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Snow or rain to-day and probably to-morrow
cast to south winds.
Detailed weather reports will be found on page 43.
VO, LXXX. NO. J 52.
;ni Hirer Dnys Mny Kin pi He
fure They Tnsx Board nf
III . rtlAX.'KS M A 1)1',
live font ro in Cnney Hand
ithin Kiuhleeii .Months
!. Vvn iiled.
i ! Job of harmonizing and
,c .ir tin- last qufstltiu.ibto
i ii Mi'.m.i contracts tinned
tt.i'.'i i i iulu-l"n vcsti i da.v .
. im uil't-rn df the Public Spi n li e
ii . i ii . nil ns many transit cum
in ti ( tin1 Hoard of Kstluiate
. ,i . I long after midnight at the
i - 'i.i-rs and tangled llgurttf nf
ill .1
;i i was all m or Chairman Will
i 'inml"-Mi)tt said Unit ;. good
iok uf linnl revision was"
. '. H.llltS to SOt till' PllbllC
i iiuni.s.sion's work out nf tho
Ft May nielli, when ltls term
.1.- . h.i.i man. lie war not fine
. tilat lli would lie Illile tn du
:. .? the worl; soon forward to
r I '-in irrnu' as It did yesterday
. j...ssihlc fur the commission to
. .Miitinots late on Friday, ho
i wi.iiKl ''p fur. however, from
t . '.' .si. p In putting the contracts j
,. . iiit, ..ii. The m.ijotity of the'
1 . I 'f K.-tlmato-has been represented
:.-at conft rcnees and ltoroiigh
I'm s 'tut .McAneny worl.ed shoulder I"
i i .j. mt i Mr. Willcox all day ,s- ,
'.i. ' t it was sold la.-t night that I
" i pi .,ip4 three d iy.- mlfiht elapse I
I. .w.-i 'hi- adnptlon of the contraits
iiinils.siiii and tin if pasMU.'
- i t n- I'.oard of Kstimiite. That
v i.: ni. an that tile actual work of
. 'th 'he contracts would not taho
1 tint ' l well into uiM wti'W.
'( . . inc. s In the contr.u t.s as mad"
'a. coiifi'fi lit p.s yivU'rday were
-.inle in i 'omnilssioin r Mallbli'. tin
, . pal critic of Mr. Vlllco's plan In
" lilie S'Tvice I 'omiul. i"ll. Tin'
li 'in. ..s Mr. Mahbio pollui d out,
i - ,i.i there were t" f'W Ill..dll.."l
l - Mis criticisms have i fuelled tu
iot of the contracts and II' they
i r to hf met. the contracts would
a very dlriorciit aspect from what
v do now.
Tit changes which have leen made
f the public licurlrmn Mr. Wilicox
., r.hed as ItavinK been the result of
'ti The commln ioii and the tin m-I.--
. f tl.e ltniird of Kstmiate have tried
t ,i as possible to incorporate th"
fciri s propnsed. One of the liv.ditl
. r.s proild'sl in iinmlstahablc terin
: i nie cent fare to I'oney Island
ii;hte n months. As Tin: Si s
I . ireil out two weeks api. such a pro
n has been In Mr. WIIUon's mind
'" i in. .i th. and It wan ti.r"iu:h an
i'w il.at the draft of tin- Hrnolil.ii
1 I Transit iiintraet which lame up
.nr.,ie hearlns did not provide for
r Mich a provision was airrted to at
i. .nfprenef yesterdav mornins.
t . of the chanses were of a minor
-i-" Ii was srthl las! nlslit that the
o , I rui'ler of th" ievli-ed contract
- I 1...1 notice material chances. Tho
"l"l af.ons put the Intent of the cum
i' ,4i .n In'o clearer form and made th"
lit mi of the companies iron cl.nl.
i . miiilw-ion w nt into session
'.rltn mornlni: at 11:110 n'clocK. I'.e
r r I'hnlnnan WHIcov wi re ('nmrnls
.' - W ll.ittis. Kustis and MHltble.
ii't.is .ner I'rani told Mr. Wllloov
- , L-iiesseil he wasn't needed. Hor-
I'ruldent MeAneny. HoroilKll
- .'i. 'i' Miller of The Itronx and Moi-
oi.-i Prillnt i-romwell of Hlchmond
-.. ni.d the lUiard of Ktlmat.
' or present were I.e Hoy T. H.llk-
" on- of the cpminif.slou'.s lawyers;
i H Whitney, secretary of tho
I'litsion: A. Weber. Its chief
f Ian and II. R. I flit. consiiltlniT
'"i nf.-- who Is an authority on elcc-
fa. :vnv equipment.
T'ie i nntorence sat until I o'clock,
"I ''Kan an afternoon session two
r ,r later, which lasted until after 0
It was held at the ottire of the
'wtinWon At S.IIO o'cloek the con
n. e went on nunin at Mr. Wlllcox's
k"i" 'ommlssioner Mnltbie was
"d:!ic speeclien against the contract.i
'r fir .f .kl ii and couldn't ho present.
