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Fair to-day and to-morrow; moderate west
Detailed neither rtportt will be found on page IS.
f)L LXXX. NO. 158.
NEW YORK. WEDNESDAY, EEHRlARY 5, 191:5. 'wight. ir.1.1, m, ,r , trf0 mh phmi.m..,, ,wf,Ho.,
Ilciii-i Lawyer (Jets Injunc
lion He! raining Kxeeu
lioirnf Contracts.
l)octi moms Almost Heady to
Sinn When He (lots
...--.ii m i'iini-1- n mem. .ir. Di'iiii
- - - - ",,, "After I nut m.v h,i-l..ind mil
ct Ml. DIM O.M I- I I Ml 100 mill ti-1,.,1 Mss in.. ,,,,,1 i ,. Mlj
, I'll" .nvt.'il. I vmiiiIiIm'i l.l-t even
i.lolin I). lioekefelie!- for nil lit. million..
l'inil clioii Likely to Full
Sou cliainniin Writ Itc
niniiihle To-morrow.
partisans served on the 1'nli-
- --.inmis-(m v.'.st.'nl.iv a torn- .
, """ T!' au i"',"!1". "T ;
' - i i- i'ti'1- A It.-mli U-U In th,. i
'" !'' I'fffrt of wlili-h is I
,. i- .-uliw.-iy .-Ituatlon for s,. . i
,- I..J1MI. I
' fur tin- I'lilillr Servli'i- Cum.
,,'1'iii'd ill the utU'rnocin to tin
PimkIou of the Sinn-run.
I.. . tin- Injunction vao.itcd,
. ut u-fusod to Intcrfoiv.
, i.niilf in tin' mtlon w:is .lolin
, i I'lurotU'.' .1. Slifiirn, lawyer
un It llr.it-.st. lui, I tlio nmtti-r
Mr Hopper was Stuto chulr
n Indi'pi'mlriioi' l.i-auiic In
! .ii tin- recent rate for Wllllnm
' .s plate as chnlrinnn of the
Mt.it1 t'ointnli'siiin was men
.t Hearst i-andld.ito. He is a
i' i.ld.-r. with most nf the l.eno
'i.iiu h of the pie-ent suliw.iy to
.l li'iotl the commission would
. i't.'l the contracts lor the new
isl HA'lit If the injunction had
n up the proKramtne. The
it,s were recehetl from the
t mldim.'ht. With prompt at
'le H.i.iitl of Kstlnutc Mr.
.-"i!il have put his name to the
- i"-ila.v.
.liters stand thcie must Ii a de-
r,tl tlays at I't st. The Injunc-
n..i returiialile until to-motrow,
.dc McCall may take otllce nn
rt as Mr. Willcox's siiices.snr
M.fuli said that he will not slmi ! llH !,'rn,,r. reniemlier.-d all his em
'it runs until he has cone over ' ploy cs In nuns i-anu-lnj,- from JlO.otio
n task which will ie-
ln.llce Mrl'dll ItUenniflleit.
ii". not even Mr. Wlllcns lilm-
more dlscomlitetl liy tlie tiic-
the Hearst people than was .Ills.
M '"all. He has no desire to slun
n'r.u ts. As he said when his
'no nt to .Mr. Willcox's place was
id. pulilic. he "hupoM that the
-' pass from his lips." SHU he
l,y the wish of Mow Sulzer
take office immediately, and
""Iml'Iy tlo so as soon as Ills work
"Hi t house is clealetl away,
-'etneil small pioltaliillty last
'mi Ii" would lie able to keep out
l"tiK enough lo slve Mr. Will-
' e t" sikii the contracts,
iilinctliin was seived upon Mr
- at the close nf a short session
I',, Lin Service t ommlsslon es-.ift.-rnoon
The commission had
-'d to lirlns the new Lexington
- ,1-way Into the present sultway
'.i a ml Cent nil, and had acreetl
' in tenslon of the Corona pit-in-
iliitiuch Flushing to I lay Side.
l",'k the commission took an
rmnrnt lo 4:30 o'clock, when It
' '-ied thai some of the contracts
" t.-ady for adoption.
Mi Wtlleo.x was iiIhhii lo arise i
plte e a man In 11 long black
1.1' squeezed through the crowd
i-w a paper on the table in front
' Tin- chairman had an appre
'ii wl.it it meant, for lilt hands
1 M'le as he reached for It
rli sorted tin Wlllcm.
mini .n the black overcoat
I 1 top of the paper a bulky
. i.ipei portfolio, whli h Air. Will
ol '" shove aside to reach the
- .tn- ed it through anil then passed
I'r.ivi- H Whitney, secietary of
"idv m the execution of the
is shouted Air Whltne. 'It
' preent passiiii. tb.e contractu
wo please "
Vv 1 1, ox .shook hit head. Later
1 - would nut be a part to any
n which would run counter
.r.t of the court's action.
cunllon took an adjournment
lock nnd lhe Comml.sloncr.t
i- or- to talk over a po-.sihle
tUirough President AIcAneny
Mi Willcox's ofllce, and pres.
1 -i . si I, Quackenhiish, general
' r the Intel-borough, put In
' ,'anre along with Col. T. S.
president of lhe lirooklyti
1 ! t Company, and (liorge
' ,' -. I.iw.ver for tne compauy.
1 uiiiissioiiers and -Mr AleAneny
.line to a decision as to their
' cint'ence .1. Shearn hnd
, ie 1 ommlsslon would apply
' ', Iv to .lu.-ilce Ilendrlck to'
inliinctlon vacated and he
' .lnstlce Mendrlrk'x chambers,
1 , i'",i for something to happen,
- did.
vpiiellnlr Court Wouldn't Act.
