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Cloudy, preceded JuLrain, to-day; cloudy
to-morrow ; sou winds.
Detailed weajbef repoJPlll he Found on page 15.
NEW YORK, SATURDAY, APRIL 12, 1913. U'PI'rlffcf, 1!U3. by thr .s'iiii I'rUitlnn mid Publhlilitfl An.iorlatinn.
i , mma n f ri
Ol, iXXX.- NO. 224.
(luirtrc rnfair
I j.dcr Criminal Section
df SluMinnn Law.
ji !V 1 1 I'M K C5KTS CASK
IVdcrnl Sleuths Have Keen
I n estimating Concern
for Six Months.
l.iickimiiniin Cnuliiccr In He
fur WrccU nl Cnrnliiu.
i'iihnimi. April II - William II
stt,,-.....i i. ..ii..... .u i.. ....i.
I' ' "I' l HIP IIIIIICICO Ull Ill.lllHil'IWII"
t ir In tin- second degteo hy th" (Ir.iml
i .1 nrv to-night fur alleged culpable
Competition 1 iK-wnriu-.- in the i.uckawnnna train
iei-i ueie tin amy i last, wnicii eosi
fort v !l(". Nchmcdcr was tin- engineer
of tlif ten In.
i Tin was tlif second Inillriiiii-nt n
j turned against Schroedcr Tin- Hist was
I dismissed nt tin- r"ine.' nf I'dwln (!.
Smith, tlic District Attcirnt-y .it tilt- time,
wlui said tli.it n conviction could not In
After Plosident Trilf-ll.il' nf the
l.acknwaiiiia charged in a letter id
Gov Suli-r liiMt Week that tile Indict-
nieiit had. I n dismissed in the result
of u pollilcal bargain, tin- lioveruor or
deied District Attorney Stowoll to make
an investigation Mr. Stowell decided
i that the lndlctineni . 1 i 1 1 1 1 1 not have
lieeii iinasheil A separate Investigation
hi .lohn line proceedings will he mad"
into the political bargain ohargul hv Mr
I Triicsd.ilo
I ItclchsllIK Co mini tier Pill lift Vll
I'd! Dnwn lis lirnsri.
i,fil rhlf IfniHtlrh to Tub si v
' I'.t.m.lN, April 11 The budget coin I
tnlttee of the Reichstag adopted a reso-1
'lilt Ion (o-dny hy a law majority In-
' .struct I in? the Imperlnl Chancellor to,
i notify the Herman Princes that In view
of the cost of the nrmy lilll It was.
urgently to he desired that they should
reduce their staffs of personal aids.
I Tin- losolutlon iiIho directed the Chun
icellor to prepare to carry out the Ideas
of I he committee
The action of the committee followed
the defeat of n motion made by one of
Soil ItOiirds Stcilinsllll InWII tile the Socialist mi'inl'r calling upon tho
i Kttlser to reduce the number ot ins
eillel rlc.i from twelve to six. The extl
' mates iirovlde for $"; 51111 a year for
Hld to the Primes
Him- Drnpctl Coffin Followed
l.v Relatives From tin1
Liner Irnnre.
liny l'lineiiil to He Held
on Momlm.
r, . i
I "
On 1
. i T
A rk
a- n
, mi wl Officer of Rival'
nil Stlllltl .Mol'l'
in lir llt'iinl.
known lesterdny that the
. i.titctnplaic criminal nc
. Sherman law against the
' ' mipan. ,
i n. ted Stale." Attorney- J
..mi S Grieg and two spe-
.n;i nts hae been In N'w
i.e days prtwtuliiK "vi
. I'ederal (irand Jury on
se mdlctinont.
Month for One Cliiltl
S7 for Knell Adili
tioniil dm'.
a 1
i I'oi.i Min .. i ihlo. Apt II 11 The Ohio
House to-iluy adopted a hill for the pa
I merit of pensions to dependent mothers
I to enable them to keep their children at
'home and care for t hem. An amenil-
il.d fruit trut has been tin-!,.,,.,,, . ,.,!,. ..... ...,., ,,tioii,il with
".moillance for some time ( counties was rejected.
i r
,. tioti was .Apccted In the
o' Attorney-ib'ner.il Wick-
, I'l.iniMiiillon. hut It was not
r.rentlv, ecn in ottklnl
i the Inquiry would come to
sti x inn!. M'lisatlon.il than a dls
, i. n -ilt undir th" Sherman law.
. i',i. n I .t.iry InvesttKatlon is be-
i, ri. !-! on the liyixitlK
.. i i i.ii l'i tit Company hap acquired , to widows
. .. c , . Il.nn.lu .....
r " nl 'ii uie ousines 01 iioiioii-
f, . i'r,,tn lamnlca. Cutia and Cen- i
trii .m I Sn i
The Senate had pievlously oted af
firmatively on the hill Its operation
will await the levylnu of a special ta
of not more than one-half mill by the
county commissioners.
