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Second Sevtton
Sporting and AutomoMUs
NEW YORK, SUNDAY, APRIL 13, 1913. Cop'jrlght, 1D13, by fn Fun Printing and rubUfhlng AMOclntton.
72 nt rincliurst Outdoes
Kownps's 70 In Soml
Finul Hound.
This Match Carrlos to tho Nine
trnnth flrocn Itcgulnr
Sehrtlulo Ends.
m.m r.r,
0., April 15 -Charlton
woodland Golf Club of
He, er
t i
i'r ..l.e W ,lt in- rn t'i " f'-rf i
'-'' .. .. .... . 1
a-,r. ii. n.'i-Apm Kaii .v.......-,
r f,i. ttniirv :
8. iw"
C -fit.
a. a
i -
. . . lea vaVc-d to th'l
' ' ' of ' " : ' ;,, , mer 1 obert
' V:"."Y,'' h rn to tho
. ,. mini tn.s n.ie.noim .or " "
. .". . " t,n torn ln the final. I
. . .li. i at d -:riilii thn n. nth.
. i - . ii' - i,
htm tho tenth. The
I :n :. Hunter tied tin
:h and won the ih r-
ir..i ntalntil the umu unit
i: nct four hole" In
H--ker 0I1 till! elirh'eetllll
eVci.'h In the samu tlsuie
I .
for !
.. for the clnhtM'n hV,e
mak llo.Sie.-'n total f"r
l',ie lr.omlni,' Mrl f
ltecker and 1'ownc rank
. , irded in tournament pla
I 4 4 f 5 6 St
t 3 1 5 8 3 f 3 3
i .1 :. i 'i n s 4 st "t
i i ;. i : i; 37 :
j ..
i. .
i .
. - f. .
2- ... e
A 'V.I
1 -.
! ! i'
II. tfr
nc round wa an and I
I'Wln of the Kent Clllh.
: it. .1. V Hunt of I'lttn
, and In t tie third,
rr. phv.
fiml-!lnl Itobert 1 1.
U W. Iiwln. Kent.
u .lo llund. heat II. i
nt : iiinl
ll'inier I up (li holn I
,..ii s ml-flnHl !' I.
ir .rt-e. lie it Hr M W
1. 1 ,1 : .1 V. llur.1.
A: ii.-triiiiu. I'arl. 1 up ' I'.
'-.in n
pli i
i t't
Z an I 1
eint rt'in!
Mm. on
l.rat ""l It A h!rt. Milple
' .inn I tat Unn. I and 4.
'rt' m I the lat o' the rejni
ff e.ents on l'ie I'ltiehllrs
I iV
II ii I Tournament oinnilllee I'ott-1
poneit I'lny for MiiinlfV 'rriiih5
. Uitn'niti, N .1 Apr'l 12 --l'referrlnc
t r lir'eelllh hole to elChtfon Wet '
. S'Ctihir Kulfer remained Indoois nt
i Country I'lub of l.akewo.nl ;.i.ilh. In
r- ' uiitdt, the tournament for the .lohn '
V -1 lanlev memorial cup ih postponed
i. ' tir i S:mml.i. nlun It will be uin
i nt th til-' rKUla- hand'eap that
I n. close of the fprlns Invitation
to'a! of forty-five entrl nbiut
r.in were on hand thN murnlnR
f same and HMil to t icklo the
i t" of th ffenlv iln'.i npour
nt so ken. I'ltnlly the urn-
mini of Krnk Shanley, donor
"h and A. l'ottn. rot to
I Ji . uled upon a postponement
i. As a majority of th seniors
' tal.lni; part In the Invitation
;' ' expertoil that praet.-
"iihlnal tnt'itnt.s will be mi
The anil (Idler I'linlt UnUp Trnt-k
(lutlonk at Colnmlila Itotj.
.CI nr.! ore
dual im t has leen
I f. tie c.liiinbi.i tia-a teitn
i- r ' I. ivlibnt as a lesult of
' t t'.reo weeks oiitd'Hir jiractlce
I! n and While will have an nm
team tlls veur than last, when It
' su-prKe if the lnt'rcolleirliile
.11 1 w.is In .i tie for fourth place
IIi'Mird The dual meet, which Is
n "inn, will he held on South!
Mo 1" This meet. Incidentally.
.. renewal of track til.itloi.s l !
imt'iii mid the Tlceic, which
..ii off ioir.e five e.lls ,mo
Wefers hat a Mjuad of betwern
1 and one hundred men out for
The series ,if w.-ekly haiiil ciip
, aii. ountrv runs verv seemid
b'niiith o it a wealth nf new
'ii I'.. fii -Inn in i la-, he has
I "a i e. eeti .tialli irood ni'Ti t.i
I V. Kniet. the fmtner a Im.
ti. in and the latter a quatur
uliinililn Crrw )narfrra 1?p Hlvrr
Hearty In Mldillt nf May.
On'.umMn's new crew tralnlnK quarter"
iirhkeepsle will be rady for oci u-
uri (
10 ne middle of n"t month tf
.m lll'-e want-s to take his oarsmen
11 id in at as early a date as thit
- I il. as the billldlmt that will
' . i hen and dlnlnir loom is
i i. ullv tln!hed and the j..,),,,
' in l II bo.ltlloil'e is done up to
I It- u
iiu.itta comes earlv I'.l.e
shift hi" tuse uf opet.it. oils
ii examinations me out of
ml 'f tills It ilnne It will mean
"ifs'ii. n mil take their n'holai
n quatleit. The i--atta Is
I f June 51. TI oluinhla
iiM iit dues not come until Juno 4,
' trie Ciiliiinhlaus remain ln New
t'mt day thev will hive only a
r two wicks for the polish-
'.miners -liint llraplte Itiitn.
