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Fair and colder to-day: fair to-morrow;
northwest wind?.
Detailed neither reports will be found on page I J.
rojiinoif, ion, bji Ike Kieii I'ltutlng nurf I'uhlhhltig Anorlntmn.
,o, LXXX.- NO. 157.
IVtrni Miack n Adrinnoplo
iitwl Tohalaldja at 7
o'clock Sharp.
jii;avy fining heard
Kr-iflcnts of Mustapha Tasini
Listen to Cannonade at
mi i iii to snn?F.xiKit?
I.'cpofi Tlml Tt rnnimnnder
! ':ir trenrtli f Sorli
.th ' rtrtpalsht' In Tnr St-
."MVTivnn.E, Fob. 3. It Is olnclally
n- 4 that thn allies reopened the
ine'imby ax 7 o'clock to-night.
k ng both Adrianoplc nml tho
ild.li line. The bombardment of
i.'pf was renewe-el, but tho opera-i-
Tohataldja nre declared to be
't t m
nn-.'tllcinl report this evening
.4t the village of Tchatnldja l(
.mil thn liulgarians retreating,
c'v trying to ilr.iw out the Turk--.tjt
Tho foreign Consul nt
tle telegraphed to their Am
i s hero, urging them to arrange
besiegers to have n section of
v teserveel for foreign residents
ir be botnb.irdeil. Otherwise
rentiers are to be allowed a safe
Miiougli the lines of the be
lt is stated that the foreigners
f'lo'nl Anmcc Offomtin has mad
announcement that n Servian
r.vod In Constantinople to-day
- .i message that the armistice
a prolonged for four days.
l'ob. II. A despatch received
-m Mustnpba Pasha, timed 9
' -ate that n tremendous cannon-
- .. ultlle In the direction of Adrla-
1 1, ii
ilon Urlletr. A nibassndars' Kf-
l.irt. Will Ilnil ."urcrn.fallr.
' "inl Cablt VrtpaltK to Tnz Sex
uN', 1'cb. -I. The war ha ben
. 1 but peace in probable. Thin
i a'adov pre'ntr by the latest
l the Turco-b.ilkun contllct.
no apparent roRson to doubt
' aPbs have actiiHlly renewed
.irks mi the Turks, although the
are lacking corrobol atlvo detail.
mmo time there is a stranito
- ' nee of the belief that peace Is
Th' flort.s of thn Ambahfildors
nn'lnople und Sotla to persuade
gtrentf to come to terms were
Mfcterday, according to ic-
,n the form of threats or pres
.' rather a paternal advice.
Miiar'ers In Constantinople are
! tri .is holdmc the view that a
'ii -.f the llRhtlnir does not cx
cam nepntlatlnK for peace
'leal writer in tho ni7 .Vcic?
' rnrjcr state? with Mime certainty
' o ni initiations between the Turks
in Hnlcars have lieen proccedlnn
i)a fer the last twenty-four hours
nnsi(iience of the friendly mio
f ihe Powers throuch their rep
i'ivfs at the HulnarUn capital.
" r pop, y in said to ho to effect a
ment by the modification of the
j- reply to tho Powers' note
.-o's financial strait and the ro
il divisions fn tho uttoman army
'lii'f !n which is not sh.Uton by
r.i! zler .Mnhmoud Sho ki t Pasha's
' oilii .a denials! ate tockoned a
"I. factors In the mnklnK of jioace
- uuui.sted that the alllo., m the
e determined to Krab Adrla-
mi ii,.iv in attempt little at the
.'tin lino-, hoping that the fao
noc'iern capital will ind'ire th;
' 1 'e ,ii,w up the (-poilljo.
' li i made in somi- ciuaitets of
"t'"ftid Hulqarlan vvlllincno'-s to
' enrmy some sort of permH-
' pri "-"ntatlve? at Adrlannple. as
I vostorda. but It heems that
' If anything ntw In th
" it
' 'ilars Ions; ai;o Intimated tlielr
t " t-rart or diitiss the terrl
"' Hie Mi-called holy plac. s of
A liulKarlan diplomatist in
i d.--, uss.ni; the ropott last
I ''i..i tin ; t.iteiiu nt as Issued
lima iii iti ssion and while
i i li itu ut of truth In it It
1 1 supi i d i'of a moment
1 1 ' Kom- to li a'.o Adl'iaiinplo
' ilomiiiatiou
I i-imiIii - in tho ( iitoin.iii
hiihuMhr Xvi'iiiw i r llorlin,
iber .Hid conn . vatlve ail
' ' s posrlmisilo in t from
o,,. Iii leetluli with tho
i. .ii tb.it almost the
tin tunu d nwilnst Crauil
i. , .-iiii.f..", p.ishn l'cit"V
iil nl it. on ib'r i.'iillz,
i . 1 of tlio Turkish army, the
. il'K lin-i compli iolv won
' l ' i of III" Hoops oil the
liin n 1 1 I (loiuands the piin
tbo i.iuri'erer.M of N'azlm
Inio .Minister of War and
' M i til. f. ,,-iit nbo the ro
. M . 1 1 1 1 1 . 1 1 . 1 Sholkit Pasha
Pa " 1 Ho i iiiiiii.i in lor at Ad
iiol .M it i-.-1 i.i I li'u.til P.isha are
' ! .due in .iioime Nh.Iiu'h
.-" iiKi I P.islui l.s t oproKonli d as
''I lo M tile . I I'll I ii n t .s al Con
i iiiiiii illntoly he yoth free
' -. i llopll .
i i'-'i o.r., lie- (ii Ciiiislauti
i im while, the p.ipi'r linos oil
iiiiiim',1 muniu' uud lmv
ii.iioui Thov h.ivo refused
'''I'l 'v"t I'.oh.iV order to o-
h mios,
.lil' illp'S ; t III I lie
i !"! ii i urn h I'iui-
Mjlri- iirriiiniilliiK ,M .rrnll
f l,nil lliiriuii.
