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Snow to-day; snow, followed by clearing and
colder, to-morrow.
Detailed leather reports will be found on page I A.
ni.. I -XXX. - NO. ISO.
lOl-'). r oji, r'nAf IP15. (,. tht Mm nnPi'j; end 1'iibHil Ivp .1 Jjocfaf'nit
I Houston Street Theatre
Vudieut'C Rushes Kxit
at Fire Cry.
Trampled to Death
Children Beaten
in Wild Dash.
p. i piovi:s TiMFi.ixo
I tllll I .!. IP 1111(1 OlHM'nlOl' I'll
linilx liiiildiii".'
Old Climrli.
women were
i on women
: n.sht In
Killed nnd
and i hlldreti
r. p.inlc nt the
Mi. Hippodrome, a molns
l i. rn nt 14U i:,it Houston
..i lildr.dce ftrcct.
! iinreasnnins panic n' the
iirc ' cpt an Jljst Sid",
..f MHi out into the ontr.uicc-jipo, ,0lvp JPss,jjP nf yn.
i,- in,-., vuiiiieii itiei i-iie anu
i. pen i .eh other
It" :f-c!f the quick flash of a
. phi in o film, was out in three
The operator himself hud
.1 1'ie blaze that started the
f 'te the tiremen could tlsht
i troimh
; nice.
the ten orb.ed crowd
i . . t
led W. '111.111
olil. K.'
,i .-kilt.
! .itlu r
. e. i
li.iu, ii.rk eoil
ll. anil poelo-t, p ,
In t"l'.-.
I n lured.
i llost'lial.
' I1. !, 1.'. t l.udlon ticrt.
1 rini'.i:. iu:ssu:. :: :i i nrth
' vii i:fitt:N. 1". M-iinoibov . s:
' i '. llll'oc.llloll.
.11 mint
i. lln-pltal:
. ' -. ff.l'INO.
v.'". f.vs'jrAi.i:. :, r. .itiuine
ll. broken
' m i. Ai.ni:itT. is. tr.i i:.im iiouv.
"t. iio btoVen.
i I MiWITZ. THU. it. 3f., 7' Norfolk
.'it 1 . ii broken.
'.K'-uitz. iins.-n: .fe ..c
MifflM .iilor
i o-ky. sam. fi. sr." i:.it
v t .'. ( In uken anil" mid tun us.
'l Ml .Mis. HirsSIK, 4. S1". Toiirth
i: i erni brok, n
V N Ui:SSIK. IT. 11R Kldililce
n. on fact, sitlfocation.
s-'ii:iN. it'isK. iiiuminm
I' i- Mlffoeiltloll.
.1 NT' MfVIO. til.
. ti I. B.
i in u it. sit)Ni:v
(. .-ufl.ie.itlon.
!. ii .Mi'iii:i. tf.. ;
I'-. I'l'.k. 11.
'.i ii ,Mr S'TTIIA,
1. 01 Il.iit
Cast 'flili (I
DV wile of
t- K. IICMiY. 43 V.niik tr'et.
;. . 1. r . uffi eiition
l K .M' -i: 'I t.l A. in, wife of
1"i atom,
i I.., I ui.i.mi si-'pl fra'turert.
II u ) I MriH'i lllppodrom was
. Mithmil-t mis.-Ioii church.
ir ,i2n It was tiilrl to Abr.Ointil
ml t'lMrles Suliier. They
'lie uiiei'..,.- Into a minlnc
i . An t sit w.i" cut on the
! .1..' Ionise lead In ir Into a
I , i of ,i lire e'cape.
ir tiie niiide four doors,
. I lit.. t!-e xeslllnite of what
I i .'in h. A br I lltsht of
, - ; d I nun the vestibule to the
i- 'i i- there that the two women
. liiiiise u'.i i.'suiated b
I ll'e l.iiiliiin law ap-
' i,i. is .sealing no mot" than
nn.- to the iiiaiiauern' Mate
. ti., I full nt tin time Ai -i
, . oiployees and witnesses
M ine .standing in the rear,
v ' taken ami one polleeman
I lb. audience at from W) In
iii picture men
It HIS Stelner. 1M
put their
jears old,
f Charles Stelner, who lives p, diees, nil properly labelled. stmulliiR
mi Ninth stiei, llrooklyn, In j ln Ka.sH Jara in tin; operutliiB room.
".' mi the Houston utreet Drs. Klrby and Kaufiiiann at tlie hos
n ' e old church Ballery. They Ippal ileclared that the epidemic of up.
' 1 th with tin and cut a i ..endlcitls was brought on thniiiKh the
.1 '.. the roof ny which tb"
' I escape. Inside the booth
. kit of sand, two lire ex
aiiil an a, to bo. used for
inerBeniies as last nlKht.
.iit to work nt .':2n o'clock
.if noon and found the house
itntned. An Cast Side .Sunday
. m e had forced the pro.
..pen up the Kiillery. Hy T
a ..ml women were standln
the back of the hall nnd
ne down the steps to Hons-
wim explains the plots of tho1
niiied up on the platform at I
- ' of the place and Is'Riin hla ,
, li m tailed "Dr. (Jar-cI-Hama,
li.nre let II Criminal." I
ii u shows a man, a dual per- .
who is buidlt anil robber one'
and president of ll society fori
.hi of vice the next. The i
.1 Mil i
adit for ten minutes, tiio
"I jii-t i soaped from a
I'i'i.l with policemen
nil stuck,
t a htiiiR for a moment
.'.lie of Stelner" lamp.