IVnslonlm: mothers is only one pro
vision ot a child code which wns passed,
l'eiisiotis of $15 a month for one child
and T a month for each additional one
wilt be iriven to women who are iioor
is thnti.lti W, WIW, lived In i ihlo two .wars.
ami to women whose hu.
physically or mentally dl--
The steiunshlp I'ninre. with the bodv
of .1. I'. Morgan, rami, up the bay late
yestetday nfteriioon past Hans nl half
mast on boat and pier diooplnt; In a
steady lain. The coffin, covered with
an American 11, ik. was borne ashore
while baieheaded l'lfnch olflcers and
stewaids and Cilbiu boys stood at at
tention anil the ship's orchestra plaved
"The Star Spangled Hiinner."
I'ollowed by members of Hie Mor
gan family and a few friends an auto
mobile hearse moved swiftly ttotn the
! pier at the foot of West 1'lfteentll
' street to l he Mot gun llbtarv in llasi
i Thlity-slMh mreel. There the body is
to He until the funeral seivlce at Si
1 (ieorge s Chinch at la o'clock on bm
da moi niug.
The pier and the waterfront near it
wete guinded by many police. There
was no Irritation of cameras and crowds
of curious persons. The funeral ship
armed with no more demonstration
' than attends the coining of any liner to
I this putt not as much on vessel and
I'inclii's Fiim lliircly
Time to Prevent
$100,000 CAR FOR 0. F. BAER
i L l III
linn '
Poliee Itiireiin Finds
FjioiiuIi to Tenr
I air to llit
teeriige lniiciiKcr Ui'i'lnrril lie
( oil III Willi, on I lie W'lllpr.
)(.,! ' tll.lr IC.Hlfrt In Till. M
lIA MlH'Tll, April 11 A steerage
linKseiiger b the niine of Duro on th"
American Unci St. I'aul. arriving ben-to-night,
deilai'd 'hat In- could walk
on the sea as Christ did II" Jumped danger
from the veH'el in mldocean on April !.
He was lesi'iied but died later on from
shod. lb' had read the Itlble through
out tile MlV.'Ige
A fireman detailed to duty In the
Jefferson Theatre. lit Kant I'ourteenth
stieet, between Second and Third ave
nues, pinched out the sizzling fuse of a
deadly nitroglycerine bomb last night
while an audience nf 1,500 persons sat
Inside applauding a pair of buck and
wing dancers and unconscious of
rrchli'tit of ItrnitlllK llnllivnv
ii I. murium) "Spi-rlal."
I'llllAnKLl'lllA, April 11. President
lleorge V. llaer of th" HeiullnR Hallway
has Just received one of the handsomest I
and most beautifully appointed private
cars In the country built for his ex-'
'elusive use.
j The car Is S.1 feet 2 Inches over all,
ten feet longer limn the average l'ull-
i man. At one end Is n salon arranged
as a dinner room with a specially de
signed service of (diver and china. At
the other end Is the observation com
partment, with a lounging room, There
I Is also a white tiled and enamelled bath
i room.
The car. which has been named th"
Heading, Is constructed of steel and cost
fioo.nou. It will be used by President
Maer on Sunday for the first time, when
, he goes to New Vork to attend the
'funeral of Mr. Morgan,
.Nine Men Chosen to Draft
a Statewide Primary
Progressives Join Democrats
in Conference at
I'ell ni 1 1 a II In n's III ( lillilreli liel
ClieeU A piece.
IIkhnimn- April 11 II. S. Hyeily. a
retired bu-dticss man here, had his. sl
mairted sons and daughters at his home
for a turkey dinner to-day. As the
The bomb wai found on the stairs
leading from the lobby of the theatre tr 1 guests turned over their plates each
a lavatorv In the basement. I'lreman i """ f"""'' '"" " "" '"'r
(ioveiiiop ItehilUe I.eu'i.slntoiN
for Fnilinu' to Pass the
Reform M ensure.
Anelior slips in Oiile: Driven
on I'e.'ii'li Tire: flit
ter to Rescue.
William !'. Cotlleld of Kngln 7 discov
ered It by following the trail of a wisp
of smoke that catne up from where la
wns standing
Half of the fuse had burned out and
the rest wns going fast when 'tilth Id
ound the explosive. Holding the fuse
between hN lingers, he huirli-d to a pall
and plunged It In. It was what Is known
as a chemical bomb and would have
blown the building to piece- if had
Moss A
r....nl... i-....r, ..n.l i ...m HOieo or nave uef.eiieo loem lor III!
l.lllllll. ,. tl.M. V ..
ii American countries
ears and who hav
daught ts under l'i
under 15 ami '
threnri ifau competition nd stilling I for six inontbs. but they
in" uU : ai are In conttlct with the ' granted on "Xilratioii
may he
I llialtes
prov slous nf the anti-trust
Ullner lllle He ell llrliril.
