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Fair to-day; fair and warmer to-morrow;
moderate west winds.
Detailed weather reports vxlll be found on pace 15.
VOL. LXXX. NO. 166.
NEW YORK, THURSDAY. FEBRUARY 12$, 1913.- cnnM. mis. n,r r,in,,a ;-i.mi,m m,,,,,,,.
Firemen Bendy,
ic I p Fifty-lour
F.nsiern Lines. '
Try to Keep
(joins on 50,001)
Miles Alleetcd
iitnn Will Meet Mediators liui
TllPI'e Is No fll.MllH!
of Settlement.
ji.-,iiont Carter of the Itrotherhood
p' l"ir men and Lnglnomcn Mild last
ii s'i' i'i.it the stilko of firemen on
futv-fo'ir I'a.-terti i.-illtnads will he
ciHclal'v declared Iotiioitow evening.
T i.
members of tho brotherhood.
MHin. will be ordered, he said,
i work at intdnighl on Sunday
I, u. loads rnmpi i( .-,0.000
f track, serve HpiiroMiiiiilely
f().''iO0oO people, employ 3S.O0O tliemen
i.nd h.ie on their payrolls liH'.uoo jut.
o:ls m all capacities.
lrlke llri-HUer It emit.
i aianacers of the loads, acilnc in
i ' 'i,-itt.rs in concert, have announced
th.i- uv n hae been lilted to take tile
l.i-i,, ,,( strikers nnd that they will
pui frth every effort tn ptevent a tie-
l f the line". These men ate under-si-i.iil
1. 1 have been recruited In the last
w i.i.'tithx .since It brcime appal eiit
i .ii i situation w,i. anite and
that 1
ii 'r k. vt.is mote than a possibility
T.i deiiMon to stiike was leached
it nicht alter a conference at the
i.roadw.n Central Hotel between Pres.
lent Carter and the brotherhood's .n-
r.il adjustment coinmlttei. of tlfty-four
made up of one man from each of the
toads Involved.
tit crtt helllllllu ute In
The vote fot a strike was
31". 7! and
acalnst a strike l.piv The
miloiinced lifter the v .sit of
Vote was
'"nrier and the -.'eneial ailjustnient coin
mlttee of tlftv-four firemen to the I In
.itoerini; .Societies ltulldlni; on To.....
President Carter in the meantime had
lien m touch with all the local dlvi-
I. . us of the firemen nil 111., l-!:i.stet'0 '
...li n.. .Is noil f.,e K.mie tlm.. thev li:,v I
n :n readlnc.-s for lus Issuance of ,
ti.e nrlke call.
W'.en thi coniinlitetf ef the tin no n
i.i. .1 by Carter went to meet the coii
' in (emmittre ,,f the uiilri.ads on
r . -d.iv i; was felt liv-thcni thnt tin-
rert-nce was to he a mere perfuctory
: rn anil Piesid. nt C tier and his
. 'iimittee had no blea that a settlement
u I I,,- reached.
i eusr,m;rv foliv -elcllt hours
. w li t.ritif the t:mo for the strlk"
. imdnlirht Sunday, when slmul
' sic 40 nun iiretiien and tliemen-
s t i s wh,, jne In thi tliemen s
! 'e .id w'll leave their cal s
V 'ii, n who will desert the)! cabs
e l.irie in. (inn tlrmeii-"m.,ne rs.
m, lined in the bruthetiiood attei
promoted to he i ii ii I u i ' rs .
- (In men-' ncltieers came under
.i.'nctu'nt by whii.li the sirlk"
. . fnr hv tlie Itrotherhood of I.oco
. r- Knsitu ers was averted and par
Pii'e In the concessions made to this
'.vrhond by tin- railroads, but under
- ib of the ISrotherhooil of l.oco
i " e Plremen nd Knirlnemen thev
. ..t.'aed to strike with the rest and
k pat' in the ballotlni; of the
.1 n
I nloii Hit sr.lts.ooo.
v i- s,ii yesterday bv a liluli an- i
:n i he brotlierhoiid that It has i
'-til i".3s.0OI ill Hie trellSlirV to lie
- I i.i inetReiicles and that It will be.
I. , ; assessments on the mem
r i t toe firemen's oiKiimzatlon In the
v ' .Hid West AceortlinK to leading
e.'.. rs ot the union the un-anlxali m
- ncwr tietter eUlpped for the con- I
- rile, the Ktelltest StrilKKle I'V fill '
' i I'.itnl that has ever tuken placti In I
1 .illioiid Imbi.stry In this country
vuis said that the otlicers of Hi.-.
.'n re attemptliiK by this strike nt .
t nt stace of the flKht to show '
.l.lie ihnt tliey had uolie to the
' 'i iiiaklni; com ession.s and that no
' - 'Mis wete expected from tile tall
When the Ml Ike
in. il. rs say that
ii week the firemen will demon
i their stiengtli antl awaken In the
i' inlinl a "realization of the Justice
' , ir uemanus. I
i . -Hike will inilliecny aiiec
" railroad elilploce.s.
