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n 9
Fair to-day: unsettled and u'arTntJLto-mor-
row; moderate nor.tnwet .K
Derailed neither report Ike four(4l
MM.. LXXX. XO. 219.
NEW YORK, MONDAY, APRIL 7. 1913. - tV)..--.:!,' 1!H. b;i thr Smi rnntt.ijj and J'mMkIiiho Auneiniioti.
hi rK u. N
x7hw Vv
ISopuhliciin Chairman Thinks1
lininistration Is
ri:i.i.s of
lit rVhl'IKi
(. rituMo Election Bills and
NsniiiiS of Full Crow
lit ! !.' I'MFVT I CK HV VI)S
Mil 'II..N IS l,.(.K j
pp,ik4 of "sham Baltic With
Murphy" ami "Schnol
hoy Flarenp."
w rn ri-.!?, 3r cht.trman t' ihf
r..p-t' "n t'" commttttf. reupcnJs tliln
ira ' i ?quft trom "Thn un" lo
I .f t vi cn th rrefnt Stitf ndrnln-
.. en - nru th ftcti of th DisiO'
riu A''"' n t -loa At Albany r.d the
I Mr. Pulr.fr In Interesting
ce'.aJ llfre l. Mr Hirnfi'e uta'emfnt.
By William Barnes, Jr.
The St'N has axked me to (rive my
views on thp present State arimlnlstra
icn. 1 am pleased to do so.
Th fundamental law of nature Is or
der Ai thoro can be no hlshpr or
more effective law than that of naturn
e4 n orcanlzatlon through covern
tnent e a necessity that human being
may nnt transcend the rights of others,
rfler hecomes the most essential qual-
of Rovernment.
i-der however. Is the one thine thiit
j lav kins at Albany since the Inaugu
ration of (low Pulzer, both In thlnklns
mil in performance. Tho Governor
cponed the legislative spyslon with a
iglume of words which have toen Krow
:s(t more and more Incoherent as tinio
passed, until the climax was
reached In his schoolboy flarenp on
Wednesday last.
There are many specific Instances
('-..eh disclose this disorder, which has
Teatrd confusion In the State, has
-Uted public business and reduced the
efftrur.oy of publlo servants. There was
the i;oornor'adenjA.riii,vron Sfott.
he .superintendent of prison", that he
k.ould appoint a warden at Auburn for
!M".!rnl roaon In direct violation of
k.e la'o prison law. which forbids a
Kjrertr.'endent to appoint a warden for
I- ' rnl reasons. Ills subsequent re
"iival nnd the designation of one of the
r n 'ho Cioveriior's office to act lis
- ,ir pendent In direct violation of
.. . n i ,,f article of the public of ti
e's nw. which provides an orderly
"eih i for sueepsslon In case of a va
an Nthini; I more tlpmorallzlni;
i p.hio offife than to have at the
1 ! a man whoso term of office
. i're1. who knows that he will
e r.Mpp untpil. who wishes to put
.vn a:f.i.rs In order and Is left In
i- I ii- on, not knowing what day e i
V ii moved. This is the case of
n,. ,f ru.. public Service Commissioners
.o Sc. nnd Department. Mr. Stevens,
eftl.-ient head of the department,
'r - a Itepubllcan anil will not be re-
,n 'mod. Ii still In office, although It
'in r'rd that he ukmdoncd it; Mr.
..' '.L. a whose term of office expired
"wn'v iliiys after the opening of the
ii e session of 1013. is the other,
r ! '.nn of office of pr. Porter, the
!.e.r fti.er. has expired, He know.
v. i lef be reappointed, but no sue-
r 1 .it been named. The great
w ,v department is without a head.
' ' i '.'.n department 1 In charge of
- fi .in the Governor's office. There
S'.tte Architect. Demoralization
.9 w 1 re
ligrrglda llliimlrr.
1 mmlttee of Inquiry appointed
'imernor to Investigate the af-i-
i-e State has made Its report
'.1 ' 1" noil In the startling nnd un-
i'' ' '. ml proitosil of Gov. Sulzer
a- State should violate Its pledge
'1 I o.ders of its bonds by refnsliiB
' - ' , u, lontrlbutf to tho sinking
' i i nd for Interest on the Stute
v' Ti,e committee of Inquiry fur
"r n analyzing the condition of the
-' tunds. mude the egregious
,n stating that, although at the
rai.. of contributions to the
-n - f t tail, the principal of a $.10,000,
.'.ir iNind Issue would accrue
t-'.r.e years, the accumulations
' .ii nmount for the nineteen
' Mt the brinds would still havo
would amount to "a present"
' nrnition to a future one of
! : " ' The committee failed to
' i nnslderatlon the fact that
'" ' that amount mi the out
1 - "nds during those nineteen
( 1 I havo to bo mot by that
!.'" ration. Section A of article
si.ite Constitution provides
'' 'i-'Vi-r the Slate liaH issued a
l n I onMlslied a rate of conttibu-
" sinking fund to redeem It
shall be Irropeallblo. No
' ' 1 .in- i financially honiirable.
