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Fair and warmer to-day; probably fair to
morrow; southerly winds.
Detailed weather reports will he found on page 15.
OL LXXX.-NO. 167.
NEW YORK, FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 14, 1913. cwwt. tn, v the s rrM0 ruumniup Anwhiio.
riretnrn Henriy, but Peeitle Not
In Tall Wnlkout for
Smuhiy Xirrlit.
I One report has It that Mini Hoosovelt's
fr,rHT01S IIAHT) AT AV01!Ki,,,m''. H '" n--iy. .-..ii ..f tii-
I '!" Dr Ulclmrd II. Derby of !! Park
1 avenue- i)- ivrliv wax graduated from
1'urtlier Conference- Without
,.silt I'cnci. Kffni'ts to 15c
Ucncwetl To-tlny.
The orders for the strike of the fire
m ii on the Kn.-torn railroad- were '
tV itn up yesterday ami copies printed!
i readiness to l sent to tli" different
'tir It was originally Intended
i ' sunt the strike at midnight of Sun-'
tliiv liit a ttelnv has been decided upon'
i i. Ml conferences iir" concluded Judge'
M .rtHi A. Knapp with I). V. W !
h.mgcr. acting Pnited States Lalitirj
f mmlssoncr. Ik now here making a
iIm il attempt to settle ly mt'dlatlon tin-:
! -nn in dispute.
-or.e- of conferences lasting all ves
t.i wire hi'ld nt th" Itro.idvvay fen-'
ii' II !! between the ( iovt'rniiH'nt '
in. 1i.iTr mid Hit' commute" of the rail-'
1. 1 men. Meantime the conference j
. timittee of til" rallro.nl- held a mi'i't-j
ii a in tli" New llavrn Hallroad liullil-
ii.a. 7" f.a.-t fiilty-tlfth street, after.
w mil a statement was Issued liv l-.llsha
I,..- tliiiirnmn of th" committee, In
w h ch 11" said
In view ot the ptitillshcd announce-
n.ti's "f the tlreliit'ji of the f.a-tcrn j
i r, roads of th"ir intention to strike ,
n Sunday night, the companies want :
,e public to understand their position j
. e.trlv. The rallroans concede that!
fiTi- -hoiild Ii" ndjii-tments in the pay
f tirenvn. The tltetuen d"lll.ind almut
i i. u.i. iiiiii annual increue, or per
. ! The leads have ofl'i r.-.l th" men
increase of ,"i per cent. I his wa- re
.. , te.l hy the tit emeu '
T.ie statement cons on to reiterate
offer already made to arbitrate the
i i tv a board of seven men The tlre
...'n. Mr !. s.iyy, luve rejeet"d the
i i i road' offer and have oilered to nr-
'rite under the frilman a. t. Th"
f.netuent then give- tiie arguments .id.
Hiieed hy the railroads.
It .-ay- that I're!il"Ut Carter of the
firemen's Brotherhood hlm-elf iiilmi:
M;n t In- matters In tINpnte are far loo
niiiortan: to l.e settletl ly out man
nnd In thirty days, n- would he the ta.s.)
if there were .liberation under the.
Krdman net. The responsibility for the
fTike wll! be on the shoulder of the
ti nmen, h" -ays.
'The tlremen." he concludes, "an
nounce lh,it they aie ijolm? to s.rlk".
but tile riiilrond- tlon't ludlevo that they
tan ever cet piibllt. support t..r a .urllte
..Tiled to foiee the railroad- t.i an arbi
tration that Is bound to wot.: hard--hlp-
on evety one lnie-.i-ied and mote
tl.an any one on ;h" .".ii.uniMn.a of
people who ate (lepe'ld' llt on tile tlfls-
f . ir rnilroails renresened h tli"
n.iinauers' eommlttee; the lift v million
i in the end must pay the b:ii- "
Neither tiie two I'l'iliTi.' mediator- nor
1'r'sitlrnt I'arter of the tlruni'-n would
toy a wind as to whether anv pronre.-s
lid been mailt- toward peate. At the
tnd of the thtee conferences i'arter ad
iir tid that there "iiiikIi: be' mole con
Kreiices to-day and probably that there
Would be. He left it to be understood,
w.thoiit mnklni; an txpllcit .-tatement
en i he subject, that "be striki order
will be held In abeyance t.ntll th" pre-'-nt
t!.s. usions are oer in the hope that
nt tiie last moment a settlement niaj
be re.u bed either by a direct agreement
or b submission of the points at l.-.tiie
to arbitration.
II.. would not commit hlm.-elf, bow- ,
m to any statement as to what If i
procre.-.s had been made toward I
..or t me of the members of the tlte- i
r. a i- i' iinmlttee said: "U'e hav" the
: .iv otder readv and w hen the order j
a... r. If It hits to come, the strllio Will I
u ato erred UK" that, snapping 111-I.-
i.-. rs
T ihitd conference at the tlru.idw.iv
i . i" -,il la-ted until nearly 10 o'clock
iMuiIni;. After that tile mediators
.lf.rred with the committee repre-ent-lo
riilroads late last nlchi, but
ns Coinml-slnoer Hanger said that
.-.item.-ni would be made about him
- colleague.
