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Rain qnd.waljkr to-day; cloudy to-morrow;
infRaMng south winds.
eitM reports will be round on rugs 15.
Mil,. I.XXX.-NO. 223.
NEW YORK, FRIDAY, APRIL 11, 1913 coVy,mt, mt, iv o,r Sun I'nittinu and 1'iibll-ihinu AtMclntwn.
M BV1 A aaiytaaaa. '"aft. -aw- a A TM T J. .i I V. i BaBBaaar w
i vH
J'ontilV's Condition. After
Host fill Hay, Is Much
Physicians Also Proscribe
Clin m pa lino and Milk as
nmnu, XKWs conflicts
3'rnf. Miircliinfnvn Issues State
ment Which l'nils lo
A liny Aliirin.
lrrla: ,iblr Pfixitc' to Tut Sin.
rov. April in The Pope's condl
1. n a: 1n 30 to-night appeared to lo
nui'h improved. His temperature wns
r rtnal and seemed to show that tho
hi ill" crtcli li.itl passed, but his vvcak
si continue. The doctors In nihil-
n to other stimulants nrn now giving
i m c'.iuiil'.iene mixed with milk to
rrrotne h s depression. They arc
ii -v) administering opiate?.
Prof F.ttorc Marchlafava made three
' .sits to his patient to-day Instead of
t i usual four. He omitted tho noon
He found the Pope without any
J'.erat o'eli, rk to-night. Ills ulsters,
.nn.i and .Murln, continue to take turns
Sn acting as nurses for him during the
il.ij. Ills secretaries and Drs. Amlcl
i.nd Cnglatl are attending him to-night.
Although the Popo has cautioned his
.sisters not to havo anything to do with
i.ewspaper men, tho crowd at tho Viitl
an entrance observes the women
l.eenly as they come out, as the condi
tion of their brother Is generally mir
rored In their face!,.
The Ossrrvatarn Ilomano reiterates
Its former statement ns to the Pontiffs
improvement. It accuses the Liberal
press of sending out and printing ex
aggerated stories of the Pope's Illness
nnd appeals to the Government to n
fore a censorship on false news. An
ether statement In the Oascrratore
"Contrary to what has been asserted
t- nco Wednesday morning to tho mo
ment In which wo write th; Holy
r.t'ner has had no fever whatever.
HI condition, however, require? the
nivsMry care usual In cases of ln
J'jnin "
Tref Marchlafava gave a statement
to the Tnbuna, which It is understood
was made at the request of Cardinal
Merrv del Vnl, the I'.ipal Secretary of
ate In this statement Dr. Mnrchla
d'V.i Insists that the Pope's present
'adlUjn Isduemerelyl ton relapse of In.
1 ienza caused hy the changeable, damp
u.'d'her He. Is Improving so steadily.
mv Dr Marchlafava, that he will
r-r..vcr h.s usual health completely in
s Mi days. Tho iloctor emphasizes
tr fuet that the I'ontiff has u robust
nsi .u.n, his organs are sound, he
ry i r vitality and cheerfulness nnd
" pruil.ts n long life for the Pontiff.
He Nivs he will not suffer any trouble
nun is present illnes-s.
It Mirchlnfnva admits having signed
hl'v bulletins, which were not intended
f T publication. He makes no refer
.iro tn the recent fainting spells of the
I nr to the fact that ho was sutn
mnnwi r the Vatican ut 4 A. M or
' ,inv other circumstances which are
t:iinl. as questioning his statement
,v it t'ie Pop., is suffering merely from
' 'lun-za His statement Is so enntrn
t'j that it has In nowise allayed
tne alarm as to the Pope's condition.
! ii lecture before the university
".. tie rninc Prof. Marchlafava said
"t l-eirt diseases, when not suddenly
'UC in v hard conditions on n man's
f" Thev H-ttle beforehand the tlmH
f r death and Invariably shorten
I . h'e This statement Is attracting
ni'f.. popular attention than tho doc
to artiein m the Tribuna.
T). p,,,. ), arranged that Cardinal
SWry del Vnl will receive 3,000 jill
f'ms ,n audienco to-morrow in his
TI.e Pontiff seemed to be re
Ihum when this matter was fixed up
t''d s.i 1 i he hoped to have a good sleep
The improvement In the Pope's con
" ns noticed enrly this morning
1 ' Minued throughout the day. His
'- -oined to revivn as the warm
cntne through the windows
r"fitii. but he still showed an
' f' taking nourishment. The
ndiired him to take an egg
roth instead of milk, but he
1,1,11 have trouble In taking It.
! ' lie tested fairly well last night,
1 "t to the doctors, who reiterated
''''. d that he was suffering from
' On the other hand, the papal
".' 'ire Meins to rle gravely alarmed
1 ' pontiff's condition and say
' ' examination by specialists had
' .' Hie presence of from ten to
'.. ii, green of albumen.