In the
(if a
" ni.-lteil il II ' I there was
a flash
' mo ran atoiiR the lllm.
i"iii of llatiio burned off u cord
id ut a safety shutter In front
r - lamp, With the ilropplnR
' uiier, Ihr whole incalre was
' i,ti ! in S small boy who
i i um In thromjli a Mil" door
(-ii liiiiicif itn .xVcjiir I'mjr
Wind i ! ti nml ,,.
It -nlclilc.
A man ntlil his ttifi clasped
In each
Oth'IS lit Ml-. Wetc r.lllllil ili.ml In 1 1 . r. . r-
r.ioiuat t.ic lintel llrnddnck. ltttih x.irct'
and C.uhth ntcnue. ycMetdny afternoon,
"i tin' Hour was n lil! .f paper scttlns
forth the d.uiRcf of i- aniil" of pubis..
Mum. Two empty wliicRlnsyes wele nn
1 1 If lllC.sfel.
Tim suicides were ,nmp i. Adam.
3: M ini old. nnil Mary Adams. liO. .
Tlni,. was ii l.iicht pennv In hup of1
Adams's (rotifers pockets .mi! tun li.iwti
thkels in another Mrs. Adams was
nearly blind.
Two .tears auo Mart- Voi-c.oi l.ie.l
with iioi- mother at i:f,; VY.. Lilst'
Street. Shi' was n mtlflo teacher nml
ll'iots.t. James Adams wns 11 sailor on
ii French lln.r Despite Mrs. Nonofs
objections they wore ma rrloil.
Thov ni.it over to Newark nmli
Adams became a furniture salesman.
Cist Thursday he Rave up his inii nnil
Hi- couple nunc t New Vork without!
chouru in i i,iy i,,r their room in
advance. Aikims went i,. look for work
At .1 nYlivk 'etetil.iy afternoon Ad.inn
Kl.l.'! of hheir
He lBlei
Intel cheek for thini. At
.t.no o'clock I'.csle .Vorcott. Mnrv'n
sister, telephoned the hotel and nsUed'to
be c.innect.M with the Adam- loom. The
hov nt the swltchboatd ranir, but not m.
ripiiiisf. Hie icovery of the bodies
ilorf Aliont .Mrs. SelmliMcir.s
rorcotton Fur.
This story of n carrier piceoit s loni;
etsea lluht really becau tlfteeii
dent of
IK", when A Schubaeh. presi
he Western Alaska Steauishlii
fonipati. registered at the W.ihlotf
and foiitul thou- a pair of piceon- whleh
n friend, awaie if .Mr. Sihubaili's
linbbj . bad sent him
The steamship man, nlmut to sail for
Ihirope. contiil.il the binN to 11 I..
St. wal l. iissiant inaniiicer of the hotel.
They mad" thcm-chis at home on the
r 1 1 ;i i.i tiiznit,- Willi other pn.-eoiis
iwh.ch tenant the Waldorf s iln He.
Then, they lived for a eiy Imii; time,
'for .Mr. Sclmlmcli's trip took him mound
the world and home to Seattle by w,y
ol San Francisco
J Tin eo weeks nun Mr. Schub.ieh re
. Msit.il New Vork with his wife .mil
strau;htWii claliiied Ills carrier pigeons.
n T1iiiim!,i at noon the Seliub.ichs
.snllid for i:urep.- mi the I'rlnr. 1'rlcd-
rlih Wllhelm aiul thl time the plseon'
went with them. After their depicture
a set of fable furs belon,iui, to Mrs.
Schub.ieh was found in their looms at
the Waldoif
Asicnilmi; to the hotel loof yester
day afternoon fred I'lsler. an asistant
luaiiac. r. espied a tired looking pigeon
that walked with a limp. The limp was
caused by a piece of paper wired to the
pigeon's left lea. This was written on
the paper:
"ll I. .Vrt'fif. tl'itior..l.ifnilo. .Wie
"I ninNn STimir.T: If nn p. i luceoi,
should leaeh vou with thl m'-ssate l.e
pood i nouch to have the sable whlih I
left in tn loom forw.iided to Seattle
The bird skeins rest !", and that is w h
I .'mi mkliip a ili.mi.' lo . t li ii iiiiii
lie siirp to t.ik.- eim.iI cue of hlin until
ni i r tm ii. .Mis .seimliaeh Ji.lr.s me in
sen. hue riKiuds Sun-retv )oiir,
" Seiirmcit.
Aboard the 'iiz I'tl.ilrlih Wlllivlm.
P .M , Snttirila "
I 'alculatliiK the Mssel's speed nt
secntceii knots. Mr Stewatt llcuretl
that the plKeon with the mess.me oil Its
Iok had Mown Ti'-a miles n about twenty
seeii hours, or at the rale of twenty
rhrbt nnd oiiij-Alnrd miles an hour.
Ilojs uf Home Stricken nt Snme Time
I'rum 'I'iiii Ineh Cheese.
I'llitAMil.PIIM. Feb. - Sixlien boys.
all slrleken with aiipendleltls at about I
the same tllll". W.'I" operated upon
i it In ii a few hours of each other and
all held a reception at the same lime
llil-i afternoon m St Mary'.s Hospital
hi re
'I'he boys. laucmB In nse fiom 10 to
It Mars, were inmates of St Fraiieis
Iiulu.stri.il Home. Ten ilaH auo they
were taken to the hospital mid six daH
ami were operated nn. As sunn hn one
youimsier was taken from the operat
Iiik table another took his place. This
continued until there were sixteen op
ovcreatliiR of cheese.
tioternor Snym I'nsllloii la n (ireat
lloiior nml He .Mn Itnn.
