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4? T
I LEFT $87,216,691
fVififltiii tt torn I'list Vftflr
To Mi'H nf Si'lmiini r I.IUi lv in t)lr
nf tturiin. J
One of the crew nf ten men nf thi i
! mixlll.ii y w'lioimnr Clifton turnoil the !
i wrntik' snip cm li In tin- onirllii" room ax '
Mi.liiii'in I'llfti fill 11 I'll A I'lllllllt i tin- limit l:iv In tin. M:iriJip Hnnln. nt I
i 1 1 ' i m ......... - -
I thf foot nf HuMi.irtl street, diner Park.
WllO Will I ('II j yewfi'nlay nftiTtiocm nnd rrW'UHed n tlmt Col, Antnr paid only $;0,A0O when
Htrt'iim of kimiIitii1. The gaMulpni . he l'otiirlit the yacht Ncim.i from the cm
mirti'il nntn n wtnvp ntul c.niitht lire. ! mm nf Wllllnm It l-ceri In l'.MO. TIiIh
I The contents of tlie ttitilt exploded ami Mi tlif vnltic put on tin- yacht for tr.ins-1
.ilx of tin1 crew were Mown overboard. I for tax ntirnosiw. Tin- cost of the yacht
I I'lipt. .lohn Oinon ntul hl steward, ( to Mr. l.eed" when he had her hnllt by!
ciiarle .loyctilison, were tiuiiy mimed o,,, tturlcv I)rv Hook ( ompany on
I nnd ui '' evpi-i'trd to die. Those who , statrn Island In l!ii2 was I tfio.ono. The
.wrn1 hoi mown uuo me iiu-i. jimii"" - silverware nn 111'' .0lll.l is vameu a.
it' (Jrnft.
ll.iiiiuiin Trcatt'il Like Marl.vr
In lA-.Mutes Hcforo
sinur Sinjr Trip
Ti i" p '.Uc have threatened to break
tk h.i 1 "f 1 witnesses If they tes
t,f in f.'in.im; Kraft trials. District
,crnev Wh.tniun has boon compelled
t irnnrd these men nlRht und day to
prfct them from Injury.
1. us. T.iskt 'II, proprietor of n small
Harl'ia rct.miiint and the chief wlt
m .icamst l'o'.lcenian Thomas F, Hob
':. .1.. i.li.ifi' trial b.-Kln- on Friday, was
.R'.;el up i"i t!'" tc'.phone recently and
Toil that If he testified nitalnst the po-:!.-'man
his 'le-.d would bo brokrn nnd
h. p'.m- m.i"liPd up. He has sent his
:. aii l c ii'.d to I.on Island.
Mar." threats of a similar sort have
, -ije 1 1 Tancreili. una in nuuiumi
'"id that If lie did not keep
..; ):, -ever would he allowed to do
I ..'r.e acnin !n New York.
w.i t r in Tani'redi's restaurant.
v, , , , rr 'b rat' s Taiicredl's story of
"i.v ,n p 1 ! protnittnn money to Ron
n 'n l fr thtened bv threats made to
!.r.; in past wee. The waiter also
t""t .1 it Ids head w ill be broken
l . ti-t'.tl-" atri'.nst Itoblnson.
i ','.. ..f tit- e uht nr ten men under
c.'irl Mr Whitman has arranged for
h'" "la,-r to llp wl''n'n cnl1
r,.i,,.r tni'.es who believe them-t---
,, be In dancer.
7 to ts f personal violence continue
i the I'istrict Attorney nimweii.
V- Whi'tuan will noi nomu uiai wii-re
flr m .r.' of tli so than usual. When he
, up hi" ;'i..phone he never l;now
JvV'l'er It Li to receive Information or
, t ..n that sotiiethiiiK Is to happen to
I in tf he divx not drop hln Investlpa-
' i", ' reman .lohn J Ilartican. convicted
of i r) m. went to Sinp flnn yesterday,
h . .1 ns a hem and a martyr by mem
v I the l'ollce Department at Head-fivar-er.--
when he went there to be
kn-Mcrapbed for the rocues' sallery on
H way the train.