V,'H v pilgrims arrived hero to-day
" I mi were disappointed at their fail-
ie t,, .(.,. (ho Pope, As has been the
' the Inst throe days they went
m Peter's and offered up prayers
i ' i'i tecovery of the pontiff, Among
"" i "r ins who arrived to-day were
""w. I Polish princes and members of
' ' P 'l li nobility.
sl'ei ml prayers wero offered In all
e r (lurches of Homo tn-dajr for the
'""V'tv of the Pope. The members of
' -"i.nregaUons recited wltli the jias-
l,,r "e prayer "I.et us pray for our
pwi' '.
Mellei,., Topi.'!! rillllllllltll lln
huimeil for lletter,
Mons-lgnor l.avelle Intimated last
hlght that assurances havo been re-
celved by I'ai dltmi Km ley of a turn
for the. better , cmi1(m f tMe
"HV are not greatly won led.1' said
the Mon.-lgnoi'. " cannot say that any I
tnessago has I a lendved bv the Car-1
Until, for he dislikes being brought Into J
me newspapers, lint we have the Im
pression, I may say the hope, of his
speedy recovery.
"As to the bulletins of his cotidl
tlmi, e are tel.vlng upon the newspa
pers. Till may seem strange We me
apt to think then- Is no one else so Im
portant as ourselves, whereas ue ate
but one-quatter of the until.
'The Pope himself sns he Is going
to recovir. dosn't he'."' said Monslgnor
l.avelle, pointing to one of the evening
papers "Well. I think he knows."
Wllllmii K., Jr., Wim Sn,., f,lr vHehl
liiille In M)7.
A suit airalnst William IC. Vnnilerbllt,
,lr by Albert Klenk. a rourth avenue
grocer, to recover $t!42 for supplies fur
nlshed to his yacht, the Tarantula, In
l!'i7, was discontinued In tin, city 'otirt
yesterday when the case was called for
Mr. V.ttnleibllt ((.fused to pay the bill
on the giound that he had 'lent the
yacht to his stepfather, the late O. H.
P. Itelmont, and that the stewatd had
e.M'eeded his allowance.
The lawyers said yesterday that Mr.
Vanilerbllt had settled the suit.
Five "Crentions." Worth .S."no,
Stolen From Fifth Avenue
Store Window.
A hansom cnb pulled by n decrepit
horso drove slowly down Fifth avenue
at C o'clock lost night. Inside sat two
young men who had In their laps what
looked very much to the casual ob
server to be lacy, feathery, saucy
women's hats. The handsome hansom
drifted forlornly up n s!d street Just
ns Mls I. .1. Webb finished dinner.
Miss Webb has a milliner's shop nt
297 rifth aventm near Thirtieth street
Shu returned recently with some hats
that made all the boulevards crane
necks admiringly. She was planning
to have an "opening" of he rlatest Im
portations this morning, so In the win
dow of her whop she put five of her
choicest bonnets
The window is a semicircular one,
the bottom of which Is directly on a
level with the street. Miss Webb had
pulled down the curtains before she
went to eat.
Now as the handsome Imnsom turned
off Fifth avenue. Miss Webb turned on,
nnd when she got m her store she stood
stock still.
Some one had kicked In the front of
her stor. a grimy hand had sept up
all th e of those hats.
When Miss Webb had recovered she
went about the neighborhood and asked
questions, t ih. yes. said the neighbor'1
.lust a short time before a hansom cab
had stopped before the millinery shop
Two voting men got out and went up to
the xtore. It was dark there and no
one saw what they did. but In a moment
they reappeared bearing tho hats. Tlie
wero customers or employees of .I's
Webb's, were they not"
They were not.
Miss Webb went around to the West
Thirtieth street police station with her
story. Late last night large men with
calloused necks pussy footed up and
down Fifth avenue nnd the side streets
In search of the "hansom cab bandits."
Miss Webb says that to say her totnl
loss would amount to f.'iOO would be
almost sacrilege. Furthermore she will
not have her opening this morning.
ThU Time He I.nnKlia ill llntr (iolnii,
(OtllK (idlie.
Hed wigs and brown wigs, black wins
and white wigs and hair switches of as
varied hues a whole bale of them
were sold by auction at the .Jersey Clt
post otllce yesterday. I'nlted State's
Marshal Thomas .1 Olcott was the auc
tioneer. The average price for tho switches
was SS cents. For the most part they
were purchased In bulk by jobbers. The
wigs averaged "ii cents.
Other smuggled goods sold wero '240
pounds of feathers wrapped In an enor
mous tick, making n feather bed big
enough for a giant. M. S, Gessenler,
tho American representative of Puttie
Freres, went over to the sale to buy the
feathers to use In snowstorm scenes for
making moving picture dims, so he told
Ueputy Marshal Louis G. Heekman. He
said the bidding on the feathers was too
brisk for any blizzard and went away
Wllllnin II li run Kennrilv Will Weil
Miss Anne 'rriTe To-day.