' -I- of the dilvlni: rain of
i lilllllllM leporteil ,lt Hie West-
- nf the lleii-onhutst 'i.i.ht i 'luh
' I.- fourth be of the Di Atl.ni.
Tlie winner was J Vim I'tlt,
.e l' nut of a possible tin
' ' l S.itilhl.iy the club will hold
d M.oot 1111111111 the nii'ini
I i and I'leld Club.
I'olnlala Itefllte In Tube lllak
rwonn. N J.,
Ii the two
April i: For the flist
,.,.,I,U ,.f nr....ll..U tlii. I
an polo
team candidates were I
mi nr. ... ,i, i,i in--
'' fit In their afternoon's work on
H'lifiiin court neiu to-iiay. . , ai
is nun that ut times turned tn a I
wt,'i.iir niflened Hie
.nre i
' "' .
t t
"o slippery fur safe I Idlns. ,
1 1. iln
s. V
fin met.
.1 Vpill 12
HoHl the
hall H line
1 K ns. li".
Wi e i ill- J
nth v ars t
,ili, helwi
hi f-1 siunen
lain to.il.i.
r 1 on ii,
Middle Atntra Intercollegiate Will
Ilnvp Thlrtrrn 4'nn tr nriera.
Eaftov, Pa., April 1I. Arraru;oment.s
for tht first Wk athletic meet of the mid
ill" Hut's IntPM'iillxKlntn track meet to be
held t Lafayette Colleen on May 17 arc
nlnii)t completed. With the admission
th pat week to the confrencr. of lr
sinus, Gettysburg, rrunkltn and Mnrshull
nml Lebanon Valley, the lift of members
Is brought up to thirteen. Work In In prog
ress nt M.i.rh I'leld. which will mark
mnr.v I'lipMPVciiioiitx for thn meet. It has
been decided that Hold, silver and bronze
immIiiih s-li ' 1 1 1 given ns prizes. All at-
traction was uilileil to-day In u high tvhnol
relay I. n'.
Aside fiom being busy arranging for
tlu meet, Ciiarh Hrucu of the, Lafayette
Hack team In kept hustling getting' the
loo-it team In shapn for ttt hard schedule,
Loron. u former Mejcerehuri; man, and
iinvee, of last ywir1! team, nrn two
who are rounding In'o hape very
In th sprln's, Promising dlstatu-e
are llanncrman, Landis, Keats and
u'cmon in the Half and miarter
-- .
he hl!"d ct have five I kelv men In Welle
,,,,. ,,..,": . ',v.v. ' ;:v
' "' ' v,w t'lumuim.
"'""""''n the freshman
cii'"- ln th ,n,,, Hannerman and Dial.
-howln, up brM. Cap.. Totten of th.
cross - eoimtry team and Ulako are. quullfv.
!nK f."r ""V two v""t- ' the
uiif inotiiall men are preparing to enter
...... .
tho welsht evintj. Woodivard, Wapen
hurst. Iteyer and llurni I.afayett will
send a team down to 1'hlladelphla for the
relays on April ii.
I.t Moment Oonl Ties With
Tneony in American Soc
cer Cup Final:
I'lin itiKl.t'll! t, April II. The lvtercon
True nines of rat.-inin, N. J after being
nractli'.illv ii lie.iten team ln the last
... ,,, ,. hi, t, .....
team In the nu.il round of tin American
(.'up 'ompetltlou tn-da had the honor of
pullltiK bel when Nellun lited the ball
Into the net In the hit three minute
of pla. The Iln.il roiint was Taeony
Tr.ie lllues 1
The pla which led to th score came
so oiilil.lv that the f-pectators hardly
ta!ieil wliat bad happened. Several had
left the (.rounds under the Impression that
the locals had tho came cinched. The
lllins Ku.il had been under the most ser J
pressure for several minutes when Clark
booted thn ball to l.Mich, who ufter run- i
Hint: with It pat the halfway maik fed
Nellmn and the speedy outside left went I
down the th Id with a wet mil beatltiK 1
Ni'n with a pet feet Mint.
After the match tint committee of hp
raiiKeiiK nts decided that the came should I
be replaved here tient Saturday on thn
hjiiip ground.
T.iMiik tho form of the two teams In
consideration there was not one bit of
difference between them. ISoth teams
were much handicapped on account of thn
heavy koIiib. At that tho 1,000 odd spec
tators who braved the elements bad lots to
be eiithusiit-stio over, for It was a typical
c"' uiaicu iroin sum 10 immn.
i ne lineup ,
Tru Hlue
turrn . .
I'orfAr .
i lark
llu Sen
1 onl
1 .1 H
I . nrli
fir ittHt-U
H'.sthl t illlinrk
lli rtilltincli
I Until hninmrk
i entie hiildmrk
l fl hllllnek
(Ullflile rUhl
lrlilf ristil
iViiire forward
tn.lile left
I llitslile left
. . .MrhcMr
. . . Krnnrtly
. . . UorrUttfi
. . .nichniiUna
. . . Alfn.trnlr r
7 Half llmr
(iosW Mor
Itnfetrr Uei'k
'luroriy. '. True Mine..
rnronv. 7. 'I r'.t Hltirs
llurntlp. IlrooUhn Linfmnrn A M
Time of
.tmiSfti. Phil!" Hl-hop. H,HVPrfon1. H.