U 'Td was sent to Col. T. S. Williams,
I ' in of the II, It T, that he was
ri'd Mo leached Mr. Wlllcnx'H
i' at about 3 o'clock and stayed for
1 "hp and n half. AVIth him came
; 'Bp ti Yeomans, lawyer for the
" I' T "ol. Williams considered two
'r v rol, p,,jn(S which had iirisen in
" .i..ir.p of the conferencn and an
I'lfciiif nt was reuclied,
M. ..f the day'.i work was spent on
' " I: T contract and the certllicato
" 1 h II will operate e.xteiislons to
' ' " .i ' 1 1 lines, The disputed Fran's-
1 ' enue route, which provides too
- " 'Ink In the proposed sound to
n rapid transit route, was not ton-
f'"l Thin roulo In not a part of the
swarm and haw been fniiRh vlsnr
" I tiroperty owners nloni; thn line.
Inlerlioroiidh contract was n it
1 except In so far ns olnise.s In
ntlciil with those In the is. It.
i.'nict Work fin the Inteilinroucli
m is will IipkIii to-day, mid the ills-
a of it will ko fur Into to-morrow,
' aps lomier.
f r i ,
.fie will he sessions this afternoon
"i'1 1 nmMit. The members of the enm-
'i 'ind the Iioard of Kstlmato who
ff fri.inlly to the plan are nnxloiin
r Hon nnd the final consideration
hi.' be imsbeii as swlfily iih tho con-
' bfheve to be consistent With
f' "I..1I1011 of the city's Interest,
' ' itutssioner .Mnltbie said last nlitht
. I, . I I . .
i.i not as iiosiiio to Hiilivv.iy ex
in Hrooklyn as people In that
h seemed lo think, He wanted
'h clear that he Is anxious to give
' on (m tied mi Krnmit I'nur.
ri -
Wcru cow of sis:itorpfrcd bottles. Ait.
Semite t Pliroprlutps I LMHIII.illin for'
I Offllltllllll Scllllllt,
W,SINTON Jan. :! V, ,) passed
In the SVnn'i' M-ilnv Is tn ended pain-.
to eiii'iuiiiiu'i' and d le.ite lining women
tn lii'conii' good hiMfi'MlieH. The hill,
j which wes a sub-tinu,. for the Lever
measure, entries 5 F.'.OOO.nno fur dMrlli'i
,tl"ii mining ngtiouluiral and nontlonitl
, hools In the Slates which ale now tf.
,i-ii Inn F. dor.il aid. I
The hill provides for the teuthlnc nf
"home economics" In imp vocational
schools It passed hv n lole of :!l tn llil
Three million dollars is iippioprlated
ntitiii.illv fur ihr tnalntonaiue of In
Mriieili.ii In iiMiienltur.'. the trades ami
Itidilsti;. .s and homo economics, the iil
Intmeiii tn I.,. made to the States In pto
portlon tn their population
I'or the iiialnti'iiiinee of Instruction In
trades, Industries and home economics
In M-paii'te Industrial nnd homo eto
iii in i tf - schools an npitroprlatlon of
M.UOii.iiOii Is made to he apportioned to
population engaged In trades and trans
portation and In manufacturing and
mechanical pursuits ns shown by the
Federal census.
A similar sum Is appropriated for In
struction In theso branches In nqrlctil
I urn I high schools
Although the vote on the entire hill
was v.'H narrow the Senate almost was
unanimous in favor of the feature
which eteiids federal aid for the lltst
time to vocational schools
Hend of World's HiiptiM Alii-!
i i. i. . ...
iiiu-f .miuiji'ii r nun i .iMiir-
te. Friends Sn.
ATI INTl. (ia . .1.111. ill. -Dr. Hubert i
Stunrt .MacArthur. head of the World's,
liaptlst Alllmce, has tendered his resl;;. i
nation as pastor of the Tabernacle l!ap
tlst I'liurch. the largest Institution of'
its Mud In th South.
The rei;natlon Is the result of a
m rli s of factional tlilTen hi ps that h'e
broiicht about considerable bittei n ss ,
In the church. Althouiih I ir. MacArthur'
s.'.d that his ilutles ,ts Nader of the'
W. .ild's Alllanoi deman.led his entile
and Im.'iii'illate atieiulam . prum'.in nt
memb'Ms i f the ihurch .oltnitlid to-day
that the ilnht oil the iiiini-..r had
proud a a rent stiala on him.
Dr. and Mis. Mn,-.!-lhur will leave
Ati.mta f..r Xi Yuri; mi I'rlda.v. 1 1 1 .
c.'d' i'.t simpiirt 'f said the anti-M .c
Ariiiu.s i.ution hail "ii.ik,;ii iiim until
lie ll.nl become l!!CII"ted."
A split w.is narrowly averted last,
simitii' r. when Ir MacArthnr's Intro-'
duot' iu of a rltnal'-tle service and hi;! '
v ,ev. s i. a an lnstUiitljn.il chiircli-
e.str.ltlVTed Some of the oldes! members
of th" i hutch. 11.. Introduced a io
spoiih e rend. nir in the se.-v lev an. I
luiieil th" choir and minister. ,
lie Is'also said by ci l'Calll ll'ember.s to
have be. a out of svmpntliy with the
int'rmary. home for working iiirl-.
' Itlble iiinfer.nce nnd other allied ac-
tivlti' s of the church.
j Dr. MacArthur reslaneu Ms i.asti.rsh.p '
I of the Calvarv Hapust i'liurch in this'
city on September a I'M!. Iiavlni: In Id
lit for inoje than foi;y-oni a,s. In
March, Ifll', heaciepteri the call to tin
liaptlst Tabernacle In Atlanta to p.'
li.-ed the I'ev. Dr. l.en Hroimhton,
'who went to t'hrlst i'liurch. London.
