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4' -
Rain and warmer to-day; clearing to-morrow;
high south winds.
Detailed weather reports will be found on page 13.
VOL. LXXX. NO. 205.
NEW YORK, MONDAY, MARCH 24, 1913. Cn-iyrfo'if, 1913, by tlie Sim Vrinlino iml iiHiJ,ili; Atsoclntlon.
Nowell Admits Ho Helped
to Hide Sipp to Shield
GOT 81.200 FOR IT
System Schemed to Dis
grace Sipp So Whitman
Couldn't Vse. Him.
01! WD .11" II Y FOUKD l'KAX
A f tor Sipp Wits Tlrouirlit Hiick
tin1 Mnyor .Wumnl Full
r.dw-trd .1. Newell, the lawyer who at 1
th ,n'anee of the police and with their I
n- ,..t,imo arranged the plan to .nave
f.CM'ce A Sipp kept out of town when
1. vmis wanted by the District Attorney
ii - a witness against Policeman Hugene
and who handled the money raised
Inspector Sweeney, rapt. Thomas W.
W.iMi and others for this purpose,
ii, el a confession of his part In the
nt'. r to District Attorney Whitman
. 'er,,iy
S pp. it will be remembered, wns the
f met' niotirletor of the Haltlc Hotel, i
i. tinri.m ,vi, hnrf r,nt,t r-.r. t i...it,.. .
m n l'i. Walsh's ugent, anil who went
in rlantlc Cltv and was paid to ftny
th.re to keep him from telling his
(' .ry to Whitman.
.No sooner had he been put out ot
Mr Whitman's, immediate reach than
ne New York police framed up a dis-
g .Ming criminal charge against him
.,i.. priK-eeded with plans to bring lilm
lek so disgraced and discredited that I
he would he valueless as... witness for 1
.... , !
in.- ii.-mt-t iiutiiv) iiiraiusi 1110
grafters. ,
lltur Hie S nielli" Worked.
Sipp was nrrested In Atlantic City on
orders from the New Vork police and
held in Jail pending indictment- The
arrest was made on January I. The
Grand Jury thiew the case out on .ann
ul y i and Sipp was ri'Ie;i.-e.! mi the
when Sipp arrived. The police said they
n siitipienas lor the pollen trial of
i "V but It was charged openly that they
N" had warrants fur Sipp. The DIs
i ' '' Mtorney's men fought the police
and Dually got the witness into tlie
fleMi'or and up to the Grand Jury
M.inr eeeils llenpnnslMllt ,
Mjyor Gaynor on January 10 as
s.mul full lespon.slbllity for the at
tempt to bring Sipp buck discredited
tr.nn Atlantic City. The Mayor said he
.i l instructed thn Police Commissioner
" ii bring him back to this State and
. if there wns any possible wuy to
in !t '
The Commissioner," the Mayor said,
"r.-iiiii-d that there was no way to do it
unless he could be indicted and then
vradltoL I Inquired whether there J
-re anv inmlnal charges against him
i was Informed that there were
Mig. ,in which he could be indicted,
n to. d the Polio- Coinmlsi.iotier to
' i him Indicted If possible and
i ig-t nack to this .State."
: i-e the .Mayor's assumption of re
f .. '.:llt It was curient report that
dtlidavlts which tlie Grand Jury
1 -ni-,.il and utterly declined lo believe
i'e work of Inspector Sweeney.
" it the allldavlts had been obtained
' In i.irters took the case up.
' lire kiniite tir Wliltu.Hii,
V.i'T since the first Indictment was
r rnejl against Nuwell, charging a
i s ienn-anor in persuading n witness.
. is been prophesied that he would
'me a witness for the State. In
' t was said that tho indictment
rg ng a misdemeanor only, Instead
a felony, was returned because the
l' rii t Attorney had been led to believe
.it Wwell would confess. Dut. witli
t - in .sdemeanor Indictment, Newell in
e ! tho negotiations by his friends
lared he would light tin- thing out.
1 the second Indictment, charging
fa iny, was handed up to Justice Goff.
About that time Newell became 111
l" ' wem to St. Luke's Hospital,
-entericd with pneumonia. He left the
' ispltal last week, pleaded not guilty
in the seeond indictment, and Ills trial
uhs set for next Thursday.
I'.t -Judge W. M. K. Olcott, Newell's
msei. appeared at District Attorney
Whitmans home yesterday afternoon
nnd remained with Mr. Whitman an
' nur. lie then went away and returned
with Newell at a little lifter fi o'clock.
'I'ti'i conference between Newell nnd his
oiinn-l and the District Attorney lasted
two and n half hours.
It has been an open secret that Judge
" ott who has been visiting thn DIs-
rirt Attorney, has urged his client to
'i. like a clcun breast of tho Sipp bribe
f 'nd. But -Newell has tried to maku
barrain wltli-t.ie prosecutor. He first
"fused t"s plead Rullty nnd Insisted thut
Cm only ty-rms lie.would nccept must
be based Uif a quashing of tho indict
ment e
Inslsleil nit riea of'OtjIlty.