II it l Ii shir ppreclHle l ulmiill).
. idmiiwd on ImiHi sides that tlie
i mi commerce will be calamitous
' fi still,,, lasts a week. As New Vork
- ti e ii n re of supplies for n largo tor
rv ,i cunt inuance of ii strike would
i nK a limit famine conditions. At nono
i ie,i conferences was tho ;ruvity of
-.'nation underestimated,
i- s not considered likely that tho
- i .bir.s of the llrotherhood of I.oco-
i.e Knglnocrs will refuse to work
h iion-uiiloii firemen. They uro under
M agreement "f their own.
Thr stnke on the tlfty-four railroads,
' at limlly lakes pluce, will so fur a.f
i iinvvii bo the tlrst railroad strike In
ith before the slliko the dispute had
in- .will down to the question of the.
1 ' i of (libit ration to bo adopted after
rxit'i sio,s had agreed to arbitration,
i.iilioails objected to arbitration
e'. i tip llrdman act because It loft
power of determining' the award
he hands of ono man.
' resident Purler nnd his commitle
Continued oit Vilth Page,
I Onrtn rKrp,. With I
I of tioltiK l.nitpr,
official mercury, shielded from
1 blasts,
ll'oppotl l;i.t night to 1'.' decrees
llle loVVtst II ..,,
tocordod since the
, IwKlnillnu nf the modest wintot
year about nils ii,it
It shlveilnnh do-
sectulcd tn it-cii-.
To travellers boitn I north unci wot
colli M-etlleil bitterer lli.ni II le.ltt
was because thru- was ! wind vurvinc
In force from tucntv-totir to forty
eight miles ftom the friuld hem of I
winter In the Northwest I
The love.t tcmpcrnttiM- In the country j
was . below em .it Dulutli. Minn.. I
Northllelil, 't . r.m scent, u w ith 2 b-Mnw. I
The lornl prophets felt prottv sure last
night th.'it the mercury would Ret down
til III lill.l flint'
I or the fit ft time ihls winter the
weather droe the homeless and the
, dcstltuto from the uirks anil streets
In such numbers to the Municipal i
'-'"IkIhk House that the place liemnie
overcrowded iind the superintendent pent I
iilioilt 300 to the Department of Chatt- I
.i i i... i
lien lilic'lt:-. I
Hy U o'clock 70(1 men nnd about fifty j
women and children Im.l been taken In I
at the lodging house. Ii.it lied, fut nlshed 1
wiui iiiii couee ana pui lo i i
Those who went to the docks of the .
Dcii.irtinctit of Chnrlt h-s foiinil that the.
Ml. mil lu.nt lint! ltotf-n tient nn hilt hnillnf
to spend the night on chairs or benches,
is there ate no beds there. They were
told that in the mornlm they would he
taken to the lodging house for break
Smashes Stores ami Brewery
Watertown anil llreaks
Into Armorv.
Wctiiitiiwn, N. V.. l-'eh. i; Crazed
b the cold, frightened after sllppiim'
upon the Ice, lllla. performing elephant
of the Hobin-on-Spellman Indoor cir
cus, ran wild tliioiiKh tne streets here
late this afternoon, smashing into
business places, causing two runawajs.
,tlmoi trampling women and
unde" foot and leaving a trail t
aue behind her course.
Eventually tlie inure animal
liiildrt n
f wreck-
smashed '
tlie doors lo tlie State aimory, waded
t ihroucli the bleacher which had been
erected fot a wrc-Uim. match and
I rammed into a slas partition that shel
tered tlie Kims and acclutreiiionts of
t oiiipauy i '.
Two thousand men. led by the em
plovees i.f the circus allied Willi
spiked poles. followed the animal
through the streets. Mtetncn and po
licemen iolned In the chase, thotit.ii
keepim; at a safe distance. To add to
the loiii'usloii some one tinned lu a tire
lu tompany with tour nili, rs th
ephant hail In en 1
I i latiketed and '
hooked t
the train lor
liiadlllLr. tl.
tioop appearlui; in New Vork next vvi ek.
The tiiercur.v stou-l ,it z. m liete ; i
d.ty and Hie animals appeared ill a; ejs.
as they picked tlieir way over the ky
.lust at the car lllla slipped and fell,
hi a flash the entire hi td. trumpetim,-,
dashed in evety dliectlou, the onlookers
t uniilns for their Ihrs.
l'lla .spotiid a btevver.v, into which
she went head tlis., taking the do.u
with hoi, and then ptoceeded to .scatter
tile case fluids. ' lie emplnvees iiud
! olllce foite ran out and ihieuth tour
I foot anowilritls to sj,f,.tj.
l'rolii the biewlim compiiuy s phn e
the animal tore tluoui.li the stteets.
itausIiiK two bad runaways, and then
I almost tinmpletl down Mrs Peter Pne-:
i man and daimhter. The women fainted I
trom ti lent.
I A plate iilass window next fell I.e.