A num'ier of witnesses have been ex
Rmlr' l. among them William Newsotne,
a d r ir f 'he I'nlted Fruit Company
and m.miger of the compan 's West
lnrt..i .1. i.trtment. lieverly W. Scher-tr.p-
Tt dlrettor and manager of the
rn'rn .mil South American di part
t.hj' 'f the i'nltid I'l'iit Compan.
- l.'le- ii C.liilgl.l, president
r I'r'in Coinp.in
1 mi pi t.tor
the 'Wn
if -he Ctilted Fruit
f M
ear- j
i 'otn-
uirt must satisfy itself that the
child Is living with Its mother, that
without the pension the home would h.
broken up. that li Is beneficial lo the
c.MId to stay with Its mother and alter
lncstlgallon that the home Is a proper
The code Is unite a motherly bill In
other respcts. constitutes the State
Ho.it il of Charities to supervise every
place where children nre cared for ex
cept a family home. It Is given super
lslon of maternity hospitals and of all
public and private Insulations whli h ie
c.dve .mil cite for chlldien
Nokcoi.k. Va . April II With her
machliierx and steering gear disabled
Fiing Pan Shoals lightship No 34,
caiiylng a crew of twelve men, was re
ported drifting help'essly uivirni near
treacherous -hoals to-night The vessel
was tut n ft oni her moorings shortly
after J o'clock this morning by a south
west -.tot m.
Sh" ilmpped anchors m-vera I times,
but tlicj wete too small to hold her In
the gale and the oss,. was dtlvett
toward the beach Twice sh" struck
the beach and bounded off again She
kept up a continuous call for assistance
The Clyde Line st.anier Mohawk also
sent out i. ills f.it assistance, but It Is
beheed that they were for the llght-
llghts t ship. Th" steamer I lorohester. the rev
, eiiue cutter Seminole, the buoy tender
tlag that was draped over the Cypress and two tugs went to the
was th" one presented by the assistance of the lightship
l pier the silence was Impressive.
All through the setene voyage fiom
Havre, on which the France made a.
new speed record for herself over the
long southern couise, the body of Mr.
Morgan lay In Its liiple cased coffin
In a moiiuary chapel that had been
l IllipioVtsed by the olflcers on the purl
' side of the F deck, amidships, Walls
and ceilings were covered with black
elecd b siller ft Inge" and
crosses and stars of .silver-.
Worked into the veliet of Hie cata
fahpie was a gieat siller cro-s on which
the cotflll rested. !
At head and foot electric candelabra I
burned night and da . The wa
wele dalkened by crape.
fit-ill. who own Hi" J.ifi rsoii.
alo at a Ins to account for the pi"-1-ence
of the explosive Th.y uv that
they have no enemies thev know of
The polkc hale no clips.
Flieman Cotlleld was making an In
"p.Mt loll 1 1 ii i ii 1 ai In o'clock, whin his
attention was attiaited l, the smoke
coming upstahs and Into Hie lobby
KilslilniT down the steps he stumbled
oier the bomb, hidden near the bottom. 1
Tile eilosle Was I I llllll- r shaped s
inches long and one ami a ipiaitd
inches In dlameier It was made of
cardboard and tightly wound with cotd,
the ends being cupped with brass In-i
side was a uuantlty of white ciistalsi
.mil a bottle supposed to contain nitro
glycerin Collleld summoned I.Ieiit. Frank Me- !
credit and signed by the host
Hveily said lie thought they would
enjo.i the money better while he was
111 lug 'ban after his ib-atli.
i ZIEGLER WINS $4,000,000 FIGHT.
nrriiKiile lleeliteia for lllm unlnt
not her Heir.
I line of the obstacles to the granting
of the application of William Zlegler,
Jr. to compel Mayor CJaynor and the
' other trustees under his father's will to
, pay him the I. (inn, uuo of accumulated
'Income from tie- estate at once Instead
of turning the accumulation Into the
principal of tin estate was lemoied
l esterd.ll
1 Suilogat. Cohalati decided that George
1 W Itrandt. half-brother of the late link
ing powder manufacturer, has no right
to Intervene n the proceedings and to
oppose the belt's application for the ai
' cumulation Itrandt contended that as
one of the lolls of his half-bi other he
1 has an Interest In the case.
Th" Surrogate has not Net decided
whether or not under the terms of the
will the trustees have power to pay the
J4.0iio.0oii fund to William .legler, Jr
One Comleleil of Not i;nforelim
Coin leleil of Not
I , I l it or l.iotil Other ult.