This Mr. Whitman refused. He had
a plea of guilty liftliic Knx case before
1 ' entered Into negfitjfllions with Vox.
-I ne insiHici, utionn pica or guilty
niso from Capt Walsh before negotla-'
lions. Finally Newell offered, to plend
Continued on Second
med.o. siioicun loiiuu in uie ceiiar not TI.e inost Important happening. Iiow-i - , nmton, la., on the Mississippi
District Attorney Whitman visded ! ' f'""! "" """ ''" - , ,.,rr. was the discussion over the noml- . :r;u,t,,"nil"n,t Ze,, In Cevlon , Hlvr. Clinton reported that 4 cloud-
f'PP in Jersey city on January 12. as i " roVlVl!Vrni- dl. UuMr'nrr I "atl-.n of John N. Carlisle and George j S(H,Wy nVer has offcrrf any attrac j hurrt near Wheatland, la., brvcnil miles
.,..!! of which Sipp ...turn,.! to New J', 'r " Z of the g,,, was ' M Paltner. chairman of tlm Democratic 1 , Ion for either Mr. or Mrs. Kllot. They ! -t of Clinton, had wiped ''t
Wk under the protection of the D.striet . n n,h. V h" i.p ikI." nlk i ! Hti.l.- miiilttc. for members of the have lived quietly. The court life nnd . t on of track ami that the village o
AMo-ney to appear against Fox A 1 i ' 1 1?.' i1 u ii n f r 1 1 1 1 t ho ' tt liip-State Public Service Commission. It J its social functions nnd festivities may Woodbine wan In, by a cyclone and
, rcr f.uce r policemen and de ect ves , v s , rn,n,T. sas that ' soon deieloped that there was con- have played an important part In Dr ;'" .i-.nMchrr
.re -it the Criminal Courts lliiildlng ,.. , ,,i i nn,i,i.,nitnn l-nm1, refnsnl nf the Hritlsh nii-t. I The .Northwestern roads despatcher
t.nle le-inlt-lies Sny III Cnmlltlnn
Im Muni Infnt nrnlilc,
fpeclil rnhtr Detpntett to Tar St
LoNiioN, March 21. Late despatches
from Rome say that the condition of
'Pope Plus X. 1.1 very grave,
Whllo his phslclans and advisers
refuse to admit that the III health of the
Pontiff Is sufficient to cause any Im
mediate apprehension, It Is known that
his condition Is most unfavorable.
It nns iinnntinctd to-day that the
Pope showed some Improvement, but
that, as n precautionary measure, nr.
Maiehlnfava, li Im physician, Insisted
that the. Pontiff should not celebrate
innsw this morning. It was said that
Mgr. Itessan, his private secretary,
however, received communion from the
Pontiff and otllclated at the mass In
Ills npartmrnf".
It was planned that the Pope should
grant n larce collective audience on
Tuesday. Imitations have leen Issued,
but now It Is practically assuied that
the audience will not be held, but that
the Pope will remain In his favorite
Apartment, closely watched by his
Shotgun Is Found Alongside
!...! !.. ii..: e I .... '
Wliarlon's Fariulionse.
AVii.i.iamstown, X. .1.. March 23. The
charred bodies of four persons wetc
found to-night In the ruins of Leo
Wharton's home on the .New nrooKiyn
road, a mile and a half from here. The ;
house was burned after the victims had !
been shot.
The dead are Leo Wharton. 40 earsj
old; hN wife. Mary. 32 jcars old; hl- ;
llve-year-old daughter. Lillian, and .lohn.
Kenthlll. foreman on the farm of l-Jllw-
l,..ih StaoL-er. a retired school teacher.
A ,.,,,1,01 wound ln the left breast '
of Kenthlll leads the police to believe
that he met death before flames swept ,
Wharton homestead, burning it to
Its foundations. His body was found lv-
. . 1
IIIU ,111 111, III" Hi ,1 . 11-11 l.t.lllllk ,
I IK 1U1 IU lll.HI 1'i .1 flll-ll It t.llllln 1 '
.. , . ...I.
line KlieniMl I oen- .is u jiissru nuip
!.. .... ...... , 1
through his shirt which
with blood.
, , , ... .1
The body of Wharton was lii the eel-
ar badly burned but the trunk showed ,
bullet holes. The bodies of the ulfei
and child, burned beyond recognition,
were also in the cellar, some distance
away from that of Wharton,
Among the many rumors afloat is
that Kenthlll accompanied Mrs. Whar-
ton to a moving picture show in Will-
i .... 1 1..I..
llllllSitll II nil n.ll 111 tl,i. lllhlll. I i-ltll OIIIK
home late. It is said that Kenthlll. who
was u bachelor, was a frequent visitor
fit the Wharton home.
I The police theory Is that Wharton and
Kenthlll engaged in a duel in tlie cellar
and the man who won then fired the
house after he had murdered the wife
and child, so as to hide the crime and
then burned himself to death as a
penance for his deed.
