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NEW YORK, SUNDAY, APRIL 13. l91.--CopVri9ht, IZ by tht Sun Printing nnd PubtUhlna Aioc,at,on
100 PAGES.
x.vvrv .. -a v
wsk sninng
LXXX. -NO. 225.
LEFT $87,216,691
President Drrldra . to anir 'nun
of I'nuiihkrrpsle,
Wiiii)to.v, April 12 - P .-arned
'.ha Preident Wilson has deeded t.i ap
pilnt a New York cltv man Collector uf
th- Port t.icrr instead .; giving th- p j
l.'vinrt Vifwl U-ip ',l:1"n to an up-State nun. Thl ne
pprai-ill LXponS HIUl mT fo0we( the information that the Pres.-
s'Jtt.lHKMlOd in Securities.. former 'Mayor
M.mv V-itit1ou l"'n con-"!J"',,l certain of th- appoint-
WUI1 illllt !!. ni-nt The b-lief i.. that ome -dark
-iore" will set the post.
Th- announcement of th- President'."
m (JETS 877.miO.O0U ch'in" nf mlni1 "'"it.-d m -tcuiition
' -i? !o it cause. It was .a!il In some
quarter that up-State Independents
, . onnAftn themselves ha.l object.-.! to Hague's ap-
Vnltie "i Estate IS .V.l,)00.000 polntment Waus- he . from Dutches
county, to wnicn Ass.tant Fecr-nry of
t-'lotsliiic Into Hltrrlanil, Whrrr
llnnk Orrall) tleslrr Ir.
. ij' i f- t Iftp-Hrh to THK .
Hep.mn, Apr.l 1: --The Culugw On-
I (('.sivs :t barn from a rehab'.-source j
('lilt' to tin1 I Tt0ll I"l 11 ' of that a large am. 'tint of German capital . Hi
' (lowing to S-.vi.zerland, Including
Wi'illtliy AllKTIfall 111 money and e. "iritlr. pre-umably sent
. . .'jt of Germany to e-ap.. th-war taxes.
London. Swiss tank., tak.ng advantage of the
i situation In Germany, are inserting ad-
. mlsem-nts in '! n- wspap-rs virtually
win contest for $18,000,000. I DADE OTWlTWfl
II icher Than Earlier
nil s:5.i..o.noo AS TAX
m- .ay r ranK..n l Koo. ver. ap
pointment Is nccredltei1. It was held
that two such important appointments
f antl-ontanlMtlnn Democrat should
not be plven th.- am' county.
Another report ha.l .t that friends of fo, la ln ,h dl.appw,
Secretary Bryan had .bj.ctd to Sa?u..- , , 4 ...... '
because of a remars he i ai:s..l to 3 f wt"roi
NO THACK OF TIIK OW.NKR bidding f..r"tli Uxm' from Germany l DIKFKHS FROM MR. TA FT
, and pri'miln' th- utmr t discretion in
' ?.nr.et..in w.th .t
Police l'lial)lP to Say Wllrtlior It I admitted In rl.n banklnc cir
.... . cr tht th mll.tnrv aivi tax mci.ure
It H .'llinlt'l' or , O..for, th- p..u-h.-tait win can-.- many
sjnipiiln shoe r.uc'm-- t- pay th ..mproncy
blilrr nn of l.nie .lnl.li tprrrkrl
tli-fent touimrr llnrl.
?x Frsvii .,, Av.r.l 1: -I hn I) and
Adnlph f-'prck;.". 'h t eld.-r sons f
the .ate I'la ." Sr k-? def-atecl the.r
!.... ' ' ..-..- -...n .....1 Ituu.F.l-..
imi'p i.M iiiuum in the t. n!,.t fur i.K'J0eo of th
fathi-r's -.,.att- to-d .
alk".nc tha' thlr father had Rlwn! SCinllS. Realizes End Is
ifhn I) and A-lo'p!; property worth
SlvOy.')'-) dur.n hS hf.- Thy a:d
thl amount .-hould b- ilnrsed ,iatn.t
h- arc.iunt.i nf the tiM'-r brothers In
dlMdlnu the rfmnan: "f the .;.-tate. I. ......
Th- court held that the e!d"r brother ti.
.h 'tjUl kai; an lai share uf what wa '
ft l-j their f-uh-r despite th ?lfu '
they rere.wd dar.r.sr h:. l.f.-.
1 for
TImmii anil Fnrinors t'nilpr
SluM'iilaii Law.
ji Zp4te to Tas m
l.o.stON. Apr.l 12 There were
:ae.s Is irreuter than th-lr pn,trlotlm to
end thdr m-jvab' capital and collateral
'. Switzerland,
i I: Is said that .' ' d.fllcult to estimate
th- amount --f d.pits and cecurtties
."stimlry Civil Srrvice Bill Con
raining Limitations Will
Ho Introtlnrotl.
"rj I'ontitr. at Times Hardly Con-
i Catarrh Spreading Downward
! and Hreathins Hecomins '
Wamiinoton. April 12 -President
Wilson do-s not believe the Sherman
More Difficult.
appearance on April
fore- Martin, a
have made concern:.- Mr ltrvan :.t the "canny cotton mercnant ot .Mempni.