I 1'rliieetnn i:envnllon i: pril It Ion ,
;et rv Tlirklnh I'l-rnilt.
cr,f,nl nhlr l"lntr- ! Tlir Si
I.osiiov. .Ian. "". All doubt as to
whether the excavations at S.irill, In
Asl-i Minor, which were started bv a
I'rlncetoii Fnlverslty expedition, would
! be stopped beeailf of the Halkan war
was illfi-olved to-day by the receipt of
a cabloKram from Mr. Hockhlll, tho'
Amerkin Atnbassn(ior a' PonMantl-
liojile. to ITnf. Howard Crosby Hutlei'l
' of Princeton. In which It was nnnounce.l j
' that a new Irade had been issued al- '
lowing the professor to continue his!
I Prof. P.utler Iff' for fon'tantlnople 1
' to-nlu'ht. He expects to leave Constan
1 tinoplo on l-'ebruary 4 direct for Smyrna,
where the. other members of in- expo
dltton are awnil'ni; him
ITof. Hutler is de'.lKlited over the
I news from Constantinople. He saya,
i that since Ills arrival In London nil
' thn Kncllsh, the (leniiRns nnd others
'have been telllnK him that Tur- i
key, with a war on her hands, would
inn think of Issuing an order allovvlni?
his expedition to go on with Its work,
, and that he had better inaku up his
mind to abandon the ex-avatlnns.
The professor considers tho new per-
mission a nice compliment to the
; l'lilted Statis for Its disinterestedness
: In the war and In appreciation of thn
alue of the work accomplished at Sar-
lilrt of II Tells Conri IIixt I'mIIht;
Wnn lilllril With l'nl I
Willi her case rendered hopeler.s
throiliTh testlltiony Klven bv her twelve-year-old
daiiKhler Mrs. Meddelenu Clc.
cone was found Kiillty of murder In the.
Ilrst desree in the Court of I tyer and
Tel miner In Newark late yesterday
afternoon for poisoning her husband
with tat poison. The Jury was out one
hour and ten iiiliiiiles.
Tho girl testified that her mother told I
her mIih was going to do away with herj
father, She bought the poison, she said, I
'by order of her mother, who put It In
i her father's, mffee.
i Mrs, ciccuiie was remanded for sen-j
I tepee on Monday. I'mler tho law she I
.will be seiiiflici! to din In the electric
chair, hut Prosecutor Mult said t lint the
'sentence will be ciimmilted by the Court
I of Pardons for testimony she will give
jut the trial of Antonio Flore, who wa.'i
indicted Jointly with her for the murder
1 Clccone died on March 7 last, threo
dayn after he drank coffee containing I
the poison, In a confession she made
Mm Clccone said nhn poisoned her hus
band ut Flore's suggestion,
Sturm I'liieo Where I'reinier
Sieii! mill Ifod Pepper
the I'oliee.
I.OXiS l,llK AFT,.!, VOTES
Well Known Women Here Tla ii
"Votes for Women" Horse
Itnck Trip to Const.
Militant Miffragettes In London yes
lerd.iv attempted to attack Premier
Asnullh and blew red pepper Into the
eves of the policemen sent to iplell
the disorder. Thtrty of those nrrested
lecelvcd prison sentences. Window
smashing continued, nnd one of the
leaders deilared, "It Is now war to the
In New York a number of well
Known women suffragists gave notice
that they were organising a horseback
tilp to San Frnnctco In the Interests ,
of "votes for women." They will start
In the earlj spring and will spread the
propaganda In all the chief cities
through which the parp. !
Women I'nrsne Isimllll nml Puller
Thlrtj lit Prison.
fr'fifl' Cable llenntrh to Till Si
I.OMsix. .Ian "'. Fndismaved by the
.Mil sentences Imposed in the How street
police court to-day. n number of suf
fragettes followed Premier AsuUitll to
l.eveti. in Flfeshlre. this evening, and
continued their militant ta.cs outside
of a hall in which the Piemier was
addiesslug his constituents strong
otdmi of constables was drawn aioiiud
t!ie M.i 1 1, and against thli t'n1 "h.i.!i!.
ba'oiikesses." as the tuibt Hit sufiia
gettes hale enme lo be filled. das'..ed
wlldlv but in vain Hue of tli.in was
prepared again.'t lepuls.. She had
papers containing red pepper, which
bile bl W Into the f.ll'es of the ollli els
who oppost'il In r. she was arr.'Mcil
The situation is so tens., that the
suffragettes an- beginning to fall out
with their friends The bioke up the
annual m.etlag of the Labor pirty
held to-day In l."'idn. This organiza
tion has been siding with the women,
a 'id a flood of interrupt'.onr ueetirreil
while lleorge Hf.iry Itoberis, membr
of Parliatmnt from Norwich, was ad
Urvs'slns the nieiting The women
wanteil to know what i:n party vies
going to do aii.n.; votes fMf wotnen and
why the pr-ent M-nistrv had not been
turned fiat, luieri upiers weie ojietfd
from the meet.ng
The ii. t of in-unnioe on plate
plass has not yi t been raised, nut the
companies sa It will b iaieil if the
window suiashiiig fontiniifs. A suf
fiagette luiil.'il ,i hammer through a
plate glass window Worth 5T5d 1 "long
ing to the li.imbiirg-Aiiii il.'iin Stfiuu-
ship i 'onipan.v s utile' to-night.