Ij.tlNf tU lliifJUU's
runt ham
I'rep Mar Hail lleen
I pun by A'urtlty ltetpn.
The l"nrd'iam Pup A A suffered a
keen loss In the withdiawal of It I'llntuu
Hoblli ftnin inhoul Itobln was the .Ma-
roon I'rep's star athlete, beini; captain i
of the track team, star halfback on thi
Itrid'ron eleven, pole vaulter and hlith !
jumper. Hiibln failed to pass a condition j
and the faruttv ban fell on him Sooner1
than be demoted Itobln lift i
Tho varsity had counted on Ilobln for
net fall's eleven nml us he was one!
of the best playeis tlm Hrons pup everl
turned out he was to have been received'
with Jov bv the v.irsitv fouth.ill man-i
iilsetnent This voumrsler was counted j
on to till a bole In IU- back Held e iu-eii )
by thu Kraduatiou of J lllnchliffe j
tUitttrti (t't I'lrtt lluteninn llarr,
M. in. i :er i 'hare e of the New Ymii me.
bans sold I'list llaseuiim .Moleolin li.m.v
to the Jersey 1'ltV i'lub estenll Hull
was puivhasid ft. mi the lli.i. kton i luh
last, veil-. He Miuvved excellent batllii;
and tleMlne ability In llermuda, but was
low on his feet Th" ,!eiey city club
ill o pnichaseil Shortstop Hnhhy V:ill-h;iu
from the Newark dub .vesterday. I'll. Iier
(leorKH Davis, also .sold by (.'haiico lo th-Sket-ters.
has repsirted to .Manager Schla-
Ily. .lie (ilants are (.cheduleil to play an I
exhibition game In Jersey City this afiej
I'enn ,lno lilt by Ihr lOlrmeiitt,
I'im.vi'Ki.i'inA. Apill 15 -The I'mnvvl
V ill' l-l,af.l.Vette Willi' seheiluleil lit I'Yalli
lill I'leld to-ll.lV was tosseil In the il.se i:.
u;. Hie elements.
t'lr.t Itae Tine- veur nlil" end upward
k- ! 1 1 ii it .in, ,il ll i' riirlntiKs i'. nn ill nil ill
l'll,,,.li, II In .. Ill st . Ilisplreil 111 ill
SteriiliKI It til .. Kfiohi, linlilell I'lnsler
I In i.v I'iiiel. .tut i ii to 1. third Time.
1 04 Si A mii,,i. lill.loiiH, lied Hob nml
(illld I'llei k also I. Ill
Sei ntiil llioe 1'iiur ve.irnlil" ami upuard.
selllnir, one mile nml u sttt'-entli Slnlrs, til.
i.l lliiiinv er i. s in r,, iirst. .s.uiutitv l,.t.j, lu
I.I. Ill li. II In 1, seienil. Svlvestrls 11.'
i I llaueri. I to ti. thlnl. Time I 7 : ',
ileblen i'.i.iIIk u in I llarl r Itti'hiiiunil ii l mi
Thlnl ItHie llffli ers nf His t'nlteil Stales
iniiio ami ii it v x . niie mile ami seventh vmiU
llllle I ItlllinillK I'm I I .It-lit ItiellHfltl,
, hv t-li. Ilrst. 1 1 uu null Louise, 1 r. r. (Miijur in
Weill. 3 III I. s.'i-nllU. Kt'l'ut. 11.7 ll.leltt
I l.tiii.iiu. T In 1, third Time, : uk lt,iin,in
UIiik. lilllert, ( in. i), i.ui-lil.i nml Aniielu
1 alsii rHti
I'nuKli IIm e Three v ear olds nml uiiwiinl
H'lllllU- llhillll live furlulIKH II, 'I, nr. ih. 101
l. Aillimsi. III I. Hint, .XttiiH 1'llliiltv. Ill
ill St' I IIiiki. II I" t,. nl, Amies Jbl)'.
Ho. I A. PI, ketiHi. 4 tn I. thlnl Time, l iis
Mnew Kernitl. I..IS.I .1.1. llnss, Jtlltell, Jr.
Illel Sti Ike (llll also tall
lirih lince Tin pi-) ear olds hiiiI iinnnnl.
T'OO- . - "HI " , l.ll,.lh.- IHH
ne ,. inr. ill s erl nci. I In 1. ilrst . ' inn
w . Hi? i P .Im kmiti i. ."i In 1. seciiml. Vllev.lll
mil i.i nieveii, even, iturii. i line, i is ' cijt was represented hy four men and
Pink I .a , 1 . Kinder I .'m. Hlmu and IniMoiii, u t iir,.,l ,,i inn inreeis 'rim l.esi
t nn
Kill IIm
Three ear nlils nnd upward.
sfiiiim iiiiniit six ami a ninr iiiriniiiis
I 1 I 1 II. I . Ill . 1 III..1. .... L I 1 ... I .1. I
l IUcil Ihv'i.i llum.veri. 3 in 1, s'ecnnd !
ItiM'intn pi', (Kllllnsawnrth). n 1. third
Time i'.';i ipsie iiernann sweet (lwea.
lliesie i: mel !-.Mirl Hill also 1,111,
Si'Miith I Li ' i' Three. em- nlils and up
umi s liirm niin.ii eeven fiirlmifts lieilm
Hun ill i A lekensi 3 to . Ill sir VVnml
lime 104 i , I, Musi 7 In ; seeninl it II
lira 'J" ill I ii'ini r r 1 1 i 7 In I Hilnl Time
I 31 Tup Hoik Sliloll. The H.., uj I'ril.te,
Uutii.uit urn! Pendant ulo ran.