" '"'Win ir in hi Inaugural staled
" " "id to abollHh the Hl.Uo tax,
' ' .in be dotin If tile l.egisla
' t.i levy tlio tax demanded
' 'ii i i itlon to uphold the flnan
1 ' the State. It seems In-
hat any Governor of Now
.id uggost a cour.se of action
" uipropcr
' ! -i Insure of the FilSiglbbons
' ' I Ii Mi- I'llzirlbboiis soul nllt
' 'id men prior to eleeilon. stating
1 1", pi nor hud tuomlsed to sign
'l ri w Mil" has disturbed the
i tie.itlx. Various defences haw
op iliai i in- leller was lifter
' Ii is cot true; that tho Gov -
i km w ant thing about lis
i w M" h might Ih true, and
the Goveiiior did make tho
Conflntcii oi nilh Vmje,
rrlllrl.m Printed In .Maaafliie nt
I linicii to (irrnl tlrltaln.
Washim-ton. Air!l 6 - piece of edi
torial comment In tho current tsue of
orMi II rA'. of which Walter H.
Page s Ok editor. In which tip-re l
- ;; - j -
I Mr I'ncn . tn he AnibassA.! c to
, Oro.it llrltain ami the question has ;
arisen ns to how the Soil etury of S'.i-.te '
, win now contemplate the naming of
l,':'1ll."r ':,K'' to ,nrv" '"'P'Ttan- ,.- '
ln 1 plomat.c service 1
J-poaklnc of the t'alilne:. the U"orW.t
It ort sa(i on lt ttret iini;r
"Wlion wo rom to the thrfe political i
ntiiiii!titi.i..Mf h t...ll it.n.. .. ....ii.i .
...... .1... tinuii-;ii
Their rholo. It l-nltltnuti-- provlilod the
I (loparttnonii ftitt mti-d to tho" pontlo-
mon tin not Minor
! And then thlt ronuu Kablo scntenoo:
i ' Thr Stato portfolio th" l'r.'fMont
. murit hinisolf hold whnovor important
I .oroicn uuiHtlotis come up'
In view of tho fact that all tatc-
!?ntv I0'-talnlnR " torf-Un poilry have
1 IV. ''-V'V."" ' 1 tlori aI."
lionrod from the Whlin Ji ItllCii tllrtfA Id i
some disposition to think that the I
1l..t.l. .. . - .. .. ... .
""" ii or.' i.ui riami rouii inr'"N. i.iukiu nn u.-iu, i.iiiihk-u nn i
prophecy, but who! her See retnry of State
Bryan will enjoy having at the premier
post In the diploma tie service one of
the editor of tho maiizine In which
this prophecy appears Is n question
which the onlookers In Washington are
asklne to-night.
Crow Betovr Decks When Minn
Turns Over After Beino;
Pulled Off Beach.
Bat CiTr. Ore.. April 6 Nearly all
the twenty-two me non the eOrman
bark Mitnl ate believed to have been
drowned when the vessel, after being
pulled off the beach just north of
halem Hay last night, turned turtle
and sank. Most of the crew were be
low at the time and had no chance to
The MimI went ashore February 13.
After she was drnwn off she floated for
two hours. Then, ca-ight In a heavy
sea. she careened and sank.
Several sen men soon after were seen
crawling throimh a hole which they
had evidently mnde In her bottom. Thny
could have been saved had the life
ravins crew been able to reach them,
but the sea was running so high that
no boat could have lived.
When the life saving crew refused
to tak out a boat volunteers were
enlled for. but the life savers refused
to let these men have the boat, as they
declared it meant certain death tA en
counter s.uch a soa. Whether or not
the survltois on tho bark's bottom cm
l:ve through tho night is douhtful. as
the seas are breaking over the wreck
The Ife snvlng crew trieil to-night to
shoot a line n or the wreck, but was
unsuccessful. The hnste of the wreck
ing crew, which hauled the Mlml off
the bench, was responsible for tho dis
aster Tho vessel should have been
anchored but the wreckers decided to
take her out
On board the MimI were Capt. Charles
K. Fisher of the Portland Hnglnoeilng
and Construction Company. Capt. W K.
Crowe, representing the marine under
writers; Capt. Westfnll of the Mlml. I
S..eretMl-v ltllskoll TttAeklrt.il,. seven j.tt.
infrlnpr company, and about ten men l
of the Mind's ciew.
Three Warned In Minnesota Tofn
and (irt Owl,
IJemiiiji, Minn.. April C Three de
tectives who havo been watching Foulke
K. Hrandt. who was released from prison
by Gov. Sulzer of N:W York recently,
have been told to leave town. They
have departed.
The hint was dropped by friends
whom Hrandt has made since he found
employment In the office of the Crooks
ton l.umU'r Company hero.
line of the d tectives who came here
was named Wood. Ho worked under
direction of Hupt. Klngdahl of the I'ln
kerton ofiire In St Paul. It Is said
Illngdahl worked under Instructions
from an Kastern law firm. Wood
trailed Hrandt to his work and else,
whore. The town got too warm for the
sleuth and he left suddenly.
He was replaced by a detective named
Hergkeller The latter confided his mis
sion to a young woman and she told
friends of Hrandt. Hergkeller also left
town hurriedly. A third detective got a
quiet tip nnd accepted It.
(irrrk l.ellrr Men Ailnpt a llmnln
lln .tKnlnat Thrm.
Ciiii'Aoo. April 6. High school fra
ternities received what Is expected to
be a crushing blow In the form of n
hostile resolution which was adopted
last night at it banquet of the Delta
Fpsllon Alumni Club nnd representa
tives of many other Gteek letter organi
zations nt the 1'nlverslty Club.
Tho resolution, which was received
enthusiastically by the fraternity men
who took part In the meeting, said that
no national Greek letter body should
admit to membership any candidate who
has been n member of a high school
Strolls llrer for n Iloor Wltk lee.
rrlirr'i I'amllr.
