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ChMwcII mid Williams Sirn l'p
Ilcforo Iioni'iling Ship
for MortuiKtti.
m mini! imunu niu
Full SliTUffHi of New Yorks
Will Ho Insppctocl by Chief
Xexl Week.
1 1 s Not Sinned With (ilants and
Uor .nl Intend To,
l)s ANURIAS, l'el. 28. "Mllggsy Mc-
draw Ih talking through his hat. I have
tint slgnlod with tlif Now Yoik I'lliintK unit
at present huve no Intention of ho doing."
Thin was the ledlmt denial made by
rtlo KhiifiT to the story from Marlln
Springs tlmt ho had signed lth the
"I mill hold to the stnwl lh.it I toolc the
Hist of the jear," said Khiifct. "Unless
something occurs very soon to make me
hatigo tny mind t will stay right here In
l.os Angeles during the slimmer months."
Says Training I'oriod Is Ample
and Hp Doesn't Wish to
Wear Lads Out.
CHI 111' MKYKltS IN t'AMl'
lpulais Win Haprgcil flame in
Cold Wind Thorpe (lota
Another Homer.
to leu in.
When the lin.vul Mall steamer Aicudlan
tailed for Itctniiidu et 1 u clock this morn
ing seventeen New Yolk American League
hall pl.i ti w who will repot t to Trunk Lo
I toy t'hanie on Monday looked worried.
All last evening they vvciu uhoaid ship
healing tulr!) of routth sens and seasick
ness. Their Mends told of mountainous
waves ami c clone In tho Oulf .Stream
until tin- plnjers looked as If they wanted
t', en ai-hoie. lint when the RaiiRplank
was hauled In tho players decided to make
the best of It unit grinned suillv mm the
ArcadlHii liacktd Into the North Ulvcr.
If they hale a smooth vol ace down anil
back they Mill hae many bones to pick
with tho alarmists when they return on
April 3. w lien tho men that left to-day
arrive nt llermuda Chance's roster will be
HhV L'Alilnell. the slim tilli.lior tOi,
olit because his salary was chopped, ar
rived In thn morning and after a short
talk Kli President l'arrell he signed a
contract. Caldwell has hern working all
winter iib u telegraph operator and the
moment.jarrell mentioned advance money
the lanky bonian cailtulated. Caldwell
looked unusually thin and pale, hut he ex
i plained that he hail K-en suffering from
bronchitis and now w.n on tho road to
recovery, lie promised to behave himself
' all season and said that under the man
l agement of Chance ho was confident that
I he would redeem himself.
Hob Williams, tho catcher, also sinned
a contract Ho wns the last player to
get lip- line and said be was glad to
leave for tho training camp. Schulz,
the new left handed pitcher, was strurfg
no much by the other men as to the pros
tyetlie roughness of tho trip that he le
fused to eat a meal all da. Hlrdle Cree,
tho heavy hitting outfielder, arrived in
tho afternoon and handed his signed con
tract to Sectetury Davis. Hu signed sev
j ral weeks uro, but did not mall the
document to headquarters. Cree broke
1 his wrist lust summer and was unable to
play tho lest of the season. Hut he ha
entirely recovered and said thnt he soon
would l showing Ch.mcu how to hit the
ball on tho trademaik.
Jack Martin, the boy shortstop, ha
taken on so. much Weight that he look
like a tighter. Ho was at headiiuarte
early with his grip and told l'arrell that
ho would compel Cham e to asslRii a regu
lar place in the Intleld to him. Hert
Daniels, who has leu working all wlnt
here as a civil englneri, looked ready to
Jump Into the game at it moment s notice,
Chance, by the vvuv, has been ailvis.d b
C.rltllth. Mi-Aleer. .Mack and Callahan to
ktep J i.micls at any cost
i hvstcr HolT, the southpaw, who was
In the part.v. bustled with confidence
11h iu ttlally ' lu'liev i s ho will lm one of
tho Now York-' regular pitcher, (Jieen
the lug Itoljokc pitc her, didn't have much
to s.ij about himself. Hut beball men
bellev'e he will furnish an agiecable sur
prise in fast niiiii'iiii). Malcolm Harry,
the new Hist bHeni.in from Hrotkton, Is
a big. i.ing.v ftlhuv who Is Just starting
ait as a big leaguer. Ho is u left
halidrd batsman uud tluower with much
Ifurry Wolter. .ilieady slated for the
ouitbld. 'aid that If titan, e sh nild lltid
It Impossible to pluy again be would make
a Iml to o.i lust bao, plodding, of
coursi. that i'Iiim- made good t the
middle bag Douglas Harbison, tho now
idiortMop from Atlanta. Is a well built,
i loan tut .vungster whose hitting In tho
Southern League last seuson was a sen
sation Hill Stump r ported In good trim after
th long winter's usl He sld that he
xpeitwl to liiipiove with Chance's coach
ing, and bopid to bf a regular Midklff
and 1'ilest, (he olt third liaemen. looked
as If it would lequlre much hard work
to tit them for legulor dut
l.ong Ueorg" McOnnell, who ieemd
tallet than ever, explained that he would
have loft for Hermuda a week ago If It
hadn t been for private business. He
ald Out his exwrlenco of last year
would doubtless bo of much value In the
romliiK campaign. Claude Derrick, the.
rrark shortstop of the Baltimores of last
ear. Is a lull. mucular enap, who
ileves nobody can keep lilm out of the
hoit tit Id position. I'. p Young, the fleet
footed insider from HarrisbuiB. com
tiletod tho list.
It whs learned yesterday that Chance
has deeld'd to carry as few players as
poss hie, and that when tho New Yorks
nrrlvo homo he will turn looe at leust
ten players. II" believes that six pitchers
are enough to go through the sanon, and
lie will make hi" selections for tho box
during th next four weeks or so. Chance
has been looking over Kord, W'arhop,
Uavls. Swenoy, llurtzell, Cluse, Lellvelt,
Klsher and Sterrett for a week, so that
ho will be ablu to devoto practically all
of bla attention to the men who are
scheejulrd to arrive ul Hamilton on Mon
da As soon as tho .Jersey Cltv team arrived
the latter part of next week, the New
Yorks- will play thiee games with the
Kkeetors ech weeK Chance noon will
divide his men Into two teams, which
will play games mi the other days, m
that lie. will 1)0 able to sUe up the talent
with the Idea of learning who are the
best men for tho regular New York team.