Tf jjj
Johnson, Who Fans Dozen.
Keeps Visitors in Subjec
tion Rutler Stars.
iTittct. ApMI 15 -Cornell flnallv won
a basehall panie to-day. defe.ituiK .V.itiiM
hv a seme of 7 to 2 Johnson pitched a
ttotiir K.iiue, stnkinc out twelve men and
holillinr the lltors well except In the
thlnl and Ilfth lnnlnss, when they earned
a pair of unit.
Uutlei s i.itchlns was a feature. He cot
thiee of ('oiniU's nin, worltlni; c.lliov
twne for a fne pass to !lrt hv th lilt
mute. The plavitiK tif j
bv pl-ehed ball
Donovan at Ms onil bis" was e eiisatlonal
lie Hcceited elKlit chances w Ithoilt an er
ror and Kot two hits.
Coach sii.ip" used a number of new
players In the outfit Id, but broilKht his
old m- n Into the lineup toward the last.
I'our of Cornells runs came as a result
of. Cillro) s wildlife -n the second and
third limliif.- Tabu's lilt norlti two
men and Donovan's two bate hit scoilni;
two more In the thlid.
The seine
an r h p a e uu r li
Ke'pen 3h
I' Chile lb .
1 a
Conn'r If
Kf arn'y.e
I 1
i :
n 1
II fl
o n
(i Kt ller.Jh . 3
M'llr'iu.i'f .
(i ilrn.s'ii cf 1
1 llutler . 4
i' Hun v n. .li 4
0 llnlison.rf .
ii ll.il.lir.rf
V siiniirue If 1
ll.nn.h'r If 2
: Tals r . 4
i .loluisuii p
I) o o
:i i ii
l : :
(I o o
I V il
ii ii ii
II 0 A
1 - II
0 1 V
3 .1
I ii
0 Ii
il n
0 1
Total". 36
Totalt 31 7 k -: 1"' 4
ii o i ii i (i (i n o :
: : it i i
Olf (illruv .' TV' bl.e
Xi imra
Tir.t base nn balls
hits lioii'iv .in, liniler
I .'iIm r. iiilliiiiil', ( on
Inir- Ilulllile plliv .lilllllsiui, heller .1 11.1 i line
tilt hv plli'lier lly Jlllllisilll. J. bv lillMi I
l'asse.1 li.ill llutler Mulch hums Clllle l.ln."
m.m l.nilfr lll.teil. rri.eimiii. L'linliors
I Ki.irni.i Mriu k mil Hr Joliiison, U'; hi (hi
till, 1 SuiTlllee lilt Keller U'lt oil li.lsi-
I iNiniell. 7 . Nmirara.
; Titne hour
lniilre McCailliy
Ilaln JItc Doilsert Ileal for Serlei
stHrtlnif Here To-nMirrnrT,
I'llll.AiiKi.MlM. April 15 Another day
f liicei-sant rain and a chilly tetiiperatiiie
. piev eiitid the Phillies and HiooklMis from
iioiik.m; up for their half holiday iII.iiiumkI
. I battle to-dav W hen liolilieil nt noon In i
I the Philadelphia mati.i.'ement thai the
,14.11111 w,t.s on .vinn.tser inn l .i 1 1 1 ti una
Mils ciiw caiiKht I In Ilrst train for home
' Thev open their Ilrst seiles with the
I 111 ii, Is .in XI.iiiiImv :n,,l lt.i,l Hill .mtlieil
Hut he would use Nap Itucker In the
starter usalli't the National l.e.ifjue cham
pnilis. The Phillies arrnnncd with Manacer
Hahleu to play the postponed names olT
when Hionklyii comes to town attain late
In June, llouhle heaileis will be plliy.il
lime and and slunle itiuues June i;.'i
and -7.
Hetween ralndiops .Manaiter Hooln man
ntted In shoo to the mlnms three of his
extra playeis, Klist lliiseuiaii Miller uolns
to .Montreal, Catcher l.alonKt' to llulTalo
and Hackstop Itlle.v to Ticiiton.
Murine and I'leld (lull Ten in Wins
Dual Shout t TtTflity Tnrut-ta,
S 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 i ' In i in iil.ablt form, the Hap
shoolliiK team of the .Marine and Meld
Club defeated tlm I epresentatlves of the
Cieseetit Athletic ('lull at Hath lleaeli
I .vesierday. The wiiinlnK iniKreKalloii m ule
out nf a possible 400 targets, l.iu'li
the New .Moon Runners could do
was to iculstcr a total of 3oo luiKfts.
I Tlm Mai Inn and Kleld 4'luh Kiimiers as,i
1 derided a leu on their April cup. Paul It.
Tiiivni', piisldent of the club, anil S, P.
i Hopkins H Klstercd tlm IiIkIi scores. A
' sweepstakes nl AO tautcts ended the Kport.
It was won b W .lcCouvllle only after
two sliooloflH aii.ilnst C ). Sayre The
I competition was decided tn a driving rain-
Kramer Returning
With Clean Sweep
prilANK KRAMKIt, oyolo sprint
champion, is ri'lurniriK iibounl
tho Kaiser Williclni der (Jros.so, duo
Ttipsday. from two months racing
catnpaiRn In Kuropp. He won every
mntcli race In whicli lie was enteredi
and was unbeaten in a hi'iikIo match
heat. Hi only defeat eatne in n one
mile open race, in which ho writes
that lit forciun opponents used
team work, "riding him off the
truck." The record of the trip:
February it Won (juarter mile
handicap from scratch, Paris.
