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The sun. (New York [N.Y.]) 1833-1916, April 13, 1913, THIRD SECTION REAL ESTATE, GARDENS, FINANCIAL, POULTRY, Image 27

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3 THE SUN-, SUNDAY, APRIL 13, 1913.
(If M l-HIM Olt sAI.I'. Wr.trliMtrr In. I1KAI. IXIATi: 1'OR SAIX Tt,(rhrnUr Ca.
PARK HILL Is so veil Known as having
all the cKlvaniacics Hun have made ir
tiio mo.sr cle.sjrahle nearby suburban
Mirier that it is unnecessary to repeat
tlieui. l;or complete information
we will send you the current edition
of ihe "Bool; of Pacts." Perfectlf
appointed homes ivadf lo move into,
or built to your order ai prices ranqinq
from $11,000 to 11517,000. on terms
arranged to fir jour convenience.
Several new houses now open for
inspection. Others now building for
Spring occupancy.
Qo to PARK HILL roday - rake Elevated to
ISjth Street, and tnon, frcm same platform,
uptown Piimam train direct to park MILL
Or Broadvay Subvas to 2V2d Street and
then Urcadvay trolley - All 11.1:1: .crvlcc
Vo will send you photographs and plans
p.com no. 15 3U7 nmi aveiiue
Mart of W nrl, on Trniult l.lnrt to
Qurrn !?cri"'.'li i- j ln f i ti : i s "''Iflirat" '
the v nine of 'rl .,11 it now tr:ini'
! . - i t 'inn' lii.it will I !':ti'u; 1
t'M .rt..m, i'! tV iinp'MV.'infnt
A ' ' t fr,l,'iH nf til" l"iro:ii,li
Vjk ' i fornvil which i- to lie iiMnl
liy r.. cciii.tn It.-.' cotniiiwivl (if tl'r ,
'i t i ll -.t H ' moil or llli.-i oitv ulin
no i' 1 1 1 r -t --t 1 in t(ii Kniv.-tli nf tli"
k' ii nmi wlin Iiivi- lir1 iitinnitit-i 1
f . . , i 'ip v
ti H .. ii, I ut of yi:''c:i. hit lifi'ii
rh i thin in it- if tlii' (lilr.it inn tt'ii j
h. . i. I lo l!ci! prt V lliclu-
' 'n't t wlin w i' i.ip ii j r ,in
"'ti ti ill "'iii iirr.umf nifii'-i .i' iih-mumi
!' Iiiv itir'l Hirii-htn,i:i. Urvan S
R'Hi" f. I riiTi 'k l.tinMstiT. Vtuluim
J' I'urtoii 'lliotiipviin. .Iiilm M t
Th'n; .on. ,lnlm W l'.irn. 1'lwiiril A
Mm I'fiiinnll. I ivilcrick (I llunil.ill imd
(tnrp. I Kv.ni. Alimiir luisiiifuu tiimi 1
"tu llllVii iii'i HptPi p(.Htnn nil till' ("1)111
mitti.i nn I h:iri-h (1 M"r. rtliur
Mdorthiir. Mirhnl ! I .-i;n u. ! Ilanv
i-inil.'V. Samiu-i i;iootiiiiii;ilalf. Walt'r
i (i M Tlmmni. I.oui- ,ml.
t'ii, i.-r I' I)m Iln.is SiiiimiHini ainl il'iaiil
II ' .nrw
ill- i hinilirr of ('omiiicri'p in (Jij'x'in '.