Miss Ann Crowe, who Is playing
llavhcl In "Joseph and His Urelhren" at
the Century Theatre, will be married
lids nfternoon to William Horns Ken.
nedy. a silk manufacturer, of Openhym
& Sons. The marriage will take place j
In Jersey City anil wlll.be performed by i
the Hey. Andrew James Meyers of the
Heformed Church.
' Itesldes u few friends of the couple
there will also be present Miss Florence
Kennedy, a daughter of .Mr. Kennedy
by his first marriage, nnd Karl Kirch
firaber. Miss Crewe's son, also by a for
mer marriage.
Tho former Mrs. Kennedy appeared
eight years ago here In n play called
"The Killing Power," In which Miss
Crewe also had a part. It was then
that Miss Crewe met Mr. Kennedy. Miss
Crewe and Mr. Kennedy hnve been en
gaged only a week or so. She. said last
night that Miss Kennedy was the Utility :
who pulled the strings,
Miss Crowe has resigned her part In
"Joseph" and plays to-night for the last
time. She nnd her husband will sail to
morrow on the Olympic for two months
abroad. She thinks lhat she will give
up the stage.
rf iJifajnte nd Hotel BreToort, the two
Trench Huurnn of New VorL, Attt,
First in Competition With -Jl
I.cimIIiii,' Architects of
the Count t'v.
Victor Ts a Cousin of Hnrvni'd's'
President Not His Fiist !
IHir Work.
(iuy Lowell, n young man who used
to hold the Inteicolleglate ticolil In the
mile run. heard over the telephone at
fi:30 o'clock last night that the new
$t0.noo,nnn court house for New Votk
county was to be built rtom his plun-.i
and under hi- xtipei lniudencn. There
upon Mr Lowell put on his hat and
went down to the oflW of the Court
House Hoard at 11, H roadway and Un
report was continued.
"So it s true. Is It"" he asked as he
came Into the ofllce, quite out of In ruth
"It Is true," said Alanson T. Hrlggs,
secretary of the board, "and you're Just
in time for a wee inlte of celebration "
I think you'it. tight." said Mr. Low
ell. ignite a shock to get nil that at
incr over the telephone"
Mr. Lowell, who lives at 'Jl' Fast Forty
seventh street and has ofllces at "2,"i
Fifth avenue, won the competition over
the heads of twenty-one otper '.itchi
tei ts among whom nre some of the best
kuoun designers of public buildings in
New York. The Jury of architects have
been looking at the twenty-two sets of
plans since Monday Itcfore they had
tren nt work for two days they had
settled pretty well In their minds that
Mr. I.owell'n plan was the best
They told Mr. ISrlggs on Wednesday
night that they would be able to make
a report to the Court House Hoard
yesterday nfternoon. The board con
llrmed their decision nnd Mr. Lowell s
success was announced. His compen
sation will be 6 per cent, on the total
outlay, but out of this $600,001) he must
pay experts whose ad!ce he asked and
nil the costs of pieparing diawlngs.
Mr. Lowell Is .". years old. His
father, the lal Fdward .1. Lowell of
Huston, was a tlrst couin uf James
Kussell Lowell, and Ouy Lowell Is a
cousin of A. Iiwrence Lowell, president
of Harvard, where Mr. Lowell was
graduated In 1SD2. He took two years
at the Massachusetts Institute of Tech
nology and then went to Paris, where
he studied ut the Iole des lleaux Arts.
The invited architects included
McKlni, ,Mr..iO & White, who built the
new .Municipal lliilldlng. Carrero
Hnstlngs, who built the new Public
Library: I-a Farge A Morris. II. Van
Ituren Magonigle. Trowbridge ; Liv
ingston. Arnold W Hrunner, Cass llil
luTt and (leorge it. Post k Son". The
architects who qualified in the prelim
inary competition included Walker A
Olllette. Ceorge and IMward Ilium,
Howells Stokes, and C.riftln ,t Wyn
koop. The Jury of award was coiupoed of
Frank Miles Day of Philadelphia. Hub
ert S. Pea body of Iloston and John Law
rence Mauran of St. Louis. Mr. ltrlggs.
secretary of the board, was so careful
that only the Jury should have access
to the room In which tin drawings
were hung that he had a special lock
put on the only door lending to it and
left the key In the possession of th"
"The Court Houe Hoard wanted that
competition to be the houestest ever
held," he said.
In speaking of Mr Lowell's plan the
Jury said In their report to the bo.ud
"This design fulfils to an unusual
degree the, exacting conditions of the
programme. It presents an exterior
of high dignity nnd interivt. It gives
evidence of great nrchitrcturnl ability
on the part of Its author. It promises
a public monument In every way worthy
of the city of New York."
Nothing was forthcoming yesterday
from the Court House Hoard or from Mr.
Lowell about the details of his plan,
pending the preparation of photographs
and a description which will be ready
next Monday. The design was said yes.
terday to be severely classic. The
building won't lie n syscraper; Its height
Is estimated at about 27S feet.