II tHll ptinl SottloniOIlt Stat- convention last .-immer. It wa-., Tenn . w hen Oe-irtf- Ilarne.. a workman
.. . . . I said that Mr.'Sa?ti had said that he had etnpl-ived by WVt Knd ftirnlsh-rs was
II ll Maoeloine rorre 'voteil for Mr Hran 'hrc- time, but brouicht to Scotland Yard.
ii- c. i ,-rv- - - .1 that the lat time h- j.d o it wa "with
Ueiv Ir.v fin?er on my nM
portant developments to-day Indicating ,h, (ierman banks may lose throush ' anti-trust act should b- er.force.l ncalns
r.l eX il l"
i Ml apprail valuo of Astor cs
e ie?s tieiiiction.- claimwl by the .
bv law.
f.;jtnr atwl al!owel
1 .f in'?r,-t of Vincent Ator.
wrv leatco. tncludint? trust
Jndce I'hrlin of Detrull l)rrrlli.-.
rroTelir llnlatrrs.
Mr Martin's po--ketbook ar.-l cr:ihed
jpera hat were found on Friday mom
mtr. th- Uy after th- American disap
pear! d. closs tJ the Hunserford Hrldpe.
or. th I.imbe'.h s!Je of th- Thames.
Th- pockeibook was ripp-d open, show-
l.loi mi llle, IVnrliiK Dixini In nv
mil, Will Turn Out.
CilXllERS' !l.Li April 1." - T-he ,'
'labor unions or cooperative associations a't,p thousand men and an will ( -tls;'r
. . luiaut- ii.y ;reei.- iiere ,.iijr.ua u;it-r-
: noon and i-very bulne place n ;he
His attltud- on this question Is dl- city will clos- a a protet frurn th.
rectly opposite to that of President Taft. the clov- maklni,' centre of the world. , "Vltri- I'ifl'i'l i in T'fi V-l 1 1' ( 'll-l hoi
who vetoed the sundry civil bill on the a"lnst th- slaughter of the tariff onj " 1 m,tlt "''l"-1
in atiean Ready for
.r.R that thre had evldntly been a
Detroit, April 1: -Juds- James rapid search for concealed money
Phelan of the Reorder1. Court an- r.t-or- Hames started to work early
UUUIH.I.M iu-vi; uwi ' - vi-i a, iii-ii . t, i uit u . .. ... . . w '
staee vaudeville nhow. In their churches " ' "ua- "" ""'r u" "' - -"'of the fO(r y-sterday Just after the Mor- Representative Kltzze-ald of Xt York.
which ll" rtveive- on the ! distribute sandwiches. plp- and tobacco "'-l' ln wv"- h" noticed an , iJn .mer Proteus, bound for New Or-chairmen reipectiv-iy of the Senat; and
cloves ns It appears In the t'n-Irwo.-.i
Mans rmetlnKs In ih- fh e local thea-
i of the appropriation available for antl- tres after the parade will b- Bddres-d
,trust prosecutions In proceeding against by representatives of each nf the poll:.
labor union or agricultural fl-,3C!a- cal P-irtles. Th-r- will be no po'ltlcul
President Vi!)r.'. lews on this Im
j portmt subject became known after his
I conference to-day at the White House
A tall fur eea ambulant- came out with Senator Martin of Virginia and
RflR A r A AMKlll ANl K last diy of hl! "Imlnlstratlon becau.! it
rUIl ft OLn nlllJJUJJnnVJti pronioit-d the expenditure of any part
Tnr Rates to tlio I'l'otcn antl
Brings Injiirntl Soa
man Bark.
cre.l lines drawn
Adoption of the t'nderwuml rtte
said, will mean th- .-ed of t .e il-
It u
v. i tUe beneliciari. $T7.WJ,"-6. .
i n of property owned abso
e v by Col. Astor. $51.2M.a. J
' i - f property in which Col.
- ! id .1 life interest, with power
. i.-pn-al in hi will. $33.23,0'1.
""-rr'V --t a.ide in trust for
... Wa Willing Ator by ant-
'..ii agreement $7.7,39;
r-. i.t aido for Iif u of
! Madeleine- Korc Astor under
in'e-nuptial asreements, $1,495.-
. a1 ie "f pirate tnit et a.iie
! Ator in the will of hi father.
pu'l in Col Astor'a will to
' - Astor. $236,171
11 1- 'ion claimed by executor.
. x n? debt, administrative ex
. -... .xocutor.' commiMion. and
-n.'y-.' fees. $t .7J.771.
v . vai'i" of etat'. if defluction
, .-d ar allowed, $.:,.340.9I!.
Fail In I'arl f"r Wniin-ii'
Kietilnic Ilptiers.