The ftrt courtesy which the police
, l an opportunity to i-how him came
vrn tie patr.l wacnn drew tip to
i a iTiarters and photocraphers lined
t . ct a picture of the convicted po
' r 'n ! n
nr.ter policeman in uniform spread
y-i rubber co.it In front of IlartiKan
.it.1' h'lii from the camera
ilar'ican c.le a Imiu interview jiro-
r. :pb Innocence before leavlns for
,. -t-nv i.. tieirln his sentence of two
s'. month". He said that lie
-as be trii; "crucitlcd."
ihrvcaii repeated over nnd over
overboard to escape the Ilames and wri
rescued. The t'lifton was burned to the
water's edue. She was sixty feet lonK
and hnd a beam of feet. Stic was i
owned by Wallace & Keeiiey of Fill
ton Market and was in the tlsh business.
The Clifton discharged a biK carKo
of oodtlsh nt Fulton Market in the
mornltu: and put Into the Marin Hasln
to tie until to-morrow. At iilniul 3
o'clock, while the crew were below nt
mess, one of th men started to chance
one of tho cocks and by mistake Bot
hold of the wroni; handle. He opened
a cock In n plpo leading from n OaO
r.allon Rnsolene tnnk und the lluld
spurted onto n hot stove. Th pisolene
tlamed up and some of the Mazing
liquid spattered on Capt. Olson nnd
Steward .losephson, setting flr to their
Hoth ran on deck followed by elsht
others of the crew and as thev were
makltm ready to Junip overboard the
tank tilcw up Olson, .losephson and
four others were hurled headloni: Into
the water. In order to escape the tire,
which shot up throiiKh the ib-ck, the
rest of tho crow dived overboard.
The cries of th- crew attracted the
attention of Walter Larson, proprietor
of the Mnrine Hasln Hotel, who quickly
pot together a rescue party. Samuel
Heck of Timor Park and Charles Marsh,
steward of the Henonhtirst Yacht Club,
took Marsh's motorboat Dlx and ran
close to the burnliiK schooner, which
was then a mass of flames, and picked
up Capt. Olsen nnd Steward ,Topph-on
both of whom were unconscious, and
the other members of the crew.
All hands were taken t" the Mnrine
llahln Hotel and an ambulance wius
summoned. The enptam and th
steward were taken to the Coney Island
Hospital by Dr. STrickler. Hoth were
In a critical condition at a late hour 1.1M
After Kettlnp the crew on land the
Dlx made fast to the Clifton, untied
the hawsers ami towed her a quarter
of a mile out Into tho bay, where she
rapidly burned.
Not far from where the schooner
took fire were Commodore Vand-erbllt's
yacht Adroit, Peter W. Houss's Win
chester and Mrs. Hnrriinan's. handsome
Sultana, all of which were Jn danger
until the Clifton was towed away.
The loss was estimated at tlO.OOn.
If the deductions claimed by the ex
ecutors are allowed by tlie special at
torney the net value of the estate Upon
which the tax Is fixed will be $r.340.9H.
The total deductions claimed are fl.TS-
771, the chief Items beltlR Hindu up as
follows: Debts, about JMiO.nno; adminis
tration expense. SMo.niio. attonu ys
r.... 'ftn ourt .....I lj,f.f.,.nu nf JI.YnOll
each to the four exeuitors in lieu of
commissions. Col. Astor had a loan of
$500,000 from the I'nlted Stntes Trust
ComiMtiy, upon which fr.OM'I'i was due.
He owed Cartler of Paris 5r,;i,(1j tor
Jewelry purchased for Mrs. Madeleine
Force Astor while they were on their
Valued Aliovo Tux trmi'nl,
Robert H. Duwllnc. the expert named
to tlx the value of the real estate In th"
Hi-oadwav and Tlfth avenue section of
the city, has put the nppraled value of
th larper parcels of property nt nearn
,1 per cent, above the assesteil value nt
the parcels for as me ioiiowhik
comparison shows:
l'repfrtr Avprat".l
l!otl A'lorlK, Inrlu.t.
llnirl Knlekrboi-kr . I ST.. 000
Itot.l si In-
l.,,lln t. . unit 1
IIiipi : Mh trot. ... 5.?
I'uiniim H' Ihtlt't:
Aftf.r He .fO nul til t
AMr hn!,". I0-St:
f ifth n"nuo
I..iii,I "i'l nnrtlii-an
mtnir Hron,lu anil
IV T' -r.-nn I T.'Ot
(.-.iinbrMK- llatel.