February 10 Defeated Ieon Hotir
lier in two Htraifiht heats of match
race, Paris.
February 2.1 Defeated Thorwald
F,lleanrd. two strafRht heats, mutch
race. Paris.
March n Third in one mile open,
Hourller Jlrst, KlIcKaanl, second.
Match 1U Defeated Hourller in
two straight heats, "Match Hovoiiro,"
March :4 Won (irand Prize of
Easter, Hoiirlier second, Kllet;aard
third. Second in handicap from
scratch, Paris.
March :m Tied with Hourller in
three cornered point race, Perchlcot
third, Hordeaux
April '.' Won si hour team raeo
with Ohcar Y.tK as a jiarttier; Comes
and Itreton m-cojhI, Hoiirlier and
I'.nule third, I'aris.
Aprilt) Won throe cornered match
race, Hoiirlier second, Pupre third.
Won pursuit race, t'harleroi, Hel-
Will Not Ciime Uefort- the s'Tnurl
Appenlt l iitll .Inne li.
AtntNT. April 12 The question nf the
i onstltullonalltv i r the anll-namhllim laws
,i nlilliilliur en n 1 betilni; at lacctraclis and
hililiiiK din lots of iiiclim' associations
j liable for such belt uu; may not t each the
mil t of Appeals linlll June J.
i The leturn of the appeal from tho re-
t fill ibiislon of the Appellate pulsion,
Seiond 1 1, pal tllletil. SettlllK aside these
ptovlsloiis iis Inviibd. has not yet tench"!
Aim Conn of Appeals, and consequently
could not be put on the new order calen
dar made up to-day for next week.
I'nless special peimlssloii Is obtained
fiom the i mil I lo aifttie the casn out of
lis iiKiilar older It will not bo reached
until the next older calendar Is miido up
for the June term of the court.
Pniehoil'a H.'l TiiWea Aeraleb Prlar.
(iRKUNVvieii, conn. April I-'. At the
Gieenwicli ( otmtr.v ( lub ttwiny tiap
shooters competed for the silver cup pic-si-nti
d by John W. Miimiry. Gut of a
Held of fourteen, the hld'h ftun was (lent no
M Pjnchon, who took tho vcrnteh pilzo
with a total of k3 shots. The handicap
pi Ism went to ,. Webb, with a score of
-1., .I.
Mar Piny Union Tn-annrrovr.
With thn South I'leld diamond umb'r
two Inches of water tho Columbla-t'nlon
baseball itamo that was to have been
played there yesterday was out of the
question. If the I'nlnti team can net pei
mission from Its faculty to remain over
In New York until to-morrow. It Is prob
able that the Kiime will be plains! then.
Ilarrr Wolter of the Nrvr Ynrka roIiik Into third. The alMlns
slte nf AVnllrr. one nf tlie alnr bnte runners nf tlie came, la contrattrd
with tlial nf 4'ohb In tlie amnll ani'ount of ilntt Wnllrr raltet.
l.tiHcr Hopents Natiniuil Coiirl
Tenuis- Title Conquest in
StiTiiirht Sets.
HoTo. Apill 15 It.atiiiK Joshua,
Ciane of the Hoi-tun TetinN and l.'.niiuit
Club III the ih.llteliee luateli for the na
tional coin t t' mas title Is becoinini; an old
storv to ,1m lioiihl of New Yotl. iloiild
ripeateil thl t afliiiiooii what he has done
many tines befie-. and for the elitlith
ciiiisecuilv e ; ear, or ever since he bewail
plavtni; In national lout naments, he won
the antateiir championship. The match
w. nt to him In slialitht i-ets by m-oics
I of C -1, fi a, ! - 5.
! As usual talk was beatd at the club
' , that this Is (lould's last appearance as n
, pin i i In a i htuiiiilonshlp toui nainent. He
, has liieii i reillled on M'vcral previous
lloicaslons with iniikini: Iho statement that
he will not eoinpi te iiRalli, but each time
1 1 It has proved eiioiifous and probably ho
' will ito on conipeilnK annually until ho
'. Ins. s a leit or an arm.
I r.Mi pt in the jiret eet this afternoon the
I champion wa uubiatable. only diii iui;
. the 111 st set did lie have lo exert himself
very much, and afterwaul he piimltti'd his
'..pn,, lien! to do all the woil; and mike the
i mistakes, which wete chli tl.v ililvliu; into
I the mt (Soiihl look the tlist K.itlle and
'was peicpt:b nervous when Crane won
I the next two. The champion pulled tint n
! win In the I'oiiith, but was again behind
'when tif 11. '-ton man vvilkid away with
the fifth. Then (Soiild settled down to
j luisiu-s and nipped the next three canie.s
' In a row, making the wun of tho eet
' fi- :i Tin- ninth came went to Crane and
the ih.iuiplun made the tenth an eay win
for the set.
In the second fet ( rane uiit not to mucn ,.lt u, i..;, bp- irt;. Private )' M. Terry,
I until the sixth fame, which became van- I'uiiipuny H. ce. 6- -I2, p. w. Doll, vriernn,
I Hue, but after some rapid exchanges thein t,3 - 17
j , N;;"', York tnan took t. and the set. Some , rirV'oi'r'a'r'-rj. UtSiM
OlOliaiii i-uinn .in lie- vij-i-ii iuft - nini uu-
Kt'table returns, tosether with tlm Hosion
11 Hver's m slakes, irave the c tamp on an
easy xlcttiry lu the thlnl set.