and resort to other similar mean : 1 a - p-ra ha: lim ln mud near a brick-, ,ean wlt.j an unuually urge list of House Committee on Appropriation. pin! '! .'.) Tcr
tract large catherins are the tru- p-o- yard .n lleh-drr- r-jad He paid no tji 'n passengers, droppil anchor for The sundry civil bill will b- .-.-.n:r- Pak:. April '.2. H--ls "f Dre-i-n
gressivts. ife--ion o the hat U-it a little 'urther "lfIV n"ar tlH" entrance to Ambro du.-ed In the House Monday in precisely china ar- the latest - .-entrsclty anmns
The Judge declared that a inlniter ',1 - ,''"rtnnei shortly after 3 o"ciock ;n the the form in which It u as disapproved by th- extremists of fashion here. These
woutd K Justlrled in having a bur'enue ,jn llM )JR'' JIr Manln s pocetljOK. t j;.,,rn,n wnon the air was almost as President Taft Ther- I uood reaion to b--l. are worn in :h.- ,-vrnln- wl:h
show In hi church If h- tho-.mlit tha' It Uelns unable to read or write Uarne 1 U5.tl,1Ur a a slab of pradte. Li-lleve tha: th- prop&-d exemption of foot apparel v.h.ch h.n- . k or -atl.i
would till the edifice wa n ' !n:rettd In the contents v.f the . An Italian seaman hod become entan- , ubor unions from the operitlon of the upper
"The.- men are preparing to meet i,ockettk. H- inrust It into his PvCke: ' B'-J ln h" cnl!a oab!e acd J'aJ;' Sherman law will be bitterly foiuht in It I- pr-du ;ed h .wew-r. -hi: p-.r '-
Ini. leil on St'ciiii: Vi-nnitm
Bi.Iiop lii'.jiiti' lioftoi'.' Plea
Rt'IapM' Followcil.
their Master" said h- Juris-. "They
can say to Him "I did mv best :o fi'i mv
church and carr our my chosen work ' '
Tha pocketboxk was rlpp-d along the
earns and :h- l-jtli-r torn In parts. 1
Th- . pera hat f-ur.d to-day In a
oafered condition about t-n yards f rom
vre.e the pocke'book had lain
I5arne aft.-r h- had arrived home
fr -m imrk -in Apr.l 4 hnwed th- pocket
bo.. k - h. wife, vvh i vv-a alo un
interested in It Th- wall-- remained
view of Mr. Taft s -trong message uii im win .au- in- 1-rom-n women 1
astw is-liners have no surge jns and hM subject Just before he wen: iut of adopt l--e. ,.f Se-r,s . hln.t !-.t-a-l nf
'""apt. Widiam H-jpner could not end
.ifeaoat r. through the ob.:uratlon. so
he w-nt tnls message through tht a:r t-.
I'as-enger Agent K. II. Patton:
Send tucUxit f r man badly hurt
UMd anciu-r off th- head of Ambrose
Channel. -ff Bu-.y 23 "
Agent Patton found the Morgan I-lnn
he Dresden rt:
th- hat-d T.:jr.-
finanl Says Mr. Ki'vc Warnoil
Him Against I'inir Bouil
lon Fiibps.
on the manteip.ee- ln Harness hou.'- eat ..ng tu K! Amlgo i.v.ng at the foot
Ch.irle ft.-eet.
Capt. William Hull went at top speed
int.' 'hi af.erni.on. .
When Barnes arrived at Scot.and Yard 1
o-day he .aid. "My foreman read :he'
olllce. The provision to which Mr Taft
took exception rends
"That no part of this money ..1
?30o,oooo appropriation 1 s-hall N-sp-nt
in the prosecution of any organi
zation or individual for enterng into any
combination or agreement having in
view the Increasing of was-., shorten
ing of hours or lettering th- coint.ti.-n
of labor or for any act done ln further- w-re killed
unc- tn-reto n : m lts-i; tini.iviJi. iure.1 i an
vi h It'll m.i ie
lWTON, Apr.l i: -il.)41li.m ltie hi-
leged to have been poisoned were :n the
t.,rv ot .vir .Martin uiapp-aranc- 10 no..e wth h(, w.v.ni ,, sa-jticat folk
m-and I eclaimd. Why. I've go: that n p!l!n b.ne might make wiy for
man ijcke'bok on my mantelpiece." ' a ?an:antan.
I' was only on iat at.lraay morning
when mv wife was dusting :he mantel-
dL-vvn th- ilad.on. making a mighty ,)rovtded further, that nj j.ar: of :h.. Wcjdward
-..'.a IfH U u ..t -i-t-'.-t .frf .... ........
Tun More lien I'erhni-. Hun i'l.tnl
I In I'i-ii n. v I v 11 tiJn,
-niK.-.E. Pa Apr.. 12 !' .r
1 --.v.. i .-rha; - f.iu l..' In-
plr... , ..f ca. i:i the
1111.-.- .f in- Ij. iaw.ire
Wi; ,
approoi i.ition shall t- -xi nd-ii f--r the Lackawanna am! W. t. rn ' 'ompitij thi
proMcutlon of producers of farm pr.l- e-. .-ning.
uct and asscKr'.atlon of farmer who The explosion vv
tha: h- nearly thr-w th
into tr.e tire
n-k.A ... ..... w. . .. .. l.An V. . ,n
' '-H ,"r0r A1!"1'"! J'.:l'h S-t..nd Yard to-day wn. found to Von-
tain Mi Martin ticket on a 1'unard
1. In. t.imhlp. a doen carl p.ir:-.'.
xpert apprais-rs appointed by O. Katon In Aslnlpp; at the tlm- when
r under th v:II of Col 'h- Grand Jury was l.-anng evidence
. At -r ard bv John Qulnn.'wnlch rr!'u!'-r' '" Nr" ''"- '-'ng m-
1 t .-. . .. ' dict-d for hi murder This fact was
lr.je fur state Comptroller . ,,,,. K.. m. i.-. fc 1. 1- .. t
' revealed bv Mr. Ha.ph P he.. .June
. determine the value of the Ain.WOrthi t, a man who wa guarding
rs. ral property Ir. th- ..-state , tho pr-.-mlse
.rr-jf --f the transfer tax "I wa Fitting In . i:.v;n dmlr.g
-Uti their work. r'"m lat, !n -nir.g. ' says the
1 1 ..u .u , guard, "when Mrs Harrison. Mrs
r-por'. coupled with the afn- ..,, . ,-v, , . . , .,. .