'' li'tiuitsi i t, ., ,
l.n.viM.v, vb. 3 Th- invstery -if
Gainsborough's painting of 1,,'dv Ann
Mutton oiottpird the law court to
d.iy. I.aelv Ann was nn auoe-tnr of the
plaintiff, (i. r Iiurion of P.urton Hull.
County Callow. Thete weie tlllee tie
fend.inis, Alt. Kn'glo.low. Agnew'. the
; art eie-aier. n( the e-xooutors of the
j late aviator I). Allen. vvline elo.ith
. was presumed to have heeu caused by
i Ills drowning n t,P ri.li Sea win', oil
, in ncrlnl tllKlif .
In 1!I1 Agii''Ws' bought the Gains,
borough m Cliiinie'n art iicuilnn mom
, for flj.uftu from the l.ile Mr. Allen,
who. like Mr. Murtoii. was a descendant
of l..ul.v Ann. Mr. Kngledow wanted
j to take Iturton Hall on a Ions lease
1 from the plaintiffs father, ami It l al.
j leced that dining his subsequent ten
, anoy the picture disappeared. How
ever. Mr. Fnglodnw maintain" that It
was never there.
Counsel for Mr Aliens executor,
who dloed or the Gnln.sbotough, de.
dared in court to-day that the picture
hud been In the Allen family for vcar.
Micr .nr. liurtoti n-nlor died Mr.
Hngledow In l!Htl handeil over to the
executor eight paintings which, he said,
he Ik id 'found In the cellar." There
Pointings were valued at only 51,(90.
The plaintiff's counsel .suggested In
court that Mr. F.ngledow had stolen a
large amount of valuables anil the
G,ilnborough. However, there- can be
no blame placed on Agnew.'. The pos
sible explanation of the affair Is that
G,iinhoreiugh painted two pictures, the
Allen family having one and the Itur
ton family liming the other The late,
aviator fold his, while the Iturton
pnlnUnK has been lost, Mr. Knglodow
being asked to account for it
1 The case was adjourned after the
facts had been presented.
I .
lYonnjr Biirplnrs Nnhliod With
$:.000 Loot Aftor Hot
Two youthful burglars -with $S,000
worth of loot were captured after ft
runnlnK revolver ficht with the police
on th roof of the five mory tenement
house at 161 Wet Fifteenth utreet last
nielr discovery was dun to the oc
cupants on the top floor of th tene
ment, who reported to Patrolman Flood
that they hail heard footsteps on r'le
roof Flood found footprints In 'the
snow on the roof and summoned the
j reserves from The West Seventeenth
. street station.
Capt "Wakefield ordered ths adjolnlnir
loft bulldlnc surrounded, while he with
Patrolman Hood stayed on the roof of
the tenement house and Perfrt. McClrath
I with Patrolmen Itoss and C'onnelley
.forced a door Into the loft bulldlnc
'There they heard men runntnc A hasty
j survey showed them that the Jwlry
ioflloes of I.. Davidson A- Co had b'en
! McGrath followed th Intruders to thn
(roof and as he appeared with hl men
lone of the fugitive turned and fired.
; A fusllladff nf ten or a do.en shots fol
lowed. Then the bumlars ran toward the
drain pipe and Jumped to the tenement
I roof, dropping a ban of watche. dla
imnnd rlncs and other Jewelry thev had
t on the tenement roof Capt Wake
field and Patrolman Flood confronted
j the burclars with drawn revolvers and
they surrendered.
On one of them was found a five
chambered revolver, with all of ike
shells, empty
At the police wtatlon one of the
burglar said he was John Taylor Is, of
the Mills Hotel. Hosldei the revolver
he carried a Jlmmv throe feet long. The
other said he Was Paul Dubois. I'l. of
SO'.i Wot Twenty-seventh street
The entire neighborhood was attrai ted
by the shooting and a l.nco i rowd
! Dailnhlrr Will Share In llvinir,
TIioukIi llefaaliiB to (lull II uslin nel.
Supreme Cotltt .liltne Ford nileil
yesterday that a man who elislikes his
son-in-law i-aiinot dllnhor.t hi elaugh.
1 tor merely hecauo s lo refues to sep
I arate from her hsuband. The court
! accordingly held Invalid a codicil to tho
; will of Franz Suchy, a wealthy retlied
merchant, who died in November, 1311.
which prrivideii that hi daughtcr
1 should not shale In llis estate unless
she left her husband, Dr. Julius G.
P.iidcr of 34ft Hast Seventv -second
Mr. Panlcr was committed to the
Manhattan State Asjlum in 190!. where
she i still a patient. Her husband,
a the coiiinutti'o of her prnpeitv. sued
to sot aside the codicil on the ground
that it Is con'rary to public policy ami
i:ploiles em lloeif meet lierl I'einlo
niouu linriiienl t nrUrri,
Jus! nt folic strike breakers i tnployed
by the' troiiM'i' limiting tirin of Smsman,
W.iila' h i Sont.ig at SI! I'ifili avenue
and l oused bv lliem on Iho top lloor of
the j-. v . 1 1 story lofi building al thai
number were going to boil lust night a
luiiiib "-xpln'lul on the roof. The e'.x
plmloii "Imttoied tho glans Iii a skylight
lighting the bg room ami m nt the foriv
strike bieakers Hying lo t tie- street In
various stages of Ululless.