I'.OSTO.S', I'eb. H. -fiov, Fnss Instead of
ruiiuiiiR for a fourth term as (iovernor
of this State may be a candidate for
Maor of Itostmi nt the city election
I""lt -v,-!ir'
This iinnouneemeiil was made by one
of thu most prominent Democratic lead-
Sllppoiled by the (iovernor himself.
"Well, you know that John
Adams, after beliiR Plcsldeiit
..r ....
" ,"- " "
Fnlted Slates, served In tin; House of .". i w.u. -..s vl , Tllore ,,. (lnrl(lr ,,oar,ieii n cunaril tuif. r lee,i.
Hepresen.atlves for several years nnd ', Mt th"r" , "",1M,? "y ""' he t mid with Ills assistants returned to P(u,,Ki,riiM. Feb. Charles Itan
Hcived very acceptably, too, don't youV" lv'!n ,hpt' "" ""f '"" Quatantlne. The proceedliiR Is unusual. ao,p,, ,.. clubman, atl.lelo nnd
said the (iovernor. "The position of w"r- , n"r,"i, , 11 . ' ' , i , or "" " , I" dnyer. died to-nlKht In the Hryn
Mayor of a meat city like Host,,,, la ' lMrne " L'r,?' . 'l' 7, "l ."" 7'" ' MRS. BECKER'S BABY DIES. -Mawr Hospital from Injuries received
Krcal honor that any ono mlKlit enjoy."
Worships for Flr.t Time With
nrillin ,,, ,, II.IIIIIHIIIII.
WtsiMMllo:.', I''eh. -President Tnft
alteiideil rellRloiis services nt a Hunker
Chiireli in-day. The President, who
usually occupies his pew at All Souls'
L'uUariau Church on Sunday inorninRS,
was the Kiicst of rtcproM-ntutlvo Huller
of Peiinst aula at th" inornliiR service
of the l''iieni.'i' ( iiurcn.
II was Ihe llrst t lino the President
hod nlteiuleil Qiiaki r servleen iliirlne
his iiii'iinibem y of the While House.
inlt:nr Likely to .Millie
Serious Attack on
. J inn. The dampness has lllircuscil the
, tRoutv symptom nml the rutlon or the
M-.NS ( ',K S PPKr.SI-.Dihenrl I- nN,, utisatlsfactor
,., ,
1 "l,is
Will Let Allies
lien i'
poiisiliilit,v of the
iithlr Hfpairh in Tin
I'e'o :: Ulplomntlst still
profesn to hae ome hope th.it n !(
uewal of the war betweer. TurUi nml
the allies will be n vetted, but the op
j tlmim which was eprcs-ed Itu
' tuedl.iti ly ntiCY tin denunciation of the
aniiiMli'o b the ltatkun l.easue ha
, coiiHlilerablv we.ikeneil. If the l'.nver
tin nothlli!; mnie lnipie'lve during the
few lemalnlni; houis of the truce than
that of enillliK polite ad Ice to the alhc"
it Is iliffleillt to bell, ve that peine V l'il
..si litre.- 7 o'rl ick to-nisht i . Monday i.
Not .r.nu is known to wa.iint the,
iNprctation of any teal Intervciitlon bji '
'the powers. The newspaper com- I
1 spondents nt Constantinople were al- '
lowed to tetcKiapll tieely on Suudii.
but news from tin lialkan capitals s
extremely nieairre.
t'raiuls Maii'ul!ish. the war corre
spondent of the Mid . rtr.t and
,. nfer. says the military aitlvity Is1
lonllned to the Tchataldja lines, which
h.ue now bo .mi IntpreKiiably streiiKth
em d In Uliecteil ways. What the
i new defences are, he says, the allies
can never iIIscomt from spies, for no,
i one M'ept soldiers Is now nllnwvu
within live miles of the flout. Hi -ii
the fnreluu inllitury nttnclies and Turk
ish inllliins are forbidden to nppro.c ii
; within the military zone. Al! th" ,
j esldeiits of the II1,ikos, men. women
laud children have been chut oil on' '
and a i .implicated s tem of .sentinel-,
and pjs words snakes it Impossible f.u
j an outsider to et on the lines.
If h au miracle, says Mr. Mac-CiiI1,il-Ii.
a lorrespondeiit should succeed
I in interim: th- lines It would reunite
a far greater miracle for him to efeape
;brfore the end of the war and he would,
be lacky If he did not loose his life, for
;he Turkish soldiers ate lUrcmety dis
: ft t ill of newspaper men
The members of all the emb.vMrs
li.iii' been wnrncii! of this. The new
(lermau trained cotumaniler )u chief of
the Turkish nnn. l7.7.et I'asha. .s even
more severe on till point than MhIi
iiiouiI Shevket Pasha, ihe Cr.ind Vlr.ler
Alihoush hi has been nt thejront oul
a fw das. I.7et Pash.i has lnfured
new life into the Tchataldja army. Tin
presence of this treat military leader
bus changed the spirit of the whole
i u toman force
There may he. Mr M.u-CuKach says,
n formal bombardment of Tchai.ihijj
lines on Monday nlcht to dhert atten-
lion and mark the end of the arm
!"!ho, b it a serious attaek is lmprob-
able. The next move of the llulsar- .
litis will be on Calllpoll. if thev move
at nil. I'll both sides t'leie seein.-i ta
be a display of bluff.