.fote tin- animal, who then burked the
! bime doots of the armory. Outside a
thousand persons listened to the animal
I wieck the place.
Kventually .lohn lloblnson. owner of
the elephant, quieted the cra'ed beast.
Another elephant was brought up, a
huue rope tied about the tiiniivva) and
Klla was dr.iKned to the crs.
bluer VI I ll n e HU fl Sni
siillnr or IVrlahtrr,
In thi
The steamship Minnewnskn. biggest
steamship Mlnnewaska
mid swiftest of the Atlantic Transptut
fleet, in yestettlay from London and
Southampton, was halted In mltlocenn on
.Sunday by the little Ililtlsh freight
sliamshlp Morn, hence for Itatnbiii p,
which signalled that she needed medi
cal assistance.
The sea was lough, but Capt Gates
of the Mlnnewaska deckled not to pass
up nn ambulance call from a doctor
lef.s fielghter ft.vitig the (lag of his
own itiiintry.
. .1... I.,.,, ..f II... 1.1..
j .--II llle f"lli-i H in .t 1'".,. "i no- .'li,
liner was lowered with Surgeon Pat-
, "I?" 1 '' .V"",', '' '' '.'
' UIK sea iiiniii i wi tin- .mint nun luiiiiii it
1 fir iiian suffering from epilepsy. The
'patient revived under treatment by the
sniKeon, wno lert tneoieino nnn tuivice
iboul Willi tlie .iitirii it snippet aim torn ie
J turned to the Minnewnskn.
Among those who saw tho unusual
Incident of the steamship Innn was
Ilealrlce llnrrnden, novelist, known
chiefly as the author of "Ships That
Pass In the Night." The Morn passed
In the lay.
Miss Harraden is a militant suf
fragist and an advocate of trado
unionism, .She said that sho regarded
Thomas Hardy us the mnstcr novelist
of tho day.
Ilun liver Croaaliiir Vanilerlillt Air.
line, .Near Atlantic, llrookljvii,
Joseph Ilelll, years old, of 878 At
lantic avenue, liroolclyn, was run over
nnd Instantly killed last night, by an an
toinohilc driven by George P. Fisher, a
textile manufacturer living at 3a Clin
ton street. FlKhor was iirrosted,
charged with homicide, but was Inter
released on bail.
Tho bov was crossing Vnndeiiiilt ave
nue near Atlantic when ho darlcd In
front of Flsher'a tar.
Survivors of Kxpctlifion Itcfnsc
to Discuss Question After
n ronstiltiition.
One of Explorers Hints of De
tails Which Mifrhf Hurt
People's Feelings.
SpreM Cahlr rttrtc'i to Tim Sfv.
I.onion-, IVli. 13. Immedliitety upon
the nrrlvnl of Cnpt. Scott's Antarctic
ship, the Terra Nova, at Lyttolton
Harbor, the port of Chrtstehuroh, N.
this morning (Thursday), n now
mystery In connection with the, ex
pedition hns arisen that nf the fuel
shortage of Cnpt. Soot I'm party. This
th exnloier tn i,is iI1(.i message said
iwas a contl Ihutory cause of the failure
the party to Ret hack to safety and
for which lie could not nocouut.
The Chrlstchurch correspondent of
the Haiti Chronicle cables an account
of his futile attempt to ,;et Information
on this point from the snrvivors. lie
had been chatllntr with l.leut. I'vans
and other otlicers In tho wardroom of
'the Terra Nova. All had been fairly
communicative until he introduced the
liliiestlon of fuel, and C'apt. Scott's state
ment In retard to the "astonlshlnt;
i failure" of I'cttv titlleer Kduar ICvans,
who was lecirded as the slronsesl man
'of the party, but who died of con
. Icussioti of the brain a mouth before the
HI others perished. Then, accordlni: to
the correspondent, all tho ollleeis be
came suddenly reticent.
l'lie tiait of Capt. Scott's nu ?ai;e in
which he referred to lack ot fuel was
a- follows. "I do not think human
bettiK4 ever came thrnuuh such months
as we have come thlouBli and we
should hav ul thloiiKh In spite
i of the weather out lm the
' sickenlni; of our mates anil Hie
'shut tape of fuel in our depots, lor
which I cannot account, and tlnalK but
f'"' 'be storm which hs.s falli n on us
vvlthin eleven miles nf this depot at
which we hoped to serine final supplies
Sui ely misfortune could scmelv have
exceeded tills int niow. We arriveii
within eleven miles of our old line Ton
Camp with fuel for one hot meal fond
for t v o days."
I.ielll. Kvalls sa.d the fuel ltorl,lKe
vv.is hardl.v of siillicleut Importatue for
a iiewsp.iier to deal with and added, i
think von Jiad better not tomb noon Ii "
The i ot respondent umeil its Importune-,
as Cnpt. Scott had mentioned it as
a contributory c.ui-c. to the failure of
the patty to wt back to fine Toll I'epoi.
l.leut. Kwms jiiinilti.il that tins was true
and repealed his pi-ev ions .statement that
toe Scott party had fuel enoiiKh for a
nmntli iieyoiiti inn unie in wiiicu tney
Were eNpecteil lo rellirtl.