No one was burl In the building
wlu-io the' explosion ooi urri d, but In
tho mx story toiiemeiit next door at S7
Mrs. A nun Gee-risky, who liven on the
top lloor, was soveiol.c clut be flying
glass. In nil soM-uty-slx window lights
were broken.
Mot of tln strike- bip.ikeis weir In
ilii.'i il 'o r 'tiini lo t lie Ii lildmg.
s iiiiiii.i V I V X nlli-,M.t
I'Arr i imllic kiiuinih bli'inl X'nsinii.'ir pimlin t
ill l-roohr a I ' He s Urn- . V leir,
Indit'tnl I'ntroliiuiii Pleads
(''uill .'mil .Makes a Coin- i
plele ( itnfessiitn.
NO I.M.MIXITY i)ITi:ii:i
Sa.vs He Collet-led ,S0lt Monthly
Troni Hotels and Cave
ash to Captain.
I'.Tr.ilm.in llii.sene Ko. a'cused bv
C!core A Slpp and Thomas .1 Dotian
of belnu a collector of police protection
money, pleaded Riillty to an Indictment
for bribery before Justice lioff in the
Criminal Ilranch of the Supreme Courl
i yestrrdav afternoon. I'ox's surrender
to the District Attoi'nev was uncondl
j tiolial.
I Ifefore chnntfinp the pita, a chanpe
which he did not make until after a
j Jury had been selected for his trial.
I Fox made a complete confeslon to the
I District Attorney of his experience av
j a collector of police graft. He s.ild that
from March, 19ns, to D.ccmhnr. 1'ip.'.
he had collected jbout $J00 a month from
various Harlem hotels, lach place paid
him from $2."i to $100 a month, depend
ing upon Its size. Altonethcr, he said,
ho collected from twelve or fifteen
different hotels and other ro'orts, all In
the Fast 126th street precinct.
III work as a collector hod not been
Interrupted, he said, by his being trans
ferred two years ago to the West lftZd
street station for patrol duty In uni
form. He still went the rounds In thn
Fast H6th street precinct In hi off
time. Slpp had made this same state
ment regarding Fox's continued activi
ties. Fox gave the District Attorney
the names of seven of the places from
which he collected regularly with their
addresses and the names of persons who
had made tho payment.
All this money, he said, he turned
over to a riollce captain without retain
ing any of It for himself. He declared
that he had never received a cent out
of the money he gathered and that his
only Income was the M.400 a year he
receives ns a patrolman.
Itefore he began to collect graft from
hotels. Fox said that he had collected
excise graft for various police captains,
whose names he gave.
Inipeelor I. Implicated.
Tox's confeslon yesterday also 1
understood to have Implicated an In
spector, but In this case there was an
Intermediary between the admitted Ci.l
lector and the police official, Mr. Whit
man, however, has other linos of evl-
d-nce leading toward this same Inspector ront. bo(W lhp nnmin, ,Rlllr of tho
and has only begun on this phase of 1)OM(,M wllcll ., r. IiM1P(1 jn i.omi,m
the situation. 'nt r-i3 .,,) , ..,rv ,lt i,; r-hlna has
Continuing nn the way toward the,KVPU uiidortiiklngs respecting the uos
places "higher up" Fox har opened the tl, wlilch the loan will be applied and
way In the belief nf the pro, cutor's so undertakis to establish loan and
ofr for on Investigation which will , aui)lt departments and a salt Inapecto.
have the definite objective point of a r.,t... j p. olsen, the Dane, has been
civilian connected with the Police Di - appoint, d coinpoctor of the latter. Ho-
jpartment. jceutlv Franco made objoclon to M
, The mystery which has surrounded ul!i0 wl.n ,-hina appointed him as
i tho urnfl sttnnllon In Harlem un c. L...i .-- .... ..
i""- - .
n-..ii uiriiriiT'ii . . noiiiirrnion,
yesterilay that it is not considered Im-
I probable that, the policy uf tilling
I rather than accepting the role of scape-
i nunc mu- or louowou uy one man oi iar
higher rank than Patrolmtin Fox
lirein.1 .Inrr lleenneiie, Vlon.Uj.
, . .
I he extraordinary Grand Jury, which
recently toog a recess until rniruary,
IT. vclll r-n roennc'enpil nn Moiiibio 1- i
I-1 " ." '
und at leat four other witnesses vwi!
be called before It to repeat the s orlon '
ilw.t- f,lr.,,l. I,.,,... i. .1.1 i.. .1... niui,
' - .'i.-.. .. i
; Attorney, accusing a police cupi.ilu f I
grafting The statement alteady made I
to tiie District Attorney by Fox. ioii-j
pled with th.- testimony previously In ,
- ,,.iii ...
stltuio it sttong e ase iigalnst iiu.- oil'-I
A brother of Fox told the OW.iiol
Attoinoy's olllto .vesterday that ho In.q ,
carried to a lawyer IJ.iO of tiie l,no.i
which, including to Slpp, wa iai"d
to keep him out of the- State iiiu.I tliei
Fo.x matter was ovei . IMwaul J. .Now
1 ell. Slpp's former attorney, nlremly I '
uiieler indictment in connection with
persuading Slpp to icmaiii awa Tills
1.1-,,. hl- tt 1,'r.v l,u 1 ...