AiuusTA, Me. April ll.-Wltbert
T l nited company's efforts to out
n.s new competitor are Mild to
. - c.jut for llrst consideration by
1 1 -..i Jury. The Atlantic cotn
u' ittempt to get a foothold m
'..a the Fnlted's stronghold atnl
stent Held of supply. Is the
- t !..- investigation.
, 1 that in the summer of 1M2
'. Fruit Company appealed
a on sailng that It feared It
tin en, out of huslnch-s and
rpen competition be estab
i li.itlllll.l Held,
v : si. .ject that Is snld to be of
r to the C.rand Jury Is
- ' n inner In which the I'nited
s manipulated Its sub-
TrouK.il Fruit Steamship
,r,d its several railroad lines,
ii. the annihilation of com--ip!,
m. nation of the Hliietields
Company, it Is said, also Is
"s shar,. of material on j
1 the possible Indictment. ! n:ioo,ooo,ooo
" I Fruit Company Is a New I
poratlon with head(iiarters 1
I's othrers are Andrew W. i
' Huston. President. Minor '. t'-rborough Hapld
'his lllV, Vice-president
Calmer of lioston.
hol li.l IVIIoll l'lllrr III l'reflice
of loilteil Imllenee.
William Oato. an elghteen-vear-old
son ot a photographer of 501 Madisun
street. Hohokon. was shot and killed hv
a playmate last night.
U.ito and Samuel I.otuettl, a friend of
the same age. were giving a piny in the
photographer'." shop, to which they had
invited their aecnia Intances. I.onzettl
had an old pistol that he found in th"
place. He did not know It was loaded
He clickisl it at Halo several times and
as Dato rushed at hint with dtawn
sword he pulled the trigger again. The
cait ridge went of and Dato was shot
through the head He died In St Mar.i 's
I.onzettl ran nw.iv and has not hien
Indenture It ellrreil
lelenlH li. I lie I n ter lioroliu Ii.
The $300.000. nno mortgage of the In-
Transit Company to
the (luaranty Trust Company of .New
s-eeru- I I Ol I., Ill,- i"i u.,.. .... r,.. .
I'nited State, through Ambassador Her- The
i rick, to the France when she started ( vessel
I on her tlrst voyage u year ago. It was crew.
1 hidden b tlowers piled almost lo the
I celling. There wen- so many tlowers.
in fact, that part of them had to be
' parked into an extra .stateroom,
i tin the coffin, loo. were a cross of
the Legion of Honor, a silver wreath
pi evented In the township of Aix-les-Hairi"
In remembrance of the American
who gave the town a hospital and a
jitotlr.il wreath from the London Cham
ber of Commerce. And ngatnst the
wall at the lower end of the bier stood
a great cross of pink orchids from the
Kaiser with the inscription, 'William
Hex Imperator.''
I The Franre. steaming twenty-three
I knots, passed Fire Island at 11 Is
, o'clock yesterday morning and reached
(.marantrne at 145 I'. M. There .1. I".
Morgan. Jr.. who had motored to Tump
kinsvllle with Deputy I'ollce Commis
sioner McKay, boarded her from the
i.'uarantlne boat, the Cov. Flower.
Mr. Morgan went to the suite of his
sister and brother-in-law. .Mr. ami .Mrs
Herbert L. Satlerlee. There he found
the others of their partv- Miss Helen
Hamilton, who is a granddaughter of
the late Mr Morgan. Dr. C.eorge A.
Dixon, the family physician, und H. 11.
llarges. the Fans partner of the house
of J. I' Morgan - Co. Having greeted
them affectionately oung Mr. Mor
gan went below and spent fifteen min
utes alone in the chapel beside the body
of his father,
Seminole to-night sighted the
and will attempt to take off her
WisinxoTos, Aptll II.- An unusually
large number of derelh ts are being dl
col Ted along the Atlantic coast as a
result of th" lecent storm. Half a
dozen haie be.n reported within tin
last week anil nearly all the revenue
utters along the nut ar trying to
remove them for tin- safety of navlga
iluti. Another deiellcl was leported to-d.iy
iff the Flotilla coast In longitude 7S-30
and latitude L's-30 A cutter now work
ing with a deiehc! near the Florida
lievs will destroy it
..imn in io. i-inii street station ami .. it i oi v i....,..i.
1 I'.IUOI SOU III 1 1" III I'lieu, -.iri ii. .j
Inspector Owen F.gan of the Hureau (wot county, was convicted by the I.eg
of Combustibles. F.gan said the bomb i Mature to-day of the charge of tnal-
Ai.iun v Aptll 11. fiov. Sulz.er opemv
began his tight to dethrone Charles F.