Chpn'r Nltn Archer (Inly Holdout
Chicaijo, l'eb. 28 -Larry Cheney this
afternoon signed a three jear contract to
pitch for the Cubs. Cheney, who now is
n traction magnate, sprang a surprise on
President -Murphy when ho walked Into
the offlcV in tho Corn Kxehango Bank
Building and said ho wanted to discuss
the terms of his contract. Tho star hurler
nulckly was hauled Into thn Inner apart
ments and after a short conference and
dickering attached ids name to a docu
ment at a satisfactory Increase In salary.
This leaves Jltnmlo Archer tho only hold
out. on tho team.
Vote I" C'limme Bowing Control,
PiilLADKiJ'litA, l'eb. 2S. After an Im
portant meeting of tho athletic association
irf the I'nivcrslty of Pennsylvania In Hous
ton Hall It was decided by a vote of 71 to
11 that the contiol of rowing affairs at
tho university should bo taken out of Un
hands of tho College. Boat Club and placed
.m.ier tho contiol of thn board of direc
tors of tho athletic association. Tho meeting
was a soliiiiy one anu mt, nummon, wmi
apoke fur the boat club, Intimated strongly
that ho would lako the matter into court.
n :.Hsorii.il that his iiigaiilzatlon had
managed rowing successfully beforn the
athletic association camo Into existence.
ClnrUr Oiilsblnea l'ruleceaaora.
rtenrgii I'. It Clarke, present crowned
amateur Class II balkllno champion, scored
14S polnla to 4U0 for William Hnppe. at
ti MurnlNuslcIrt Billiard Academy last
night. Clail.e a scoio was tho highest teg
Istered by any man that has yet opposed
lloppn In his present series of practice
Tfnatches for his title contest against Morn
lnaalar on Maich 10 In Pittsburg. Hoppo
averaied ltt 11-24, with a high run of 103.
Olarko jivuruged t wun m na nm
best cluutei.
Adrlpbl Closes Seon 'l'ody.
Th Adejphl basketball team will closo
Its season tills morning when It meets
the,' Xavler II. S. team In tho Adclphl
gymuatlum, - , A ,
I'ormer (ireat Player Will Br .Matr of
Itube Waddrll ( Minneapolis.
Mlkn Donlln is going to the minors!
What a storm of tattle such an announce-
ment would havo caused a few years ago.
Yet such Is tho fact from Donlln's own
pen despite tho press agent yarns sent
broadcast from Philadelphia n few weeks
ago, while Mike was playing a Miudevllln
engagement there, to the effect that the
onco great player had made up bis mind
to unit the game.
Donlln is tiookert for Minneapolis in me
American Association, where ho will tlnd
Itubo Waddell unit other ex-shlnlng lights
awaiting his coming. And tho wonderful
Mike has lost nothing but a trltlo or ins
old speed of foot, which every big league
uumager must develop ir lie woum win
MaM.IN, Tex., Kelt.
Old Donblra and .singles Mark Ki-
rrrdrd at Toledo.
Toledo, Ohio, leb. 2. New leaders in
tho minor events were created III tne
natlonnl bowling tourney to-day In the
loiitilos and singles when ( arlsson anil
Mountain of Chicago went Into the lead in.
tho doubles with 1.277 and their mates.
Knvdle and Karlecek took second place
with 1,216.
Mort Blau of Milwaukee took tlrst place
In tho slntrles with GZi on the third squad
of "singles, whllo Prank Degan of Buffalo
took second place with i,3t on tne second
sijuad and C.tace of Buffalo third with 626.
Tho only other mark better than that of
tho Chicago pair was scored by the
Kchwegler brothers of Madison. Wis . at
the Pittsburg tourney In 190!. when they
toppled over 1,304 pins.
The following officers were elected for
the ensuing year by the American Bowling
Congress delegates at their final business
session this afternoon: President. Judge
Howard, Chicago; first vice-president. Ed
ward .t. Ilyan. Detroit, second vice-president,
Hubert W. Brown, Louisville , third
vice-president. William Agncw. Cleveland,
secretary. A. L. Langtry. Milwaukee,
treasurer, V. U Pasdeloup. Chicago. Kc
lertlmi of nlace for tho next tournament
was left with the president, secretary and
executive committee. It win prooaoiy do
Milwaukee or Buffalo.
The crack Overland live of Toledo
broke the world's record In the first five
man squad to-night, piling up a total or
2.9112 pins. The Overlands pot 1.011 pins
In their tlrst game, !"21 in their second
and 1.060 in tho filial game. The former
record was 2,062. held by the Llpmans
of Pittsburg.
JndKrd Brat of Klthrr ri In Boston
Boston-. Keb. 2S. Vlckery Kennels' wire-
haired fnv terrier Yickery llstello was
judged the best dog or bitch exhibited in
the Hastern Dog Club's show, which ended
There were thirteen aspirants for this
honor fiom which Harry W. Lacy had to
nick a winner of the prlie offered by
(ieorge W West They were all In the
ring at onco ami hy process of elimination
Mr Lacy gradually reduced them to three.
Vlckerv Kstelle. Thomas v. i.awson s
newly Impolted bulldog Dreamwold Cen
taur and Mrs !eorgo S Thomas's Pom
eranian KndcHffe Masterpiece, which re
eentlv arrived In this country. Mr Lacy
put them through their paces and deeded
upon the fox terrier.
The Bancroft . Davis spceim ror mo
best brace of sporting dogs In the show
went to Vlckery Kennels and J Duncan
Kdmands special for the best braco of
non-sporting dogs was awarded to two
of T. W 1-nwson'u bulldogs. C. W.