-l'i o'clock the commission met
i n formal session and Immedl
' ok adjournment to 11 o'clock
i" niiig. In the meantime George,
nan, lawyer for lhe commission,
"' 11 going over the Injunction
ie exhibits which Mr. Shearn's
'tn'k had brought with It In tne
" paper portfolio. Iiy 0 o'clock
' a tlal'f of lawyara were nt the
' 'e Division Court" Houso. 1U
1 1 avenue nnd Twenty-fifth
waning to be heard. .Mr. Shearn,
impression that Justice Hen-
niimtol 'in fourth 1'nfjc.
" Interested. n
site rer Kloril llllslinnil.
l!l.1t.Mil-f Fob J II , In Wit .1,
Ml' mill llt'V'er Il4n.il I, I--. ..I
Ml.-. fllcrem K ., ..
w'.itioti r st.iic-M aii.iiii. Mrowiiiuu ,
'"il.i In (-mttr.il her Iiii-Ii.iiiiI, wlin-i-
iiii.-I i. ,, ,..v., flll ,iu--iiipirl '
jin.i ...I. . i. ... . .
"' " I'rimi'-.Mi iii court in pay
her ?:l it k. '
I I.I l I'll I nu ever kl.-.ed
i i.i ml
asked tin. State's Attorn..!.
"No; I ilnn't believe wive- should M
llii'lr liii.li.in.i. i .i...... I. .H ... 1
' l-lie. ." il IMIUV .
ought I,, Ms." m,. wife i.'ili.., ii- .-it,.
m'nTl!"Mf'M'i "f
' -- ii.-en till... u
" IH.V llll-hllllil mil- have
!i 'I'll him.
' lt.l H Hl'VI'l Ms4,,
llll) .
I ll.lll h
iit.'ii brought iiii li v in v in
I !'in. to tii'MT Ul anil have ii-'Vt-i been
i. i - .. ....
I inn through with m.-ii diiiniT"
m.... .. .... . . .
, .m,.- mem-s miner. ,i .-iiiiitv Cer
in. li. wit. siibsequcntl.v n-ked hi- 1 1,-w.
J 111 leg.lld I,. li-lsiK.
I "I vv.ts raised ity iii v parent-, who
vvoro imrti In (ietm.iuv, never tn i,m
ny one .Hid irl.-il to t.il-.- my -lil.ir..i
111 ""' ""'ne manner," ln k.iUI.
U.T1"" '""ll,,r "'J" -mplui:li-
Sin- c.itil:
d,,n"' -f " ' "
thonUit rltlu-r .,f my .I.iiikIiipm in .r
kl-pi n iii.in ,), , i,,, u,.,,,,
''"t' - r my door. Mnrri.-d nr nut in;trrl,-il.
" I J1'-' I'll' .-.-Mill "
, ii '.-ii. lo M.irs .iM lli.-lr ,-IiikIi' il.nmli
' ter. said fh li.ul m-.-r lifi n Ki-.m ,iu,
lllil HOI I II t r-n it to ho
Will Shows A iii'eenien t li
Wliich Survivor Wn to ict
'I'll ii t Ainouiil.
The will of Oeorse W I'ro.nman :nem
l... ..r .t.., Af.... i. ...... iUm .,r i-...jj.
! mil 11 (c Slelcken of !trt Wall street. le.ives
j i 1 .OtHt.iiou to hi- partner. Hermann
Slelcken, ami shows thai the two made
will- under which the suivlvor was to
M-t that amount from the e-tate of th
other. Mr. Crnnnn who dlfd on January
1.., sin,' aa oer on.0i) in direct
h. iiieit- in addition to the legacy to
, to JI.O00. He left them over JldO.OOO.
j Ills only heirs at law are his daunhter,
! l.eorKla ". -Mills of 31 fre.-n Uldtje
avenue. White Tlain-. ami his son. Ht-r-1
nmnn Slelcken f'rossm.tn of "II West
HeVont -nlrilii strei t. He cuve his
ilaiiuhtrr fioo.mlu in iru-t ami hi- .-.in
J.liiii.nnii n tru.-i. The d.iiiRiiter may
dispose of ir.ii.con of her fund.
The son sieit fr.it.imo when he t ;.i
years old and J.'.u.oiiu wh'-n he - .in
He has testament. irv power over tin
ret of the priticlpal To hit sister-,
.lane (.'. .lackson of L'o ICft l-'iftv-.-lu-hUi
street and Martlet A. Hartmau of !.'. 1
West 113th strtet. Mr. t'rnssmnn i;.ip
II00.O00 each. He l.-ft $J:..ii,ii to Caro
line Stlchler of :'U West Seven! v-nlnth
street and descrlhed her as hit "house
keeper unit faithful friend for many
-Mr. Slelcken wn. appointed an execu
tor In the will, 1 tn t In a codicil I- super
seded li the Coliimtiia-Knlek.-.-lincker
Trust Company
In the first of Hire" codicil-, which
is tinted .lull" 1',",, 19(t'i, Mr Crossman
"1 hne this (li v enter.d into nn
ii m mt-nt with Hermann Slelcken of
Crossman Slelcken, i-udlnK with the
tleatli of either of us. upon which th
surviving partner shad liquidate the
I affairs and not be .itcoiiiitable for losses
tin ough failure or mistake of Judgment.