J3I ntth avenue . . 1 15.'5S2
Si tiertmrlinrn lit !k l.' 0
No .11 ."'T. :? 301
o"T Sixth 1er.'l .itl'l
l.Mi l. I0 !0' .Ul'l
l Wf-t Nineteenth
Take Care of
Your Furs Now
Store them in our cold, dry air vaults on the
premises, the only sanitary and safe condition
for the care of furs.
New models for the winter collection
now ready for reproduction and re
modelling at summer prices.
H. Jaeckel & Sons
' i e r s a n d I m p o r t c r s
15 to 20 West 32d Street, New York
liv o
1 'ii.DOO
A .--e0
ts,t: ooo
3 oto.ooo
:.eo ooo
; i:t ooo 1 700.000
.lJS.OtO 1 8T 000
I soo ooo
010 000
jia.un roo s.s ci coo
Moeh lropert In Idle,
Tin value- of all the parcels of prop
ef throiichoiit the cit- were fixed aft-r
the special attorn- Had inspecteu in
propcri with the appraiser, and their
I.OOO Humboldt Itailroad Gold and Sll- day nursery Is appraised at I8!5 nnd
vcr. 120,000, International Power Stor- , the iiIkIu nut scry 1,2S0.
ae. $:;,000, l.tiOO Kittle Kanawha and1
Klk Hher Petroleum and MlnlnR Com- "Inln Hnnm Worth 7B,400,
pany. 16.000; 100 Mutual Automatic Col Astor' room Is nppraH;d nt
Telephone Company, H'000. 3S.r, New i.V3oi and his dresslnp room at 1330.
York Howery Insurance Company, The contents of tho dlnlns room nre
J9.i.1: .",00 Nicola Tcsla Company, SoO,- w-orth 7,", 100 and Include tho following:
00, 11. "Oil St. Ite,'is Hotel Company, forty-two xn chairs. Jil.300; four
Inspection sliow.'.i t nai i; " ,,.,r U00.000. worthless because the torches, j-j.aoo. Chinese Jars, $s.500.
i.ut nt t ::ist Ait nnd l r ' 1,1 i - . . ...i ......
.Ilnnrr ' Hiilnii nj- It n mnni!'
Mm it lilrl Wife.
Wasihsu-on. April IS -Mrs. Uthel
I.oraine lielmont, the showplrl bride of
Hnvmnncl lielmont. son of AUCU't H"l-
tie would not lie to save himself i mont, n,i to-nUht that she wants her
- -e oin n pr.-on and that this wa j 1UUbnn(1 nn,j not j,rr fnther-in-inw -be
was po.iiR. He said he had i ni0ney. Mrs Helmont Is In the city ox-.-
-AM that he rvild ko free If he I illttlTiR her Peklne.e spaniel Cupid of
-ly that he took an onvcIop"! iemiP nt the WashlnKton Kennvl
i t. -p.vtnr Sweeney to Capt. Wal'h. club's .imw. She said that nfter the
, ;,. w.'iibl be a lie ana ne si,ow liore loses to-ntclit sue win co in
' , - f. r pri-"-'!! Norfolk and that her doir inav be In
v '.i latiin my eternal soul with I comp-tltlon nt th latter city with doits
i , ' ,. , .- ( nini ferxently. j owned by her husband
ei. . , , , tn.iu went over In de'ad j "Money cannot compensate ine for my
e '.v r"!it',-ns with Capt. WaKh .heart aches." said Mts. Helmont "I
r .. i .'m he bad cot word trom'want my ti-isbar.d Ausust Helmont
-h -n Iieeeniber C5 "thr"U3h I may b a reat man. but he does not
. .? . hanneK' to come, to hltn. know me. In my opinion he has no
' ('- cm wont on the following heart. Hut if he thinks h" l d-aUui;
e , -r nnoH v.th the storv whi.h with a simple chorus Klrl he will find
I , the -tat.d at his trial, how .his mistake. Ho cannot keep my hus,
U . h, ,,uWi the envelope frjmibnnd away from me, for 1 know Uav
, ,. - . r i the- and had told hlm'mond loves m- and will com" to me if
,!.'- 'o.-.i eounset fees" for Po-i soon as h can Kt away from his
ruir-n" Pox n the envelope latner.
t iltiL- dollars in connection i "i am simpiy aiuu
.-.I now he hnd taken the j from Mr. P.elmont In New Uri to
. P v t'A flnallv had turned it ' know what sort of nrranpe.mentF be will
r x bro'her ' make with mo for separate ma'.nte-
'. j'.t I would lie to help 'nance.
