty
' i.ni'is. hi which lie Itemized every
mr.iiei lie was obliged to give
gritulttes He axeraged about
ni.i 'h during the twenty yearn.
I'litm to lils notebook, n trip from
l-'i to MilwHiikin costs 2 In tips,
urnonR porters, bllboys, waiters
'.I'hrr' and othrts n amounts rnng-
n 1" to it, 1 ents,
on ijnn' give tips," Lnrnnten ys.
are blacklisted and nrd that your
' lilies are Incresied to such an extent
'Hi QU 0nnot mkt train connection!
' itt ifrvtea atotali."
Ilnron lliirnei, Hear I'roni rinticer
li.v I'booe mill t,ove .No Tliur,
Huron llobeit A Domes of Paris sat
In Ills oll'lce at 2 Hector sltcot yeslordav
murnliiK with no Intention of Kcttliix
mal l led. .Wvcrtheles. he found ticca
loti to pull fiom his pocket a ninr
rliiKe llccnn Issued April it Inst. In his
own name and that of Marie l-Vrnnndlc
von lluftleln of (ieueva, Switzerland,
his ll.uicee. Then the toleplionu lutiK-
John Civen, the Ilnnm's partner,
wasn't cniixelous that nnylhlnu unusual
was haiieiiln until he heard the re
ceiver pui iiji with a nans nnd beheld
Dot ties sprltis from his chulr with
Kiv.lt excitement.
"At last she has consented to mnrry
nie," exclaimed the liarou.
"When?" Inquired Oreen.
"In three hours." It was half past 11.
"Whore V"
"Ah, you shall sett in due course."
So Huron Dornes nml hlu iiMitiiee
'hastened to the llolel Urovoort. when.
both live, and had tunerieon. Shortly
uiierwaiil they were .-eated n n tuvl.
lb speedlliK flown Town. At 'J;3i
'clock they nulled 110 beneath tin.
Hrldge of Slabs. At precisely the same
istatll a second ttivt Mt.it. 1, n.l 1.1 fli..
miiiio locality and fintn It ullghteil Miss
lluftleln, accompanied bv her sister
, few exclamations were exchnnied
nnd the partv went into (bo r'rlmlmil
uirts Hullillnc and to the chainbers
where Justice tlolT was iiresldluK nt 11
murder trial. Haron Dornes gave a note
one of the attendants nml th. four
waited In tho corridor.
A few seconds latnr .fustlce Unit
halted the trial anil retired to his pri
vate office, where he mot the Haron, his
llancoo. and the two friends, Tlie cere
mony was quickly performed and tho
bridegroom hurried back to his olllce
to keep a busings appointment which
he had made only n few minutes before
his fiancee telephoned him. Hut as the
bride went with him it wasn't so had
after all. Last nlKht the couple left
New York for Hoston. where they In
tend to remain for a few days.
This was the second marriage, It was
said, that Justice Ooff hns performed
In his Judlclnl career.
Wants to Apply Oneidii liule
as They led to in
If certain persons w ho n Ma;, or (iaytior
docs not Hko are surprleil some d.iy by
having the Mayor salut- them with the
battle cry. "Say no law and I'll lick
you!" they may know by that token
that the old oncld.i county r.ile govt ru
ing personal combats has been imported
to New York.
Mayor (.laynor presided last night at
the tenth annual dinner of tlie Society
of the Sons of 1 hieida at the Hotel
Astor and It was while recalling old
county customs that he related this one.
Ho explained Hint If the other fol
low met the challenge with the un
swerlng shout. "No law!" then no mat
ter how the battle went there was no
appeal to courts. The Mayor added:
"I d like to have that cu-toin down
here If we had It there ate two or
tbrei fellows down hole that own nasty
newspapers and I'd like to hae II out
with them on that bacK I don't want
to boast, because I'm growing old but
I really think that I could do them up.
They think that they enn do in- up
with their dirty pens, but I think I
could do (hem up the other way.
I think I have -nnd enough for tlmt, it
wouldn't take so vtry much "and."