, ; .. r ; . ..
j,.,.-.. ........ ,,u nn; iiitiou ,UI
I'.ory.hlng ho knows bearing mi the
, situation.
Fox, who was detailed to plain clothes
work In the Hast llfClh stioet station
under Cipt. Thomas W. Walsh for sev
einl years, was licensed by George A.
Slpp and Thomas ,1. Doilan before tin
Ciirrau committee on December l
'Slpp said that for live- years lie huel
paid Fox $Ioo a month for protect Ion
'for his Italllc Hotel. They said that
Fox had IndlciitceJ that Inspector Dennis
Sweeney was Ills boss.
inel eleel lor HrlUe,','.
I ox was Indicted on Januarv I". f ir
ibery and gave himself up iho mumo
y After three days In tiie Tombs i
Inelleleil for llrltiei'.v
'ho wa teleaseil on $r..0uu cash ball.
. Slpp and Dorian previously had "ill- '
appealed " Th.' former was found ami
put himself in the hands of District
Attorney Whitman. lie re-tuuicd to 1 the- miie-hlnc was put over Itorlh.i's '"""''"d alonii. I Miss Seeley to-day wired New York mac bo adopted b;- the commission on
N".v York and gave testimony befote- ; fin e im, uttfr half nri hour's work tho' ""' -'ftioii of the official lawyers lo learn If the divorce decree ' Wednesday. Members of the Hoard of
Iho Grand Jury, which resulted In Fox's machine' gave u tiilnt click, showing that " !'" ,l,ul accepted the offer of n bathtub I from her, secured by Joe Kane last estimate said yesterday nfternoon that
reindictment. Dorian, uriwovi-r, was there hail been an Involuntary Intake of ' ',0'"mo Known In 1'rban.i they were j mmtli. forbids her marriage to tho they would meet to receive the con
.still inlsltig and Fox continued lus'iilr. In n few minutes tin' cHri b-.,i r dennunceil by the homefolk. Conse- New York Giants pitcher. tracts as soon a the commission ha
preparation for elefeuco. Jhoii mi Sun-
(day night Dorian reluriied lo Now '
York and ,oi. orre-d w ith Mr. Whitmai.
, The (list thing Fox saw ir his now,
tl,,rin,i ,-l nr,,...I ... '
papers yosieruay moining vv.i tin- an
nouncement that Dm Ian was in (it.
hands of Iho District Attorney.
Oirrliire In VC lilliiinn,
lie iniiiieillalely went lo the nllke of
hi liwe-rs, Grant & Hon, at ;oi
Nuskiii (troei. There the pollcoman , trefs. who aliom -l she had been ells-' and Grand It.tplds. Mich., Omaha, Neb Marquord Insists he has quit base-(has a dav's work to do in hi court
I'Xpiossed himself with force regarding olinigml f'-uii tne east of "The Flrcll.v ' , and Medford, Mass., all begged for the null and "roasts" his treatment by Mc- 'duties, and this, with thn Incidental for
tho .situallou he was called upon to by Arthur H,imnieit"lti because the an-' honor. j Grnw. 1 malltlrsi of taking the oath of of floei w ould
fare now dial not only one hut iwoilhor of the piece, .injected to her per-1 ,s I'lndlaj, (Hiio. applied first and! 1 bring his moment of taking ofllce very
laociis-is win- in cow a iu jiuici. mm. ; iiirm lino on mc uroiiuo in.it sue spoiieu is near l tbana anyhow, the bathtub Itlossom Seeley's husbnnd. .Ice Kajie. near to that n-t a tne ciruet nour
'lie elotnnndeil that n ertutes be- in, ne I the love scenes by being "too good look- , wIP be sent there. Itut the- peeiple 0f secured an Intrrlocutory elecree of ' for concluding tho walk under Mr
lo Hie District Atlnrne.v looking to a ' itr-'." won a e-iise b.'foie lustlce Young ' I'rbanu vvlli lime to pey the freight. jellvorce from her about two weeks ago, Wlllcox.
pi-slblo hglitenliig i'f his ellfllcultles. 'tl the Fifth Municipal courl yeslerelny. n, Mlr. cnf, ho married nnvwhero out- Justice McCall has had the muter of
1,' .1 'iiwl l.rillfn .1 Ctf-fine tt-r.l t.. il. unr.il e.if t 1 1 tl mhIui'I- f.'.r ..,. .nnl...i ' .. ...... .. . . .. .... H.O.IIr. -1...
- , "n- niviMi.aiiii -tiiii... ii. .. ..... sine or ,ew inriv ciaie wrieniue nerree the eiii'.u iiiansinj- . i mr . .. -..v ...,o-.
nn'l '! ''av "",r' de.-,e,i th.it "ni K:t i Vuir "tt " mi line'! ! I" mde llnal. That will be In about I Commission under consideration f. r a
j Co ii f n tied on Thinl Vauc Jho ws entitled to collect. "Klorlit Hreehl," t: M noon uu o'nr, -a. J two months and a half, j motja month. His polllK! friend. u-4
iiicrlcn ii VtiKoiiiii in Planner
; ,
Mr f ii iiiiii' rti lit plum I Ion
I Wo III rt Al' I,, ON pe(J, Ho l ot.e
theiu to In under the . .uloisluii of
vbhi.iimir Sti'f.inss.ni wim w ii: go back
.'iv.iit to Hie l.in.l of 1'ie blond
klmo". t ihnyj. from eiplorer
l olmo and In Sou:h America weto
.Huong too .inn mil. enioii.s of lleiirj
I'alrlleid 1 1st i .' ii plfslileni of h
American Mum'iuii of Natural ll.v.ory.