Keyes'a special for tho best bmco of
terriers under IS months, bred and owned
by a member of the club, was won by
tSeoigo S West, Ieorge C Dickson's
KnoHnl for tho best DUMiv bred and owned
by a member of tho club was won by J.
It. Thorndykc s Thorncron Axeman.
game of, the (Hants was lengthened out
an Inning this afternoon and was played
In a cold wind, which camo up at noon
time. The tllants are getting seasoned to
various degrees of temperature, but
whether warm or the reverse they haven t
missed a day slncu coming here.
mil., l.'inti. the Mobile magnate, ob
served to Mcdraw tills morning that the
latter was taking his men along at a
slower pace than customaiy in the spring
True," replied Mcdraw. "but we nave
so much time that theio Is no uo putting
on sneed this early and hnvilig these
young players all threadbare by the time
tho season opens. We ll go iasier oca
the regulars get here "
There was another siege oi suuing prac
tice this morning, and oung Cooper.
whom McOrnw thinks will bo one or mo
biggest stars In baseball In a year or so,
ugaln showed marked aptitude for the
work. ICvers Is another who takes bold
of the sliding trick readily. Thorpe had
trouble again hooking his leg in propenj.
but kept at It until he did better
The practice gamo was manner nun
for tho tViylcs, or regulars. They dtuhbed
the second team 10 to 3. in a Riime In which
there was a lot of action In base running,
and the regulars getting away with many
steals because, of poor handling of the
ball by the other side.
llanlcy and Wiltso Tor the legulars
made n better pair of pitchers than Tes
reau and Sctiupp for the second team.
Tonronii. however, did Ills share of the
serving nil right, being in the first three
rounds nnd having moto on tho ball than
nny pitcher has yet shown. He cut loose
with n lot of smoke and used his spit
hall. There, wouldn't have been any scor
ing off him tint for a wild throw by his
liortntno. vnutiir Thomnson
Schupp. the left bander, who succeeded
Tesreau. began well but grew wild In the
fifth Inning and didn't keep up the good
work. He was hit for two singles, a
triple nnd a home run in one Inning arid
was poorly supported ill the bargain. The
author of the home run was Thorpe, the
Indian's second In two days. This hit
would hnve been a homer anywhere. It
was ii scorching lino drive to the contre
Meld fence and was made with two on
One of the batters Tesreau dldn t
fool was Cooper, who Jabbed him for
two singles. Bums and Hartley were the
only other sticksmiths to connect safely
with Jeff's assortment and the former's
hit was a three bagger because the wind
carried it out to a safe siol
The weather was milder In the morning
than In tho afternoon and the pitchers all
had a profitable time, warming up to their
hearts' content
Tho Dallas squad left here at midnight
and will be back Monday morning. The
score by Innings
k. it i:
MrCornilcks .. J 0 0 0 1 0 3 7 4
Doyles o 3 0 0 7 -10 t
lUtterle Toinu. Mchupp and Koblmon,
Hanley, Wlltia and Hartley.
Tho New York party was Increased
this evening by tho arrival of its other
Indian, Chief Meyers, who reported a
tiresome trip from California and at once
beat it to a bath tub
Ti Knlla mid l'lii' Decisions
cured I'rom llnrvard.
New Havkn, Conn., Keb. 28. In their
annual wrestling meet held hero to-night
Yaln defeated Harvard by a score of 7 to
0, livery bout went to tho Yale team.
To-night's victory over Harvard came
rather as a surprise to Yale. Owing to
Injuries In tho Pennsylvania and Columbia
meets two members of the Yale team had
been displaced. Mclnt.vro In the 139 pound
class was displaced by Hunter and 1M
ward Nute, who suffered Injuries to Ills
shoulder and ribs, was displaced by
Thomas. At the start of the meet tu-nlght
It was thought that the Yalo teum would
bo slightly unbalanced. Howevor, Dodge In
the 115 pound class won a decision over
Mora of Harvard and Hunter asserted
himself by taking a fall from Loomls of
The fastest bout staged was that be
tween Capt. Avery of Yale and Cant. Tyler
of Harvard In the 15K pound division.
After seven minutes of fast work the bout
went to Capt. Avery on a decision. St.
Gorman, Yale's candidate In tho heavy
weight division, made It Interesting for
Htautnhnugh, finally getting a fall with a
full nelson.
Makes It in 4-l-f Seconds in
New EiirTlnnd Titlo Mppr
Feature Kvent.
Hot Ii Have It Kasy. Former in
the (100 anil Latter in
Mile Hun.
Cnptnre Standard Bearer Trophr In
Mpurtamen'a Shovr Team Shoot.
Tho gunners of Morris lllgli School ent iled
off tho standard bearer trophy but
night In tho first day's team shoot for
school not conferring degrees at tho
Sportsmen's Show with an aggregate
score of 1,412 out of u posalblo 1,600.
Moirls wns able to capture first honors
mainly through tho shooting of Ft. Pickett,
who shot 9." prono and S9 standing, mak
ing a total of 184 out of u polbIe 200.
McKeon of Bryant nnd Herson of Com
meico divided second honors with 181
caclu Benson of Htuyvesant. Schmuckcr,
the anchor man of the Bryant team, and
Itoscoe of Morris all scored over 90 lt
prone shooting. The official standing of
the teams, consisting of eight mn on a
team, follows:
Standing, Tron. Total.
9I 721 1.412
. ... DM "OS 1,392
,.. . 57 733 1,390
60 717 l.77
... S3 711 1.314
... 6 H'l !.'
.... S7 H t.34'
J. Morris (second).. M0 elS l.Ji
Dave Slianlro of Commerce, did somo
splendid Individual shooting after tin)
match, making 100 out of tho same pos
Troops Go Through Variety of
Kvolutlons as Sportsmen's
Show Sidelight.
1 Morris ...
: i 'Union ..
3 fttuyvesant
4 Couimeieu
h. Dry, nit ..,
r,, MhiiusI ..
Director of Metropolitan Club
Spikes n llcport That His
Track Will Open.