IlloiceU Cnn'i ItertMi-r l.-.,IO(l
Ciioklnic for the l-'nlhem.
.'epiii.n Mlmcck, who Joined the order
r Ii. Hedemptollst I'lltllerP 111 liMo
and was cook for his biother- In the
t m.i intll 19ft!', ennno. recover t.'.tui))
' : Ins services during Ihat time. A j
i . before Supremo Court .lllMiei!
'nbauui yesterday tiecnled against.
! :. !
l'. ii- defence was Hint all the mem.
Ci of Hie order give their Hervlum
' 'in, ut other compensation i tin n their
i .Hid i iothing ami that Hlmcek
- ied an agrei ment to do th" name
i tin i k alleged that h" was liidutitl to
.n it," agreement tluoi.gli fraud and
n in- was not or legal age.
TO CURB WASHINGTON HOTELS. , the heavy die enume tos-ed in- ma
- - - ' t hine against an elevated pillar, pinning
Hill io I'retenl I pllfi of llnlm In it there. The four men on tho liic
liinuuiiriilloii Week. I "Ilglno W"l" tlltotvn off Mr .rozek was
U AsiitNi.TON, fob. HI. Washington
' kei per.- and other busine-.- men ,
he capital who hiive given no'iie
i. Uiev Intend to uplift prices In tno
. i .guial period are attacki',1 In a Joint
oil.. .11 presented 111 III" House io-i
1 i Iteprcscntatlve .lohuson of Ken-,
' " llC. j
Mr .lolinson's resolution charges that
i.- Intel- have prescribed exorbitant'
i lies and Hint lodging houses, boaiding (
111..1--1-, cafes, le-taurantH and other i
P ea of entertainment plan to adopt a
k-- ptic. The resolution then diret is ,
''.nt the lute- between I'ehruary !!.'i and
M. .ri ii ;, ahull bo t hose current at other
ea- ui- of the year. The proposed
i n. iu Is $1011 for each offence .Hid.
r costs of Hie plaintiff's stay In!
U.i-lruutoii dm lug tiie litigation. 1
.NI.OM III III milts wi.rM'K famoui
loulc. Utlk'lo'ic fl-vculiK, all clrkM-rln.- ,tdr,
looiiiicciiicnt r Hit Himnttclilrnl
In llr Hmlr im tinilll.
The announcement of the engage-
lltieht of Ml.-.- Kthol Hoosevelt. duugll
trr of Thoodoic Itiwipcvi'li, I- expected
soon. Although tlif fact if the on
gagenteut was continued lust night, the
iianii' of Ml-s Hoosov ell's tinner could not
I he learned. Inn t wim said that tlif an
' liounocincnt would ! matin on Sunday
Harvard In IPOH. Ills father wjs u well
known eye spcelnllt , I
About a venr ao tumor linked the
name of Miss Hoosevelt with that of
UeoiKe I'.ileit Snow, Harvard, '04. of a.". !
West Kortv-elchth street. At Mr i
I Snow's home last nlulu It was said1
, that he was not i'IikukpiI to Ml.-s lloo-e-l
Velt. but that she was ennilRetl to some'
one and that- the announcement would
be made on Siind.iv.
Theodore Hoosevelt, Jr. said that he
could not ill-eu.-s thf report, hut did
not den that hi- sister was etiit.iKeil
lie would not say to whom, but Inti
mated that an announcement would be
made soon.
Kaily in IPOn Mis- Uoosevoli was re
portcd as enpiKed to William Phillips,
-on of Mr- .lolin o. I'hlllips of iit'.i
l'.erkeley stieet. Itai k III). Itoston. who
then wan in the State Department in
Washington. Ml.-s Hoosevelt latel do
llied the report
II j-
CliiHtftViir ('oiiIVm'
CiiiMiur I'oliYeniiin Fitz--iiiiiiioii-
Tne police haw found the chauffeur
I who tan tloiMi and killed I'oluein in
Peter 1'ltz-lmmon In Centt.il Park n
the niornim: "f N.ixember i. He turned
i out to be Hubert Hothelm. auto sale--l
man. and i hnuir. ur for I'ellv l-man, the
' theatrical man.
j C.ipt Tunnet of the Wist Sitv
eiKhtli stteet poh.v M.ition and In
'spector I'aurot tUestiouetl Hothelm lor
'seM'ial hours in tiie Hatlmale avenue
st ition before he atlmltted killlm,' 1'it.--Imiiion-
When the coiifroin.-d him
. with tiie broken lamp from Mr l-man'.--ar
h" liiok" down and told of 'the acci
I dent
' H ith'lm. who lives at '.'Ts Ka-t lfir.i.i
Mn-et. was nrii !ed ii- the t estilt of a
j cotife.-.-ion mad" to Polit" Chaplain Sul
pha n by ,loph H. Wade, a wa-her In
; the lio-ton road ir.ir.iue at 13L'J H.i-ton
road Wade went to I'ather Sulltran on
Wetlnesday and told him that ti th"
niht Kit?.-lmmr.n wa- killed a tai
came Into the b'?raKi' wlllv the lamps
smashed and the niiidnuard benl
I'a'.her Sullivan took Wade to I'.'lii
lit nduuarters and a- a r.-Mili of hi
story tin- police iirre-te.l Hothe.m. who.
after l eini; confronted with Wad- . on-
lie I. ,1,1 the poll.e th.lt oil the ll.llhl
1 of th" aeeldent Mr. Imii.iii hail kivcii
hull llleatte tickets a lid Utter o'!IU lo
tile llleatl" he Welt ihiouuh the p.llk.