at the annu.il mooting of the 'tMHlees
In ii tld i i in ji to i ieport there was
the fuitlut .-taK ment thin a committee I
composed of l'e m. Warhuta. Adrian
lselln .It . and Aiuliow W. It.ud has
about completed plan to Install a nen-
, sloit system for employee of the mu-
-cum I he rr uit win In. that .H nli,;(.
omplovee of i:y wli.i have been fifteen
years in the mu. um will ho retired on
a poii'lon (filial to otie-iiiarter their
working :ilary while women or tin will
reiolvo file same benefit.
The second Stcfrmsson expedition.
which will start in July, will take the
Cor Tt.n , i' 17 i "o ,",ry r,,hr,npPiit substance
i.ornnatlon Culf and will last three1..
years Mrs. Morrl K. Jenip has sub -
scribed J:',1.0ii(i for the exploration fund.
The second expedition, which will be un-
dor Hie leadership of Donald II. Mac -
"I"'" Pl-re fhe toirltory In thn
northwest of ftrant f.riiul n ,,.,, rt.t l...
IVarv '
I T T T n Tv m
illllinilUUlS fll UnJl '""comnmiee, which ha been charged
with the drawing of a measure amend
()( ))an.I)R. nrl( 0,lrr,,ttry aW5i wn
Xatioiis to Advnnep .Slio.OflO.-i volr f"r ''uc'11 proposition.
nnn With Salt (Jahelle
as Serurit.
Si'lal ,iblt D'tpatch to Tnr. Sen.
Pemn. Feb. 3. The six Power loan
of fl25.u00.000 to the Chinese Govern
ment has been arranged at last. The
llnal signatures, vvhloa await a com
parison between tile Chinese and Hng-
nui. . . . .. ,i. i ...
, , ; , J nu: , ' "rei
Tlie period for the loan will be fifty
years, the interest will be ,Mj per cent.,
while the security will he the salt
gubelle. The Chinese Government as
sume th d.rect liability and will ap
ply any future surplus of the maritime
customs to the service of the loan
and freeing a corresponding part of the
gabelle for oilier purposes.
Th foreign banks Interested In the
loan will advance $10,000,000 immedi
ately nfter the agreement I signed.
After thai they will l-ue gold bonds,
but If the issue I ilelajcd the.v will
ndvnnce another J10.000.000 In Feb
ruary and Jln.noo.ono In March.
China has the option of converting
or redeeming the loan nt par aftor six
months notice. The repayment vvlllibc administered directly by thn Oov-
beglu nfter fifteen ve.irs.
The nrlce of the ln.m cclll he C. nor'
i oiniiec lot 01 IIIO au gaoeijo. Hie
r-r,.ncn .Min.stor taking the tioltlon
,nt the post should have cone to a
Frenchman, a France and not Den-1
maik is pai tlclpatlng In 'he loan The'Kl"'11 dltectly or Indirectly guarantee
obectlon. however, were removed
ji,,rr uomp. Go: man. has been
."Planted superv lsoi of the audit rie-
pattr.ient and an p.alian will probably
), ,.losn for ,h(, ,an ,r.p.trtmcnt
Th various iiiidertnkinc-s to whlcl,
-,.,.. ,
ii oina nits consented uiciuiie mat tne
ivk.u Goi. rninent will nnr lsn..
t,or loan within six month and will
. .. .. . ...
nio ".no anouior secured by the gabelln
iinl m China gp .-. the six Power
group the option.
'n,H hankoi lo-diic nave evm .-.si.in
.r ... .f tl,.- ability and
IlllilllCO .111111101' IlIspiilVeMI tlirollRllOUt
the ellttloiilt nogotliiMon
- -
r" iiiireini.v Drnil llfi I ceil
Vlio u I nn Hour.
The p.ilinoior :.aved the' lives of two
children who hail Peon uci-lilontaliy as-
..I,...,..,,,,! I,,. ..... .. ,i.i, i,
1 ' "' .,'... .1.1. .ll,l,w,l,ll
' lie I ther i liild show e el an s gn of life
the- machine, opotated by Dr. Sclioll and
i- Kiichb.i.mi .,r th
Foiilham Hos
pital, brought both of them to within
, about an bout
1 The children 'ii!,' Hyaline ll.isch. Hi
yf.-irs old. and her sister Hcithn, 10
yi-iirs eild. Their mothe.r left them play
ing In their home' on the. top tleior of
' 3R.Hi Path ave nue', near Wendover
avenue, The Ilioti".. w bile she vv ent shop
ping. At t o'clock their sister Minnie.
IS ycirs old, teturii'd from school anil
found them unconscious in the l.ltohen !
A gas I'ook of the stove' wa open. '
.Minnie scroami J and neighbors' rnlleel I
policeman, who telenbonoil in tl.,.
Fordham Hospital , , ,u.r way , the
bouse in the iiniliulunce the dootors
htopped at the- p,esiin plant Park
a venue and IxTth street, and borrowed !
'the pulniotoi
The doctors funnel i:v,MU;o not quite
to baellv off n itortb . ,.i,
-ho slightest kIl-ii of lir Tin, ,,,,.,i.. ,.t
covered eunuch in niton- ii,.. ,e,.i.