K 1 I.aton mother, to.d me that If 1 ti.vn-.ftl
reoornrs. M r. n ina: . . , . , ., , ...
,1 ..t. k. . ...... . III Mall an-i a card tearing th- word.
.11 - 1 ..j 'MlUlllUI. .UU!- II. .t OLkI.t. IIL..C
. r about 19. 000, 000 more later I decided to mlt on- of the cubes
rr.a?e -ipnn which the estate w'th ho: wat-r and ha. - a cup I wen
m.rary tax nf J 3 150.000
(.apt. Hull Kr...w tne water hr-about w.rfit and organize in an effort to
so well that he reached th- side of the aRj f,,r lrie purtsiee to obtain 11 mi main
tain a fair and reionable price for th-tr
This provision wa pas-ed ly th-
iroteus bv instinct. The injured sea
man was lowered to the tug and Capt.
Bull took chance of wrecking hi boat
f ' ill a vvav .1..
n.lne ..vv ner.
. r. i-ed 1-v u-mtl- r.
a.-. rt. ur.e.l l.v t .e
o lotnlng Uick full speed and landing Hou-- ami S-n.ite with hardlv an op
1 '.; 'h
. ai .e j
h- name "J W Martin. Memphl
T-nn a few card with th- num.- 'J
W. Marnn t'otton Manufacturer ' one
card with an address, a r-c -.p: fir
twe,- rn.h.ng and sixpence from a
i.tv safe dep..--.: .ompn. an hon-jrat'
memb-rship card of the Automobile
i'lub l-anng l.ockhart Aml-r-on's r.om-
lnat.on. a card l.-l. rgir.g to a doctor In
Injjrel man ln a to: in th- h
o cl-.'K
The Prn.e .a ,t -in.ler -jv soon a.'-'
position In fct memler it- vt
nwar- that th- limitation had ln in
corporated 111 the bill until President
Taft s v-to mess-ige ret-lv1. Pr.--dent
Taf' ct arm :. r:Z'-l tie provision
as via, leci-lat.- r. uf the most vic.ou
sor' ai.d (I-rlared that to permit cer
tain rlns.es to combine while denying 11
to other "would r. a crim- agalnt in
state. '
Mr. Taft said further 'At a tun-
cubes and put thm n 1 plate.
' "June 1 Mr Kevesi va th-re Sh-
a Trai.-f-r Tax Appraiser ?an snH cub-, and -a..i. 'I.n : to un
- i.-'j.rr. t'.e special cniins-i. them. They t-long-d to ihe Admiral
',- Led-ard. Jr. att.ney They a.-- poi..n '
-u-... have examined the ex- "Then -he 'ook .h- cube, into the
, . , Kitchen and I did not see them again,
e-erm r.e that they have fol- . ,h8 thr ,hem mIll
pr-x-edur- in making stove."
'h- report will be
"Savov Hotel ''
The po-k-tbook . of ! lack rough
mjroccj with the .n.tials J W M '
.tamped in gilt -.n the l-.it her It 1
r p-:
ri al
It was also learne. to-day tlmt Mr.
Apra. r Coggey and filed. Katon said before the arrest that she there were
xpected that 'her- will b wonio r.-ver 1 mijuuxeu mr.e. .ou
- .-. t-.e ncures. as submltte.l "'-aWu I- frank Hammond of .Vorwell.
w no mm oeen or.e 01 ine uarvis ai ine
ICaton houe. said to-day
' Befor- Mrs. Eaton was arrested she
-aid to me that if thv tri-d to attach
th- crime on her they would nlo try to
prove her inan-. She added 'l-t them
tri it. They will nver prj'.e m- In-
Mrs Harrison and Mr. Eaton's daugh
ter" ar- confident tl.v Mr. Ki'on will
i.ick home before 1 inz Mr. Harri-
p-iri of .- r. has remarked ahojt her daught-r'
hi until after c. ntinual talk of prison, saying. "I
s to whom it told her to eliminate such thoughts from
her mind.
... aihdav.' .r. behalf of the
v.. 1 -ia Hiddi- Jam. iioos-- PRESIDENTIAL PRIMARY BILL IN
Doogl. P.ubinon and
r wa made by Mr. Biddl-
- -ha' ''.. Ator made two Cumnl Slare
. j:. -erne nt for his wife
lilliht nf lier sluilrllts liscnpe I'ronl
Burnlntf Manalnn.
iRW.-wi-'H. Conn. April 12 Klght
student uf Miss I'l'ich's Sch-x)! f.r
tilrl in N-w York nearly lt their when there n vv ilespr.ail cmiiUli.; ..f
lives t. .-right Ir. a t .- in the mansion the high cost of living tt c-ramiy
at H-ll- Haven, w! :ch i leaed by th would I? anomrilou to put oil the
school so that .tudents may pas the .statin- lxs'r.s of th- I'mt-d State .ti.