The sull'r.igi'ttes lo-nlglit destroyed
Mllalllllies of lellels III post lio.e ill the
West Knd by pom lug m tot rush sub
lliuate. A letter addressed to Lloi
tieorge. n friend of the stiff r.,'.tte
ci.'ise, bin st Into Ilames when It was
taken In baud by a postman.
A number of sulTiageltcs were ar
rested late to-ninht tor slashing win
d.ovs In til" Colonial iftice.
I If the tlllltv Sllltt'.lgettes wire
sentenced this moinlng twenty. nine
continue to declare that thev will put
the prison ofllelals through the drill of
handling a "hunger strike," Mrs. IJes
punl. sister nf sir John French. Hie
famous cavalry general, was Ilnfd 110
or given her choice of two weeks In
jail. She look the two weeks, bill some
unknown friend or admirer paid her
tine, and the prison officials thrust her
from the Jail against her protests. She
is the only woman in rested Tuisday
who Is not serving her time. rtpt
Sylvia Pankhiirsi, who. disreganlliig
her statement of the ilay befoie that
the violence was Jusi beginning, prom
ised to be good until her case In tried.
Mrs. Drummuiiil. the "general'' of the
i Intern, a woman of years and bulk,
went to Jail with the others, promising
lo starve herself. She scornfully re
fused to pay a Jin tine which was Im
posed, and chose to go lo jail for two
The other women who were arraigned
with her all had the same choice, and
all chose, Jail. They had expected to
be sent to prb-on and tluir frfeniW
brought toilet accessories ami rugs to
the lourl, so except for the expressions
on tlie faces the scene closely re
sembled air excursion part.v
"It Is now war to the knife ' said
Mis. I iriimnionil vvlien sentence was
iiiipo'-ed. "You and Lloyd tieorge wid
have a lot of Double ahead of you. You
will have to i tiirtv work, and you
Avill have plenty of II "
The women Included mall box wreck
els and window smashers as well as the
vvonb'U vvlpi attacked the ntllce of Lloyd
(ieiilge A few others whose offences
were more serious were held for ulal
at ild llailev .
Two women who refused their names,
weni lo jail for a month rather than
pay J;'." lines for smashing windows In
the Home iiTice.
Tile police weie kept busy during Hie
day and night ir; Ir.g to prevent letter
box outrages, in few cases did they
catch culpn;s ted handed; they made
a few arrests, Paint, at Ids and ink
were dropped Into the boxes.
Must of the hinart simps presented a
novel appearance to-day. The Hunts
are carefully boarded up to proieei
them from the bashlbazoukessrH. All
Loudon is In a ferment of excitement
approaching that of the days of the
Fenian trouble?.
The police are looking for CIii'IhIhIicI
Pankhurst. elder daughter of Mr.i. Km
niellne Pnnlihinst. Sim Is reported to
f 'a n (In u i'i an Third I'niir.
M-.W lltl.l..NN, Mr. MO, i AI.IOIIIIMA
.Hiiiill.riii llnlh.'iiv ill Wio-lilnnlon, I), t' ihe
rmpiitar t mi if. 3 itiiniiKli trains ilullj. Iiliilnii.
llniulnir liooni, Mintcruiini. tsieriilnir. l.UIT.irv
nml Otiwrmlliiii far. N, V. onlcc. 2 lifilj.
l. -u. I1IU 1 M
Ave. I.vr. vu ot. tu.
H'llh Wife Me l (eeiisfil of tt
Inel.lliu. He Itenelies AILen.
ViKi'M. S c, Jan. :'!' Frederick '.
H i'li and his wife, Mrs. Camilla Have
mever Heech arrived In Aiken this
aflernooti from Hot Sprlnsx, Va. where,
tslnce their teturn f'nm Fi'rope, thev
have been gnes of Mr and Mr Will
i lam K. Vaiiilerblli.
Mr. Ite.ich Is to taint trial III (Senerat
Spfsioni Conn uex' week on a charge
of mill det oils usi'ilt upon h'n wife The
I n Hume. ..! that the trial l. not llkel
to lust more than a il.n .
; Mrs. Heach Is m coinpanled bv lirr
islsier, Mrs. J. It Taller, whose husband
lis Mr. Heach's business associate Mr.
Heach has with him Thomas S. Fuller I
i of tin- New Votk law llrm of Nlcoll. i
lAiiable. Lindsay g. Fuller Mr. Heach'
I has also letalued .rallies Hymen of
Aiken, who Is a niPttiber of the I'll Jo j
I ciirieiicv committee
Mrs C oilier Iholln met Mrs. Heach
nt the station Miss Marlon Holllus of
, New York, who was a guest at the
i Heach home last February when Mrs.
I Heach was attacked and who Is said
to be the only eye witness, will at rive
on Sunday morning She will appear
In Mr Heach's defence.
Housewives ready
to inspect stores
I.einrne Will llnnsr Sians in All
Food Shops. Siiys
Mrs. Heath.
j Mrs Jti'.aii Heath, national piesident
i of the' Housewives League, announced
1 last ulcht that the league is planning
, to Innigur.ite a coiintf.v wide movement
! having for Its object the giving
i of a giiar.tiitf to housekeepers that
I bakerlis. butcher shops, grocery stores
, and all places where foodstuffs are sold
jnte clean .-i lid wholesome and have sue
I cfssfuiiy passi-fl inspections
l The I' ague proposes to hale signs
hung In the front win lows of stor s i
lei ufying the date and result of In-
speiilon. This will be the stamp of I
approval of ihe Housewives League and
j house keepers will be urged to patrotii!'..'
on!v those placis where lb" sign Is in
ri alone . !