The scores;
. . : 4 r. : 4
. . 4 a i i
10 4
4 46 -C
1 401
SlK'OMi sj:t
' ' niiicti sifr"
4 J fi .'.
Cm tie .
.9 r.
ii, ml, I.
4 -S3 - j
Wt'lKlit for Harford llantllcnp,
W. S. Vosbui'Bh, oftlclal handlc.ipper of
i tln Joi key Club, has announced tho
I vvclKhtH for the ll.irfoiil Handicap, 31.500
lidded, live nml it half fuvloiiKs, to be run
I next Pihlay at Havre lie Grace, Mil. Tho
Imposts me lis follow s ,
' W.lti'lvnlc. .'. 13V, I'rlsillllntl, lisi'il 127.
PI. lie tll.o's, aiieil, 12H, Adams llxprrss, f..
1V1, Sir .tiihii .liihiisiiii, niteil, U'3. Metlillnn.
li. I.'3. Inni Mask. I'.':'. I'.iuiJi Hill, :.
lis, .Nniisliiiti tt. lis i.inver HiiKheM,
117 llr.itllle. f., 117. Sprite, 4, 115. Hosnin.
I mini. 114. lillllule. i,
11'.. Textile, D. Ill
i itepunin an, 4. in
Slintkletiiii. 110.
Ilvelelt, II. tlm I'seelt. I,. III'. A lilelill ran.
4. lus. Tea Point, a, Ins Unlit o' .r l.lfe, 4,
link, Piime A li nit-.1, iiK'il Hoi, Carllnti (I., ii,
llOH. I'leilerlik I., 3, lilii. Spnlili, mleil. 103,
Sherwood, il. UK, 11,11,1 or Hope. 4, in.', ltos
Heiiiix, li. 10., I'lllllpenll. Illleil, 102, Murjiilln
I JV , ; ,r..t. .1 . 3.1.. . I ! ..Vi ..V.: '3.1 io . rirs t
I sini,, , jon. ,ine KtilKht. 4, i t . Then Cnnk.
1.x. -.I. lis. l.ys.iinlfr. 3, I.;., AntriilnK.-r. 4. ts .
.lUiIKe vvriKlll. il. .01 . .Miilliicnev , .1, v , , war
liler, :,. VU. Jack ICi'llncii, 3. UD. SprhiK Maid.
3, :.': I.nce, 3, b:. ; Mm ho; I'd tare. 3, i3. Ite
straw-. I., n: , Trlihr. 3, m, (imsienur. 3.
US; Hester rrynne, 3, 94, h'teiiior. 4, DO,
Spring Hoard, 4, U5.
TleUeta for Clinnor'a
Secretary Pavls of
llrlnil nn
thn New
Americans tiunounced yesterday that the
sale of nserved scats and boxes for the
opening itaino ticivveen chanci''.s men and
thn Wnshliiittons ut tho Polo Grounds on
Thursday will bet;ln nl Hi '30 o'cloek to
morrow mornlmr, Tlckels can be secured
at the club's ofllces, .120 1'lftli avenue, the
sale continuing on Tuesday, Wednesday
and Thursday.
I'rom Criniil
All Pnrta Cnn Hp rrn
stlllnl I'lrtt Meet Saturday.
tVotk on th new cviise of the Hock-
awa.v lliinnm: dun nt Hewlett Hay r.irk,
I I I, ha hien ilnlsiied The nii'iiial
hunt-r and p mv i.i' -'s will 1h held there
in xt Saturdj v . open.nK the amateur t acltin
Six events are on the card ad all but
one ale llmlti d to ki nth men rulers. Tne
fcept.ini ! the C'dai hutst cup. an open
I. .Ill, I. ,. IP Meepl) ch le at .llslllt t W O lillies
over l'ie hlll-ll ionise
1 The new i.iiiis,. is siid to be similar to
the famous Kilhournc up enurse In Aits
iialla. An utiohsti ii. tt d vnw of the horses
. obtained fto'u 'lie Viatel stand, vvhleh
I b.illt on the h.lls ,ie ov erlo.ikitn: the hlj.li
'pla'ciiu on wlili n the i. lies are run.
Corporal Felt 'Ilea Willi I. lent, ( ol-
llot In ItfKlliienllll s, mil.
A the weeklv niett of the Seventh IS'itl
' inetit illle eluh In the armory on l'-ldav
i", enin Coipoial J 1". Kelt, a veteran ln
the reKitneni, and I.leiit. V. S Collins of
! Company M tied In the second competition
In obis, m iti h No 5. In tho tlrst contest
'for the cup, which Mailed a week aito,
Private Crall of Company A took the lead
with a score of !7. Tho FhontltiK between
t'oiporal Kelt and Meut. Collins was up to
the .standard. Hath made a total of 13:1
Corporal Welles of Company V Is thlnl. 1
point behind.
In tin' shaipshi'" iters' competition Peist.
l'liink WVnuels of Company 13 retains his
b-ad with a noie of 1 .. Private. 1'. M.
Tetrv Is he.otid vvllh a total score of 1 2 S
Colporal Welle showed up well In the
sharpshooieis' ilrst entry prize wlntieis
cotilesl Ills entrv was unusually tine,
lie made a score of Cs.
The im'ui es :
l.e.olers la l'lnns I'np Malrh No 2 l'X-lerts-
Corporal .1. P I vu, veterin. ii7. iil
t an; Meat W s 1'iiltlns. I'ntnpiiiiy M,
i.i l;i:i, I'nrpural V. ('. Welle, I'uinpatiy r,
I. .,,..,... U.pif. I- IV . r-nm.
JillllV I I, til, 0, - IIS.