r.nried ... though some on- Was trying Week etd tl.ere , uc in erre.'i prevetu.ng in- pro IU.IU
to find whether m n-y w-ts under the T!.- girl nft-r tl.ei- escape huddled 1 of combination -f producer of farm men:
, jv,-r in the barn w.th their matron. M.. ' products for the purpose 01 artincianv
Barnes was ta-v.t -v.-r t-.e ...!'. of Luke of New Vur ur.tll their Ulnng control!. rig pin.-. r.d the evil ;.- -lot re-
;'n- d.scoverv by iw ije'eciives to-day ir.g were brought to them. Although moved although it msy t- ma.K.l t v
and the ground wa- t arefully exam- offer were mid- : y neighbor to ac- referr.t.g to th- purpose of th- .-igar..-
.r.ed Yalua -l- --lue were obtained. commciate the girl oe- night It was zatic;; a t- obtain and ma.nta r. a tvlr
The po ketbook wa found 100 yards decided best for them to return to .New ut.d reasonable pr c- for their pni-
from th- river, but th- police have York m-nnri!. The tlrf-nwlch fire de- ucts "
i... ...u.m -...,1 nh-tt,r r.r n.ir n.irtmer.! wive,! the S',00 000 residence Th- House prompt'.' pa.il th-
U'llllsilis Willlt. In VIm.II.Ii
sliilvtliMV III (npltol t..l.
v -,tr;.-r . A;.; . 12 T- . .ig.
r. :....i; .-' .u-.e t-aths v-r. .10 - . .i -dav
: t'.e t.. ! i' -ri-.. " '...a.t'.."
n A-i.-t ,.nu I'-n'.r.i: f t!.e I'on'ir.gent
2.xpn"i. -f 'he .-en:- A.I -ni-p.
yee. w -r- t..t ;.iri.'''d
S. r.a'nr John Srmrp Wil.lam as 1 hiir.
r.;an .-: i it- new i.rr.:-...'. ' .ucoeeded
.n Aboli.-.ng the r,tu:i He wants to
-b it up :he baroe; snop In the Capitol
al- II b-'ieve -.at Senators ought
-ay f .r th-.e 'ath. nia.i. and
eitti ' jV f'twrl-i to Trc
Kovif. April 1" r: a. M Th
'.lliliti.,;i of the I'-'i-e at thi h.-ur was
uiii-huii'gi' 1. Ii-' 'v.i- ii" vv-ii-e. Hi.
tii.iH-rair.re i -tornlr .it li-t. The
Pop.- ll:. been lilii.ble t- ..ee.
IlOJih. Atil'il IH. At 1 1- nV'-k this
morning 1 Stiiili.v 1 '!. Pois-' fevtr
wit .lightly iliiiimi.li'il and hi teai
l'rniure w 1. half a i!e:reo lower,
l'ivi- v .i.ilow iu the I'opo's apart-
mem are .till lit up. Including the two
"n In hl l..slroi:i. tb! being ,1 ure .t;n
thiit li ilw- U"t -Its-p.
II.. i-otidlii-- . wiili-li I very rloin,
I. iitii-liniirtsl.
Knrllor r-5rt Iveu out at the Vat
11 :-.n iy ilint the patient' tetnpera
luro yi'-tenlny aft-rnom ',n
-le.'ns-. Kahronhelr. At 7 lat evening
''t -,va. Ifi.i. -'jovving a fall nf nearly
tare ib-gri"-'..
Prof. M.'tr.-lii. fav.i ha told Cardinal
.Merry del V.i'. the Pupal S'-'retary
of .-.-.ite. til.-- tile P.-p,. will not dl-
.l'i; .:i - :l.- 1.. jut .iiiil that iir.yhow he
will not il.e -Uddetlly.
No .me li.-i- l.'ii adtnltt'sl the
Poise's b.sli'-s.in be-.de Prof. Mar- h a
f.iva. fir Atnici. the I'oirlfT. two eue
tian -M-p'tarU'. and --ne of hi ,-..'er.
At tune t!i pop.- I hardly i-on-mu
and owing to hi. ottsli and --r- fh- - ir
he I- un..ti!e to talk, but hi '.v- 're
haves .;e athej p, ror.. an I not -rv -l.iient .itnl hov that li-r"i izes
barge ,-xp--n'e -1 the (J.i.err.. ... . . ,. 1 ..n.. .. ,.
he 11
aln-.i a T
ars mr..n-
any blooj fialn on the from d-str jc'.U"'.
sundry civil bill over Mr. Tift's vto.
1 H.i r t'j.- r.d i
cll-sl to It.
A. M-jr Brt-.-an. 1I1" P-- - -1
-- - - ' tary ..ud iiia- on l'nd.-i.v uiol .-ai .r-
K. C. PIERCE SUED FOR $ 1.525.000. ,imj n. pop..', bin.-in and gav- tL--
Pontiff i-omtmitiinn th- d's'tor have d
. l-'.isl ii t t-j ord.-r th- viaticum until
the i.i.t moment. .V-vertta-le-. the .n
.oats BaiiL VULri t'lnlm fur
';Iiik Ills llli-Krd Drill.. I
Lo: !. Apr.l 12 - Th- .Nat.ona'
f t.-.e var."U holdings of
a: I u probable that the
re iu.re-1 to pay an addl
iggrgitiiig thnuand of
Xliuent Vilor UTT.ooil.ttOO.