Washington, April 6. President Wil
son paid a long visit to his secretury,
Joseph P. Tumulty, at tho latter's homo
In the northwestern part of the city
this afternoon.
The President went for n walk, nc-
! compatileil by the While House secret
' service agents, and stopped In nt tho
i Tumulty rcsldonco. He remained there
Ian hour mid had a satisfactory Inter
view with .Mr. and Mrs. Tumulty aim
the nix little Tiimultys, all of whom
were close friends of his back In New
Jersey when ho was Governor and Mr.
Tumulty was his secretary.
Xpffroes III (tillllv Whirl With
Teneher and Wife nml a
Uriuidina of (50.
llI'Vnitl-MW IV Til I" C W r II '
111 .M'HI.HS l. I II h I K Ml ,
Other l(MH'l' UoOllls CloM'll In
Tralimc TrotttMN Nt
Out" Plan to Open.
.lnt u tho i'lol -tttnU il l.iM op.
nine In :ln Trottorlo do Itictanoby
a nosro iirofo?"!!:- of tho Toas tommy
5nVe tho toi pilohoivan Jlu Jitfii to tho
hol.o ibondan. of tnB hno of '
- '"110 ilU"?!!"1. ohueked her to th foil
i ..... ..... ..I ....... A. I l..,.. I
from his left arm to Ills rlcht and ,
loosed a lone howl the hlch ploat of I
an nrtlst who know his work wa Rood. J
IV,,. !...... Cn...Uv f.iL.t Il.ntlli
" ' ', . ' I
llll'll' ...III ii tllllllltT-. . I.." .1...,'
professor hadn't any more than finished
pollshlns the tloor with his woman
partner than a well known professor
of mathematics In '.his not unknown elty
plopped a woman's ho: on the back of
his head, announced to all within hoar
Inc that he might be late to-day for
his class in quadratic equations, but he
should worry, and sprang onto t'.nv
floor to Imitate with an exceedingly good
looking valine woman the daivc Just
finished bv the brunette professionals.
The young woman was Ids own wlf.
Oh, , she was. And as they slid for
ward in the first dip. In the fastest and
freakiest of all the trots, she sounded a
note of caution
"Sammy." she murmured. ' I hope 'o
goodness this doesn't get to the l'rexy
It would give htm heart failure and cost
us r. Jl.ilOO Job."
Not Hoom Rnooch for .Ml.
Whatever lrof. Rmimi' thought about
It was lost In the ryncopated Janllns
of plHno and banjo and trap drum, but
there was no doubt In the world that the
11,500 mathematical Job didn't mean any
m or to him yesterday afternoon than a
buffalo nickel. The profenor wasn't
what you would call an expert in Te.xas
Tommying. but he was earnest He was
trying to grasp the Idea,
All at once the floor was crowded so
crowded that French heels scoured the
shiny patent leather surfaces of con
flicting boots; that ankles became locked
and lrls, hearing ominous rips under
neath, were heard to Inquire what the
reason was for hljfrbjobs, w Ith two left
feet trying to dance niiat sometimes
an e'.bow punched you It. the ribs so
hard you grunted, so crowded In fact
that the dancers sepme.1 locked In one
embrace, swaving ecstttlcally.
There was tho girl that maybe you
have seen often along llroadway or in
Hotel lobbies waiting for somebody to
comn along to buy her a dln.ter She
will never see 35 again, but she was
dressed as 17 dresses in the Tenderloin.
a Hulgnrian blouse, a skirt so tight
that one wondered what she wore a I
skirt a' all for. nnd silt to the knee.
Her catch for the day was a child who
looked a If he might have money and
who will never, never turn out to be
an Intellectual giant. Hut If he was
l.nrl mi Intnlllcreuoo he w.is loilir on
agility and some of the evolution of
the pair would have interested Com
I mlssloner Waldo's turkey trot sleuths
if they had been working on Sunday.
4 Cm nil ill a line the Trot.
Hopping nml prancing, swaying and
sliding, was a woman who couldn't have
lieen a day less thnn fiO, but she had
been following George Marlon's famous
maxim concerning the turkey trot, "the
more you drink the better you dance !
It." A cocktail and n trot, a cocktail
and a trot, a cocktail and a trot, so
passed the day.
And when M. Andre Hustanoby put
on the Marathun Trot, which was thirty
minutes of darning without a breather
or a C. y. P. (Cold (Juurt Downed).
Madam Sixty was footing s ener
getically ns any of the chickens. Age
must have its little consolations.
Nowhere tn New York, week day or
Sunday, was there ever a gayer, glad
somer exhibition of the turkey trot
than In Hustanoby's yesterday. To
piano and banjo and drum and the
sound of hilarious voices there rocked
for hours the dance that has turned the
hcHil of the town
Slide, illde, keep nn llilln'.
(illdr. Klldr, keep on a-flldln'.
Honey Iriuk Into our hahy'a e)en,
i'ut yuur urtii around me,
Ain't you flail you found me!
Teaee, eqiieeae, lovin' and mot In'
(). llabr, what are jmi ilotn?
More than 200 men and women and
girls nnd boys stepped to tlmt hymn of
the lurkev trot yesterday afternoon, and
Uie police were nice enough to let Papa,
Hustanoby get nwny with It. Whom I
other trotterlcs were dark, where other
floors wero accumulating tho dust of
neglect, llustnnoby's wns ringing with
hilarity and splashing with wine.