He said he wa- -peeilliu; up ueliind an
other car to tell them their rear llirlit
Wa- loose When he hit l-'itz-luimoii- He
' -aid the policeman was drawn.-! thirty
I f' et to the edKe of the l.ilte In f,,re n
I could stop
When lie ,-aw the policeman's shieid
' he became frlulltelled, llroe to the Ho-.
1 ton road Karaite and changed his broken
1 lamp- for new one- The broken lamp
were found hidden n the iranise
j Wiule was held a- a material wlt
' ness
air and yelled for a speech. She prom
I'lul.l dlirleil tKMllM Chief II rl C. j j , ,,. , (lV,)(,K
iillcntlon for -iiriilo-. j escaped Into the nn.
fj.nrge W Hrandt of Chicago, a half- , Tl1" marcher- wli nr- left -traggled
hi other of the late William Xiegler. Into the lown on" bv one during the
lll-il a notice In the Suriogate's olllce I evening. Surgeon-tieneral I.avlnla
vi.-terilay' that he will contest Me ip. I Dock left to go to New Vork on per-onal
plication of William .legler. .Ir. the j bn-lne . but will rejoin the army below
adopted i-on nnd chief legatee, to ha.e I Philadelphia. Martha Klatsch.-n, the
the surplus income of the estate, which smallest of them all, wa- prostrated by
ba- accrued since 1 90.. paid owr lo J walk and ha. 1 to be carried the last
him at once Young Zl"gler's order to few hundred yards to the hotel. Mrs.
show cau-e against the trustee-. Mavnr 1 Marie Halrd dropped out nt franklin
tinvnor. William S. Champ and Mrs. t'arU. eleven mile- from Metuchen.
Matilda .legler. comes up to-day for , where the -tart .as made, and tool; u
argument. i train to Princeton. So did Mrs. Mary
Hrandt contend- that the chief heir .Morgan,
is not entitled to the surplus Ineomo The marchers nre now twenty-two
and that It should be made part of the miles nearer Washington than they
I principal of the estate.
Hrandt and other heirs nre Interested'
under a clause r.f the will piovulln tint I
' if the adopted son tile- without Issue be.
, fore receiving all of the etat" th" part I
i remaining goes to the Miirv'ving h"i:s.
I'lre Mncliliii T-e Lighter Crnfl
Kiln-l Klevnleil I'lllnr,
The automobilo tile engine of Com
pany was going south In Second ave
nue, near Sixtieth stieet. late last eve-n-ng
to a III" when a smaller automobile
driven by Joseph Zro.ek. 23 Stuyve
saul avenue. HrooklMi, shot pa-t It and
tried to cros- before It onto the ijiiccn--i
it, i,i..
Zro"k miscalculated his tll-lance.-and
j iiiiiiv siiaiM-ii op nun no. " tie v.as
,-eVeiely "lit IllloV" the right eye
' I .ifii l Wets. Driver William Mcfiough
and Knglncor.- Tilman and Owen weie
slightly bruised.
Tialflc on the Second avenue sui face
'line was held up for half an limn.
I landed about 1!'0 pounds on the blg
Hnsl -Id.- Milliters tliirincd by l-1 ,.gr,ieH and III" two federal men
ml Wllgon llroiiubl liy .eelileiil. tlropped oil tile smaller oil". Tile big
Patrick Lynch. II year- old. of nil.1""" '"1'1 '"' ,)" ' H'"
P.ost fifty-first slreet. was crush 'd ves.!11'!1'.' " '' rd-.
l..i-,l ,v In tl... ,U In tl .l,w.
room of Public School lit .ii Oliver,
oak and . I. lines slreeis, while he was.
mployi'il as llreman.
Tiie slghl of a patrol wagon brought
ninny inoiinis io impure wnai nan
I'd. 1
i.. l.w.,.1.. ...I
hnppcncd, L.vnch Is survived bj his
Ife nnd three children,
' , acciulescence, It 'Is said, of (lov. Iloliln-oti,
1 who Is In Washington, aetlti'4 tlovernor
Ml'S. Joltll Holtlt, 1'irst Al'fiVlll olillmm this afternuon slKtied the Senate i
bill of Senator CoviiiKton to rentilato the !
lit ColloffO Town, HllS tranmil.-slon and distribution of news i
. over telegraph and telephone wires.'
liOIISrll HfCI'ytlon. This measure I- aimed at the Associated
, I'ress.
The hill seek- to prevent alt news
MDNAPPKD AT TM'TGEHS I Kathcrlni; a-soclallons from nlvlm; any
one newspaper In cities of Arkansas ex
clusive franchise., it provide.'! for pen-
I'olicomon nt I'rincoton Hpsrnc
Hci' Front Moll Coltl Spell
'I'llillS tilt! WllllUs.