Hefore beginning 111 tecollis'tlons of
boyhood das in the Milage of Skeetei
I1.1t 11, where he was boin. Max or (S:innr
said that It w.i seldom be got the
chance to play io.itmaster and that lie
meant to bo a Rood one if po-slide, a.
though he couldn't 1 .'member one to
pattern after.
When (lie Major tinned to lighter
things, he recalled how, when he was
a Justice of the Supienie Court, be met
Tom Phillips and knew Tom. although
Tom didn't recognize htm. Torn was In
great trouble and telated how he hail
gone to orlekjny and "got high," which,
the Mayor explained, was nn Oncld.i c
lireislon that explained lt-elf. HeillK
.1 bit "high," Tom had gone down to
(irlsknny and been "licked." The Mayor
lernarked that he suw nothing unusual
about that, but Tom went on to toil
that later he had "licked" the other fel
low and had done the Job so well that
the other fellow wont to the Idstrlct
Attorney at Home and Tom had been
Intllcti il, Tom had thirteen t hlldren and
ten cows und lie was afraid he'd liuve tu
sell two of tho cows to pay j lawyer.
Hut Tom had to do no .such thing
Tho Mayor went away wlthoir illsclos
Ins his ldentlt. When ho got home he
wtote to the District Attornej in Hume
telling him of Tom's trouliles and ex
plaining the ancient custom of 'Slj no
law and I'll llek you!"
Appaiently the Dlsttni Vttornej
found that that wis still Hood law In
Oneida county, and, as tin Maoi' to
marked, Tom was luck to have ''met ,1
lawyer In the nu'd."
TI10 other sponkeis whom the Majol
Introduced were Thomas It. Proctor, tlie
P.ov. Anthony II. Kvans, Irving Itachel
ler, who w 'in butrowid from S' Utw
rence county fm the oicaslun nnd for
whose book. "Keeping t'p With LizJo."
the Major had nice ibiugs lo say. Kd
muntl Wetmore, Justice Isaac 1'rankllu
P.ussell, Clarence 1'. mi null and l.lo.wl
Paul Slrker.
Among tlue-e plosenl were John Ii,
Ktunchlleld, Morgnti .1 ii'lli'lcii, Jitsliie
Kdwiild II. -Me full. Ciller Muglstrati
McAdoo, Justice Will.nd II. ilinsleail,
Commissioner of Cotivctlon Putrid. A.
Whitney, !ooige Cordon Ilatlle, .liivtlio
Joseph M. Ileuel. Charles II Wilson
and Lewis .1. Conlan.
Customs Wrn U. H0111I fur 10, 000
Word no Hour TrniisnilKre,
Mitoiiie I'olliil:, lor whom i claimed tlie
I invention ol a plioto-olectile io 11 e whoieliv
iii.iihi wortli it It lioiir ci.ii bo leiegiaplied.
'ariiM'd liere .eslenlav aboard Hie Krnn
iilllil'es'ia Cecllle I'lie foiiileen Inslrn-
1 mollis which lit) luouglit lor di'iiinai-tiatiiii:
ills device uein held up by 1 iisloini men
anil the inventor pioiuised to give bond in
order to teiiiM'i tliem to-day
So all that Mr I'olluk had to display nt
the Hotel Vnnderbllt Inst niglit v.ire smn
pies of the pertoiHted istier "trips lined 111
I bis sending midline and of mnssnges In
script which, he says, were recordad nt the
receiving and of tti wlin 700 mile from tho
trnnsmitter. He hopes to exhibit hit In
struments nnd their wnrlilr.ffa tqelectrlclant
nnd roureaeutatlves of telegraph companies
at the Motel Vanderbllt on Kriday
Mr Pi, llaU said that ha and thn late Joaen 1
Vlrjr apent ten ,year In wrfaciing ttelr
machine. He aald that It waa nbaolutaly
accurate and that In Franoh experinjanta
the coat for MBcUiig fifty wenft had bean
about CM MBl.