Wenlher Won l)r xml
It Ik IIhIk hi
ir.U.IIOII Wore
THN-Tti- City. March 23.- -only the
weather was dry to-d.iv. Tlie cafes
neer enterta.ned linger crowds lhau
those which jammed them to the doors
Inst night It was nearlv 4 A. M. be.
fore all lights were out. At 7 A. M.
buslnisi began again.
The sun shone luiglitlv until lnte this
afternoon, when it clouded over a lilt,
Moving picture concerns had ciews at
work all dav .m top or tin- piers for
the Kaster parade. Holier chair prices
were doubled, and S.ouii flanked the
lr.n.ooo promenaib-rs in solid lines.
Advance iiiedlct ons on the size of.
the hats went awry While some small
. . i.- ... n . wrui v ih ii ii I'll tii i ,i nnnis ti nil m uiiu - .
bonnets appeared there was a revival of tn f principles." which the Governor thousand men heard ice-i-resiu.-iu mmn ,. niht A cold wave with shift
the wide brimmed structures of lat j expects to make on Tuesday night at I Thomas . Marshall speak In Spring- j ln(, BPH to the northeast is predicted,
year. Careful carelessness was a not- t1(. hanquet of tlm llenjocratlc IMltorlal field's new municipal auditorium 'ns i The fotec.ist is the same for Illinois.
able featuie oolti in the chapeaux and
attire. Nothing was straight, angles
were missing. , to recognize county organizations in
Milady went In wrongly for the making appointments, but It is a quea
draped sheath skirt. Silts appeared 1 t 0f how far he will show his de
nt the sides, extending well toward the j nnn( l. nf Mr. Murphy and the State
knee, Fnine of them higher. Sometimes organization. Something may be said
these slits were tilled with lace.
Cur to Ii.iiik ImIhihI nt;.- .liny lie
H mining: Sunn.
The engineering force whli.h has been
emplojed for more than nine months In
making alterations to the Stein way tun
nel under the Kast Hlv.-r from Korty
second street to Long Island City, the
ownership of which passes to the city
under the contracts for the dual system
signed last week, hns received orders
I t0 prepare the tunnel for Inspection.
Tl.e alterations permit tho running
of curs of the type used In the stibway
to be operated by the third rail. The
tunnel was originally planned for the
use of trolley cars.
The orders for tho Inspection are
considered of importance because of
the statement made by Chairman Mc
ra fif thfi r,,,,,0 Servlco Commission
Inst week that this tunnel would bo the
first part of the dual system to be put
Into operation. Tho mouth of the tun
nel Is near Iexlngton nventfe, forty feet
below thn surface. There Is In storage
an escalator erected four years ago
when the tunnel was completed, This
can bn put In operation In less than n
There Is a station at Jackson avenue
and Fourth street, Long Island City, ad
jacent to tho Queens Borough Hall,
'which can bo put Into use within two
before re urine ror inwmni
T.Olip DiscUSSioil in AlbnilV Oil ,
Vncnneies nntl Relntions
Willi Tnnunnny.
rnrlisle. It Is Relieved. Will
(!o On Fp-Stnte Hoard
Pit liner Is Opposed.
Auiavy, March 23. Gov. Sulzcr held children. In case she. leaves no chtl
nn Important conference this evenln lrcn at the time of her death the money
' ... . win l.e i v dcd among the Berry School
11 II it limni'vi u- i ' 1 1 n n -
opposed Charles Murphy and his
donilnatlon of the Democratic State
Among those at the conference were
Henry Morgenthnu, who was chairman
of the finance committee of the national
Democratic organization In the lint
campaign; George Foster Peabody,
Thomas Molt Osborne of Annum, his
political lieutenant, Charles Until
gnn; .lohn N. Carlisle, chairman of the
...iti. ni.ii.AH r i innt nnri f a it net nnvni
ulzer inquiry committee, and .lohn A
' Hennessy, who Is one of the Governor's
losest advisers In Albany.
The conference, which begun early
this afternoon nnd lasted until late to
nlKltt, did not icsult In any ngrecment
in ilin nifiiier iif nnnolntments to Im-
! portant State ofllces and his relations
j with Leader Murphy and tho Demo
cratic organization.
Those who attended th conference, i
which wa held at the "people s ,
hou'e. declined to be quoted as to 1
,,.,, , ;lili ,imt the.
" ,,....,
situation In regard to the (.overnors
.attitude of Independence toward .Mr.
Murphy nnd the Democratic organic-
tlnn waH ttiorniiKhly ciinvuswd.
T, w(.mr,i , ,a doubt In th
...,. , rnn.
","m' " I
ference as to just what the Governor
intended to do. It became known that
,. general view of thoe present was
.Iohn K. 8aKUO nf i.oughkeep-sie
... ....
sholllil Ie named nv lie- ii,...-iu"i
. .