When the liquidation A made the sui-
iv Ing pattner shall tliv nle the net pro
' ct-eils iimnng tlie heirs according to
their Interest. We have made an agree-
meiit b.v which we shall e.xei-ute mutual
I wills, the will of each giving to lhe
'other the sum of $t,(jno,niii) tn case the
I S.1I1I flun shall be in existence and en
.gagtd In business at the time of the
death of the testator, and In ens.. Its
I affairs shall be settled and I l'i ultl.it tl
'under the terms of the agreement, by
the surviving partner.
In another codicil AI- Crossman rati
fied the bequest to Ills partner, but
left It "free ftom all consideration"
1 Air. Crossman provided that If his
i estate amounts to more than the dltect
1 bequestH the remainder shall be dlv lib-d
! equally among the legatees with the
'exception of his employees and Ids son
I and daughter
! Place W.lhlllKloti Lite. I Will He
I Sold lit SniUty .liiilumriit.
I'nles.t Heniy P. Cole ami hit wife, of
j Hnglewood, N. .1, can satisfy a Judg
1 nient for $7 SMi e Itevoliltlon.iry home
stead 111 l.ove l.ane, Clessklll. N. .1.,
j the headquarters of Col. Colfax of Hen.
i Washington's stalf at Hie timet the Con
I tineiital army was encamped along the
Pallsudes, will go under the hammer.
Airs. Illli-.a Hopper, who lives in the
homestead and Is a cousin of the Coles,
holds the mortgage on the property.
1 The house stands back a mile from
! lhe lVllsades, and during tint rdcgn
of Fort Washington and at other times
Washington wan a visitor ul the house.
The mortgage was taken In 1870 and
now the Interest amounts to double the
The narrow roadway running In front
of the homestead litis been called l.ove
l.ane ever since thn Revolutionary war
because It was a favorite spot for Con
tinental soldiers to stroll with their
sweethearts when not engagedTn light
Ing nrltlshers.
M ON Tit K A I.
days 3 Kuntli) a -N'rw (fraud Central Terminal,
Sliorlfi.1, qulrltrst ami litht line;
A I I IDC 011171 I 0 OTW
1 - irn in-
llcsiniied. Willi
to l.cf I'nreiirii-
Hear of Vir
infifs Turks .Mhv Sur
render nl Seutiiri.
ef,.l' ''i'.V lienHilt. Ift Till S
I. OS-HDS-, I'eli 4 The liomli.-irdmelil of
Ailiuinopli' was Kept up Ity the llnluar
ami S'tli l.esiem-i.t inailv all day to
il, iv Thele wat a -holt lueatliini; -pell
to allow foielun Contiilt ami mm-
inllllMlantt to leave the sole ptessed
ill" Inn Ill the afl' l niiiill the I llllllil-'l'-Inu
li'-jan aualii ami lo nluhl ai-Mlu-t
the dull nmphltliea'te of hill- III w lili-h
tile iilj He- was III" tetleltlotl of tires
started In miinv pari- of the c Utopian
-lt hv lilt- sluaptiel of Hie Ihilu'ais
The I'l.llllunltlletlt li-Kllll With the
d iwn III a I'.-w limits It Im reused In
Its fury ami under the cover of It a
tllvi-loii of I till Mil i Ian llu-litliu; men went
out attains! the fort- they have at
tacked so often since Octulter
I I, -sll.lli lit- lecelMtl llete indicate
that the attack I'ail'tl.
Coiittalllillople eultt over the defeat
of the ills i-l,in. Sulla iloe- mil claim
a i. tot .
i hi the whole, it Is believed liv milltarv
men iu.it the HiiIk.ii latit and Servians
have in their attack upon Adri.inol" Hie
liliil illllltlllt of task- They do not I
ti'Nii to lie able to penetrate the outer!
line .if forts, and tune they tlo this they j
aie fiee to face with until her and even
stroii-icr line of defence-
The !-! of the Tiirkl-li army i In .
Ailri.inopl" umVr the Inspliini; lender-1
ship of Shukrl I'aslin, who time and
(main hat said Hint if the beleaKiu-ret .
take In- tll.v Ihey mu-l lake It by storm,
since he wit never surrender
The rumor ilitit the Parte has aareed
10 -tiiiend'-r Ailrlanople crop- up (main,
this time in an uncntitlnnet! n'-nsam-ncy
report from Constantinople
The allies have appaieiitly set their
mind- upon nn Indemnity. Accordlni; to
dt-p.tlchet from Sotla leteiv-tl here ttiey
will demand that Turkey pav them $f.
oiin.iiiio a dav while the war lasts. In
addition to Hie jsan.oon.ooo Indemnity
the.v aureed ;i tlemnnil.
While tlie Unitarians are batterlliK
away ai Adnanople's forts, the .Monte
ni'Krlns in fron: of Scutari, whose de
fenders have stootl off their foet even
lom-'er'than the Turks In Hadrian's city,
ate active, and one report lias It that
Scutari has fallen.
Vet with all the tliunilerlnif 'nf'rnnnon
tlie belief that p-at'e Is but a matter of
a few dav.- si. II persists here and In the
Huropean capitals The stock market
I wat practically unaffected by the re
i tiewnl of tlehtini:
! The cenernl opinion seeins to be that
new Turkish (internment, composed
I of i lie most fiery mllltat-v otllcert. hnd
no other course than lo offer some kind
of n HkIh In ortler m appease the titto
man people In reeanl lo Adrianopl"
The late Turkish Ciovernment would
have teded the place without much more
resistance, but the new C.nv eminent will
have the advantage If It is lost of having
lo-t it in battle
flelKrnile It.-nra
Went. sentnrl
'I'lirU llefeltre
rnr Siirrentlrr,
V?itiil fil.U lifnpatff. In Ttir Sin
liKuaivin:, Feb. 1 a despatch ftom
Demotlka -ays the bombardment of
Adrlauople was n-ueweil to-day and
tlievv oiil.v a weal; tire from the gnrrl
son. Pints of the city are on lire. This
Is due to the work of forty new Servian
seven Inch gunt thai have been llrlng
on the forlrest
Th" advanced posts of the belligerents
are said to be mils Jim yard- apait.