I'oile's Reply Snid to
Oeteniiiiied to Hold
llrtlknn Kuvnys Sijrn (lie
Vote Hrenkiim' (ff
.!( 111 1 nl Ir v,;,ii' : Till M .
l.o.vi'O.v, Jan I'!".- It is still only possi
ble lo speculate on the cha'ic of peace
between Turkey and the nlllcs. Neither
the Turkish reply to the nolo of the
Powers nor tho Halknn ultimatum has
bee'i d 'Hvered. though very positive us
sertlous ate made that they will be de
livered to-day or to-morrow.
Nothing olllcinl can be obtained nt
Contiiut!nopie concerning the nature
of the reply of the Porte, but all ac
counts concur in declaring that tho
Turkish (lovcriimcnt will courteously
regret Its Inability to comply with tho
Powers' advice to cede Adrlalinplo and
leave the qtlotlon of tho .Kgean Isles
to the Power.
There Is no ten sou to doubt the
positive statements tlmt Hie note of tho
nlllcs breaking off the pence negotia
tions Is now ready. Dr. Uaneff con
ferred yoslerdu with Sir I'llwiird c.rej
and the Ambassadors. It i understood
that he explained that an abandonment
of tho conference weiuld not neccrs.irlly
Involve a renewal of the war. which
rested with the Halkan ( iovernments.
Notwithstanding reports from Con
stnntinoplc. some hope seems to linger
In diplomatic quarters that tlie war will
not he renewed. This hope is iippnr
entlybascd on reported dlvlslona In the
Turkish army In consequent o of the
revolution, as well as ih" eNtrctuely bad
tlnumial nnd economic position of
Turkey, which npy compel the new
Oiblnet to make pen re terms nearly
like those which Klamll Pasha was pre
pared to grant.
Tito Kiitn.inian question Is again com
ing Into prominence, and according to
the newspapers Justifies atiNlety
One report has it that HulgarUi lias
renewed the Invitation to Humaula to
join tho Halknn League and consolidate
witli iholr nrtnlcH If tlie war j resumed
In return for territorial concesiions.
Ktitnanlu is considering the matter, tf
she accepts It must have 'an Important
Influence on Austrian policy.
Another stntome'il Is tn the effect
that In view of ltum.mla's emphatically
reiterated dennnd for rMicstria and In
anticipation of an ulllm.itu n. I'.iilg.-irla
hn decided to allow Ituiunnla to occup
the territory without opposition, but at
the same time not to yield to her neigh
bor's ilaims.
Tile Joint note of the peace delegates
of the Halkan allies, informing the
Turkish plenipotentiaries that the ar
mlstlee Is (o be broken off. was ap
prised to-day by all the envos of the
.ll les at n luncheon clven by M. Nova
kovltch, the riervlun ehlcr. The dele
gates examined the brief note with
great Interest, nnd dli!tissed at length
11 nil then decided to hold a formal ses
sion to-niorrow to give it official ap
pro al
The Halkan envoys nre piep.irlr.g 'n
leave London this week Col. .lusti IT.
milltniy advlxer of tlie Hulgar ml--ion.
left yesterday to tisutti" 1 omnium! of
th' Third Division.
(.rami ller . Turks Will llravt
siiril ns l.nsl llrsnrl.
cpi-i f'aMr Jinjtnff, tu TllL Si v.
CoshTVXTiNPi'i.i:. .Inn. .Malitiiinid
Slievl;et Pasha. Hie new (Jrund 'W. ;-.
In nn Interview to-day as to the question
of wa' or p-uce iti toe H.ilkans said:
"Pe.ii ,-, on condltljii that Kur.qie
mnkes piac-e posibl fur us
"W- have nut come into powc- In or
der to defy Ktiropo and reply to lie- nil
vice by hhi'-ter." h" continued. "We
bine come Into power In older to peak
to Ihiropo with the deference and grav
ity that ate dic'uted by the situation
end to appeal to h-r conscience s(l that
she may lender possible that pence
which we desire so niilentl as much
from reasons of humanity as from a
knowledge of our duty a1 a Huropeati
"We do not want to draw tli" sword
and we shsM only draw it If w are
faced I15 the alternative of choosing
win or the leproliatioii not onlj of ui
toman oplu.on. hut of Miissiilriinu iqilu
Ion throughout the world"
The (irand Vbler outlined what lie
called a list of lesolutlous In regard to
he future Ciovcrnment of Tut key.