Drink. 1'lorrrtl Frrrl).
Getting n drink was easier than get
ting a dance because you could nlwnys
find a place for n bottle of wine, or a
liighliall, or a cocktail, but you couldn't
always Jam your way Into the dancing
A hint came from tho police on flat- j
urday night that Hustanoby mustn't
try any foolishness, nut up spoke. Hus
tanoby: oiteltnlrt I ntn Itiistnnnhv of Ttor.
ao,,v for eighteen vrnr. I Am Amltrl.
tan. We will 5ee."
Anfl so nt 4 P. M. his trotterv nnened
for action and for the next two hours
and '.i half, or until the dinner hour, all
patrons were welcome to ro as far ns
they liked, In reason, of course, nnd they
Other liar Trollrrlr. Cloar.l.
lint elsewhere the trotters rested for
the afternoon. Tho outer guards at
Helse nwebrr's turned nway scores who
came 111 automobiles nnd carriages, and
the dancing there didn't begin until !)
P. M. The mannKPment offered no
tea fori for omitting the usual afternoon
Condnncd on Fourth Pagt,
Parlalan ietroi Hrlien I'rinii l.nifj
ftinmp Unit I'nnrif,
km' i.ii: tifW'- '' Tut t n
lniH. April ".--Haiti spoiled the much
oxpoottd pleasure t tlu opening of
l.ongolianip racing season tn-d.iv.
out llio a rrai orowti in aitonii.tnoe vva
treated to a' least one enit.on which
was worth tin- price of :dtnl5lon
It tin- tiis'otn for the women to ill
pl.ty tin- l.ttoct 'lung In tlreea on this
........ ..I. ... 1 1 M '.In I, nftrA. .if at.ntu
" M.iroelle Prill. . was driven out
nf m. ,.,,,. .,.,,., .,i,...,r ,,,,...,,.
iif her -'ostium I: i-oti.tfil of pal"
! line s;i v lh btlch! yollow o.lrltiK. Tho
orauo v i ornnvn'od with mbroM-
. loil fois-1 iti"-noti and a bououot of
blio of !li- vnl'.ov Tho vl.irt had vlv.'d
vollow ribbon on one Mdo and on tho
oth'T a IntKo Kilo! i-ow-toil with om-bro.diT-Mi
to; m i-un -nol!.. Tl-.o liodv of
tho !iiri v a uaht and thoro wa a
tm .-lit at tho hotii
Sho woto hoollo'.i .lio.'v of tbo amo
colot o tho skin Tin to woto ,rp.il
Illir of tlo
whl.-h wa
allfv on bow In lior flo.il;,
of blar-k ullk In the .-tylo of
thoyp worn In men in evoninit lire,
lll.il- li.i ,v lli.'li ill til, foilll .if 1.
turban, waf to d at the i hln with rib-
), aA, WH ;1l-o adoniod with Idles
of the vallov and forcel-tiio-nott-.
The l'n do s.tblons furnished a
urptise i . was unoxppeteiiiy won uy
Shannon lr.-il and owtifd b Herman
., . ,!.. -., ..,,.. .,,- III..,!.,,-).!
spo. tat. .is present
Mol Attacks ('reus Who Ho
maided at Work and Ser-
ice Is Crippled.
!'rrto. April 6 -rnex'ie, ;ed action
to-day on t.ie t'.irt of t'.e newly or
s.inl'oj Amalg.iniated Association of
Ptrcrt and Hlectrlc F.allway Kmp'.oyees
here has left this cit irnctlcally with
out street car service to-night
After a dav of riot and turmoil the
i-trret railway conipan announced to
night that It would be Impossible to
continue car through the night even
under police guard. Tne company
Issued n statement saying that only a
smalt majority of the men are uitt. but
the union savs that more than two- i
thirds of the 1.600 men emploted are
on strike.
Serious disorders occuiTed on the
Hist and South sides late to-night, and
every policeman In the city has been
kept on tho jump. L'ar windows were
smashed, conductor and motornirn who
remained at work were pulled from
cars and much cUmigto was done Tor-
pedoes were placed on the tracks in the
Main street section to-night.
Mounted policemen kept the crowds
moving and averted any serious clashes.
(Mi the Halley avenue line poles and
trees were chopped down nnd that lln
was tied up enrly
Serious disorders
occurrtd in Hlk street, where cars were
stopped and the crews taken off Many
! women were pnnlcstrlcken
Chief Itcgnn said '.-night that he.
believes his fore, can handle the sltna-
tlon nnd that service will be resumed i
umcr ,mnce Knrd in the morning.
Motor trucks nnd wagons are used to
night to convey people to their homes.
Supreme Cnurt .laattrr Had Apprn
dleltls. hat la lining Writ.
Supreme court .Justice Daniel F.
Cohalan whs operated tin for appendi
citis at Hoosevelt Hospital yesterday
afternoon. When lie came nut from In the tront seat. Tlio license nutn
tho inlliienco of the ether nt 7 o'clock ber has a 4 and a 7."
last night he told the physicians nnd , The alarm reached the New Hruns
nurses at his bedside that he felt fine , wltk police at nearly r. o'clock. Patrol
and was In turn told that the operation ' William P.oblnson was sent to the
had been ontlvelv successful. Albany street bridge, where lie had ft
On Saturday afternoon Justice Cuba- 1 commanding view of the lllver road.