, . , ,
lieiul of the reorganized Highways De
.......... iw ..ii. ntii.fiH.itl tlie nilon-
! tlon of the unit rule in the . lection of
,oIP(.ntp.s 1(t the spring State conven-
(lnt) ( , .onVentlon at Hal-
tlmore. In other ways he has shown ,
his independence of Murphy and the
methods o, the State organisation. I
1 of Mr. Cat lisle nnJ Mr. Palmer
j Mr. Carlisle was unanimously np-
i proved, but some of those present are;
...i.i ... 1 I....I......1 .1.... Mr 1,l.,i..r
i lllll III 1 1,1 . iiiriini.t. in... , . ........
! should not be named because It would
be regalded as a deal made by the Out
enior with Mr. Murphy. It had been ,
1 understood up to a few dajn ago that
, the l.egislatuie would confirm both Mr.
. 'arb-slc nnd Mr. Palmer, but In the latu r
part of this w.-K's session npp .sitlon to
, Mr. ''nrllsle was expressed by cert iln
...1.. i.,.,iui,i...ru
It could not lM.,learni.l whether or not and congregation of the church by walk- monetary loss of t3.10.0u.). seriously in
the Governor was surprised bv the op- ' ' wll Mr"- WIIon and Ml-s ( JurIllB nl. mnn,
portion to Ills plan of naming Mr. Oanor Wilson Just before the opening The Chicago and Great Western road
Carlisle and Mr. Palmer, but a strong 'prayer. He was soon recognized by , reported that 20 telegraph poles along
plea Wa- made to the Governor to ie. I nearly every person ln the church, in- its line from Chicago to the Mississippi
ject any arrangement which might be j eluding Margaret Gundakcr, who held ( luver had been torn down,
legurded as a compromise with Murphy 'in her hand an Kaster egg. which had , M Chicago the storm, while le-s se
in aiui.ilntln
men to such Important
state otllcea.
t was evident that some or the icn
! ho talked with the Governor fi It that
tht,y should watt until the Governor had
, acted before they would commit them -
Selves to upholding his future pollc.
! Mr. Morgeiithau. who Is supposed to
he clo-e lo President Wilson, has been
jthe Governor's guet since I'rldav i
No effort lias I u made to cone, t the
impression that Mr. Morgentliau was
j ii-pn-M-ntlng the national Admlnlstra-
one ihlnir db-ciissed at the conference .
; was what form the so-called "declara-
I Association, should take.
-rhe Governor will say that lie Intends
about the "invisible boss" control of the
....l-l-i 1.... I....t..r. .l.inlrir.. tlm mile
u,,e,a,,,. over ,1, adjournment
(late OI IIU- l.fKis.aiilli- i.iii-iu.
by G.n. jlj'-'r' fn""r;' ''' r';"
he still has to fill. They say adjourn
ment by April 10 would be easy If It
were an assured fnct that Tammany nnd
the Governor would not lock horns over
the places which pay salaries totalling
nearly $100,000 a year and conttol nttich
patronage. They believe that If Gov.
Stilzer holds off his appointments much
longer the Legislature will. not be able
to complete ltf work before April 17,
nnd perhaps April 19
The Governor sam to-cay mat tie
might send some appointments to the
Henate to-morrow night, but It Is not
lielleved anv of the more Important ones
Jielleved any of the more Important ones
will be among them. It is said the Gov
ernor Is planning to semi nearly all of
his appointments in Tuesday and take
n chance on the lateness of the session
resulting In the Immediate confirmation
of some of the candidates.
He is said to have been holding up
the nominations to dicker with Tam
many for some of his pet legislation.
It Is generally understood that some
action by tlie Governor must come soon,
because e cannot make recess appoint
ments to places which wero vacant dur
ing the session nf the Legislature.
Nlnra l.miii (.rand Ontr&l dAllv 7:16 1. M
rrilculr i:i Oroadway, J'honc 0310 Mtdlson J
$3,000,000 TO BE A MOTHER.
Ml Shedd, HepoYtnl I'lmngrtl, Way
Ort fortune. '
Boston, March 23. Wedding helK It
Is said, will soon 'be ringing for Miss
' Mary Hello Shedd of lovcll. daughter
f the late prosperous manufacturer
i..., , it vM,,1rl t'niler the terms of
the will of her father she will lose
about $3,000,000 unless she mnrrles and
has children.
As soon ns this condition became
i,..n...n .1... -,., n,- ii'inin n whh ilpliurcd
nill'llll .III- .lUHllh " - ' -..--r.---
with marriage proposals. Hhc Is said
to be engaged now.
Mr. Shedd died In Florida anil left a
wife nnd daughter. When his will was I
tiled It was found that Mrs. Shedd ami
her daughter are provided for during
their lives. They will have tho Income
of the money, but tllcy cannot dispose
of It unless Miss Shedd marries and has
..r t...nn ri., (tin Vnrlli(lelil Seminary
of Lowell and tho Lowell General Hon-
Miss Shedd Is sole executrix of the
will, which tnkes the disposition of her
father's Immense estate out of her hands 1
unless she becomes a mother.