Wltim is of Plrst Hnlry Prizes rxpert,
, 'r"'"' " 1 i. conipiiny .xi, aa. 4 o.
shiirpsliiinterH. c'nriinriil P. c Welles, Coin
fisiiy I-. 34, 34- .is; Novice, Corporal W. W.
Mrilthers. Cninpiiliv K. 27. 34 -111,
I pert qiiullil, ntliniN - - Cnrpornl F, c
Welles. Cumpnuv P Cs 4.1- m.
Sh.n pshmiier Qnnlllli iitlnn--Corporal I,. P
iiniilil, t . iiip.inv I. 31. 31 -i...
One (iumi In 4'orre ipoiiilencr Cheat
Mulch With Wllllitnia Won by lllla.
Nf.vv Havkn, April 12 -Of tho two
Kiimes In the cm respondi'ticn chess match
with Williams CuIIckh tlm ilrst to ho
Mulshed has luen divided In favor of Mil.
It lasted only twelve moves ami was a
lullllai victory for the Yale chess pla.v
ets, who by dint of clever iiiiino'iivriui.
Winked up to a position wheto il forced
inati! could not be avoided. Thn other
Kaine Is sun In jiinKiess.
lu the match on live boa nit with Am
herst, Yale won by 3'j to 1 It. Iliiich,
T. l.lublner and It. liuss, nt the Ilrst,
thlnl mill Ilfth boards, scored for Yale
nrnlnst J. V. McCliue. I.. Shumway and C
Shumway lespcctlvely. J. N. JilKlietlil
of Amheist defcateil I). Quaih"
nl Hoanl
w airalnst
I, nnd J. ('. I, He I, Amhert. dr.
G. C Job at the second table.
Tler Cuba lo Pill)
Pl'.INCKTilS', Apill I.. A
series of six
unmen bus bent aiiani;ed for next year's
Pllncelnu ficsbuiaii football team, ac
cordlni.' tu the schedule published here to
day. I'Yir the ilrst time In four years tlie
'ill lllf,
Harvard nnd TlKcr cubs
Will not meet
on the nrlillrnn, and tho Cornell freshmen
have taken the foimers' place. Hill School
appears on the list for the lltsl time In
several veiira. The compute list:
October 1, Law reneev llle School at Law
rencevllle . (htnber 11, Mercei shut a Acad
emy nt Metcershurs ; ricluber K, Hill
School nt Pottstotvn . October ss, Cor
nell freshmen nt Princeton ; Noveinher 1,
lixeter nt Kxetor; November 8, Yale fresh
men at New Harta.
Seven Postponements in Na
tional; Fivo in American
Leoiruo So Far.
President Wilson Sticks Up for
an Umpire Gossip of
tho Diamond.
The major league baseball season la only
three days obi, but there hava been
twelnvn postponements, five In the Ameri
can nnd seven In tho National IaaTio. Th
whimsical weather, which furnished lota of
good playliiB days In Mnrch and ln April
up to tho opentnis time, Is having a tan
trum nnd what with rain, wet ground
and cold, a largo crop of double heavdara
already hna been sown. Last year
brousht many early Interruption" owing
to bad weather nnd 1913 so far Is Going
fully us well.
"Hon Jour pour let canards," observed
Mens. Theodore, (loulatt of thn Giants In
choicest Trench yesterdav, an he looked
at tho In I n xoaked Polo (rounds. It was
all of that, and the (Hants and Unstons
not belns ducks a aecotiil postponement
was necessary. The frame will be played
off on June 53. l'rldnv's postponement Is
to bo plnyed on the 56th. mi the Giants
wll have four (tamm on two succeeding
days with the Heanles.
Losing n Saturday at this time ottth
year menus u holn ln Kato receipts, km
mlsslnr; two frames Just now Is not In
jurious to tho New York club's chances.
A team of Its utrenctb Is likely to be better
In June than now. that Is as compared to
Its opponents, who belnc youriR and un
seiiMined nre not to be rated nn steady
as the champions. The Unstons ure going
so Rood Just now that their chances of
loslni; three out of four to thn (Hants are
less now- than they will tin in June, even
thotiKh those four frames bo compressed
Into double heaileis
Tho New York Americans hod two, of
their three Rames In Wnshlnirton post
poned and that oiiitbt to prove a helpful
thine for them. The reason Is plain. The
team I crippled at present by tho absence
of Chance nnd Derrick and by Sweeney
hiivlnri a sore foot, nnd when th" Wash
ItiKtotis are met later on and the post
poned frames pla.vcd tho New Yorlls will
he able to put more strength In the Held.
I'refeetlonal pames weren't the only
ones sidetracked by rain. The w-eathor
tftVct was K"ncral yesterday nnd iimom;
seheiluleil battbs which didn't take placu
were 1'ordham s Holy Cross, Columbia
vs. t'nlon, N. Y. I'. s. Itutcrrs, Stevens
, Seventh Iti'itlment nnd n mimU-r of
Public Schools Athletic l.eaftue contests.
Other eport nli stiffcrrd. Hveu tho
seniors ftolf tournament for tho Shanlcy
-Mcnorlnl cup, which was to be played at
J ..litt -. i" .1. nrni ...-. .i !.-. .in. lieusi
and muddy for tho x'clerans nnd they
postponed thflr tourney until next Satur
day. 1 Three chtet.t for President W'llon ' The
I Chief -Magistrate Is a friend of th" umpire.