.lr.niminrt. rwof th I'liLilirnti'iii
ri.H3.itt.fi i.iwl th" ('. in v.-i'l tni,r
I mi inv 17 (In tin-. iii-iM'tut, f'fii'
w i t 'r in pnil"i "Hi .1 pi tit t mi I ! Ii
ts A- .-i.i .itiil ,ii. i i (.mint unii" l.rniii.
s' ' .i.iniii; an nihcnpt i"ii t tti" tlatn
f if Ui;itinitii; of tin work
nil" i if .Mm fwuiirnn of tin. wftiHltm til
ti Hie iTORfiitntion to tin1 linrouuh of a
"irnn;li fl.ii; l,v ISnroiteh PtvMilwit Con
nn ir I iTi4 for tliw llni; nri' tmw lifin
r-j ,irM ini'i it ik propo-i ( tli.it ilinlliii;
' i.i in, mil- a lioroiii;ii mti'iitinii mil
" "i ! ii ali i iTi'iiionial mni-iiiib
I 'if tn r.ilifT". of tli. Hoard .if I tini.it
f 1 1 I'lll 'lf. ScrVIC IllililKlOtl
i. c""i'-'- .riti, ..tlloialH of tdf I ut- loroui;li
f1 Kr'ii'k vi Kapid 'I nitwit companum
' t Mi-r i tllri.'iU of th "itv liavi- .liri'ady
t ml iiit rii ion to nttMiid
i u.l! I v. pcrHonallv coiidiirtcl
.ri i f ipa'ction uiidtT tli direction 1
't tumiiTs nf thu rci'ptioii commit t.-o
' vcli.nh viiior to tlio horoiiyh li
Unfili '(. pl.Km . f tlltoriMt lltlll Khottll tln
P "! l.ittrn of thu I.orouli f')I local ! II
t .1 rj"v;np!ni!t
ArAitTMr.NT HOTri.v
170 West 74th St.,
Faring Sherman Square.
rorn.- o( Amsterdam Avenue.
I o blocH from Kxprris Sta
tions of Subway or Klevated.
A quiet, residential hotel af-
'orfiinj the exclusiveness of a
p-ivatr- residence. Three hundred
i-fotns. Suites from one to six
rioms with three baths.
Rentals from SGOt) per annum,
Inr'uriine hotpl service.
Leased unfurnished by the year
rooms exceptionally Inrce
! xtra large closets.
Restaurant a la carte.
Iiesident Director.
iti i r-rvn-r(Ht m.ii.k on r,
i ii m.i:.
V, li,ni .(.icr-il (liolc,. Hi, mi
l!i'. (merit I i iipert Ir- In ItxitiullKr.
nmi i is i ill oi i-i:h?
J. Clarence Davies
I lllth si .mil I hlrd e.
Mlil.'K.M.I I.IIWs,
ii I v.i ii it ii liriiiiv in ittiiTt r. iiiilin-
I1 'l IMIIII1 fil oi'inl Itlllfl.ttlltll1
" I '.Mil s' IMMI, H.'l.llHt), M,MH). K,UIMI,
I Hit) If J, (i4M I'l J MM III). I Ml I Il.t I Bfs,.
.'iM)ti si. ,umI r A.
' - u 'chirrs fr Mile f hnxr js;.u,
' -1 'li, imwiiHit llrsi irorivatti's that
i Hk r.ii u, , mini 'J'icm rmirtirHtfrv
' iti Ir iiTmfiii r.i'iihlt aj(J ft i f.t
- v -nt M Vlt(. M l I S N,
'f I uiT lnnri vwintrit. t Htn hulltl
- M J .""". I u lu c-t f' "ftr
' . 7..n, tu new Iniii.' N In n
ii imnMi'A I (il S I'A A.
unith't wii, 1. VUonr
Mitsiwmi) inn S:s .vr;i.
Hut it 'Inwn.
' Sill ' I 11,11 llMU Hill ll.
!tl ' i .mi' of i
1r I' . Iiri-nnrn ifirl hi
'4 Mr J I It Mini' ii ion run III es, Willi
LT '"' J!"1' iii jono. WI,I.I.M.S.
m i
mmoiT.ii or
ICO Feci from
tha 0n.
V t 1 ft x , . . . " -Sb
Prices $8,500 to $35,000, Easy Terms.
irannSflcant Hollow-TJIart 'H'iur TnUlnlaa; fratn to IS rooroa and buh.
Callari nil high in-1 drv, tllit root., hot waiar ajMl ilm haat. varqaat
fjpor? 0-a o.'urr'! for rnt Sfp rour owl brokar or nvrnrr,
JOHN OFFERMAN, 503 Fulton St., Brooklyn.