.... ..v.-fi.-i iij
turn their attention , ,e-r sister, and n
a short time she- also was br u g "
at. ,i K,lt ,
cnmiiruu OltiXti. i
rlrra. tllaelin rue-el Mr Thai llrnaem
Win. sl,,r. s,. !
.Miss Ihud.. Cnii r C.irrlngton, an a - '
(ilass Coinniittee Is in Veeonl,ln I'l'ililcal circles bv the news thai
'omimiiM is in .u i iii ii (.;1(,llr(.,r ,,, oyJ (i00 , , Winston
Hll Ml(! lirViUI I iMHorill
pia n k of r.Miii.
Scheme Will lie Opposed in Con
o.(.si Hanker und Hiisi
ne.s.s Men Ayainst It.
Wl.slllN'O.TOV. Feb
The s'last of
William .1. tlryan's IKK plank prnvld -
lng for a (invernment guarantee of d
Potlts In national bank I stalking In
Congres. It has In fact asumed suf-
to make it almost a I
' r,'a"tJ''
I XV1 'eirned tn-dav that a plan of
' Rimrantecs for the safety of deposits
j will be Incorporated In the banking
nn,l currency reform hill that Is to be
presented to the House, early In theijikyi Island, fin., on Frldav afternoon
'Wilson administration. Hankers and
j business men have protested agalnsM
this plan Just as they did against the
ilryan suggestion, back In 1?0S. but It
i:imi Le.i..iu iiial ine i.iass
two guarantee plans are now under
consideration by the ub-conimittee.
Those are:
First, to teiiulre all national banks to
pay a small amount each year for the
creation of a fund In the Treasury De
partment ns a guarantee of safety to
depositors In sirIi hank.
Second, to require bank In the pro
pof.ed divisional asoclatlons to be te-
- .on,n.. for the safety of deposits of
one another, a fund to bo created for the
purpose by assessments levied agnlnt
each bank. .
s to the llrst plan. Democratic
leaders contend It would not prove bur
densome to the bunks. Representative
Glass of Virginia, chairman of the sub
committee, hn.s. estmated that If a tax
of 3S-1000ihs of 1 per cent, had been
levied upon deposits since the organiza
tion of the liatlomil banking system i
sum more than enough to protect n'l
losers would have been afforded.
The first plan is more nearly related
to the Hryan suggestion of Govern -
ment guarantee.
Inasmuch as tt is to
, eminent through the- medium of a bit
fail of Investigation fll tile Trenuurv
Drparlmcnt. The ocond plan repre. ' , , , .., ' , t , .,,,,,,. , ,,,, ,
ents n compromito conceded to thoe ,Pl" ,OP ,,urf' , u " ," U l c " ." ,
wl" balk at Government guarantee When Mary l.-ingin. 1? ycai old. of , work on the contracts before Wednes-
advocated by Mr. Hryan. Avenue l' Ilayoiine. N. J. heunl'day ' sold Chairman Wlllcox late lust
" asunie.l here thnt President-' "ia l"'1' sweetheart Thomas Gallagher, 'niglu. "I am liopeftl for llnal action
"1't' WIIon ! in svmpathy with otiel"'' Avenue I J, l;ayonno.'wnn hold in lin w.-dtu-dnv. but It Is Imnoa-lhle to
, P'nn or the other. ,halnuan Glss lat 1 ',no K,d for the lirand Jury (m iharges , . .,
"',,f'1( dl?cusrd the whole question of,f burglary, she run to police Head-i
banking and cutrency legislation with 'I'larter. and Informed Itecorder Mara, viornll I'm or lliinl riiin.
t,,n President-elect, and statements tlmt she wanted to marry Gallagher. In , (,in i,e contldentiv ai."rted mat i
V"" H,,t from Trenton at the time 'the custody of two detective. Gallagher, i,,,,:,,. iron , , lunii' .ll,iw. n ih.
Mm. Cnv Vllii..n i i ,.. ..i.i .... i.i .. I ! '11 K e .VICl 11 II III Kllllliv disposed IT tile
'"' "o.-' iii mu oniiij- w IIll
l' "rl111 virwa i xproseit iiy jir.,1'1 t. .itary s t nurch. where the cere-
Tl1" proposal that the Government
bstik eloposlts will bo bitterly fought In
i ongres This was one of the issue
lis; "mSun'M
lng effect throughout the tight. H(. con
ti'lliied that If Hie Government uuarau-
e..o,l lx..il.. ,lo,.,.ul, ,1..-. i i.
' -,. .,-,ir. no- imuuiu wouiii
fall jut u hoai llv upon the Institutions
,llnl w,'r- ! lentlv admlnlsteied us
........ a,,.,.. i..,, ........ i. .,..i ...
' " " nun .-n- uieiucieniiy man-
I'nu tiinllv oveiy banker and business
man w ho lias n pp.ai i'd boforo iho i llass
-" -immlttee has e .xprossod like v lews.
""in mi no- u.iiutiou null III-
loncy problem fm a nuinb -r of wi'oks.
Maiiv liinl.ois. liusine-s men ami ocono-
"''sfs have' lieen heatd. With the ev-
coptlotl of the general prupostlou eif a
guiiianteo for deposits no loncluslons
have been reached In the sub-commit-
tee. whoso discussions up lo date have
tieen conducted Itifoinuilly Hearings
oi'ioie ine MO ll-l OIO llllll eo M oe C'Oll-
o.. l
v., ......
mi oi about February 10.