Rejects Ambassndorsliip. but
Denies Advancing Age Is
. tlie Reason.
CAMBiumm, Mass.. March 28. Dr.
Charles W Kllot has refused to accept
.ii.. .,ii,nuu.iiliirshlii to the Court of St.
, ..,,,,.
rtiffirnil in 1.1,11 111'
.IHIlllT. .-i ll-v .-..... "... I
,.rr!i(1(,tU Wilson. His answer Is In the .
hands of the President nt Washington
that 1 have declined
"Yes. It Is true that 1 have declined
),e position of Hrltlsh Ambassador." said
nei t(VnR,t ..My ycnrs llnd
, , . ...m, ,. mfu.! I
sf,n p lbro,ldi jv reasons for declln-
'n - xnk these should bo made
' puli'llr nt Washington, so I have nothing
' ,,, .,,.,, now
.V ,.. . .,,.
1 r-; " . " 0f Xmbassador are '
"' ,' .. , , pon lno fnct ttlnt t,p
'' ' rl',t ,osr(. to spend the re-
mning" vcars. of ' their lives at home,
, , ...'. .. ...i,, .,..... m ,i,
Dr. Kllot s unwillingness io iaae upon
line leiiiiniK n t,...i, . ..v.... ...v,
, 1 It.... .1 ..tn.nl., nn. .tnnuf An. n .
doctor has
fi..r his lour of the wor d he ad-
wi . , Mnd.r,nkInB wns
Illlllt'U Uloll ."UVII n 'If limn luirmih
. h j.Vng on wholesome food
,lt hlmP hP found the fare while travel-
ling abroad did not agree with his con
stltutlon. The food served I to him or.
"""l: ,!!
. I .-. nt kl rc' l . lllin
i ...- ..... ... ......
at Church.
Washington, March 23. President
Wilson got an Kaster egg to-day al-
though he did not expect It. A little
u years on. im.,...-.. ,.,....
' '' Eastern Presbyterian Church, where
"x ""n'' ' "''" ""-
i ne i-resiueiu sin iini.-i. im- ,.iiui
i neeii given io ner ny ner nunuay scnooi
. .Margaret ueciucu K1Ve ner egg m
, the President, so she rolled It In a piece
of paper nnd hud her mother pass t to
i the President's pew The President
I looked to see who the donor was and
Uiwed his thanks when he saw the
.child's expectant face.
ee-l'relileiii l ulls Libraries l'r.i.1-
i .. . .
StiiiNonKi.ii, Mass, March 23. Tour
afternoon on the subject n is more
tuesseu to give than to receive
Tin- Vice-President denounced Car-
negle libraries as gifts of predatory
wealth. Ills declaration was applauded
heartily by the audience.
Mr. Marshal) told o' travelling
through many cities In the country.! f
being shown all the points of Interest,
and added Hint the citizens never spoke
nt spoke lieie under'
..,,., w a II., un.l
'I.Mrs. Marshall left to-night' for Boston
to Washington to-morrow morning.
Vermont Man Sn.l en. for l.nver. nf
Iluekii Ileal l'Lri.
Boston-, March 23. -There Is a short-
age of maple sugar this yenr and the
lovers of buckwheat cakes and syrup
nre trembling. At Bellows l-alls, Vt .
svrnn nnd Kiit-nr mutters nre a dlsan-
pointed lot. The season Is a failure and
nnwlioro near the usual amount of tho
Vermont product will go out this spring.
. a few ,,v,r.i-u nf Ian ttmnnil their
trees the week before last A ml others ' Less Tliiin 9,1,000 o Venr.
began work this week. Wednesday w,:1.,.ksu:y. Mass. March 23,-Korty
showed a good run of sap. 1. t tl Wellesley College girls have said rood
evening tho wea n.-r was lid. rain Iltrimoy until at least three
LTt '.".""""l I0."" : " ?' ,0 " years after graduation and until men
dayh,and Frh.:- ,hV no
a cold wind blew all day. stopping the j organization, he W dl es ley Ma -n.v
rlage Club, and only ten of llfty who
From Sandwich, N. H., comes Hie
news that three days of warm rain has
hlasted the hones of the niai.lo sugar
makers In central and southern New
Hampshire. Thousands of dollars are
yearly spent In the preparations for
Ihla Important crop nnd thh failure is
a serious blow to tho farmers.
Towns in Nebraska, Iowa and
Kansas Said to Have Reen
I h
lit tl II. .Neb.. Reported ill RlllllS
After Cyelone Storm Is
on Way Here.
CitlCAno, March 23. A terrific wind
storm which raged over Kansas, Okla
homa. Iowa, Nebraska and parts of the
, Dakota to-day reached the proportions
(of a cyclone In the vicinity of Omaha,
I Neb. Telegraph and telephone service
'between Chicago and middle Western
points, severely crippled by Thursday's
storm, was paralyzed. Not a word of
'information could be obtained frotn any
I part of Iowa or Nebraska.