"There is lo be no 'white list' nor!
'black list,"' Mrs. I tenth said last night, j
"There will be no adv ertls.ng of miv j
kind. We will simply ask permission
to place our cards In the windows of
stoles that half successfully passed '
inspection, i lieu wo win carry on
campaign of education nmong house
wiles to get them to put ionize only
those plnens where cards, are exhibited
'and where there Is no doubt but that
and where there ' no doubt that
carry with them their own guarantee'
Mrs Hi nth will leave the cltv to-day
for a trip to Virginia. Wet Virginia.
.Maryland and possibly oilier States In
connection with her duties as national
pi t Hill. 'Ill
Mrs. Heath atiiiounceil last night that
Mrs. Woodrow Wilson, w.fe of the
' Pre sliletit-olcii. has been chosen as
I honorarv v ice-piesldent of the league.
It Ihieli of
l'ehn HKf '
riftti itrlttTft nn I orti
Hull lllrttulnj.
I The Corn Ivxehango l'atik marie gifts
'of fr." each to lis Mill emploVtcs v es
ird.iy on the mcaslon of its sixtieth
anniversnrv. The total of the gifts was
1 .ID.iiUO. i in its tlftl. tli auiilversao a
'gift of '.Ml wan made to euii employi'f
Th' growth of this bank Is .shown In
I a comparison of Its deposits now ami
J lift y Je.irs ago I Hie o,ir afler Its open
j nig on February 1. 1V.3. its deposits
i were $,'.M, into. Its net deposits now
jaggiegate about JflO.Hilo.uun. It has-!.
twenty-nine brunches nnd will open a
j new one on March 1 at Fourth aveniif
j anil i vveniv
ninth stieft
, Tlie bank opened Ju temporary ipiar
j ters a! fiT Pearl sti ff t. The present
I building was pa; ,up in lv.'t. IMward
I W. Dunham, the tirst piesuient, con
; t'niied In otlleo f..r nineteen ears. He
was sucoi'iled by William A. Falls, fol.
; lowed In IsSI bv Willlnm A. Nash, tho
present chairman of the hoanl,
I President W.iller L' Frew was edi ted
i in 1911.
' smut or l'ole'i Hill I'rntlilrs foe
Ample I'nali llferie.
Al.nvNV. Jan. 2H Senator I'oley. ..fier
a eonfi'ifiice with Comptrolier Sohiii"r,
I Introduced a bill t i-d.iv to amend the
piivate banking m 's to pro', i t in.
' tiuill depositors mole el'lei tiv ely lliiin
liy anv previoiisl.v legislation. The mosi
tinportant fin tn re Is the provision for
. an ample imsIi H'mtw to be maintained
by private b.inkeis lis In the case of
savings banks. Another provision wi'l
i prevent hai'.iidous Inv estineiits and will
I'oiupii piivate bankers to maintain
' ll'siis easily e onvi't t Ible.
' nher f"iitiiifii Include a provision for
i tin- imiiieillatf llii'ildatioii of the ac-
limits of prhiite bunkers who dlscoii.
, Untie thell' business or whose business
Is il'.scontinii d by death and one p-ovld-
i lug for examination by the State Comp
lricliiln I'nultlie I'nrsileil by
IIoiiimIs I'lee fur lliir.i linnl,
Noilfol.K, Vn , Jan 2'.i Six of tin loll . i.a.v bv the tsu le ipondcut of Ihe It'lllll
prisoners coiilliu il In jail al Kastvillo, chrninrlc, who quoics (Iranil N'izlef
'a escaped thin nl'teriioon b.v digging Mahnioiiil Shevket Pasha as saying:
their way lliroiigli a brick wall. In I lie ( "i mr leply lo the Powers will be pre
I lot me two alleged iniiiilei ors. several n'lited oil Thursday. It will be good
'Illegal whiskey seller! nnd Iwo negroes, and II will witlsfy ever bo.l.v . Wo have
' Implicated Iu a shooting utlalr which oc- found a solution of the Adiiauople ques-
curreii several iinyn ago in ijastvu-. ; Hon anil U Is ihe only reasonable so
Tllf escape was not discovered litltll , liitlon. Willi good will on both skies
a citizen reported seeing several men n will incia durable pe.ue; otherwise,
hiding Iu tho woods a few miles from i here must be war."
the Jail, The KIu riff organized a possu J M,.,nw hllo many Continental neivs
iiuil with the assistance of .several . tinners, esneclallv those In lenna. am
bloodluiiindH Htiir.leil In seanh of tho
fugitives. The men when last seen were
making ror tne larymno line.
IMS, by tie Sun 'rifling imrf I'ubHthtvt)
15,000 MUTINY AT
Miiny Wonndeil Henehin0: Con
stnntinople anil Oeneral
ITprisinir Is Fenrwl.