- .- a at -he w.ai amount
.-. - r.; A:or under his
' .ir.- an aggregate legacy
' ' r lie.OOO.OuO more
- r.a. .mate
ground. I Pirr.es said tint l: did not Th- f.r- was rause.l ,y an overh-ated but a w-te 1.-. me ..nai' v.. prev-mio 1 - oiiu.-ien- .-1 . i.ou-.s si cu
-.O'tir to h rn to look for sign of a furnar- Th- floor ibov th- furnac- by a filibuster engineered by S-n.itnr uit to-lay .n the I'cu!: (.'ourt again.-:
scatlle n the m-.rntr.g of his find, bu: firt caught fire. All the girls had gone Polr.dexter of Washington. Henry Clay Plen- to recover UMSW
the idea fia!i.Hl to h.s mind on seeing to their room on the thir-I lloor. There Informal announcement was mule a al.ee.-1 to b- d.ie it from P.erce in pay.
th- hat and the pockettsiok that a rob- . no t.l-phone in th- house and the vr-ik or so aso that President Wilson m-nt of the -ndeb'.ednes jf :h
berv had been committed. alarm was ent In from Mr. Topping's approved th- veto of his predecessor mina! Construction Company. 1
The p....ve .nierulr. two theor.es. on- hous- near bv The firem. n found the ard that he would ask that the sundrv .-.in corporation
f murd-r and :he other .f sub id. . bu: place filled with .m-.k- and had bat- civil b.ll b ame-.ded accordingly. The Th p-:!:!on charge that about S.-p-
ter down th- duor-. I .-nm upper win- fact that the bill 1 in do reiniruuuceo .rmw-r i -n. , .e.-c- nguuv ap.
.low appeared the head, - f exci'-d with th- app'ovnl of the President with- propria'-.! t- h.s own u- th- en-in
girl r.e gi.-l f--rg..t a diamond ring out amendment has excited much com- .'P-ck f Nah 1"..- Teimlr.al r"un-.piry
and two diamond :is which she had m-nt in Washington. To some It is of Tennessee, valued a: ll.'.OO.oy ),
laid on a wih V.usif if her bathroom, iicctpted as foreshadowing u part at vvhl h the St. L-.u.s bank says '.erc-i
Assistant Kng.ee-r Iaac M. Hubbard least of the programme of ar.u-tru.t pledged as security for the payment of
..limb-d a ladder to the third floor and leg.slatlon tint In due reason will be the construction firm s debts The J3
t..ey be.i.-ve tha: :ie onl time when
'.hey . An pr- nousc either of :he
th.-orie corr-it . when the l.l-.- 1
found ar.-l It 1 iki-r:a!n"l whether
or n.t Martin p -..-. -ej :ne Jl.uoO
w ' . h he wa. knoT. .". to have carr.ed
n th- nignt of h.s d.sapp-arance
'nfi- -.arl-s to
The l.-cility of the discovery of the' got the Jewelry.
submitted to Congre. by the new Ad- 00-5 adu.'l -r.al Is asked as damages
-t- Ator. one of which
- v w...-'h ll.354.U5. The
! at !311 33-i, making a
' 'j: Col. Astor left a
' '.OcO o hi ife in
-r',?! f r th- first
i W....ng As. or, affected
. -u a-, only J7i7 357 The
:. . r.or make no nin-
:- : v 1-ft t 1 Mr. Ava
r -hvorc" decre
-.'vr. -d outrlsht by Col
..-d a- j"1.25r3'V There
p- of propi-r.v vvh ch he
iid-r -h. vv.ll of hie father,
vv.-. power to dispose of
i . -.vn will. 'Jite group
.-i and the other :!;.-'i.i(..-.e
ootn real e:ate
- rhow that ui- value of
Is over IC3.377 r.v0, while
'.- -ecurl'.le Is over 12".
at'ire of th- appraisal of
:ne grea: uuantlty of
in th- part of the
absolutely by Col. Atnr
:ig !.; personal invest
ipar.son vvlth th- high
I'rntltle for
Direct I'opalnr Nomination,
WASiUNrro. April 12 A scheme
'f .- a national Presidential primary to
b- held In all States on the second
Monday in July in the year of Prei
uenllal elections wa introduced to-day
bv Senator ummln of Iowa.
He eliminates from 'he plan 'lie
nom:nr.tlon of Presidential electors and
provides simply that every citizen may
vote for the nomination by any pirty
or uvJepindently of parties of any
mer.can citizen fur iTesldent and
A national board t n canvass the
ret irn and certify the nomlnttlon to
V-iimn.l CimmlO.-A rtt -He v.-'flri!
parties and to th- eert:on officials. The nrlt'e of I
bu! forbids the nomination of Pr-sl-d-nt.al
candidates bv any otner means
than by Indepeden: petition or through
his primary
p..ckrt:j.j.ik is on- of the toughes: in Justice Ait--rt .xieau ami itenjinun ministration.
l.f.ndon. P .s a hofb-.i . f cheap hotel. E. Kelley r.-cue-l two girls who had
where th-vneap k.r.i f :re-t vvomt n l-n overcome by moke. Mis Luke jj REPORTED DEAD ON CRUISER
.odge P : al-" the habitat of on- of refue.l to give the names of the girls
'..v t 'Hjghe.t gar.-, the m-m ..-rs of in her charge.