The Metropolitan Jockey Club, which
owns tho Jamaica racetrack, Is ready to
Join lutnds with tho other racing associa
tions In pooling llnanclal Interests to pro
vide racing here on a moderate, acalo next
summer. Tho Jnnialca pcoplo have no
Idea of conducting a meeting themselves
hut nre willing to help pro rata when tho
proper tlmo comes. Ono of the leading
stockholders said jesterday that If rac
ing should regain somo of Its former
popularity this year the Jamaica track
would bo In n jsosltlon to resumo tho
tegular spring nnd fall meetings In 1914.
I'rom the same source It wns learned
that the Metropolitan Jockey Club never
had received u proposition from II. D.
(Curley) Brown to lease the Jamaica
track. Kor a week It lias been rumored
that Brown, who Is tho promoter of the
Laurel track ill Maryland and is at odds
with tho Jockey Club over a failure to
obey the rules of racing, would make an
attempt to get hold or tho Jamaica tracK
In order to hold all "outlaw meeting." But
tho Jamaica people. It was learned would
refuse to entertain uny such offer If brown
should come forward with It.
As the Brighton track has passed out or
the hands of W A. Kngeman, tho racing
Interests. It was learned, no longer con
sider that the track at tho Beach is a
factor In the turf world. Tho new own
ers of the property never have been Identi
fied with borso racing and as far as can
be learned they will not attempt to use
the old track for exploiting tho turf.
Although Aqueduct haa iieen named ns
one of tho tracks that may conduct a raco
meeting this year, It wan said on good
authority esterday that P. J. Dwyer anil,
his frienda have not yet dKldcd this
important point and that the only "sure
meetings" will bo held by Belmont Purk
and Saratoga. It was said by, men In
the know that It Is tho present plan to
raco only three days a week at Belmont
Park and perhaps four at Saratoga, nut
that If tho attendance Is profitable1 at the
Hpa the horses may go to the poit every
day during the month of August.
Also Annex Intrrrollrarlatr Tlllr at
Wsler Polo.
PriN-rr.Tos-. N J.. Keb. 2S. Princeton
took a double swimming victory fiom the
t'niversltv of Pennsylvania to-night In tho
closing dual meet of th" season and Inci
dentally clinched the lnten olleglate water
IhjIo championship. Tho Tigers had a de
cided advantage of tho swimming meet by
winning a coo relay race from the ls
ltors at the outset Flv regular events
resulted In three firsts for Princeton and
two for Peim. Capt Cross of Princeton
practically winning the meet single handed
with first places in tho 100 and 220 yard
awlms. , . . . , ,.
Though not characterized by fast times
all the events were closely contested. The
water polo match was a walkover for
Princeton, which scored 25 points In tho
tlrst halt through the Ingenious formations
of Capt. Wight
sn imraina Captain Elected Presi
dent of ttrnrral OrBnUtlon.
i thn cenonil orsanlzatlon elections
lieid yesterday nt Do Witt Clinton High
School James w. Seymour . .J
president Seymour la tho editor of the
.Unonle. tho Clinton monthly publication.
,.i,,i,, nt thn swimming team.
Herbert Schwartz anu .imrrn
... ..JM..,u fnr th
welt) 1110 fiuccessmi cttiiuiu. -
olllco of vice-president and sccietary re
i.r roothaii manager ;uiar -
chosen, with Lieberman and Muller as as
sistants. The elections lor term in."
scntatlves were continued to next week
because of tho failure of nny candidates
to get a majority.
Clubhouse for Chance's Men t'nder
Wa Speedway durance Knlarffrd
Many Improvements aro under way at
tho Polo Grounds The new clubhouse to
Iw used fxcluslwlv by Chance's New
Yorks this jear N rapidly approaching
completion It will 1 of steel and con
crete, with commodious lockers, a largo
room for lounging . also showor baths and
a' plunge The building stands behind the
centre Held seats close M l.lghth avenue,
from which It can be rea.iied hy a private
entrnnce When the New Yorks go to
their new homo at Kliigshrldgo next year
the clubhouo will bo tut lied over to the
visiting teams at the Bruh Stadium.
Secretary John B. Foster has curried
out a plan to widen the lunway to the
upper and lower tiers of tho grand stand
from the Speedway During the world's
series last fall this runway because of Its
narrowness and rh ketj- supports proved
exceedingly ilangfious when congested,
but under the new- order of things over
crowding will b" almost Impossible.
All of the advei tiling signs on the cen
tre Held fenco havo been lenioved and tho
boards will bo painted a dull green ror a
stretch of moro than sixty yards so that
tho batsmen will havi no cause for com-
ul u 1 ii t. The old scoreboard has been torn
down and a now electrical bulletin Is being
erected at tho northeast corner of the
bleachers. This device vill show- tho balls
and strikes, tho nanus of tho umplies and
tho number of each player to correspond
with tho lineup on tho eroro card.
Secretary 1 'otter announced jesterday
that no reduction In tho number of 25
cent seats was contemplated and that Jf
tho New York club decided to mako u
chango at any tlmo tho "quarter stretch"
would bo enlarged.
Plans havo lieep drawn and the con
tract awarded for thn completion of the
left wing of the grand stand, but nothing
will bo done about rebuilding tho open
stands Just now It Is said that tho fans
In other cities where concrete bleachers
havo been provided aie protesting becaust
they do not relish sitting on coals of lire.
Boston, Keb. 28. Howard P. Diew, the
Springfield negro sprinter, showed his
wonderful speed In tho 4 -ard dash at
tho annual track and Held indoor cham
pionships of tho New Kngliind A, A. A.,
held In Mechanics Hall to-night. Drew
won his trial heat bnndlly. and In turn , Hbl(S j,, ,ho junor marksman' medal
mini uartei to tho yarn llko a shot froni t.ompctltlon. nnd holding the load In the
a gun. Ills t mo wus 4 4-5 seconds. fol. ,ho Wlllam J. Poth trophy, but
A. Itlce of tho Powder Point School wnf) lld ,,y M UeKore i the tussle for
was second to Drew uhd L. Hovvo of .. ah-,, i. Unrv.v of Do
KliBllsh High third. ,1. B. Cuinmlngs of wtt nllltoI1 m(, B hKh flCor0 of i85 out
Harvard was tlio liest of tho hurdlers. , (lf :;00 ,,, the Kemlngton match, which
.... w.,..u,.-. ,., jaiu I'lrm hi o t-o g,t m hold out for a few days.