! From a roundabout source It Is re
I ported that the hurricane which swept
tip the Missouri Itlver cost the lives of
seven pcri-ons in South Omaha. The re
port could not be verified nor" could the
truth of rumors that tho cyclone had
devastated property in Des Moines,
Council .Muffs, St .loseph, Mo., and
other cities In that section, be con
firmed. Train despatchers In local offices sat
helpless to-night, hearing reports of
washouts and derailments and not
being nble to confirm them.
From Kansas City, Mo., it was re
ported that the hurricane, which had
raged thero all day, gained In fury as
"armirss came m . "
land hall descended and electrical dls-
Iturbnnces played havoc with local tele-
nu.,,,, - , ,m , ,....
"-liepuone sysie us.
Kw details could be obta
Fmv details could be obtained from
the heart of the storm swept districts,
i 'ln'-s wrrp ,lown lo ,ne nort,b !"m,h
Humors of tornadoes In Kansas and
j Nebraska were current in Kansas City
lull dav. Various reports of damage to
' . . .... ...
t'l'Udlugs. live stock and other property
were circulated. At the Cnlon Pacific,
oWee Missouri city It was said I
to-night that the town of Yutan. ,NVb '
had been In the path of the clclone;
....... . . , .
lllll I I l.-l til 1 lit 1,11 111,1 llh l,i II ".
down, and ttiat those that remained
' .. . ,..i .... 1 ..l.ll.. i... o..
! oeuig iiesi(i. i....u., ....
Five persons were killed and many were
i ...
Jlnjured. acconllng to the reports,
. There w;ns onl. one wire w
went of Chicago ln tho office of the Chi-
I f,vn onmumcatlon w i obtamed
Mild lie had heard rumors there was, a
washout near the Missouri Itlwr, ln
the vlclnltv of Council Muffs, la., but
The Chi-
. CIM1IU HOI llillllilii ill'- i,-,vi. ..
, .ol, r.i-i,l llin
lilKO. .1 1 II il ii I."' !, .'. ...u. ........ ....
P.ock Island road and the Hurllngton
road had no wires working outside a
radius of ten miles from Chicago,
; X St Louis despatch states that tire
?taneii i.y ugnining suoriiy oe.ure -.
o'clock tins morning In the plant of
.... . , .. . , , .
the Granite City Lime nnd ement
I'omiianv, uranne v u , in., cuuseu h
vere, caused conslileralile damage. A
j high wind blew several sMns down and
ciushed in a shop wimiow on .Michigan
i avenue. Ituln descended in torrents,
pieventlng the annual Kaster parade
j .,nd display of spring finery,
j Ity melting and washing tlie tons of
),.,. from telegraph and telephone wires
in and about Chit-ago, the storm saved
the Chicago Telephone Company a loss
, from lepair work of nearly $2.aO(i.
( The having to telegraph companies, and
tallroads was as greai
i Little relief lo-niorrow is ptomlsed In
The prediction
1 ls rn turning to snow In the after
T)() w.-stern Cnlon and Postnl
Teleern till 1'iiiiliinnlnu u-nrn oniilili In
L,,,, ,, (.onimniiica'tion with a large
section of the wesi because
storm damage to tl.ilr wires.
of the
Tl.oiiKht in lie letliu of Otrnlniie
I of Meciilnsc l'iMiler.
Cambkiihik, Mass.. March 23. William
I Penrose Itnllowell Jr. of MlmieimollH. u
J member of the sophomore class at liar-
' rom, 30 Hampden Hall, this after-
noon. Heath Is said to have been due
overdose of sleeping powder, as
III, Howell Is known to have been using
''' "Tug because ot Insomnia which
linn troiin.eu nun lor tno past hmi nays.
Medical Kxamlner Swan made an e-
lamination of the body and ordered It
'taken to the morgue. Hallowell roomed
with D. C. Josephs, 'IS, of Newport, nnd
' . B. Parker, 'is, of Ipswich, but both
were mil of lown
) WAtt"mU ifLllL '
' ilrl Tiilie I'leilne l !ii- "Nn" In
r0""' h " "t'
least IK.OOO. They are members of a
have been Invited to Jolt, have refused.
Membership h limited to 300 and next
nnay a meeung win ne .-,., ,.,
t l;lcl, twenty more girls will
take the plodge,
Tho object of tlie club Is to decreaso
the number of divorces and matrimon
ial failures.
Deported That Ureal Havoc Wii
Dune In Terre llaote, Ind,
Indianapolis, March 24 (2:30 A. M.)
A private despatch Just received from
Terre Haute says that cyclone struck
the southern end of the city shortly
after midnight, sweeping: a path a block
wide nnd ifearly a mile, long through
the residential district.
A man who escaped hurried to tho
telegraph office, where he said that Jic
had seen three dead bodies and that
when he left the sceno of the storm
they were removing the injured by
The Indianapolis Htnr has a special
report which says that many were,
killed and that great property loss was
suffered at Terre Haute.
nrleftnlliin nf Amrrlenn I'rom
Mrxlen lo See I'rrsldrnl.