The Constantinople correspondent "f
the D'Ulu Tflfjriwh says that althonsh
uccordmc to statements from the most
compcient peisons lh Tchataldja lines
me already suftl 'lenily provided with
men and means of defence, every day
lone hues nf horses and mule tians
ports. Heidi and mountain artillery and
quick tlritiK Ktins are colnc toward the
Tin- Vienna correspondent of the
D'lilii Mail, referrini; to the rumors of
hi iiiipenillnu attack on (ialllpoll, e
pi esses the belief that the Powers will
not allow any such action, as It would
raise the entire question of the Darda
nelles. Stories of Internecine (roubles In the
Turkish army at Tchataldja persist In
spite of official denials. The Constanti
nople correspondent of the Mid; V'ee
umph, refer! um to the financial diffi
culty of the Porte on account of the
F.uronean (internment refulnB to ,d-
Mince tin-in nionev, waics uiai me i,ov
ernmeiit is cnuntlni; nil the patrlollr I
spirit nf the ( t t hi lit ti populatlc n and the i
sMiin.itliy of MussulnuiiH all otcr t hp I
tt'i irld. '
The orKanlitlnn of such a loin would'
late a double character. It would he
an Internal and a Mussulman loan, The
Ministry of Finance would l.iue trens
ury bonds, with pr visions for lntere' 1
nnd redemption of the couponr. so that j
zealous Mussulmans who, aceor.lltiR t,
th" prescriptions of the Koran, inlKlit t
I object ti rccehlnir Interest would b" I
1 able to receive merely the redemption '
J msialni'iitii. An effort will be made
to oiitaiii sunsenpuons m niese nouns,
I both ill '.he Ottoman Cmplic and In nil
i .Mussulman centres or ine worm.
! 'I'he Solln corresooiidenl of the liallu t
.Villi asserts that after a meetliiK of the
Unitarian Cabinet on Sunday In; was
milhorltntlvely informed that "the riius
will speak before Adiianople to-niorrow
(Monday) iiIrIiI."
Another despatch from Soda stntrs
briefly that hope hps not yet been
i abandoned In many quarters for avett
1 Iiik Hi" w-nr.
! The olllclal newspapers of Curope.
enieclally those of Vienna and Herllll,
1 ...I U ...... Itn. i In l...lK n....AM.l.
war. liiere win ne no pointed or
i separate action. A letter of Kmperor
i Francis Joseph of Austria to the C7.ar
'of P.iinin attracts the sreatest com-
"n" is commented on as helm- of the
Kr"ateSt Itnportaneo toward harmony.
but there arn pessimists who contend
that Ihe tension between Hussla and
Austria, owing lo their respective par
tial niohll7.'it!on against each other, lias
hecomti so acute that extraordinary
Continued on Third Page.
niitr.iT -rHKiit'tiii si-tiivie-i:
i .SOUTIOillN ItAH.W .U. Ihe inillnul hlth
Mai o( itatrl In .SonUicrii Cities mid winter re
nin, n. t nmrr, vim I irtn Ave. iiionc ::u
MmllJon St, Mr . .
' ( iinilllliiii of Ihr Pool Iff salil
llrinnnil Increased Heat.
iveiil' 1,1'i'f If.ltl'rf. t; Tin' St
I..MKIN, I'lli. i! The Home colic-
' .Int. ill. a! .tf t.u Ihliln ta.t relll esellt s
the I'olli'lllon of the I'ope. lis ntinoutliod
h lr. Martiilnfinn on .luuunry .:,
when the hit tor InlMed tluit the Poll
t.ff should stop lilt In" audiences for the
preji nt. ii" .ui"im; ansiety ut the S 1 1
IMr. I, I,. I linillionrne, ,lr., hls
lllle I, nods Woi Ler.
I, anti'iuiiicd last nlcht i.ia' Mr
IT. I. Ciiadhmirile. .If., who s In'.errsted
, In the sttiklliK While Goods WMlkels.
, kh e in re than M.nmi to ihe Women's
Trade t'n. 'ti l.'amie. Ml" l'oja I.i
i l'olli tte, tiMin whom the news tame
I lit m. "aid mat Mi, i li.ulboir.'iie, .Ir.,
who 1 a well known "Ultracette and the
wife of a lawe,', atieliilfd some of the
I strikers' ni'i'tlmis wit'a lu r.
' "i if course." ald M!s I..1 r.illetie
"all information on the nutt.r s lou'.d
i come lioui the leasue. which has super
I islon of the distribution of the m mey."
Asked what the c.lc. s llil Wa.
"Ail 1 .a:i s.i that the amount
i an oe espr, ssed on. in foir fl.ares.
oil n " 'iae : i auess the res
Prill. Ilskar in Collision tit Sen
Sailor Hescned From
Piui.il l-.l.l'iili Keb Z - The 1 latnbiii 2
Am.rican liner Prinz tVskar. steamliiK
lull 5pefd on the tlrt lei; ot her
.ince lo llamliurs. mid the four
masted schooner Cltv of Henrsetown,
m mldliiK under full sail In n tresh
northwest tale for Sivnnnah. eollided
arlv this moiniiii; otT Ptve Patbom I
I Sank llehishlp forty mile at sea duel
eaJt of the IVI.uvurc cities I
Tue sailing e?cl sank after i.immlns i
II .laKJJed hole III the Steel port plates of'
the liner, which iie.ul sent her to the'
bottom. The weaker vessel drilled nway I
and ilKtpearod in een minutes time.'