Pni.vnrrov, N. .1., Feb. 13. Mrs. John'
Holdt of New York, one of the pll-ttrlm-
In the Votes for Women march
lo Wa-hltiRtoii, suffered the mo-t un
pleasant experience here this cvenlnc
I that has been dealt out in either of,
the walks of the MilTniKettes. She nr- t
i rived here nlone, far ahead of her coin
't panlons. unil u mob of several hundred
Princeton students rushed her off her i
feet and then carried her, half drait- ',
Kim; her, half pushlnit her, fully half
a mil" llirntiKli the streets of the vll
, lap'.
When two town policemen forced'
I their way throiiKh the mob and rescued
1 her. to take her to the Princeton Inn.
she was nble to say that she was all
1 rlnllt, but she had to Ko to bed nfter
her experience. '
Mis Holdt took the Hack Pike from
New llriin-wlck, where the suffrage
troupe had lunch, and walked to Prince
ton alone. The students had expected
the army to arrive In the afternoon, but
by il o'clock not one marcher had been
slKlited. T1m students were all set for 1
an hour's fun and nr"W Itnpatltnt at
the forced wait.
finally Mts. Holdt put In an appear
ance. She was sighted half a mile away
down Nassau street and the crowd
aiound "heeled Iot to the skies. There
was nothiiiK in this that was iinlooketl
for. but when she had walked a little
fin tlier several hundred more students
had swelled the throne.
She tiled to lorce herself tlmitidi the
mob Some one touched her Then m-o
wa- ttra-ped by the arm and pulled. In
ti -econd tweiitv hands wer" on In r.
and she was diamted ahum the treet
She tried to strilKKle flee, bit the
boy- were too intent mi haviiut fun to
let her ko. and yellliu; and shouting
the moli swept alonK toward the
Princeton Inn. where the army hid
planned lo stay
The two policemen had been trylllK i
harj. to net into the centre of thillfts. I
it ml finally suct'eetled Mrs. Holdt .t.-I
nearlv falutinK when they Kot her into
the Inn.
I Knrll'ti i th". day Ml Holdt had i
I underKoiie a -omewbai similar experl-
ence at the hand- of the ItutKet- ttu
dent. The iirun had irot there for
'unch and afterward -peei he- were
made. The !ii"t speech had been de
Ihereil and Mi-. Holdt wa- tnlMtm to
some of the bo. about -uffraite when
thev urn Id ed her and ru-he.l her off to
a room In one of the collepe buildliiu
lThe kept her there and -aid they were
u-oltii! io make her -tay for dinner. At
'.mull, said Mis Holdt to-nli:ht. Pie-i-tleut
Iiemare-t came alotiK and nude the
liov- lei her ki That I- why she took
a dlffi r.'iit road to Princeton atfd whv
-he ariled here alone.
Th" Princeton students after halni:i
had their fun with Mrs. Holdt waited'
around for some one else to show ui. The
.nest arrival wa- Ml-- I'llzabeth free
i man. who I- not walking but Is ruliim
I In a cute little yellow vaeon driven bv
! I.auane. the faithful The -indents
showed her a lot of attention. They
cheered her. threw their hat- Into the
were this morning. Trentoi In their
next destination.
i trrrr Srn In
Mm Nrlne Trunk I'till
llir Drug.
I After they had Jumped on two negroe
,111 time to ptivent a .-piilled gun play
f lilted States Seciet Service Agents
l.ewls and Murphy, with Detect'vi. Har
, nit of the l.euox avenue station, cap
suled a ti imk full of raw opium In a
.dummy cigar stole In We-t Ht.'td street
1 jesterday jiflei noon.
I federal and miine,pi arthorltle.
bave noticed a great Increase in the
of opium and other drugs In
' . ....
Little Africa during the lust i In .... or
four weeks. Several rises of persons
' stiipelled by I he drug had been picked
up on the street. A Millet investigation
.led the secret set vice ne n lii behove that
the dummy "Ig-ir stotc was the tils-
irlblltlllg celllie
The three men went ..'.to Hie pl.ice on
n Jump ycstcnlav afternoon and landed
back of a partition Ju-I In time to see
a lull negio make a dive lor a sofa.
where he grabbed .1 till' revolver. ls
' smaller companion w -nt imdi r a led
, nnd grasped another gun. ISninliz
ll'lt.iic I ii in 1.1 i. Hi. tw.il il... 1...
ullered'an exclamatloi. It was tilled ou-ly oiposed In the Assembly. recommendations of such a commls
with raw opium, between llftv and I The dnvernor went to Trenton this "Ion as he would have appointed
..-.il... .w,n,iu r.i, 'mnrnlnc. but returned to I'rlneelnn . Adoption of such a plan b President
., ..,. -n... '.' ,
ci turn 'ri,,. k,'i.,,t L,.i.i I,.,. .. .i.i
..,- ...nu n a,nni,in i, ,i., i, t.,.
.ti,'". . . , . . , ... ,,e-n rttni
1 ,u.n ,,,,. mnnufoetiired it in.l nnl,i ii
two men manufactured It and sold It
I They were locked up.