I rlieiein, lllilo, llrrllnra Vlnleir llrlle.
So I'lnellnj, Ohio, (iris It
Wis.i.NnTov, Feb 3 -Crbana. Ohio.
u-i.',,i n ,-..i',. ,.r .i.o I.-.I.. ..,(,. im.
wlilch was tJl-0,1 from Havana harbor 1 1 " 1,10 I,u'r "n(I "inestloned the Hermu- ,chnlrmansh!p of the commission could ,
last winter, and P.epresontatlve Willi ' (llun P"s"'cnBrs' ''a,e' "c searched not be foretold last night. Justice Mc
undertook in get some memento for MrR' ushlng s apartments and found ' raUt talking with friends yesterda.v .
the I'rbanlte to set up in their public
"'' ak(,tl Navy Department wh.i
W"M ,n" 1, lit' nf "'f .Maine avail
'"'" "e uepririment replied ',,
;1" Admiral, the,, Cipt-.
'c"". -h was !;i comniand of the
v-.heii she was blown up at!
"au"KI 1,1 ll!'s '
l!eproontatlvo Wild reported hack
In rrhan.i nud birr inf-iimed the Do-'
parluioni ilia: the iltv would apprecl-1
at" the gift dtul urged that the tub b?
quontly when tho bathtub arrived th
x.,,.,. nu, ,.t ,.
iiiniiiiil i-i I'llllillK 11 Oil a
In the punlle square hid It In i
and called upon the Navv De
panmeut to take it away,
w,lt'11 "',fi "ll,," ''ocume known the
i lo p,i it iiii-ii t was flooded with appllca-
til,ns f'"' ,ho blthtllb. P.opre.
M'nt.itlve WilllH W'.ts n.kcd by Fln.ll.iy,
Ohio, pi get lire' tub shinned ilnun th,i-.
w Idle St.- Joseph. Mo.. Mount Clemnn.'
I.lojil tiforue nnil U'liislnn lilirelilll
Cniive Srnsiilliin li W Itlirtrnnnl, j
Sfifml Vitl.lt linttitrh in Tuc Sis, I
I.o.viion. Feb, t- The lltillii K.rprmi ,
states 'that a sensation has been caused,
' nur,iii;i. i-n.i l.oni or tin Admiralty.
iiefnrm ciub, the stioiiKhoid or opulent
Liberalism. The reason Is a complete
mystery. Mr. I.loyd llco-xc has been
a member for six or .seven .eirs und
Mr. CliurcliUI for four or five years.
n is understood iTi.it mere was nollliuft
I nollllenl holilrwl th. u-ltlitlr.in'nta ti.l.tnl.
I,..1t.,..l , t.n '.. i.i. .. '
. i, ..- ,,.-ii. ...i , i.nii.'it.-ij Willi ;i
liecent candidature for election to mem
' berhip. It Is ald that efforts are Im-
! Imp made to Induce the two members
of the Cabinet to withdraw their rcslg-1
Pnjo I'srlj Will Arrltr nl .lekyl 11-
nml nn 'I'hul K.J.
Wasiiinoton, Fob. 3,- The examination
, of William Itockefeller ns lo his activity
In the organization and conduct of the
.Miiaigumiiicii i upper .ompnny nnu as
to the activities of himself and the late
Henry II lingers in holding up the
price of copper In ISO" wilt take place al
Chaliimin Puio und Mr Fntermver.
wl,h 111,1 'mmittee s secretary and the
i V",'.0!?1, ,!",,n"r',l,"r nrrlye
! .... 7 "
Tj1..i1 .l f-i.l
ii'i iit smif me nuure in ir, n.
riiappeii. Mr Itockefeller'. physician
the examination will ptoceed. Mr. Pulo
believes that a single Hitting will sulllco.
The other members of the committee
have acquiesced In this arrangement.
The I MKriillr l.lrl IntnUeil In Spring
I'poni the I, np nf Winter.
The calendar Is out of gear, and
Spring- II Is a shame to print her devia
tions, wild and queer- Is lingering In
the lap of Winter. If she would take
another lap: let , Winter do his duty
thorough, she'd get the hearty thanks,
mayhap, of nil the folks In every
1 h" frosty beatded old sport tried
to give us vesterday a -amnio of
weather heretofore supplied: but snow
was scarce and rain win ample.
ways liked a lady sprinter hence lot , . ,, , ... , ,
your gauzy raiment whirl, pu.ns,. 1 vanno:. oven by working until mld
Sprlng out of the lap of Winter' night to-morrow night, get through
IV S. A Itreeze from out the frosty west i with my work In the court houc an4
ut 1 P. M confused tho poet. It looked i bo ready lo take hold at the Public
like winter had the best of prlii'i: tit- Hervlcr Commission before Wednesday."
landscape seemed to show It. Snow' ,,,, ,.,, ,, ,,. ortir
ciime upon tho gentle breeze; may
tavo merelv boon a fl'irrv. tho mereurv
i f"," ""-''"V;' vhlc"
1 ,h,,t "prilu: na hurry'
fell a few degrees, which may nut mean
:irl lw... . . . I'.l.fc i v.. .
ioiiiau,-i u. lo Diii'i-llllMll. worn
iinony wu. performed bv the lie
Father Kgan. Gallagher then wa taken
, to the county jail In default of a
. rerognlzance.
Frlenel nf Hid Tim Orelereel li llie
I on rt to i;ive eourllj.