Tech was second nnd W. CI. Brackett of 1
Harvard third. 1
There were five starteis In the mile, run
and Oscar Hedluuil of the Boston A. A.
finished tho two final laps at fast speed
and won handily In 4 minutes 32 seconds.
It. F. Palmer of Massachusetts Tech was
second and H. F. Mahone.v of Harvard
'fbin Halplu of the Boston A. A. won tho
600 j-nrd run easily enough, his tlmo being
1 tnlnuto 16 4-5 seconds. Ills teammate,
D. S. Caldwell, got a poor start In tho
bunch of eight men nnd did well to work
into second place. T. W. Koch of Harvard
was third.
T. T. Marcau of the It. A. A. had com
paratively llttlo dlftlciilty in winning tho
I, 000 jard run. Ills time was 2 minutes
23 2-5 seconds. U, W lladleton or the
North Dorchester A. A. was second and
II. C. McOlum of Harvaid third.
There worn eleven stutters In the five
mllo run, but most of them null far from
the tape. J. CI. Sllva, tin- Boston A. A.
crack, was an easy winner in 26 minutes
M 1-5 seconds. C. Horno of Haverhill
was second and J. Hctilgan of Maiden
Fred Burns of the Boston A. A. cap
tured the 300 yard run In 35 L'-5 seconds.
J. W. Bolton. Jr., of Massachusetts Tech.
was second and W. Rollins of Harvard
r. t fiunmet or Maiden was the Ivcsl
ot tnoso who competed In tho three stand
Ing broad Jumps. His distance was 3:
feet 6'j Inches. C. W. Reynolds of Fall
Ulvcr was second with 32 feet 2 Inches,
and A. W. Trumpeld of Holyoke thlid
with 31 feet 4 Inches.
li. llarwise of the Hoslon A. A. won
the nigh jump with S feet 2 ii Inches
J, O. Johnstone or Harvard was second
with an even fi feet, and A. W. Moffatl,
also of Harvard, was thltd with 5 feet 11
Tho ahotput- went to J C. Lawler. a
soldier stationed at l'oit Warien. Boston
itaroor. ills oost put was feet ll'-j
Inches. M. A. Conner of tho B. A. A.
was second with 40 feet II Indies, and II.
It. Ilardwkk, the Harvard football
player, third with 39 feet Ma Inches.
and i Hill rlonJ'Tf.n'iJUi10. to
ten. 10 to 1, first: Sldon. 107 WUon). . to 1,
Hecondi MUb Jonah, 107 (Burns). 6 to 1. third.
Time, 1:10 6. Dustpan, New Haven.
Boxer and Club Maaagrra Ordered
tn Kern Faith.
The state Athletln Commission at.Ui
meeting- jesterday afternoon passed a new
rulo to tho effect that in the rutin o any
boxer under contract or agreement with a
club to appear or comiete and who dis
covers that It Is impossible rnr any reason
whatsoever to appear or compete shall im
mediately notify tho club and tho club
shall Immediately post a nollco to that
effect over tho box otlleo window and gtvo
tho publlo notice of the same through the
)n many occasions toxers have lieen
advertised to appear at certain clubs.
When the house was well filled the man
agement would announce that tho promi
nent boxer had injured his hajid or leg
whllo training and a substitute would,
takn his place.
Tho officials of tho Forty-fourth Street
Sporting Club havo been ordered touppear
at the meeting next week to explalu why
they allowed Fred McKay to go on at
their club Thursdav night with his right
arm bandaged. McKay, who weighed 216
pounds and halls from Winnipeg, Man.,
hurt his arm while training for his bout
with Arthur Pelky McKay went on and
Isixed though his right arm was practi
cally useless.
Spread of Clinton-Commerce Club
Idea to All In Cltr Proposed.
The forming of nn association with all
ho blah schools of tho greater city as
Its members for the purpose of further-
iig a sn rlt of friendly rivalry in ath
letics will bo the object of a meeting of
he school representatives at Columbia
t'nlverslty a week from to-daj'. Tho plan,
which was learned In detail yesterday. Is
an outgrowth of the Ctlnton-Commerco
Club, which was brought Into existence
last fall and Hlready has succeeueci in
supplying tho former eelflsh antagonism
wltli a. trill v RDortsmanllke attitude on
the nart of each school toward tho other.
Arrangements aro being maae to nave
some of tho most tiromtncni courgo urn
letes In the country nddrcss tho meeting
on the subject of athletic ethics avid to
suggest some of tho 'detail -workings of
tho proposed organization.
Success of tho nlan would revolution
Izo the management of Inter-school con
tests nnd reduce the responslbilltj' f the
P. S. A. L. to a minimum so far as hlgli
school sports are concerned.
;innnsts Lose, bat S trimmers and
Frncrra Are Victor.
Three Columbia athletic teams kept
things lively in tho university gymnasium
bust night. The gymnasts lost h dual
meet with New York University by a
scoie of 33 to 21. but the swimmers and
fencers were victorious, tho latter deroat
Ing Cornell by ii score of 6 to 3.
Columbia vanquished the College or the
Ctt; of New York in swimming by a
scoro of 34 tn is, while in water poio
tho Blue and White swamped tho Wash
tngton Heights combination by 40 to 0,
Culman, the big Columbia uprlnter.
won lioth tho fifty and lou yard swims,
and It was largely his speedy work that
enabled Columbia to beat C. C. N. Y.
In tho relay race.