AI'MITMPM". Ill I I I I M t KMolll.ll.
Are You Intcri'ited
In (ibiflnlri; a tif.. Mrh nts npnrtmcnt
ftl ft rrf(..j(, i(e rffiM.
Qrenyille all
5000 Broadway,
.Northi-ast Cor. 212th St.
i !:(! en oipcri'jnlt ihftt Is worth Iro
Inj Into
I IO.N. I n'jrpn..e(t for hpnulv.
four pari. fire vnintu len rrlnutcV illi
unrf, fttij ill n'wly drxrlopid lslnm
I Ark t tllrpnly nrro tlir Niicrt
IIUNSII. liniHipr.t subway lexprr
u'lon t .'litti M . 'Ii" lirutduny d(1
Uhsierrtftf ' Hiid si cro.it''jni
' ftri. htfonl rxi'f Hen ' t.finMt lo All purii. of
tAnl)Mftli Hronx flnit U curhr tri
Apnti' f-nti at" ArrAnced In
2 ROOMS, $22 TO $25.
3 ROOMS, $27 TO $30.
4 ROOMS, $3fi TO $40.
5 ROOMS. 5 to TO $50.
5iv r linw Mtrhrncitr
IIOOMS Air iiriiiMi.Hllv l-irt"-. Illlit. url
Airy will 'i' ii iH otiitii rn eipctiurr,
prlVfltf lflt,T lhc
Oxnrr cn Premise?.
Telephone, Audubon 1836.
Almie llth -I , Kail Side.
L'47 5T11 AV.
Family poinK abroad will
rent very attractive Duplex
HouFekeepinp; Apartment.
Riverside Drive and 116th St
I I KMSHI II, plaiiii. pianola, larife
ltlirnr. f.l V Til tUTOIIlIU, Sim
MO.NT lll.Y. leunlar rem mifiirnliheil
M.VMnoiiiiilyi I. aruc rp.'ir1oiii roomsand
i loM'ts ltl.c i III r (.lilriiri- tio Imihh,
laiaiori. scparitc -hower and tuedle
hath inrtrc I.Ik hen and maids loom, (ool
In miiiiiiiii. scni'iis. In aiitlfiil iher lew
lariri' lu el mid pili.nc i li i aior hall line
lilock to Huiadwaj i( iliv. n Malum
A 1 1 ' 1 1 h'liednoiiili III.
K UUPLKX Apartment lu the Aptliarp. tilth
utreet and Hruadway, m rent, either furnished nr '
iinfurnlkt.i'd l or particulars arply to Miper ,
Iniendeni on prnnlvs i
An Ollai.i Urns said, now la tha lima
to bill mid uliru tlx' Ifoom Is on to cell
iom:i hakciis.
Welialer ai , Lot M,WI Ti rins to alllt.
Near llroadnaj Lot s:..Vi Ti l ma to milt
NearWMtfPI.iltis.il Sl.tm Casy lerma.
O'IMIIV HHOs., aillllh M. mid Wrlister At.
Bedford Park Chance,
15 f,ori, full prlie. ti ims to sull, hura tile neat
7 loom liousi' all Impioii'mi'iila, nlen location,
1 iiiinlriit in nert sciiiiol, also conco'irse, trot
Ins iu.d I 1 all nnd lin-prrl premlsei., orni
(I II A 11 mills., Vlllllli SI- and Welnter At.
We Uelirvc Thia Property
will In'crrsl inn llo.Mfil, full pilce, huys ( Imlce
1 1 noli) I011 1, house nli-cp iliil-liid In hardnooil
nun '-' haUi- iti liniiroieiiii iiis, ricir 1.1I100I..
itollcx anil I. si,irni a, M'sMiii'iita paid, open
lor Iiisih ciliin
(1 11 Mti mills, . Jllllth st. mid "rhsler a.
IIKAI. LSI. Ml-; I oil SAl.i: ou It K N I'.