The building will probably be. tho
largest court house in tho world. It
will be the principal feature of the new
civic centre to 1h created Just north of
tho new Municipal llulldlng, nnd will
Ixi bounded by Lafayette, Leonnrd, Bax
ter nnd l'ark streets. The present corner
of Worth and Centre streets will
be tho nxls of the building, and the
Centre street loop of the new subway
system will pass Immediately beneath It.
Thete will be room for fifty-one court
rooms for the Supreme Court, with Jus
tiers' chambers and jury rooms and
dozens of other rooms for the special
uses of the courts. The City Court will
have eleven rooms, with the same allot
ment of appurtenances,
Mr. Lowell was architect for the new
Iloston Museum of Fine Arts, the Cum-
berlnd County Court House at Port
land, Me., and of several buildings nt
Harvard nnd Andover, He designed
Clarence H Mackay's county place at
Harbor Hill, Paul 1). Cravath's house
at Locust Vulley and the new Piping
Hock Club house at Locust Vulley,
lllloolii l.liiuor Crnawdrr'a Family
I'llhlirt Ii) I'.iploalon,
Ciiampaiun', 111,, April 10, The home
of the Hev. W. W. Wilson, pastor of
the Presbyterian Church of Tolnno, ten
miles south of Champaign, was almost
wrecked by dynamite to-night. Ills
wife and little son and bis mother-in-law
were In the house, but were un
injured. Mr. Wilson was In Hoopeston when he
heard of the oturage and hurried home.
He said that the attempt wns made to
frighten htm Into leaving Tolono. The
preacher added that ho would not go.
He bus been prominent In the liquor
fight and has fought against the il
licit sale ot drink.
Hotel Smo. Hreouir ii HuKr Trot-i
lrr for n IkIiI,
Slo'tnl ilblt tltMlrl, In Till, Si
Lomjo.s, A (ii il 10. "Mayor ll.iynor's
whiskers would have turned green If he
were heti' to-nigh ," said one nierlcan
at Hie ragtime ball at the Hotel Savoy.
There was ragtime In evety phase from
the tutkey tint to the bunny hug and
hocl t. Atiieili an and F.nglMi, was
dnniliri ed bv t heat I leal beauties, who
were ilaticlug at a late hour anil prom
ised to keep it up until "i o'clock to
morrow morning.
The ball was a simple Illustration of
lltlgllsh people to be hll 111.111 atlllil re
spectable and conventional surround
ings. Among I hose who helped to make
tho pai-y morn was i irotip o- '-Iiur-llh
lords who were pre-ent unaecom-
p,'ill!ei b.V ill- .' Wiv- III"!' .'.VI'i' ,1'so
In nttetuliiiiee Sir Thnm.M Liptoii, Sir
James D'-u.'ir. .Mill ltd Huasicker, Hertio
Iteyiiolds, Shirley Ki Hogg. ,m American
ticpv'ss. Iti'jjlnnlil Vnnderbllt. II. War
iwv. IPtrr William, flack Mason, W
.1. Hum and Louis Ilirsch,
Ma "einb-'iton declited thn- thanks
to ragtime Hngliiiiil was becoming a
pit re- -if human existence
.I.W.M.'iriin of Memphis. Tenn.. I
1 .u t Seen l.ciivinir Auto
moliile Chili.
-i.il I'tihlr llrtpolrl, tn Till S
IxiMwiN'. April 11 -The Mil.' .'JJiivu I
makes a sens.it leu of a story of the
invterioils dlsajipenrjnce of Joseph
Wllbet force Martin of Memphis. Tenn.,
v'lom It describes as a very wealthy I
man. I
He bonked as a saloon passenger on I
the France, which sailed on April J. '
lie has not been si en since 11 o'clock
on the evening of April 3. when he left '
he Hoyal Automobile Club. He had
spent the evening with a party of 1
friends at a Hat In Park place, whete
he had been staying as the guest of
J. I. Anderson, a London merchant.
Afterward he went to the club with Mr.
Anderson and Capt Prior. He bade i
them farewell on ta steps of the club
nnd nrrangtsl to dine with them the
nM day. He did not return to the
flat even tn change his evening dress
and vanished completely.
Hefore leaving them Mr. Martin told
his friends that he had an appointment
with a woman, but did not give her
address. A wireless messuge was sent
to the France and a reply received that
Mr. Martin was not on board.
The fact that he had a large sum
of money In his pockets when he left
the club makes Mr. Martin's friends
fear that he has been the victim of
n crime. He wns a man of abstemious)
habits and rarelv kept att. hours. All!
his baggage ts still In Mr. Anderson's ,
flat. The police searched It. but found
no clue to his disappearance. j
Mr. Martin came to Fugland on hit
portnnt financial business, which he had
completed In a satisfactory manner. Ho ,
was 41 years of age.