"Wo have not many trietuls In Kit-
ripe, lie said, anil to a certain ex
tent that Is our own fault We have
been marking time too long and accom
plishing nothing. We !nio begun much
that hns never been finished We ha1 e
given little except pi binlsi s.
"Now We have come Into power and
ill older lo act foreign collaboration is
ptoclous to us and IndNpi usable for the
methodical reform and tegular admin
istration of the i-oiinti We shall take
foreign mliciH for nil the ministries.
We Shall dhlde the eiiiplie into gre.lt
iHlmiiiiHtra'hc nones and for encli zone
we shall engage a foii'lgu ilispi dor.
"Without nwallliiK for tlie assembling
of Pa'lliimcnt provisional laws will be
promulnritcil for th" islabllshinent of
land banks and Joint slock companies.
The (iiivernment will coiiilude nuree
ments for the construction of ijIIwii.vs
and the carrjliig out of publh works,
It will take luond 'me.isuies to reslote
be 1 1. Ionian credit
I toll Itnaliea I'nrt of Tito Minciil
ilrons I tiller sealed Orders.
,ptcinl Cnble lif latch In Tn a Scs.
P.o.mk, Jan. 2S. -Tlie torpedo destroy
ers and torpedo boats attached to tho
(list and second divisions have been
ordered to I ho eastward Immediately.
Tlie b,itilelil) lieglnn Mat-glierlta has
I'ft Naples, and the cruiser San (Ilorgo
'as gone to Taranto under sealed
London. Moving picture plnnlsts have
otganlred and will demand a wage In
crease. Some of thorn now receive only
II. "5 weekly.
Milan. Six policemen were required to
aubdue a diminutive fox terrier standing
guard over his dead master's horly. Hs
finally was removed with a lariat.
MortTl Canm, Mlraina his train
Charles Landau, a Londoner, want back to
tho CMlno md won lU.OOO. He caught
the ntst train.
'I'nke xldes on I'rltiilc- Proper I j nl
llnat London CoIIokc.
Sprrlal rulilr lifimlrl. In Tiik ? 1.
LomkiN, Jan. -V- A public debuto
between (loorge Hcrnaid Shuw and
II. Itcllcc. bend of the Ihigllsh depart
nietlt of the l-'.ast London College, dlew
a large audlclico to-night nt (Jtleon's
It was lo delerinliie ttio truth or other
wise of Hellec'H proposition: "If we do
not rcesttibllsli Hie lustltiitloii of proi
city we Ml III II leeslabllsn ttie Institution
of slavery; there Is no third course,"
llellec look the rigidly Individualistic
line that collectivism' was phantas
magoria, without tho smallest basis of
Sh iw li, -;,-in by pialslug iti li e He
said In was proud t b" a servant and
Inleuilid lo remain one all the test of
his life. II'- s.lid that the tltiest Ihltlg
lie could wish anj one lo s.iy of lilni
when lie died was, "Well done, good and
faithful si rv ant " tie added tb.it evet.v
body wait born Into servitude and every
body vv hiushirkeil his share thcieof was
a thief 11ml ,1 beggar.
Tills was. lie said, however, the
method lepteseiited bv private properly,
llo iiilv'oc.iieil the entire abolition of pi",
cite piopert.v. root and branch, and llio
substitution of tin servile state, mean
ing a Mitt, in winch everybody did due
part of Hie Stale's service. Without
sti"h service, he snid, there was no pos
sibility for the higher life In siicietj
One American Killed and Six
Wounded Forty Natives
MvNit.v. Jan. "v- Another enga:e.
menl between the American troops und
1 lie Morns w.is r. ported to-day near
the city eif Join, a'ld .is the result of
some spirited lUhtlng the Americans
lost olio man killed and six wounded.