I.IILPS'WDfili LAM: liirnMied hui.galnii',
near Untlun, for rent. UC.VM.TT, (H .North Ulh
kl,, .Neuarb, .N, J.
Shippan Point
On the Sound
THIS beautiful peninsula, extending over
a mile into I .our Island .Sound frmu
the Connecticut Shore, is now boiii"
sold in residence tracts varying from one to
ten acres. Situated in the town of Stamford
within 50 minutes commutation from N'ow
York City. Shippar. Point presents every at.
traction and convenience' for .host desiritiR
an all the year or summer resident.' in thu
country: a perfect sewer system, electric light,
gas. telephone, fire protection, pure water,
trolley service, postal and market delivery:
broad macadam roads throughout the Point
and direct from Stamford station.
The Low & Hrvwootl School for Girl?, both board
ing nnd rlny pupils, nnd the Manor School for Roys,
also taking boarding and day. pupils, arc both located
on the Point. TIipho two modern nnd well-equipped
cchoolH add greatly to Shippan's convenience nd
advantage for all the year residence.
Fine white, hard sand beaches where the bathing
Is equally good at all tides: excellent harbor for large
and nmnll ynchts: rolling hilly country, covered with
fine old tree, sloping gently to the beach; entire
locality wholly restricted to residences.
For further particulars,
iews, etc., apply to
Kenneth Ives & Co.
7 E. 42nd Street New York
, Talaphona Murray Hill 6037
nonnruti or drooki.yn run sai.k.
in Evary Ratail
A Plice Where Life Is Worth Un
SniAll houHr.. uf l.lh rlnii roiMirurllon unit
flnl.r. ronlatiilnc r.rr luiurAMl Imprme
nifnt tliAi Ii foMnil Ii. thf li.'ltrr rlan of
apartments Ami .11 one hnlf tlir cost. Anil Iian
ffry roncnlfiiic of the fit- with the Jus
of n ftiitiurh romlilnril
PrleaSS.SOO at upward Tarmataault
liAraire tirhllrcri ulih rer' ho'lse.
Si mlmitfd frum Park Hurt Ten from he
ocean liy the tern irAnportBttoii la Ureaier
New ork
Ihe llrlghton llenrh irleTOted
and Suh" l ine
A romplcteiy furnished model alwayit open
for Intprrllon 'lake Urlehton Hefh I. "
tet on at KlnE- lllehuny, ualk oer on
Wenue y to Oiean PriJA:'
We Sell to Refined People On'y
IlooUlet on request Phone Midwooil IJoJ
RICHARD C. DOC.GETT, Olllir & BlUlrJlf
35 Minutea to City Hall.
neverly road and KaM 3d M nrooldyn, owner
nviil aell at once nice ll room private detached
houne, lot :.Mi) feet, full price yi.Snu. terms to
anotb St. and Webster AT., Uronl.
lill.nKHT KI.I.KUT II ro'in St.. Ilrooklwr
IlorSEI FOR 8AI.K nilllOKI.VN.
At Bfootltn An. A SI, Joint PI.
A KlfilM hom of ntn laret
rooms, one or ftro paiat and
an ooundonre of tlottt toon.
.Slrlllnfli orlt.Kf iriifj or rtfaa.it
jirlrnte (Kiroje tllt.&iin to Jlt.frti;
block roi'i lae propojeif A'laff.
Itm Aft !utcau station Cor.
re ,pindfrir ofni innrieciiim Ifi
rlfert 1
rnrM 4 wnaramnrau
tOO rullon trrt,
B, onuyn, V T,
ArARTMrcvrn to i.k.t unfcbnished,
Excel City Apartments
Pent !ower and More Solid Comfort.
(Icrnn A v. and llrirrley Hoad, UriioUljn,
with 111 ilium IIaIIaii Uaulena; mag
nificent approach and palatial en
trance, hall; laree, light, airy rooms;
tatcbt. beat liniroementa. I'litformcd
attendanta day and night
Now Ready and Very Homelike
Elevator apartments, ulth it, 4. .'
rnoma and path. S rooms and V hatha,
iloctor'a unite of 7 rooms. In the nildat of
Strictly hleh class and very delight
ful l-oerwr t'o furnished apartment
open for Innpecilon from ,f-:3u A U, to
10 P M , Including Suiiflayi.
I.CWI.H SMITH, Agt.. on premlnfi.