, Tin 11 tlie sm-Uesllotl
respondi nt. "that thev
hi'oll itlllependl lit of tin
is." s.ud tin cor
i,tu;bt to have
Mlpplles at tile
Depots ""
"Vts. that ,s s,,." said l.b ut. I'vans.
addlnu lliat of the four patties who !
returned after tlie siippoitlns
.1 ,
party hardly one tea. bed a base with.
, mote ihan one ilia'- tnel j
Tlie cm respondent asked- "Then whai I
slior.iie,. did Capt. Stott i.fer in?" J
1. but. Ileitis replied: "I do not want
to discuss that point further." He ie
pe.ited hls'oplnioii that r was n,,t n, , , ..
sar to deal with this suhjei : at pieciit.
The cnirespondent was uliout to tpies
tioll Sllll.-c.lil Alltinsou. Willi Ii il the
i pally that discovered tie- bodies of
.Cap.. Scott and lie others, under a pro
vision made bv laeiii I Ivans that lie
would i heck the couv is.ition if lie
thought the iiuestfons undesirable, when
l.leut. IVnnell. who was attached to tlie
m"leurolol.'ic.ll end of llle expedition,
broke in and expiessed tile opinion Hint
"It was highly undesirable to enter into
details. Mime of which might hurt
people's feelings, and It would be tneiely
panderlni: to the morbid tastes of a sec
tion of the public to publish things
which hud better not be published"
l.leut. Hv nns agreed with this and
Suroenii Atkinson cnnsei,iiently said
uothliig. The correspondent adds.
"The Impression I lecelved from the
tonvetsallou Is that explanations will bi
made, but I am not et in a position to
say Hun the shoitnge was caused bv
anybody's carelessness, although that
seems to be implied by Capt. Scott's
wot tls."
The t onespondetu com bid
surpilsu Is expressed hen- at Capt
Scott's ivfeiences to Seaman llvnns. He
accompanied ('apt. Scott on his tlrst at
tempt lo leach the pole a ileiadt! ago.
The lender then praised him highly.
There was no woitl of conuneudiitton on
this occasion "
The wife of Kdgar F.vnii.-, who al-
iiiougn a sun-otmer in i lav.v eniisteit
ns a seaman in I lie .Milan in- expedition,
lecelvetl a letter from dipt. Scott .since
the expedition started In which he gave
hearty praise to her husband, to whom
he referred ns "Mv tilt! filend who bus
done so well on this expedition that he
deserves all I can tin for him. '
Lieut. Leans In his tall, with
tho correspondents at Chrlslchurch
made some brief references to
the experiences anil Isolation
nf the party under Lieut. Campbell,
who had charge of the eastern end of
the expedition which was landed at Capo
Adnrn by tho Terra Nova and which
had to renin I n all winter lu an Igloo in
a snowdrift. Those remarks nf Lieut.
Kvans seem to Indicate that the Camp
bell party narrowly escaped tho fate
which befell Cnpt. Scott nnd his four
comrades. Ho said It is Impossible for
the public to conceive the hardships
which the Campbell party endured.
Lieut, P.vuiis also said that dpi.
Scott nnd his comrades coveted IM2
miles lu their Journey to the pole and
Tlie omcers say ine.ootues or Scott,
Wilson and Mowers could have boon
brought Homo, nut all agreed tint It
would ne more ut lo leave them whet e
they lint! worked and died. Tlie motor
sledges proven a r.tllure ami tiequently
broke down When tho last one col
lnpod everybody vvas pleased.
The diaries of all tho members
on 1'ourth Page,
t'rornl Will eli Hurt I. f tier l)r-
tloeil Turn nn Ihr Womrn.
fpffhl fnhlr flitviffA tn Tin: Pc
I.oNtiov. Keli. 12- Mrs. Mtnmellne
l'ankliurM, the militant siirfniRctto
leader, and some other women were
mobbed at Crovdon when they arrived
there for a mretlim to-nlcht by a crowd
whose mall hud been dam.'iKrd by the
Mitfraitettes when thev poiinsl acids nnd
paint Into the post boves The suf
friiKetteH wete only uved from roimh
treatment by the opportune arrival of
the police
Hostilities were resumed after the
meeting and a window In Mrs. ratik
tiurstV automobile was smashed The
women were rmiKhly handled by the
crowd, who fouxhl tho police In their
endeavors to net revenue for damage, to
thi Ir malls.
I'lre to-day destroyed the refreshment I
pavilion In Iteuent's Park and the police
express the heller that the blaze was
the work of militant sulfrnKettes. "Votes
for Women" was found scratched on a
nearby path and basketti smelling of
petrol wero found tn the shrubbery close
nt hand.
Similise t'liiter the floor I'nl lint
With tilnssra of Water.
I'lre oricinatlnt; in electric wlrlnu was
dlsi'overed under the lloor In n rerep-
! tlon room of the liome of William IC.
j Vnnderbllt. Htb' l'lfth avenue, at Ktfty
I second street, early last evenlna.