Allies' Deleprntes in London
Hreiik Off Peiiec Nesrotiiitions
Turks to Reply.
fpeeinl Cable lie'ixitrhes lo Tnit Scs
Losnov. Jan. 30. The Constantinople,
correspondent of the Mornin) Pout
sends an undated despateh, which came
by way of Kustendje on Wednesday, In
which he. Niy.
"Wounded poldler? are. constantly ar
riving hern from Tchntaldja and It Is
evident thnt something li happening
there, t'neonflrmable rumors ay that
15.000 Clrcns-'lnns have mutinied and
that the fighting in continuing. It Is
also reported that thero Is fighting
among the Ottoman troop? at the JJar
datieile"." Tho Dnitu Chronicle'. corespondent
rends a similar despatch, adding that
It is .said that not more than 20 per
cent, of the army favor tho new Gov
ernment. Civil war Booms Imminent.
It is rumored that many .thousands of
soldiers from Tchataldja are. marching
on to the capital.
Turkey seems tn be playing .1 big
bluff. Hnlr of the t',0,000 transport ani
mals at Tchntaldja are dead or idok from
lack of food. The roads are In a de
plorable condition and the advance of
the army Is ImtHieslble. Many soldiers
are clnmorliiK for return to their homes
and are displaying hatred for their
Pahis. .Ian. .10. The Constantinople
correspondent of the Matin also reports
a mutiny of the soldiers at TchatnhHa
The correspondent Fays that forty-two
otllcers were murdered and l"u
wounded, Civil w.ir Is spreading
Present .loliil Note lii I'lirt. Ilrle
gulps -ltil' I'romlseil.
M.f.sil Cable t)e'i"iteh lo Tn3 Srv
Lonoov .lan 30--Although the lieace
negotiations me on the armistice has
not been denounced and the action of
allied government in this dlrec-
U i ti,,.. Iu mil tmltpilte.l
opinion lu re Inclines to pessimism ns
'to the outcome of th present .sltuntlon.
Turkey's reply, which Is expecttd to
day. wid dodge a direct answer, it Is
reported, to the advice of the Powers
as to surrendering Adrlanoplo and leav
ing the question of the ."GgO.Hl Isles
. to the big countries.
It .s said it will propose the establish
ment of a neutral zone of Adrlanople
with the dismantling of the fortifica
tions and the graining of extraterri
torial rights to the Moslems. A similar
scheme was proposed some time ago,
but the all.es at that time intimated
ih.it It would not be acieptfd.
Theif Is no icasou to suppose that It
will be more acceptable now than It was
at that time I tide d. It Is suggested
that tlie breach of the negotiations mny
be traced to the fear of the allies that
the powers may press the acceptance of
this or some similar middle course.
The delegates of the allies presented
to Itechad I'aslia. head of the Turkish
Idel.g.ition. Ihe note breaking off the
I peace ne-oiiaiions shortly after noon
llo-dav. The allies fear that the Turk
jlsh Hoops will not follow the lead of tlie
I Young Turks, and that In view of In -,
iei n.il i ompl.calloiis In Tin key th- new
' Grand Vi.kr. Mahmniid Sliefket Pasha,
may give way b-rore tlie energetic
action o! the nlllef.
I The situation In Constantinople
i .,(,ult.
I'nglaiid. France nnd Italy
uicenliatid large naval forces at the
enttance of the Dardanelles, Kven An-tria-lliingai
v ha- ordered two of her
walship.- lo be in leadlness to go o the
Fast al any m nueiit.
It is tioi thought that ihe compllcn
iIoik w huh mny ensue will threaten
tlie peaie of Ihirope. That Italy be
heves tills Is shown bv her tinier to-day
lo disband tini.i.uii soldiers who served
In 'he war In Tripoli.
The loxl of the note handed to the
Turkish delegates by (he allies Is as
"The plenlpoteiitiaru s of the allied
lialUiiu Stales having. ince the sus
pension of the wink of the peace run
Ifl'l'IICf. nv..it!fil in vain for llllef Weeks
the reply ol tin- Ultoitiail pie lliiotel
tii'.lii s to iheir last demands, and events
which hale oi-i iiiied in Constantinople
appealing In Hum to hale destro.ved
the hope of arriving ai tin coiuiusloii
of pi'iiff. ;lify an-, to their gnat le
grii. oblK'.il lo ilfiiaif i lit 1 1 the peine
negotiations fomiuciii'fil In London on
llccemliT 111 last inv blolifll olf "
t'ouvorsatiiuiii and inbi viiws with the
deei;ates of ilie Alllis in London .show
no weakening mi their lusl'itence that
Ailiiatioplf mum be surrendered. An
Uiin.iinid Bulgarian delegate Is quotnl
as f. .ying thai whatever the renewal of
Ihe war might cost it could not he lllol e
si lions til.Hl the t oiillniieii pnravs,s nf
the uatiiiiril llii of I'.iilgaiia b.v keeping
Hie in my In the li Id.
"Huliuilia." lie su: s. "Is a nation
which consists largely of shop keeper,
and pfasanl return's, tf IhfV do not
let urn to work soon more liulgaiiaiis
will polish than oro ever likely to be
killed by the Turks."
Tiili.fy's altitude in re.'.Mi'd to the re-
lievval of the Wiir is lepre.se tiled III Mils
again exiueiu'lii? uneanneiis over th"
i ooiiimiica on intra rageK
A JiorrtNott
I Kstranrillnni'y Srmlnn f.Jiprelrd lo
llr llrmimril .Veil Week.