Pilghtnn lleach I, or Flaibuah At,,
i.'hurch and Held ,v trolley to neierley
ki. .ioii:s 11.. m:ii fi i.ton .st.
a and 7 roam modem .ipm imniis, ttz up; eierj'
miMlern ronieiilenre; ualulng dKlance to autiwas i
liranrh ornre on premises.' tiooUlel and floor tilana,
UOI.OKN ItKAl.TV CO., 13 M llliinghbr SI.
Fine Country Residence
on Berlin Street.
Tor sal, fln old colonial hnijtp, 11 roim
Tloiton T'ct ttni!, In oiith nl of Hrr 1
t trn TroMrt I'll In nn tuln ii" ;t !
' iTitHtm- ill rrji ut ri 1) far '
t"i. I mil 'a r rn (Inn hir .ttt .
t I H .(I Itll J tlk', I t B I UK"
X ... ! 1M0 . ntnir frit
n ' it m la Xo-
ti, VftrU Inpi 'Inn 1 oo
t nlil-" I 1 ' a H p n '"on ti
Farms and Orchard Lands - $10 lo S75 an Acre. I
.rJ7ll.lT.i i.tiiVM.n.i-aiajniiaj
aaaaaiaaaaaBWVavaWa-aM.-i jiBitiiial
75 Milen from Hew York Free Booklet.
HEM. lATi; roll s,r: rlhrtrrlti
There U no .eri.c.n o
Hetchesler cnuniv that I
tnoir healthful Ihnn lri.il
In which l found Uedncj
Parni, well l.noii tbrnt uli
oul ihe I nlic.l Slates as
the oplendld ro'intry es
tale of Mr llimard Ui,
lets. In the hlllf of U'csirh"
K" mldivay tieiwcen the
nunrtand thelluiU-n llper
n II conditions Are Ideal foi m
nil ear nnjnii home
lhe (iednev I'nrni Tlntl
one of the laice.t and llnesi
rounlry hotel- In the I nltnl
Stiles, tsnoi. telni: erecird
lhe liedney fftrm Country
I'luh llh It hole rolf course
Itenrhert liy the New York.
lVrtcheter Iloston ami
li lhe ItArlem HP Won nf
lhe New yori (t,lrj ,l(
Uilte Plains
H rife for BooUei I
saj ruih ii,. ,
While Plains. N
NATURE has endowed no
part of Westchester County
with greater charm and
beauty than
Quaker Ridge
on N. V., WeMcbemer lloiton Kallnni
Fully 250 fect above sea
level, it commands a mag
nificent view of the hills and
valleys sloping down to the
Sound and across it over
Lon( Island. It is as health
ful as It is beautiful. Ample
water supply from deep
rock driven '.veil. No en
cumbrances on the prop
erty, which is developed
and offered by the owners.
Quaker Ridge Improvement Co. ,
,m:w 1101111:1. i. k. .v v.
Office at Quaker Ridge Station.
A i!n of algb-daaa madam
lifiinea in a t tlon of aurpaaalnx
natural aauutr All ImaroTamenu
hat boat! Initallaa wlttiout alpenm
10 purcnaaara.
.Nelghbcmnc aotf, teaala uil ceua-
tti clutoa mrt avarr peanaalt)
fur 011(11001 racrfaatlon
Plata 7r,ilMI ttM lip to aaaral acrti
cau la aurehaatid an aarmmhle
Twaatr aallaa fram t naar (Hanil
intrJ TanulnW, via Ua (Mart ri
ll sl litarMa IMvIiIot, af ika Ne
Yark Oaatral
iM far BiNaM C aad aarUaulani
Scarsdale Estates
xi rrtn t m, v , waita puim, n.y.