I't lends of the ump are not fo numerous an
. sands of the sea, and when one of them
happens to be also a President of the t
' S. A . It (toes a Ioiik way townid llfthten
i Inn the biildens and biishtenltit; the llfo
of the out,', ist at'lili's. In tho New York
! Washington game Mueller of tun homo
' t. .tin v. as cauiTht napplni; at third and
, dei'laieil out by I'mplie Alcllrcevy. Loud
and widespread walls of disapproval from
the W asliiiiKton fans, as Is the way of
r.uis eniovinir tho novelty or having a
wlntilio; team.
A dissenter, however, to the general ver
dict was Pn ident Wilson. "I thoucht thn
decision was correct." ho nld. "The man
was out" Which may not ndd to his
pupular'ty ln capital baccbnll clroltw but(
does niiealt well of him ns a sportsman.
In n elpned stntement Ty Cobb says I
"I have about concluded that It will be
best for all concerned If 1 am traded to
some other club." Second the suirfrcstinn
henitlly, provided he Is traded to New
York. The I'olo Grounds would r'et oft
Ty as dark plush sets off a dlnmond.
Disparity ln Inches doesn't matter on
tho dlamund. Heboid the lencjthy Doolan (
and tho abbreviated Miirnnvlllo osstmt- .
lutliiK ftrnunders over llllmltnblo acreage
and wlnKlnK tho ball to tlrst from nil
iiukIcs mid dlstanies.
Several plays have arisen this season
which hao broilKht the cliarftn OBOlnst
certain pbiers that they don't know thn
rules M.ivbe It Isn t so much that nn
that they don't think of them at the time.
Now that the Giants hax-e taken to
violet as tlit It- color. It may bn that ln
due time tho Idea will spread, nnd Instead
of a National and an American Lenirun
we shall have thn Horticultural League
with Hie schedule t follows for the open
Im; day: Nasturtiums vs. Crocuses,
Orchids x-s. .Tohnuv-Jump-ups, Verbenas
vs. I'olnsesslas. and IIoll.v hocks vs. Morning-glories.
Kor ii lonK tlmo there havs
been manv of the Inst named ln baseball. ,
llenda I.elilKh 1'reahmen.
HnTlti.rtiKM, Pa., April iz. .
II Goll of Lancaster was electea cap
lain to-dav of tb Lehigh T'nlverstlty
ficshinan bastliall team. Goll plnys first
Firs! IIm e - ( iw ners' Cutis ilstloni threa
ve.ir nlil" mid upward, ' Hub seven fur
InllKS Mnlililirnle. 17 (M.'litiilir), 4 to 6,
Ilrst. Itiiiitiliu: Account. II" I Itutwelll, 3 to
I set mid. New litter. HH i llelisihnlen 1. V
tn 1. third Time. 1 30 4 nlil ll.ink. .tlm
lln, lll.iin lie Frames. Jh l.eml 1'. ami Jim
i) also run
Se. nml llnee I'oiintrj Cluh Hurdle Han
dluip. fnur-v eitr-nhls rilnl upward, nhnllt nna
and thn e ipuii ler miles' NnttltiKhnm, 14S
illojlei, x lo f.. tlrst. Julia Armour, 13
ilimiiiei. U In t'. se.iiinl. Snni'ttm. 133 (AI
j lent. 0 tn 1. third Tittle. 3 33 1 t. Dr.
lieiiriii roi i t psi-,-. inni ii..i.-iii, i.
Thlnl li n e- I'litee ve.u olrtii nml up
wind; selllm,'. sl liirluliiiB: Tudilllng, 311
il'likelii, I to (., Ilrst. Tlie iiu.tuenr, 1".
I Timlin i. III I. sei lllli
miss .iiuiaii. let
iSrluirfi. 12 lo 1. third Time, 1 li'.. Hose
iniiir I . T iter J in. . nl t tie. Jmlc Mm-
nulls', nnd Toie Ii M also l.in
l-'oiirtli llnee Jnmestiiw n HnniHcap;
thtei i ar-iilils and uptwnil selltiiE, min
mile: Viilihnrpe. in-, iShiitlliiKeri. even,
illst, Piinirll). .3 l.Mi'C.lliev i. 4 to 1. sue
nn,l, HIsKiveiv, l"i iSnhleri, in to 1. third,
'lime 1 II 3 Ii Hxtnn. Votes and Hnlfm.in
iilsu r.ui
Fifth lime -Tw n v e ir ehls. seillns; four
furli'llKx: Sillitiy Hot imi I Hermtil!, 6 to J,
tlrst. Ilulisiir. Iln ii'mev i in I second,
I rillie .llttllV, l u.' . l in Ml-l i . in ! n
I hue I'J I . siiiilanei a I.i.ut"" Trnvers.
i ill i me i . , i.iinii i.. .11,1, iiiiiu ii ..iiiiiiiv, uin.
Chillies Clltlllell lltsn I. ill
Sixth Itiue Thtee ein nl Ir nml upward;
selllm;. sis fiitloiii's lite Mn iw 110 (Con
tio It i, s in ', nisi, (it'istemir ti? tsnldtri,
,'. lo -' sei mill Then i ieil" "i (Ward), 1!
to I. Until 'lime, l i I l.iiiKSula and
Clicro Seld lllsn i.ill
Sevenlll Itiuii Three v car olilt; condi
tions, one mile ci u kiss im i teuton), 1
to 2. first, Tine carrier o (Montour), I In
I, seenml, Armor 1 o ( (ilutcrave), 4 to I.
third, 'lima. liU, Chad Uuforl ana (Hod
Day alto ran.

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