I .lames I.a (trove, u butler, traced an
odor of smoke to a crack under n iuj;.
i lie notified other servants and ran to
I send a lite alarm.
lly the time he sot back the ser
vants hnd put out the bla7e with tumb
lers of water. The damage was trilling.
HeiiinrUHlile llltrtvrr nf I'hriimn
emin tn thr Jiini-f rnii
Sp'rial I'uhlr Hnpatrh fi Tns Sis
I.onpo.v, !ob 1". The (Jeneva corro
spondent of Uie i.ili; Chmmrlr ascribes
to I'rof (Juervaln the discover) of a re
markable zone of silence on the JtinKfniu.
Mastitis for a railwa) could be heard
fot thirty miles ftom parts of the moun
tain, but in the one of silence, only
fourtien nulos away, it
he. ml The professor Is
plain 'hi phenomenon
could not be !
unable (n e-
Open Wlinlit.v In fold Went Iter Ton
VI licit for Itxiilorer.
Wvsuis-iiio.x, Pel, ll" The Illness of
Hem Admiral Itobert K. Peiiry, the Arc
tlt ep!orei. Is pleurlsv. He underwent
an op.-iation a lew ilas ago and It was
said at the time that while the opera
Hon was not of a serious character It
would t online him to his bed for about
three w eeks.
It Is understood thnt when the cold
weather came on Admiral Peary be
lieved It- would be so Placing that lie in
sisted nn having all tlie windows npen
The lesult is that the man who laced
ihe extieiiie weather nf the Arctic now
Muds himself with pleuilsv His condi
tion r not serious, bat Pas caused some
loiicern to his friends, following the
I sin gli al operation
Utilise I'ntti-t IIIII
Peb i; The Hons
I 'a
vinklim li
I.. .Mlilt, S
C ,
e, a bill to., lav making hazing; at
anv tn'.Ieue In South Caiollna a mis.
' ileineaniii , punishable bv tlm or Im
I prisoiutient.
; Tin Inn. t for a tine i fixed at $.".0.
' while .he pi (sun .sentence cannot be I
. lotigei ihan luiriv tlays. The author of j
i the bill said In debate that It was intto-)
I diiced at ilie sola Itutlon of women from
; an inn uie ,si ,mi eunn vv.i- mime
I to amend the bill, making it apply nKo
to foothnll.
vote, dow n
bin the amendment vvn
p now goes tn the Senate.
Una Iniprnveil Vinci- Ilia rollapar
Hefore the I'tijii liiinnllnra.
ItiiCs'swtcK. Gn., Peli. 12 William
Rockefeller has considerably imploved
during the pasi tew days from his col
lapse ot last Friday, when he was
being examined by tlie Pujo investl
gating committee. lie is now able to
I resume his morning walks on Jekyl '
. ! 1st. mil whtiii li.kMeVei- .'He fur iniK
short distance.
It Is lintbq stood that the Itockefel
lets, who are now occupying quuitcrs
in the San Soud apartments, will move
I Into their cottage this week and
main on the Island for some time.
VI lures lleiiorlril as Ailopllna It evo
lution uhIiiI Ilia Life.
I ' 1 1 a in i' w'f o v VA" V'n.. Cell 1 '1 V meet-
inK blended ,,. ,0no union miners was
heltl to-night at Smltheis Creek, at
which, ll Is s.ild, lesolutlons were
adopted I hi nitciilng the lives of Gov.
Glasscock, Sheriff Hill anil threatening
the military forces now In the tititl.
It Is also reported that copies of the
resolutions were posted In certain sa
loons at Montgomery.
The military nuthoiltlos have been In
formed of the action taken.
The story Is that tho minors decided
to march on the military camps, kill sol
diers antl tuin loose the prisoners now
under guard at Paint Creek, Tho mili
tary la well prepared for any such ac
Incident Which I'ntlaeil I'rriirh I'o
llllf'Hl Crisis lleopenell,
Sprrint (ViiV In i"ilrh to Tnr 31 v
P.viits, Feb. 12 The Dll Pat)' tie Clnm
Incident has assumed n new phase. Tho
i ,mimaf (KflHi l publishes an order sus
pending the oitlcci' for a period of ono
; year
j Lieut. -Col. tin Pnty de (inni, who wnsj
' mixed up In the
Drevfus afialf, was re-(
' cently leslnrcd
' MUle'rautl, tho
lo ihe reserves by M.
.Minister of War In
President-elect Poincart's Cabinet. Tha
Incident cnniscd ihe resignation of m.
liltKsl BlUM srniM. WAILLH.
pir h et I fUitZHopi'Citd bottltts-Xtlf
Kach Hour Tiring Nearer
Necessity of Keaehing
a Decision.
Administration llelieves Only
Other Solution Is iiicl;
Kntl of War.
IVb. 1'J. Another day
to (Jovernment official
of deep anxiety
has come to a
cloe without
the earnestly lionet! for lellef
Mexican situation.