M.-tL-.m wont on "I had "1 am not recMvlns: anv mony whnt-
l, 'm o lonir nnd he had ' e-er," she continued, "either from Mr.
h f r mo Hut I went to Belmont or his father, and have re
n n.i -o tommunlnn the -lay reived nothinsc from them since our
.-i,t ,, trial and I vowed T , marriage last November. We have not
lie The pap-is havo 'aid lived together since November 'J?. I
! vr .to H note to Mr Whitman, do not care ror mowi, um ...
like to know what innucnce aukum ie
using to keep my boy away from tne
It seems otierr that AUKiist H!mont
1 that the day he ivnh ar- should now ne so inici-fsieu m io-
,i ontv iar. in the Harlem faro of Mb son that he would keep him
H.ir,k and -oine 135 or $10 in J away from the woman of his choice,
when before tniu ne nan snowu eo ion
Interest In the boy."
Mrs. Helmont said that sh exprets to
hear that definite steps have been taken
for a settlement In her favor by
April 20.
re- .
asked him if I could not seo
n b- nfh'-e because I did not
Id liroUKlit Into the prison.
1 f
ft 1 1 i-oii and hoped that his
i J i1 M would be cared for whllo
'a ' Is in
r -.'I.- the interview Hnrti(,-an
' e: v . h to niv of his wifo and his
.vejut1 v for h-T. It was on his
..- ni ,m i, in. of his oaths, that
'e ..t.. i., t e lurtrict Attorney that
' e ' .' i ,.i seen Inspoctor Sweeney
'. i trul Ju-t before Tombs
rr- adm'tid before the (.rand
,t P'y had let Sweeney into
iiil rontii to talk to HnrtlBHii
i i niMBi.t Hai tUan down and left
I'll Sweeney nn two occasions.
I! ii' j ii. w.is equally vehement when
'tv ,,, iuM before the District Attor
' uei iariiii: that the envelope which
orii'l fr..ni Capt. Walsh to Pollce
ii ! 1 ,. , ontitmed no money, but "re
' r .1 e'rderly houses," On this or-
t , m.k eman swore, to the truth
- t,'..meiu on "the head of his
f n
I -1
a!" ild vesterday that hn had
I the affidavits upon which tho
rt,e fn-.-iTf-t S'pp was based, In his
I-1-.v.q v,,h pitrlct Attorney
" do-iei that he ever had any
t! '.i Mitt, tliee affidavits.
itejerlieer nnd I'lierlhl Slmre llon-
or nf Milrt Ilnl llnn.ri.
V-t'i i T'.si'.inlni were an American
' noiiM probiibly boat that
' . i .. i in.., "Mai .una iiutteniv
. i , i tied behind his buck and
' o , , i , r It At any rat" ii
. I . ,,i r.i last tilKht with h.s
. i it in was not diilnu it on .i
u. eiilriK hli mlKhty rlulit
. i i nht't perfonnani-e of til"
i ;.i,..n Tlie cust last evenlnK
' ' . I M i P.irrar as Cfo-Cfo-Srin.
x' .la -i I'litkrrton and Mr, Scottl
'ii.lii Tho house wan sold out.
t u.iw Mild out also In tho afternoon
e. . ur,oia was "I.ea Hufruenots,"
' ' ot.lv was It sold out, but It was
In! tu suffocation and those who
"l tith'nd the orchestra rail showed
i' brfiil ndurunee Th cant embraced
Mtr. rie.tin ne Pulcifltie, Frieda Hem-
liiriacrite fir l'lilofn, Hella Alf'in
' r!,aln Mr Cirueo at Knout, Mr. Ollly
' Veiers, Mi Hothler as Sf. ltri and
s' I)iHt.n as .Vfircil, Mr Polacco con
i'l'Hd and the .erformauce wu one of
niuefi merit.
Kulrr ThlnUn Ilr 'iin Mnrkrl Them
Wlthnnt Willi Jifrecl.
iiv. Silver has a plan to !uo
directly to small buyers In small de
nominations tne wnoie oi in- nu.-e
next cnnnl bond Isnue of $-10,000,000.
The Governor thinks that up-State sav-
InKH bankH and private investors woum
bo f?lnd tn tako up th hulk of the
Issue. Ho believes that the entlro $10.-
000.000 lot could tie soul wnnom un
usual mediation of Wall Street.