Ian wont out for a walk. He had u '''" , "'"loHsts from .Sotner
brisk and enjoyable stroll and returned vlll ,,llmlml ,r,'ok' '" .
to his homo nt 2a Fast Nlnoty-fourth " l"t "" 'inl""'; when he spied
street, wh he was to entertain friends "'''tH "mr"V C0,"",,T rn,,1'"J nUm
at dinner The meal was hardly under 1 the Itlver roan.
.... ., , . . ., , ,u . , The pol ccmun got aboard tho nuto-
way when the host lematked that he , ' ' , ....,.. , . .. . ,
felt 111. He was carried to his bedroom ."lnW .f An''r' w V elnffart nml cros , d
and Ills physician, Dr. I.udwlg Kast of ' iUp '"M" ' ,1Uv' r 7"' , ""J
771 Madison avenue, summoned I ,,H w,.'?"an ?' ' 1 L . Th'
., ,- . ,, . , ., . Metuchen. The policeman found that
Dr. Kast d agnnsed the case as acute ... , , , , ,,. , .
. , v.. ... hs borrowed machine was also lively.
appendicitis. lesterday at noon the i ,, . ,, ... ...
patient was examined also by Dr. fh" 11 ', m ''. '' "
Charles N. Dowd of PJ West So vrnty- w " ''. ! "'.'Imf t
. ... ,, , , . , , , ., stopped. l ie gray car had to slow
S s 'i k . 0Ll"fk,'h""lf1 and stop also, for the othtr was In Its
Cohalan was taken tn a private room ...
In tlio M,nlfnl ..ml ll.u i.nntl,,, wnu
performed un hour later by Dr. Povvd,
nsslsted b Dr. Kitl nnd the hospltul
(irmtiia of ll Tnkr I'nrl In tlir Ilea.
.Mr, I'lrrer'a I'rlrlirulltin.
Tile Kev. P.. F. Y. liorce of the Sec
ond Avenue Haptlst Church, at Tenth
street, cMebratod the fifth nnnlvor
sary of his pastoral - yesterday, anil
was cmignitulated on that fact In eight
langnagts. Ills, congregation comprises
many nationalities. Among those who
greeted him lust night were Chinos',
Magyars, Italians, (Iroi-ks, Poles, Slavs,
Swedes nnd Americans,
So largo have the different divisions
of nationalities In Die church become
that It Is now proposed to have assist
ant minister who will be able to speak
till! Various languages llllll to tak
' '" " m-mner- or the eight races.,
1 Fifteen thousand dollars Is now being
oxpetuled In building operations to ai -
The Hecnn Avenue riantls Church
is hinir f 1, , dafJ , Th. i, in
advance Is the hltlng of PhyH.rtanaj
and dentists n look after the health of 1
nml nmrpiv..l .. unnnl 11
' ' .ru:.r.r; It
the clilldrnn, These men either spenk
the language or have Interpreters,
Tho church Ih supported by the Hap
tlst City Mission Society,
Through train srrvlcn now resiimrd In lint
Hpilnn. Hold and foil links In ptrfrel condl
Ilea. Atff.
hundred convicts In tho liull.ma Stnt,
, lirforniatory hoiv tnllril nearly iwoiIuvm
.lo.ppll l Morail of Hl'Oolilyil.on tl:o love? lunnK tin' Mood last
t.t .,.. .... in writ Thrlr work mvimI the town from
i i ii a ii i . i til ii ii i.i
Mile ChrtM'.
Hpi-Chlllll Ullll. Sfrt'ainill"' ! II I O
I'riiit'fton After (he
ViU.Ni-KTOA. N .1 . April '. Mar Our
e.i, li !;: old. .1 I'nilfeton hlsli
Sirl. w.i killed on Waihltittton
I. .ad mar earn k:o l.aUe thW afternoon
"V :,n auioinooi.o m .iimppn i . .Moran
of r.ir.lb- Mroet. HtooMyn, Iff
....... .....I .....r..lut' ..I til.. Vtl inn.'
jt. ... ... i.t... t. ...
It.iln lion Works
Th- did tint Sinn I.o.iviiir the
Bifl ilo.ui !'e..de the lo.nl .Mr. Moran
and bis e h.niffei.r. In Ins Hoffman, bur-
nod on tow.iul llrooklyn.
Near Now Itrunsw iek. o.ghteen m.'.e
aw.it. a pollcftn.in In a pursuing f.ir.
linked ihe.r path lii.ule tliem stop
.mil arrested them. They were brought
nail; to Pt.tieoton t.i-mt,lit and ar
raigned before Mayor rilll'.p"
Huffman w.-.s ,-:t tn the Trenton
Jail without bail on a homicide charge
pending the itiiiue-t. Moran. held i(,
a material wltucs, wos relea.sed In
1 fl.OOn iMi, nlVe by lvtor U.iokus. a
Trenton liuer. to whom he telenhotiod
new s of his nrrest
Persons who saw the Mor.m tntinnc.
ear hurzlng through the town of I'ritife -
1 ton before tho accident say there w.is
a woman in it At New llrunfwick.
however, the onlv occupant were thu
two men.
.Moran numtt i tpat ills car lilt a girl
and says that ho nnd the chauffeur, who
was driving, lost their heads and s() did
not stop Ho told the New ltnmswlck
police that ho hud not supposed J
Puryea was seriously hurt.
Mor.m was on hi w.-.v to Hrookl.tti
from his
siimtnor homo near Point
Pleasant In a high powered touring
car. I laving ploutt of time he had the
ehnllffonr inko lite f'lreiili.ii run..