Murphv as Democratic State leader at
a coiif Tence in the Kxccutive Chamber
to-day More than lot) Democrats and
I'rogn sslves from all sections of the,
'State were present. The floiernor ap
pointed a committee of nine to draft a
.Statewide direct primary law.
The member" "f this committee, who
were named after two hours discus
1 slon. ru e e.x-Senator Frederick. M. Dai -ciipoit
of Oneida, who was the I'ro
gresslie candidate for l.leiilenant-Cioi -ernor
last fall; ex-Speaker Daniel
Dodge Frlsbee of Schoharie, .ludgo
, Charles M liulger of Oswego, Demo
' cratlc State Committeeman Daniel .1.
Dtlgaii of Albato, A. J. F.llas of Buf
falo. ex-Assemblyman 1-Mivard M.
Crocker of Uenusce. J. Van Ness
Philip of Columbia, Arthur C. I.udlng
ton of New Vork city, chairman of the
Pi'ogiessli" party committee which
drafted the Progressive direct primary
law pending In the Legislature, and
Laircnce I!. Dunham of New York
, city.
ilov. Sulzer asked this committee to
rernnln In Albany and prepare for Im
mediate Introduction In the Legislature
Statewide direct primary bill carry
tug out the recommendations made In
his message lo the Legislature yester
'day. which the Progressives and Demo,
crnts present declared met their views
l ,
il counsel, Charles A
In the world, was tiled iesterda
Huston, treasurer.
and 'the Register of New Vork county,
T 'il
nf Hoston. assistant
lliilile lo Imprlaonnieut,
rimlrifil proiislnns of the
ic rhe ollicers of a corpora-
shuwn lo haie violated the
i We io imprisonment for one
' ' line or both.
' i.i v Assistant Attorney
1 ' i-u-. with Special Agents
'n r and V. ' Detgenan.
''ii Washington and lagan
' i ts gatheted In the past
tor presentation to the
.v which rnnvencd on
t 1 o'i lock jestorday the
,-,o loomed until next Tin s-
0 h n mass of documentary
' i iinsldorcil and so mariv
'.,: to be heard, however,
..be te.Milts can be expected
a wielt or two according to
ii si mes of defunct or lot -uilis
that the I'nited com
i in haie drhen lo the wall
' llg methods will tell their
'in.uielal win fare without
t!ra ml Jury,
tntnent Is successful in
' i I'nited Fruit '"inp my
'i.irges a illssolutlun suit
' sary. If, however, the
tails the Government can
I action.
' t'.e Atlantic Trull and
1 '"inpany engaged in a
1 i ,h the I'nited company
"11,-iriies had been lighting
w Hi the I'nited company
' iniage, for more than a
m 1 (title company'." attempt
d of lis bigger rival re
1 ' measures.
line of the chief features of the in
denture is that It Is based almost wholly
upon Intangibles, namely, the franchises,
the leasehold and the rolling stock nf
th' compan .
Honds for $1(1,500,000 for Immediate
construction work are to be issued at
once, and upon these the Interbornugh
will have to pay a mortgage tax of
$s.',50o. The lax for the entire sum will
amount t" $1,500,000 and for the re
cording fees $71
Fllilers OrKfllilxe In Opponlllitn
lo Seimlor 1'IUkc rnlil.
The Sulllian Club opened up last
nigh, at lii!t Bowery, near Houston
street, and the old time followers of the
lilg Fellow turned out In force. The
j new organization Is the outcome of a
split between the Sullivan dan and
Senator John Fitzgerald, leader of the
, Third Assembly district.
While Larry Mulligan. Dan Sullivan,
llMunu Trice. Peter Itutler. Mortimer
' Dunn. John S Hifcltler, William Oxford
and John A Crettella applauded, Pat-
rick H. Sullivan, a brother of Timothy
D told about L'oo members of the new
club that Senator Fitzgerald had never
I asked after the health of his brother
After thlrty-tlve minutes at Quaran- ( since the leader was taken 111 seven
tme the France headed for her pier j weeks ago, He said that the time had
"ii the way up the harbor it was ( come for a real Tammany organization
learned that at the request of the Mor- ; In ihe Third district and he thought
gan relatives the social life aboard the ' the new Sullivan Club met the demand,
liner had followed Its usual routine. ' The old Sullivan headquarters nt 207
Mrs, Satterlee carried the key of the Bowery Is still nourishing.
mortuarv chapel and she and her hus- j
band and Miss Hamilton visited Hi" CARTER TAKEN A THIRD TIME,
chapel scleral times each day.