Clov. Sulzer sent nctliiK comptroller
w.iisb down from Albany last weel:
to canvass the bond situation In New
I York, Mr. Walsh mario tne rouinia ni
tho bond houses and the lilea oi tiontin!:
the $40,000,000 ls-ue here wai' receUed
without sympathy.
Side are iu ant anil yit iuinc no imniin-.
l'ur this reason some of this property
N appral'eil at less than the asessed
value for last near. The ooiurn place
at Itlilneb.-ck was appraised at $:,27,.''O0.
whereas it was assessed at onlv $H2.fi'0.
The cichtv-nlne acres known as the
lVars.ill farm In WllllamsbridKe are ap
praised nt $S?3.000.
At the time of his death Col Ator
had J'lO-f 2?4 deposited In the Astor Tru:
Company, while there was !70l,2.".2 ad
ditional deposited -.here out of til" trust
estate under his father's will Tlie trust
iMinpiny was serious. y embarrassed
'hroush tho tymp up of this cash total
of $1,3'JS,54C and It was necesary for
the State Comptroller to issue a special
order releaslni.- the deposits In order to
r.'il. e tho trust company.
The report show that when Col.
Ator's body was re.oMted there was
.", !7 in his iii'i k'l'. nther i.ish bal-
allies were. lep"-it with Moriran.
C.renfei! . Co., London. $271.il3, Mir
can. Harjis .V Co. P.u.. ltl.?12. Hol-I
llnper & Co. Pari'-, 4 . L' ' t . In safe at S40
Pifth avenue. $7S?. m -nfn at etllce, 23
Wi st Twcntv-sixth stio, t. J17.2'12.
Col. Astor'H mother left hlni a num
ber of the lir-er p .-v s 'f Jewelrv which
she Wore ,:i Imp'Utant occasions. These
sorns wi re I." pt la th" Astor vaults-.it
23 West Twenty-sixth street nnd were
.ippra'Hi'd as follows.
Tlie A .tor .leMeU
Diamond sunburst, 2-2 stone. ?,s.noo,
diamond nei klace, 201 stones. $00,000;
diamond earr.ni.-s. $12."00. The total
value of Col. Astoi'i Jewelry i llfil.?:".
He had a set of pearl shirt studs worth
$1,200 end six walstcn.it buttonn of.
mot her of pearl surrounded by rubles
with a diamond cross In the centre,
Col. Astor's wearing apparel waa
valued at $2. '"SO. consistlnc of fur lined
coat. i"0i: ulster, $2T,0. bearskin coat,
;i2. wearliiK apparel In a trunk. 1100,
and !n!ltt.ir unifornii, v'"
The value of the oil painting, statu-'
arv, portrait"1, brotues nnd other art ob
jects in the residence at M0 Pifth ave.
nue is appraised bv i:. C, Halston Ht
$3711.41".. They comprise 174 articles.
The foilowitiK are the most valuable
paltitin',-!. in tlie Pifth avenue residence.
J. P. Ml'.let. "(loose c.lrl." $10,000;
Corot. "Lo Nld," $r.n,ii00; Din.. "Hohe
mlan tSlrl." Jio.oao, Heroine. "Moorish
Hath," t-'.OOO. Troyon. "I'lider the Mas
ter's Kye." $1.-1.000. Hreton. "I.e Itepos,"
$1, -i.flOn ; Van Marcl.e. "D.itis U". Dunes,'
j".o!oii0, Schreyer. "Wallarhlan Team
ster, Jlii OOil; Kossi, laiiuiy i..i hai.
$2,000; Corot, "Italian Landcape," $3,
000. and Ylbert, "Cardinal and Monk,"
TlielarKer holdliiKSof securities which
Col. Astor owned absolutely nnd which
represented to n Kre.it extent his own
Investment" were iO0 shares Albany nnd
Susquehanna. $142,f)00; 2,000 AinaiKa
mated Cupper. $1111.000; 2.000 Am-rlcan
Telephone and Te!o(,-rnph, $230,000. 72a
Astor Trust, 24,62i. 3,000 Delawnro
and Hudson. $.M2.2r,0; r,01 Farmers Loan
and Trust, $l!S.n3, 7f. (fuaranty Tust,
J75.770; 10,000 Illinois Central, l,J'.'n.
ikio, l.'.ill Lands of Depew. $P!.0M); 300
Metropolitan Opera and ltenl Kstate
Company. $100,ooo, coo National Hank
of Commerce, $120,000, 1,125 National
Pnrk Hank. $ilfi.2.r'0; 2S2 New orK
orporntlon v.-.is fornud to operate tho tapestry panel on south walls. showItiK
hotel and u-avo up the lease lonK ao, "'"'' scene. ,w yuo. ami tapt stry panels
and 500 Tramway Power Storage Com
pany. 2f.,0i0.