Volt Wnnla l 1 00,000 fur n Letter
l'rofeNor AVrole, '
A new suit for $100,000 by Miss
I-tlnr Qulnn ngainst Dr. Harry
Thurston Peek vc.is Hied In the Su
preme Court yesterday. The complaint '
alleges lhat Miss Qulnn was libelled In
th" letter written by Dr. Peck to
the trustees of Columbia I'nlvcrsity
concerning her claim against him. In .
which he wrote: "This charge ngn!nt
me represents blackmail, backed up by
perjury and forger.v. I shall fight It
to the very last."
.Miss Qulnn's suit ngainst Dr. Peck
for 1100,000 for bleach of promise has
not been tried. The defendant filed
a petition In bankruptcy several month,
rnilrrtToiiil llellrvra II Will Ilr'
ThrotiKh h- Mn I.
Wasihnuto.v, April 10. It Is the pur
pose of th" Democratic leaders to put
the Fnderwood tariff bill through the
House on or before May 1. Hepresenta
tlve Fnderwood, the Democratic leader,
said that there would lie little opposi
tion to It und he saw no reason why
action should not be concluded by May
1, If not earlier.
Opponents of the bill among the House
Democrat" will limit the fight to the
caucus. Piesent Indications are that
the Democrats opposed to free raw wool
and free sugar, about sixty, will vote,
against the bill In caucus, but there the
opposition will rinse.
The glass and earthenware schedule
wns debated and finally approved as it
wns Introduced In caucus to-day. Mem
bers from Ohio and New Jersey sought
to have many rates Increased, hut they
were voted down. Debate on the metal
schedule was begun.
Speaker Clark said the tariff hill was
not perfect, but hoped that members
would bury their differences for the
good of the party and accept It.
Convicted lx-l'ollreiiinn Simula lo
Go lo Sin Mnic To-do .
Hlinreme Pnlirt .luutten P)nt7..L- ,lu.
nled yesterday the application for a !
certificate of reasonable doubt made by
John J, Hartlgan, tho former police-
man convicted of bribery on the testl-
mony of Oeorgo A. Ship and others,
Had the application been granted Har
tlgan could have been released on ball
pending his appeal. The court said:
"Hartlgan had a fair trial with all
the safeguards the law affords, and the
record does not disclose any harmful '
or prejudicial errors lu tho exclusion or
admission of evidence."
Sheriff Hnrbiirger said he would take
Hartlgan to Sing Sing this morning un
less tho prisoner decides meanwhile to
makn a confession.
Slreprra Iruve tlriuifl Central dally 7:15 P, M.
Particular! I2I Uroajwuy. I'honc 310 Madlvn.
ClIlilsm.SM, April 10. It Is reported
lure that the United States Govern-
Kv-I'resiileiit, of Aldermen Left llils ,m,,',A CaW' Amundsun when
r, i ii suit in, oi a him mi ii i'i!',,,. ,,., nor,h p Pxpp(,tOM
liusiness to Women
Frank Must l.enve Murine Corps1
ami Wail Till lie Is :C
lor His I'nrl.
The will of Patrick Francis Mc-
(lowan e.pie-!,lenl of the Hoard of
Aldermen and member of t.ie Hoard of
llduci't.on, who died on April ''. dis
pose, of an i. statu estimated at more
bun ST.'.DOO and gives all the net
of h: business of iiianufai turlng
women'. apparel to two employees,
Mis- Kate A. .M.iuuic n.d H Annn
Mniime Mr McCow.in's wife, who
was his partner in bifiness. died a year
ago and left her Interest to him The
value of the beuuest to tl mt'loVees
Is estimated at more than ?2..,0tMt.
In bis will Mr. McOowan disclose
his sorrow over the conduct of hi son
nnd only child, Francis Patrick A. Mc-
(lowan, known as Frank .McOowan.
He doe not reprove htm. but arranges
tne heipiest In such a wav that his son
must conduct hlmelf properly to en
Joy It.
Mr. .McOowan teau- hi- ar collection
and books In trust for h,s son and
names the lte. John D. Hoach as Irus
tee. He directs that Father Hoach
hold the art works and books for the
son until he Is .m years old and then to
turn them over to him If in the opinion
of Father Hoach he Is "worthv and
deserving.' If the trustee Is not sails-,
fled that the son is deserving the entire
Colli Ctlon Is to Is- sold a' public auction.
The will shows that the so,, is a mem-
ber of the Cnlted states Marine Corps,
In which he enlisted several years ago.
The entire residuary estate, amounting
to about r0,000. Is luft in trust with the
Lincoln Trust Company with the pro
vision that the son Is to have th" In
come lu setnl-annnal payments until he
1. 3.-. years old on condition that he
leaves the Marine Corps. At the age of
35 he will receive the principal of the
eiuiu, esuiie.
while .Mr. McOowan was President!
of the Hoard of Aldermen Frnnk Mc- 1
Gownn had eeveral experiences which ,
caused his father much sorrow. In.