MiiMiik by the Niw
Capt A. C Slocum nnd his crew ofj
seun men were :aed alter a thrlllltiRj
battle for their lives. Half of them were I
asleep when the ships rammed Those
awakened by the impact and Jolted from
their l.erth In the forecastle were iv-irly I
trapped by falllnc masts, sails and rlR- .
KliiK which strewed the decks.
As the bow dipped Into the water nnd i
the ship stood nearly vertical lefore I
plunclm; to the Isittoin the eight sailors
crawled to the stern nnd dropped owr-
i board Into Icy water. A sailor wielding
ii butcher knife had severed the lash-1
Inc" of n dory. ,
Thtee cabin and tlilrt streraKe pas-feni.-ers
aboard the Prln7. Oskar were
' panlcstrlckeu. I'pon (leenp to the
upper decks they found the liner listed
kullv to poit and In danfrer of shlppln
w-ater thrnush tlie hole ft t the prow
The plates had been torn away in a ''"y"' ' " '"' ' "" rancinK rrom
Jau-u-pd circle biK enouch for a team toi,10n ,"' "ft0rt. ln ' nn-v ,ln" would
diive Ihroiich Fears of Ihe nassenirers
were soon abated bv Capt. von I.euen
fels and his ollicers. The liner receded
'from the sinklni: schooner and llfeliats
were lowered. After ,i thrlllliu; battle
'they succeed, d In savinc the sallora in
ihe dory, which had been caiiKht in the
miction of the sniklnc schooner. The
liner returned to Philadelphia.
I Inns of Tnnil) Will TnUe eten
t fr I'narir.
Pillt.ttT.U'lttt. Feb. " -Warden Itobert
Mi Kent of the eastern Penitentiary
has .started a class in forclcn ImiKUaues
unions the conticts .loscph 1'atidson.
n IiIbIiI.v eiliicated man. Is In churBc
in which then- me rcprcseutatlt es of
live nations (Ireeks. Italians, I.ltbu-i
iinlans. Poles and Hermans. .
I i.itidsoii, formerly a real estate mall 1
was senlenceil to seven yeais for for- ,
Kery. Ills class consists of twent con-
t his, evert- one of whom has at
aeven jenrb In nive
The Central lira m h nf the y. M.
C. A.
here has supiilletl him with translations
of the liimuaues ho has lo le.ieli and,
will send a competent Instructor to him i
each week. i
Ir. ('( unite II llonrils (lie slilp nml
liHinlnis I'nnneiiKerM on Wn) 1'p.
Health Ofrieer .loscph .1. (iVnunell
made a tiii 1 1 1 the Uiy last evenliiR
o, ,,, (im.-ii'ili i'
C iriiiaiiiti becauni In1
sill.Ji.'l the ship til II
,h,j )M( Vi.int ,,,
, l.lle iloi'kllli;. V. I. led Wolllil ll.'ive lii.etl
1....1 .1.. 1 ...
the Hood tnl" with her pointing?
down lb" bay. To com" around she
wnuld h.iv" had to make u Iiiiib turn
and idi" inlRhl have been delayed morts
than an limit.
Dr. 'Council, therefore, did not stop
the liner, but permitted Cupt. Hair to
keep her Just under sleeriiReway while
the doctor ami his assistants boarded
Her stei.niRe passeiiRers were ex-
Ilmliied as she nroceeileil to her dock .
. .
rhllil tlnrn In Convleteil l.lentennnt'a I tf,1,"t 111 which John W. Cotitcrse also
..... . s. was Injured. II iletelopeil lo-tliiy that
Wife Mil .Strong. 1 iSni(Ul,.n waM ,,.,, ,,,.,-, v.
The Infant k'irl which wa.s born to Two yeara iiro Mr. Snowilen wan
Mrs. Charles (Seeker, wifo of I. lent, picked us a substitute on the American
Meeker, Saturday inornlnir. died yeslnr- polo team, which met (ho Hrltlidi team,
day afternoon at the Woman's Hospl- ma piayinR had Improved Krcatlv since,
till, nt 14. West lonth street. Mr, snwden and Mr. Converse were.
The chlhl'H Keneial weaklicsa was the I rlinnnK m ),IkIi speed Pi bo In timet
cause of her death. Mrs. Hecker will for McMy dinner nt the Hellevue
not bo told of the loss until this nwrn-, ptI-tf,,r(, Tlioy endeavoicd to puss a
! biiRcy nnd their uutonioblle stuck in
iiorhiH AH.ANTH' eeiAsr i, ink's)
Fltirlil Bpectal," IJ: nnon. All nte-l electric
II. Int. I I'ulimaiii. .Superior roiiiitrar, I5H Il'way.
Ail. t
Miin New Yorkers
Wlien Park-iii-(lie-Piiip
PtM'tis to Cromid.
(iue.its Kind No Time to Pes-
riinks nnd .lewclrv
From Fliinip'.
AiM'.s. S i' i'i b. - The I'ark-ln-tlic-P.nes
Hotel. Aikeii's lainnin toutlsi
hostelry, was b irned to the proiind this
mornlm: In one of the mot spectacular
(lies this cltv h.'. ever seen, I pwatd
ot a qiiurter of a million dollars In prop
'ert, liKludlni; jewelr and personal
' i it 1 1 1 s, as di s'.ro. i d
Theie were many natiow escape, and
I for a time some of the cuests were In
! Iniincill.it.' danger of belli? cut off In .