Scarsdale, N.Y. (Special)
Wllliln IHr minutes' wall, from the
station In cultured community, on
fhe Harlem llallroad. .ll minutes from
4?nd Street an 11 loom, (.ecluded,
suburban home, lolonlal stile, with
lle masteis' heiliooms, 1' baths,
all nioilero luipiou'iiieuis, garace
W. J. REED, ScTsda le, N. Y.
rounlry Hornet on highest land
In New VorL City, lleached
1 In .Ti minutes from 42d Street
1 hv automobile, auhuav ni halii.
Ill.ll PIKI. II I SIAlK, IM .
, 21 Cellar STrect, .New Vorki
.NT'.W IIOi'llLLI.I' Piieptlnnal value, mndr-rn
home, It rooms, hath, hot water heal, rlcctrlcllv,
lot limiuo, near nolle) a, si bonis and depot, ctnstni;
estate; price U.7m, (nine re Ii .1 MOW I'l.l.
PHUT:, 40 Law ion, 'phono su,
KinitlilvislCi .,r.rr' T E. 42
t iffa
If you are interested in a home in the country
write or telephone for information about
NK'V.IKItsM HKI. Ks.'ATr. roll sAI.K. jj"''" mm"mm'mm,mmmmmmmmm '
lli In Mountain Residential Park y
Ideal Country Home
Only 55 Minutes fioin Broadway
m n I . & W R R. nve,l,,;o
2 Picturesque Lakes
llo'if Unrnrt'xprrvsMntl.iri hht,' ri'ml
Mrit rt)f)nis. UIM ItAUt Mnrit rriuir la t
rrhnrti nnil larir cini r-hM-lcil rroi ,
n rl" ronrnl'n'v
Ul't K'arilT rnl rirtnrt nnI
rinor I'an ,
170 Broadway Tel. 1523 Cortland"
WKi. P.H- Rrnl 1 oi I V II'I'T tins
"v i ...... . sv ,
l 1 -M 1 II' -Ml I d
6- room house, SIO dtiwn, $10 montlth
7- room hnuse. $12 down. $12 mmitlily
t liiMinlful Illlls laic 1.' mlntiles from Hun
sun Tu.ltiels in the iilctui-isiue tlcrkin. lul -oerloi)l.lui;
lhe I'.ills.idts. vi.) immcs, vMdi
gas, iaaIit and elcctrlcliy now occtiplcd v nh
ventlj New uk col outliers rominut.'itloti.
rtr . Imnif.iloiv sites and iiouliri piois 5PI5
SH) dinin end S.'i moutlih I llc up tti,
propi rl) and will hi lp ),ol creci any n le
liiimi' on nuiiiihh p,imenls. r(-ursnti daiii
liom oinre, 111 M and IP M. sun, In 1
P .l 1 ill, wrlleor pliuni'
rm.S S l AX U (,UNI It (Inner
m iiroiiiuuy .Hipt , i,.i r.'iiinii
Country Estate
Value XllllMNI, Mill Sell fur MO.
lluiliif, with 11 101, tuii. " ni'lis I
ir-uiil.i nnd t.-rrucr, i'ii ir p .1.
dOaiii hi-.it utul all etti iMtiiiil,n s
Less thin mil' hnur fri.'ii 1 1 - r . I
Square On lloait i-f Atithni' ll I"
the Muillilnllis of N'i ,1, r . Or. ,
oppoi iunli Wl1' si-nt pl-o'o ,1
thiur pi, ins
.Vililre-- MTOItMH.
p. o, lint
ripe for Imiiiedlaie .h
vi loiinunt 111 I'l.l lilt T II
' Near uullei and di-po niij.ilo lm iuiii.-ii. (nil
dew-loped with nrst rl.is. I.oirrs some ihlntr. blc
I Wrllc for pur lrui.irs
j 11. I. PVI'IT'-IISON, :i2 llrotid St , I'lUalirih I
uniisiiQl opporiunlt . hauilsomu peir l-on-e
havliiL- 12 lanre (ooms hi heaullful hard woods ;l
(.Kiulsliii hiihs open ilicplai r sun liarlor. hht'o I
Inc porch. 7.1v-'ii bei.t p. in 111' Plalnili Id sarrlilc d
at Jl.l.M.i Koom ,v:;. :c Nns.au st
( iioici: si iiomi:
AT' ASIII'ltY I'MIL. V ,1 liioomii.3 li.iiis,cci
niinlriii ronvenlenrc, completely furnlshid i' lih
miiclief,: ahailed grounds, tennis com 1. f, minutes'
I wall; to iKCjin. ounn cuing 10 ilm niouuialtis,
11III rent to desirable parly lul l.:i r.ln Ion .