It was 4.15 o clock wnen tno i ranco
was laid alongside her pier. William
Ilerson Hamilton, son-in-law of the
late J P Morgan; Junius S. Morgan,
Hon of J. P Morgan, Jr., Mrs, Hamilton I Vork detectives since last November
and her son, Plerpont
'was vety dangerous, but wasn't
what the mateiials In it were.
Thr, whole contrivance was
in iirown paper and on the outside was
ptlnted In Ink Ihe word ' Morte." which
, Is Italian for 'Death "
The tlreman and the pol.cenien were
so quiet in putting the cylinder where
It would do no harm that not a soul
in the audience knew what was going
on They stayed through until the end
of th" how and then tiled out as
,orderv and unconcerned ns could be.
Detectlies Car r.-to and (irotano of the
i new ly formed bomb squad were sent
out from Headqunrtr rs to tlnd out what
the leaving of such a bomb In such a
place as the theatre meant
feasance In office through failure or
Wnnl tellon nt Once.
j neglect to enforce the prohibitory liquor , "If this committee will stay he-i
h.iw In Haniror. It was oted to ask fo
wrapped r,.lnv
The trial of Sheriff Hewitt M Lowe
of Androscoggin county on the sann
charge was to open this afternoon, but
at noon his resignation was teoelved
by the flovernor
Albany," said
elusion of the
legislation In
place it upon
1 llenutirnl lluanlmi (ilrl Vn Hngngeil
In nn I'mnelNenn.
Sin Fiuncisco, April 11.-Miss niga
Temohovieh, a Russian girl, committed
suicide at the St Francis Hold to-night
shooting, almost on the eve of her
Defence ( illicit n "Sliiini" ami JuiIk-
licit! for 1M.OOO Itrnilrrril,
Supreme Court Justice Lehman de
cided yesterday that a defence made by
F.dna. Goodrich to a suit by Oustave
Beer, Ltd , of Paris, to recover 14,000 for ,
gowns, was a "sham." and gave the
plaintiff Judgment In the case. '
In her answer to the suit the actress
admitted that the gowns had been de
livered to her. hut denied Information as
to the value of th gowns and any
agreement to pay for them. i
. '
, w (siding. She was known as the most
'beautiful woman here.
Her engagement to Isaac Fpliam, a
wealthy man, was announced a few
'weeks ago and the wedding was to
take place soon. It was planned to
upend the honeymoon at the bride's
, home In St. Petersburg. The cause of
the suicide Is a myster.
Miss. Temohovieh occupied apart
l)eHtrnn Mrinntn Quartern. ,
Shells mill HolliouseK. ,
GfmisoN, N A'.. April 11.-The ser-I
vnnts' quartern, sheds and h ithoiwes on '
the country estate of Stuyvoant Fish at '
this place burned to the ground last '
night with a loss of several thousand
A bucket brigade, aided by a strong
east wind, naveo me cisu iiiitusioii aim Dempsey
adjacent buildings from destruction. The I (.unrin, ,
mcnts with her sister
Francis. Servants heard
at the
a shot
m i origin of the fire Is unknown.
lle'a Wanted Here In Two SitIihIIc
Thnt Font I p to 7. ,.
After playing hide and seek with New
Hamilton, werelbert A Carter, who Is known to the po-
when they reached the scene the young
woman was dead. 1'pham was attend
ing a club dinner when he heard of tho
I'roseenlor Forces I liilllllrir
Take I p llleellon I'riiuila.
Prosecutor Hubert S Hudspeth
lo.lhe Morgan llrtn. and Stephen Baker.
the Hudson counly Grand Jury yester
day aftern ion that If It did not act upon
the Hoboken commission government
.election frauds at once he would send
no more cases to It. After a conference
the Juiors accepted testimony In the
t matter.
on Wednesday afternoon Assistant , ,...,. i ftml. strode before them
Prosecutor McCarthy asked the Jury toMm, hvhni the cotllu came two nnicers
i (insider indictments on the illegal vnt- , frying the crown of Alx les Bains
lug upon confessions of Charles Man- Uu, rjrand Cross of the Legion of
nlng anil Abb"tt Monroe, two New'u.mnr.
Vork repeaters now serving tune at ndilnd them walked the new head
among the first to go aboard from the lice hy many other names, was arrested
pier. Three friends stood waiting for In Charleslown, S. C , last night. Carter
the Until disembarking They were H ' Is wanted here on a grand larceny charge
II Holllns, Robert II Bacon, ex-Ambas. , connected -with two swindles, one of
sailor to France and former partner In, which cost S, M Jones, a Pittsburg coal
land owner, $:0,000, while the other
parted Major William Pendleton of At
lantic City from $55,000.