.the upper looms of the three story1
I huliilluu, lmt nil of the forty-four;
; quests p,,t out safel. Most of them
iost i verythlni; they brouzht here with '
them, leaving their peisonal fleets
'..eliiiid as they ran down the tiro
i scapes
Col. A. C. Dl.'k. manasei of the i
hotel. wa overcome bv snioke when he
shed down into th" basement as soon
ns ie Hre was dlscovcnd. nnd but
for the a-siftance of some of the help
who followed he would have sun'ocileil.
He was drairsed out In a senil-con-scions
The bulldlnc way a three :ory frame
structure containing 17 rooms. The
tlte orlBlnated ill a storeroom In the
basemeul directly at the foot of the
e'.iai,)r shafi. wheie a larse stock of'
iumlier had been olaced iiretiaratorv to
the m.tkliiK of certain improvements oa
the building A; about 11 o'clock ihis
, inornlm: smoke was iileovcred iiourliiK
i tliroush the cracks of the lour In the!
i lloti ' lobby.
Col D'ek ran down staus l.m was
iiiiable to make his throiiKh the
dense clouds of Miioke ami sank to the
floor. rallluK for assistance Tin tiiin
. Hies after Col. Dick wa.s rescued the
I busi mem was a (lory furnace and Ihe
' f1aiii" Wire linadini: the muier Honrs
As soon as the
alarm was sounded
Ihe Biiist.i poured
tllioiiBh the hotel
rr.inticall from the burnlnc bdlldini
leavmir their peisonal effects lichiii.l
So dense was the smoke it was linpoi.i!
ble to save anythliiK ei i pt from one
wIiik of the bulldlmr, in which Ihe dlu-
Ini; r n was located. Mrs. John W.
Nar of Trenton. .V. .1., ran out of tier
roonin on the third stoiy at the cr or
tire, IfP.vInK J2.000 worth uf Jewelry on
her llressilin tnhle.
t! .1 Macksoud and his sister Misi
C. Macksoud. who came here a few dais
tiRo from Xtv.- Vork with J10.000 worth
of rims, lice, and fancy pieces, had
these costl goods on display in ,me of
the upst.ius rooms They rushed from
their rooms just as the thick siimUo
was threatening to cut them off. and
barel escaped with their Hies, i ince
outside they cued frnntlcnlly for ns.
u,r,r t"'"' lr,,m Ucsiruetion
With everythlmr Ihey hail s.ied tied
up .n si-awls or towels the Rticsts of
the Paik-ln-the-Plues sat out in ih
woods, watchlns tlie couflacratlon.
Most of the Riiesis were later taken
Into the homes of the Aiken people.
At 1 o'clock this ntternoon alt that
remained of the Park-ln-the-PInrs was
a mass of smokhiB debris and runs f
bare brick cMninoys.
Th" New Vork Bliesm m the lintel
were :
Mr. .loaepli I! Thitiiiiis. Mis. It. ,
Andrew. Florid W .lerfei ,.m. - ,-,ti
Mis F S lined, .John A. Iidler, Mrs.
Cbrlsilmi Uersd. anil Master I curt lleruii
Oil. Mr. and .Mrs. Tlnniias s. Il.iisfoid.
tiobeit II Allen. At-, mid .Mis. Chsrlis W.
McCarty. .Mr. and Mrs li. It. Catt-r, Miss
(ir.i. e Patterson, liem ve ,, Paltei ion,
Jtidvie and .Mi. 1.. C. Hiss.it iind Mis li
A parly of riip! aud t-veiily.flee
vouiib women who came here from
New Voik to work a- th- Park-ln-lhe-Pines
arrited just a-, t 'to last remain,
i m; wim; of ihe burnlUB bulldlm; cnl-
Mt. Dick .iThed tvli'i this
I The I'ark-ln-the. Pines was the nron.
rrty of Mrs. Mi-Arthur of Dirolt, Mich,
It was built in lOOil at a cosi of about
('niilrllinllona I'riuii
Help font leleil
lit er
Hoist:, Malm, Feb. IV -With approx
imately KiO.Otiu pennies contributed Capt.
It. S. Sheridan, c. C. Ilroxon ant) A.
It. Crui'.eu yesterday paltl llielr lines
of J.'iOII each as'eshCtl by the td.lho
Supreni" Court In contempt cases. Tile
charter resulted from publication In
the Hoise Cripifnl Xcwg of criticisms bv
Col. Itoosevelt of a decision hy the Su
preme Court baninc ProRreHslvu
electors from the ballot.
Contributions came from eveiy State
In th" Fnlon and ('.muda.
w"" l"" l'lner
l.imi'a Life
' -
lust Wednesday In an aiitiiin.il.lle
a c-
a enrtrnck.
The maclilne turned turtle,
Mr. Snotvden was cmiRht under It,
A nnn
sbi of AeiOSTt'lt. IITTi:nfl
befurc rctlrlnc for InsoinnU.
'dr. ,
I (Her 100 InJnred When Dynamite
l.rtu (in nt t'lrnf omul.
$trri(it f'rhU 'i.VA fo Tint Sr
, IltviNt, f'eh, nirven perenn!" wrrc
Ullled oiitrlKlit and ninte Hum n hull
r.M'lipP ttnd wero Injurpil hy an explosion of
dynatulto nnd rnrkatock In n hnntware
.stole at I'lcnfucsoM ttwdny. A number
, of the Injured will die. The More was
wrecked and tho mini are bring
! searched for other bodies. AimmR the
Injured who will probably die me
I Koberl IMpar, the malinger of tlio entile I
j of lice udJolnlliK Ihe hardware store,
; nnd two employees, II. Todd and lirau-
ley, nil Atnet ienns,
The owner of the haldwnre More,
.lore Mno, n .Spaniard. I too badly
Injured to tell the cause of the eplo
slnn. Hut It seeniM probable that an
unlawfully larue amount of explosive"
wi'.h kept In the stor. The shock was
1 f. f(. tw.,,nly M,nll(1 nnil tnc ,amaKe
Is estimated nt '500.000.
lllo Unite (ilml tint' nriinent Is
(inltm In (berlt?.