It was Boy Scouts day yesterday at the
Sportsmen's Show In Madison Squaru
Uarden and all the afternoon and evening
the boys in thelv khaki uniforms wcro the
centre of attraction. In the evening somo
500 scouts In command pf A., It. Forbush,
deputy field scout commissioner, cave a
field demonstration of their skill. One
troop from Ixing Island quickly built n ,
signal tower, using thin poles. Tho bojn
lashed the spars together very quickly
and when the. tower was completed two
scouts climbed to the top nild sent wig
wag messages. Another troop from
Plalnfleld In command, of Alien 11 Beala
erected a wall ten feet high and allowed
how quickly they could scale thin wall.
It took four minutes for tho entire troop
of twenty-five boys to get over tho wall.
Tho boys of Camp Wyoneo oil Iong
Lake, 'near Harrison, Me., aro to open the
baseball season In this vicinity next
Tuesday evening with a six inning game.
Theso boys won tho lnlercamp, cham
pionship last season. ,
The first perfect score In the trap siooi
ng tournament was made by A. B. Brick-
ncr of Newton, N. J. Although ho Is 70
ears of age ho outpointed his younger
competitors, tlo used an old double bar
relled shotgun, which ho has carried lor
ninny jears and with which ho won the
championship of the State of New Jersey
several years ago. Dr. Sauer of the Iior-
gen Beach Gun Club and J. 0. Couley of
lerklmer tied for second place in this
shoot with 4S. T. II. Fox of Lynchburg,
Va.. was third with 47, and P. C. Offutt
of Mt. Vernon fourth with 46.
The anglers have a space to themselves
6n the north side of the Oarden In the I
balconj'. There Is a long tank on which
s a movable platform. Ituthcrford Law- i
rence won the opening event, which w;ih
trout fly casting for tllstunco with live ,
ounce rods. ThIH wns ror tnoso wnn
have never cast seventy feet In anj' open .
tournament. Iiwrcnco made u cast or .
seventy-eight feet. Chester Mills with u i
cast of seventj'-two feet was second.
A. J. Marsh won tbo second event.
which was a bait cast for nccuracj-. A
one-fourth ounce lure was used and Marsh (
scored 99 per cent. W. A. Chandler with
96 per cent, was second, and D. T. Abcr-
crombie with 93 per cent, third. In tho
distance bait casting competition II. A. '
Chanler was the winner with an average
of 80 per cent. D. T. Abercrombla wasi
second with 66 per cent, and S. T. t'toliig,
innu wnn ad per cent. i
Hast Orange Farm Title Tlr. " I
Hast Orange, N. J., Feb. 28. In :i close
gnmo here to-day the Fast Orange High
School tied tho Montelalr High School for
tho championship of the Northern New
Jersey lnterscholastlc League nt basket
ball. At tho do, of tho second period
the scoro was tied at 25 to 25 and an
extra period of five minutes had to be
played. Fast Orange made two baskets
In tho five minutes, hut was charged with
two fouls, making tho Una) score 21' to 27.
l.ach team has won three and lost one In
tho championship series. Arrangements
for the llual gamo have j-et to be made.
Mllltla JHipnrt nn the Ice,
It was military night at tbo St. Nicholas
Skating Blnk last night. Tho mombers
und friends of tho Seventh Iteglment
and of Squadron A engaged tho ring
exclusively for thenisolves, and had u
most enjoyablo time. A gamo of hockey
between teams representing tho two
organizations was played, At tho end of
tho second half tho score was a tlo at
2 nil and In un extra period Squadron A
secured thn winning goal. A half mile
skating raco was won by Phil Kearney
of tho Wanderers, with W. Buckholder of
the Itlverslde Skating Club second,
I'rlnilty. Ames Maq. Tremier ano onenu u.u
cimu,rrr aUo ran- ,,,
hacumt Hace-Tttoyear-olds: three irJon'
Oiranto, tic (Goose), 0 to 2. first: Are, 107
(hklrvtn), II to 6., second: Sonnr Boy. HQ
(Koerner), 7 to s, third. Time. ;J7 4-5. Color.
Pat Kutledro and Hul.ar also ran.
Thud Itttce-Tliree year-olda and upward:
furloins-Oajiisnt, (16 (Skirvln), J to 8, Ural,
Incision. M (Wolf), 1J to 6. second: Gardenia,
ii tbiildfri. u to 10, third. Time, lilt 4-5.
boiiiUtni Shore also ran. . , .
Fourth Kitce-Tliree-jear-olds and upward:
even rurloiiita-Katherola, 87 (Montour). 13 to
1. ttrst: Hoffman. 108 (Uutwell). to to t. second:
Pont. !7 mklrviH), II to SO, third. Time, 1:80.
.Merry Lad also ran.
Kititi llaetv Purs 1300; three-year-olds and
upward; telling: tire and a bait furlonn
ltt-Maml Ml lUiitw.,11) R tn 1. flfSt i CODI-
moner's Toueb. 103 (liiutoni, to II. aeepnd:
Tiny Tim, IH (Montouri, B to 1, third. Time,
I'll) 4. ft C'Tinaiiee ntUln IjuIt Hlllhft.
Hush, Camellia, Morean Wilson and Island
Queen also ran
Sixth lim e- Purse 300; three year-olds and
upward M-tllna- seven fiirlon-llareourt, 106
IllekPiisi. 11 lo t, Irtt, Swarta IbH, 1 iHux
ton . 9 lo seinni: Camel, lot Klraiuli. 15 to
I, num. Tinw, i;3i s-3. Vrot, ssenu guavrr,
itoiaen Treasure, lie, senator
BtnedlctlDa alio ran.
Say Itlvers Won by Finite ranch.
Chicaoo, Feb. 2S. Dan Morgan, man
ager of K. O. Brown and Jack Brltton,
arrived hero this morning from tho coast
on his way to Now York and insisted that
Brown loBt to Itlvers by a lucky punch
after a clinch. "As Brcwn stepped back
Itlvers bi ought up a swing from tho hip,
catching him on tho point of the cnin,'
said Morgan. "Up to that time Brown
had tho best ot it and Itlvers was fighting
desperately." Promoter Tom McCarey
has signed Brown up to meet Bud Ander
son March 16. Morgan leaves for New
York tbl" afternoon.