Foreign tefllge.'S who left the fortress
last night say there 1- still 11 consider
able quantity of breadstuff at Adrlano
pie. lull llo fuel, and tllett
shot tag" of medical supplier
terv It on the Increase.
It a great
and dvseii-
It Is again teported that the Turkish
commander nt Scutari bus offered to
surrender If the garrison N allowed to
march out under arms to Avlotia. The
Servian commander 10 whom the ad
vances were made said he would have
to refer til, 111 to hlghei authorities.
.Meanwhile he suggested to Kssad Pasha,
the commander, that th" Alpnteiiegrlns
wete the real masters of the situation.
InrUlsli finrrlson sNltl In Mate II e-ionilt-il
Viweif ' ullr llfimlit, In Tin- Sis
Const.inti.noI'I.i:, I'eb. 1.- It Is offi
cially announced that th" bombardment
of Adi l.ihnplc began nun 111 this morning
after a lull of some hours during the
night Tlie Turkish garrison responded
In vigorous fashion.
It it officially denied that any fight-
Ing has taken pl.iie at Tchataldja. 1 ut ,
Ii Is admitted that there has been sklr-;
mMiIng in tlie neighborhood of Unlli-,
poll, the lliilgarlan cavalry making an
attack on the outposts
In offltlal quartets the statement Is
reiterated that Adrlanople Is uble tn
hold for many week-, t'nnfftc Inlly it Is
reported that wireless coiumunlciitli.a
wltli Atlrianople has been cut off.
VleniiH Hears Tlie)' Will MttLe
!' 11 r-
titer Coi.r.'aslona,
V.irr.'nl t'aMe Drilltltcli lo Tint St v
I.oniiox, Kelt, Ii, There Is a report1
from Vienna that Turkey Is weakening
und Is inclined to mage runner conces-1 (0I, ,. considered. On. McCoy said
slons. The .Veiic t'nU; i'resse asserts I tmit jjoo.OOO would mi el Immediate
that the Cabinet of Orand Vizier Alah- ,1(,nlamH. of this, he said, $15,000
moud Shevket Pasha has accepted In wnmd be needed lo organize lhe ma
principle the suggestion of lb Powerel vMn Rn platoon,
that Turkey cede Adrlanople to Hnljrnrla !
Continual nn Thtrtl I'air.
Harvard or Olford-lhr Ime-t mild nr thrll ,
ejcglaitwu. l Hpeni-er't, 7 Mnlilrn lne.AAt, I
Mtitlnpo Men' tasitclntliiit 1lrr
.'Kill W tut Hiiii'I l'it lllllt.
I'VII:ii-ov. I'eb 4 I'roinliielit iloe-
lin'i, lialil- liiilltb-ts it lit I atelil
I at well as p ibllt school .l.tti.lois.
I'l'icf ' sjll, wi-iiveit. ii. ill, - t oiuliii lors anil
'men oi oilier walks of life also women.
lie IIP llldi d ill a llsl of .lue ' dead bel.ls'
t-4.illli vv'iiiiii I'lt-lli, I t'o'ill s.ilis will
be Instituted l.v till I '.I t erstlll Htltllles-
I .Mellt Association li-l ll,e p.iv lliellt of
lolii: ill-it U.iiilt illiills Wllllnm I! liot!-
, ers. stcietaiv and counsel lur the nsso-
i nation, said to-tlav .
We have se, nied the inline- of .".tin
pt-lsont i latsed lit 'dead lieills' iiml not
II few lire plolllill'-llt III Hie I ollltlltlllllv.
I ii it iirpriini; hi noie inai mien toe
'saint' name uppeais In s.-veinl ll-ls.
;showltm that ii in ii v of I lie people when
llefllsed credit I illl.-e of their hills ill
lone pi. ii-,'. wen! lo another ami In some
cases even lo ii tiutii nun niiiiiu
'The suit- that we are slatllnn
auaiust tlieiii will -how tlelliiiiieiit that
tlie lime has collie when hey will be
compelled to pav for the unml Ihey
l-'reiieh iiml lillssinii Miliisfei's
I'nisti all' It at I, list
l,f i,i i HnMI '' I" Tilt Sis
I'm IS. I VI i l 'I be siKiialure !t the
six Tower loan 111:1 meiit of $t,.,.j,ii,ii
wat tmain fnistr.-ii'tl at the l.i-t moment
Ity til" objection- of M tie Cotity, the
l'rellt'h Mmt-tet. who was supHilleil by
M Kroui"iisl.y. ih" liti itui tllploni uio
repres.-ntative. ntiil tlie whole st'ttle
lllelll ll.ls now been sll-p"!ldetl.