II. 11. Brnylon of Brorklnn rrqril
nf KntheilllnK 1.',.1IMI.
which live i,v ii.bb.-ry and vi- lence
H'lngerf-.rd Br dge tro-e the Thams
from f'harlng 'ro-s
Its main .:rjiture ! th- railway
bridge for th- London, Chitham and
Dover lUIIroad. "n the left nf this
fr-im Chailng '"r ss Is a footway for
pedestrians. It t abo-it !-, in feet wM
wlth a wid Iron railing less than four
f -t high The bridge is sparsely lighted
by ga lamp which are l.'.O feet apart
.md after midnight saw; for an occa
sional pedestrian the fmrway Is de-..-rt.sl.
!t vvoiIJ be verv eay for a gang of
'.-ugh and garri:em to puh him In o
he il,. r Mr Mar-.n . pr-sence In
i.s neighborhood ,,n,i of the p-CUd-
cas.- During h. t.iy
,'i L- r.don It ..eim that he '.-d filr."
gay life and wa a freijuent visitor to
the night Ciiib where th- higher class
of London' demi-monde resort. Un
tr.o night of April 2 h- was sees In
sjch a place danc.ng vv-Ph an American
vv.-man. who declares tha: rli- has nt
so. n him r-lnce
While the po!it say that they have
Co-day Consists of
Eight Sections, as
rmnent wa expo-sl throughout the
1 In a private cliarsd on th- ll' nr be..,w
, th" Pot-' apartment the Saeri-t of th
i Holy Se Mcr. PlOrl. ha. priar-l
'the holy oil ninl I wal'iiu the Mini
1 tnoii. from the bcdrooiu.
The guard, about the at n
ground, have b.-n i.oir.lisl 111 .-rder i
insure that no one enter- th building
, In which the V ntitT'. apartment
; .Itliated.
i Prof. M.irvhiafiivii li ft the Vati.-an Rt
'11 oclis k lat night and axiuupanleil '.
the poi-'s .tsters home. The how
j nrcupbM by the sister 1 only a short
CLUB MEMBERS IN TI5T FIGHT. ! distance from the Vatican.
! ., . .,..., ... n.l.lnlffh.l
I no l i'-. n-llil'-'i am. ' .1. 11. -..-...
wa. .toady St lOl.H degree.
Ciirdmai Merry del Val. the Papal
Si.vreriiry of Stat-, did not go to th
There- s .iforr.ey would not make a
tatemvnt regirdlng the case.
I.rsrh Unipany Official Knocked
lloisn In Kncouslrr.
Mvcov, C, . .April 12 T P Wick-
cruiser hnm' x lc,,Pr'"'l'1'nt of the A B Leach
eit-t-llli ITOll-llies ,i i-;i.s i-lJite. Wa.
knocked down in a fis: figh' in 'he fah-
i!!plom.it to dmuer at the Austrian Km
b.is.v la-t night. He did not dare to
llplrtVmlr f spliml MenlnBlll tld
I to n the Cmif.
I A dispatch saying 'hat eleven a 1 r
, had died In an cpederaic or spinal men
.v.. C-,... .olai
inguis on -.11- 1.111-cu V.-..-V. octrl.
ailiornia was sem in irom .-an iv..-.-.
i . ,. ii . .1.. loanbl- Cherokee Club here thl aft-r-Uui; .ni; ab-ent from the Vatican.
, Guaymas, Mexico. I A fftU mlnut U,HP w Ma,w ir.ini.sll.itely cea. to be M.-retary of
At the Department In Was.-.lncton It . .,,1 ,. .....i.. n, v.-i. v-oru- .h.. st.it.. ntnl tnii.t delivcf hi ft. 0
'' reported that a fireman on the u . v ,.,. of th ,'nrh . .,.,,,,, 1 ,.,,, u.i, assume, entire
comjianv anil threatemd to "punch hi , Vatican.
his father
ivorihli-aa serurlllra,
. 1, hi pa
eleh u.iiihl tenit ft- firinorr n theorv
V.r i:rn:. Mas., April 12 -P.nbert E f .... th d!,...-. nf hls hati'
and P'Ti-ketu-.k In such a neighborhood
of low- r.-pu'e where thv wer- picked
Hrav: in, a3itant postmaster sine 15
and bonds in th trust and the oldest man in th- local post
vi.i'.r III li-ll.i -i .-!. I--', .r- y..-.- up oa,, to ti far that f,,, wa
rest on a charge of embezzlement of jruBlf a-ciyd acro the bridge,
12 500 from the money order depart- ,Wuj ..1 mnrrt..r.i '
value of ,ev. men:, which with th- registry depart- Mp' .,,..., , ,., h ... At.,Ur.