sea -on It ilesiied; onr 01 lhe llnesi nnd must 10111
plelr houses In shuii I'm U, giiiaur; also srvrrnl
liargalus lu Alleuhiitsi and Pull I I'lltlt sn.N
A SUN. Ashuiy Pari.. .1
roil nn.NT t numum, n. ,t
room houae, wlih ;i bathrooius atu'
;iediooins, huge irioumis, clecnic
P 11. llov IMI, Ve Vorl.
furnlktinl IV
stable wlih
lli.n .ipl
IlLST' ,Si:l.i:("IT()N of filililslird (olliigrs
aparlniLiits. all slrs, iiitcrs and IociPoii ai,to
service. ATLANT IC ilCAl.TV, CO,, llillni'hl)
Uulldtng, Allanllc City,
f II mi I' 1 1 TTTi .
I ,1
On M&nhasset
1 West 3ith Street, New
The Yachtsman
will find unlimited opportunity to indulge in his favorite
pastime and sheltered anchorage for yachts of any size at
Great Neck
Little Neck Bay provides a natural course for motor boat and yacht
racing. Cruising on Long Island Sound is a favorite diversion. The
Casipo on the shore front commands a view of the entire bay, and an
iJcal bathing beach slopes gently from high bluffs.
Those who prefer country r-potts can satisfy every preference at nearby countty and
golf clubs, and on superb automobile roads. Add to these pleasures modern convenience,
accessibility and surro.indinRi of unusual charm. The leiult ii a community of immediate
appeal to the man in comfortable circumstances.
A booklet fully describing GRENWOLDE'S many advantage for out-of-town rei.
dence purposes and directions for teaching the property sent promptly on request.
anil rifth Trnne
. York I'llv
1 lui' tii e 1 ui ,1 t 0 In.' sc nf I' mollis
twin 1 ,1 viitii-i I,, 111 1 ml i-pi"! tlipnl.irrs,
l(li ," ''il 111 s Mi'l III Hi VTIMi'lOV
HM'ilUi. ami u i.uiil"d In m ii's of lawns
i.'i'li id I'Hi.iiiik (mil .112c shade trees 1'arri
ti.irn. Hint poiiltn houses, ii loom cornier for
nh urr '. in- uriirliin rluiiiil Is onr of ihe Hurst
on ' iiiiiT Island. Hoi to 11 devrlupmrii!
To ,1 prn-iicctpr piiicli.isrr ho is a "naluro
luirr nnd tl order- I III' (II )-l'.SHI(INHl
I IM' 111 Iti IM I villi lus of shade, fruit, gal -ii
u. iIomiis .tii.) much ii- 11 41 1 ticauty. thla
pnipi'it) l.ill ilipcil siinuiilx
IIVSll.l. II. (.1 1: Villi,
1 1 ii ii 1 1 n 7 1 on . I . I., nmi V'iti llrmidnai, .V
1 1 n i-linl Imh -i
roii su:
(Ml HI NT.
i in ten room, nil city
ttniti ilii'lll' til
K Kl I I I It 1 I' it 40l St
I ci ,io" U ill.ll' ! K (III will liiunil rvrrj l it)
1 on 1 1 ,1 If ui 1 pal'-il slircis rlertrlr llclits ills
i.iimc mil s(-r,-i ro aires 01 cnu-ioiis plots at
fun urain I'll, iirs .milium, ONSI (ill millltl
(OMPA.W 11(11' 111 ST , IIUOUKl.V.