The Itlilnelirrk Home.
The personal property at Hhinebeck,
on the north walls, $23,000. The con
tents of the tnornlnK room are the most
valuable in the house and are appraised
nt $1215.011.-, They Include the following
Tapestry suite, sofa and six chairs. $3'.-
OiiO. tapestry suite, sofa and four chairs.
T'TJf.:ZnZ . V" o b.; e - "WW. and two pair
other than tho art objects, Is appralred
at $111,722 The paintincs. encravlns,
art objects a:id statuary at Hhinebeck
are worth $U.1!4.
of Chinese Jars, $15,000.
The contents of the library nre worth
$ts.3S3 nnd the silverware In the, house
Is appraised at $S4,&!3. Tho plated ware I
its valued at $1,532. Col. Astor hnd four
mo noon.-, nim.ivi.is.-, .u.iuiui.- mm !lut0s appraised at $17,000. nnd his
furnl.-hlni.-s of the Fifth avenue house, wlnps nrp vnlued at 1,S04, consisting of
of which the widow has the life Use. are ai,olll feventy-tive dozen bottles. In the
appraised nt $f.S2,9&D. and pictures. , lno i.,.nar nso W(..re hottlcs of pin
palntiiiKS. miniature-, ninrhlcs and j .sherry. Scotch whlske y. white wine and
other articles bequeathed to tho widow ilar,;t.
aie worth JOfi.r.00. The appraisal shows that the bequest
Tlie contents of the Hotel St. necsl,0 u w((,0,v )ntPrcst
were appralred at ?53i..21. The hotel , j r,.ul ,.,,. W(,rlh jjfj;r,tooo nnd the
was appraised by rooms, which nvrraite ri,ntpnts f t!)p llous uortl ,fi2!, 4ri!)
.'I Ann i, ll,ni. fe.xii (Im follrlll
s-, ,.wv ,. i..... '" J100.00 outrlKht. a life 'merest In
sixteenth floors. The seventeenth Is
worth 513.131. the eighteenth $3. "01
and tlie i.ltieteenth $S70. The contents
of the ina.n floor are npprnlsnd at $24.
'52, tlie M-coinl floor $37,!'P'i and the
third tioor $32 26
From the property owned by Col. A
tor outrlKht there was $50. 33 due from
tenants at th time of his death, and
there wn $t"..136 of rent due to the
trut estate property.
C. W. Monr Prht of 110.on.
Tho appraisal shows that Charles W.
Morse owed Col. Astor $1 10,030 be
cause of a guaranty plven by him to
the testator, but tho executors siy that
It has been Impossible to collect the
amount since the claim nrose tn 19u?.
The property in a trust nirrecment
executed for Mrs Madeleine Force Astor
on Aim-list 2". It'll, before the mnrriaKO.
Includes tho property at 22 to 25 West
Thirty-fourth street, npprnteod at $S37.
500, and 30 West Thirty-fourth street,
worth $537,500. Rents of MOn.OOu were
due nt the time Col. Astor died, and part
of them wero believed to lie ttncollect
able. The trust agreement also em
braced $300,000 of New York city cor
porate stork worth $2'.i7.750.
The funeral expenses Included nn
undertaker's bill of $1,354, tranhpoita
tlon for prlvato car to Halifax for Col.
Astor's body, $1,345; funeral train on
the New Y'ork Central, $1,326, nnd $1,061
for floral decorations In the church nt
The appraisal of the furnlshlnw of
the Fifth avenue house shows that the
contents of Mrs. Astor's room nre worth
$5,S40 nnd of her boudoir $2,745. The
$5,000,000 nnd the nutos, provisions
1 ,c. worth $lS.i04.
I The will left $5,000,000 In trust to
the dauchter, Avn Alice Muriel, and
. J3.ooii.inin to the Infant iin, John
Jacob Astor. Hequests aRKreRatitiK
j $17". 000 were made to persons out
side the family nnd the rest of the
, estate went to Ylncent Astor,
The totnl value of the son's bequest.
Including the legacies In which ho has I
a remainder Interest, Is $77,645,786.
nj It's tn I.rnvr (inter With the
Cnnflilrnee of t York Blur.