I tiasslllir thtoucll IVIlli'eton. 'Cliov hint
loft 111.. .'.!!. Cltlnll ...... I...1.I...I n...l
, wrrp hummlllK ,-, Mo,)( nour ,
Make when thov struck Miss Duryoa,
I who was walking with her chum, tSraco
J Lloyd.
i ne enauncur s.iys tnnt .miss Liuryca
Jumped In front of the car at the sound
of tho horn and there was no chance
to dodge. One of tluijamps hit her with
such force that the gins was broken
. nd the fragments hep me. a cltis
. whereby Moran and his chauffeur wore
nrrnmiin i in j 1 1 T- n-tini nn
Orace t.lovd w.is so frightened nnd
distraught that she ran screaming Into
lrlnceton To-night she was In n
physician's care and unable to tell a
word of what hud taken place out thero
! Washington road
.sii)t1A HI1.1 ).i .s,, il.f.. inim t y Ii .
. 1(.onU(1 numl.r. ; N. A fow .
tr mi,,,. r.v.Vntzoll. who lives near
by nnd Is a racing driver for tho Mercer
Automobile Company, found Miss Pur
."' l'"d- '' "i the dust at the side
of the road. He also had seen the gray
car. Pausing only to throw his coat
over the girl's face he streaked Into
ITIncoton In his enr nnd told the police,
telling them among other things In his
I swift recital that the car that killed
.Mary Puryea must have a broken
j lamp, for he had found the pieces of
glass at the spot In the road where she
, had li-on run down.
To New Hrunswick and other towns
along the road the Princeton pollc"
telephoned, "Watch for a gray touring
car with a broken lamp and two men
Wdl. what's the iimltor?" do -
mandeil Moran, standing up beside his track Mr. (In en saw a train rounding
olmuffeur. I a curve a hundred feet away.
"You are both under uriest beiaiis There was no time to stop, nnd to gi
your car killed a girl at Princeton," ahead minnt death, ro Mr. Green turned
si.ld the policeman. th" car to the right in the direction the
Moiati Mild liothinif. extopt that he 'train was going, and the locomotive
Imdu't dreamed be hud killed any- whizzed by the aiilotnobile Willi barely
, . i ., , ,i c.,i ,
b..dy. Fxaml.iatlon of the gray cur a foot to spate.
showed that tho windshield had boon! die gates at the inuslng woto mi-
removed and iiImi that there wore lowered and it Is said the gatemun vv.i't
streaks on the front, as if water had asleep,
been used to w.nh off something.! - -
The number Is 2 41)7 Now Jersey. I SNOW TRIMS SPRING'S SKIRTS,
After his release to-night Moran and '
AUornoy U.irkus went to Trenton. ' aiereiir Down In tin and Mar fin
Neither had anything to say.
, i.tnrer io-,ta.
AirTn pirtv CAvrn iv TTtuDrue i Winter butted Into thin latitude and
All 1U rAlvl I bAV,JJ BY JUMPING, longilude yesterday, and the skirts of
I'nttalil al
l.rntlr ('riming llr-
Hrrrii Two Train.
DANiiiiiv, conn., April U. Postmaster
Froderlek II. Crofutt of Danburv. his
,f ' N r'H' V.v'
i mol.irln N V
' to ,1,lH ,l"r,
i An the nutotnoblle was about to cross
the New York, New Haven nnd llnrt-
cnm nlo)Ki BWllnK ', car ,!
-., l."Hht - ". n,,l.l. Il.n V.I I 1,1 ,
l'p Parallel track, on which another
train was approaching. All of the parly
Ill the car Jumped nnd saved their lives,
Mrs. Crofutt and Mrs. Clark landed
between tho trnrks as the trains whizzed
by. Tho automobile was demolished.
ANIiOMTOKXt, IIITTRRH to flavor Jellies,
Icca.frulta, lemonade, itntcraleand frape fruit.
I'll tln-ranl Thrm for .! .le
aitntlllr Front I'lond.
.tlT-KtlONtl.t.K. I ml.. April t". Two
thr Ohio ntwr,
V fall wa. 15'ttcil to-dny by a rom- 1
tiiitt'-o rcprfi-iitlnc the cltlzrnn of .t t-f-(
f.TMiin 111.- tor a publlo nirotlni; Tn s
Sl'l'r TV l'"v ,l1 ,'"iil,l,tr armnufmrnt!, for
a sriMi b.uiiiuot to bo Mlfn to th( con-
An rnti't:iilnmin bo slwn in
;! n'ortnatory m-t Su:kI.i tno-nini;
and after it tho banquet will take plaee.
i I 111" l a Htn.ill part of tlio menu.
iMiu-kin. l.i'.OO poumN; .-pouRo eako.
i.e. lave' f.iK" 1. .. tee itvam. 100 irnl-
Iim. onitiKf. IT.'
i 'arrel.
ilo.eii): api
I T'.lo .Til, an.; of lit tlf l.ipi.'i'd W.l'
'of iiboir l.nO0 i.inl ttf.trlt .ill of t h.is
' ''" p:-oiiii-d .Morohatity. I.iwyirn.
l l,n md niltr.Mot .- Inn
p. r.e.l th.' p.l;. w ;;, m Tilov to., i
who.-e hotnri were jaM'il b the i oin ,t
will .let a vnlio- m fie b.itni h i
I'r.'iiili l'iiirrs title lletnlleil lie
so Minions f t;.Tiiinn lrlili.