The not Km of M tl" Conly wat similar
to th" mi" lie made some days ano nuaiiist
M tli-en. it K.iii" beim; made a co-tlllt-Clorol
the t-all ,.lbell" M lleColltv't
present obteclloti i-.1 comprehensive ullt
I namelv that all
foreiun spervisort ami 1
i nilvi-ers of ( hum in tlie matter of the col
lection- to secure tli" loan oll;ll! t'l b" 1
(either all cineiH of countries not con- j
I eermil of Ih" loan or all should I ilicns
of th six coiintrie- In that ease a
Frenchman ounln to have one of the
three msts which 11 was IlllllOUtlCell
yesteitlav would lie Kiven to foreitiers
It it s.-m'l that M tie ('only - objection
1 i- uctiiailv aimed at llerr Womp. who vvas
appomtetl siipei i-or of the audit depart- .
meiit. ihoiitih why the Minister waited
till the eve of sIRIlinR the n?reement It
11 mysleiy. as il lm been known for a lonu
time thai Hen- llotup was to have tint ,
list. and the exceptional ability which
he him shown in vnrioiis public potitiotit ,
in China justified hit selection :
'lhe Chinese am disgusted at the tm-
exftecttti l-'runco-Hu-tinn move Hankers I
are alo Kre!ly chncrincd It it under
stotsl that the (iovernnient it williiiR
with a view of seciiriHK a settlement,
to replace llerr Komp by T 'I II Ferguson ;
of the Imperial Maritime CustonwJservict
but hesitated to tlo tint at 11 was alr.ild
11 ""gin "" '' i"'-i"t '"" -"" "-
prestige and thereinto lias nommaictl
Sicnor Itotisi. an Italian in the employ
ol (he loan department
The Ctoverninetil is in n dilenima It
hat 1 11 conhdeiit of getting the advance
Iffore Ih" old I liuiesp New Year tl-ebru-ary
mi. which th" public continues to l
serve 111 order to pay the soldiery It is
now feared that the delay will lead to
not- 'I rouble of tint kind U-gan to-day
when forty unpaid soldiers started loot
ing They were tminetlutely arrestetl and
a majority of them were executed
I he AmKihstdors ol the six Power
group met this evening and tri'tl in vain
to cotne to an agreement
IrUh Nntloiinll-ls I'ret enl llrfrnt nt
Welsh lllaeslllltllsllliielil Illll.
-prcfil r.ihlr Hni-iitl, to Tub So
I.OMNIS. I'eb I 111 the lloiisi
Commons to-night, the Irish National
ists again saved the (iovernment fmm
defeat on the Welsh disestablishment
liill. A ciucial t'nioiilst amendment
I, ,, ,s measure vv is beaten b.v only J!'
yotes, the poll standing "13 to 2"l'.
Hveii with the lush support, the
I (iovernment would probably have suf
1 fered it severe reverse but for the
j energy of on" or two of Its suppoiters,
who spreail out their speeches while
Hie whips wen- drumming up enough
followers to iiituie a ( Iovernment l"
tory. There was little enthusiasm among
the followeit of the (iovernment in
favor of the bill; In fact there was
some opposition ami three Ministerial
ists voted In favor of the Opposition
amendment mi lliit division.
The bill was ultimately passed on Its
second rending.
tiljilllltll-l.elirrnl Would irl lleml
for I'lght Willi Meilfii.
iMilv.NU'ol.ts, Feb. 4. AdJI.-Oeii. Mo-
Coy. rpeaklug before a committee ot 1
the (lenernl Assembly to-d.iy. asked j
for an :t 1 1 it 1 1 1 1 lit 1 ii n tor th" National j
(iiiartl, on the 1:1, mini that this couu- ,
try xx until be al war with -Mexico aliei
.March I and 1 11 a t lhe Slate ought
have ,ll lent't thiee machine gnu
loons nnd an armory for them. j
"I am expecting the 1 11, liana National
Ciliaid to be called to .Mexico moll
after -Mai ch 4," he said, "There ought
to be (in applopllallon for the building
of an armory ami for the payment
of the men while they are being trained
to handle th" machine guns. I speak
iiiivlsedl.v when I say that we ought
to be equipped for war with Mexico." 1
A member of Hie commute,' replied
tliul Indiana ought to stay nt home.
,,, mujorlty asked that Hit
m: khiiit of 1 to pai.m iii:ah.
HAVTONV. OltMOMl. ST. Ab'tlb'STINH: ever 1
lloll nulrtirM In Miami ntl Havana: "l'lorltla
Hpt-rlal." .Mlnnlk- ( unl l.lnr. K'lS llrnailivny.
l-'l'OIII '
Wife Strin-li Down Tin
When- Hi Siiid. Testifies
I'oliee f'hii'f.
ii:i'i:.dant IS N Kit vors
Tiieties of Slide in Trinl Hrinsr
Word Tlint .Mrs. Ilrncli
Will Tuhe St.niil.
AlhK.V, S. C. Fell 1. The Ill's! day of
I lie llial of Fretlei it.'lt ). Ileacll came lo
an end lute this afternoon nud Willi il '
llie upatlietie atlitiide of 11.1t i v ami j
I ofllcial Aikenitet toward III" cn-e ill
1 appeni eil
Instead of beilin cleuied Up ill a brief
session with a piompt nctliltliil, at had
' been Ireely pledlcted yetti'l'tLiy, there
it every atturnnce thai the c.ie will
lake up all of to-morrow and perhaps
of Tliuisday.
To-day win consumed in the exiim
itialion of six of lhe Slate's chief wit
nesses, and four who went in I In- inuiu
coiroba'orv. I'm-eciilor Hunter an
nounced at adjournment that ho hail
I seven more witnesses lo put 011 the stand
bel'tue he would be ready to turn up.