Yale nnd Harvard Want a Blajcer
ProRrammr Against British.
Nsw Haven, Conn., Feb. 2S. Tho track
authorities of Yale and Harvard have
nt-reoil to submit to tho L'ngllsh author
ities tho following petition regarding the
nronoscd International track meet :
"That there bo eleven events Instead of
nine 100 yard dash, 400 yard U.ush, 130
j-ard hurdles, high Jump, broad Jump,
hammer throw, aso yarn run, nuio run,
three mllo run and two of tho following
events; 200 yard dash, 200 yard hurdles
or shot put. That two places count, and
possibly three, instead or only one, as in
tho past."
An Important problem In connection with
the proposed meet has been solved by the
fact that in the spring tne mucin an
niversary of tho Oxford-Cambrldgo dual
meet will be celenrateu. From (Ho pro
ceeds of this event the Kngllsh team will
bo financially ablo to make tho trip to
Barnard Meet To-day'a Illic J'.eiit.
Tho annual Indoor games of Barnard
School at tho Eighth Iteglment Armory
hold tho centre of tho stage In scholastic
sports this afternoon. It is the only meet
on tho local schedulo nnd consequently
a large entry list has been received from
private and publlo scnoois. -inis meet is
particularly popular among tho prep
schools both In New York and New Jersey
and somo flno performances should result.
A number of events are reserved ror the
Barnard students, but a generous list has
been opened to all schools. The events
start nt 2 o'clock sharp.
Amateur Car Title at .Stake.
J. Ferdinand Poggenburg, tho Amerl
can International umalour champion, and
Morris D. Brown, tho nutlonal Class A
tltleholdcr, will meet to-night In the tlrst
match for the metropolitan challenge cup.
Tho tronhy is nowiy orrcrea by tho Na
tlonal Association of Amateur Billiard
Piavrn for competition at is:a naikl tie.
Poggenburg and Brown will play at the
Lledcrkranz Club, Fifty-eighth street and
Park avenue, and thn contest will bo a
charity bencllt tor ttt. mark'H Hospital
u guaver.t ,,imrlty bencllt for St. Mark'a
Spark. dlTb. .ntch will be of 300 point.
.blp llnraet) From Mexico tn Itace
nn Kentucky Track.
Juarks, I Mexico, Feb. '.'8. Only two
favorites won' to-day over it heavy track.
R F. Carman, the New York horseman
to-day shipped his big string of thorough
brcds frohi hero, to llenntngs Park, Wash
Itifton, D. tit whero they am to bo rested
tip until tho opening of tho spring, raco
season. Carman stated to-day that hn In
tends nominating his horses In practically
all of tho stakes on the Kentucky circuit
this spring. This proves that the New
lorker will test the caer against him in1
Mexico. He was warned off the Mexican
course, but not ruled off No fraud was
cliargtidigalnst him.
ulm summaries .
First llace -Three and one half furlong:
Hy Kl, its iMoleeworthi. i to .'. flret: Suc
cession, 113 Kiroth), 8 to 1. toenail; Barbara
Lane, li: lllotenl. 13 to 1 third. Time
0:: I.e. .Brevity, Uotiert Mantell. KIHI-.
Corona, Duke IU1. Meritorious, Jessie Simp
son ami Alubama Ham also rati.
hemtwi llate One mile- Lav Minister,
112 (UurlliiKaine), 4 to 1, tlrst, Hn lireen
leaf, 112 (Mulllami). 7 to 1. second, Sam
Bernard, 113 (Mclntyre). !0 to 1. third.
Time 1:15 4-5. Marin, Laun. Cool. Nadu,
Mas, Virginia Lindsay, llej Widow- and
Sam fl, ulso ranthe last fref.
Third Hace-S!x furlonia: SIcAlan. 101
(Cotton), 15 to 1, firM, Itulierta, 104 (Moles
worth). S to 1, seconil, ,11m L, 99 Otalsey),
: to 1, third. Time 1 17. (Julik Trtt,
Hammy MctJee. Hlo Petoii. lionniq Bard,
.Helle, Ada Doyle, Until riMifr und Stone
cutter also ran,
Fourth Hare Sis furloiiKs. Lrst-ar. 110
(Itorenl, 30 to 1, first, llnilu. 10.', (Cirsan),
to 1, second, lMmonil .Vilams, 104 (Curler),
10 to 1. third. Time- !., Lntlng Mote,
(Jlinll. Imtutta and Lye Whllo ulso ran.
Fifth lUce-.Hir turlongs. Nannie Sle
Dee, 103 (lirnlh), 10 to 1, first: Lamberts.
107 (Bobbins), i to 1, seconil; Lvellna, 100
(Balsey), 8 to 1. third. Tlmo 1 :44 1-6.
Ben Wilson, (jodfather, Country Ilo, Saar
land, Wichita, Flrmrii, Hen Vncaa and Clint
Tucker also ran.
Sixth Hare one mile: nnnanza. 105
tnurllngame), 5 to 3, tlrst, Haleia, 103 (Us.
tep), 7 to t. second; Cockspur, 110 (Hmalli,
16 to 6. third. Time 1:13 4-5. Buddy clp
also ran.
Van II) ko a .Nine Ditj lied Sox.
Boston, Feb. 28. Van Dyke, tho New
Knglend league twlrlcr who joined the
Bed Sox last fall, lias gone back to tho
Worcester club, Manager Burkctt repur
chasing htm to-day.
The New Fngland Longun season will
begin April 30 and end on September IS.
Tttn CIhi B Record Co.
ll A. Coleman, while defeating Mark
Muldaiir by 300 to 246 III tho Class 11
amateur balkllnc tournament at the
Hlvenddo Academy last night, .broke the
Class B record run by totalling 65 in one
soouenee. In tho afternoon contest . H
Conway, who bettt LCdyard Blako by 300
to 147. broko the record Class B average,
going out In thirty-three Innings for an
average of -9 3-S3.