M.ss I'loretue Auhl Haves hi- a
sopimio vnli ii which has been trained
and she's mole fond of the Mnife
than of mone Vesierda.x she nae up
lU'O.ntfi) hy deeidltiK to lieeome n pro
fessional nctt ess.
When Miss Florence who s :' went
to llryn Mawr she took .HliiKins lessons
and wrote letters to h'-i' maiden aunt
about how some da she hoped to be
come a creat slniter.
Two yeais dKo the ma'deii aun died
mid left the income fiom $lv0.00u lo her
niece lo he paid as lonu as Miss Flor
ence did not ki) on the tase In that
event it was to be devoted to charity.
I.a't .nlKht the ounc wonian ap
peared a Mnriiiciili In the irison
..cci.e from "Fans!" ft itn Majestic
Theatie In P.rooklyn "Pin jrlad the
HKii" in solnc to cha'-Uv " she s.ild.
"and I'm ilad that I'm solus to follow
in anibPion '
IVeslilenl-eleet's lie nlxl .Ornish
,T With lllm nl Hertlee.
Pnivcno? . N .1 . Feb President
elect Wlh'on M'iiture.1 forth from his
cottane in Cleveland lane to-day only
to attend communion seivici nt the
First Pii'sbx terlan Chinch lie walked
to the church, accompanied by Mr". Wil
son ami the Misfef .lessh- and F.leaiior
At the i oiiclusioii of the service,
which was the second the President
elect lus attended In his v n church
since his election, he stopped In the !
vestibule lo shake hands with many
friends In the congregation.
All afternoon there were Motors at
bis koine and early In the evetiinsr the
(ioveriior "aid be would be unable to
attend the U-ctUr ,t'i be clven In the
church by his ootifdrt, tli Iter. nr. Sam
uel l.'ett WoodtiridSC who was lo talk
nbout the tenulssance in China
ItrRnl.irs I'nll In Itetliiinil. on
eers llnat llo.e Carl,
Kosru.E Ptiiic. N". ,t l'eb. ". Twenty
of the town's prominent men who wete
' cotnlns from a tlance early this mornliiB
lu eviiiliiE liothej nnd allk hats turned
llrenien and dranced n hose wuroii and '
a hook ami ladder truck for more than j
nine nun ,l li.iu to ii lot-. i in in.--
men of the lowti failed to p spon-l nnd
sahl that they tlid not hear the alarm.
The "silk hat brigade" .started out on
the run, drazRlnc the apparatus, behind
them, but bis-ame exhaii'ted after a
few blocks and were forced to walk the
nstof theway. They extinguished the
lire, w hi. h was conllned to a chlniney.
AlthoiiRh the Fire Department of Itn
selle Pink owns en "ik'i liorse.s to diaw,
the apparatus the.t canniu h. t:-e,I. an!
iicllher the harness nor the .shafts are
of the proper sir.e.
l llltrl In
i i a in e
nl Home.
,Vr e' 'nl.'f lirifnlcl' tt Tnr tv
Hum, Fen. " I'aul tiellchiml of
(Quebec, a student for the priesthood nt
the Canadian Colleue here, sprained his
ankle while playhic football on S.itur-
Dowager yueen MarRherita hap-
peuerl to be paln In her automobile
at the time and insisted on handaitlng
the Injured tendon, She left her auto
and hail the ouiik man carried back to
the coIIi-rp tvhlle she stood In the rain
and waited half nn hour for the return 1
of tin- machine.
The rector of the Canadian Colleiro '
, hns written a letter to the DowiiRer
yueen intini.inR ner lor uer acuon.
The Slort ,.f l ltrl. I Told Wllh M usle.
I.lulits nml ShniltMTs.
Cnltnry episcopal Church, Fourth I Commissioner DoiiRheity said that
atenue and Twenty-llrst strecl, tlie Itev. t tn( lomi, HM far ,c could reeonHlriict
Dr. Theodore SedK"wick rector, hail hist t, must luivo leen somewhat similar
nlehi a unliiie form of rellRloiis worship, to ones seiil to Judse t )tlo Hoselsky. ami
li was called on the proKranime n ser- tho one. sent to tirace Walker, except
vice of IIkIUs. ami was meant to tell , timt lMn ,omu wnH n)m,, ,m)ro p0ver
the story in music, Ikhts anil shadows j ;, i
of tlie life of Jesus Christ. There was. The apartment house Is opposite Cro
no sermon or any spoken word. tona Park, bettvoeu 171st atreet and 8t.
Just befoie the processional of the ' I'aul's place. t was newly built, and
vested choir all llaiits were put out
save tall i-anulcs which burned at
ends of tho pews. Members of Die
choir carried randies as well ns hymnnls,
nnd murched around the church. One
by ono even, the eundlcs on the pews
were put out, nnd this was supposed
to portray the paasliiK of Christ from
the Kplplmny to (Jcthsetnane, At Inst,
when all IIkIiIs were mil, It was said
to be Good Friday,
There was Oood Friday music, and
then one IIrIU appeared In the choir.