II. II Unwind, who was police chief
al lhe lime of Hie iittjcl:. Wilt the State's
j be-t witness. He testilled that lie ills-
'covered the spot wlieie Airs. Ileacll was
stuick down and sla-hed it ml thai It was
folly feet distant f 1 nut the spot pointed
out bv Heacli at the place wheie he
saw a nemo slllke Mis Heacli. Il was
atiiund a 1 oi uer of the port h also, he
lie kilt w it w,t- the place because he
found All-, lieaeh's cnirliiKM einbeddtd
In the mound llieie, as well a- bmod
stnln- and maikt of a scutlle. There too
" '"' """ 1
II.. 1 .1 ..11 t t tl ...1 lit.. ..111. tlfiwllllt.nl lit isitltft
llo.vatd te-lillt-il further that Ills
sea 1 eh of the premises had been ham
pet eil b.v "some one In authority"
Th" plant of the defence havetiot been
disclosed, but its chief counsel. Daniel S
Henderson, declared Hint .Mrs. Iteach
would be called to testify ill behalf of hT
husband. The shtiwitiK mad" by th"
proti'ciition to-tlay is Kenernlly believed
lo have 111,1, le such 11 step inevitable
Heiteli'M I'rleiiilii DlBnttptiltileil
Wh"ii th" little group of New Yorkers
friends of Ih" Heaches, who sat with
them wtlhiti the rail, arose to leave after
tint clerk had announced that the court
would reconvene 011 lhe mrrow a :3'J
nil were plainly crestfallen at the un
looked for hitch 111 the accu-ml mans
vindication. As they ftlod oilt through
the crowdt of town-people, farmers,
mill hands and laboring men and women,
with a large iiiltn ixture of negroes, their
bearing vn 111 strong contrast to the
jaunty air and laughing fores they had
worn through the morning session
Mrs Heacli. who had entered rami
in the morning nlmo-t gavly nnd stood
bravely the miiiiy trying ordealt to which
overfrank witnesses subjected her. looked
tired nnd worn
The dav held no surprise in the theorv
wliich the prosecution endeavored to '
build up Tlie linexscted element lav
111 the effect created by the State upon
purely circumstantial evidence The at
tempt was made to show that the expla
nation of the assault Uvm Airs Heacli '
offered after the aflair by her and her 1
husband was not tenable and that inci- I
dentally their two versions contained I
marked discrepancies j
Krti Mnlfr Trmlmoniii
The early afternoon wa taken up by
th" testimony of Pearl Hampton, the
tiegrtvs, who was attacked on the adjoin
ing piemise.s owinsl by the lieache but
1 tented for the season to .1 It I.yon of
f I Pittsburg a few minute befoie .Mrs
Heich wat assailed pie.sumnblv bv
sani" tin n. anil lie the witni-te. also
servants of the l.yon family, who cor
loborated the , hief detail The Hamp
ton gitl's description of th man did not
tally witji Mrt Heaeh's description ol a
negro, but she was unwilling to sweat
that he was 111,1 a iii'iro
In general the il"fence contented itself
with showing 011 cross-examination that
the witnesses statements were inaccurate
in point of time and through physical
limitation inadequate to prove that no
man had lied from the bench premises
after the screams were heard. It
laid esiM-cinl stress upon Pearl Ilanip-
ton's inability to identify the man who
attacked her, when she had been in the
employ of tlie Heach family for the pre
vious year and knew Air Heacli well,
Iteach entered court this morning ac
companied by hit wife; her sitter, Airs.
J H. Tailor; .Miss .Marion llollint and her
brother, Harry H. Ilolhnt, Jr . and his
wife; Airs. C. Oliver l-elin and Thomas
S. Fuller, all of New York, ami -I. It,
I. yon ol Pitlsbiirg. Uilerthey were joined j
Ii) Mm Joseph lliirriman and Kdwartl C.
Smith. All were dressed simply. Mrs.1
II, -ach wore a brown suit and a small ,
In own toque.
livery e)e was upon the Heacli parly, I
but (hey born the sei-tuiny easily. Airs.
, Item b slilillni. liiolfi.it jiImiiiI lit I b. el-iiu'il .
I I- .,.1.1- .1 l f... .1... .1.. '
. fence chatted onlldeiitly.
Ifeac-n alone hhoweil Home nervousness. Iluwtnorne anil tne inner s associates 1 mss,m,.r Dougherty pointed with satl.1
Tim proceedings were delayed while , on January 10 last, will start to-day for I iu.t'l(m x,, him II supplied sufficient
Judge J. Al. .Spain and County Solicitor
Hunter went through with the arraign
ment of a prisoner charged with murder
He wuh compelled to pit'.' 11 place 'n tho
cagelike dock where Aiken county pris.
oner. are ulwtiys arraigned.
This proceeding was watched narrowly
by the littltt group, but Mr. Heach escaped
the ignotnlny. Prisoners charged only
with u misdemeanor urn not mi arraigned
All the time tint court crier tin a bal
cony overlooking the street was shouting
the nnmes of thn witnesses und jurors
Citntlnurtl nn I'oiirth I'ayi:
llrrrfnnt Farm Sauna nr..
Made of the tender meat nf llltlf iiaitannil choice
spires. Y1111 have never la'eil perfect Mimaee un
ytiil have trleil iheni. beware nf Imltmlunii. -
.it ell. l In ju red In Hull OHiiir With
U limlini ( but'clilll.
Hant4 IIakihka. Cul., I'Vlt. 4. Slewnll
i:dwnld While, novelist, htolte lilt l.-i;
slldlm; In the home plnle til a ball
liinii- Willi Winston Chuirhlil .mil other
nieiiilt hen- to-dav
! Heir of tnirl llntlil In Kit Mr It With.