Despatches to the State Department
from Mexico city show that another
period of hard tlchtlnK lin- passed with
out a decisive victory for either side.
Kach hour that this state of affairs
continues luinus nearer to the President
and his advisers the necessity of mak
ing a decision as to whether or not
the Pntled State Miatl take up anus
In Mexico.
There was tall; here to-day of the
possibility or President Tuft I'onfeniim
with Cov. Wilson ;n repaid to tlie
course to be followed. It was Irnrned
from an authoritative source, however,
that Mr. Taft will shirk no phase of
Ills duly III the picsent emeiKency, If
It Is necessary for htm to act he will
I do so on Ills own i.-spoiislblllty as Pres
ident, and regardless of the views of
j the incoming admliiistialion.
Karly lu the day it was the most eain
' est hope and bcliet ot President T.ift
loud his Cabinet that nightfall would
I see either President Madero or (Jen.
I Diaz supteme lu the Mexican uplink
' 1; was felt that a repetition of yes-
terday's tierce ttglitlm; tn t.ie strei is
would eliminate one or tne other of the
j contestants,
j It Is no .secrr' 'o siv thai the Ad
i ministration desltes abate all things
that the strueg'c be brought ton speedy
end bv a light to a tlnls.i. Such a lesult Is
regarded by the President antl his m.
vliers as the best for Mexico anil as
virtually the only hope for relief from
the situation now confronting; the
I nlted States. Government
, lleeUlve Itrsull llnl lluir,
I Only by one faction or the other
i gaining' a dts'islve victory is there any
, hope tif order and responsible rule rl.
j lnar out of the present chaos in the
Mexican capital.
Continuation of the fighting of yes
t 'relay and to. day ran have but one re
sult, Washington believed to-night, and
that Is the complete demoralization of
both sides and the utter lack of any
dominant force to whlth this (bivern
tnetit can hsk as the responsible :ti.
thorlty In Mexico.
That such a condition l already prac
tically nt hand wa demonstrated to-day
by the admission of both President Ma
ilt ro and lien. Diaz that fori Igners
must look out for themselves In Mexico
during these frightful hours. Neithe:
even claims to he in a position to af-
fon nv protection to life
,. iiu: ,t, ,.ti.it-.i
md property
Dcspntchis from Mexico tilv late to
day vv 're Interptetf d as foteshmlovv in?
. ven worse things for the morrow.
Since Sunday the Mexican capital has
been cut off from Its food supplies,
The poorer classes nie already feeling
the effects of the scattity of fond and
a few hours more of pro-out conditions
threaten to bring them lo despera
tion. Woiiu n of the lower class, s
were seou scraping up grain scattered
on the pavemi nt dining the fe. ding of
the cavalry hotses.
.....i . i
' I noon. There were men, women and
I Looting has already begun and the children. Comparatively few were In
i buildings which have been ripped open ' uniform. It was in the timings of on
by the shell tire are reported as svv.u m- , okets that the fatalities were most
I lug with robber". There letnains onlv numerous.
I th opening nf the saloons antl cafes to j u wm be Impossible to estimate the
l give the Mexican caplial Into the hands nuinber of injured. Those who worn
! of a frenzied people. , fortunate enough to escape with slight
(Hie of the most alaiming develop,
incuts, as viewed by l'nlted States
otllcials. was the releasing tr.-tl.ty by
the Diaz soldiers of 3.000 desperate
persons from the titv (it Nun. The un
loosing of 'the forcis of the lower
ciassesi it .s feared licit', will precipitate
a clash between the foreigners and the
natives with consetitnces of Hie most
dlsnstiou.s sot l.
The American quarter Is guattbil by , Hvery person In the republic not seeking
AniPilcnn citizens, volunteets who are . to pro.lt by the levolutlon wants a
heavily armed. Tho .ippenranoe nf a ' stable, constituted Government, and es
mob bent on looting In that part or the j peclally nil of the interests thnt give life
city is regarded by the Administration 1 1,1 Mexico.''
ns just ihe sort of occurrence which
might easily prove to be the spark to
"tart a general antl-foteign conflagra
tion. A further complication to the situation
Is furnished by the double obllgaf Imis
Imposed upon the l'nlted States Govern
ment. The Washington Administration
must protect not only American citizens,
but other foreigners ns well. Recog
nition of this added responsibility of the
Fnltod HtntcH was contained In the
statement Issued by IVosidont T.ift ut
; o'clock this morning.
run era W'nnl vol Inn,
This evollllis" It was arkiuivvieilgcil
that more than one toprescntatlvo of a
foreign Government had called nl tho
State Dopat Intent nnd expressed deep
Intetest In the progress of events In
Mexico city. The slgnlHc'inee of those
cnlls, described by Stale Department
official ns the "oasinl Inquiries" of1
the foreign diplomats. Is loo clear to
escape noilec In Wiisiiingion. They i
wero on ail sines iniei preteit as cour
leons reiiilinlers upon the p.ut of other
Collin tied on Tiltd Page,
lieli. liil Tell, Worlil He Is I'lullllliu
(Mil) for Pence. '
!.o.s Ani:-xi:s. Cnl Keb. Ii. -The fol
low I iik telegram ftom (len. I'ellx Diaz.