The extraordinary nrnnd .Ittry, which
adjourned last week until February IT.
pronaniy will be oaileil together again
Mimn day next wrok to tako up certain
matters connected with the police pr.ift
When the Oratid .Ittry reconvene.1!
1' Is probable, that a communication
will be addressed to Mayor Gaynor with
leganl to the recommendntlons mad
concerning the Tombs prison, which the
Mayor has so far disregarded, The
Mayor may be called before thn Grand
.lury In person to explain why he has
not given any heed to the presentment
recommending the removal of Peputy
Commissioner of Correction William .1.
.lust before It udjourned the extraor
dinary Grand Jury again took up thn
matter and sent a second presentment
to Gov. .Sulzer. Thn Governor on Tues-
jday refetred the matter to Mayor Gay
i nor.
Owes Mnr Than 7fS,n00 Want
lo MnrtKHKr It Properly.
Thn National Democratic Club, of
which Supreme Court JuMico Pon-
j nelly Is president nnd all thn leading
i Democrats of the city are members. Is
hard up. according to a petition sub
mitted to .lustlcn Greenbaum yester
' day. The club .isked permlsion to mort
gage Its property nt fil" Fifth avenue
for $125,000 for three ye'irs at 4i per
cent. Interest. Justice Greenbaum
granted the application.
Tuo club Is in debt JT",000 for the
removal of parts of the clubhoiiso which
encroached on Fifth nvenue and also
owes for repairs and Improvements.
Colorado Srhoolma'ara Looks Rrnln
I Dnitn, Then lnl1n the Job,
I Denver. Col.. Jan. 2?.--A big t :z7.1y
I bear ambled into a mountain school
j house In Aliens Park, forty miles north
west of here, yesterday, while Miss
Helen Warren of Jamestown, X. V.,
the school teacher, was Instructing a
dozen children In the three "Its."
All was confusion in an Instant nnd
the pupils scuttled under desks and be
hind Miss Warren. She tried to look
fierce and brave and succeeded so well
that after a few moments Hriiln turned
tall and slowly left the building.
. Miss Warren, nil unaccustomed to the
, unceremonious ways of ltooky Moun
i tain grizzlies, was In such a state of
nervousness to-day that shn was
brought to Denver for medical treat
ment. She has resigned her position
as a mountain school teacher and de
l Clares she is exceedingly glad to get
j back to civilization,
A main teacher will be engaged to
Inke her place, and one of the require
ments before he takes the Job will
be that he can handle a gun.
Philadelphia Clalimeii's Auto skills
anil Turns Oii-r,
Pmi.M.r.i.r.m. Jan. an.-Cliarles Ran-
.i.,i..i, c i ,a- ...... a iv.
.it'll'.. .... ... i. vi. . I'v.ii ....,. v.. ,ie. urn. u
W. Converse, son of the former head of
Ihe Hildwin Locomotive Works, were
injured to-night In an automobile accl
dent when returning from the Hadnor
Hunt Club.
t Their automobile skidded and turned
over at Newtown Square on the West
'Chester pike. Itoth men were thrown
'out. Snowden's right thigh was broken
and he was removed to the Hryn Mawr
, Hospital. Converse was bruised, but
i was able to summon assistance, after
I which he was taken home
I Snowileli (u ii iii.ml..r ttf flin l'nl.in
! League. Kaeqiict nnd Klttenhouse clubs. ' "ninrlal meeting.' referring to the riln
.Converse Is the former famous Hurdler , Kl;,'n "'" !" ,!j1,M'hc'' "'""
of Harvard, holder of the Intercollegiate a'V 'f 1 ' " V' "T 1'-'"'""'
.hurdling record, and also Is a member. "" far,,"vl ,,m,t
' e .i. i-.i ..-ia. . .i in. . i i fearless and honest iiiimiicl of tint
,of he Merlon t r eket and Hlttenhouse , ,.:Ncutlvo ,..
i nn..-, iiiiu i.i lie- i uiirii i.etmiie,
Ills l'lilelnn I'orliltla Too Frequent
fpecml I Me lienmlch lo Tun Six
Ko.MK, .Inn.
!.--Dr. Maivhiafava, the
Poie's phlcian, has pursiiaded thefnil the miintry had changetl from a
Pontiff to take a:i occasional rest, audi Uopubllean to a Democratic adnilnU
liflice the audiences ate likely to be ! I rat nut. "we are now met by a recru
suspended for a couple of days each
week. Thete was none to-day.
Dr. Marchlafava insists that the Pop
, .shall not attend fatiguing functions
during tlie summer. He ha also sun
I gested that tlie anniversary of Popn
Leo XIII. s death and tlie coronation
of Pius X.. which have heretofore beer.
I belli in the
nnd July !
Initio chapel on June 20
hall lie transferred to
.November 5 and November l.
- - - j "Is it possible." asked the President.
. SNOW ONLY WINTER'S BLUFF, j,," 'partC.'liowrtbccoiiie responsih"
for the administration of this coiintn,
I'.iiln Melts II llefore People 'anlH nlnpf to reverse a policy that luii
' lilf nilf? , it, "I v indicated Itself so completely In ten
Winter made a bluff of obtruding Into!
the landscape yesterday with a Simula- !'" "o i" ... .".h. c. .,.