I sister 11ml Iiml Item. '
AllhmiKli Miss .lulla Hodd a iI.iukIi
Mer, Is the sole benellcln 1 , of Hie will of
Atn.i llnilil, who for twenty yea is was
plesliletil of lhe .Mutual benefit Life In. j
siiiance Coriipanv of Vewark. her!
Ii'-phew, Sidney It. I'lliell, said la-l
liliiht thai 1111 iitiiletstandlliK existed I
whereby the other children are to par-j
tlclpHte equally In tlie Jl.nOd.oilO estate
The tlociiment.was probated in the Snr- '
loKiile't ofllce Iii Newark yestei-ilay. j
The chlldieii who were not mentioned
in the will ate aim. .Iiilln I). Krlell of
J III Million. Vn wife ol the head of
Il.'iinplon In-tltule, Wllliatn S.. Kdmiind I
W itntl Joseph I-'. Dotld of New York.
The document bole the same date as'
that on the will of Airs Dodtl. who also'
left nil of her property lo Allss Dodd
III this testament it was provided that ,
If lhe hciif fit-liu-y tiled before the testa
trlx the estate should no to the olhei
children .Mr. Dodd bequeathed his
properly to Ids wife anil the miniat-l
lied daiiKhte.r, all to k to the latter
he suivlved his wife.
Allss Dodd iiialtb-d a- executilx j es
Ttirr limn llrnrs i'ltnl lit- U to Mr
lloeUefeller'a Nelulilmr.
TtliinTOW.X'. Feb. 4. It t lepolted
Ih.lt tis.-ur S. Snail- has boiiKht the
Hurt, 111 1 11 1 111 on the Itvdfonl toad be
tween heie and I'l'-as.iiitvllle. and will
become a nclKhbor of .inlin l. Itockt
feller. The farm comprises eighty acres
ami Is one of the choices) pletes of
land In thlt section. It I- said that
.Mr Straus nave U.".oni for th" ptop
etty ami will build ,1 new house on It.
Air Straus has spent several sum
mers nt Tarrviown,
duple? -.. Xlitsin'i snt "sirimiirr."
j "llriilher," ltnr" or "elnhluir."
Nf.vvnia.n, N .1 . I'eb. 4 To Increase
, lhe efficient y of Its service on the divi
sion which has headiiiiarlers at Cam
'den. the Pennsylvania Itnllroad has is
sued the following ouler from the Ctm-
tien ouice in tin- pass.'nuer train inns- 1
'An einplovee on dut.v I- forbidden to
mliliesH 11 pasteiiKer or patron of the
itompiiuy as 'friend.' 'suniiKei,' -coinriiile.'
Iiiother," 'sister,' 'ni'Uhlmi-,' or by unv
I oilier term of this character. When neccs
1 sary If the passenger's or patron's name
is not Known use 'sir. 'madam.' or 'beg
pardon "
Sennlr Committer fur dinner to
WnrL tlterlllnr.
WisiiiNtiToN Feb. I.--Candv
L-lrls. l.-lllll.ll-v forewomen nn.l .-,.rm-,l
I Itteis were brought before the Senate
1 Committee on the District of Columhln
to-tlay lo plead agalnt the enactment
, of nn eight houi law for women
They begged for the chance to work
overtime In ortler that their present
standard of li.ing might not be re
duced. Several nppeared to believe :he law
would force them to work eight hour
every day
Plan lo Snhntll (uea(liin In
In Washington llrjrelrtl.
(M.YMriA, Wash., I'eb. 4. -Twice
day the Mouse rejected the plan of al
lowing voters to cast their ballots for
, or against the recall of Judges ot the 1
1 general election In 1!H4, turning down a
motion ior reconsiucrailon by a vote;
1 nt ,3 io 10. ns against 50 to 32 in the
1 morning. It required sixty. five votes!
I to pass It. Five members were absent.
I All of the Hull .Moose members and
' all the Democrats but one voted yea.
as did many Republican- The vote I
I wjs preceded by the warmest debate 1
I of th" session, followed by a roll call
and much explaining of votes. ,
Xlilrrinnti (iirroii. Who aLa
11111,1111(1, Wants It llorrlrtl I it
(in the application of Alderman j than De Kosn's as Judge Kosalsky re
Henry II. Curran his $100,000 libel suit I members It.
u..,ilriut tlui'nr Itu.'.i.i t.,.b-..l .... II.
Alavor's letter concerning Alderminlc
graft In connection with newsstands,
was set down yesterday by Supreme
Court Justice Page for trial next .Mon
day before Justice Ford.
In his petition Curran said that the
.Mayor hat called him 11 "grafter," anil
that he Is entitled to earl.v
. .
stnrta To-tls fur Ih)ii llriilhrr'
Hospital In XI liiiiraoln.
Judge Charles Al. Hough of the I'niled
States District Court, who was till-en III
while presiding at the trial of Julian
Kochester, Minn., where he will enter
St. Mary's Hospital to undergo an oper
ation When he Isicumu ill .Indue Hough wits
taken to the New Yolk Hospital. It
was understood that he Und 11 lecur
renew of hemorrhage of the stomach,
from which he has lieen suffering for
yeurs. He won operated on about a
year ago at St. .Mary's, which Is pre
sided over by the Alayo brothers.
Judge Hough has been at his home,
5.10 Park uveniie, for about a week.
I was si iu 11 e e n i . gti. nun ut-
IIIOUKII tin- ill" is- " biiii no IIOI1I'
strong he expected to be able In, make
the Journey
to .Minnesota without
A pony glass of AMiOSII'lt.X IIITIIiKN
befute niealu It a tplenllil ionic. -A (It.