Ciovrrtmr of rkniiii "lKn Hill
Almril Ml piiM'litti'rt 1'ri'nK.
. . A ul. I... I. I" W'l.l, lV.nl
i i.iTn.u ituui, ii u., i' i ii. i,i. on .". i
,ll'lr,s",,f l-otl0 nwinft ny teiemaph
company furnishing leased wires to
( newspapers recelvliiK eM-luslve frnn-
chlses f any press association. Kach
'day. - violation constitutes a separate
J offence. It Is said that application will
i be mude at once to the Associated l'res
for Its service for a new Little Itocl:
Melville i:. Stone Is said to have de
clared tint he will teyt the constitu
tionality of the law In the court".
Pro I tic nt I'lillermin unit 'JS fltlirra
I'uii. leteil I niler heriiiMii l.ntt. i
Ct.sviNs ti, I'eb. I". President .lohn
M Patterson and tucnt-olKlit oilier 1
olllclals and former olflclals of th" Na
lloiial Cash ltealer Comp.niN of Day
ton were found utility late to-nhtht of
vint.ittoM of the Sherman anti-trust law.
Thev had been on trial before .lud:;e 1
Howard Holll-ter in th" I'nlteil States
District Court for several months Th"
ca.-" was Klven Into the hands of the
jury at noon to-da
.Indue Holll-ter In rlmrglnv the jury
s.i Id-
"If a blir bn-liie. was built up by
skill and ability, then such results are
wotlhy of-nilmir.itlon ni-tead of con
demnation, but If tile bllsllle.-s Is the
result of lllecal coniu tltlon In re.-'ialnt
of trail". I lit ti It i- IiIkIi that there
shoiiltl be a stop lo such buslnej.-."
Til" suit iiL-ulns: the Nationat Cash
HeKister Coinpaiiv was brouuht by the
Covet anient in December. 1M1. It I- an
eoiiliv so l for vlot.itlon.- of the Slier-
man anti-trust law and Is tiuti-u.il In
that it does not seek to dl-solve the
corporation but to lehtraln It from
further suppre--io.. of competition and
,,n a, r rate-
ill" t .o crilin. ill conieno' o .o.il no-
coii-pliacv iiiruln-t competllor- had
lieen Kolni: on since and that th" ,
National ha- succeeded In destroying
mote than l.'.O ca-h register companies,
and asi remit control- more than '.'."i
p r cent of the trade The tlovernmeut
asked ihat the defendants be per-
ietuall restr.tliud from doln"; the thliiKs
complained of.
, i;--!,,,. , ,M,lrd
. .
,rr '""""
Nkwtos-. N .1 . feb. 13 - In h test
the leiitcih of
ha il over the
tralnJJA vciDClbU lou.'ulU.in, t)lulrinanit..aic;?enuti! Lorn-.
Lackawanna cutoff the
l.ai lca-.Crtiina ralirond sent 13U loaileu
to.il tar- from Slateford .lunction to
Port Mo' rls to-day. j
The tram was more than a mile!
'..ng and made average freight time.1
Mill thrie locomotive- pulling and two
pu-blng It Th" Immense pull of the
engine, hi the head of the line w.i
to.i m nil for some of the couplings ne.irj
the froir Thev broke and can-ed long
(ii'iimr I'INciii Onl 1 tinker llm
lt)ee ireelril li llenl- Mt-llnure.
Vovkmis. IVb 13 City rtcord- show
that Senator llealey - bill which th
that Senator Ilenl' bill which the
Senat" has pa'Mil iiuthori-lng the es
t.'ibllshment In Vonkt-r- of a pension
fund for municipal employees who have
record of fifty years or more of con -
i.nuou- service would affect only one
' t mployee at present ,
He Is Cienige Pllson. a -anitarv In-;
-pector In tiie health bureau. Pllson '
wn- an employee of the Vonkers village
government and 1- th- only survivor of
John Hrown'- raiding party
. House Will Hush Hrtcii lleforiu
Menniirra Tlirouikh Nell Werk.
TllK.N'TON, I'eb. n.- The SeV.'II "till-'
, trust mil- advocated bv (!ov Wll-oll
, were passed by the Senate to-day and
- were Immediately transmitted to th.
House, where they were referred to th"
Committee on Corporations. It is th"
plan of th" Democratic majority to
j make the bills the special order of hul-
lies- III the opening of the next We -k's
I session and It Is antlclpited that they
i will b" in the hands of the (iovtrnor
for slgnatllle before the clo-e of 111-'
The Senate devoted practically it- en
. lire day to consldt ration of the bill-,
. which were supported In their eutiieiy
by Senators Nichols and W.ilte, Hepub
Means, as well as by the Democratic
majoiltv iilh-T Itepiibllcan-i added
their support to some of Hie bills, but
' nin-t of them voted agaln-t the more
! drastic inea-ures which dellne illegal ,
i combinations and s. el; to make per
sniially liable directors of corpnr.itlons
l which vlolat" the provision-.
The l!epllbllcan- based their objec- j
tlon- upon the ground that the Di'irjo-ir.it-
hail refused to permit amend
II. i 'I'll ii I TI I.eKlslnlitre Will
lime I'nssnl Ills Hills.