July. 1!0C. while Mr. McOowan was
acting Mayor In the absenre of Mnyor)
cm i , me. son was arrcste.i lor nit-
lug a policeman on the hand when the
policeman tried to arrest him for In-
liiMl-ll'liill. Mis miner in.ioe no enori
to aid him and .Magistrate Whitman.
miw District ttorne.v, flnrd htm .'
The will says that the bequest to the
Mles Mnuuie is In consideration of
the as-lsttinco they gave him and hi
wife In building up the manufacturing
business. They receive all the manu-
factum! slock held by P. F. McOowan
re i o, mc siocn nni yei mane up, all
accounts due the firm from customers,
which include the largo department
stores, the firm's bank deposits and the
good will of the biine.ss.
The testator says he believes the in
tf rest of each sister should be measured
bv thn l..ntrtll nf'ller j..fi-lrt ,e(ll,
; ...... ....
firm, so that Katie, who has be-n em
plo.ved there for sixteen years, will re-
celve slx-tentlis nnd Anna, four-tenths.
si r. .nruuivdii cancels an ine 111-
d'-bt"dness of his brother William and 1 It Is estimated that the steam shovels ' defeated and It would be poor policy for
gives his nephew, Kdward J. McOowan, j will be able to remove about nir.ilD.OOO ll"'ln lo 'ltlnlravv from their tlr-t stand
$3,000. II" leaves $300 to the Hev. ' cubic yard of material between now and I n,nv'
Fnther Hoach and $1,000 to the Hev. F. October I. This leaves about S.fiOO.oOO T'l' statement was submitted to Prcsl
J. Sullivan. The Society of St. Vincent cubic yards of earth to be removed by 'I""1 'onnette and Porter Norton at
de I'aul gets f.iOO, and J.iOO also goes as
a "special benefaction" to St
Homnn Catholic Church, of which Mr.
McOowan was a communicant. There
are two further $1,000 bequests for
church purposes.
Conrraalons WhiIc Ii Both Ihr Coiu-
nnny nnd the Olrla,
HostoX, April 10. Mutual concessions
by th" New Fnglnnd Telephone Com
pany and the operators' union brought
an end to the danger of a strike this
morning nfter nn all night session of
the committee representing the union
and the compnny, with Chamber of
Commerce officials as mediators,
The company does not recognize the
union. It will give the girls an Increase
In pay In the form of an annual bonus,
which is to increase from 12.1 at the end
of the second year to $100 at the end of
the tenth and all subsequent years of em
ployment. The girls get fifteen minutes
more for luncheon. An arbitration or
grievance board to consider Internal dis
putes Is provided. The holiday Sunday
and Saturday afternoon subject was set
tled satisfactorily. The "splli trick" was
not touched upon in the agreement.
Several hundred of the 1.000 operators
brought here from other cities were
started home.
Victim I'lrka fiunmrn'a I. ruder nl n
I'll li em I.
Henry Llttman, a grocer of 247 Fast
Il.lll, utr..t ti-,illr,,.l llipnin-l, I llll,, t,l.
with Detectives White and Cassettl yes- i
l.llll i ,t-ii ki -- in..- me, . ,.-..-,-iu je,-,-'
erday looking for three men who en-
tered Llttman s store on Wednesday,
night, backed him part way Into the
Icebox and took $90 from him nt pistol I
l.,..l.nv- r,,l llr tai fp, Mm , l,l
point. i
They went to 1, Madison nvontle,
where mourners were gathered around
the coffin of Adamlo liuonomo, who was
shot In a Harlem row a week ago.
There's one," said Llttman, Indicat
ing a mourner,
The mourner heard him nnd ran. Th
detectives caught him. He said he vva
Domenlco Hunocorl, 20 years old, n
salesman, of 2199 First nvenue. Lltt
man said he was the leader of the hold
up trio.
ANCOffTlKA BITTERS world's famoui
tonic, dellrloua flavoring, all desnerts. .Kir.
W :
i I nll.-il Sintr Snlil In Hnrr Offered
Honor lo Ainuiidiirn.
.lirrmi I ulilf ln,t,irl. to Tim Si
the honor of allowing the Frnm, which
ill" fit nt v'5.l otiier than u warn hip
III I1!Im 1 iir-llltl'lt till t'fitniititi C'lnnl
rlllf Nun Ntiniils Soon lo irl the'
S1.-..HOO He Drmmiili,
The lloatil of Kstlmate approved es
terday I In- Issue of $3,",on of special
revenue boiuls, which, together with an
unexpected balance of :',oo, will go to
P-iy the bill of Hr. W. J. Arlltz for nt- ,
tendant" upon the Mayor In St. .Mary's
1 Hospital, lloboken. after the atl mpt
upon his life In If 10
Ct-liot rrmir of Mlissnelnisells Tried
lo Keep I'lnns Mrrrrl.