One lo (irnee Walker, One
lo .In (I go Kosalsky, Iast
lo Herrern.
Imperilled Rosnlsky's Life
Heemise His Pal Had
Been Sentenced.
Sonsrln iti "Sen re" Herrern After
.Imiitor Hnd I'ut Him Out
of His .loh.
.bihn I'aul Fundi, n Kittint. Hpectaoled
Janitor, ex-sallor. ex-tonvlct and Rrad
uate of an Insane asylum, pointed to
himself yesteidny as the maker and
scniler of all three bombs that have
been police mysteries of the past year.
The bomb that kill, 11 (iraco Walker
111 I iS West Sevent.v -.'eventh stleet a
yeat aj:o last .Monday, the bomb that
went off In .Indue Otto P.otalsky's home,
ill I West I loth stieet, on Alnrch 16 last
year, and the bomb "hat 'killed '.Mr.
.Madeline llt-i i.-i.i al 1 173 Fulton nv-nut-,
The tlronx, on Sunday night
Fat tell claims each of thorn as his own.
He tonfes.ed first to the police at I
o'clock yestettlay tuoriilng after they
had tiue.-tloned him nil nlirht In their
own vva.v. Al noon he changed his story
in n tew particulars, but repeated prac
tlcnlly the same narrative, in the aftrt-
I noon he sal In unlet Inquisition with
Assistant District Attorney Wasservogel
1 ami two deputies and repeated In
orderly sequence ant) with some elab
oration of detail 11 story that was In
siilislance the one he hnd given th
Depul.v I'ollct Commissioner Doug
heit.v, njlowlns for all discrepancies and
the fact of previous Insanity, hellevea
Kartell tells the iruth. Air Waeser
voge and the two other Assistant Dla-
tl lot Attorneys. Hrecklnrldge and Mur-
' phy, say from their experience In crlml-
!.i,il P.niu....iim nnl nn !.-.
.u. ....... ...... .i.n. iin- flll. 1 jr
needs verification, but that as Farrell
sat In the Criminal Courts Hulldln and
Ultisiralcd his tale by drawing diagram!
of all the bombs' he made he seemed 10
be relating real facts.
! (irarr Wnlkrr Abandon' film.
For each of the three, bomb explollons
Farrell gave his motives. He ald that
Urnce Walker hod been a friend of his,
that she abandoned him, that when h
called at her home to reproach her for
keeping bad company she told him to
, mind his own business and slammed tht
., , j
'"'"" ' ",ul ,rn UB"
fore hrr ilenth.
From that slammed door Farrell aaya
he went back to his basement loom al
318 Kast Fourteenth street, where h
was then Janitor, and there manufac
tured anil addressed with 11 typewriter
his Hi st bomb,
His grudge against Judge Itosalsky
had nothing to tlo with tlie Hrandt case,
although It was suspected al the lima
thut the sentencing of Hrandt b.v .Iitdaa
Kosalsky was responsible for the 'bomb.
Farrell says he put lhe .lodge on his list
of recipients of Infernal machines lo
calise the Judge had sent a pal of hi
1 De Kosa lhe Hull, to prison for thlrtv-
, nine years.
lllaelittrKril Itj Herrern.
The third bomb, which killed the wife
1 of Heituiiilo Herrern, blinded her bus
' band and seriously hurt Miss Surah
Fughtinan, was aimed nt Herrern be
cause Herrern hod fired Farrell from hl
Job as assistant Janitor of tlie Fulton
, avenue apartment house
; These In outline are the reasons given
by the gray haired Janitor for his three
I big adventures In crime. In only one
of the cases has corroborative evident.
' been developed,
I The police have lhe records and Judge
I Ko.-alsky remembers well the conviction
,0111! imprisonment of the burglar. Da
I Kosa the Hull. De Kosa is now In Dan-
nemorn. only n few days ago a letter
signet) with his name and asking that
I the sentence of thirty-nine years ha
commuted to twenty came to Judge
Kosalsky. Ii was not written on prison
nailer nnd Hie hiiiiilwrltlnir was better
I in.- u,iii- win 10m .nil v oriiiri or
' not Farrell, still working out his own
I Ideas of loyalty to his Imprisoned friend.
! wrote the letter himself.
I In lhe much exploited (irace Walker
case lhe name of Farrell was never
I hen id of. (in that case the police have
, been pegging nvvny for more than
.ni... ..,.on.. ...10 fl-.i a
1 year, but never until that bomb went
1 off In The lirnnx on Sunday night was
1 lln-ie a hint that the quiet suh-Janitor,
tending furnace ami living alone In
I musty basemeiil room, so much as knew
I the dilTfience between nitroglycerine
' mid bulletmllk
Months Were VI u fit Mike.
(in his
...ti ..ran i-
table ut Police Headquarters
lay an exhibit to which Com-
I evident 11 Hint Farrell Is the destroyer
he professes to lit The exhibit con
i slsteil of the fragments of the Urace
I Vn!i;"r. KoMiIsky and llerrera bombs.
and of a bomb constructed for tint police
after the fragments had been pieced to
gether. Fundamentally the thiee bombs
which Farrell stiys lie made were the
same. In each a cigar box had enclosed
Iron pipe, which hnd been tilled with
nitroglycerine. In each the pipe had
been steadied with bits of white wood.
, ,0l. ,,.r,. w, ., wirt. BprnB whereby
. ....i,.al,
the explosion was made when the slid
ing lid of tne box was removea.
There was till difference: The Ora.ee
Walker and Judge Kosalsky bombs
were exploded by spark from a pair of
dry batteries, whereas the Herreru bomb

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