The despatch that announced Carter' i
capture also brought word of the a-r.-q
of Frank Tarbo, or Tarbeaux, said hi
the police to be one of the most xper.
of the "old school swindlers" and under
Indictment here for swindling,
Carter, known In the Tenderloin an
bearded, Curley Is said In have headed u gang
that Induced Jones to come to New
Vork last fall to meet some "Hngllsh
capitalists." After securlm; $:'0,ono
from the Pittsburg man to bind a deal
the gang disappeared, A little later
When all the other passengers had
left the ship Mr. Satterlee and J. P.
Morgan. Jr., escorted Mrs Satterlee and
MUs Hamilton along the pier to their
automobile, themselves returning to the
France to walk behind the collln.
The bodv of Mr. Morgan was borne
from tho chapel up a companlonway to
the vestibule of K deck by ten French
sailors, ("apt. Poncelet, gray
riiiiieni Take Hnnrl.
t a of l.imon
i'ih IMS, to
' -'.1 111. o
'nf il dutv to inform
sent till"
'"tter-rf rm fourth rage.
'Trenton, who told how lliey were en
'gaged to go over to Hoboken and vote
The Jurois told McCarthy to wait a
month or so. lie said the Prosecutor's
office would not recognize the jury and
there has been a deadlock since.
' Mr. Hudspeth told the. Grand Jury ho
1 would stand by every word McCartny
uttered. Foreman Gannon nnd otherH
, tried to debate the matter, but the
Prosecutor walked out and slammed the
. door
I Fifteen minutes later the Jury sent
for Manning and Monroe, The repeat
ers made another and more comploto
confession, Incriminating two prominent
Hoboken officials, It was said.
Afterward the jury handed up n batch
j of indictments on other rases to fin
I prrme Court Justice Francis J, Swayi,
Major Pendleton was Introduced to n
of the Morgan family, his son and Mr. .variety of Ihe old wire tapping game.
Satterlee. 1 A warrant for Carter wiih Issued on
The heavy coftln was removed from , November lfl last and Detective Gegan '
the ship over a narrow gangway to the I caught him In SI Augustine, Kin., on,
freight shed. There eight pallbearers i December 1 2 Carter contested his ex- i
I tradition and got out on $5,000 ball.'
Then he disappeared, He was found
iiit Daytona last February by a Central!
;onice man who, disguised as an Invalid,,
had taken the trail on crutches. Hut :
the Florida authorities- didn't decide the!
..vl..nattlr.n miLllni. .....II ,..-11 I n...l 1... I
rAiiit.iii.,,1, . hi until 4, inn ., .inn uv
i held In readiness by J. C, Tledman,
, sexton of St. George'.", lifted It Into the
henrse, which with Its escort moved
away through the rain- through Fif
teenth street to Fifth avenue and so
on to the library In Fast Thirty-sixth
, street adjoining Mr. Morgan's late resl
I deuce.
1 These men will represent the Amerl
lean Academy In Home at the funeral:
; A'. Tt Mend, president; W A. Boring,
1 C Grant La Fargo, Herbert Adnms,
i 11 If, ninshfield, Prof. .1, C. Kgbert,
AY. M. Kendall, the Rev. Anson Phelps
Stokes, Jr., Brock Trowbridge and Prof,
Andrew F West.
Alnnsnn Ttikpn Ills Time In Qiinllf
liiK lo It reel e I. runes.
Yonkkhs, April It After hesitating
for five years. Charlps L. Munsori de
cided last night lo be married and get a
$10,000 legacy left to him conditionally
by his grandfather, George Munson of
Hastings, Mimsnn Is L'5 years old. His
brld". who was Mrs. Louisa Hoeffer, a
widow with no children, is H5, Tlvy
were married by the Rev. Alexander
Schllten at the homo of the bride.
George Munson, who wns a wealthy
quarry owipt. died about live years ago,
In his will he left $10,000 to his grand
son on condition that he married.
I noil n lo III Holmes ns n Sure
I.oiIkIiik fur (lieMtthl, j
Hastino'I-on-Hi-Pson, April 11 -The I
How-ley tramp shelter here, known to
every follower of the broad highway
uh a sure longing lor ine nignt, was
burned to the ground last night. Will
iam How-ley, a wealthy land owner, built
the small shelter some years ago as
an abiding placn for wayfarers hound
to New York. His
I'retlileul Wsrneil Thnt Drnincmllc
Control There I Thrrntenert.
AA'ashinotiin, April II. Kx-Gov. Al
vah H. Adams of Colorado, a Democrat,
served notice on President Wilson to
day that opposition to free sugar might
be the Issue behind which the opposing
parties in Colorado would solidify them
selves. Mr Adams recalled to the President
that the State and national tickets had
carrl'd Colorado In Ihe last election by
plurallles and not by majorities. His
opinion Is that the Progressives nnd
Republicans need only one Important
Issue of mutual Interest lu the State In
order to seriously threaten Democratic
Mr Adams Informed the President that
the beet sugar Industry, which Is the
chief Industry of Colorado, could not
survlie the placing of sugar on the free
NelTport OrgnlllnHtlon's Iletit la
Wiped Out h ilft.