: mi io oe wormiess mvnt wa tinner ti' p-rsonai cnarge W(th Whom th.- cotton merchant
'' A i' j.-'k death are all The arrest was made at midnight and str-pp.d, i.s sceptical in regard to the
'.iai.. v him. On- of the p, 000 bail was Immediately furnished theories' based on the diyov ,-ry nf the
i-"l sne, ,,f Allis-Chalmers f.r an appearance before Commissioner pocketbook and th- opera ha' When
f $'H.3'f0 which was Kayes in Bestir, "r. Monday mornlmr. informed to-day he said he would wait
1 .a i- final reorganization "The shortage . ' said Pottmast-'r Hoi- ,irid would hold back his belief, partlcu-
any an1 which Is therefore toWood, "was not discovered by the ln- larly as Scotland Yard refused to give
specter until he made his last visit here him or his friend, Capt. Prior. Infouna-
,re , m. report which will last June. 1 had .such faith In Mr. tlon. hut on the contrary arranged for
1 smen the tatment Brayton that I accepted his dally re- both Mr. Anderson and Capt. lrlor, fori
. iiil. nn.l ulr.n.,1 ik.m - ' '
nucd on titventh Pn-jc, day'' j Continued on SUth Page,
FIRST - GtrifMl Newi ... 16
SEC0SD Sportini - . . .
THIRD -Re.l Estte. Finncil.
Poultry ... .8
FOURTH -Pietorul M.guir, . . 16
FIFTH Fiction Mijjiine - . 20
SIXTH -Children'. Migiin - . 8
SEVESTH Forenn. Booki. Queriei,
Fnhioni. C.mei . -12
EIGHTH Society, Art, Drm, Muiic.
Sehooli 12
TiUl 100
cruiser had died of the d.eae follow.
Ing the measles, out m.11 no ome. faCt ,f h() wotlid com ,,, th, D-.mn-ev
death had occurred.
The San Diego me.ag wa : the
(ffect that th- Paul Jm-. wif:e: tor
pedo boa. !n th p;,. ;(i,- tie-1. was sa.1-
Cardinal Merry del al sent a tne.
Mass-es and a third brother. David, ige to Cardinal Scraihio Vsnnutelil.
started out for the Learh men. wben,w,.H oiTlce i to give absolution t'
deputy sheruTs puce.l them under nr-
Ing to Guaymas with surgeons and a rPSt ' AI1 ttvrH arraa.nM, .fore Judge
supply "i ser im ir treating vm- nlges In Special Sessions tv J Mis
malady see wa asked if he Would kei -i the
peace, but h- refused. "Place him un
der 120,000 bond," said the clerk "Cash
Is re.pured too ,,r put him In Jail''
Bat I'refrrrulUI. Are Held Club Masse finally apoloelz.d to th- court
and was released on 15.000 ball
In Coffer Matter.
, WvsiUNGTuN, April 12 The Brazilian 1
Cabinet has issued a decree declaring
that tliu tariff preferential on certain 1 Accepts
American goods exported to Brazil ar'
, ui be regarded as still in effect up to
April 9 this year As the preferential
current in 1912 wer& not declared In
the I'm-', in which he told him that
it wis I'liti.. i-ssary for him to pen l
a .le-ple night. However. tncei
ger. nrc r-ad.v m an automobile in
' the courtyard of Sim laniao.
Home. April 12 Pope Piu. attar
partially recov.-rm-j his strength from
ihe relapse of Influenza, is again in .1
grave condition to-n.ght. owing to hi
determination to receive visitors, H-
Readtrs or ntusJealers una
Jo not recti:e all of thtst
secliom uill confer a janr
on "The Sun" Ai notifying
the Publication Department
at once by the phone (2200
Beekman), and the misting
sections uill be promptly
forwarded, if possible
Irr)liitnt- imlei'iBir rnro from txvJ this murnlnir ami Mart!
A rtAahttha V. I a- in-K'lrl.i. n .1 tiuarl rt f tha
In OfHc ...vr Hone. cch ,l.s ph.clans advl-ed against
Washington, April 12 Mis Mabel .,ny ,..,-.rli0n, but the Pop- was not t
Boardman. executive head of the Amer- su.ied S-'veral visl ors were r -
,.!IL ',. .'- h-nninir n iota there 'can H.-d Cross, this afternoon receive! c,,ivcd Vv '-he Pontiff but the task was
had been much anxiety among Amen- Pre.l.lent Wilsons acceptance of the too muth
can exporters presidency of that society As a result eor.nernntlnn re.gned '
it is understood that the Brazilian M'Ss Boardman tailed at the While the Vat.can tnis afernoon when the
Government intends to hold over tho Hou- to report the rlood relief work of p0pe s condition took a turn for ih .
heads of merlcan exporter the pos. th- Kl Cross and explain 10 the ITesi- wor. Bronchitis d-v eloped, and theri
slbll'ty of' the removal nf the prefer- dent that the Chief Executive In former was a r'-carrenc- of ine Influenza, T'--
e'nt.ils until it Is learned what the dmlnltratlon. hid acted as pr-'sident doct-irs were summoned hastily to th.
rniteil States Intends to do about the of the Red Cr .ss. patient's room and hours of aaxliy
coffee valorization suits. President Wilson listened with interest followisl.
The Brazilian preferential apply to to Miss Boardman'.s account of the work At 10 30 to-night It was announced
flour, cem-nt and several other articles done In relieving Ohio flood sufferers that the patient's bronchial catarrh Is.
of American production. Brazilian
coffee and rubber come free Into the
United States.
and said he believed everything had been spreadlr.R downward toward the lunrs.
done by the Government and other j where excessive quantities of mucus
agencies that could be dona. Lhava accumulated. At that BMT tke

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