Pkim ktox, N. ,1., feb. 13,- President
elect Wilson announced to-day that lie
has lUeil upon March I as Iho date of
his rell-ement from the tiovernnrship
of New .ler.-ej. He expects that before
that date the Legislature will have en
acted Into law the chief niea-tires recom
mended by him.
He heard to-night that his corpora
Hons bills had gone through the Senate i Impairment, he propose
without amendment and will not be serl. shall prom!- In advance
,..riv in tho ntiirnnnn m eninrtnlr. r-i
k. m. Ilnusn of Texas, nnd Nnw York.
- - - ....
I who has Just returned after a short no-
Ijourn at Miami, Fla,
Influences nt Work to Imlnee
Hint to Heeome Medintor 1
in the Civil Wnr.
iTnfl's Deterininiition Not to In
volve I'. S. in Costly Wiir
I- Coniniendetl.
Wvsiiimito.n. Im-Ii. 13. The Inaimura
tlon of two separate and distinct mo e
melits to In 1 11 about an adjustment of
the Me-d'-an situation without result to
Intervention by the fnltcd Stales was ,
the feature of to-day
developments In I
Hoth of ihese movements were
set on
foot Independent of President Taft,
who remains steadfast in Ills determina
tion not lo take such action In Mexico
as will Involve the I'nlteil States In a
lotiK and co-tly war In that country.
This attitude of the President leceived
positive commendation- from members
of the Hoii-e ami Senate to-day, who
declared that they were earnestly op-
po-cd to
Intervention In Mexico ut thl-
Jl,ni ture.
.lull II
llnrrrlt'a I'liui.
as Pre-Iitent Taft has re-
peatedlv said that he will not Intervene
( Mexe() ltm))ll ,,,
advice and con-
... ,
sent of CoiiKiess. thl- antl-lnterventlon
sentiment Is taken n conclusive proof
that such action I- practically beyond
the rarwe of po-Hlblllty, except under
hopel.s clrcmn-tance.-.
. ,lohu Harrett. tllrector of the Pan-1
, American fnlon. which i- supported by
twenty-one republics of North audi
'South America and the Curlbbean. to-
' niKht proposed a plan of medtrtlou upon
the part of the I lilted States uovern-
i uieiH w un cue uuiiuuii o " i"-
sentutlves from Mexico and other until
American republics. Thl- proposal was
,.-.-t forth by Mr. Harrett In a letter ad
of I dres.-ed to President Tnft and Senator
niltt m foreign Helatlons. and l halr-
man flood of tne Home comm.itee on,wra
1 Porelttn Affair-. i
.luallec lirrnril Metllnlor.
In addition to this plan proposed by
Mr Harrett It was learned to-night that
inlluence- rc at work In an endeavor
oi Induce .lu-tice .lame- W. Oerard of
the Supreme Court of th" State of
Now Vork io go to Mexico at once to
at-ceitain if any peaceable .s.ilutlou of
lie Mexican situation can be reached
The plan Is understood to have the
backing of a number of Dmocratlc
members uf Cultures.- who desire to an
ticipate the change of administration
and who fear that they may soon
called upon 10 con-lder some plan for
inte: veiling in Mexico.
Deniocrits to-ntcht were Inclined to
find much good nrws In the proposal
that .lustier (Jeriird be seni to Mexico
o look oer the situation and .-ee If
1 siune thing cr.nnot be done to straighten
out the affairs of that country without
re-ort to arms, .lustlce c!rard sp"iil;s
Spaiu-h and Is uuite familiar with con
ditions In Mexico, furthermore, he l
free from anv connections which
might IiIh- hi.- Judgment of the M"x!can
.-It nation
I tint n linnil One, Sn merman. ,
Senator overman of North Carolina
to-night said the Idea was a good one.
".Iiisia" Herard," said the Senator. "I
a splendid man and he might accompli-)!
a great deal of good by gathering
Independent information for the use of
President Wilson and the Democrats."
In other iiuarlers. however. It was
pointed out that the Wilson Administra
tion will have before It in le.-c than
ihree week- all the great mass of In
formation on Mexico now In the posses
sion of the State Department. This
Information It was declared. Ins la en
gathered from every conceivable sourc"
for a long time and pre-ents a more
i ompri heli-ive stiufv of the Mexican
situation than any single mail would
be able !o make.
Mr. Harrett's novel proposition S ap
parently destined to meet a i hilling re
ception at the hands of nmi.oiitv unv
In control of the Coveinmcnt. At the
Slate Di p.'irtment hi- action In thus
stepping forward ilnasked with a plan
for the settlement of the .Mexican iptes.
: ill s legardeii as the height of on.
propliel.v hi view of the fact Ihat lie,
stands In an ollic'al relation not only
io t e Pniled Stat. - but to all the
1 twenty othei republic- of the Ainerh as.
resi-iil dullest lli'clle,
Il was pointed out to-night that Hie
: piesenl contest in Mexico elf uolds
more promise of bringing about an ad
justment of the Mexican situation . ii nt
1 ha- HO other event In the la-il ymr.
It I- believed It will be far heller to
let the opposing forces tlijht out t'.ieir
Viltle.'i to a tliihui rather tltn i tint fop r
should be Interposed with tile object of
postponing a decision.