Hiioil.TON. Mass. April tt).--K-f lov
William I. Douglas nnd his house
keeper. Mrs. Alice K. Moodle, were
niairl'-d this morning at the home of
.Mr. Douglas's daughter, Mrs. Harry H
1 Hi II. Mrs. Chniles F. Ulrhmond.
I .!.,. .1 - ..
an-ither daughter, was a witness.
Mr. Douglas In an effort to keep the
plans secret nppinred before Judge 1 stt Ike here came to nought this nfter
Kilig last Tuesday and got a permit 1 wlu.n , ,.m,)nny refused to ie-
without waiting for the five days to
rliip-e between the time of filing Ills
Intention and th remonv. Mr. and "H """"s f'"" '" "' " 'n'1" "P
Mrs. Douglas will sail Saturday morn- ; grievances after the men had returned
lug on the Olympic for Furope, where to work,
they expect to remain three months. J The company, through President Con
The first wife of ex-tlov. Douglas .... i on ...
,n , ,:,. A fPW mon,M!, rlor to .r
death she engaged Mrs. Moodle as
i(1rS' iMIPi ,'iflMIt- l
Fx-jov. Douglas (s HT
v,'nr)" nld' nml 1,rl,I' Is
, ..
" ' n,,",lr "" Hrconellril lo M
Monllis Dpp.ti'p In Permanent.
WiltTt: Pi.uns, N. Y.. April 10. Su-
1 nrnmo Court Justin. Mnrielmuser tn.
Jliy KnVf. TholI1;u M. Kenn-.lv and his
I wfe. Anna, of Sickles avenue. New- Ho-
,,lu.p n lllntl,(1 ....paratlon. If thev
' r(,lnrt tn Mm aft,,r sx months that
I ,i,.. ,,..., -,,,,. ' ,hi, mnrimt
troubles he will grant the husband' n
permanent decree I
tlmV , r l U Vnd lese rtlnn Her reply
i, Cf a l"nla of I " ell a I
c,0 ina on tha her husband',
Kennedy charges hi wife with get- I
' rroel trentmeet ,lrnv fr, I
. "
ltnrrrT1 .
Jnrtp Bmh for Kimilng
Mtidler In ninek llnnd rr.
, niar. D. Madler of S7 Chauncev
,,rn, ti.i.,.,i ,vi, i i'
SWl,rn' , , jlM-r , , rnsp of
;, .kJeblnanl n nllrireit IllneU- It.mrinr
Ike yeiday lu, excise
' ,, because his wife was nfrnld to havo
lint srr
"t,- fn,nr- r,t.. rut..., ..m -
(lon', have anv imxillarv women Juror
connrctcd wltli this court r will excuse
, yolI nol Hn,v from , (hlH cnsp
,,llt for tK,-r0(,t I)f ,",. w,.ek
riTTVPUA PTlT vriTiTV mm
Wnler Will nt He I. el Into It ilr -
fore Ortohrr 1.
WASIIIVOTOV. Attrll Irt Wnln- 1,-tll tint
-. . . .
IPl lnto lnl, i (.1)rn cut or the ran
iima Canal before ( ictober 1 of this year,
.lreording to th lntest nitlmnfi,'. rn.
f celved by the Isthmian Canal Commis
im in.i nv.
dredges after water ha- been turned!
Into the cut.
' wished to communicate with offlclalHv
BOYS HIDE HEROIC BUST OF P0E.!"f c"m":'"' NVw Yn'h"
Where the Com puny lliilkrd.
Hump llronre Kllluv Into llnahra In
lie! l-hfii With I'nrk Keeper,
Hoy, t K(t even with a parlt keeper
wno would not let them play hall, have
caused the park keeper. Commissioner 'minltle,. of the employees of the cotu
Hhfglns of The Ilronx and the Hronv pany." be substituted. It objected also to
Society of Arts and Sciences much
worry for several days. They lifted the
bronze bust of Kdgar Allan Poe from
Its lliarh!" neilestlll In Poe I irk nnil
, Ivmrh!l pedestal' In' I
'. "la.r ,', .
dumped it Into a clump of bushes. .Iut
when the police Were going to send out
a general alarm a workman found the
Poe Park Is nt l!3d street and the
Concourse nnd Its chief work of art Is
the heroic sized bust of the poet for
"h"m ,,n''
The bust Is going back on the pedes
tal and will be anchored.
filrl Snym SUe Wns lllselinrueil for
SpnrnliiK Kninlnyrr'a A (trillion.
Matilda Oellltz, a chorus girl, who
said she was Introduced to the other
members of the company as the "mana-
' ger's pet," but wns discharged shortly
uftcrward because, she said, she wouldn't
receive her employer's attentions, got
a venuci tor ?juu in ine v uy uiuri,,,., A,r, ,.;,. t0 turned to the
yesterday in n suit for $1,000. .service in th" positions and with thn
The defendant, Frederick Hackett, .senlmlty held by them at that time, with
took his star, Miss Chnrlotte Tnylor, to a eeua of foity-elght bouts for such
.court as the chief witness for him, and ; einplo.ues as may be within calling or
she testified that Miss Oellltz was a
f"lluro because she couldn't make up
' .