Ileda Far Kmptr S w I ni m I n B Poo
Wkst BaPkn. Ind., 'eb. 28. Although
the nluving diamond Is three Inches unde:
wnter us the result of three days of rain.
tho band of Cincinnati Beds under the
leadership of Manager Tinker were en
abled to work out this afternoon In the
natatorium, from which the water has
been drained.
Harry Mclntyre, former Cub and Brook
lyn pitcher, will make the trip to Mobile,
If ho can get bis arm Into good shape
be will sign a Bed contract.
Tinker Finally Land Kllag.
Cincinnati, Feb, 28. John Kllng,
former Cub catcher und manager ot the
Boston Nationals In 1P12, signed a Cin
cinnati Bed contract to-day. President
Herrmann made tho announcement lute
this evening and while the amount of
salary Involved was not stated, It Is
understotfl that Kllng will receive a neat
sum for his berviccs.
Lraamn l'rotet Leave Floor.
After ten minutes of play the Brooklj-n
Piep-i:rasmus basketball game last night
at the Brooklyn Prep gymnasium was
called off by the Krasmus captain. Evans.
Itcfereo Peters's refusal to call foul
against the Prep team caused tho dlssen
tion Tho Krasmus captain protested re
peatodly and Peters threatened to put him
out of tho game, so Kvans consulted his
team and called them oft the floor. Tho
scoro at this time Btood 10 to 6 In Eras
mus's favor.
Jack Brltton Training nt Ittr.
Manager Gibson of the Garden A. C.
paid a visit yesterday to the training
quarters of Jack Brltton at Bye, N. Y.
Brltton convinced Gibson that he was
rapidly fitting himself for the big Itout
with Packy McFarland In tho Garden next
KrWay night and furthermore predicted
that he would surely beat the Chicago
wizard on points. Gibson Is receiving
applications for seats from all over the
Mer Udge' Out Glover.
Ill the general organization elections of
nichmond Hill High School A. Kenneth
Mayer of baseball fame defeated J.
Glover, captain of tho 1912.-13 basket
ball team. 364 to 303. Roderick Krouter
received the vice-presidency and Hazel i
Icon tho secretaryship.
Dixie Kid Drop Bltr One.
Sptcial CabU Pttpolch In Tub Scn.
Pi.tmouth, Feb. 2S. Tho Dixie Kid
knocked out Hulls of Belfast in the sixth
round of a fifteen round contest nere
to-night. Hulls was much heavier than
tho Dixie Kid and nnu mucu tne potter
Doraaerlck Bark In the Game.
Charley Doesserlck has been appointed
matchmaker of the Fortj'-fourth Street
Sporting Club. Doesserlck, who Is Tom
O'ltotirke's brother-in-law, made the
matches for the National Sporting Club up
to the time mat tna oiuu license was re
yoked by the Boxing Commission. Subse
quently ho attended to similar duties at
tho Hoj-alo A. C. In Brooklj-n, which went
out of business recent'j'.
Yale -Men See English Stroke.
New Haven. Conn., Feb. 28. At 10:30
o'clock to-night both the Yale varsity
. . ..... , . . , .
and iresnmeil crewa irjiuucu ill u local
motion plcturo house, where they had a
drill In tho Kngllsh stroke by means of
observing u reel of pictures showing the
Oxford and Lcunder crcwa at work. The
theatre party was given under tho direc
tion of Head Coach W. A. Hurrlman
and Capt. C. N. Snowden. It had been
Intended to place five boats of men at
work In the hurbor to-day, but cold
weather prevented and harbor work was
postponed until next week.
I.ehlifb Honor Steel Man's Nephew.
South Bktmuchim. l'a Feb. 28. C. W.
Wagner, a local youth and a nephew of
Charles M. Schwab of the Hutmehem Steel
Comnanv. to-day was elected assistant
manager of tho 1913 football team at Le
high University and will succeed to tho
riuuMftirinip in ii.
MoCloy' Shooting Arcarate.
In the Ititergrods basketball tourna
ment at Commercial yesterdaj-, the sixth
grado tram defeated the freshmen by
the score of 2ti to 12., Although the team
work of tho winners was rather poor,
tho sum shooting of McCloy more than
made up for this, and the game was
their from the start. Stevens wa the
whole freshman team, for, oesiaca scoring
o argument until ho got the knockout half of Its points, he played a fine de-
fenslve game.
Uankart lletorn tn Colgate.
Hamilton. N. Y.. Fob. 28. L. II. Ban-
kart, '10, will coach the Colgate football
team for tho season of 1913, Bankart
coached tho Maroon In 1910 and for the
last two seasons haH assisted coacn
CRVHtmiieh nt Dartmouth. With the loss
of but one man, Capt. Cook, Colgate hopes
for another championship team in ivit.
Dunn Overcome 'Handicap.
Mickey Dunn gavo five pounds to
Battling Reddy und also a lusty walloping
at the New Polo A. A. last night, Reddy,
weighing US pounds, also was acknow
ledged tho better boxer, but Dunn hurled
his 113 pounds forward in such aggressive
style that he had his bigger opponent
wincing repeatedlj'.
Several particularly desirable touring car
have Just come out of our shops. A small cash
deposit will bold any of them (or delivery In
the Spilng. .....
We -would be (lad to have you cumin
these cars without auy obligation on your part
I whatever. .
ToiiOBius. comrenciAL vehi
M Guaranteed Automobiles from R
M .io-aa-34 west tvid st. R
M Nr. Brsadway. 'Phone 1343 Columbus. 11
M OPEW SUNDAYS II '111 4. . . H
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M HUDSON. Runabout. . Hi it
M CIALS MITCHELL. Runab-rumble.. 3M II
M OVERLAND. Toy ton. detach 11
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shire, MSO. 111 Moon Torpedo SO. tAOO.
All In perfect running condition.
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big discount on IBIS ear. aa I am unable to take,
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. Mtk W
Booklet explains WM
lniDEni our m

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