.r eh r tfifuf'- tit Tnr s, .
I'..l!l. April n Minutf ilei:r iitmiis of I
the Z-ipeliii fuis.r 7., whfli I.niiie.l .n
l.iitievdleiin.i a. c.ipiurpil by the 1'reafh.
are air adv itpiHMring mi th" I'te tu-li
Hornpipe"-. These ilesfnptlotis which
were wri toii by oott, dei-.Til' tho in
terior of the airship in ilet.u and i-ho
th it the feats of the (to- mini iirmv offitvrn
1 '"" niwMUvr that the Trench had ilu.-
"'overed some valuable secret are well
'''. ""'''ial photographs of the Xep-
, I1""" Mni "'"' matte while who was in
th hunt! of the French union n The
oM'erts tliflor .is to whether she is ronllv
, such a tfrtilile engine of war and it i
1 evident tint there will be a !ong lechiuoil
: fontrotorsy on this subject
, - -
tirls nml Dimples Wiin't t omit ,,
Wrlfnrr l.'ontral.
A new kind of b.thy show will begin
next Saturdax at Public School 110 on
X'asl II Ith street near Ixlngton ae-
1 The P.ab'.os Wolfaro .ssiHiiitioii.
w hich has charge, will give prlw s for
the healthiest baby.
Pimples, curves, pink cheeks and en-
dearing attilbittes will not count.
Height, weight, circumference of chest
mid abdomen, quality of bone, skin and
muscle will be determining factors.
More than one hundred children ha e
been entered. Pr. Godfrey It. Plzelc of
the Post-Ciraduate Hospital will head
the Judges.
t1flO IVin Tfin A PT.AVrjnnTrWTl
Wonrl.lilr. I.. I.. Plan n Model tr... , right n UelWer his messages persotialh
... . to fnugrcia If bo chooses to tin m.
r rat I. in I Irltl for Klsn... ,.,,0. n , ,,e t 'niisl.tui Ion provitl. .
Representatives of the CJiieensliori'i mat "ho shall fiom time to time give
Corporation of Woodslde announce theitn Congress ltifortnatlon of the H'uto
purchnse of two acre near their prop-I of the I nlou and rofominond to their
erty which Is to be turned Into a play-I consideration sinii minsuios as be shall
ground for the children and grownups Judge neer-sury and expedient ' Tho
or tne nelgltnorliooil.
They will adil to this two more acres
nnd the whole will be laid out In a ten
nis court, baseball and footbnll grounds,
handliall courts and croquet grounds for
free use. The grounds will be main
tained by the corporation.
It Is announced thiit ?100.000 will have
been spent on the project.
I.aenmhr'a Cnniiinnlnna Pol In
straltjneket flrr III Snlrlilr.
fptnal fiiMr Vtiruilrlt In Tar Sex
Paris. April 6 - The automobile ban-
dlts who are awaiting the death sen-"'"'oi lie na sometimes ii.-iom.i.nte.i
tonce In I.n Santo prison were put in.1' I,is, secretin v mid the heads ..f llm
straltjackets Immediately after the "W" 1,1 laitm. tits the . ,,v. r.mi.'.f
.. ;, ... . . , . , , It in ems to have boon t n ei s om for the
sonsatUtnal sulfide of l.aoombe yestor-1 ,,,,., , ,(lKl, , t.linr 1f . Slll.aK, ,
day. This was because u1P nuthorltlo;. ,., . Joint meeting was held In the
wore afraid that they too would find a ' hull of the House), the Pr.sl.lont and tlio
way of cheating the guillotine. ,.,'ik of the Senate being placed mi Un.
The system of guarding the con-right hand of tho clmlr and the Sponlior
detuned men was changed ngnln to-dny I and the cleik of the House on the lofi
and the strnltjackets were removed. ' , . .,
, ... , .IrlTereon llrnp ieil ( iiliiin.
One reason was because D e i donue. nun'
jof the leaders, had refused to take food
anil ileciarcu Ills intention or starving n isou eiuoieu mine, no sent in uniioui
tn dentil rather than undergo s'u h message to Congress by his s'fiolar.v.
treatment. oeeomp.myiiig It with a letter of ex-
- plana'.lon to the presiding officer of
AUTO DODOES TRAIN BY INCHES. ' i"""'- ""'' r,,,,1:
j "Sin The ,ii eiimstuiioes unilr which wo
kill or Mr.. Lenin. Ilmll.er-ln.tatv I "'id ourselves t this pliieo lenilerllig m
oniivoiiloiit th" mode heretofore practised
Airrta Sure lien Hi. ,,f mu.lng bv poisniuil ailihtss the tlnn
MoNTCI.tllt, N. .1., April fi. The ludg- ! coiiummle.itloliM betnoen the loKHtH
tnent nnd skill of II. N. Green, brother- '''' '-'"h" branel.es. I Into .pte.l
f ii. ,,-oti... n i i that bv mi'SSiii'.e, us used on all sllhse-
In-I.UV of Mrs. William U, I.eed-, , ,.,.., nHoughniiftho session,
nverted a serious accident at the) .., 1lu. ,hN , ,. lla,t ,,r,nciml ie
Wntchiiug avenue crossing In Orange, said to the eoiiv.mloii.-o of tli" I.oglsla
lat night. When the front wheels of tine, to the ninuim.t of their time, to thtlr
1 Mr. Gr.-en's automobile were on the
spring were trimmed with frosty nuni- (
ness, tailed by the weather folks on top'
I of the Whitehall Building tower snow
'"" , ,
' lie otllclal lliertnomeier roKisicreti .u
de-rrees at .1 ..'clock yesterday after-
.. ,,. ,,.. ,nw..P ,, n .Imtlsr
April tlale several times since the
vi eaiuer itureaii oegi. i g.i.-ss,K ,n in . ..