A large for, o of bolo men made a
sudden onsliiight and succeeded In
rushing two troops of Putted States
cavalry and .1 detachment of Philippine
constabiil.irj . Alter .1 severe light tho
Moios were luaten olT. It Is believed
wltli lieav oh, but the number of
their easualtb s has not ot been as
certained W-vsmi.TiiN, Jan. l's. -Tlie engagement
betwen I'nltid Slatis forces and out
law Morns in which Opt. Patrick Mi
Nally. Philippine Scouts. lost his life
re-mlted in the elimination of one of
the vviirs. band of marauders in the
islands, .'.-cording to further despatcln s
lectlved at the War Department from
Uric -(ion Pershing, coinmatulmg the
Department of Mind. man.
Hetwvon forty and Hfty Morn wore
killed, according to (ion. pers'ilne, In
the attack upon tlmir stronghold. s
mlles from the cltv of Join, capital
of the Id.ind of that name. The Morn
bind was occupying a strong p wltl.r.i.
which thov had protected by looylioled
walls, bamboo entanglements and deep
Tlie l.'nlted States force consisted of
constabulary, made up of natives and a
detachment of American soldiers with
,1 Held gun. The assault was mad" vig
orously, (bn. Pershing reii.uts. nnd
many Individuals displayed great btav
1 ry. Hesldes fapt MeNally si Plli
pinn snldlets were killed and about a
score wounded The number of Morns
wounded is not known
I iiiiinilt Ice Niinird lo Vlnke lloli-s for
.lames (.ordiiii lleiineii Cup,
- ull' ..;. -. In Till' Si
Pons, Jan. Tlie Internal;. m. '
Ar iii.iutl.i Pei'.c ration mot here t.-il,iy.
with delegates present from all nv r
the world. Tlie I'lilted Static was
ieptest.nleil by Wfvmmn, Oinpbedand
It was iliild"d that h.vilro-aeroplane
tests for pilots' llienses should lo the
same as aeroplnue tests. The hv.lio
aeroplane licenses, however, will b'
valid only for nights over water. The
aeioplane licenses ate valid both on
kind and u..!.i.
- sub.coinmltteo was appointed to
consider lobulations for the James eior
don ll.-uiiett ciqi In in 1.1. The com
mit tee will sugist a oros. country event
to a rill lonfe.ence of all th- deb
gates The cotifeieiii e will be continued to
morrow The proposition that the next
meeting shall take pbie ut Helms w.is
t ejected. Another plopitiotl l.llllllg
for .1 minimum speed was also re
llrliiu. Uriiiiii-liii-ii Oellle u,
fori mi Weliriliile Aunlii.
I'upt I). lliiKt-in.iiin, rnmnio'liil e uf
tlie -Notth ilirninn l.lnvil H,t. Iinmsjlit
In tin- Kriiiiiiliizsnin iVciu,. mi time
entiri!:i, eliie-liy Uvuiim, tlie -tlantli-.
vvlilrli linn I wen lientliii; iveeinls for
liolMteroii.inesH, vv-;is in iini"ivnt inonii
except for m vvial hours on Munil.iy,
Me mlfH.il only once, nml Hint vmim
on IiIh iri iviHiik tili to this port,
lilillKlllR 111 the lilt; fhlp ui, Tlp'Ml,i.
He wild Hi.- ii'iimr that lie nii uolnc
tei retire wiih Irisril op Ms i f-iiii.t tn
ilo .hi, luit Hun the l oinpmiy hail nxlieil
hint lo Mu.v i.niil next sutiimi'i. ami
l hat he vviuilil not have the .sea until
then, lie liiii Ii i thhty-llvi- ymr.i
with Hie North (ieimnn l.oil I. in...'
Allium! the pasHeni'ti were Mr.