timed noun to-day, was received hy the
editor of the ,os AnKeles Timr.t:
" lake the liberty of tlianl.ln? you
for the oppoitunlty nlven me by your
repn M'titative. who entered my lines
under cover of darkness, lo thus nil
dress the world:
"1 relteralo mv previous statement
thnt I shall nctcpt no otllclal position In
Mexico. I rep ret Iho loss of twenty-two
of my men and an unknown number of
the eneinv killed. I am seeklnc peace
at this hour, ," A. M, but at the Mime
time, I am preparing for the supieme
ftriiKKlt' antl am confident of success.
"I ask )our moral support in the tlfiht
that I am mnklni; to brim; peace ami
the nationality of my country. I
havn Invited your ieuisentatlve to wit
ness n battle behind our kuiis, but lie
lias elected to act as a neutral.
, "Tixix UfAZ."
It Inters
t'lteer 1 1 1 ii r mill Cry Dentil
lo MBiler.i!"
Ml. I !. Tex., I-Vb. li.riilhnaliua,
capital of the State ot that name. Is vir
tually In the hands of a mob. The first
tlliill over the MexUatl Ccnttnl Itllllroad
trom Hint place In over a week reached
here this morning, bringing the news
that cannot come by wire, because the
rebels have taut all telegraph lines, lip
the train the l'edetnl gtiunl hi ought ten
rebels, unvstfil trying to dynamite the
track a few miles south of .liiurez. 'no
of the prisoners Is an American.
Passengers on the tialn report that
when they left Chihuahua on Tuesday
the populace was rioting and hissing the
Governor, and that the riots had con
tinued since Monday night when Chi
huahua received the tlrst news of the
outbreak in Mexico city. The mob
shouted "Dentil to Model o'" and "Viva
Diaz " ami tired pistols antl ilfb-.s Indis
criminately in tint air at the homes and
business houses of Madero sympathiz
ers. When Gov. Abraiu Gonzales hi
tempti d to talk to the mob he was
hissed and hooted. He called the troops
lo ipiell the mob nnd they lefused to
tire even In the air.
A Chihuahua newspaper arriving on
the same train with the passengers tells
of a visit of Gen. Antunlo Kabuirn, com
mander of tho l'edernl troops In Uhl-
liualiiia. to the camp of Gen. Marcelo
f,ir!lv en,
a reliel
leader, a
few mllt'M
fit. in Chihuahua
and of
i at rved to the Federal General and staff
ib the rebel General. They all laughed
laud drank toasts and when the rebels
I called President Madero "a shrimp," the
I paper sas, the I'odctal otlicers laughed
! heal Illy.
, t initially Gen. ItaKigo reported that
lie hail been to the lebel camp lo discus
' teinii. of sui render with Caraveo.
Gov. Gonzales is piepared for flight
'from the inpital and has his Stale
' papers packed. He realizes that thel
army is only awaittng the outcome at
Mexico city to divide which faction it
tvi support The oltlceia declare they
hope Diaz wins.
rlentt llrnehr l.nrrilo 'Willi
Mnr) of I'lmt llatllr.
l.vitt:i.o. Tex.. Feb. 12 Stories of tlie
0..t,(,rr' I.. l.... I .11.1
,,, ..ii tii ii t-n.t mill t nimilions
Hleie are told by Aiiku leans who passed
through heie to-dny ftom that capital.
The tialns were ciovvded with refugees,
many of whom wete witnesses of the
Hist day's lighting.
Harry ti. Karnes of Akron. Ohio, one
of the passengers, was n spectiitor of the
tlrst tliy's engagement In front of the
National Palace,
rftin-i ll itn.s i.ti-i i Ol.lllitKf 11 HI Kfl
into Hie Socala." he said. "I did not
siay long, nor tun i gel xar into Tlie
.ii.tiiv oi inc tiejill .sun my int'ie ai
,.l .l. .1 1 ..O, . ,. ...
wounds got away as tiulckly as possible.
(if the more seriously hurt some suf
fered for hours before nld arrived.
"When wo left the city of Mexico
the Americans there were not In great
tear. A better word, 1 believe to use,
would be pertuilied, and that bec.mse of
the doubtful outcome lu a countty
(Hetty well ridden by revolt.
"It Is difficult to frit const the result.
Trnops Hi HI I'uan Held In Camp
, With I'leltl llatliitia. j
Li. Pvho. I'eb. 12 All railroads enter-
ing 111 Paso have Iteon Instrnclctl to bo
I ready to move 1 roups here for inobjllza
liliui. Tho troops now here are being
heltl under orders to remain In ennip
land tho men nre nil armed with 250.
rounds of ammunition and curry throe I
days Hold iiitloiis.
Tho Hoops coiitliuie lo maintain their
strict patrol of the border for ammuni
tion destined for the Mexican rebels.