It was further objected that Mr. Har
rett's plan contains Inconsistencies fatal
to Its adoption. Though lie states that
the adoption of hi- proposal would
save the sovereignty of Mexico from
that Mexico
lo obey the
i Taft. It was declared, would be
to a deliberate affront to
Continued on Second Vngc,
llriiUiTflKe I'lrm liilnl- 70,IMO,
Willi Inlrresl, m xioeU TrntKiu'tlmi
PlTTSlil'iiu, Keb. 13. Suit was brouttllt
to-day MK'nlnst .luhii (!. I.el-hmnn,
I'nlteil Slut)- Ainbas-ailor to (Icrmatij,
by Hiiiry Itaymond. tleorKe Pynchon,
Charles M Katon ntid Clarence 1.. draff,
brokers and bankers dolus business
i under the name of l.aymond. Pynchon
& Co.. In New Vork. Paris and London,
in which the plaintiffs claim $7O,010.t5.
Willi Interest fiom December "I, IMS.
A writ of forelmi nttachment was Is
I sii.-d to attach all money.- and tTcdii
lof l.el-hmau held by the fnlon Trtl-t
t'otni),in of Pittsburg, the ftilan Tru t
i Company trustees ar.it the Mellon Na
'tlonal Hank of PltlfburR, who are sum
moned as Karnlshees.
j Stock transaction- covering n period
I of thirl v days and totallliu? $1,3
lure shown by the papers llled to liae
'been carried by the brokeraue company
for l.elshman, and the plaintiffs claim
that he still owe. them a bilance of
$70.01(p.!i,"i Pemiind for til's amount was
ln,,., noonrdlna to Hi" brokerage tlrm
tun pioment was rrfund.
Ilt-I,ltneti IIiiiiiii Keeper
IVHer One Her lSM.
William 1.. l'elter, principal of the
tilrls' HIkIi School at Halsey hlieet and
Nostrum! avenue. Hrooklyn, was sued
in the Supreme Court yesterday for
I JS.M bv Clnia I. Wootl. who hail charce
j of the lunch mom In the school until
' last .lime. Shu ullecvs that Dr l'elter
owes her that amount for food furnished
to him between 1!W2 and IM'J She
said he bail paid her only $12 ."ft.
.lohn J. Lordan, counel for the
plaintiff, wild yesterday that she had
tried many time- to collect the money
and that Dr Kelter threatened to oust
, her from the lunch room and llnally
tllit put her out
Pr...l.lr..l.elrel'. D.uul.lrr lll(
True -liurlrr Hour for Women.
Wit.MiSirro.v. I'i;b. 13.- MI- .les.-le
Wootlrow Wll.-on, daiiifhter of the
1 President-elect, will make an address
here on Saturday nlcht in support of u
j till l pendlnc; In the l.eKlslature llmltlnK
u worklnK day for women to ten hours.
The Delaware Consumers. I.eaitue will
brliiK the I'resldent's daughter here.
The meeting will be public. Manufac
turing interest.- uro opposing the, mean
lire and It.- advocates secured Ml. Wll-
to counteract the opposition.
No Tree Got of (irnrar K. llonlHrd
of the ll olleRe.
The relatives of George P. Hoiilard.
a student In the City College who dis
appeared on febrtiary ."i fiom the home
of Dr f. W. Davis at 14L' Wet Twelfth
-tr-et. have asked Tun Sr to help
them tl ml him Hoiilard had lived at Dr.
Davis's house two years nnd left to stav
with an aunt In Hillside, N. .1 . ami com
mute for a time, but he did not reach
1 there and bus not hern heard of since
Hoiilard was 2 years old. He drew
all the money lie had In the bank, about
$100. before he left. Ills allowance was
siitticlent for any ordinary ned.
The young man left Dr. Davis's home
after dinner. He I- about five feet eight
inches tall and has dark hair and a
rosy complexion He wore a gray suit,
gray ulster, derby haj and tan shoes.
'I'nll Onnnl
l' lo HI lilies nit
ii llolorcj "Ir.
One of Andrew Carnegie's secreini les.
William A. Tall, who lives with the
ironmaster ut - Kast Ninety-first street,
was fined $10 In the Harlem police.
court yesterday for speeding on a mo
torcycle. He was caught by Policeman
Skelly of the motorcvele sfimd on
Wednesday atleriioon running forty
miles an hour up fifth avenue.
"You nuitit be crir.)," said Magistrate
Cornell. - "If I had been on the street
I would not have been able to get out
of your way and I would proliably have
been killed. Automobiles are bad. but
motorcycles are worse "
Talt admitted the speed and paid the
tine, which Is the limit.
I'lellirr uf "lti Hills" Bring- lllu '
Price Ml liellon,
Sprrial rahle HfiMhh lo Tin: So
Lonpos-, feb, 13.- The movies are h- ,
ginning to bring the prices of old
masters. in company's picture of .
"tjuo Yadls" which was sold at auction
to-day realised $3S,OUO, This Included i
fifteen copies and the exclusive rlgh's i
to the show In thl- country for two'
tears. I
nllfornlH HhiiiIIIs I'oreed lo I'lrr
Willi liulil In SlKhl.