KlNiisvil.l.K, Tex.. March 23. Fred It.
Tackabcrry, George W. Cook and Bur
ton Wilson, accredited representatives
of the American colony In Mexico city,
passed through here to-day on their
way to Washington to urge President
Wilson to reappoint Henry Lano Wil
son Ambassador to Mexico.
They say that tho charges made
against Mr. Wilson by disgruntled
Ainorlcan refugees from Mexico arc
without foundation, and that his of
ficial course meetH with the Indorse
ment of all Americana In Mexico.
Alfred O. Vanderbllt Al.o In Kx-
hlhlt nt !wpnrt Home Show.
Nnwroirr, R. I., March 23. Alfred a.
Vandcrbllt has decided not only to open
Oakland Farm at Portsmouth thts yer.
mil niso io un an cxmuuur usum at
the Newport Horse Show.
This announcement was made to-day
after Mr. and Mrs. Vanderbllt and
Dennln Hare, who arrived from Provi
dence early laflt night, had spent the
greater pari oi me oay maKing an in-
spection of the big farm.
A tiw of Mr, and Mrs. Vanderbllts
friends from this city Joined them later
dinner party nt the training ring quar-
...i.ti. ,nn nA4
- '
Mr. and Mrs. Vandcrbllt and Mrs
Hare will return to the Vandcrbllt
Hotel to-morrow. They will sail for
ICnglnnd on April 2. Mr. and. Mrs. Van
dcrbllt nnd thsir baby are to return to
America late in July or early in August,
after the coaching season between Lon
don and nrlghton.
liuv. l.lKlrr of WnshlfiKton Mana
.Mensnre HITrcllve Jnne 14,
Oi.TMm, Wash., March 23. Gov. Lis
ter has signed the bill which alwllshes
capital punishment in the State of
The new law will go Into effect on
June 14.
Chicago. Will Feed 1,000 nn Cold
Moraitr I'rodueti.
, . ,, . . . ,,
Cii.CACO. March 23.-1 oodstuffs of all
sorts are on Ice In Chicago awaiting the
banuuci of the Third International Con-
I . . . .... nn
J KrP!,s 0r Refrigeration on September 30.
On that night hundreds of pounds of,
butter, thousands of eggs, a on or more
of choice cuts of meat mil the other j
accessories will be taken from refrlgera- ,
tors and prepared for men from all (
parts of the world. ,
Between 1.000 and 1...00 s.lentlsts (
from Krance. Germany. Belgium. Mix- ,
trla, Russia and the .South American
reputiucs will ne guesis ui uie uiiiniiici. t, Hot.ne
Chlcnso Int.-mls to do Itself proud ini.llr,.in
storage In the way of keeping food ficshu. w(m, , (w ,()Wn Jn,eH r,,tuni(,(1 ,
for almost increuio.e leng.us m nine.
I'lisserslu le llH hiiiI I ii t
I 'lit 111 I II U I'lllllll.llt.
Klames from gas cookln,; . stove set
tire to the apron of Kate OaVvS of .a,
'Lexington avenue yes.en.ay nn r, .
Hl.e ran .. a ..on, wu. ..eo.Kc , ,
a son of Capt. l-ox . f Tj-uck 16 1 ran , up-
stairs and put .... the llames w Ith , r kb.
Miss OavlH had been seriously burned
Mrs Mary McLnteo was nearly
burned to death I. her room a 33 Sec-
ond avenue last night. A fireman named
Lawler who was
....... ...a. n, .,
limine raw flames at a second story
' window. He ran up and found Mrs,
McKntee ntlre
He put a rug around tlie ojl woman
but she may not live.
The fireman wouldn't give his name
until the policeman said It was needed
for a report,
Tell Mnntelnlr .Major Their 'ole
I n .VulsHi.er,
MoNTCtAttt, N. J., March 23, - Mrs.
Frances K. Lord of 157 'Valley rond
has asked Mayor Ernest C. Hlnck to
Issue nn edict requiring that nil tlie cats
In the town be muzzled, Mrs. Lord says
Hint the noise made by the cahi is u
In her letter, however, she does not
say how muzzles will stop their out
cries, and Jb-or Hlnck docs not think
the scheme practical unless some in
ventor comes forward with a muzzle
having a silencer attached,
They Keep Ihe Sliu-U Supplied for
Allrueil Murderer.
Ala., Mnrch 23 - Henry
Nichols was hunting for eggs at Dot-
ban, Ala., to-day and found Jason
Bobertson, wanted for a murder at
Jalllco, hiding In a haystack.
A constable was called and Robertson
was turned over to him. Robertson
had been hiding In the hay for four
days nnd had been subsisting on eggs,
which the hens laid dolly. Robertson,
It Is alleged, took part In the killing- ot
WlMam Lloyd. ,
.... ...il, imimtm '"llt , ,,-l, ,. , m
Aviator Jones Swept From
His Course While 2,000
Feet Above Harlem.