"If I can leave the office of District At
torney with the confldi'lire of the bar of
New York." said ilr Whitman to the
sixth annuaj Fordham Law School din
ner at th Mnnhattan last nteht. "1 shall
be satisfied." nnd he said that he believed
the bench of the city and State and nation
not only above corruption but above sus
picion of It
"The temptations that come to jounK
lawyers, nevertheless, are real," he con
tinued. "I know a District Attorney of
yoiinc men approached by those wllllns
to piv larpe fees, and know as one who
started making a living, and a rnlRhty
h.vd livini; It was too, how much those
fies nro needed nt first. Faith In God
loHrnhiR, and common sense will take the-
louni; lawyer through,"
As the Hlstrlit Attorney entered, earn
table had somethlriK to say: "Gyp the)
Itlood, Oh, m D,iK Frank, Jnck
ItO"o- his favorite flower,'' "Who's Next
and "The Next Mayor 1"
t.nst week Ciov. Sulzer had a number , ... , ' .,' ' , ' Trim Comnnov
. ,. -. 1,111' inailinii"'. . i
of conferences In Albany with State or-
fleers and tho idea of -cllltiK the bonds
In small denominations was talked out
at letiKth. It was decided that If the
New York bond dealers didn't want to
take $40,000,000 of canal bonds they
would he disposed of to tho people.
Snrely, If the Plner Una n l.lcen.t'
nml Fifty Hi"".
The devotees of turkey trottliiR, bunny
Y. Crn-
The I. Hi-gent HotrtlnB In N,
The laisest holdlfiK Is 40,000 shares
of New York Central, worth $4,650,000,
while Col. Astor had 6,220 shares of
New Haven stock, worth $850,602, and
7.5S2 shares of Nlasara Falls Power
Company, $1,213,120. Ho had $1,219,163
of Niagara Falls Power bonds, $170,506
Hrltlsh consols and $ 1 to.ssa or .-sow
Haven bonds, Ho owned S.lOO shares
hiutSl.iB and a,1B''"fni;.0 week1"' Pullman stock, worth $1,313,760, 4,226
lay cnann;il t em e" ve's si My " , "day Tf I Western Pnlou. $348,645 and 292 shares
they ko to Home Place that has a hotel of I'nlted States Trust Company, valued
license. There Ik no law to preveni nunc- , ai i.t-s,iuu.
Inn In places operating under the prnvl-1 Til- Mucks appraised as of no valuo
slon allowing liquor to bo sold w ith meals i u,lllln the following: Two hundred
where there are as many us mi moum ttnofpherlc Products Company, par
for KUeHts. j'noon conin.inv censed liuslness In
Hut the dnnclliK will be censored ny- (vmmpreial Hank nf Hon
unlformed cops and plain clothes men i Iffli t;'"impJ T01"' 'i ""J? r "
who will report to Headquarters what iluras, par $25,000; 2,000 Depew Im
Koes on. Should nny reports warrant It i prnvwncnt Company, par $200,000; 300
tho Police Commissioner will seo the , Firemen's Insurance of Now York,
Mayor about It and proceedings will bo ,fi J00 at mislns.s In 1S!0; 100 Fill
started against such places as public ' n!1,,i Uniildated In 1887:
nuisances. Hut no attempt will be made , i" Niylm, " ', ," ; ',,., t si ano
to-day to top danclnc In licensed places. 1.930 Honduras Railroad, par $193,000;
Lane Bryant
25 West 38th St.
Maker and Retailer of
Our department showing most attrac
tive atylea designed especially for this
purpose haa attracted wide attention.
These models ore uniatic in that they
embody the most desirable features of the
present day modes, yet allow for full expan
sion without showing the enlargement. As
ihey fit again snugly on the normal figure
their purchase is really an economy.