Nkwpoht, R. I.. April 11 -Alfred G
years ago gave
that time Carter had slipped away
Later Commissioner Dougherty got
word from Detective Richard McKenna
that a third man named .1 A. Dowslnn
had been nrres'ed In Charleston. He Is
supposed to be a hotel keeper In Loulsl
ana and Is said to have played "come
oil" In the swindling games.
ognlzed by the fraternity of the road.
The pollen loo knew the place and
often a Manhattan detective would
quietly enter the little shack at night
and let hln dark lantern fhiHh In tho
fares nf the sleepers In his search for
some suspicious character wanted In
the city.
Thousands of tramps have found a
night's lodging nnd a simple meal dur
ing the shelter'! existence.
A'anderhllt, who a few
the Newport Y. M. C. A. n new building
as a memorial to his father, has made ,
another gift to that Institution, accord- ,
Ing to an announcement made by thi
directors. He has given the association
friendship was roe-, R ,.1M.K covering all of Its Indebtedness I Wlllnrd, who declared the present direct
Gov. Suler at the con-
conference, "and get this
shape I believe we will
the statute hooks before
the Legislature adjourns."
Mr. Crocker was elected chairman of
the committee which met In the Kxccu
tive Chamber immediately after tho
conference, and Francis A. Wlllard.
secretary of the Democratic State
League, was selected a-s secretary
Representatives of the Democratic
League, which was organized in Sara
toga In 1910. hugely through the ef
forts of Thomas Mott Osborne, were
much In evidence nt the confluence
and sent out the Imitations to those
who attended.
The Governor's secretary, Chester C
Piatt, read many letters and telegrams,
and so did Mr. Wlllard, from Demo
crats and Independents throughout the
State who were unable to attend the
conference on such short notice. It
was decided to hold another confer
ence n week from to-day for their
Others who attended the conference
were Charles Gibson, a Republican of
Albany who took it leading part in
Charles H. Hughes's campaign for di
rect nominations; Col. William G. Rice,
treasurer of the Democratic Stale
League. ex-Assemblyman William
M. Martin and Walter I. ('avert nf
Saratoga. Joseph J. Murphy of Hens
selaer. John A. Hennessy and John
H. Delaney of New Yolk, James L.
of Oneida, Silas Wright Mr-
of Niagara, S. II. Parks of
Madison, J. C A. Scott of Albany,
I Frank Cooper of Schenectady, John 8.
! Whnlen of Monroe, F-lmer J. AVest of
i Warren. Senators Seeley of Steuben
I and Duhamel of Kings, Assemblymen
Patrle of Greene and Klsner of Man
' liattan.
In opening the conference Gov. Snlzer
reviewed the recommendations he made
In his message to the Legislature and
declared that In his January message he
had urged election and primary reform
legislation as forcibly as he could.
(invernnr Impresses Criticism.
; "Fvcr since then, day In and day out,"
added the Governor, "I have done my
b(st with members of the Legislature to
get them to enact these progressive
laws, My efforts have not met with the
response and success I anticipated, After
consultation with distinguished citizens
of the State 1 deemed It my dut.i to send
a special message to the Legislature on
primary reform.
"I prepared this message with greit
care, studied every word In II, and I
, mean every word In tt. That message Is
! my platform on this question. 1 shall
stand on It to the end. Sooner or later
the recommendations In that messngn
will be written on tho statute hooks. I
! shall do everything lu my power to nc
! compllsh that end. This will be no easy
1 matter to accomplish.
"We all must stand nnd -work together
.between now and January 1 next and
j we will get these laws or know tne rea
i son why. I need your counsel, advice
, and help. No servant of the, people ever
i needed It more thnn I do now,"
The discussion was opened by Mr,
nominations law was driving lifelong
Democrats Into tho Progressive party.
for the last year and the deficits of past
years, enabling the association to start
Its fiscal year nf 1913 with a clean slate, I . , . ... .
General Secretary W. H. Chopin was! "" Ormorrntlr A ole.
In New York recentlv and made a re-1 "The Democratic vote for Governor In
port to Mr. Vanderbllt of the work that this State," ho added, "has shrunk more
has been done by the association since
It had Its new building. Mr. A'ander
h)lt was so pleased with tho report that
he offered to clear the organization of
its Indebtedness.
than 83,000 In the last eight years, A
law which enables members of party
committees to perpetuate themselves In
power and to entrench a mnchln H un
sJemocrotlc, as well aa a law which per-
itj" In

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