Svn fKANCIsco, fell. 1". .Sheriffs of
half a dozen counties are rating around
the country trying to tlnd a large red
automobile In which safe burglars -eaped
early to-day from Vacaville, So
lano county, after blowing open a large
safe of the Hank of Vacaville.
The dynamite explosion woke up the
whole town and when It was found
telephone wires, had been cut Home one
began ringing lite tire bell. This Most of these were slaughtered the
alarmed the bandits nnd they fled lu . desperate frontal attacks that (lens,
their automobile. They got nothing for Huerla nnd Angeles ordered made on the
their nlKht'H work, as the massive safe artenot. Diaz's machine guns repulsad
doors fell Inward, burying ""O.nno In ! four of these otlacks. The rebel corn
gold. 1 mander lost comparatively few men, one
estimate placing his loss at 30 killed and
IIAVsNA-WITII TI1ROK1II bKIIVIfT. . .",0 wounded,
'T7o?,,l.Vr.r To.ntght all of the prlroners had M-
Rebel Cionoral Moves From
Arsenal Toward the
National Palace.
Heavy Artillery Fire Con
tinues Throughout Night
and Hundreds Are Killed.
Ambassador Wilson
Shelter For 1.000
From Fighting Zone.
Reheh in Fortress Snid to
F.nthur Horses ns Food
C'rows Senree.
Mkxro Citv, Feb. 13. Oen. DIM,
gained Important ndvantuRes to-dy
after another twelve hours of artillery
tlKlitln In the heart of a half ruined
city. To-nIi?hl the rebel commander was
advancing his batteries toward the Na
tional Palace, which he tins shelled con
tinuously. The Madcro forces have re
ceived repulses all alonK the line ot
tlBhtlnK and may be on the defensive)
To-nluht Oen. Diaz demanded the sur
render of Madera and the Government
,.v,leral artillerists dealt n telllnK blow
, , l)Uy, f()rC(ls ,hey Mlenced
lini practically destroyed a heavv bat
tery which commanded a sweeplnu poI-
Hon from one of the main streets lead
ing to the nr.-enal shortly before mid
night to-nlgbt. This advantage was off
set a few mnute.s later by the rebtln
when a well directed shell traced Its way
from a heavy Meld piece In the arsenal
,nnd CTinTniidlri'ment In one of the main
(entrances to the National Palace. Hero.
(lt exploded, killing twenty-live Federal
i infantrymen.
j The federals planted a battery to
, night Immediately in front of the Amer
ican Consulate, from which building
'the Stats and Stripes are flying although
the building ha- been abandoned. Tho
federals daringly invited the lire from
t the Diaz forces knowing that before
,an accurate range could be secured,
'shells and shot would cause seiioua
damage to the Ameilcan property. No
' lepiy in this direction was made by the
' 1)1.17. gunnels.
; When the fighting ceased to-night
Hon Diaz had advanced one-third of
th" way fiom the arsenal to the Na-
I tlonal Palace. He had pur.cucd the re
tuvtlng federals and had punished
I them lie.ivilv. lie placed heavy guns,
in flout of the palace of the former
finance Minister Senor l.ininntour nnd
( threw shell- Into the National Palace
at sin, u range, lie u-ed minor pleicing
.-hells, which did Immense damage. The
tieiitral returned to ihe arsenal at
nightfall, but left outposts and batteries
.and will undoubtedly take th" offensive
in th" morning. Th" whole federal
hne has been thrown back
j There are many criticisms, heie re
'iiild.ug tho conduct of the Hetl and
.While Cm 01 ganir.itions. The lied
'Cross I- saltl to have favored Mndero
and to have smuggled ammunition nnd
.supplies lo lilm. while Hie White Crosy
1 Is accused of favoring Diaz.
Iteports to-night from Vera Cruz say
that .the whole country sympnthlzaa
i wiih Diaz.
The federal attack was lesiimed on,
jthe east ami north. Diaz, replied to
, these attacks with machine guns, whll
I maintaining with Held pieces a heavy
tire on the National Palace, fien, Mon
. illation's dliectlcm of the guns waa
Whit" Cross .-utKcons said to-night
that fifty Pedcial- had been killed In the
National Palace, where President Ma
' tlero, Hen. Iliierin and the Cabinet are
guarded by hundreds of troops. Thirty
citizen- wire killed by Diaz's tire In the
.Soi-a l.i lu front of the palace, and thirty
more were shot down In the capital's
Whltcchapcl diitnct, ia Colonla tie la,
lb it -a.
To. night Diaz's ted ting Is (ly
ing In the Avenid.i de Sun Fran
cisco, the pilntipal approach to the
National Palace. The i chela are ex
pected to attack the palace to-morrow
The artillery tlte ceased at 6 30 M.
and after Dia:: had cleared several
streets of 1-Vdera Infantrymen by
machine gun tire there was a cessation
of hostilities, As this despatch Is being
written Cen. Dlnz Is extending his lines,
preparing apparently to take the.
Tiie Maderlstas lost terribly In to-
lay's fighting, federal olllcers say that
'hundreds of their
troops were klllea.

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