One-Piece Dresses, . . $10.75 to $95.00
Tailored Suits, . . . 23.75 to 69.50
Long and Short Coats, . . 14.75 to 47.50
Maternity Skirts, . . . 5.65 to 12.75
Waists and Blouses, . . 1.95 to 18.50
Tea Gowns and Matinees, 2.45 to 35.75
Combinations, Gowns, Slips, 1.95 to 10.75
Maternity Corsets . . . 4.75 to 15.00
2539 (as illustrated) Hand Tailored Suit,
especially designed for maternity, of serge in
all colors and in shepherd's plaid. OQ 7C
Fully worth $40.00. . . . &
Washington Heights Branch, Broadway tt 163d St.
have arranged for Monda. an Important Ottering of
Four New Models in
Women's, Small Women's and Misses'
Silk Tailored Suits
of Heavy Canton Silk Crepe. Brocaded and Plain Silk
Poplins and Moire Silks, in black and the latest street shades
at $23.75, 29.50, 39.75
Regular Prices $39.75 to 65.00
Also in their greatly enlarged Department for
Women's Coats and Wraps
A Specially Prepared Sale will be held of
Short Vrap5 Huee smart models for street and dress wear,
of Charmeusc, Brocaded and Faille Silks, also Wool Eponge,
at $17.50 and 22.00
Silk Coats, seven-eighths and full length, of ftnc Silk Moire, nnd
Brocades, in nil the new shades and lined with Dresden Crepe,
at 532.75 and 45.00
Traveling and Motor Coats, large assortments
to select from, including English models and Cravcnetted
Garments, at Very Moderate Prices.
For To-morrow, a Specially Arningcd Clearance Sale of
Colored and Black Silks
Greatly Below Regular Prices
5500 Yds. Imported Chiffons,
40 inches wide, in a large assortment of the latest Parisian
colors, also ivory and black. Regular Price $1.25 Yard, ;ti
2800 Yds. Printed Chiffon Voiles,
42 inches wide, in Pompadour and striped effects,
Regular Price $2.50 Yard
Imported Satin Charmeuse,
40 inches wide, soft chamois finish, in street
and evening shades, also ivory and black.
Regular Price $3.25 Yard
Satin Charmeuse,
54 inches wide, suede finish, in white and black.
Regular Price $4.50 Yard
a, $2.35
For Monday, a Recent Importation of Handmade
Decorative Linens
At One-Third to One-Half Their Actual Vaiucs
Real Madeira Hand Embroidered
Napkin Pouches, at 55c, 65c, 75c
Tray Cloths, " 48c, 95c, 1.10
Centrepieces, " $1.50, 2.60, 3.75
Scarfs, " 2.25, 2.95, 3.50
Tea Cloths, " 2.95, 4.75, 6.25
Tea Napkins, Doz. 3.95, 4.90, 6.25
Luncheon Sets, at 5.25, 6.25, 6.90
Cluny Lace Trimmed
Centrepieces, at 1.45, 2.50, 3.25
Tea Cloths, " 3.75, 4.90, 5.75
Scarfs, " 4.50, 4.90, 5.25
To-morrow, Monday, an Extraordinary Offering of
5700 Pairs
Women's and Men's Hosiery
At About 40 Per Cent. Less Than Actual Valuer.
Women's Mercerized Lisle Hose,
full fashioned, in black, white and tan. with double tops.
soles and heels. Regular Price 35c Pair.
Women's Lisle Thread Hose,
gauze or medium weight, in black, white and tan, with
double tops, soles and heels, Regular Price 50c Pair.
Women's Silk Hose,
in black, white and tan. with deep lisle
garter tops and lisle soles, Regular Price 63c Pair.
Women's Pure Thread Silk Hose,
ingrain dyed, in black, white and tan, with double lisle
tops, soles and heels, Keguiar rnce i .uu rair,
Women's Black Silk Hose,
superior quality, medium and heavy weight,
Regular Price $1.75 and 2.00 Pair.
Men's Silk Half Hose,
lisle soles and heels.
Regular Price 50c Pair
Upholstery Departments
Large assortments of Summer Textiles, such as Cretonnes. ChinUes,
Futurist Linens, Sunfast Fabrics, Curtains, Curtain Materials,
Draught Screens, Cedar Chests and Cretonne Cabinets are
being shown, also their new and exclusive line of
"Deer Isle Couch Hammocks"
with many improved features.
For To-morrow, at Specially Reduced Prices
4800 Yds. Cream Scrim,
with drawn and colored borders, OOc Qfic
Values 22c to 45c Yard. at 1 O', A , OU-
1200 Yds. Sunfast Drapery Materials,
in rich shades, for long Afc
and casement curtains, Actual Value 60c Yard, at tO
200 Cretonne Covered Utility Boxes,
with lining and shoe pockets $9 QA
in blue, pink, gold and green, Actual Value $0.30. at V
West 23d and 22d .Streets
JMBHBHiMBlBMaailllHBaMlHMBlllllll "

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