Near It wns a boy chorister In White
vestments. As a solo he sane tho fa
miliar words, "The HlVlfo Is O'er," sIk
nlfylnK Caster dawn, and then sud
denly the IlKhts were turned on bril
n siI.MT. l..v. llr.nrt r-rnll Ullv 7:1.1 1. XI.
l'rllculri:'lHrotlwy. Phnne 30 Midliun.
Wife of Cuban Janitor
Bronx Apartment Was
Opening It.
Wrecked and Bodies
Three. Filled With
Iron and Glass.
on lluililintr
Foreclosed on
Madeline Itcriera. wife of IWiiardo
' Herrera. n Culuti, superintendent of an
apartment house at 147,'i I'nlton nv enue
i The Itronv, was liisiautly killed by the
explosion of nn infernal machine she
was unwrapplnt: nt ! o'clock last niKh.
Her hiisKiinl mid a boarder. Miss
Sarah FUKhtin.in. i!0 vears old. fore-
unman In a downtown factory who
I were standing bv. were severely injured
and may die
The injuted were taken to Fonlham
i Hospital with two neore ot nun"
, wounds in their bodies made b lira's
I mid Iron sluts, pieces of rIhk nnd other
li-oiiips which had been put
infernal machine.
Into th"
Carly this? mm nine the
Hospital authorities pave It
n their
opinion that Miss Fuuhtman
will ilk.
j Herrera will r cover,
:.i nald. but will
lose his rlpht eye and
his face will b
marked hy many ncars
Commissioner Dntiirhrrty save out
statement early this morning in which
lie said he was convinced that the bomb
wl Ich killed Mts. Herrcta wa.s the Mim
kind of a bomb as that which killed
tirace Walker anil the bomb which ex
ploded In .ludce Kosnlsky's house. He
believes thut all three bombs were made
by the same hand, and were Baaplp
"This may br-the volution of the (.race
Walker nnd P.osaliUj bomb mysterlen."
said lioiiRhcriy. "I know bombs better
than nny man In New Vork end 1 tu1
ed the Walker andKo.ialsky bomb"
lor month's "IT thcsoliombs. Includlnc
this one, were mirin In a boJt in such a
way that whn the lid iym lifted the
bmnb wa explodW hy.the do.Mnfr of U
rlectric circuit. I believe the exploitive
whs packed In some-kind of a pipe."
There were no .ships In the bomb
which exploded In Judge lStisaksky s
, apartment and Commissioner UoiiRh-rly
wns sure there weie no slilRs or loose
pieces of metnl in the one which killed
Mrs. Ilcrr in Hut those who examined
. the apartment closely found small bits
of metal with old brcn'.s and a reportt-,-liowed
one or two of tkite pieces and
, ami an old bran screw- which h- had
picked up to the Commissioner.
I l.'oiiKherty seemed somewhat taken
ln. ...a. ,,j i, ..t,, ... !,,. ,!, ...-..,.
, ,1J(, fimn(, Uu.1Ui , .,,,,, ,
(belief that there were no loose bit. of
1 in 'tal 111 the bomb.
The Itosalsky nnd Walker bombs wcr
. rent throned the mall hi such a i.h'
, " lM,e.e,I, while las, niKht a
;i,,,i, i,,..i , ,. ...ii,, ,
The Cotlllillstiiolier Is not sure If it was
Iniendeil for Herrara.
The bomb which klhed iSrat e Walkfr
wa.s packed
iinial, some
with billlel and hi! i of
of which penetrated her
Coroner Ileal) ordi fell Herrera and
the woiiiiin boaitlir detained in Ihe litis
pllal till he could iiiicstlou them.
Horrfrn found 11 paekaite wi ripped up
and not addressed In lite vestibule of
bin apartment hoiifc u little liefore 1
o'clock. He took It In hi.; wife. ,V MP
Heirera lemoved the wrappings of the
parkaK" the explosion look place
Herrera la 4a .trara old. the sain
nr'i, 'I. lil t.-lf. II,, I,,. l,.... l. I....,.-
J f),r 10UtJ ,.,, , llee
employed In the npartiucnt ln.us
where the accident happened for only
four months. He denied In the bos.
pltnl that he bad any cuiise to belletn
he hail enemies who tiilRht have sent
him the bomb, mid last nlRbt the pollen
had no solution to offer as lo Ihe sender
or for the l-etison for srmllni- (lie in-
i f,.m muchlne.
Deputy Police Commissioner Doimh
I crty arrlveil at the apartment house at
mldiilRlit, and took charge of tho pollen
ItivestlKnthm, Ho sent Ins detectives
i the lielRhhr.rs lo U am If thny
knew or suspected anythlnK which
I uilRlit help in itivestlKatliiit th" trim.
i the owners had dltllcully In rulslnir the
money to complete it and tho hulldlpe
next door, put up at the same time ant)
similar In t-unstuctlon to the iipurtuie.nl
house where tho accident ncrtirrvil.
On Saturday h mortKiiRe on tho bulld
Iiir was foreclosed mid the two apart
ment houses were sold. The police
could not learn Inst nlKht the iimim
eif the purchaser.
Herrera bus one daUHhter. named
Anfc-ellna. a Rlrl 20 years old. For the,
last two or three days a niece of Mrs
Hertera, numed Mrs. Ci-cllla CallaliHiv
has been tisltlntr the Herrera fatnlls
Tho parents, tho datiRliler, the hoarder
and Mrs. Callahnn t-onipted the housa
hold. ICarly yesterday evenlna Anscltna
Herrera nnd Mrs. Callahan left th
house, saylnic they were Koine to a
moving plolure thotv tint far from

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