' n.ucli, and hero never have
''eon two great Hurries of snow on a
Anr1 . In mnny
The meteoiologlcal motnmor
I was causen ny a irigi'i iiign .rcssure
'rom inn west torcinp; useii mm me
comparatively warm temperature here.
Hefore most people throw off their
blankets this morning the mercury may
got down to 28.
tr Lafsrelte and Ratal Breroort. the two
French BtaUaraat of New York. Ait.
l'rosidont Hinisolf Will
Congress His View
on Turin".
, rll'Sl Clli(f ICxOlMltlVO Sillt'l'
.IcllVrson to Stoak in
ii:.moci! ts mm: staiiti.i :
Speaker nml Leader.
Tlmmirli Kecord' lo Pre
pare for I'reeeilenl.
WtsmsiiTox . April ii - l'tp'iibtn U
Hon will go In person to the llou-.e o'
Itoproseniiitlves on Ttifsd.iv and if id
Ills llivt inexsiigo to t'.ingtos. setinii;
fni III the purpose for which bo luis
fulled the spoelnl session. It will ho the
f'st time since the iI.i.nh of John
Adams, the second I'rosldetit, that it
j Chief HM-entlte bus i,.d his tiies.iii,.
I tn i'ongress.
, ,, ,.,..,,,,..., lmM .,..,..,, . ..,.,.
the praotlfo of more than a eontuit
1 1,f'f"Ue ho bellev. it is the best meibod
o( cultivating Intimate tetatloiis with
the loglsliitle braneh ot the iPixeiu
Representative rnilorwcml will unto
iluce a fotifiirifiil ifsolutinn falling a
"csslon of bolh the houses In th, lower
' o liaml'or and the President will there
fore debtor his message befo! e tin Seo
a" "' " i"'" too
way Wnshlngton and d.ims did .t
i Ills nnnntiiifetnoiit has nmdi ('hum is
gasp as no.ldng else h.m done slneo
Mr. Wilson was inaugurated
So far as the lei-nnis iltsi Lise nn
President has peisoa.il! ilellveiod nut
other than Ills .iiinii.il message to Con
gross. Mi Wilson's action thi iffoio
j will set ii precedent bieiiiiho bis me.-
"age will ho of a spoelnl fharaf lor,
dealing with the tariff
turret Willi H nslilnuliMi.
! Mr. Wilson agrees with ( h oi go Wash
i ItlBUm ml Jnlm Ailnm that the
Pieltloiit float ly has the foiistltiitloii.il
Constitution lavs un restriction or Hun
tatloii upon the manner in whliii In
formation and rrcommciidallon.s shall he
George Washington and John Atlaint
rode .inuuiilly to the Capitol tn
deliver their messages lo the IIoiim- ami
Senate In Joint session. I'ntil Poceni
bcr S. 1 sol. the President delivered hii
annual iiierrage to Congress In this wav
"Hinds's Pi if client." whlfh is the
olllclal book of reference mi snob mat
tors, described the practice In the c.irl.,
days as follows
'".'lie two hollies mot In Joint iueetiiiH.
eltliir tn the Solum- (iiaiiibir or H i ' ,i
of tie- House and th" President niblr ieil
i In 1 SOI. howcvir. when 'Minimis ,lof
relief rmm tne iiih.u i.issnu nt or lin-
i ''i.mi.i answer, on sunj h nut nuiy ih-
Am1 U" "
'nitlim that a proeeiliue f.iunilod in
them, motives will meet their appreciation,
, I ltg ilii.orih nu. sir, to cimiiiiiii...,iti.
the enelneod mi ssiq-.e with the iloeimirnts
' f"ip.in lug It f. the Ilonoral. - um
Sen.i'i mid pra.v vmi aieept lor vnm n r
' m.il !.,.. th'- lioui.iw.' of my high tegnd
, i,nsliei-,ioii "
Wll.iui liny iildrna lliu.ar.
Slnee .lefl'elson Iratismltteil this let-
ll''' ll" House mid Sonaln all l'resl-
ileiillal mei'tages have been conimuiii-
cated to bolh hoiises on the same day.
Parliamentarians all day long have
I been combing tho Congressional Mlirnry
looking for an exact description of tlm
..Uquette for this memorable occasion.
Rpiulccr Clark has Joined In digging
through the archives nnd nt it lulo limn-
j to-night they were still considerably
up in tne an as to uie exact rormall-
The procedure for receiving a writ
ten message of tho President Is simple.
The House tloorkeeper enters tho hnll
, )f , ,,mlM, ,, , PrrM(lrnl.M UR.
, wcrMury un(, WIlltH tlritn n ,H
recognized hy the Speaker.
llotrr Hrimiie la KerelTrd.
. ,hp, ftnomu.PH wth ft iw bow:
Ml. Hp-npri n message from tho
President of the I'nlted States."
I Th Speaker replies:
I "The House will receive a message
Via SOUTHKHN ItAIl.W'AV. oulrkent ilrfta.
Iltntnc anil klreplnr eara. N Y Offlrr.IMaihay,

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