Aimed for Governors Island
but Couldn't Get Below
Ninetieth Stroet.
Onriisliinof (.olden Lights Wero
Framed by Silver (Slow of
Rivers and Sea. i'
Bucking n forty. five mile nn hour
gale, 2,000 feet above Harlem, trying to
hold a course on tho Metropolitan Tower
and feeling your machine gently fnlllng
off every minute; flNlng your eyes on
tho red Hnd green lights of Governors
Island nnd finally, after an hour's tight,
landing in Flatbush are a few of the
Incidents described yesterday bv Harry
M. Jones, an aviator, who attempted to
fly from Mamaroneck to the military
reservation late Saturday night.
(Jarring tho fact that ho landed next
door to u sanitarium, which caused iv
belated citizen to mistake him for some-
. ho(1v wll 1)0innRr, ln thn institution, thn
young nlrmau was all right. He would
have tried to fly from I'lathush to tho
Island yesterday if thn wind had not
been so strong, but he will make tho
flight, he says, Just ns soon as March
shows lamblike qualities.
He is going to fly by way of the tall
buildings nnd the street canyons of Man
hattan too, particularly by way of tho
Hotel McAlpin, where he will drop a
few Invitations for certain gentlemen to
take a little fly. The gentlemen have not
said that they will accept thn Invitation.
Round to Kir Over the 3lr.lpln. '
Young Mr. Jones recently reached
Mamaroneck on his flight from ltnsum
to Governors Island. As a matter or
fact, ho left Boston on January 7, but.
an this time of year Is bad on every
thing except mules, he did not do very
He landtd in Mamaroneck two weeks
ago yesterday, and with a damaged
machine. He hnd not made any record
on his flight, but he announced that Im
was going to finish It If tlie 30 horse
power Mirgess-Wright he owns would
carry htm.
While Ills machine has been fixed
up young Jones has been stopping a'
the McAlpin and recently he announced
that on his last leg he would fly over
the hotel and by means of a paraehut.
drop an Invitation to Manager llloomei
and Gen, Giuseppe Garibaldi to taki
u trial flight with him some nice daj
I He couldn't fix a time becausa March
. ot ood avlatl(m mntll
Tll(, i(1(,a as t,)at ,0 .,,, jf
...... .... ... .... ... ....., ,..
II- I 111 tlHI II .11111 1113 rillU Uill limill
. .
nnps Mt nf,Ui nov,vrr, that
,)e Uo(.s nfll ,. thal ,, ., r,,rol
w)mt a ,,,K cU. lo()ks Hkc a mnlKht
I)1(.kpd out in fne yp(m. a(1 whH ,
(,It.ctrK.ty and fram0(1 , Ulo .slvcr ut
water Interlaced until It all runs Into
, br((a(l fram Qf , t.oll .
waH HH ,, ,lai, , nKnti ha(l
, r,.r, ,, ,,,, ... in,lk ..... ,.,
He wants to try It
Vffer lenlllnir fill tltiv -eslerilnv tnr
hs ,,., Mn (m, lIl.li a,,out
the trip.
Ik Kl I'llKl.l Niii reiurilllnleil.
He Is about 23 years old, slender,
clear eyed and clean sKInncd and ho
V h ,..t a doer of
,,are(lt,vl iwM IIe ,.,.. ,, lrl.,
wants particularly to have every iyie
U(.raus 1t was ,
, ..Wo , t , f) ,
. , , , f k .
. , .., , J , xJl
aeroplane, but when It
" '' ' I '"
use to think you are a submarine as
well us an airship.
"1 didn't have an idea on earth vt
coming down to New Vork on Saturday
evening. The machine was stored up
In a li.iru and my mechanician and
I went to a moving picture show, look
lug forward to nothing but a kjhuI
night's sleep. But when we camn
out about 10:30 o'clock the other idea
"The wind, which had been blowing
along al a good rate all day, hnd
died down to about fifteen miles an
hour and was from the northwest. Tho
night was as clear as a crystal nnd
one of the finest moons you ever saw
was llghllng up everything like a
young day. 1 said to my man: "1-t's
go down nnd lool: ut the water."
Suinll lloy Sprites See Mini On.
"We went down there nnd I looked
out over the Sound. I believe you
could see for five miles, F.verythlng
was so en1;, you could see a crescent
of lights picked out on the Sound
shore for miles,
'The night wn.s not cold, nondj
Nms were perfect and I could not
stand It. 'Oct out tlm iinachintif
I said. 'I'm going with you,' sa'id
the mechanician.
"That was the only thing we dis
cussed. It wns settled.
"Nobody knows where small hoys
come from late nt night, but by tlm
time we got up to ttie barn where thn
machine was two or three of then, hnd
sprung up out of the moonlight shadows
and they knew- as much about tlm
machine as wo did, having studied
aviation for the two weeks we had
been at Mamaroneck, They volun
teered to help ui, and Inside C ft

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