To-day they captured 1 1.000 rounds of
curtiitlges ut Presidio, Tex., near ojl-
liaga, Mexico. i
The Mexican Federal and rebel troops;
have called an Informal truce ponding 1
tho events In Mexico city. In the event
of a Diaz victory It Is admitted that
they will niiialgamaio. Tn the event of
a Maileru vicloiy most of the bottler'
Federals ale expected to remain loyal,'
whereupon the rebels will rcsuiiic their
Jlonv.v rishtins
Truco Called to
President Uses Armistice
to Briii"; Fp Guns and
Renews Fire.
Finest Buildings in Line
Battle Wrecked by
Even Necessaries Cannot lie
Ilourrlit: Lootinir Already
Tfas llemi.
MrA-rrn Titt, feb. 12. After i s,
ond nil day unsuccessful attempt i
rout Gen. Diaz from the Cludadi ,a,
President Matleio took advantage of ,t
truce enforced hy the American Am
bassador and the German Minister to
move his forces closer around the ar
senal itiitl to place In position eight
larxe cannon tli.it he hnd Just received
from near the capital. The result of
this action during the armistice was
that at 5 P. M, when the fighting was
resumed, Madero poured a storm of
shot and shell upon Diaz's strunshoM
from four sides. When the tlghiiu.;
eeasetl at nightfall the Federal troops
v.eie In .stronger positions than at any
time sincu the revolt begun.
During the three hour truce, win. h
was demanded by the American and
German representatives because of me
death or injury of American anil Gei
man citizens In tu-duy's lighting, the
foreign residents deserted their hunies
and lied for protection to theli em
hassles or to the suburb at the north
of the city.
When u became known late in tho
afternoon that Madero had turned his
back on the diplomats and hnd ordered
another attack on the arsenal, the Amer
icans antl other foreign residents nvvoko
to the real nature- of their peril.
atiia mi. I'orc iuuers.
Automobiles and carriages were thiv eu
hastily through the streets of the for
elgn colonies gathering up women nnd
children antl their belongings ami con
veying them lo the embassies. 'in
tlieds of men among the foreign rc.s'
dents formed armed guards for tlie em-
, hassles antl pattollcd the ttreets
I The American llmbas. - i.i-n.gh Is
) oiiiwdcd vv Ith refugees. Fvinthc use.
i ineiit Is fully occupied, liven the must.
i ..
, elOSl
well to do arc tloing their own t nil.uu.
if tlie Americans are teniporatilv
without funds, the banks being closed.
Ambassador Wilson and ltaion Paul
von HinUe were stlrrttl to emphatic,
protests after they learned of the dea.li
of tliice American citizens., antl the)
severe lnlury of a German subject. Tho
Americans who wete victims of tho
lighting were:
inpiojie oi me tmt rainvav conipanv :
u,,i, I,...., -!., ...
legs shot off by a shell which ex
puttied hi her npiit tni'ent
it W..
wife an itn
klllitl by tlm
I ployee of the Dun ageucs
.,1.1.. f ... . , -.1,11.1.
is,u' .in-, itiiintii.
ISP, nn American, who wns blown
to pieces by an exploding shell at tha
gate of the aiseiial while attempting to
deliver a messase to (len. Diaz.
Albert Rlaud, a German subject, was
shot through tlie arm, and the reports
are to-night that several other foreign
ers were slightly Injured.
Heart nf t'ltr In Ititlna.
When tho cannonading was stilled to
night after twelve hours of hostilities)
the conditions in the capita! wore ninrti
alarming thnn on Tuesday nlsiit Tlm
heart of the city, containing the largest
antl most beautiful buildings, is rapidly
becoming a ruin.
To-day tint Federal troops weio. s.t
placed thai shut and shell damaged
the Mutual Life Insurance Compans"
Hnllillng, the splendid new National
Theatre, the American Club, Poner'i
Hotel, the V M. C. A llulldlnc. tlm
Itrltlsli Consulate and numerous othef
linpottant buildings. The streets at a
littered with debris antl wreckage
Tho citlons arc In fear now not only
of tho bullets nnd shells of Mndeto and
Diaz but of the violence of Alfonso)
Morondo's bandits, who ate looting In
tho southern suburbs, ami of Do Lao's)
guerrillas, who are reported tn bo rap
idly approaching. No protection can bn
had from either Maileru or Diaz antl
the pollen department has reused tn
Food lloconiliiK Srarce,
If the fighting is continued a few
days longer tho capital will be in tin)
Blip of famine. Food is becoming;
scarce, and the necessaries commaml
' phenomenal prices.
! Another ItuioiislnR poill Is the took-
lossness of the artillerymen on both
sides. They have been elevating their
cannon so thnt shrlls fall In dl.ttilcts
tar removed from the nitunl zone of
There vvas much less losr ol l li to-day
because the l-Viler.ll troops did not VCIJ-
! turn upon a direct ntttiok, contentlnif
IthcmeehcR with ohclllug tlie uikcn.it j

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