Lawrence Mulligan and Patrick
an. half-brother and brother of
Timothy D. Sullivan, and Prank Parrell
.mil Kmnnuel illuniensleil, who lmve
been appointed a committee of Sulli
,v " r,,ml lWr llJi tvM
van's properly, wen. dhecled .voteieluy
Tho bond of a committee Is usually
twice the amount of the property, it
Is said that Sullivan's real estate anil
his business Interests are wotth over
Mm. I uahlnii rnmplalnril, lent I'oller
Kniiiiel Slime In Her Huff.
Mrs Clinton Cushing of the Great
Northern Hotel, who arrived yesterday
on the steamship Mermudion from Her
mudo, reported at the Charles street
police station the loss of two diamond
I r,H' ""e of ,''" ' v"'I"d 11.000.
! Detective John 1-. lirontiecke hurried
, "N" L "' Bl,'li I'ochei in ner
Wlll Wrrl nio..nn.
'"" rl" '""r
rol;'K' Fob. 3. -P.ulie J
"relr? na
MHrouoid anil
HIohsoih Seelov, now In Spokane, will
marry here on Wednesday or Thurs-
day. they aiiuoiincd to-day, If no legal
' obstacle prevents.
The pair, who are ptaylng In aude-
..ill.. .1n..nM,. ...A..l,l ....l.l
I i oil. Hiiiuir uirj mnim nuo iiiaieini
lnR day the divorce decree was granted,
but they were In Canada and wanteel
to wait to get back to tho Halted
Murquard'a nnme was mentioned by
Kane In Kane's suit. Plans for the wed
ding call for flashlight photographs and
'nine ine nlet ore's to outdo Hattllnsr Nel.
son's vvenidlng ceremony.
f) , .
nniiiK' i 1UII1M1 UIIlirill
Nomination of Justice
' by SlUECr.
t t v nPI IV nrfTtVXJ i nrvc
.tin i i'ijiji vvji innuio
He Insists on Time to Study
Them Unless Signed Be
fore He Takes Office.
Appointment a Personal One
Neither Murphy Nor
Shechan Suggested.
To Wind l p Court Work First
Willcox Cnlikcly to
Act Now.
IMward K. McCall, a Justice of the
.Supremo Court, was nominated by Gov.
Sulzer yesterday to succeed William IV
WHIcox ns chairman of the Public Ser
vice Commlsslun.
The nomination was confirmed by the
Senate last night.
This appointment makes It doubtful
that Mr. Wlllcox will sign the subway
"I can't see how the ofllclul notifica
tion can be down here before Wcdnes-
, day morning at the curliest," said Judge
I McCall late last night, when asked how
! .n h.. ,.v.,o,.t..,i m tnl!. the oath of
Mime time on Wedncsdiiy Wednesday
I 'nurnlng at the earliest?" was asked
"That's the way It looks to me. he
said. Ilo was unable to IK the hour
jon Wednesday when ho would tako hli
oath or otttcc as cnairmun m inc com-
i dti.il F.csiem of Mioway iiud that nlti-
t mately l,o will sixn tin- cjntivu'ta.
iut he said yesti r.lay that he will no;
, P't 'd nante to c.iiiir.ut which he hi
not seen, and that ho will understand
j them b fore lie inike h.intolf a party
to suci Important engagements II i.v
lout. If may take Justice MeCip to .e'
!'fy himself that tho interests of I no
city are- conserved by the riintrn- .
canno. tie foretold, tut: ii w.it; ma'lo
flenr that wltu all poible ercpe.llt i
on hi pjrt thet Mi'l would bo icca'
wee's delay.
J ist'ce .McCall does not-fee l tli.1t )t
woiilil no Justified In ele'ayp.ig b.ng n
ae copianee of tile office now thai tn
' Senate has confirmed his upiKiIntnicm.
Soon .liter Justice Mi Call's nppoln.
ment was announced In New York Vri
tcrduy It was said tli.it ho would no.
tal i- the oath of office u.ito af.er Mr.
Willcox had signed the cemtr.ii...- K
was pointed out that Mr. McCal. vvou'd
not sign conlracis of which lie I.
' norant and that Mr. Wlllcox m sit'.
Ploperly expect to make the e.xecuiion
of Hie contracts his last Important of-
i llelal ac. Hut (.ends of Justice McCall
I said last night that tin story was quii
without authority, and that If Mr. Will
cox Is ici sign the contracts he must iio
so betotc Justice McCall qualifies.
Vinj Hr I'nnalilernhle llrlar.
How much delay In the ultimate
execution of the contracts would re-
suit f I om the sudden change in the
maui. o secret of his complete tin-
familiarity with the mutters nt Issue
While there was no doubt that he would
give the plan his approval In the end,
It was pointed out that he might And
' points wlilch in Ills estimation should
bo bettered l.fore the city enters Into
the long ogrcemcnt with the companirse
In that case there wat. no telling how
I mud. time would be required to hrlntr
the contracts again lo the point of
1 Mr. Wlllcox hoped that the contract'
adopted them, but that they would pre-
... ... n .. nAV.n.. . .. ...
let ill Hlloi tl nici i'l 'i-inum inii iinj n
to elapse before signing them. The final
v.ork of signing the contract can Im
accomplished within an hour after
the Hoard of Kstliuate's vote of ap
pr ival.
Klimlnatlng tho delay in the Hoard
of Hstimate, I lie curliest possible time
I e,,r nlenlncr the ciinlrai'ts wits set s
vx'oitnesila v noon. Justice McCall still

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