Kurin Mii'h.ii'lls MlaiiKelaml, iiiilhnr uf
"Tlio Dani;i tons K. It. Ilai'on.
who. v.a i ii n tin wit hy a motor car
llllll ll'fl I III- 111)"!' nil I-l-llti-hi.it' Mm'
j.loepli -Mfri-il Aichamlmiilt of Camilla,
I AN'Minelef Minllli Cochran. Haron Her-
thll vein Airman, A ,l Mmilton ami
Kntheriiie Tlncley
tilvr llHllrniiils (IIi.Ii'ciIimi in I'arrr-
Inu Mall by Spncr.
V.vkiiini;to:. .Inn. js. I'ntll ii lute
hour tn-niKht H.i. Joint (iin;n'n lomuilt
tee on ioiiiiim,itliin fnl the 1 1 4HHioi tu
t lull or mall Iisii'iiliI lo thu railway urrii-
inept MM pierienteil hj PlfHlilrnt Itlpll
I'eteiH or the Iiiik IhIiiiiiI loml.
Hiioiiil I'ostm.iHli i-iifiii iiil Joseph
.-lewitlt InM tin- eommlitie of the Kelierjl
iliip or I'liMtmiiHtei'-Cetienil Hltchioik for
h cliiiiiKe In tin, mi-thoil or paylni; the rail
vvnyK rroin the IuihIh ol' vvi luht to Hie IiuhIh
of Hpce oeciipleil, which he helleveil vvoulil
imvii the (!nv eminent tH.Pno.uuo unntmlly.
Henator lleiiinie, chairman or the com
mittee, ankcel .Mr, Stewart how much the
(lovermiieiit coulil nave ny following out
Mr. Illlfheoek'H stipKeKtlnn.
"I ilo not heilevn thiit ta.ooo.ona can h?
sa'veil the lleiveriinient," mhi Mr. Steiwart,
ri.'tl.leut PrtfiH tolil tli,. loiinnltteH tlmt
change (rum the weUht to hpuco basis
would present great difflcultlti for th
Sale of Men's Suits 10
formerly $23 $25 $28 & $301
5 A wet clay may be regarded as the extreme test of a sale. Monday was the
opening day of this semi-annual event in Saks suits at eighteen dollars. It rained
all day long, yet the attendance was excellent, proving that a sale of Saks clothes
is important enough to discount the most adverse weather conditions that may
happen along. And why shouldn't it be' $10 gold pieces at $7.50 arc just as
good on a wet day as on a dry one, and such values as Saks suits reduced to
eighteen dollars arc not to be regulated by the Weather Bureau.
ji The assortments in this sale arc splendid. The fabrics and colorings aionc
arc legion. The smartest cloths ever put into suits at $23 to $30 are here for
your selection at $18. And the range of styles embraces every model and every
new and distinctive feature in masculine modes.
This White Sale for Men
contains some remarkably good values
in shirtwear, nightwear, neckwear and collars
? The savings on these dress nnd regulation shirts, pajamas and nightshirts, collars and
dress tics ran'jc from ore-quarter to one-half of what a man usually pays. Not lo over
look the fact that this merchandise is of the finest uuality, and that every stitch of il has
rccn specially prepared for this particular sale.
$2, $2.50, & $3 Evening Shirts at $1.45
Plain fine! pleated bosoms, in plnin iinem, striped Madras, and plain or dainty ligurcd piques.
Some with double cuffs. Sizes 14 to IS. All sleeve lengths. All extraordinary values.
$2.50 White Shirts at $1.45
Plain white striped Madras, plnin and pleated
models, the latter in six different widths of pleat.
Sizes 14 to 20. All sleeve lengths. Great.
Hand-made Collars at 55c per half dozen
that would be great value at 75c per half dozen
These arc hand-made. You can see it by their double-stitched edges. And for quality there
is not a two for a quarter machine-made collar on the market that can equal them. But
their chief advantage is that they will cost you only 55c per half dozen, if you get here in time.
One cf the be ft opportunities in hand-made collars ever offered in this city.
White Pajamas
values $1.50 & $2
White striped Madras cloth, military and collar
less models, with sillt frogs and pearl buttons.