'.'rum of inow. incidents had not seen ("lnst Prejudiced In-
snow for so long a time, that they were formation? 11 they not before they
unable to ray detlnlte y that there was ali" irretrievable step take soma
anv. ever had been any ar would bo , measures to securo reliable Information
anv eveinnire i 1,1 1110 conditions which prevail Iu
The Weather Unrein dc iared that ' "i- ls!.md and as. to tho effect upon
then, really had been a fall of about u , '-''"o conditions which tho new polic.v is
.tenth of an imh. Hut tlie Weather lively to have?
. Iliireau has been luiown to be a victim1 "N"n V "f consistency will Justify
of Its own meteorological Illusion, j such drastic action now that the ev
Soiue pain lav men. who do not know perlenco of more than a decide, has
fine 'ometer from another, said they ! relegated tho question ns a campaign
, leally thought that winter had been ' I"" to the limbo cf fro silver or the
' abolished. ! "arrow docttino of State rights.
The meteorological facts of the day! "Tho Democratic party exposes Itself
were that tlie lowest temperature came, j to no attack If It pursues the. policy of
when most folks were In bed, or ought I proved success of the Vhlllpplnes, be
lli liave been, at I A. M. The mercury j cause the Republicans cannot crltlclro
then sptingfullv dropped Iu 2S degrees, their opponents for recognizing what
Thru It shamefully arose lo 32 and kept ha" proved lo be good iu thn parly's
on comg up until It had reached tho
summery point of 10.
It was drizzling much as It might on
a murky April day, and the mercury
'was still winding Its silvery tliiRers
; around tlie iie,ir-suuvner rungs of the proposed In response lo no popular de
thermometiical ladder. The wind wus.tiKind, but it Is fraught with the direct
from east southeast, and neither fit for dltllculty nnd burden to any part;, lint
man nor beaut, ns the nautical couplet
ixiucspCs I! The Ival prnplieM xald
Unit there were probibllitles thnt Iherd
I might be Home winter Inter, nuu'bc in
the iprlntf, '
President Would Keep Phil
ippines Speaker Takes
Nntivcs Not Ready, Says Ex
ecutive Dank Will Stand
Is Reply.
Tafir Behind th Times in Hay
ing Wo Became World Power
in '0B, Says Clark.
Washinoton'. Jan. 29. At the niiniMt
banquet of tho Ohio Society to-nlg'.i
President Taft and Hicaker Clark d.
vetoped a strong difference of opinion on
tho obligation of the Incoming adminis
tration to carry out the Philippines
plank of tho Democratic platform,
The Prmldent declared that thn
Democratic party owed Its advent Into
power morn to a peculiar political con
dition than to tiny one plank of the plat
form, holding that the people did not
regard the question of Philippine Inde
pendence as an Issue In that election.
Tho President spoke nt somo length
on the obligation of the American Goi
ernmcnt to continue as trustee to tho
Philippine people until they are unmls
tukably ready for self-government.
Speaker Clark In replying to this part
of the President's speech said ho had
no desire to enter Into uny political or
other discussion with the President at
this time.
"I did not Tvrlte the Democratic plat
form." said he, "but I hold It to be the
duty of the men In public life in the ad
ministration that Is shortly coming into
governmental power to live up to the.
obligations of that platform, of every
one of Its planks. Tho people voted
for them all."
Mr. Clark held that the President was
nlnety-tlvo years behind the times In his
statement that the Spanish-American
war gave birth to the United States
as a world power.
'THls'"t5ii'rli'ry"T)?ca'fne n world power."
he added, "Immediately ns a result of
Piesident Jefferson's purchasing from
France the Louisiana territory In 1803,"
Referring again to the Philippines
Mr. Clark said ho had no disposition tn
I make u Philippines speech and would
iouvo Uml nubject to ncprcsentutive
' Jones of Virginia.
' "' onl' lsh wp wcl ollt ,,f xxe
n l-'ooil shape ns when wo got In,'
i .
said lie.
The President referred to the rapid
i growth of the country since the olill
1 war. of the upbuilding of tho army from
I 2.'i,000 to sr.,000 men and of the n.n.v
from nhnust nothing to second power.
' "Then In a moment of reaction," said
he. referring to tho Democratic oppo
sition to navy expansion, "we have
' fallen back to fourth or fifth plate,
' Tills change, I hope, may be tempo.
Tlie lYesldent smlllnclv remarked that
j he was highly grateful for this "klnd v
i The President prefaced his reniai't.s
on the Philippines by saying he did mi:
wish to be construed as making a po
lltlc.il talk; th.it "what he had to say
was strictly non.partli.an. I tut afier
' three administration had passed, dur
I i.ig which the policy of dealing w.th
i the Philippines had become fixed apuar.
' ently ti the .satisfaction of the people.
descence of opposition nnd a threat to
turn hark the hands of time, to gv
up all that has been achieved nnd to
JnltlJte a new experiment, which can
only result iu confusion, humiliation
and defeat.
"It can only Involve us In embar
rassing international obligations after
It shall have failed and bring us again
with diminished prestige to readupt thn
I pulley.
"I v indlci
a I years
V , , ; ', ' --""""
past and tlie number nf them who con
tinue to give out their lucubration" as
iiutl-lmperlallsts Is hardly greater than
those who will attend the next In
augural ball. The new legislation I
assumes responsibility for Its fii-ict-
"If you would have witnesses nrd frel
thnt the ofllelals who havi, rfiresenu
the Government In tho Ul,nds ar

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