liiMinlful home (iii'i-looi 111 &r I I sound. rcr
rioilrr 1 Impi iv -1111-111 hltrtil. irstrlctrd nrlh
lull I. null I n-s it. ' uli, to r.l,illo:i .-lUll lir-.'lllltflll
-iimb ti.ithl.iir lii'iuh 1 Hi is .'1 nib mrs fiom
IP'rald siiu.irr must hui J.'.ni cash at oner
l.al.m.i ,'is ii-ims dili . hlldlir I'llllVI,
hoi :is. sun nine
IP WK would cue oii a ti acre farm free,
alons our line of minimi wouhl jou be will
nil 10 lell vour (rici. n ilmiil our land open
ins' For pmin 1 1. us iioilicss Mr .1 11 L'l.AMK
I ..mil Comnns'ioiii" l.ni' (,il( l'eriv & (iuli
ll.nlro id I'nniii.im llov " Live 0:iU. Klorldu
riiii.i ncies 1 ii i-ov 1. 1 land. S'l 7,',: 60,01x1 acres
tl 1 her land, M 'n Pi.'l'iai irs tluibi r I mil, Minm,
1 I Till .11 1,1 Hit ,( I v I, Tin Mlllr da
rrrv nr. i, r. state.
:-siint ,s- HAsr-viuNT
;i llimmii mil I In ti
Item, cn 1 1 ut h . 'snih st.
Id (tiind I 'ntlilr inn
-5IHTHtTII ,v '( 'I i:.T cn ST
tn .ikh'icv eai, amrATP, mm .ai.
N .1 1 iiv.SI' III l I.ST IT I uiulshed cot
tages, lllicr .did Occin I ro 11 iiioprrtlrs, Karma.
Write :inm num.. AIITIIUI llul.Tau.N, Long
UrancU, .N. J,
- I .,11
Long Island
Madison Sq, 19211
We e.innol innrelve a motr Ideal
! locailoii than that where tha rolling
muiitrM-ldr nieels the watei
I v.h firry (it) cnnicntfM-c urtdsHl,
c ofTrr a limited numlifr nf
Ami StnfrM Hr,vjtlful
Moilfrn llour
I At Sands Point, L. I.
I 1 p lodate In design and nui-liur-
1 lion .Miiilernle III price and nu
Iltn1.1l terms one hour fioui
Imslliess in waterside home
Send fm further particulars
512 Hflh Avenue, cor mill Stiert
Trl SATO Hryatit.
rOl'NTUV HOMK I'OItS M.K in (irealor
New Vork. one hour from liattm.v
Sinti-ti IhIiiikI; 11 mivi'II ioiiiiihiIitII. low tvil
iiiK, old lull eiilisliiiiti.il friitnn Ikiii-c, 11
I1.1111, K.iniK! 'il cliiul.iTi liotimi, ov cr
lliii'.i iicii's ol linn Kroiind", Willi tine
IitiiI. nnd hIiitiIw; lliix properly will ii
pcil In people of refinement; the title is
irimiiintiMHl mid llierii is no inciitiiliiiiiice;
llic Iioiimi is ipmint yet utlriietive nnil
((piiiiiied mi lii.it il uoulii li moved inV,
ipiielily vvilli coinfoi't; owner will hii in a
s.KTilli'( price of $7,(100', brokers' conn
Hpoiidence is not soliciled. A.A , Inn I'.'tl
Sun oftue.
Beautiful and Accessible
At a Sacrifice
Write Owner
Mrs. ANNA B. SMITH, Huntington, L. I.
for Illustrated and Desnlptlve HonUIci
Live on Long Island
airong the hills of die North Smile In ik plcni.
(Mine initial M'rllon, or along lhe si-nstnuc ou
the sonlli side dot a mil) of iMliipliiel (tuiMtu
Ing list of real rsinic a gema having hoitsi.s for ulu
or 10 rcnl. also colored map ol Long 1-ivid. ftsa
ai llcki 1 fimrrs. I Tit llro.iilwsv anilMli vc, llulld.
log, Jlli .We, A VSd til., .New oik CUy.

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