25c White Dress Bat Ties at Six for 85c
Made of lawn and striped Madras, in clever 1" and 2 inch batwing effects. Washable and
will not shrink in the process. Sizes 30 to 37 inches, both inclusive. Get in on this!
.li'vvl IimI ".Mimr ImiiiihI After
Slit' Cliai'ui'il II Helmut! Iliiil
W'oiilcii TIU'IT.
..'"" '.Ifcf lllifilrl. In 'I'm M
j Vikns. .tan. '-'.- AintlHliiK ileliille aie
leomlnt; out In Kyanl to the ca.-e r -M.
i Purlieus, tin- profciit liiisl.aiul of the
llarone.-..-' 'aimhiin. the iiiotiraii.Uiv wll"'
or tile lute KIllK I I'otit.
It Iiiik nun" out Hint tin- Hiimiw
..nt to the I'.ilnce itt .lllllce on I'liil.i.v
'nnd loilifi-il r coniplalnl Miriilnnt her lui
'biml of hilnKliiK women tnlo their home.
'Vile .lllilne fclit a lllllllhef of ilclci tlv is
I 111 elinrxv r a iointnlsiir or iiolhe to
I the hOIIM'.
I)lllliell lleclaleil that he wn alone. (
i'i... .i..i....ii,-.. ,H,i nut tltul any vvomi'ii
lull tlie ilclll UP flute Hint MocklllKH
which they pocket. -il. Then the
hea'rclieil the limine anil foitml a woman
In the .-civil nts' iinurtcr.x. Her ttiitp'tf
wete iiivereil Willi Jewels. She linl-tol
that Hhe ttim one of tin iiiahK
The police conipi'lleil her to ilrcsn nml
I'm ceil her lo put oh b pair of shoe
which wvrc I'oiiml It. the cilplionril In
w hich t-lie- vv us tinahle to w alk. The ilc-
leitlve!., nelli vlm; thai they nan secuieil
Miiriclent evhleucc, reMol'e.I the siloes
llllll stockltlf-'S.
in i n... I Imt Die Harmless
II II III I'v- I . "
;Vii'iKhati a hhort time ritu Instituted suit
rot- divorce niiiiinsl .m nuriiei, mu un-papei-H
were withdrawn and the ialr
w ere lecntifiU'il.
I'Uleie. Mall HiH'k i:l'"' ir
nml I inienotliil'te laier.
Sptcml Vahlf HfiMlrh I" Tun St
1'i.oRriNrB. .'nn. "8' tiin5lars entered
the Hotel Delavlllo .to-day hy ellmbliiR
up the supports of a halcnny and broke!
i,.i i. i-m.ni neciinleil hy I. V. Cherry,
an enitlneer of Littles HocU, Ark. They
iall!"ckcd closets nun oiire.iu iimni'i-n,
and stole watches, clnthliift, a larafl
sum (if cxprenH miles and Mr. Cherry'
tourist iklseis tn Hsypt. I
To-day Coolt's tourist nKcnts here re-,
cclveil iiy mall anonymously nil the
stolen express notes and papers which
ie(iilred BlKnatures. These were re
stored tn Mr. Cherry,
Prince Henry nt Holland Better, i
Special Cabtr Ditpnleh tn Tlir. (Ivr J
Amstkroam, Jan. 2R, Prince Henry,'
the consort of Queen Wllhelmtnn, ? 1
well nnourh to-day to meet hr at
Frankfort and go on an automobile
trip. He I undergoing th curt for
niuralltft. I
Announcement of the Semi -
lr. Treiiiilnn Telllle unlol Mli
Itooitiiiinte. win, lim :i.-.oii,oiiii.