(irrinnn'a Anawrr When I'nrl Of- 1
flrrra ak If Ilr Haa aun, J
PlHl-APti.t'lltv, April 11. Immigration
otllclals here were startled to-day when :
Klldolph Oerlzen, a uerman fanner, in inim ii mier ine ooniercncea oe-ret.K-
t the ouestion as to whether or!,wl,'n the company and tho cotnmlttes
not ho had $25. which Is necessary be
fore Immigrants can land, carelessly
pulled out of his pocket $14,000.
The German had Utile difficulty la
passing Inspection with his wife and ,
eight small children. Ho look them to
u home on North Iteese street, which
he had bought through XrlendB before
he arrived.
CitV Will XPCd MorP TrOODS
jf ClV LillCS A TO KODt
Men Insist on flight to Orgnn
ip. Which Company
lAltlll'k Millie N'eill' PnllCC Stil-
t 1411-
-Few Persons Hide
in the City.
I I!iiii.o. April 10 Mavor F ihr
' matin's attempt lo end the stteel cm-
(elve nny committee of Its employees
"""' ' " .....,...-..
1 conceding the other condition, set forth
in the proposals of the men on strike
As conditions are to-ntght the outlook
for peace In HufTalo Is very unprntuU-
11 s certain that more troop
, wll ,. nr,., f ,nnre than two car
llnes are to be kept open.
Cnder the protection of the troops
I . i f..l- i ,
' ,...,, ...... ., ..... ,... llnP!t kpl)t
,al"1 "u 1 1 drU ,m ,,u l 1 ' Kp"
",c"' ,h(' Mnln MTrl 1,11,1 1,10 ,'lmwol1
I "lies, but operations were suspended at
William P.. Fitzgerald, who has
handled the Huffnlo strike, and others
I lf I'tbor men said this evening that
1 ll,,'y 1,,,,k,Ml ll,,,,n "" '""" "
,u,le " M "f 1,M" r"shl "f mcn
to organize.
President Coiinette of the company
later Issued this statement:
"The International Hallway Company
has agreed nnd does agree to relnstulo
Into Its employ unconditionally,
whether they have Joined the union or
not, every employee who was In Its
service on April 5, with the same sen-
irlty held by them nt that time,
Wr"" " Mr" -""
1 "After regular service ts reMored and
, within ten days thereafter the presl-
. dent of the company agrees to meet
' '' committee of Its employee? and
"'Kp "l with It all of their grievances
of every nature and to make every
I effort to ndjust the same, then. If them
remains any difference upon which the
'committee and tne presiuem cannot
a(.riti tm, company agrees to submit
' the differences to n board of three arbl-
I, ,,,. ,,. i. ,.,U i n,., ,,sunl wnv "
This statement was unsatisfactory to
the men. who Insist thnt the company
must recognize their union as a union.
They fear without that guarantee they
will' have no protection In the months
to come.
riiey say that they have the company
- "1'""'" - I ney asueu an noiir wiiuin
I which t reply. It Is presumed tnat tney
The company accepted everythun
bin the word "a committee of our as
HHiatton" In th" second condition, for
which It Insisted that the words "a
the reference to men discharged "for
having Joined the union" and wished to
, hau' substituted Instead the words "for
""' callM'."
' Million of the International
'","'""" -"'i Jinnwiiy i-.m-
' I'r". 'onroy and Hrnnson wero
called to the Mayor's office at 4 o'clock
to hear the answer of the railway com
pany. Million and his nssoclutes did not ob
ject strongly to the substitution of tho
.words "for any cause," but they did In
wlst that the words "a eommttteo of
j our association" should stand. This the,
'company will not agree to.
IIIITer on Three Conditions,
j The differences had sifted down to
j where three conditions submitted by
iarence Conroy, president, and Hobert
Hronson, secretary of the local Fnlon
of Street Hallway Workers, were tho
basis upon which the strike would end
i These conditions Were;
! "First All men who were In the cm-
plo. iiunt of the company prior to Satur-
notifying distance to isturn nnd take
...roiid -Vhen the men have returned
then positions.
to work and th" service ts restored the
company to receive n committee from our
1"'. T " ,?f".,0?I
ith them our
omplalnts ta
......n.- .,.,...,,,., ,.
cover the discharge of employees who
bave been dismissed within the Inst thirty
dnys for having Joined the union. This
committee to be received by tho compnny
within three days after the acceptance of
these propositions.
have been held and there are still differ
ences that cannot be mutually adjusted
between us, theso questions and disputes
to be submitted to you, the Mayor of the
city of Buffalo, as the arbitrator,"
May Arrd More Troopa.
It was cold and rainy to-day nnd th
crowda kept off tho streets. The feeling
that there Is a chance (or arbitration

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