itfrtol 1 iiutt 1,,j.ir, Till St
I.onpon, .Ian. "S. T.ie Inituesi Into
'.he death of lliiuli K.'ic Ticv.r.li.in. th
votins imns who was round dead In III
loom after he hid taken an nvmlu-e
of veronal, le.iihed a diamatl, phuv
ti.-day when his mulhi'i' took the siatnl
.1'. tile Corolli'i-' Illipp'St to tctlf.v II
io her son's : rl-inl-liip with Itoe. Ids
! niuilfite, to v. Inmi he lift $,uu,iiiiu. '
.Mr. Ti'ev auljn testllied that on her
arrlial a: the tl.it after her soti'.s de.it'i
ltoe told h'f that her hoy had left
Mini ever.v thlny, InelinlliiK heitlo niisand
liirnltuie, Afiervv.ud. vv'ien alone in
the ilealli ch.inilier, she found the vr
onal cache, hidden hv a handkeichler
vviilc.M vvli no', lief sons
She -aid that l!oe hid h.-eii pi,..
vloitsly loiikliiK In III. it direction.
She said that she wa -atlled that
lief (ii died of an overdose of veronal,
hut ii!d she vvr.s no. satwtled thai he
died hy his own hand.
Ilefnie Mr. Tlevau.an look the s'and
.'.ie-' vv..tle.ses li.nl testllied to the
Gold Medal,
Urg,,t Salt HIGH-GRADE Tea in H'trM
"H. M. B."
Exhilarating, Delicious, Healthful.
T1! IJ Uil j. j 1
wunu s iiignest graae tea.
Named for and
Victoria during
her reign.
" H. M. B." $1.00
lessr-gocs further.
Id Srsl(4 Alr-Tlchl Pkt.
All HlgB-Class Grocers
Order Trial Psekteje
at 34th Street
$2 White Shirts at $1.25
White domestic Madras cloth, in stripes and
figure effects. Plain and pleated bosoms. Sizes
14 to 20, and all sleeve lengths.' Big.
White Night
shirts . . . value 75c
Fine quality white muslin, collarl?ss models,
with pearl buttons. Sizes 14 lo 20 necks.
r.iit t'l.ii hit- son vv.i muih under
tin- inlliietirv or Hoc thot he wa afraid
t.' -;,ep alone.
The lititl ti-stille.i that t.ie masterf jl
illtilleme of ;,. nv.r TlVv.ini.iii o.ien
Pieveiiieil the latter from in.lnlslnv In
"o m lruts and intovlcin.. Th
;no.iei was adjourn. ,1 until to-m urow
J. E. BORNE ESTATE $824,789.
Sill, lim Mneil lleeiin... ,. Uril lie
fore , 'I'm ,an no sluneil.
II'.' .Ipll'.l ll ol III,' etiile ol .lollll
llmiie. Ihi.ini-ii r niil diiei lor in ,i iiiiiiiIihi'
ol num.. i.il iiii il io ioi.s. kIiov i hat lie oi. il
on .lull II. nun, iut s. noiii- heiure liov
II'IL-I .- -mni',1 the lav. under vvh.eli i-tm,.
are non iiimiI llei.-iiie Mr I'.orne iln'.i
li.'loie .".:.! Ill, il il.n iiiiil iml .ili.T'Wml
il t He i,IVh il ll.liisf,,' ln of Jl.tT'l .
e:ul ol one in' "I'.r.'i'i. mIiii-Ii uoul I Im..
Ileell lllli' under llle I.CH . am) ..n
Mr. liorne ,. mi e.iute ol 'i, ;vi. '
vvlili Ii in,ii'i wa in MM-urlt i'.- hut
h'l'l ileal ot M'.-.l,;il,, uluili, viuh ntii.
li-it l ii 1 mil liruil"lil the net e-iale dou u
"...ten. I'he II l.-f t . m. I n N .
lln-l'lliil. Ill o.il.l , li. hut ttie le-l ol' Hi,, i
lute Hi nt io the don. M - I. lien M Point
Mr liorne'-. , ire,., i Imhlmv v -i,,
in ih. H,'e-i, Sen iiil, ami I'eiiii-vivan,
t i n Men i 'otiip.niv mini iiKeit at .'7ii.:.n
He wa indi In 'd loi ':'.n ii on noie. nu.
u haole a . iidnr-er on Sis.'.iihi more
London. Itll
used by Queen
last 45 years of
pound yet costs

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